Book 1

True Parents' Advent and the Era of True Parents

Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, should have obeyed God's commandment, "Do not eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil," and safely passed through the growing period. Had they done so, they would have become perfected human beings, then received the marriage Blessing as the first husband and wife and become the good ancestors of humankind.

However, Adam and Eve were unable to overcome Satan's temptation. While they were still in the growing period before they reached individual perfection, specifically at the completion level of the growth stage, they ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and committed the original sin. In doing so, they defiled God's lineage. As a result, Adam and Eve could not become the good human ancestors. Instead they begat evil descendants, who formed fallen families, fallen tribes, fallen societies, fallen nations and the fallen world. This brought about hell on earth and in heaven. This was something that God never intended.

To save fallen humanity, God sent Jesus as the Messiah to the Jewish people, whom He had chosen and prepared for 4,000 years. Jesus was God's only begotten Son and the Messiah, who was to fulfill the mission of the Second Adam. If the Jewish people had believed in Jesus and united with him, he would have chosen a woman from among them as the Second Eve to be his Bride. Together they would have received the marriage Blessing and become the first God-centered husband and wife and the True Parents of humankind. Thus they would have fulfilled the work of the providence of human salvation.

Jesus came as the Messiah, and his true significance was that he was the Second Adam. When his path was blocked midway due to the disbelief of the chosen people, God had to carry out the dispensation to send the Messiah again, this time as the Third Adam. The 2,000-year history of Christianity was a providence of spiritual salvation. The resurrected Jesus and the Holy Spirit led this providence by performing the workof rebirth. This work laid the foundation upon which humankind would welcome the Third Adam, the Messiah at the Second Advent.

The Returning Messiah will not descend from the sky; as in the time of Jesus, he will be born of a woman as a baby who is God's only begotten Son. Just as the Jews were meant to attend Jesus, Christians are meant to believe in and attend the Messiah at the Second Advent. The returning Messiah needs to uncover and clarify every detail behind how the first human ancestors came to commit the original sin. In so doing, he must reveal the identity of Satan and remove the root of sin. Then, the returning Messiah must prevail over the realms of the spirit world in a life and death struggle and finally bring Satan to voluntary submission. Based on this accomplishment, he must be recognized by countless leaders and founders of religious traditions as the returning Messiah, the True Father.

Moreover, the Messiah at the Second Advent needs to find the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, God's begotten Daughter who has been prepared as the fruit of the providence of salvation. When he receives her as his Bride, God's Will finally can take root on earth.

What has just been described is how, through the Messiah at the Second Advent, God will fulfill the providence of inaugurating the True Parents. For this purpose God enabled two people to be born on earth. Sun Myung Moon is the True Father; he is the Messiah at the Second Advent and the Third Adam.Hak Ja Han is the True Mother; she comes as the Bride of the Messiah at the Second Advent, the Third Eve and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

They were both born in Korea, a country with a long history, whose people have maintained its rich culture and traditions. The country's founding principle encompasses heaven and earth, "Benefit all humankind and transform the world with principles." It is a country that has long cherished peace, and its suffering people have revered God.

True Father was born on the 6th day of the 1st lunar month in 1920, in Jeongju, North Pyeongan Province. God raised him through his childhood and youth for His special providence. Then, at Easter time, when he was 15 years old, Jesus appeared to him and urged him to accept God's call to inherit the mission of the Lord at the Second Advent. For the next 12 years, he set out on a bloody path of suffering to clarify the truth. Finally he discovered the Principle of Creation, the Human Fall and the root of sin, human beings' portion of responsibility, and the principles underlying the providence of restoration through indemnity. He also unraveled the tangled course of the history of the providence of salvation.

God sent the Returning Lord as the central figure of the providence of restoration through indemnity. At the same time, He also conducted the providence to restore the Third Eve, who is to come as the spouse of the Returning Lord. Around the time of True Father's birth, a spiritual awakening began inKorea. True Mothers father and mother also joined and became part of that movement.

True Mother was born on the 6th day of the 1st lunar month in 1943, at the home of her maternal grandparents' in Anju, South Pyeongan Province. True Mother grew up in a family with three successive generations of only daughters—her grandmother Jo Won-mo; her mother Hong Soon-ae (Daemonim), and True Mother—a family that believed that the Returning Lord would be born on earth. Spiritual recognition of True Mother included a blessing on her when she was just six years old, that she would become Heavens Bride. That blessing was given by the mother of Rev. Heo Ho-bin, of the Inside the Womb Church.

Shortly after Korea recovered its independence on August 15,1945, it was divided into North and South. True Father began his public ministry centered on Christianity in South Korea. Because of the disbelief of the prepared spiritual groups, True Father had to go to Pyongyang in North Korea, where he continued to witness. There, however, due to false accusations of the communist party and the jealousy of the established Christian churches, he was sent to prison. True Father ended up going twice through an indescribable path of suffering. Nevertheless, he was able to establish a victorious foundation of restoration through indemnity, both spiritually and physically, by the time he was released from the Heungnam Labor Camp during the Korean War.

Thereafter he headed south and finally, on May 1,1954, founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity in Seoul. In the year in which True Father reached the age of 33, he set the condition to indemnify Jesus' suffering life of 33 years. On that foundation, True Father made a new beginning with an Abel-type religious organization to carry the providence on behalf of Christianity.

After the founding of the Holy Spirit Association, many Christian believers who heard the words of the Principle that True Father introduced were moved and flocked to him. However, other Christian denominations felt threatened and redoubled their efforts to persecute him. Their false accusations even caused him to be imprisoned again. Despite these troubles, his followers came to have even firmer faith in True Father as the Messiah at the Second Advent. Their faith enabled him to set and fulfill the condition for success in bringing the providence of restoration to the completion level of the growth stage.

Hence, on April 11, 1960, 14 years after he began his public ministry following the liberation of Korea, he finally received his Bride. She was True Mother, whom God had specially raised and prepared to be the embodiment of the Holy Spirit while protecting her and keeping her separated from evil. On that day the Holy Wedding of the True Parents was held, which instituted the marriage Blessing. With it, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb foretold in Chapter 19 of the Book of Revelation finallytook place. That prophecy denoted the Holy Wedding of the Messiah at the Second Advent, when he would receive his prepared Bride, the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, and they would become the True Husband and True Wife.

That historic day opened the gate to the realization of the ideal of creation that God, the Creator of heaven and earth, had cherished since the very beginning. It ushered in the day when Adam and Eve, as originally envisioned at the time of Creation, could be manifested as True Parents. Finally, it became possible for humankind to receive the grace of rebirth, by which they can completely be rid of original sin.

In 1994, after True Parents had worked for 40 years with the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity to bring unity and restore through indemnity all the conditions necessary to bring Satan to submission, they founded the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification to continue in its place.

Through the Family Federation, True Parents are proclaiming that the ideal world as originally intended at the time of creation will be built through the expansion throughout the world of ideal families, centered on the True Parents, who have come to earth as the true ancestors of humankind.

Through the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, which was held on January 13,2001, and the CheonJeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth, held on June 13, 2006, True Parents dissolved Gods bitter sorrow by restoring His sovereignty over the cosmos. In this way they laid the foundation for the kingdom of God to take firm root on earth. Finally they established the 13th day of the 1st month by the heavenly calendar, in 2013, as the Foundation Day of the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity (Cheon II Guk).

In the final reporting prayer of his earthly life, 21 days before his Holy Ascension on the 17th day of the 7th month by the heavenly calendar (September 3) in 2012, True Father declared that the providence of salvation had been concluded. He instructed all blessed members to take on the mission of tribal messiahs who can represent their nations, and he proclaimed, "Everything is finished."

As True Father and True Mother together, True Parents perfected the dual characteristics of the incorporeal God in corporeal form. They are the models that humanity needs to emulate and learn from, by studying their lives, their teachings, the traditions they established and their achievements. True Parents are the original root. They are absolute, unique, without precedent, and they will never come again. True Parents' light will forever illuminate the world with the truth and love of God.

Chapter 1

The Significance of True Parents in the History of the Providence of Restoration

Section 1. The True Ancestors

The perfected Adam and Eve

God created human beings to experience joy for eternity. Adam and Eve, the first ancestors of humankind, were created to be the object partners of God's absolute true love. Humanity had to originate from one ancestral couple. God created true love to flow in one stream; hence He cannot begin another stream of true love from someone other than one man and one woman. If Adam and Eve had become perfect through God's absolute love and multiplied good descendants, they could have realized an ideal family. Everyone in that family would have attended God the Creator as their vertical, incorporeal true parent and perfected Adam and Eve as their horizontal, substantial true parents on earth.

Adam and Eves true family would have expanded into Adam and Eve's clan. Their clan would have prospered, expanded into a society and nation, and ultimately built a world that fulfilledGod's three great blessings to "be fruitful, and multiply, and have dominion over all things." That world would have been nothing less than the ideal kingdom of heaven that God intended to build on earth.

1 From seeing Adam and Eve who were created in His image, we can understand that God exists with the dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. It is because God has both of these characteristics that God created Adam and Eve. Therefore, Adam and Eve needed to become one as subject partner and object partner, as a perfect man and a perfect woman. Had they done so, they would have reached a position equal to that of God. Then they would have given birth to sons and daughters and given them the same love that God gave them when creating them.

Human beings were God's greatest masterpieces among all created beings. He created them so that they could also stand in the position of creating such masterpieces, human beings, as theirchildren. God therefore expected Adam and Eve to become completely one as husband and wife. Then, when looking at the children born from their perfect union, Adam and Eve would have inherited the tremendous joy that God experienced when He created them.

God imbued Adam and Eve with the love that would have enabled them to give birth to children and love them with that very love. In other words, Adam and Eve, being God's beloved children, totally received every single thing that God, the Absolute Being, had within Him.
(053-166, 1972/02/19)

2 The original Adam and Eve were God's body. What I am saying is that these originally good ancestors of humanity were to be a substantial manifestation of God. God wanted to enter their minds and become one with them in physical form. In that state, even as God wanted to give them more and more, they—God and human beings— would revolve around each other. Spinning like a rotor, they would become completely one.

Had such seeds of love been sown, their descendants, humankind, would have borne the fruit. Then, no matter how far you dissected that seed, its core substance would never change. However, because of the Fall, that seed needs to be dismantled and repaired; it must be fundamentally repaired, but this is impossible unless they bring God back into their lives and attend Him.

God created heaven and earth in order to share His life and love. This iswhy God, the incorporeal One, brings forth a man and a woman as the eternal embodiments of His love. They are the True Parents, the good human ancestors, whom He now introduces to humanity as the central substance of His love.
(038-173, 1971/01/03)

3 The original Adam and Eve were to have been the True Parents. As Father and Mother they would have been the center of the family and regarded as the king and queen of the family. Their sons and daughters would have been the heirs who could become future kings and queens. If the original ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen, God would have been the Grandparent who bequeathed His kingship to their family. That is why the True Father and True Mother are the king and queen of their family and represent all families in all nations. They are the original king and queen of the family, and you as their sons and daughters are in the position of princes and princesses who will inherit their kingship in the future as members of the royal family.
(221-255, 1991/10/25)

4 Due to the Fall of the human ancestors, God lost the true ancestors of humankind as He had envisioned them according to the ideal of creation. Human beings, no matter how great or how wealthy, even if they have the power to move the entire world, are still from the lineage of the fallen ancestors. This is a most lamentable truth. People who are descended from the fallen ancestors are bound to plummet down to Satan's hell. People throughout history have beensearching for the original Lord, the original Parents who are the true ancestors who can embrace fallen humanity as their true children. For this, God strove to recover the positions of Adam and Eve prior to the Fall, following the path of restoration continually for 4,000 years,
(154-261, 1964/10/03)

5 Adam and Eve, had they not fallen, would have become the true ancestors of humankind. They would have become the True Father and True Mother, the True Parents of humankind, in the flesh. However, Adam and Eve fell, and humankind became Satan's children. Suppose Adam and Eve had not fallen, but instead had become a man and woman imbued with God's heart. They would have joined in holy matrimony as God rejoiced over them, and become the True Parents of humankind. Then the created world would have united with them in harmony, and joyfully provided their family with everything they needed.

Had Adam and Eve become a true son and daughter before God, had they become a true husband and wife as the model for all human beings, and had they become the True Parents of humankind who could attend God as their eternal Parent, they would have been able to sing with joy and happiness throughout their lives. No one would ever have been able to lead them away, because they would have belonged solely to the one Lord. Their heart and their love would have belonged to the one Lord. Their one Lord would have been God.
(009-137, 1960/05/01)

6 The Fall disrupted Adam's family. Therefore, the goal of restoration, to return to the original state before the Fall, is to restore Adam's family. God first strives to recover one individual who will be His partner; then he strives to recover one central family. Only after that can He strive to recover a church, a people, a nation and then the world.

Throughout history, God has been seeking a family that could become His ideal object partner. Such is the True Family. The True Family is fundamentally different in substance from ordinary families. Unless that God-centered family can be recovered and aligned with God's ideal, there is no way to recover the ideal for the nation or the world. This is the reason that God must first establish the original True Family. Similarly, salvation cannot be attained by individuals; rather, the basic unit of salvation is a true family.

Had it not been for the Fall, Adam and Eve would have become the ideal husband and wife and, one step further, the True Parents. They would have become the True Parents to their posterity and all humankind. Had humanity prospered with Adam and Eve as the True Parents, they would have built one great family and established the world of peace in the Adamic cultural sphere.
(294-067, 1998/06/11)

7 The history of God's providence of restoration is a sorrowful history. The fact that God lost Adam and Eve is something to grieve over. The problem is that this loss did not end with those two individuals alone. Losing themmeant losing their clan, and this lost clan has since expanded into peoples, nations and the world. By losing Adam and Eve, God lost them all. Thus, the loss of Adam and Eve meant that Gods kingdom and His sovereignty were lost. It meant the loss of God's family, God's clan and the people for His kingdom. It meant the loss of the ideal of man and woman, the loss of God's only son and daughter. That is why the history of salvation, namely the history of the providence of restoration, is to recover one man and one woman, Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve had not fallen but had prospered, today every single human being among the many billions of people on our planet would be registered in the heavenly kingdom. Everyone would naturally enter the heavenly kingdom as one family.
(143-025, 1986/03/15)

8 Due to the fall of the first human ancestors, people could neither have true ancestors nor be true descendants. Even God could not stand in the position of True God. Nothing was centered on God, so there was no basis to build a true family, a true society or a true nation. For this reason, we must seek the true root, and when we find it we will also find the nation in which everyone can live together as one true family. That is why, through the providence of salvation, God has sought to build the one world, the world of hope, true peace, love and oneness. To realize this purpose, God sends the Savior. The True Parents must come to earth and teach humanity to make God their central focus as individuals, and to put God at the center of the family, the nation and the world; by doing so, they are trying to return all humankind to the original world. Such is the course of the providence.
(267-297, 1995/02/05)

9 God's hope is not for the Lord to return on the clouds in the sky and build a spiritual kingdom like a fantasy world. The reason he returns is to plant his feet on the ground and find the one Bride who can receive God's total love. He does this work to recover all that was lost because 6,000 years ago the first human ancestors became the false ancestors.

Therefore, in the course of history, a perfect woman must emerge who is absolutely connected to God's love. She must join with the perfect man who lives in oneness with God's love. She is able to stand as the Bride of the Returning Lord, who comes as the Bridegroom. That time is at hand.

When they unite in this position, they are at the level of Adam and Eve before the Fall, when they were loved by God in the Garden of Eden. They have reached the point to receive from God the three great blessings. With them emerges the foundational point on earth that Satan cannot invade. Had Adam and Eve stood in this victorious position as the ancestors of humankind, the archangel Lucifer would not have become Satan; rather, he would have attended them as a faithful servant. This is the Principle of Creation. Because they lost that position, since that time,human beings been orphans. Therefore, the True Parents of humankind, who can recover this position, must appear on earth.
(022-084, 1969/01/26)

10 The original Adam was one individual, yet he was meant to be the center of the family, the tribe, the nation and the world. The culture would have been Adam's culture. From that culture a language would have begun. Thus, everything would have developed and prospered. Accordingly, all the events that connect to True Parents can become sources for creating a new culture. From this new culture, a true history of humankind can finally unfold. True families, societies, peoples, nations and a true world can emerge.

The teachings that True Parents have established as the tradition will be central in every age. Thus far, human beings have based their hope for the world in a vision of the future, but no longer. Rather than looking forward to something yet to be realized, we will advance centering on the teachings that True Parents are practicing here and now. It is based upon their teachings that history will advance. The heavenly nation to be erected based on those teachings will establish the center of the past, the present and the future. Once this nation is inaugurated, its culture will not be short-lived. It will extend to the world, and remain alive and well, becoming the source for future cultural development. There will be total oneness. It will be the same, whether at the beginning or the end.
(050-251, 1971/11/07)

The true olive trees

We read in the Bible, in the book of Genesis, about the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that grew in the Garden of Eden. These two trees symbolize the perfect father and mother. Originally, the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, perfect and having nothing to do with the Fall, were to have been the roots of humankind. Having grown from those roots, all people were destined to live in the kingdom of heaven on earth. After death, they would have passed on to the kingdom of heaven in heaven and lived there eternally.

God's purpose of creation is for humanity to form a single God-centered family, in which all would be kin. Fallen human beings are wild olive trees, stemming from wild roots. They need to receive a graft from the true olive trees, True Parents, and be reborn as true human beings. By so doing, humanity can realize the world according to God's ideal of creation, the eternal ideal kingdom of heaven that should have sprouted from the Garden of Eden. The hope of humanity is to receive the True Parents, adopt the good traditions of their God-centered family, hand them down generation after generation, and thus build a united world of one language, one culture and one sovereignty of God.

11 True Parents are totally united with the love and lineage of the absolute God. Hence we can call True Parents' family, which they established after their Holy Wedding, the true olivetrees, while people in the fallen world are false olive trees. Then, if we make a cut in a false olive tree and graft a cutting from a true olive tree onto it, it will eventually belong to the family of the true olive trees. This will connect people to God's true love, true life, true lineage and true conscience, and they can reach perfection. When they do, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will unfold.

God could not have His third generation, His grandsons and granddaughters. Satan has them and even has tribes of his own; they have multiplied to this day and built numerous countries. God, on the other hand, has never had even one perfect man or one perfect woman. The Messiah is the one who comes as the perfect man. He must find his Bride and establish the position of the True Parents through their marriage and by having children. On this basis, he can restore the original family of humankind.
(344-198, 2001/03/09)

12 Had Adam and Eve become the True Parents of humankind, we would not have needed the Savior or religion. God would have found joy in the world of goodness that had no need for religion. God wanted to build such a world on earth, but His desire was not fulfilled. The Fall means that Adam and Eve failed to unite with God. As a consequence, they failed to become True Parents; they became false parents instead. Therefore, you must move from the false parents' lineage and return to God through the True Parents' lineage.You are all descendants of those false olive trees. You should have been true olive trees, but you became false olive trees who need to be reborn by receiving a graft from the true olive trees.
(023-162, 1969/05/18)

13 True Parents come as God's true olive trees. They are the ones who will give you rebirth. We cannot be born without parents; it is the law of heaven. True Parents come to earth having the root of God's true love, true life and true lineage. Their mission is to cut down to their stumps the trees of fallen people, which were born from the root of false love, and graft the cuttings of true love onto them. We human beings must find the root of God's true love that comes from the true olive trees. Only in True Parents is it possible to find that root.
(494-013, 2005/04/27)

14 The True Parents come with true love and true lineage. The false parents entangled human beings in false love and false lineage. We must build God-centered true families in the original world free of the Fall. To build families of true sons and daughters, we need to connect to the true lineage. To become True Parents' children, we must connect to their lineage. The parent-child relationship, or the father-son relationship, is absolutely impossible without the bond of blood. Not even God can sever that bond. Nor can Satan do it.

For this reason, to usher in the Completed Testament Age we must receive the marriage Blessing of True Parents. That way we can restore through indemnity the failures of the Old and New Testament Ages. You were an orchard of false olive trees, but now you must become an orchard of true olive trees by receiving the graft of God's true lineage, the original standard. For this, you must achieve oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in thought with True Parents, based on true love.
(347-174, 2001/07/04)

15 True Parents refer to perfected Adam and Eve. It is this Adam and Eve who come to establish true families, true tribes, true peoples, the true nations, the true world, the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven, finally even liberating God. True Parents stand in the position to fulfill everything on every level. They are the most precious beings that God ever sent to this world. When you follow them with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, you are certain to overcome any obstacle.

True Parents bequeath true love, true life and true lineage. As children, we inherit these. The purpose of all religions is to lay the foundation on earth to inherit True Parents' accomplishments. Salvation cannot be accomplished without a connection to true love, true life and true lineage. The world is fallen because the false parents bound humankind with false love, life and lineage, with the result that human beings fell into hell. In order to turn this around 180 degrees, True Parents must emerge and connect humankind to true love, true life and true lineage. The marriage Blessing engrafts cuttings from the trueolive trees onto the false olive trees.
(362-011, 2001/12/02)

16 True Parents come as the true olive trees. When the false children of this world receive a graft from the true olive trees, they can then be harvested as restored, reborn fruits that are free from the Fall and stored in the barns of the heavenly kingdom. This is the responsibility of the Messiah on earth. The Messiah comes with the seed of true children based on true love. Due to the bonds of false love, false life and false lineage that resulted from the Fall, human beings became children of the enemy Satan, children whom God did not desire. Since they were tied to that lineage by false love, God has been conducting the providence of salvation to purify them.
(252-228, 1994/01/01)

Section 2. Lord at the Second Advent and Embodiment of the Holy Spirit

God's only begotten Son and Daughter

God's hope for Adam and Eve was that they would grow, reach perfection and form a true family. This is what He originally intended at the time of the Creation. God created Adam as His only begotten Son and Eve as His only begotten Daughter. With absolute love He invested everything in them, and in them He placed all His hopes.

However, they fell; so in their place God sent Jesus as His only begotten Son. According to the order in which He had created Adam and Eve, God planned to restore Adam first and then to restoreEve through Adam. Hence, first God sent Jesus as the Second Adam to take the place of the First Adam, and then Jesus was supposed to find the original Second Eve and join with her, becoming husband and wife. Had they succeeded in this, they would have become the True Parents, the good first ancestors of humanity.

1 Jesus' greatest teaching is that God is his Father and that he is God's only begotten Son. The expression "only begotten Son" indicates that he occupied the first love of God the Father; it means he stood in the position to receive that love. It is because Jesus stood in the position to proclaim, "I am God's only begotten Son," that God had to make Christianity a worldwide religion. The term "only begotten Son" emphasizes God's love. The only begotten Son is the one who is connected to the fullness of God's first love for an individual.
(138-256, 1986/01/24)

2 In the Garden of Eden, Adam was God's only begotten Son and Eve was God's only begotten Daughter. Singing together a song of spring—"Brother, you are special to me!" and "Sister, you are so beautiful!"—they should have grown to maturity and blossomed in the springtime of their lives. At that point, what would God have done? When they were fully in bloom, emitting their unique fragrances, God would have joined them together. That is, He would have held a beautiful wedding for them. Then Adam and Eve would have realized God's supremeideal of creation. But before this, God's only begotten Son and only begotten Daughter first needed time to grow until they were fully mature.
(159-195, 1968/05/10)

3 Jesus called himself God's only begotten Son. The only begotten Son needs the only begotten Daughter. Jesus was to embark on the path to save the world, but he could not do it alone. He needed to establish his family as the foundation. Jesus' purpose in claiming to be God's only begotten Son was to unite the world and reign over it. Yet, before he could do so, he first had to form a family of his own. However, he could not do that in his lifetime.

Therefore, in order for the Messiah to save humankind on earth, he must form a model family for others to emulate. Jesus needed to have a family before he could try to save Israel. Jesus was God's only begotten Son. I am sure that if Jesus' wedding had taken place, God would have been its officiator. The greatest purpose of God's providence of salvation is to build the family that He can love. For this purpose, Jesus, God's only begotten Son, and a specially prepared woman, God's only begotten Daughter, were to grow in God's love while attending Him as their Father and then receive His blessing at their marriage. In this way, they were to establish the foundation to become the true ancestors of humankind. All of this was lost and must be recovered.
(159-192, 1968/05/10)

4 The title "God's only begotten Son" was finally fulfilled after Jesus came toearth. For the first time since Adam and Eve failed and human history was lost to Satan, God's only Son, born of His lineage, lived on earth. This was Jesus, the man who received God's love.

Yet, even though Jesus emerged as God's only begotten Son, the only begotten Daughter did not appear. The emergence of God's perfected only begotten Son after 4,000 years of the history of salvation was as if God had created Adam again. In the Garden of Eden, God created Eve, modeling her after Adam. He made her based on the same principle and blueprint He employed when creating Adam, so that she could be his partner. When it states in the Bible that the woman was made from Adam's rib, it means that God created her with the essence of Adam. That is why perfected Adam, God's only begotten Son, can recover Eve, the one who has been lost to this day.

In Jesus, God found the Adam who could establish His direct lineage of true love, but He was not yet able to find Eve. In order to find Eve, fallen human history had to be rectified within a family, and a nation had to be engrafted with that family. Preparation for this began with Jacob, from whom emerged the 12 tribes of Israel. Based on the faith of the chosen people, their descendants expanded the scope of God's victory in the world. Over the course of 2,000 years, they formed the nation of Israel and established Judaism, both of which were prepared for the coming of Jesus.
(347-171, 2001/07/04)

5 Jesus called fallen human beings tobecome God's sons and daughters, but what was most remarkable was that he proclaimed himself God's only begotten Son. In a world where humanity had been paying indemnity continually over thousands of years of history, this concept—God's only begotten Son—was a sensation.

What Jesus had to do next was to change the human lineage by reversing the positions of Cain and Abel between himself and Judaism, and between himself and the nation of Israel. However, he was not able to do that. Hence, although he recovered the title of God's only begotten Son, he was not able to meet God's only begotten Daughter.

That woman had been prepared, but it was not possible for Jesus to meet her without a tribal level foundation. Beginning from Jesus' family, links connecting the individual to the family and the tribe had to be established, so that the lineage of humankind eventually could be changed.
(164-256, 1987/05/17)

6 Four thousand years after the first human ancestors, God's only begotten Son in all of heaven and earth was born. This was blessed news. Before that, people had no way to connect with the bond of God-centered true love. This has been the cause of bitter sorrow in people's hearts.

