Book 5

Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes

The Holy Wedding of True Parents, held on April 11, 1960 (16th day of the 3rd lunar month), is the starting point of the new providential history. On this day the first seven-year course began. Various activities were carried out in earnest to expand the external foundation. Churches were built throughout Korea and, as membership increased, local church structures were strengthened. Every summer and winter the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), our interdenominational organizations, and the Victory Over Communism (VOC) movement witnessed and carried out educational, religious and social activities.

When members first began the educational campaign, True Parents encouraged them to "go forth with the iron rod of life" and speak out to the Korean people, who were wandering in distress because they did not know where to go. Through members' efforts and desperate tears, the Korean people came to perceive the Unification Church in a new light. The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was registered with the government, and thus a stable foundation for our work was laid. The fact that the association was legally registered in 1963, though almost a decade after its inauguration, prepared the foundation upon which to restore the position of Judaism and the blessing of the Third Israel in providential history. The association's registration in Korea in the wake of its previous registration in the United States, a nation in the same position as the Roman Empire, provided an opportunity for God's providence to advance to the next stage.

Explanation of the Divine Principle was published in 1957. True Parents next published Exposition of the Divine Principle in 1966. Based on the latter publication, we prepared public presentations, lectures and revivals to disseminate the Divine Principle to the wider society. This was to show clearly that there is no path for Korea and its people to follow other than that of the Unification teachings. CARP became active on college campuses to safeguard against the encroachment of communist ideology and to help professors and students understand the path to be followed by the nation of Korea and its people.

True Parents initiated three seven-year courses beginning in 1960 and spurred the expansion of their internal and external foundations. The first seven-year course was a period during which True Parents organized the Unification tribe through the restoration of the individual, family and tribe. This could have been accomplished immediately in 1945 upon the liberation of Korea by laying the foundation for the restoration of the people, but it was not accomplished at that time. Instead, True Parents declared their victory in 1967, after the first seven-year course, and were thus able to step onto the world stage. During this period, they established Parents' Day, Childrens Day, and the Day of All Things, after which they founded and established God's Day. In addition, on the first day of every year they announced a motto that set the providential goal for the upcoming year.

Chapter 1

Registration of the Holy Spirit Association and Expansion of the Internal Foundation

Section 1. Legal Recognition and Church Construction

Legal recognition

The nationwide structure of the church was first organized on October 14,1960 and since then the structure has evolved in accordance with the church's development. On May 31, 1963, a decade after its inauguration, it was legally registered as a social organization with the Korean government, and, on October 4 that same year, it obtained corporate authorization as a church. This opened the way for True Parents and the fledgling church to accelerate the work for the salvation of all people.

1 Until 1960, we were severely persecuted. Of course, we received persecution after that, but step by step we have been growing. The providence of restoration is the struggle between Cain and Abel. At that time, we were working on registering our association with the government. The Department of Culture and Education dealt with all registration affairs, and the then-department minister denied our application. We contested his decision, and after one week, it was overruled. That one week corresponded to 70 years, 700 years and also 7,000 years. If his initial decision had not been overruled at that time, we would not have been able to conduct any religious activities. But his decision was overruled, and finally, on May 31,1963, the government formally registered the Holy Spirit Association. (052-187, 1971/12/29)

2 The Unification Church acceded to the position of a restored Judaism, where it could receive the blessing of the Third Israel and inherit the duties of loyalty and filial piety. Because of that, the government published the registration certificate of the church as an association. We also registered the church in the United States, which corresponds to the Roman Empire. Since we have thus completely prepared the way for the worldwide stage centering on religion, from now on no one will be able to expel us, and even if they wish to kill us, they will not be able to do so. The mission of Judaism was to teach the Israelites the way toward a new heaven and earth. Now the Unification Church has a similar responsibility on its shoulders. (013-051, 1963/10/16)

3 Registering our church with the government could be seen by some as a joyful event, but I did not see it as a time for self-congratulation. This was because there remained other struggles for me to take up. I will rejoice when God rejoices. In four years' time, the first seven-year course will be concluded, and my 21 -year course will also come to an end. We need to make preparations for that time. People are gradually falling into confusion. Outside the Unification Church, there is no altar for the atonement of sin. When these four years pass, we will need to mobilize to represent the people, and sacrifice and serve them for the sake of the world. We must restore the world by shedding our tears and blood. Korea is not the issue. We must pray to turn around the entire world and cosmos. (013-084, 1963/10/20)

4 Because I knew what others did not know, I became a man of suffering. Accordingly, in the initial three-year period of the first seven-year course, I could not sleep with my legs stretched out. I needed to make it so that men and women, young and old, would bow their heads before me and ask me to lead them, and I had to make the people and the nation follow. Now that the Unification Church is registered with the government, we have come to stand in a position where no power on earth can block the road we will go. God established democracy so that the Lord who comes again will not be killed. Nonetheless, although we talk about our association being registered, we cannot feel at ease. (013-079, 1963/10/19)

5 In what position is the Unification Church today? What is the nature of the initial three-year period of the first seven-year course? Jesus took up his cross at the end of his three-year public course. Accordingly, the period to prepare the victorious foothold for the people collapsed, and the time necessary to fulfill the Will of God was prolonged. But it cannot be prolonged again and again. In terms of the Divine Principle, Korea's 40 years under Japanese imperialist rule, plus the three-year period of US military administration, correspond to the 430-year period of slavery in Egypt.

What is the nature of the first year of our three-year period? Because we had no place to stand, the first year was the year for preparing our foothold by uniting the physical world and the spiritual world. For the Unification Church, it was that year that determined whether we lived or died. Through the Holy Wedding Ceremony held in 1960, the individual position was secured for the first time. We thus established one starting point.

What kind of starting point was that? It was similar to the three-day period just before Moses crossed the Red Sea. Everything in the history of restoration is included in this three-year period. Centering on the four-position foundation, which was accomplished by means of completing this period, we came to offer a proclamation ceremony for the registration of our association. This was on the 13th day of the 4th lunar month in 1963. (012-273, 1963/06/20)

Building churches

To build the world mission headquarters, the church purchased an 11.4 acre site in Yeouido, Seoul, on April 14, 1971. Members contributed toward this purchase, setting the condition in their heart that they each were buying a square meter of that land. Whenever True Parents returned from a world tour, they stopped by the site to offer a prayer. In addition, True Parents instructed that funds be used to build local churches throughout Korea. Starting with the Sintanjin Church in South Chungcheong Province, completed on June 10, 1974, a total of 188 A-frame churches were built in Korea by 1976.

6 When True Mother and I visit one of our churches that is a little shabby, we feel proud even if the church looks pitiable. We think that though the place looks miserable now, when we look back later, we will see that the flag that we raised in these humble surroundings has become a source of pride for us in front of people and all nations. When a person goes to sleep after doing someone a favor, a peaceful feeling comes upon him and the angels sing his praises. There- fore, the Unification Church will continue to rise ever higher. That is why I am never embarrassed, no matter where I go, and I stand tall and proud, no matter whom I meet. (059-212, 1972/07/16)

7 Even though we call it the headquarters, the headquarters in Cheongpa-dong is not the world headquarters. I explained this to the members from abroad. Of course, even though this Cheongpa-dong headquarters is shabby, we should never forget it, because it enshrines the events of our history. Despite that, this place cannot be the world headquarters. The world headquarters should evoke a feeling of pre-eminence and significance. We need to build the world headquarters in a new location. This is the reason I bought the land in Yeouido. The site for the world headquarters should be a place where we can begin anew. It has to be built in such a place. The world headquarters must exist for the sake of the world. (045-185, 1971/06/27)

8 Since the time of the Unification Church has now come, we need to build a headquarters. This is why I have selected and purchased four sites in Korea. The purpose of this work is to establish the substantial base for the restoration of the four-position foundation. We are beginning to prepare the necessary foundation for the nation and the world. (038-123, 1971/01/03)

9 The world headquarters has to be a temple that leads the world. We need to buy at least 16.5 acres (21,000 pyeong) to build it, but now it is impossible for us to buy that much land. Even so, we should buy at least 11.5 acres. That piece of land should be bought by the Korean members. We, as Parents, are devoting all our energies to this work, so that we can go beyond the nation, and even further. If the people who know about the Will do not take part in this work, they will regret it for generations and generations to come. (038-124, 1971/01/03)

10 When we consider Korea, the time has come for us to step forward. In addition, we must do a good job of building the world headquarters on Yeouido. In the future, Yeouido will become the heart of Seoul. You will see, all my predictions will come true, thanks to God's protection. A plaza will be built in front of the world headquarters. (045-334, 1971/07/11)

11 In the future, we need to build churches throughout Korea. Therefore, we have to prepare the sites. The time has come when you should establish churches no matter what, by cooperating with one another and also with headquarters. In 1975, a mobile team of 1,000 people will visit Japan and then Korea. But we do not have a place in Seoul that accommodates that many people. For this reason, they will have to form eight teams and visit the eight largest cities in Korea, in rotation.

That is why we need to build churches. Unless you cooperate with one another and unite, the churches you build will not last long. Build those churches with your sweat, blood and devotion. The more difficulties you go through while building them, the more power these churches will have as symbols of oneness; every time you look at that church, the more difficulty you had, the more it will strengthen your faith. (071-158, 1974/04/30)

12 I am going to start a campaign to build A-frame churches at this time. You need to prepare half of the necessary expenses. I will begin building churches in those places where members have their half of the expenses ready. All that will be required will be to bring the materials and put them together.

When you say, "We are ready," at such and such a place, the people from headquarters will appraise the sites suitability. If the place is like a refugee camp, the building will have no life. We will appraise whether the building, once constructed, will fit with the environment and scenic beauty in all directions. If the site does not meet the standard, you will need to choose a new site.

If the second site is approved, we will send a team to lay the foundation. This team will level the ground for the foundation. After that, comes the construction of the framework, the skeletal structure. The material will be transported by truck, and the pillars and doors will be put up. After erecting the skeletal structure, it will be okay to lay the roofing tiles. After the tiles are placed so the rain does not leak in, the plasterer will come to plaster the interior. And then the flooring will be laid down. In this way, different people having different responsibilities can move in stages and build the churches all at the same time. (071-165, 1974/04/30)

13 After the 1975 Day of Hope Rally, some people started to support us, even though Christianity still opposed us. It was difficult in the past when we were persecuted, but now we have entered the era when we can be welcomed. Therefore, you have to visit your hometown, find your tribe, and include them when you organize the genealogical tree of the heavenly kingdom. If you do not enroll your clan in that genealogical tree, your ancestors will accuse you and, in the future, your descendants will accuse you. Parents purchased the site for the Headquarters Church and built local churches. After that, we bought sites on which to build a university and a training center in Cheongpyeong, where we can educate the young people of the world. (084-158, 1976/02/22)

Section 2. The Seonghwa Youth Association

The meaning of seonghwa

The Seonghwa Christian Students Association was launched on December 31, 1954, as the first affiliate of HSA-UWC. The name Seonghwa was bestowed personally by True Father, and since then many organizations have adopted that name. According to his words, "seonghwa" means completion and harmony, that is, to achieve completion by harmonizing with others. The Seonghwa Christian Students Association changed its name to Seonghwa Youth Association on March 27, 1955, on the day the first issue of the magazine Seonghwa was published. It remained at the center of the Holy Spirit Association activities until 1960.

1 You need to know the meaning of the title, "Seonghwa Youth Association." The word seonghwa does not mean to harmonize passively by receiving some stimulation. It means to actively harmonize. You who started based on the former meaning tend to like doing something in the morning, but cry and wail in the evening and then do whatever you feel like at night. You cannot be that way. If you are the people who know God's Will, you cry in the morning but are happy at night. You like things in the beginning, but at the end give many excuses and conditions. That is why I make the Seonghwa graduates go through hardships. If the only way to save the people of our nation is to send you to the front line of the battle, where some of you may fall into the pits of death, I will have to do so. (013-119, 1963/11/08)

2 What kind of meaning does seonghwa (/jgft]) have? The character hwa (ft) in the word "chemistry" means "to change the original character," but the hwa (ft]) in "seonghwa" is different. Seonghwa means achieving harmony—through absolute objectivity—with the original character of God.

You are to accomplish the Will of God through this meaning of seonghwa. You yourself have to consolidate your worldview, your view of life, and your heavenly heart. You, as a ripened, perfect seed, need to shed your skin. That way you can become a clean grain. You must make sure you never hear from others, "Your Teacher is amazing, but his disciples are not that good." (025-108, 1969/09/30)

3 The word hwa (ft) in seonghwa means that one's individuality is what it is. There is a term we use for this, which is "individual embodiment of truth." If there are 1,000 people here, each one of you is different. Each of you has your own individual nature. Seonghwa means to become one centering on each individual's own nature. The term "chemical combination" means to combine elements into one compound, thereby changing the elements' differing characteristics, but seonghwa means uniting as one while keeping each individual's characteristics intact. Seonghwa means all individuals are united into one. The oneness thus achieved is called unity. When all individuals' characteristics have achieved completion and are connected, they unite completely as one. Thus, unity is achieved. (253-129, 1994/01/23)

4 When you look at the word seonghwa in Seonghwa Youth Association, seong (file) means completion and hwa (ft) means harmony. Together, seonghwa means to achieve completion by harmonizing with one another. To do so, you first have to pass through the stage of the Word. Second, you have to become a person who can respectfully communicate with God. You can communicate with God in heart without having to discuss every detail with Him. Most of all, you must become the central person of harmony. You need to become a person of character who can unite with people front and back, top and bottom, left and right. Thus the standard you can reach is to become the substance of God's blessings.

Jesus worked on the front line of the providence when he was a young man. The most important period in one's life is the youthful years around age 30. In your work during that period, you need to add the passion and fervor of your youthful course to Father's youthful course. That is the time of your life when you can be fully part of the great undertaking of re-creation and achieve glory. You have to have the heart that thoroughly says, "I am not the same as you" to the people of the world. You have to have the spirit to declare, "Even though you cannot do it, I can do it!" In any difficult circumstance you need to be able to say, "I am not the same as you are. Historically, temporally, horizontally, from any angle you look at it, I am different." In difficult situations you have to have the determination that "If I do not move, nothing is going to happen." (008-329, 1960/02/21)

5 Among you, is there any young man or woman who has life stirring within? If there is such a person, that person needs to prove the laws of heaven in the presence of the church pastors and elders and thus earn the qualification to criticize their character and judge them based on the values of heaven. Do not countenance any being in heaven or on earth who opposes the heart of God. When you join the Unification Church, you must transcend the concepts of established religions. Go beyond their unconvincing concepts of faith. The concepts of faith that have existed until now have failed to serve as the safe haven where God can dwell and we can attend the substance of Jesus. Therefore, have no mercy on yourself; decide courageously to step over those concepts and go beyond them. (003-274, 1958/01/12)

6 Young people, your youthful days do not last long. Since you have learned about the Will and stepped forward to devote yourself to God, you need to dedicate the precious days of your youth to heaven without any regrets. As you do so, think of how precious these days are. Sometimes you see people who regret that they spent their youth in a way that had no meaning in terms of the Will. Such people complain and groan because they forgot the Will of God and how worthy it is to work for the Will during ones youth. Everyone reaches their peak in their youth, which can be said to be the golden age of their life. The question is, for whom will you spend those days? The days you lived for the nation and the world will go down in history forevermore. This is more worthy than living these days for ones own sake, or for the happiness of one's family. (043-067, 1971/04/18)

The role of young people

After the establishment of HSA-UWC, young people and students were at the center. Aspiring youths and students were the power and pride of the church. Most of the early members were outstanding individuals who hailed from society's upper class. A rumor even arose that "the Unification Church is frequented only by intellectuals." The young people were the pillars of the church. They played a frontline role to advance the work of restoring people and the world. True Father made strenuous efforts to raise them as leaders. He took them outdoors to train them in challenging their limitations and, at the same time, to give them the opportunity to be close to nature.

7 In general, when university students graduate, they find work. Next they start a family. It is the same for you and me as members of the Unification Church. The form is quite similar. After graduation from school, as citizens of Korea, you naturally find a way to contribute to the nation. You will live within the moral sphere of your society. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will form a family and carry on with life. The direction is the same. But the steps of those who go out to the worldly society stay within the society. Those who go out to the family stay within the family.

Given this reality, you will always live in pessimism and disappointment if you cannot go beyond the boundary of your family and the boundary of society and move forward to the nation and world with voluntary and independent conviction to pioneer and to make each day substantially active and fruitful. Many young people today feel this pessimism and disappointment.

Our direction is the same as theirs, but our circumstances are different. When we form a family, we become the head of our family, and it does not end there. We go beyond the environment of our family and connect the path of our family to the path of a tribe. From there, we make the form of a core family that can unite people, a family on the world level. As can be seen, our position and the scope of our thinking is different from that of young people in general. We as individuals seek to fulfill these missions. In the position of subject partner, we prepare our external abilities, engage in active practice, and influence others. You must become the kind of person who can influence others. Without such power, we cannot achieve any of our goals. (025-080, 1969/09/30)

8 What is the pride that young people need to maintain within themselves, and who are the youth that God would come looking for? This is the question. It is not the youth who follow the stained course of our fallen ancestors, Adam and Eve. It is not the youth who doubt and complain. God's work cannot be accomplished without pure young people who declare, "Absolute sacrifice, absolute faith, absolute obedience and absolute harmony are the only way to proceed."

The place where you are standing as Seonghwa middle and high school students of the Unification Church differs from that of past historical eras. You were born when the critical point in the age of restoration is approaching. You, who are inspired by Unification Thought, will have to appear to the new world on the foundation of the united physical and spiritual worlds and on the foundation of the physical Abel. You in particular, as new flag bearers, are not old grandparents or adults. You have young blood. Only when shining groups of young people can be found in at least one place on earth, can Gods sorrowful and painful heart of6,000 years be comforted. Only those young people can pull out and reverse the root of evil that became the base of Adam s ill will. If we cannot find them, darkness will persist throughout the cosmos. Therefore, God is calling this young generation. (059-275, 1972/07/27)

9 You have to walk the same path your ancestors trod. We are the same as the people of Israel in the wilderness. Moses and the people of Israel were chased and went through suffering in the wilderness. Likewise, Jesus was persecuted by his own people and religion. He was distrusted even by his own family. You have to experience this same kind of sad and mortifying situation. But do not be discouraged.

What will you do if you are put in this position of being mistreated? You must experience the heart of our Father, who has suffered historically. Think of your ancestors' pain as your pain, and stand together with a heart that will not change for tens of thousands of years. Move forward while harboring enmity only toward Satan. Heaven needs young men and women who can go this way.

Heaven has been looking for truthful young people who yearn for heaven's will. Since God gave this mission to us instead of other people in this nation, we have to become elite soldiers who can march forward to face heaven's enemies. We experience deeply to the marrow of our bones the sorrowful heart of our Father. To do this, you need to unite your life and your beliefs. You need to march forward to resolve the sorrows of God, the sorrows of Jesus, the sorrows of your ancestors, and the sorrows of your descendants. (003-296, 1958/01/19)

10 You young people must honor and care for the 30 million people of Korea before caring for yourselves. Before thinking of yourselves, let the mind that thinks of all people on earth well up. The mind that holds one blade of grass and is able to cry for it has to explode within you beyond all understanding. Without this heart, you cannot become perfected sons and daughters of God. Such people are the fruits of God's tears and pain, offerings on God's altar of blood. Who can pioneer the path of this people? It must be those who can truly beat the ground, pound their chests and wail for the people. The ones who can save this world are young people. (005-021, 1958/11/09)

11 Passing through 5,000 years of history, the Korean people have walked a path of suffering. The people of this nation have walked with sadness, sorrow and injustice, without being able to ap- peal to anyone. What will become of these people? They are like orphans. We must hold their hands and cry with them. Only by doing that can we help the people of this nation survive. No matter what mistakes they may have made, they are our brothers and sisters, created by God with the same blood, bones and flesh.

There need to appear those young people who think beyond their individual circumstances, young people who can weep with these people with empathy and a true parental heart, one with the historical lineage of True Parents. Such young people are needed. When young people apply all of their burning passion to fulfill their own desires or make a successful career, that passion will conclude within the limits of their individual lives. (005-080, 1958/12/21)

12 The original ideal for human beings is to cross over limitless barriers and embrace God in joy. We have to pour forth passion to achieve the original ideal. If God's providence engages with such groups of people as they follow a course of history, what kind of people would God want to see as a result of that providence? It would be the group of people who can shed tears to achieve God's Will, who can weep as they become entwined in one purpose, one heart and one action, who volunteer with tears to become the first offerings. God is looking for such a group of people. (005-080, 1958/12/21)

13 Evil stands face-to-face against us and Satan opposes us as we search for the conscientious standard. Therefore, we need to form a relationship with heaven at the place where our hearts and heaven s heart bond, where human affection and heaven s affection unite, the place where our thinking and heaven s thinking are indistinguishable, where our lives and heaven's life become one, and where our love and heaven s love interweave. If the hearts, lives, ideas and loves of heaven and human beings are united, this relationship can never be cut.

Even fallen people have a hard time cutting off relationships from each other. They cry their eyes out trying to hold on to their relationships. But who can cut off a relationship that became one through heaven s affection? Even all the powers of evil in the world cannot cut off the flow of heart that is connected to God, the origin of our mind and soul. Until humankind finds such a heavenly standard, history will be tormented and humanity will moan.

Is there a brave person who can prevent this from happening in this world? I eagerly look forward to finding such a brave person among young men and women, a person to take on this responsibility, a person who will pioneer this mission and walk the path of this mission wholeheartedly, exploding with love over the capital city of Satan. God hopes to see many such dauntless, elite soldiers of heaven. (005-158, 1959/01/11)

14 Our hearts compel us to move forward to the place of ultimate truth. In the end, our hearts determine everything about us. People who hold on to their heart and carefully search it can hear the words they are given, understand the visions they are shown, and analyze the reality of life. If there are young men and women who search for a new teaching, while feeling the responsibilities that have been given them, while suppressing an anxious heart and restless mind, and if there exists a movement with a heart that can hear their cries, you too, through that heart, will be able to grasp everything in history and everything you have ever felt. People who feel this and awaken will say, "This is the teaching heaven has been searching for! This is the truth the world has been searching for! This is what God can establish proudly in front of heaven and earth!" Those who have these moments and cry out despite themselves are the owners of history, of the providence and of the heavenly laws.

In the present age, you are following a path of life on which you should fulfill your duties and leave behind achievements in the world of relationships and connections. When that comes to pass, you can be proud of yourself, awakened to the fact that, "I am the victor who represents the original, innate human nature!" At such a moment, this world and this universe will become yours and God too will become your God. (006-121, 1959/04/12)

15 Through us arises the starting point of happiness for heaven, earth and humankind. Someone has to take responsibility for this work. If you see some people who cannot walk properly for the tears in their eyes, who throw themselves down and appeal to God on their knees, begging to shoulder this responsibility, then bow down before them and repent deeply. If you encounter people who shed blood and sweat for heaven and the Will with thankful hearts, without thinking of themselves even though they are in a miserable and wretched situation, you must follow these people even at the risk of your life.

Such believers, such conscientious people, must arise among the people of Korea. If this does not happen, the Korean people will perish. Imagine a group of people who declare, "I am the stepping-stone of God's eternal and unchanging truth. Even though I am hungry, in ragged clothes and uneducated, other than me, there is no one who can hold Your hand with a sincere heart and devotion. Other than me, there is no one who can adjust Your clothes. Other than me, there is no one who can fix Your shoes. Other than by me, it cannot be done." On the day such a group of people comes together, they can conquer Satan's world without a fight. We ourselves are the important factor. (010-180, 1960/09/25)

Section 3. The Students'Association and Collegiate Association

Student and Alumni Associations

Seonghwa graduates led the Unification Church activities in the early days. Organized on October 23, 1955, the middle-school and high-school departments of the Seonghwa Students' Association played a pivotal role in church work. The Korean Seonghwa Alumni Association has full members (graduates of the Seonghwa Student Association) and associate members (who did not graduate). They held their inaugural general assembly, attended by graduates of the 1st through 7th classes of the Seonghwa Association, on November 8 to 15, 1963. Thereafter, the general assembly was held annually.

1 Why did I attach the name Seonghwa to our young people? We need hot-blooded youth, whose pure blood is en-flamed in resonance with God's feelings, so I gave the name Seonghwa. Seonghwa means to harmonize by achieving a common purpose. Because they are harmonized, they are many, but still one. They are the yeast in the loaf. In the family, perhaps there is a grandfather, grandmother, father and mother, but there ought to be happy children as well. Only then can the home be filled with laughter. In this regard, Seonghwa youth bear great responsibility. From now on, you Seonghwa students need faith to become the standard-bearers who will liberate God. If there is a person whose faith surpasses that with which God has fought for 6,000 years, God will entrust His work to that person, even if that person cannot accomplish the Will. (047-080, 1971/08/19)

2 Seong ($ ) in seonghwa means the completion of the ideal of creation. In other words, it means the completion of the entire cosmos. Originally, the age for establishing the standard of completion was at 16, the age at which the human ancestors fell. Accordingly, God hopes for the Seonghwa youth to accomplish everything while they are still teenagers. Young adulthood is the time to position yourself perfectly for the future. I established my lifetime goal and standard of hope, and resolved to achieve it, during adolescence. You too, as people who have inherited the tradition of God, need to take the direct route. (021-083, 1968/10/27)

3 The descendants of the Fall are living in the realm of lamentation. You need to have faith that you will prepare a foundation of goodness within the realm of such lamentation and then go out and fight. To create a greater goodness, you need to have faith, stamp out the bad environment, and fight on. When you actively create goodness, the good environment will absorb the evil environment. In other words, a second creation will take place. No matter the environment that comes next, no matter the waves that rage, if there are enough people whose faith prevails, this country will not perish. I too continue fighting with this faith. To re-create, you need to maintain the subject partner position. Because it is not pursuing the goal of recreation, the Seonghwa Students Association is not progressing enough. If you weaken on the way of advancement, you will succumb in the end.

After establishing the goal of re-creation, you have to keep marching forward. First, I must re-create myself. I, who create goodness and speak on be- half of goodness, must re-create myself. I am the person who can both establish goodness and break it. I am the parent standing at the fork in the road. To satisfy our yearning for that which is better, I stand in the position of object partner in front of God. Let us become people who protect goodness and hate the evil of this world. (012-287, 1963/07/27)

4 The Unification Church has walked forward, but the path on the world stage has yet to be trod. Parents are heading toward the world stage. On my way, I do not yield to anyone and I am not defeated by anyone. My courage to deal with any problem that comes my way is as strong as anyone's, and I have never lost a fight. Unless you go forward with such a heart, you cannot win on the world level. Now, even though we have been victorious on the national level, we have a long way to go to achieve victory on the world level. You need to reflect on how you have spent the days of your youth.

We are living within the realm of the Will of God and the ideal of unity but we must know how to criticize our own position for the sake of making progress into the victorious world where Parents and God are heading. Do not be small-minded and feel sorry for yourself when you are criticized. Instead, be of high caliber and develop through it. From now, be the princes and princesses of heaven, whom the heavenly world approves. Prepare well in your youthful days to realize God's glorious kingdom. (024-088, 1969/07/06)

5 Until we have escaped from Satan's iron clutches, we need to march forward upholding the Will of God. Knowing that God is truly our Father and we are truly His sons and daughters, we bear the responsibility to alleviate His bitter sorrow. By resolving God's sorrow, we liberate God. When an obstacle offends God in even the smallest way as He rules over all nations as a free God, we are responsible to eliminate it. Then we can attend God as the dignified Absolute Being who can rule over all nations in the heavenly kingdom of freedom and peace.

If there are Seonghwa students or young people who have such faith, they are truly great. In the future, the world will advance in a new direction through such young people. If you truly become like this, however wretched your appearance may be, it is not ugly. Infinite hope dwells with you, and your appearance is the basis for God's hope and happiness. (047-080, 1971/08/19)

6 Our young people must not despair, saying that they do not have anything of value. Instead, you must live with the belief that you will create that which has greater value. When we live such a life, we come to cherish a second hope, and we advance toward that hope. You must have the faith that you will go out and re-create young people, who are like rotting tree branches, and that you will put the environment in order. Among Seonghwa students, some may have come here after overcoming opposition from their surroundings. You ended up here after passing through various circumstances, but from now on you need do nothing other than achieve God's ideal of creation, a better and worthier environment. (012-287, 1963/07/27)

7 The trustworthy person who can take responsibility for God's Will and resolve this age is not a passive person, but a prime mover. Because we came out and went through the ages of planning, preparation and practice, the Unification Church set its standard at a certain level. Therefore, the Unification Church family members are not passive; rather, they have the position of prime movers.

Nonetheless, even in that case, you cannot lead on the individual level without laying the foundation of victory on the individual level. Furthermore, you cannot lead on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Therefore, Seonghwa graduates must understand this age from the providential perspective. In keeping with the age, you have to establish the victorious foundation on the individual level. Now is the age when we need to place people on the victorious tribal level after they connect their tribe with the people. (013-111, 1963/11/08)

8 There are people who have left the church after graduating as Seonghwa students. They are like the congregation in the wilderness with Moses going to Canaan, people who murmured, complained and opposed him. They said they could not go on and drove him away. You need to lay the victorious foundation after fighting a spiritual battle in the internal world of your own thoughts. You have to pledge your life from that position and constantly prepare to embody goodness itself. By doing so, winning a great victory, you fight on the final stage of practice, the world stage, and secure the highest and most glorious position. (013-122, 1963/11/08)

9 The owner of history does not complain and fret. A person who merely complains and frets is disliked by God, friends and even their family. No one likes a person who complains. You ought to change your complaining mind and be grateful, with a heart burning with desire and overflowing with hope for a new tomorrow. You must think that you were born for the sake of the country and the world.

Have the mind that wants to share all you have, wants to give all you are wearing and wants to share all you are eating. Even if all you have to eat is boiled millet and gruel, you must want to give more to others. The person who has such a mind-set while feeling sorrow for those who are unable to give, who prays and plans for action, is the owner of that country. Therefore, when you study, you are not studying for your own sake, and when you were born, you were not born for your own sake. You were born for the sake of the world and for the sake of history. (033-289, 1970/08/21)

10 We need to broaden our narrow heart. We need to make it broader and broader. We need to liberate God, liberate Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and liberate all the millions of saints in the spirit world. Also, we need to accomplish the unification of North and South Korea with our own hands.

The mission of setting the direction for this confused world, which has been divided into left and right, and changing it into the united kingdom of heaven on earth, lies on the shoulders of you young people. When you go to bed as such a person, and when you wake up in the morning as such a person, you will realize that the important duty you have shouldered is weighing you down.

Resolve that you will not become a defeated or a foolish person and collapse on the way. Determine that you will work your way up through it all and contribute something to this task, so that you leave a legacy of something for God and your descendants that has become brighter and worthier through you. This is the mission of the young people of the Unification Church in this age. (059-289, 1972/07/27)

11 Young people try to be victorious under any circumstances. They absolutely dislike being losers. As young people standing on the side of heaven, you must bring about the development of the Republic of Korea. Leave a legacy of historic achievements in each field of society. You must renovate those fields. That is the position you are in. You are all young people.

Most young people in todays world, especially college students, behave in a self-centered way regarding how they can establish a successful career in their country and how they can create a happy life for themselves. However, the young people of the Unification Church should not do that. Rather than thinking only about their own happiness, they ought to consider the needs of the people and the needs of the world, based on a higher ethical viewpoint. You must have a higher and broader view of happiness, and you have to practice that view. You need to have such a central sense of mission. The National Collegiate Association At the Second Special Workshop for College Students and Young People, held on January 9, 1966, True Parents said, "From now on, you must take great interest in college campuses and invest your efforts to enlighten and bring together college students who are wandering around without any idea of where they ought to go." Motivated by these words, the young people attending the workshop all resolved to become standard-bearers in the Divine Principle movement on college campuses. In this manner, the National Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles was inaugurated on January 10,1966. After being registered as a club in colleges across Korea, CARP took the lead in teaching the Unification Principle and conducting Victory Over Communism activities. (025-079, 1969/09/30)

12 Our mission is to unite the two camps, democracy and communism. To do so, we need to deploy at least one person to each of 2,400 townships across the nation. If we are going to deploy people in teams of three, we need more than 7,000 people, and they ought to be college graduates or higher.

Originally we were going to do this focusing on Ewha Womans University and Yonsei University. But after that broke down we had to change our direction. Accordingly, we focused on middle school and high school students.

The first three years of the first seven-year course was the period in which we had to show people that they need to work together with Unification Church members. Under the current circumstances, South Korea has no way to block communist infiltration of the lower classes. Accordingly, we distributed the Divine Principle to people in rural areas and followed this up with practical guidance and education.

In each township, trinities had to take charge of leadership guidance, daily-life guidance, and education. If college students who are sent out for one year to these locations take responsibility for providing secondary education, they will experience life in the rural communities and come to love their country. To bring the true teaching of self-sacrifice for the sake of the people to university campuses, we need to have young people who have borne the responsibility of conducting matters for village development. This is the purpose for establishing the National Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles. (016-144, 1966/01/10)

13 The rise or fall of a nation depends on the young people of that nation. We are conducting national university student training for the sake of the spiritual formation of those students. We have to prepare the proper environment for the students to sprout and grow. They must be able to adapt to that environment. Any ancestor who stood on the front line of historical progress was a happy person. What will be done about the future that comes after you and me? If my descendants and I can march forward sharing one coherent goal, we will be on a blessed path. In history, you can advance further when you are facing in the right direction.

Today numerous people who have one goal are living in this world. This is the same as many plants facing the light of the sun. God has continued to weave history by establishing the stalk of a sprout and forming the horizontal environment. Even now, God continuously searches for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world that can become that sprout. Korea needs to be this sprout, but to do so, it has to undergo hardships. The sprout experiences every trial that the different branches experience, and it must overcome them to make progress. Likewise, we must overcome the trials we face in the world. (017-208, 1966/12/21)

14 Unification believers must become gushing springs of water. This is the opposite of a waterfall. Spring water wants to flow to the place where its purity is not defiled. Even wild animals visit the spring to drink. Pure spring water runs through a huge rock. Mountains that have no springs cannot become famous. Everyone desires to drink that water. You college students especially need to become like a spring that can clean up the corruption in the Republic of Korea. For spring water to hold value for the life of human beings, it absolutely must keep its purity. I hope that you will all become springs of water. (017-209, 1966/12/21)

15 The question is, how many core members of CARP are there? In this regard, I decided to establish and manage centers to carry out social activities on college campuses. We need to establish a center in every university. By taking this approach, we will gain results. In this manner, through CARP, we should strengthen the relationships of the Seonghwa students in the centers. By their junior or senior year, college students can be leaders and give Divine Principle lectures. They will enroll in every course of university study and teach others about our principles. If we strengthen our organization like this, we will see rapid development in a short period.

I also plan to station college graduates in all parts of Korea. University students need to play a leading role in society and in the church. They must take ownership in the church as they fulfill their responsibilities. You need to understand the atmosphere of the church and create your own atmosphere where young people can become the standard of hope in the church. (022-063, 1969/01/19)

16 In the future, we are going to make CARP our core organization. Accordingly, we will deploy its members who have made the absolute resolution to carry out their work. I believe that if we strengthen our activities in this way, our church will grow and CARP will grow remarkably in a short time. Since I am now thinking of advancing in this direction, you need to know the overall plan and make resolutions in new fields. We need to organize CARP worldwide and host international meetings, not only in Korea but also in other countries including Japan and the United States. I plan to train key members of CARP as global personnel who will work as core members in every country. (022-065, 1969/01/19)

17 We have now reached the stage at which people who were curious about me, arguing my pros and cons and criticizing me in various ways, are now praising us and attending the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS). When people at universities studying philosophy or researching religion or ideologies begin to promote us, people studying natural science or social science naturally will follow them.

Soon CARP will develop. We will connect with professors who take interest in our church. I also formed and deployed the CARP mobile team to build connections with them. That is why I am saying that our American state and city leaders should form active relation- ships with these professors through ICUS, as if the professors were their grandfather or grandmother, father, mother or uncle. As a result, those people will recommend students with whom we can organize CARP as a formal campus club. (089-270, 1976/12/04)

18 Full-time CARP members must be able to launch a whirlwind of activities on university campuses. Young, studious men and women, their passion filled with vitality, must explode to excavate deep valleys of love based on the values of heavenly law. By so doing, they will pave the way that can reach the world. Heaven is worried about the power of communism, the collapse of churches and the corruption of youth. We need to take hold of the young men and women who are walking down the path of corruption. We need to take hold of the Christian churches whose faith is breaking down. And we need to stand against the power of communism, which is trying to burrow into the crumbling edifice of Christian theology. (121-180, 1982/10/24)

19 I have high hopes for the work of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles on university campuses. We must connect revivals and Victory Over Communism campaigns with CARP. The question is how CARP can work together on college campuses with organizations such as the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) or Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), rather than smaller interdenominational organizations that are limited to one campus.

I also plan to focus CARP activities to connect with the college students who join our church through our revivals. In the future, CARP activities will not be limited to the confines of college campuses. If you are a university student, it means you graduated from middle school and high school, so you must have an alma mater, and there is also the school where you are currently registered. You are not the only one in that school; you have comrades and friends and classmates studying the same subjects. You need to develop a means by which you can connect personally with your fellow alumni, school friends and classmates. (022-054, 1969/01/19)

20 Government authorities of the Republic of Korea have officially authorized the term "Victory Over Communism" that we use for our anti-communist activities. This is analogous to Jacob being named Israel after his victory wrestling with the angel at the ford of the Jabbok River. In this regard, I believe that the victory through which we can accomplish the Will already has been proclaimed.

On this foundation of the vertical standard of victory having already been achieved, we need an organization that can bring victory horizontally. Christianity alone cannot do this. We need to restore the world through the principle of unity. To do this, we need to base ourselves on an academic and philosophical foundation. If we examine these activities in detail, our anti-com- munism movement is the philosophical work connected with academic circles, our external witnessing activity is the work connected with the church, and CARP is the work carried out in connection with students. (017-341, 1967/04/30)

21 I am saying that through our Victory Over Communism campaign, we need to anticipate and block the route of the people who uphold communist ideology and are trying to infiltrate universities. From this perspective, we need to understand the importance of the work that CARP must do. The ultimate victory or defeat of the Unification Principle will be decided based on worldwide academia. Therefore, to present the Unification Principle to the world, we first need to introduce it to professors who are authorities in philosophy or theology. We will spread the Unification Principle by getting these professors to present it to academia around the world. Before this can occur, we have to build our foundation both internally and externally. (022-058, 1969/01/19)

22 Communists carry out their work through laborers, farmers and labor unions. They also manipulate students and professors. Until now, this is the method by which communism has been corroding the world. After rallying professors and students on university campuses and instigating laborers and farmers, they stir up chaos using crowds of demonstrators. As a defense against that, CARP needs to educate professors. For this purpose, I founded the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) long ago, and since then it has continually carried out its work. PWPA and CARP need to unite and march forward. (113-213, 1981/05/05)

23 The Japanese and American CARP chapters are fighting communists on the front line. In Korea we could fight communists, but since they work underground we do not know who they are. We can work only through educational materials, unable to engage in life-and-death confrontations out in the open. However, in Japan we have openly engaged in life-and-death confrontations and posted the news of our victories. In the United States, CARP began this work in 1979, and by late 1980 it had blocked all kinds of communist trends that already were sweeping across American campuses. We achieved the same victory we won in Japan. There was even an instance where five CARP members went to the place where hundreds of communist students were demonstrating and completely subjugated them. The American chapter of CARP has achieved the same result as that achieved in Japan. That is why communist leaders on American campuses are telling students not to associate with CARP members. (113-213, 1981/05/05)

24 In Japan, Christian organizations like YMCA and YWCA carry out little or no activity. Therefore, it took us a long time to get over the hurdles to create an organization to educate people. Do you know how discouraged we were in carrying out this work, when the school authorities and the teachers opposed us? Everyone was deceived by the communists' words. You do not know the extent of those discouraging circumstances. I have heard reports and have seen firsthand how miserable that is. We need to create a circle of political influence and subjugate the communist base in the social sector.

I fought for Japan. My fight for Japan began at the important Japanese universities. You do not know how much the Japanese communists fear me. They are saying, "If the Unification Church and CARP did not exist, Japan would certainly have been commu-nized and Bolshevized. But because of the Unification Church we are really struggling." That was the result of our activities. (104-080, 1979/04/01)

25 We need to ignite the spirit of young Americans. I called our members to restore morality on university campuses through the activities of CARP and to carry out door-to-door witnessing through home church. We need to influence the young people of American families to become young people like you. On campuses we need to educate the students to become like you.

Then, after we have created the environment in which the United States does not oppose me but supports me, we can deal with communism. I need to pass on the tradition of anti-communism work, which I have carried out until now in Korea, to Japan, the United States and even the Soviet Union. We must understand the campus activities that CARP must conduct and the traditions of home church activities that must be established in the United States. Using these, we must solve the problem of communism and the corruption of young people. Based on the family foundation, we need to educate thoroughly with the Divine Principle. (104-259, 1979/05/27)

26 You need to become the young people who follow the providence of heaven without hesitation, committing silently to this path, just as I did. If this atmosphere spreads to university campuses through you and becomes a trend, it will be a beacon of hope on Korea's university campuses. The Japanese CARP chapters are ahead of the Korean chapters. And now the American chapters are on the move.

We will bring the young people of CARP together in Berlin to demonstrate against the Berlin Wall. We will bring together many young people to tear down the Wall with their own hands. If you do not have the courage to do that, you are not the young people who can safeguard the Republic of Korea, and you are not CARP members of the Unification family who can safeguard the world. We have to advance boldly and strongly toward that goal. (121-183, 1982/10/24)

27 If we cannot move the professors and students on university campuses, the Republic of Korea will have no way to survive, nor will the countries of Western Europe. We are holding a CARP world assembly in Berlin, where the communist powers and the citizens are opposing us. After holding three such assemblies, we are going to destroy the Berlin Wall. We are carrying out a movement that motivates university students to expose the problems of communism in order to expel it. If we sit still and do nothing, there is not even a slight chance that this will happen. Someone needs to shed blood and sweat. Someone needs to carry out this work even after being hit by a bullet and shedding blood. Otherwise, South Korea and North Korea cannot be unified. (167-273, 1987/07/21)

28 We need to gather and educate leftists on university campuses. When you look at today s world, many communist governments have disappeared, but democratic governments are also toppling. In fact, the force of communism motivated a counteractive force within democracy, which activated a degree of self-awareness.

The belief that the democratic world will flourish because communism is collapsing is mistaken. On the contrary, after communism disappears, the breakdown of the democratic world will take place more rapidly. The left-wing structure is falling into a state of chaos, and the democratic world is also falling into a state of chaos, so the time has come when we need to educate both sides.

That being the case, if we were to ask ourselves if university professors are able to provide this education, the answer would be "no." They have no instructive materials to teach how to defend against chaos. We are the ones who must provide this defensive education. That is why I believe this is not the time to curtail the activities of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles on college campuses. (241-054, 1992/12/19)

Section 4. Expressions of Divine Principle

Divine Principle Explanation and Exposition

The writing of Explanation of the Divine Principle, which was based on Original Text of the Divine Principle, was begun in May, 1955 by former church President Eu Hyo-won. From 1957, the manuscripts, written under True Father's supervision, were published in monthly installments in Seonghwa magazine. Finally, after proofreading was completed, the book Explanation of the Divine Principle was published on August 15,1957. On that day, 212 copies of the book, signed by True Father, were sent out to mission sites across Korea. Explanation of the Divine Principle was later revised into a systematized form more suitable for lectures. This version was published on May 1, 1966, under the title Exposition of the Divine Principle.

