Jesus and Heung Jin Nim speaks through Faith Jones

Leppäkoski, Finland in Midsummer (Juhannus) 22.6.1984





I say good morning to you my dearest children here in Finland. I am very happy to be here with you. This is your brother Jesus who is with you now. I am very happy that I can come and that I can give my love to you in the deepest way. It is very wonderful, is it not, that I can now come and that I can express my heart to my brothers and sisters. For 2000 years I have not been able to do this. The words of the Holy Song what you have just sung (My Promise) are so beautiful and so deep, are they not. This is the way I pledged to go; I pledged to the Heavenly Father, that I will give my life for my children. You know, that it was not the way I was meant to go, but through disbelief and misunderstandings, through the many ways the True Father has revealed to you.

This was the way I had to go, but my heart was so full of deep love for the Heavenly Father. It was the only way that I could give new life to my people. My sister Faith has told you a little of my heart and my feelings at that time. Even though my body was tortured, my body was in so tremendous pain, I kept above the pain, and my spirit triumphed, did it not? I offered my life to God; I offered my life for the Christian people of the future. I am so happy that I am now free, that I have been released to work with our brother Heung Jin Nim. I am so happy, don’t you know, I really want to put all the past behind me. Since the True Father came to the earth I have watched him, I have tried to help him. The True Father knows me so deeply you know, we are totally united and we really are brothers. I have so much to learn from him, he has gone further than I ever went. (Tape finished)

Mother is so precious, is she not, you must love them, and you know with your whole heart, you must really love them. I can now come to you, I can inspire you. Many people feel Jesus is so serious, but my heart you know is very deep and I want to inspire you with love. Through understanding my life you can connect more deeply to the life of the True Parents. You can understand the many experiences which they have suffered, can you not. We must work together now. I am working in so many, many ways you know. I am working with my mother Mary, we work in many countries and we pledge to fulfill our missions to mediate and to bring the Christian people to the True Parents.

Only through the True Parents, not through me, can the Christians receive salvation. I can work and I can support, I can give all my energies, but they must come to know the True Parents. The True Parents are on earth, True Parents can give blessings to the Christians. Only True Parents can give complete salvation to all my children. You must love them and you must raise them, you must serve them. Please see them as your future brothers and sisters. There are so many good people, are there not, in these churches, so many good people and I have tried to work with them. I have tried to raise them. I have tried to keep their faith strong in God, until the time comes when they can accept the True Parents.

I walked many times you know by the Sea of Galilee in the way our Father has walked beside the lakes in Korea and many times I have felt the heart of God at these special times. There was a beauty and there was stillness and there was a great joy to be in those surroundings. Many times when my heart was lonely I would go there and I would feel the love of the Heavenly Father for me. He raised me so many times, you know. So many times I faltered and so many times he would raise me, to keep me strong, he raised me, when my disciples left me, he raised me, when there was no faith in my nation. I want so much that you can feel the love and the heart of God in the ways that I felt it. Can you open yourself to the heart of Jesus? I can teach you many things about the heart of God and of my heart in order to bring you much closer to the heart of the True Parents and of Heung Jin Nim. I am happy that today I can come to speak to you in this way. I know that my words and of my presence here is received with much love in your hearts, is it not? (Yes)

Please, listen sometimes to the voice of Jesus; do not cast me out as many have tried to do in the past. I know this, many of the followers of the True Parents have thought that Christianity and Jesus are in the past, are part of the old age. This is not so. Jesus lives eternally and Jesus and the True Parents are completely united, we work hand in hand together. When I can be united with the True Parents and with Heung Jin Nim, they receive so much more strength, do they not, to fulfill their missions. So please be open to me, please think of me at times. Many times when you visit the churches I will be very close to you. Please try to feel my heart and my love for these people and together we can bring about many wonderful things, can we not, that we can offer to the True Parents and to the Heavenly Father. Also with me is our true sister Hye Jin. Today she does not speak to you but I want you to know, that she is here. She gives her heart and her love to you.

Your country is very beautiful, is it not? Can you be strong and upright like the many trees which are within your country? You must have very strong roots, must you not, in this country of Finland but always the direction must be into the sky and to the Heavenly Father and the True Parents. Grow strong, build your faith, build the roots of your faith, let them grow and let them develop so that when the wind comes it cannot push you. You will be strong and you will be living truly in the love of the True Parents.

I give this message to you with deepest love. I give it to each person here. I am very happy that you have received me in the way you have. I thank you so much, I am so grateful that you can accept your brother Jesus into your midst in such a feeling of deep heart and deep unity and now our brother Heung Jin Nim has joined us. He wants so much to be able to speak to you, can you please welcome him and receive him. Can you sing the special song of the Pentecost to welcome him ‘’The Lord into his garden comes’’. I Jesus, I leave you now.


