Book 6

The World Tours and the Global Mission

God sent the Messiah at his Second Advent to earth to save humanity. In advance, He prepared the environment to realize a world of peace. Through scientific advances, God granted the development of international communication. God developed a form of democracy that acknowledges freedom of religion as a basic human right and protects the expression of religious values in politics, economy and culture. God chose America, the central nation of Christianity, as the Second Israel.

Starting from January 1965, True Parents conducted several global tours in order to build a foundation for world restoration. During the first and second tours, they established holy grounds and missionary headquarters, and they fulfilled other sacred duties such as officiating at marriage Blessing Ceremonies. The focus was on laying a foundation for mission work. On their third tour, they established a robust world mission organization, with the United States as the central mission country. During the first tour, they offered prayers and made conditions of devotion throughout the United States, and during the second tour, they organized the world mission headquarters in New York.

On December 18, 1971, beginning from Washington, DC, they began a campaign to awaken America to her role as God's leading providential nation. On a seven-city tour, True Father spoke on crucial matters such as the responsibility of Christianity and the serious threat of communism. Newspaper advertisements were placed promoting speaking events and a prize of $100,000 was offered for the best novel about Jesus' death on the cross. All of this created a shock wave throughout America. True Parents went on to proclaim God's Will and vision to the world through major rallies: at New York's Madison Square Garden on September 18, 1974, where 30,000 gathered; at Yankee Stadium on June 1, 1976, where 50,000 gathered; and at Washington Monument on September 18, 1976, where 300,000 people gathered.

In June 1967, accompanied by Korean leaders, True Parents visited Japan numerous times to encourage missionary work. The International One World Crusade visited Japan in 1975. The crusade had been mobilized in America in 1972 with members from multiple nations, and it had gathered large audiences for Day of Hope banquets and rallies to save the nation. Based on this and following the successes in America, True Parents convened a meeting of missionary candidates in Japan in February of 1975, and assigned them their nations. They confirmed 127 mission nations and sent missionaries to 95 of them. By 1999, Japan had dispatched 12,000 missionary women to 150 nations. As the Eve and Mother Nation, the Japanese movement endeavored to fulfill all its responsibilities.

Chapter 1

True Parents' World Tours

Section 1. The First World Tour Significance

True Father left Korea January 28,1965, and started on the path of his historic First World Tour. He visited 40 countries in all, including Japan, America, Canada, several nations in Central America and South America, 17 in Europe, six in the Middle East and eight others in Asia. On October 10, he returned to Korea, after passing through Japan. True Father undertook the world tour because it was providentially significant to connect 40 countries for the worldwide restoration of Canaan in a way similar to the way Joshua spied for 40 days at Moses' time.

1 We have registered our movement with the government in Korea, establishing a national foundation. Now we must prepare a world-level offering. God's instruction to Adam to have dominion over creation must be realized in Korea under my leadership, and then expanded to the rest of the world. I set the conditions for the Blessing, based on the standard prior to the Fall. Therefore, the spirit world was set in the position of the archangel before the Fall, and the earth was set in the position of Adam before the Fall. Through the establishment of this standard, the spirit world is able to cooperate with the earthly world.

The condition for angels to assist unfallen Adam was thus established. Therefore, I set out on a 40-nation world tour and returned 256 days later. Forty multiplied by 6 is 240, and 4 multiplied by 4 is 16, giving us a total of 256 days. We must restore the numbers 4 and 6. Therefore, returning from the tour on October 10 holds special significance. (015-229, 1965/10/12)

2 We must commence missionary work in 12 countries before the end of 1965. I know this is a difficult task. However, restoration cannot occur at just any time. Restoration is like seizing one spray of water in the middle of the ocean. The time of restoration is like the time when one grain of millet is worth as much as the entire ocean. There is only one such time. There will always be people and money, and there will always be tomorrow and thousands of years from now. But the right time is something that is rarely available.

I know that going out to do missionary work at this time in your life may wear you out. But it is impossible to accomplish restoration without challenging our limitations. Sacrifice is often necessary. Therefore, restoration is not something that is accomplished with one's leftover time or money—one's very blood must be offered to heaven's side. Restoration can be accomplished only by using all the driving force of our strength, even to the point of shedding our blood. (015-139, 1965/10/03)

3 The heavenly positions and center that Cain and Abel were supposed to establish through indemnity must be realized in Korea. The mission of the seven-year course is that we advance toward this goal. We now have reached the time when we must set up the tribal and national standards and enter into a global era. This is an era in which the ideology of one nation is not restricted to only that nation but becomes global. Therefore, we must understand how great is the heavenly significance of today's Unification Church.

Up to this point, we constructed a bridge for the fallen world and built a providential base upon which we moved up. At the end of the (1960 to 1967) seven-year course the Unification Church had to advance toward the world-level Canaan; that is, the world-level Israel. To prepare for this, I visited 40 nations and I established missionary departments in 14 of them. (016-071, 1965/12/26)

4 Since 1965, members from Germany were sent to many neighboring countries to carry out pioneer missions in those countries. The number of mission countries should be more than 14. We need to have the goal that we will have 40 mission countries by the end of 1967, and for this a worldwide strategy, materials and plans are needed. This is why I am looking for those countries in which we can establish missions. To establish our original homeland, nation and world, which is our ultimate destination, we must find these countries and go to them. We must know that this is the way to assist in fulfilling God's Will. We must go without hesitation to build the historic foundation where the tradition can be passed on. We must be ready to shed sweat and blood on the worldwide level. (015-227, 1965/10/10)

5 I anticipated many historic ups and downs during my first world tour. If there weren't any, it would mean my path was not the path of God's Will. I must be able to pave the way and bring peace, even in the midst of a howling typhoon. Someone who feels compelled to peacefully pave the way will be oblivious even to a typhoon. We must be the ones to pull through the furious typhoon and raging waves. We must become people who can block and calm the 6,000 years of twisting waves that have driven humanity to this suffering world of spiritual death. This is why we go forth with strong hearts, and continue on even when confronted with tempests. (015-221, 1965/10/10)

6 There are many things I felt deeply in my heart as I traveled and observed the world during this First World Tour. There are many people who say that todays world is like this and that. However, they are not correct about where the problem lies. What is important is heaven's objective. By standing in the position that heaven desires, we must represent Cain and become sacrifices in the position of Abel. We become world-level sacrifices to fulfill national and global responsibilities. We stand in the position to win over Cain for the sake of the nation, and then in the position to be sacrifices for the world. Only then will heaven be established. (015-267, 1965/10/17)

7 Seeing so many crosses during my world tour reconfirmed to me that my mission is to remove them all. Even if I have to do it through my children, I will get rid of the cross completely. Christianity is not the way of the cross but the way of revival and resurrection. From this perspective, Jesus did not offer a sacrifice; rather, he overcame Gethse-mane and Golgotha as a means of offering a condition for a future of hope. (015-126, 1965/10/03)

8 Todays Unification Church has experienced many difficulties. We are the first to overcome the crises that 30 million people in Korea will eventually face. This is the path of sacrifice. Through sacrifices, we can save people who are dying, and we can atone for our sins. If a person becomes an offering and is the first to face difficulties and sacrifice, as he spills blood before God he will receive grace and the people will be restored. In doing so, a person who becomes an offering can be revived by receiving grace. Unificationists must walk such a path.

Young people must take up this mission, but so many are declining to do so. While I toured the democratic world, I could not see anything else. All I thought about was which nation God could dwell in and which nation He could love. All people must love God, but popular trends have now created the perfect social conditions for people to completely forget about God. (015-250, 1965/10/17)

9 Although I always prayed for Korea as I traveled to 40 countries during my world tour, I also prayed a great deal for the world. When I would visit a country, people there would think of me as just a Korean person. So I was curious: For how many months, days and hours would they go on thinking like this? I wondered how they felt about a person who grew up with a different historical and cultural background.

This is what concerned me most when I visited Japan. I realized that if my attitude was, "I am Korean and you are Japanese," then they would start to have the same attitude. If that had happened, no matter how much I urged everyone to develop a global perspective, no one would have been moved to do so. I prayed much on this matter. Going to a different place and meeting people is not the issue. It is more fundamental than that. Whether you go to Japan, America or anywhere else, you must break out of the mind-set that your mission country is a different country.

120 holy grounds in 40 nations Between October 5 and October 7, 1962, True Parents selected five holy grounds throughout the Seoul area, beginning with one on the grounds of the Cheongpa-dong church. They collected soil and stones from each. Then in 1965 while visiting 40 nations, True Parents established holy grounds in each nation and buried some of the soil and rocks from Korea at each site. This was to engraft the holy grounds from Seoul, Korea's capital city, to the rest of the world, and in this way to distribute the foundation of victory and sincere devotion equally to each nation.

Through the establishment of the 36 Couples and 72 Couples, True Parents created the central pillar for one people, and through establishing the 120 Couples (often referred to as the 124 Couples) True Parents created the foundation of the nation of the unified world. True Father explained that 120 holy grounds in 40 nations were necessary to enter the providential age of the one world nation. The act of creating holy grounds symbolizes the creation of all things before the Fall. This represents the standard of heart of Adam's victorious realm. Thus, when missionaries in the position of heavenly children were dispatched to each nation, the foundation for economic restoration was already prepared. (017-041, 1966/11/06)

10 For me, the worldwide mission is to find God's authority, God's people and God's land. Based on this, the next duty is to become a patriot and a filial son. The third duty is to sanctify the environment. A dedication ceremony must be made with these three duties in mind. Holy grounds are created for this purpose. Becoming one based on this, we must connect with heaven. I must find and establish the standard according to which I can stand in place of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God. After this, the dedication ceremony can be offered. (012-183, 1963/05/01)

11 From this point, the fortune of the Unification Church will pass beyond the nation and expand to the world. If this nation and this people do not receive this, the world's people will.

The day will surely come when all 30 million people of Korea will open their hearts and welcome us with open arms and shouts of joy. In order to meet such a day, holy grounds were prepared in Korea as the base of victory. These are established in accordance with God's Principle of Creation and the laws of restoration through indemnity. (016-073, 1965/12/26)

12 The Unification Church is doing what Jesus tried to accomplish when he was on earth. Jesus was trying to establish the standard of perfection for the individual, family, tribe and nation. In other words, we are expanding the standard of the family, tribe and nation that God was seeking. This is why I established holy grounds when I sent out the 124 Blessed Couples across Korea. I asked them to do their best in their missions, uniting as one in their relationships, with the holy ground as their center. The accomplishment of your mission will become the standard on which the future history of the world will be built. It will be the beginning of a victorious era coming through us, an era connected to the world. This is why I established five central holy grounds in Korea, including the great holy grounds in the east, west, north and south areas of Seoul, in addition to the central holy ground at the Cheongpa-dong church.

On December 31,1964 and on January 1, 1965, I brought soil and rocks from the five holy grounds in Seoul and prepared to take these abroad. By doing so, the coming of the age of victory could be connected to the world. What does this soil and stone represent? Through the Fall of Adam, God lost not only Adam but the entire world to Satan. Now I have laid the victorious foundation upon which God can recover all of that. We have entered the "era of rights" where land can be reclaimed. The soil and stones from the holy grounds are the base where God presides. This is why the holy grounds were created. (016-074, 1965/12/26)

13 We need to love the whole land of Korea by loving the holy grounds as a condition. You must want to live on that land and shed your sweat on that land. You should know the history of the blood-stained tradition in this land and you should remember Father.

Being able to receive the Blessing is an incredible thing. A person who receives the Blessing has to become a person who can exert ownership on behalf of God by having a mind-set that declares, "If I decide in such a way, the heavens and the earth will move accordingly." With that condition, heaven will be able to establish the ideology of life, with us at the center.

We must understand the preciousness of holy grounds and sacred things and make every effort to protect them. Families who have received the Blessing are valuable and should be treated as precious. You should protect blessed families. You need to find land on which to live and die nobly. We must quickly create holy grounds and recover holy people. (013-014, 1963/10/01)

14 What happens if we create an alignment between God, a person and a holy ground? We establish the standard of Adam and Eve as they were before the Fall. Creating a holy ground means preparing and restoring people, land and all things that were lost in the Garden of Eden. On that basis we find people and create a point where they can relate with God.

Also, what will happen once we establish a holy ground? Before Adam and Eve fell, the spirit world was solely the world of angels. The hope of the world of angels was that Adam and Eve would quickly become perfected so the spirit world could enter into a realm of life to receive God's love. The world of angels wished to cooperate with Adam and Eve for them to become God's children, establishing a base of peace to receive Gods love by building a God-centered family. Since a holy ground is a purified place, like a family blessed by God, the spirit world can help at that place. (016-075, 1965/12/26)

15 In the future the time will come when the fortune of an ethnic people and global fortune will move forward at the same pace. For this reason I am working to engraft the holy grounds in Seoul, Korea's capital, to the other holy grounds in the world, not only on a domestic level but on a global level. On the foundation of creating the holy grounds, if I send sons and daughters whom God loves out as missionaries, we can establish a foundation upon which to attend God on the global level. If we have such a foundation, the spirit world will have no choice but to cooperate with those missionaries.

After establishing the holy grounds during the world tour, I was thinking that I must send missionaries to all those places as quickly as possible. By placing the people I send out at the standard of the restored Adam and Eve, we will have restored by indemnity the standard that, up until now, the spirit world has not been able to reach. Then the horizontal battle on earth can begin.

Since an angel caused the Fall, angels must come to earth and expel Satan. This is the principle of restoration through indemnity. By our mobilizing those in the spirit world, Satan must be banished from the earth. During the First World Tour, I chose 105 holy grounds, and now I must expand the number to 120. By doing so, we will establish heavenly territory. With the blessing of the holy grounds, the national sovereignty will be switched over to heaven's side. (016-076, 1965/12/26)

16 We must regain land only after we have found people. The reason I toured 40 nations was to create holy grounds. Once the standard of restoring the Fall was established in Korea, holy grounds could be established throughout the world. I must create 120 holy grounds in 40 countries. The families from the 120 Couples Blessing represent 120 nations. In Korea, based on the number 70, I need to set a condition by finding 72 sites for holy grounds. There must be more holy grounds here in Korea than in America.

The establishment of a holy ground signifies God's creating the earth before His creation of human beings. When members stand on this ground, it signifies the re-creation of people and the earth. When this happens, the angels and the spirit world have no choice but to cooperate. Therefore, having the 120 holy grounds is the same as having 120 countries. (016-008, 1965/12/21)

17 By blessing the 124 Couples, I created the foundation for the principled partnership that Jesus had desired, thereby opening the way to redeem all the people of the world. Next, I stood in the position of having to redeem all things of creation. To do so, centering on the four-position foundation, I created 120 holy grounds in 40 representative nations. The 120 holy grounds in 40 nations symbolize 120 nations. Because I was 40 years old at the time of the Holy Wedding Ceremony in 1960, these 40 nations represent 40 years. On the foundation of those 40 years, I connected these 120 nations with one another.

Establishing 120 holy grounds in 40 nations symbolized our concrete, substantial relationship with 120 nations. It also set the condition for redeeming all things of creation. Through this, the Unification Church was able to find everything, not only the sons and daughters God has been searching for, but also representatives of different ethnicities and nationalities that represent the world, as well as holy grounds that represent all things of creation. From this point in time, heavenly fortune started to work, with the Unification Church in the central role. (054-294, 1972/03/26)

18 Choi Won-bok, Choi Bong-chun and Young Oon Kim were with me as I established 120 holy grounds throughout the world. From the perspective of God's Will, Choi Bong-chun represented Japan, the Eve nation, and Young Oon Kim represented America, the archangel nation, and together with me, the three created a four-position foundation with Adam at the center. For this reason, the four of us went on the world tour. During the world tour, the position of the Eve nation was taken by a man, and the position of the archangel nation was taken by a woman, switching positions. This reversal symbolically set up the internal Adam and Eve.

During the First World Tour, I visited the capital buildings and museums of each nation, and I worked to link history to the world of the present day. I brought stones and earth from Korea and planted them at each holy ground. I also collected stones and earth from each country. Bringing the stones and earth from Korea had the same result as bringing the entire victorious foundation of having established Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things. Planting things in those countries was like bringing fortune there; and bringing things from those countries back to Korea opened a pathway toward a beneficial realm of exchange. (052-250, 1972/01/01)

19 Why did I go on a world tour? It was because I had to share my victorious foundation with the world. Since the mission I accomplished is the creation of the victorious standard with Korea in the central position, we must share that standard with everyone in the world. Establishing the holy grounds created the same standard of heaven and earth that was present before the Fall. Because all things of creation existed even before human beings were created, the foundation for spiritual works to take place on earth was established. And when we send out into the world our heavenly missionaries who have the unfallen standard of heart and who possess the realm of victory of the Abel-type Adam, we will establish the starting point of the substantial re-creation of the Word and this pure-heart standard. Therefore, I am diligently working to quickly send missionaries out to the rest of the world. (015-150, 1965/10/07)

20 In establishing a holy ground, I selected land where I could pray. When we were being hounded and chased out, we had no place to communicate freely with God. The fact that we now have holy grounds where we can cry out to God is historic and signifies that we have established a base for the worldwide and historic victory.

In order to extend this standard, I created 120 holy grounds in 40 countries during my world tour in 1965. Even though it meant using precious finances, I established holy grounds and brought the earth and rocks back to Korea, because God's providence must be done in this way. This kind of work never existed before in history. The reason I am doing it is to move along with the flow of heavenly and earthly fortune and to align with God's providential program.

The 120 holy grounds in 40 countries are the places where the people chosen by God can be protected. If earthly people cannot protect us, those in the spirit world will protect us when we are at the holy grounds. Creating the holy grounds establishes bases where God can be with us and from where we can lead the fight victoriously for the movement of the redemption of the people. (016-262, 1966/06/19)

21 The most difficult place for me to find a holy ground was in Beirut, Lebanon. The Beirut beach was guarded by the military. So at three in the morning, eluding the military patrols, I stole to the Beirut seashore and created the holy ground as the stars and moon shone in the sky. In the Middle East I set up holy grounds in Lebanon and Syria. In order to make holy grounds there, four of us secretly went in without anyone knowing and established them. I created holy grounds all the way up to Jerusalem in Israel. I set the boundary lines of the holy grounds at the battlegrounds where unprecedented clashes were taking place. (597-182, 2008/09/11)

22 It took me more than seven hours to choose a holy ground in Syria, so out of all the holy grounds I created, that is the one that left the greatest impression on me. At that time in Syria, a Christian ran the risk of being stoned to death for standing and praying during the day. So, even though it would consume a lot of our time, we would have to choose the holy ground in the evening. While we were in Syria, we attended an international exhibition on Eastern Europe that was being held. At this exhibition, the Soviet Union's satellite nations placed their products on display. I will never forget the impression I got when I entered the Soviet Union exhibit. And it was there that a Serbian man was sitting next to us who helped us find a holy ground. This experience of establishing that holy ground seems like just a few days ago. (018-232, 1967/06/11)

23 Every time I go to a place where our church is, I offer a prayer that in the future we must restore a foundation for Abel-type existence. I have been creating holy grounds in accordance with this providential plan. Setting up a holy ground also prepares a base for environmental restoration. Therefore, each site must have Abel-type financial support. So whenever I went to each country, I deposited money into an account—for America, in American dollars; for Japan, in yen; and for Germany, in marks. Being able to deposit money into an account means that the children can inherit the privilege from their parents to join in a relationship of heart with all things of creation. Being able to join me on this path should be a matter of historic, global pride for all of you. This becomes an important condition when building up the Abel-type altar toward material restoration. (016-079, 1965/12/26)

24 The power at the 120 holy grounds in 40 countries must never be turned off. Korea should become like the broadcasting station transmitting its signal to the rest of the world. When Korea transmits the signal, the holy grounds of the world should receive the signal and offer gratitude and greetings.

Even though the holy ground is God's guard post on earth, there have been very few to guard that post. The prophets or members of the Unification Church must not become a flock of pitiful sheep before God. God's heart regarding the holy grounds is extremely deep, and how sorrowful His heart is when His children do not go there. You can apologize to assuage God's sorrowful heart about the holy grounds, but if you make a promise to fulfill the duties of filial piety and do not keep it, God cannot recover from the sorrow He comes to feel. If this happens, you can never become loyal men and virtuous women again. (017-244, 1967/01/29)


True Father and his entourage arrived in Japan at Haneda Airport on January 28, 1965, and received an enthusiastic welcome from the Japanese members. This was the first stop on his First World Tour. On the same day a big welcoming service took place at the Japanese headquarters. True Father handed out commemorative gifts with his name engraved on them and presented the headquarters with a Unification church flag. He also created holy grounds in Tokyo and Nagoya, before departing for the United States on the morning of February 12.

25 I have returned to Japan after an absence of 20 years. Though years have passed, I still have memories of my former days. It was a dangerous time for me back then, but I resolved to offer my life and stay forever on this path. You do not know how many times I determined to give my life. I started on this path only after having made up my mind as to exactly what kind of attitude I would offer if I encountered a miserable death. The reason I have been carrying out all of these things in Korea until now is not because I had nothing to eat. I did not do all of this because I wanted to gain honor. I did not do all of this because I missed someone. I did these things only because I know God and understand His heart. (1965/10/08)

26 If the people of Japan do what the rest of humanity cannot do, the Japanese people will lead the world. People who have this character, ideology and achievement, along with a deep understanding of God's heart, are the heavenly people who will remain in God's nation. I am saying that above all we must restore Japan. Please love other nations more than I do. Please love the world more than I do. Please love Heavenly Father more than I do. If I happen to collapse in front of you, you must not weep. Who will love God as I love Him? Who will love all people as I love them? Who will love the universe as I love it? Who will take the responsibility that I have been taking? You cannot lament to God if you have not had a loving heart. These are the words I leave with you. (015-041, 1965/01/31)

27 I want to meet you and to praise your hard work with my tears but I cannot do that right now. What I want to say to those who are really exhausted by the fight is, "You must go on again." Our way is to build up a worldwide rampart. This must be built with our blood and flesh. I am saying that you need to bear the cross. I am telling you to go to the place of death.

Satan's world does not end even though God sends a brave soldier with His fighting spirit who strikes it again and again. Satan is the enemy of 6,000 years. It is imperative that I bring Satan, the enemy of humankind, into submission with this very hand. All things of creation have officially recognized our absolute loyalty as God's children and the contributions we have made. No matter how strong Satan is, he cannot make a false charge against this official recognition.

If there is one person in Japan who will stand and fight from this position, God will choose that person even if it means giving up all of Japan. If there is even one person like that in the whole world, God will choose that person even if He has to abandon the rest of the world. (014-342, 1965/01/28)

28 When I first set foot in Japan, I prayed from my heart, "If there is anybody who welcomes me as I carry the truth of Your heart, please remember that person's heart." The path that I am handing down to you is the path of the cross that I must follow. I felt that my heart cannot be weak as I greet my other brethren on this path of the cross. We must go forth with tears to build God's world of hope and establish the land that God desires. There will be indemnity, and it will be a thorny path full of dangerous cliffs and ledges. There will also be times when we must rush forth like a cannonball that will strike its target with absolute precision.

However, God is wondering who will carry on with this kind of heart once I depart this world. A courageous person who can stimulate God will be a victor in his life course. We must always analyze ourselves and ask, "Am I really working to fulfill God's Will? Am I standing in the center of this mission? Is this the proper lifestyle for someone who is pursuing this goal?"