1 Seven years after the liberation of Korea, I prepared Original Text of the Divine Principle (Wolli Wonbon), which was a textbook and teaching material for the sake of fulfilling my mission responsibility. The book Explanation of the Divine Principle (Wolli Haeseol) was published in 1957, and in 1966, Exposi- tion of the Divine Principle (Wolli Gangnon) was published. There was an interval of nine years between 1957 and 1966. During those nine years I prepared this version of Divine Principle and we took a step forward. (2010/04/17)

2 We published Explanation of the Divine Principle based on Original Text of the Divine Principle. Because we had nothing with which to educate people, a book was needed. An elementary school graduate can teach with a book, so our members went out to witness on the front line. Eve fell when she was 16. In view of this, some of our young members went out before they were 15 years old, and their pure hearts became impassioned, and this started them witnessing. Only the Unification Church has such a history. Even members who were middle school students went out witnessing. (601-208, 2008/11/07)

3 When leaders of the Unification Church went out to witness, they went in pairs, taking not even enough money to cover travel expenses, food or anything else. They witnessed, centering on Original Text of the Divine Principle, which was then in the form of a rough draft. In those days I gave my Original Text of the Divine Principle manuscript to others to transcribe, and some did so. Kim Won-pil directly transcribed my handwritten Original Text, adding my verbal explanations. As he studied it he came to understand, "Ah, this is what God is like!" After that, we produced Explanation of the Divine Principle, and from that we could teach people properly. One week was enough time. If someone could read it, they could teach others about it. They could catch the essence of the teaching through Explanation of the Divine Principle. They could memorize it and teach it to others. (601-209, 2008/11/07)

4 The first person who followed me before even seeing me was the former president of our church, Eu Hyo-won. He decided to follow me after reading Original Text of the Divine Principle. He wrote me a letter. President Eu was six years older than me. John the Baptist was six months older than Jesus. Therefore, President Eu was in a position like that of John the Baptist, and he had to explain the Principle from that position. When President Eu wrote a book on the Principle, I advised him on how to write it. (052-156, 1971/12/27)

5 I started writing Original Text of the Divine Principle in 1951 during my refugee years in Busan. I wrote it in a very condensed style. No one who reads it can understand it. They can understand it only when I explain it to them. Explanation of the Divine Principle is the book in which Original Text of the Divine Principle is explained so that anyone can understand it. (549-257, 2006/12/28)

6 In writing Exposition of the Divine Principle, every word was evaluated strictly, and when even one word was wrong I had it corrected. Therefore, Exposition of the Divine Principle is spiritually connected to me. A light bulb gives light by being connected to electricity, which comes from a power plant via a transmission station. From the transmission station it reaches electric sockets. You cannot light a bulb by connecting it to just anything. That is why even in the future, even after history has passed and I am gone, no one will ever truly be able to express the Principle in writing. My spoken words are always the issue. How I put issues into words is the point. How others express these ideas is not the issue, for they do not have the spiritual connection. (265-223, 1994/11/23)

7 After Explanation of the Divine Principle came Exposition of the Divine Principle. Since the people who were taught with Explanation of the Divine Principle are now using Exposition of the Divine Principle, their teaching is higher than college level. Everything that enables a nation to function is in Exposition of the Divine Principle. In other words, Exposition of the Divine Principle includes every area related to political, financial, social and historical issues. If someone could truly master the range of content in Exposition of the Divine Principle, that person could work as a college professor in any country of the world. They would even be qualified to train college professors. (601-209, 2008/11/07)

The publication of Exposition of the Divine Principle

Exposition of the Divine Principle is the book in which the Unification Principle, discovered and revealed through True Parents, was systematized and developed for presenting in lectures. It contains the fundamental truth that reveals the history of God's providence, including the Creation, the Fall and restoration. From the early 1960s, True Parents felt the need for the Unification Principle to be written and delivered in an easier, more logical and more systematic form, better fitting the changes and developments of the times. So they instructed former church President Eu Hyo-won to write such a book. Given the mission to write thoroughly and precisely in the place of True Father, who first delivered the Unification Principle, President Eu dedicated all his efforts to incorporating the heart and truth of True Parents perfectly into every sentence, even every word, of the manuscript of Exposition of the Divine Principle.

8 Parts of the previously published contents of the Unification Principle may be expressed in a new way. However, the fundamental concepts of the revelation are not changed even slightly from beginning to end. For example, the central concepts expressed in such chapters as The Principle of Creation, The Human Fall and The Messiah: His Advent and the Purpose of His Second Coming, are not changed in any way. The Unification Principle is not something that can be altered after holding discussions about it or just because people do not like it. Such a thing can never happen. (091-124, 1977/02/03)

9 The Unification Principle is neither a philosophy nor a theology. It is the Principle of God. It is the unchanging truth of God. Once you have encountered the Principle, you need to adjust your life to live in accordance with it. At the very least, you need to lay a foundation on which to actualize the Principle. Then Satan cannot invade. When someone has achieved complete oneness with the truth, Satan cannot tear that person away from God and claim him or her as his own. For instance, if God, Adam and Eve had united completely centering on the truth, there would have been no room for Satan to invade. The truth needs to be substantialized. Living human beings need to sustain and embody the truth. Otherwise, Satan can steal it and misuse it. This is why I never reveal a new part of the truth until all conditions have been met and the truth has been substantialized to a certain degree. (091-124, 1977/02/03)

10 The Unification Principle is also the record of my life. It is my life experience. This Unification Principle is in me, and I am in the Unification Principle. Many people say that I am only the presenter and transmitter of the truth, but I am also living in accordance with the truth and I embody it. Therefore, the only way for people to truly understand me and my actions is through the Unification Principle. Only by learning the Unification Principle and studying it can you understand me. The more you study the Principle, the more you will come to understand me. (091-125, 1977/02/03)

11 There are so many things that I need to make public, but I have decided to do so only at the right time. Exposition of the Divine Principle is not all I have to say. Before I would be able to say more, first you would need to know what I have already said and where I said it, and put that into practice, but you are not doing even that. Exposition of the Divine Principle does not speak of me. What Exposition of the Divine Principle explains is only things up until Jesus. It focuses on Jesus. And yet you think that the only thing you need to place importance on is Exposition of the Divine Principle. With all their hearts, members of the Unification Church should follow what I say, empathize with me, and be so moved by my life that they fulfill their responsibility as the standard-bearers who create tomorrow's history. If you lack such a heart, you will not develop. (037-263, 1970/12/27)

12 I do not deny all scholarly research. After investigating such research, I deny only that which is not consistent with reality. I face the world with the knowledge I have, although I have been persecuted for it, because I went into the spirit world and examined it in every detail until I arrived at the truth. This is why the Unification Church does not say, "We will see whether it is like that" but, "It is like that." How in the world can it be said of the truth, "We will see whether it is like that"? In physics or chemistry, we do not settle for, "We will see whether it is like that," and it is the same for the truth. We seek for the actual scientific and logical result.

The Unification Principle is not, "We will see whether it is like that" but, "It is like that." The heart we talk about is also not some vague idea; it is entirely concrete. The character and Word we speak of are not ambiguous either. They are concrete. These concrete elements, heart, character and Word, should have the capacity to be applied universally. They should be consistent with the real world, and have an established, eternal position in the real world. They should lead everything in the real world toward integration. (014-180, 1964/10/03)

Section 5. The Holy Songs

Their origins and meaning

The holy songs depict the entire history of True Parents' suffering and victory. True Father wrote the lyrics while in meditation and deep prayer, in order that the members could sing songs that return praise and glory to God. True Father was imprisoned in Daedong Detention Center in Pyongyang on August 11, 1946, and after suffering there for 100 days he was released on November 21, on the verge of death. It was at a meeting with his members after that, early in 1947, that he wrote "Song of the Victors," the first holy song. Early in November 1950, about three weeks after his October 14 release from Heungnam Prison made him a free man, he wrote the lyrics of "New Song of Inspiration" and "Blessing of Glory." In "New Song of Inspiration," the word "new" appears no fewer than 13 times, exhibiting Father's overflowing resolution for a new beginning. "Blessing of Glory" stirs en- thusiasm and hope for building a new world and beginning a new history.

True Father wrote "Suffering Heart" in the mud hut in Beomnaetgol, Busan, in 1951, while he was living as a refugee, and he wrote the words to "Garden of Restoration" and "Grace of the Holy Garden" at his third house, in Sujeong-dong, in 1953. He next wrote "Song of the Divine Principle Warriors" for the participants in the first Korean Missionaries Workshop, held on February 17, 1959, and he went on to write "Unified Soldiers" to encourage the members sent out to all parts of Korea for 40 days of witnessing in 1961. In particular, through "Suffering Heart" he expressed how Satan's forces challenged and hunted him during his refugee life in Busan. This song also expresses the heart of followers who have escaped sin and are on the path of salvation. "Garden of Restoration" depicts True Father's determination and resolution for the course of restoration at the time of the Sujeong-dong Church in Busan, and how he could not step away from it despite the hardships he had to undergo. "Grace of the Holy Garden" displays his resolution to praise and return glory to God with a heart of gladness at all times, and to repay Him for the wondrous grace He bestows.

The holy song collection also includes songs written by members and songs from other sources that the members enjoyed singing. The songs written and composed by the members are "My Promise," "Suffering and New Life," "Song of the Young People," "My Cross," "Pledge," "Song of the Banquet," "Day of Glory," "Song of the Heavenly Soldiers," "My Offering," "Shining Fatherland," "Heart of the Father," "The Principle Youth March," "Song of Sunday School Children," "March of the New Age," "Light in the East," "Call to Sacrifice," "Unite Into One," "Song of Unification Warriors," "The Father's Dwelling Place," "The Lord Has Come," "Song of the Farm" and "The Lord is My Everything." The songs from other sources are "Song of the Garden," "He Has Called Me," "O My Little Lambs," "Song of the Spring Breeze," "The Lonely Valley," "Restored Flock," "A Desire of My Heart," and "Spring Song of Eden." On October 4, 1956 the songs composed by True Father and the members were compiled and published as the first collection of our holy songs.

1 "Unified Soldiers," which is one of the holy songs of the Unification Church, speaks first of the heart. The song begins with "strong bond of heart is the force bringing the world into life." It is not the strong bond of truth that brings the world into life. Whether a person lives or dies depends on God's love, the source of life. Truth is only a guide. It is like the bridge to a relationship with substance, and it is the mediator that transmits heart. In the phrase, "strong bond of heart is the force bringing the world into life," the heart referred to is the heart of God. It is not God's heart of resentment which He has harbored in His bosom until now over having to restore this fallen world through indemnity; instead, it is a heart of bitter sorrow that needs to be resolved. To resolve His sorrow, we first need to know the nature of that sorrow, which lies in the fact that He has been unable to find an individual whom He could truly love, or find such a family, tribe, people, nation, world or cosmos. (014-181, 1964/10/03)

2 What would be God's first wish? Since individuals whom God is trying to find are bound under conditions of bitter sorrow, they need to be liberated. They need to say, "I will resolve the bitter sorrow that I have caused, so please accept me." In the same way, a family can be liberated, and furthermore, a tribe, people, nation and world can be liberated. This is God's desire.

However, we cannot unite without going through the heart of God, which brings us together as one. Human power alone is not enough to achieve this. From the viewpoint of God's heart, this world is one. As the lyric says, "joined in a kinship of love, all shall live as one." God's heart is our original connection. Our connections are not the connections of this fallen world. Our original connection is this heart, through which we join together as one. The next line of the song is, "here in the home of our hearts we'll share evermore." By joining as one through the connection of our original nature, we can give and receive forevermore. At the place where we eternally give and receive, centering on the heart of original nature, our homeland comes into being for the first time. Only after that does the word "happiness" appear. (014-182, 1964/10/03)

3 The Korean people have to go forward with the heart of restoration. When a light shines on the entire world, everyone in the world can become brothers and sisters, attend the parents of goodness eternally, and realize a united world. The first verse of "Unified Soldiers" is about heart. Everyone will dwell in our original homeland, where we can give and receive eternally through the connection of heart. What is good about one's homeland is that one's parents and family members are there. The important thing here is the heart. The path to every kind of happiness, that is, the foundation of happiness, has been laid down in our original homeland.

The second verse is about character. We should be "true people of boundless domain (who) magnify their light." Fallen people have lost this. What it means is that when a person's character shines forth, their light is magnified boundlessly. By being true people of boundless domain who magnify their light, we become glorious beacons of truth over all things of creation. By doing so, we assume our original form, bursting with life. Such a person becomes a subjective being of value. That person, in their very own self, flourishes as the hope for all ages and generations. In short, he or she thrives in the context of the universe, as the hope for all ages and generations.

The third verse speaks of the world of truth. In the line, "based on the order of God we'll build truthfulness," "order" refers to the world of truth. We need to build truthfulness based on the order of God; that establishes the truthfulness humanity needs. Truthfulness is eternal. Next come the lines, "One constant value that gives pledge of eternity. The highest standard of truth which is raised above." A person who has raised such a standard possesses unchanging value. This standard will "decorate far distant days of radiant goodness." In other words, it will decorate each and every day with goodness, days that last forever and ever.

Verse 4 says, "New culture dawns in the East glorious beyond our dreams; Mankind transformed in its light shall be one family. Ever to serve and attend our True Parent's own. Without a doubt the world shall be one world of victory." In light of this, heart makes character, and truth is also necessary. Only after that can there be glory in a world of oneness. To win this glory, you need to march forward. (026-203, 1969/10/25)

4 I wrote the lyrics to "Song of the Victors." The 4th verse speaks of the goodness of everything God has created. The words were written when I first started working for God's Will. I was truly moved when I heard it being sung at this gathering. On this first morning of the first year, in this plaza of Cheon II Guk, the new kingdom of heaven, the past history is flowering. The dream I had was not a fabrication. I dreamed it on behalf of God. Because of that, it will be realized without fail. (364-096, 2002/01/01)

5 In "Blessing of Glory," the story of suffering comes before the words of glory. This is because I know that suffering serves as the basis that supports everything. In order to unite the physical world and the heavenly world, I repeated the words, "I will attend Him." A person who has lived such a life cannot hear this song without tears. I wrote it after being released from prison. I had gone east all alone, and now I was heading back west, back to Pyongyang, thinking that Blessings would be waiting. Yet instead I was opposed. I tried to accomplish everything I desired and longed to do. It was all futile. I needed to go on by myself. Because I need to walk a path of salvation for the United States and the United Nations, I came here, and I am busy as I labor to conclude that work. (547-251, 2006/12/03)

6 I wrote "Blessing of Glory" with devotion. It was after I was released from Heungnam Prison and was trying to take care of members in Pyongyang. This song clearly describes my situation and position at the time. Only when you have passed through such a process can that song become yours. That is the way you should live. It is not someone else's song. It is your song, and at the same time, it is your family's song. But it is more your clan's song than your family's song, and more your country's song, and even more your world's song. Only by passing through such a process can you become liberated princes and princesses who can go to the eternal world, attend True Parents and live together in joy and happiness. You need to go through such a process. (579-145, 2007/10/29)

7 Many are the times that I miss the days when I became enraptured while singing "Song of the Garden" and wept tears, saying, "Even this piece of furniture is my friend." "Song of the Garden" refers to a garden, or some such environment, where a couple, a husband and wife, live together. It describes the way you should live. Each one should become the Lord and the object partner of the Lord; everyone's favorite flowers are in fragrant blossom, and butterflies and bees come together in harmony. Thousands of beings come together in harmony. If you live in a neighborhood as a married couple and no one there remembers you, you owe a debt to that neighborhood. (569-221, 2007/07/25)

8 Members of the Unification Church, no matter where they are, are delighted when they hear "Song of the Garden." They long to go to the place where the song is being sung. When they go to that place and join in the singing, they experience all at once feelings of joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure. We should be grateful for the lyrics and even more grateful for the song. (332-208, 2000/09/22)

True Parents'favorite songs


In all kinds of meetings, True Parents lightened the atmosphere by singing or calling one or more members to sing. The songs "Sarang Hae" and "Ommaya, Nunaya" are songs that True Parents sang with each other or with members at church holiday celebrations and other gatherings. True Parents also like to sing songs whose lyrics speak of yearning for the hometown, such as "Kagopa"" "Go-hyang Mujeong," and "Hyangsu," that evoke feelings about the salvation of human beings who have lost their original homeland. They also like songs of spring, such as "Bom Cheonyeo" and "Song of April," that stir with new life and hope, like plants that survive the cold winter and sprout forth in spring.

As he presided over the ocean providence in Cheong Hae Garden, Yeosu, True Father sang "Sailors' Song" together with Japanese members, and he also sang Japanese songs like "Fu-rusato" and "Akatombo" in chorus with the members. He liked "Hollo Arirang," a song about Dokdo that expresses the lonely path of the providence, and "Thousand-Year Rock," which expresses unchanging loyalty.

As he approached his Holy Ascension, True Father would have his grandchildren sit on his lap or at the table, and he would sing "Windflower" with them, smiling broadly. He also sang "Eight Scenes of Korea" and "In Praise of the Fatherland" out of his yearning for the kingdom of God. "

9 "Arirang Alone" is a song about the island Dokdo. Another way to read "Dokdo" is with the Chinese characters Dok (fa) meaning loneliness, and Do (si) meaning path. The song relates how this rocky island's small facade fares through a stormy night. The clear waters of Mt. Baekdu and Mt. Seorak flow to the East Sea. They find their way to where the sun rises. Then people take a boat to Dokdo, where they cast anchor and greet the morning sun. All members of the Unification Church should know this song. Dokdo is not actually lonely, but in the song the island refers to Eve. Dokdo is where Eve cultivates herself morally. Women should hold their children close to their hearts and teach them this song about Dokdo. It is a song that cannot be sung without tears, for it is very profound. (399-211, 2002/12/23)

10 The song "Thousand-Year Rock" reminds me of the days I spent in Danbury. I was not lonely in prison; I was not estranged from others. Sunlight maintains its sovereignty with bright light at all places and at all times, night or day. You should think of Danbury when you sing this song.

Verse two is about the evening, when night approaches. When night comes, the place where I live and breathe is illuminated. This means that even if you go to a world of darkness you should represent the path of the Will, and even if you are in prison you should cast the light of the kingdom of heaven. This is how I established the name, "saint of the prison."

The last part of the song says that there is nothing I miss in this world; now I know everything, I have experienced everything, and I have found everything. But as the days come and go on the path, stand straight or you will fall away. You need to think about that. If you act as you please, you will fall away. I am telling you to find the right way and follow it in order to establish and own the kingdom of heaven desired by God. (515-185, 2006/02/25)

11 The song "Kagopa" is about going over the hill of arirang and finding the path on which one can love ones hometown and ones country. It means going over the 12 hills of arirang. That is the path of the Unification Church, the course of restoration. We sing this song because it describes the course of restoration, liberating the fatherland by missing one's hometown and looking for one's original homeland. What matters is not what the song is about, but rather how we can absorb its contents.

At night, you miss the day, and after daybreak, the day comes. On the path of God's Principle, we are persecuted so that we can restore everything in the enemy's world. That is why persecution is not a bad thing. For a person who voluntarily endures persecution, a valley awaits after the hill, and the higher the hill, the deeper the valley. In that valley a spring of water flows and grows bigger, until by and by it becomes a great river whose current flows across the country from east to west and brings life to all parts of it. Where that river flows, it creates boundless and open plains. That earnest heart that left and is returning to the hometown is identical with the heart of the Unification Church, as it finds its way with the heart of restoration. (419-248, 2003/10/04)

12 There is a song called "Man of the Wilderness." If you are a man, it can be great to leave everything behind and run across the wilderness. You should try living like that at some time or other. When your wife is out on the frontline witnessing, and you visit her carrying a backpack with food and money in it, you feel splendid. You meet under a shady tree with sorrowful hearts, and speak to one another of what each of you have gone through. You say, "How hard you have worked! Let us sit here!" You thank her for working so hard in such a lonely place. You express how she has overcome difficulties while supporting you. This creates, right then and there, a bond of love that will last 1,000 years. (076-193, 1975/02/09)

13 In the song "Shining Korea" there is a poetic and musical refrain that goes, "Dingdong daengdong. " We could say that the Unification Church is a "ding-dong daengdong church." That actually has a nice meaning; it signifies that the church stays in rhythm whether it goes up or goes down. The Unification Church is quite an interesting church. All kinds of people, young and old, come together, speak with one another and understand and sympathize with each other. They harmonize because the walls are not high. I feel that it is a good place, a place where people can make friends and close acquaintances.

A happy environment is one in which you meet someone for the first time and feel no distance, no barrier between you. What if our whole life, in which we build our circle of influence and practice our faith, were like that? Many leaders would come into being, people who can influence others wherever they go and leave behind fond memories. That is the hope based upon which I, too, am continuing this work. (612-293, 2009/05/31)

14 The content of "Eight Scenes of Korea" is excellent, for it contains the philosophy of patriotism. People across the world who believe in the Unification Church can gain knowledge of Korea through this song, and based upon that they will inherit Korea's ideas and traditions. With that in place they can adopt the ideal of benefiting all humankind, an ideal unique to the white-clad people of Korea, and become subjects who uphold the Will of God. Since this song contains the essence of such ideas, I inquired into who had written it. I discovered that it was in fact my great-uncle, who was a pastor. He wrote the lyrics and taught them to my father. (576-280, 2007/10/02)

15 Let us sing "Song of Unification" loudly and with a heart to achieve unification through our devotion, our energy and our effort. We need to follow a path to restore North Korea and South Korea. Communism, however, has built a global structure and is persistently taking root. We need to tread on a thorny path until we can subjugate communism and expel it from the Korean Peninsula. We need to revive this country as quickly as possible. Our families should unite, both internally and externally, and in solidarity unify North and South Korea, forming one self-reliant nation. We are lighting against Satan, the enemy of the world. That is why we need to go through an internal revival. An external revival takes place automatically on the basis of an internal revival. When you love God, love True Parents, love your tribe and love your family, you experience a revival. (043-176, 1971/04/29)

Section 6. The Cheongpyeong Holy Ground

Site selection

Beginning in the 1960s, True Parents offered countless conditions focusing on the whole region of Cheongpyeong Lake in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province. They did so in order to establish a model Cheon II Guk community in which people from all over the world can live together, transcending barriers of race, culture, religion and nationality. They offered conditions particularly through fishing and camping, and finally they were able to purchase land in the Cheongpyeong area that could be used as the providence progressed.

Later, on July 10,1972, True Parents stood on the summit of Mt. Wooleop in front of the Cheongpyeong training center and renamed 21 sites in the area. The guardian hill, originally called Mt. Jangnak and named Mt. Cheonseong by True Father, is in the shape of a folding screen. The flatland just under the summit was chosen as the holy ground for the main temple. This is the very site where the present Cheon Jeong Gung Palace stands. The neighboring hills and fields surrounding the training center are shaped like a peony flower and symbolize the restored Garden of Eden.

1 I have traveled all over Korea. In the 1960s I sent you out to places throughout the country and I explored the noteworthy mountains of the whole nation. As I explored, I asked myself, "Where should I place the anchor of the Unification Church? Where should I lay this foundation?" A good place certainly must run along a lake. The shores of the Eastern Sea are too far from Seoul. The western seashore is also not good, because several cities are concentrated along it. Also, because the tidal variation is extreme, mudflats appear at ebb tide, and at high tide everything is covered with muddy water. Since I was looking to choose a place that was more than 30 minutes away from Seoul, I came to choose Songsan in the village of Seorak. That region is wonderful. I chose a spot in the very best area of the Cheongpyeong region. (037-084, 1970/12/22)

2 When I came here to Cheongpyeong, I saw that it was a good location. Accordingly, I sat down right here and offered prayers. I thus began my lifelong habit of praying here as a way to offer devotion. No matter who the people are, what makes one group superior to others is their foundation of conditions and spiritual devotion. For that reason, I climbed to the peak of Mt. Wooleop to pray alone. It seems like only yesterday. I am a person who may have nothing but the palms of my hands, but I always accomplish what I determine to do. Once I say that I will accomplish something, 1 will accomplish it without fail. (046-165, 1971/08/13)

3 Money must be used for the sake of national purposes, global purposes and heavenly purposes. I purchased land in Cheongpyeong from this point of view. I bought this property for the sake of the world. I acquired the Cheongpyeong land to be a foundation of my work for the sake of the world. Because we are passing the age of the tribe to stand at the start of the world age, I have to create an international educational institute. Because of this, I can stand tall and proud. I am spending money, yes, but since it is to make this come to pass, my conscience does not scold me. (033-160, 1970/08/11)

4 Our land in Cheongpyeong must become the worldwide fatherland, the hometown of heart for all people. I prayed that it would become a land that could connect heaven and earth, completing the victorious ideal of creation, and be revered by the cosmos, liberating the heart of God. I prayed also that it would become the sacred ground that would be the homeland of the world.

We now have reached a point in time when the work to bring this about can begin in earnest. This is why I bought over 6,500 acres in this area. The mountain and the land around it form the grounds for our future hometown. It will become the hometown of all people of faith. We already exist in 185 countries worldwide. It is my hope that Cheongpyeong will become the place where all the historical traditions of each of these countries can be displayed.

Moreover, on this foundation we will build a training center and educational institution that will teach people how to renew the traditions of various national cultures, and show how to connect them with heaven. I prayed for this land, and my prayer actually came true; this is historical fact. The fact that the Unification Church has this global territory is an amazing and victorious achievement. (282-046, 1997/03/10)

5 I often go to Cheongpyeong. I do not go there because people are there waiting for me. Nobody is there. I go because I miss the place where I suffered in the past while preparing for my course. I miss the fields and mountains. And I miss the sound of the wind, and the songs of birds that drifted toward me. I go there because I miss that feeling of coming into contact with the inspiring world of heaven through the flowing providence of nature. Until I die, nobody can remove that yearning from me. I miss the time when I made that connection to heaven while enduring and meditating from a position of hardship and hunger. When I feel the wind caressing me, it causes the feelings I had in the past to intrude into my current reality. When these feelings from the past stimulate me in this way, I am moved to live well in my present daily life, so I like it. (049-057, 1971/10/03)

6 Knowing that the arrangement of the natural features at Cheongpyeong was good, I began buying land there. Centering on Cheongpyeong Lake, I prepared a place where we could build our training center. Originally there was not even one plot of land where we could build a house. There was only a grave and a dozen or so mulberry trees. As I crossed the fields and mountains of Cheongpyeong and studied them, I realized that this very place was crucial. Accordingly, I had no choice but to pitch my tent, acquire the land and build a training center. The reason we bought such a large piece of land is so that in the future, we can turn this place into an international training center, a headquarters where young people of the world can come and attend workshops. I am thinking that one valley can serve as an American village, one as an English village, one as a German village, and so forth. Once we have done that, I believe it can become a tourist attraction that people of the world will cherish and revere. (100-234, 1978/10/14)

7 Cheongpyeong is the place where everything can reach a resolution and we can make a completely new beginning. The name itself symbolizes that. In Cheongpyeong, Cheong (M) means "clear" and Pyeong (4*) means "level." In other words, Cheongpyeong means "that which is clear and level." Since the ground already has been completely leveled, all we need to do is create a design and raise the pillars. We are ready to begin at any time. (060-155, 1972/08/17)

8 If you cross to the right side in front of the Cheongpyeong training center, you will see our country cottage built on a gently curved plot of land. That country cottage is named Cheon Yu Jang, and if you go behind it and look around, you will see that it is a truly curious place. This whole region looks like a peony blossom. There is even a Peony Hill in Pyongyang, isn't there? Why is that Peony Hill famous? If you look at a peony blossom, the petals grow in a circle, and in the middle there is a yellow stamen that harmonizes with the petals. That is where seeds are made. Peony Hill in Pyongyang is famous because it has that kind of topography.

This region looks the same, with Mt. Cheonseong at the center. The places beyond this mountain are not at all beautiful; if you climb to the top and look in that direction, the topography seems haphazard. On the other hand, the fields and mountains in our direction, with Mt. Cheonseong at the back, create the pattern of a folding screen and appear as the petals of a peony blossom. (100-235, 1978/10/14)

9 If you look out over the front garden of the Cheongpyeong training center, you feel as if the river water is not flowing. You cannot tell where it flows from or where it flows to. You cannot even tell the path by which the river water flows in and out. You almost feel as if you are looking at a lake. And when you look down from the training center, the scenery is truly a masterpiece. It is a beautiful place where the lakefront, mountains and fields are harmonized, and we have every right to boast of it to the rest of the world.

Therefore, when workshop participants are brought to such a scenic spot, they can be stimulated to have noble thoughts, whether they look at the mountain or the garden. When all these natural elements come together in harmony—the mountaintop at sunset, the sun surmounting the highest peak or rising over the mountain in the morning, the birds flying in the midst of all that, or the scenes of people working in the heat of it all—one grows distracted without realizing it and enters into the realm of daydreams and imagination. In this way, the spirit of young people will rise. All these are raw materials that bring associations to mind, and they take you from riding on this water now to crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the future, or climbing over that mountain now to crossing the Himalayas and going on to India in the future.

People like scenic places because they can think new thoughts and dream new dreams. When people see a flying crane that fits into the landscape like a part of a painting, or a small boat floating on the blue lake, they become sentimental and recite poetry. They become so happy that they cannot help but stand up and dance in rhythm with it. The Cheongpyeong training center has an environment like that. (100-235, 1978/10/14)

10 When you look at the entire region surrounding the Cheongpyeong training center, you see that it is really beautiful. I named the group of mountains behind the center, Cheonseung Dae (ik $Mi, Tower of Heavens Victory). The mountain directly behind it was originally called Mt. Jangnak, but I renamed it Mt. Cheonseong. It presents three peaks whose names sound the same. I named the middle peak Mt. Cheonseong (U Lb), with the character Seong (!!) meaning "to be holy." I called the peak on the right Mt. Cheonseong til), but with the character Seong (f&) meaning "to accomplish," and I called the peak on the left Mt. Cheonseong (XitflU), with the character Seong (i$) meaning "a castle."

The three Seong mountains symbolize holiness, completion and protection. When deciding the names of these three Seong mountains, I thought that there should not be any higher mountains within three miles. In other words, there should be no mountain range within three miles connected to Mt. Jangnak that has a higher peak. Therefore, I went up and observed that Mt. Jangnak rose high in a straight line.

It was truly beautiful and it looked like a folding screen. The water of this place changes its appearance hundreds of times a day. This means harmony. Harmony means hope and boundlessness, and the prosperity of all. From that viewpoint, the site of the Cheongpyeong training center can be said to be the very best of places. (060-146, 1972/08/17)

11 I named the lake in front of Cheongpyeong training center Cheonshim Lake Heaven's Heart Lake). And I called the mountain in the front, Seonin Peak (fill Ail$, Hermit Peak). Next, the mountain that is on the right side of Mt. Cheonseong, with the character seong (file) meaning "to accomplish," was named Mt. Cheonseon (A#UJ, Heaven's Good Mountain). I went up to the summit of the mountain that is directly in front of the training center and gave it the name Mt. Seonin. And the place that goes up and spreads in a line to Mt. Cheonseong, with the character seong (Sg ) meaning "to be holy," to the right side of the training center here, I called Cheonin Dae ()Heavens Guide Tower). That is where we will build our main training center.

That place will be off-limits to everyone except those who have reached a certain level in offering devotions and those special people who have come from abroad. We will make a sanctuary zone and build something like a palace. There is a place at the base of that mountain where we can level up to 12 acres of land. I named it Cheonin Dae, which means heaven is guiding, because we are going to pave a road from there. As you can see, the interpretation of all these names brings forth the concept of an ideal garden. (060-155, 1972/08/17)

12 There needs to be a meeting place for the people of the world. Cheongpyeong is that place. We will build an international training center at Cheongpyeong. What are we going to do here? We will prepare a block for each country where we have our mission branches: a Japanese block for Japan, an American block for America, and so on. After buying a vast parcel of land, if a piece of it is designated to become the American block, we will entrust that area to Americans. They will create a village that suits the taste of Americans, so that they can come and attend workshops.

We are preparing a cosmopolitan village, a city where the surroundings will bring together the cultures of each country. And in the middle of it we will build our training center. Accordingly, people who worked in other countries will come to this headquarters to attend seminars, and they should feel that it is a glorious thing for them to come to this place, to participate in the workshops, and then return to their own country. To accomplish this, we need a place with beautiful scenery. And we need to make it so impressive that visitors who come to tour Korea will remember it. (045-185, 1971/06/27)

Training center construction

On July 12, 1971 True Parents established the Cheongpyeong training center in Gyeonggi Province, at mountain lot 75-1, Songsan-ri, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, as the completion stage holy ground, on the foundation of the Cheongpa-dong church in Seoul and Sutaek-ri Training Center in Gyeonggi Province (now Sutaek-dong, Guri). The training center had a floor space of 300 square meters and the lecture room was 230 square meters. The building itself was constructed of wooden slats and was large enough to lodge more than 200 people. True Parents visited the construction site every day, even in bad weather during the rainy season, to supervise each step. The first meeting held at the training center was the Korean Pastors Summer Workshop, held for five days beginning on July 12, and attended by 28 Protestant pastors.

13 When we were building the training center at Cheongpyeong, we completed within eight days what should have taken as long as two months. I told them on the first day of July to level the ground, and on the second day we started the construction work. In this way, we completed the construction in one week. The Cheongpyeong training center is 530 square meters. The training center lecture hall in itself is 230 square meters, so about 200 people can sleep there. We completed that building in one week. If you include today, it is 10 days.

Today is July 11,1971. We originally planned to finish by yesterday. Accordingly, it should not go beyond today. Counting this way, we finished everything in eight days, and now we will paint it. We will paint and decorate it for three or four days. However, we are not supposed to decorate it well. If you ask why, it is because this building is in the position of a bride who is getting married while fleeing for her life during wartime. Even if she does not adorn herself well when she gets married, if she lives well after marrying the bridegroom, that is enough. (045-326, 1971/07/11)

14 Now we are building a training cen- ter at Cheongpyeong, and things would have gone as planned if the weather had not been so bad. The rainy season has started, and it is a problem. By my calculations, the construction work should be finished today or tomorrow, but even if it is not finished tomorrow, after all is said and done, Protestant ministers are scheduled to assemble there.

Yesterday, even though the rain poured down, we had to purchase the materials and continue working. And it's not as if we have a phone there to order things, so someone had to go out and buy the materials in person. Having no other choice, I left by boat to get that done, in a heavy downpour. Since the rain was pouring down so much, I looked like a person who was trying to flee by boat. It looked as if I were running away to evade machine-gun fire. There were truly many incidents like that. (045-324, 1971/07/11)

15 At first, we set up a tent where we were going to bring ministers to attend our workshop. But the weather was rainy and gloomy, and they would have had to go in and out of the tent frequently, which would really be too bad for them. Being in such a dilemma, I drew up our overall plan and directed that the training center should be built by July 8, 1971. Somehow we had to gather people who would be willing to work in this kind of situation. At this time I also made personnel changes, sending 30 district staff' members to local missions, so the position of department manager under each district leader was eliminated. I told the people who used to work in those positions to come up here immediately. In the midst of the special Cheongpyeong tent workshops, I told those former managers whom I had called to start digging. (045-181, 1971/06/27)

16 The people who are working at Cheongpyeong have been digging in the ground for many days. And yet they get only four or five hours of sleep. That being the case, they are on the verge of death. Yesterday, when I asked people who had been injured to come forward, eight out of the 26 people stepped forward. In short, a third of these workers were injured. So I examined their injuries and saw that they were not serious. That site is a place for paying indemnity. This time, I reorganized the districts under a new system, and I intentionally assigned the digging work to the people who had performed administrative jobs in the districts. (045-324, 1971/07/11)

17 I am not a carpenter, but even someone who has built houses for decades sometimes needs me to coach them to get the job done right. This shows that there is not actually anything special that sets experts apart. A person can detect in an instant whether something is suitable or not, if he carefully compares it to a definite standard of value. I even had to coach the worker laying down the underfloor heating system (ondol), saying, "You have to place the ondol like this."

On one occasion, well-diggers came and asked where they should dig the well. They had seen that the carpenters had to tear their work down and do it again after I reprimanded them because they had made a serious mistake. So the well-diggers were worried that if they made a mistake too, I would scold them, so they came to ask my advice beforehand. Accordingly, I told them that if there is a border area between soft land and hard land, and the border line goes straight and then changes direction, you will hit water if you dig in that very place. Then they asked me, "When did you learn to dig a well?" Do you think I took lessons to learn such things? What I said was based on natural law.

As the leader of the Unification Church over the years, I have resolved problems in certain ways, and these have become formulas. I take a glance and know in an instant what must be done. I can sense what the result will look like, even when it is going to be completely different from what the situation looks like now. And when I look at things, I do not look in only one place, but I see the whole. Even in leveling the ground for a house, I take the whole house into consideration. For me, it is like that with everything. (045-325, 1971/07/11)

18 When we were completing the roof of the Cheongpyeong training center, we had made a contract three days beforehand for the delivery of tiles. However, the contractor went somewhere and the tiles had not arrived even on the final day of construction. This was a big problem. Ministers were arriving soon to attend a nationwide summer conference at the lakeside, and if we could not finish by the day of their arrival, everything would collapse. Therefore, I had to rush around and was told they would not deliver the tiles if I did not have the money. So I pleaded until they gave me the slate, and I also hired a motorboat to carry it.

I finally brought it to the training center at 11:30 p.m. By the time we had finished unloading the boat, it was already 2:30 a.m. The motorboat had to go back, but it was past the curfew hour, so the owner of the boat spent the night here. When he woke up in the morning, he saw that during the night, not only had the tiles been laid but also the roof had been ridged and capped. At first he thought that, since it was raining, it must be a temporary fix, for he could not see a single person still working. He was wrong. During the night, within a few hours we put all the tiles in place and finished the roof. So he nicknamed it "the ghost house." If you look closely at how we painted it, the name fits. And if you stare at it, it looks as if something is lying on its stomach meditating. This is why I think that, in the future, this region s name will become world-famous. (060-149, 1972/08/17)

The Heaven and Earth Training Center

On March 10, 1997, True Parents held the groundbreaking ceremony for the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, which was to be built on an international scale at the site of. the old training center to facilitate the education of members from all parts of the world. The new facility's dedication ceremony was held at its completion on November 7,1999.

19 Today, March 10,1997, we have prepared a place at the Cheongpyeong holy ground that heaven and earth can never forget. We are conducting this groundbreaking ceremony to begin construction of a building that can be called a palace of oneness, a new Unification family training facility and temple where we will offer devotions. It will also represent the original land where the world of one heart begins, and where heaven and earth will connect as one. This ceremony is truly historic. It will be recorded as a milestone in the history of heaven s providence.

This Cheongpyeong holy ground is an unforgettable place for me. Thirty years ago, after I had founded the small, unknown religious group called the Unification Church, I foresaw that this training center, which is now being built, would be not only a center of idealism, where the people of the world would be able to worship together transcending religion, but it would also become the homeland of providential history. Based on those thoughts, I made this declaration 30 years ago. When I remember that day now, I cannot help but be moved. (282-045, 1997/03/10)

20 This land of Cheongpyeong can become the foundation where an individual can be reborn. It is the place of cooperation between heaven, centering on the spirit, and earth, centering on the body. It can also be a place of the heart where a family or even a nation can be born, a place where the world and heaven and earth can be born, and where the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven can be built. If the Unification Church can stand in the position of having overcome hardships, we will be able to make dramatic progress.

The work of bringing all this together and educating young people from all over the world will take place here at Cheongpyeong. So will the work of gathering blessed families to attend workshops so that they can step forward to the world. This is something to be proud of. In fact, the people and nation can take pride in this place as representing the entire Republic of Korea. This is true not only for Korea and its people but also for Asia and the people of the world. (282-048, 1997/03/10)

21 Heavenly Father, since today will be a day of celebration when we start work on the palace of God at Cheongpyeong holy ground, please allow this foundation to serve as the Panmunjom connecting heaven and earth. This is the groundbreaking ceremony for building the foundation where the standard of righteousness can be established and good and evil can be distinguished in both the spiritual world and the physical world. Through this foundation, the divided North and South will be unified and a golden heavenly gateway will manifest itself. Therefore, all of heaven and earth are celebrating this day.

I pray that God and True Parents will become one on earth, so that this core of heart can settle, and that through this we can transcend all historical ages throughout time and eternity. Please bless this place, that it may become a bridge of historical tradition connecting everything to the realm of one heart. I sincerely ask that You open wide the door of blessing, through which all people can become one in brotherly and sisterly love and all nations can become one. May all of heaven and earth, as one family of nations, enter the age of a new kingship on earth and in heaven, under the governance of God and True Parents.

Please permit rapid progress for the ideal of unity, by which all ancestors who have gone to the spirit world can unite with their descendants on earth and advance together toward the world of peace. Please bless us, so that after undergoing restoration of the authority of the elder son and the authority of the parents, we can enter the age of the complete omnipotence of God, who can embrace the whole world as one great realm in the age of restored kingship. Please look with pleasure at this place, where members from every nation are gathered, praying for and celebrating this groundbreaking ceremony I sincerely ask and beseech You to allow this to become a foundation of blessing that can be connected to all nations. (282-117, 1997/03/10)

22 On this day, November 7,1999, the dedication ceremony of Cheon Seong Wang Rim Palace is close at hand. I sincerely thank You that we are able to hold this consecration ceremony and welcome this day when we will be able to dedicate the structure that carries the name, Palace of Victory. Here, we pledge in spirit and in flesh the manifestation of victorious sovereignty. In this very place we will attend God, as the blessed families of the earthly world and the blessed families of the heavenly world become one, under heavens watchful eye.

Dear God, remember this day and recognize this place to be under the ownership of heaven, so that it can become a center of worship for thousands of years and thousands of generations, as well as the starting point of the realm of heart, where flesh and spirit become one through the tradition of love. In all of heaven and earth, please permit this place to become the palace of devotion, the palace of love, and the palace of worship, where we respect the relationship of lineage. I sincerely ask and hope that, with the Parents of Heaven and Earth always at its center, You will permit this place to become the unique memorial point of origin for the vast consecration of our worldwide movement, connected by the sovereign power of eternal love. (312-304, 1999/11/07)

23 Heavenly Father, not only Koreans but also people from many nations throughout the world are forming the realm of one people with one lineage, building a world of the sovereignty of love in freedom, centered on God. To do this, they are transcending the nation and moving to the front line of the age of globalization. We have built this palace as the foundational starting point, to set a visible model before them. Heavenly Father, please rule this place directly, and after the entire spirit world unites, and the ancestors who have received the Blessing become one with their descendants on earth, let us welcome the age of the liberated kingdom of heaven in heaven and the liberated kingdom of heaven on earth. From there, we will advance to the unified heavenly and earthly world of equality and peace.

Upholding this Will, we are now dedicating this place in front of You, Heavenly Father, as a training palace where we pledge solidarity of lineage in love through a living relationship with the hearts of all people. Therefore, I sincerely ask and appeal that You receive this palace as a place where we can raise up victorious, liberated people who are able to possess the authority of princes and princesses in Your heavenly country. May it become a base of victorious oneness representing all humankind, on which all the spirits who have gone to the heavenly world and the entire creation focus their attention.

The Cheon Jeong Gung Palace After performing the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God, True Parents held the groundbreaking ceremony for the Cheon Jeong Gung, the main temple holy ground, on July 8, 2001. Five years later, on June 13,2006, they performed the Cheon Jeong Palace Entrance Ceremony and Coronation for the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and Earth. According to the words of True Parents, this main temple holy ground is also the royal palace, the original home in which God can dwell. Cheon Jeong Gung signifies "a palace built upon truth by two people." It is the "original palace" of the ideal realm of the kingdom of heaven, where God can become the King of kings and Lord of lords and rule over everything with sovereignty, and where every created being in the world can live and exist together in harmony forevermore. (312-307, 1999/11/07)

24 We are building the palace of the heavenly kingdom at Cheongpyeong. All member nations of the UN should work together to build it on earth. Other nations, such as Russia, have built amazing palaces. We need to build an eternal palace, constructing it with complete devotion, so that its value exceeds by many times even places such as the Louvre in France. As heirs of God, we need to fulfill this duty. (474-338, 2004/11/04)

25 The Cheon Jeong Gung Palace is God's hometown, Gods fatherland, and the homeland of humanity. The Chinese character for cheon (A)> meaning "heaven," signifies two people who have set aside and turned away from fighting. The character for gung (g) is made up of the character for "roof' (^) above the character ryeo (g), meaning "law." This signifies that the just laws of heaven will govern over the palace. That is why no one can come to the Cheon Jeong Gung just as they please. You cannot enter it unless you have received the Blessing of the four-position foundation and three generations of your family have been liberated in their respective positions. (539-119, 2006/09/19)

26 Three generations of True Parents' family, representing the three ages of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament and working in unity, have completed a speaking tour through 40 nations. This work has made the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony possible. To enter Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, indemnity has to be paid so that we can be freed from all conditions. Thus, what we are doing is in line with providential history. The character for cheon (A), meaning "heaven," in Cheon Jeong Gung refers to two people ("A). Jeong (IE) is made up of ji (it) underneath, meaning "to stay," and il (—) on top, meaning "one," so jeong (IE) means "to be set right." It signifies setting all the necessary indemnity conditions and bringing everything to rest. Cheon Jeong Gung is the place we must enter after coming to a leveled place, centering on the unified horizontal foundation of heaven, the foundation of True Parents. In this way we are beginning anew. (538-151, 2006/09/14)

27 Heavenly Father, we completed the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, which offered the kingship to You, centering on the name of Cheon II Guk. And this is the place where we are about to hold the Coronation Ceremony uniting the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, representing that kingship, so that they can be enthroned together as the king of kings of goodness.

As I speak before You, Heavenly Father, I stand before You as a free man with no burdens weighing me down, having completed all my responsibilities, in order to establish Your victorious foundation. I have prepared for You a worldwide domain in the form of a unified family within the realm of one heart, following Your ideal of Cheon II Guk, in order that You can become the Owner who can recover the heritage that Adam lost in Eden, and so that the chaotic world that resulted from Cain's murder of Abel will accept you as Lord, for the sake of finding Your nation, where there is no fighting between Cain and Abel. (529-257, 2006/06/13)

Chapter 2

The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation

Section 1. The Restoration of a People

The first seven-year course

The period starting with the Holy Wedding of True Parents in 1960 and going through 1967 was the first seven-year course, the purpose of which was to create the foundation for the restoration of the Korean people. This period was divided into an initial period of three years and a second period of four years. Full-scale activities were carried out accordingly. The seven-year course is a path that everyone needs to follow in accordance with God's providence. True Parents directly led the providence of restoration through indemnity during each stage of this course. When the central figures of the providence fulfill their responsibilities, they move on to the next stage, but when they fail, the course is extended. Knowing this, both True Parents and church members lived through a time of extreme tension as they devoted all their efforts toward fillfilling their providential responsibilities during this course. They established the providential foundation, and so much was achieved during this period that it can be considered the model course for all members to follow. The seven-year course started with the Holy Wedding of True Parents, and in July 1960 all members were sent out witnessing.