Heung Jin Nim

I say good morning to you brothers and sisters here in Finland. I am so very happy that I can be here with you. Are you happy? (Yes) Then that is good. I feel that we will have a wonderful time together, will we not? (Yes) You have a very wonderful country, so beautiful, so beautiful, but also I think the character of the people also is a very wonderful character, is it not, a very beautiful character. Are you proud of your nation? (Yes) You love this country (Yes) then that is good. You must be really able to love your country before you can offer it to the True Parents, must you not? Everyone who comes to work in this country must really learn to love Finland, to love it in the way the Heavenly Father loves it and the way the True Parents love it. Is this true? (Yes) Then that is good. I am glad you understand it, I am glad. So many times people do not love their countries so much, it happen many, many times. It is not easy to love our countries sometimes, is it, because of the many things that have happened in the past. But Heung Jin Nim wants to give new life to Europe. We want to wipe clean the past history of all these countries, do we not? (Yes) We don’t want to think so much of the past, want to go forward and make a complete and a beautiful new future for Europe. We want to be a united Europe. Do you just want to be on your own just Finland? You want to be part of the brotherhood of Europe? (Yes) That is good.

I see amongst some of you, you know, you are a little bit proud about your nation, but maybe some things will have to change a little. It is good to be proud in the way of God, but you know when people from other nations come to work with you, you must be humble before them. You must understand them and you must not criticize them when their ways are so difficult sometimes. Please try to help the brothers and sisters who are not from your nation. It is not so important when words are not said in the proper way. It is not so important when they cannot understand your history or your national character. What is most important, is it the way the brothers and sisters pronounce the words of your language or is it most important the love which they can bring.

Please, open your mind, please do not criticize one another, please share my heart and my love with one another. Please feel that you really are brothers and sisters, be one with each other. I know it is not easy, but you must really understand one another’s hearts, you must really try to understand the backgrounds of every brother and sister. You must understand why they are the way they are now. They have their own history, do they not, each person, they have their own history and we can learn so much from one another, can we not? Our characters can really blend together and so we can have very wonderful brothers and sisters, can we not? Once we can centre on the heart of God, not on the little things, but on the heart of God and the heart of True Parents and the heart of Heung Jin Nim, can you work together. Yes this is what I want so much for you.

Your country you know is in a quite delicate position is it not, because it is closely linked to Russia. So you brothers and sisters here in Finland must have unity of heart, you must not think of the differences that separate you, can you understand me, (Yes) and always you look for differences and Satan can creep in, can he not. He can make those difficulties which are really so small into very big mountains. Do not allow him to do this.

You must be united here in Finland. Brothers and sisters must be united together in heart and then Satan cannot invade you. Satan cannot come, Satan cannot come. I give special protection you know from spiritual world for your country. We are protecting it in the best ways that we can from the spread of the communist ideology. We want that you can stay strong in faith. We want you to be united because where there is unity then (communism and Satan) cannot invade you. Can you think about this? (Yes) Then can you please try to do this. I ask you then, not with a critical heart but with my heart of deep love for you, for your country and for the True Parents. I think you understand what I have said. I thank you, thank you. And now can you please sing for me a song of your country? Are there any special songs of Finland? I’m sure there must be. I would like for you sing for Heung Jin Nim. (Finlandia)

I thank you so much. That is such a very beautiful song. It really expresses the heart of God for your nation and the world. It is so beautiful and I really thank you. Our brothers and sisters, you know, they sing so beautifully throughout Europe. They have very beautiful voices with which they can really express their heart. It is so very beautiful, very beautiful.

Today, later we will go into the city of Helsinki and we will bless some churches there. These churches will represent all the churches that you have visited. I will bless only three churches today, but this blessing extends to your full list of churches and also to the churches in the other city where you work. I extend this blessing to all of your churches. It is so wonderful, is it not, to bless these churches in this way? Through blessing these churches you know, so many wonderful things will happen. Our brother Jesus, as he has told you, is now more free to work in the Christian churches, and he really will work with you. He will help you. When we have blessed these churches Finland will be alight.

I have heard that very soon there will be beacons of fire burning throughout the country but these will be very small compared with the lights which will some from these churches. Seen form the spiritual world these lights will be very bright and these beacons which they will burn will be as a match compared to a bonfire. Can you understand it? (Yes) Very beautiful light and love has been given to these churches and many, many people will be drawn to these churches and also to our True Parents. But go wisely, go gently and really raise your brothers and sisters to the True Parents.