To that end, there must be nothing but the world that God hopes for. There must be nothing but the relationship with God. There must be nothing outside of this. There must be nothing outside of God's hope, and our understanding of God's heart and situation. There must be nothing but independence, harmony and unity, with God at the center. Someone who embodies these characteristics can lead the world. (014-342, 1965/01/28)

29 We must have a stronger sense of the responsibility given to Japan. It is absolutely unforgivable if a person who represents heaven thinks it is all right just to take it easy. Unless we experience God's hopes directly, we will never understand this. Unless the self dies, we will never know that kind of heart. Only through hardship will we finally come to know. We must become people who live inside God's heart, saying, "Even though the whole world opposes me, I will go this way." I have already made that determination, even if I have to fight alone. (1965/02/08)

North America

True Father departed from Japan on February 12,1965, stopped in Honolulu, Hawaii, and arrived at San Francisco International Airport the following day. During the next 43 days until March 29, Father created 55 holy grounds while traveling through the 48 contiguous states. Then on March 31 Father arrived in Washington, DC, where he remained for three months, devising a detailed strategy for the establishment and expansion of the mission foundation across the regions of the United States and in 12 mission countries. Father also spoke at length to the participants of a 21-day workshop there. Then on June 25 he visited former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower at his home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and spoke with him on matters of importance.

30 I thought that foreigners did not cry very often, but after visiting America, I learned that they cry a great deal. The American members heard that I was arriving, but they were unaware of my arrival time, so they waited all day at the airport. They were tired and anxious from waiting, and when I finally landed and made it to the arrival gate some people were laughing and some were crying. Although we have different cultures and historical backgrounds, once we become Unificationists, our tears and our smiles become just the same. The American members showed their teeth when smiling and shed tears, just as Koreans do. (019-304, 1968/03/10)

31 I toured 48 American states in 43 days. I had to travel at least 700 kilometers each day by car. In San Francisco, I established two holy grounds called the Twin Peaks. One is Mother's holy ground and the other is Father's. In total, I established 55 holy grounds in America. Today there is no one protecting these holy grounds. The Unification Church is not developing because no one is taking care of the holy grounds.

I held conferences in both the eastern and western parts of the country during the same week, one conference every three days. We drove across the Rocky Mountains in one week. America has patriots, but they need to learn from me. They are not able to break my record. We also surmounted many difficulties. Instead of sleeping in hotels, I slept in the car and on sandy beaches if we could find any. Sometimes I would awaken in the middle of the night and stick my head out of my sleeping bag. The stars would shine brightly as if to say, "Did you have a good rest?" They would also say, "Good morning!" and "Good night!" I also had many dreams during that time. (580-116, 2007/11/10)

32 As I traveled around the 48 states, I had only bread and bacon with me. For a meal, I had one piece of each. I would have one slice of bread with bacon and kimchi. Young people can eat three pieces each for a meal, and it still would not be enough. But with us, each person could get only one piece each.

I have many stories to tell. Some nights, if it was already after midnight, because I rise at five in the morning we would not get a hotel room for just a few hours of sleep. Instead, we would sleep in the car on the side of the road as if the car had broken down. All I need is a short nap on the side of the road. Since we were four people and it cost $80 per person for the hotel rooms, that meant we saved $320. With that much money, we could eat and live for a week! That's how we cut expenses. And no matter how difficult it was, we had to travel 700 kilometers per day. One day we even traveled 1,300 kilometers. This is how we were able to traverse 48 states in 43 days. (322-089, 2000/05/14)

33 When I went to America, I looked around at the American culture that had taken root on the basis of democracy and thought, "This place is the central headquarters that will have command over the entire world. A new world culture will rise up and use this place as its stepping-stone." I then prayed about this point. Why are we proud of the Empire State Building in New York? It might be a source of pride in this present society, but in the new world we are creating, it will not stand as a tower or even a signpost. The world centered on the culture of a new blessed land that God is hoping to create is on a level much greater than that of the Empire State Building. (016-165, 1966/03/13)

34 No matter how good they say life in America is, from the viewpoint of God's original heart, America is not promoting true happiness and is not becoming a symbol of honor and glory. God feels great pain when He sees all of America entering a pit of sadness and grief. I once prayed at the Empire State Building in New York. They say it is the world's tallest building and a part of America's splendid culture. But I thought, "Building, how many people are here in this sinful city of New York who are trying to form a connection to heaven with you at the center? They too will have to pay indemnity!"

No matter how much I searched, I could not find people in New York who could connect with God's original heart, form a blood relationship with True Parents, and become their true sons and daughters. Out of all the people in New York, I could not find even a single such person, nor any such person throughout all of America. Before there were Americans, God was America's owner. Even before there were Native Americans, God was the owner of America. Therefore, the people God loves the most will become the owners of America. (020-128, 1968/05/01)

35 The United States today stands in the same position as the Roman Empire of 2,000 years ago. America, which we can call the 20lh-century Rome, should not be proud only of its own culture, as the Romans were of theirs. America should not become a nation that just makes efforts to dominate other nations. God's blessing is absolutely public. This blessing is not just for a single individual, family, nation or even the world. God's blessing is for the entire universe. All of you Americans here today must understand clearly how many hardships God experienced and how much He suffered so He could prepare to give this land such a huge blessing. An incredible teaching must be born in this land, an incredible teaching that exists for the entire world. One world family must be established here. (015-067, 1965/02/13)

36 I love Korea. However, my mission is greater than Korea. It reaches out to the world. My prayers and interests surpass Korea and focus on the whole world. Likewise, American brothers and sisters should not have an interest only in America or pray just for America. It is not just for the American people that you must bear the cross. You must not shed tears just for America. If you are going to shed tears, you must shed them for the sake of the world. You all must shed blood and tears for the sake of the entire world. You must stand in the position of loving America because you love the world. (015-075, 1965/02/13)

37 When I came to America in 1965, I told former President Eisenhower to set three major conditions. I asked him what he was going to do to resolve historical, religious and ideological conflicts. It was originally decided that my visiting time would be just five minutes, but 20 or more minutes passed before we finished. When I said I had to be going, he was sad to part with me and led me to the second floor where he showed me his living quarters. He gave me a personal keepsake, one he said he would never forget. He also spoke proudly about his experiences with Churchill and Stalin.

Our Unification Church must make America the number one landing field. When a young man from the Unification Church appears and says something to the world, humanity must agree and say, "That is true." (016-242, 1966/06/19)

38 When I met former President Eisenhower in 1965,1 discussed the issue of America's participation in the Korean War. I told him that the democratic world must stand in a position to be able to launch a military operation to counter communism. I explained that, even if the democratic world wins over the communist world, the communist world would then use Islam to continue its attack. The left wing, which is on Satan's side, has unified religion and the communist world, representing the internal and external aspects respectively. However, the right wing, which is on God's side, has been unable to unite Christianity and the democratic world. God has been planning and preparing a people to send to America for 6,000 years. Since America must defend heaven, we cannot hold hands with or align ourselves with the Cain world.

America stands in a leading role throughout the democratic world. American citizens must understand that God gave America boundless blessings for 200 years. He took things from Satan's world and gave them to America. God gave America the strength needed to surpass Satan's world, and helped America gain a larger population than that of its enemies. Because God knew that materialism would become a problem, He gave America blessings that would help the country overcome materialism. America is responsible for the strength of the right side, and no matter what occurs she must defend God and Christianity until the very end. (054-050, 1972/03/10)

Latin America, Europe and the Middle East

True Father visited Panama in Central America on July 3, 1965. In South America he visited Colombia on July 4, Chile on July 5, Argentina on July 7, and Brazil on July 8. On July 9, Father left Brazil and arrived in Portugal on July 10 via Senegal, in West Africa. He then traveled to 17 countries in Europe until August 24. On that day, he departed from Greece for Cairo. In addition to Egypt, he visited five other Middle Eastern countries, while continually encouraging the local members. On August 31, during a pilgrimage to the Jerusalem holy ground, True Father deeply consoled Jesus for his heartbreak over having had to climb the mount of Golgotha to go the sacrificial way of the cross.

39 I met one Japanese member in Brazil who, though unable to speak the language, carried the cross by going to Brazil at a young age to spread God's Word. My heart ached when I saw how this member had suffered so much in that wilderness. The world of heart cannot be blocked by borders, military force or any ideology. That member had gone beyond being Japanese. He had more heart than a Korean. I will never forget the loyalty of those members who were standing on the airfield at sunset bidding me farewell with tears. If we cannot meet the laborers of Unification while shedding tears of sacrifice for the world, this mission will never extend beyond the national level. (015-226, 1965/10/10)

40 I prayed as I traveled around Europe. I realized that crossing the Alps is not a problem. Neither is crossing the Himalayas. Fighting on the front line of a spiritual battle is more difficult than either. Because this battle is the path of restoration, this is my strategy: If I am not aligned with the rules and principles of heaven, nothing will be resolved. We are facing a time of urgency. The question is why communism is saying religion is its enemy. Therefore, we are all fighting under the proposition, "The enemy of religion is communism." (015-225, 1965/10/10)

41 I offered a prayer to God in front of the Vatican Palace in Rome. I prayed, "God, this church with over 600 million believers and over 2,000 years of history stands here. However, I am concerned about what will become of them. As You have wanted, we will unite the many divided denominations and religious orders." The Vatican is the headquarters and formative point of European civilization. God and I communed together with a heart of concern over the Vatican regarding what would eventually happen to it. There is a principle that when truth and falsehood collide, falsehood will shatter. (016-237, 1966/06/19)

42 The day I visited Egypt, governed by the military under Nasser, was the anniversary of the establishment of the Egyptian military. So I examined their military and found that they were armed with modern weapons. I could not see Egypt's industrial development in the capital city of Cairo, so I traveled to Alexandria, which is about 135 miles from Cairo. There I saw the industrial development of the city and thought that no matter how much Egypt boasts, it was not making enough progress. Looking at this, it seemed like Egypt was 10 to 20 years behind Israel. The country's original plan of using the East-West conflict to help develop Egypt was shrewd, but I returned thinking that from now on they had better consider changing their direction. (018-229, 1967/06/11)

43 During my First World Tour, I took a close look at the Middle East by visiting Syria, Israel and Jordan. The reason was that I wanted to know how people in the spirit world were working behind the scenes. In addition, the government of Israel provided special land for new immigrants. Israelis have been able to return to the blessed land of Abraham bearing an ideology of restoration, working to restore sovereignty. When I saw this, I felt that the ideology of being the chosen people cannot be taken out of them. With this ideology, no matter what they go through, they are resolute from beginning to end. (018-227, 1967/06/11)

44 When I visited Jerusalem, I saw a sign at the location where Jesus collapsed on his way to Mt. Golgotha. I looked at the place 12 times and thought, "This is the path of indemnity that Jesus walked." Then I prayed, "How heartbreaking Jesus' situation must have been 2,000 years ago, as he shouldered the new heavenly mission and entered the desert and the wilderness! Jesus set aside the rich and prominent people of that time and searched for extremely insignificant and incredibly poor Israelites, because he understood his Father's heart and desire to relieve the bitter sorrow of these people through their restoration even one day sooner." Anyone who visits that place must offer a prayer of deep comfort to Jesus for his heart-wrenching situation. Only then will Satan feel uneasy and God be comforted. Satan must be brought to weep with sorrow and God must be able to laugh with joy. Due to the Fall of Adam, God shed tears of heartbreak, and Satan and Adam also shed tears. God and Satan must shed tears on the path of restoration. Restoration cannot be fulfilled until my tears are enough to make God and Satan weep. (018-165, 1967/06/04)

45 I experienced many things when I visited Jerusalem. If you were to look there, half is desert. So much of it was desert that I took one look at a large camel and wondered if there was enough grass anywhere for the camel to eat its fill. Seeing that place, I realized that Korea is the most blessed among blessed lands. The grapevines there in Israel did not even span the length of my arm. During the day, the heat of the sun completely dried up one-third of the grapes. The vines were so withered you could not tell what they were. They looked like some other type of vine. However, even though it was very hot during the day, dewdrops fell during the night and at dawn. These dewdrops helped the plants regain their vitality.

I felt deeply that, just like the plants that grow on Israeli land, the Jewish people are a tribe that waits for the tranquil dawn when they can cry out in their prayers before God. I see something when I look deeply into Israelis' eyes. There is something that moves me. A song that is sung after one's heart has been deeply moved induces the best tears and the most soulful prayer. That is why I felt, "Ah, this is why a new history was able to start here." (017-021, 1966/11/06)


True Father arrived in New Delhi on September 7,1965. In addition to India, he visited eight other Asian countries and established holy grounds in each. In New Delhi, True Father met with Sir Anthony Brooke, from the Sarawak ruling family, who was also staying there. From the 12th, Father took time to view sites in the city of Calcutta and then visited Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong and the Republic of China (Taiwan) until September 28. After Father arrived in Japan on September 29, he visited Nikko on October 1 and Hakone on the 5th, and spoke about Japan's mission as the Eve nation. On September 6 he climbed Mt. Fuji. True Father returned to Korea on October 10, having been away for 256 days.

46 The last time I toured the southern countries, the most difficult thing was the heat. It is incredibly difficult to do missionary work in intensely hot places. During my one-week stay in Calcutta, India, the temperature rose to 41 degrees Celsius (105.8 degrees Fahrenheit). I realized that it must be very difficult to witness in such a place. Is there anyone among you who would go there? If you think about it, more Asian people live in the tropical regions than in the Far East. Even in China, half of the entire population lives in the warmer region. If you look at the ratio, more people in Asia live in the south than in the north. (018-086, 1967/05/21)

47 You must become a person who can stand in the most difficult position and take responsibility for the most difficult jobs in the Japanese Unification Church. In order to accomplish our goal, we must move forward relentlessly. If we cannot accomplish this in our generation, then we must absolutely accomplish the goal even if it is through our second- and third-generation descendants. When the worldwide storm rages, the victory of the people will be decided based on how many are ready to follow God's Will. Unification Church members are conducting an unseen global movement, but at some point this will be revealed and become a force to be reckoned with. That time will definitely come. When it does, if Japan stands at the front, she will become the center of the world. (015-085, 1965/09/29)

48 The future problem is how to move the world. To do this, we must accomplish three things: First, our ideology must be thorough. Second, we must strengthen our organization. Third, we must work together through joint activities. Therefore, we must confront communism with strong organizational power and energy. We cannot move forward without being systematic.

For us there is no day and night. We must forget even about eating. I want to raise such people. The same goes for Japan. Soon the Japanese government will have no choice but to pay attention to the Unification Church. That time will come. Japan will be saved by all of you. When that foundation is established, and when we go over that summit, then we must engage in organized activities. (015-094, 1965/09/30)

Section 2. The Second World Tour

The global mission

In 1969, from February 2 to May 2, True Parents conducted their second world tour, visiting 21 nations. They presided over a meeting with regional directors at the Tokyo, Japan headquarters on February 2, and then arrived in Nagoya the following day to attend the final performance of the Little Angels in Japan.

On February 4, they began their tour in the United States. From March 16 they traveled to England, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel and Iran. Father and Mother departed Tehran and traveled via New Delhi, Bangkok and Hong Kong to arrive in Tokyo at around midnight on April 18. They returned to Korea on May 2.

1 1969 is a very critical juncture in history, when we must overcome a great obstacle. It will enable us to rise from the level of the Korean people and determine the destiny of the nation. This is necessary in order to recover the world that has been lost. This is also a time in which nations in Asia will face their greatest challenge. With this reality guiding my determination, I will tour the world for 100 days.

New members among you, no matter how you have lived in the past, must now establish a tradition based on understanding this incredible teaching of truth. You older members must not deny your past accomplishments, but sacrifice even more. You who are younger need to become pillars of the future Unification Church. You need to establish this teaching as a starting point for the people and the nation of Korea, and advance until we accomplish our goal.

You must create the Korea that loves the people and the nation while attending God. If you do this, 30 million people will open their arms and welcome God. This nation of Korea will influence the whole world, and God's sovereignty will be praised in all nations. We need to establish the foundation not only to unite the world, but also to open a new historic era in the 20th century and beyond. This is the path that we Unificationists have to walk. (022-106, 1969/01/26)

2 As we enter 1968, the times are changing. The fact that God's Day was inaugurated means that we have brought victory and recovered the original base that the first human beings lost in the Garden of Eden. Before, the providence of restoration was carried out by sacrificing the people on Gods side. From now on the direction of the providence of indemnity has changed and the opposite is happening. We have entered the era when rather than using people on His side as sacrificial offerings, God now can advance the providence of indemnity through sacrificing people on Satan's side.

For this reason, when we look at the international political climate, we see a new worldview from Western Europe emerging even in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, those world leaders who were boasting of their power and authority are now declining. They are facing an era in which their power and influence over the world, which peaked, will now diminish. My view, from the providential perspective, is that the three years from 1968 to 1970 will be critical for the providence. We have to effect comprehensive changes and advance to the next stage. Even the political situation in Asia is drastically changing. In particular the situation between the North and the South on the Korean Peninsula is dangerous. We need to overcome challenges, especially in 1969. (022-222, 1969/05/02)

3 The present era is incredibly intense. As I toured the globe I felt that the world is demanding our teachings. Momentous change occurred between 1965 and 1969. The world has changed in unimaginable ways. This is true for the United States, for Europe, and elsewhere. We can sense that nothing in the world can be resolved other than by our teachings. As time passes this will only be more and more apparent. Without our teachings, the world will gradually decline into the realm of death. (022-221, 1969/05/02)

4 From now on, you need to pray for the unification of Korea. Until True Parents return from their world tour, everyone; man or woman, young or old, must pray at the holy ground whenever you have time. If you cannot go there to pray at dawn, please go during the day or in the evening. Please think about how I shed tears at this holy ground in the early years. Please think about the path of suff ering that I walked as I chose the holy grounds and established Parents' Day, Children s Day and Day of All Things. You must understand how much effort I made leading up to God's Day on January 1, 1968. God was miserable, I was miserable, Unificationists also were miserable.

Now that you have the responsibility to establish the foundation for the unification of Korea throughout the world, you need to pray so fervently that the rock you sit upon is moved to tears and all of nature bows its head. I should ask you to fast during lunch while I am on the tour, but I do not want to do that. Instead, please pray hard at the holy ground. Sing "Song of Unity" to stimulate your heart for the unification of Korea and its people, and for the unity of all humankind in God's providence of restoration. Pray with all your heart and mind at the holy ground that all people will follow your example. In addition, pray that by the time I return home, you will have inspired many people of the world to sincerely desire and pray for the unification of the Korean Peninsula. (022-158, 1969/02/02)

5 When I visited Jerusalem during my world tour, I went to the Mount of Olives and saw an ancient olive tree. It occurred to me that this might have been the tree under which the three disciples, Peter, James and John, fell asleep as Jesus offered three prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane 2,000 years ago. It might have been there that Jesus reproached them, and that Jesus' disciple, Judas, committed the unbelievable act of betrayal. It could have been the place where such tragic events occurred. Nevertheless, some people who come here think, "Jesus fulfilled his purpose of coming to this earth by dying for me." How lamentable! (022-275, 1969/05/04)

6 I felt a big difference between 1965, when I toured 40 nations, and 1969, when I toured 21 nations. In view of God's providence of restoration, I concluded that the world's situation is converging with the direction in which God's Will is moving.

When I went to America in 1965,1 observed that Americans, as citizens of the leading democratic nation, had a sense of pride that theirs is the only country that can solve the world s problems. I could sense this just by looking at their society. But when I visited America this time, I could see that the American people recognize that neither the problems of America nor of the entire democratic world can be solved by America's strength alone.

When I noticed this overall trend, I keenly felt that the time is pressing for us to fulfill our mission. It goes without saying that Southeast Asia and the entirety of Asia, along with all European nations, are just like America. In light of this, as Unification soldiers we have a tremendous responsibility to fulfill our global mission, centering on the Unification Principle. (023-097, 1969/05/14)

7 I asked the American members, "Do you think that because America is across the Pacific Ocean, it is alright to pull out of Vietnam? Communism is also in the United States. If the United States leaves Vietnam, then wont countries like Brazil and Mexico follow in Vietnam's wake? When I went to South America in 1965, I found that most people carried an anti-American sentiment. In these circumstances, if neighboring countries are engulfed by communism and turmoil starts in a country like Mexico, is it not obvious that a war could break out right at America's front door? Don't you think that within ten years communism could also engulf America?"

This is what could actually happen in America. That is why I said that America must not retreat from Vietnam and decline in its readiness to defend against communism. I have been emphasizing the importance of pushing to prepare the front line so that a bulwark of defense will stand firm in America. (160-163, 1969/05/12)

8 The entirety of God's 6,000-year history, all the entangled providential history, has been unraveled in my generation. The Unification Principle will now conquer the world, even if I die now. Even if 100 million people in Japan oppose us, they will not be able to defeat Unificationism. This is because God needs not only Japan, but also the world, the spirit world, the earthly world, and the cosmos.

God first made the environment. We have now entered an era in which if we shift energies just a little, the world will move in the right way. The young people of the Unification Church would not think of saying that God does not exist; they would not dream of it. God is not an abstract being, but dwells within the sphere of our daily life. His heart is not conceptual but empirical, one that we can actually experience. Unless we go through the course of restoration on all levels, entering the realms of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, and then establishing the realm where Satan cannot accuse us, we cannot say that we have established the conditions necessary to receive the Blessing. (022-196, 1969/02/02)

Encouraging members

While following a rigorous schedule during the second world tour, True Parents encouraged missionaries and members in each country and gave new directions and guidance. Notably, they conducted Blessing ceremonies in the United States, Germany and Japan, for a total of 43 Couples from ten countries.

9 As I toured the world I asked members what they wished for. They always answered, "Send me to Korea." In all honesty, I do not need to send them; they could just go to Korea if they wanted. But there is a condition they must fulfill if they do come: they must speak Korean. English is now the worlds common language, but just wait and see what is going to happen. Once I set the tradition for Korean during my lifetime, without a doubt, the Korean language will become the universal language.

During my second world tour, I held a meeting in Germany with missionaries from 11 countries. By April of 1970 I plan to send missionaries to at least 40 of the nations where I established the holy grounds. And in three years, I will send missionaries to 120 nations. Our time is drawing near. You must understand how great is the truth of our teaching. That is not all. You need to know that in the future, throughout the world, all Koreans will be proud to be Korean. Furthermore, you need to understand that you will also be proud to have joined the Unification Church. (022-229, 1969/05/02)

10 While I traveled to different parts of the world, I met overseas members who clung to me and shed tears. Whenever I saw this, I felt both joy and sadness. Where did this incredible bond of heart come from that makes so many people miss me and cry when I leave? It came from 6,000 years ago.

When Adam and Eve bore the consequences of their sin, they tearfully left God's bosom. Thus, a sea of tears must appear here on earth when human beings, who had lived in despair, meet in hope and joy the original man and woman they had longed to see. Without such tears, restoration paid through indemnity will not be completed.

Thus, people transcend boundaries of ethnicity and nationality, as well as cultural barriers between East and West, when they cross the intersection of tears. You also have to resolve to be this kind of people. And when such a person dies, you need to have the heart that you are willing to die with them. If you can do that, even if you fall into ruin along the way, you will be able to feel that you have been victorious. (023-050, 1969/05/11)

11 What hope did I hold on to during my 21-nation world tour? Many people of those nations looked down on Koreans. But what is so good about someone like me? I am Korean, yet people are drawn to me and feel like following me as if it were their destiny. What I wanted was not for them to follow me but to follow God, and to love me only after loving God.

As a man with such an enormous responsibility, there is one thing I never forget whenever I meet people. That one thing is whether or not I am in their debt. I never allow myself to remain in debt. If you were to stay up all night offering devotion, I would stay up all night with you. I do not allow tiredness to be a problem.

Thus, if millions of grieving spirits who have come and gone in this country revere me, I have to do something for them. The question is how our hearts can be attuned to each other. I am careful never to fall into debt. Therefore, if I have incurred any debt in the countries I have visited, that debt must be quickly solved. (024-030, 1969/06/22)

12 As I toured the world, I instructed our missionaries everywhere to offer devotions for Korea, the homeland of our faith, for a period of four months starting from June 1, 1969. Please be aware that members around the world are facing Korea and earnestly praying every morning.