1 Because humankind fell at the completion level of the growth stage, the completion stage as a whole still remains. The completion stage is a seven-year period. If you add up the number of years in the formation, growth and completion stages, 7 years each, it comes to 21 years, roughly 20 years. When a person is 20 years old, which is 21 by Korean reckoning, they enter the period of maturity and should be married in God's love. Adam and Eve should have received God's blessing and obtained recognition as the True Parents of humanity, but they failed to accomplish this. They married without permission while still immature and did not begin the completion stage. Due to the unresolved sorrow of these seven remaining years, 1,000 years of the millennial kingdom would be added to the 6,000 years of biblical history, and so 7,000 years of sorrow came to be. In short, one year was prolonged to 1,000 years, and seven years to 7,000 years. We are indemnifying this in seven years. This is the seven-year course. (023-217, 1969/05/25)

2 Human beings, who are born as fallen descendants of Adam and Eve, can never go to heaven unless they walk the seven-year restoration course. It is not spoken of in the Bible, but Jesus also traveled such a course, the seven-year period from when he was 27 to when he was 33. The period from age 34 to 40 would have been his second seven-year course. If Jesus had started at age 20, the period from age 33 to 40 would have been the third seven-year course. In this way, Jesus could have established the worldwide foundation by age 40. However, because the people did not accept him and he died, that period remains in the Bible as seven years of great calamity and disturbance. (021-061, 1968/09/01)

3 The stage at which you receive the Blessing is not the stage at which you already have become perfect. If the Parents have gone over the bridge of the cross, then you need to walk over that bridge just as it stands. You cannot simply fly over it. If the bridge is dangerous, you may be able to reinforce it, but the fact remains that you still need to cross it. Therefore, the seven-year course that I have walked remains eternally. Both the seven-year course on the individual level and the seven-year course on the family level remain eternally. Because human beings fell at the top of the growth stage, they cannot ascend into the completion stage just as they are. Only when they finally rid themselves of original sin can they ascend beyond the place where the first ancestors fell. Since we are not free of original sin at the top level of the growth stage, it is at this position—not the top level of the completion stage—that you are to receive the Blessing. (035-233, 1970/10/19)

4 The seven-year course is the period that shapes the sons and daughters of God. This is determined by whether you can resolve Jesus' sorrows and grievances. Therefore, you need to sacrifice for your country, for your church and for your people in order to indemnify fully the unremitting anguish of Jesus. Those who were unable to follow in the footsteps of True Parents and participate in this seven-year course will need to pass through this course someday, regardless of who they are. This is the formula. The seven-year course is unavoidable. People who join the Unification Church in the future need to pass through the seven-year course. The seven-year course is something that everyone needs to undergo. (017-146, 1966/12/11)

5 You absolutely must walk the seven-year course. In the three years that made up the second part of his seven-year course, Jesus was unable to complete his mission. If he had completed this course and had gone on through the next seven-year course, he would have entered his forties. His first seven-year course should have ended at the age of 33. However, Jesus could not go beyond that stage. He could not go beyond the first seven-year course. He started out on his first seven-year course, but he was trapped during its last three years. Therefore, he could not restore the family. However, the Unification Church restored the family during our three-year course. In the future, we should carry out the work of restoration on the world level. (024-346, 1969/09/14)

6 You need to heal the bitter pain of Jesus and the bitter pain of God. Until Jesus' pain is resolved, God's pain cannot be resolved either. Therefore, you first need to resolve the pain of Jesus, and to do that, you need to walk the path of a public mission for three years just as Jesus walked his own three-year course of a public mission. Can you witness to 120 people in three years? You can do so by offering wholehearted devotion. After that, you must build a shrine, prepare an altar, make a sacrificial offering and become a high priest. Only after you have set this condition of having achieved victory can you finally receive the Blessing as the sons and daughters of heaven. You are restoring the model family, from the family of Noah to the family of Jacob. When you do that, you finally can become the ancestors of an individual tribe, similar to the branch tribes of Israel. This is the road that we must go. (011-215, 1961/07/17)

7 The Unification Church has passed through the initial three-year period of the first seven-year course that began in 1960. The number three is the number for finding children, and the number four is the number for restoring material things. We were successful in carrying out this first project. We prevailed during these three years and laid the foundation to advance to the world. Upon this foundation, we need to restore the Second Israel. Therefore, the remaining four years is the period in which we need to work hard for the restoration of the people. Exerting all our energy, we need to work diligently, and victoriously restore people and territory. You are doing in four years what I did in 40 years. In the future, even the matter of taking down the Unification Church signboard will depend on you. Instead of a Unification Church, we need to make a united Korea, and on that foundation we need to make a united world. If you cannot fulfill this responsibility, I will have to get another nation to do it. (013-091, 1963/10/22)

8 For the people of Israel, there was a three-day course prior to the 40-year wilderness course. Only by going through this three-day course could they finally embark on the path of restoring Canaan. And after the people of Israel went into Canaan, they had to restore the number 40 once again. Because the providence of restoration passed through such a course, in the current age I too had to go through a 40-year course, as well as a three-year course and a four-year course. Accordingly, we walked the three-year course, and now we are walking the four-year course. Only after undergoing such a process can we complete the work of restoration and establish the sovereignty of heaven.

After passing through the three-year course with True Parents at the center, we need to go through the period of restoring all things of the creation; this is the current four-year course in which we are expanding in all directions. This is the seven-year course. Through this seven-year course, we need to continue working to complete restoration through indemnity. Relative to God's long historical course of searching for True Parents, the three-year course, the four-year course and the 40-year course are short periods of time. However, these are the periods during which we have to carry out restoration through indemnity, resolving all historical sorrows, resentments and the historical cross. (013-287, 1964/04/12)

9 The first three years of the seven-year course are the individual indemnity period, carried out in the smallest possible number of years. It is the condensed form of the corresponding historical indemnity period. Therefore, all Unification Church members need to go through this three-year period.

I told you to become one with me in heart, so you all need to understand True Parents' heart. This three-year period is a period of grace granted to you, in which you can come to stand in the position of True Parents, resemble them, and feel their heart, even won- dering what they might be doing at this late hour and worrying that they might be staying up all night.

If you were to do educational witnessing work for periods of 40 days during these three years, even twice a year, the total number of days you would work would still be less than a year. It is unacceptable if you cannot even do that. Ideally, you are supposed to do a fast during this period. It is my hope that during this period you will be able to find your position and establish the direction of your faith. If you miss this opportunity, you might lose your position, your direction and your connection with True Parents. (011-275, 1961/12/17)

10 If you go out believing in me alone, you will never be dislodged. Please overcome just these three years. In 1960,1 sent you on witnessing missions to live the life of a servant, almost as if you were going to prison for three years—just as, wearing a blue prison uniform, I set conditions of succeeding in restoration through indemnity. You need to be placed in an environment where you are hunted, because there was a time when I was hunted and forced to move from place to place. Through walking the horizontal path, you need to restore through indemnity the bitter pain in history, which remains unindemnified vertically. (025-214, 1969/10/04)

11 The first seven-year course is the path to restore the position of a child of direct lineage from the position of a servant of servants. Therefore, during this seven-year course you have to take the position of a servant and love Cain. This is why we need to go out and witness. We should try to love others with our heart focused on the Divine Principle. We should try to love others, not as a son or daughter of so-and-so's lineage, but as people who have made a covenant with God's heart through heavenly love. We should find a point of accord with God's life and hope, and try our best to love others. Let us try to do this and become one with God in heart, hope and action. God's hope is to recover the world. His action is to carry out confidently the work of the providence of restoration to save the world. His heart provides the character that enables us to love the person who seems unlovable. (034-060, 1970/08/29)

12 We know that it was God's Will to conclude the sinful history of 6,000 years through the first seven-year course. We also know that, ever since the time of Jesus 2,000 years ago, Christianity has been constructing a bloodstained altar of martyrdom and struggle in order to conclude the still unfulfilled work of the providence. We are keenly aware that not only Jesus and the Holy Spirit but also innumerable martyrs have come to earth for the Will of God and have left behind them nothing but sorrows. These saints followed their hearts and stomped upon Satan's world, but they were forced to fulfill their work by sacrificing their bodies and going to their deaths. As we have seen, the demands of each age focused on a single moment in time and necessitated a fight to the death between Satan's side and God's side. Then who is responsible to fulfill the mission of ending this fight? The outside world does not know that the members of the Unification Church, hounded and hunted by the people of Korea, are the ones who have shouldered this vital responsibility. God, however, knows it, and this is why He has pioneered this stony path together with us and has worked with us until now. This is a privilege given only to us, and we alone can carry that pride. On the path of history, the first seven-year course is the fertile period when we can eagerly bring these things into reality. (019-128, 1968/01/01)

13 You now stand at the very point where I began my public course 21 years ago. I was persecuted by Christianity, I was hunted by the nation, and I was opposed by religious people. However, the present time is not that kind of age. You live in an age where nations, religions, spiritual groups and gifted individuals around the world will begin to testify to you and welcome you. From this perspective, you are standing in a place more blessed than mine. In the past, if you tried to accomplish a task and made a mistake, you had to reverse your error and completely indemnify it. But now for you, that age has passed. All the conditions have improved. Indeed, a blessed moment has arrived in which the age of indemnity is passing and the age of glory is approaching. This applies particularly to you who are in the position of children. Those in the position of parents made a mistake, and a standard of suffering before humankind was established. However, because I completed my responsibility in the position of parents, you, who are in the position of children, are able to advance beyond the standard of persecution and accusation. This period is the first seven-year course. (021-061, 1968/09/01)

The first course for Korea

The first seven-year course was the path that the True Parents themselves took, the model course established for blessed couples. After the liberation of Korea in 1945, True Father triumphed in his 14-year course on the individual level. During the seven-year course that started following the Holy Wedding of the True Parents, the members began to walk in True Parents' footsteps. Specifically, according to Fathers words, the first three years of the seven-year course was the period to recover the lost parents and children, and the four subsequent years was the period to pioneer the national-level foundation in addition to laying the material and environmental foundations. The members were in the position of children participating in True Parents' course. Their primary objective as individuals was to attain maturity and make great strides for the achievement of positive results.

14 What must you do to accomplish this seven-year period? You need to possess the victorious authority of dominion on the level of an individual, a family, a tribe, a people and a nation. However, being a descendant of the Fall, you cannot walk this seven-year course by yourself. This is why God established the True Parents to pave this road in both the spiritual world and the physical world, and you are following in their footsteps. (014-246, 1965/01/01)

15 Due to Adam and Eve's Fall, we lost the True Parents. Moreover, we lost the true children. We also lost all creation. Lastly, we lost God. We need to find these four things that have been lost. Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage and gave birth to fallen sons and daughters, thus becoming the ancestors of fallen humanity. In this fallen realm, the creation also came to be filled with bitter sorrow. Because humankind came under the realm of Satan's dominion, everything was lost. The Unification Church established the standard for restoring all of this during the period from 1960 to 1967, the first seven-year course. During this period, we rose to meet the criteria necessary to redeem all that had been lost. (023-180, 1969/05/18)

16 Why did I lead you to participate in the first seven-year course from 1960? You need to understand why we started in 1960 and not before then. The work of restoration is supposed to pass through the three stages of formation, growth and completion. Because you are passing through three stages related to the number seven, you must fulfill a period relating to 21. Now, due to the Fall, Satan invaded the formation and growth stages. Since those in the position of parents fell, parents are the ones who must restore these two stages. Children are not able to participate in establishing the standard of overcoming trials and suffering. That task belongs to the parents. The children are to walk the path of restoration in the seven-year period that corresponds to the completion stage. This is the period for the path of restoration at the level that did not suffer Satan's invasion. The work you do during this first seven-year period remains as actual results; you are not paying indemnity. (016-065, 1965/12/26)

17 Centered on God, True Parents appeared on earth after the Holy Wedding. Since the beginning of history, many evil parents had been born, but the standard of good, God-centered parents had not been established on earth. On the day when this was established, Satan's dominion over human beings, which he had held from the beginning of history until then, started to be taken away from him. This is why the forces of Satan had no choice but to raise a banner of opposition and persecute True Parents with all their energy and might.

Why were True Parents persecuted even after the Holy Wedding? The reason is that this wedding ceremony took place at the top of the growth stage and the seven-year course representing the completion stage remained unfinished. The problem was how we could go through this seven-year course. Only when we completed this seven-year course could we arrive at the realm of God's direct dominion.

To pass through the dominion of the Principle and arrive at the direct dominion, we needed to fulfill what is called the portion of responsibility. Adam and Eve were supposed to uphold the ideal of love, through which they could become absolutely one centered on God, thus advancing to the position where they could never be divided. This would have established a foundation for a family whose first priority was God-centered love. If they had done this, then on that foundation, heaven and earth would have become one, and man and woman would have become one. Based on the foundation of new love, new life and new lineage, they would have then expanded horizontally in every direction. (196-214, 1990/01/01)

18 The Unification Church family members are the ones to participate in the first seven-year course, the Abel course, in which I am able to determine the fate of the people. If I go east, you should follow me to the east, and if I go west, you should follow me to the west. Become a leaf or a branch that must not fall or break off. This seven-year course is the period in which I am establishing you in the position of branches that do not break off and leaves that do not fall off, even if they have withered. Therefore, if it is at all possible, during this seven-year course all of you must be mobilized.

During this period, worldwide Satanic powers will attack you in full, concentrated force. This period started in 1960. At that time, all people in the Republic of Korea opposed us. People lined up to file anonymous accusations with the police in order to have me imprisoned. Unless one receives such opposition, restoration through indemnity cannot take place. (017-140, 1966/12/11)

19 The first seven-year course served to bring an end to my own 21 -year course. In this course you participated as individuals, but in terms of your significance in world history, you participated on behalf of many people in history. The devotions you offered in this period absolutely will not be in vain. They will remain linked to earth for thousands of years and generations, and when you go to the heavenly world, they will become the basis on which countless good spirits will offer you praise. This period will not come again.

We came forward on the Korean Peninsula holding the unification banner in order to heal historical woes, and we have been targets for the arrows of persecution throughout this time. However, we did not ease our pace on the path that we have been traveling. Even while being driven out and pursued, we did not neglect our internal growth or our external preparation. So now there is not one person on the Korean Peninsula who can block the path of the Unification Church. Our determination has been to establish the standard that cannot be negated by any weapon imaginable. From the viewpoint of heaven, this is what brought us such a great victory. Because we established such a standard as our center, we were able to create a new history. (019-130, 1968/01/01)

20 In the first seven-year course True Parents, while establishing the standard for the family and the tribe, set the indemnity condition for the people through the church. This internal standard should have been reached at the time of Jesus, but could not be accomplished and had to be re-indemnified. To piece all this together, we have worked so hard during this seven-year course. (017-316, 1967/04/10)

21 While going through the initial three-year period of the first seven-year course, what must you do representing this pitiable race of people? You need to continue running forward, even if you fall down on the way. On this road of trials, you train yourselves as construction workers who can build an ideal society.

You need to establish traditions that Satan's world cannot accuse. The traditions you establish in the process of training yourselves should become a legacy that can endure eternally, even in the ideal world of the kingdom of heaven. Otherwise, you will not be able to say that you finished walking your life's path, and it will not be said that you completed your life's responsibility. The more you aspire to be loyal to heaven as a true filial son or daughter, the more suffering and trials you will undergo, so you need to prepare for that. You need to prepare thoroughly to stand in the position in which all humanity can praise your value and the entire cosmos can be grateful to you, in which you create conditions that will make the entire cosmos happy. (013-327, 1964/04/14)

22 We need to march forward toward the day when the sound of laughter rings and resonates throughout the Korean Peninsula and all the world, testifying that we have realized the kingdom of heaven. Since we are in such a position, we have no time to rest. We Unification Church believers should weep bitterly, even while eating.

Why must we become like that? It is so that we can realize the kingdom of heaven desired by God, resolve the bitter sorrow of Jesus and the Holy Spirit over their unfulfilled task, and resolve the sorrow of the thousands of saints who endured starvation and became sacrificial offerings, yet could not restore the kingdom of heaven on earth. How can they be liberated from their sorrows? Do you think there is spare time for those of us who know this amazing reality, and who bear this enormous mission, to rest? Even if your legs break, even if you die, there remains the path of restoration for you to follow with all your strength.

That is why I commanded you to complete the three-year course. In taking that path, everyone must risk death. To achieve the goal that you set with complete dedication, you should be ready to lose sleep, to go hungry and to face danger. I am responsible for making you carry out this work. This is why I hope that, when you stand in such a position, you will not complain about anyone. Even if you collapse or are asked to sacrifice yourself, you should not lament.

We cannot avoid being targeted by the enemy, for we are soldiers laying the cornerstone to construct the kingdom of heaven. How can the enemy not try to besiege us? These things will happen. However, as you work for True Parents and for God, your heart is not for your own sake but for the sake of the people and the world. Therefore, this position is a sacred one. Even if this path is a long one, the footsteps of the unified soldiers should follow it joyfully, finding shortcuts whenever possible. (015-342, 1965/12/07)

23 I fear that the nation of Korea and its people, who are in the position of the people of Israel, may be unable to fulfill their responsibility. I am sending you ahead of me because, if there is any glory to be had, I want to give it to you first. You need to go through the remaining four-year period of the first seven-year course bearing this in mind. Since now is a time when anyone could become exhausted, we need to struggle even harder.

Adam and Eve fell, and the fruit of their Fall was Cain and Abel. We need to restore this through indemnity focusing on our church members, namely the blessed families. In each region, there should be a family of filial sons and daughters who work with complete loyalty, regardless of what other people think or do. Such a family is surmounting the sorrows of a people through their tears, sweat and blood in order to achieve the goal True Parents set on their behalf. A person becomes True Parents' object partner if he or she lives with gratitude every day, asking with tears for blessings upon his or her people. Such people carry out heavenly labors.

This is why during the four-year period, which is the second half of the first seven-year course, your responsibility is to be victorious leaders of the people. If this is the case, at the same time you welcome the peoples victory, God will welcome it too. You need to understand this and pray with increasing intensity. After this work is finished, you need to become victorious world-level leaders. Once you accomplish this, all the world s peoples will come to dwell in a realm of grace and praise God. Then finally we will be liberated, and we will establish God's Day as a day of complete victory. (013-158, 1964/01/01)

24 On December 31, 1964, and January 1, 1965, True Parents established holy grounds in seven places in Korea. After accomplishing this, I began the work, on the national level, of individual, family and tribal restoration. We need to set the foundations that God can accept for individual victory, family victory, tribal victory and victory of the people. In this context, the tribe means the blessed families of the Unification Church, and the people means the larger community that is formed around such tribes. In the future, we need to organize a united people. This is why, here in Korea, we have to restore the heavenly central position that Cain and Abel should have established. We need to make an all-out advance in this mission in the first seven-year course. (016-071, 1965/12/26)

25 The motto of the first year of the first seven-year course was, "Let this be the year of the best result of our lives." This means that I, in the position of a man, had to find True Mother. The motto of the second year was, "Let us become Heavenly Fathers representatives." Because I finally found Mother, I could work on behalf of our Heavenly Father to advance toward the restored kingdom of heaven. These mottoes refer to my own life.

The motto of the third year was, "Let us have something to show and be proud of." Spiritual sons and daughters are those who we can show and be proud of. This refers to your restoration course. Therefore, this is both my motto and yours.

Focusing on the first seven-year course, you need to have the greatest year of your life in front of heaven. This best year of your life must be one in which you, as a man who was completely lost, find a woman who was completely lost. Then as a representative of God, you need to find something to show and be proud of. After that you need to become a victorious leader. Once you have completely restored the four-position foundation, you need to govern the realm of victory.

In 1960, when I said, "When this seven-year course passes, the complete foundation will be established on which I can work," you thought I was only dreaming. But now you can see that things have turned out just as I said they would. (025-239, 1969/10/04)

26 Though we have prevailed in the first seven-year course, True Parents shed many bloody tears during this period. Night or day, however difficult the situation was, I always rushed forward to achieve one goal.

You should not blame others who do not follow this path. Even if you have no friends, you should blame no one. You are walking this path with the mission of harvesting the providential results that God has already prepared. We need to harvest the fruits of goodness that are scattered throughout this world. By harvesting these fruits with the sickle of the heart you can unite your divided self and even unite the separated feelings of heaven and humankind. Though our bodies are like dull sickles, they should still be used as tools for the harvest. In this way we base ourselves on the heart of God and guide the world toward a new center. This is the mission of Unification Church believers. (020-192, 1968/06/09)

27 In 1960 we prepared a new foundation for victory, the providential foundation to restore on earth the standard that Jesus hoped for 2,000 years ago. From such an astounding and epochal starting point, we entered a new era of history.

During the period of this first seven-year course, if democracy cannot control the world and communism comes to dominate, the whole world will per- ish. So this seven-year period is the time when that which is perishing can be brought to thrive. We need to restore the people and organize them into the form of a nation, and then we need to create one united world. Everything needs to be restored during this seven-year period.

When Jesus came to this earth he wanted to establish Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things. Through this, he would have assumed absolute authority without Satan's accusation and finally would have established God's Day, through which he could have returned glory to God. In accordance with Jesus' desire, we established Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things to achieve his goal. Then, after completing the first seven-year course, we finally established God's Day on the first day of the first month in 1968. (019-215, 1968/01/07)

Section 2. The Restoration of the Nation and World

Our duty in the second course

True Parents said that the first seven-year course, which was completed at the end of 1967, was the parents' course, and the second seven-year course, which ended in 1974, was the children's course. During the first seven-year course, they devoted all their energy toward laying the foundation for national restoration, as can be seen in the annual mottoes during this period, "Let us make an all-out advance," "The victorious unified front," "Securing the foundation for unity," and "Safeguarding the front line of unity." The second seven-year course was the period in which blessed families needed to fulfill their duties as tribal messiahs to restore their position as the ancestors. Father said that during this period they needed to first restore their tribes as a foundation to restore a people and a nation.

1 In the first seven-year course, from 1960 to 1967, Parents directly prevailed, focusing on the vertical standard. The second seven-year course is your era. During this era, it is you who must fight, horizontally. The second seven-year course is the growth period. In history, decisive battles often were won in the second round. In the same way, the question of what will happen to Korea depends on the second seven-year course. Before this second seven-year course ends in 1974, Korea must cooperate with God's Will and support the Unification Church. If this fundamental rule is violated, and Korea blocks our way, God will not forgive Korea. We need to march forward centering on this kind of foundation.

By the time the second seven-year course ends, we should have surpassed the national standard, and then, by the time we complete the third seven-year course in 1981, we should have surpassed the world standard. This is because, in restoring through indemnity the orbit of the Principle, we must recreate history horizontally. (025-235, 1969/10/04)

2 Through the first seven-year course, we established God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things. In so doing, we set the standard based on which we can fulfill our responsibility in the role of parents, something Jesus was unable to accomplish. After that, on the victorious foundation of having fulfilled our responsibility as True Parents, the children also need to unite as one, both internally and externally, until God's nation can be established. Only then can we complete the original Will that Jesus wanted to realize when he lived on earth. Following the victorious model of True Parents, children need to pave the way to the point where they too are able to surpass the national level. This is the second seven-year course. So the seven-year period from 1968 to 1974 is the time when the entire nation can go beyond the level of opposition that Jesus faced from his religion and nation. (065-268, 1973/01/01)

3 The period from 1968 is the time when we have to carry the family-level cross. During the 6,000 years of history, each of us had to carry his or her cross as individuals. The period to bear the family-level cross still remains. Until now, no one tried to carry that cross. Jesus too had to bear the cross on behalf of his people and his nation and then form a family, after which he would have gone out into the broader world. He died while he was still bearing the cross of the people and the nation, and we need to indemnify this. Both the path of the individual cross and the path of the family cross remain, and be- cause the 6,000 years of history have progressed along such a thorny path, we need to establish indemnity conditions of both types. To do so, I walked the path of the individual cross from 1946 until 1960. This 14-year course was the same length as the 14-year course that Jacob walked. We can form a family, take hold of our position on earth centering on the four-position foundation of that family, and expand in all directions only after we have passed through such a period. (030-333, 1970/04/06)

4 The first seven-year course is the period in which we need to carry out the work of connecting a perfected man to a perfected woman, that is, Mother. This is the period of setting up the family standard of Parents. So, during this time Parents formed a family centering on God. Only then was I able to construct a family base on this earth, which is the restored form of the four-position foundation. Centering on the Parents' family, the blessed families need to unite completely. The period in which they need to do this is the second seven-year course. The second seven-year course is the period during which, centering on the Parents' family, the families that have received the Blessing need to unite completely as one, thus forming the unified realm of Abel. They then need to establish the standard that the people can recognize. (075-010, 1975/01/01)

5 During the second seven-year course, which lasts until 1974, we need to restore the Republic of Korea and build the foundation for the heavenly kingdom. Restoration needs to be done centering on both spirit and body. Accordingly, we must inspire people spiritually, centering on the Word in the church, and physically, centering on ideology in the world. That is why the Unification movement expresses an ideology of victory over communism, which the democratic world lacks. These correspond to the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud that led the Israelites when they departed with Moses from Egypt. Centering on these symbolic pillars, externally we are leading the communist realm to surrender, and internally we are establishing the law of the family. When this expands and connects to the world stage, we will complete the kingdom of heaven on earth. (025-240, 1969/10/04)

6 When a man and a woman are restored, they need to marry. When they have thus established their position as true parents, they need to form a true tribe and a true people centering on true parents, and continue the work of restoration. To do so, we walked the first seven-year course. After accomplishing this, we are to set indemnity conditions on the national standard and thereby enter the age in which we cross over national barriers. Since Korea has come to stand in the position of Abel, heavenly fortune has arrived, enabling us to move from the national level to the world level.

We now need to carry out a unifying movement through which the external world of Cain and the spiritual world of God can be united as one country. Humankind is now entering a new age where people can cooperate to fulfill this responsibility. Therefore, from this time forward, the sorrowful, miserable historical course traveled by Unification Church members will no longer continue. In the second seven-year course, we must get beyond the critical point of worldwide restoration. I am telling you that you yourselves must carry out your responsibility and go beyond the critical point in restoring the people. All who have received the Blessing need to complete their responsibility as family-level messiahs. (019-224, 1968/01/07)

7 The first seven-year course you walked until now was used as the condition of restoration through indemnity to liberate Jesus from his sorrows. We are now entering an era in which you can restore through indemnity your own self, in order to fulfill your own hopes. Therefore, each and every one of you needs to become a tribal messiah and go into the world. In this current situation, as you follow your mission path into the world, instead of being opposed as you teach the Will of God, you will be welcomed. We have progressed into such an era. While this was the critical point of worldwide restoration centering on True Parents, on the foundation of this seven-year period we have gone beyond that standard. (019-224, 1968/01/07)

8 The second seven-year course began in 1968. The children's course also began at that time. Children need to follow the course walked by their parents. They need to restore lost spiritual children, and receive the blessing of their parents. After this, they even need to receive the blessing of all creation. Then they can pass their mission on and take a sabbatical year. If you cannot do this during the seven years beginning from 1968, it will be extended to 21 years.

Since God's Day is the day on which True Parents appear as the substantial manifestation of God, it is also the day when Satan, who did not surrender to humankind, surrenders to True Parents as the substantial form of God. Through the establishment of God's Day, the condition was established and the angel surrendered to Adam, and Cain surrendered to Abel.

The second seven-year course is the period in which we start from the position of restored elder son. In the past, we had to claim the place of the elder son from the position of the second son, so we were persecuted. But now we can distribute blessings from the position of the elder son, and therefore no one will hate or persecute us. Such a time has come. Now, if people refuse, we as the elder son have the mission to correct them in order to restore them as children of heaven. Just as True Parents carried out the mission of the Messiah in the first seven-year course, in the second seven-year course you need to fulfill the mission of the messiah for tribal restoration. (023-190, 1969/05/19)

9 The second seven-year course is the path on which we must find the people whom heaven did not choose, the group that was expelled from heaven, and save them. This is the foundation that Jesus would have established if he had not been cast out. Today God's sons and daughters in the Unification Church have mobilized to walk this path through the second seven-year course. Now is the time to restore tribes.

True Parents ordered you to move forward boldly and strongly. That is because now is the time parallel to the time when Jesus found the fishermen and made them his disciples. At the time, he had to move forward boldly and strongly himself after establishing a church and forming a family. I issued such an order because now is such a time when the preparation has been made on earth. Also, the spirit world can cooperate, enabling us to carry out a perfect operation.

By performing Blessing ceremonies in the period from 1960 to 1963,1 established the standard of family restoration. Therefore, church members also need to establish this standard for the second seven-year course for three years from 1968 until 1970. (020-344, 1968/07/20)

10 In the second seven-year course you must restore your parents, siblings and relatives with a loyalty that is greater than the loyalty you showed for your nation. That is to say, you have to restore your whole tribe and bring them before God. Until now, your ancestors have had no way to have a relationship with the providence of restoration. However, when you restore your tribe, you can complete the mission of tribal true parents, and special grace will be given by which the saints in the spirit world can participate in returning resurrection through you. In this way, countless numbers of your good ancestors can come to earth again. Because such an age is approaching, Satan's world is gradually disappearing and the fortune of unification is gradually being transferred to a new world. Therefore, from the viewpoint of the Principle, depending on how we act until 1974,1 anticipate that we will see rapid development. (019-166, 1968/01/01)

11 After achieving victory on the national level, I put blessed families on the front line during the second seven-year course. I had to teach those families how they should establish themselves for their nation, how they should dedicate themselves in the eyes of the people and walk the path of public life. Since the second seven-year course is a family-level course, all blessed families were mobilized. As we entered the 1970s, the blessed wives had to leave their children and husbands to go into action for three years. This was because they had to walk the same road as Mother.

If a wife leaves her home where she lives with her husband and children, her husband and the children become her enemies. That is why the wives had to consider their family members in advance as their enemies. However, because they already had made this determination, their family members did not enter Satan's side even when the family members became enemies. They were not caught by Satan's trap. That was love. The words recorded in the Bible, "Ones enemies will be members of one's own household" (Matt. 10:36), literally came true in the Unification Church. These are not mere words. That is how history works. (106-269, 1980/01/01)

12 In 1974, the last year of the second seven-year course, we have been connecting the second seven-year course, which is external, to the first seven-year course, which is internal. This remains until 1974. When all is said and done, it is the time when blessed families of the Unification Church have to go out to the front line and confront Satan with full force. That is why, during the three years of 1970, 1971 and 1972, all blessed wives have left their children, their husbands and their homes, and have gone out. On that foundation, True Parents prepared the spiritual starting point, where parents and children can finally unite as one on the world level.

On that foundation, we have been able to carry out our activities in the United States. The fact that True Parents were able to come to the United States and do this work is analogous to Jesus having entered Rome victoriously, not dying but conducting major evangelical activities on the foundation of the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism having united with him. (069-302, 1974/01/01)

13 The two seven-year courses until 1974 are the periods that correspond to the 14-year course of Jacob. Through this 14-year period, Jacob formed his family, setting his anchor in heaven and on earth. Similarly, by going through the second seven-year course, the Unification Church can set its anchor firmly on earth, centering on the family.

The time is coming when it will be recognized officially that blessed families of the Unification Church are happier than other families, that they love their families and country more than anyone else, that they uphold the Will of God, and that they are a group of people who love the world and love humanity. When that time comes, our families will finally have the authority of Israel, and will settle in this world.

On the day when we successfully complete the second seven-year course, the blessings of God will be concentrated decisively on the Unification Church and the Republic of Korea. Then the Unification Church will come to stand on an equal footing with the Republic of Korea and Christianity, even though they opposed us in the past, just as the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism opposed Jesus. In fact, the Unification Church will go beyond merely being equal to them; it will come to stand above them. If the Christian churches and the nation do not follow us, they are doomed. (056-323, 1972/05/18)

14 The three-year period before the end of the second seven-year course is the preparation period to advance toward the third seven-year course, the world-level course. In other words, the period before the second seven-year course draws to a close is the time to prepare for the world-level seven-year course. Spiritually and providentially, this is parallel with the moment when the living Jesus could have unified Judea and Rome. Then what is the difference between Jesus' time and now? The time of Jesus was a national-level age, and today is a world-level age. That is the difference. America represents the democratic world, and by traveling there and establishing a foundation through a three-year course, I proved that I can be victorious. This is the historical significance of this time. (071-012, 1974/03/24)

15 If we call the democratic world the Abel world, the world of God, then the communist world would be the world of Satan, Cain's world. When we prevail in the United States and complete this second seven-year course, we will reach the spiritual level where Satan's world will have to retreat. Communism possesses a substantial worldwide foundation, and we have not been able to attain a foundation of those proportions.

Nonetheless, without your realizing it, even as the Cain-like communist world opposes our movement, True Parents are seizing the offensive. The democratic world is confronting the communist world from the position of Abel. The relationship of these two camps is analogous to the divided spirit and body. We need to occupy them first spiritually, so that we can form a relationship with them, and then engage them physically. In that way we can achieve victory. Our responsibility in the third course True Parents established the third seven-year course, which ran from 1975 to 1981, saying it was the period to lay the foundation for world restoration. The three seven-year courses were periods of sacrifice to create the providential foundation on the family level, national level and world level. Thus, True Parents emphasized that everyone should be living offerings for the providence. They explained also that, on the foundation of spiritual victory, in the third seven-year course we are moving toward the unified world by creating a substantial standard. Since the spiritual victory was achieved through True Parents, the Unification family in the position of children need to achieve substantial victory. They need to do so by uniting in heart and soul to meet the external standard, centering on the internal standard that True Parents govern. They emphasized that we will need to sacrifice in order to transcend the democratic and communist worlds, and that this is the condition necessary to establish the victorious realm of heaven. (071-012, 1974/03/24)

16 The beginning of the age when you can attend Mother in 1960 marked the completion of the Old Testament Age and the realm of the Bride in Jesus' age. After this, going beyond the standard of the Fall at the top of the growth stage, we must cross over the third seven-year course to achieve the world-level standard of completion. That is why the 21-year period of formation, growth and completion in Adam's family, the three seven-year courses from 1960 until 1981 centering on True Parents' family, was necessary on earth. That course of 21 years was the condition to transcend the 6,000 years of history from the age of Adam through the age of Jesus to the age of the Lord at the Second Coming. All vertical conditions need to be settled horizontally. (266-063, 1994/12/11)

17 The first seven-year course is the time when we take responsibility as True Parents. It is the period when the True Parents' family completely secures its place. The second seven-year course is the period when the families of the children complete their foundations. And the third seven-year course is the time when the tribe and the people take root and settle down. For the nation of Korea to take root and establish itself, the world needs to cooperate with it and become a wall of protection for its security. (068-020, 1973/07/23)

18 Our mission is to restore the nation and the world while I am here on earth. The 21-year course is carried out through three stages, and by the third seven-year course we must be known to the world. Just as Jacob brought about the surrender of the spiritual angel and then subdued his physical brother Esau, who represented Cain's side, today we must bring about the surrender of the spiritual Satan on a worldwide scale and then accomplish the submission of the communist world. Just as Jacob was victorious after he had risked his life wrestling all night with the angel, so we too have to fight at the risk of our lives. Just as Jacob suffered many hardships, the Unification Church also must endure sacrifices. If we do not have that determination, we will not be able to save the world. The path of the providence should have begun with glory in my lifetime. However, due to Christianity's disbelief, we had to indemnify the suffering path walked for the last 2,000 years by the people of Israel. We are doing this through the 21 -year course, which can also be described as three seven-year courses. (054-227, 1972/03/24)

19 The third seven-year course remains, during which you must go forward, on the foundation of True Parents' victory, which they won when they took responsibility for everything and fought directly to gain success. Now we have the foundation on which we can work freely centering on the United States for the next seven years. As you restore humanity from its fallen position in the world, you can become citizens of God's country and sons and daughters of God. You can do this representing the world, as you set the condition to restore the United States to the side of heaven and establish the one global nation. 1 set up the third seven-year course on the world level with the intention of granting you this privilege. You need to become the founding patriots of the heavenly country. The world turns on the axis of this fundamental principle. (071-018, 1974/03/24)

20 Starting in 1975, we enter the time when the Unification Church can advance to the world stage, focusing on both body and spirit. Gates are opening through which we can march all the way into the communist world. True Parents have set the conditions that enable us to go beyond even the world level. In 1975, we begin the third seven-year course. During the first three-year period of this course, Unification Church believers have to generate controversy, just as I did at Madison Square Garden in the United States. You need to walk this three-year course in actuality. (073-254, 1974/09/22)

21 Until 1981, when the third seven-year course ends, we bear the historic duty to become completely one with the center. We have to advance on this path with gratitude in our hearts, even if we have to sacrifice ourselves in the process. We need to push forward against every obstacle to accomplish this work. We do not know if this will happen in the nation of America, some other nation, or even the world. Will you be able to build such a foundation by 1981? This is a serious and difficult path. However, because God exists and because of the Principle, this is bound to happen. The question is how completely you can unite and move forward with True Parents. This will determine whether or not you can do it. You may collapse on the way, but True Parents cannot. (065-274, 1973/01/01)

22 No matter what sacrifices we have to make, by the end of the third seven-year course we need to stand higher than both the democratic and the com- munist worlds. If we do not rise to this level, we cannot establish the victorious realm of heaven. In short, we cannot win. To put it another way, if the communist realm invades, even if they say it is temporary, it is Satan's invasion, so we need a foundation superior to worldwide communism.

In this regard, through the third seven-year course True Parents are preparing the United States to attain complete victory. We have to substantiate the internal foundation with both houses of Congress so that they will strengthen the system of education about the reality of communism throughout the nation. How are we to lead the nation? This is the mission we need to fulfill through the third seven-year course. (083-020, 1976/02/05)

23 I believe that during the third seven-year course we need to strengthen our organization and activity centering on the United States. If we have not established our worldwide foundation by 1981, Korea will have no future. By 1981, because it completes the 21-year period of the three seven-year courses, we have to have built a base to go beyond the nation and expand into the world. If we do not go through such a worldwide indemnity course, our movement will not be able to manifest itself as a global religion. For God to carry out the providence through the Unification Church, we must follow this formula course and fulfill our responsibility to meet His conditions. If we do not keep up our momentum in fulfilling our responsibility, and invest with all our devotion, we will not become citizens of the ideal nation or world. That is why we are now engaged in this fight. (063-200, 1972/10/14)

24 It is truly a great thing to gain recognition as participants in the third seven-year course. When you succeed in home church as tribal messiahs in this period, you will become ancestors that your descendants can be proud of for generations to come. If you successfully conclude the third seven-year course and accomplish registration in the new nation, you are following the True Parents. You will have the privilege of succeeding with them automatically and going beyond the boundaries between nations, tribes and peoples. If you are victorious in the third seven-year course, you can stand before the world. This is not an opportunity that comes at just any time. Knowing that you are facing this incredible age, you have to fully devote yourselves to this third seven-year course. (103-070, 1979/02/02)

25 During the third seven-year course, you need to head toward the world level, no matter what it takes. Not only God but also Jesus and the numerous saints in the spirit world are saying, "You have come this far, so please take one more step. You can go on to the next level with just this one more step." To this end, just as we pray in support of the spiritual world, the spiritual world is praying for the physical world. That is the reason unification will be realized. Until now, we have worked to help the spirit world, but now the spirit world is helping us. (081-116, 1975/12/01)

26 You need to have the same feeling as I had in my heart on December 18, 1971 when I came to America. Before the third seven-year course ends, you need to influence others with the same determination I had when I made a solemn pledge as I stepped onto American soil. That is why I told the young people who went out into the world as missionaries that they should not return to their own country if they failed to fulfill their missions and responsibilities. You too should work with the conviction that you will significantly influence the state for which you are responsible, even if True Parents do not support you financially. You are doing this work for America, for the Unification Church and True Parents, and for your own self. You should never retreat, no matter what. (089-285, 1976/12/04)

27 You are walking the third seven-year course, and this course will last until 1981.1 go in advance of you. I have not been shouldering my own individual responsibility but the responsibility of the world. You want to call us your True Parents, but you can do so only after you have completed this seven-year course. What must you do during this period? During the 7,000 years of history, God carried out the restoration of creation, people and, finally, heart. So during this seven-year course, you need to restore finances and people, and after that you need to find your love. (093-279, 1977/06/11)

28 What did True Parents do after deciding on the third seven-year course? We resolved to advance toward the completion of the purpose of restoration. We determined to bequeath to history a starting point of love that can serve eternally, even if it meant we had to deny the family, deny the nation, deny Asia and deny the world. Are those things going to remain? Will we be able to return with dignity? In what capacity would we return, and by what means? We would not come back as powerful officials, but instead as victors of love. In the end, this is the only standard for which I have striven, true love.

You need to love your parents more than you love your children. You need to love your tribe more than you love your parents. You need to love your people more than you love your tribe. You need to love your nation more than you love your people. And you need to love the world more than you love your nation. (112-140, 1981/04/12)

Section 3. Witnessing, Education and Revivals

Witnessing conditions

The 40-day summer witnessing and education, which began on July 20, 1960 after True Parents' Holy Wedding, ignited our membership nationwide for the cause of restoring the Korean people. A total of 659 members were sent out to 413 areas in Korea. In Seoul, door-to-door visits and Divine Principle lectures were organized, and witnessing took place in the major parks, including Pagoda Park. During this period, the Unificationist family united as one in heart with True Parents. They ate meager meals together with True Parents for 40 days and overcame all kinds of hardships and persecutions.

1 The 40-day witnessing period was established as a condition to indemnify the 4,000 years of history from Adam to Jesus and the 4,000 years of history from Abraham until now. In crossing over this summit, no matter how wide or long the road is, there is only one road. It is the fastest road, the road of indemnity. There is the journey of 4,000 years and the journey of 40 years. Both center on the number 40. To go over this summit, we must create a shortcut. This representative period is none other than the 40-day witnessing period. (024-115, 1969/07/13)

2 The 40-day witnessing periods, which were carried out both in summer and winter, will go down in history. In these periods, we had to pass over a summit that no one had been able to conquer before. We had to travel a stretch of road that has been impassable until now. This is the issue. You must walk that road, if not during your lifetime, then after your death. People who seek the heavenly path are always lonely, and people who bear heavenly responsibility are always serious. As Unificationist family members, you may find it easy to be a follower, but those who have to lead can never sleep deeply. Victory or defeat depends on the actions of the one who is responsible. (024-158, 1969/07/27)

3 The Unification Church began carrying out 40-day witnessing conditions in earnest from 1960. The reason for this is that, instead of living our lives bound by our daily circumstances, we needed to push outward, expanding into the future. In order to do this we needed to connect with every sphere of life in the world. All human beings symbolize not only the era in which they live, but also the future and their environment, as well as the past—all these together. What this means is that you are a living representative of the past, of your own historical age, of this world and of the future. People who live such a life are worthy indeed. (167-207, 1987/07/19)

4 You should eat barley rice during the 40-day summertime witnessing period. You need to be a sacrificial offering. A sacrificial offering has no self-awareness or concept of ownership. After passing through the position of servant and the position of adopted son, we need to advance to the position of sons and daughters. Jesus was a sacrificial offering. He tried to become the high priest, but because of the disbelief of the people, he died as a sacrificial offering. The Lord at the Second Advent comes in the capacity of the high priest. Thus, we can advance to the position of children.

On the morning of January 1, 1960, I said to you, "For three years, you must stand in the position to serve. Carry the heart of parents in your mind, and stand in the position of a servant. You should become a sacrificial offering by shedding blood, sweat, and tears. By doing so, you advance to the position of high priest to bear the responsibility of atonement, and you advance to the position of sons and daughters to represent Father and judge Satan!" This is our motto and the main principle of our practice. As sons and daughters who think like Father, your blood, sweat and tears must saturate the road as they connect village with village. (011-175, 1961/07/09)

5 To become sons and daughters of True Parents, you need to establish the condition, by the principle of indemnity, for rebirth through the bone marrow of the Parents. Only then can you be in the position of sons and daughters. The 40-day witnessing periods spanning the three years from 1960 through 1962 were indemnity conditions for this. During these periods we ate barley rice. Why did we have to eat barley rice? It was because those three years were a time of paying indemnity. These were the periods to restore and go beyond the four-position foundation, centering on True Parents' direct children. It was the period for you to establish the Cain-Abel relationship centering on Parents, and in this way to unite Cain and Abel. (026-310, 1969/11/10)

6 There is a path by which we take responsibility for the sorrowful history following the liberation of Korea, and for the hope our people have held. That is the path of unification. And if there were such people, they were none other than the members of the Unification Church. This is the reason the Unification Church has come forth and cannot perish. When we went out to witness, everyone of all ages cornered and attacked us. We were filled with grief when we were ridiculed. Our hearts filled with sorrow. Tears gathered and fell like dewdrops.

As we gazed at the morning sunrise, we pinned our hopes on tomorrow, when we would greet the bright sunlight of a new day. With that hope, we endured today as a day of sorrow and perseverance. The approaching night was, for us, a time to bear the cross. Living each day in this manner, many years have passed. Our Unificationist group, which was hounded in the past, has somehow come to be recognized for loving the nation and loving the people. It is now acknowledged that we are fighting and endeavoring for this country. Therefore, today when people speak of religious groups, they cannot exclude the Unification Church. We have laid a foundation such that the people who persecuted us are now on bended knees, welcoming us with tears. (028-296, 1970/02/11)

True Parents' regional tours

During the 40-day summer witnessing campaign of 1960, True Parents traveled around Korea for 21 days, from July 30 to August 19, visiting the witnessing locations and giving encouragement to the education team members. The witnessing teams who were pioneering received True Parents' party with tears of gratitude. True Parents spent time with the members, listening attentively to their reports, sometimes staying up all night because they were so absorbed, speaking to them, and sharing their meals of boiled barley. True Parents continued to make regional tours during a three-year period.