Now, God's only begotten Son has appeared on earth! He has come as an intermediary for humankind, to dissolve that bitter sorrow. Had he not appeared, it would have been a serious matter. There can be no greater blessingthan his coming. Therefore, all humankind and all of heaven and earth must be on his side, even the Creator. Anyone who blocks his way will come to ruin, while anyone who welcomes him will prosper. The appearance of the only begotten Son is a joyful day for all humanity. God sends him first because history has been led by men. Once the only begotten Son arrives, the only begotten Daughter then must come.
(023-149, 1969/05/18)

7 God exists as the vertical Parent, centering on true love. The vertical is a single line. When it meets a horizontal line, it creates a 90-degree angle where the two lines meet. Man is positioned on a line at a 90-degree angle to the vertical; woman is likewise positioned at a 90-degree angle; and the point where man and woman meet is at that same angle. There cannot be two different angles. The only begotten Son is the first man in human history to receive God's love at a 90-degree angle. Someone must stand with him as God's only begotten Daughter.

The Messiah, who comes as the only begotten Son, must find the only begotten Daughter. Finding her is not a casual matter. Since God created Eve from the body of Adam, when the Messiah comes into the world he must find his Eve. He is the one who must recover Eve, because Eve was taken by Satan. Thus at his return Jesus, as God's only begotten Son, must receive God's only begotten Daughter and establish a way for man and woman to meet at a 90-degree angle. Otherwise, the fundamentalproblems in heaven and on earth will never be solved. God has dual characteristics, and He can dwell only where the Son and Daughter are one.
(185-186, 1989/01/08)

8 Since the Fall of Adam and Eve, God has not just waited for the children whom He lost to return to Him on their own. He has sought the path to free them from Satan's accusation. Can you fathom how miserable God must have been? Can you even imagine His situation in the world where Satan played king? He endured pain and suffering beyond description so that Jesus Christ could be born free from Satan's accusation.

Finally Jesus came. If the people of Israel had only united with Jesus, God's only begotten Son, they could have reached beyond Rome and out to the world. Then Jesus could have become the True Parent. Instead, because Judaism and the people of Israel were unable to fulfill their responsibility, Jesus departed with the promise that he would return.

Tragically, although after 4,000 years God had found and established His only begotten Son, He could not similarly establish His only begotten Daughter at that time. Nevertheless, since the only begotten Son exists, the only begotten Daughter must also exist. The providence led by Jesus and the Holy Spirit was for this purpose.

We learned from the Divine Principle that whenever the central persons or central nations fail to fulfill their responsibility, God finds another representative to complete the task. Thus, when God was unable to send His only begotten Daughter to Israel on account of its not fulfilling its responsibility, God raised His only begotten Daughter elsewhere.
(True Mother, 2014/07/01)

9 Since God is the owner of love in the human world, God must have His family, which centers on His love, living on earth. That family lives in God's original homeland, and it expands to a tribe, people, nation and world of the original homeland. That is how the kingdom of heaven will finally unfold on earth. All humanity longs for the original homeland, with its citizens in the original, perfected spiritual state. God, too, longs for this. There, heaven and earth will meet in harmony. Everything in the universe will rejoice in happiness. God will dance and the whole creation will dance together with Him.

If such an original homeland, a place that all human beings would welcome, had emerged on earth, the world we live in would not be filled with pain and grief. Had Adam and Eve been a son and daughter who centered on God, namely, God's only begotten Son and Daughter, and had they become totally one with each other and established a family in that original world, their descendants in that lineage all would have been united in mind and body.
(023-152, 1969/05/18)

10 Jesus came to earth in order to transform the world into the earthly kingdom of peace, on the foundation of the nation of Israel. Even if he had attempted to accomplish that by exercising overwhelming power and authority, he would have been unable to do so without first having established his own family. The ideal world, the earthly kingdom of peace, begins with one true family and is established through an assemblage of many true families. Individuals immersed in mind-body conflicts cannot build an ideal family. Therefore, even if Jesus had the power to conquer the world, he could not abandon the way of heaven that had called him to raise the family that God desired, even though this brought him to the point of death.

As God's only begotten Son whose mind and body were united, Jesus was to receive God's only begotten Daughter, whose mind and body were also united, and together they were to establish that family. Without that family, even if the world had been transformed it would be lost again in the end. The family is bound together by bloodline. Once a people is bound together in the one lineage of God, that people will constitute the one people of God.
(023-152, 1969/05/18)

11 Jesus' purpose in coming again to earth is to find his Bride, a woman who is centered on God's love. That woman must represent Christianity, attend the Lord as her Bridegroom on the world-level stage of Christianity, and marry him. This establishes the realm of love of the Bridegroom and Bride. It is the beginning of a realm of love that God can finally claim.

Based on the realm of the only begotten Son, God can claim the realm ofthe only begotten Daughter. At the same time, centering on this only begotten Son and only begotten Daughter, He can inaugurate the realm of love of the Bridegroom and Bride. For the only begotten Son and the only begotten Daughter, it does not matter how large their nation is, or that it has a long history or an amazing cultural background. What matters is that their standard of conjugal love is such that they unite as husband and wife centering on God.

The first human beings lost this standard due to the Fall. Hence, without recovering it, everything in the world is in vain. Therefore, the only begotten Son and the only begotten Daughter on God's side must establish the realm of conjugal love as husband and wife. Once the realm of conjugal love is secured, the realm of children's love will naturally be established.
(138-257, 1986/01/24)

12 Jesus said that he was God's only begotten Son, and that God was his Father. That claim indicates that as an individual he had received God's first love. Although God came to have His only begotten Son, Jesus, He did not yet have His only begotten Daughter. Jesus was unable to find her.

Thus, Jesus must return to meet God's only begotten Daughter, who can totally receive God's first love. That is why the Lord at his Second Advent must celebrate the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. That is, he is required to marry. This man who completely receives God's first love must marry awoman who completely receives God's first love, and they must start a family together, thus restoring the positions of unfallen Adam and Eve.
(041-311, 1971/02/17)

13 The Messiah comes in the position of the original and direct Son of God. With God's absolute love, he brings the seed of life. To find and raise such a Son is God's primary purpose for conducting the providence of salvation through history.

The Messiah comes to earth with nothing of earthly value. He has no nation. He has virtually nothing. He does not have a partner. Because Eve, Cain and Abel were lost, he does not have a family. That is why, when he comes, he has to recover them all.

Christianity is the bride religion and is to receive the Messiah who comes as its Bridegroom. The core truth of Christianity is amazing. Jesus called himself God's only begotten Son. Adam was intended to be God's only begotten Son, and Eve was intended to be God's only begotten Daughter. However, due to the Fall, they did not become the only begotten Son and Daughter. Satan claimed the only begotten Daughter. God's entire creation was brought to ruin and must all be recovered. As God created Eve based on Adam, God must re-create Eve by the seed that He sends through the new Son of God.
(285-024, 1997/04/19)

14 Human beings start from a family. A family begins with a man and a woman becoming husband and wife. Therefore, for the original family tobegin, the only begotten Son must marry the only begotten Daughter. The only begotten Son and Daughter were to have been the original Adam and Eve, free from the Fall. Then they were to become True Parents and give birth to sons and daughters.

As people who attend True Parents, if you want your sons and daughters to be perfected, you need to provide them with an environment in which they learn how to live for the sake of others in the four directions. These are represented by their grandfather, grandmother, father and mother. Children are to live for the sake of their parents. Parents are to live for the sake of their children and also for the sake of their own parents. Grandparents are to live for the sake of their grandchildren, and grandchildren are to live for the sake of their grandparents. A husband is to live for the sake of his wife, and a wife is to live for the sake of her husband.

In this kind of environment the grandfather and grandmother, husband and wife, and all the siblings are included. Following this principled model of the family, we should build a family in which we live for the sake of each other. If we do so, this will indeed bring about the kingdom of heaven in our family.
(252-125, 1993/11/14)

Freedom from original sin

Adam and Eve, the first ancestors of humanity, fell when they succumbed to Satan's temptation. They ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thus committing the originalsin. The original sin was an illicit sexual relationship. This sin defiled God's lineage. Instead of passing down God's love through the ensuing generations, they multiplied descendants through Satan's false love.

In the Bible, the Gospel of Matthew records the genealogy of Jesus Christ. It preserves a record of how in his lineage, among the descendants of the fallen Adam, good and evil were separated and goodness advanced. It records how, during the 4,000-year history of the providence of restoration through indemnity, the blood connection to Satan was severed in that lineage, in order that Jesus could be born as God's only begotten Son.

Thus, Jesus at birth had nothing to do with original sin. He came to this world to receive his Bride and become the True Father, so that they could take the position of True Parents. They were to give birth to children free from original sin, and also to give rebirth to fallen human beings and remove their original sin. Instead, however, Jesus died on the cross due to the disbelief of the people of Israel. Still, he left with the promise that he would come again and complete the work he had left unfinished.

Therefore, the Returning Lord, who comes as the Third Adam, inherits Jesus' foundation. This allows him to start out from the position of the Messiah and from there to attain the position of the True Parent. When he does so, he can fulfill the mission of completing God's ideal of creation.

15 Original sin is based on sexual relationships under the realm of Satan's dominion. Jesus was born without original sin, and thus he is free from the condition of Satan's accusation. To make this possible, God worked to reverse the positions of Cain and Abel. Jacob reversed positions with Esau; and Perez and Zerah's positions were switched at the time of their birth. In this way, God laid the foundation for His victory. As a result, Jesus could be born as a man free from original sin.
(022-257, 1969/05/04)

16 Jesus is God's Son. He was born under God's dominion, free from original sin. Original sin is the condition by which Satan accuses all human beings. Since Jesus is free of original sin, he can return to the original position of Adam prior to the Fall. Therefore, Jesus alone could be the Second Adam, who came to rectify Adam's failure and become the original ancestor of humankind. I am saying that he could stand in Adam's stead. From that point on, humankind could enter a new era—the New Testament Age. Since Jesus was born free of original sin, he was totally free from Satan's accusation in terms of lineage. Not only that, he subjugated Satan, the archangel. In this way, Jesus could stand tall in the position of the original Adam.
(159-206, 1968/05/10)

17 In the Bible we read the story of Jacob, who, to receive the blessing of his father, Isaac, cooperated with his mother, Rebekah, to deceive his father as well as his older brother, Esau. Wealso read the story of Tamar, who had sexual relations with her father-in-law, Judah, and gave birth to the twins Perez and Zerah; it concludes with Perez and Zerah becoming the center of blessing for Judah's tribe. These stories describe behavior that contradicts conventional morality. So why are they in the Bible?

Besides, in the first chapter of Matthew, we read of four women of questionable morals: Tamar, Bathsheba, Rahab and Ruth. The Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament is equivalent to Genesis in the Old Testament. Why do these blemished, unholy women appear in its first chapter? There is no way to answer these questions unless we know the Principle teaching on the human Fall. These questions have been answered only since the time of my coming.
(211-138, 1990/12/30)

18 Mary, who was betrothed to Joseph, was in the same position as Eve. When Adam and Eve fell, they were like a betrothed couple. Therefore, any woman chosen to restore Eve's fall through indemnity would also have to be betrothed to someone. In such a position, Mary had to follow the tradition of Rebekah and Tamar. She stood in the position to inherit the tradition, representing those women who had acted to purify the lineage. To give birth to God's child, Mary upheld God's Will at the risk of her life and willingly went the way of sacrificing herself. Like Tamar before her, she regarded the establishment of Israel's kingship as her supreme hope. Disregarding her own life, she strove to inherit God's Will and bequeath it tothe Son of God. She was such a historic woman.
(139-304, 1986/01/31)

19 Mary pursued God's Will with more passion than any other woman. She was a courageous woman like Tamar, who, with utter devotion and loyalty to God, willingly took whatever risk was necessary in order to bring God's precious lineage into the world. When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and foretold that she would soon conceive a child, Mary said, "How shall this be, since I have no husband?" And when the angel said, "With God, nothing will be impossible," Mary answered, "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word."
(from Luke 1:34-38)

Mary could not take that position without risking her own life. In accordance with the five books of Moses, at that time, an unmarried woman who became pregnant should be stoned to death. Nevertheless, God had Mary give birth to Jesus, because she placed God's Will above her life and her honor. Thus, for the first time in human history, the Son of God was born. He was Jesus, born from Mary's womb in accordance with God's Will.
(035-222, 1970/10/19)

20 Satan could not make any accusation against Jesus in Mary's womb because Mary did not seek to give birth to Jesus. On the contrary, she simply obeyed the command of God and lived for His Will. Not only that: Mary set up a victorious foundation from beginning to end, from conception to birth, sothat Jesus could be born from her womb free of accusation.

Ever since the tragic history of Adam and Eve, the basis of all the struggles of humankind had their beginning in the womb. Finally with Mary, a child inside the womb was separated from that basis. Such was the lineage into which Jesus was born. Therefore, at the root Jesus is different from any other religious founder, any prophet or any world-famous religious leader. Jesus is the world-level representative who emerged from the lineage that Satan could not accuse. Jesus was the first man to be born in the lineage centered on God. Further, he came on the foundation of all the conditions necessary to separate sin from human history. This makes him the first person who was born of the lineage centered on God. Because Mary acted with the pure motivation to attend God's Will, Jesus was born on earth as the true Son of God.
(035-223, 1970/10/19)

21 Jesus' father was not Joseph. He was a man in the realm of the archangels on God's side; not that of the fallen angel. He followed God's direction. Jesus could be recognized as the original Adam because God had prepared a foundation, surpassing that of Satan's world, for him to be on God's side. It was on that foundation that God could sow His seed of life and Jesus could inherit God's realm of heart. Jesus was born in such a position, from a seed that had been separated from Satan's lineage. Such a person had never before existed in history. That is why Jesuscould be the Messiah and the Savior of humankind. Because he was the first human being born from a God-centered bond of love, he can rightly be called God's only begotten Son.
(169-195, 1987/10/31)

22 Jesus came on the national level with the authority of the king of kings. He inherited the victorious historical foundation of a lineage changed from Satan's to God's. Therefore, although Jesus was conceived in Mary's womb, Satan could not claim, "He is my son." Mary stood on the national level when she conceived Jesus. She conceived him based on the foundation of Israel's history, which passed down to her the tradition of Tamar's heart. Mary paid the indemnity of heart and, by doing so, rectified the mistake of Eve. She stood among those women of Israel whose course was to bear sons dedicated to the change of lineage. She conceived Jesus based on the completion of the restoration of the elder son. For these reasons, from the time of his conception, Satan could not claim Jesus as his son.

From the moment of his conception in Mary's womb, Jesus stood on the foundation of a lineage that was already purified through this process in history. Hence, Satan could not claim Jesus as his son, even though Jesus was conceived with the authority of the elder son that Satan had always coveted. God could not establish His right of primogeniture unless His Son, who could claim his own right as the elder son even while inside his mother's womb, was born on earth. That Son was Jesus. Hewas the first person in history since the Fall who represented God's heart. Among all people, he could inherit this most deeply. Therefore, Jesus was able to declare, "I am God's only begotten Son." Because he was the one who restored the authority of the elder son centered on love, he could be the Messiah.
(139-309, 1986/01/31)

23 Jesus came to earth based on the foundation of a process to purify the lineage. The change of lineage was attained in the time of the twins: first, by Jacob's efforts with Esau to restore the right of the elder son and then by Perez and Zerah, who fought in the womb of their mother, Tamar, and reversed the positions of the older and the younger.

This is recorded in the Bible. The Bible is revelatory. It is a book of treasures that can never be left out of the history of culture, religion or the world. Hidden within it are the sagas and secrets of human history, and matters to be untangled. These must be resolved. That is why we must restore the lineage. Jesus, who was born from Mary's womb, changed the fallen lineage of Satan's world. He came from the position where his lineage already had been changed. Accordingly, his Bride, his partner, also had to go through the process of changing her lineage.
(140-149, 1986/02/09)

24 The True Parents about whom the Unification Church speaks are human beings, a man and a woman. That man and woman must be centered on God. Since Adam and Eve became the false parents, True Parents must come in theirplace and become the good parents. In other words, since it was due to their failure to reach perfection that Adam and Eve became the false parents, True Parents must be able to stand in their place, in the position of having perfected themselves centering on God.

Originally, God's ideal at the time of the Creation was for Adam and Eve to reach perfection and become the True Parents. That position must be rectified and the original ideal must be attained. I am the one who is pursuing that ideal.

In the Unification Church people call us True Father and True Mother. In external appearance there is no difference between us and you; however, our root, our origin, is different from yours. The True Parents emerged with God as the root, the first such human beings in history. We have come as the central people of the Unification Principle and we introduce it with true love.
(148-040, 1986/10/04)

25 My lineage cannot be accused by Satan. If it could, I would not be able to accomplish anything. I conduct the marriage Blessing to transfer that lineage to you. It is what you inherit from us in our positions as the Bride and Bridegroom, which were set up and transferred to us by Jesus who has been working hard for nearly 2,000 years after his death and has now returned. The marriage Blessing is the ceremony of the Unification Church that creates blessed families. Once you receive the marriage Blessing, the gate to the kingdom of heaven is always open. Satan cannot accuse you once you are blessed.
(054-270, 1972/03/25)

26 Ever since the Fall, the bodies of all human beings have been dominated by sin, all kinds of sins. This is because human beings are connected to Satan's lineage. How can we deny it? The way to resolve this is to follow the course of indemnity. Now we, True Parents, have paid off everything. We paid indemnity on all levels—the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. We indemnified them all, and thereby connected them all to the true lineage of God.

This means you are now in the position of small messiahs. As True Parents, we belong to the lineage of God, not to Satan's lineage. Our root is different from yours. Your roots are on the side of Satan, while our root, the root of the Parents, is with God. As True Parents, we inherited God's original love, which is true love, and we are connecting it to you. Once you are engrafted with us, you belong to True Parents, who belong to God.
(146-302, 1986/07/20)

27 I, True Father, gained victory over Satan's world by going through eight vertical stages, from servant of servants to servant, adopted child and so on, and eight horizontal stages, from individual to family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God.

When Adam committed the original sin, he entered Satan's realm. He can return to his original position only when that sin is removed. However, he cannot clear original sin by himself. Only True Parents can do it, with true love. That is what I did, clearing it on alleight stages.

Adam fell at the age of 16. Before he reached that age, he was the original Adam. Before the Fall, he was an original young man heading for perfection, who could have inherited everything from God. I came as the Lord at the Second Advent to inherit everything that he could not.

I fought Satan at every stage—individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos—and expelled Satan from each. I resolved the fundamental problem of sin. I am saying that I have uprooted original sin. Beginning at the age of 16, I took the position of victorious Adam, having nothing to do with the world of the fallen Adam. Ever since then I have labored to recover all humankind.
(265-142, 1994/11/20)

28 I was born as a farmer's son in a Korean village, but my origin is different. Some people know things intuitively from their birth, and others learn by studying. I knew the fundamental truths from birth, not by studying. I learned them from heaven. I was born for heaven s will, and I knew them from birth. I even came to know the heart of God. This is why, despite all kinds of opposition from the world, I could survive until now.
(542-285, 2006/10/23)

29 Once you come into total oneness with God, God links you to the preparations He has made in advance for you. When you reach that level, the spirit world will teach you directly. I met someone who testified that he hadbeen attending me even before my birth, before ever meeting me personally. That person was much older than I was and had been serving me even before I was born. This was possible because God predestined my coming. When God sends a central person into the world, He works by giving to people visions that resemble that person in both internal nature and external form. Thus, even before my birth, He gave people visions of my appearance.
(028-094, 1970/01/04)

30 My birth on earth was not as just the son of an ordinary family. From the age of ten, I learned everything about the world. Hence, I was well-known in my clan and throughout the village. I was born on the basis of heavens preparation over thousands of years. On that foundation I could understand the world. Even before I was born, elderly people who were spiritually open experienced me guiding them.
(579-076, 2007/10/25)

Returning Lord and embodiment of the Holy Spirit

Due to his death on the cross, caused by disbelief among the people, Jesus was unable to complete the path of the True Parent on earth. After his resurrection, therefore, Jesus had to find a spiritual Bride; this was none other than the Holy Spirit. Then, with Jesus as the spiritual True Father and the Holy Spirit as the spiritual True Mother, they could carry out the providence of salvation in a limited way, by giving spiritual rebirth to fallen human beings.

In order to complete the providenceof salvation both spiritually and physically, Jesus needs to come again. Therefore, Jesus at his Second Coming needs to be born on earth in the flesh as the Lord at the Second Advent, the Third Adam. Then he needs to receive as his Bride, the woman whom God prepared as the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. Together they become the substantial True Parents, who can give rebirth to humanity both spiritually and physically. The True Parents remove original sin from humankind. They offer the grace of rebirth—the change of lineage-opening the way to complete salvation in spirit and flesh.

31 Adam failed to fulfill the Will, so God sent Jesus in his place. That is why the Bible identifies Jesus as the Second Adam. Since the first human ancestors were lost, Jesus had to restore the true ancestor. Thus, Jesus came as the True Father of humankind, and the Holy Spirit came as the True Mother of humankind. Thus, they established the True Father and the True Mother, spiritually. God's purpose for the Second Advent is to manifest True Parents on earth substantially.

The Last Days are the time when God's True Son and True Daughter emerge to stand in front of humankind. Human beings lost their true ancestors and became fallen descendants, disconnected in their lineage from True Parents. Hence, the Last Days are the time for the True Parents to recover the descendants who were lost, by reversing the course of the Fall.
(007-116, 1959/07/26)

32 Jesus, the center of Christianity, is the Bridegroom. He receives his Bride at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb refers to the wedding of two human beings in the flesh: a man and a woman in the positions of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

For Christians, God is the Father and Jesus is the Son. The Holy Spirit is the mother spirit. Thus, by receiving the Holy Spirit we are reborn. We must be given rebirth by the Holy Spirit. Human beings are born through their parents' unity in love. This is natural law. Jesus is the father; the Holy Spirit is the mother. In other words, Jesus is the Bridegroom and the Holy Spirit is the Bride. When the Holy Spirit comes into your heart, if your yearning heart unites with the Holy Spirit's yearning heart for Jesus, you will be enraptured. The spirit of love from the spiritual True Parents—Jesus and the Holy Spirit—will then infuse you with new life. This is what Christianity calls rebirth.
(019-202, 1968/01/07)

33 True Father is the perfected Adam. Since Adam fell and could not become the True Parent of humankind, we are the descendants of false parents. For this reason, the Messiah must come as the True Parent. More precisely, he is the True Father. Christianity speaks about the Trinity. In fact, Jesus is the True Father and the Holy Spirit is the True Mother. That is why human beings can be reborn through them. Children cannot be born unless their parents first make love.

Hence it says in the Book of Revelation, "The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.' And let him who hears say, ‘Come.' And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price." (Rev. 22:17) This speaks to the day when the Holy Spirit comes in the flesh at the time of the Second Advent. That is the day when the Bride is made ready for the wedding. It is the day of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, when children welcome and attend the True Parents who had been lost.
(007-158, 1959/08/30)

34 Jesus is the father, and the Holy Spirit is the mother spirit. We should be moved by the mother spirit. Because of Eve, the mother, we were lost. Therefore, the perfect mother spirit must come to us and purify our minds and bodies. Then we should experience becoming one with the perfected father spiritually. Only by having such an experience can we be reborn. We read in the Bible, "Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. And whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come."
(Matt. 12:31-32) The Holy Spirit is the mother spirit. A person is born by coming out of his or her mother's womb. But because something went wrong with our birth, we need a second birth. That is, since we were born from false love, we need the mother spirit to give birth to us again with true love.
(245-027, 1993/02/28)

35 In order for Jesus to have a familyfoundation, he should have received his Bride—the woman who came as the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. Had he received that woman who embodied the Holy Spirit, he could have worked freely on the horizontal level. However, Jesus was able to set this condition only spiritually, because his three core disciples failed to meet the standard of becoming his sons. This was Jesus' bitter sorrow.

Since people on earth were not able to make an adequate indemnity condition, Jesus had to ascend to heaven prematurely. Man represents heaven and woman represents earth. Jesus, the True Father of humankind, has been in heaven. The Holy Spirit is the True Mother of humankind. Therefore, the Holy Spirit must come to earth in the flesh. However, God's only begotten Daughter was not able to emerge at the time of Jesus, and that Will could not be fulfilled.
(023-176, 1969/05/18)

36 The kingdom of heaven is a place where men and women enter together with their families. However, when Jesus came to earth he could not find his Bride, and he died without being able to have children. Hence, to this day he remains in Paradise, where for 2,000 years he has been praying and working through the Holy Spirit.

In the beginning, a woman first committed sin. Therefore, the Holy Spirit, a feminine spirit, must come to the world as an actual woman and cleanse that sin. This will happen when Jesus comes again to the world as the Bridegroom and furnishes the new seed. Throughreviving Jesus' mission, God's purpose is to build a new God-centered world based on the lineage of the True Parents of the new heaven and earth. When that world becomes manifest, we can say that God's Will has been fulfilled as planned.
(021-199, 1968/11/20)

37 The Holy Spirit that Christianity speaks of actually refers to the mother spirit, the Second Eve. Since Eve, the mother of all human beings, fell, God sent the Holy Spirit, the mother spirit, as the Second Eve.

If we find a hole in a wall, we have to fill it in. If we lose something, we have to look for it where we lost it. Likewise, since it is because of Eve that all human beings on earth entered the realm of death, we need the Holy Spirit to come to earth and labor to give birth to us again. In the Bible, we read that women can be saved through giving birth. (1 Tim. 2:15) This does not refer to women living on earth today, but to Eve.