This world tour was a great battle for me. I could not have been more exhausted. Yet since the people whom I met had been sincerely anticipating my arrival for years, I did not put a time limit on our meetings. Because I knew their desires were to have me stay even just a little longer, no matter how tired I became, I could not ignore their hearts and rest as I needed, even when it became midnight or 1:00 a.m. I had the mental strength to persevere throughout my tour as I traveled from America to Germany and other places in Europe, and then to Japan. Otherwise, I would have collapsed. I truly pushed myself to my limit. (023-245, 1969/05/25)

13 1 gave the Blessing to many people in America, Japan and Germany during my second world tour. Whether in Blessed families or secular families, for men and women to live together in a family is the same. What is the difference between the two? If you were to compare the poorest person to the richest person, what would be the difference? They both have eyes, a nose, a mouth and ears.

If you took the wealthiest person in Korea and clothed him as a beggar, he would look like a beggar. Even though he is not an actual beggar, if he were to dress and act like one, he would be viewed as one. But if that rich person who acted like a beggar died, no one would say that a beggar died. They would say that a rich person died. The external appearance may be the same, but that does not mean the inner content is the same. Tikewise, families who live for God are precious. (023-033, 1969/05/11)

Section 3. The Third World Tour

Foundation for the global mission From December 5,1971 to May 8,1972, True Parents conducted their third world tour, visiting 15 nations. They held public speaking engagements in three major countries: the United States, Great Britain and Germany. In the United States, True Father spoke publicly and significantly expanded True Parents' activities there.

True Parents traveled to London on March 16,1972, where True Father addressed the public from March 20 to 22. The next day, March 23, they traveled to Essen, Germany, where Father delivered addresses from March 28 to 30. True Parents proceeded to the Netherlands on March 31, continued their speaking tour through France, Austria, Italy, Greece, Israel, Iran, India, Thailand, the Republic of China and Japan, and finally returned home. Through this third world tour, they were able to spend some time in America directly educating members. They also improved the system for missionary activities in the US, preparing for a new era of mission work.

1 The third seven-year course begins in 1975, and we must start laying a foundation three years beforehand. If we cannot prepare this foundation, the worldwide seven-year course will be neither effective nor victorious. Therefore, I have set a three-year period of preparation starting this year, 1972. During this time, we must overcome all obstacles. I am responsible to connect Korea to the rest of the world through the third seven-year course. I will establish a foundation with important nations in the world, such as America, so that they can engage in reciprocal relationships with Korea. I will not return to Korea until I have done so. The purpose of the third world tour is to establish that foundation. (055-269, 1972/05/09)

2 We conducted a marriage Blessing Ceremony in Korea in 1970, for 777 Couples from ten different nations. This Blessing was bestowed in order to prepare for the third world tour. In addition, it had the purpose of connecting other nations to the foundation in Korea, thereby expanding that foundation horizontally. This is why those who participated in the Blessing Ceremony had to come to Korea. (052-080, 1971/12/22)

3 I am planning to institute a global strategy through the third world tour. I have been trying to save Christianity in Korea, but from now on I must work to save America and Christianity on the world level. Therefore, I am preparing to work from a new angle and direction internationally. To do this, I need considerable resources. I have to prepare lecturers and young missionaries for this purpose.

The time will soon come when I will create a worldwide revival team representing Korea. We will have an organization that can dispatch revival teams all over the world. In the near future, I will create another organization to form revival teams representing other nations to travel the world. The revival teams of several nations can work together as a single group, or they can conduct revival activities in several countries at the same time. (051-205, 1971/11/21)

4 We must prepare to set up a global foundation. Both at home and abroad, the time has passed for the Unification Church to be driven into a corner. We must shake up the world. Just as communism has realigned in order to advance into different parts of the world, so too must we realign heaven s side in order to expand globally.

To this end, I purchased the Yeouido property. My intention is to build the world headquarters there. I bought the Cheongpyeong land in order to create a global training center. And I bought land to establish an international university. We are in a time when we cannot advance into the world without being equipped externally, so I have been working to prepare our movement. I feel that my mission during this world tour is to establish missionary outposts in at least 40 nations before I return to Korea. Then, within the next several years, we must set up missionary departments in more than 120 nations. (050-236, 1971/11/07)

5 The Korean War started when North Korea attacked South Korea. At that time, the democratic world helped South Korea stave off North Korea's assault. Sixteen nations came to South Korea's aid, and this number comes from multiplying 4 by 4. So why did these representative nations of the democratic world come and fight in Korea? From the providential perspective, Korea stands as their homeland, and they fought because the democratic world would not have been able to survive had they not shed blood for their homeland's independence. By doing so, the democratic world helped both me and their own nations. The democratic world helped me by liberating me from prison, and they helped themselves by protecting their own nations from providential failure. Because of this, a path was opened that allowed the democratic world to receive God's blessings once again.

Now, however, America is declining, as is England. At this point, I am working to repay a debt to the democratic world. I have to lead America and England out of decline. Only if the Unification Church completely establishes internal and external foundations for victory according to the proper spiritual standard, centering on the Holy Spirit, will it be able to lead the spiritual Christian realm in the democratic world. The purpose of the third world tour is for the Unification Church to connect to the world in this way. (054-198, 1972/03/24)

6 The middle year of the second seven-year course is 1971. The third world tour that I have launched this year has great significance. I departed from Korea, traveled to Japan, and entered America via Canada, because Canada, an extension of England, the Eve nation, is in the position of Eve to America. I overcame many obstacles to arrive in America, but difficulties will gradually diminish as time goes by.

True Parents are working to extend the victorious foundation that we harvested in Korea to Japan, Canada and America. Satan worked hard to prevent True Parents from connecting America to our victorious foundation in Korea. This is why I faced so many difficulties in coming here, including resistance from the US State Department. But since I broke through these difficult conditions, you were able to inherit the victorious foundation of restoration that heaven has built in Korea.

After my work in America, I will go to Germany, but I must first pass through England. If I can do all of this successfully, the difficult conditions will recede. The providence of restoration cannot be accomplished without adhering to the proper formula. We have to follow the formula precisely. (052-070, 1971/12/22)

7 My initial, frontline strategy was to connect the world together focusing on three Asian nations: Korea, Japan and the Republic of China. Now, however, we are entering a global age. Because we could not defend Asia against communism, the entire world is being affected. America, as the second front line, must defend itself against the communist advance. If America cannot do so, it will be Germany's turn, as the third front line to confront communism. The year 1977 marks the 60th year since the Communist Party began in 1917. That's why I went to America and said, "In 1978, America will no longer be able to defend itself against the threat of the communist world." Before this comes to pass, I am suggesting that Unificationists undertake a three-year period to completely prepare and expand our defensive front line. My third world tour is the cornerstone of this three-year preparation.

To follow up on my initial Japan-Korea-Republic of China strategy in Asia, we need to prepare a second line of defense. It should be an international phalanx in the form of Adam, Eve and the archangel, based on three nations of the free world in the West. These countries are America, England and Germany. This is why I have been implanting Korea's foundation in so many countries around the world. I am connecting them to Korea. Now the time has come when True Parents do not have to live only in Korea. Once the third world tour is over and I have returned to Korea and completed my responsibility here, the age of my living and working primarily in Korea will pass. (055-212, 1972/05/09)

8 Christianity is a religion of spiritual salvation, so its truth has been elusive. The history of restoration up until now has been a history of restoring the archangel, the realm of spirit. This is the reality of the history of the spirit world up until now. Jesus died and is now in the spirit world. He accomplished the mission that enables him to receive the love of God. A son should be able to go to his Father's house, but Jesus cannot enter there. He remains in paradise. Therefore, the providence of spiritual salvation through Christianity took on the responsibility and mission of restoring the archangel.

So if the Unification Church, in terms of the spirit and the flesh, can create an ideal greater than that wfiich Jesus created, as he was hounded to his death, the archangelic world will surely fall into submission. The reason Jesus could not enter his Father's house is that there was no victory on the national level, and thus no decisive victory over the archangel. For this reason, if we can break through the national level, the archangelic world will become absolutely obedient. If this happens, we will realize the original realm of the spiritual Adam. The purpose of the third world tour was to make this breakthrough. (060-191, 1972/08/17)

9 The Unification Church has yet to establish a victorious foundation on the national level, in terms of both the flesh and the spirit. However, if you look at the national and world levels from a spiritual and philosophical standpoint, we are standing at the apex of the world. No one can match our ideas. The Unification Church will soon be officially recognized as a bona fide religion. Externally, we may not have everything prepared, but in terms of content we are more than prepared.

We have restored an Abel-type standard beyond the national level, and with that in place, we can begin to work on the Cain-type restoration. During my third world tour, I visited key nations of the Christian cultural sphere, which stands in the position of the spiritual Cain-type world, and proclaimed, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." I made this proclamation to America because it is the nation that represents the Cain-type world.

After proclaiming the position of Abel centering on spirit and flesh, Jesus was crucified. Therefore, we will start to enter the new era of physical restoration on the day I make a proclamation about this nation from a spiritual position without risking my life or facing opposition, the day when I can stand in this position and be welcomed. This is how the Principle works. I commenced the third world tour to expand such a foundation. Since I have accomplished this, Korea will be able to establish the internal foundation for physical restoration. (060-191, 1972/08/17)

10 This time in America will be the first time in my life to hold large-scale crusades. I plan to hold them in at least seven cities. If I spend three days in each city, the speaking tour will take 21 days. This is the very beginning of our journey in proclaiming the Word publicly. You must all feel responsible for these plans. There will be opposition and persecution. But there will also be those who welcome us. Therefore, I am asking you to promote these rallies through the radio and newspapers. If you can prepare a detailed plan and schedule for each city, I will speak there. I am also going to hold rallies in Germany and England. This is a historic effort. Since this is the third world tour, I must speak directly. I have long awaited this day. (052-078, 1971/12/22)

11 From a spiritual perspective, True Parents' leaving Korea indicates we have already gone beyond Korea. A spiritual milestone has been achieved whereby Korea must now follow the direction of the Unification Church. This is because we have risen to the level where the present government and Christianity must support our path and movement.

From a spiritual perspective, we accomplished the indemnity condition to surpass the national level, going beyond the achievement of Christianity. During the three-year course of 1972,1973 and 1974,1 had to leave Korea and connect to the whole world based on my work in America, which is the world s central democratic country. When you look at the Christian democratic world, the Adam nation is America, the Eve nation is England and the archangelic nation is Germany. The 1972 speaking tour in these three nations was the effort to connect them from a spiritual perspective. Jesus had to connect to Rome through Judaism. Corresponding to that, this was an aggressive tactic to proclaim the new gospel and connect it to the nations. (073-249, 1974/09/22)

12 In addition to seven cities in America, I spoke in England and Germany. Why did I choose cities in these three nations? It is because these countries are world leaders, with influence on other nations. However, no matter what, this is still a spiritual movement. Therefore, in order to connect the spiritual foundation with the physical realm, a connection must be made to Korea through these speaking tours.

As we entered 1972 on such a foundation, I started anew, mustering members from the leading nations of England, Germany and Japan. On the basis of the spiritual foundation I made during the first world tour, between 1972 and 1974 I gathered Unification Church members from around the world. I brought them into harmony through this foundation. This is work that is done spiritually, not physically. I am not the only one who must make a spiritual foundation; the members too must do so as they become one.

Expanding the global mission True Parents left Korea on November 21, 1972, and, after passing through Japan, arrived in America on November 23. While the trip was designated as their fourth world tour, in actuality they remained in America to focus their efforts on expanding global missionary activities and to relaunch the One World Crusade, an international witnessing task force. They returned to Korea eight months later, on July 22, 1973. During the fourth world tour, True Parents reviewed, expanded and reorganized the One World Crusade task force, so that it could transcend national boundaries and work on the global stage.

From November 23 to 26, 1972, in New York City, the first International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences was convened. It opened with a keynote address titled, "The Role of Unified Science in the Moral Orientation of the World." (073-249, 1974/09/22)

13 I have now done all that I can through my focus on the nation and the Unification tribe. The time has come for you, for my sake and for that of the Will, to expand the scope of your responsibilities for the world and act globally. In other words, you have simply followed me up until now, but from this point you can no longer just do that. To be clear, only when you have shouldered my burden will I truly be able to assume my position. When I look at myself as an individual, I still have not been able to find my proper place.

This also holds true from wider perspectives. Only when my family successfully assumes its proper position can blessed families assume theirs. All blessed families indeed must assume their proper positions. If such a foundation spreads widely and one nation of righteousness is established, world restoration will be accomplished within a short time. (052-230, 1972/01/01)

14 The problem is whether or not you will be willing to take over my mission. If I fight for this nation and face persecution for its sake, then you should be resolved to endure an even higher level of persecution for the world's sake. Only then will the nation be protected. In other words, if I am being attacked personally on a certain issue, the question is whether you would be willing to take responsibility for that issue and defend me before the world. I am completing my third world tour, and you too must embark on a new path to tour the world at least three times. You should do this both individually and as a family. We need families who, when confronting any sort of ordeal, will take complete responsibility on their own and resolve to protect everything from Satan. (052-230, 1972/01/01)

15 If we look at the nations of the world, we can see that the Communist Party may easily sway America, along with Japan, Korea and Germany. They are all being pursued by Satan's realm. All the free nations have forgotten the purpose of this struggle and have no idea what direction to follow. Such a time is the Last Days. On the other hand, the Unification Church already has expanded the foundation of restoration through the individual, family, tribal and national levels. It has created a horizontal foundation for the world. Through the third world tour, I connected the results of my 20-year struggle in Korea, horizontally, to the world. (055-072, 1972/04/23)

16 We must advance toward the global age in the physical realm. If I tell you to face a life-or-death situation, you need to do so without reservation. We must create not only a mobile Korean front line but also a mobile international front line. Because we must defend the front line both inside our movement and out, relating to both the communist and democratic spheres, the motto for 1972 is "Safeguarding the front line of unity."

I am working toward this goal in America as well, and you cannot imagine how much Satan is wrestling with me. I can go to the American members and speak to them one, two, even three times, and they still do not believe what I say. This is why during the third world tour I took the lead myself while building a protective foundation. This time I am going in order to give deeper education to the task forces. This is the goal of the 4th world tour. I will create a strong foundation and then gradually step onto the global stage. (065-223, 1972/11/19)

17 Although I had very little time during the third world tour, I met with ten US senators and 15 congressmen. I have now become a prominent person. There was an article about me on the front page of The New York Times and another in The Washington Post. This was because this Mr. Moon held revival meetings in seven of America's largest cities. He rented out Lincoln Center and did things no one else imagined doing. When I asked to meet with US legislators, they were curious to meet me.

When we met, we discussed Americas future prospects. In addition, the fact that I warned them not to get entangled with the Communist Party likely challenged many of them. I met with ten percent of the 100 senators and talked with them in this way about the current international situation, and everything 1 said will surely spread around. So when I go to America during the 4th world tour, they will all be curious about the influence I will have. I never sought out a single member of the Korean National Assembly, so why did I do so in America? It is because the United States is at the core of our future strategy. Korea is not the problem. (062-292, 1972/09/26)

18 In the not-so-distant future, I will embark on my 4th world tour. I will go to New York City, where we will hold the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences on November 23, 1972. I am the one who put this conference together. We must eventually bring the world's most distinguished people to Korea. In this way, Korea will be saved. In the future, in fact, Unification-ists will pave the way for the world. A global environment for unification is imminent.

I will leave now and return in several months. I am not leaving Korea forever. I just quickly need to seek out more American church members and bring Korean members to each of their homes. This is so we all can live together in harmony one day. That is why I need to create this foundation. (065-077, 1972/11/13)

Section 4. Letters from True Parents during the World Tours

During his first world tour, True Father sent handwritten letters of encouragement to True Mother, True Children, Church President Eu Hyo-won and other members. He sent the first letter from San Francisco on February 15, 1965. This was followed by dozens of letters and postcards. He described the tour and offered his encouragement to those he had left behind in Korea by expressing his feelings. In these letters we can especially get a glimpse of True Fathers deep love and high expectations of True Mother, True Children and all Unification Church members, along with his thoughts and emotions regarding the tour.

The leaders at church headquarters also reported their activities to True Father through letters. Most of this correspondence was lost, but True Mother saved the letters that Father sent to her, and she made this precious treasure trove available for this book.

Letters from True Father to True Mother

1 Dear Omma: It has already been 20 days since I left home. I left behind me a lot of history as I passed through Japan. But now I am in San Francisco, and as I gain a sense of a new cultural lifestyle and visit scenic spots, I think of you.

When I think about how you are alone, living in such complicated circumstances for the sake of the Will, I am so concerned. I am sure you have a lot of uncertainty due to your inexperience. Nonetheless, I hope that during this period you will be victorious over your circumstances through a lot of prayer.

After coming to America, and as we remain apart, I realize all the more how precious we are to each other, and what a great mission we share. The feeling that comes with that realization is something I am very grateful for.

How crucial is our lifelong duty! Our historical destiny as a couple is to take responsibility for heaven and earth. We have a mission to do what no other couple can do. We occupy the central position where our deeds, both good and bad, will influence the whole. Therefore, we must become a shining couple our whole life long, one that fulfills the duty of loyalty and filial piety toward heaven, working hard for the world, and to liberate and accomplish the historical Will.

In order to fulfill this serious responsibility, I am offering all my sincerity before the American members, the Japanese members, and heaven. When I see the earnest expressions of the members and the sight of them devoting themselves, I feel they are indeed heaven's children. The more I feel that, the greater the awe in which I hold True Parents' position.

I am slowly becoming familiar with the various problems and issues. Japanese members and Americans members are very different from each other. I will omit the details and save those for next time, but we must possess heaven in our hearts and convey the heart of heaven to others.

Please comfort the people who are close to you and develop your motherly presence. I will also work to complete this tour with strength. I focus my concern on the position of our homeland and our international mission, imagining a new tomorrow. There is so much I want to say, but I will stop here and wait for the day when I can see you again to deliver those words to you. I wish you well. Please forgive me for stopping here. -February 15, 1965, San Francisco, California

2 Omma, the days are flying by. It has already been a month. As I think about the mountains and rivers of Korea, I feel as if it is a foreign country far, far away. As it says on the stationery, I am in Las Vegas. This place is famous worldwide for its casinos. I left Los Angeles this morning and created one holy ground on Mt. Whitney, a high mountain, and another in Death Valley, the lowest elevation in the western hemisphere. After establishing these holy grounds, I traveled for three hours and am just now settling into my hotel room.

I will be departing at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, so please know that I will be keeping up with my tour schedule. I do not think I will have time to write a letter tomorrow. Even if you do not hear from me, please do not worry about how things are going. I ask that you fulfill your mission, studying English according to your set schedule and trying to resolve ah problems with prayer.

I received the letter you sent to Los Angeles the other day in answer to my letter from San Francisco. I was so happy to hear about Hyo-jin and Ye-jin! It is definitely true that nothing can stop me from thinking about them no matter how far away I am from them. Please be careful in the middle of your pregnancy and take care of your health. 1 am following my course, and my sense of duty is directing me to fulfill my responsibility in America.

I am keeping to my itinerary today and tomorrow and heading toward the southern part of the United States. I am working sincerely to accomplish this great heavenly mission. I felt very close to the American members that I met in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I am well, with hardly any discomfort. Since they are all family members, I hardly feel any distance, so please know that I was at ease. From now on, America's fate depends upon their efforts.

I only pray with hope that this large American continent will be set ablaze with heaven's fire. The people who are traveling with me are Young Oon and Bong-chun, and two young Americans, making a total of five people. We will travel throughout March until we arrive in Washington DC. I am keeping my mind strong, since I was told we have to cross through desert for a week because several states in addition to Nevada are in desert regions.

I deeply realized that the future destiny of.the Unification Church is to fight here in America. I am astounded by its widespread modern facilities and advanced transportation system. That is why I realized that the full-scale development of our movement cannot ignore America. I feel that Korea is such a small country. Nevertheless, when I consider our devastated homeland from a providential viewpoint, I fee1 the greatness of our mission and pray for its success.

As I anticipated, the American members who joined us for the Principle are the same as church members in Korea. When it comes to the Will, we are no different. Other than that, I feel responsible for the close family members whom you have been working hard to raise. Please take good care of them. They are in a position of a sacrificial offering for the sake of the Will. I am truly grateful to you, Omma, that even though you bear responsibility for such an enormous mission, you are able to relate to them with a steadfast heart and treat them all in the same way. For this I am truly grateful to heaven. Please maximize your talent for doing that, make good progress and bear good fruit during this period.

This is the chance for us to experience the preciousness of our relationship with heaven. Please tell our children that I am doing well. Please give my best wishes to all the members. I am using this time while I am traveling to briefly write you. Please take care of your health and fulfill your responsibility. That's all for now. -February 25,1965, Las Vegas, Nevada

3 Dear Hyo-jin s Omma: I am wondering how our church is doing. I hope you and the children are safe and sound. I would like to hear about the results of the revival team. Whenever I think of you doing your very best to fulfill your responsibility as a young woman with a delicate frame, I believe that heaven will look upon you tenderly. Now my thoughts move across the Pacific Ocean to Korea, where I miss the people and the land that I love. It is natural for people who are separated by distance to yearn for the ones we love.

Because I am the type of person who adapts well to foreign countries, I do not feel uncomfortable here at all as I travel around the American continent. It is already March 6, 1:05 a.m., and I am writing to you after having traveled hundreds of miles, arriving at the Rose Motel in Little Rock, the state capital of Arkansas. Just a few hours ago in another state, at 8:00 p.m., I selected a holy ground. This is the tenth state in which I have made a holy ground since coming to America. During this tour, I find myself thinking about the tours I did in Korea before 1960. O, America, when will you bend your big body and bow in service to heaven?

In order to accomplish this mission I am leading heavenly programs, and my only desire is to bring victory and build a foundation for the restoration of the world. I came here saying that I would not write letters, but I felt sorry when it occurred to me that you might be expecting them, so I am quickly writing to you. Our mission is becoming greater and greater. Our members at home and abroad are the same. I feel their profound sense of duty from the way they treat me.

I cannot help but worry about your heavy responsibilities. Please study hard. Keep your body healthy and pray a lot. I feel sorry that you have such a burden despite being so young and delicate and I am grateful to you for following me so well. Please take good care of your health, as I am thinking of bringing you here to America. I entreat you to stand large and victorious before heaven. May you be at peace at all times. In case I cannot write a letter to the church president, please convey this to him. I will stop here. -March 6, 1965, Little Rock, Arkansas

4 Dear Omma: This is Washington, DC. I am writing you from the capital of United States. One month has passed, and I have experienced so many different environments. That is to say, as I went about my busy schedule I never before experienced such huge changes between the environment and climate of one location and the next as I have in the course of this tour. As of today, I have selected 21 holy grounds, including the one in Washington, DC that I established this morning at 11:00 a.m. You will be able to see pictures of all the holy grounds later. After coming from the west to the east, we will be heading north. While touring this large continent and selecting holy grounds in each state, I am hoping for the future development of America. When I first met the American members, there were many things that left an impression on me.

As I experience all of these things, I think about how sorry I am that you could not come with me. However, I know that it will be better if you come after I pave the way, and I am grateful for everything, as this is the way of the Will. I also know that it is valuable for people who love each other to be apart while thinking about each other, because then when they reunite they rejoice all the more.

I believe, Omma, that you are doing much internal reflection and making resolutions for the future. I pray that this can be a productive period, during which we can be more filial before the Will and be examples for others. I know you are working hard to take care of the children, but I have hope that your preparing for the future with patience and gratitude will bring light to shine brightly on your path of responsibilities. Please take care of your health, study hard and pray about many points. I hope your path will be lit up before you.