7 I vividly remember the time in 1960 when I sent you out to witness and toured around to visit you. Today, when I go on a tour and people hear I am coming, numerous members line up on the path to greet me. But more than with them, God makes the connection of heaven and earth in the mind of the person whom He sees standing anxiously alone in a place where the cold wind blows. When the people I sent out, looking like sentinels in the world of death, still raise the flag of heaven, pledging their life and bowing their heads to pray with devotion—God is with them. In light of this, we can see that a connection of heart with God is formed when we are in a difficult situation. When people hunted and pursued Elijah, and he appealed to God, saying, "I am the only one left" (1 Kings 19:10), God was with him in heart. Since God was with him, the decisive power of victory was newly given to Elijah. (017-083, 1966/11/12)

8 At the time I toured the districts in Korea for 21 days, I prayed, "This road is now a rough mountainous road, but in the future, the Unification Church family members will make a road here that many motorists will call the best road there is." This road is not just the road of an individual. It is the road that continues for all. Among you, there may be some who strut down it, thinking it is a temporary road. But I am not like that. It is not a temporary road. This is the road that peoples, all of humankind, those in the spirit world and even Heavenly Father must walk. When the individual, family, society, people, citizens of the nation, those in the spirit world and even God travel on this road, they will say, "My sons and daughters will find this road very smooth!" (012-162, 1963/03/16)

9 When I toured the local districts I often slept outside. In the time of pioneer witnessing, everyone did so. I would ride in a jeep 24 hours, night and day. There was no place to sleep, so we slept in the jeep. I had that kind of training. If I slept out in the open, I would be wet with dew by morning, so I slept in the jeep. The time I spent in it was a time for resting. If my destination was even 30 minutes away, I would close my eyes and fall asleep immediately. (227-191, 1992/02/11)

10 When I tour the district churches, I see that the Unification Church members are living in very miserable places. Every time I see that, I pray to God, "Heavenly Father, please be with them! When I lived in such circumstances, You were there with me, and when I stood in such a position on Your behalf, didn't You encourage me, saying that there is still a way I can go? Please form such a connection with them, too."

Do not use the word "miserable" to describe the place you are in now. Even in a miserable place, you need to appear as a person who can sing a triumphant song of goodness. To do so, you need to become princes and princesses of God who can judge the evil world. You need clearly to understand my position as the Teacher, the one who had no choice but to drive you out to the place where sharp winds blow and stormy waves crash. When you know that you love God, and that He loves you, you will leave the precious and comfortable position that fulfills your hope in this world and go out to the place where you can hold on to God's heart and appeal to Him. (016-255, 1966/06/19)

11 When I go on a regional tour, many times I face the members with tears. When I see how they endure in the most difficult situations, I am filled with sorrow. But, the more miserable you are, the more you can become one in heart with God. God is deeply moved when He meets you in the place where you declare that you will suffer for Father's sake, the place where you call out His name even while you are starving. In the place where you are confined behind bars and beaten while working for God's Will, where you shed tears as you are tortured, that's where the heart of God bursts.

While you are in such a place, you need to pledge that you will win the titles of filial child and loyal patriot in front of Father. Since no one in history has been like that, you should comfort God, saying you will liberate history's sorrowful martyrs. Once you understand God's historical heart, you promise the martyrs, "This is the road you walked. I too will walk this road to comfort you and resolve your sorrow. I promise to do so now, without fail." (156-322, 1966/12/25)

12 I toured around Korea often. I thought as I drove over the rough roads of Gangwon Province, "If only this road were a little wider, even by a foot!" This was something that the driver felt as well. Therefore, when we pave our road, it should not be a narrow one that can be traveled only by an individual or a family. When we are building a road, we should make it wide, even if it means we have to work much harder and sacrifice more.

Then what kind of a road should be paved by the family members of the Unification Church, who are pioneering the road of historic destiny? You are the pioneers who work for our people and for all humanity. You hold invisible pick-axes and rakes in your hands. You do not want to receive criticism from your descendants, such as "If only they had made this a little better!" Instead, you should construct a road that will make them look back and wonder, "How on earth did our ancestors build a road such as this?" You are the pioneers who are meant to make such a road. (012-161, 1963/03/16)

13 Once, in 1960,1 went on a 21-day tour. I want Japanese members to explore these roads I traveled. I will tell them, "I took a 21-day tour on narrow bumpy dirt roads riding a shaky jeep. This was during the period of pioneer witnessing, a time of persecution. Now these roads are have become holy ground, so you should walk on them with your shoes off." When I tell them this, they will walk down those roads barefoot. When they do that, the people who are waiting for them to pass by will fill the roads in the small and narrow places of the Korean Peninsula. After the Japanese members have done that, and have returned to their country, I will have the American members come and do the same. It will be a competition between them. When that happens, those with a sense of urgency will fly here in advance and wait for the others.

There will come a time when I will have people walk barefoot along the course I have toured. You should be grateful that you do not have to take your shoes off when you walk that road, because such a time will come. Christian pilgrims touring Jerusalem walk the roads with care and look as if they have come into an entirely different world, the kingdom of heaven. When you see that, can't you picture how wonderful a country this nation of Korea will become? Even Mecca of the Muslims, a place in the desert, is constantly visited by pilgrims. Korea will become so much greater than this in the future. Therefore, we need to make Korea a prosperous country. (046-184, 1971/08/13)


The first witnessing workshop was held from January 10 to February 20, 1959. After that, witnessing workshops were held on numerous occasions to educate core witnessing members. In the case of those who had day jobs, they obtained the same qualification by attending a 10-week evening program. Particularly at the 9th National Witnessing Workshop held from November 5 to December 14, 1961, True Parents emphasized that the most important thing was for them to know about God and His Will and, for that, they had to know history, the present time and the future. True Parents also asked the workshop attendees to remain eternally as members of the Unification Church and to become leaders in word, action, ideology, life, and heart.

14 The purpose for learning the Word is to train our character and prepare our heart. We must become people who, understanding the heart of God, are able to defeat Satan and bring those on Satan's side over to ours. Only then can we triumph over Satan and enjoy the glory of that victory. I am trying to make you into heavenly soldiers who can embrace feeling shame, sorrow or bitter grief; who can pledge to win without fail, unite perfectly, and fight until our enemy completely surrenders. (010-300, 1960/11/11)

15 Even if you are in a difficult environment, you should not criticize your situation. You should be able to digest every circumstance and condition. Since you have set out pledging that you will do so, you should not complain. You need to stand in the public position and not think only of yourself. You are in a historic position in the universe, in which you represent heaven and earth and the will of the whole. Therefore, as you stand in this position of responsibility, you need to make a resolution and pledge. After being trained for outreach activities, you need to go out as leaders. (010-296, 1960/11/11)

16 You workshop participants who are in a position of extreme sorrow need to discover yourselves. You need to feel this keenly. You are the sorrowful ones who are the focal point in solving the problem. Since you are the descendants of a sorrowful history, you need to take responsibility for resolving God's sorrow on His behalf. When judgment is taking place, you should comfort God in His bitter sorrow and say, "Don't judge these people who have become evil!" You should be able to say, "We are Your loyal patriots and filial children, so, in looking at us, please find it within Yourself to forgive those who are with us!" This alone allows you to remain in the new age.

To comfort God in His pain, you too need to be in a position of pain. To comfort God in His sorrow, you too need to be in a position of sorrow. Sinful history will end only when His sons and daughters say, "Let us go forth to attend God, who is infinitely sorrowful. Let us go forth to console God, who is infinitely sad. Let us go forth to resolve the vexation of God, who has infinite bitter grief." You must know how to harbor a heart that burns with indignation toward Satan while praying for the world and humanity. (010-299, 1960/11/11)

17 God searches for His children on the front line. He searches from the lowest point and comes up from there. God needs followers who believe in the concept of the chosen people of heaven. You need to set out from the position of being at the bottom of society. Look clearly at this world. Since the affairs of the world turn in accord with the movement of heaven, you need to have faith. I am pioneering this path and training you in this period of three years to make you the final victors. (011-043, 1960/12/20)

18 Even though we harbor sorrows, we should not lament over them, for we know the sorrows of God. If there is a group that stands up before society, saying, "Tell us your sorrow so that we can take responsibility for it and banish your grief through our perseverance, sacrifice and even death," that group will be living, substantial embodiments of God's Will, owners who can judge good and evil on this earth.

God has been waiting for 6,000 years, wondering what people or what religious denomination will emerge to do this. He has suffered more than us, hovered on the verge of death more times than us, and gone through more trials and sorrows in His heart than us. He has struggled and endeavored, and yet failed to find a place of rest. We need to know our Heavenly Father as He really is.

Knowing Him as He really is, we should also understand the fact that Heavenly Father has worked throughout the course of history because of us, that He is working for the Will of the providence in this age because of us, and that He is endeavoring with hope for the future because of us. It is our destiny to become filial children in front of a Father who works hard for our sake. Only the people who can set out, saying that they will take responsibility for this on behalf of all people, can become the workers of the new age, those who can lead and manage heaven s work in the new age. (010-242, 1960/10/16)

19 Now that the witnessing workshop has come to an end, you participants need to depart to places throughout South Korea. People who feel concern for their country are patriots, and people who feel concern for God are His sons and daughters. People who work for their country give birth to children who also worry about the future of their country. If you study the world, you will see that a country that possesses such people and such citizens does not perish. Only such people can set right the old, wrongful history.

You need to become people who are in accord with the heart, hope and circumstances of God. Do not worry about the survival of your body and mind. Be concerned first about the village you are going to. You can find the hope, circumstances and heart of God in that place. Your main concern should be to transform the sons and daughters of sin into the sons and daughters of God. You should never forget that God is worried about todays individuals, societies, peoples, nations and the world. I have not once forgotten these during the 40 years of my life. (012-100, 1962/12/10)

Lecturing throughout Korea

For four weeks from September 16 to October 13,1963, Autumn Special Revival Meetings were held in 1,420 places to harvest the results achieved on the foundation of the three-year witnessing campaign and to prepare the basis for a fresh new start. The eight districts in Korea were divided into two regions, north and south, with four districts in each. The revival meetings were concentrated on the district level, with the first series held September 16 to 22 in 300 locations in Gyeonggi Province in the northern region and in 250 locations in North Gyeongsang Province in the southern region, with a final series ending on October 13.

True Parents clarified that Korea needs to be born anew through the Unification Principle and encouraged the members, telling them to hold on to the 30 million people of Korea and run forward. If they stumbled, they should quickly stand up and keep moving forward again so that Korea can become the central nation in the global providence, recognized as such by the rest of the world.

In addition, Divine Principle lecture meetings were held frequently in places of True Parents' special interest, including a series of Divine Principle lectures held over seven days, December 5 to 11, in Daegu.

20 For 28 days in September and October, 1963, we divided Korea into northern and southern regions, and held special revival meetings across the nation. When will this nation take root and establish itself? It will happen only after the teachings that heaven is working to establish have taken root. It cannot happen before then. Heavenly law is like that. This country cannot secure its position until God secures His position. God's Will is with this people, but if the many religions that lead the spirit of this people cannot stand before the Will of God, then this people will not be able to secure their position either. (013-042, 1963/10/16)

21 In April 1964 a Divine Principle lecture meeting was successfully held in Daegu. Since God is with us, we need to gather up our courage and fight. We need to have the conviction that, even if heaven and earth change, we will not change. In order to create the history of heaven, we must burn with the conviction that we will indemnify with our painful bodies the bitter sorrow of Abel that pierces history, heaven and earth. We must be filled with the conviction that we will resolve the bitter sorrow of God, and that we will accomplish His Will in Jesus' stead. All of heaven and earth belong to God, and simultaneously to us as well. The general tendency has now changed. Nobody can persecute us anymore.

The misery of the people living in the mountainous districts, suffering and going hungry, is akin to that of God in the past. When we look at the miserable people, we should grab their hands and weep bitterly. Since those people, who should have become the children of God, are being oppressed by the enemy, when we see that misery we should weep bitterly. Even if you go hungry, you should not despair; instead become loyal patriots who weep bitterly for them. The children who know how to weep bitterly on behalf of the heart of God and Parents are true children. Today's hunger and misery will change into the glory and joy of the future.

You need to love the nation and the people. You need to resemble the unchanging mind toward heaven that Parents have harbored their entire lives. You should not become exhausted or lament during this springtime of your life. Instead you should shed tears, blood and sweat with an unchanging heart. (014-038, 1964/04/28)

22 During the 40-day summer witnessing period, everyone, or at least as many people as possible, should be mobilized. I hope you will not miss this opportunity to participate, so that you can achieve the goal as heaven s elite troops who have been entrusted with positions of responsibility. Now that we are in the year 1964, we are anxious to tour around the Korean Peninsula. Therefore, last April I reassigned the district leaders after the Divine Principle lecture meeting. These days, True Parents worry over how we can prepare to fight during the coming year, 1965. At that time we also will mobilize more than 2,000 to revive the Korean people. (014-130, 1964/07/17)

23 We need to become examples of loyalty and filial piety in front of heaven for the sake of the people and for all humanity. To do so, the lives we lead must conform with the goal and view of heaven and resolve historical sorrows. Though the Divine Principle lecture meetings were held for only a short period, we were victorious. We need to win over Christianity just as Abel wins over the Cain-type world, so that we can make God the God of cosmic historical victory. If Cain surrenders to Abel, the archangel returns to his original position and the original Will for creation is accomplished. Unification Church believers must accomplish the Will and win the heart of the Christian faithful. (014-037, 1964/04/28)

24 The place where we are with God is the most difficult place. We should offer our youth with loyalty in front of God. When becoming filial children, it is better to do so while we are young. With the heart with which I held on to God and prayed, you also should practice loyalty and filial piety for your people. The people who join our church from now will be different from you, who were loyal while enduring difficult circumstances. I dedicated everything during the springtime of my life, and you also should do so in front of God during your youth. In Daegu, I was unable to hold a Divine Principle lecture meeting like this one until now, because the time was not right.

Now that we have spiritually tied things up in Daegu through this Divine Principle lecture meeting, you should return to your districts and win over Christianity by suffering hardships on its behalf. Christianity is Cain both in spirit and flesh. Christianity has a foundation that has been laid over thousands of years. You need to have the wisdom with which Jacob won over Esau in order to win it over. (014-038, 1964/04/28)

25 All Unification Church members should unite to fulfill the responsibility of True Parents in their stead, by protecting the family and embracing this people and nation in their heart. Establish your position through practicing the Unification teachings. I have instructed that every one of you mobilize and take responsibility in front of heaven to extend and continue the standard with which Parents have lived for God.

These Divine Principle lecture meetings, which will begin throughout Korea on October 1, 1964, are the one time during which you can fulfill your responsibility. You can establish conditions that make up for what you, as a people, have left unfinished in front of heaven.

I have a strong mind to shout out in front of the people and the leaders of Korea, to teach the multitudes, move the Korean Peninsula and resolve its destiny. But I have only one body, and am unable to do so. This has been a reason for the sorrows in my heart. Therefore, those of you who are in your 40s, just as I am, should represent me and relieve me from this sorrowful heart by taking the heavenly burden onto your shoulders. During the six months of the Divine Principle lecture meetings, you should set the indemnity conditions and dedicate yourselves to fulfill them. (154-240, 1964/09/18)

26 On the one hand, we can say that the work I have done in the 21-year period before 1967 was that of enduring hardships in order to prepare the stage on which we can carry out our activities in the wider society. There was no other way to achieve this. When the work I have thus accomplished receives public recognition, that is, when the people of Korea become aware of it, they will intuit that there is enormous content in the background. From that point, God actually will be able to move history. Therefore, I am calling the Unification Church members to undergo hardships. The results achieved through my guiding them will be reaped in society. To do this work, you should not be everyday people, but rather the core workers. God prepared that human resource pool from early on. Through such preparation, we need to achieve the external standard and complete the internal standard. Henceforth, no matter how much other churches oppose us, things will not go as they plan. From now on we will continue holding revival meetings, until we make them realize that they misunderstand the Unification Church. Thus, we will expand the environment in which heaven connects to society. (017-332, 1967/04/30)

Section 4. Mobilization of Blessed Families

Three-year mobilization

All blessed wives from the 36 Couples to the 777 Couples were mobilized for three years from December 1, 1970. A total of 1,200 women, divided into teams of 10, worked in 120 locations across Korea. True Parents said that women were being sent out to the front lines because it was Eve originally who broke up the family. He said that while the wives were undergoing hardships for their country, the husbands and children should also focus on loving their country, and that only then could they be made whole as restored families.

In particular, True Parents asked blessed wives to offer special prayers and conditions in their mission places so that the Irnjin River would not freeze over. Were it to freeze over, there would have been an opportunity for North Korea to attack the South again.

Later, this tradition of offering devotions and prayer was passed on to all other blessed wives in the 1,800 Couples, 6,000 Couples, 6,500 Couples, 30,000 Couples and so on.

1 When I set out on the road of my indemnity course, I did so leaving my family behind. I set out for North Korea, but you, in contrast, from the position of women, had to leave your homes for the sake of South Korea. What this means is that to deal with Satan's world, North Korea, a man left his home behind, and similarly, to deal with the Cain world, South Korea, women left their homes behind. The hope of Jesus was to prepare the family-level foundation during his three-year course of public life. As Jesus was the Second Adam, the foundation for the Second Eve should have been built in his presence. Had this happened, the Second Eve would have fulfilled God's Will by attending the historic Jesus. But that did not happen. The three years of full-time witnessing by blessed wives indemnifies that three-year period. Herein lies the reason for sending the blessed wives out for three years. (038-033, 1971/01/01)

2 What is the reason for the December 1, 1970 mobilization of the blessed wives? It was because of women that Jesus could not accomplish the Will while walking his three-year course, and so he lost the people and the nation. Therefore, the blessed wives have to walk this three-year course to prepare the foundation to recover the people and nation that Jesus had lost, and also recover the world. This course resolves the sorrows of Jesus' three-year course of public life. Then they can achieve the standard of the Bride for whom Jesus had so long awaited. Only when this comes to pass can we see new families spread out horizontally, centered on heaven, and sing of liberation, while free and unconstrained. This is the Principle.

This is why you have to walk the pioneering path for these three years until 1972. This period is parallel to the three years of my imprisonment in North Korea. While you are not being imprisoned and are in the free land of South Korea, you are walking a road similar to my life in the North Korean prison. This period is important in that, through it, you can resolve the fact that I had to follow a course of suffering because Christianity and Christian women, whom God was ready to bless, did not support me. Knowing this, you should offer all your sincere devotion for this nation, centering upon God's Will. (036-154, 1970/11/25)

3 To restore the world, you need to love your tribe more than your family, love your people more than your tribe, and love the world more than your people. We need to make haste to restore the world. After the 777 Couples Blessing, all blessed wives should mobilize for three years until 1972. Why should they mobilize? As of now you have passed through the age of individual indemnity.

While you were passing through the age of individual indemnity, True Parents had already passed through the age of family-level indemnity. Because we passed through the age of family-level indemnity, we were able to establish God's Day, Day of All Things, Children's Day and Parents' Day. However, you have not reached that level, and so you need to mobilize. (035-247, 1970/10/19)

4 The 1960s was a time when the individual pledged victory, but the 1970s and onward is the time when families need to carry the cross. From 1960 until 1967, specifically until the time when I established God's Day, I myself carried the cross of the family. I had to indemnify and go beyond everything that causes problems in the family. Three years later, we ushered in the year 1970, and since it marked the third year of the second seven-year course, you should have completed the foundation for victory on the family level. However, you were unable to complete this, so there is no other way but for you as blessed families to walk the path of the cross again. That is why I am announcing to the 777 Couple blessed wives that, from the first day of December 1970, you must fully mobilize. Not only you; I will mobilize all blessed families centering on you. (035-302, 1970/10/30)

5 In every historical age, the Will of the providence of restoration prepares a family base as the most important providential foundation. The family is the center, not the individual. The individual is necessary to find the family and to pass through the course of vertical indemnity. That is why we need to start out vertically, centering on the family. Based on the viewpoint of the Principle, since Eve, a woman, destroyed this vertical starting point, it is only appropriate that women stand at the forefront.

That is why I said that, for three years from December 1,1970, all blessed wives should fully mobilize. After doing so, provided that the sons and daughters visit their mothers, and the husbands visit their wives, restoration comes about. Only when families, in the course of indemnity, establish the condition that the husband loves his wife because she is suffering for their country, and that the sons and daughters love their mother for the same reason, can they settle anew as restored families. (036-033, 1970/11/08)

6 An individual needs to seek the path of life for the sake of the country and the world. After that, a family needs to do the same. That is why I told the blessed families to go out. The family needs to walk the path of loving the country. It is not enough for the husband alone to love the country. The wife and children also need to establish the condition that they love the country. This is the condition to be fulfilled by the entire four-position foundation. When has an entire family ever really loved God and their country?

This has never been accomplished, so the Unification Church has no choice but to mobilize all the blessed wives. Therefore, we prepare the one origin of love that encompasses the four-position foundation at this time, as the age of the reunification of Korea is approaching. (036-080, 1970/11/15)

7 If you, the blessed wives, go out to the districts, what do you think will happen? By you mothers going out and leaving your husband and children behind, the four-position foundation of your family is divided. The father will educate the sons and daughters about the work their mother is carrying out, and the children will come to adore their mother. The father can educate his children in a new direction to respect their mother, telling them, "Your mother is out there fighting for the country and the will of heaven." Indeed it is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill the standard of mother-child unity. In addition, it is a good opportunity for couples to cooperate with each other and be perfected. In other words, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the four-position foundation of the family to cooperate and achieve the goal for everyone at the same time. God has worked for 6,000 years to lay the foundation for mother-child cooperation. Now we have the opportunity to conclude the foundation of cooperation and complete the four-position foundation, not only between mother and child, but also through the complete cooperation between husband and wife. (036-146, 1970/11/25)

8 From December 1, 1970, the blessed wives need to fully mobilize. The men who think, "Since only the wives are mobilizing at this time, it has nothing to do with me," will become people who have no connection with their wives. The wife and mother are mobilizing as representatives of their family, and not only for their family, but also as representatives of the church. Furthermore, since the Republic of Korea is not fulfilling its responsibility, those women are mobilizing as representatives of Korea. And not just for Korea; they are also mobilizing as representatives of the world. Finally, they are mobilizing as representatives of their ancestors and of the spirit world. Therefore, you must feel the benefit of being part of this mobilization. (036-027, 1970/11/08)

9 When sending families out to the front line, the wife rather than the husband should go out. The origin of the Fall was not Adam, but Eve. Because Eve became one with the archangel in an unprincipled way, she completely destroyed the way of becoming one with God, the way of becoming God's child, and the way of becoming an eternal, ideal couple with Adam. She completely destroyed God's country and world. Eve was the one who caused all this. Because Eve brought about this result, today the Unification Church blessed wives have to go to the front line to restore the families of Satan's world. This is the reappearance of the family's position at the stage before Eve fell with the archangel. I dispatched 1,200 blessed wives to 120 locations, which represents all numbers. These 120 places are in the Republic of Korea, but they symbolize all the countries of the world. (038-023, 1971/01/01)

10 The course of the three stages of formation, growth and completion exists even in the pioneering course of women. Why is this so? God has carried out the 6,000-year providence of restoration in three parallel time periods, centering on men. This was to liberate women. Because men have indemnified the vertical aspects, women need to stand in front and indemnify the horizontal aspects. In other words, they need to carry out vertical conditions of indemnity horizontally.

God had to restore the individual, the family, the tribe, the people and the nation through these three courses in the providence. That is why women need to go through three pioneering courses leading up to national restoration. Without this, the course of the fundamental principle of indemnity cannot be concluded. (036-153, 1970/11/25)

11 No matter how difficult the path is, the blessed wives should always be united as they go through this three-year mobilization period. Our hoped-for foundation can be laid in the period of three years from 1970 until 1972. By establishing that foundation, when we get into the decade of the 70s, Korea will have no cause to worry. Today, God is the only one who can support Korea and the only one in whom Korea can trust. North Korea is completing preparations to invade the Republic of Korea by force. Moreover, China and the Soviet Union are behind North Korea. The Republic of Korea faces this northeast Asian communist realm. In addition, Japan is hand in hand with China at present. In light of this, the way for Korea is blocked front and back. When the people of Korea realize that they are surrounded by hostile nations, it goes without saying that they will not want to live a life of ease. (040-191, 1971/02/01)

12 Jesus walked a three-year course of public life. What was the purpose of that course? What was Jesus seeking through this? He was seeking to restore Eve and then a family. He sought to restore a family in order to restore a tribe, to restore a tribe in order to raise up a church, and to create the church in order to restore a nation. For his three-year public life course, this was Jesus' highest hope and anticipation. Now we have entered the age when the realization of this hidden hope, the uppermost limit of that hope, is no longer hidden. The time for this to happen is now, 1971. The issue is whether blessed families have become completely one centered on True Parents' family. The issue is not whether they are beyond Satan's accusation, but whether they are completely united with each other and one with True Parents' family. By uniting completely, they go beyond national borders. They need to fight against Satan and break through the final boundary line. (040-207, 1971/02/01)

The blessed wives

The blessed families' mission locations were determined by drawing lots. Wives began their work under the leadership of the wives of elder couples, 36 and 72 Couples, who were team leaders. True Parents said that the wives were supposed to go to their mission places alone, but because the environment in the world is perilous, they were sent out in teams of ten members each. True Parents also emphasized that, in order to indemnify the disunity of Jesus' 12 disciples, and to complete the foundation of their organization as clan leaders on behalf of the disciples, all team members should leave their old lifestyle behind and unite. On the victorious foundation of the official recognition that Korea cannot survive unless the Korean people work together with the Unification Church members, True Parents have branched out to the rest of the world through the United States.

13 The families whose wives are willing to follow the path of God's Will for the nation and the world while leaving their beloved husbands and children behind, will come to dwell in the presence of God. God certainly is with those who, as delicate women, leave their husbands and children to stand on the front line and march forward for the sake of the country and the world.

When we resolutely called blessed wives to mobilize, we did not have even the smallest pangs of conscience. We did not do it so that we could live comfortably. If there is profit, the profit is not ours, but is the profit of the country, the world, history and humankind, and the joy of God. That is our hope and that is the summit we need to reach. Therefore, that joy should not stay inside the Unification Church. It should remain as the joy of the people, the country and the world, an object of reverence and remembrance. Because there is no other way, True Parents resolutely moved this task forward. (037-201, 1970/12/27)

14 When the blessed wives mobilized to the front line, I especially commanded that they should not take their children with them. I told them that if they had no mother or father to entrust their children to, they should go out after entrusting them to relatives. I knew that the Unification Church would be criticized for doing this. The parents and relatives of some wives were bound to speak ill of them, asking how they could think of going out for three years as soon as they were married. I told the mothers who had children to entrust their children to their own mothers and fathers, and if they did not have mothers or fathers, to leave the children in the homes of their uncles, and if they did not have uncles either, to entrust the children to their husband s parents and then to go to their mission places. If they did that, like it or not, the relatives would take care of their children. They would not leave the children to die. By raising those children, they would receive grace.

Because those families otherwise are destined to perish, in order for them to receive blessings, you should entrust your children to them, even if they are unwilling. You should be ready to listen to all their harsh words about you. If you do that, even while speaking ill of you, they will come to have concern for the child. Even after abusing you, they will grow fond of the young child and come to realize that they have been too harsh.

After that, the near and distant relatives will show interest in you, and the nation will become interested. Even the world will come to be interested in how women can set out to save the world. Furthermore, the cosmos, all created things and the angelic world will take an interest. The Unification Church is doing something that has never before been seen in history. (039-216, 1971/01/10)

15 When I went to the Sutaek-ri workshop for mobilizing blessed wives from November 1,1970, someone asked me, "We have been told that we should leave our children behind in our homes when we are mobilized. What should we do?" I answered, "You know very well what you need to do." You know better than I what you need to do. That path is not the path for me to go. I have already passed through all the paths that I needed to walk. On the path I walked, I met with calamities, troubles and storms, but I passed through them all.

As the seeds, you should now be sown in the spring season. To become the fruit, you need to adjust your circumstances completely. A fruit that is attached to a sparse tree is not insignificant. No fruit is insignificant. You need to plant something pure. A family should plant its most worthy person. The most worthy person in a family is neither the father nor the sons and daughters, but the mother. That is why the mothers were mobilized. (036-031, 1970/11/08)

16 In 1970, all blessed wives of the Unification Church mobilized across Korea. I said to the blessed wives, "Since the fate of this country has met with misfortune and we are at a state of emergency, you must walk the path to enable the Korean people to live and by which this country can be protected, even if it means sacrificing your family and children." With this assertion, I asked them to entrust their children to others, and I sent them out for three years, looking like beggars. They left behind tragic stories, such as receiving insults from relatives with whom they had left their children. "This boy is my son, and I am leaving for three years, so please take care of him until I come back."

With this they set out on the path of their mission and fought their way through. Even with people who curse the Unification Church, we have to implant an idea that will cause them to think to themselves, "Even though the Unification Church seems bad, if all Korean people came to be like the Unification Church members, this country and its people would not perish." In the midst of the flow of history, and heaven and earth having no certain destination, I stand unwelcomed and persecuted as I give commands with the hope that they will result in something that will be remembered in history. I am a miserable man. (085-123, 1976/03/02)

17 In the 1970s, we need to carry out our work in society, and this should not be restricted to a small number of people. All members need to mobilize and participate in this work, so that we can fully cross the finish line. Blessed wives are mobilizing for three years, beginning December 1, 1970. Moreover, we regard this as a period that will determine our victory or defeat as we strive to realize and complete everything we invested into this work until now. That is why the wives have formed groups of ten, and have gone out to 120 witnessing posts. They need to be dispatched to every district headquarters, regional headquarters, and even provincial headquarters, so that by 1972, we will have welcomed more than 120,000 top-notch internal church family members. If the existing family members witness to at least one person a month, we will more than double our numbers. (036-205, 1970/12/01)

18 You are mobilizing as blessed wives, but you are not going out alone. Originally this is a path one should walk alone, but since society is rather dangerous, you are going out to the locations with your church sisters. Therefore, there are no conditions by which your situation can be invaded. The foundation of mutuality where you can cooperate for God's Will is in place. Problems will arise if you act in a self-centered way and begin to fight or complain. The team leader needs to take responsibility for any trouble on the team.

The team leader must work at the forefront. The first thing you need to do as a team leader is unite all the members. You need to indemnify the divisions that occurred among the 12 disciples of Jesus in the present day. Women should accomplish what men failed to do, on their behalf. Therefore, you need to be completely one centering on the Will, with 10 wives corresponding to Jesus' 12 disciples. Originally I was going to organize groups of 12 so that you could create unity and become one in front of heaven representing Jesus' disciples who divided. It was also to represent the foundation of the patriarchs of Israel, who were unable to unite, and instead divided. Understanding that you have these dual missions, the first thing you need to do is make unity. (036-155, 1970/11/25)

19 Because the blessed wives who mobilized in 1970 succeeded, True Parents could stand on the national level. In three years the climate changed. Public opinion spread throughout the nation saying, "The Unification Church is a truly patriotic organization, and unless we become like their members, our country will perish." We sacrificed more than the citizens of the Republic of Korea, and more than those of the Christian faith did. Those who sacrifice more receive blessings and come to own the road of tradition. The people who only seek comfort, the people who only think of their own good, fall behind. We established the standard of national indemnity within three years, and fought Christian opposition by establishing a national standard greater than that of Christianity. On that foundation, we were able to advance to the world stage and connect to America. (161-076, 1987/01/02)

Section 5. Grassroots Outreach

Tribal messiahship

At the US state leaders meeting held on March 15,1978, True Parents placed emphasis on home church work and stressed that from April 1 the state leaders should begin to work in earnest to recruit 30,000 members through activities such as handing out books, cassettes and videotapes of Divine Principle. When True Parents returned to Korea on September 25, 1978, they said, "For fallen people, building a church of360 families is the indemnity condition for restoration." They instructed all members there to begin their home church work from October 1. True Father said that all members 18 and older were to take part, that each blessed couple should work to restore 360 families, and that single mem- bers also should restore 360 families.

In this way True Parents asked them to become tribal messiahs and inherit the victorious foundation that True Parents laid on the world level. Moreover, they emphasized these purposes through yearly mottoes declared on successive God's Day celebrations, "Building the kingdom of heaven through home church" (1979), "Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven" (1980) and "Home church is my kingdom of heaven" (1981).

1 As of today, November 12, 1978, I am calling you to go out to your home church area in the capacity of the messiah. From now you are going out, and it is with the understanding that you cannot come back until you establish your home church. You cannot come back for your entire lifetime. You cannot come back even in spirit. (101-341, 1978/11/12)

2 While being opposed globally, Parents set indemnity conditions on the world level, and on September 18,1976, in the second year of the first three years of the third seven-year course, we paved the foundation with the victory of the Washington Monument rally. Then we finally returned home in triumph and glory. We came back to our Korean homeland and bequeathed to you the gift that you can become tribal messiahs. What is the work the Unification Church must do now? On the day you finish witnessing to 360 families in this tribal messiah realm and build the foundation whereupon you can be welcomed by them all, you can return to your hometown.

What happens when all these realms welcome the Unification Church on the worldwide level? You need to build that foundation in this three-year period. Jesus should have become a tribal messiah in his three-year public life course, but he could not. This is the best road by which we can save the world. We are now in an era where all of humanity can inherit this valuable position and the Parents' sacrificial achievements. Our parent-child relationship is the condition for receiving that inheritance. (099-265, 1978/09/25)

3 The Unification Church needs to complete the work of home church. Home church is the final destination of the providence of restoration. The fact that we were able to proclaim the home church movement only 25 years after the founding of the Holy Spirit Association in 1954 is in itself a great achievement honored by all of heaven and earth. True Parents have suffered to bring this about, Jesus died to bring this about, and even God worked His providence of 6,000 years to bring this about. Only through home church can the kingdom of heaven emerge. This is when the gates to the kingdom of heaven are opening. This is why Jesus, through Peter, left the keys to the kingdom of heaven on this earth when he departed. (104-185, 1979/05/01)

4 Your home church is a condensed form of the world and the cosmos. In it we can find England, America, the Soviet Union and even the spirit world. Everything is included in it. It also incorporates the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. Included in it are nonbelievers, conscientious people, and people from all religions including Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. Home church is a symbol and condensed body of the entire universe. Who made it like that? This did not come about naturally. True Parents designed home church to be the place you deal with the essence of Satan's world in all its intensity. When you live for the sake of others in your home church area, you set the condition of living for the sake of your family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. When you perform sacrificial service there, you set the condition of having performed sacrificial service for the whole world during your entire life. As married couples you need to pass through this. (119-042, 1982/07/03)

5 Home church is the place where the conditional foundation of complete unity centering on True Parents is passed on to you. Home church is an indemnity condition, but you do not understand this indemnity condition. Satan invaded at the level of the individual's portion of responsibility and expanded to the level of the family portion of responsibility. The fallen realm created by the failure of the individual became the individual's portion of responsibility, and it expanded to become the family's responsibility and, further, to become the tribe's responsibility. Then, it expanded to the people's responsibility, on to the nation, world and cosmic responsibility. It even expanded to the world of hell.

These realms of unrealized responsibility remain. The road that goes beyond these did not exist. But in the last 40 years, I established the condition to go beyond all this. As for you, your five percent portion of responsibility remains to be fulfilled. You need to go this path.

To complete this path, you need to become one with the 360 families of your home church. You need to stand in the position where you do not receive accusation and are welcomed in their homes. When this happens, I will bequeath to you all historical victorious indemnity conditions that True Parents have achieved until now. (135-325, 1985/12/15)

6 Home church is an altar of oneness that condenses the worldwide victory into the smallest territorial unit. The 360 families can also be seen as the 360 clans of the world. The number 360 refers to vertical time and horizontal space, and 360 also is the Cain realm representing the world.

The Cain world, in the position of the elder son representing the world, remains before you. To build the kingdom of heaven, we as the younger brother, Abel, need to make the elder brother surrender. Therefore, if you do not restore the elder son position, you cannot attend True Parents. After the Fall of Adam and Eve, Cain was born in the position of the elder son. To resolve this, we need to stand in the position of the second son and subjugate the elder son realm that represents the world. This needs to happen all at once. Since I stand on the foundation of the victory I won as a worldwide condition, you need to inherit my heart. Home church is the altar on which you can indemnify all at once the global history of the restoration of the elder son. (100-318, 1978/10/22)

7 The 360 families in your home church area are the central structure that represents the world. It has been engrafted to the established worldwide indemnity condition. When you succeed in this task, your tribe appears in the world-level realm of tribes and carries out indemnification from a position of equal value with them. Through your unity, you set the indemnity condition. Only then can you appear in the position of parents, in the capacity of the Messiah, and become a tribal messiah. In other words, you will stand in the position of the bridegroom and attend your bride, and thus become the tribal true parents. (099-264, 1978/09/25)

8 Home church is the foundation of the tribe. At the time of Jesus, the family of Joseph and the family of Zechariah could not become one. We need to restore this through indemnity. This remains to be done. Jesus could not have a family. Therefore, you need to have a family, and to do so you need to have a tribal foundation. Without a tribal foundation you cannot have a family. Your family should stand as the center of your tribe. Only when there is a tribal foundation can there be family salvation. To form a family, you need home church. When you carry out home church activities, you will be able to indemnify what Jesus could not do. The same was true with John the Baptists family and Josephs family. Jesus could not have a family because John the Baptists and Joseph s families failed to become one. This is the reason he was nailed to the cross. We must all indemnify that. To have a family, you must begin with setting indemnity conditions. You must understand the importance of home church. Once home church is achieved, the world automatically will become one great nation. We will enter one united world. (117-264, 1982/03/28)

9 Now we are on the world level. In 1970, blessed wives in Korea mobilized to witness to 120 people. That was the national level. But now we are on the world level. Since we restored through indemnity the national level centered on Jesus, and became liberated, we now can be free from persecution and can become world-level tribal messiahs. What is a tribal messiah? If you create a home church and have done all that is necessary, you become a tribal messiah. Therefore, you need to bring and educate spiritual sons and daughters. They are your relatives. By becoming one with your spiritual sons and daughters, and restoring the realm of the tribal messiah, you also can help your ancestors in the spirit world. When you achieve this, an alliance between heaven and earth will form. (198-366, 1990/02/11)

10 Why do we need home churches consisting of 360 families? The number 36 is 3 times the number 12. The number 12 is the number symbolizing heavenly law. It refers to the 12 pearly gates in the spirit world. It is the same as the number of the 36 Blessed Couples. It also connects the fortune of the three ages: the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Therefore, home church exists to disentangle the heavenly path. Each day out of the 360 days represents eternity. From that viewpoint, visiting your home church each and every day establishes the many days of the ages of history as victorious days in front of God. You must have 360 families to remedy the fact that humanity failed to establish the heavenly kingdom and the day of victory. In other words, 360 families are necessary to establish 360 days in front of God and to possess the heavenly kingdom together with all people. This is why 360 families are necessary. (105-339, 1979/10/28)

11 By falling, Adam and Eve banished God completely from earth. So you can manifest God to the 360 families you witness to. Adam and Eve also banished the angelic world due to the Fall. This too can be manifested on earth through your home church activities. We also lost all created things due to the Fall. The 360 families are equivalent to the planet Earth. They symbolize the lost universe; so, the entire creation is included as well. All the people of the world also were completely lost. The 360 families represent the number by which all 360 tribes in the world are symbolically united. They represent all people who need to be resurrected. By resurrecting them and returning them to God, you can restore the failures of your ancestors who fell at the very beginning. Through the manifestation of God, the manifestation of the angelic world, the restoration of all things, and the restoration of humankind, the kingdom of heaven on earth will come about. (100-218, 1978/10/14)

12 Why do you need to do home church? It is because you need to restore the elder son. Only when the eldest son is restored can the parents also be restored. The history of restoration is the path where the second son, Abel, walks the course of restoring the elder son. Home church is the foundation on which the world-level Cain, the elder son, can be subjugated and restored. That is why your mission within the tribal messiah realm concludes on the day when the foundation to restore the elder son in the Cain realm becomes one with the foundation to restore the elder son in the Abel realm. When that happens, you can appear in the position of tribal true parents. Your tribe, centered on you as true parents, then can enter the kingdom of heaven all together.

Those among you who are absolutely obedient in this realm of 360 families during the three years until 1981 will enter the kingdom of heaven by grace, even if you have no other merit. This is a happy reality. Now we are finally in the age of the Unification Church. We no longer stand in the historical age when the elder son Cain strikes the second son Abel. Rather, now is the time when Abel can win over Cain and stand in the position of the elder son. From now on, those who oppose the Unification Church are only harming themselves. They will judge themselves immediately. This will unfold throughout the world. (100-221, 1978/10/14)

13 God has been working to save humankind by sending the Messiah. How much do you think God wanted to save humankind? The fact that we have come to the age of Parents and created home church is heaven's victory. It is the conclusion of the providence, the conclusion of all history, the end of Satan's world and the starting point of the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, you need to inherit the tradition of Parents. (111-327, 1981/03/09)

14 What the Unification Church has asserted until now is that you need to inherit the tradition. You need to inherit the tradition of God's heart in the providence of restoration. After that you need to inherit the heart of True Parents' entire life course, which they walked in order to establish this tradition. Home church is the one place you inherit this. This is the home church movement. If you do not make a home church, when you go to the heavenly kingdom in the future, you will not be able to follow True Parents. In the future, if 240,000 home churches are made throughout the world, they can relate directly with all people, and our church can disappear completely. The Korean people are in a realm of grace such that they can organize as home churches readily in the future. Because various parts of the world need to form home churches, we will need to migrate in large numbers. In short, we are entering an age in which we will have to move to all parts of the world to establish home churches. (114-163, 1981/10/18)

15 From now on, you will storm Satan's world with family love. In other words, you will confront the corrupted world of Satan through your families. Satan's world needs to be broken down completely. Such a time has come. That is why I told you to carry out the home church movement through which you can move the family, move the tribe, and move the people all at once. Once you have accomplished this work, you will be able to pull the world to you. The time has come when, if you accomplish only this, you will be able to say that you have realized the kingdom of heaven. (099-189, 1978/09/18)

16 Home church is where we finalize everything for which I have fought over the last 40 years. This is the age in which home church comes first. What should home church become in the future? Your home church needs to become a tribal church. It should no longer be a home church, but should develop into a tribal church. Once you have consolidated your tribal church with the surname Kim or Pak, a people naturally will come into existence. Once the foundation of tribal restoration is laid, the nation will come into being. Your home church expands into your tribal church, the church of your people, of your nation, of the world, and of heaven and earth. (141-222, 1986/02/22)

Home church

True Parents said that 360 families are a central form of oneness that, having been engrafted to the world-level foundation of indemnity, represent the world. When a person is successful in this, their tribe will appear in the global tribal realm and will set indemnity conditions of global value. True Parents also stressed that we should never think that no one among our 360 families loves us. Instead, we should feel sorry that we could not love those families. True Parents added that we should become victors who can go among the 360 families without encountering any obstacles, and that we should do so with the same heart as God who laments that He could not love us. True Parents also clarified that the 360 families are the training ground through which we are brought to love all people more than we love our own parents and siblings. This can elevate the path of love to its true orbit.

17 You should hear the bell-like sound of love in your mind. If you do that, you will come to say, "My lips are meant to speak only words of love; they cannot speak unkind words." You should feel that your ears are no longer able to hear words that are not loving, and that your eyes cannot see anything that is not about love. If you live like that, in no time you will be intoxicated in the love of God. You will become a leading figure who, by communicating directly with the spirit world, will be able to solve skillfully and easily any problem concerning your home church. You will become the owner on behalf of God, who will be able to solve any problems among the 360 families. Once you are in such a position of love, words will come out even when you do not intend to say anything. Many truly mysterious incidents will take place. All kinds of things will occur. You will come to feel that you are a formidable person. As you can see, everything is determined through love. (103-037, 1979/01/28)

18 If you are born as a woman and get married, you leave your home and go live with your husband. Similarly, after you join the Unification Church, you must go to home church. Only if you do so, can you enter the kingdom of heaven. It is the same as getting married. Without going through it, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven; no matter how much you try to follow True Parents, you will be unable to do so. If you cannot do this, your sons and daughters must do it.

That is why you need to love your home church more than a husband loves his wife, more than a wife loves her husband, and more than parents love their children. By so doing, the people in your home church will say, "You have loved us like this and we have learned this love from you, so we return this love to you." When everyone within your home church utters these words, that place can be said to be God's domain, the kingdom of heaven on earth. After we unite under a new culture, as a new movement, a new revival will take place. (104-292, 1979/06/01)

19 Home church should begin with married couples. Home church is where the husband finds love and where the wife finds love. You need to be in charge of love. Therefore, the husband needs to love home church more than he loves his wife. If he cannot love it more than he loves his wife, that love cannot become true love. You need to be able to love home church more than you love your sons and daughters. Why should you do so? It is because you need to break through the boundary line from the evil world to enter the original world. Because home church is bigger than even the family or the country, you need to establish the standard that you love it more than you love your wife or children. Otherwise, no matter how much you invest in your home church, it will be fruitless.