Had Eve not fallen but become the true ancestor of humankind, she would have given birth to good children. Instead, she fell and gave birth to Satan's children. Therefore, the Holy Spirit embraces humankind and labors to give them rebirth. Only when that labor is finished will Eve be saved and the mission of the Holy Spirit come to an end.
(009-138, 1960/05/01)

38 The spirit and the flesh were separated due to the Human Fall; they must be reunited. After his resurrection, Jesus came to earth and laid the foundation for the Holy Spirit to come. Yetthat was not enough. Jesus left promising to return. To keep that promise he must come again. The purpose of Jesus' coming again is to find the mother in the flesh, who was lost in the Garden of Eden. Then the Parents, in both spirit and flesh, can finally emerge among human beings as the mediators between heaven and earth. The full achievement of Jesus' hope will be possible in the world of the one ideal, a world in which the spirit and the flesh are united.
(005-072, 1958/12/21)

39 We live in a time when women can move the world for God's providence of restoration. This indicates that the time has come when Eve can emerge to restore the world. This Eve is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit and the representative of all women on earth. She must become a true wife and a true mother; then she must become a true queen. Therefore, she will be equipped with the qualities to become such a person. Her character will be such that she can take responsibility for all three of these roles, and more. God has sought for such a woman, who can become a true mother, a true wife, a true queen, and more. Once God calls her, this woman should be able to reject Satan's world and march bravely forward.
(093-040, 1977/05/01)

40 You must understand how arduous the course was to place Mother in her position in the providence of restoration. Just to find one man, Adam, all kinds of bloody struggles and innumerable conflicts were intertwined throughouthistory. Likewise, in order to find True Mother, you cannot imagine how great a price had to be paid, how many sacrifices were necessary. In order to set and maintain the standard necessary for True Mother to be found, people thousands of years ago received revelations, and prepared people had to inherit those and bequeath them from generation to generation. That is how we have arrived at this time. As if passing a candle flame from one candle to the next, countless people guarded that holy light to make sure that it did not go out, giving their utmost devotion right up until the Last Days. You cannot imagine what an enormous price has been paid, the uncountable sacrifices that have had to be made.
(264-056, 1994/10/09)

41 The term "Holy Spirit" refers to the spiritual mother. Jesus, in unity with the Holy Spirit, multiplied spiritual children and laid the worldwide foundation that is Christianity. Yet, since the worldwide foundation of Christianity was laid only on the spiritual level, this foundation is not sufficient for us to fulfill God's Will spiritually and physically. Thus, we come to the conclusion that Jesus must return. It is inevitable, because the physical world remains imperfect. Unless the spiritual foundation of Christianity is connected to the foundation that Jesus at his Second Coming builds in the physical world, we cannot go beyond our current history and begin a new history, that of God's world, in the spirit and the flesh.
(073-241, 1974/09/22)

42 Jesus tried to restore the failure in Adam's family on the national level. However, the people in Israel did not believe Jesus and he was killed. Thus, Cain and Abel emerged on the national level, and this has expanded to the world. Jesus was not able to reach beyond the national level, and he left the earth with bitter sorrow in his heart. Therefore he developed only God's spiritual nation and had no earthly nation.

The Holy Spirit, the mother spirit, has no form, yet can be likened to an anointing with oil, water, or the wind, which comes to people and moves their hearts. By doing so, the Holy Spirit has been working to create the Bride, who will come in the flesh. It is on that foundation that in my time I was able to establish Mother on the world level. Through this, True Parents can achieve the liberation of the physical realm.
(407-180, 2003/05/15)

43 For True Mother to emerge, there had to be preparation for three generations—her maternal grandmother, her mother, Daemonim (Hong Soon-ae), and True Mother. Without it, she would not be able to stand in the position of True Mother. Her grandmother brought her family to the Holy Lord Church. Her mother brought them to the Inside the Womb Church, and then in the South they lived a nomadic life searching for the Returning Lord. Mother was raised while leading such a life.
(541-211, 2006/09/30)

44 True Father cannot marry just any woman. The Eve whom he can take as his Bride must be prepared throughthree generations. True Mother went through such a course. She inherited the foundation of the Holy Lord Church, where she received the blessing of Rev. Kim Seong-do, who was in the position of the First Eve. Following that, she also gained the foundation of the Inside the Womb Church, where she received the blessing of Rev. Heo Ho-bin, who was in the position of the Second Eve. It was Daemonim who made this possible.

In accordance with the law of restoration through indemnity, having gone through that course, Mother was responsible to stand on that victorious foundation and attend the Returning Lord. The reason Jesus could not marry was because the proper condition had not been established according to the law of restoration through indemnity.
(265-153, 1994/11/20)

45 The True Parents emerged on the foundation of unity between Cain and Abel. The time having arrived when the True Parents could appear, the Holy Spirit in the position of the mother and Jesus in the position of the father finally descended from heaven to earth and fulfilled the marriage Blessing substantially, as the True Father and True Mother in the flesh. That is what happened in 1960, when True Parents formed their family. They began engrafting people with the true lineage and multiplied blessed families throughout the world. They subjugated even Satan by establishing the realm of liberation in the spirit world, connected to the realm of liberation on earth.
(333-015, 2000/09/24)

46 Now that the True Parents have emerged on earth, Jesus is united with True Father and the Holy Spirit is united with True Mother.

Jesus' mother, Mary, and John the Baptist's mother, Elizabeth, did not cooperate with each other; this was a contributing cause of Jesus' death. At that time, the entire nation of Israel and all the leaders of Judaism should have joined together to support Jesus, and in particular, they should have found Jesus' Bride. Then, Jesus and his Bride could have given rebirth to humankind.

What could not be done in Jesus' time on the national level must be indemnified, this time on the world-level stage. It is True Mother's work to reach the world level; then the work must be expanded horizontally. That is why Mother is traveling and being proclaimed throughout the world. It is because every human being must return to True Mother's womb and become one with True Father, like the joining of ovum and sperm, and be reborn.
(235-252, 1992/09/20)

47 In fallen families there are mothers and children, but the men in those families are in the position of archangels. Therefore, men must unite with True Father, the one in the position of Adam. All the women of the world must become second selves of True Mother and unite with True Father from that position. By making those conditions, it is as if they have become True Father's original sons and daughters. This is how they can be reborn and restored.

You need to stand in the position ofhaving been reborn as sons and daughters of True Father. By this, I mean that you need to even enter Adam's bone marrow before Adam and Eve were married, and exist there as if you are his seed. Then you, as that seed, must connect to Mother through their true love for each other. The spark of that connection is like the electricity flowing from a disused power station when its power is switched on again. That is why I say that you need to be reborn through true love. Mother is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.
(243-224, 1993/01/10)

48 You are the sons and daughters of True Mother, the woman who represents the world. Especially you women who follow Mother, you should become Mother's second selves. You should love her more than you do your own husbands. Mother is the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches that if you betray the Holy Spirit, you cannot be forgiven. There is no way for you to be reborn. Even though she wants to forgive you, you have no basis on which to be forgiven. Mother is the one who resurrects your life. She gives you rebirth and then she blesses you.
(233-087, 1992/07/30)

Section 3. Completion of the Providence of Restoration

Lord, Savior and Messiah

True Parents stand before fallen humanity as the embodiments of God's true love. True Parents are the central persons who will accomplish the work of the Returning Lord and carry outGod's providence of salvation. They have the mission of the Savior and Messiah, to guide humanity from false love and the evil lineage to true love, true life and true lineage, and to unite all religions and all peoples.

True Parents come to build the original world. In that world, people will establish a new culture by inheriting the tradition of families that are centered on True Parents. Since they will be united with God and engage with one another by giving and receiving perfect love, people will not need a savior. Since they do not have original sin, every family—parents, husband and wife, and children—will be able to live eternally with God. This is the ultimate destination toward which God has been leading the providence through history. When it comes to pass, the purpose of God's providence of restoration will be fulfilled and the ideal world that humankind desires will be realized.

1 The goal of the providence of restoration is for God to settle on earth. Yet the foundation for the fulfillment of that goal on earth was lost. Regardless, God takes responsibility to restore what was lost and to fulfill it. He has led the providence of restoration in pursuit of this goal. The purpose for which God sends the Messiah is to find the perfected husband and wife. This purpose is the same, whether in the Old Testament Age or the New Testament Age. Just as the realm that Jesus established in the New Testament Age had to fulfill the Old Testament Age, the realm that True Parentsestablish in the Completed Testament Age must fulfill the New Testament Age. Thus, the realm of the Completed Testament Age includes the fulfillment of the Old and the New Testament Ages.

Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament Age, and if he had, all could have been united. This unity should have occurred in the New Testament Age with Jesus as the center. However, because it did not happen, the fulfillment was prolonged to the era of the Second Coming. That is why the Completed Testament Age that begins with the Second Coming must fulfill the Old and New Testament Ages. The Lord at the Second Advent will fulfill everything. His coming inaugurates the fulfillment of the historical eras—the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Completed Testament Ages.
(250-325, 1993/10/15)

2 When Adam and Eve fell and inherited the enemy's love, life and lineage, they destroyed everything that God had intended for them. At the time of Jesus, had the spiritual world and the physical world, represented by the leaders of Judaism and Israel, united with him on the national level, there would have been no need for the Second Israel. Jesus should have united the spiritual world and the physical world, as well as Israel and even the Roman Empire. However, because this did not happen, after a prolongation of 2,000 years, now I have to go one level higher. I have to break down all the barriers, including the walls that were erected by the failure in Jesus' family, as well as by the failure in Adam's family. Ihave to break down the barriers that have blocked good cooperation between the spiritual world and the physical world, and the barriers in the spiritual world that have confined people to paradise (a realm lower than the highest heaven) and even to hell.

To enable this to happen, God is proclaiming, "Sun Myung Moon is the Savior! He is the Messiah! He is the Lord at the Second Advent!" Once you meet the True Parents, you do not need a Savior, a Messiah, or a Lord at the Second Advent. They are all included in the True Parents.
(471-213, 2004/10/03)

3 True Parents are the Savior. They have come to save the world. Since the false parents gave birth to a world of false love, True Parents need to save the world with true love. The Messiah also brings unity among the religions. When the religions are united centering on true love, they will form one great family. The world is advancing to establish this great family; only in this way can there be true peace.

All religions are advancing to bring about peace, which comes from unity. Furthermore, the First Israel, which is the Jewish nation, and the Second Israel, which is Christianity, must pass beyond the First Adam and the Second Adam and advance centering on the Third Adam, in order to rectify all of their failures on the family level, the national level and the world level. Once the True Parents stand firmly on that foundation, they will finally recover all that was lost in the earthly world, aswell as what was lost in the spirit world.

The True Parents are the king and queen among those who can save the world. They are the king and queen among messiahs. They are the king and queen of the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age and the representatives and the embodiments of the invisible God. The True Parents were born for the sake of God, not for themselves. That is why even God exists for the True Parents. God and True Parents are one in true love.
(399-178, 2002/12/23)

4 At his coming to earth, the Messiah and Savior must liberate all humankind from hunger and from the tribulations in their nations. Yet, among the things he must liberate them from, which is the most important? The first is to liberate them from false love. The Savior is the liberator of love, the liberator of life, and the liberator of the lineage.

People are suffering because their lineage has changed from God's to Satan's. If all of humankind had the same lineage, stemming from God, everyone would be siblings, loving one another centered on God. However, their lineage was changed. Thus, the core mission of the one who comes as the Messiah and Savior is to liberate all people by changing their lineage.
(194-011, 1989/10/15)

5 Had we human beings not fallen, we would know God. Knowing Him in our hearts, we would naturally know how to live, no matter what the world says. Our body would unite with our mind;they would not struggle with each other. Our mind and body meet at the wrong angle as a result of the Fall. In order to align them properly, the religious world teaches us to strike our body. That is why people do all kinds of penance: fasting, serving others before ourselves, living a sacrificial life, even shedding their own blood for heaven. Unless we put ourselves through such painful situations, we cannot return to our original position. Not only must we align mind and body within ourselves as individuals, we must do so on the family, national and world levels. The Messiah comes as the model to teach the world how to align at every level, centered on true love.
(178-190, 1988/06/04)

6 People will not believe that I am the Returning Lord, the Messiah and True Parent just because you or I say it is so. My authority to stand as the Lord should be based on actual achievements. Until I overcame Satan's world and established a foundation with certifiable evidence upon which I could stand, there was no basis for people to come to their own realization that I am the Messiah and True Parent.

I endured numerous ordeals and difficulties as I strove to establish a foundation on which I could stand and be recognized as the Messiah and True Parent in both heaven and on earth. I had to lay such a foundation so that people would acknowledge me as the Messiah and the True Parent throughout the entire cosmos. Unless I could do that, I could not make that claim. Thatis why 1 have done so many things in my lifetime. I did things that no individual could dream of doing. I did what even nations cannot do.
(396-265, 2002/11/10)

7 I could not just come to the decision "I am the Messiah" on my own. I could not carry out the Messiahs mission based on my personal views. Rather, all my circumstances led me to the self-awareness that I had been called to fulfill the responsibility of being the Messiah. There was no other way I could go. The potential for the Fall began from the moment, when in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve came to have self-awareness. It is the same with restoration.

I could not meet the standard of the Messiah just by words. Nor could I meet it just because God blessed me to be the one. Although God had blessed me, I still had to establish the necessary foundation by substantiating His blessing. This meant that I had to reach the level where I could live with God and be in the realm where God and I were relating as equals. When I had secured this in reality, I could receive the inheritance and the title of "Messiah." I could inherit everything from God by reaching the level of equal participation, equal position, and living together with Him. He had to recognize me by saying, "Certainly you are the True Parent; certainly you are the Messiah."

I had to become like a lighthouse that gives out light to ships in the night. As a lighthouse lights up the darkness so that ships can find their way with certainty, the Messiah must be able toshine a bright light into a world engulfed in darkness, a light that shines no matter how dark it is.
(396-023, 2002/11/02)

8 All things belong to God. I am saying that God is the Owner of all things. Yet Satan thus far has been acting as if he were the owner. In a relationship of love where there is a sense of equality and balanced participation, the two parties cede control to each other. Blessings and the authority of inheritance are also involved. Therefore, after the first human beings formed a love relationship with Satan, all things ended up belonging to Satan's realm. Satan usurped God's throne and sat on it. He invaded even the environment around God Himself, ruling over everything.

There was no way God could liberate Himself from this situation. Nor could anyone else liberate Him, even after the passing of thousands of biblical years. That is why God underwent so many hardships in order to restore human beings to the standard that He had envisioned for the original family.

With my birth, for the first time in human history everything in God's environment that Satan had defiled could be cleaned up. I cleaned up that environment front and rear, and right and left, and by establishing the measures and formulas to defend God from Satan's realm. Consequently Satan had no choice but to retreat. Anyone who objects to this will meet with difficulties. I am saying that True Parents have succeeded in doing all of this. We have established a victorious realm on the individual leveland on the family level.
(290-103, 1998/02/03)

9 I devoted my entire life to abolishing hell and the middle realms in the spirit world and to opening the gates to the kingdom of heaven. I took it as my destiny to resolve this problem. Even if I do not talk about this, I should be able to command people on the foundation that those in my surroundings recognize me and attend me. Even without my saying that I was the True Parent, people received messages directly from the spirit world that I was the True Parent, the Messiah and the Returning Lord, and they testified about this.

There can be plenty of messiahs, true parents and saviors on the individual level, but the individual level alone is not sufficient. Heaven and earth should publicly recognize that I am the Messiah on the cosmic level. The spirit world should testify, "He is the Messiah and our True Parent." True Parents should stand on the victorious foundation of uniting the spirit world.
(396-265, 2002/11/10)

10 After representing his nation, the Messiah comes as Abel to the world. Hence, once he has met the national-level condition to indemnify the history in which Cain killed Abel, on that foundation he finally can come to the world in the position of the True Parent.

Had those of the Jewish faith and nation united to support Jesus and to establish the national foundation by rectifying the history in which Cain murdered Abel, Jesus could have stood in the position of the True Parent. Inthe history of restoration, after siblings become one, the Parents can emerge.

On the national level, Judaism and the people of Israel should have become one to support Jesus, and the leaders of Judaism and the chief priests should have united to support Jesus. Then they would have restored the Cain-Abel relationship on the national level, and on that national foundation the Messiah could have emerged. That was Jesus. Had the people of Israel united with the Messiah, it would have resolved on the national level the division between Cain and Abel that stemmed from Adam in the Garden of Eden. Then the Messiah could have married and become the True Parent and, with the new, God-centered family structure, emerged on the world level.
(074-083, 1974/11/14)

11 After World War II, the United States brought the entire world under the realm of the elder son, thereby establishing the authority of the firstborn son. However, in addition to that, the authority of the Parents and the authority of God's kingship have to be established. For this, the United States will have to attend True Parents. The United States established the right of the firstborn son, but does not yet know True Parents.

In order to restore God's kingship, the United States must attend the Lord at his Second Advent, the True Parents. That is why One Nation under God is not enough. Now that the True Parents have come, we have to build One World under God, One Universe under God and One Cosmos under God. Whensuch a world emerges, the kingdom of heaven on earth will be realized.

In the free world, people do not have the concepts One World under God, One Universe under God and One Cosmos under God. In the Last Days, when God's Will is to be realized, True Parents will come to earth and establish one world, one universe and one cosmos under God by restoring the authority of God as the Parent and God as the King.

Jesus was unable to complete restoration on the national level in Israel and to realize the ideal of One Nation under God. Therefore, I came to the United States, the summit of the world, in order to restore his ideal of one nation under God. However, this ideal does not include the spirit world. It does not include even the whole of the physical universe, not to mention the cosmos. It is not One Unified Spiritual World and Physical World under God. That is why the Lord at the Second Advent must come to realize that world. Had Jesus established One Nation under God and united even the Roman Empire, he could have established one world. And had he united also the spirit world, he could have established One Cosmos under God. Since this work was not completed, it remains to be fulfilled. No one has known about this; only God and the Returning Lord know it.
(311-116, 1999/08/29)

12 The Messiah comes as the Father. If he comes as the older brother, his siblings will fight him. Only when he comes as the Parent can he bring an end to conflict. Thus, the title "True Parents"is amazing, because when people have their True Father and True Mother, there can be true love among them. From True Parents, centering on true love, true children can be born. Then a true family can emerge, and when it expands horizontally it can become a true tribe, people, nation, world and the true cosmos, in which God can dwell. There is no disputing this logic.

True Parents never existed in the past, nor will there ever be another set of True Parents. What joyful news it is that the one and only True Parents to ever exist in history have emerged at this time! There can be no greater news than this, ever! It is especially great when you enter a parent-child relationship with True Parents and bond with their lineage; this enables you to inherit their authority without any sense of shame. They will guide you beyond yourselves to the infinite world.

You have no idea how remarkable it is that you know the name "True Parents." God created human beings with this as His vision for them. True Parents' love makes the connection from true families to the true world, the true kingdom of heaven on earth and the true kingdom of heaven in heaven.
(266-250, 1995/01/01)

13 Based on the foundation of True Parents' victory, we are going beyond the Fall and entering the age when we can proclaim the era of liberation and complete freedom in the new kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. This is the proclamation that the time has come when we can enter the realm thathas nothing to do with the Fall.

That is why the spiritual world and the physical world will have to unite. Unless you know the spirit world, you will fall away. God, together with all the world-level religious founders, saints and sages, and great people in the spirit world have resolved to work for the unity of these two worlds. Those dwelling in paradise and even in hell have resolved to support this and they have declared this Liberation.

I therefore am working to bring this same understanding and determination to people on earth. With the coming of earth's true owner, the one who is the Savior, Messiah and Returning Lord, everything is completed. Centering on the name of the True Parents, everyone can cross over into the new world of liberation and live together with God, united in love. We have entered the era in which God can descend from His throne and live with His children on earth, where He will personally involve Himself with their lives.

Completion of the providenceGod must continue His providence of restoration through history until He restores through indemnity fallen Adam and Eve and installs the True Father and True Mother of all humankind—the True Parents. The True Parents come as the sole, central model of God's ideal. They extend their hands to save fallen people and show them the direction in which to go. They come at the time when the history of God's providence bears fruit, when history can be made straight and begun anew.

Looking at all the efforts of the True Parents, we see that they have rectified historical failures, are uniting a divided world into one and based on this, are building the kingdom of heaven. True Parents are the supreme and ultimate hope of humankind who complete the providence of restoration. Thus, when they emerge and are welcomed by the world, the hope of history can be fulfilled. The era when True Parents emerge in the world is the starting point for concluding fallen history.
(574-187, 2007/09/04)

14 True Parents are God's hope. They were God's hope at the beginning of the Creation and during the eons of time during which He created everything. They were the ultimate goal of God's efforts throughout history, even as He led the providence of restoration through indemnity. Unless True Parents appear in this world, history cannot be set aright. God is the center of every perfected entity based on the ideal of love. This is true for the individual, the family, the tribe, the people, the nation and the world.

By centering on the perfected Adam, God wanted to establish the foundation of His object partners and expand it to every level on earth. However, because of Satan, everything was frustrated. Therefore, when the True Parents come, they must build their foundation on every level, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Then, once there is unity with True Parents on every level, all human beings can be one with God in the kingdom of heaven. This is the purpose of the providential history of salvation.
(268-163, 1995/03/31)

15 Had there been no Fall, we would not have needed such terms as True Parents, the providence of salvation, the providence of restoration, the providence of re-creation, the providence of resurrection, and so on. Yet, due to the Fall, the providence of salvation became necessary and humankind came to need a Savior.

The Savior is the central person who represents God to human beings and reconciles human beings to God. He comes to correct all the mistakes of history. What he must do is eliminate Satan. God cannot do it Himself. Satan is the archangel who was supposed to be under Adam's dominion, but he subjugated Adam instead. Therefore, it is up to Adam to recover his original position, and it is for this purpose that the Savior must come. By presenting the Principle and attending God, the Savior must make Satan surrender voluntarily and return to his original position. That is the only way to achieve a foundation for peace that accords with God's ideal of creation.
(214-260, 1991/02/03)

16 The providence of restoration is the providence of re-creation. When God re-creates, He needs to do it through the original Principle of Creation. The center of the original Principle of Creation is one perfected man and one perfected woman, who become husband and wife and follow the path of love. Without building that bridge of love, noone can go to God. This is the way based on the ideal of creation.

To fulfill this, God has sought to recover the one man, Adam. Yet until now He could not. From the day of the Fall to this day, God has worked through religion to seek for Adam according to the principles of re-creation. That is why the world-level religions need to uphold the teaching that their lord, who possesses the true way, will come to earth again and guide all of humankind to the world of peace, the ideal world. This is not accomplished by a group of people; the standard is one central person, perfected Adam.
(195-130, 1989/11/07)

17 Adam and Eve were to have been perfected by uniting with their Heavenly Parent. Had they united with their Heavenly Parent, all their descendants likewise could have stood in their parents' realm of victory. This should have unfolded through eight levels: the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. When Adam and Eve fell, it was only the two of them, so the Fall occurred on the individual level. Now, however, the realm of the Fall has expanded throughout heaven and earth. Just two individuals, Adam and Eve, fell, but the result has spread not only to the physical world but also to the spiritual world, from earth to heaven. Only by finally achieving that realm of victory on every level will the liberation of humankind be possible.

Multitudes of religious believers have been making indemnity conditions intheir efforts to escape the realm of the Fall. However, since they themselves are descendants of the Fall, it is impossible for them to escape on their own. Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, caused this situation when they fell. Therefore, it is necessary that good first ancestors come and pioneer a path to escape the situation. Unless these new key figures succeed in overcoming the Fall, no one will be able to escape from it.

It is the Returning Lord and his Bride, the True Parents, who can accomplish this. True Parents must also bring perfection on all levels, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. And finally they must liberate God.
(251-019, 1993/10/15)

18 Human beings originally were created as God's children, but because they inherited Satan's lineage, they came under the rule of Satan. That is why to this day humankind has been treated as the enemy's children. Accordingly, True Parents must recover these children for God and, in the process, become the ancestors of humankind. They have to clean up everything that became defiled throughout human history and put Satan in a place where he cannot make accusations. They must pave paths that Satan cannot accuse, whether traveling from the physical world up to the spiritual world or from the spiritual world down to earth. True Parents have to travel back and forth and overcome all the conditions that Satan can accuse. Satan has been able to make accusations due to the mistake made by theancestors of humankind. Therefore, True Parents, coming as the true ancestors of humankind, must completely pave the way from the past, to the present, and to the future.
(019-205, 1968/01/07)

19 From the beginning of human history to this day, God and Satan have been at war with each other. God cannot stop it, nor can Satan. That war began due to the Fall of Adam and Eve. How, then, can this situation be resolved? God intends to re-create them. The course of restoration is the course of re-creation. Unless they are re-created, there can be no solution. That was His purpose for inaugurating religion: to re-create Adam and Eve. Among numerous religions throughout the world, Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church are at the center. They comprise three stages, culminating at the time of the Second Coming in the Last Days when True Parents will emerge.

True Parents know all the secrets of God, Satan and humankind. Satan's world is full of chaos. Above and below, right and left, and front and rear, nothing is in its proper order. At the Second Advent, True Parents will come to earth * and begin to clean this up. Starting from themselves as individuals, they will clear the way to recover the family, tribe, people, nation, world and even the spirit world. Then God's ideal of creation, which humankind has long awaited, will appear in the mainstream of history. Hence, the challenge faced by the Unification Church is how to establish ourselves as the mainstream. We must build the highway, so that everyone can travel along it and arrive at the ideal world, the kingdom of heaven. In that ideal world nothing can hinder anyone on the path; even Satan cannot be there. It is simply a clean and pure world. It is a world where all people can fulfill their purpose of life. It is a world where all are free, both in the spiritual world and in the physical world. That world is our original homeland.

Due to the Fall, people have been in misery. Until the True Parents appeared on earth, no one has been able to solve this problem. Only through their coming can everything be set straight again.
(315-139, 2000/01/30)

20 The path we have taken as True Parents has not been level and smooth. We have had to make the way smooth across the gorges and canyons. During this time God has been with us every step of the way. This is why we can say that God is our Father and Mother.

Jesus' disciples and Christian believers are supposed to take responsibility for the bitter sorrow that our Fleavenly Parent has been carrying for tens of thousands of years, as well as for the pain of Jesus, who should have become the True Parent by finding his Bride on earth. Yet none of these believers are determined to liberate our Heavenly Parent, or even Jesus, who was to have been the Parent on earth. Most of them just want to receive blessings by believing in Jesus. When they go to the next world, they will find themselves in trouble.

All the while, God has shed tears like a waterfall. Knowing this, we, the True Parents, undertook the work of liberating God as our mission.
(357-055, 2001/10/26)

21 The Returning Lord establishes the True Parents of humankind, and they recover the realm of true love. Then they go on to establish the position of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. This is how they are to complete the providence to restore humankind.

The True Parents of Heaven and Earth must begin with a family in which they, as God's filial son and daughter, attend God, honor Him and glorify Him, even better than the family of Adam and Eve would have done had they reached perfection.

The True Father, the Messiah, who is centered on true love, is the head of the family, which is the ideal core of humankind. He is to begin history anew by connecting human beings to true life and true lineage as they form blessed families, thus establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.
(315-213, 2000/02/02)

22 The event at which, for the first time in human history, God's chosen Bridegroom and Bride joined together is that glorious and honored event that Christians speak of as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This was the event at which the Bridegroom and Bride, enraptured with eternal love, praised their eternal life with God and its value forever. On that occasion they joined together representing myriads of people; this was the coming together of Godand original human beings.

Yet, reaching the position of a bride and groom was not their ultimate goal as the original human beings. It is just one position on their course to perfection. Parents are the beginning of life. The life of the original human beings began in the presence of the Heavenly Parent, and all human beings must find a way to return to their Parent, God.

Those who start out as parents, the root of new life, must start from the same position in which God stood when He gave life to the first human beings. From that position they should grow in the realm of God's protection and then emerge as the Bridegroom and Bride. After that, by becoming parents they can return to the Heavenly Parent.

That is why I am saying that the positions of the Bridegroom and Bride are not the ultimate ideal. Likewise, your final destination as human beings is the place where you attend God as your Parent and become His true sons and daughters. Certainly that should be the summit of your hope, the place you all should desire to reach.