I miss the children. Whenever I think that our children are waiting for Daddy, 1 take out photos of the children and look at them. I look at your picture as well. Our children say, "We love Mommy." As much as our children have such a special love for you, so do I. 1 want to hear about all the things they are experiencing while I am away.

The American members are also very high-spirited. I feel that the members at headquarters are working hard to fulfill their responsibilities. Today is Sunday the 14th, and we will be holding an evening meeting. On the 12th about 60 people gathered, so probably that many will gather tonight as well. The future of America rests with them and their efforts.

Please give me an update about the headquarters. I soon will begin touring the northern part of America. Please tell the blessed members, regional leaders and other members that I cannot send them letters, but that I hope all is well. Please give them my best wishes.

The climate in Washington, DC is the same as the climate in Korea. I went sightseeing and saw many historic places yesterday. I went on a tour of the White House and the US Capitol. I learned a lot through these visits. I traveled around the city while praying for America to have a bright future. I will write you again. Goodbye for now. -March 14, 1965, Washington, DC

5 Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: How hard you must be working to fulfill your mission for the Will despite your heavy responsibilities for the children and your busy life! I know you will be enduring until the end and working hard for the sake of the future. I am grateful for this.

We departed from New York yesterday, and after a busy day, we stayed at the Holly Motel in Brattleboro, Vermont. And just before leaving there, I picked up my pen to write you. Today we are busy getting ready to depart for Cleveland, Ohio. I am sorry that I only have a short time to write and convey news to you. Since we are trying to return to Washington, DC for Parents' Day on April 2, we are extremely busy. It is still winter here in the northern part of the country, so it's very cold.

I received your letter the other day in Washington, DC. I felt indescribable joy upon receiving your letter. I realize how important it is to communicate with you while we are apart. Furthermore, the children and the Seoul members are always on my mind. While we are separated like this, although each of us has to take care of many things, I feel that a greater power is bonding us together even more strongly. Therefore, I hope that you, Omma, will experience how precious and great it is to have endured for the sake of the Will when you look back on this experience in the future.

In this world in which we are living, I again realize how important it is to march forward toward victory, shedding tears as we fulfill our great responsibility and mission. Omma, I feel I have so much to be grateful to you for. All that we do is for the sake of the Will, which is so great and high, and the work we will have to do is in proportion to that. So let us keep going forward. I am praying for the well-being of all members who are close to my heart. Please take care of yourself and the children, and fight bravely until we meet again.

While I travel, I am dreaming about a tomorrow that will be filled with hope and the world stage that we will reach together. I rejoice thinking of the days to come when we will embark on speaking tours together. I yearn for the day when you will become the great True Mother who will bring victory over evil and fulfill all her responsibilities.

Whenever I miss you and the children, I look at pictures of you and yearn for when I will see you again. When I think about Ye-jin attending school and how much she has already grown, I am concerned about how you will handle your growing responsibility for her. I also miss Hyo-jin, who should be growing well, although I know he is looking for his Daddy.

I trust that you will do well, and that you will become the kind of woman who will be most precious to me, in whom I will take much pride as the woman of all women. When I think of this, I realize what a happy man I am! With this, I will move forward. Please become the highest, most precious and victorious True Mother. I am also striving to become the True Father, who lives for the sake of heaven and earth. That is the only thing in my mind. Please take good care of yourself. -March 20, 1965, Brattleboro, Vermont

6 Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: Night has passed, and today is March 25th. In three days, it will already be two months since we parted. I think you must be going through many experiences during your busy life in Seoul. I am so sorry that you are unable to live an easy-going life. My heart goes out to you, knowing that you must always be careful in your public life, lived among numerous people who are centered on the Will. Furthermore, 1 feel so bad that you have to deal with all those people around you while you are carrying a child in your womb. Especially, I am concerned about you in your condition making effort every morning to go to the holy ground. But on the other hand, I think it is such a beautiful thing that you are doing. I am grateful that you have become a great example for many people. Only I know the great mission that you are trying to surmount and the cross of the heart that you carry. All I can do is pray that you will become the True Mother who will be exalted and honored by multitudes of people.

Please give everyone my regards. Please explain to them that I cannot send letters to each of them. I assume that you are often anxious about the children. I try to picture them and imagine how they are growing up so quickly.

Despite my busy days traveling through the northern part of America, I still want to stay in touch with you, so I am writing. Unlike the southern states, the northern states are cold this time of year. The weather is changing, but there are still many snowy days when we must drive very carefully. Although 1 think about the great significance of traveling to these far places, still I often think how the course of restoration has been filled with sadness. As I view the different scenery in each state, I realize the vastness of this land and magnitude of heaven's providence. It makes me reflect on the labor required for heaven's providence of restoration.

I am so grateful that you pray for me and accompany me in heart wherever I go. I also salute you for taking such an important responsibility, and I am very much looking forward to seeing you demonstrating your heart for the Will in the future. I hope that one day you and I will be able to travel around America together. Please always take care of your health, and work diligently to pave the way. I hope you will guard God's dignity by fulfilling your responsibility, and thus increasing our hope for tomorrow. As time goes by, I want to know more and more about what is going on in Korea.

Today, I write to you from Denver, the state capital of Colorado. When you see this letter, you will probably search for Denver on a map. After breakfast, I will drive to Salt Lake City and have a reunion with Sang-chul. Today it is already Thursday, and I am thinking that you must be wondering a lot about my situation. So despite my busy schedule, I am writing you. Next week we will celebrate Parents' Day in Washington, DC, therefore we are pushing ourselves to travel quickly. There in Washington I will write you again with the latest news. Again I urge you to take care of your health and not neglect studying.

When can I ever have enough time in my busy life for you? Once our youth is gone, it will never return, so let us cherish it and use each moment for the Will. I am sorry to bring this up every time I write you, as if I am asking you to make a new determination. The reason is that as a husband I have responsibility for you, and I know that you will be grateful for it later. Anyway, who else can say such a thing to you? You already know how precious this time is, so I apologize for saying it, but please keep this in mind and make extra effort, being so serious about it so as to surprise me. Also, it is good for you to think of me deeply in your heart.

That kind of experience is also necessary. I believe that you understand well that I am always yearning for you, the precious True Mother who is centered on the Will. Whether we die or live, we must overcome many things to carry out the Will. I will stop here, but please take care of yourself. -March 25, 1965, Denver

7 Dear Omma: I read the letter you sent me, including your report about Parents' Day. Thank you for your hard work. Indeed, you are so precious as the Mother, and for this I am truly grateful. I know that you worked hard for two events during my absence. I am so happy that you have fulfilled your responsibility before God, as He desired.

When I think about the manifestation of Parents' Day on earth, I realize how serious our position as True Parents is. This event is indeed an awesome responsibility, and I cannot help but bow down before this incredible mission—that we can finally fulfill this day that should have been established 6,000 years ago when God was happy with the original world. How much blood, sweat and tears were shed by countless prophets and ancestors who sacrificed themselves and suffered through the course of history to establish this day?

God alone knows the ups and downs that I endured on the sorrowful path of indemnity to establish one woman, True Mother, and I pledge, by attending you as that woman, to be victorious in bringing peace. At the same time, I consider that Parents' Day could be instituted as the day of God's victory only after I had offered my youth and 40 years of my life, experiencing the pain and suffering of heaven and earth as I walked a path in the twilight and headed for the new dawn. That past, filled with many bitter sorrows as I made the long journey for the heavenly law, makes me think of you, Omma, as even more precious.

However, even though we welcomed the sixth Parents' Day, I must again impose on you responsibilities and missions for you to carry. I deeply sympathize with you, Hyo-jin's Omma, that you are destined to go along with me continually in order that we may achieve the level of global Parents. Until the last moment, we still have to keep advancing until we reach the goal; then we will have vindication over the enemy. I know how grave your motherly responsibility is, bearing so many crosses. Therefore, even though I am abroad, please understand that I am praying for you sincerely.

Especially as you are now carrying a child, please take care of your health. Make tomorrow shine by fulfilling your responsibility. Both heaven and earth regard you as so precious. You and I are recognized as the substantial representatives at the center of Parents' Day, the day that all humankind yearns for and will rejoice over. As the whole cosmos is offering that day to us, we have to make it shine.

Although you are young, may you realize a heart that is lofty and high. As you carry heaven's burden and the burden of the world, may you fulfill the responsibility of the Holy Lord who creates the realm of victory, where your life of good fortune and historical significance bears fruit as the Mother, in whose bosom all heaven and earth long to be embraced.

We cannot forget about the great number of people who have resolved to give up their lives for us. We have also been given the solemn command to become the original beings of light, so that we can give life to the people who attend us and regard us as their beacon of life. If people from many countries in addition to Korea, Japan and America want to serve us, we will be in debt to them. We must not leave even one point of darkness in the background of history. Don't you think I know the hardships faced by those leaders who are assuming responsibility?

Hallelujah to the holy day, Parents' Day! May we, the substantial beings of this day, give glory to God and attend Him! Let us build up our virtue and shout out for restoration in order to fulfill the mission of the Parents!

When I think about this letter, together with the content of the letter to the church president, I realize that you must be very tired. Thank you for your hard work. I am ever praying that you will be victorious. May you remain healthy by taking care of yourself, and fulfill all of your responsibilities.

I spent Parents' Day in Washington and was busy tidying up afterward. The reason I could not write you until now was because there were many people who came to see me and I had to deal with some matters here. This was the first Parents' Day in America and the first time America attended me. Because I wanted to celebrate Parents' Day in the capital of the United States, I concluded my busy national tour, passed through San Francisco, and flew to Washington, DC, on March 31. With the deep sincerity of the Washington members, I celebrated this historical event. Members from many different regions attended. God was with us, and we spent three days together with no regard for day or night. We had a very good experience.

Even as I spent that time solemnly, I was thinking about Seoul. With your chair placed next to mine I thought of you, crossing the continent and the Pacific Ocean in my heart. The American members dressed in white holy robes and offered bows as they prayed to achieve honor before heaven. This was the first time I conducted a ceremony with people from all five races. The event was very successful, and I resolved to expand it more on a worldwide scale.

As long as I am in Washington, my days are fully scheduled. Besides that, I need to meet with some very important people. By the middle of July I will have to depart for Europe. I will let you know about my next itinerary later. I hope that you may always be at peace. -April 7, 1965, Washington, DC

8 To Omma: I have created many new memories during this time, and it is hard to believe that 70 days have passed already. It must be natural to yearn for our homeland when we experience a different way of life. I find myself reminiscing deeply about the path I have walked for 45 years. It was a path for the Will that no one knew. Only heaven supported me as I endured the cleaning up of our homeland's past and strove with tears in all seriousness and determination to succeed in the course of restoration.

Let us advance toward victory, singing praises for the mission of the noble True Parents, who are the only ones who are offering their lives in this way. Let us express genuine gratitude for the sake of the nation, passionately paving the way of hope for our homeland. Since my life is for the sake of the Will, I am making a new resolution before heaven to offer all my determination and loyalty.

Today is one day before April 17 (16th day of the 3rd lunar month), the anniversary of the day I anointed you, Omma, to fulfill heaven s mission. It reminds me of the past, when I toiled hard and endured long to pave this road. In this foreign country I offer sincere gratitude for your great heart. Ever since I placed you in charge of the heavenly mission and set you on a path that even heaven and earth have been concerned about, it was your heart that created the path to victory.

As the mother of several children, you again are in a position of having to worry, but I sympathize with your path, and will spend April 17 together with you in my thoughts. The more ups and downs there are in our past, the more we should be able to sing praises for the value of what we have experienced in the face of history, should we not?

Let us run the course of restoration with strength. We must invest all our sincerity and effort for the sake of our kingdom of heaven, our world and our blessed land. In the course of our determined life, for whom are we going to run? We only have one precious life. Let us offer sincere gratitude for the ultimate purpose of our life, and offer high praise for the mission of the noble True Parents. With sincere gratitude let us advance toward victory tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and on and on.

I think about how great you will be five years from now, and I begin to imagine a picture of what you will become in the future. If ten years pass, and then ten more, I expect that the world will look at our past as it unfolded and recognize that we acted nobly. When that time arrives, the public image of the Will we pursued and of our family will be different from today. I am resolved to build the family of the original homeland as the true example that God desires.

I know you also will have spent March 16 reflecting on the past. Who knew that our Holy Wedding was so historic? Wasn't it a day when heaven alone rejoiced, while Satan grieved? When I think that when we started the family of the new heaven and earth, heaven was trying to give us blessings and Satan was trying to slander us, I wish that we had offered even greater devotion and sincerity at that time.

I also think about our young children; I miss them. Of course I look at their pictures from time to time. Spring is arriving here now. I believe it is probably spring in Korea as well. It would be nice if you could take some time to enjoy the spring weather. I hope you can find solace in loving all of creation as if I were with you. I am going to visit several historic sites in Washington, DC with our members.

In the middle of your busy life, please be at ease and take care of your health during your pregnancy. Please also try to take vitamins. Hearing your voice last night on the phone was deeply moving for me. Let us gather many stories to share when we are next together. Forgive me for not writing more neatly. -April 16, 1965, Washington, DC

9 Dear Hyo-jin s Omma: We departed on April 30 and arrived in New York after four days, on May 3 at 10:30 p.m. In the car on the way back, they were saying that there were letters waiting in several places. So I was praying aloud, and hoping in my heart that your letter would be there too.

As. soon as I arrived I asked, "Are there any letters for me?" and I was surprised to receive letters from you and the church president. The last time I received a letter from you, I wrote a reply then and there, and gave it to Bo-hi to mail to you, but since you indicate that you have not received it yet, I think it may have gotten lost. I am trying to remember what I wrote in that reply as I write this letter.

This will be the first time I am sharing news with you since our last phone call. I'm sorry to hear that your pregnancy has made you exhausted. By the time you receive this letter it will have been more than 15 days since you last heard from me. Not knowing your situation, I had been looking forward to receiving your letter, thinking that you already received mine.

I met with many important people, mainly in Washington, DC during that time. I will explain that to you more in detail later. I think that if they had seen Hyo-jin s Omma, they probably would think more highly of me!

All I am worried about is that you are healthy. Please do not be anxious about going into labor; everything will work out. Since that moment is close at hand, do whatever you think is best.

When I went to New York, I realized that in order to place you on the world stage, it will be necessary for you come to America and learn how to live in America by living with me. However, I'm sorry that our current circumstances do not allow it. Whenever I come to New York, and am unable to be there together with you in Seoul, I think about you more and more. Every time I think about you, I believe it is helpful for us and I am grateful to heaven for it.

Around 25 members accompanied me as we visited the most important locations in New York City. I will send you pictures later. I realized deeply that the power of this civilization will make a major contribution to building the kingdom ofheaven in the future. Today I received letters from London and Rome. We will build churches in these places. We also will go to the Netherlands, and we will go to France. During my time in America, I will select a number of missionary countries and implement this plan. Please anticipate this and pray hard for its success.

I seem to be tired. Please forgive me. I will stop here. Please take care. Please send the church president my regards. Everyone is doing well, right? If you are planning to write to anyone else who is close to us, please give them my warmest regards as well. -May 4, 1965, Washington, DC

10 To Hyo-jin's Omma: Time flies by so quickly. In just a few days it will be four months since our parting. I felt at peace when I heard the news about headquarters, so thank you for sharing that with me. I understand that you are doing well, and I hope you will continue to be loyal before the great mission. Until now, without me, you have been carrying a heavy responsibility with a serious heart, and whenever I am given reports about it, I always feel reassured. May you establish the way of loyalty and filial piety in your heaven-given mission forever! I constantly picture you being honored throughout all generations. Upon you, so pure and precious, may God's peace dwell for eternity.

Truly, I sincerely wish to comfort you after you worked so hard for the Parents' Day event that just passed. I imagined that you fell fast asleep after it was over, and I prayed that peace and health would surround you. I was deeply concerned about you, and before the ceremony began I prayed for God's blessing and good fortune. I know that your heart is full of love for me. I am looking forward to the day when everything you have deeply experienced during your life course will be a blessing to our family.

It is now 1:40 a.m. It is a calm night on this side of the world. These nights make me miss the nights back home. When I think about the fact that it is afternoon right now in our hometown, it seems so strange. But I am writing this letter now, just thinking it is nighttime. I am wondering how Omma will be sleeping. I know you are always thinking about America. I know that you wish me to come back as soon as possible. Amid that kind of precious heart, may you have a sweet sleep. That is what I wish for you. I hope that although we are separated between our home and a foreign land, tonight everything you are talking about and thinking of will become a condition that God can be proud of, that emits a beautiful fragrance.

You are pregnant now, and I hope the baby in your womb is healthy. Mother, please be grateful that heaven is greatly protecting our family. How much I hope that we can become a family that brings grace to the destiny of heaven and earth. God and the Unification Church members also think this way, so I feel we must concentrate more on the education of our children.

As I joyfully imagine changing the course of restoration, which is full of sadness, pain and heavy burdens, into a great and glorious achievement, I think about how much more I will have to endure, and I make my determination to do that. Likewise, my having to advise you to become not just my faithful wife but also a faithful daughter for heaven pains me, knowing how much you will have to endure to go such a path. Again, as my Omma you should be able to be honored by all women even after you go to the spirit world, and all heaven and earth should be able praise you; that is why I have to tell you again to go this path. Yet my heart aches to do so.

All those who are working closely with me want to see you. As we share the same destiny with heaven and earth, I hope your blood, sweat and tears can become the fertilizer for you to soon become True Mother, blooming like a peaceful, sweet flower. That is why I want to advise you and raise you, so please accept my words joyfully.

After I return to Korea, again I will have to push you and bring you with me. I am in that kind of position, so please sympathize with me. Heaven will have to do it; the earth will have to do it; it is all because they know the preciousness and greatness of your position and are trying to lift you up. So even though the final cross of heart comes to you, I hope you will triumph over it in a beautiful way.

Please become the Mother who will be truly respected by people who empathize with her precious life as a woman and become the example of meritorious virtue for all time to come. Omma, your life should be able to disclose even greater height and preciousness than mine.

Whenever you tell me how busy it is in Seoul, I feel immense gratitude toward everyone for their hard work. Their accomplishments are directly proportional to their efforts. I received the letter that the members signed in blood and you forwarded to me. Likewise, I am keeping my own 21-day condition. I just took a bath as preparation for it, and now I am resuming my letter to you. This letter is getting longer and longer because I am thinking that you may be wondering about the news here in America.

If you examine the lifestyle here, the meals are fine, just as in Korea. During this tour, Suk-hee and Ki-suk are totally dedicating themselves to serve me, so I have not felt uncomfortable or inconvenienced. When I have time, I struggle to master English. I really need a lot of time. Omma, you should also do some conversation practice. I have concluded that memorization is the best method. Besides that, most of my time is spent meeting people. I can see that the progress is as I had imagined.

I think about living with you in America in the near future. I think of this whenever I see something good. Also, please take care of your health and keep your spirit up. Offer solace to the members and to heaven by singing cheerfully throughout the day. I will stop here. Please give the members my best regards. -May 21, 1965, Washington, DC

11 Dear Hyo-jin s Omma: How hard you have been working! I am very sorry to hear that you were worried about giving birth prematurely, and it is a relief to hear that everything is progressing normally. In addition, hearing that Ye-jin and Hyo-jin are playing cute tricks and getting along well together makes my heart yearn for home. Furthermore, I know that the first ten days of August are when you may go into labor, and I am extremely sorry I will not be able to make it home before then. However, I know that heaven will be with you.

During the first ten days of July, I will pass through Canada and South America, and then I will arrive in London, the capital of Great Britain, on July 15 I will pass through the continent of Europe, and depart through Greece to Egypt and Jordan, finally crossing over Asia to arrive in Korea during the last ten days of September or the first ten days of October. I know how anxious you are. I especially hope you can take care of your body and stay healthy. I know that you are living in crowded and complicated circumstances, but even if things are difficult, please hold fast and soon the day will come when everything will be resolved.

My lifestyle here in Washington is no different from my lifestyle in Korea, but when I eat and when I wake up in the morning, there are times I am immersed in thoughts of my home in Korea. I know you are curious about what is happening here, and how you must be waiting day after day for the mail carrier, and I feel apologetic for not being able to send you letters daily.

Yes, it is now 4:15 a.m. on June 8, and I should be getting ready to go out, but I started writing to you instead. During this time, I have met many people. I try to study English when I have time, but my proficiency is not improving. Yet I still continue. You, Omma, also will have to study English. I realize this even more after coming to America. Even if you only do a little at a time, please continue your studies. I am stopping the flow of time to send you my sincere devotion for the Will. I will end here, as I pray for your peace and good health. -June 8, 1965, Washington, DC

12 To Omma: I was just looking at the picture you sent me that Ye-jin drew, and I am very pleased with the wisdom of our growing children. Looking at the picture makes me think of how much they have grown and developed. I really want to see them so much. Hyo-jin also looks like he has become quite the little cutie now. The image of him looking for me, his Daddy, is clear in my mind. They must have grown a lot. I want to come back home quickly and see them.

When I think of our new baby, my heart leaps, and I am counting on my fingers the days until August 7 when our new baby will be born. You seem to be worried, but just entrust everything to heaven and there will be no need to worry. I offered a prayer to Heavenly Father, and my heart is with you even though I am not there. Since things are no doubt becoming more difficult, please be cautious. I got a glimpse of your worried heart in Ye-jin's letter. You should proceed with the childbirth however you think best. I just want you to be able to go through it with a peaceful heart.

Also, this is a time when loyalty is demanded of us. The efforts of headquarters and our mission countries are also necessary. It is great to hear that Korea is doing well. I am grateful whenever I read their reports. Everything is going well, thanks to heaven's efforts. We must have even greater resolve to accomplish our true heavenly mission. Japan reported that they are developing like Korea. America is also developing. I was really grateful when I realized that heavenly fortune was working together with me when I visited all of these places.

All we need to do is quickly accomplish the establishment of God's Day. We must advance with that goal in mind. I want to do everything to help you go over the hill victoriously and obtain the glory of the victorious Mother. Let us keep going with hope that a bright light will illuminate our path. Please take care of your health. Let us take care of the members and prepare for the future so that we can establish blessed families and offer them to heaven. Then, let us hasten the restoration and bring results and success to heaven and earth.

You will receive our travel plans from Bo-hi. We will travel according to this itinerary. I want to follow the Will knowing that you will pray for the heavenly path that we are about to walk. The American members are making a lot of effort both spiritually and physically. Please keep in your mind this image of our sincere members following the Will. I met many people during this time. I guess you must be quite curious. The members here, including my travel companions, are healthy. As I watch heavenly grace cover the entire movement in anticipation of the selection of the remaining holy grounds, I am preparing for our departure. -June 22, 1965, Washington, DC

13 Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: I know the daily newspaper is publishing false accusations, but I am praying for peace. Before we know it, we will enter a global transition. It already has been six months since I left home. Because tomorrow is July 1 when I leave for Canada, we are very busy with preparations for our departure. As of today my work in America is finished, and tomorrow I wall begin touring again to establish holy grounds around the world. There will not be a moment's rest.

I returned from meeting with two United States senators before writing this letter. From this meeting I was able to make a rough assessment of America's circumstances. In addition, I met former President Eisenhower on the 25lh, and a more senators a couple days before that. Meeting with the current leaders of the world, I came up with many ideas. I know that there are a lot of things that relate to the world mission centering on our great Principle.

I am so grateful for you whenever I think about how hard you are working to fulfill your responsibility. I only ask that you face heaven and carry out your responsibility as a filial daughter. I am writing this letter as I sit in front of Hyo-jin's and Ye-jin's pictures. I feel as if we can see each other. As I look at their pictures and write this letter, I think to myself, "I have to return quickly to see them." How I truly miss them.