You have to do more than that. If you go to home church with true love, God follows you there. The universe follows you. No one can block you. At that place, the environment naturally will melt and everything will come flooding in. You and the trees, roads and houses will miss each other so much that you will be drawn to go there. You will go there without even meaning to. You will not be going there because you have consciously thought to yourself that you should go. Instead, you will find you have gone there without even realizing it. True love will expand only when we create such a movement. (163-060, 1987/04/01)

20 Without home church, you cannot proceed to your hometown; and if you cannot proceed to your hometown, you cannot proceed to your homeland; and if you cannot proceed to your homeland, you cannot proceed to the kingdom of heaven. When you successfully establish your home church, your hometown will be successful, your homeland will be successful, the world will be successful, and finally, the kingdom of heaven will be achieved. You must make oneness by loving more than anyone else. You must bring all beings, whether people in the spirit world or on earth, to make unity. They need to unite through love. When this comes to pass, something like a little sun and little stars will come out in your home church. After one of them comes out and then two come out, the gates to the brilliant kingdom of heaven will open in this world of darkness. Then, God, who is like the sun, will dwell there. (102-267, 1979/01/14)

21 When you go to home church, you should not go because you feel obligated. You should go because your heart is filled with love. If your son or daughter is in prison or the person you love is in prison, you go there to visit them, not because you consciously thought you should go there, but because your feet carry you there even without your thinking about it. You need to go to home church with such a heart. It is the place where you go with a heart of love while hearing the belllike sound of love. You go there, not because you intended to go there, but because even without thinking about it you cannot help but go there. Home church does not lead to destruction. It is the place that makes you the inheritor of the love of the kingdom of heaven, the love of God. To make this happen, God guides you there, and for this you should be grateful. (103-030, 1979/01/28)

Community outreach

True Parents instructed that from January 1,1988, grassroots outreach should begin in earnest, to break through in communities and neighborhoods in preparation for the unification of North and South Korea and a general election encompassing the North and South. Accordingly, education of local activist leaders proceeded in order to raise the awareness of people down to the deepest roots of the social structure. True Parents also emphasized that another reason for grassroots outreach was to re-activate home church work. They added that home church work is the foundation for grassroots outreach because it brings entire families to participate in these activities. Breakthroughs taking place in the smallest units of society are necessary because Korea cannot be saved unless every Korean citizen takes on a life of faith.

22 A new spring wind has started to blow in the world centered on True Parents' teaching. Something is sprouting in your hearts. We started to educate block and neighborhood leaders in Korea. Flowers bloom on newly grown stems. The family, centered on the block leader under the neighborhood branch leader, corresponds to the stem. There will be hope for Korea once those flowers bloom. When a sprout germinates from the neighborhood branch leader through the block leader, you need to nurture it to grow into a sapling and then transplant it. The family that has set down its roots and has been born anew can represent the Republic of Korea. That family is able to grow into a tree. The flower that blooms based on that family can become a similar flower and bear a similar fruit, because its value is that of a treasure of humanity and the universe. When that happens, others will beg for a seed from that flower and will not accept being deprived of it.

With this in mind, True Parents have stood at the forefront. Now the organization of neighborhood branch leaders has been completed. However, the problem is how to organize and settle the remaining blocks. On the day the organization is completed in Seoul, the organization of the whole country will be completed in an instant. Now you need to bring the flowers into bloom. Those flowers need to bloom in your families. Only when your sons and daughters inherit a patriotic worldview can they properly put down roots. Only then can they strengthen the foundation whereupon they can become new native fruit. (142-255, 1986/03/12)

23 In doing home church work, the neighborhood and block branch leaders are the most important. The village branch leader comes next. On the day all three, the village, neighborhood and block branch leaders, unite as one, everything is completed. To do so, they need to settle in their areas. True Parents are the branches, and you need to put down your roots. Only then can you grow worldwide. The first place the kingdom of heaven will take root, in all of history, is Korea. Centering on the block branch leader, you need to hold block meetings to become one body as 10 or 20 families. You need to nourish your community to make the roots spread and grow. The tree grows only when all branches, stems and leaves are nourished.

Led by the block branch leader, the block is the root of the Unification Church organization. The blocks need to be made into Cain and Abel realms where all families of that city attend True Parents. Centering on the block branch leader, who is Cain, you become Abel. Then, through the block meetings, more than 10 families, who are like Jesus' 12 disciples, need to come together as one. When this comes to pass, Satan has no more foundation on this earth. This is our goal. When that root gradually grows deeper, our branches, which are True Parents' branches, will spread out into the world. (145-031, 1986/04/30)

24 It took me 40 years to create neigh- borhood and block branch leaders. After investing for 40 years, I finally achieved this. I can make any number of county leaders and village leaders, but the problem is how to connect them with neighborhood branch leaders and block branch leaders so they all come alive. They all need to be active, and since one is the vertical representative and one is the horizontal representative, when those two work together effectively, they will revive their city. This is our base. When we complete that, if Christianity opposes us, the neighborhood branch leaders and block branch leaders will defend us. When the neighborhood branch leaders and block branch leaders work with the active Christians, this will resolve Christian opposition and all its negative side effects. This is the focus of the movement of grassroots outreach. (148-196, 1986/10/09)

25 Presidents, ministers and everyone else are included in local neighborhoods and blocks. Therefore, the cell organizations of the Unification Church must break through at the most basic level. Because everything was reversed and overturned in the family, it must be righted in the family. This is not the national level, and therefore, after solidifying your individual faith, you need to become the subject partner who can expand centering on the family, with your locality as your object partner. Through success at this, you can stand in the position of the subject partner on a greater foundation and can serve a greater sphere. In this way, you can expand to wider and wider foundations until you connect with the country and the world.

This is the movement of Abel winning over Cain. If you cannot win over Cain, you cannot become Abel. You become Abel after you win over Cain. It is not a relative position. The Abel realm is established after you have won over and made unity with Cain. Otherwise you can never establish the Abel realm, and the providence of salvation will never be concluded on this earth. You need to settle down with a family where the focus is mind-body unity. You must put down your roots. You cannot conceive of how great it is to do grassroots outreach. (313-152, 1999/11/19)

26 True Parents cannot simply drift along. We came as the Parents of all people, and now we have repaired what was Satan's world and have ascended to the highest summit where, through head-wing thought, we can gather the left and right in the realms of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. Who can possibly know about all the sorrowful circumstances we had to go through to get here? I did not just drift along.

Piercing through this history of adverse fortune, I have come up and laid this foundation. You should not trample upon it, or leave yourself indebted to that which was woven at the cost of blood. Instead, you should engraft to it at the cost of blood as well. That is how you repay this grace and appear properly in front of True Parents. This is what grassroots outreach is all about. You need to put down your roots in the family.

What is the goal we have pursued until now? What is our ideal? New families of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters centered on God's love need to take firm root. The deeper the root, the more likely the tree will bud. On that tree, we need to cut off the devils buds and roots. Where should they be cut off? They should be cut off at the block branch level. Without this, the unification of North and South Korea is impossible. (172-296, 1988/01/24)

27 Centering on True Parents, you need to carry out nationwide activities. To do this, you should return to your hometowns across this nation, influence them and put down your roots. When you put down your roots, you will become a tree bearing new fruit that God can harvest. Where should you plant that seed? You should not plant it in a field. You should plant it in your home. You need to plant it in your mother, father, brothers and sisters. That is the four-position foundation. The ideal of creation is the completion of the four-position foundation, which represents the completion of the ideal of love. Therefore, you should plant it in the family, which is the center of the ideal of love. Just as a seed comes into being through the mother and father, you should plant the seeds in the family and then come back and harvest the fruit. This is the law of the cycle of life. Based on the logic of this cycle, you should pick the fruit and plant it under the love of your mother and father. If you put down deep roots of love to please your mother, father and siblings, you will live. This is the goal of grassroots outreach. (173-201, 1988/02/18)

28 Grassroots outreach is the shortcut to liberating South and North Korea. If your mother, father, cousins, or other relatives were in North Korea, you would cry and hold on to them when you met them. Similarly, you must visit family after family and be ready to pour out heartfelt tears. When an environment that is accompanied by God and by such a connection of heart is accomplished through you, that family will be born as a loving family that God will wish to find. I am doing this work because I can see that the day of liberation and shouts of tremendous joy are approaching. Therefore, you need to connect to your true siblings and teach them about God's heart, so that you can form the family of love that God has been seeking. (209-113, 1990/11/27)

Section 6. Educating Society's Leaders

Victory Over Communism

After the 1970s, True Parents carried out extensive education in Unification Principle, Unification Thought and Victory Over Communism for leaders of society, including Christian leaders, college professors and government officials. True Parents' purpose in doing this was in part to inform these leaders accurately about the Unification Church, but more importantly it was to prepare for the reunification of North and South Korea, and in this way to secure the foundation for world peace.

1 We have the responsibility in the 1970s to change this nation. We must overcome this environment. As we entered 1970, we held public Divine Principle discussions and invited Christian ministers to attend them. We also held Unification Principle seminars for professors. I believe this will help connect the environment of this nation to us in the 1970s. We need a new general direction to facilitate this. That is why True Parents implemented this strategy. We need to carry out and strengthen this strategy primarily on college campuses. I also foresee a time in the near future when we will need to educate our movement in Japan about Marxism.

We need to realize how important our responsibility is. Just because you no longer face the difficulties of the past, you should not idle away your time. If you become relaxed, it will be that much more difficult for us to break through and overcome on a wider scale. The greater the hardships that approach us, the more we should empower ourselves with the conviction that we will overcome even that which we failed to overcome in the past. There remains a course of sacrifice, suffering and adversity in front of us. When we can break through and prevail in this environment, that achievement in the Republic of Korea will expand to Asia. (042-146, 1971/03/01)

2 Communists say that religion is the opiate of the people, and they try to eradicate religion. They even deny God. There has never before been an ideology that opposed God by claiming systematically that He does not exist. Though some thought that God does not exist, in the end they admitted that He does. The fact that there has appeared an ideology that openly says there is no God shows that we truly have reached the final episode.

We have the Principle, with which we can prevail over both the Christian and communist worlds. In Korea, we have textbooks elaborating our new philosophy. They explain in full and in detail the true nature of conventional theories of education, logic, and so forth. We use these textbooks to educate people from leading social classes. We teach Christian leaders and professors about the Unification Principle.

Korean scholars presently believe that Korea can become the mother nation with an ideology that can guide the world. From this standpoint, many professors proudly support the Unification Church from behind. The number of scholars who assert that only the Unification Principle will work is increasing. Christian churches are recognizing that nothing other than the Unification Church will suffice. No one will be able to defeat us when we thoroughly, in heart and mind, empower academic and religious circles with our teaching. (054-164, 1972/03/23)

3 As we enter 1971, True Parents are concentrating on three goals: the matter of how to connect college campuses to our work, the matter of how we can open the way to educate the military in the future, and the matter of how we can inform the National Assembly, which represents this nation and its people. As you know, we are now working on college campuses and educating the military from the lowest to the highest levels. In fact, nowadays we are even lecturing at the National Defense University. I believe that we can definitely continue on this path. God has invested a great deal to help us rise to this level. Once everyone recognizes our standard, both the administration and the National Assembly will be interested and we can connect the government itself to this standard. As we look centering on the wider religious world, how the Unification Church forms collegial relations with Christians is the issue. (052-027, 1971/12/01)

4 The year 1972 is approaching and the world situation is becoming complicated. The more complicated it becomes, the more evident it is that our time is at hand. Even North Korea is responding favorably to the movement to reunite families separated between the two Ko-reas. They will coordinate through the Red Cross, but they will do so only after they have established their own policy. In this situation, we easily could end up playing their game by their rules. If we do not strengthen our ideological stance, when families start reuniting, we will be driven into a corner.

What should happen when separated family members travel back and forth between North and South Korea? Just as North Korea will deliver communist ideological education on their side, we in South Korea also must be able to counter with ideological education on our side. There should be an organization that can provide this education, and no organization other than the Unification Church can do this. Yet we need to provide it in a way that harmonizes the two sides with each other. (046-237, 1971/08/15)

5 Since joint North-South Korean general elections will surely come, we must secure 10 million people who can prepare the country for them. The Unification Church has spawned the International Federation for Victory Over Communism and articulated the teachings of Victory Over Communism. Our challenge is to get our nation to inspire a large number of people to join this federation. I have expected this, and now this time is almost upon us.

It is true that a five-year plan to revive and develop the economy is necessary, but the more urgent issue at hand is that of how to educate our people. With this in mind, the Unification Church is dialoguing with Christianity, but we and they are not yet united on the fundamentals.

The question is how we can move in the same direction so that together we can lead the Korean people. I am responsible for everything and have to resolve such problems as quickly as possible, so I have long pondered how to motivate Christians regarding this matter. How can I help Christians feel care and concern over the misfortunes of this nation? How can I establish a joint front line and instill in them the spirit to gain victory over communism? (046-126, 1971/08/13)

6 To triumph over Satan's world, you must understand the Divine Principle. To win over the communist world, you must understand Victory Over Communism ideology. To end the conflict between the communist and democratic worlds, you must come to understand Unification Thought. Therefore, you need a passing grade in these subjects: Divine Principle, Victory Over Communism theory and Unification Thought.

Our work, to banish Satan's world, to abolish the communist world and unite it with the democratic world, remains. When we do these three things, everything will be completed. Communism claims that there is no God. As long as communist ideology remains in existence, it will block individual perfection, cause big problems for the family, and destroy any hope for the kingdom of heaven. If there is no God, everything goes to pieces. Communism has now reached the level where it can influence people as individuals, influence families, and influence the world. We therefore need to overcome it and empower the world with the Unification Principle, Victory Over Communism ideology, and Unification Thought. (102-129, 1978/11/27)

7 The movement to reunite separated families is being carried out in Korea. When the families are reunited, this nation can be restored as one. Satan and God are fighting to claim these families. The place called Panmunjom in Korea is the only place on earth where God and Satan fight face-to-face. We are now standing at a most crucial turning point. This is why I invited Christian leaders to attend Divine Principle workshops this year. If, during this period, True Parents and the Unification Church were to ask God to bring all Christians and nations that persecute us to ruin, this providence could never be accomplished. Persecution is a good thing. Communist persecution has brought us rather good results. It has helped us to separate from evil and make unity. However, in the end we need to save even the communists.

We need to restore Adam and Eve through love. And since the archangel compelled Eve to fall through words, we also need to restore the archangel through the Word. We must save the people of the free world through love and save the communists through the truth. That is why you should not be defeated in dialogue with communists. We are battling with the democratic world using the Divine Principle and with the communist world using Victory Over Communism ideology. The Divine Principle and Victory Over Communism theory are the two pillars of restoration. (052-073, 1971/12/22)

8 We need to carry out education in Unification Thought, Victory Over Communism theory and the Unification Principle in neighborhoods and blocks (tong and ban). All it takes is for the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea to take charge of teaching Unification Thought to professors, for the International Federation for Victory Over Communism to take charge of teaching VOC ideology, and for the Unification Church to take charge of teaching the Unification Principle.

Even if it is not possible to teach the other subjects, we need to teach the Unification Principle, because the sooner people learn it, the sooner they can be liberated. We need to teach the Unification Principle as soon as possible and make new family members who realize that they need to walk the path of indemnity to liberate Cain. In the position of Abel, they must restore Cain. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a branch leader under the International Federation for Victory over Communism or a church leader under the Unification Church, educate all citizens of Korea in the neighborhoods and blocks. Do this first. In summary, you should build your base by educating people in neighborhoods and blocks. (167-034, 1987/06/14)

Principle for clergy and professors

Twenty-eight ministers from the Christian churches participated in the first seminar of the Principle for religious leaders hosted by the Unification Church headquarters from November 26 to 28, 1970. Headquarters introduced the Unification Principle to Christian pastors on many subsequent occasions. In 1971 alone, a total of 915 ministers attended 12 seminars, and most of the participants said, through their written reflections, that the Unification Principle touched them deeply. At the same time, the church also hosted the first Professors Invitational Unification Principle Seminar, held from January 10 to 11, 1971. That seminar, attended by college professors, served as the cornerstone for hosting many public presentations thereafter. In this manner, we conducted Unification Principle seminars for leaders from academic and religious circles.

9 Traditional Christianity has continued to oppose me for decades. I have to say that their narrow-minded opposition damages no one but themselves. We need to make those who opposed me welcome me, saying, "The Unification Church is not what we thought." Since this is what we need to do, I am holding seminars for Christian believers who have opposed us. But local churches seem to consider these events a serious problem. They are causing an uproar, claiming that the Unification Church is taking away their ministers and witnessing to them. (062-153, 1972/09/17)

10 Hosting Unification Principle seminars for members of the Christian clergy is quite expensive. Some may suggest it would be better to use that money to build regional headquarters, but I do not think so. Leaves eventually fall, so I believe that the trunk and the branches are more important than the leaves. Scholars stand in the highest position in the Republic of Korea, and ministers stand in the highest position in Christianity, so devotions and sacrifices must be made for the sake of fulfilling my responsibility for the Christian leaders.

If they hear our Principle just once, it surely will become an issue for them. That is why holding a seminar once is great, and it has greater impact the second time, and every time it happens. Some people say that it is a 20th century miracle, but it is not. The question is how thoroughly we can follow the Principle to the letter as we carry out our work. Unless you stand in that position, you all will eventually drift away.

That is why you need to offer devotions and make sacrifices. When you offer devotions, you should not do so carelessly. Care for the unfortunate people as you offer devotions. On many occasions, as I offered devotions I would think to myself that someone was poorly clothed and I would remove my coat and pray for that person in cold weather. Because I had such a standard, I could set the foundation to the extent it exists today. (042-168, 1971/03/04)

11 Though Christians marginalized the Unification Church in the past, now they are beginning to welcome us. We began this course toward acceptance in 1971. Through Unification Principle seminars, I brought together and educated more than 1,000 ministers. Quite a few of them were deeply moved and said, "I will devote my life to fight for the religious freedom of the Unification Church." In fact, there are many minis- ters who are actually using the Unification Principle in their sermons. You will find these Christian leaders spread throughout Korea. When they give sermons based on the Word, their congregations are fired up with inspiration. After giving Principled sermons just a few times, these preachers come to realize that the Unification Principle indeed is the Word of God. (058-268, 1972/06/13)

12 Today we need to unite Judaism and the nation of Israel, which were not able to unite in the time of Jesus. What I am thankful for in this age is that the Unification Church and Christian leaders have begun to associate with one another. Though in the beginning Christians persecuted the Unification Church, we now have reached the level where we can freely associate with Christian leaders. This means that now we are finally in a position to indemnify thousands of years of history.

Actually, three rounds of Principle seminars for invited Christian leaders would have fulfilled the necessary condition, but by June we will have held seven rounds. This year, 1971, is the year of good fortune for horizontally indemnifying 7,000 years of history. That is why I plan to spare no expense and finish the 7th round of Unification Principle seminars by June 1971. When the number of Christian leaders who have attended these events surpasses 600, even by one, we will have fulfilled the condition. However, my plan is to exceed 700. When that comes to pass, I will have fulfilled my responsibility.

You have no idea what a difficult time I have had in fulfilling this condition. I have done most of this work without your being aware of it. The number of Unification Church followers does not matter. What does matter is whether and how we can continue to carry out the necessary indemnification. (044-293, 1971/05/24)

13 When the perfect plus unites with the perfect minus, the universe protects them both eternally. When we say that we are trying to become one with Christianity, it means we are trying to save them. Standing in the position of the perfect plus, we are trying to save Christianity, bringing it into the position of the perfect minus. If those in the minus position choose not to unite with us, this will impact the country and drive it to ruin.

A person who acts with truthfulness will have truthful results. Therefore, we should never forget that our path is within the realm of absolute protection, in which all of heaven and earth has the right to protect us.

One leg by itself cannot achieve unity. We need to keep pace, and to do so we need to form a diagonal line and connect with our object partners. That is why the Unification Church needs to achieve unity with Christianity and with the nation. That is the shortest path. When Christian believers are taught the Unification Principle for as little as two weeks, they will surpass the level at which you are now. This is only too obvious. You need to put this into action, no matter what difficulties you face. (207-304, 1990/11/11)

14 In the course of restoration, Abel appears only after Cain has been restored. Restoration cannot be achieved by boasting. It needs to take place naturally. I do not participate in the Unification Principle seminars for Christian leaders. Though I do not make an appearance, since they opposed me they need to come to see me and bow their heads. I will not appear until Korea is restored. I need to uphold the dignity of God. It is not that I cannot speak well, but that I have to follow the Will and the laws of heaven.

Your mission is to save Cain. As an individual, you are an individual-level Abel, so you should save Cain on the individual level. If you are Abel on the family level, you should save Cain on the family level, and if you become Abel on the tribal level, you should save Cain on the tribal level. As for the Unification Church, which is Abel on the national level, we need to save the Cain denominations on the national level. Only then can we become eligible to deal with the nation. So, the most urgent matter at hand is how we are to become Abel. When this is achieved, all the hopes of the Unification Church will be realized simultaneously. (046-147, 1971/08/13)

15 From January 1971 to early December, we hosted Unification Principle seminars for Christian leaders, and more than 800 ministers attended. In addition, we held Unification Principle seminars four times for professors on college campuses. Were it not for us, these colleges could not present stu- dents with a new path. The educational authorities definitely are viewing us from such a standpoint. Also, many people are coming to hold the view that without the Victory Over Communism movement, communism cannot be defeated. Since this is the prevailing situation, we can safely say that we have ascended to the highest point centering on the Will of God.

Now that we have arrived at this point, Unification Church family members must reveal their value as individuals who represent the whole. Bearing this in mind, we have started working with a new national structure. Blessed wives have gone out to all parts of the nation to carry out activities. While the wives are away, members close to their families are working in support of their activities. (052-028, 1971/12/01)

16 If the Republic of Korea continues this way, it will come to ruin. This country will perish if it cannot clean up and clear out its weak and corrupt ideologies. In other words, this country needs our Principle. Korea most certainly needs it. At first, when the Unification Church proposed to host Unification Principle seminars for members of the clergy, people laughed at us and asked us whether we seriously believed that the Christian leaders would come. They reacted this way because they had no idea how the laws of heaven work. In any case, at this point it is really not that necessary to have more Christian leaders attend these events. Once three or four leaders in a group come to cooperate with us, the rest will naturally follow along. (055-329, 1972/05/09)

17 Where is the path by which the Unification Church can sustain its life? We cannot do this by ourselves. For the Unification Church to survive, we certainly need to move the religious world, which has Christianity at the center. After that, we need to impress many policy makers in the background of the Republic of Korea. In preparation for this, we are educating professors. More than 50 professors attended the third Unification Principle seminar, which just took place and was quite effective. We are going to enormous expense to motivate college professors to research the Principle of the Unification Church. We are doing this so that we can quickly publish a book of critiques and impressions of the Unification Principle coming from experts in all academic fields. Others cannot credibly oppose reading a book authorized by prominent professors. Therefore, we need to make haste to finish this work. The testimonies are from the first three rounds of seminars for professors, and most likely no one will disagree with a book that has such legitimacy. (046-128, 1971/08/13)

18 Through the Professors World Peace Academy, we will make a global professors' association for the research of principles. We are working on this project in Korea and Japan. As a result, professors are researching the Unification Principle and are frequently publishing their findings. Up until the present, we have connected with scholars primarily through the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, which we have hosted numerous times. Now we need to consider how we can hold Unification Principle seminars for the leaders of the nations where these scholars live.

The discussions should bring together the leaders with these scholars. Members of the clergy who oppose Unificationism should dialogue with these professors. Those Christian leaders will bow their heads when they do so. After that, these leaders will need to contact large numbers of people, working closely with the other major faiths. When churches flood to our side, large groups of people will also come over to our side. By carrying out such multilateral activities, we should expect to secure and educate at least 30,000 people in groups of 600. When we move on to the national level, young people will come flocking in. (089-051, 1976/10/03)

Workshops and international seminars

True Parents founded the International Federation for Victory Over Communism on January 13,1968, and they regularly held workshops on Victory Over Communism theory and Unification Thought for leaders from all fields and social classes, specifically to prepare for the reunification of North and South Korea. The International Federation for Victory Over Communism also arranged for leaders of society to go to the United States and Japan, where they were introduced to the Unification Principle and True Parents' worldwide activities. These leaders were greatly impressed.

19 We need to implement an organizational structure to prepare for the unification of North and South Korea. By empowering ambassadors for peace with Victory Over Communism theory, Unification Thought and the Unification Principle, we can gather this world together. Without fail, we must station ambassadors for peace in 120 locations. They need to be stationed in all administrative units: hamlets, villages and towns in rural areas, and neighborhoods and precincts in urban areas. Once this is done, we will have an integrated organization. As we shape this organization, we need to empower the people ideologically day after day. (405-011, 2003/02/08)

20 We need first to educate those people whom I have acknowledged as patriots. We need to teach the members of the National Assembly the Principle, Victory Over Communism theory, and even Unification Thought. If you do not have anything with which to surpass me, you should just follow me.

Korea's current political trend is accomplishing nothing. This also is true for the United States and Japan. I have carried out the peace movement until now based on absolute values. I am the only one who has done this. The world highly respects me for it, but it should not end with that. It needs to convert that foundation of respect into time-honored traditions and leave these as a legacy for future generations. Such a base is necessary. (402-019, 2003/01/12)

21 Christians are amazed when they learn the Unification Principle. Many among the participants of the seminars in the United States were Christians. They could not have any objections. By then, they had heard good rumors. In the past, when they had heard the same words, they interpreted those words as bad; their eyes read them as bad and their ears heard them as bad. They had listened with such a heart. They feared that those words would overwhelm or consume them. Now, however, rumors about this training have spread, and those same people are beginning to think that they should listen to it in earnest, at least once. Indeed, if they listen with open hearts, the words will hit home for them 100 percent.

Nowadays, there is nothing to prevent good education from helping nations achieve their purposes. Because of this, people from the Ministry of Education came several times and asked our educators to teach them as well. Now everyone is lining up to take part in the seminars in the United States. At this time, I plan to take Christian elders there. Now that the number of people who have received this education is close to 20,000,1 believe that most of the middle class has heard about it, and that there is not one person that knows nothing about it. (206-342, 1990/10/14)

22 The International Federation for Victory Over Communism and the Unification Church have trained and educated a great many people. You need to link together all those people who have formed connections with us. After that, you need to link together all the professors and the principals of elementary, middle and high schools who have attended the seminars in the United States. For this reason, we have centralized the organization of our church at this time. Until now, the students of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles worked separately from us, but the time for organizing in that way has passed and the time has come for all of us to live together under one roof. All our enemies have collapsed. That is why we are linking our organizations.

We now will make a student department. All the professors, principals of middle and high schools, and even elementary school teachers will be linked together through the student department. Families naturally relate to educational institutions. Since their children go to elementary, middle and high schools, or colleges, families are impacted when those schools make a move. Once you have turned the teachers around, the students and families automatically will move as well. We can move the students. To turn the students around, the teachers bring them together and teach the Principle. (208-066, 1990/11/15)

23 The number of people who will have participated in the United States seminars should reach at least 50,000.1 believe the number of participants has currently reached a little over 30,000. If we can send 50,000 people, each county in Korea will have at least 200 of those people. I have sent them to be trained in the United States because we need leaders who can move the country. I feel that, after they have been educated, if our country is not brought together centering on the vision of the Unification Church, it will have no hope. Ours is not only a national level. I know that the Unification Church foundation offers the only way to build connections that lead to and expand to the world. People are turning to us because they realize that ours is the direction of true hope. (230-016, 1992/04/15)

24 Parents plan to focus on activities in middle and high schools. Among the teachers, principals and vice principals of middle and high schools who have attended our seminars in the United States, about two-thirds are related to our organization. Hence, as we become one with these principals and vice principals, we will naturally educate the students. The fastest way to make this into an educational system is through middle and high school teachers, rather than through college professors. There- fore, activities emphasizing school personnel and educational curricula are absolutely necessary. Those activities need to take root.

Colleges are a step away from that. Because colleges are divided into departments, even those who have graduated in the same year cannot easily form a connection of heart with one another. Middle and high school students, on the other hand, have teachers who are responsible to teach all students the same content. In this situation the students can and do form connections of heart with one another, almost as if they were siblings born of the same parents.

For this reason, what is most important is the method through which we can introduce principles into the educational institutions. This is an essential condition. Thus, we are providing education on such a strong underlying foundation. Once the principals and students come to praise us, the parents will automatically follow them. By educating them, we must create a family movement. (241-057, 1992/12/19)

Chapter 3

Proclamation of the Holy Days

Section 1. Resurrection of Heart and Resurrection of Substance


True Parents proclaimed April 17,1960, the day after the Blessing of 3 couples, as the Day of the Resurrection of Heart, and April 17,1961 as the Day of the Resurrection of Substance. After True Parents' Holy Wedding, the foundations for the resurrection of heart, the resurrection of substance and the resurrection of all things were completed, and God's lost realm of heart was resurrected in substantial form. Then, upon the establishment of Parents' Day, children and all things could be restored.

1 Strictly speaking, Parents' Day should have appeared after the proclamation of the Day of the Resurrection of Heart and the Day of the Resurrection of Substance. When you examine the process of resurrection, the resurrection of heart and substance precedes the resurrection of all created things. In the beginning, God lost all things through the Human Fall, then He lost the substance and then the heart. Therefore, God has worked in reverse, first to carry out the resurrection of heart, then the resurrection of substance and lastly the resurrection of all things. Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things were established accordingly. In order to accomplish this, I paid indemnity while I walked a path amid adversity. Because I set this indemnity condition, which removed the condition for Satan to accuse, I was able to establish the blessed and holy day of Parents' Day. (017-322, 1967/04/10)

2 Parents' Day, Children's Day, the Day of All Things and God's Day were defiled due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors. That is why the Unification Church established these holy days, which are unprecedented in history. These holy days are invaluable; everything fallen had to be restored in order to establish them. Due to the Fall, all things were tied to the problem of heart and the problem of substance, and they were entangled with the archangel. There was an order in which the Fall occurred: first the archangel, and next the heart. Everything, including the mind and body, was entangled, and everything remains entangled. To restore this, we must move forward with a heart that is in one accord with God. That is why in the Unification Church we have the Day of the Resurrection of Heart; the resurrection of heart comes first. The heart and the body were defiled when Satan and human beings united as one; this was the result of the Fall. In the course of restoration, things are done in reverse. First we proclaimed the Day of the Resurrection of Heart, and then we had to proclaim the Day of the Resurrection of Substance. (051-125, 1971/11/18)

3 The Holy Wedding held in 1960 established vertically the parental position. Because of that, as you go through the process of restoration, you must walk that model path. For this reason, I first established Parents' Day, and then I declared Childrens Day in the horizontal position. Parents carried out the resurrection of the Word, the resurrection of heart, and the resurrection of substance. Through accomplishing the Blessing, centering on one man, we entered a new historical era. The first Parents' Day marks the beginning of the transition from the old world to the new world. Because Parents emerged, you can receive the Blessing as sons and daughters of the new era. In the indemnity course, you do not need to pass through the process of the resurrection of substance as Parents have. Through the Blessing, Parents engraft to you; as long as you follow, completely uniting in heart, you can move forward without receiving Satan's accusation. (021-204, 1968/11/20)

4 Adam fell to a position far below the world of heart. Not knowing God's heart, he fell. Jesus is the only person in the ages of history who has deeply experienced the heart of God. However, he was unable to establish the standard of the restoration of heart by himself. Adam did not violate God's heart alone; Adam and Eve violated His heart as a couple. Until Adam and Eve become one in heart, God's heart cannot be liberated.

Jesus, in the position of the Second Adam, needs to come again and achieve the realm of the resurrection of heart. Christianity made countless sacrifices for 2,000 years. Nevertheless, it was unable to prepare the foundation of heart through the Principle and the heavenly way, and to proclaim, "May the heart of our Heavenly Father be gratified now!" A couple who can achieve this must appear and do this work, so that God's heart can be liberated. When this comes to pass, the gate of the heart that leads to the heavenly kingdom will open, and the form of the kingdom of heaven of true heart will begin for all married couples. (097-303, 1978/03/26)

5 A wall was built in the heart of God. One man and one woman, having achieved oneness in heart and mind, need to establish the indemnity condition and say, "We will bear the cross You have been carrying and will fight and win on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world." It is essential that the cross be transferred from the world of the heart of God to the world of the heart of human beings in this way.

The first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell, so it is humankind that is in the position to relieve God's suffering. In short, it is human beings who can liberate God and free Him from His cross of the heart. This requires a married couple who are willing to bear the cross of love on the path of sufferings of the heart. While bearing the cross, they must work on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. There must come a day when they can declare that they have crossed over each of these summits. They will say, "Just as God loves His children and all things, we do the same."

That is why on April 17, on the 70th day after True Parents' Holy Wedding held on April 11,1960,1 proclaimed the Day of the Resurrection of Heart. I proclaimed the resurrection of heart in heaven and on earth. When all the problems of the human heart are resolved, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will be realized without fail. (097-306, 1978/03/26)

6 The standard of perfection will be established by achieving the realm of resurrection of heart, with God's love manifested on earth. Thus, I proclaimed the Day of the Resurrection of Heart centering on that realm of resurrection in the Unification Church. The resur- rection of heart is the foundation for the resurrection of substance. Ultimately we become one with God centering on that oneness of heart and the love of God and, centering on that oneness of heart and the love of God, the body must become one. For the sake of the body accomplishing the realm of heart horizontally, we must go beyond the standard of accusation by which we received invasion from Satan's realm. Unless we complete the resurrection of substance, we will not connect to God's heart horizontally. By proclaiming the Day of the Resurrection of Heart and the Day of the Resurrection of Substance in 1960 and 1961 respectively, the perfected Adam and the perfected Eve are able to appear. (067-144, 1973/06/01)

Resurrections of heart and of substance

True Parents emphasized that the Day of the Resurrection of Heart was the day when God and human beings formally connected in heart for the first time in 6,000 years. All people can receive the Blessing and enter the realm of grace, standing in the presence of God, when they have set the condition for the resurrection of substance, which means being born again.

7 We need to pass through the gate of heart on all levels. Without setting the condition of having passed through the gate of heart, we cannot be resurrected. Jesus was not able to solve the problem of heart and was unable to enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, the heart is the alpha and the omega. The gates to the kingdom of heaven can be opened when the gate of heart is opened; those who have no more wounds in their mind, body and heart can enter. (009-088, 1960/04/17)

8 In resurrection, our heart is the problem. We must in reality become people who provide the flavor and true value for which heaven hopes. Until now, no person has completed resurrection in heaven or on earth. We must bow our heads and be thankful for the fact that resurrection is beginning to happen here, in this wretched country of Korea.

Individuals who have achieved that standard cannot be exchanged for all the money in the world. Even though they might seem to have lost everything, they actually have everything. They are the sons and daughters who return joy, happiness and comfort to the Father, who comes as the champion of love and heart. That is why we need to be engrafted with his world of heart. God is our Father; the Lord is our Bridegroom. God has allowed us to understand His heart of longing, His truth, and loyalty to His heart. Now we can begin the work of connecting all philosophies through the hearts of a father and son, a husband and wife, and a king and his subjects. There is no circumstance that cannot be solved and nothing that cannot be forgiven, in the name of the Father. Everything can become one through loyalty at the footstool of a king. This is the entire conclusion of the resurrection of heart. (009-091, 1960/04/17)

9 When Adam and Eve fell, their standard of heart was not aligned with God. Therefore, we must rise above that. We must be willing to do anything God commands, even if it means severing ourselves from all earthly things. This kind of self-awareness must emerge. In other words, the stage for the resurrection of heart must exist. We conducted the Ceremony of the Resurrection of Heart for the sake of this path. (090-130, 1976/10/21)

10 If you are going to carry out the resurrection of substance, you must indemnify the historical standard and be victorious, not collapsing in the midst of fighting the realities of life. Only then are you able to carry out the resurrection of substance. This is the Day of the Resurrection of Substance. The person who inherits the mission of Jesus on this earth and the heart of God becomes a hero of this world. The resurrection of substance first has to go through the heart. That day is the day when heaven and earth are restored. Substantial parents and children are necessary for the Day of the Resurrection of Substance. You must advance to the position of glory through substantial resurrection. You must fight a bloody battle for the sake of doing so, and establish glorious sovereignty. This is the path you must walk, whether you live or die. (011-337, 1962/04/17)

11 Strange things happen when people come to the Unification Church. Right away they want to pack up all their belongings and join the church. You can- not imagine how people are filled with hope. In such a situation, they seem to feel as if they have just escaped from somewhere. If this is how you feel and act, that is the resurrection of substance. You receive a voucher by which your body has entered the heavenly realm; this is the realm of substantial resurrection. The resurrection of heart and substance is the starting point that will enable you to connect to God's lineage through His love. (090-130, 1976/10/21)

Section 2. Parents' Day


The engagement ceremony of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, on the 1st day of the 3rd lunar month in 1960 (March 27) at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church in Seoul, marked the day on which True Parents publicly appeared on earth. Therefore, in the following year True Parents retroactively proclaimed that March 1, 1960 was the first Parents' Day. On the 35th Parents' Day in 1994, they instructed that the names of all major church holy days should include the term "True," so the day was renamed True Parents' Day.

1 God never had God's Day, Parents' Day and Children's Day. God's ideal of creation is oneness in heart with His children. The purpose of creation is to accomplish a straight line of heart from God through Adam and Eve to their children. God used the principle of harmony in creating the world. Therefore, God also bases His strategy of re-creation on this fundamental principle. God desires to establish God's Day, Parents' Day and Children's Day and to celebrate them with all humankind. Then, finally, the purpose of these holy days will be achieved. (011-263, 1961/11/08)

2 It was possible to establish Parents' Day only on the victorious foundation of having indemnified both spiritually and physically all the mistakes made by the first parents, Adam and Eve. They should have become True Parents, but because they fell, Jesus Christ had to come as the Messiah and lay the foundation for True Parents on the national level, centering on the chosen people of Israel. This is a fundamental rule. (086-215, 1976/03/31)

3 For True Parents to fulfill that position on this earth, they must present accomplishments for the Will. They have to qualify to be True Parents, and then they must be victorious. First, Father had to subjugate Satan, then subjugate the parents of the adopted children in the spirit world. True Parents had to go through the three stages of the original parents—formation, growth and completion. After doing that, they have to meet the overall conditions to save all people who are born on this earth in the position of children: helping people grow spiritually and helping them sustain their lives. Otherwise they cannot become True Parents.

What made the people on earth the way they are? It was because their first parents went wrong. Therefore True Parents are responsible to revive these children who are dead. Unless they find the means to revive them, they cannot become the True Parents. This is why in history there is a course that goes through the parents of the three stages of formation, growth and completion. Among them the True Parents, who emerge with the authority to determine victory over Satan in the physical world and the spiritual world, will remain until the end. (026-288, 1969/11/10)

4 Unless heaven and earth are united, that is, unless the spirit world and the earthly world are united, we will not have accomplished complete unity. Even if a great person tries to unite the world with his teaching, since the unity he brings extends only as far as the physical world and because the laws of heaven remain and God clearly exists, whatever he tries to do will be in vain.

What is the reason for the inability to achieve unity? It is because all the ways are blocked. Until these blockages are broken down, unity cannot be achieved. If we are unable to eliminate the impediments that exist, not only those in the world but also in the heart, mind and life, we will be unable to achieve unity.

The blockages that we need to eliminate exist not only on earth but also connect to the infinite spirit world. So how are we to get rid of them? This responsibility lies with human beings. It is people who need to accomplish it. Therefore, before the Returning Lord emerges on this earth, he has to engage in a pro- tracted struggle with the blocked spirit world. The reason the worldview of the Unification Church is emerging on earth today is because the work of unification is taking place in the spirit world as well. The work being carried out in the spirit world is being reflected on earth, unfolding as physical reality.

How can unity be achieved? It begins by establishing Parents' Day on earth. Parents' Day is the day that determines the victory in heaven and on earth. God long desired its establishment as the day of victory, the day that can bear the historical fruit hoped for by humanity and through which He can recover the lost owners of the entire universe. (017-078, 1966/11/12)

5 Up to this point, the lineage of True Parents, from whom people were to have been born into goodness, has not appeared on earth. This is why people today are like orphans. In short, they are born as sons and daughters of the enemy, that is, as sons and daughters of Satan. From the viewpoint of God's law of love, all people are destined to return to the heavenly kingdom, but today's situation is that Satan has bound us with chains and is ravaging us to prevent us from leaving him. Parents' Day is the starting point of the hope of humankind, when we can finally sever the chains that bind us to death, and take the path of life. (042-291, 1971/03/27)

6 True Parents must be two people. If they are not two, they cannot stand on the standard of True Parents. Even if one or the other has established the standard of victory through his or her spiritual battles, unless they together become True Parents as physical human beings on earth, they will not have substantiated the standard of victory in the world. Even though the spirits in the spirit world have established the condition of victory there, unless the True Parents are inaugurated here on earth, these spirits cannot establish a foothold on earth that corresponds to their foothold in the spirit world. Therefore, once the True Parents come, from that time on they must dedicate their lives and fight on behalf of heaven and earth.

The period of their struggle will be 40 years. What kind of battles are True Parents going to fight during this 40-year period? First they have to go through trials in the spirit world. After that they need to undergo trials on earth. They can establish the standard of True Parents both spiritually and physically only when they have fought until the end and held fast without collapsing. That is how they will accomplish the hope of 6,000 years of providential history. Parents' Day, the day on which the reality of True Parents began, was the day that marked the starting point of true success, of achievements both in the spirit world and on earth. (013-285, 1964/04/12)


If Adam and Eve had become the God-centered True Parents, Parents' Day would have been established right then and there. However, the achievement of Parents' Day was delayed due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, and God has worked His providence to this day to realize it. As can be seen, Parents' Day was instituted on the foundation of True Parents' success in spiritually and physically indemnifying the failures of Adam and Eve.

7 The Messiah is the person who comes in the position of having transcended fallen nature. He is equipped with God's love and is the original, ideal model of masculinity, with his body and mind united as one. A person like this comes to earth in order to become the center and make all the world's people resemble him so that they are qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven. But what does that Messiah have to find? He comes as the Bridegroom, looking for his Bride. The Bride is in the position of Eve. Since Eve was lost in the Garden of Eden, the Messiah must come to earth and find the new Eve.

In the Unification Church, Parents' Day marks the fulfillment of this search. It is the first time in history that a day with the title "True Parents" was ever declared. This day was established to celebrate the day on which a man and woman became husband and wife based on the original love of God. It celebrates the beginning of the ideal realm of human completion that God has long desired. It celebrates the complete unity of the mind and body of a man and the mind and body of a woman, achieved horizontally with God as the center. (128-137, 1983/06/11)

8 Since the ancestors of humanity fell, there are no children of God's direct lineage whom He can love; instead there are only adopted children. God needs to bequeath His grand endeavor of creating heaven and earth to someone, but there are only adopted children from a different bloodline, and do you think He wants to bequeath it to them?

If you were a parent, would you want to bequeath the great work you had achieved in heaven and on earth to a stranger's child who shows up uninvited to your house and claims that he is your son? It goes against the original, fundamental rule of creation. God wants to bequeath His great work of creation to His original son and daughter. History has been the quest to find this original son and original daughter.

The Lord at his Second Advent is the person who comes with the qualifications and mission of the true Son of God. Therefore, the most excellent Bride is she who will become the wife of the Returning Lord. Together they will become the Father and Mother of humankind. Once the Father and Mother emerge, they will give birth to sons and daughters. The day when the Father and Mother appeared was none other than Parents' Day.

This day is a proud day that is celebrated only in the Unification Church. Now for the first time in history, Parents' Day has come into being. What this means is that the Parents have finally come who represent the lost glory of God, who celebrate the coming victory of humankind, and who exercise the authority to judge evil by the law of public righteousness. This is the gospel of gospels.

Parents' Day was proclaimed on the 1st day of the 3rd lunar month. If the first human beings had not fallen, we would not have needed to declare Parents' Day. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, but instead had grown to perfection and given birth to children, the day when their first child called them Mother and Father automatically would have been both Parents' Day and God's Day. (022-012, 1969/01/01)

9 We established Parents' Day, but it should not be the Parents' Day of the Unification Church alone. All people in the world should celebrate it. This day is imbued with the heart of True Parents, who even now are in anguish as they go over the hill filled with the bitter sorrows of tens of thousands of generations. Therefore, we need to act with an urgent heart so we can transform this world of sin and evil. We have to welcome the day when joyful shouts of liberation and the fanfare of trumpets fill heaven and earth.

We have to carry out our mission as a liberation army. Otherwise, we will not be able to say we fulfilled our duty as loyal and filial sons and daughters of True Parents. This day is not a day that should be celebrated by only a small group inside the Unification Church; it is a day that all people should celebrate. It is a day that should be praised forever. All generations should commemorate it with praise as a day of pride, joy and glory. (019-340, 1968/03/29)

10 You need to establish Parents' Day as your individual Parents' Day, family Parents' Day, community Parents' Day and national Parents' Day. Then it can be established as the global Parents' Day. Its establishment as Parents' Day throughout the world and then as Parents' Day of the cosmos will complete the ideal of creation for which God originally intended to establish the True Parents. Only then can we relieve the sorrows arising from the fact that the Fall prevented the inauguration of Parents' Day. Establishing Parents' Day throughout heaven and earth will completely erase the bitter sorrow of restoration history. (013-295, 1964/04/12)

Section 3. Children's Day Significance

On the 1st day of the 10th lunar month in 1960 (November 19), True Parents personally presided over a Thanksgiving Day service at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church in Seoul, and in the following year they proclaimed this day to be Children's Day. Through the institution of Children's Day, they built a foundation on which to eradicate the seed of sin sown by Adam and Eve and liberate humanity from evil. This day commemorates the fact that fallen human beings, as children, for the first time in history, have finally won victory and come to participate in God's cosmic glory.