Based on this view, the Unification Church presents the ideal of True Parents. By going through the process of becoming bridegrooms and brides, you also can arrive at the position of original sons and daughters. God created human beings, but they fell. So you should be restored and reach perfection, and by attending God as the True Parent you should attain oneness with Him in eternal value, in eternal life and in eternal love. All of you need to startanew. This is the reason it is necessary for True Parents to come to earth and guide humankind toward this goal following the path of restoration. God's purpose for leading the providence of salvation for humankind thus far has been to arrive at this destination.
(068-133, 1973/07/29)

23 There must be a true man and a true woman who attend God and unite with each other. They must establish a conjugal relationship that cannot be broken, no matter what. And then they must give birth to true sons and daughters. That man and woman are the True Parents. They are centered on God, are a true husband and wife to each other, and give birth to true sons and daughters, thus establishing the four-position foundation.

True Parents are God's true Son and true Daughter. They are to be the center of humanity and the universe. A nation that centers on them will become a central nation. On the other hand, a nation that lacks that center will come to ruin, and a world that lacks that center will drift into oblivion. For this reason, the culture that is centered on the True Parents will advance throughout the world. The culture that starts from that center will never perish.

Therefore, all families should make True Parents their center and attend God as True Parents do. All the people of the world should live by the example of True Parents, by their value system, and in line with their views on national and world affairs. The values they present will become widely held throughoutthe nation and the world, and eventually all humankind will share these values and adopt them as their own.

Humankind has proceeded in hope for the time of the Last Days and is now heading for that one gate. True Parents' hope is to establish the God-centered true family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. If we all do this together, we can restore even God's love.
(019-205, 1968/01/07)

Section 4. The Embodiments of God

The vertical Parent and horizontal Parents

Adam and Eve were created as God's substantial object partners—Adam as the representative of God's masculinity and Eve as the representative of God's femininity. God is the self-existent incorporeal subject partner, whose dual characteristics are in harmony.

In the beginning, when He created the first human beings, one man and one woman, His purpose was to assume a body, which He needed in order to relate with the substantial world. God wanted to freely communicate and interact with the substantial world through the bodies of the two human beings, Adam and Eve. This was because as long as God was an incorporeal being without a body, He was limited in relating to the corporeal, substantial world.

Therefore, had Adam and Eve, on the foundation of reaching perfection by attending God and becoming one with Him, married and had children to form a family, they would have become the external, horizontal True Parents,and God would have become the internal, vertical True Parent.

1 God exists as an incorporeal being; hence, we cannot see Him, not even after we die and go to the spirit world. Accordingly, for God to have a relationship with human beings who are in the flesh, He needs to manifest Himself on earth as the Father with a physical body. It is because of this natural law that God created Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors. In and through them God intended to manifest Himself in both incorporeal and corporeal forms. The harmony and unity between Adam and Eve in both spirit and flesh thus would have symbolized the harmony and unity of the incorporeal world and the corporeal world, and would have brought the cosmos into oneness.

How can we human beings who were born in the flesh become the body of God, who exists as an incorporeal being? God has four fundamental attributes: He is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. God created human beings as His ultimate masterpieces, to whom He could bequeath these attributes. However, the flesh cannot be eternal, because it is made with finite material substances based on the principles of the physical world. Therefore, when Adam and Eve attained perfection in the flesh, God wanted to live within them in total oneness and maintain that oneness in spirit as an eternal relationship of true love—God within them and they within God.

Had Adam and Eve not fallen but kept God's commandment, they would have attained individual perfection and married with God's blessing. Then their children also could have become embodiments of God, and all human beings would have inherited God's attributes from generation to generation into eternity.
(501-032, 2005/07/14)

2 God created human beings as His absolute object partners of love by totally investing Himself in them. He needed substantial object partners with whom to share His love. However, not only in the earthly world but also in the heavenly realms, He cannot fully relate to His children if He has no substantial form. That is why He needed to assume such a form. That form is that of True Parents who have attained perfection.

God created human beings because He needed object partners with whom to share His love on earth. It is for this reason that He endowed human beings, whom He created as His absolute object partners, with the ability to procreate, so that they could continue their life on earth forever. Love, life and lineage are the three elements of God's creation of human beings. God is the root of love, the root of life and the root of lineage. He is also the root of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

Had the Fall not occurred, God would have entered the hearts of Adam and Eve at the time of their marriage and He would have experienced the union of love through their bodies. Thereby He would have become thevertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve would have become the horizontal True Parents. Thus, human beings would have possessed a mind that stemmed from two sets of parents: God, as well as Adam and Eve. That mind would be the vertical self, and the body, the horizontal self. They would have lived their lives in oneness in heart, oneness in body, oneness in thought and oneness in harmony.
(565-315, 2007/06/13)

3 True Parents can be likened to God's body. They are Adam and Eve in perfection. Perfection means that the vertical God and the horizontal Adam and Eve are one. Adam and Eve are like God's body, and God is like the mind of Adam and Eve. What makes this possible is true love. In love, the vertical God and the horizontal Adam and Eve live for the sake of each other. They represent heaven and earth.
(338-212, 2000/10/29)

4 Unless you attend God and True Parents, the value of your existence is lessened. You become true human beings only when you are in relationship with God and True Parents, that is, with the two sets of True Parents—the vertical True Parent and the horizontal True * Parents. It is because there is oneness between God, the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve, the horizontal True Parents, that human beings can have unity between their mind and body and thus connect to God and His kingdom. Therefore, if people do not attend God and True Parents, they cannot achieve anything in the true sense.

The heavenly realms are representedby the central family of the cosmos. When this family appears on earth, a vertical axis is formed; and centered on that axis, concentric circles expand through eight levels.
(565-307, 2007/06/13)

5 God is the origin of life, the origin of love and the origin of lineage. Therefore, God's love, life and lineage should be one with human beings' love, life and lineage. God is in the position of the vertical Parent, whereas the unfallen human beings, Adam and Eve, would have been in the position of the horizontal Parents. Adam and Eve were God's children, but at the same time they were like brother and sister to each other.

In time they would have become husband and wife, and later, by giving birth to children, they would have become parents and ascended to a position next to God. By giving birth to children and then loving them, Adam and Eve would have inherited everything from God, who rejoiced after creating human beings, His children. Because they had received divine love, they would have loved their children more than themselves and treasured them so much that they would never have exchanged them for all of heaven and earth.
(223-267, 1991/11/12)

6 Adam's sons and daughters could not dwell within the realm of God's love. Had they been the children of an unfallen Adam, the kingdom of heaven on earth would have been realized with them, as they made horizontal connections on every level. But because thevertical and the horizontal did not meet together, the kingdom could not come.

Thus, as God's sons and daughters, human beings must inherit this kingdom in two realms. Through the Blessing you have inherited the lineage of the kingdom in heaven and the kingdom on earth, the vertical kingdom and the horizontal kingdom, and the vertical Parent and the horizontal Parents. You have become children who can inherit all that is internal and external from both the vertical Parent and the horizontal Parents.

Royal family members are those who actually live their lives based on this twofold inheritance—from the kingdom in heaven and the kingdom on earth. Once you become members of the royal family, you stand on the foundation to be accepted by both kingdoms at any time. Then, based on this way of life, you should expand children's love, siblings' love, love between husband and wife, and parents' love. Once your family is officially recognized for living by this standard of love, it will become a perfect family on earth and in heaven that receives the vertical kingdom and the horizontal kingdom as its inheritance.

Those who have experienced God's internal heart and all the elements of Adam and Eve's external substance come to belong to the realm of the royal family. Centering on true love, God is their vertical Parent and Adam and Eve are their horizontal Parents. Their children are Adam and Eve's blood relations, who inherit the ideal of both worlds.
(240-017, 1992/12/10)

7 If we consider God to be the first generation, then True Parents are the second generation. The second generation must receive the marriage Blessing from God, and then they must bequeath that true lineage to their children. Otherwise God would have no third generation. The restoration of those three generations is the ideal that the Unification Church is pursuing.

God is our vertical Father; He can connect us to the infinite spirit world. We also have a physical person as our horizontal father. Our vertical Father is God, and our horizontal father and mother are the True Parents. In love, God meets True Parents at a 90-degree angle at the point where they unite as husband and wife. The place where a husband and wife become one is their reproductive organs. Except by means of the reproductive organs, their lives cannot become one. Becoming one through that union makes the connection of lineage.

After inheriting true fife centered on God's love, perfected Adam and Eve relate to each other as subject partner and object partner. Their marriage is, at the same time, a marriage of God, the incorporeal substantial being, and Adam and Eve, the corporeal substantial beings. Hence, on their wedding night they will experience God's love. Thus, the marriage of the perfected Adam and Eve is not simply the union of two human beings. Their wedding is the core event in the universe.

That is why you must seek for nothing but God and True Parents. Youshould seek nothing else but the love, life and lineage of God and the love, life and lineage of True Parents.
(363-073, 2001/12/16)

8 God is vertical. When Adam and Eve join together horizontally at the center, they meet the vertical God. The standard of equality between man and woman lies in the vertical. When they embrace and make love, the vertical is present, absolutely. They whirl around, centering on that vertical axis.

Love means to attain oneness. Without love, the phrases "oneness between parents and children," "oneness between husband and wife," and "oneness between brothers and sisters" would not exist.

The bodies of man and woman are God's substantial forms. I mean that their bodies are God's body. In their physical union they seek to ascend in pursuit of God, the vertical standard, but in fact, it first connects to them. The vertical standard descends quickly, as if pulled by gravity. It comes down more quickly than the horizontal comes together. In their physical union, revolving around the vertical standard, everything together creates a spherical forn> of love. The vertical becomes the core, and Adam and Eve revolve around it like satellites to complete the spherical form of love. That is where Adam and Eve, God's son and daughter, are perfected as God's loving embodiments.
(262-189, 1994/07/23)

9 The true vertical parent is God, and the true horizontal parents are the True Parents. Those who do not know theseparents do not have the right to inherit the cosmic realm of God's blessing. Within the realm where hearts are bonded in true love, parents and children, God and True Parents, have equal ownership. However, we must dearly understand that the vertical parent is God and the horizontal parents are True Parents.
(246-214, 1993/04/16)

10 Because God is the only Lord of vertical love, we call Him the vertical Parent. The original human ancestors who have nothing to do with the Fall are the horizontal Parents. Their relationship exists at a 90-degree angle to the vertical. In whatever direction it turns, their relationship maintains its perpendicular position, its 90-degree angle to the vertical.

When there is perpendicularity between the vertical and the horizontal, no one complains even if east-west turns to above-below. In other words, whether the wife leads her husband, or the children lead their parents, or the grandchildren lead their grandparents, no one complains because everyone feels connected. Right there, the realm of unity is formed. Once we have such family relationships structured around a 90-degree angle, this creates the foundation for total oneness. There is no waste, no struggle, only peace, for all eternity.
(204-105, 1990/07/01)

God's eternal manifestation

In the original world of creation, Adam and Eve were to reach perfection and unite completely in true conjugal love.This would have created the basis for God to dwell within them and take His place as the vertical True Parent of humanity. Once Adam and Eve, who resemble the incorporeal God as His substantial object partners, had become perfected and united as one with God, they would become the True Parents. They would have begotten children to form an ideal family and then an ideal world.

Once this had come to pass, Adam and Eve, as the perfected human ancestors, would have connected the spiritual world and the physical world. Had they become True Parents with perfect spirit selves, God then would have become manifest in the image of Adam and Eve, the True Parents. God would then dwell with the True Parents, perfected Adam and Eve, and His manifestation through them would continue forever. Therefore, now that True Parents are transforming the fallen, sinful world, restoring the original world of creation, and establishing the nucleus of the ideal world, they have become the eternal image of God, on earth and in the spirit world.

11 God divided His dual characteristics to create Adam and Eve as the embodiments of His original internal character and original external form, with man the embodiment of His original masculinity and woman the embodiment of His original femininity. In the same way, all beings in heaven and on earth are manifestations of God.

God is a being of dual characteristics in harmony. In terms of position andstatus, He is the subject partner and in the male position.

When God enters the True Parents, who become His embodiments, God and the True Parents then become one in lineage, love and life. In the position of total oneness with God, as families of the heavenly kingdom, as inheritors of the world where God is transcendent over all, immanent in all, and omnipotent, where the ideal of creation has been completed, each of you must occupy the position of families that are owners in the heavenly kingdom of eternal life. God wants that world, the world that achieves substantial victory both spiritually and physically.
(602-258, 2008/11/16)

12 Why did God create human beings? First, He wanted object partners to love. He created Adam and Eve to multiply and fill His kingdom with those who were His physical manifestations, who would eventually come to live with Him in the kingdom of heaven.

In order for you to go to this kingdom in the other world, you must meet the original qualifications. You need to have people whom you can lead on God's behalf. Also, you need to have your object partner whom you can love on God's behalf. You need to perfect your husband-wife relationship on earth.

When convex and concave finally become one, it means that heaven and earth become one. Man symbolizes heaven; woman symbolizes earth. Whether you are a man or a woman, you must have your own object partner in eternal love.

Next, you must become God's image.You must become like God. Human beings and God have the same attributes; therefore, be assured that each of you is a little god. Because the world of human beings is eternal, when you go to your place of glory, we can say that you have returned.

Using the word "return" to describe death is revelatory. It indicates that the purpose of one's life on earth before shedding the physical form is to prepare for one's return to the other world. We need to become God's object partners on the levels of the family, tribe, people and nation, and then live forever in the infinite world as the embodiment of all glory. This is our ideal.
(264-153, 1994/10/09)

13 The universe is the substantial entity whose appearance resembles God symbolically. Human beings are substantial beings in God's image, while God is the Substantial Reality. Everything resembles the Original Being. The beings who resemble Him the most are the ones in His image, human beings. Other beings—all things of creation-while resembling human beings, who are their subject partners, are symbolic expressions of the Original Being. *

God, the world of beings who are in His image and the world of all things as symbolic expressions of God are not separated from each other; they are actually one. Although I describe them using different words—symbol, image and substance—they have a common center. Since they have only one center, they cannot help but dwell at that place of oneness. Each desires oneness withHim, whether they are entities that resemble God in symbol, beings in His image, or the Substantial Being Himself.

In this world, all things of the creation are beings in symbol, human beings are beings in God's image, and God Himself is the Substantial Being. God is invisible and incorporeal. The ideal of creation is for the incorporeal God to manifest as the corporeal God.

God is already the substantial reality of the invisible world, but He also wants to be substantiated in the visible world. This is the reason He created human beings; they are His substantial selves in the visible world.

The starting basis for human beings to become God's substantial selves is the True Parents. In the visible world, the True Parents are the center of entities in symbol, the center of beings in image, and the central focus of the Substantial Being. The central focus of the True Parents, who represent this visible world, is to be united with the reality of God's invisible world.

The same applies in the spirit world. In the spirit world as well, there is a world of beings in symbol, a world of beings in image, and the world of the Substantial Reality. We cannot see such beings with our physical eyes, but just as in the visible world, each consists of an inward nature and an outward form. Nevertheless, the center of everything is the One. Whether it is in the visible world or the invisible world, the center is the One. This invisible substantial center is where we will settle in the spirit world.
(298-106, 1999/01/01)

14 While the original Adam and Eve were growing, they could see God in each other with their spiritual eyes. God manifested Himself through Adam and Eve, who were His embodiments. It was as if He were sharing Himself with them. Although invisible, He would share everything of Himself with Adam and Eve; in this way God would come to them and manifest in their bodies.

Although the mind is invisible, it does not mean that the mind does not know things. It does know. In original human beings, the mind leads and guides everything in the position of subject partner. Adam and Eve were not to live as their bodies wanted them to; they were to live in unity with God centering on their minds.

That is why we all have to absolutely center on the mind. The mind knows before our parents know, before our teachers know, and even before God knows. Upholding the ideal of love, it wants to benefit us a hundredfold, a thousandfold.

Thus, had Adam and Eve reached perfection, they would have been able to feel God Himself. They would have been unable to do anything against Him. They would have been able to feel His presence and know Him. They would have been able to sense, "God and I are one!"
(270-271, 1995/07/16)

15 Once you go to the spiritual world, God will appear to you as True Parents. You will be able to see God in them and through them, because He dwells in their hearts.

God created human beings because He was in need of object partners. Unless you have an object partner, you cannot feel love. Thus, God created human beings for the perfection of love; that is why He wanted to assume substantial form. Further, He created them to multiply Himself. Without a substantial body that can procreate on earth, it is impossible for God to multiply Himself. God created for these three reasons.

God needs to assume bodily form, and in order to do so, He needs His object partners. It was Adam and Eve whom God created as His object partners, in and through whom He was to assume substantial form. Therefore, to see Adam and Eve would be to see God.
(270-272, 1995/07/16)

16 God is the eternal, incorporeal, internal Parent of all humankind. Adam and Eve are the eternal, corporeal, external parents of all humankind. When the incorporeal Parent as subject partner and the corporeal parents as object partners give and receive eternal love and become totally one with each other, they manifest supreme love and bear fruit. True love naturally manifests as unity, connects us to divine life, and leads us to realize the ideal.

God's most precious object partners are Adam and Eve. Centering on His love, they are to totally harmonize and unite with God as parent and children, as subject partner and object partners, as the incorporeal Creator and His corporeal embodiments in the substantial world. In this way, they are to realize the ideals of eternal love and eternal life.This is God's Will.

People up to now have generally asserted that created beings cannot stand in a position equal to the Creator. However, if that were true, it would be impossible for the Creator to realize His ideal of love. God's ideal of love is to relate to His children, Adam and Eve, as His corporeal substantial object partners and attain oneness with them for eternity. God wants to dwell in human beings. The moment that those human beings reach perfection as His object partners is the starting point for the incorporeal God to realize His ideal of love through substantial human beings.
(135-011, 1985/08/20)

17 Adam and Eve, the horizontal True Parents, are the earthly king and queen. The heavenly king is God, the vertical True Parent and King of love. When Adam and Eve make love as man and woman, the Creator and the created beings who are to be the True Parents come together in a sacred union. That loving union is the starting point for the manifestation of the horizontal king who can usher in the kingdom of heaven on earth and the manifestation of the vertical king who rules over the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

Therefore, the focal point, the most precious things in the world, are the reproductive organs of man and woman. They are the original palace. Only one person can own that palace—only one man for the woman's reproductive organ and only one woman for the man's. That palace is the palace of life and of lineage. There can be only oneking for that palace in the kingdom of heaven on earth and for that palace in the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

Hence, the wedding day of Adam and Eve is God's wedding day. When they enter into loving union, they can finally perfect God and place Him in the position in which He is liberated.
(253-213, 1994/01/23)

18 The first human beings were to inherit the seed of life, and represent God. God is the origin of the seed of life. These human beings, who inherited God's seed, must then procreate. They are the True Parents, the owners of the seed. From them, life is multiplied and expands horizontally in all directions. This is the formula.

Accordingly, the most blessed people are parents who give birth to many children. Parents with many children can establish the foundation to receive many blessings. When their children manifest their value as individuals, they are bound to inherit their family's foundation. When they marry, they will unite front and rear, and right and left. This is the point of perfection; that is where God dwells. This is where the perfection of children, the perfection of siblings, the perfection of husband and wife, and the perfection of parents is realized. This is the point where everyone can connect to the invisible God.

This family is everything that we human beings truly desire. This is the family that everyone seeks to achieve. It is where God can fully manifest Himself in visible form. The love of brothers and sisters, the love of husband andwife, and the love of parents and children are all included here. Such love is something parents can bequeath to their children.

When the invisible God began His creation, it was as if He were making an appearance in the visible world. In creating human beings, God has four ideals: the ideal of parents, the ideal of husband and wife, the ideal of brothers and sisters, and the ideal of sons and daughters. As God is the Parent of all humankind, all parents have these same ideals. That is why parents want to give birth to children. As children grow, they relate to their siblings. Later, they marry and become husbands or wives and look forward to becoming parents. A husband and wife perfect their relationship when they are in total unity, revolving around each other in all directions. At that point another creation comes into being. The invisible God, the Creator, is manifest in a husband and wife. This is how they can become an ideal couple. God comes and shares their first wedding night with them.
(248-109, 1993/08/01)

19 When the original Adam and Eve marry, God, the incorporeal Parent who dwells in their external forms, becomes the eternally existing Parent in the corporeal world. Then Adam and Eve become the True Parents, the true ancestors of humankind. Thereupon, God becomes the Father with a form, and the incorporeal and the corporeal become one. This symbolizes the oneness of heaven and earth. For this reason, God created Adam and Eve in Hisown image and likeness. When Adam and Eve ascend to the thrones of the palace in heaven, God will build His palace in their hearts. This is the kingdom of love.
(341-104, 2000/12/31)

20 If Adam and Eve had become God's embodiments, He would have dwelt within their hearts, reigning over earth and heaven, the corporeal world and the incorporeal world. The sovereignty would have been not only God's but also Adam and Eves. Hence, they would have expanded God's kingdom—the kingdom of peace—on earth. Adam andEve would have become the king and queen of the kingdom of heaven on earth and also the king and queen of the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Inheriting all the attributes of God, they would have become absolute and unique beings with dominion over all created things. They would have become the substantial parents, the substantial king and queen, the substantial owners, and the substantial teachers of eternal and unchanging true love. Had this happened, then today all human beings would be God's second selves, the very embodiments of God.
(501-033, 2005/07/14)

Chapter 2

The Holy Wedding of True Parents and the Era of True Parents

Section 1. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

The Holy Wedding

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb prophesied in Chapter 19 of the Book of Revelation was realized through the Holy Wedding of the True Parents. This was the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation, whereby Adam and Eve, whose fall from grace is recorded in the Book of Genesis, were recovered.

The Messiah is the Returning Lord whom God sent to earth in the Last Days of human history as the Third Adam, along with the spouse God had found for him, who is the Third Eve and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Wedding of True Parents was the ceremony in which God blessed them as true husband and wife and as the true ancestors of humankind. Because human beings were born wrongfully, they need to be reborn; for this, they absolutely need True Parents.

On the basis of the Holy Wedding of the True Parents, restoration through indemnity could proceed beyond the top of the growth stage in the growing period—the level at which Adam and Eve fell and became the false parents—going beyond the point at which Jesus faced the disbelief of the chosen people of Israel and was made to shoulder the cross.

1 The first human ancestors were to start as the good parents, but instead they started as evil parents. Hence, all human beings were born from the lineage of evil parents. The first human beings were supposed to directly receive God's complete love as if it were meant for them alone. Having been born as God's son and daughter, they were to remain so and live in God's bosom as His blood relations, born of His direct lineage. But this did not happen. This is why humankind must return to the original state.

For this we need the Marriage Supper of the Lamb at which we welcome the Bridegroom and the Bride. This means that the Lord who is to return must come to earth as the Bridegroom. Hemust find the Bride and engraft her onto the standard of Jesus, the standard that Christianity upholds.

Christianity is the religion that firmly pursues its purpose based on the standard of Jesus. This is why the democratic world is advancing on the basis of Christian values. The democratic world is advancing in this way in order to receive the True Parents. Religion to this day has been toiling to establish the one true Son. This means that God has been endeavoring to find the one true Son.
(041-028, 1971/02/12)

2 The reason the Bible is the greatest among the scriptures of the many religions is that it introduces God as the Father, the Parent of humankind. This is the foundation of the Christian faith. Next, it refers to Jesus as God's only begotten Son. The phrase "God's only begotten Son" means that Jesus is the first person who could receive the fullness of Gods love.

Another point is that the Bible introduces the concept of the Bride. Jesus, God's only begotten Son, came as the Bridegroom. Hence, he needs his Bride. Since there is the Bridegroom, there also must be the Bride. The Bridegroom and Bride are a man and a woman. On the day of their wedding banquet, God can finally appear holding the flag of love. God hoped to see such a banquet in the Garden of Eden. This hope was shattered; hence in the Last Days this wedding banquet must be held on earth.
(135-125, 1985/10/04)

3 Jesus said, "I am the Son of God," "God is my Father," and "I am the onlybegotten Son." The only begotten Son is the Prince of Heaven who can receive God's first love. Among God's sons, he is the only one who can receive God's first love and receive it in its fullness. Next, there must be the only begotten Daughter. The Bridegroom is the only begotten Son; the Bride is the only begotten Daughter.

They must wed; this is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This means that when the Lord comes, he will have his wedding banquet and then raise a family. This is what God has desired ever since the creation of Adam and Eve. God's hope is for the only begotten Son and the only begotten Daughter to build a God-centered family, a family in which He can manifest His love in a real way.
(160-272, 1969/05/17)

4 The Bible states that in the Last Days, the Messiah will come and conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, at which time a man and woman join together as husband and wife forging a bond of God's lineage. Once they emerge as the True Parents of humankind, Satan cannot continue to exist.

These two people, a man and a woman who are bonded to God's lineage, are the embodiments of God the Father and the Mother, and God's original internal character and original external form.

The True Parents of humankind are motivated by God's love and move by the power of God's life. When they join together in complete union, God's love, life and lineage will be coursing throughthem. Each becomes the owner of the other with their positions constantly changing: the man in the position of the woman and the woman in the position of the man. At that point the seeds of life, namely, their descendants, will be connected to God.

This is the ideal of creation. But due to the Fall this ideal was shattered. In order to recover the lost ideal of creation, True Parents need to recover all that was lost. In doing so, True Parents represent all creation, represent humankind, and represent our Fleavenly Parent. This is the essence of the providence of salvation.
(325-131, 2000/06/30)

5 The Bible states that at the coming of the Lord, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will take place. In order to have this wedding banquet, Jesus needs his Bride. That Bride is Eve who was with Adam before the Fall. Jesus is the Second Adam, and the Lord at the Second Advent is the Third Adam. The Third Adam needs to come as Adam before the Fall and find Eve before the Fall. And then he must hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. By their marriage the two of them will become the True Parents of humankind.