And as the days come closer to your delivery, I am so sorry that I cannot be there. Please discuss with church president Eu Hyo-won and come up with a plan for when you go into labor. Please be cautious about your meals and consider your nutrition. I am concerned that in Hyo-won's report, the lack of funds is affecting you. But at the same time, I am grateful that you are very frugal. Everyone must offer everything with a sincere heart and filial piety, so that heaven can take responsibility.

We are all doing well here. The American members are making effort both spiritually and practically. I am praying that God will guide them for their future. I am again sending you my itinerary, so please look at it and ease your heart. I will be protected and will return safely. In the meantime, you will have to work hard for the children.

We are planning to visit 40 nations. After we depart, I will let you know where you can contact us. I am praying for Korea's current situation. Thinking this trip is for the purpose of paving the way for Korea's future, I would like to relieve my regret about the Korean people. I am worried because you said the drought is severe. The worse it gets, the more the church members must exert themselves. I am sorry that the members have to work so hard during this hot season. I sympathize with you having to take the position of being an example to the members under such circumstances. I realize how important the role of the leaders is.

I pray that you may find peace. Please excuse my hasty writing. I am in the middle of a hectic schedule. Please be safe until we meet again in the middle of October. Take care of yourself. -June 30, 1965, Washington, DC

14 Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: We just left Madrid, Spain and are flying toward England. It is 8:15 p.m. on July 14. The sun is shining down on the fields and mountains of Spain. It will be twilight soon. Spain is an agricultural country, but their fields do not look very fertile, and there are not many mountains or trees. Looking from the airplane, the distant sky and land look soft due to a faint fog. In two hours, we will arrive in London, England, the central nation of western civilization, and I am flying with great wonder and thoughts of meeting with Young Oon Kim. She said she witnessed to several people over the course of two months, and I believe that she will bring them with her to meet me today. The sun is beginning to hide behind the western clouds, and the fields and mountains are starting to darken. As we fly over the Straits of Dover, I hope our visit will open a path that elevates the Will. Going to England truly makes me feel like I am returning home.

Today, we rode a tour bus in Spain and visited the palace and museum. The royal palace was built over a period of 26 years, and an incredibly great number of works of art that encompass all of European civilization are kept there. The museum has around 3,000 paintings, including many famous masterpieces.

The airplane is now entering the clouds. The sunlight is changing to an evening sunset glow and flickering in through the window. Now the stewardess is pushing me to have dinner, so I will have to stop writing you here.

Flying to England, I am eagerly anticipating news from home. I am thinking of all the church members, and hope that they are doing well. Also, I hope that you, Omma, are healthy, and that our children are healthy. I want to hear about all the activities, and again I am looking forward to the day we can all meet again. Please put your heart at ease and know that all of us are safe and sound. Please give my regards to those members close to us. As I ride on the white clouds and look across the fields and hills spread out like a garden, I am crafting memories from the sounds on the plane and the view from the window. The sunlight is now dimmed by dark clouds, and even the bright cabin has become dark, so I will stop here. Take care. -July 14,1965, in an airplane heading to England.

15 Dear Hyo-jin s Omma: It has been a few days since we arrived in Germany. In comparison with the American members, I feel more loyalty from the members here. The German citizens are very diligent, and I felt it even more when I saw how their country has recovered since the war. Around 60 percent of the entire country was in ruins after the war, but the German people created their nation anew. Taking in this fact made me reflect upon Korea's position, and I realized the weight of our responsibility. I was looking forward to hearing news from headquarters after arriving in Germany, but 1 have not heard anything yet, so I am wondering.

Today is August 4. I think about how today reminds me of you, and offer a prayer in memory of this time last year. Since it is August already and you are heavy with child, you must be really worried and concerned, so please entrust everything to heaven. I was in the living room getting ready to go out when I saw that our itinerary had changed, so I decided to write you a report. As for the name of the baby, if it is a boy, we should give him the "Heung (H)" character, and if it is a girl, we should give her the "In (■£)" character. Thanks to all of your prayers, everyone in our group is safe and sound.

We will leave Germany tomorrow and arrive in Italy on the 18th. Please send your letters there next time. You will probably have given birth by then. Please give everyone my regards and please take good care of your health. I keep thinking about my homeland. The children are doing well, right? And please tell the church president to prepare 20 handkerchiefs like the ones I brought from America, and put the same stamp on them. I want to bring gifts back, but because of the weight issue, I do not think it will be possible. Please tell him to do this as a substitute for the gifts. I hope that you may all find peace. Our lodging in Italy has been changed on the itinerary. -August 4, 1965, Germany

True Father's letters to the members

16 To president Eu Hyo-won and all members: How have you all been doing? I have started to miss all of you. It has already been 20 days since we parted. On the day I departed from Gimpo Airport, we said our goodbyes, and my heart was deeply moved as I thought about the past, present and future. I was grateful to heaven for the gathering of almost 1,000 young people who came out to send their Teacher off with such a sincere farewell. I felt sorry that I would be leaving them behind, but I offered that feeling in my heart for heaven's glory. The resolutions I made as I was saying my farewells and waving goodbye are still resonating in my heart. While I was circling the plaza and heading toward the deck I vividly remember you members waving goodbye with your hearts full of hope that I would fight hard, just as you also pledged to fulfill the Will. I finally entered the boarding platform, and later, as I looked at the ground of my homeland below, I thought, "Land that has been with me for more than 40 years, take care," and was so filled with gratitude I could not say anything else. In that moment as I departed for my first world tour, I prayed and pledged my heart to heaven, saying, "My homeland, please nurture and raise our members well."

As the members were cheering, I prayed in my heart as I boarded the plane. I wanted to stay a bit longer to look at the members, but the crew advised me to just go inside. I took my seat and was looking out the small circular window, hoping that everyone would remain well for two months, when the plane started to move and I could not see anyone anymore. Several minutes later, we started heading toward the runway and finally took off. The airplane rose slowly above Gimpo Airport and reached more than 10,000 meters before turning east. When the land of Korea disappeared and Japan started coming into view, the landing lights turned on, and we landed.

As I prepared to receive the Japanese members' greetings, I saw that it was late in the day and starting to get dark. At that moment, the Japanese members recognized me and received me with enthusiastic cheers, crowding in front of the control tower. When I tried to exit through customs, I was completely overwhelmed by the members' cheers. After that, we rode on the expressway for 40 minutes to get to the church headquarters. The area near the highway has been developed so much in 20 years; it is completely different from the image I have of it from before.

All the members participated in a welcome rally where I spoke about my thoughts and impressions and gave a lecture in Japanese. I stayed there for 12 hours and then went to Tokyo. After that, I toured Japan for 15 days before departing for America on the 12th, where we arrived at 5:00 a.m., also on the 12th.

I felt a new sense of dignity as I met the American members who came out to welcome me with happiness. After that, we drove to the church and I gave a message of greeting. Continuing my life in America, I have visited many scenic spots and the prominent features of each city. It was not until several days had passed that I thought of Korea and picked up a pen as I called out our members' names. Although I know you will have a lot of work to do and will have to make a great effort with a complicated schedule, I will not worry and only wish for heaven's protection upon you.

On the 19th, I am going to leave San Francisco and embark on my tour of the entire American nation. I am planning to arrive in Washington, DC on either March 24 or 25, so almost 40 days will be spent touring America. I will be sending the schedule from here in San Francisco, so you will have to send letters to those addresses as well to make sure I get them. I will send you the next part of the schedule later on, so just be aware of that, and please work hard to sincerely fulfill your responsibilities. Goodbye everyone. -February 15, 1965, San Francisco.

17 To all family members: Through the news that you have conveyed, I know that my country is safe. When I left Korea, the mountains and rivers of my homeland were in their winter season. But spring has already come and gone and now it's the summer season. Already six months have passed. As I miss my home country, which is so very far away from here, I start thinking that the way of the Will changes in the same way that nature changes. How can I forget my land and my people, especially you church members, whom I have come to know through my blood, sweat and tears over the 40 years of my life? Even in my dreams, I can never set aside my hopes for your peace and good health, as well as the peace of my homeland in the future.

However powerful and dominant is the culture of a foreign country, I only bow my head naturally before the noble power to which I am connected in heart. I truly realize there is a cohesion that is stronger than the bond forged from the common suffering we have endured together through many ordeals. That cohesion is the tie to our homeland, a reality that transcends the ages and the world. How can someone like me forget the mountains and rivers of my native land? The more countries I visit, the more I experience the heart with which I prayed while I was touring Korea. There is a poignancy there that I cannot find in any foreign country.

When I visited Japan and America, I felt that our ancestors did not accomplish their responsibilities. My thinking was that we, as their descendants, must indemnify their responsibilities in our age. I realize that the present Unification members stand in this position. However, when I think about how patient we will have to be, and how long we will have to fight, I feel that we must prepare to bear the cross again. But I feel that heaven's misery is much greater than that of our people. When looking at the path of the Unification members, who are the pillars of heaven and earth, I see we are pitiable. Nevertheless, who knew of the great agony and sorrow of Heavenly Father, who has been educating and leading us?

When I think that it was human responsibility that brought the great mistake upon heaven and earth, I just want to cry with embarrassment and sorrow to the point of choking. Nonetheless, we, who are standing in a sacrificial position, decide our fate and whether we move upward or downward on restoration s path. We must not forget that we ourselves are sacrifices, and we do not look around, question anything, or leave the altar. We are the ones who must know that, although there are hardships in Korea, greater hardships exist in the world, and we must triumphantly bear the nation's cross and move forward to overcome the worldwide Golgotha.

We must become champions dashing forward to carry the cross of the nation and world. As I have been passing through foreign countries, I keenly felt that I must plan for the worldwide foundation and decide to dispatch young people from Japan and America to each nation. This year we must go to more than 12 countries and furthermore, we must soon go to 20 countries. I am thankful to heaven for young foreign members who are resolved not be defeated by the young Korean members.

I am now in Washington, DC and am very pleased to see young Japanese members who are assigned to do missionary work in Brazil. I am pleased with one young Unification member's courage. He may be but 21 years old and ignorant of the language, but he is headed to a foreign country at the risk of his life.

You members in Korea, in order to save the face and dignity of Korea, please realize that the foreign members are truly hoping that you within the mother country will fulfill the responsibilities that are required by heaven. Korea must set a model of how to go the path of the cross by shedding blood, sweat and tears as a tradition in front of young Unification Church members throughout the world. We need do nothing other than that. Is there any more precious treasure?

As we move forward, going on and on in patience, a bright tomorrow will soon welcome us. Korea seems to be having a severe drought, however the more difficulties we encounter, the more we must overcome by believing that a path of loyalty will be revealed to us. For that reason, I intend to begin this in the hottest season. As I shed sweat in the heat of foreign countries, I would like to feel as if I am experiencing sweat and difficulties together with you members who are working hard in Korea.

Tomorrow is July 1, and about half the time of my visit in America remains. I am trying to glorify our church members' futures and their loyalty through fulfilling the heavenly responsibility throughout the world. I would like to tour the foreign mission countries after writing a letter saying that we are all working together. I am praying that the protection of heaven will be upon you members rather than on me.

As I write this letter, it looks as though I am asking you all to follow the path of suffering again. But what else can we do, as this is our destiny? Is not the world of people who have inherited the way of the Teacher and the way of the Father coming toward us, the Korean people? Let's go forward in patience. Let's try our best to be loyal.

The summer witnessing period is coming again. What will the three-year course and four-year course bring to us? Seeing the current conditions of Korea and the world, I hope that you will become people who will receive praise by putting up with these situations, surviving, and not dying.

If I proceed now, I will arrive in Korea in the middle of October. Please understand when I cannot respond to all the letters from so many members. I should ask to be excused for not being able to convey news regarding the foreign countries. Even though there are many things I would like to write, it is time to say farewell and stop writing, as I hear applause and I must make my appearance. Based on the reports from Seoul, I want to thank you members who are working hard. Let me excuse myself now with this letter, hoping that all of you will become loyal servants in front of this heavenly mission and hoping you will all be healthy until we meet again. I hope that you have peace. -June 30, 1965, Washington, DC True Father's letter to his son Heung-jin

18 Heung-jin-ah! Our gentle and diligent Heung-jin, do you miss Appa and Omma? Appa and Omma are the ones who love our Heung-jin more than anyone; that's why we miss you so much.

We are now in San Francisco, which is the closest part of America to Korea. We are going to New York on the 26th. You and your brother and sisters are loving each other and getting along well, right? When Appa and Omma come back, I'm sure you will have grown a lot. You must study hard so that you can get better grades than your older brother and sister. You are the handsome one, Heung-jin, so if you can do that, how fine that would be... I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We really miss you and want so much to see you. We will say goodbye for now. -December 24, 1972, San Francisco True Mother's letter to her son Hyo-jin

19 Hyo-jin-ah! I miss you and want to see you. My son, whom I always call out to and think of and run to and hug, my good, cute, precious, beloved son, whom I never want to let go of, I miss you. The heart of heaven which loves your parents is like that. So Hyo-jin, though we are separated for a while, you are heavens happy son and your sister is heavens happy daughter. Whether you are asleep or awake, and whether something is big or small, if you live a life of consulting heaven for everything, you will experience greater blessing and love.

Our filial son, Hyo-jin! Our good-hearted and wise Hyo-jin, I love you. I know you will become a filial son of heaven, a filial son of earth and a filial son of the universe; you will become a good example of a filial child.

On Children's Day (the Korean national children's day on May 5th), we only talked over the phone, and I could hear how much you have grown into a young man. Both Appa and Omma feel so sad that we are too busy following the Will and have such little time to spend with you. Yet we feel so proud and secure because of you. Hyo-jin-ah, you are different from other children. Even though you run around with your friends, you must remember your origin, God, and not damage His dignity. So you must study harder than others, make more efforts than others, and strengthen your abilities more than others. In order to do so, you must study when others are sleeping. Don't waste even one minute, even one second. You must surpass world-famous PhD holders.

I know my Hyo-jin will be able to accomplish anything if you really want to. Appa and Omma are always proud of you. When we see you in the near future, can you surprise your Appa and Omma a lot? Hyo-jin-ah, I am sending a few photographs so you and Heung-jin and your sisters can look at them together. Please love Heung-jin a lot. Since you are the older brother, you represent Appa. If there is some good food, let Heung-jin have some first, and if there is anything good, think of your younger brothers and sisters first. There is no one else in the world who is like each of you to one another. You and Heung-jin are precious brothers to one another. Isn't that right? "Appa, Omma, please love Heung-jin more than you do me." You should be able to say this, right? You'll become the best older brother, won't you?

Being the best does not only mean wearing nice clothes and being good-looking. That is just the outside. Your heart is what really makes you the best. You know this well. Appa and Omma have huge dreams for you. I am talking about dreams for the amazing and filial Hyo-jin. Omma is waiting and always praying for that. Stay healthy. Goodbye. -May 12, 1973, Belvedere

Chapter 2

True Parents' Settlement in the United States and Their Public Speeches

Section 1. The Beginning

A difficult passage

The purpose of the third world tour was for True Parents to begin leading world mission activities from the United States. However, from the time they left Korea they encountered difficulties, and these continued as they passed through Japan and Canada. Finally, however, they arrived in America and began to lead the global mission centered on the United States.

1 In 1959 I dispatched missionaries to America to prepare the worldwide foundation. If the missionaries had fulfilled their responsibilities, they would have become quite influential. They would have made the foundation for victory without my having to go through a brutal three-year course there. I knew the urgency of God's Will and my heavenly mission, but I could not realize this in America using only these missionaries. They were not capable of managing so great a task as America. That is why I left for America in 1971, promising to God that I would break through there as I had in Korea and Japan. (078-316, 1975/06/10)

2 We left Korea to go to Japan one day before the Korean government declared a state of emergency. We knew that the situation was serious and we needed to depart, but because it was a Sunday, we could not go through the regular procedure. I needed approval from the head of immigration under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but his office was closed. As time was running out, I contacted the passport section chief and received a letter of authorization a mere 30 minutes before departure. This was the work of heaven. (060-225, 1972/08/17)

3 I did not say this to our church members, but I departed for America in 1971 because I had God's command to carry out the historic world mission, and I felt an urgent responsibility to do so within three years. I knew that God's Will was for me to set the direction for Americans to follow within three years. I had to create a new path of faith and a new Christianity. That is why I went to that huge country on my own.

Difficulties arose from the outset, beginning with my very departure from Gimpo Airport. They were blocking my departure, but thanks to a special connection I had formed, they gave way. Then at my layover in Japan, I faced another problem. I needed a United States visa, and the authorities would not issue it. Nonetheless, it was God's Will that I go, so when traveling to the United States did not work out, I went to Canada.

There, Unification Church members went to the United States Embassy to ask why the State Department denied my entry. The report the embassy received stated, "Reverend Moon cannot enter the country because of his history of cooperating with the Communist Party since 1967." Someone had given them such a report. Right away, United States senators and congressional representatives were contacted and asked to communicate with the United States embassy in Canada. This led the embassy to contact the State Department, and it became a major issue. It created a problem even for the Korean Embassy. Finally, when it was revealed that the report they had was false, they had no choice but to issue the visa. (070-034, 1974/02/08)

4 If I had been delayed a few more days in Canada, I would not have been able to enter the United States. Through this experience, I clearly saw how Satan's forces were trying in every way possible to block the advance of God's Will. From Canada I had to travel to Washington DC, but there was no flight that fit my schedule. I had promised to attend the Tittle Angels performance, which was scheduled at the Kennedy Center on December 18,1971. No matter what, I had to be there for that, so I ended up riding a twin-engine plane for a six-hour flight, crossing mountains and valleys at a very low altitude. That is how I entered America.

Background of the world mission December 18, 1971, is the historic day on which True Parents entered the United States to begin the world providential course in earnest. During the three-year period from 1972 to 1974, they worked very hard, investing all their energy into establishing the United States as the center of the providence. There, in the Abel nation on God's side, they established a strong foundation for world mission work. (070-035, 1974/02/08)

5 To establish the authority of the tribal messiah, I first need to reclaim the national standard and the world standard. To dispatch messiahs as God's representatives, I need to go beyond the level of family and nation, to that of the world. When God chooses people and they fail in their responsibility, He never gives them a second chance. This was true with the Israelites. When the first generation failed, He waited 40 years and then worked through the second generation.

Because Christianity failed to become one with me, Satan claimed the formation stage Old Testament Age and growth stage New Testament Age. Now, after 40 years, Israel's realm of the Old Testament and Christianity's realm of the New Testament can be reformed, and the completion realm of the Completed Testament can be established. The completion stage is established only after the formation and growth stages are established. Since these moved to Satan's world, they needed to be reclaimed. This work could not be carried out alone.

We needed to fight to reclaim the United States because True Parents chose it as the Abel nation on God's side. Since we chose the United States, we needed to liberate it. During this period we needed to connect the United States, the present-day Rome, to the world through Korea. The United States is the extension of Israel and Rome, and thus is a world power, but it needs the national and family foundation before it can establish itself as a true world power. (234-152, 1992/08/10)

6 The second seven-year course is the national level period. The third seven-year course is the world level, so I am walking a course of world restoration. Accordingly, as part of my work around the world I can stop by Korea, but the era in which I have to come to Korea to fight has passed. During the present three-year period, I need to fight more fiercely on the world stage than I did in Korea, lust as I set the direction for Korea, I need to move the government and people of America. I need to lay a foundation in these three years because America, the leading nation of the democratic world, has lost its way. On the day we complete the 21-year course in America, with the Unification Church and True Parents' family at the center, the victory of Unification Church families will be known worldwide. Since this course is organized through families, we must enter the era when we can expand the family realm to the world level. (079-117, 1975/06/22)

7 On the day we complete the nine years remaining after 1972, the Unification Church will come to stand as a global religion. This is not something that you are doing alone. True Parents are working with you. We have to work together. Until now, I have planted stakes here and there, tied ropes to each stake and put flags on those stakes to mark our presence in the United States. This year, we bought a house in New York from which to conduct witnessing campaigns in America, and in the future we will have a house in Washington DC to carry out education worldwide. That is why I am connecting with United States senators and distinguished citizens, and why I will work with university professors to organize an Asian affairs council and a world affairs council. I am protecting America from becoming an arena for communist activities. (063-200, 1972/10/14)

8 Restoration has to start with the external. Even if you have an internal standard, if you lack an external or physical standard, restoration cannot take place. The Roman Catholic Church represents the body, which is external. Protestantism on the other hand is internal. Therefore Protestantism receives opposition. But over the last 200 years, America, which represents Protestantism, inherited everything from Europe, which represents Catholicism.

Then a complete shift took place during World War II, and world Protestantism and Roman Catholicism united. The external or physical world side and the spiritual or internal world side united during this war, and in this way the Christian cultural sphere emerged victorious. For the first time in history, the internal and external aspects united. It was only this one time that the internal and external aspects united centering on God. Thus the foundation for unification was established. The only time the external and internal worlds were united in the name of Christianity was right after World War II.

That is why America's hope was "One nation under God." This was also the hope of Jesus. Jesus' hope was for Israel to be "One nation under God." Because it was not, he tried to unite Judaism and the people of Israel, representing Cain and Abel respectively, in order to establish that nation. He could not accomplish this, so he has been searching for such a nation on the world stage. That is the background of the words "One nation under God." (311-115, 1999/08/29)

9 When I left my country and the Korean members behind to come by myself to America, no one knew my profoundly determined heart as I prayed, "I ask You to place this continent of America in my hands by Your Will. I will be strong and bold. I will restore this nation for You, Heavenly Father, not for my glory but for the sake of the democratic world." Even if a strong storm rages or the path of suffering comes in front of me again and again, I will not avoid them, but will move straight forward. If necessary, I am prepared for the FBI and the CIA to put me in prison. (085-131, 1976/03/02)

10 In 1972, soon after I arrived in America, I met prominent senators and other people I needed to meet. On that foundation, I pioneered a path of faith to this day, praying over how best to move the White House and senators and representatives. I need to arm all of America with God's teaching. This is because the vast communist forces worldwide consider America their biggest opponent, and today they are shooting arrows at her from every direction. In order to defend herself, the United States as God's representative nation must be strong in spirit.

Communists deny religion, but they act like a religion based on Marx's theoretical worldview and economic structure. The communist path lets them take the same authority as God, but based on materialism. They act like satanic demons in order to fulfill their wishes. They are merciless on the path they are walking. They destroy anything that stands in their way. In order to prepare for them, America, which is on God's side representing the democratic nations of the world, must be strong in spirit. That is why I met these American leaders and was strong with them. (070-100, 1974/02/09)

11 I have remained the same, whether I was active in Korea or I worked in America. Nothing has changed. The heart is the same. I am in America, but I am not here as a person from Korea. My perspective is different. I think to myself, "Even though my hair is black and I have a yellow Asian face, my heart is that of a pure American who lives for the sake of God and the world." That is why I am here for the sake of America despite the fact that I do not belong to America. My perspective is different. This being the case, I will happily endure all suffering that comes my way in America. I take responsibility for all of America's difficulties. I treat them not as someone else's problems, but as my own. (071-123, 1974/04/29)

12 When I stepped on American soil in 1971,1 declared, "Why do you think God blessed America? It was so that America, as the representative of the democratic world, could prepare a world of oneness that can welcome the Lord at his Second Advent. God blessed America with this in mind. Nonetheless, America is about to perish." I went on to say, "Christianity in America now has no hope. I was born in Korea and was pitifully treated, but you still need me, don't you? Whether you like it or not, you have to do as I say!"

