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Undisplayed Graphic

Undisplayed GraphicExtract From The World and I, Jan. 1996.

Undisplayed GraphicThe Holy Family Undisplayed GraphicPalace of the Golden Dawn Undisplayed GraphicHalls of Heaven Undisplayed GraphicKeeper of Prayer Undisplayed GraphicLand of Heaven, 1990 Undisplayed GraphicChild of the Holy Fire, 1992
Undisplayed GraphicHands of the Creator, 1995 Undisplayed GraphicRites of Eternal Harmony, 1995 Undisplayed GraphicWinter Angel, 1995
Undisplayed GraphicSerenade from a Celestial Garden Undisplayed GraphicMetamorphosis Undisplayed GraphicCountry beyond the Valley of Stars Undisplayed GraphicThe Enchanted Valley

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All works above copyright of artist Benny Andersson.

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Undisplayed Graphic Konstnären Kjell Walter, en nära vän till Enighetsrörelsen.