Adam and Eve should have become the good parents of humankind, but they fell and became the evil parents of humankind. In order for us to be restored, we need to meet the good parents whom Adam and Eve would have become had they not fallen. Humankind absolutely needs the good parents. The purpose of the MarriageSupper of the Lamb is for the good parents to ascend to their throne.
(036-264, 1970/12/06)

6 The original human beings were not supposed to fall. They were supposed to receive God's blessing at the right time, and within the right environment, to become the true ancestors of humankind. But they failed to do so; instead they became the fallen ancestors. Thus, the good ancestor, free from the Fall, should appear in front of all humankind. He is the one who can become the True Father to all in the spiritual world and the physical world. Christianity calls this person the Lord at the Second Advent.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is the banquet to which the returning Jesus comes as the True Father to bring forth a woman as the True Mother. This is the core truth of Christianity. The center of Christianity is Jesus, and the center of Jesus is love. The center of the Bible is also love. The center of love is the Bride and Bridegroom, and the center of the Bride and Bridegroom is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The paramount significance of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is that the Returning Lord and his Bride receive the Marriage Blessing at the time of God's choosing and in the right environment, whereby they become the true ancestors of humankind who can inherit heaven and earth.
(009-254, 1960/06/05)

7 God has been looking for the persons who can represent Adam and Eve whom God had lost. The Bible calls Jesus the Second Adam. It calls Adam the tree oflife. Thus, Jesus is the one who came in place of the tree of life that had been lost. However, he could not complete his original mission because he was not able to welcome the day of his wedding, when both God and the Son could rejoice. That is why he left earth with the promise that he will return.

The day will arrive when God and Jesus rejoice together. The day will come when they can openly express their heart filled with 6,000 years of bitter pain and sorrow. The day will come when the coming Lord can establish the bond of lineage linking God to His sons and daughters.

Suppose that when Jesus came to earth as God's only begotten Son, he had not died on the cross. Since he was God's only begotten Son, God surely would have sent His only begotten Daughter to him. God has searched for 2,000 years to find the Bride. Jesus emerged as the true Son, but there is no mention of the true Daughter anywhere in the Bible. That is why God's Will was not realized.

The purpose of the 2,000-year history of Christianity has therefore been to find God's Daughter. The Holy Spirit came, but it represents this daughter of God only in spirit. God's bitter sorrow over this matter will be dissolved on the day that the Marriage Supper of the Lamb takes place.
(007-303, 1959/10/11)

8 Religion up to now has been seeking for the one ideal man and the one ideal woman. Through religion, God has been looking for the one man and theone woman of whom He could say, "You are my total love." The Bridegroom and the Bride in Christianity refer to God's Will to seek throughout the world for the only begotten Son and the only begotten Daughter who can receive God's love in its fullness. When He finds that perfected man and perfected woman, God brings them together and holds a wedding banquet; from that point a new world can unfold. That is why on his return the Lord must find the Bride and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
(041-027, 1971/02/12)

9 If the first human beings had not fallen, they would have borne sons and daughters without original sin and established a family that could directly enter the kingdom of heaven in heaven. They would have stood as the True Parents. Their family would have been one with God. Their sons and daughters would have been the offspring of God's family. However, the first family in Genesis did not fulfill the Will to establish that family; that is why, in the Book of Revelation, St. John raised the issue of establishing the Bride and the Bridegroom.

The Bridegroom is the one who comes as the perfected True Father, and the Bride is the one who appears as the True Mother, the beloved of God. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have married centered on God, but due to the Fall they married centered on Satan. True Parents must reclaim Adam and Eve on behalf of God, and then conduct the Holy Weddingcentered on God. This is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb that is spoken of in the Book of Revelation.
(053-037, 1972/02/06)

10 On the day when two human beings, a filial son of God and a filial daughter of God, can stand before God as the Bridegroom and Bride for the first time since the creation of heaven and earth, God will say to them, "You have worked so hard to come here seeking heaven's heart and the heart of the Heavenly Parent, even amid all the adversity on earth!" He then will give His blessing to this couple and install them as the True Parents who represent the incorporeal God in physical form. Such is the cosmic banquet, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is offered based on the Bridegroom and Bride having become a true filial son and daughter, with the true Bride having pledged herself to the Will and having understood the Will. From the day they receive the Blessing, they become the True Parents of humankind who represent the incorporeal God in substantial form.

If the first human beings had not fallen, they would have grown up in a good world and received the Blessing in the love of God. Adam and Eve would have become children who could intimately know God's heart. In their loving union they would have made a bond of heart with God that would have enabled God to say to them, "You are My filial son and daughter, and you can represent My heart." The newAdam and Eve cannot become God's filial son and daughter unless they feel connected to Him in heart. Thus, they need to understand God's inner heart and the course through which He suffered. By doing so, they can meet the conditions required of Adam and Eve for realizing the ideal of creation. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is precisely the event through which those conditions are met.
(009-107, 1960/04/24)

11 The day of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is the day when we celebrate the wedding banquet of the True Parents, who finally were found after being lost for 6,000 years. Originally, it would have been impossible for unfallen human beings in the position of children to watch their parents, the True Parents, having their wedding banquet. However, since the True Parents arrived after the fact, the order was reversed. Originally Adam and Eve would have celebrated their wedding banquet while attending God the True Parent, and then they would have given birth to true children and built an ideal world. However, due to the Fall, fallen human beings multiplied first before the emergence of the True Parents. Therefore, your desire should be to meet the True Parents. You need to recover that which went in the wrong direction; this is restoration through indemnity. Hence, those fallen human beings who were born earlier than the True Parents must go in the opposite direction. You must go in the direction opposite to what the secular world wants.
(019-203, 1968/01/07)

12 For Jesus to fulfill his purpose in his lifetime, he needed to find his Bride. But he was not able to do so. That is why he left the concept "I am the Bridegroom, and you are the Bride" as his last testament. The resurrected Jesus looked for the Bride throughout the world. He searched for the best candidate among the most faithful believers within the realm of the Second Israel, regardless of nationality. For the past 2,000 years he made continual efforts in search of her. When he finds the Bride, the true human ancestors can emerge; when the true human ancestors emerge, the True Parents can emerge.

Originally, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve should have become the true human ancestors and should have been installed as the True Parents. However, due to the Human Fall, it is only now in the era of the Second Coming, after 6,000 years have passed, that God could find the true ancestors of humankind. Finally a man emerged who prevailed over Satan's world and received the Holy Wedding from God. Now he has re-created Eve. By attaining that position, he has restored the standard for inaugurating the ancestors of humankind for the first time, 6,000 years after Adam and Eve. Only after numerous fallen children had multiplied did True Parents reverse the order and come forth.
(019-163, 1968/01/01)

The turning point in providential history

True Parents' Holy Wedding, held on April 11,1960, was the historic moment when the history of restoration through indemnity climbed over the mountain of indemnity at the completion level of the growth stage. The Holy Wedding of True Parents was a global and cosmic event. True Father, who came as the perfected Adam on the foundation of the long history of the providence, laid the foundation on earth to receive True Mother, the original Eve. True Father represents heaven, True Mother represents earth, and their union finally connected the spiritual world and the physical world, which had been divided. Finally the standard required to break down the wall that had separated Adam and Eve from God had been met.

13 Some historians say that in the 1960s history entered a time of great transition. The perspective of the Unification Principle is that although Korea became the base for the Christian cultural sphere to receive the Messiah, the Christian cultural sphere failed when it did not accept me. Nevertheless, we can assert that once the Holy Wedding had been held in the name of God and True Parents, history finally began turning in a new direction.

In the present circumstances, history is full of changes. It appears that humankind is declining and descending into a world of death, and that the world, beset by many divisions, is heading for destruction. But at the same time, we can realize that the scope of historical events is moving beyond national and regional levels and expanding to the world.

Ever since we entered the providentialera during which we had to expand our foundation horizontally based on the bond of the God-centered lineage that we have with True Parents, the world has been beset by ideological confusion. Traditions have been falling into chaos. Things are being shaken up. Christianity also is being totally shaken up.

The Holy Wedding was held 14 years after Korea's liberation from Japan. During that time, the Christian churches in Korea were either those that were rebuilding after years underground or those that had survived because their members had followed the dictates of the Japanese and offered bows at Shinto shrines. The way began to open up by which God could lead the providence with Korea as its base and make a leap to expand to the world.

The starting point for this transition was True Parents' Holy Wedding that took place in April 1960. After the Holy Wedding Ceremony, Parents' Day was inaugurated. That was the day when we finally could clear up humankind's history, a history imprisoned by bonds of defiled love, life and lineage from the false parents. The original love, life and lineage centered on God were newly planted and began to deepen their roots on earth. Although the world that had received the fallen archangel's lineage had continued up to that point, from that day in 1960, when the True Parents emerged, the lineage of the original Adam and Eve began to take root centering on God's love.
(196-218, 1990/01/01)

14 The peak, or apex, of the providenceof restoration occurred in 1960. At that time I was receiving persecution from the nation and the people of Korea, from all the Christian denominations and even from some church members.I was in a desperate, life-and-death situation. Indeed, the Unification Church was at a moment of truth; its very survival was at stake. In those difficult circumstances I nevertheless proceeded with the Holy Wedding. At that point a new history began. The Holy Wedding was a historic turning point. Even historians state that 1960 was a turning point. From that point on I began resolving all the problems one by one.
(052-068, 1971/12/22)

15 April 11, 1960, was the day of True Parents' Holy Wedding. Externally speaking it was an ordinary day; nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However, the Holy Wedding that took place on that day made it a day totally different from any other in history. Because of that day, human history is now in the hands of one person.

At the moment of that one person's coming, were the circumstances prepared such that he could build a relationship with a nation and with the world? Did the circumstances of that moment have a strong enough foundation to pass on to him its relationships with history, with the present age, and with the future? The ceremony itself may appear to have been a simple event, but once people realize that it was the core event representing the entirety of human history, people throughout history will study the significance of that one day.
(032-069, 1970/06/21)

16 Adam, the ancestor of humankind, lost the authority of dominion because, at the completion level of the growth stage, he listened to Eve and followed her desire. To restore this through indemnity, Jesus had to come to earth as a human being who, one with God's love and having a perfect character, could fulfill the purpose of creation. Then he had to find the one woman who could follow him to fulfill the Will. God created Eve from Adam; thus the re-creation of Adam and Eve must be done in the same order. Adam must be re-created first; then he must establish Eve as his Bride and start a new family in order to walk toward a perfect world.

The re-creation of Adam and Eve marks the end of the fallen era in history and the beginning of a new era. This is what happened in 1960. The establishment of that bond of love centering on True Parents was truly a cosmic event.
(028-013, 1970/01/01)

17 God's purpose of creation and His work of re-creation can be realized now that Adam and Eve have received the Marriage Blessing at their Holy Wedding. God had worked to realize this ever since the first human ancestors fell at the completion level of the growth stage, and from the viewpoint of that course of restoration, all humankind today must climb to that level.

The formation stage of the growing period corresponds to the age of the servant; the growth stage corresponds to the age of adopted children; and the completion stage corresponds to the age of direct children. After history hadpassed through the Old Testament Age, the age of the servant, Jesus' gospel appeared on earth. At that point, human history entered the realm of adopted children. The human ancestors, still in the realm of adopted children, fell at the completion level of the growth stage. Therefore, fallen human beings must connect to the external foundation of the Son and be re-created. Then they can be elevated to the completion level of the growth stage in order to finally inherit the realm of direct children.

In short, since the completion level of the growth stage is the level from which the human ancestors fell, we have to reach that level in order to be restored. However, since the Fall took place in the process of forming their family, we cannot reach the standard that God desires unless we establish a family. That is why True Parents conducted the Holy Wedding in 1960 in the Unification Church; it was in order to reach that standard.
(028-012, 1970/01/01)

18 1 fought with the spirit world and was victorious on the individual level. To win that victory I faced winds that threatened to sweep me away; they were harsher than the harshest winds on earth. Tens of millions of times I had to resolve to persevere against the powers of death. Whenever I came face-to-face with the enemy, Satan, I told myself, "I cannot collapse. I cannot die. If I die, who will establish the will of heaven? No matter how much I suffer,I have to live. Even if my four limbs are amputated and I am bed-ridden the restof my life, I absolutely must not die." With this resolve I was able to overcome all obstacles on that incredibly difficult path.

I am the type of person who fears having my name known to the world before I establish a strong foundation. I fear becoming famous before an adequate foundation is laid. In such a case, it is a principle that Satan is bound to attack. Therefore, as 1 needed to pass my 40-year milestone without dying, I looked forward to that day while silently hoping that the time would pass by quickly. I knew I had to establish the condition of the number 40, since Abraham had established the number 40 and Jesus had come at the end of4,000 years of history. Thus, I looked forward to passing that 40-year milestone. Hoping for many long years to reach that day, I struggled fiercely to fulfill all my responsibilities without dying so that I might stand victorious before heaven and earth.
(013-039, 1963/10/16)

19 God sent Jesus after 4,000 years. He came after a long history had passed. Jesus was born after only ten months
(by Korean counting) in his mother s womb, but for him to come to earth had taken 4,000 years of preparation. Because he came with such a historical foundation, Jesus was in a position to indemnify the entire history of 4,000 years. Originally he was supposed to complete the condition to indemnify that history by the age of 40, but due to the disbelief of his people he was unable to accomplish that.

So we had to indemnify that periodof history during the seven-year course leading up to the Holy Wedding in 1960.1 am sure that you all know about 40-day restoration periods. Since Jesus was unable to reach the age of 40, the course to overcome the obstacle of the number 40 remained with us. Since that indemnity course still had to be fulfilled, as the Returning Lord I had no choice but to persevere through seven years of great tribulations. The basis of this exists within the Principle of Restoration.
(019-150, 1968/01/01)

20 How could I surpass the hurdle of the number 40 in 1960? How could I get past the number 40 that is based on the teaching of the Principle? Jesus died at the age of 33; he was 7 years short of achieving the number 40. That is why during the remaining seven-year period I had to face great tribulations in the human world. I was confronted with the issue of how I could overcome these obstacles. In order to overcome them, I had to go against the flow and follow the course of restoration that Jacob passed through, and all the entangled indemnity courses of the numerous forebears in the course of providential history.

I had no friends or colleagues on this path. Even those who said they would follow me ended up being burdens to me on the path that I had to take; they strewed it with thorns and created obstacles for me. There was no one to help me.
(019-111, 1967/12/31)

21 The path of my life up to age 40 wasthe time for me to achieve victory on the individual level before I finally could move on and create a horizontal foundation. The purpose of that period in my life was to indemnify the history of restoration in order to establish the one Adam. Then in 1960, the time came to create the horizontal foundation on which to bring victory centering on Adam.

The victory I am talking about is the victory on the national level that Jesus was not able to reach. Therefore, based on my having reached the age of 40, the Unification Church in the 1960s had to substantially indemnify and overcome the destiny Jesus faced when he was unable to surmount the obstacles to reaching the age of 40. That is why the Unification Church in the 1960s received enormous persecution. If I, as the representative of humankind, had not had the courage to make a decisive oath in front of God that I would divide good from evil, the work of the providence would have been delayed.
(075-010, 1975/01/01)

22 True Parents' Holy Wedding was a cosmic, momentous event, worthy of a great celebration on earth. Thereby the True Parents, as God's embodiments, gained the world-level victory both spiritually and physically. This was the vertical indemnity condition for resolving issues on the horizontal plane on earth. In order to be in the position to conduct the Holy Wedding, I had to restore Jesus' three main disciples who failed to support him. I had to indemnify the failure of Adam to properlyestablish a family.

Due to the Fall, Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, were unable to form a true conjugal relationship. The Fall occurred through the act of two individuals, a man and a woman. Therefore, restoration cannot be completed by one person alone. A man cannot be restored alone, nor can a woman go to heaven alone. Nothing can be resolved without the efforts of two individuals. After restoring the positions of unfallen Adam and Eve, these two individuals are to establish the standard of the True Parents on earth. This requires the betrothal of three disciples.
(022-190, 1969/02/02)

23 The goal of the providence of restoration is to restore Adam s family. Due to the failure of Adam's family, the providence moved to Noah's family. God destroyed all people on Earth through the flood judgment, except for Noah's family; then, based on that family He intended to establish a providential foundation that was beyond Satan's accusation. Then the providence moved to Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Jesus, and now it has arrived at this era. We must indemnify all of it, and the center is Adam's family.

The position of the True Parents cannot be established without the restoration of the three children whom Adam had lost. That is why Jesus absolutely needed his three disciples. They also represented the three archangels. The three archangels were not united in obedience and attendance to Adam and Eve. As a result, the world became fallen. That iswhy Jesus had to restore three disciples in order to stand in the position of the True Parent. Likewise, the Lord at the Second Advent also must have three spiritual children who absolutely obey him. Otherwise, he cannot stand in the position of the True Parent. This is the formula. I had to have three disciples who would absolutely follow me as filial sons, even in life-and-death situations in the midst of persecution.

In April of 1960,1 was able to establish these three disciples. Since the course of restoration goes in reverse, the betrothal ceremony was given first to those who stood in the children's position. Jacob's family is representative of the family realm, so the foundation for the betrothal had to be made based on the number 12. That standard should be established based on those three disciples.
(022-190, 1969/02/02)

24 After the Holy Wedding in 1960,1 created holy salt. Do you know why? It was because True Parents should not use anything from the fallen world. God's Son is the Parent whom God has perfected. Everything that is defiled in the fallen world should be burned; however, since this is not possible in practice, holy salt was created as an alternative. Sprinkling things with holy salt symbolizes cleansing the things of the fallen world. Applying holy salt cleanses Satan's world and, on that condition, heaven's side is able to use the things in the fallen world. Once God's nation is established, no one will be able to use the things of the world and itsnations as they are, even their most valued antiques, without cleansing them.
(267-119, 1995/01/03)

Section 2. The Lord and His Bride

The Holy Wedding and True Mother

Jesus came to earth to bring an end to the history that had resulted from the Fall of Adam and Eve, and to restore the world of God's ideal of creation. But due to the disbelief of the chosen people of Israel and the Jews of that time, he was unable to fulfill the Will. He ascended to heaven, leaving behind the promise that he would come again. Following in Jesus' footsteps, True Father took up the mission of the Messiah. He began his public ministry on August 15, 1945, the day Korea regained its independence.

True Father tried to make unity with Christianity in the early days of his course. However, when that course was frustrated due to Christians' disbelief, he had to lay the foundation for a new providential church representing Christianity. For this he endured great tribulations as he walked the course of indemnity to restore the conditions for the Three Blessings. On May 1,1954 in Seoul, he founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC). After that he walked a seven-year course to restore through indemnity the entire New Testament Age.

Since True Father had surmounted a total of 40 years of indemnity, counting from the time of his birth, he succeeded in separating Satan from hiscourse. Then, on April 11,1960, he and True Mother held their glorious Holy Wedding Ceremony. Thereby they became the first human ancestors, husband and wife, in front of God.

1 Jesus died on the cross 2,000 years ago, unable to fully accomplish his mission. Today, 2,000 years later, True Parents must fulfill what Jesus wanted to fulfill. Jesus wanted to fulfill it in his time based on the Jewish people, but he could not. Now at this second attempt, we must substantiate the union of True Father and True Mother centered on the worldwide foundation of Christianity. Without establishing this foundational point, you cannot become true sons and true daughters of God's direct lineage. The ideal of the Second Advent is to set the standard for humankind to be connected to God's lineage. The goal of the Second Advent is also to have a true family, for it is with such a family that heaven's way can begin. With it, true love and happiness can commence.
(019-104, 1967/12/31)

2 When something is broken, bringing it back to its original condition requires that it be repaired. The world wants to be made new. The nation, the society, the individual—all want to be made new. People want to be made new as God's sons and daughters. Jesus came as the new Son, so there had to be a new Daughter. However, Jesus was killed before he could find this new Daughter. That one Mother was the hope of the whole universe. Jesus' path to find her was full of hardship and persecution. His situation was miserable. He was persecuted and chased from field to field and from town to town. Jesus tried to accomplish God's Will by finding her through Joseph's family—his own family from David's tribe, but he could not. So he left his home and followed a course of public life for three years, still searching for her.
(019-161, 1968/01/01)

3 The fact that at present you cannot see God's face makes it seem as if you are still living in the womb. Your situation is that you have yet to be born. This means you must be born again. Because the providence of spiritual salvation already has been accomplished, people can be reborn spiritually. However, this will not suffice. You need to be reborn in both spirit and flesh.

In the future, the Lord will return, but he will come as the True Parent. He will come to earth in the flesh as the Father of humanity. He will come in the flesh as the Bridegroom, and from among the people he will find his Bride and establish her as the True Mother of humankind in the flesh. Then, finally, the unfallen True Parents will emerge. Because Adam and Eve fell, the True Parents were lost. Hence, people today are descended from the fallen parents, not the unfallen True Parents.

The Lord has returned in the flesh, in accordance with the providence of restoration, in order to complete the mission of the True Parent. He comes with the truth about the history of the Human Fall. With this truth he mustfully resolve this problem: when people have only the foundation of Jesus' spiritual salvation, Jesus cannot give them birth as sons and daughters who can achieve perfection in both spirit and flesh.
(012-228, 1963/05/15)

4 Jesus came to earth as the Second Adam. The Holy Spirit, as the Second Eve, was unable to assume a body. If you were to go to the spirit world, you would see that the Holy Spirit is the Mother Spirit of God.

When Jesus returns to earth in the flesh, the woman whom he takes as the Bride must meet the qualifications, as stipulated by the Principle, to be the Bride. This requires that she knows all aspects of the heavenly way. It requires that she looks forward to the Returning Lord's coming and prepares to welcome him. These are the conditions she needs in order to prepare herself to establish the one God-centered family, nation and world. This is her responsibility as the Bride. That is also why, as we entered the 1960s, the women's movement began and is developing throughout the world.

No matter how many people there are on earth, they are all descendants of the Fall. They were all born from the evil, fallen lineage. Therefore, a true woman must emerge who can love them as their True Mother. As the Last Days draw near, the time is approaching when such a woman will appear. This is why, to prepare the environment, women's movements are springing up worldwide.

We have now arrived at a time when many women can surpass men. The Last Days is the time when women can restore the Fall, and these women in the realm of grace are able to come forward and represent the heavenly Eve. Today it is not just a matter of women's liberation; women can stand in such a position. Therefore, the True Mother must appear during this time. We must be able to attend this Mother on earth. Humankind has been trying to return to God, and as we enter the era when this can happen, the Bride must be established on earth.
(016-182, 1966/03/22)

5 The Unification Church is the first parent-type religion. Religion began with the servant religion and has progressed to the adopted-child religion, the stepchild religion, the son and daughter religion, and then the mother religion.

God has been ever looking for the mother. God, the masculine subject partner, has had no partner. He needs a female object partner. She is His partner, and at the same time she is the queen of earth. She is the queen of the tribes and queen of the families. She stands as the grandmother of all ancestors, the mother of all humankind, the wife of God and the daughter of God.

Mother is such a woman, with the value of the original True Mother. She is the queen of heaven, the queen of earth, the queen of the nation, the grandmother to her ancestors, the mother of humankind, the wife of God and the daughter of God. Mother's value isfound in all of these roles.
(398-134, 2002/12/09)

6 Have you ever heard people say that they believe in salvation through the family? If you ask Christians who they believe in, they will answer, "I believe in Jesus." Buddhists, too, would say that they believe in the Buddha, rather than in his family. However, in the future a religion to save the family needs to appear. This is True Parents' teaching, which is the true parent religion. The true parent religion will enable you to establish your own four-position foundation and live your life as true parents. Then you as the father and mother become the saviors of your sons and daughters.

The Book of Revelation includes content concerning the work of restoration. This is one reason the Bible is great. Because of the principle of restoration, the core content of restoration was placed at the end of the Bible. Revelation 22:17 reads, "The Holy Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.' And let everyone who hears say, ‘Come.' And let everyone who is thirsty come. Let anyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift." Do you know whom the Bride and the Holy Spirit refer to? The Bride refers to the Lord's wife. The Holy Spirit is only a spiritual being. Therefore, the Mother with both spirit and flesh needs to appear. Jesus, the Father of humankind, is a man, so the Mother of humankind must be found among women. When she is found, together they will save all humankind by guiding them to a new world.
(021-050, 1968/09/01)

7 Mother, this woman whom I have married, is truly great. Her greatness does not come from a beautiful face but from a beautiful heart. Even her beautiful voice and her graceful manner are because of her beautiful heart. I am a teacher who teaches God's philosophy by actually living it. Because I am living according to the Principle, I praise Mother and promote her in front of the public on God's behalf. This is in accordance with the Principle.
(229-224, 1992/04/12)

8 People throughout the world say that my wife is beautiful. I spent some time thinking about what makes a person truly beautiful. A beautiful woman is not someone who has a beautiful face. To be a truly beautiful woman, she must be beautiful in heart. The beauty of such a woman will not diminish even after 1,000 years. Even after all that time, she will possess a refined and harmonious appearance. Such a woman can embrace her surroundings and bring out the best in any situation. Such a woman is the beauty of all beauties. Mother has that kind of beauty. That is why I think she is the beauty among beauties.
(220-175, 1991/10/19)

9 Mother is a woman of great wisdom. Also, her eyes are magnificent. When she smiles, I am completely mesmerized by her charming eyes. She has such beautiful eyes. I really like Mother's nose too. When she senses something good is coming, she laughs in such a way that her nostrils start to flutter. I am not sure if this is Mother's charm, but I tell you that, as her husband, it movesmy heart. Also, if we encounter a grave or serious situation, Mother tries not to purse her lips to show that she is upset. When I see her wisely restraining herself like that, I find her lips even more beautiful. Mother also has a lovely demeanor. Indeed, she has many great qualities. I think wives who possess these graces carry the secret keys to solve all problems and make all things go well.
(127-093, 1983/05/05)

10 One of Mother's special qualities is that she is intuitive. This is an inborn quality. Further, whenever I ask her to do something, she makes a firm resolution to fulfill it. Then she never forgets that resolution until it is done. That is why she has been able to overcome every trial on her path. She has perseverance and patience for God's purpose. Another reason I am very grateful to Mother is that she is very giving. She always wants to give away her most precious possessions, not only to our own children, but also to all of you, at any time and without hesitation. I believe that this trait of her personality is a God-given gift.
(092-329, 1977/05/03)

11 Mother needed to give birth to at least 12 children within a span of 20 years in order to completely restore Jacob's family through paying indemnity. Jesus' 12 disciples could not unite with each other. What did they do? They abandoned Jesus, and one of them ended up selling him. Why did this happen? One problem was that despite their brotherly ties, the disciples werefrom different tribes. There was a problem in Jacob's family because he had sons and daughters born from four different women. In my time, in order to overcome that problem Mother gave birth to at least 12 children within a 20-year time period. Had she not succeeded in this, she could not have fulfilled her mission as True Mother.

From this point of view, you can see that no one more than 20 years old could have fulfilled the position ofTrue Mother. She had to be at most 18 or 19 years old. That is why at the age of 40 I married Mother who was just 17 years old. Just as I embarked on the path for the Will at the age of 16, a woman had to meet that standard at around the same age. Otherwise, she would have no way to bring about the liberation of women.
(247-255, 1993/05/09)

12 Throughout history there was no woman who was willing to suffer through all kinds of miserable situations and still support her husband through even more difficulties, continually and without complaint. If there were a woman who suffered through such hardships and then said, "Standing before the Will, I have nothing but gratitude," that woman would be able to comfort us when we felt discouraged.