Affirming this, I came all alone and set foot on the American continent. Even while my own people were clinging to me, I knew my destiny was to love the people of America even more than I love my own people. I was not born for my own sake. Be it night or day, I never lived for my own sake and I will not die for my own sake. I am welcoming with joy the stage that has appeared in front of me, on which I can live for the sake of God and humanity. I welcome it with joy. (077-120, 1975/04/01)

13 I went to America and said, "We will build the base for world peace in America as Jesus, during his three-year public course, was hoping to do in Rome. Jesus did not succeed in those three years, but I will guarantee that everyone, even a little child, will know who I am. Just as Jesus was accused of being a traitor to his people and was killed, I will reach the stage where Americans will wish to kill me." This was the fastest way, and everything unfolded as planned. (114-086, 1981/05/17)

14 There remains a three-year course ahead of us, during which we need to grab the Korean people and the world communist realm and pray desperately to God. Facing this urgent problem, we need to expand the base of our activities worldwide. Therefore, in the fall of 1972 I am going to create task forces in at least 12 nations. I personally will manage them.

I cannot stay long in Korea. I was born as a son of Korea and was more patriotic than anyone else in Korea. No patriot can hold a candle to my loyalty. After the completion of the second seven-year course, those who work diligently will become global figures. I am responsible to work in the United States, training itinerant workers and supervisors who can guide the advanced countries of Europe. (056-224, 1972/05/14)

15 Since we have much to do and are running out of time, when I give commands, you must follow them and produce actual results. If you fail to do so, you will receive reproaches, not forgiveness. You have to be willing to make historic and unimaginable sacrifices, sacrifices no ancestor in the history of the world was able to make. And you need to obey absolutely. While doing so, you need to accept everything with humility.

At present, you come here to Belvedere to meet me, but I intend to meet you on the front line. In other words, I intend to go on a speaking tour. At this time, I have met most of the United States senators and representatives whom I wished to meet. Next I plan to meet with a few world-class scholars. Then I will go out to meet those of you who are working on the front line. Whether you are awake or asleep, you need to achieve unity with me. (066-071, 1973/03/17)

16 I am meeting leaders in the United States, in order to have them lay a foundation on which America can move the spirit world. To move America through its senators, we need to mobilize their ancestors. Since these senators represent states, they can be said to be Cain-type individuals. When we make them interested in my work, the spirit world can become their object partner, and a foundation whereon we can expand the providence will be created. If there is even one person who submits to Abel, the foundation can begin to take root. For this reason, I am meeting influential people. (066-217, 1973/05/07)

17 Jesus' view was that the people of Israel needed to become one with him, and then Judaism needed to unite within itself and become one with him. Nonetheless, both the government and religion opposed him. Therefore our highest priority is to build a foundation that will prevent the current leaders of America, who are like Israel's political rulers, from opposing the Will. To accomplish this I am meeting American political leaders and church leaders. After meeting with political leaders, I will call upon the most prominent church leaders.

We need to devise a plan and convince the people in the government, who have power, to actively support my plan. By doing so there will emerge a foundation for the spirit world to cooperate with the earthly world. This initiative will create a path for church and state to harmonize, and on this foundation, the spirit world will be able to communicate with the earthly world. This is like Cain and Abel communicating with each other.

Achieving this through my efforts will accomplish the stages of formation, growth and completion horizontally. Then the spirit world of the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age will cooperate with us. We should make such a foundation, and make it now. I consider this to be the most critical issue. (066-218, 1973/05/07)

18 Since 1972,1 have spent 27 years in the United States. This means I have spent more than half of my lifetime's 40-year restoration course in America. Why did I set my own country aside and come to America at such a crucial time? This period was most important to me because of Christianity. Christianity is Jesus' worldwide foundation. It needed to be brought to fruition. I came to America because of Christianity, which is Jesus' foundation.

Christianity is divided into Catholicism and Protestantism. They need to unite. The work of the Holy Spirit is the work of the mother, and the work of Jesus is the work of the father. Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in the position of parents, created Christianity, so those brothers need to unite. (311-114, 1999/08/29)

19 I am launching a grand revival tour this year. I will hold it over a period of seven months, from this September until April of next year. It should rouse the interest of the important leaders of the government and churches, so that we can relate with them horizontally. We do this to make a foundation to move the United States. As these senators form relationships with me, they naturally will relate with you in their districts. Then Cain-Abel restoration can naturally come about in those districts. The Victorious Day of Celebration True Mother acquired her United States permanent residence status on February 26,1973, and True Father acquired his on April 30. This was the basis for their world mission work centering on the United States. True Father stated that the three-year period from 1972 to 1974 corresponded to Jesus' three-year public ministry, and that during this time he had to connect it to the world level. On July 1, 1973, at the Belvedere Training Center, in the presence of representatives from ten nations: Korea, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, True Parents declared a victorious day of celebration, commemorating their laying the cornerstone for worldwide victory in the second seven-year course. (066-218, 1973/05/07)

20 You must live for the sake of the world. This is why I make you go forward all over the world and make you suffer. How pitiful this is! These are circumstances you cannot understand. I am still alive and doing this work because I know the Principle. What did I indemnify by doing so for three years from 1972? Jesus could not become a parent and have children during his three-year public course. Those three years became a source of his sorrow. In these three years we set the standard to remedy this. Because you now can appear on the family foundation, representing the nation of Israel and its people, True Parents can make a start on the world level. This was the foundation on which True Parents could enter America. (067-076, 1973/05/20)

21 The Germans and Japanese were Americas enemies. However, Japanese and Germans are coming to America and putting their lives on the line to save it. I brought mostly Germans and Japanese to America, and it created a sensation. It drew those who opposed me to find out what's going on. I knew what they were thinking. If we failed to establish a foundation in one and a half years, they would expel the Japanese and German members. I too would be expelled. This could not happen. That is why, after finishing my first and second speaking tours, I was granted permanent residency, on April 30, 1973. Thus, I completely established the foundation in one and a half years and could hand it over to Americans. While developing our economic foundation, I also contributed to international harmony through these Japanese and Grmans, who formerly had a hostile relationship with America, but now were educating American youth. (114-087, 1981/05/17)

22 Through the acquisition of green cards in 1973, True Parents have indeed established the standard for resurrecting the spiritual foundation for the global Christian domain. This accomplished all victorious standards throughout the spirit world. Having now connected the Christian cultural realm from Korea to the world, we needed to attach substantial results to this victory. This was why I mobilized Korean blessed families and, on the foundation of their achievements, went to the United States in 1971. My plan was to settle there by 1973, but for this settlement we needed a victorious foundation in America. We could not do so without this foundation of victory. By laying that foundation, which was a spiritual foundation, we acquired green cards in April of 1973 and returned to Korea on December 24, 1974. We laid down a decisive foundation in 18 months. (165-029, 1987/05/19)

23 I am carrying out this providence centered on the United States because the United States, which is the spiritual foundation of the world and the center of world Christianity, is being eaten away. The cause was the Christian opposition to the Unification Church. However, when the United States did not oppose the Unification Church, but welcomed it in the early 1970s, I was able to resurrect Christianity. Korea opposed us on the level of a nation, but the United States welcomed us on the world level. Therefore, I could come back to Korea and redress that national-level failure. This will allow us to live. I went on a speaking tour across the United States in 1972 and held rallies that connected it to Europe to lay the external world foundation.

I need to complete, in the shortest time possible, everything that Christianity, or anyone else, was unable to achieve in the United States. On the day the people of the free world under the leadership of the United States raise banners and welcome us, they will receive a blessing on the world level, centering on the Unification Church. If, on the other hand, they oppose us, they will suffer great damage. So I began revival meetings, and that is why I received the green card on April 30,1973. (110-129, 1980/11/10)

24 I came to this earth as the Lord at the Second Advent and Bridegroom. I have to find the Bride who is to become the Mother and together with her begin anew from the place where Adam and Eve fell. Based on the Unification Principle, Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage and multiplied their children through their love relationship from that position.

Therefore I cannot start from the realm of God's direct dominion. I cannot build upon a standard of having perfected the realm of God's indirect dominion. By beginning at the completion level of the growth stage, which is prior to the standard of completion, we have to go through a seven-year course in Satan's world, form a family, and experience trials and suffering. It is the era in which True Parents' family is made into a sacrificial offering.

We received much persecution in America. We have to go through the same position as Jesus who died without being able to realize the Will. We need to indemnify this on the foundation of being a united people, nation and world. Without setting this condition of eliminating Satan, there is no way to connect the path of heavenly law to the standard of natural law. That is why True Parents had to go to America, carrying the fate of this historical providence.

I did not consult with anyone before going there. No one knew except God and I. When I set foot on American soil in 1971, I was a nameless young man, but I had on my shoulders the mission to turn the United States around in three years, and to bring it to heaven's side in 12 years.

What was it that I did in America? Representing human history, I loved Abel more than anyone ever has. And on the practical level, I had to attain complete victory. No one has prayed in greater earnest for God and for the earth. As a Son who can bring God to tears, I had to hold on to humanity and to the cause of God's pain and sorrow. I had to fight fiercely to liberate humanity from this position. (136-239, 1985/12/29)

25 On July 1, 1973, I established the historic day of commemoration, the "Victorious Day of Celebration" in America. Until now, I have established many such commemorative days in Korea, but this was the first such day celebrating a world-level victory. This day marks a new beginning in the history of the Unification Church. I could establish this victorious day of celebration because I went beyond half of the three-year period that remained in the second seven-year course. We are celebrating the fact that I was able to overcome all hardships successfully.

From now on, the more Satan opposes us, the more he will be destroyed. It is different from the past. In the near future, the Unification Church will raise a storm across this nation. We have established a foundation that American power cannot take away. (068-159, 1973/07/29)

26 We started working as soon as we came to America, and within a year we have completed the foundation for the American church. With this foundation to carry out our activities, I established the Victorious Day of Celebration on July 1,1973 to celebrate our victory. We have reached the focal point of victory, by which we can establish our foothold in this world, centering on the heart of God. In order to establish the victorious standard internally in the world of God's heart, first there must be victorious external results. That is why in 1973 we carried out our activities across the United States. By giving public speeches in 40 cities in 1973 and 1974,1 became quite famous. I reached a point where I could establish on the national stage a personal relationship with the president of the United States. (072-277, 1974/07/01)

Section 2. One World Crusade


During their third world tour in 1972, True Parents organized the One World Crusade (OWC), an international witnessing task force with members from five nations, the United States (50 members), the United Kingdom (15 members), Germany (60 members, including some from Austria), Japan (600 members) and Korea (360 members).

The One World Crusade was at the cutting edge of the advancement of God's Will. True Parents held a workshop for the OWC members at the beginning of 1973 and established their organizational structure and working policies. On January 31, True Parents organized 99 European members into ten teams and, on the following day, dispatched them to locations throughout the United States. True Parents invested all their effort into the One World Crusade activities.

1 The Unification Church has to sacrifice in the position of a global religious movement. It has to fulfill its Abel mission on behalf of all Christians and all humankind. This is why on January 8, 1972, in the United States, I created a new global organization called the One World Crusade. Its headquarters is not in Korea but in America. Its participants are crusaders called to serve the world. The original Crusades were expeditionary pilgrimages composed of Christians from various nations. They set out to reopen the Holy Land during the Middle Ages. I am saying that we too should begin our heavenly international effort to establish God's realm on earth. If our movement sacrifices for this purpose, it will not perish but will encompass the world. This is the conclusion based on God's Will. (056-128, 1972/05/14)

2 The three-year course starting in 1972 is the time to defend the world's final united front. The nation and the world have to prevail during this three-year course. All of us need to come together at this time. We have come to the global realm of fortune at which we go through this three-year course. The spirit world can be fully mobilized to cooperate with us now, and we have prepared to receive the order for a full mobilization on earth. The content of this order is the organization of the One World Crusade. (065-222, 1972/11/19)

3 I am feared in Korea, and even the higher ranks of society in Japan and Taiwan regard me with apprehension. In laying such a foundation, I did not receive help from anyone. I did it on my own, starting with nothing. I received no funding or aid, and had no one to consult with. But when I say I will do something, God rejoices. The only one I could talk to was God, but He is the most reliable being there is.

From now on, your unity with what I am doing will determine whether or not we can shape world events. Bearing in mind that we are the only ones who can realize the desires of God, realize the deepest vision of humanity, and open the gates to the country that is the hope of history, let us confront the opposing communist world, the vanguard of Satan, and establish a victorious foundation. We have to march on together as soldiers with the firm conviction, "We need to open the gates of heaven."

I am on this third world tour to organize peaceful crusaders. This is why I named this the One World Crusade. American, German and British crusaders need to quickly become one so their nations can become one and defend against the communist world. (054-168, 1972/03/23)

4 I have come back after organizing global crusaders as the One World Crusade, which transcends ethnicity and nationality. The medieval Crusaders rallied many peoples and fought for the ideal of free access to the Holy Land for Christian pilgrims. Their vision was to defend and reclaim the temple of the heavenly kingdom. If such a mobilization had taken place during Jesus' era, centered on Jesus, do you think it would have failed? The Crusades failed because the Crusaders lacked the requisite conditions for building the kingdom of peace on earth in their age.

It is different today. If Korea is besieged, I will go to America, establish a foundation, mobilize the young people and call them to free Korea. If this One World Crusade can mobilize more people than North Korea can, we will win without a struggle. In order to liberate this nation and open the 38th parallel, which embodies the resentment and sorrow of North Korea and South Korea, the people of South Korea of course need to unite as one. But I believe that, in addition to this, the people of the world need to expand their cooperation with the Republic of Korea. This is why our team will soon organize and come to Korea.

In history, heaven has never directed a church or religion to organize an army with a name like One World Crusade, to wage a spiritual battle in their own nations and with their own people, saying to them, "You should return to God." In a time of war, if people value the army that has mobilized on their behalf more than they value themselves, that nation will not perish. On the other hand, if a war has broken out but the people remain uninterested, saying, "What do I care about this army? Do whatever you want," they are bound to meet with destruction. (057-348, 1972/06/05)

5 Having built a spiritual connection to the Christian cultural realm between 1972 and 1974, in the next three years I need to build a foundation in the physical world. Before 1978,1 must lay a worldwide spiritual and physical foundation. In the third seven-year course I need to solidify the foundation in western society for restoration through indemnity on the world level, both in spirit and flesh. This is my mission. I need to complete the world-level foundation in spirit and flesh. Therefore, during these three years, I need to complete all spiritual and physical foundations in the United States. You have no idea what a difficult task this is. Once this work is done, I can push my way forward to the world. In 1975, I can push my way forward spiritually through the International One World Crusade. The movement will reach from the United States to the world. (074-205, 1974/12/15)


The International One World Crusade, an international witnessing task force, is a peace corps of the heavenly kingdom that carries out activities transcending nationality and ethnicity for the mission of world redemption. It was dispatched to witness in all parts of the United States and do frontline work for the success of the rallies in the United States, Europe, Japan and Korea, in particular the Day of Hope events.

Following the success of the 40-city speaking tour across the United States, 300 team members arrived to serve in Japan on January 15, 1975. The group had grown to 673 members from 26 nations by the time they took a ferry from Shimonoseki to Busan, Korea. That number was later increased by the addition of some 300 Japanese members. On March 27, True Father went to the port of Busan to welcome them personally.

6 In the years 1970 through 1973 Korea is facing great crises. After this period passes, the state of global affairs will change and, as a result, North Korea's spiritual impetus for military action against South Korea will decline. Satan's global power will peak in 1977 and 1978. This is why I must now concentrate our energies to build a line of global defense in America.

I have mobilized two revival teams in America with 85 people each, and bought each team a bus. With this they will create a great sensation across the nation. I will buy ten buses in 1973 and 50 buses in 1974 to mobilize 2,000 task force members. In this era we need to build a line of global defense in America. By doing this through US senators and representatives, we will prevent the spread of communist influence in America. America itself does not recognize the need for this, so we need to do it. If America becomes one with us centering on the Will, blocking communism worldwide will not be a problem. (054-159, 1972/03/23)

7 I mobilized young people in America and created a task force in 1972. These are individuals who are ready to sacrifice more than anyone else for this nation and for the world. They have stepped forward to inspire Americans with our God-centered teaching. America has no heavenly worldview about the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. I plan to mobilize 400 people in 1973 and 2,000 people in 1974 so we can have at least one bus team in every state. I am desperate to achieve this. I think it is the only way to prevent a crisis in the United States in 1977 and 1978.

We need to rally Christianity in America. Christians must unite. Americans have to establish a new tradition based on Christian thought. Whether America lives or dies depends on this. Not only the fate of America but also the fate of the world depends on this. I am doing this work transcending nations and peoples for you, because I know God's Will and I live for the sake of heaven. (053-256, 1972/02/29)

8 I have set the goal that International One World Crusade members in all 50 states each brings one person a month. Each of the 700 mobilized people will enlist 12 people per year, the result of which will total 8,400 people a year. We first need to send out these teams with each member focused on bringing 12 people. Then I will say to the American members, "Follow their standard!" Before the end of this year I will select the best among them and organize a task force. With these trained leaders, I will organize 70-member units in each state, and as they raise leaders they can develop activities in multiple cities. When teams are working in four or five cities per state, their numbers will multiply every month. With this as our foundation, and when the number of members exceeds 30,000, it will not be a problem for us to move the entire United States. (070-187, 1974/02/09)

9 The situation in America right now is that we lack enough people to carry out all our activities. This is why we cannot move these 360 elite from the international task force. Doing so would threaten America's activities. However, we cannot focus only on the United States; we have to carry out the same activities in other nations. We need to promote ourselves. By carrying out our work first in Japan, Taiwan and Korea, and then in Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands, culminating in the United Kingdom, we will generate much interest throughout Asia and Europe. In the same way as we spread the Word in the United States, we will promote our work throughout the world. This will energize our members in Europe. The work we are doing in the United States naturally will be the standard for all mission countries. Based on this fundamental tactic and standard, we can train our members thoroughly and strengthen our organizational structure in every respect, including public relations. To achieve our purpose, this strategy is necessary. (075-082, 1975/01/02)

10 We have to establish a tradition of Asians actively supporting America. This is my strategy for the sake of the future. Who among Asians should that be? Koreans are suffering economically. Also, it is difficult for them to procure a visa or a passport. The Korean government limits assets going out to other countries, because they lose money in the process. Japanese people, on the other hand, can go abroad as long as they have received a letter of invitation. They can get a four-year visa within three days. As Japan is the Eve nation, it has the responsibility to carry out the mission of the mother for the sake of the world's people. Only by passing through the mother's arms can we develop. This is why the tradition will be that Japan steps forward to represent Asia. (055-345, 1972/05/09)

11 I established a task force when I was in England, and bought the task force members a center. I went to Germany and bought them six minibuses and six trailers, each of which can house eight people. Lined up, they extend over 100 meters. This was so grand. After receiving all this from me, could they do anything other than work hard? Now Britain and Germany are on fire. I said to the Germans, "Do not lose to the Americans," and I said to the British, "Do not lose to the Americans," so they are working hard not to lose to one another. Then I went to Japan and asked them, "Do you want to be bested by our people in Germany, Britain and America?" They said they would never be outdone. (055-264, 1972/05/09)

12 When I saw a bullet hole in the huge glass front door of the church headquarters in Essen, Germany, they told me it had been done by communists two weeks before. Communists everywhere are trying to threaten and intimidate us, coming up with all kinds of schemes. One week before Mother and I arrived, the German Supreme Court ruled that the Unification Church could carry out its activities legally. Prior to this, communists ruthlessly slandered us. When we ignored them, they began threatening us, and later on they even shot at our headquarters, randomly trying to kill anyone. Our members are literally risking their lives to fight for God's Will. Such is the seriousness of the position we are in. We are risking our lives for this work. This is why leaders are busy all day. After leaving in the morning, members and leaders should not return unless they have accomplished their portion of responsibility. We are carrying out our work with strict discipline. (058-108, 1972/06/06)

13 Right now, I have organized task forces in America, Britain and Germany. I will also organize task forces in Korea and Japan. When I travel across the world, I might take outstanding members with me, or even send them on a world tour to encourage the other task forces. At present, I am making plans to set up a university in Korea. Those who have achieved excellent results can come to study in Korea. Knowing that you were born in this wonderful era when you can carry out activities on the world stage, you should fight with all your might. (054-335, 1972/03/31)

14 You Korean members need to be aware that the task force is not just in Korea but in Japan, America, Germany and the United Kingdom. Five countries are taking part so we can restore five countries to heaven. This is the struggle we are engaged in. Which country will emerge the winner? There will be stiff competition. You may think, "Korea will probably win," but though the hare runs much faster, if it takes a nap it will be outdone by the tortoise. You will be no better off than the hare if you think that because you joined first, you deserve to enjoy a conventional living standard and live in affluence with your sons and daughters. (058-094, 1972/06/06)

15 The international witnessing task force is the heavenly nation's Peace Corps, traveling across Korea not for selfish reasons but for the nation and purpose of God. This task force was organized to show Korean young people the path they should follow. Since you need to show this example, you should work together harmoniously, even if you come from different countries and races. You need to open the way to inherit the new, world-level fortune. You task force members are the vanguard that can shape the future of the nation. You stand at the forefront, even in front of the earliest members of the Unification Church. (061-154, 1972/08/28)

16 The task forces visit one location a week. They should first go together to visit the county offices, even if there are no Unification Church members in that village. What should they do if there is no lodging? They should tell the people of the village that they are a task force that has come to cultivate friendship and to press for a national movement. If we have no center available, as the task force leader, you should tell the team to meet in the morning at a certain time and place. Then you should introduce yourself to the head of the village, saying, "I came to this village to teach the citizens to actively help one another, and I'm going to have to sleep in a villager's house for one night." Then you should go to a house and look for a corner to sleep in.

When you enter the front gate of the house you have chosen, if you see that the yard needs upkeep, you should take a broom and sweep it. You also should wipe the floor and even clean the toilet. You should not be indebted to them. You should leave behind something that the occupants of that house will ponder. Your hosts, regardless of who they may be, cannot ill-treat guests who have spent the night. It is the custom for Korean homes to give breakfast to guests who have spent the night before seeing them off. They know that it is bad for their home to treat a guest coldly. If you have thus eaten at their expense, you should not depart without leaving something that has more value than the lodging you have received and the food you have eaten. (058-118, 1972/06/06)

Section 3. United States Speaking Tours


During their third world tour, True Parents gave a series of public speeches in major cities across the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. On January 28,1972, True Parents published their first full-page advertisements announcing the events. These were carried in The New York Times and The New York Daily News. A writers' competition for the best account of Jesus' life attracted considerable attention. The theme was "Jesus Christ's suffering on the cross: Was it God's Will or humankind's mistake?" The competition and tour were covered by the press in Korea and internationally. Through such media coverage, the activities of True Parents drew the attention of the world.

On February 2,1972, the 60th day of their third world tour, True Parents organized a "Rally for God" in the Wall Street district of New York as the kickoff event of their speaking tour. From February 3 to March 11, True Father delivered speeches in seven major cities across the United States: New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Berkeley. The poster advertising the speech declared, "God Speaks Today." It introduced True Father in large print as a "New Christian Master from the East" bringing "spiritual enlightenment." In a short time, the Unification Church created a stir in the United States and stood out as a group with financial power, a large pool of young volunteers and a strong organizing capacity.

1 When I went to the United States in December 1971, the American members thought I was out of touch with things there, and some of them argued that despite my presence, they should continue their previous course. At that time they could not even imagine holding large-scale revival meetings or conducting activities to raise public awareness about major issues. The Korean missionaries who had come to the US were also of the opinion to continue doing things the way they believed best suited the American situation.

But I pointed out to them, "You have to follow my directions. You are in a position to work in accordance with the decisions I make, so you should act the way I tell you." But after giving these directions, I still observed that because they felt they knew the country so well, they did not take my words fully to heart and were hesitant. This is why I personally went to New York and contracted with Lincoln Center, and thus began the seven-city speaking tour, launched on February 6, 1972. It was a risky endeavor.