1 For 6,000 years, God eagerly awaited the establishment of Parents' Day. Orig- inally, the fallen descendants of humankind would have been the ones to eagerly await this day, but instead it was God the Creator who for 6,000 years eagerly awaited it. From the day history went astray there were many difficult and sorrowful events for God, moving along on a path of innumerable crises. But even in the midst of all that, all that God longed for was Parents' Day. With the coming of Parents' Day, God was able to set up the truly good parents of humankind who could work together with Him and He designated them the True Parents of humankind. With the name of Parents whom God has set up, the parents' blessing standard was established. Following this, faithful and truthful children can be established, and we can welcome Children's Day on earth. (017-079, 1966/11/12)

2 After I established Parents' Day in 1960, I established Children's Day. When the Parents of humanity appear, children will come next. Originally, before children appear, you first need to have parents. However, in the course of restoration, we need to form the connection not only for the parents but also for the children. Again, from the viewpoint based on the children connecting horizontally, Parents' Day comes first, followed by Children's Day, although from the viewpoint of restoration, Children's Day would come first and Parents' Day second.

Working according to the horizontal standard, I established Parents' Day and then proclaimed Children s Day. Accordingly, for the first time since the beginning of the history of heaven and earth, Childrens Day appeared. This day is the day we are able to raise a victorious shout of joy throughout heaven and earth. Through its establishment, the time of the spirit world has come, and that which has been knotted up is being unraveled. Therefore, the evil forces on earth gradually will be cleared away. (021-200, 1968/11/20)

3 How are we to celebrate Children's Day? First of all, go to the homes of your sons and daughters and have a feast, and then have them gather at your home for a feast, and after that, go to the church and have a feast. In this way, you have feasts as symbols of the three ages of formation, growth and completion. This is in accord with the Principled notion of restoration through three stages—symbolic restoration, image restoration and substantial restoration. You have to realize that if your sons and daughters die without having celebrated Childrens Day, they will feel deep regret and their sorrow arising from this will fill the heavens. Therefore, we need to restore the world centering on our sons and daughters, we need to restore all good spirits in paradise centering on ourselves, and we need to find the way of heaven and earth centering on the church. You need to follow the rule of going through these three stages.

You especially need to commemorate this day starting within your own family environment. You have to arrange it so that your children will eagerly await the coming of this day. The children in the world at large await holidays, saying, "When is that day coming when we can wear pretty new clothes and eat delicious food?" Similarly, you need to make preparations so that your children naturally will eagerly await the coming of Children's Day, even counting the days off on their fingers, and rejoicing when the day is near. (026-318, 1969/11/10)

4 Due to the Fall of humankind, parents were lost, children were lost, and all things were lost. To set the standard that indemnifies this, we established Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things. Among these, the most difficult day to establish was Children's Day. This was because Adam and Eve failed to become true children. So, what do we need to do to become faithful and dutiful children? We all must be born into one lineage. To become such children, we must fulfill our filial duty to our parents. Filial children must be able to take dominion over any environment, no matter how difficult or unstable, and they need to receive formal recognition from their parents and their environment.

God told Adam and Eve to have dominion over all things, but Adam and Eve have to receive formal recognition to take such dominion. As the center of hope, they must be recognized as children who can take responsibility for God's Will. They need to be in accord with the heart of their parents. If their past, present or future deviates in any way, they cannot be called filial children. They cannot be called loyal patriots either. Filial children and loyal patriots must never change. They must represent the past, the present and the future, always acknowledging God's heart. They must receive recognition in a position that transcends time and space, centering on the heart of God. (017-081, 1966/11/12)

My Pledge

On October 28,1962, the first anniversary of Children's Day, True Parents established and proclaimed My Pledge consisting of five verses. True Father said that a pledge is a promise that a person makes to God and to the future. He emphasized that when a person makes a pledge, he or she needs to communicate in heart with God, and that those who recite My Pledge can achieve oneness in heart with God by pledging to become His true sons and daughters. My Pledge was recited until the Family Pledge was established on May 1,1994.

5 See whether you can make this pledge. Up until now, there has not been a single person who could formally pledge in front of God. No one was able to make a pledge, either as a servant or as a son or daughter. If you are going to recite a pledge, you must connect to it with your heart. This pledge promises that you are going to become true sons and daughters.

1. As the center of the cosmos, I will fulfill our Fathers Will and the responsibility given me. 1 will become a true, dutiful son (daughter) and a child of goodness to attend our Father forever in the ideal world of creation by returning joy and glory to Him. This I pledge.

2.1 will take upon myself completely the Will of God to give me the whole creation as my inheritance. He has given me His Word, His personality, and His heart, and is reviving me who had died, making me one with Him and His true child. To do this, our Father has persevered for 6,000 years the sacrificial way of the cross. This I pledge.

3. As a true son (daughter), I will follow our Fathers pattern and charge bravely forward into the enemy camp, until I have judged them completely with the weapons with which He has been defeating the enemy Satan for me throughout the course of history by sowing sweat for earth, tears for man, and blood for heaven, as a servant but with a father's heart, in order to restore His children and the universe, lost to Satan. This I pledge.

4. The individual, family, society, nation, world, and cosmos who are willing to attend our Father, the source of peace, happiness, freedom, and all ideals, will fulfill the ideal world of one heart in one body by restoring their original nature. To do this, I will become a true son (daughter), returning joy and satisfaction to our Father, and as our Father's representative, I will transfer to the creation peace, happiness, freedom, and all ideals in the world of the heart. This I pledge.

5.1 am proud of the one sovereignty, proud of the one people, proud of the one land, proud of the one language and culture centered upon God, proud of becoming the child of the one True Parent, proud of the family who is to inherit one tradition, proud of being a laborer who is working to establish the one world of the heart. I will fight with my life. I will be responsible for accomplishing my duty and mission. This I pledge and swear. (151-179, 1962/11/01)

6 Why does Christianity speak about the idea of the Second Coming? This is because Christians need to receive a new seed centering on God's love, life and lineage. We received the false seed due to the Fall of Adam and Eve. Therefore, we need to receive a new seed. Only then will we be able to subjugate the evil world, centering on the true love and true life of the true sons and true daughters of True Parents, who come with the new seed, centered on the logic of a true lineage. We will become an independent people. As it says in My Pledge, we are proud of God's sovereignty. Next, we are proud of the one people. After that comes the one family. After that comes the one land. This land is mine. It is ours.

Human beings were born in the context of wrongdoing. Since we were born wrongfully, our birth must be redone— we need to be born again. God participates in this rebirth process by leading the providence of twins. This is the age of twins. We must be born as twins, like Esau and Jacob. We need to go all the way back—all the way to the mother's womb. Since human beings were born fallen, there has to be a new framework by which we can make our way back to the womb. Unless we are born again, there can be no salvation. That is why Christianity speaks of "rebirth"; it is the only religion that does so. (226-320, 1992/02/09)

7 You recite My Pledge every week, but you must not just say it out of habit. The most important part of this pledge is the 5th verse. Since we are proud of the one sovereignty centered on God, one nation must be realized. So, why did various countries arise? It was because of love. Love was the cause of it. Things are the way they are today because everything does not follow the path of one love. Everything is divided along various lines, moving in different directions and following paths of different, self-assertive loves. Men and women need to become owners of true love. However, if the standards of love for loving the individual, the family, the nation, and the world are different, rather than unified, there naturally will be a divisive branching out. That is why people always consider their own current situation to be the most important. The estrangement of men and women arose in a place where there was no true love. (235-262, 1992/10/11)

8 Verse five of My Pledge says, "[lam] proud of the one language and culture centered upon God, proud of becoming the child of the one True Parent, proud of the family who is to inherit one tradition, proud of being a laborer who is working to establish the one world of the heart." Why do you think the phrase "proud of the one language and culture" comes before lineage or heart? It is because a person comes to know about lineage and heart only after he or she is born and learns to speak the language. I wrote every word of this pledge in accordance with fundamental principles and rules. (135-200, 1985/11/13)

Section 4. Day of All Things

Ceremony of Offering in Gratitude

In 1963, at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church, True Parents fixed the 6th day of the 6th lunar month (July 26) as the date of the Ceremony of Offering in Gratitude. It was the ceremony that, in the name of heavenly children, restores and offers all things in the world to God, after having been under Satan's dominion. Later, True Parents retroactively set that day as the Day of All Things. This day is to be celebrated every year on the 1st day of the 5th lunar month, which was the day after the proclamation of the completion of the three-year course in 1963 (June 21).

1 Today we are welcoming the Day of Offering in Gratitude. From now on, after establishing all conditions, you should be able to say the following in front of Father, who is in sorrow because He has no country, people or territory, "Please be happy! From now on, God's sons and daughters will arise as those who are able to form the people of the kingdom of heaven. Those sons and daughters are victorious and will create families. They will unite these families and establish the people and the nation. They will move the nation and prepare the way for the worldwide foundation." Looking at the Unification Church, we have made the first victorious foundation religiously, and through the Holy Wedding, we proclaim the beginning of the second stage. Until now, our truth and our Blessing have been the core values we have proclaimed in this country. I proclaimed this through the family of the Holy Wedding. The fact that I was able to proclaim this as a major national event while we passed through the first and second stages meant that we are entering a realm of grace in which we connect to the nation and build the kingdom of heaven on earth. (012-283, 1963/07/26)

2 Human beings completely lost faith, heart and substance as they fell. In order to be most loyal to God, I searched for people who could utter the most incredible words. I searched for people who said, "I am the wife of Jehovah," and for people who said, "I am the Lord." I tested them to see whether or not they represented history, if they had faith and heart and had become such substance. After establishing faith, I proclaimed the resurrection of heart and the resurrection of substance. Then, after establishing horizontally what I had searched for vertically, I blessed them. I gave them the award on this standard. Also, after establishing this horizontal standard, I selected holy grounds and then offered before God the Ceremony of Offering in Gratitude. In doing so, the vertical standard un- folded horizontally, giving rise to an even and equal standard for all. (013-012, 1963/09/12)

3 Today you are participating in the celebration of the Day of Offering in Gratitude. The course I went through to establish such a day was one of tears. This is a place of tears where even if you cry and cry again, unable to hold back your tears, and even if you weep bitterly, you cannot express your sorrow even symbolically. If I say that deep within my mind I secretly aspire for something that no one is aware of, I am not thinking of some external, material wealth. Rather, deep in my mind I am vexed by an unfulfilled aspiration of infinite value that cannot be exchanged for any amount of external wealth. We need to have a mind that understands the nobility of this aspiration and knows how to bear responsibility for completing it.

When we come to respect this with our heart to the core of our entire being, for the first time God will be able to share with us the sorrow He has felt for 6,000 years. This is the place where we solemnly inherit all of God's sorrow. After completing the inheritance, you only need to have the faith that you will prepare the way for Fathers joy throughout the cosmos. You need to have faith that you will find and offer Gods original creation. Only then do you qualify to attend this celebration. Do not forget the complicated circumstances and sorrowful history of heaven. (152-293, 1963/07/26)

4 Heavenly Father, this fund offered for public use is a conditional offering of all creation to You. For the sake of completing this offering, You established True Parents, the True Family and the True Holy Ground. After You made this holy ground as a foundation and established a condition based on our utmost sincerity, we now offer You this fund that Your many children have collected. This fund symbolizes this whole country and the whole cosmos, and although it is an extremely small conditional offering, we beg that it will liberate Your 6,000 years of sorrow. Knowing that You are the Father who does not see the material offering itself, and that You see only the heart underlying the material, we offer You this condition, which is mixed with blood and tears. The foundation of heart, which Unification Church believers have offered, shedding bloody tears at the holy ground, appealing to You, Father, is connected to this offering. Please claim all things as Yours, things that are on this land of Eden and on this Korean Peninsula, and please claim all the people as Your people, Father, as Your nation, and receive them as a victorious foundation whereupon You can command the whole world. Father, I sincerely yearn for this and make this request. (152-289, 1963/07/26)

5 We have to offer this indemnity fund to God, who created all things in heaven and on earth. We have to consecrate and offer this fund. When Abraham was making the three kinds of offerings and did not cut the doves, the whole offering failed; this changed the ownership of heaven and earth.

You might do all kinds of things to raise money for the indemnity fund. Some of you might sell your own blood. Some of you will find ways to fundraise in order to come up with the money. If, despite these efforts, you cannot come up with the indemnity fund, you will come to regret it in the future. In time to come you will shed tears to look back on this history.

Nevertheless, since this is for the Will and based on the truth of the universe, heaven needs you to stand in this kind of realm of truth as brothers and sisters who are centered on the True Parents. God needs you to be brothers and sisters who form one great family, and He needs you to be the family that will return the ownership of heaven and earth to Him. That is the reason I instituted this day for the restoration of all things of creation. (012-253, 1963/05/22)

6 Without resolving the bitter, tangled sorrow that remains within God, the scar from the huge nail driven in by those who had Jesus killed, we cannot restore heaven and earth. In order to complete restoration, we had to pass through the age of offering all things, then children, then parents. Yet, after Adam and Eve betrayed God, there was not even one occasion when anyone tried to make a sacrificial offering from the position of parents.

Now, however, since Parents' Day was established in your presence, Childrens Day and the Day of All Things must also appear through True Parents. In this manner, we need to complete the liberation of God's heart, of parents' heart, of children's heart, and the heart of all things. When we establish the condition that even though Adam fell, we did not fall, only then will we be able to extricate ourselves from the realm of lamentation. Therefore, when establishing these days, we had to go in reverse order: first, Parents' Day, next, Children's Day, and then the Day of All Things. (018-204, 1967/06/08)

7 How did the Day of All Things come about? When Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden, they sowed the seed of sin that their sons, Cain and Abel, harvested. The parents who sowed the seed of sin had to be restored. Then, based on the foundation of restoring the parents, which is of great historical importance, we had to restore the standard of children who can complete the way of loyalty and filial piety. Now that this standard is established, the Day of All Things can appear for the first time. All created things, spread across the world, are in an extremely miserable situation. God created all things with great hope, and He invested His utmost sincerity in creating them. But due to the Human Fall, all created things had to pass through the course of atonement in place of humankind, and in sorrow they had to become offerings. Because human beings could not be killed as offerings, God allowed the things of creation to be used as offerings and sacrifices. (016-259, 1966/06/19)

8 In the course of restoration, all created things, children and parents have been restored. The things of creation were offered as sacrifices. After that, the Son became a sacrificial offering. Humankind then reached the point at which the Parents could come. Therefore, Parents carried that cross spiritually. Until now, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have received persecution. This has been the case with Christianity. Restoration through sacrifices went the reverse order, and in our age we too have to accomplish these in the reverse order. Accordingly, the establishment of Parents' Day means that we went beyond the growth stage of the cross. Also, Children's Day and the Day of All Things were established in the same context. Having completed all this, we established God's Day. (073-247, 1974/12/07)

Our attitude

Originally, all things belong to God. Therefore, we have to offer all our assets to God. Blessed families, especially, need to offer all their possessions to God first, and then inherit them back. True Parents taught us that all created things need to meet true owners, receive their authority and value, and be taken care of with true love. True Parents especially emphasized that all our daily necessities are a microcosm of all creation, and therefore, we should not treat them carelessly but with care as worthy treasures.

9 Through the Day of All Things, we now need to secure our connection to our third parent. To do that, we have to love all created things. With a merciful heart, by means of developing our love for all things of creation—birds, animals and everything else—our love for our parents and all people will also develop. This is a course that only the Unification Church can complete to liberate God, the True Parents of humankind, humankind in three generations, and the creation, from the lamentation of the fallen world. The very first days that open that path are Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things. All things of creation are our third parent. Therefore, just as you love your body, you have to become a person who can love the created world. The things of creation are designed to follow the lords who love them. (058-233, 1972/06/11)

10 Why do we celebrate the Day of All Things? It is in order to bind together all your belongings and offer them to God. To do that, of course you have to dedicate your private property to God, and you have to do the same with the nation's public property. This is your responsibility. Also, you have to dedicate this world to God. You have the responsibility to dedicate the planet Earth to God. When dedicating it, you have to offer it in the name of True Parents. When you create a realm in which the rights of ownership can be connected to anywhere in heaven and on earth, the purpose of celebrating the Day of All Things will be fulfilled. (044-313, 1971/05/24)

11 In order to re-create human beings, we have to begin with the world as it was before Adam and Eve were created. Thus, we have to have that world as it was before Adam and Eve existed. However, because human beings fell, that original creation does not exist. Because of that, in the Unification Church, in three to three and a half years, which is half of the seven-year course, you must certainly complete the restoration of the material conditions of heaven necessary to re-create yourself.

That is not something that God does. The number 6 is the period of the indemnity course, and when we consider the number 7 as the realm of rest, it is indispensable that we go through a course of three to three and a half years. In this way, you must pour out your flesh and blood. Giving your blood alone is not enough for a material conditional offering. After investing your flesh and blood, you have to stand in the position in which you can consecrate to God the material of Satan's world. That material is not for the sake of your self-interest; it is cosmic and public. It has to become public, belonging to heaven. It has to belong to God. (172-050, 1988/01/07)

12 In the early days of our church, I would go hunting. I would leave at dawn and hunt until after sunset, when it became pitch dark. Sometimes I did not come down from the mountain but slept there overnight. I climbed the highest mountains in Korea. Once I went to catch wild boars, and although I did not see a single track of a boar for 14 days, I continued. Others complained, questioning why I would do that. But I was not doing it just to catch a wild boar. I ranged through the mountains, following the mountains high and low and the valleys deep and wide.

After finishing with that, I went to the ocean. I have sailed the oceans for some decades. In 1963, I built a boat named Cheon SeungHo. After I came to America, I started building and using boats, and I have continued this throughout my life. I would go out at 5:00 a.m. and return at midnight. Rain or shine, I would go out nearly every day. This was not for the purpose of catching fish. Rather, I was offering my utmost devotion. There is a hidden treasure in the ocean that God has created. God created the ocean as a substantial entity in which the spirit is alive. I have crossed and done research on the five oceans. (294-143, 1998/06/14)

Section 5. God's Day

Significance and background

True Parents proclaimed the historic God's Day at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church in Seoul on January 1, 1968. They made the foundation for this by victoriously concluding their first seven-year course. During that seven-year period they inaugurated Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things. On that New Year's Day in 1968, the eighth year since True Parents' Holy Wedding that was given with God's blessing, True Father said that God's Day is a day of joy when God could begin to realize His ideal of creation and to securely settle on earth for the first time in human history.

1 Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things have already been set up, but not God's Day. God created heaven and earth, but He was never able to welcome even one day when He could rejoice in heaven and on earth. This is why I am establishing God's Day today, on January 1,1968. (019-171, 1968/01/01)

2 January 1, 1968, was the day we celebrated the first time God could settle on earth. It was the day God could begin to unite the spirit world and unite the earthly world, centering on His love. We call the ones who made this parent-child relationship, centering on God's love, True Parents. January 1, 1968, became the day God had been hoping to see on earth, the day when His ideal of creation would be realized. It is the day when He was able to come to earth for the first time in history, through Adam and Eve becoming one body centered on God's love. This is God's Day. Therefore, even though opposition from the world still existed, it was a day of happiness and goodness when God could rejoice for the first time since the beginning of history, even since the creation of the world. (161-045, 1987/01/01)

3 Looking into the motivation for establishing God's Day that God had maintained throughout history, that day did not appear in 1968 simply because the Unification Church inaugurated it. That day already existed in God's ideal before God created heaven and earth. Although it had not yet manifested, it existed in God's ideal of creation. God's Day was supposed to emerge naturally when God would be able to appear in glory and reign over all creation. Therefore, God began creating all beings with that hope in His heart.

According to the Bible, after seeing all the creations that He had made, God said, "It was very good." The reason He said "it was very good" is because once God's Day was established, all beings would become the object partners of His love. On that day, God wanted to praise and exalt the creation. The reason the Bible states that God rejoiced and praised His work of creation is because God said those words based on God's Day.

After God created Adam and Eve, what would have been God's motivation to bless them and place the creation under their command and dominion? God longed to experience the day when Adam and Eve as His direct children would form a family that would attend Him. It was in expectation of this day that God waited to bless Adam and Eve. Until that day came, the joy and glory that would remain eternally could not exist in reality. (022-007, 1969/01/01)

4 What did I do during the first seven-year course? I had to sever completely any and every relationship by which Satan could possibly invade the True Family. With the goal of securing the family that God could freely visit, before the beginning of 1968, I had to stand in the position representing the people, the nation and the world, and identify all the potential conditions, in- ternal and external, by which Satan could accuse my family. At the same time, I had to indemnify internally and all at once what Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham's family could not accomplish, and what Moses and Jesus could not accomplish in the course of providential history. Jesus and his followers could not do this, and for this reason Christians walked the course of the cross for 2,000 years. We had to indemnify this course internally and substantially as well. I accomplished this in the first seven-year course. Having completed all my work by the end of 1967,1 established the first God's Day on January 1, 1968. (037-301, 1971/01/01)

5 In the secular world people celebrate their birthdays and wedding anniversaries, but without celebrating God's Day we are not actually entitled to celebrate those days. The only reason we are given leave to celebrate them in God's sight is because we also celebrate days of higher purpose, such as the days commemorating national independence and days commemorating humankind's struggle on the world level. Among the latter are Labor Day and International Women's Day, which seeks for women's liberation. God could use those days as a means to find and establish God's Day because those days of celebration do not exist for the sake of their own joy. Rather, they are necessary and instrumental as conditional days of celebration in the process of finding God's Day.

Yet, none of those days are days of celebration in the true sense. The supreme day for human beings to celebrate is actually God's Day. If humankind lacks a day to celebrate God and a day when God Himself can be happy, then humankind should not celebrate any memorial days, no matter how good they are. Nevertheless, if you celebrate a good and happy day while hoping and wishing for the future day of joy for God, then those celebrations can be accepted. (037-302, 1971/01/01)

6 Do you know what God's Day is? My wife's heart toward me as her husband must not change, no matter how much the world criticizes and opposes me. Her resolution to go the same path that her husband was taking cannot change. Eve fell because she did not trust God; therefore, Mother had to be so steadfast that God could trust her. Also, she had to be a woman whom her husband could trust 100 percent. Because Eve ruined Adam, women throughout history were seen as untrustworthy. Mother successfully completed the first seven-year course after our Holy Wedding; thereby, God could trust Mother 100 percent and I could trust her 100 percent. On that condition, I was able to establish God's Day. That took place in 1968. (113-140, 1981/05/01)

7 God's Day could be established for the first time because Mother and I together established the foundation for a decisive victory over Satan's world, internally and externally. If the original Adam and Eve had formed such a love connection with God, God's Day would have started in the Garden of Eden. Instead, I could proclaim Gods Day only after the end of the first seven-year course. At that time True Parents' relationship attained the standard of perfection, fully in accord with God's love. God's Day was inaugurated based on this foundation. The beginning of this new family centered on God's love after the establishment of God's Day is the same as if Adam and Eve's family had not fallen in the Garden of Eden but had married as a mature couple that formed a loving relationship, centered on God's blessing. Satan cannot attack or undermine this. We are entering the age of the family realm, in which we carry the authority of heaven and control the archangel. With this, a new era has begun. (159-077, 1968/03/03)

8 God had dreamed and hoped to see God's Day, when the original human ancestors would have stood at the level of perfection. Even the original world of creation hoped to see that day. Having created all things, God hoped to see God's Day, when their purpose of creation would be realized.

All these hopes would have been fulfilled on the day Adam and Eve realized the purpose of their Blessing. That day would have been the starting point for Adam and Eve to stand as the good ancestors of humankind. That day should have been the first day these two human beings became one body connected to the life of God. However, Adam and Eve separated from God and became evil ancestors who inherited a connection to a different entity.

The Fall of Adam and Eve separated them from God, and they inherited Satan's lineage, becoming evil ancestors. Only when we, True Parents, overcame all the sorrowful conditions created by Adam and Eve, stepped up to the position of goodness, and made a new beginning centered on God's love while newly connected to His lineage, were we able to establish God's Day. (037-301, 1971/01/01)

God's dominion

With the proclamation of God's Day, True Parents declared that for the first time in human history there was a foundation for Satan's world to be restored to the dominion of God, and that God would be able to reign over His children and all created things. The proclamations of God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things were the basis for establishing God's ownership, which Satan had usurped at the time of the Fall. God's Day could be inaugurated on the foundation of True Parents completing their first seven-year course.

9 In the midst of death and surrounded by evil, God has carried out His providence of salvation. God had lost the foundation through which He could directly reign over the creation. God had intended that Adam and Eve would be the loving owners of the creation. Since God placed Adam and Eve in the position of the owners of love over all things of creation, which were made by love, if Adam and Eve, and all things of creation had become one, God would have been able to reign over them directly. However, because human beings, the intended center of all things, failed to become one with God's love, but instead united with Satan, God lost the foundation to direcdy reign. Satan usurped that foundation, and this world was established based on the relationships of Satan's world, while relationships with God were severed. Gods work ever since has been to put this world back into order in accordance with the Principle of Creation. (017-073, 1966/11/12)

10 It took seven years after the Holy Wedding for God's Day to be inaugurated. True Parents had to go a seven-year course. The place where we can meet God is within the realm of His direct dominion. To get to where we could be connected to God centering on love, we had to go over the level of the number 10, passing through the three stages of the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle. It took seven years to reach that day.

After our Holy Wedding in 1960, while guiding you, my children, I made the holy days. After passing through seven years, at the start of the 8th year, on January 1, 1968, we finally established God's Day. Now we have the foundation to expand our mission to the world. The Unification Church can now expand to become a world-level religion. (185-043, 1989/01/01)

11 Due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, we lost the path to where human beings and God can meet each other. After finding the family that was lost, and then by establishing God's Day on January 1, 1968, we entered the realm of God's direct dominion. This is a position that has nothing to do with Adam and Eve's Fall. Even the archangel must completely surrender to this. Since we have restored through indemnity the standard of the elder son on Satan's side and established the standard of the elder son on God's side, now even Satan himself must surrender completely. Until 1967, Abel had to bring Cain to surrender. That was the time that God had to bring restoration through indemnity by sacrificing people whom He loved. (023-181, 1969/05/18)

Chapter 4

The Annual Mottoes and Setting Goals for Each Stage of the Providence

Section 1.The 1960s

Beginning in I960, True Parents began to announce yearly mottoes that set the direction and goals of the year for all members of the Unification Church. During the 1960s, after the Holy Wedding, True Parents personally led the providence and set the direction for all Unificationists worldwide by walking their own seven-year course. During this seven-year course, True Parents gave birth to True Children and conducted marriage Blessings for members.

The annual mottoes during this time were to inspire members to give their all in their activities. In 1960, the motto was, "Let this be the year of the best result of our lives." In 1961, it was, "Let us become Heavenly Fathers representatives." In 1962, it was, "Let us have something to show and be proud of." From 1963 to 1967, it was, "Let us become victorious lords." In 1968 and 1969, it was, "Let us charge forward with all our might." In particular, at 3:00 a.m. on January 1,1968, True Father proclaimed God's Day. With this he concluded his 21-year course and the members' first seven-year course, and he launched the second seven-year course.

Let this be the year of the best result of our lives

1 The motto for 1960 was "Let this be the year of the best result of our lives." 1960 was the year when we restored vertical history through indemnity, horizontally. Accordingly, we had to bring the greatest results in front of God. In order to obtain the greatest results, we had to increase our command over the environment before launching our restoration work.

Externally, 1960 was the year when we removed Satan's accusation. In this period, we had to establish True Father s status as Messiah on the levels of one people and the nation. That year was a time when we received persecution from society. We were anxious for the time to come when we could freely convey God's Word. It was also the time when we had to take things back and make them God's. "Let this be the year of the best result of our lives" means that we had to bring results and free ourselves from the condition of Satan's accusation. (021-284, 1968/12/01)

2 What is the meaning of "Let this be the year of the best result of our lives"? Because human beings live in Satan's world, we have to establish a foundation of indemnity so that we can stand in the position of having separated from Satan's world.

To be victorious, you have to reverse through indemnity all historical evil. In other words, you must restore the individual. That is the hope of humanity. You need to become sons and daughters of God by restoring yourselves as individuals, and you need to become children having the authority to judge Satan on God's behalf. (019-131, 1968/01/01)

3 At the beginning of 1960,1 declared in front of you the motto, "Let this be the year of the best result of our lives." It means, "In this one year, make the greatest achievement that you will not forget for the rest of your life."

Do you have money in your hands? Are you fighting in order to earn money for the sake of your own happiness? If you have that kind of money, you must use it for the sake of the heavenly kingdom. Have you been fighting until now in order to own a luxurious house? You must forget that kind of thing and instead strive to become people of the heavenly kingdom. You should have this serious determination.

If everyone in today's world lived this way, world peace would be achieved. The Prince of Peace is the person who takes this road. He will establish peace. I am emphasizing to you that you need to embrace the 30 million Korean people who are crying out in distress. I am emphasizing to you that you should become people who, shedding tears with your teeth clenched, cry out for Heavenly Father, saying, "If there is any place where people suffer abuse and are being cursed, I will go there." This is the path I have walked. Far more than you, my heart is desperate to do this. In other words, I am ready to do anything for the sake of heaven. (010-081, 1960/07/03)

Let us become Heavenly Father's representatives

4 The motto under which we should move forward during 1961 is, "Let us become Heavenly Father's representatives." I hope that during this year you truly experience that you are Heavenly Father's representatives.

God created earth as the counterpart of heaven. He created the first human ancestors to become His substantial object partners, who can represent Him. God created human beings in His image after first creating all things as His symbolic images. If we look at all creation on a large scale, it is one entity. If we look at it on a smaller scale, it is composed of beings that each represent God. To stand in the position of His representative, we must have the ability to give a clear explanation concerning the Center. In other words, if we say we represent God, we have to be able to explain, "What kind of being is God? What kind of relationship do I have with God?" Don't forget that God and human beings were originally to be one body. God and human beings were meant to exist in an inseparable relationship as one body. If heaven is called the head of the body, we are the trunk of the body, and if heaven is called the trunk of the body, we are the limbs. We say that God cannot disconnect from us even if He wants to. (011-051, 1961/01/01)

5 We live in a world of confusion. If people in this chaotic world ask us what it is that they need to think about, we should answer, "You should understand the original central purpose for which God created human beings." We need to be able to articulate a clear answer to this question.

We are meant to become one with the Father. Heaven and earth are meant to be one. They are not two separate spheres, but one. We stand in front of one Center, and whether we live or die, we are destined to become one with it. Moreover, given that this goal exists, if we are to achieve it we need to share the same purpose, the same circumstances and the same heart as the Father. Otherwise, we will not be able to accomplish it completely.

God has the responsibility to lead fallen humanity to the garden of hope, where we can understand God's circumstances and unite with His heart. Therefore, as we are situated in the position where we have to become one with God, we have the same purpose. There cannot be two. God's Will has to become my will, God's circumstances have to become my circumstances, and God's heart has to become my heart. Unless you can experience this and confidently say that you stand in that position, you cannot become God's representatives.

Consequently, fallen people should pursue the goal to become one with God. In order to become one, you need to have the same hope and same circumstances and ultimately attain a meeting point of heart. Otherwise, as fallen human beings, we will not be able to achieve unity with God. (011-055, 1961/01/01)

6 We Unificationists have been walking a difficult road, but we have not disappeared. The person who remains until the very end is the Father's representative. God is screaming until His throat hurts, saying, "Go forth as My sons and daughters, and be My representatives who live for the sake of the 30 million people of Korea. God the Father wants to send His representatives, the children who receive the Father's love, to every place. He wants you to become people of whom He can say, "You are My representatives, My sons and daughters." For this, you must become people who defeat Satan and receive God's true love.

Your path is not one of sparkling grandeur; it is one on which you will have to die on behalf of God. You are His sons and daughters because you are in the position to traverse the path of death on behalf of our Heavenly Father. Having been placed on the path of death, you have to go out and fight. (011-239, 1961/10/29)

Let us have something to show and be proud of

7 The motto for 1962 is, "Let us have something to show and be proud of." What I mean is that we should become people who can show something to God and have pride in doing that. To do this we need to chase after the fleeing Satan all the way to the end.

Now, since God wants to show off individuals and families who are doing these things, we must fight for this and be victorious. Only if we can achieve that can we become sons and daughters who connect the spiritual world and the physical world. We can be proud if we win the battle. You must fight for the restoration of God's family.

In 1962, you must establish the standard you can be proud of. When in the fight, you must light upholding God and God's family at the center. Accordingly, you must be victorious. When fighting, you must fight in the toughest position. You must start from the most difficult and arduous position as a laborer or a king of beggars, climb up from there to the top, and subjugate them all. You must carry this out in a joint operation with True Parents. It is the time for True Parents and their children to work together in witnessing. We must be one family of Parents and children, armed and fighting side by side to create the heavenly family, tribe and people, ultimately restoring the entire world. From now on you must fight as families. (011-288, 1962/01/03)

8 1962 is a historic year that will not be repeated again. Therefore, how do you think we should greet this year? We must greet the new year with the goal that even though no one else is taking responsibility, at least we, the believers of the Unification Church, are resolved to dissolve God's bitter sorrow and fulfill God's hope.

This year, you should avoid Satan's accusations, lest you become an object of concern for God. Become people with no deficiencies front and back, left and right, above and below, inside and out. Become the substantial beings of hope whom God has wanted to be proud of while carrying out the providence. Also, this year become the substantial beings who receive recognition in front of heaven and earth and all creation. Go further and take pride that you can show something to this earth and even to Satan's world. I hope this is the year that you can truly practice this and demonstrate it.

Let us become victorious lords (011-279, 1962/01/03)

9 The motto for 1963 is, "Let us become victorious lords." The last three years were a period when we had to complete all the conditions to receive the inheritance as human beings. However, from 1963 we are going beyond that stage, and we will restore all things of creation. Therefore, we will continue to use the same motto for several years.

We need to establish holy grounds. To do that we will have to buy land for the holy grounds, and once we have purchased it we absolutely must not sell it. When you choose a place to live, go live near a holy ground, and when you choose a place to be buried, be buried near a holy ground. To establish a holy ground, we must collect blood money to buy it. In other words, we must offer the blood money for which Jesus, who came as humanity's Parent, was sold.

In order to become lords of creation, we must first be victorious. That victory must be centered on God. That is the greatest victory, and that is our standard. (012-119, 1963/01/01)

10 We should be willing to suffer in order to create our own living histories. For this, for the next five years beginning in 1963, we must work based on the motto "Let us become victorious lords." So far we have withstood difficulties well, but from now on let us take the offensive. Now let us restore the creation. I am going to make you into living testimonies. The period of the mission on the church level is over, and we are beginning the struggle on the level of the people. We have passed through the period when we focused on the family based on the efforts of individuals, and we are about to enter the period when we will focus on the level of the people based on the efforts of families. We must establish a new people centered on God. (013-012, 1963/09/12)

11 If you are going to become a victorious lord, before you hope to achieve victory for the whole, you need to first lay the foundation of victory as an individual. Victory is something that people wanted in the past, aspire to in the present and will seek in the future. God also has desired it, earth has desired it, and our ancestors have desired it. From the day of the Fall until today, humanity and God have been unable to attain victory in this world that God created for His ideal. Instead we have come to this day possessing only sorrow and misery. Until we completely remove all the negative circumstances in our lives, we cannot say that we have complete victory. (013-138, 1964/01/01)

12 What is the nature of the victory you must win? You should be victorious in your faith. You have to fight until you have gained complete victory and received official recognition from the whole, which includes both heaven and earth. Then finally you will become the victorious lord who has made faith the first priority. When it comes to public recognition, it is not enough to receive it only within the limits of the present reality. You must receive public recognition that transcends the past, present and future. Everything from the individual to the world must be included. You should receive that kind of official recognition. As you are recognized for your faith, you should receive the same recognition for your hope and love. (013-144, 1964/01/01)

13 1 said that the motto for the four years in the latter part of the first seven-year course is, "Let us become victorious lords." During this period we need to recover the land for God. The responsibility you have in this four-year period is to create a safe and free environment, where all will welcome you wherever you go, from the level of the family to the tribe, people and nation.

God has not had dominion over heaven and earth from such a victorious position. He has not had a victorious base on which He could have dominion over heaven and earth and humankind as the Lord of Glory. Nor could our countless ancestors who upheld the course of restoration become victorious lords.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus, the only Son of God, came for the sake of completing that mission, but he too could not become the victorious Lord on earth. Accordingly, for 2,000 years to this day, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been fighting in order to prepare the foundation for the victorious Lord. God is the final standard of this victorious lord. Certainly God must first achieve this level of victory. Until God reaches it, no one on earth will be able to reach it. The Lord of the Second Advent is the person who comes to establish the position of the victorious Lord of heaven and earth. (014-238, 1965/01/01)

14 Today the Unification Church will have to attend the victorious True Parents, and it will have to form a group of victorious servants, victorious adopted children, and victorious children. No matter what position you go from, you have to defeat Satan. Whether you are in the position of a servant or an adopted child or a direct son or daughter, you have to repel him. Needless to say, even though you go further, to fight in the name of the True Parents you have to drive Satan away. Only when you stand in the position of having defeated Satan can you have the title of victorious lord.

Whatever position you may be in, whether a servant, an adopted child, a direct son or daughter, or a parent, you have to achieve the title of victorious lord. If you are victorious in your positions and if you can all unite, then, whatever position you are in, you will achieve the right to make decisions as a victorious lord. In that case, you should not be limited by your environment. If you are a victorious lord on the level of the people, all the people should be able to welcome you. Then you have to go beyond the dignity and authority of the level of the people and reach the level where you possess the highest national authority and can speak to the world. Then you can claim victory on earth. With the supreme authority of the nation, you will be able to give commands to the world. Then God will finally secure His position on earth and begin to build the kingdom of heaven on earth in earnest.

I have the historic destiny that I must pass through the positions of servant of servants, servant, adopted son, son, and reach the position of parent. As I am responsible for everything, I must put all this in order as the victorious substantial being who has indemnified horizontally the history that has been flowing down vertically. (014-241, 1965/01/01)

15 If the first seven-year course can be compared to a mountain pass, it would be the tallest pass; if it were a gorge, it would be the deepest gorge. The blood, sweat and tears that I shed are deposited in this gorge. I am not leaving this mountain pass or gorge just as they are. I must level them into a plain. In making that plain, it is not enough to excavate the mountain and fill up the gorge, I must completely eliminate any traces of a hill. As a general rule, this seven-year course occurs only once in the history of the providence of restoration. There is no second chance. Therefore, you must go over the final mountain pass with single-hearted devotion and become a victorious lord. If you cannot become a victorious lord, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. (017-220, 1967/01/01)

Let us charge forward with all our might

16 What kind of road must we take in 1968? I am saying that we should set out on the second seven-year course with the spirit, "Let us make an all-out offensive that leads the way to peace." Our marching orders are, "Let us charge forward with all our might." This is the motto at the beginning of the new year, and this is the task that I am exhorting all Unifica-tionists who are scattered throughout the nation and world to accomplish. (019-131, 1968/01/01)

17 The motto for 1968 is "Let us charge forward with all our might." Or we can say "advance." In carrying out our activities under this motto, first we must prepare our internal church resources, second we must establish clear goals, and third we must bring results as victors. We must satisfy these three condi- tions and be absolutely victorious. Don't advance recklessly, but first make all the necessary preparations. You need to know the enemy and discern the environment day and night; then you can implement your strategy. (019-167, 1968/01/01)

18 In 1968, as we embarked on the second seven-year course, we set the motto, "Let us charge forward with all our might." We do not charge forward based on the individual, but rather we move out to the world and charge forward based on the whole. In the same way that the Unification Church is doing that, the time will come when Korea will do that. In the same way that Korea does that, Asia also is in the position where it must advance, and then the world must do so as well.

However, neither the world nor Asia nor our country has a clear goal. If they just follow the trends of the current era without having a clear goal, they will be unable to overcome the challenges of the era. Then, not even individuals will be able to attune to the direction for the whole.

Under this kind of circumstances, the Unification Church is calling its members to charge forward with all their might centering on God's goal. If we cannot accomplish an all-out victory here, only the motto will remain. In other words, although we began with this motto to charge forward with all our might, we have a long way to go to accomplish that goal.

At least, we have to reach the standard that the Unification Church is fully acknowledged nationally in the Republic of Korea. Until then, we must continue under these conditions. That is why I am also making "Let us charge forward with all our might" the motto for 1969. That is why I am commanding you to fortify your strategy and activities centering on this motto. You must do this all the way to the end of the year. (021-325, 1969/01/01)

Section 2. The 1970s

In the 1960s True Parents laid the foundation for their family and for the church. In the 1970s they focused on the national foundation that could impact the world, with external activities including Victory Over Communism and the Christian ecumenical movement. True Father declared a motto for each year. In 1970 it was "The victorious united front." In 1971 it was "Securing the foundation for unity," and from 1972 to 74, "Safeguarding the front line of unity." The five-year period from 1970 to 1975 was a time to marshal the troops in preparation for moving into the world arena and carrying out full-scale activities.

In 1972 True Parents welcomed the new year in America and began preparing for world mission activities launched from the United States. In the following years Father went on speaking tours, speaking in more than 40 cities around the country. On January 1, 1975, at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church, True Parents declared the motto for the year, "The realization of the kingdom of heaven," and proclaimed the start of the third seven-year course. In 1976 it was "Realization of the kingdom of heaven by God's children." In 1977 it was "Realization of the kingdom of heaven through ideal families." In 1978 the motto was "Realization of the kingdom of heaven through the formula course," and in 1979 it was "Building the kingdom of heaven through home church." Through these annual mottoes True Parents charted a specific course for realizing ideal families and activities for building the kingdom of heaven.

The victorious united front

1 We now welcome the 1970s. We must run continuously throughout this year based on the motto I established, "The victorious united front." During the first two years of the second seven-year course, I said that we have to move forward under the motto "Charge forward with all our might." We had to charge forward with all our might in order to bring victory.

This year we must do activity that rises to prominence in Asia and also in the world. I established the motto, "The victorious united front" because we have entered the era when we must fulfill that kind of responsibility. It is not easy to be victorious. God has been carrying out the providence of restoration solely to welcome this day of victory. Continuing down through 6,000 years of history, from Adam's family, through Noah's family, Moses' age, the age of John the Baptist and Jesus to today, God has been fighting with the single purpose of welcoming this one victorious time. (027-325, 1970/01/01)

2 This morning as we greet the 1970s, the Unification Church is taking its first step to rally the people on behalf of Judaism. We have achieved victory on the individual level, victory on the family level, and now victory on the tribal level. Next we must establish a foundation for victory on the level of religions and advance toward the next stage. We are entering an era similar to when Judaism and the nation of Israel were linked directly to God's Will.

To prepare for this age, God has made preparations throughout history. He guided the current of the times so that even the world at large would conform to this realm. The present state of affairs is the result of God having guided the situation. Therefore, if we cause even a ripple, a new history will spread out beyond Asia and have impact worldwide. The 1970s is the time when we can do that.

We have lived in an age full of resentment, an age of indemnity, and an age full of indignation in which we had to pay compensation. But, beginning in 1970, we need to bring an end to all these things and enter a new era of history. The time has come when our fight for the sake of the Korean people and nation of Korea will bear fruit for their glory. (027-329, 1970/01/01)

3 All of you must expand the victorious united front, beginning with yourselves as individuals. The victorious united front means uniting centering on God's love. When the mind and body unite, God can come and dwell in that individual. Multiplication is certain to arise when God dwells in the place where this type of giving and receiving is happening. If God does not dwell there, multiplication cannot take place. That is the fundamental rule of the creation of heaven and earth.

God's love is the motivation for the creation of all things. Consequently, without God, there is no way for multiplication to arise. If there is giving and receiving centering on God's love, God enters there, dwells there, and multiplication occurs.

We must go out and expand our united front, like a rope linking the individual to the family, to the clan, to the people, to the nation and to the world. Presently, the Unification Church has advanced to the position where we can go out and recover a people and then a nation. The time has come when we can influence the Korean people and the nation of Korea. We are now on the threshold of dealing with the global political situation, having made all the necessary preparations. On the day we break out of our shell, we will soar upward. Securing the foundation for unity (027-345, 1970/01/01)

4 The motto for 1971 is "Securing the foundation for unity." In other words, it means we have to secure the foundation for the unification of Korea. During the ten-year period from 1960 until now, we were engaged in pioneering the environment so that God's providence for the Will could advance outward under mottoes that I designated such as "Let us charge forward with all our might" and "The victorious united front."

From 1960 until 1970 we literally fought a war of attrition. It was not a fight to gain ground. On the road that the Unification Church traveled, we paid the price with many sacrifices in order to break down the external barriers that were blocking our way. We did not begin our path from the top. Suppose we are in Seoul; we ought to be able to begin with the leading citizens of Seoul. Looking at the standard for the fulfillment of the Will, we should have been able to start from the top. But because we were opposed by the Korean people and numerous Christian churches, we had to start from the rock-bottom and climb up. That is how we were able to advance to our current level.