Do you love the True Parents? (Yes) Do you really love the True Parents? And you are prepared to go the way of the True Parents? (Yes) Whatever happens, wherever you are sent? Whatever is your mission? Can you always accept your mission? Because it comes from the Heavenly Father, does it not? It is not only given by the person in the Abel position. It comes through them from God. Please be happy with your mission. Your mission is the way you can grow most at this time and everyone needs different experiences, do they not? God can use each person in many different ways, so do not compare your missions. Be happy and be grateful for the mission you have at the moment. Please, fulfill it with all your heart.

How well do you know my brothers and sisters? Do you know them? Do you know the names of my brothers and sisters? Can you try to tell me... you are struggling a bit? Can you promise me you will learn all these names? (Yes) Please try, it is very important, you know, that you know the names of your brothers and sisters, is it not? You know the names of your physical families. Well, you must know the names of the True Family. You must really love them with all of your heart. Can you promise me this? (Yes) Will you think of them, will you pray for them and will you support them? I ask you this, because, you know, if you can really become united in heart with the True Children you can experience the love and the heart of the True Parents in a much, much deeper way. If you really have the heart of a child towards the True Parents, God can teach you so many things. Children, they do not have pride. They do not have arrogance. They have innocence and they have beauty and they have purity, do they not? So you must become as little children. Our brother Jesus taught this, did he not?

To come to the Kingdom of Heaven you must be as a little child, and this is true. However long you have been in our church, it is only of value if you have grown a heart of a child, if you can understand the heart of our Heavenly Father and the heart of the True Parents. It is not so important how many missions you have had, how much success you have made if you have not come closer to the heart of God and to the True Parents. Do you agree with me? (Yes) So please really try to know my brothers and sisters. Please connect with them and then your hearts also can become more pure and more beautiful before the Heavenly Father.

Do you know, last night when you watched the television when my True Father was speaking, I noticed there were brothers and sisters who were sleeping and I felt a little sad. I felt a little sad. The True Fathers words are so precious, are they not? They are worth more than sleep. Our Father expressed so deeply, you know, so many things. He was honest, completely honest before the brothers and sisters. He talked about the many ways which Satan tempts him and he wants you to benefit from his experiences. I know that your missions are often exhausting. I understand that you become tired. But please, please try and stay awake for the True Father. I know it was only a film, but really you should have the heart that our True Father is here with you, that he was speaking personally to each one of you; you would not have fallen asleep if our True Father was physically in the room. You would not have slept. So please, if you know that you slept, please pray, please pray about it. I give you this with my love. I give you this with my love.

I really want to embrace your country, you know, I really want to embrace all my brothers and sisters. I would like to take each of your hands and to shake hands with you, and to really thank you for giving your life to the True Parents and the Heavenly Father. It is not an easy way that you take, but it leads to beauty, does it not? It leads to a bright future. I am very happy that you can take this way.

So please, can one brother and sister please come forward to me and to hold my hand, one representative brother and sister of the  whole nation of Finland. I thank you brother and sister for coming forward to me and I ask you before heaven and the True Parents, can you pledge your life for your nation? (Yes) You can really pledge your life for the True Parents and your life to Heung Jin Nim and together you will raise this nation? (Yes) And we will really bring it to the True Parents. We will make this nation a nation where the True Parents can come and can walk in safety, can we not, and our lives will turn to the True Parents and where they will be welcome and accepted. I accept his pledge from you on behalf of all the brothers and sisters here in Finland. I thank both of you for your love and I thank both of you for this pledge that you have made before heaven and I accept it on behalf of all the brothers and sisters here in this room. I thank you so much.

So now the time is coming when I must be leaving you. I am sorry but I must be leaving you. Are you happy that I have been here? (Yes)  Do you like me to come again some time? (Yes) That is good. I don’t know when this will be. You must keep this experience in your heart, must you not, until we meet again? Please be strong for your country. Please love one another. Please love your country. Miracles will happen. Will they not? I am doing so many, many things to make things easy for you. I am doing many things to really smash Satan from this world. Many things will happen I promise you, if you can have complete trust in me. If you can have complete unity with me, so many things will happen.

So now I must be leaving you. Can you please hold hands together? We can stand and hold hands together. Do we pledge to bring victory to the True Parents here in Finland? (Yes) Three Manseis. I thank you so much. I thank you so much. Now before I leave I want to give a blessing to each one of you that comes from God the Heavenly Father. It is a special blessing and a deep desire within His heart for each one of you. May He hear with your ears. May He see with your eyes, may He speak with your tongue and may He breath the air you breath, the heart of  the Heavenly Father goes out to each one of you, be strong, our Father says, be bold and be strong. You can do this for Him? (Yes) So now I must leave you. I am Heung Jin Nim, the holy son of God and the holy son of your True Parents and also your true brother in heart. I leave you now. (Urie…)