After that tour I spoke in England and Germany and spent time in Korea. Returning to America in November 1972,1 continued giving public speeches throughout 1973. Because I felt such a great responsibility, I held speeches in 21 chosen cities. The last of these took place January 28,1974. (070-035, 1974/02/08)

2 I started the three-year course beginning in 1972 by conducting a revival tour based on the principled numbers of 3 and 21.1 spoke in 7 American cities for 3 days in each city. After that, I undertook speaking tours in Germany and England, in 9 cities altogether. Then in 19731 gave speeches in 21 cities in the United States. I will complete this period by having given speeches in 40 cities before the end of 1974.

During this time, I need to convey my message to Americas citizens no matter what it takes. 1 do not care whether good rumors or bad rumors spread. I'm all right with either. This was the way it was for Jesus, and how it has been for me. The question is how I can awaken the American people. When they hear the rumors, the people who were chosen and prepared by God will connect to us spiritually and flock in.

Even in the case of a nation doomed to perish, it is God's principle to always leave behind something based on the number seven—perhaps a group of 7,000 people. The ones who are looking for the new providence of God and hoping for a new world to unfold will therefore have no choice but to unite with the movement of the Unification Church. (071-235, 1974/05/01)

3 We need to initiate the world-level foundation three years before the end of the second seven-year course. Jesus was to have gone out to the world after finishing his three-year course, and I have to connect to that by the mission of linking to the world level during our second seven-year course. This is why, beginning with the preparatory public speeches in the United States in 1972, we had to make True Parents known to all of America by April 20, 1974, the year the second seven-year course comes to an end. There should be no one in America who does not know about me. This three-year period is the time you need to do whatever you can to make True Parents known. Whether you use this method or that, and whether they think well of True Parents or not, you have to let them know. This is why we should make our case through international media such as The New York Times, Time and Newsweek. (072-039, 1974/04/29)

4 From 1972 to 1974, what should we who stand in Abel's position give the American people? We need to give them something from both God's internal nature and external form. We have to give both internally and externally. This is why I plan to speak in person during this three-year period. This is the first time for me to be appearing before people at public gatherings.

The public path of the Messiah has to move to the world level from the national level, and not from a lower level. We are able to accomplish this move because we are already heading toward the world-level era. So these three years are precious. This is a significant event in history, and both the spirit world and all humanity are paying close attention. People from ten countries are participating in this work. (067-260, 1973/07/01)

5 From when I began my revival tour on February 6, 1972 at Lincoln Center in New York, until the time I spoke in Washington, DC, and Essen, Germany, I never used a written text. You too should train yourself to speak without notes and still hold the attention of the audience. Have the conviction, "There is nothing wrong in what I am saying." The most important thing is to make your emotions one with your words; this brings what you say to life. This is the fruit of my years of experience.

The key issue is not the content but how much you can immerse yourself in your emotions and influence your audience with them. When you reach that state, you can simply speak as you usually do. You can even make up your speech right then and there. A speaker who can move the hearts of 10 million people can easily change the direction of his speech depending on the audience or their mood at the time. He or she should be able to adjust the tone, rhythm, flow and power of the speech according to the disposition of the audience. (054-180, 1972/03/24)

6 We cannot save and lead America with democracy or Christian thought. Neither can the communist bloc unite the world with its heartless ideology. The time of all of these has passed. This is why as soon as I came to America in 1972, I challenged the churches over their shortcomings. What I did was unprecedented in American history. In the end, I launched an audacious challenge to Christianity. Yet the churches cannot oppose me, so they only watch me closely. We have entered the stage where the people who think about God's Will and look to Christianity with hope are showing a renewed interest in True Parents. (072-277, 1974/07/01)

7 The seven years from 1972 to 1978 is a critical time for America. We need to establish a world-level foundation here through the three years ending in 1974, in order to complete the third seven-year course and offer this victory before God. It is the way of the providence to advance toward a new era through a three-year period, and 1974 is the end of this three-year period. We should always prepare three years in advance. In the same way that Moses prepared, we have to enter the new era based on a three-year period. When we reach that stage, America will have no choice but to follow us. We have to fulfill our mission as the subject partner. (067-264, 1973/07/01)

8 I reached this level after establishing the foundations of servant, adopted son, true son and parent. The reason I can come and work in America is that I have completed this foundation on the national level. Now, through America, I am trying to connect this foundation to the world during the three-year course until 1974, in which I am working together with you Europeans.

The period in Korea reversed the failure of the First Israel, which was in the position of a servant. On that foundation we inherited the mission of Christianity, the mission of the adopted son on the world level. Now we have reestablished the spiritual foundation of the adopted son on the world level. We came to this global Christian nation of America to create that foundation and expand it worldwide. The foundation of the servant had been lost and the Christian foundation of the adopted son had been lost, and so we had to establish them again. Because Jesus resurrected spiritually, he was able to create a foundation to protect the nation at least on the spiritual level. Based on this national standard, the Christian foundation could develop and expand worldwide. Similarly, by assuming the same position as Jesus, we can engage in global witnessing today. In short, we can carry out the movement for world redemption.

I am trying to teach you about my victorious foundation during this three-year course from 1972 to 1974. This three-year course is a struggle to enable you and all people to inherit victory on both the lost national foundation of the servant and the lost worldwide foundation of the adopted son. We became adopted sons, and now we need to become true sons. You need to become true sons.

On behalf of Jesus, who tried to ascend to the national level and world level during his three-year course, you yourselves need to usher in the world-level foundation. The period to do so is this three-year course, during which you can go from the era of the adopted son to the era when you can receive the authority of the true son. We are the worldwide movement that is trying to find the Bride and the Bridegroom that Jesus spoke about.

Speeches throughout America The 21-city speaking tour across the United States began with a full-page advertisement in The New York Times on September 7, 1973. True Parents also personally contacted prominent figures in preparation for the speeches, and intense mobilization activities were carried out by the 51 One World Crusade teams dispatched to the 50 states and Washington, DC. On this foundation the Day of Hope speeches were delivered in 21 cities over four months, from October 1, 1973, to January 29, 1974, with the theme "Christianity in Crisis: New Hope." The speeches, given on three successive nights in each city, were entitled, "God's Hope for Man," "God's Hope for America," and "The Future of Christianity."

True Parents were widely supported by influential people from all walks of life during this speaking tour. Also, True Parents received keys of good fortune, letters of appreciation and encouragement, and honorary citizenships from the mayors. They held another speaking tour traveling to 32 additional cities from February 16 to April 20, 1974. The theme of this tour was "The New Future of Christianity." (069-149, 1973/10/26)

9 I plan to give public speeches in 21 cities by the end of 1973.1 will include the seven cities I visited previously, so I only need to choose 14 more cities. In the future, we need to build training centers in Washington, DC, St. Louis, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Dallas on the same level as the ones in New York. If possible, we should focus on the places where we want to concentrate our membership. I will begin my speaking tour with New York City on October 1. Next year, I will reach all 50 states with these events. Then no one among the American people will be able to say they had no opportunity to hear me speak.

After that, you have to stride forward even more. To do this work, you need to lay a foundation. In other words you need to witness. You need to witness to at least 50 people in each state. It will not work unless we have core members. This is why you need to work hard until October. (067-040, 1973/05/18)

10 Beginning in October 1973 I will tackle 21 US states through their representative cities. When 1 have done this and there is no opposition, I will expand the scope to all 50 states, and after that you will need to give public lectures every day. We will sweep across the United States by 1978 in such a way that Christian leaders will say, "Now we have no choice but to study the Unification Church. We need to find out about this church." Thus, everyone will be influenced to move toward a world with no barriers. Only this can revitalize the United States.

It is my view that in the future two issues will emerge as the most urgent on the national scene: the revival of Christianity and defending against communism. These will surely appear. I believe that the United States will most definitely be in this position one day. If we are prepared to address those critical issues, the United States will have no choice but to ask us to go to the front and take the lead.

Just as Jacob met Esau after winning over the angel, you must gain victory over communism after winning over Christianity. To put it another way, after you have made a foundation with the churches, you have to empower yourselves with the worldview with which you can debunk communism and march out to the world. This is why you need to have the firm conviction that even if the democratic world, Christianity and the communist world oppose us, it is no problem. You must firmly believe that, since we stand on God's side, He will bless us. (067-137, 1973/05/27)

11 We have brought people from ten nations here to the United States, including from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. This is a solemn and electrifying moment. Focusing on Gods Will, the people from these ten nations can bring about a new beginning with a heart transcending nationality and ethnicity. We share a conviction to give our lives right here and now for this one purpose.

Now only a year and a half of the three-year course remains. To enable the United States to carry out its three-year worldwide responsibility, I am gathering college graduates from the United Kingdom and Asia. The reason I met with nearly 60 senators and representatives in 1972 and 1973 was to prepare for this.

I planned revival meetings in seven US cities in 1972, in 21 cities in 1973 and in 50 cities in 1974 in order to raise America's awareness. I planned these revival tours so no one can say they had no opportunity to hear my words.

We are about to set out toward the new Israel and the blessed land of Canaan, and we need to inform Americans of this during this three-year period. Just as every Israelite had to be informed when the people of Israel returned to Canaan, we need to proclaim the need for America to set out on the world-level course to restore Canaan during this three-year period. This is why I am saying we should march to Moscow. You need to have this conviction. Since the communist world is marching against the United States right now, we should turn things around and march to Moscow. (067-259, 1973/07/01)

12 By 1978, the threat of communism will come to the United States. From the providential viewpoint, this is inevitable. By then, we should firmly establish in the US a foundation based on the Unification worldview, one that can serve as a functional system by which we can influence all areas of life. This is why I plan to distribute three books to 200,000 American leaders—a total of 600,000 books—in three years. The books will explain the Divine Principle, Unification Thought and Victory Over Communism. And for three years, beginning on the first day of October 1973, we will conduct a speaking tour across the United States. I will give speeches in large halls in 21 cities. I am making preparations to rent Carnegie Hall for my first lecture on the first day of October. Therefore, we need to mobilize 1,000 people. (067-295, 1973/07/22)

13 On February 15,1974,1 have to resume my speaking tour across America. I selected the 40 cities before returning to Korea. I am not starting this out of greed or even for the revival of the Unification Church. I am toiling because God's Will is that I propose a new path of faith for America, a nation very much loved by God.

Now, in the process of carrying out this work, a national crisis has arisen. I believe that I am now well known to Americans. Unforeseen problems have snowballed into national issues because the media mobilized against us and, what is more, my Watergate Declaration brewed a massive, historic storm. Unification Church members, not only in the United States but also abroad, have kept pace with my instructions, and now we are receiving apologies by telephone or in writing from members of the press and social leaders in the United States for their having underestimated our movement. I have returned with a keen realization that our work has strongly influenced them. (070-036, 1974/02/08)

14 I am quite sure that the manipulative hand of the communists is behind the aggressive opposition to 1974 s Day of Hope campaign. I also believe that communists are interfering with our street witnessing teams. From the providential perspective, I can attribute the national opposition we've received from the time of the New York revival meeting until now to such a source. Among todays Christians, some oppose us and some support us, but in the end 1 think they will all lean toward the side that opposes us.

If the communist forces are the formation stage, then Christianity is the mid-level or growth stage, corresponding to Judaism in Jesus' era. Since Christianity holds that position, it is bound to oppose us. In terms of the Principle, the formation and growth realms are under the dominion of Satan.

The time has now come for us to go beyond the world-level formation and growth stages to the world-level completion stage. This is why, when we unite completely and strongly, transcending race and nation, Satan has to leave. This result is based on the Principle. Though Satan can do whatever he likes in the formation and growth stages, he cannot simply do things as he pleases when we enter the completion stage. (071-013, 1974/03/24)

15 Since arriving in the United States, I have already done many things that you might find incredible. Though technically I arrived three years ago, the duration of my actual stay here has been only one year and eight months. In light of this, how much influence do you think we will exert in the future? Our track record has already been proven in Korea and Japan, and even in Taiwan they acknowledge that we have attained this level.

I established the Day of Celebration of Victory on the first day of July 1973, and then in less than a year I declared the Day of Victory over Resentment. These are the first two days established in the western world to commemorate heaven. I recently went to Korea as part of my responsibility here in the United States in order to link this worldwide fortune to Korea.

You are hearing about this for the first time, and it is something you could not even have dreamed of. It is truly amazing that we have laid such a foundation through our own actions. We can confidently say that we can see with our own eyes that the world is our stage. I came to the United States and was successful. This was not my doing. It was done by God. (072-280, 1974/07/01)

Madison Square Garden

From September 17 to December 23, 1974, True Parents continued the Day of Hope speaking tour in eight United States cities. Counting the 32 cities visited prior to that in 1974, these eight speeches constituted the final stage of True Father's 40-city speaking tour across the United States. In each city there was a banquet on the first day and a public speech the following day.

Of providential note was the speech that filled Madison Square Garden; it was one of the largest indoor religious rallies in US history. The banquet given on the eve of the meeting, September 17, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel was attended by more than 1,700 prominent guests. The famous psychic and prophetess Jeane Dixon spoke words of appreciation for True Fathers message and work, while the media, including six television stations, vied for the best vantage point.

At the providential address given at Madison Square Garden on September 18, some 5,000 folding chairs were added to the 25,000 theater-style seats, but even so at least 20,000 people could not enter. True Father passionately spoke on the subject "The New Future of Christianity."

16 Look at today's democratic world. We can see that the United States and Korea are in the positions of the Roman Empire and Israel. At the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire and Israel united to attack Jesus, and now Koreans and Americans are uniting to attack me. By being struck in this way, I can accomplish restoration through indemnity.

Being a democratic nation, however, the United States differs from Rome. Its constitution and infrastructure cannot eliminate Christianity; as a democratic nation it cannot eliminate people simply for what they say. Communist groups also will come with banners to oppose me. This is a global phenomenon. Christianity in America and Korea, American citizens and communist groups oppose me. This sets the condition that the entire world is opposing me. However, no matter how much they oppose me, the vigor of the people who seek me will overpower them.

The Madison Square Garden rally, held on September 18,1974, showed this clearly. Christianity, represented by the democratic world, and the Unification Church confronted each other, and the Unification Church emerged triumphant. This took us beyond the world level. Judaism and Rome killed Jesus, but they cannot kill the Unification Church or me, who stands in Jesus' position. Hence, we have been victorious. This is the moment a new history begins. (073-251, 1974/09/22)

17 The Madison Square Garden rally has historic significance from the providential viewpoint. My three-year period in the United States from 1972 to 1974 corresponds to a three-year period in Jesus' life. Thus, this rally is parallel to the public speech Jesus would have delivered to the Roman Empire had he not died but been successful in his work. If Rome had welcomed and united with Jesus, the Will to realize the heavenly kingdom would have been done on earth.

Korea, which is receiving aid from the United States, holds the same position as Israel under Roman rule. Korea and Israel are providentially identical. The leading city of America is New York, and the hub of its midtown area is Madison Square Garden. This is why our explosive impact cannot but have historic, providential significance. Rome and Israel were enemies, and the United States is in the position of Rome, but she and Korea, both representing Christianity, have created an environment that differs from that of Rome during Jesus' lifetime. In other words, the United States represents the foundation created by 2,000 years of God's hard work. That is what has led up to this moment. (073-228, 1974/09/19)

18 We plan to overflow Madison Square Garden with at least 25,000 people. If you meet someone just once on the street, they will probably drift away no matter how sincerely you talk to them. In order to influence people, you need to make considerable effort, so go to their homes with the same commitment you have for meeting people on the street. At their homes, people will not run away. If you go to people's homes two or three times with that commitment, they will recognize your attitude and purity of heart as just what today's America needs from its youth.

As an exemplary young person, your warm-hearted entreaties will move everyone to accept you. This is because they will feel that you are like their own son or daughter. Their own children have left home and become hippies who practice free sex, but when people see you they think, "How on earth can this person remain so pure? By becoming friends with such a person, I may find a way to reclaim my own sons and daughters." They will thus take an interest in you and will respond to your appeals. (072-051, 1974/04/29)

19 American society cannot ignore that we reserved Madison Square Garden to hold a public speech. Moreover, we have spent $300,000 with a professional agency to advertise this revival meeting. To purchase our level of publicity through a professional public relations firm, you ordinarily have to pay five to seven times more than we paid. Billy Graham carries out his work with the cooperation of major denominations, but I completed this work within three years with no such help. And we are all young people. And at this time more than 600 young people from America held a prayer and fasting vigil.

The people who know something about God's Will are impressed, and they also recognize that we have strong organizing capacity and that we command resources. Seeing that we are spending millions of dollars to hold such meetings, no financial magnate in the United States can ignore us. And yet they still believe, "The Madison Square Garden rally will fail. People will not come to it." I will completely overturn this expectation and, once it is completely overturned, this campaign will become a subject of academic research. Many world-renowned people will ask us about it. (073-134, 1974/08/16)

20 Since the United States is the leading nation of the world, I am conducting speaking tours here. By so doing, I have risen to prominence in three years. At first, when I said I would give a public speech at Lincoln Center, no one gave me so much as a glance. People said that after holding that assembly I would run away. And when I announced a revival meeting in Carnegie Hall, they said I would not be able to fill half or even a third of it. However, I did not speak in only one venue. In 19731 gave speeches across all regions of the United States, visiting 21 cities starting with Carnegie Hall. Then in 1974 the speaking tour covered 32 cities, sweeping through the entire nation.

Carrying out such work is impossible without major resources. Knowing that I had a time limit on my visa, I needed to hold these gatherings as quickly as possible. I finished the tour successfully with that in mind. European members came here and worked with me for three years. If they had not been able to keep pace, I would never have been able to lay my foundation in the United States. (073-132, 1974/08/16)

21 At the end of the second seven-year course and the beginning of the third seven-year course, with world events causing uncertainty for Korea, Japan and America, we held our rally at Madison Square Garden. When we came to America, we had to connect to the national-level spiritual foundation. Christianity is the spiritual foundation on the world level, so we could reach beyond the national level spiritually, but there was no physical foundation to connect with this. It is amazing that within one week we have been able to offer, this rally as a condition by which we could connect to the national level.

No matter how divided Korea is from America and Japan, the Unification Church can become one with America. Through the Madison Square Garden rally, we established the condition to reach the national level of the Christian realm both physically and spiritually. In this way we set the starting point both physically and spiritually from which we can begin the third seven-year course worldwide. With this rally as the formation stage, we need to hold growth- and completion-stage rallies so we can establish a starting point to break through in America and expand to the world during the next three years, 1976,1977 and 1978. The task remains to establish the worldwide foundation both physically and spiritually during these three years. (073-233, 1974/09/19)

22 Through the Madison Square Garden rally, God can realize His Will to reclaim the heavenly nation and from that place liberate all people. It is a historic event that will serve as a base from which we can leap forward. From here, multitudes of people must come together with one heart and make one united effort, shedding their sweat together and moving as one body despite having different interests and different emotions. This will be an opportunity for God, who once could only look upon New York with despair, to finally have hope through you. (072-300, 1974/09/01)

23 I gave a speech in New York's Lincoln Center in 1972, another one in Carnegie Hall in 1973, and a third, finishing that course, in Madison Square Garden in 1974. During that three-year period I set God's strategy in my heart, so no one knew about it. I was so serious when I came to America, because I had the responsibility to convey my message to all Americans in three years. I knew that failure would hurt the providence and the Will of God, so I gave painstaking thought to how I should use this opportunity. The main problem was that I did not have enough people. I had been worrying for three years about how to prepare to fill Madison Square Garden to overflowing, and I kept this goal in my mind. (073-227, 1974/09/19)

24 Until the end of the second seven-year course centered on the United States, Satan attacked heaven. With the beginning of the third seven-year course, however, we are in the era beyond the world level and so we need to charge toward America. In the past Cain struck Abel, but now Abel will overpower Cain. Up to this point Satan attacked me, but because I established indemnity conditions by 1971, during the second seven-year course we have entered an age in which Satan has to surrender. We have reached the time when Satan should be attacked. This is why we started our world-level march toward America.

In 1972, when True Parents first said we would undertake a seven-city speaking tour across America, no one believed even in their wildest dreams that we would succeed. The American members also did not believe it. The 1972 speaking tour was announced and begun only after I went to America. No one knew. After that I marched on to 21 cities. People said I would not be able to fill Carnegie Hall, so when we filled it, Americans thought it was quite amazing. But in the end, Americans began to consider this normal for us. After that, I conducted a speaking tour covering 32 cities. (074-209, 1974/12/15)

Section 4. Rallies in Korea The Day of Hope

The Day of Hope banquet was held on January 16,1975, at the Chosun Hotel, Seoul, with more than 700 prominent figures in attendance. True Father's speech was titled, "A World of Living for the Sake of Others," and this was the first public event held in Korea at which he addressed the leadership of society. From April 1 to May 16, he hosted Day of Hope rallies in nine cities across Korea, speaking on "The New Future of Humankind." The purpose was to engraft True Parents' victory in the United States to Korea. Despite Christian opposition, the rallies were very successful thanks to the work of the International One World Crusade (IOWC).

1 I have the mission to live one era in advance, so with three years left before completing the second seven-year course, I went to America. The Christian foundation, even though it is a worldwide foundation, collapsed because its representatives opposed the Unification Church. I went to America because it was God's Will to renew this lost worldwide foundation and connect it to the Unification Church. Thereby I would build a link, even if only in the spirit, between the Unification Church and the world.

America represents the democratic world and world Christianity, and so I came to America and worked aggressively for three years. In Korea, Christianity attacked me, but on the world stage, I went on the offensive. When I stood with heaven in a dominant position and swept over the whole of America, they opposed me but could not block our path and, consequently, when we returned to Korea on December 29, 1974, we were waving flags of victory. This signifies that we have indeed seized the worldwide spiritual fortune. We returned to Korea and its people recognized us on the national level. Now, in front of this people, we need to take this work to the world level both spiritually and physically. (077-216, 1975/04/12)

2 Heavenly fortune has now come to the Republic of Korea, and this nation expects us to fulfill our responsibility. Though heavenly fortune is gracing Korea, it has no direction forward and so is spinning round and round, creating a whirlwind. Our mission right now is to set Korea's direction. The time has come for us to inherit heavenly fortune and creatively channel it.

When the 300 members of the Unification Church IOWC begin their work in earnest, hundreds of thousands of people will come flocking in. Further, this work will expand to the world level when those people volunteer to join the vanguard in the fight against communists and bring them to their knees. When these things come to pass, even Japan will ask the Unification Church to take the lead and will, together with the United States, offer us national-level support.

Nations throughout the world that are trying to thwart the communists will invite the Unification Church. The time has come when, though they may not agree with the Unification Church, those nations will welcome us with open arms because they reject communism. We seem to have paved our path to 120 nations. They are paying close attention to the Day of Hope rallies being hosted in Korea. (078-180, 1975/05/08)

3 In Jesus' three-year course, the religion of Judaism joined with the nation of Israel in opposition. Therefore, the strategy of the Unification Church today is to confront the religion of Christianity, which is in the same position as Judaism, with the support of the nation of the United States. Though I was attacked in Korea, if I can turn this around on the world stage and win, I can restore through indemnity everything I had to endure in Korea. That is why, during this three-year course, I traveled across the United States and waged an aggressive campaign.

The stir that I caused was a national-level victory, and so I returned to Korea after having created an environment that all Christians can acknowledge. Once I returned to Korea, I took spiritual command and engrafted the victorious Christian cultural realm to Korea. As I do this, I also need to connect to Korea the foundation of the relationship between subject partner and object partner, engrafted into and rooted in the family. This is why the International One World Crusade now needs to come to Korea and carry out activities throughout the nation. (079-020, 1975/06/16)

4 We need to absorb the Christian cultural realm on the world level and bring it to its final conclusion in Korea. That is why, in 1974, I went to the United States, the central nation of world Christianity, and traveled through every part of it, omitting not even one state. I spoke throughout the country, created a whirlwind that swept across it, and returned carrying a banner of great victory.