Such is the case with True Mother. At the point at which she started her life with me, she had to pay incredible indemnity in heart. She had to avoid having any condition to be accused, whether from above or from below. It didn't matter that she was youngerthan 20 years old; if God permitted His object partner to be someone of that age, that young woman had to be able to adapt to whatever difficult situation she might face.

That is why it was good that I found Mother among those who came from a solitary family background. Mother came from a simple family. She had no father or older brother. She had only one person with her: her mother, Grandmother Hong, a woman who was willing to do anything for heaven.
(121-212, 1982/10/27)

13 Mother was 17 years old at the time of the Holy Wedding. I was 40 years old. As a fully grown man, I received a young lady of 17 years as my wife and placed her in the position of True Mother. This was unacceptable in the eyes of the world, but I had to do it for the sake of the providence. There was no other way.

Ever since I received her as Mother, I have been leading the providence with her. So when we were engaged, I explained everything about the path I had to follow, saying, "This is the way I must go." Mother respects me because whatever I do is in accordance with the providential program. I also gave her basic guidelines, saying, "If you are attacked in this way, you need to overcome it like this. If you are attacked in that way, you must do things that way." Mother respects me because I do what I say I will do. Even though the path is difficult, I overcome each obstacle and move forward.
(236-109, 1992/11/03)

14 A month before the Holy Wedding,Father appeared to me in a dream and gave me a special revelation from God, "Be prepared, for that day is at hand." More than a marriage proposal, it was a decree from heaven. When I received that decree, I was completely overwhelmed. Because at the time I did not have the ability to deal with such a monumental matter, I had to empty myself. All I could do was pray. I responded while constantly keeping that revelation in mind, thinking, "O God, I have been living in accordance with Your Will. I will follow and do whatever Your Will may be. Whatever Your providential purpose for me may be, I will follow as You command." I was 17 years old, and it was sometime in February. I did not want to analyze the situation at that time because I was making internal preparations by emptying myself. I only wanted to follow God's Will.
(True Mother, 1977/05/03)

15 1 know of a story from the line of my mother s family that seems like a legend. In the Jo clan of my maternal grandmother, Jo Won-mo, there is a record about a Maitreya statue from the time of our ancestor Jo Han-Jun. In 1991, when I went with Father to North Korea, I inquired whether this statue of the Maitreya actually existed. I was told that it still exists to this day. According to this story, Jo Han-jun had a dream in which the Maitreya Buddha promised him that a princess from heaven would be sent to his descendants.

I was born into that loyal family in remembrance of this ancestor s devotion to the nation. My grandmother wasborn into that lineage, and my mother, Daemonim, was born from her. Thus, heaven began to work from the time of Jo Han-jun in order to prepare the environment in which I would meet the Messiah at his Second Coming and be raised up as his partner.

From this we can learn a lesson: Heaven will absolutely remember whatever conditions we make. This is why when I met Father I already understood what would be essential to my mission. Since I was born and grew up in the environment that God had prepared, I knew what I had to do and the mission I needed to accomplish.The Holy Wedding of the True ParentsAfter True Father traveled the path of blood, sweat and tears to indemnify Jesus' course, he was engaged to True Mother. She was the only daughter of Mrs. Hong Soon-ae (Daemonim), who was devoting her entire life with complete dedication to serve and attend the Lord at his Second Advent. The engagement took place at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church in Seoul, at 4:00 in the morning on March 27,1960 (1st day of the 3rd lunar month). Four days later, on March 31, Father officially decided to hold the Holy Wedding of the True Parents and the Blessing of three of their main disciples.

On April 11,1960 (16th day of the 3rd lunar month), at 10:00 a.m. at the former headquarters church in Seoul, the historic Holy Wedding of the True Parents was held. More than 700 members werein attendance, invited from every church in Korea. There were two ceremonies: The first was the Ceremony to Restore the Parents through Indemnity, and the second, held immediately following the first, was the Ceremony for the Parents of Glory.
(True Mother, 2012/12/25)

16 Mother and I were blessed in marriage in 1960, 14 years after the liberation of Korea. Why did it take 14 years? The ancestors of humankind fell at the completion level of the growth stage. Thus, based on the principle of restoration through indemnity, it took a period of 14 years filled with persecution for me to take root in Korea and build an altar named the Unification Church. All of this was to place True Mother in her position. I had to do it even as we fought against the opposition of Christianity and the Republic of Korea.

With the establishment of True Mother, God could finally settle on earth. To achieve this, I set conditions to indemnify and resolve the problems in providential history that occurred in the times of Adam, Noah, Abraham and thereafter. Although the Christian cultural sphere took over and dealt with all these issues, including establishing a nation and a people representing Israel that was prepared to receive me, when Christianity turned against me, it was as if the spiritual foundation that it had restored through paying indemnity for 2,000 years crumbled.

Therefore, when I found Mother 14 years after God called me, I was providentially in the same situation as whenJesus died on the cross. In other words, the Republic of Korea stood in the same position as Israel at the time of Jesus. Likewise, Christianity was in the same position as Judaism, and I and the Unification Church were in the same position as Jesus and the early Christian church. Since Jesus carried the cross on account of persecution by the nation of Israel and Judaism, we had to battle through the same situation and win. We had to restore everything through paying indemnity.
(143-178, 1986/03/18)

17 1 had to fight up to the last minute. The day before going to the wedding venue, I had to go to the police station and write an affidavit. Numerous betrayers made accusations against me. Just as Jesus' 12 disciples betrayed him, 12 previously faithful church members banded together against me. Individuals who had been on the side of the Unification Church began to oppose me, other churches opposed me, and the nation opposed me. Just as the nation of Israel, the leaders of Judaism, and Judas Iscariot banded together and killed Jesus, I was being driven toward a similar fate.

The date of the Holy Wedding was the 16th day of the 3th lunar month in 1960. That time marked the highest peak of opposition. I stood on the dividing line between moving one step forward or one step back, between life and death, between making a new start and not making one. In those circumstances, I managed to bring a new historic result.

On that day God made the greatest proclamation in human history, the proclamation that will spread heavenly fortune to the world. It was the historic day that Jesus spoke about—the day of welcoming the Bride. It was the day of True Parents' Holy Wedding. From that moment on, I could go on the offensive and take the first steps forward. Finally I could begin resolving the problems we faced and move swiftly forward centered on God.
(067-250, 1973/07/01)

18 On the path of restoration through paying indemnity, we must follow a law or formula—that of making certain required conditions. Around the time the Holy Wedding was going to take place, some Unification Church members left the church. Twelve persons who had once been members of the church banded together and started opposing me, just as Jesus' 12 disciples opposed him. It was inevitable that I go through the same in the restoration process. The nation opposed me, trying to knock me down. Christianity opposed me, and members who had left the Unification Church opposed me. Those three groups united in a fight to destroy me. From Satan's standpoint, the nation represented the formation stage, Christianity represented the growth stage, and the members who had left the church represented the completion stage. This is why Satan worked through them to attack me.
(086-238, 1976/04/01)

19 For seven years, beginning in 1953,I prepared for the Holy Wedding.Around that time virtually everyone opposed me: the nation, Christianity, and even some members. In 19551 was incarcerated, but even in prison I fought to lay the foundation for victory. Then in 19571 began preparing for the Blessing in earnest. I fasted for 40 days and exhorted the members to evangelize in order to lay a nationwide foundation. I went on the offensive and expanded our evangelizing activities throughout the nation. I raised the Unification Church to a new level.

In this way, by 1960 I had laid a nationwide foundation and made an impact on the nation. So, although I was opposed by the nation and by Christianity on the national level, I could proceed with the Holy Wedding. I had to conduct the Holy Wedding in circumstances similar to those of Jesus when he was arrested and made to go the way of the cross. Indeed, at the time of the Holy Wedding, the nation opposed me and Christianity opposed me. They were united against me.
(111-199, 1981/02/20)

20 The Holy Wedding took place 15 days after the Engagement Ceremony. It began with the Ceremony to Restore the Parents through Indemnity. It was followed by the Ceremony for the Parents of Glory.

For the first ceremony, 12 attendants stood on each side of the aisle. I wore white traditional Korean attire (chima-jeogori) and a long wedding veil. Father and I descended the stairs from the second floor together amid the echoing sounds of the choir singing "Song of theBanquet." We then took our places at the front of the room. Following True Father's prayer and proclamation, representative members offered a congratulatory address and recited a poem of praise.

Soon, the second ceremony commenced. Father and I were dressed in traditional Korean wedding attire {samo-gwandae for the groom; hwal-ot for the bride) and headdresses. Father offered a pledge to God, and all members bowed four times to God and True Parents. We bowed three times facing each other. Then we exchanged gifts and offered a final bow to each other. Representative members presented a gift and read a congratulatory address. True Father offered a second pledge to God, and the historic event concluded with Father raising his hands to offer a benediction upon everyone present.
(True Mother, 2013/11/30)

21 Seven hundred members from around Korea were invited to attend the Holy Wedding. Father distributed tickets stamped with his seal to everyone who attended. He told them, "In the future, with this ticket even a person who is supposed to go to hell can enter heaven." I believe those words were meant to emphasize the preciousness of True Parents' Holy Wedding, and that Father wanted the people who were there to treasure the value of that moment.

The ceremonial table for the Holy Wedding had been prepared according to instructions revealed by heaven. It was a large table with 40 different kinds of food. Father and I ate together andthe wedding festivities took place.

We changed out of our wedding attire and put on Korean traditional clothes. I danced merrily with Father. After Father sang, he requested a song from me. He then chose some members to sing, and we all sang together.

The Holy Wedding was the ceremony that inaugurated the True Parents of humankind for the first time in human history, but it was held in a humble setting. Considering the providential value and significance of the occasion, all people of the world should have celebrated it, offering their congratulations and praising God.
(True Mother, 2013/11/30)

22 O Heaven, may you lift up the flag of victory! O Earth, may you offer the gift of joy in front of Heavenly Father! Heavenly Father, I know that on this occasion heaven and earth are together in oneness offering glory, glory, and infinite glory to You. May all future generations keep and cherish this auspicious occasion. Father, let the drums roll, and let us march forward on and on into Satan's world to quickly bring back all of Your children to You as brave people who are restored. I sincerely hope and pray that You will enable us to become children who can pledge and vow to commit ourselves with all of our hearts, and even our blood and flesh. Please welcome this daughter who was anointed here today, and guide her to become Your daughter who can sever all bitter sorrow and pain, by enabling her to wear the olive laurel wreath of victory.
(150-113, 1960/03/27)

23 I can never describe the heart of God, who has been preparing everything for this day, the day of the Holy Wedding. I am so overwhelmed by our Heavenly Fathers love, having sent me as His daughter to this place so that we can fulfill the Will and conclude 6,000 years of providential history. I just do not know what to say. Until the day when we have fulfilled the Will, I pledge that I will advance with you members in oneness of heart and in all aspects oflife.
(True Mother, 1960/04/11)

Section 3. The Seven-Year Course and the Birth of True Children

The seven-year course

True Parents' Holy Wedding was performed on the foundation of 14 years of indemnity. The following seven years was the period in which True Parents' family had to set a condition to be free from Satan's invasion and complete the foundation of the original family that could enter the realm of God's direct dominion.

At the Holy Wedding, True Parents' family went beyond the completion level of the growth stage. During the following seven years they had to go through the completion stage while fighting against and prevailing over attacks from the spiritual world and the physical world. At the same time, that seven-year course was the period during which True Mother had to set the indemnity condition of absolute obedience to God's Will and during which she was responsible to become absolutely one with True Father. For True Father,this seven-year course was the period to raise True Mother to the standard of perfection and thus establish the foundation of a partnership centered on God's Will. In short, it was the period in which True Father and True Mother had to unite as one in faith and love, as well as substantially in body.

It was also the period during which the blessed families had to go through their first seven-year course. True Parents led their family and the blessed families as they pioneered the seven-year course of the completion stage, a path never before trod in human history. Finally they prevailed.

As True Parents went through this seven-year course of internal indemnity, they instituted Parents' Day, Children s Day and the Day of All Things to recover what had been lost due to the Human Fall. The ensuing proclamation of God's Day on January 1, 1968 completed this foundation of victory.

1 What did I do until 1960? Like Jacob, I walked a 14-year course. Thus, although the 7 years starting in 1960 is the first 7-year course for you, for me it is the last part of my 21-year course. Through this 7-year course, we need to create the heavenly fortune that will enable us to successfully reach out to the people of this nation. During the first three years God wanted us to establish the internal standard of the family, and during the remaining four years He wants us to establish the external standard in our relations with society.

In order for us to accomplish this, Ihad to make the conditions to establish my family as the representative of all families, of the nation and of the world. For this latter purpose I set up the Day of All Things, and upon that foundation I established holy grounds throughout the world. (017-135, 1966/12/11)

2 Jesus should have been able to establish a road of victory based on unity with Joseph's family, representing David's tribe, and then restore through indemnity the nation of Israel without opposition from the people. But he was not able do so. Hence, the Unification Church is now working to indemnify this. This is why I am trying to establish the Unification tribe by restoring individuals, families and clans.

Centering on the Unification tribe, I set up the first seven-year course and worked to fulfill the mission of restoring the people of the Republic of Korea. Now that we have laid this foundation, Korea cannot block the path of the Unification Church. I am saying that through this condition, we now stand in the position of having restored a realm that Jesus wanted to achieve in his time, from which we can launch a new world with the authority of Jesus' resurrection. By completing the first seven-year course, we set an indemnity condition on the level of the Korean people to establish the foundation to restore the nation, which is what Jesus had hoped to do in his time.
(019-165, 1968/01/01)

3 In order to dissolve bitter pain and sorrow, the events that caused themmust be cleared up and indemnity must be paid. This is why there must be a course in order to complete restoration. I went through a course of struggle to restore and perfect Adam and laid the foundation for his victory; hence, I can stand tall as a man. Likewise, in order for Mother to stand tall as a woman, she as Eve must go through the course of restoration through indemnity. This requires her to undergo a course of battles in heart, in body and in faith that no one else can fathom. The path that Mother had to pioneer was as dangerous as walking a tightrope.

While she was completing that indemnity by the end of her first seven-year course, we instituted Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things. Then, on January 1,1968, we welcomed God's Day. Thereby, Mother finally gained the qualification as the original woman on earth and stood in a position equal to mine on the family level.
(059-284, 1972/07/27)

4 After paying indemnity to complete my individual course, I established my family in 1960 and entered the path of the cross on the family level. Since I had to fulfill the mission of indemnifying the 6,000 year history of the providence, I focused on paying indemnity to carry the cross on the family level more than on you and the church.

While pursuing this path I instituted Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things, and when I completed it I instituted God's Day. You cannot fathom the internal tribulations Mother and I had to face and deal with from 1960until I proclaimed God's Day on the first day of 1968. By winning a victory in the fight against Satan, I laid the foundation to secure the family level.
(030-334, 1970/04/06)

5 During the period of the first seven-year course, we the Parents struggled internally before heaven and earth. We paid indemnity to clear up all the tangled bitterness and sorrow that originated from the Fall. This was the period when we could resolve and clear up all the historical circumstances that arose from Adam and Eve's mistakes in the area of lineage. To move forward, we had to sort out relationships that could be offered to heaven, offered for the sake of the Will not only in mind but also in body. This is how we were finally able to complete the first seven-year course and True Parents could emerge into the world with victory.
(077-215, 1975/04/12)

6 The Unification Church launched its activities in earnest in 1960, on the basis of attending Mother. Despite persistent opposition from the nation and from Christianity, you laid the foundation to push through that opposition so you could welcome Mother and attend her.

However, this did not mean that Mother could just live with me right away. Just as you had to go through a three-year period of separation after your marriage Blessing, we too had to do dispensational work in order to secure our family. The path of the Principle is the same for everyone.

During the first seven-year course I had to indemnify all the complicatedproblems within the first family, that of Adam and Eve. Thus, the first seven-year course was the period in which to establish the family-level foundation, centering on Mother. Since Adam and Eve fell in the completion level of the growth stage, we had to pass through that level to enter the completion stage.
(106-267, 1980/01/01)

7 What has God been doing for the past 6,000 years? What has been His unchanging desire throughout history? It has been to find the one person, True Mother. It is to find her through Adam, after re-creating him and sending him to earth. This is re-creation. Originally, God created Adam and then created Eve from Adam; therefore, for re-creation, Adam has to come to earth first and then find Eve. In other words, he must find and establish Mother.

In order to do this, during the first seven-year course I had to put Mother on a path that would enable her to break away from any condition by which Satan's world could accuse her. This means that she does not need to fight directly with Satan; instead, Mother just has to have absolute faith in me and always unite with me. Then Satan cannot invade her.

Adam lost Eve because he failed to fulfill his responsibility. Thus, it is Adam who must set the standard of victory, by restoring his position in relation to Eve as well as bringing Satan to submission. I am fulfilling this purpose during this seven-year period. Moreover, having established this standard, I have to raise Mother, in the position ofEve, to that standard in heart and spirit. This is how we can reverse through indemnity the failure of the fallen parents. This is how we will secure the foundation of the True Parents.
(017-322, 1967/04/10)

8 Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have completed this first seven-year course. This was the path they were required to go to become the True Parents. Therefore, no matter what accusations Satan threw against us, Mother and I had to make a breakthrough during this time period. I paved this path, leading the way as the representative of the family during the first seven-year course. During this period, we, Father and Mother, had to unravel all the tangles of history.

In particular, this seven-year course was the time when I had to reverse Eve's dominion over Adam and completely secure Adam's authority. For this, I had to educate Eve. In other words, during this period I had to educate Mother in such a way that she would set a standard of absolute obedience and compliance before me, even at the cost of her life.
(073-245, 1974/09/22)

9 It was not easy for us to secure the family of True Parents. We had to rise all the way to the highest position in the world. We had to pass through the formation, growth and completion stages. There was a seven-year course to reach the completion stage. Since Adam and Eve fell away at the completion level of the growth stage, my family had to walk a seven-year course beginning from that point. Until the establishment ofGod's Day on January 1, 1968 Mother had to travel an arduous path as a woman. She passed heaven's tests without any problem, and this is why she could become what she is today, our great Mother.
(170-034, 1987/11/01)

Establishing the four-position foundation

After the Holy Wedding 14 True Children were born in True Parents' family, starting with the first daughter, Ye-jin nim, and the first son, Hyo-jin nim. With the births of their first daughter and their first son, True Parents completed the four-position foundation that Jesus had not been able to establish. The completion of the four-position foundation in True Parents' family was a milestone in the providence of restoration that people need to replicate and realize in their own families.

Even as she gave birth to her children, True Mother shared the same heart as other church members who were working on the front line. She lived a humble life, eating meager meals of steamed barley mixed with a small amount of rice, something usually only poor people ate because they could not afford white rice.

The church members, as the Cain-type children, needed to become one in heart with the True Children and thus set the condition to be reborn with the same rank, as if they were twins. To have them meet this condition, at the dedication ceremonies for Ye-jin nim and Hyo-jin nim, True Parents distributed three kinds of gifts to the membersas three conditions of offering, and fed them three kinds of food: rice, seaweed soup and milk.

10 Through the birth of my sons and daughters, the path has been paved for all of you to be reborn. In order to be reborn, you have to go through a ceremony that establishes the same conditions as if you had been nursed on True Mother's milk. So, following Ye-jin's birth, a ceremony was held throughout Korea in which all members ate some seaweed soup with rice in it. This ceremony was also held when our son Hyo-jin was born. These ceremonies set the condition that you also were born from True Mother when she gave birth to those children.
(054-225, 1972/03/24)

11 You all should establish the condition that you existed as seeds within me that were yet to be born, and that then you were reborn through True Mother's womb. You cannot be born on your own, so a condition has to be fulfilled by which you are born alongside my children. For this purpose, at the birth of both my first son and first daughter we held a ceremony during which you ate seaweed soup with rice in it. The first occasion was when Ye-jin arrived. Ye-jin is our first daughter. By paying the necessary indemnity, I established the condition so that all women who participated in that ceremony were reborn through True Mother s womb. As a matter of fact, all of you must conduct your own ceremonies in which you resolve to unitewith her for three years. Hyo-jin is our first son, and the men must go through the same ceremony.

Therefore, all women should celebrate Ye-jin's birthday as the birthday of their Abel, and all men should celebrate Hyo-jin's birthday as the birthday of their Abel. Then you need a conditional period in which you become one with him or her substantially.
(054-274, 1972/03/25)

12 Before the end of the 4th lunar month of this year 1963, all the entanglements of heart among church members should be resolved. And then you must pray for blessings upon your enemies. This is a period when any member who left the church before 1962 will be given the opportunity to return. By doing this we can set the condition to command Satan's world to open the gate to us. Because I know this time is coming, I do not hate my enemies. Today is the 21st day since Hyo-jin's birth. On this day you should rejoice over him more than Mother and I do.
(012-131, 1963/01/18)

13 For the title "True Parents" to be established, there has to be a basis to bring oneness among the children. Because the first human beings fell, there are two kinds of children in the world: internal children and external children, or Abel and Cain. From this perspective, the birth of our daughter Ye-jin and our son Hyo-jin between 1961 and 1963 made a profound contribution to the Providence of Restoration. Their birth and your oneness with them brought about the Day ofAll Things. And on the foundation of their birth, when the first seven-year course came to an end, I was able to proclaim God's Day.

Ever since 1968, following the end of that first seven-year course, it was possible for the Unification Church to begin to develop normally. The proclamation of God's Day has the same significance as Adam and Eve reaching the completion stage in the Garden of Eden without having fallen.
(069-301, 1974/01/01)

14 Since Jesus was rejected by the people of Israel, a difficult job lies ahead at his Second Advent. He needs to restore you to your original position. Of course, since you were already born in the flesh and have grown up to become adults, you cannot return to the position of a seed within the body of perfected Adam. Therefore, you need to establish the condition to be born again by uniting with True Children who were born from True Parents.

There is a principle that through Cain's complete surrender to Abel, both can be restored. Since the True Children were born free of original sin, they stand in the Abel position. Accordingly, you in the Cain position need to unite completely with the True Children. By uniting with them you will become resurrected children and receive the same benefit they receive.

For this reason, when True Children without original sin are born from the True Parents, you have to establish the condition of having shared the same food and received the same things asthey. You should do this so that you go through the course of participating in the True Childrens position.

Through whom can you make the condition to unite with the True Children and be reborn as a child? It is not only through True Father; that is not enough. You absolutely must go through the True Parents. No matter how important Father is, you cannot be reborn unless you go through both the Parents and their children.
(055-119, 1972/04/01)

15 For three years, from 1960 to 1963, all the blessed families in Korea went through the course of restoration on the national level. Since the national-level foundation was lost in Jesus' time, all members in the church left home and participated in mission activities to restore the nation.

During that time, as they worked on the front line, Father and Mother joined them in heart by eating the same meager food. When we ate, we did not place our food on the table but on the floor, just as many members did. When we did so, we had even the child inside True Mother's womb set the condition of participating with other church members to make the condition to restore the nation.
(054-225, 1972/03/24)

16 Some of you here must have eaten seaweed soup when Ye-jin and Hyo-jin were born. This was to make a condition that both Cain and Abel were born together. You blessed families are in the position of Cain, so you must attend the True Children in the position of Abel asif they were God or even higher. You must attend them more sincerely than you attend True Parents.

Do not look at this from a secular viewpoint. Actually, you have been united with them from the time when both of you were in the womb. You should have been born like twins. As twins you should restore the authority of the elder son. As Perez and Zerah reversed their positions as twin sons in the womb of Tamar, you should reverse your position with a particular True Child. As soon as he or she is born, you should bring your blessed family to connect with that child with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

These should not be just words. Since God created human beings with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, unless you blessed families engraft to the True Parents by demonstrating the same elements of absolute faith, love and obedience in your own circumstances, you cannot create the realm of partnership with the people around you.
(308-256, 1999/01/10)

17 You cannot enter True Mother's womb, so you must become one with True Parents' infant children. For three years you need to be in the position of a baby inside the womb. This is why I gave you these mottoes for the three years from 1960 to 1962: first, "Let this be the year of the best result of our lives," second, "Let us become Heavenly Father's representatives," and third, "Let us become people who have something to show and who can be proud ofourselves." What I mean by "show and be proud of" is the restoration of the four-position foundation by restoring many people.

Centered on the three stages expressed in my mottoes, all of you must make the condition of eating and living together with the babies in True Mother's womb. For those three years, Mother ate barley rice, the same as you did on the front line. When you went out to do church activities, she participated alongside you in the same activities. Ye-jin and Hyo-jin were born when Mother was making the same conditions you were making. In other words, Mother lived with the same heart as all of you.
(035-228, 1970/10/19)

18 The archangels were supposed to attend, serve and honor Adam and Eve from the moment they were created until the time they were married. But the angelic world failed to attend Adam and Eve and became fallen. The bitter sorrow and resentment thus created by the angelic world must be resolved. For this reason you need to have three spiritual children and guide them to attend your own children from the time they are within the womb. Otherwise you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven with only your own children. Had you established the indemnity condition of gaining three spiritual children before you received the Blessing, your own children would not need to have their lineage restored. If you are unable to achieve this condition beforeyou go to the spirit world, it will become a stumbling block for you.

In the 1960s I already had made all the required conditions of restoring spiritual children while my children were in their mother's womb. After their birth, you were given seaweed soup, milk and rice. That was the condition I set up for all of you to have the same birth as the True Children.
(023-316, 1969/06/08)

19 Until 1963, True Parents worked with you, sharing your situation and eating humble meals of barley rice. We had to set that indemnity condition for three years on the family level. At the same time, you had to go out and struggle to give birth to your spiritual children. Just as you ate barley rice, True Parents also had to eat it. Now we will have to offer our sons and daughters internally when we go to America for a course of sacrifice on the world level. This is what we have to do.

All of you ate seaweed soup with rice after Ye-jin was born; it was as if you were receiving blood from Mother while inside her womb. As Mother ate soup with rice in it, you ate the same food, which was like receiving her blood. It was the same when Hyo-jin was born. Based on this foundation, I established Children's Day and then the Day of All Things. It was because we attained such a standard that I had the foundation to establish these holy days of blessing. Thereupon, when the first seven-year course came to an end and True Parents' family was liberated, I instituted God's Day.
(047-340, 1971/08/30)

Section 4. True Parents'Completion of the Providence

The proclamation of True Parents

After the Holy Wedding and the subsequent seven-year course, True Parents formed the True Family and established the four-position foundation on the family level. On that foundation they went through the eight stages to complete their mission, thus creating the foundation to establish and build the kingdom of heaven. As the providence of restoration progressed, they set indemnity conditions appropriate to each period of time and accomplished them. After each one, they conducted a corresponding proclamation ceremony so that Satan could not invade it.