Numerous individuals were sacrificed during this period, and I honor the many sacrifices made by Unification Church families. In Korea alone, many people who were connected to us suffered harm on our account, including the relatives of church members and those people who established bonds of heart and affiliated with us. In any case, we have invested great effort during the ten years since 1960 to usher in this era necessary for our country. We worked focusing on the single goal of pioneering the road to victory, breaking down the barriers of persecution and opposition. Now, for the ten years from 1971 until 1980, we have to establish a firm foundation of unity among ourselves. (038-011, 1971/01/01)

5 "Our cherished hope is for unity." This means that on the basis of mind and body becoming one, husband and wife must become one, children and parents must become one, the family and tribe must become one, the tribe and the people must become one, and the people and the nation must become one. This is the unity that we are seeking. Because I wanted to establish this standard, I designated the motto for 1971 as "Securing the foundation for unity." The foundation for unity is firmly established only when it spreads out from the individual level, to the family, tribe, people and nation. Only then will we establish a national-level foundation for God to achieve the unification of the Korean Peninsula. Safeguarding the front line of unity (044-065, 1971/05/05)

6 I established the motto for 1972 as "Safeguarding the front line of unity." This motto means that this year will be the historical starting point for our church. Simply put, by establishing this motto, I am calling for us to secure the inner workings within the church.

When an outsider takes responsibility for the whole of an organization and does whatever it takes to stabilize its inner workings, so that the inner workings become harmonious, the result is that the entire organization is elevated. Therefore, each and every member of the worldwide Unification Church must move in one direction according to the direction of that center. The more individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations there are that move in this way, the more those individuals will be global, those families will be global, those tribes will be global, and those nations will be global. When this comes about, the kingdom of heaven will be created automatically and will be manifested globally.

In safeguarding the front line of unity, there must be a philosophical foundation, an economic foundation and an activity foundation grounded in this basic principle. Otherwise the ideal of the kingdom of heaven will be impossible to achieve. Because I understood that beginning in 1972 you must carry out this mission, I decided on "Safeguarding the front line of unity" as the motto for this year. (052-236, 1972/01/01)

7 We must build a defensive line in order to prevent a crisis in the nation and the world. This is why I decided on the motto "Safeguarding the front line of unity." We must cast a global net based upon all the foundations we built in Korea. The spirit world will be coming in and taking control. So now the issue is simple: How much are you united and to what extent are you willing to be mobilized for the sake of the nation?

Unification Church men and women must mobilize 100 percent. When the Israelites left Egypt on their way to the promised land of Canaan, everyone, whether male or female, old or young, had to leave. This is a time exactly like that. We are heading to the worldwide land of Canaan. It is the same as the time when the Israelites departed from Egypt. The Israelites left Egypt in order to create the realm of the chosen people in a new nation. In the same way, when I give the direction, everyone must mobilize. (056-203, 1972/05/14)

8 In 1972 we heard the remarkable motto "Safeguarding the front line of unity." We cannot limit this safeguarding to ourselves as individuals. We have to shoulder the crucial mission of defending the world in this land of Korea, which is situated at the borderline. What is it that we have to defend first? In the worst case, if there is an attack on heavens territory at this time, then heaven will have to counter-attack. But our first purpose is to prevent this scenario in order to protect the world and prevent damage to the worldwide providence. Even as God has been living for the sake of the world, I am saying that we have to pave a path to build the base for God to have Sabbath rest in His heart. (060-023, 1972/08/01)

9 From now we have to establish a tradition that no nation has ever had. We must establish the tradition that no country can ever change. By doing that we can make a condition to establish the foundation by which God can protect the democratic world. From this perspective, not only are we to become one as the nation of Korea, we have to establish the condition for all peoples of all the nations of the world to become one. By doing so, we can safeguard not only the front line of unity of the individual, but also the front line of unity of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Because of that, we are devoted to more than just safeguarding the individual front line of unity. Our prob- lem is how to protect the front line of unity of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. This is the final mission entrusted to the Unification Church.

We must become completely one and go out to accomplish this. If we become one and really develop this foundation of unity in America, our foundation will spread throughout the nation. Then the communist world will begin to decline. When goodness rises up, evil cannot rise together with it, but must go down. When this work is accomplished here, then even if Japan is in Satan's realm and even if Korea is in Satan's realm, the way to rescue them will appear. This is what I have been planning to do in America during the three years from 1972 until 1974. Until 1974 many members from throughout the world will be active in all regions of America. We must demonstrate that we are a group in America that others can trust and follow. I believe everything will be resolved. (065-285, 1973/01/01)

10 In 1972, 1973 and 1974 we have been advancing under the motto "Safeguarding the front line of unity." This does not pertain to a particular individual or to a limited region or to a certain country. We are the group that stepped forward and pledged in front of heaven that we will safeguard the front line of unity for the entire world. Safeguarding the front line of unity means connecting with the entire world, moving forward to accomplish God's Will, and securing the position where we protect and nourish the world, so that it will not be invaded by Satan's forces. (069-270, 1974/01/01)

The realization of the kingdom of heaven

11 In 1975 we will proceed under the banner "The realization of the kingdom of heaven." What must you do according to God's Will? From now, what is the fastest road? It is not to go around here and there and proselytize. Rather, I am telling all of you to return to your hometown. After you return to your hometown, you must work harder and witness with more sincerity than you ever did when you were witnessing in the outside world. If you make more effort, you will make progress.

When you understand this, you have to follow the path to rally your clan, your tribe and your people, centering on your family. Beginning in 1975 this becomes the standard of the completion stage. Thus, the time is coming when you will be able to relate to your tribe on a horizontal level.

Consequently, I believe the road before you will open rather easily from now. How much territory you are able to claim for the realization of the kingdom of heaven on earth will determine your ownership rights when you go to dwell in the heavenly kingdom. It will be given to anyone who takes action. You must take action centering on this new plan for the realization of the kingdom of heaven. (074-345, 1975/01/01)

12 1 designated the motto for 1975 as "The realization of the kingdom of heaven." It is not enough to know these words. The issue is how to actually realize them. In order to realize the kingdom of heaven, we have to center on the principle of God's creation, which is the original standard of the kingdom of heaven.

The fallen world became hell on earth. The kingdom of heaven is a place that has nothing to do with the Fall. God is the absolute being. His Will does not change. Because it is the Will of He who is the one and only, that Will remains as the one and only Will, even though humankind fell. Therefore, unless He establishes that absolute Will and completes it, even though He is the Lord of Creation, He cannot have His authority and dignity as the omniscient and omnipotent God.

Consequently, God has had to pursue a long, historical course that passed upward through a series of reversals from the age of the servant of servants to the age of the servant, the age of the adopted son through the age of the children, to the age of the parents. Through this process, God is manifested in the kingdom of heaven.

What I am saying is that you need to stand in the position in which you no longer need to go through this process of re-creation. As long as re-creation is required, the realization of the kingdom of heaven will not be realized. Only when re-creation ends and the purpose of creation is realized can the kingdom of heaven be established. (074-305, 1975/01/01)

Realization of the kingdom of heaven by God's children

13 The motto for 1976 is "Realization of the kingdom of heaven by God's children." The realization of the kingdom of heaven comes about because of you— not because of True Parents. Until 1975, we spoke of the realization of the kingdom of heaven only in a broad sense. But now, because it will be realized through you, God's children, I am speaking more concretely about how to realize the kingdom of heaven.

When the universe revolves around the universal commitment to love, your overall sphere of influence unfolds to embrace everything. That is why, although you are but one individual, you can create the atmosphere of the kingdom of heaven in which your family and you can dwell. Your influence will connect to every level. Also, as the kingdom of heaven emerges in the tribal realm of the Unification Church, and as the kingdom of heaven emerges within the realm of the nation, on that basis the kingdom of heaven will be realized on earth. (083-227, 1976/02/08)

14 On January 1, 1976 the annual motto reads, "Realization of the kingdom of heaven by God's children." This means that if you remain the same as you used to be, you will not be the kind of children who can realize the kingdom of heaven. You must change completely. From the moment you change, you will come one step closer to realizing the kingdom of heaven on a new level.

The kingdom of heaven is not realized because of God. It is accomplished by His sons and daughters. Had Adam and Eve believed in God absolutely, they would have become God's son and daughter. However, because Adam and Eve could not believe the words of God absolutely, they fell and became Satan's son and daughter. In this time, you must become the sons and daughters who believe the words of God absolutely. Accordingly, if you come to believe absolutely that the words of True Parents are the words of God, you will become the sons and daughters of God. (082-105, 1976/01/01)

Realization of the kingdom of heaven through ideal families

15 The motto for 1977 is "The kingdom of heaven on earth and ideal families." In other words, it is "the realization of the kingdom of heaven through ideal families." What has been God's hope? The providence of restoration has been seeking one family that stands on the world level and does not receive Satan's accusation in the fallen world.

Because of the Fall, we could not see the origin of the family in God's direct dominion. Therefore, a perfect family must emerge, one that is able to enter the realm where it can receive God's love directly. It must not have anything to do with the Fall and must not be subject to Satan's invasion. That is, we have to establish the original family that can be totally one with God. It must fulfill the ideal standard that should have been attained by Adam and Eve.

Now in the Unification Church, we too are entering the family realm where we can receive the direct love of God. As these families multiply, we enter the time when the more Satan opposes us, the more it will benefit heaven. From now, the more opposition there is, the more Satan's world will crumble. In direct proportion to that opposition, we will advance and expand. (090-191, 1977/01/01)

16 The pressing task faced by the Unification Church is to realize the kingdom of heaven. To do that, each of you as individuals, wherever you are, must establish the foundation for your ideal family. This will be a starting point for completely overcoming Satan's world that is collapsing around you, and for constructing your own foothold.

From now on, what are you to think about? You have to think about living the kind of life that was to have been lived by unfallen Adam and Eve together with God in the original ideal world. You have to think about living the kind of life that is in complete alignment with True Parents' family in all aspects, be it your family life or your life in society. If you do not do that, you cannot become a true family in God's dominion.

The ideal that God originally envisioned for creation was that children live together eternally with their parents and never be separated. You have to be able to feel that you yourselves stand in that position. If True Parents and all of you were in a parent-child relationship, it would be the relationship between a true parent and a true son or true daughter. However, no matter how much you and True Parents try to realize that relationship, you just cannot do it by yourself, nor can True Parents make it happen by themselves. God must be part of it. Just as God participates in True Parents' family, God will be with your family also and bind your family to their family. Only then will you on earth be able to experience the heart of a new family of heaven. (090-192, 1977/01/01)

Realization of the kingdom of heaven through the formula course

17 The motto of the Unification Church for 1978 is "Realization of the kingdom of heaven through the formula course." In order to bring this motto alive, the mother and father and sons and daughters, who are in a parent-child relationship, must be one in heart with God. The mother takes care of the children in a family, and leaders are in the position of the mother. Therefore, they must make that bond of heart with the members. Centering on this formula, you have to advance boldly. You must fight with boldness and courage. That is why I gave you this motto, and I am asking you to practice it centering on God's love. (097-305, 1978/03/26)

18 The nation is an extension of the family. America consists of people from numerous ethnic groups coming from countless cultural backgrounds. The president of the United States is in the position of the god of that nation, meaning that the president represents God to the nation. Also, the US president is like the parent of the nation.

In your family the father and mother are the God's of your home, meaning that they are God's representatives. The same formula applies to the nation. If the sov- ereign of a nation is totally one with his or her spouse, and their sons and daughters become totally one with them, that nation will be completely united. That sovereign and his or her children are not people who live for the sake of their own families, but people who live for the sake of the nation. The sovereign and the children ought to be the life of the nation, they ought to be the love of the nation, and the circumstances of their life ought to be centered on the nation. Even as the president must be able to build his individual kingdom of heaven centering on God, he has to be able to build his family kingdom of heaven based on the relationship with his spouse. With that as the core, there must be oneness between them and the nation. (096-030, 1978/01/01)

Building the kingdom of heaven through home church

19 The motto for 1979 is "Building the kingdom of heaven through home church." The term "home church" was originally to have started in the Garden of Eden. When we talk about a church we are referring to religion, and we cannot exclude God from discussions about religion. If we interpret the Chinese characters for religion, they mean "floor-like teaching."

Religion is like the floor in a house. Among all teachings, it is the center, the principled teaching that provides all the fundamental rules. Therefore, if God were excluded, the cosmos would crumble. Religion is the foundation of the providence to build the house of a new cosmos. Religion is also like the ridge beam of a house. Even if you level the site, erect the pillars and complete everything for that house, if you do not put up the ridge beam, the house will not be complete. (102-229, 1979/01/01)

20 As active workers for home church, you must become people who teach like God and love like God. When you are the kind of person whose church loves its members from the position of parents, and when the nation becomes like that and every person in the world becomes like that, then God will be able to visit any place on earth and earth will become the kingdom of heaven.

In home church, education is to be given first. Then love will follow on. Therefore, you must sacrifice to give the proper education. When you sacrifice for your home church, because truth and love are there God will not be able to leave it. Then the people there will attend God as the Parent, and they will learn from Him, attending Him as the Teacher. Then they will dwell together with God.

In order to substantiate this teaching, there must be Abel-type people on God's side. Among these Abel-type people, there must be a king. There must be individual level champions, family level champions, tribal champions, champions of entire peoples, national champions, and a world champion. Finally, there must be a champion who represents the whole cosmos, who is responsible for God's providence from the very beginning of history. (102-242, 1979/01/01)

Section 3. The 1980s

In order to develop full-scale home church activity, True Parents announced home church-related mottoes for four consecutive years, from 1980 to 1983, at the World Mission Center in New York. The motto on January 1, 1980 was "Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven." He continued with "Home church is my kingdom of heaven" in 1981, "Victory of home church" in 1982 and "Home church is our land of settlement" in 1983.

Beginning in 1984, the theme of the mottoes was building a God-centered homeland, "Creating and building the fatherland" in 1984 and 1985, "Creating and building the kingdom of heaven" in 1986, "Unification of the fatherland" in 1987 and 1988, and "Unification of Korea" in 1989.

Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven

1 Where will members of the Unification Church go in the 1980s? From 1981 we must develop full-scale home church activities. By the end of the third seven-year course, we need to have fully developed home church, and everything in our church must be operated based on the home church system. This is what I see we have to do from the viewpoint of the Will.

Accordingly, in 1979 you worked with the motto that was given at the beginning of that year, "Home church and the completion of the kingdom of heaven." During this year, 1980, you will work with the motto "Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven." Without home church, the kingdom of heaven cannot be accomplished. Without it, we cannot accomplish our ultimate goal. This is why I am saying that home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven.

What is the kingdom of heaven? The place we call the kingdom of heaven is a place where we can rest, where happiness dwells and where love dwells. It is a place of peace. When we rest, would we want to rest all alone, only by ourselves? Naturally we would want our parents, our children and our family to be resting there with us. Also, we would want our tribe and our people to be there. We would want even the entire world to be included in that place. However much we as individuals want to rest, if our own parents are not able to rest there with us, if our own spouse and children are not able to rest there with us, we will not be able to truly rest. Looking at the Unification Church, since you are attending True Parents, if they are in a position where they cannot rest, then the people who heed the direction of the True Parents also will not be able to rest. (106-266, 1980/01/01)

2 The statement "Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven" is not just some casual phrase. You do not know how much indemnity I paid to open the path to home church. The great physical suffering of religious people through the ages, who shed their blood and tears, was ultimately to open the way to home church.

Until the day the words "home church" could be introduced to the world, God heaved great sighs of anguish. Now, with the introduction of home church, I am able to spread my wings and confidently stand tall in heaven and on earth. With home church, the Unification Church moves into a realm where it can stand proud. Therefore, you too should take pride in home church. You should boast enthusiastically about home church, even more than you boast about your mother and father, your siblings, your beloved, or even your children. Then you should do home church work; once you do it, it will become gradually easier and easier. You will see the difference between this year and next. It will become easier. (108-120, 1980/07/01)

Home church is my kingdom of heaven

3 The motto for 1981 is "Home church is my kingdom of heaven." You should think, as a Unification believer, "I must accelerate my home church activities." Should you as messiahs stay at home? Just as Jesus went out from his home for the sake of carrying out his mission, you also must go out from your home. In 1981 you must all do home church, because this is the time for it. I have been teaching you about home church for three years, 1978, 1979 and 1980.1 have taught you about it at every opportunity. Now the preparations have been completed. Therefore, you must go out from your home and do home church work. (111-339, 1981/03/09)

4 All members of the Unification Church must fulfill home church activities, reaching 360 homes. By yourselves, you cannot go beyond the individual level to complete the indemnity conditions for the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmic levels. Therefore, True Parents decided to create home church as a microcosm of the world, where you can complete world-level indemnity conditions. As a microcosm of the world, home church provides a place where you can make decisive conditions in front of God and Satan.

This means that even though you may do other things very well, if you do not fulfill your home church responsibility, you will not be able to go to the kingdom of heaven. When we say kingdom of heaven, it means an environment where Satan has no grounds to accuse, that is, a place outside the realm of Satan's accusation. The place to create that environment of the kingdom of heaven is home church.

What caused Adam to fall? It was because he did not have an environmental kingdom of heaven. If you can establish such an environment on the tribal level, the family kingdom of heaven is automatically included. God's original ideal is to realize the family kingdom of heaven. Where there is a tribal kingdom of heaven, the family kingdom of heaven forms naturally.

Thus, home church is where you can secure the realm of victory to expand the environment of the kingdom of heaven. You joined the Unification Church to attend True Parents, but if you do not do home church activities, you cannot attend them or connect to heaven. (110-264, 1981/01/01)

5 The period that starts from 1981 is your time. Now your time has come. Now all of the responsibility that True Parents undertook on behalf of God is being passed on to you. Wherever you are, you carry out your Parents' work. Hence, the time has come where what you do will realize the Will.

This is the third year of the three-year period from 1979 to 1981. Therefore, the time has come for you to work entirely for home church. I gave the first motto about home church in 1979, "Building the kingdom of heaven through home church." In 1980 it was "Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven." You have been preparing for two years with these mottoes. On this foundation, the motto for 1981 is "Home church is my kingdom of heaven." In this motto, the phrase "my kingdom of heaven" is not True Parents' kingdom of heaven. It is the kingdom of heaven with you at the center. It's not True Parents' kingdom of heaven but the kingdom of heaven centering on you.

Until now we aimed to reach the standard collectively, as expressed in the mottoes "Building the kingdom of heaven through home church" and "Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven," but now we have entered the era when each of you can fulfill it directly, with you at the center. (110-257, 1981/01/01)

Victory of home church

6 The motto for 1982 is "Victory of home church." Home church is necessary because fallen parents came about. Jesus came as a parent for the sake of restoring those parents, but instead he died because the family of Zechariah and the family of Joseph failed to unite. This must be indemnified. If we do not indemnify that sin, we cannot enter the heavenly kingdom.

Will home church be the end of our work? Will it be the final level we need to reach? We will need home church to expand to churches encompassing the tribe, the people, the nation, the world and the cosmos. (116-192, 1982/01/01)

7 When you bring victory in your family, centering on God, you can go on to establish the foundation for your tribe. The way you build the foundation for your tribe is home church. With the successful foundation of your family, you should advance to build your tribal foundation.

You can succeed in establishing your family as the Abel family by uniting Cain families with your Abel family. The next step is to advance to the Abel tribal realm and set up the tribal foundation; only then will your family be perfected. Unless your family has the protection of the tribal foundation, there is no safe place for it. This is what I mean when I say that your family can only be perfected after you set up the tribal foundation. You have to restore the tribal foundation in order for your own family to settle securely. This way you can provide a safe place for your sons and daughters. This is why, even though you have completed your family and can rest, the work is not over. You must go to the next level and achieve the tribal victory. Having achieved victory in your family, you must continue and bring victory in your tribe. (116-292, 1982/01/02)

Home church is our land of settlement

8 The motto for 1983 is "Home church is our land of settlement." This is not just a daydream. Home church was set up and we have been advancing it for this very purpose.

As a global citizen in the future, in order to enter the kingdom of heaven and bring others with you, you need to become a teacher of the Unification Principle, a teacher who works to unite religions and overcome communism with Unification Thought. Those who enter the kingdom of heaven on earth transcend religion and communism.

The mainstream teaching for this is not knowledge, power or money. It is love. Up to now human love has been self-centered love, but God's love is sacrificial love. This is a simple truth. This is why we as True Parents have been sacrificing to this day in America. We are doing it to plant seeds of love. We are doing it to leave behind the tradition of loving the enemy. (123-300, 1983/01/06)

9 Now True Parents must settle. We have completed our responsibility toward the free world. You too should be able to settle, and the way to do that is through your home church foundation. Therefore, 1983 is a very important year. Soon the entire world will study the Unification Church with new, fresh eyes. We have made all the necessary preparations, and the time has come for us to go over this new hill. The sun is rising for us. Perhaps I will mobilize the world's famous scholars and theologians and hand everything over to them. If mainstream white American scholars do not do the job, I will bring scholars from Asia and ask them to do it, or I will seek out scholars from among the minorities in America and invite them to take on the task. (123-176, 1983/01/01)

10 The motto for 1982 was "Victory of home church," but was there a victory? In 1981 I set forth the motto "Home church is my kingdom of heaven," but how much did you love the people in your kingdom of heaven? In 1980, when the motto was "Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven," how seriously did you think about it? Also in 1979, it was "Building the kingdom of heaven through home church," but how much effort did you invest to build it?

I have given a direction to mobilize all the blessed families in Korea. The blessed families in Japan will also be mobilized, as well as all the blessed families in America. If you do not participate in this, you will all end up like gypsies, forever wandering around. You will not be able to settle. Even in the spirit world, you will not be able to come and visit True Parents. Instead, you will find yourself in a family-level paradise realm, just like the individual paradise where Christians go. In that family paradise, your spouse and your children will accuse you. The accusation will not come from Satan. Your wife or husband, sons and daughters will accuse you. You must understand how miserable this would be. (123-177, 1983/01/01)

Creating and building the fatherland

11 The motto for 1984 is "Creating and building the fatherland." We all belong to our own nations in the world, but they are not places where we can settle peacefully. We are wandering like modern-day gypsies. All of us are still hoping to settle in the land of eternal happiness, and looking forward eagerly to the fatherland, which is True Parents' nation. Recently, we could see that because of True Parents, Christians from many denominations are participating in activities for harmony and unity. Imagine the scene in the Last Days when they all come to me and ask earnestly for forgiveness for their mistakes of the past. Who among you will be there to participate in True Parents' complete victory? The difference between participating and not participating is as great as that between heaven and earth.

The year 1984 marks an extremely important turning point in providential history. We are running along the highway of victory. In March 1983, I organized mobile teams for outreach throughout America, mobilizing all members. That evangelical work was a huge, new, far-reaching undertaking. It was for the sake of establishing our fatherland, True Parents' nation. (130-278, 1984/02/07)

12 Will you go to the kingdom of heaven through the Unification Church people, the Unification Church nation or the Unification Church world? Before there is a world, there must be a nation, and before there is a nation, there must be a people. Now we are a people, but we have not built our nation. The nation I am talking about is one that gathers people together from all over the world. Hence, it will be the nation that transcends national borders, transcends peoples, tribes, religions and races. It will be the kingdom of heaven on earth that God desires. Accordingly, our goal is to create such a nation. Once we have created God's nation, we can create Gods world and then Gods cosmos. (130-110, 1984/01/01)

13 Now True Parents have recovered the standard for restoring the elder son, based upon the Cain-Abel relationship that has existed throughout the course of history. True Parents have completed all the preparations to begin their worldwide indemnity course. We have come to the day of blessing when, centered on True Parents' worldwide family, we elevate the second son to take the authority of the first son on the world level. How eagerly do you think God and True Parents have looked forward to this day? How eagerly do you think humanity has looked forward to it? It is the starting point for the establishment of our fatherland. It is where the first streak of daylight shines for the estab- lishment of our fatherland.

Now is the time. It is a new era. If you look carefully, you can see that externally everything is falling into place. Everything necessary for the external environment that I have been talking about is ready. Hence, all that remains to accomplish the kingdom of heaven is that you become completely united and that there be no struggle between the first and second sons in our Unifica-tionist family. Then we can begin realizing the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Only when this unity is achieved can we finally begin home church in our family. I have taught you that home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven and that it is the land of settlement of the kingdom of heaven. Its accomplishment is essential. (134-336, 1985/08/16)

Creating and building the kingdom of heaven

14 The motto for 1986 is "Creating and building the kingdom of heaven." Last year it was "Creating and building the fatherland." There is a formula for establishing the kingdom of heaven. This formula requires that we deal with the Cain and Abel problem that has existed throughout the course of history.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become the first son and first daughter and the direct children of God. But because of the Fall, the position of the first child was lost. After the Fall, Satan claimed the position of the first son. Hence, God has been in the position where He could only exercise sovereignty over the second son. There- fore, the first-son position must be reclaimed, but it cannot be recovered by force. Since God lost the authority of the first son because of Satan's love, in order to reclaim it, heaven's people must have greater love than Satan's love. Without that, there is no way to take back the authority of the first son.

All the types of love in the fallen world, whether the love of parents or the love of older siblings, belong to Satan's realm. Love in Satan's realm is love that belongs to the realm of the first son. To this day, the love of people who belong to the world, whether it be the love of husband and wife, of parents or of children, is love that belongs to the fallen realm, the first-son realm. Because of this, in order to go over this fallen realm of the first son, we must carry out restoration through indemnity from the position of the younger son and reverse the positions. Indemnity cannot be paid without making the proper conditions. A price must always be paid. (137-014, 1986/01/01)

15 If one talks about the fatherland in the secular world, it refers to one's own nation, not the kingdom of heaven. Before we can establish God's fatherland, we must first establish the Abel realm in this earthly world. Next comes "Creating and building the kingdom of heaven."

In order to realize the kingdom of heaven, there must be unity between Cain and Abel. Unless we stand in the position where the earthly world and the spirit world, the nation on earth and the nation in the spirit world, unite by resolving the positions of Cain and Abel, we cannot build the kingdom of heaven.

Now that 1985 has passed and 1986 has started, as a result of that prayer the world has begun turning in the opposite direction. If we say that the world turns like the hands of a clock, we can say that it has made one full revolution clockwise but now has started to turn counterclockwise. Until now the Unification Church has been trampled upon in the world, but from this year, 1986, the time has come when the Unification Church will appear on the world stage. (137-036, 1986/01/01)

Unification of the fatherland

16 The Unification Church motto for 1987 is "Unification of the fatherland." You should not think vaguely about the unification of the fatherland. If we were to say that this is a world-level or cosmic-level motto, that would be a big problem. The formula to follow this path can be expressed like this: the individual must win over the family, the family must win over the tribe, the tribe the people, the people the nation, the nation the world and the world the cosmos. I have been demonstrating this formula in the providential course of the Unification Church.

The perfection of the individual and the perfection of the family go hand in hand. For an individual to attain perfection, he or she must overcome the struggle between mind and body. From an internal perspective, the mind and body must overcome their struggle and create unity. Only then will the individual be able to influence positively the external realm of the family. This is why we have to resolve the struggle between mind and body before we can advance to the family level. Likewise, we have to resolve all the difficulties within the family before we can advance to the tribal level. Again, unless we resolve all the issues and make unity within the tribe, we cannot advance to the level of a people.

With this in mind, does the motto for 1987, "Unification of the father-land," refer to the national level or the world level? If we can deal with the inner aspects of America's national character that have become a problem, then we can advance to the world level. When we step forward and resolve all the suffering of the nation, we will then be able to digest the situations of the world. This is what it means to follow the formula course.

Likewise, when we say we are going beyond the worldwide level to the cosmic level, it means we must first resolve all the problems on earth. Once we have overcome all the problems of the regions on earth, then we can digest all the problems in the spirit world and finally enter the realm of God's love. (161-093, 1987/01/04)

17 1 gave the same motto for 1988 as I did for 1987, "Unification of the father-land." If you ask why, it is because the unification of North and South Korea still remains before us. While investing all of your utmost sincerity to carry out this work and move the spirit world, we must also work on strengthening the so- cial fabric of South Korea. In accordance with our preparation, the political climate of North Korea will change. The reunification of the fatherland is a task that both North Korea and South Korea are destined to fulfill. It will involve the combined efforts of us all.

The division of Korea into North and South was not the fault of the Korean people. It came about because of the world's major powers. Therefore, the reunification of Korea cannot be done through the efforts of the Republic of Korea alone or of North Korea alone. Unless we open a way for the major powers to cooperate in the reunification, even if North Korea brings unification by "liberating" South Korea, that unification cannot last, however much North Korea claims that South Korea is liberated. Likewise, even if South Korea unifies North Korea by the strength of its military power, that unification also will not last. I tell you, the only path that can lead to permanent unification is when we unify North and South after weaving in the involvement of the great powers. This viewpoint conforms even with that of providential history. (171-144, 1988/01/01)

18 When today's Koreans understand the astonishing fact that the land of Korea will become the base for restoring the fatherland of God, will they remain asleep? They will invest their lives day and night even if you tell them not to. Financing North-South unification is not a problem. There is no doubt that when the people of South Korea bear such a sense of duty to accomplish reunification, it will lead them to invest everything they have and everything that South Korea has.

My desire for the unification of the fatherland is not because I believe that the nation will go to ruin without it. It is because this is what God is seeking. It is because with the liberation of the father-land God wants to build a nation that transcends the nations, one such as has never existed in human history. This is why I am trying to achieve reunification by equipping you with a teaching that can digest everything, by setting up a system of education that can transform society, and by raising people with the "subject-partner principle" to take ownership of every situation.

For this reason, communism should not be a problem, and neither should democracy. This is the reason communism and democracy both fear me. They think I may completely devour them. Now at the start of 1988 I set up the motto "Unification of the father-land." The fatherland I am talking about is the fatherland that God, the original subject partner, wants to see. The entire universe should be one nation. This world should be the foundation upon which all people of God can live together. The spirit world should be one ideal house and nation in which we all can live together forever. (172-042, 1988/01/03)

Unification of Korea

19 Until now, however much we shouted for the liberation of our father-land, we have not known where that country is, but now we know. Now, with 1988 having passed, the time has come to reveal that the fatherland is Korea. Because of that, I declared that this year is a providential turning point for the nation of Korea and proclaimed the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World.

About the time of the Seoul Olympics, I proclaimed that we are now at a turning point where we can move forward toward a world of hope based on the condition of internal solidarity between the youth of the world and the second generation of Unification Church members. This foundation was made not only by people in the earthly world but also by those in the spirit world. As a result of this proclamation, it is now possible for the Japanese ancestors to come to Korea and help us.

Since we have come into the age of love when even enemy nations can love each other, the good Japanese spirits can come and work for the unification of Korea, even if it means they have to sacrifice Japan. Also, a foundation of spiritual power has been created on earth such that the good spirits of America, England or any country of the world are able to come and offer support for the sake of Korean unification. (184-300, 1989/01/01)

20 What must we do today to bring about the reunification of Korea? There are numerous denominations, organizations, families, and political parties, but none is behaving in a way that will create harmony. They are not investing themselves for each other s benefit, in a way that they resonate with love. Individual political parties need to take the path to benefit the whole nation, to increase its wealth and prosperity. If they pursue only their own party's self-interest, the nation will come to ruin.

Because Korea does not have this kind of center, I am going to bring Unification Church members from all over the world to establish a new tribe and connect them to new social organizations that will promote unification activities for the sake of Korea. We have to move the hearts of South Koreans to enter a realm of resonance filled with love. We must begin this work today, the first day of 1989. This will lead to the birth of a united Korea. There is no other path. When we accomplish it, God can finally come to visit individuals, families, tribes and the people of this nation. (184-310, 1989/01/01)

Section 4. The 1990s

In the early 1990s, the mottoes were related to the unification of Korea. For 1990 and 1991 the motto was "The unification of my country," in 1992 "The unification of the new nation" and in 1993 "The new family and the unified fatherland." In the mid-1990s, the focus of the mottoes changed to loving True Parents and sharing about them with pride, "The secure settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" in 1994, "Let us inherit True Parents' realm of victory" in 1995, and "Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents" in 1996. In the latter part of the decade, the focus was on the Blessing goals, "Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents by accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing" in 1997, "To proudly testify to and love True God absolutely, we must complete the 360 Million Couples Blessing and cut off the lineage of Satan's world" in 1998, and "The cosmic expansion of the true Blessing and rooting out Satan's lineage" in 1999.

The unification of my country

1 The motto for 1990 is "The unification of my country." From the point of view of providential history, the 1980s was an important decade. If we had not successfully navigated the turning point of the providence that came in the 1980s, an immense barrier would have remained in providential history. True Parents were intensely focused on accomplishing this. Finally, all the necessary conditions that had to be fulfilled to indemnify providential history in the 1980s were successfully accomplished. It took 40 years for the Unificationist family to achieve this victory and climb to the top of the world. (196-149, 1990/01/01)

2 The motto for 1990 is "The unification of my country." This requires us to center on God and unite in stages to realize ourselves from the perspective of the Original Root. These stages are, first, that we as individuals unite our mind and body. Next, we have to become one as husbands and wives, and then our children have to become one with their mother and father. In this way we can link to the realm of the ideal for the nation.

From today you need to become people who represent the whole. You should represent God, the universe, the nation and your people. In the family, you should be able to represent your spouse and your children. The people of the world are the extensions of the people in your family: the elderly are extensions of your grandmother and grandfather, middle-aged people are the extensions of your mother and father, young people are the extensions of your children. Thus, the people of the world are at three levels connected to the three generations of your family: grandmother and grandfather, mother and father, and sons and daughters.

Flowever, people lost this standard, which God had envisioned us realizing through all these relationships. We lost the original source, the core standard that our family, representing the family of Adam and Eve, be connected to the whole of humankind. Now, once this original source is rediscovered, it is like a frozen sheet of ice melting away as it meets the days of spring. All the problems of the world will thus be solved naturally. With this in mind, you should strive to restore your nation. (196-207, 1990/01/01)

3 In 1990 I thought about having the same motto again for 1991. Thus the motto for this year, 1991, is also "The unification of my country." Next year, in order to conclude the three-year period, it will be "The unification of the new nation." Therefore, we have to practice this motto until 1992. (211-297, 1991/01/01)

4 On this day that marks the beginning of the 1990s, you must understand how solemn this moment is, as you receive the command to advance toward the unification of the universe. This is the day when I reorient the world toward the united heaven and earth. The day of "The unification of my country" is the breathtaking moment when God's hope is realized on this earth. This is the hope God has had throughout the hundreds of millions of years of providential history since the beginning of time. Through it all, countless people of faith shed their innocent blood in unjust situations, even as they prayed to heaven asking God to dissolve their bitter sorrow, and yet died without seeing the fulfillment of their hopes. This is the breathtaking moment when their hopes will finally be realized.

"The unification of my country" that I am speaking of today concerns not only the Korean Peninsula, but stands for unification of the world nation. What we originally would say along with "the unification of my country" is "the unification of my world" or "the unification of my country and my world." But I abbreviated it to "The unification of my country." When all the people of the world unite in their own countries, and then are engrafted to Korea, their nations will naturally become part of the world nation.

For the sake of the unification of my country, we must be proud of living every day and devoting ourselves more than any patriot or loyal subject, shedding tears as we advance and saying, "We must keep going." We must leave behind a record that can appear in history with even one line recording what we did to establish heaven's tradition.

The unification of the new nation (211-347, 1991/01/01)

5 These are the notes I jotted down for the first day of January 1992 in America. They contain four points under the topic "The unification of the new nation." The first is the restoration of the authority of the elder son. If we are going to unify the new nation, we have to restore the authority of the elder son. This has to be restored on the level of the people and on the level of the nation. Second, we must restore the authority of the parents. After establishing the new parents, we must connect to them centering on tribal messiahs.

In order to establish the authority of parents, we first have to restore the authority of the elder son. The parents with the authority of the elder son must appear—these are the True Parents. Parents with the authority of the elder son can appear once the authority of the elder son is restored.

After that comes the restoration of kingship. The parents with the authority of the elder son are the king and queen among monarchs. Restoration of the authority of the parents and restoration of kingship must include the desires of the elder son. The kingship is that with the authority of the elder son. As the king of heaven and earth, this means the king of kings. This is what we mean when we say True Parents.

After that, the authority of the royal family emerges. The royal family based on the king of God's nation has not yet been established. It is said that Jesus came as the king of kings, but there was no royal family. There was no family of princes and princesses descending from Jesus' direct bloodline, and this must be restored. Originally Adam and Eve were the royal family in the Garden of Eden. Everything should have developed connecting to that realm of royal lineage. (225-195, 1992/01/20)

6 Adam was not able to fulfill the Will, Jesus could not complete the Will, Christianity could not fulfill the Will, and even today in the era of the Second Coming those who are attending True Parents have fallen short. I have to take responsibility for all this. No one other than I understands how to resolve these matters and reverse them. It was God's intention that America would lead the world to victory after World War II, but that was also lost. Even for this I have to take responsibility. Neither Christianity nor America nor any other nation can take responsibility for this. Everything that should have worked with me in partnership was lost; therefore, I am responsible to re-create them. All this must be repaired.

Already by 1952, seven years after 1945, a new nation should have been realized; this is the unification of the new nation that I am talking about today. America is a sovereign nation based on Protestant Christianity. As a Protestant nation, it is Abel. Protestant-centered America, the realm of the Second Israel, was supposed to embrace the entire world. Although America embraced the world, America was not its owner. America was supposed to connect the world to its owner, the True Parents who have come.

If Protestantism had made True Parents its center, religion and the nation of Korea could have become one, and the world could have stood on that foundation. Then the True Parents-cen-tered religion could have gone on to unify the entire world. This is how Cain and Abel were to have become one. Then the body and mind that had been divided would have been united on the world level. The truth that would have emerged at that point would have been True Parentism or Adamism. (225-011, 1992/01/20)

The new family and the unified fatherland

7 The motto for 1993 is "The new family and the unified fatherland." The year 1992, when the whole world came together, gathered their hearts, and offered their devotion, now has passed. Last year was the historic year when we did worldwide work with True Mother at the center, and we proclaimed the liberation of women for the first time in history. Throughout the world, women have not been truly liberated until now. Because a woman initiated the Fall, unless a woman goes beyond the point of the Fall, the era of women's liberation cannot come. That is the situation from the providential perspective.

The work of God's providence is for the salvation of humankind. The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, and the providence of restoration is the providence of re-creation. From this perspective, the providence of salvation is ultimately to find the woman who could bring this liberation. Until now, no one knew this. The providence of salvation is not only to find the man, but also to find the woman. The reason human history went wrong was because of the fault of a woman. Because the first woman went the path of erroneous love, history became a false history. If we are going to restore this, we have to do the work of re-creation. We have to go through the course of re-creation. (241-281, 1993/01/01)

8 We have to establish one unified fatherland. It starts from the family. The one fatherland, the unified fatherland, arises from the new family. I am not talking about the unification of the fatherland. If we call it unification of the fatherland, it means that we are uniting the fatherland that is divided. However, when we say the unified fatherland we are referring to the beginning of the newly unified fatherland. Accordingly, "The new family and the unified father-land" will be the motto for the coming year. We must unite in a new nation. The unity in the new nation is the liberated fatherland founded on the new family. We are now entering that age. (241-274, 1992/12/26)

9 The motto for this year is "The new family and the unified fatherland." Unification requires that, first, I must become united as an individual. If I as an individual do not become united, nothing happens. Next, since man was born because of woman, he absolutely must unite with woman, and woman must unite absolutely with man. This cannot be less than absolute. This is an even stronger truth than the fact that we get hungry and must eat. It is a serious issue. It is absolute truth.

If Adam and Eve had received the Blessing, they would have experienced their first love with God at the center. First love is absolute. However, there are many people who profane their first love. After doing that, can you live well with your husband? Up to now, men did not practice fidelity. Even if you admonished men to maintain their fidelity, they could not. Yet men demanded fidelity of women. This is because a woman lost her fidelity in the Garden of Eden. In the Unification Church we make the fidelity of men more important than the fidelity of women. (241-314, 1993/01/01)

The secure settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age

10 The motto for 1994 is "The secure settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." Secure settlement has a different meaning from settlement. Secure settlement means taking your place after everything has been accomplished. Because of the Fall, the individual was imperfect, the family was imperfect, the tribe was imperfect, and the people, nation and cosmos were imperfect. Even for the Creator God, everything He intended to do to complete the ideal of creation ended in failure. However, God cannot stand in a position of failure. He has been working to recover the original position through the process of re-creation and restoration through indemnity. This work is the work of salvation. (252-226, 1994/01/01)

11 Let us bring secure settlement to True Parents and the Completed Testament Age in the individual and the family. Further, let us bring that secure settlement to the nation. This is God's ideal of creation. We must establish God's nation, the nation that connects to the kingdom of heaven.

For this there are three rules. First, we have to bring secure settlement on the individual level by uniting mind and body. Next, husband and wife must unite with true love. They should not fight; they should not shed tears over their relationship. They should not insist on their own way. If either of them has to insist on their way, it should be based on heaven s law. I already taught you everything about this. Centering on the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships, I taught you everything. Therefore, from now on, that is how you should live.

Second, your family should be the model of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. This involves four generations: grandfather and grandmother, mother and father, husband and wife, and sons and daughters. Likewise, each nation in the world has four types of people whom you should regard as extensions of the generations in your family: the elderly, who are extensions of your grandfather and grandmother; middle-aged people as extensions of your mother and father; young adults, who are extensions of husband and wife; and children as extensions of your sons and daughters.

Third, the individual should sacrifice for the sake of the family, the family for the tribe, the tribe for the people, the people for the nation and the nation for the world. Centering on this principle of sacrificing for the greater good, you should elevate the people of the world above your own family. Elevate them above your own grandfather and grandmother, your own mother and father, your husband or wife, and your own children. Likewise, if you elevate the people of the world above the people of your own country, you will reach perfection in a place that is in accord with the original palace of God's kingdom. Then you will be able to adapt yourself to any place in the kingdom of heaven. (252-265, 1994/01/01)

Let us inherit True Parents' realm of victory

12 The motto for 1995 is "Let us inherit True Parents' realm of victory." The realm of victory I am referring to encompasses the victories that True Parents have brought in front of all traditions in heaven and on earth, in front of all people living today and all future generations, and on all levels from the individual and family to the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. All the failures of God's providence of salvation and all the failures of history are wrapped in God's bitter sorrow. True Parents pulled out the root of all the bitter sorrow that is intertwined with the history that began from Adam's family. Although Satan had been in control of history, we have defeated him, and the record of our victory will remain for all time.

Based upon this foundation, we must complete the remaining task of eradicating Satan's history. The world inherited the realm of Satan's victory, so we now have to uproot that bitter sorrow on all levels. We must remove the root of that bitter sorrow in Adam's family, Abraham's family, Jacob's family, Moses' family and the family of John the Baptist and Jesus. For all of them, we must cut the root of bitterness.

The question is how we can be victorious over Satan's world. There is no other way but to unite with True Parents' words and teachings. All of our historic messages are like declarations of victory. This is why I used the expression "True Parents' realm of victory" in the motto for this year. (267-073, 1995/01/02)

13 The time for the unification of North and South Korea is approaching. To establish the Korean Peninsula in the position where God can be liberated, we should work for this in 1995 and offer our result to heaven.

While forging along this path, I never sought for help from anyone in my life. Therefore, you also should not seek for help from anyone. You should not even seek any help from me. Without getting any help from me, if you can achieve something greater than I did, then I would like to come and visit you and bequeath everything I have to you. Once you establish the way of such filial children and loyal subjects, the way to become saints and divine sons and daughters who can be remembered in history will easily open to you. All this can be determined depending on your actions in 1995.

You must inherit True Parents' realm of victory so you can follow the path of heaven's filial children and loyal patriots without losing your way. Then there will be no problem for you to fulfill the succeeding stages. Once you become a filial child in the family, it will not be a problem for you to become a loyal patriot for your nation. Once you are a loyal patriot, it will not be a problem to rise to become a world-level saint. Once you stand in the position of princes and princesses in God's nation, of His direct lineage, you will have no problem fulfilling the dutiful way of divine sons and daughters while you are on earth.

The foundation of a filial son or daughter will be your stepping-stone to becoming a loyal patriot. The foothold of the loyal patriot will be your stepping-stone to becoming a saint. The foothold of a saint will be your stepping-stone to becoming a divine son or daughter.

I went this way to restore through indemnity all the sorrowful realities of heaven. Today for the first time, on this first day of 1995, having completed the path of a filial son, loyal patriot, saint and divine son, I am bequeathing all this foundation to you Unificationists and to the people throughout the world. (266-297, 1995/01/01)

Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents

14 The 1996 motto is "Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents." The motto for 1995 was "Let us inherit True Parents' realm of victory." What is the hope of God, the hope of all people and the hope of creation? They hope to see True Parents emerge on earth and for God's true love to begin with them. This was God's goal and hope at the beginning of the creation, in the course of the creation and for the result of the creation.