After True Parents had thus prevailed in the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity, by 1992 the foundation of the True Family was such that they finally could proclaim before the public that they were the True Parents of humankind. On August 24,1992, at the celebration banquet of the 1st World Culture and Sports Festival, True Father officially declared in front of the assembled world leaders, "At the Women s Federation for World Peace Leaders' Assemblies that were held in five major cities of Korea in early July of this year, I proclaimed that my wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and I together are the True Parents of humanity, the Savior, the Lord of the Second Advent and the Messiah."

By holding marriage Blessings, True Parents have been carrying out thegreat revolutionary work of changing the lineage of all people to the true lineage of God. These Blessings have been interracial, interreligious and international in scope. True Parents come with the true love, life and lineage of heaven. They alone are aware of the providential timetable for holding these events, and they are completing the providence of human salvation in accordance with that timetable.

1 Christianity opposed me after World War II; hence, during the following 40 years I had to completely restore through indemnity what John the Baptist failed to do. I had to restore the failure of Christianity; otherwise I would have had no way to find and install the Bride. So, by paying indemnity for more than 40 years, I completely restored the failure of John the Baptist and the Christian cultural sphere. This work was to restore America and reclaim it from Satan. That is why True Mother went to the United States Congress and proclaimed "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." She did the same at the United Nations.

The United Nations originally was meant to represent the free world, which had lost the foundation to receive the Bride. Mother is the Bride. Hence, when she proclaimed True Parents throughout America and at the United Nations, America and the free world had to unite with her. Fortunately, there was no opposition. Although she made that bold proclamation about True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, all audiences were moved to applaud her.
(249-109, 1993/10/08)

2 The Fall of the first human ancestors caused the loss of the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships. Now, finally we are liberated to lift up the name of True Parents. We reached that position 47 years after World War II, after indemnifying all the failures of history. The lonely path of the heart that Mother followed her whole life was entirely to prepare for this one day, when she would fulfill the mission she was destined for.

In April 1992, Mother took the first step when, as chairwoman of the Women's Federation for World Peace, she proclaimed to the world that the True Parents had come to earth to embrace all the families of humankind and bring liberation to the women of the world. Then in July 1992, she proclaimed that the True Parents had come, and that she and I are the Messiah, the Savior, the Returning Lord and the True Parents of humankind. By making these proclamations, Mother prepared a zone for providential settlement in which to build the one axis in a world that lacks a center and whose families lack a framework that gives them hope; all this was done at a time when the international situation was chaotic. Because she made these conditions in a manner that was acceptable to God, the era when we could proclaim the liberation of Mother and the second generation was ushered in.
(241-249, 1992/12/26)

3 Korea is the land to which the Lord isto return. The Lord at the Second Advent whom Christians have been expecting is none other than I. Today, July 3,1992 is the first time I am announcing this in public. For the first time I am putting it in writing, in order to let the world know who the Lord at the Second Advent is. What did I write? Sun Myung Moon! I wrote this for the first time. Now that I have made this official announcement, you need to clearly understand what it means. From now on, everything will be revealed.
(232-109, 1992/07/03)

4 In August 1992, during the World Culture and Sports Festival at the Little Angels' Performing Arts Center, in front of the approximately 1,000 prominent leaders from around the world, including heads of state who were participating in the eight events of the festival, I proclaimed, "I am the Messiah, the Savior and the True Parent." Even so, they nodded their heads; no one shook their heads in objection.

I am traveling all over the world. Don't you think I know what to say about the current political scene? In fact, no one has deeper insight or a better brain for dealing with this transitional era than I do. The world recognizes this about me. That is why I must let the world know what is happening. Unless I proclaim who I am in public, I cannot take root in the world.

It is only after their wedding that people can be officially recognized as husband and wife. Accordingly, I traveled throughout the nation and held banquets where I made proclamationsabout who we are. This was so that True Parents can settle; then heaven and earth can also settle. To found a nation, it is not enough just to select the members of the cabinet. The founder must proclaim himself to the public. That is why I proclaimed that we are the Messiah, the Lord at the Second Advent and the True Parents. Henceforth, we will build our foundation.
(243-168, 1993/01/03)

5 Centering on God, I proclaimed that we are the True Parents of humankind. I proclaimed worldwide that the unfallen True Parents who can liberate humankind have come to this world. Now that True Parents have emerged, their children also can become true parents; and all those who receive their teachings likewise can become true parents. Due to the Fall, the term "true parents" vanished and the persons who could have become true parents disappeared.
(322-250, 2000/05/21)

6 My encounter with Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union was equivalent to Jacob s encounter with Esau in the Old Testament Age. I represented the United States, Japan and Korea in the position of Jacob, and Gorbachev represented the Soviet Union, China and North Korea. We met, and I planted God's true love in his heart. This meant Jacobs return to his hometown. Now the only remaining thing for Esau to do is to unite with his younger brother and attend the Heavenly Parent. He needs to bring his communist nations to unite with the younger brother nations of the free world and attend the HeavenlyParent; it is the only way for the communist world to survive.

This was an event without precedent since the beginning of history. It was a new beginning to bring victory for heaven s side. For this reason, now that I have returned to Korea, I am holding this Rally Welcoming True Parents, to proclaim True Parents to the people of the Republic of Korea.
(204-144, 1990/07/06)

7 Now that True Parents have been proclaimed to the world, the cosmos is approaching a turning point. For the cosmos to follow True Parents, it must have true children, true clans and true peoples. Now that you have been proclaiming True Parents throughout the world, it is time for you, as their true children, to proclaim the true family. Your proclamations should not be limited to the family level. Since the First Adam and the Second Adam were not able to complete their missions, to indemnify this you need to expand the realm of tribal messiahship. Therefore, all of you need to conduct events to proclaim True Parents while taking the position of true parents to your tribes. That is how you can build the foundation to bring change on the national level and the world level.
(202-178, 1990/05/20)

8 Jesus strove to fulfill the work that Adam failed to do, but he was not able to complete it. Since Jesus passed away before he could do this, the Lord of the Second Advent, who comes as the perfected Third Adam, is required to rectify the failures that occurred at thetime of the First Adam and Second Adam and complete their unfinished work.

Originally, all humankind should have been the descendants of the First Adam. Even though the First Adam failed, had Jesus not died on the cross, this world would have been filled with Jesus' sons and daughters. The world would have become one world by now. Had Jesus not died but married and given birth to sons and daughters, the members of his clan, in the position of the elder son, would have inherited the kingship on this earth for tens of thousands of years.

Democracy is a siblings' ideology. It is not Parentism. Siblings compete and fight to get what they want. They fight because they have no parents to be centered on. That is why humankind must turn to Parentism. True Parents need to come in order to solve the problems throughout the world that came into existence due to the siblings' ideology.
(224-054, 1991/11/21)

9 In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve fell in their teenage years. The Fall was a problem of love between a man and woman. Since that is the seed that was sown, now that the harvest time has arrived worldwide, the problems of promiscuity among young people and family breakdown have become serious.

All humankind is bewailing this reality, yet no real owner has stepped up to take responsibility for it. Therefore, True Parents, the original owners of creation, must come. When they do, everything that was defiled by the falseparents can be resolved. In the Last Days, all these problems will face judgment. Individuals, families, peoples, nations, the world and the cosmos on God's side will establish a new viewpoint centering on True Parents. Then we will undoubtedly recover the world where everything in heaven and on earth is united as one. For this to happen, True Parents must emerge and bring true love, true life and true lineage.
(362-158, 2001/12/12)

10 The Messiah is the True Father. Because the Fall occurred, the false parents emerged and all human beings have been born from their false lineage; therefore, the providence of salvation is not an easy task to fulfill. No matter how many times the blood of the false lineage is purified, it cannot be purified completely. That is why the salvation of human beings remains incomplete even after tens of millions of years.

God cannot undo what was defiled by the false parents. The ideal of creation is that human beings complete their portion of responsibility, inherit God's lineage and bequeath it to their descendants. Adam and Eve destroyed the ideal of creation. Therefore Adam and Eve must restore it. No one else can rectify it; not even God. That is why True Parents must come and restore it through indemnity.

What went wrong must be turned around to the original state. This is called restoration through indemnity. Restoration cannot be done by following a natural course. It must be done by taking the reverse course in order to return to the original state. Without going through such a course of restoration through indemnity, there is no way for human beings to return to the original world. Not for eternity.
(334-035, 2000/09/27)

11 You do not understand the difficult circumstances I have faced until now. Ninety-nine out of 100 people would have given up and run away. That is how fearful and serious my position was. However, I did not budge even one inch. This is because I regarded it as my destiny. Had the path been easy, I am sure that Satan would have taken it first. I went on a path that even Satan did not dare to go. This is how I have expanded my scope from the family to the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos.

As a true man, I am positioned as the mediator between God and human beings in a world disconnected from God. I am to bring God back to them by building God a highway. On it, God will descend from the level of the cosmos to the world, to nations, peoples, tribes and families. The place where God descends and dwells is the realm of the True Parents. Now I have established a realm that Satan cannot invade.
(248-037, 1993/05/30)

12 I was not born as a prince of a fabulous kingdom. No one recognized who I was. Few ever imagined that the Lord would return to Korea, a small nation scarred from numerous wars. The Lord of the Second Advent comes at a time when the four realms that emerged as a result of Jesus' death on the cross-democracy and communism, and Islamand Christianity—are enemies to each other. Their conflicts having reached the world level, the Lord has to deal with them and bring them into unity.

Indeed, this is what I have done. I have finished my part. In order to come this far, I had to deal with many complex situations behind the scenes. They were incomparably more difficult than what a typical family has to deal with. They were incomparably more difficult than even the ordeals that nations have to deal with. Nevertheless, I worked patiently to deal with them and overcame every challenge I faced along the way.
(249-085, 1993/10/08)

13 When the Lord comes again, he needs to unite the world that is now divided between the left wing and the right wing. He also must unite the religions of the world. That is why I have been forging unity between the left wing and the right wing, and among religions. Neither the United States government nor the government of the Soviet Union is doing this. The Lord to come needs to fulfill what Jesus was not able to fulfill in his lifetime. Otherwise he cannot turn the world around.

Human history does not proceed randomly; it proceeds hand in hand with God's providence. Since my coming, the providence and history have advanced side by side. I can testify that God is alive and working in human history. We are now living in a time when we cannot deny the existence of God.
(235-212, 1992/09/20)

14 Blessed families are in the position of Jesus, and they must restore the nation as Jesus was supposed to do. Israel was divided between the north and the south. It was divided between the northern kingdom, composed of ten tribes, and the southern kingdom, with two tribes. Leah and Rachel should have united; because they were unable to resolve their struggle, the nation was divided into two. Jesus died under similar circumstances, symbolized by the thief on the left and the thief on the right. The two thieves represented Cain and Abel on the world level. Thus, when the Lord returns, he needs to change the situation and bring them into unity. That is how he can establish the realm of victory.

That is why, as the person with the mission of the Lord of the Second Advent, I must gain victory over communism. I had no choice but to become the premier world champion in the fight against communism and bring about its defeat. Furthermore, I must bring unity to democracy and bring unity to the world, even by guiding the United States of America. Also, I must unite the worlds of religion and politics.
(250-331, 1993/10/15)

15 True Parents are responsible to connect the realms of indirect dominion and direct dominion. The question is how to tear down the walls that Satan has erected around individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world. God has been working continually to achieve this goal, while Satan has been challenging God and striving to block God's work. In this way, God and Satan have been confronting each other.

Satan persists in confronting God. So, standing between God and Satan, I have been working to remove Satan. I have to advance the providence to the position where Satan cannot accuse me. That is why I had to go the path of indemnity, which is the human portion of responsibility. The first human beings failed to fulfill their portion of responsibility. Satan understands that their portion became the responsibility of the Messiah. That is why he mobilized all his forces to attack True Parents. All the difficulties we face have come about because we are breaking down his walls around individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and the spirit world.
(131-070, 1984/04/16)

16 People who did good deeds through their devotion to and faith in the major world religions and then went to the spirit world as good spirits have helped the earthly providence according to God's desire. Until the present time, the only way they could connect to the earth was through religion. However, now True Parents have come to earth. They have fought and triumphed over evil, and they have established Gods tradition from the level of the individual to the family, tribe, nation and world. As a result, we are entering the time of the emancipation of the religious realm.

Now that the scope of True Parents' victory has reached the world level, in the age inaugurated by the True Parents, religion will disappear. If Adam and Eve had not fallen but become the True Parents of humankind, religion wouldnot have been necessary. If they had fulfilled their responsibility from the beginning, they would have united with heaven as one body. Then, their ideal oneness would have been the basis for all ancestors in heaven to connect with their descendants living on earth whenever they were needed.

I have done everything necessary to restore through indemnity the realm of the people of Israel as a chosen people, the realm of worldwide Christianity as a chosen people, and the realm of the cosmic Unification Church as a chosen people. With that, the age is coming when religion will be liberated from its responsibility. Then the spirit world and the earthly world will connect directly.

Therefore, even those without religious belief can be connected to the spirit world through the realm of the chosen people, which passes through religion. The old era is coming to an end. Thanks to True Parents' victory, even people who do not believe in religion will be able to grow through the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age, just as people do who are situated within the realms of the major religions. Hence, the time will come when all their ancestors will come down from the spirit world to visit their descendants and support them.
(202-255, 1990/05/24)

Proclamations of True Parents'ultimate unity


In 2010, on the 8th day of the 5th month by the heavenly calendar (June 19) at 2:20 a.m. and the 15lh day of the 5th month by the heavenly calendar (June 26) at 3:25 a.m., True Parents proclaimed in Las Vegas that they had achieved oneness in mind, oneness in body, oneness in thought and oneness in core with God, vertically, and that they had achieved ultimate unity horizontally. On that foundation, they declared the completion, conclusion and closure of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament Ages, and the advent of the age in which God is all-immanent, all-transcendent, all-powerful and all-capable.

Then, on the 17th day of the 11th month by the heavenly calendar (December 11) in 2011, True Father announced at Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, "Now that all beings in heaven and on earth are aligned with God the Creators original standard of creation that has now been restored, I declare the completion, conclusion and closure of the entire providence and the final victory." Then he proclaimed, "All is finished!"

On the 17th and 18th days of the 11th month by the heavenly calendar (December 11 and 12) in 2011 at the Ocean Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, True Parents wrote the Proclamation of the Final Cheon II Guk Victory, "God and True Parents are completely one. God is complete, perfected and fulfilled. Aju! Heaven is here. Congratulations! Sun Myung Moon. Aju!""

Finally, on the 26th day of the 6th month by the heavenly calendar (August 13) in 2012,21 days before his Holy Ascension on the 17th day of the 7lh month (September 3), True Father, during his report prayer to our Heavenly Parent made the final official proclamation of his earthly life, with the following words, "Today, as I have returned the conclusion of the final perfection to You, Father, I know that up to this moment, I have offered my whole life to You. I am spending this time now to bring my life to its conclusion, to bring it to a close with utmost devotion, in accordance with Your Will. May the tribal messiahs be able to fulfill the calling of national representatives. I have accomplished everything for this. I have completed everything. Aju!""

17 Now I am establishing the tradition that no one can match, either mentally or physically. With my mind fixed on heaven and earth, I am making countless conditions of devotion. When my conditions are so sincere that they touch both heaven and earth, Satan cannot invade what I am doing. It is mainly those conditions of devotion that prevent Satan from invading. My conditions enable family members in heaven and all the spirit persons in heaven to build a bridge to earth, and when those in the spirit world come down on that bridge and connect to my foundation, Satan cannot oppose them. This means that I have now laid all the foundations needed to fulfill the Will.
(285-303, 1997/06/29)

18 Thus far, everyone opposed the path I was taking. America opposed me, the Soviet Union opposed me, China opposed me, Kim Il-sung opposed me, and all others opposed me. Yet I have overcome them all. My mission is to defeat the left-wing communists and completely liberate the people in the communist world.I am working to unite all the people in Satan's realm and bind all humankind together, based on one standard.

Now there are no barriers for those on this path. There had been all sorts of barriers, but I tore them all down. I now have gone through all eight levels, from the individual to God, so that I can make the environment free of barriers. The unity that I am referring to is unity of the individual, unity of the family, unity of the tribe, unity of the people, unity of the nation, unity of the world, and unity of heaven and earth. By tearing down the walls of Satan's world and forming an environment of unity, I am trying to recover the original fatherland.
(241-325, 1993/01/01)

19 I have to represent 4,000 years of history; that is why I have not been able to sleep comfortably for the past 40 years. I have faced opposition from all people and all nations. During that time I struggled desperately to find out how to overcome that opposition on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. To overcome those obstacles, I had to take a path completely dilferent from the paths in Satan's world. While communicating with God, who was with me behind the scenes wherever I went in heaven and on earth, I tore down the walls of Satan's world one by one. By breaking down all the walls I built a highway from the individual level to the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation, world and all ofheaven and earth. These efforts restored human beings to the positions of Adam and Eve before they fell.

Now God can be with us wherever we go. I recovered this position for humankind. Heaven s world is advancing, and Satan's world is retreating. Satan cannot interfere with God's world any longer. Whenever heaven advances, Satan has no choice but to surrender.
(244-208, 1993/02/07)

20 I broke down all the walls in front of me—eight levels of walls from the individual and family to the nation and beyond. Over the past 40 years I have prepared the path for Adam and Eve to return, so they can move back and forth. Now that path is complete. It is a path that will remain even after I have returned to God.

Numerous religions and nations opposed me, but I did not oppose them. Yet I did not die; I am still alive. Now I have finished everything. Therefore, even if I die now, it doesn't matter. This is because the truth I have brought will continue to exist. The Principle will remain; it is the teaching that was declared victorious at the trial in God's court. Even Satan cannot deny it.
(235-248, 1992/09/20)

21 Adam should complete restoration in his own generation. Since all the issues of restoration must be resolved within True Parents' generation, you have no idea how busy we are.

That is why we conduct proclamation ceremonies. Through these ceremonies we plant flags to make God the owner. Once we plant a flag, God andTrue Parents have the authority of dominion over that territory; it no longer belongs to Satan's domain. That is why, when we returned to Korea after traveling to Russia and America, we made proclamations throughout the nation. By so doing, we drove in posts, to signify that we prepared an environment in which the people of Korea would not oppose us but would welcome us. After we did this, Satan had to retreat.

If people believe these proclamations and come into the realm of these proclamations, then Satan cannot take them away. It is as if a person who formerly lived without a nationality joins a nation with a newly drawn national boundary and lives in accordance with the laws of that new environment; then he or she can belong to its people.
(329-267, 2000/08/11)

22 A problem would arise in the spirit world as well as on earth if I did not disclose that I am the one who comes into the world with God's Divine Seal as the True Parent, the Savior, the Messiah and the king of peace, the one long sought by humanity. That is why I made the proclamation as to who I am. That proclamation can be likened to proclaiming a constitution that has already been ratified. Those who are not in accord with it will fall behind, and those who are in accord with it will move forward and remain forever.

I have become the standard for perfection on all levels; my position is above the constitution, just as the constitution is above all other laws. Therefore, I must disclose everything, without hiding anything. 1 have not done it yet, but by the time I leave earth I should be able to say, "I have finished everything." I should be able to say that everything I did and all that I connected with in my surroundings had a reason and a purpose for the fulfillment of the Will.

Then, when I go to the spirit world, 1 should be able to begin taking firm root there. Earth also will unite in partnership with the spirit world, and together they will form the kingdom of peace. What I am saying is serious. I have come this far, pouring out my utmost devotion, in order to transcend the realm of life and death, and to remove death once and for all. I am proclaiming this now for your sake.
(504-203, 2005/08/16)

23 God is invisible, yet I must be able to attend Him as the True Parent even better than I would attend anyone visible to my physical eyes. I have a responsibility to follow the way of light amid the light, to remove the darkness, and to reach the position where I can liberate all people from the realm of hell. I must erase Satan's footprints and even his shadow from the realms of the spirit world.

When I have completed my portion of responsibility, God should be able to say, "This is My world, My heaven and My earth." When there is no distinction between day and night, only brightness 24 hours a day, the sovereignty will belong to God alone, not to Satan. Only after I hand over everything to God can I declare that the indemnity has been paid and liberation and complete freedom have been achieved. Then we will be in the realm where the portion of responsibility is fulfilled.

That realm is the realm of liberation. No longer will there be barriers in the spirit world, such as the barriers between heaven and hell. The steep valleys in the spirit world will be leveled into plains. All people will be able to live with their ancestors in the spirit world as they please. If you call out to your ancestors, they will come to you; and after listening to them, you will be able to follow their guidance. Once I establish this original standard, God should be able to declare, "I have finished everything." Once I have completed the ideal of creation, it also means that God has fulfilled His portion of responsibility.

The first human beings fell due to their ignorance of the Principle and its laws. Therefore, True Parents must teach humanity about these things and create the realm of oneness. Then peace will dwell in the realm of liberation— the ideal kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, the realm of the original homeland. Then the liberation of the fatherland, where everyone attends God, will begin.
(598-108, 2008/09/19)

24 I have overcome all the obstacles. When I think about what I have done, it seems like a dream. I wonder, how could I have done all this? I never thought that it was I who did it, not even in my dreams. It is God who did it. He prepared everything, inside and out. He set up the entire framework; He trained me and made foundation upon foundationso that I could complete my work. I am saying that heaven toiled much more than we can ever imagine. That is why, whatever happens in my life, I live without complaining.
(311-107, 1999/08/19)

25 Due to the Fall, human beings lost their original hometown and original fatherland. Yet the planet Earth is our original homeland; and the place where God dwells is our original fatherland.

Early in my life, I already knew how to become a filial son, a patriot, a saint, a divine son and a king. When it comes to the fundamental issues, there was nothing that I did not know. That is why I know how to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

I told you that the era of the Fourth Adam's realm is approaching. On Chil Pal Jeol (7-8 Day), we took firm root as True Parents. On that basis, on Gu Gu Jeol (9-9 Day) and Sam Shib Jeol (3-10 Day), I proclaimed the realm of liberation. As the True Parent, I have eliminated everything by which Satan made himself the false father, and I have recreated the entire basis for God's dominion that Satan destroyed. I have thereby completed the restoration of everything. By doing so, I have ushered in the era for building the unified world, the kingdom of heaven on earth based on the ideal of the family.

The original world, the realm which has nothing to do with the Fall, has been empty for thousands of years, awaiting the Fourth Adam. Now, based on the realm of liberation that I established, this realm will be filled all at once. The foundation has been completed for God to be liberated, and even for Satan to receive forgiveness and enter the kingdom of heaven.

I too must be liberated. What liberates me is to rescue the people in the dungeons at the rock bottom of hell and bring them with me to the kingdom of heaven.
(313-282, 1999/12/26)

26 Despite receiving persecution my entire life, I have always lived for the sake of others. This is how I was able to cover all the levels of opposition, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Not only have I attained perfection as an individual, I also have completed my mission on all eight levels, including the family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. I completed all this, which never could be done before, not even during 6,000 years of history. Now that it is finished, the world is no longer in the course of restoration where we must pay indemnity.

Thus, if you invest yourself with absolute faith and absolute love, centering on the realm of heart of the Fourth Adam, you will be elevated accordingly. It is like having a highway that takes you effortlessly to the front gate of the palace. There is nothing to obstruct you. The only questions are your driving skill and whether you have fuel. We are in the era when you can drive wherever you want to go, as long as you can supply the gasoline.
(332-042, 2000/09/04)

27 God has been leading the providenceof salvation not just for one generation but for thousands of years. Biblically speaking, God has been working in history for the restoration of humankind for 6,000 years. Four thousand years is the length of time that the history of restoration was centered on the chosen people of Israel, which did not fully succeed. That period is what I had to restore through indemnity during the last 40 years. I have given Mother all the fortune I accumulated throughout my life. She, in turn, had to live her life accepting that I, her husband, am also her grandfather, her father and her older brother. She has actually lived her life with that standard. This is what makes Mother so wonderful.
(256-219, 1994/03/13)

28 What is it that True Parents should accomplish in 2007, a jubilee year of the providence? I came to earth representing the incorporeal God. I discovered and revealed all the secrets of heaven, earth and human beings, and brought victory by paying indemnity. Then I passed on my entire victorious foundation to Mother. On this foundation, Mother held a global speaking tour of 180 nations. Afterward, with unity between Cain and Abel, she toured 40 nations. The oneness of the family during these tours was the foundation for the work I did to deal with the providence. All of your families must follow that path.

Consider that God is the first generation, Adam was the second generation, and Cain and Abel in Adam's family were the third generation. Didn't God lose the realm of three generations? So Ihad to win a victory that included the third generation, Cain and Abel, which I did. Mother also triumphed in this, thus bringing victory for Eve's realm. Accordingly, both True Parents, Father and Mother, are victorious.
(569-071, 2007/07/22)

29 I did not mind going to prison. When I went to Pyongyang, I already knew whom I would meet, as if the meetings had been prearranged. Jesus had 12 disciples, but when he went to prison they all betrayed him. In my case, when I was imprisoned I actually found 12 disciples and even more. For restoration through indemnity, I had to restore all that was lost.

In the future, where should you build a memorial tower to commemorate me? You should memorialize the places where I experienced prison life. One of those memorials should be at Danbury, where, based on Mother's unity with me during my incarceration, I proclaimed the realm of ideal oneness between Father and Mother.
(566-183, 2007/06/19)

30 We, the True Parents, opened a new age by completing, concluding and closing the entire history of the providence of restoration through indemnity. We opened the era of Cheon II Guk. Now you need to reach out and educate your neighbors and people of every nation, to enable them to unite with the Will of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. That is the best way to satisfy the debt you owe to God in return for His love and blessings, and to fulfill your mission for humankind.
(True Mother, 2013/10/22)

31 The 15th day of the 5th lunar month in 2010 was an important date. On that day Mother and I together made a final declaration. At that time, Mother and I came to an agreement on matters about Korea and other matters pertaining to policies. That was when Mother promised that she would unite with me regardless of what happened. Based on her promise, we made our declaration. Amid the final battle with the fallen world, Mother and I made a solemn promise centering on God; that event took place at 3:25 a.m. on the 15th day of the 5th month by the heavenly calendar in 2010.

The hour of that proclamation is significant: three represents the three ages of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. In particular, it signifies that this is the third age, the Completed Testament Age, which must never fail. Thus we stated, "As we welcome the age for the completion, conclusion and closure of the Old, New and Completed Testaments, we offer and declare the age in which the ultimate realm of oneness between True Father and True Mother is perfected and consummated, and the age in which God is all-immanent, all-transcendent, all-powerful and all-capable."
(True Mother, 2010/07/01)

32 O Father, every being in heaven and on earth is totally focused on this day, December 11, 2011. On this day, True Parents perfected, finalized and consummated the original standard of the Creator. Now, Father, You have become the Owner of earth. Now heaven andearth, Father and children, and the family and the world can be totally liberated and enter the state of complete freedom. Accordingly, this is the day to proclaim the perfection, conclusion and consummation of Your victory as the True Parent of the Cosmos, and Your victorious supremacy in the world according to the ideal of creation. Man-sei to God! Mansei to True Parents!

Father, as the prince who brought You victory by enabling the family kingdom to come by establishing the realm of total oneness between the True God and True Parents, I have accomplished everything that You asked me to fulfill. Based on all these victories, I proclaim that Your sovereignty is now secured. On this morning we, the Parents of Fleaven and Earth who have become one, thank You for giving us this chance to proclaim that everything is perfected, liberated and concluded. Aju!
(True Mother, 2011/12/11)

Section 5. The Way to Become True Parents

True Parents are the example

All human beings were originally supposed to achieve individual perfection within the love of God, become true husbands and wives and true parents, and form true families. Each true family creates a special realm in which we can experience, in succession, love for our parents, love among siblings, love as husband and wife, and love for our children. It is also the fundamental foundation for completing the purpose of creation.

Hence, it is the hope of every human being to form a true family. A member of a true family will grow to become an embodiment of true love, not acting counter to God's desire, hurting others or abusing the created world. Finally, for the first time since God's creation, True Parents have fulfilled the ideal of the true family, and thus they have set the example for all human beings of how to live. All people need to pattern themselves after the tradition of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Throughout their lives they practiced a life of living for the sake of others by loving God, loving people, loving their nation and loving all created things.

1 True Parents' family is the model for all families. Therefore, True Parents are re-creating all the families of the world on the horizontal level. Based on the Principle and its laws, they are bringing all families into unity with God. This way they can realize the four great realms of heart, the three great king-ships and the realm of the royal family. We first must achieve the authority of the elder son, then the authority of the parents, the authority of the king, and finally the authority of the royal family. When we achieve all these, God will be able to go back and forth freely, day and night.

My vision of the united homeland is that we all can connect to every level— from the individual to the world. Every family should be able to forge connections with all others. When you interconnect as new families, you can buildthe original homeland. Upon building such model families, you will be welcomed wherever you go. It will be as if God is freely traveling with you.
(247-334, 1993/06/01)

2 Will you be a happy person when you go to the other world? If many people want to visit you and spend time with you there, you will be happy. Although you come from different backgrounds, races, nationalities and living environments, if you participate in a new family structure in which you have become one in mind and body, one as husband and wife, and one as parents and children and with your siblings, you will find that everything works out well for you wherever you go.

The world that the Unification Church is seeking is one in which we have restored the authority of the elder son, the authority of the parents and the authority of the king, as well as the four great realms of heart. Then everyone will be connected everywhere. As new families, you are responsible to become model families. When your families connect to one another, they will constitute the original homeland. Then God can be with them.

God likes True Parents. You like True Parents as well. Because you like True Parents as God does, He should be able to freely enter your life. Thus, your families must be connected to True Parents and expand. This is how we can build the original homeland. True Parents are building the model family. Based on that family model, many families will be multiplied.
(247-335, 1993/06/01)

3 What the fallen world needs most are True Parents who have prevailed over the fallen realm by centering on God's original love. True Parents have gone beyond the stage of fulfilling their portion of responsibility. This is the perspective of the Principle. They have gone beyond the realm of indirect dominion and have entered the realm of direct dominion.

The realm of direct dominion is the world aligned with God's love. Thus, in this realm there can be no owner other than God. This realm is absolute, because once we become one with God's love, we do not want another owner. Even as God does not want another owner, human beings do not want any owner but God. God's love becomes the eternal base.

This is the model True Parents have established. This foundation can be expanded to the family, tribe, people, nation and beyond. Then heavenly fortune will pour down centering on the axis of God's love.
(149-155, 1986/11/21)

4 The original ideal world that the first human beings were supposed to establish according to the ideal of creation would have been a world where, centering on God's true love, true life and true lineage, they would have established the four great realms of heart as true children, true siblings, true husband and wife, and true parents.

However, our first ancestors did not keep faith in God's Will. Instead they entered into an illicit relationship that defiled their lineage and they inherited the evil seed. As a result of their illicitlove relationship, these evil parents passed down the root of evil life and evil lineage to their evil children and thence to all humankind.

This all started when they were yet in their youth. Youth is the most important period in our life. Young people today are immersed in fallen love, behaving just as the first ancestors did. Their value system is reckless and confused. They deny morals and ethics as they pursue free sex and other selfish ends. They flout the parent-child relationship; they do not value the family. This world has indeed become a hell on earth.

If we are to create the kingdom of heaven on earth based on God's standard of absolute true love, we must turn this world around 180 degrees to God's side. The devil destroyed the human family. In order to save human beings, God had True Parents create the model of one true family through a reverse course. God is yearning for the world of love and peace that He originally envisioned at the time of creation.
(271-148, 1995/08/27)

5 In the world today, families are being destroyed. Parents are losing control, and there is no proper order. Siblings are divided. The family has no center, and family members are all going their own way. In order to halt the breakdown of the family, people need the True Parents. By knowing True Parents clearly, broken families can be healed.

This applies not only to the families in today's world; the families of our ancestors must be called back to earth and restored. This has now become possible.It is called restoration by returning resurrection. The same applies to your descendants. Once you clearly understand the Principle and make it part of your daily life, you can protect them and guide them in the right direction. The reason you need True Parents is to make your family a true family.
(237-218, 1992/11/17)

6 God's ideal of creation is to perfect human beings as the models of love through eight stages of life: in the womb, as an infant, sibling, engaged couple, husband or wife, parents, true grandparents and true king or queen. This course of life was designed to establish the tradition of true love and to perfect human beings as models of true love, within the parent-child relationship.

The true love, true life and true lineage of the True God are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. He set up the family model, with unchanging true love at the core, in order to bequeath His true love, true life and true lineage to tens of thousands of future generations.

In the family model, parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters become one through true love. It is a son who makes his father an owner of true love; it is a wife who makes her husband an owner of true love; it is a younger brother who makes his older sibling an owner of true love.

On the other hand, a couple without children cannot establish their position as parents of true love. The same goes for women with no husband or men with no wife: They cannot establish their positions as spouses of true love. Likewise,people who have no siblings have no way to establish their siblings as owners of true love.

In order to become owners of true love, we must lift up others and love them more than we love ourselves. As individuals we need to establish mind-body unity, with true love at the center. In the family we need to build unity between husband and wife and between brothers and sisters. Then we must unite nations in the same way. This is how we can create the realm of love through the eight stages and become model owners of true love. This is how we can build ideal families and ideal nations. From that point, eternal worldwide equalization can begin. When it does, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven naturally will arise.
(316-245, 2000/02/13)

7 The world of peace will find its beginning when True Parents emerge and educate humanity, showing the world every aspect of the model family. The international marriage Blessings that True Parents are conducting throughout the world are more than the marriage ceremony of one religious group. They constitute a movement to save the nation and the world by establishing the tradition of God's love. This movement teaches young people the value of maintaining their purity prior to marriage. For adults, it promotes the marriage Blessing in which they vow to absolutely maintain trust and fidelity between husband and wife, with God's true love at the center. The marriage Blessing builds up families of true love,stops family breakdown and sets up cornerstones of peace in nations and around the world.

Especially with regard to the international cross-cultural marriages, once people from nations that have politically and historically been enemies overcome their high barriers and relate to each other as in-laws within these families of true love, they can transcend the boundaries of their national and racial backgrounds. This is how peace can come. Truly, the high-level formula for creating true peace is to bring the children of nations that relate to each other as enemies into the realm of the marriage Blessing and have them wed each other across national and cultural boundaries to build true families of true love that heaven and earth desire. When enemies accept the cross-cultural marriage Blessing, peace can begin to unfold.

The formula is the same, whether the conflict is between families, between nations or between ideologies. In cross-cultural blessed marriages, people can transcend their ideologies and build a world of peace and happiness far greater than what their ideologies ever envisioned. The eternal world of peace that both God and humanity long for can begin from this point.
(359-140, 2001/11/06)

8 If you have absolute faith in the indemnity course that True Parents are walking and that you walk with them, when you go to the spirit world it will become a condition by which you can surmount the barriers of the past. It is because the standard of your attendance to True Parentswill connect to the spirit world.

Therefore, you must live as True Parents have taught you and become one in heart with them, with the goal of inheriting their true love, true life and true lineage. You must become sons and daughters who are centered on my thought, aligned with my heart and bonded to my lineage. If you are such sons and daughters, then when your own children become husbands and wives, they will be the substantial fruit of God's love and life.

When you become couples, you unite with the realm of heart of the Original Being of dual characteristics. As the Original Being engages in origin-division-union action through you, the heavenly realm and the earthly realm unite as one vertically. At the same time, east and west, or right and left, become one centering on your conjugal love, and when you have children, they will become one with each other in relationships of older and younger. This is the model of the family, the standard model. There we can experience all the types of God's love.

When you experience life through your sons and daughters, it is as if you are experiencing God's life, and when your sons and daughters expand your lineage, you can feel it is the expansion of God's lineage. Since you are in oneness vertically and horizontally, you become sons and daughters and couples who can represent God's life. And through you, God's love, life and lineage can connect everywhere on the horizontal plane.
(355-277, 2001/10/06)

9 God is the Owner. God is the Teacher. God is the Parent. This is the three great subject partners principle. Because of this, becoming the True Parents required that we become the teachers of all teachers, the owners of all owners and the parents of all parents.

Accordingly, if you want to become a true owner, a true parent and a true teacher, you must know the True God clearly. Centered on the ideal of the True God, you need to teach people how to become true human beings, how to establish true families, how to build a true nation and how to become true citizens of that nation. Since you have not known about all this, True Parents are here to guide you to follow the true path. They teach you how to become true parents. They also teach you how to become true owners.
(216-057, 1991/03/09)

10 At Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, I wrote the following calligraphic precept, "The true, holy and virtuous Emperor of Cheon II Guk, reigning over the myriads of people and triumphant on all levels, begets generations of holy people living in peace and prosperity for whom everything goes well." You need to carry this motto in your heart as you lead your life. By now, even without anyone's help you should be able to know thoroughly the principles of heaven and earth and the formula for the course you need to follow in your life. Then you will not need any other textbooks. This is the ultimate level you need to reach.
(533-011, 2006/07/18)

11 True Parents overcame all the challenges they encountered on earth and gained the supreme victory. Now, along with the inauguration of God's kingship, we have established the world of liberation. This was achieved by victoriously inaugurating the heavenly nation of Gods sovereignty, the united world of spherical oneness.

Whether or not you fully unite with True Parents at the center will determine the conclusion of the entire providential history before and after Gods creation of the world. You must succeed in uniting with them in order to receive the seal of approval from God, Jesus and True Parents. This is how you can be truly liberated.

You as individuals cannot indemnify the things I must resolve. Therefore, instead of that, you must have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in front of True Parents. Your priority should be True Parents; you must place them above your own personal concepts, possessions and desires. No matter what, you have to maintain absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience toward them.

You must build a model family that will never leave its position as True Parents' partner, one that works with them not only on the levels of the individual and the family but on every level up to the nation, the world and even the cosmos. You need to stand as a subject partner whose blessed marriage is of such a standard that it can be publicly recognized by all people. Only then can you return to the original world where the Fall is unknown, the world thatmanifests the ideal of creation. I mean that you can go to the united world of all-embracing oneness.
(378-173, 2002/05/11)

12 True Parents' family is the model. Individuals and families who emulate that model are free to travel anywhere. It is the same for the tribe, people, nation and world. All people must unite with that model. From the family to the world, everyone must inherit True Parents' tradition; this is how they can be integrated with God and True Parents as their true children. Then they will establish the unified homeland.

The True Parents' family is always the model. For this reason, all of you must unite with it. Even the world must connect with it. True Parents' family is the model for all your families, but it is also the model for the whole, having transcended the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. Therefore, God can freely travel back and forth to True Parents' family. This is why everyone must unite with that family.

Moreover, True Parents are the ones who set the tradition from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Hence, from the family to the world, all must inherit that tradition. By doing so they will be integrated with God and True Parents as their true children. Only then can the unified homeland be built. To be integrated means you are with them in total harmony.

The term "True Children" means the True Parents' direct children. In modeling yourself after True Parents' family, you should have the same bond of heartwith True Parents as their direct children have. To become a model means to represent God and True Parents. In order to represent God and True Parents, you must unite centering on True Parents and their children. This is the condition for unifying the homeland.

The path to become true parentsAs a result of Adam and Eve's Fall, we are destined to travel the path of restoration. The only way to sever our connection to the Fall is to follow in the footsteps of True Parents' model course. True Parents triumphed over billions of evil spirits and brought them to voluntary submission. They succeeded because they lived a life of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience before God.

True Parents not only prevailed on earth; they also endured the most miserable circumstances to prevail in spiritual struggles in the spirit world. Thus, in both worlds they have become the greatest examples of living for the sake of others with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience before God.

They allowed us to receive the marriage Blessing, thereby bequeathing their victorious foundation to all blessed families. All people should inherit True Parents' tradition of true love, true life and true lineage and become second selves of True Parents. Then they should fulfill their responsibilities as tribal mes-siahs and citizens of Cheon II Guk.
(242-312, 1993/01/02)

13 Human beings are born from fallen parents. This is why you find yourselves changing every day, living in ignoranceof your purpose and direction, groaning in despair. However, the path you are destined to go is not a path that changes from one moment to the next. You must not be fickle—one way in the morning and another way in the evening. You need to have the firm belief and conviction that "True Parents' path is my path; True Parents' daily life is my daily life; where True Parents stand, I will stand; True Parents' world is my world." And you should be able to say you cherish True Parents more than you do anyone else in the world.

There will be storms on your path while attending True Parents. Yet no matter how furiously the tempests blow, you should be able to surmount them and even find delight in them. If you do so, you will not be just dreaming about the restoration of the world in the future; you will be actualizing that united world. This I why I tell you to become the families who can exemplify True Parents' family and meet the standard of True Parents' tradition. Your families should be the hope of the future world that all people have been hoping for. This law does not change. If you are a family who can embody that law, then you are of the family of True Parents.
(044-136, 1971/05/06)

14 You cannot become perfect on your own. You can be perfected simply by the love of your parents. This is why, once a baby is born in the bosom of its parents, the child takes after the parents. It doesn't matter whether the parents are good people or bad, handsome or plain.

The Unification Church teaches thatwe must meet True Parents and receive their love. For you it is the blessing of all blessings. The hope of all people is to meet the True Parents. You must meet the True Parents even if you have to face death along the way. You may lose all of history, all the present era and even all your future descendants, but if you can meet the True Parents it is as if you are recovering the ages of history, the present era and the future. Such is the value of True Parents. Throughout fallen history people have longed for one united world. Human beings all cherished in their hearts the hope that a world of peace would be built on earth at some point in time.
(035-237, 1970/10/19)

15 The time has come for our blessed families, centering on True Parents' family, to present the ideal of the family to the families of humankind throughout the world. This is the era to restore the family. Therefore, now that we are building exemplary families on God's side, we should teach the right path to all the families in Satan's world. We should present the one perfect model, surpassing the imperfect standards of families in the fallen world. This would be a family in which sons and daughters attend their Heavenly Parent, a wife attends her husband, children attend their parents, and a younger sister serves her older brother.

What I am saying is that all of you should inherit the heart of the vertical Parent and horizontal True Parents, with true love at the center, and become perfected true children. Then you yourselves can become true parents. When youfulfill the ideal of perfect siblings that God has envisioned in His heart, you can become husbands and wives. As married couples, you should become the best among all couples, perfect in the sense that you are what God has desired to see. When you become parents, you should become perfect embodiments of God's heart.

True Parents have emerged as the ones who perfectly embody God's heart at each stage: children, siblings, spouses and parents. They are the ones whom God has awaited and envisioned as the center of His own family.
(240-204, 1992/12/13)

16 You need to place God and True Parents at the center of your life. This is the original standard. After taking this position, you need to expand it into a new future. You need to build a world that is the expansion of God and True Parents' family. For this, you need to establish the structure of your own family based on absolute, original, true love. This is the beginning point of the tradition of God and True Parents.

Yet you are now too distant from this standard. You are going in the wrong direction because of your many bad habits and worldly concepts. These things become conditions for Satan to accuse you when God brings the judgment in the future. That is to say, what you must fear most is what you are carrying within yourself. From now on, you must eliminate all your bad habits and the conditions upon which Satan could accuse you, and advance to firmly secure the structure of your own true family.
(228-023, 1992/03/01)

17 All members who received the Blessing must become true parents. We are now living in the era when we must bring all the families of the world to become families with true parents. Since we now laid the foundation to bring unity throughout the world, the time has come for all the blessed people throughout the world to become true parents, and by doing so to enable others to become true parents.

For this, all you blessed wives must first inherit True Mother's tradition. In order to become a true parent, you need to do so. On behalf of True Mother, you too must experience the pain of childbirth in order to unite everyone in your tribe at this time of making everyone into true parents. True Mother represents the Holy Spirit; therefore, she must give birth to all of humankind, but this time not only in terms of the spirit but also in terms of the flesh. Accordingly, you blessed wives have the responsibility of Mother to give birth to young adults and even older men, no matter what their age—everyone of the first generation. You need to resurrect them all.

Second, you need to liberate families and expand the realm of family messi-ahs. You need to give them rebirth and liberate them. If you do not give them rebirth, they cannot be resurrected. All human beings must be reborn. As family messiahs, you must give birth to the families in your clan and bring them into oneness as your tribe. Then each of you, as a tribal messiah of your own tribe, must bring your tribe into the realm ofthe one tribe. Thus, in the position of True Mother, you must give rebirth to families and tribes and bring them into oneness. This is what is required to reverse through indemnity the failures of Adam's family and Jesus' family.
(248-159, 1993/08/01)

18 Now you need to go over the individual level of Adam and Eve when they lived with God prior to the Fall, and even beyond their life as a family. You must go further, to fulfill the family ideal at the levels of the tribe, nation, world and cosmos.

Within our own generation, we, the True Parents, had to resolve all the historical entanglements of Adam, who by falling had become the false parent. Within our generation we had to resolve humankind's defilement by the blood of death that began from Satan, a matter whose truth was unknown through all the ages of history. We had to establish the original foundation as a family with God's love within the world of heart and the realm of oneness and expand it to the levels of the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Because we have completed that, we can finally settle.

Starting from Adam and Eve, human beings together with God went through the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. Only today have we finally settled in the realm of the Fourth Adam's heart. Your families have inherited a position of liberation that was only attained now, tens of thousands of years after the time of Adam. Therefore, all of you can now become the ancestors ofyour newly formed clans.
(519-096, 2006/02/28)

19 You need to fulfill the way of filial children in your family, the way of patriots who live for the nation, the way of saints who live for the world, and the way of divine sons and daughters who live for heaven and earth. Your family represents not only your own family; it represents the model for your tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Therefore, you are required to live for the fulfillment of them all.

When Adam fell, though he was but one individual, that one moment brought the downfall of all the billions of people in the future generations of his family. Accordingly, when you restore people through indemnity, you need to restore each person or family as if they represent multitudes of people. This is the responsibility of each blessed family.

Thus, with your own merit as the center, each of you blessed families will become the starting point of new tribes. Satan's world expanded horizontally from individuals to tribes.

Now all people throughout the world should unite by developing the mind-set of world-level individuals and world-level families and build a common base with True Parents' standard. This is how the world can come to be perfectly in accord with True Parents' model. On behalf of your entire family, you need to be in accord with True Parents' example and be willing to offer your body as a sacrifice for the sake of the world and for the sake of all humanity; then you can receive God's Divine Seal. We asthe True Parents have been working throughout our lives to pioneer that standard and be that example for you.
(557-163, 2007/02/27)

20 You must become citizens of the kingdom of heaven. It is the nation of True Father, the nation of True Mother and the nation of the true elder son. When you are connected to them, you emerge as people of the kingdom of heaven. Each of you is a citizen, a son or daughter, and an owner of the kingdom of heaven. It is in the family that you begin to become owners of the kingdom. From there you can enter the realm of the royal family.

A filial child is the owner of his or her family, and a patriot is the owner of his or her nation. These must connect together as one; they must go in one direction on the same path. A filial child, a patriot, a saint and a divine son or daughter all move in the same direction on the same path. There is no other path. God wants you to follow a single path.

In the very beginning, you must become a filial child. You must become a person to whom God would say, "I absolutely need you. I am going to be with you whether you are in hardship or in happiness." Become the person He wants to be with, all through your life. No matter how much you are rejected and persecuted, you must keep following this one path. Once you become a citizen of the kingdom of heaven, no indemnity is required.

Once accomplished, results will last forever. Your re-creation is the onehope to which you should aspire.
(293-209, 1998/05/26)

21 True Parents are the owners of true love. True Parents are the king and queen of love. We have lost that most precious true love. The question is how we can recover it. True Parents, true love, true life and true lineage form a realm that Satan cannot touch no matter how much he tries.

Humanity must become tuned to God's Will for eternity. God and all people must constantly maintain an eternal relationship as subject partner and object partners, with true love at the core. Unless we can arrive at this goal, we cannot maintain a life centered on true love, which is Gods ideal of creation. This is the Principle. No one can deny it. This is why we absolutely need True Parents.
(216-320, 1991/04/15)

22 As a result of Adam s Fall, numerous walls were created. Now that True Parents have finally come, they have removed the barriers with their love and paved the way to the realm of heart, both in the heavenly world and on earth. Whether or not you tread that path is up to you, but the path is there. True Parents have built a highway in every village. To get onto that highway, you must bring your own car and find that road by exerting your own effort. Thanks to True Parents, the walls erected throughout human history that blocked the realm of heart and that separated the spiritual and physical worlds are now broken down. Just as water flows from a large main to every home, the road without any obstacles is now open to everyone. On this foundation, the realm of unity between the spiritual world and the physical world can finally be formed.
(169-125, 1987/10/29)

23 Henceforth we must establish the standard in our own families based on the tradition of Adam and Eve, the original husband and wife according to God's creation. We must perfect the realm of husband and wife and become true parents. Then we must in turn bequeath true love, true life and true lineage to our own true sons and daughters. This is the mission of all blessed families, and you must never forget it. The reason we become true parents is not only to bring victory from the individual level to the levels of the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos; it is also to create the realm of God's liberation.
(235-022, 1992/08/24)

24 True Parents come to deal with the fundamental problem of the family, and the Savior originally comes to deal with the problems of the nation. True Parents have both these responsibilities. When they engraft people with the seed of true love and true life, both of these matters can be resolved. Due to the Fall, human beings received the seed of false love and false life. Since that made them false olive trees, they must receive a graft from the true olive trees. Then they must connect to true love, so that by centering on true love they may inherit life. Otherwise they cannot belong to True Parents' bloodline.
(238-074, 1992/11/19)

25 All leaders want their successor orheir whom they raise to be better than themselves. This is the principle of the creation of heaven and earth. Hence, you who are in the position of owners should open the way for the son or daughter who most closely attends you to become even better than you are. Even though Satan may close a door and cause your heir to fall away, still you must keep the door open for him or her to return. Then your successor can inherit the original lineage, perfect and flawless, and be free of the fallen lineage.

If you leaders believe this and put it into practice, then when I pass into the heavenly world as its governor—the True Parent, true teacher and true king in the position of having established a parent-child relationship with God in lineage—I will bequeath everything to you. I will consider you to be the representatives of the family of True Parents that God established, and I will give you the position of my representative as your inheritance. You need to believe that this proclamation is for heaven and earth. Hence, you need to put it into practice.
(574-188, 2007/09/04)

26 You too must become true parents. If you become so, will you be true parents for a tribe or for a people? Or even for a nation? If you reach the level of national-level true parents, you will ascend straight to the heavenly kingdom.

There are many individual true parents. The best among them will be elevated to be the true parents of a tribe. They can even be elevated to be the trueparents of a people, a nation or the world. Nevertheless, you cannot even begin unless you establish a true family.

Without a true family, you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven in the next world. It is a place that only families can enter. The structure of the heavenly kingdom is based on gatherings of families. The formula is based on gathering together. Thus, until you have your own family, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. This is the way of thinking centered on True Parents. This is the way you must also walk as true parents.
(268-078, 1995/03/05)

27 We read in the Bible, "I am the way, and the truth and the life." But one thing is missing—love. Although it is written, "I am the way, and the truth and the life," what can we do with this? We need to include love. What about, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life and the love. No one comes to the Father except through me"? Jesus Christ is the central person of love. He was to become the True Parent. It is just as the body takes after the mind: in the era ofTrue Parents, if you resemble True Parents you resemble God.
(177-297, 1988/05/20)

28 When you relate to God, the question is how to attain oneness with Him as the Parent in the realm of heart. All beings, whether in the spiritual world or the physical world, whether our ancestors or those in the angelic world, exist to safeguard and protect Him. This should be their first priority. They are meant to feel in the core of their being that they are connected to God—thattheir body with its four limbs exists to connect to Him with a bond of true love. They are meant to have a relationship with their Lord centering on true love. All creatures in our environment in this world and this universe are meant to exist to become one with the Lord and to protect Him. Thus, when they perish, it should never be the case that they feel a grievance over having been a victim.

Then the question is how you connect to God in bonds of love, so you are one with Him from the core of your being in your body to every thought in your mind. You need to be able to stand before Him with the qualification to be a lord of creation, as God desired when He created you. Such lords or owners are the sons and daughters who take after God in everything.
(345-143, 2001/06/11)

29 We have the idea we should become perfect. How can we attain such perfection? We need to follow a formula, such as, "If you do this, you can build an ideal family." And indeed there is a formula for building an ideal tribe, nation, world and cosmos. The owner of this formula is God. So if you base your life on this formula, you should have no problem taking root in perfection. We can reach perfection through unity between God's large formula and our small formula. Then our individual foundation will expand to become the foundation of the family, the tribe, the nation and the world, allowing us to stand right next to God. And when we are with the Center, we can connect tothe spirit world vertically. It means we can become Gods sons and daughters.

To become God's children, we must resemble Him. God is united in mind and body. Yet your mind and body are still struggling, even now. When are you going to unite them? If you are still on the way to uniting them, it means you are not yet perfect. This is why I am telling you to humble yourself, live for the sake of others, and devote yourself to fulfilling the Will.

If you have the conviction, "I am True Parents' representative; I am one with God. I am His champion," then you can stand in the central position. It means you are the second creator. Then you will have no problem reaching perfection on the individual level. You will have no problem perfecting your family and your tribe. Your influence can extend even beyond your nation. You can make connections with other nations, transcending national borders.
(248-185, 1993/08/03)

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