If the first human beings had not fallen, True Parents would have appeared on earth, and they would have established the family based on true love. This was God's hope and the ideal for which He created us. Had Adam and Eve not fallen and had they become the True Parents on earth, then with God's true love at the center, the mineral world, the plant world, the animal world and everything in this created world would have become one. Centering on True Parents, all things of creation would have resided in the bosom of God's love. Had God, Adam and Eve become one within Adam and Eve's family on earth, they would have reigned over all the things of creation in love and lived with them-This was God's hope. (275-254, 1996/01/01)

15 You must proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents. When loving them, you must love them even more than you love your own spouse, even more than you love your sons and daughters, even more than you love your country and even more than you love all the fallen people of this earth. Only if you love True Parents with such a love that has never before existed in this world can you inherit the world of love that has never before existed. Only then do you become the sons and daughters of God and the royal family of God's nation. Only then can you become God's people.

We are entering such a time. If 3.6 million couples receive the Blessing in 1997, the kingdom of heaven will unfold. How distant is the kingdom of heaven? If you want to enter the kingdom of heaven, you have to be proud of True Parents and testify to True Parents, and you have to love True Parents. Because we must prepare for this, I declared the motto for 1996 to be "Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents." (275-301, 1996/01/01)

Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents by accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing

16 The 1997 motto is "Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents by accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing." The motto for 1996 was "Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents." This year, if we ask what is the key to fulfill- ing the motto "Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents," it is "by accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing." This year a historic, cosmic event will take place: the Blessing of 3.6 million couples. Once we complete the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing, we can proceed to the 36 Million Couples Blessing. With these victories, we will be able to surmount all the numbers that Satan completed to build his world. Think about how many years it will take to complete the Blessing of 36 million couples, then give the Blessing to 360 million couples, and then to 3.6 billion couples, and eventually give the Blessing to all humanity.

In the family there must be Adam and Eve, man and woman. This is absolute; this formula does not change. It is the same in every age, no matter what kind of prolongations history has passed through. Adam's family was the place where two people were to settle as one. From Adam's family, that process then passes on through all of history, continuing eternally. (280-184, 1997/01/01)

17 If I give you the motto "Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents," it means that I must have made the condition that I proudly testified to God and loved God. So when God says, "Good job! You loved Me indeed!" based on my making that condition, you too should proudly testify to True Parents and love them. You need to understand this tradition and pass it on.

Being that I am the world-level Messiah, there have to be people in the position of national messiahs; otherwise there is no way for others to proudly testify to me as the world-level Messiah. Likewise, for national messiahs to educate people and proudly testify to who True Parents are, they should have tribal messiahs supporting them. And for the tribal messiahs to proudly testify to who True Parents are in front of their ancestors and future generations, they should educate people to take the position of supportive family-level messiahs. This is the messianic teaching and the path that believers in True Parents need to go.

When we talk about becoming messiahs, we mean becoming true parents. But in order to become true parents, we have to establish the tradition in our family that we proudly testify to God. Even as we testify to God in our family, we should also be able to proudly testify to our own parents. As we love God, we should love them. Based on that realm of love in the family in which we proudly testify to our parents, we should expand that realm to the national level, world level and cosmic level. Then, in the embrace of God's blessing, we can finally live in the realm of freedom as a family of the heavenly kingdom. (280-217, 1997/01/01)

To proudly testify to and love True God absolutely, we must complete the 360 Million Couples Blessing and cut off the lineage of Satan's world

18 The motto for 1998 is "To proudly testify to and love True God absolutely, we must complete the 360 Million Couples Blessing and cut off the lineage of Satan's world." The motto for 1997 was "Let us proudly testify to True Parents and love True Parents by accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing." The motto for this year refers to the completion of the 360 Million Couples Blessing; after that we will be able to cut off the lineage of Satan's world. This is the only thing that needs to be done.

Last year, our motto was about True Parents, but this time it is about True God. Also, now we must complete the 360 Million Couples Blessing and cut off the lineage of Satan's world. God has been toiling for this purpose throughout history, not only to cut it off but even to pull out the root. So we will have to pull out the root. True Parents have the power to pull out that root. (289-181, 1998/01/01)

19 We have thus far completed giving the Blessing to 40 million couples. This was a record-breaking event, noteworthy throughout the world. It was an unforgettable event, which could take place only once in history. No one can ever do it again. It never happened in the past and can never be repeated in the future.

Now another Blessing event, the 360 Million Couples Blessing, is approaching. It too will be an unprecedented event in history. By giving the Blessing to 360 million couples, all of history will be cleared up. Through it we should be able to liberate God, expel Satan and completely cut off and abolish Satan's filthy lineage. An era of great change and upheaval will come.

The whole world knows that we accomplished the Blessing of 40 million couples. This fact is known in every country of the world. Now we should build on this by going into our communities and helping them solve the problems of youth. Youth problems are so widespread that no one family or neighborhood alone can tackle them. No nation or organization acting on its own can take responsibility for resolving them. We should all take responsibility for them together.

The first human family became dysfunctional because Adam and Eve fell while they were still juveniles. As seeds sown in the spring yield a harvest in the fall, the seeds of the Fall sown in the Garden of Eden are bearing fruit worldwide in the Last Days. This is not a good harvest, so we must burn it. Nothing should remain. There should be nothing left of the Fall to be harvested. We must turn everything upside down. (289-213, 1998/01/02)

The cosmic expansion of the true Blessing and rooting out Satan's lineage

20 The motto for 1999 is "The cosmic expansion of the true Blessing and rooting out Satan's lineage." Rooting out Satan's lineage means that there are no more dealings with Satan.

The false cannot stand together with the true. Because of this, in the motto I gave in 1998, "To proudly testify to and love True God absolutely, we must complete the 360 Million Couples Blessing and cut off the lineage of Satan's world," I included the word "true." God should be able to stand on the foundation of being true.

Until now, as God carried out His providence of salvation, Satan has been holding Him back every step of the way. I have been striving to create an environment in which Abel can bring Cain to natural surrender. To this end, I produced the motto "To proudly testify to and love True God absolutely, we must complete the 360 Million Couples Blessing and cut off the lineage of Satan's world." It means that when we completed the Blessing of 360 Million Couples, we cut off the lineage of Satan's world. We achieved this goal on September 30, 1998. This means we have now entered the era when humankind has been severed from Satan's lineage. Now the era of conflict between heaven and earth is passing. By this I mean we have passed over this hill.

We have already gone over the hill of completing the 360 Million Couples Blessing. We've already given that Blessing to humanity while standing in the position of the original Adam and Eve. Now that all people, who should have been the extended family of the originally intended Adam and Eve, have received that Blessing, the wall that was blocking heaven and earth is breaking down. This is why I am saying that 1999 is the year when we will pull out Satan's lineage by the roots. We have to pull out those roots. In order to do that, we have to expand the realm of the grace of the Blessing by uniting the entire cosmos— the spiritual world and the physical world. (298-210, 1999/01/08)

21 This year is 1999. The number 9 in 999 was claimed by Satan. If we take them together, the three 9s in 999 represent the three stages of formation, growth and completion. Each of them falls one short of the number 10, the number of liberation.

"True Blessing" means the completed Blessing. It is not just any Blessing that we are expanding to encompass heaven and earth, but the true Blessing. We want to give people the Blessing by which they can become true families and be totally settled. This cosmic-level Blessing is to remove all the sorrow and bitterness that has been entangled in God's heart and to settle His heart. Thereby we can pull out Satan's root. This is the final stage. This is why in 1999 we should not miss the chance to invest all of our hearts, all of our devotion and all of our love to bless the entire cosmos. Then the world will naturally follow us.

If you stand in the position of a plus, all those in the minus position will be drawn to you and will naturally follow you. Work with this mind-set until everyone in your neighborhood has received the Blessing. Work so hard that no family is left unconnected to the bond of your love. God, the subject partner of love, radiates the sunlight of His love over all creation, and you need to do the same. It is the only way to create the realm of freedom. If you know it but do not do it, you will fall away. You will feel so ashamed that you will not be able to bring yourself to lament about it, even after you go to the other world. This is why I am telling you, do not ask for blessings and do not seek to be recognized.

This is the way I have been living. Even if God did not express any interest in what I was doing, still I continued the work. Without telling Him what I was doing, I just continued. After continuing like that, things worked out naturally. This is natural law. Did Adam and Eve have to report every single thing to God? If there had been such unity of heart, things would have worked out by natural law. Even if you do not report every detail to God as you work, what you need to do is to make sure to bring the result. This will be greater than just reporting to Him without any result. This is a principle of heavenly law. (308-215, 1999/01/05)

22 The motto for 1999 is "The cosmic expansion of the true Blessing and rooting out Satan's lineage." There are several ways to sever something: you can remove the leaves, you can cut off the branches or you can cut the main trunk. Yet none of these is as effective as pulling out the root.

We must pull out the root of the first woman, and we must pull out the root of the first man. The beginning point of the root is Satan. Satan put down his root in the beginning. You are now connected to that root; hence, you have a relationship with Satan. This is the reason you have fallen nature. Nevertheless, God's ultimate desire is to save your family, and every family.

However, the question is how to pull out Satan's root from the world. The way to pull out this root is not by striking him like an enemy or asking God to strike him like an enemy. Because it was planted with false love, the only way to pull out the root is with true love. (308-229, 1999/01/09)

Section 5. The 2000s

With the start of the 21st century, True Parents announced a motto for each year which outlined the goal of fulfilling the Cheon II Guk ideal by achieving the ideal of God and human beings united in love and completing the victories to liberate the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

In 2000 and 2001 they emphasized unity through true love. The motto for the year 2000 was, "The cosmic expansion of true love will perfect the new millennial kingdom," and in 2001 it was "May the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth, and children united as one in mind and body, fulfill the Will with true love, whose subject nature is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal."

From 2002 to 2008 True Parents presented mottos related to Cheon II Guk. In 2002 it was "Mansei for the secure settlement of Cheon II Guk in freedom, peace and happiness, the ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth." In 2003 it was "May our families perfect true families of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters of Cheon II Guk through true love." The 2004 motto was "Proclamation of the era of God's fatherland and the peace kingdom," and in 2005 it was "Let us substantiate the ideal of the internal and external Cheon II Guk." The motto for 2006 was "The era of the secure settlement of the model providence for the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth," and in 2007 it was "Eog-mansei for the reign of goodness and prosperity in Cheon II Guk, bringing cosmic peace." For 2008 it was "Mansei for the Cheon II Guk—Universal Peace Federation in the jubilee year joining 2007 and 2008." From 2009 to 2013 they announced mottos about the unity and victory of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. In 2009 it was "Proclamation of victory in the era when the Parents of Heaven and Earth establish the realm of the cosmic Sabbath with the authority of absolute sex manifesting in true love, true life and true lineage." In 2010 it was "Mansei for the realm of the cosmic Sabbath of true love, where unity with a pure heart brings oneness in all victories." For 2011 the motto was "Mansei for Cheon II Guk, settled through harmony between children and the Parents who have heaven's heart, whose harmony brings final and ultimate oneness to heaven and earth." In 2012 and 2013 it was "Era of the victory, liberation and completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." From 2014 to 2020 True Parents have designated the motto as "Let us become true owners of Cheon II Guk who practice true love, in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent."

The cosmic expansion of true love will perfect the new millennial kingdom

1 The motto of 2000 is, "The cosmic expansion of true love will perfect the new millennial kingdom." The phrase "the cosmic expansion of true love" refers to the home of love. True love should expand from the existent world to the entire cosmos. "Cosmos" here refers to God's home.

The motto's overall meaning is that in the new millennium the home where God dwells should be perfected. The perfection of the kingdom of heaven, where God dwells everywhere eternally, begins in the new millennium through the cosmic expansion of true love. (304-322, 2000/01/01)

2 The kingdom of heaven is the place where freedom exists eternally, where hope exists eternally, where happiness exists eternally, and where true love and true life exist eternally. This is certainly true, because everything that lives in the home of God is one with God. That is why all Unification Church members throughout the world live together by loving one another with the thought, "My home is your home."

The people of the Unification Church see themselves as members of one family. They follow this rule because they dwell in the realm of the cosmic Sabbath. They advocate that we place our family before ourselves, and our brothers and sisters before ourselves, even as they place other church members before themselves. This is a true family connected with the true lineage, based on true love. (304-331, 2000/01/01)

3 The motto for 2000 is "The cosmic expansion of true love will perfect the new millennial kingdom." We must bring the age of the millennial kingdom. By this I mean that we are entering the age to "perfect the new millennial kingdom." This is not a vague concept. When families restore their nation, they pass beyond the growth-stage standard where Adam and Eve fell and even beyond the completion-stage standard. There they can bless every family, tribe and people. By doing so, everything in heaven and on earth will be turned around.

Since we have indemnified and resolved everything in the era of the Third Adam and could enter the liberated era of the realm of the Fourth Adam, we should become families that transcend our nations. We have come to the era when we can be registered in the nation of Cheon II Guk.

A realm has been formed in which freedom and victory can take root. This will lead to the liberation of the family. Our families will become just like Adam and Eves family, which did not need to register in the Garden of Eden. If you can live according to True Parents' teachings and unite with their words, you enter into an era of liberation from an autonomous position. There you will not face restrictions on any path you take, on earth or in heaven. Consequently all national borders will disappear.

Therefore, you must pray from an autonomous position. Until now we beseeched heaven, saying "I wish and pray for this and that," but from now on we will report to God. We will report about our good will and good deeds. May the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth, and children united as one in mind and body, fulfill the Will with true love, whose subject nature is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal (314-267, 2000/01/09)

4 At the very end of pledge 8 of The Family Pledge is the most important word: liberation. We are aiming to achieve the ideal of God and human beings united in love, and to perfect the realm of liberation in the kingdom of God on earth and heaven. The motto of 2001 is, "May the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth, and children united as one in mind and body, fulfill the Will with true love, whose subject nature is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal." Actually we only needed to say subject nature of true love, but the phrase "is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal" is added to the phrase, "true love, whose subject nature..."

This motto is needed during the era of the new millennium. In particular, children and parents must fulfill this together and create the kingdom of heaven on earth. Not only God but you also must accomplish this. Not only True Parents, but the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and we, their liberated children, must accomplish this. This must be fulfilled after achieving mind-body unity. That is why the subject nature of true love is the mainstream teaching. When we say "subject nature," we are referring to the essential point. We must fulfill the Will with absolute love, unique love, unchanging love and eternal love, which God intended to fulfill. (341-136, 2001/01/01)

5 The 2,000-year period until December 31, 2000, was a time of walking a worldwide indemnity course based on the realm of the Second Israel. Now that age has passed, and the dawn of the new Completed Testament Age has come, the era when the ideal of the Blessing can be expanded to the cosmos. This motto, "May the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth, and children united as one in mind and body, fulfill the Will with true love, whose subject nature is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal" is not only for one time, but is a theme that remains with you even on the other side in the eternal world. You must understand how valuable the family is, and you must offer to complete the Will of the Parents of Heaven and Earth after attaining mind-body unity.

To do that, we need to recover the sovereignty of the world and offer it to the Parents of Heaven and Earth. If we do that, all families under that sovereignty can easily follow the tradition and teachings of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, which are the tradition and teachings of God.

In order to establish God's nation, which is based on the philosophy of true love, you must fulfill the eight stages of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. You must establish the perspective of this nation, which is the teaching of True Parents. As families who have received the Blessing, this is your responsibility. That is why from today the contents of your prayer will be changed. Beginning now, we will end our prayers, "I pray in the name of_______ (your name), who has inherited True Parents' realm of victory through the Blessing." It means that without the Blessing, you cannot participate in True Parents' realm of victory. But through the Blessing, you formed a blood relationship with True Parents, you connected anew to the heavenly lineage that had been severed by the Fall, and you joined in the bond that makes you sons and daughters of True Parents.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have formed a substantial realm where everyone would have been ruled by the unchanging and eternal God. Everyone would have received the Blessing, and everyone would have been connected to the love of God and the life of God. God's lineage would have been established in the first generation ancestors, Adam and Eve, and would have been propagated in their family. With them as the seed, God's bloodline would have been propagated to everyone. However, the seed of this blood lineage was not sown and did not bear fruit through three generations. This is the Fall. If True Parents are the first generation, you are the second generation. If you do not raise your sons and daughters well, you will not be able to escape from that tradition of fallen descendants. (341-137, 2001/01/01)

6 From now you cannot visit True Parents as you please. There will be conditions that you need to meet. Once we have the heavenly nation, things will be strict. The secular laws of the Republic of Korea will pale in comparison. The laws on the path that remains in front of you are more than ten times stricter. You must complete this path in your lifetime. Since that kind of course remains ahead of you, how should you live from now on?

The age of prayer has passed. Prayers are answered only when there is a Savior. The Savior guided everything to the realm of liberation. I completely opened the realm of liberation. Because of that, the motto of 2001 is "May the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth, and children united as one in mind and body, fulfill the Will with true love, whose subject nature is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal." It is about working together. After working together you should report. When you report, look to see whether that which you are reporting was done correctly or incorrectly; if it was a mistake, you should redeem your mistake. You cannot report before making up for that mistake. It is a report, not a prayer. Those who do not have good results to report cannot come to where True Parents are. (341-146, 2001/01/01)

Mansei for the secure settlement of Cheon II Guk in freedom, peace and happiness, the ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth

7 The character cheon (A)> "heaven," symbolizes two (Z) people (A). The character for "two" (" ) consists of a horizontal line on top and a horizontal line on the bottom. Peace should be created in both the spirit world and the earthly world. I included the words "cosmos" and "peace" in this motto; thus it includes the meaning, cosmic peace. Also, Cheon II Guk has the horizontal character il (—) meaning "one" or "unity)' Accordingly, the motto of2001 included the meaning "two people fulfill the Will with true love, whose subject nature is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal." Without true love we cannot accomplish the Will. That is why I included "absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal love" as the way to fulfill the Will. We must fulfill it with absolute love, unique love, unchanging love and eternal love.

That is Cheon II Guk, the nation where two persons become one. The word "cosmos" means our home in heaven and on earth. Man and woman create balance on the horizontal plane and attend heaven. Centering on heaven whom the man and woman attend, they should each unite their mind and body and then unite as husband and wife; next, they should unite as parents and children, and at the same time they should unite with their brothers and sisters and with others whom they should treat as brothers and sisters. In each case it is like two people uniting with each other.

These realms of subject partner and object partner can be established only with true love. True love is the center. It is the center of the individual and the center of the couple. Then it expands to higher levels as the center of parents and children and the center of sibling relationships in the family and in the world. In this way, the family can be settled.

Once the family is settled, then its tribe should unite based on that family, so that they become one. Then the entirety of the people should unite based on that tribe, so that they become one. Then the nation should unite based on that people, so that they become one. We must have a unified nation for the world to unite with, and a unified world such that the cosmos will unite with it, and then a unified cosmos that will connect with God. If you live like that, wherever you go horizontally or vertically, you will not collide with anything. (364-071, 2002/01/01)

8 The motto for 2002 is "Mansei for the secure settlement of Cheon II Guk in freedom, peace and happiness, the ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth." Freedom, peace and happiness here refer to true love. There is freedom in true love, there is peace in true love and there is happiness in true love. All this can be found in a family and in everything else. You cannot be happy alone. The foundation of happiness does not exist outside of the family, and families that can connect with this foundation should multiply greatly.

As for the four-position foundation, there are four generations: the Grandparent (God), the father and mother, the husband and wife, and the sons and daughters. They form one sphere. Adam and Eve are the father and mother; by the generation of their grandchildren the four-position foundation will have multiplied to many couples. This is the seed and the model from which the 12 tribes can emerge and then hundreds of branch tribes. Thus Adam's family would flourish, having given birth to many sons and daughters and making more couples.

Thus, when the four-position foundation is complete, there will be the four levels. Considering God as the Grandparent, after Him there are three generations of father and mother, husband and wife, and sons and daughters. Thus in Adam and Eve's family, sons and daughters who are in the position of their grandchildren emerge through three generations. They form the seed of the fourth generation, and from that time on anybody who marries can enter the kingdom of heaven automatically. That is the model. (364-276, 2002/01/03)

May our families perfect true families of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters of Cheon II Guk through true love

9 The motto for 2003 is, "May our families perfect true families of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters of Cheon II Guk through true love." God's whole ideal of creation is included here: the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. A child who inherits a true family's tradition of filial piety will become a loyal patriot, and one who inherits a true family's tradition of loyalty to his or her nation will become a saint. Furthermore, one who inherits a true family's tradition of sainthood will become a divine son or daughter. By inheriting the tradition of a divine son or daughter, he or she is given royal authority. This inheritance occurs on the foundation of God having royal authority.

Everything owned by individuals or belonging to your nation must be denied. In the end they are all fruits of the fallen world. They connect to a world contaminated by the bloodline of the enemy which God rejects. God does not want to see even the shadow of that world. God cannot take charge of this evil world that has persisted through the rise and fall of nations while countless people have died through wars. (400-192, 2003/01/01)

10 Through true love your families must become the owners of Cheon II Guk and you must become filial children. To become an owner of Cheon II Guk, you must first become a filial child. Then you must form a true family of loyal patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters; once you've done that, you become an owner. We do not say these things lightly. This is the position in which you lay the foundation stone; thus you cannot escape the fundamental rules of heaven.

You should have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Move forward for the sake of the eternal world, even if you die 100 or 1,000 times. Gratefully follow your path even if it involves indescribable hardship. You can experience the bitterness that God had to endure when He was unable to help the people whom He loved and trusted within the religious realm, even as they were being sacrificed. If you do, and on your own path your tears obscure your vision and your sur- roundings are drenched in your blood and sweat, then Satan cannot enter into you. Satan cannot approach you because he sees the traces of the tears and blood you shed for the sake of others. Satan is egoistic. Because of his egotism, he cannot invade your position. (400-204, 2003/01/01)

11 The model of the family connects to the loyal patriot, the model of the loyal patriot connects to the saint, the model of the saint connects to the divine son or daughter and the model of the divine son or daughter connects to kingship. In order to enter Cheon II Guk where True Parents dwell, you should go the path of a true parent, true owner, true teacher and connect to the true king. You must also go the path of a filial child, loyal patriot, saint, and divine son or daughter, as well as that of kingship. Only when you complete the course to that level will you receive the inheritance.

I am teaching you all this clearly. If you stop in the middle of your course, it is not enough. If you go after good fortune just for yourself, after you die your corpse will end up in a pauper's grave. However, this path will, without fail, allow you to reach the kingdom of heaven, not end up in a pauper's grave.

By now everyone in the world should know. In fact, on July 4,2002, in Washington, DC, I conveyed a resolution from the spirit world which said, "We know and believe that God is the absolute True Parent, and that Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han are the True Parents." It also said, "We believe that the True Parents are the embodi- ment of God, and that they are True Parents, true teachers and true owners, and we will act according to their will." It then proclaimed me a king.

Having become the True Parent, true teacher and true owner, it is only right that I should be the king. There can be only one true king. That is why the blessed families of the Unificationist family attend me as the king. When they do that, they can receive the inheritance. But you cannot receive an inheritance from a king unless you have become a prince or princess. You can receive the inheritance when you become a divine son or daughter. If you cannot become such a person and receive my inheritance, when you go to the other world you will be caught short. (400-221, 2003/01/01)

Proclamation of the era of God's fatherland and the peace kingdom

12 Today, January 1, 2004, we are entering "the era of God's fatherland and the peace kingdom." This is not an announcement but a historic proclamation. Saying that this is a proclamation means that a new age has dawned. Its content affects not only individuals but also the whole world, even all of heaven and earth. The time of making announcements of small matters is over. This is the proclamation of the liberation of God's fatherland and the era of the peace kingdom. As we live in the world where they have been proclaimed, we should enter God's father-land and establish the peace kingdom. (430-107, 2004/01/01)

13 This morning, January 1, 2004, I proclaimed the words, "God's father-land." Because I did so, hereafter God's fatherland will begin. I also proclaimed the peace kingdom. Now Gods father-land and the peace kingdom have begun, a place that has no relationship whatsoever with the fallen world. It is God's nation and God's fatherland, which He desired from before the Fall. Our clans, our peoples and our nations can all live in the realm of God's father-land. All can become part of heaven's nation. This is an existential realm rather than an imaginary one.

Everything in God's nation begins from God's fatherland, and everything must be evaluated based on its foundation. Anything that was established in places where the fatherland is not established will pass away. How precious is the term, "God's fatherland." It is like the fact that only because we have a nation can we say that we are citizens of the Republic of Korea and call ourselves "the white-clad race."

Throughout the ages of history, the conditions for the fatherland that God has desired have been accumulating, from the level of individuals and families to tribes and peoples, until today when the time is ripe for this proclamation of the restoration of God's father-land encompassing the entire world. From now on everything will begin to exist on its foundation.

However, because humankind fell away from that place, up until now, people have been striving to restore this standard by continually making conditions according to the law of indemnity. However, once the territory of God's fatherland is obtained, the ways by which we could come thus far, having justified our existence based upon those past conditions, should be totally severed, overturned, trampled underfoot and removed. Then we have to build everything anew on the territory of the fatherland. Such a time has come. (430-113, 2004/01/01)

14 You should think about God's fatherland and the peace kingdom even in your dreams. God wants His fatherland, and humankind wants the peace kingdom. Now that we have come to the point of proclaiming what heaven desires and what earth desires, we must be grateful, even if we were to die tomorrow. You should be grateful that you live on earth at a time when you can make a contribution to God's fatherland and the peace kingdom. Before you die you should be able to shed tears of loyalty and filial piety so as not to be ashamed in front of the creation. Do not become shameful sons and daughters who shed tears struggling merely for the sake of your own pleasure and joy. Let us substantiate the ideal of the internal and external Cheon II Guk (430-154, 2004/01/01)

15 The motto for 2005 is, "Let us substantiate the ideal of the internal and external Cheon II Guk." Internal and external here mean the internal nation of heaven and the external nation of heaven. Cheon II Guk (^—gj) is a nation (g) where two (A) people (A) become one (—), mind and body become one, man and woman become one, parents and children become one, and heaven and earth become one, centering on God. The "internal" of "internal and external" refers to God, and the "external" refers to True Parents.

If you analyze the meaning of the phrase, "internal and external Cheon II Guk," it refers to the internal and external Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity. The internal Cheon II Guk cannot be completed on its own. It becomes complete only through the external Cheon 11 Guk. This is because heaven and earth were all destroyed because of the external Cheon II Guk, namely Adam and Eve's bodies. Now we have established internal and external Cheon II Guk. The era of Cheon II Guk has dawned, and the era of the kingdom of peace and unity has begun. (481-023, 2005/01/01)

16 Due to the Fall, human beings have not been able to perfectly carry out their moral duties as filial children in front of their parents, loyal patriots in front of their country, saints in front of the world, and divine sons and daughters in front of heaven and earth. These are what you must perfect in your generation. Although you received the Blessing, you have been fulfilling these responsibilities mostly on the individual level. Yet in order to recover what was lost in the Garden of Eden, you, who are one as True Parents' blood relations, must act on their behalf and conduct yourselves as befits their sons and daughters. You should do this as families, fulfilling the dutiful way of filial children, loyal patriots, saints and di- vine sons and daughters.

By so doing, you need to build a foundation on which no borders or restrictions will exist in any family, any people, any nation, at any place in the world on the planet Earth. Then, based on this foundation of liberation and complete freedom, True Parents will be able to carry out activities freely, as they will be in the land of freedom where they can take command. To build this foundation, you need to unite families and nations, unite heaven and earth, and build a cosmos of freedom where all are connected through the lineage of love.

We have concluded the long course of restoration, which started in places where we could not attend God, and we have arrived at the era when we can bring liberation and establish the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Now we can celebrate the opening of the eternal reign of peace with cheers of "Eog-mansei." Who will establish the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity? It is no one but you. Who will substantiate the royal authority of Cheon II Guk? It is no one but you, as families. Thus you should fulfill this responsibility. The era of the secure settlement of the model providence for the ideal

of peace in heaven and on earth (481-025, 2005/01/01)

17 The motto for 2006 is, "The era of the secure settlement of the model providence for the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth." This model providence includes the providence for the era of the secure settlement of the family, the providence for the era of the secure settlement of the nation, the providence for the era of the secure settlement of the world, up to the providence for the era of the secure settlement of the kingdom of heaven on earth. In this motto, "The era of the secure settlement of the model providence for the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth," the model providence for the secure settlement of the family, the secure settlement of the nation and the secure settlement of the world are all connected together. (513-210, 2006/01/01)

18 In 2005 we traveled to and spoke in 120 nations, giving a speech entitled "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful Ideal World." It contains contents about the model of God's ideal family and the model for a world of peace. These two ideals have not been realized. As for the ideal family, how can we realize that ideal in the fallen world? As for the model for a world of peace, it is something that can start based on the vision of building a new nation in the new world that is to appear in the Last Days.

In the world, through a long course of history, the family model must emerge first, and following on that should emerge the model for the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. That is why I wanted my speech to include content about the model for God's ideal family and the model for a world of peace. All of history is included there. (513-229, 2006/01/01)

19 "The era of the secure settlement of the model providence for the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth" is the motto for 2006. The era of the model family means the Old Testament Age. After that, the era of the model nation means the New Testament Age, which is the age of Jesus. After that, the era of the model world means the Completed Testament Age, which is the age of a unified world including both the spiritual world and physical world. As the Lord of the Second Advent, I broke through without major conflict or strife and reached a point where I could announce "The era of the secure settlement of the model providence for the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth." You do not know how awesome this is. The era of the secure settlement of the family has passed, the era of the secure settlement of the nation has passed, and now all that remains is to achieve the secure settlement of the era of the world.

Eog-mansei for the reign of goodness and prosperity in Cheon ii Guk, bringing peace to the cosmos (513-240, 2006/01/01)

20 The motto for 2007 is "Eog-mansei for the reign of goodness and prosperity in Cheon II Guk, bringing peace to the cosmos." The mandate of the Universal Peace Federation is related in theme to the work the Unification Church is carrying out throughout the world, that is, for peace in the cosmos. The phrase "universal (cosmic) peace federation" refers to the land and the home where God can live. This is something that people have not yet achieved.

The home and the land where God can live—in other words, the creation—is humanity's collective responsibility. Creation itself is the object of comfort that God requires for building and living in His home. Its importance is that it manifests God's love at the symbolic level. All things of creation are individual embodiments of truth. No matter what kind of being it is, each manifests a unique beauty. It is the same for human beings, whether they are handsome or not.

Among people in general, no one praises the person who boasts about himself. What I mean is, those who are not gentle and humble but think about everything centering on themselves should go to the back of the line. Conversely, those who think about the public ahead of themselves deserve to be blessed with good fortune. God likes such people. (550-121, 2007/01/01)

21 The motto for 2007 talks about "the reign of goodness and prosperity in Cheon II Guk, bringing peace to the cosmos." What is the reign of goodness and prosperity? Suppose that Cheon II Guk exists, but does not include an environment where we are able to live together with God, which is the ideal of God's original creation? What would be the point of its existence? This shows how essential a good environment is.

For instance, you may be born with natural beauty, but unless you have the opportunity to cultivate your appearance, you will not be able to show your full beauty. In the same way, no matter how good people say Cheon II Guk is, unless we make good preparations both inside and outside the house, it will not be a place where God will want to come and live with you. Neither will it be a place full of love and affection where you, as His sons and daughters, will want to live with Him forever.

The ideal state of the creation is one in which everything gives love and affection and makes that affection shine; this is the peace throughout the cosmos that God wants to create. That ideal is filled with beauty inside and out. Hence, people call it a good place, and everyone yearns to live there. Such is the reign of goodness and prosperity.

What I am saying is, peace comes from the home where one lives and attends God, the origin of cosmic peace. In that sense, the concept of a reign of goodness and prosperity is not a place of transient happiness, but of happiness that continues forever—Eog-mansei, literally one billion years. It will be an era and a world in which we can take pride. There we can live for ever and ever, and take pride in our right to live in joyous freedom forever and ever and ever. (550-122, 2007/01/01)

22 The reign of goodness and prosperity in the motto, "Eog-mansei for the reign of goodness and prosperity in Cheon II Guk, bringing peace to the cosmos," is already within our sphere of life. Heavenly fortune is with us. I know of this fortune that is with us. So, now, you need to bring great reformation and revolution at this time. Through it, what are you going to change? There are many who believe and follow me. I can call those historical people to testify about me anytime. But the question is, what are you going to do with your life after I am gone? You know me; you heard me; this and that are true. But again, my question is, "What are you going to do after I am gone?"

Don't forget that I built a palace in which God is able to live. Don't forget that I brought God's fatherland into existence, and don't forget that I called you to your hometowns. Yet, the father-land that I see does not have the appearance of the fatherland that I desire to see; nor have your hometowns reached the standard that I want to see. After I pass away, I want you to build up the father-land to the highest level, as I have desired it to be, and leave behind beautiful ideal hometowns. (550-130, 2007/01/01)

Mansei for the Cheon II Guk-Universal Peace Federation in the jubilee year joining 2007 and 2008

23 The 2008 motto is "Mansei for Cheon II Guk—Universal Peace Federation in the jubilee year joining 2007 and 2008." The motto includes the words Universal (Cosmic) Peace Federation and Cheon II Guk. The nation that God seeks is Cheon II Guk—the unified nation where two people, two parties, two entities become one. What we call the cosmos is the home where owners of the heavenly nation and earthly nation live. (584-026, 2008/01/01)

24 The words "jubilee year joining 2007 and 2008" are included in the 2008 motto, "Mansei for Cheon II Guk-Universal Peace Federation in the jubilee year joining 2007 and 2008." In other words, the jubilee year that I announced in 2007 has not ended yet.

After we go over the realm of 7 and the realm of 8 by joining them as one, we can surmount the number 9 without a problem; then we can claim the number 9 as well. Next comes the numbers 10 and 11 and the number 12, which is the sum of 6 and 6. The former part from 1 to 6 and the latter part from 7 to 12 form a pair, as Cain and Abel. Just as two gears mesh and rotate together, they will bring us into the unified realm of good fortune. That is why we can shout, "Jubilee year joining 2007 and 2008, mansei!" (584-041, 2008/01/01)

25 In 2007 the jubilee year was announced, and in the beginning of the year 2008 we joined 2007 and 2008. This means we have advanced from 7 to 8. True Parents are the representatives of God. God believes in True Parents and visits them on this earth. But True Parents are not the center; God is the center. I proclaimed that the time of the jubilee year joining 2007 and 2008 for the Cheon II Guk-Universal Peace Federation has come. There the king of kings is not True Parents, but God. In my position as True Parent, once I complete my portion of responsibility I have to depart from this earth. That is why I am busy every day. I do not have time to wait for 1,000 years or 10,000 years. I set my D-Day, the day of my millennial hope, as the day when I fulfill my responsibility.

What is the purpose of the Principle that we teach? It is to liberate God. True Parents are already liberated. However, we still have the responsibility to save countless people. God is only truly exalted after every single person in Satan's world is saved. Until we have completed that responsibility, we will not be able to receive the official seal of recognition that we have liberated God. The day in our life when we can receive it is called D-Day.

Proclamation of victory in the era when the Parents of Heaven and Earth establish the realm of cosmic Sabbath with the authority of absolute sex manifesting in true love, true life and true lineage. (584-158, 2008/01/14)

26 The motto for 2009 is "Proclamation of victory in the era when the Parents of Heaven and Earth establish the realm of the cosmic Sabbath with the authority of absolute sex manifesting in true love, true life and true lineage." Absolute sex is not something you can achieve alone. God does not become absolute just as a masculine subject partner. He must have an object partner to relate with. Absolute sex is the means by which we enter the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. God cannot achieve that alone. Even God cannot have absolute sex if He is alone.

For beings to be partners in absolute sex, what attributes must they have? What attributes do you need for that absolute relationship? There should be one partner. In order for that relationship to be absolute, the partner must be one, not two, which means he or she must be unique. Next, that person should not be changeable. In front of his or her eternal partner, that person must be unique, eternal and unchanging. Just being absolute will not suffice; he or she must also be unique, unchanging and eternal. These other three attributes are necessary to support the attribute of absoluteness. The most important and essential of the four attributes is to be absolute, but to be absolute, one must be unique, unchanging and eternal. (611-123, 2009/05/08)

27 In this motto, when writing the phrase "the authority of absolute sex manifesting in true love, true life and true lineage" I did not write it with the Chinese character gwon (g), meaning "realm"; rather, I wrote it with the Chinese character gwon (JS), meaning "authority' It refers to the most ideal power.

The motto, "Proclamation of victory in the era when the Parents of Heaven and Earth establish the realm of the cosmic Sabbath with the authority of absolute sex manifesting in true love, true life and true lineage," includes all those kinds of authority. In the Unification Church we believe everything will be brought into order once all of these are united through the formation, growth and completion stages and established in the world of the realm of God's heart.

For this, these authorities must pass through the Old Testament Age of the First Adam, the New Testament Age of the Second Adam, the Completed Testament Age of the Third Adam, and arrive at the Age of the Fourth Adam. Is accomplishing this goal easy? The Old Testament Age was the formation period; the period of Jesus, which is the New Testament Age, was the growth period and the Completed Testament Age, the completion period, is when we make the world as one.

This extends to the establishment of heaven's nation. As we strive to accomplish these things, we dream of the era of secure settlement in the realm of the Fourth Adam's Sabbath rest, where we will attend God and live together with Him in heaven's nation. (605-155, 2009/01/01)

28 In "Proclamation of victory in the era when the Parents of Heaven and Earth establish the realm of the cosmic Sabbath with the authority of absolute sex manifesting in true love, true life and true lineage," the Sabbath mentioned here involves eight stages, including the individual, family, tribe and people. The levels are all different. All eight stages are different in type, but I put these eight stages together. I connected the stages, from the stage when I was in the womb all the way to when I was in the position to open the realm of God's liberation.

When God and True Parents' realm of the king UN emerges, drawing from the Abel UN, everything will be united in a unified world. It will become the victorious True Parents' UN that will introduce the eternal reign of goodness and prosperity, unity, liberation and complete freedom in the ideal world centered on one lineage. This will complete the original fatherland and homeland of humankind. (605-169, 2009/01/01)

Mansei for the realm of the cosmic Sabbath of true love, where unity with a pure heart brings oneness in all victories

29 The motto for 2010 is "Mansei for the realm of the cosmic Sabbath of true love, where unity with a pure heart brings oneness in all victories." The concept of "unity with a pure heart brings oneness in all victories" is not something that will disappear. The theme that marks our realm of victory today is "the realm of the cosmic Sabbath of true love, where unity with a pure heart brings oneness in all victories." This is the moment when you are being given the authority and the right of inheritance as heaven's representatives. (2010/01/01)

30 Of particular note in 2010 is that we are welcoming "the era of uniting the old and the new calendars." We no longer need the solar calendar. The lunar calendar is a perpetual calendar whose calculations span 1,000, even 10,000 years. The lunar calendar year lengthens and shortens, while the solar calendar year does not. That is why on the lunar calendar, once every three years the 12-month year becomes a 13-month year. So the lunar calendar represents not only the number 12 but also the number 13.

It is difficult to go over the hill of the number 13. But once we go over it, a new heaven and earth will begin. Centering on God, Cain and Abel will be able to create a family and a clan in peace because originally we—you and I—came from God. We should be able to live together as kinsmen, up to even seven or eight generations in one home. (2010/01/01)

Mansei for Cheon II Guk, settled through harmony between children and the Parents who have Heaven's heart, whose harmony brings final and ultimate oneness to heaven and earth

31 The motto for 2011 is "Mansei for Cheon II Guk, settled through harmony between children and the Parents who have heaven's heart, whose harmony brings final and ultimate oneness to heaven and earth." In this new year, may heaven and earth unite as one body with one heart to receive God's blessings and the blessing of all humankind. Let us proclaim it and make it known to the whole cosmos, leaving all wrong and evil behind. (2011/02/03)

32 Today, February 3,2011, True Parents wield the supreme authority of victory over heaven and earth, the spiritual world and the physical world. We stand in the position of the supremely victorious king and queen because we connect all of heaven and earth. The words we spoke at the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Who, as God's Embodiment, Proclaim the Word, on November 4, 2010, proclaim that the entire course of our life and the words that portray it are textbooks and teaching materials for you. The addresses I gave at the 44th True God's Day and at the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship are all included in that speech.

There is nothing more to say. We are not dead people. Nor are we iconic bronze statues. Today is the day we embark on a new era where as living people we can go about on earth, hoisting the flag of the supreme and all-victorious throne. (2011/02/03)

33 The Parents of Heaven and Earth, True Parents, are the core and the pillar, the center of the cosmos. All the good kings in heaven and earth and all their future posterity will become one with them. Then they will be able to create an eternal, ideal homeland where the love of the infinite and great universe can blend on earth and in the eternal spirit world. In this way we should be able to build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven where we can all live together.

I hope that the citizens of heaven who received the Blessing in the spirit world can nurture seeds of true love, which Heavenly Parent and True Parents on earth have sown throughout all nations, oceans, and all of heaven and earth. They sowed them with one mind and one body, and with true love. Now I hope you will cultivate those sprouts that have taken root from the flower seeds we have sown, and help them on earth to develop parental love, conjugal love and sibling love.

I desire that all the parents and siblings connected to the eternal and infinite bloodline of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, keep that everlasting standard without defilement, and become one and live together with the fruits of true love for all eternity. In the name of True Parents, I hope you will expand the ideal of the everlasting kingdom of heaven based on the embodiments of God in heaven and earth. They are the one center, the one core, and the one pillar, and you should be united with them in heart as members of their body. (2011/02/03)

Era of the victory, liberation and completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

34 The motto for 2012 is "Era of the victory, liberation and completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind are one, not two. All of you must re-organize the plans for your life from a position of unity, aligning yourselves with True Parents. Therefore, you must offer all your possessions to heaven; thereby you can receive them back from heaven.

On D-Day, at the upcoming ceremony of True Parents' Holy Wedding, we will receive the seal of heavens nation and distribute it to you. Therefore, eight generations of your family line should unite with the Word and enter the era of the realm where you assimilate into heaven's nation, becoming one people, with equal rights for all. Only then will the settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be completed. Only then can all of us do as we please. Otherwise, we will all be caught short eternally.

Therefore, I told you that whatever difficulties you face, each family must bring actual results. Do not forget that to become the parents and ancestors of your lineage, you must be purified through three generations. If you do not do that, your paths in heaven and on earth will be blocked and you will build higher walls for your lineage. (2012/01/24)

35 From today, January 28,2012, True Parents' birthday, you must overcome all your circumstances in all directions. You have to overcome them all, whether you are situated at the individual level, family level, tribal level, people's level or national level. You have to overcome the last entanglement with life-or-death resolve, investing all of your power. Did you solve the registration problem? You can see from the speech booklet that was provided at the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Who, as God's Embodiment, Proclaim the Word, that I have prepared all the educational materials.

Wherever you are at this moment, you should cherish the hope to go beyond the Republic of Korea, beyond Asia, beyond the world, and beyond even heaven and earth. We are entering the era when you must achieve the realm of victory, liberation and completion that the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have achieved. Therefore, you should become different people. You should even breathe in a different way. Even your manner of walking should change. (2012/01/29)

36 On the first day of the first month of 2013 by the heavenly calendar we welcomed New Year's Day and True God's Day. Now you must attend our Heavenly Parent by giving Him utmost honor and exaltation. And you must disseminate the Word to the ends of the earth. Even in the Bible, it says that Christ rules over all nations with a rod of iron, meaning the Word... What do you think that indicates? It means you must witness with the Word.

We need a nation where God is able to reside. I am talking about a nation where our Heavenly Parent can dwell. In order to have a nation, you need people. Then what should we do? We must witness. You must fulfill the mission of heavenly tribal messiahs. You must do this for the remainder of your life. If you cannot do this, after you go to the spirit world you will be ashamed to meet True Father. He will say "I taught you this on earth, and I have also earnestly requested that you do this, but why haven't you done anything?" This is work that you absolutely must do, not only for your sake, but for generations of your descendants. (True Mother, 2013/02/10)

Let us become true owners of Cheon II Guk who practice true love, in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent

37 The motto that we will carry out until 2020 is "Let us become true owners of Cheon II Guk who practice true love, in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent." Do not forget Heavenly Parent in your daily life. And as long as you are living on this earth, you must maintain well this earthly world made by Heavenly Parent, our Creator.

Accordingly, your mission is to witness to people and educate them. This means to restore fallen human beings. The work we have to do is witnessing. Next, we must take care in maintaining the beautiful natural world that our Heavenly Parent created by investing all His power. Please be aware how much damage is being done to nature all over the world due to human ignorance. We should not give this low priority just because it does not affect us directly. We must address this human ignorance and protect and preserve the environment. We must revive the sea and the land that are dying. We are the ones who have to do this. Accordingly, we need to carry the consciousness of true owners like our Heavenly Parent, and then we must unite among ourselves and cooperate with each other to fulfill this task by all means. (True Mother, 2014/01/01)

38 The person who does not have a sense of responsibility for all this work will drift away. Until 2020, we must not forget even for one day, even for one hour, even for one minute, even for one second, that we are the true owners who have made it our task to restore this nation and the world. Let us think and think again, using the wisdom of heaven, and let us bring change by mobilizing all of humanity's abilities and resources. Unless we bring change to the world, we will have no future.

We are one unified family. Wherever we are, we must accomplish this goal with one heart and one purpose. That is why I am saying that you must become true filial sons, true filial daughters and true loyal patriots, who year by year can bring greater victories so that our Heavenly Parent, the Creator, will rejoice in those results and trust us all the more. Don't be a person who just comes and goes as you are. You must behave in a responsible way, with a sense of ownership for everything, by taking responsibility for every aspect. (True Mother, 2014/01/01)

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