Though I was opposed in Korea, I triumphed in the United States. Korea is on the national level, but the United States is on the world level, which includes all nations. In this way, I went beyond the national level and am now establishing the standard on the world level. I have been attacked on the national level, but now I am fighting back on the world level. The situation is now reversed, which means that I am indemnifying what happened. Having achieved victory, I laid claim to the heavenly fortune and then came back to Korea. (079-109, 1975/06/22)

5 The Madison Square Garden rally was one of the events that consolidated the foundation of my victory in America. It was the fruit of the three-year period that concluded in 1974. As a key consequence of that event, I was finally able to appear at a public gathering in Korea, at the Day of Hope banquet on January 16, 1975. There were many high-ranking people there. People who have been influenced by democratic culture are playing a leading role in Korea. They researched about me in foreign newspapers, only to discover that this man called Reverend Moon is not an ordinary person. These leading figures attended the banquet. So, in this regard, a new path for development opened up in 1975, with my appearance as the starting point. January 16 was the day that I made people in the audience who had previously opposed me, blush, and those who did not already know about me feel embarrassed.

Next, we needed to establish blessed families in the Unification Church. This took place through the 1800 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony held on February 8, 1975. The creation of couples of the Unification Church through the international matching laid a very firm foundation for the sake of our people. The 1800 Couples Marriage Blessing was the first event by which we shook the world and turned it upside-down.

Next, we needed to influence the citizens. We needed to determine who is stronger, the Korean people on the national level or the Unification Church members on the world level. In effect, we needed to determine who the subject partner is. We demonstrated the answer through the Day of Hope banquet and the activities of 700 IOWC members. Even in terms of heavenly fortune, the Unification Church was destined to win. (079-021, 1975/06/16)

6 No matter how much anyone opposes us, the Unification Church must succeed. This is how the Principle is, and how God set up the providence. I strongly believe that I am creating a historic whirlwind the likes of which the world has never seen. When I act, members of other churches will try to oppose me, but try though they might, they cannot overtake me. As expected, this fight began in Busan. I was also opposed in Daegu. The same was also true in Seoul, Incheon, Jeonju, Gwangju, and Daejeon. In fact, they came all the way to Yeouido Plaza to oppose me. Though I had to fight this battle even at Yeouido Plaza, I emerged victorious.

Now I am able to move the nation and the people. We have internal power. Across the nation of Korea, I have planted roots in every sphere of society, the very roots Jesus needed in order to manage the tribal foundation in his time. The buds have not yet sprouted, but I believe that on the day you are all engrafted to it, it will become one giant tree. In the end, we have set the standard, centering on Yeouido Plaza, by which we can move beyond the nation. This was not achieved by human effort. My faith is that heavenly fortune has created an extraordinary whirlwind on this Korean Peninsula. (079-022, 1975/06/16)

7 South Korea is equipped with an efficient national structure that has enabled it to build a financial foundation. Based upon this, it surpasses the communist world, but only on the economic level. The Republic of Korea has no philosophy that is more powerful than that of the communist world. It is clear that Korea needs some form of spiritual armament to protect itself from the scourge of communism. Traditional Christianity cannot take responsibility to provide such spiritual and ideological armament. Because I understand this, I have prepared the Unification Church and systematically connected it to the world stage, in the belief that it must provide this spiritual armament. The Day of Hope rallies powerfully displayed the internal and external results of my faith.

World Rally for Korean Freedom The World Rally for Korean Freedom, which was a massive Victory Over Communism rally, was held on June 7, 1975, at Yeouido Plaza, Seoul. There, 1.2 million people gathered from all parts of Korea, in addition to more than 1,000 representatives from 60 nations. True Father gave a speech entitled "Korea in the World." The representatives from nations across the world in particular passionately cheered for Korean freedom. They declared that, if war broke out and it became necessary to defend the Korean Peninsula, their fatherland of faith and a holy land, they would organize international volunteers to fight for Korea. (079-075, 1975/06/01)

8 The International One World Crusade came from America, and moved through Japan to Korea. I implemented this specific course because it accords with the providential flow. Since this is the era of restoration, the sensation I caused in America has to pass through Japan and then come to Korea. To allow the third national realm of Israel to become the third worldwide realm of Israel, I had to connect it to the first spiritual realm of Israel and the second Christian realm of Israel. This was a necessary, historic development for the providence. (077-074, 1975/04/01)

9 From the viewpoint of providential history, Korea has yet to complete its mission to form an integrated cultural realm and achieve unification. Brothers cannot become one by themselves. Only when the parents arrive can brothers unite. Conflicting brothers are destined to harmonize and become a united Korea through Unification Thought. In this way we can establish a God-centered, ideal fatherland. From there we can finally transform the world into a world of peace, harmony and unity, and a world of victory.

So the kingdom of heaven should be built on earth and, at the same time, it needs to become one with God. God, who is the subject partner of the kingdom of heaven in heaven, should be brought down to earth in order to build one united heaven. This is the mission of Unification Church members. When the parents and children finally become one on such a foundation, their life in the kingdom of heaven of peace can begin.

Since we have successfully hosted the Day of Hope rallies, we should likewise host a victorious World Rally for Korean Freedom at Yeouido. Having accomplished this, we need to use the substance of these victories to influence Japan, the United States and the free world. So, the World Rally for Korean Freedom should bring together the entire spiritual world and the physical world, so that our descendants will have hope and eagerly look forward to the Blessing. In this way, the World Rally for Korean Freedom will liberate God from His sorrows, liberate human beings from their sorrows, and liberate generations to come from their sorrows. We can realize all of this in one event. (079-084, 1975/06/01)

10 When we hosted the Day of Hope rallies in nine cities in Korea beginning April 1, 1975, the Unification Church and its members became known publicly, and the Christian churches rose up against us. This was partly because there was someone who received a spiritual revelation, "If Christianity cannot overcome the Unification Church at this time, it will be the end of Christianity." Those churches fought furiously and tried everything to bring the Unification Church to ruin, but we did not perish. In fact, we defeated them completely.

From the formation stage, Busan, to the growth stage, Daegu, to the completion stage, Seoul, and from there to Incheon, Jeonju and Gwangju, they followed us through all nine cities to oppose us. They did everything they could to discourage us. They prayed for rain when we held the World Rally for Korean Freedom at the Yeouido Plaza on June 7, and they prayed that if it did not rain, there would be blistering, blinding sunlight. Through these battles, the Unification Church became well known. We needed to be known first as individuals, then as families, as a group, and as a people. (079-111, 1975/06/22)

11 When you consider the current situation of the Unification Church, holding this World Rally for Korean Freedom at the Yeouido Plaza is a significant risk. It is a big risk. It is a risk for us to try to fill that plaza, but we are meeting this considerable challenge in accordance with the fortune of the age. From the viewpoint of God's providence, we know the significance of the era in which we are living, and are aware that this rally aligns with this time.

Currently, Korea is under world scrutiny, and so movements in Korea influence the entire world as well as the nation. Korea is standing at a crossroads and must decide whether to seek the path that leads to victory for the democratic world, or the path of victory for the communist world. The issue here is: Who will serve as the guide? Who will be the first one to work in accord with heavenly fortune? Who will fulfill the mission of the flag bearer? For the democratic world to be victorious, there should be a prominent individual, organization or nation that can provide the vision. History always develops and moves forward to a new level through an individual, organization or nation.

In this urgent state, it is clear that Korea has to work in accordance with heavenly fortune, but Korea itself does not understand how heaven will work through it to reach the world. That is why a particular organization, which represents religion and has this vision, needs to shoulder this responsibility. This is to declare that, among religious organizations, the Unification Church must take on the mission of flag bearer. The Unification Church has stepped forward to fulfill this responsibility by hosting the World Rally for Korean Freedom at the Seoul Yeouido Plaza. (078-206, 1975/05/25)

12 Communist forces across the world have targeted their propaganda to overthrow the South Korean government. The Republic of Korea is the leading bastion of western civilization in Asia. As their next step, the communist forces will proclaim the liberation of Japan, after which they will proclaim the liberation of the United States. I am certain that this is their formula and strategy.

That is why the Unification churches in Korea, Japan and the United States need to unite as one internally. Then they can inspire true dominion in Korea, Japan and the United States, carrying high the banner of leadership. The time to do so is approaching. Now the Korean people need to decide, centering on the Day of Hope rallies, whether they will live victoriously or die in misery.

At this time, we have stepped forward with these national Day of Hope rallies. We have demonstrated through these rallies that no one can defeat the Unification Church on the religious level. The Day of Hope rallies gave birth to the World Rally for Korean Freedom, a national movement through which we have brought together our brethren and the citizens of Seoul and made our declaration to the world. (079-079, 1975/06/01)

13 I have been working all along to move the Japanese government, and also to create an atmosphere in which to form a new realm of civilization for the government and people of the United States. Korea cannot survive by itself. Even if the 34 million Korean people unite as one to overthrow the communists in North Korea, they would not be able to overcome communist China and the Soviet Union. Communism emerged with the form of a religion, but of the Devil, not of God. The world has to unite as one nation within a cultural realm centered on the religion of God, and then subjugate communism. Otherwise, it has no hope.

Now is the moment when the members of the Unification Church need to unite as one and step forward as representatives of Korea and its people and as representatives of the religion of God in the democratic world. Unification Church members in Korea should never forget that, through this World Rally for Korean Freedom, they need to foster a new spiritual attitude and new pride in the world. To carry out this work, Unification Church members from around the world have gathered together to work with Korean members. They need to unite as one here through the rally at Yeouido Plaza, so that they can unfurl the victorious banner of Unification Thought, which is unique, unprecedented in history, and based on God's Will.

On that day of victory, God will bring the culmination of global civilization based on a providence that has passed through the Mediterranean region beginning on the Nile River, moved through Rome to Britain, formed a continental civilization in the United States, and transitioned to the Pacific Rim. (079-076, 1975/06/01)

14 Yeouido Plaza is a historic venue, so the World Rally for Korean Freedom stands in the position to receive God's historic, unbiased judgment. It will determine whether or not the Unification Church is an organization that stands on God's side in world history and is truly able to save the peoples of the world. Through this World Rally for Korean Freedom, Unification Church families need to show whether they have the leadership capability to guide and represent the people, based on families, and whether the Unification Church members can demonstrate leadership when dealing with this nation's people.

This event, then, is a good opportunity to receive heaven's unbiased judgment. Not only that, this is also a time for establishing our authority by receiving the world's unbiased judgment, for cleansing all the historical sorrows and resentments of this people, and for receiving benefits and blessings in return for the hardships endured for the public good. That is why this is a very serious moment. (078-223, 1975/05/25)

15 Many people will gather at the World Rally for Korean Freedom. In addition, billions of people in the spirit world also will attend. Each of you should have the resolution to represent 10,000 people, which means that the citizens of the 60 nations you represent are gathered here. Can you imagine how closely your ancestors and others in the spirit world who have been mobilized are paying attention? You should rid yourself of the sentiment that "I am French" or "I am German." You need to feel you are transcending your native people, otherwise your affection for your country can impede your work for God. You should feel proud that you are each participating in this rally as a representative of 60 nations. (078-242, 1975/06/06)

16 On June 7,1975, there was a major confrontation between other churches and the Unification Church at the Yeouido World Rally for Korean Freedom, centered on the International One World Crusade. This international team consisted of young people who were participating in the restoration of God's fatherland. There was confrontation with opposing churches as well as other opposing powers. It was clearly a time of restoration through indemnity.

Now that we have established the family foundation, we need to win the nation. That is why you need to become one with the government, making True Parents your focus. We as a movement need to become one with the government and move everyone. In the national domain, other churches collided with the Unification Church in the four cities of Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Seoul. I confronted them, asking, "We are now holding revival meetings with international support, so why are you opposing us?" In response, their members had no choice but to raise their hands in surrender.

On this foundation, over 1.2 million people came together. At that time, even the Korean government was surprised. People from 60 nations came and proclaimed, "When you invade the motherland of our faith, we will defend it." Substantially, we stand in a leadership position, both spiritually and practically, in relation to the nation. (191-123, 1989/06/24)

17 When you received military training, you received it with the idea that you would use it to serve the Republic of Korea, but now this is no longer the case. From now on, you need to witness to people in order to form a volunteer corps. You need to mobilize police chiefs, heads of townships and county magistrates to participate in a volunteer corps, educating them in different ways. From now on, you should determine to form a volunteer corps and lead thousands of people who can mobilize on behalf of townships or counties in case of emergency. I am giving you this direction to create an international volunteer corps at this urgent time, because it is necessary to cultivate a foundation of leadership in case of emergencies.

We should bring together Christians and all religious believers in association with the Unification Church and invite them to form a volunteer corps. Invite the police chiefs and county magistrates, explaining to them, "This is not for the Unification Church. You maintain the real authority, and we will carry out the internal training. Further, we will provide even the top officials with spiritual armament." The time to do this has arrived. (079-054, 1975/06/16)

18 Part of the reason Jesus died on the cross is that he came into conflict with others from the second year of his three-year public ministry. From the middle of the second year of a three-year providential course, we are overcoming the reversals Jesus suffered during his second year of public life. The three years of 1975, 1976 and 1977 are a time for connecting a physical victory to our worldwide spiritual victory. We established the conditions for spiritual and physical victory, defending the national standard, through the World Rally for Korean Freedom held at the Yeouido Plaza in Seoul. Because of these victorious conditions, people might oppose us but they cannot drive us out. I am well aware that they cannot be victorious no matter how much they strike us, and that is why I am fighting against them courageously, with absolute principled authority. (082-229, 1976/01/31)

19 Because the time has come for the Republic of Korea to inherit world fortune, it should not oppose us. Because the time has come for us to take action as a people, I was finally able to bring youth from around the world here in 1975. Together with Korean youth, I hosted these historically unprecedented nationwide events, the Day of Hope rallies. A providential wind brought many people to these events without their conscious decision. The 1975 Day of Hope rallies set a historic record that no religious gathering can break. I connected that success to everything else as the basis for national victory. The nation and the world were unable to connect to Jesus in spirit and flesh during his lifetime, so that connection needs to be completed in 1975.

Based on this providential understanding, True Parents began full-scale work in the United States in 1972. In terms of its spiritual standard, the Unification Church of Korea stands in a higher position than the nation, and in a leadership position. The three-year strategy in the United States was for the Unification Church to become a religion that attracts everyone's attention, despite being at the center of a commotion and despite Christian opposition; moreover, it was to connect its national-level spiritual victory to Christianity on the world level. Not until I had connected my victorious foundation to the world in 1975 could I come to Korea and fight the battle to determine the standard of victory both spiritually and physically. This was the World Rally for Korean Freedom held at Yeouido Plaza. (084-149, 1976/02/22)

Section 5. America's Bicentennial Celebration

Yankee Stadium

True Parents held two events to celebrate Americas bicentennial. The first was the Yankee Stadium Rally, June 1, 1976, in New York City. This rally was held in front of an audience of 50,000, amid stormy weather and the occasional shouts of protesters. True Father conveyed his message "God's Hope for America" and proclaimed that God sent him to America in the role of a doctor and firefighter. This was a bold, historic declaration in America as "the voice of one crying in the wilderness." During the third seven-year course, a completion-stage course, True Father took the decisive battle to the heart of America, which represented the center of the world. At this global and historic Junction of good and evil, True Parents established a standard for all indemnity conditions. For their June 14 issue, Newsweek International interviewed True Father and made that interview their cover story.

1 Jesus died on the cross after a three-year battle to unite the people of Israel, who were of the Jewish faith, which was the center of Judaism. The Unification Church will therefore connect its national standard in Korea, which is victorious both spiritually and physically, to America, the central nation in the spiritual Christian world. The spiritual standard reflects the world while the physical standard reflects the nation. Jesus' three-year public life was on the national level, and he meant to expand it substantially to the worldwide level.

1976 is equivalent to the second year of Jesus' three-year public course. Jesus' crucifixion was decided not during the first but the second year of his public ministry. 1976 corresponds to the second year of Jesus' public life, in which it was decided whether or not Jesus would be crucified.

This is in the third seven-year course, the second year of its first three years. In this year the decisive battle will be fought. After the formation stage comes the growth-stage. The growth-stage is the middle. Counting one-two-three, it is the middle number, and it is the midpoint between top and bottom, front and back, and left and right. The providence of restoration always meets its fate at a point in time based on the number two. Either it is dealt a final blow or it is set on a path to victory.

In the second year of Jesus' three-year course, which would decide whether or not Jesus would be victorious on a national level, it was determined that he should go to the cross. Jesus had to bear the cross and the physical foundation was lost. I am engaged in a similar battle in America.

American citizens and the government are in an uproar. America's 200 year history corresponds to the last 2,000 years of indemnity. The number 2 in 200 years and the 2nd year of this seven-year course are precisely matched. The 2nd year inherited only a spiritual foundation. Today the 200-year period is being claimed as indemnity, and this final battle will determine victory or defeat in both spirit and body on the global level. The front line of that battle is the 1976 Yankee Stadium Rally. This rally will be a war unprecedented in history. (084-150, 1976/02/22)

2 My success or failure at the Yankee Stadium Rally will have universal and historical significance. That is why God, Jesus Christ, Christianity, all humanity, the Unification Church and Reverend Moon of the Unification Church each placed their lives on the line in this fight. Satan knows this, which is why he is attacking through the American media and through public opposition. I have yearned and prepared for this moment, June 1, 1976, since my youth. It will be a time of joy if we are successful, but a time of misery if we fail. It is a time of joy, but also a fearful time.

My concern is whether, on that stage, I raise the flag of victory or the flag of defeat. If I raise the flag of defeat, the way of the Unification Church and humanity will become sorrowful and I will not be able to show my face before God. Then all of you, along with God, those in spirit world, and all world religions will fall under the attack of communism. Eventually this world will become a spiritual wasteland and all religions which existed until now will decline. The Communist Party will destroy America; this could come even before 1980. We who know this reality have taken historical responsibility on the front line through the Yankee Stadium Rally. (082-079, 1975/12/30)

3 In the Unification Church, we have the three stages of formation, growth and completion. The formation stage is the family level centered on True Parents, the growth stage is focused on the nation of Korea, and the completion stage is on the world level. We are fighting a decisive battle in America, which represents the world. The third seven-year course corresponds to the era of completion. This is the significance of the rally on June 1,1976, at Yankee Stadium. June 1 signifies the indemnification of the number 6, representing Satan's world. We will then progress to the number 7. (084-113, 1976/02/22)

4 The second seven-year course will end in 1974, and the years 1975 to 1977 are the first three-year course within the third seven-year course. That period marks the 200th anniversary of America's independence. Victory at Yankee Stadium will restore through indemnity the failures at the time of Cain, Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus. Since America represents the world, all the failures of the Christian age can be cleared up.

When we bring an extraordinary victory, it will become an issue for religious circles in America and for Americans from all walks of life. Then rather than opposing me, they will have to study about me. They will have to study about you as well. Whether in the religious field or any other field, when they know what I have been doing, we will all be elevated to the top. (082-153, 1976/01/04)

5 Starting today, April 1,1976, we will initiate a national witnessing revival for 60 days to support the Yankee Stadium Rally. How do you take part in this? Live as if you represent 6,000 years of history; live to restore Adam and Eve, who fell. We are going to indemnify the 6,000 years of vertical history horizontally through this 60-day period. Work even harder than Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; work harder than Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus; work harder than True Parents and the Korean members. When you do that, you will overcome. If we just leave America as it is, the nation will perish. In this 60-day period we can save America and resurrect the perishing democratic world. We can erect a shield to block the infiltration of communist ideology. This is when we can deter the moral breakdown of young people, and prevent the decline of Christianity and resurrect it. If we only pass through this period, a universal and historical era will come, in which God, for the first time, transforms the providential Will into a new age of Jacob. (086-248, 1976/04/01)

6 I know you have been entrenched in a national witnessing revival for 60 days to support the Yankee Stadium Rally; but destiny will be determined by how you carry out the task during these last three days that start today, May 30. The destiny of the Unification Church will inevitably be decided during this three-day period. The three days after Jesus' crucifixion was the time during which he was to bring about a three-day victory rather than a three-day period of death. This is parallel to Jesus' time.

As a result, this time is a spiritual turning point for the history of world Christianity. In terms of the three-year course in the Unification Church's history in America, this three-day period centered on Yankee Stadium can determine the future on the worldwide level. This is why, by heaven and you being victorious in this three-day period, you are preparing a new beginning where New York can overcome the opposition, hold the flag of victory and move onto the worldwide level. (087-162, 1976/05/30)

7 There were torrential rains and strong winds when the Yankee Stadium Rally began. We were desperate; everyone sang "You Are My Sunshine" in the pouring rain, and the band joined in. Our voices were singing, yet tears were flowing and mixing with the rain. You probably wanted to shout, "I would be so grateful if the rain stopped! Rain, stop now!" That is a natural reaction and we all shared the same heart. God is the only one who has the power to teach us like that for 20 minutes, so I offered a prayer of gratitude, saying, "O! My beloved God!"

I wanted to teach the young people of America about God's heart and this is what occurred during the rally. That is why I was grateful for the rain. We pleaded with the same heart, "Rain, please stop!" while loving the world. This yearning is the realm of God's heart. You received a great gift, to experience this heart along with thousands of others. When you feel the heart you treasured at that moment, there is nothing at which you will not succeed in life, and God cannot help but cooperate with you. When you think that, even though He wanted to give this gift to all New Yorkers, and especially to those who opposed us, God gave such an occasion for the sake of His beloved Unification Church members, you should feel grateful. That is why I think it is appropriate to say that yesterday was a great and victorious blessing. (087-198, 1976/06/02)

8 Three days before the Yankee Stadium Rally, I said, "This three-day period corresponds to the three-day period after Jesus died on the cross, when he went to hell to witness." I thought, "Oh my! It rained for three days, just as I said." Jesus dying on the cross caused the separation of spirit and flesh; half of God's Will was realized and half was not. In order for the Unification Church to accomplish the physical resurrection, we have to get physically hit, so I was expecting it; I knew something would happen.

In the same way that Jesus held onto heaven and prayed, "Abba, Father, why have you forsaken me?" we also have to hold onto God and allow things to run their course. When the rain came on the day of the rally, everything could have been ruined, but we stood in unity and called out to God. This was a priceless opportunity to feel oneness with God's heart. (087-199, 1976/06/02)

9 During the Yankee Stadium Rally, people could have said, "God is so terrible. Why did it have to rain?" I turned to heaven and instead of saying, "God! What is going on?" I prayed, "Thank you." A Japanese member's father had a vision of the spirit world and said that the raindrops were spirits. The same thing occurred when the curtain of the tabernacle was torn in half and the spirits descended to earth and were resurrected.

Now the spirit world will cooperate and move us toward Washington, DC. We have entered the era when the spirit world can cooperate with earth, following the era when it could not. The time is coming when Jesus spiritually will return to earth and gather the Christian spirits. He will gather the fortune of Christianity and combine it with that of the Unification Church. (088-119, 1976/08/08)

10 Nearly 700 of your parents and siblings, as well as Koreans from overseas, came to the Yankee Stadium Rally. From a biblical perspective, this is the same as Cain and Abel coming together. Until now many have watched us with criticism and complaint, but now they have united with us. This is an amazing occurrence. History is a record of the struggle between Cain and Abel. That led to their separation, but here, Cain and Abel were able to embrace each other internally and externally. Considering this, I represent the position of becoming one with Korea and you represent the position of becoming one with your families. If we just become one, this will be the starting point of a movement that can influence the world. Through this, we can make a new beginning worldwide. (087-200, 1976/06/02)

11 From 1976, communists will work to eliminate the Unification Church or will deploy agents to create factions within our movement. I expect many such people to infiltrate our movement. Not long ago, a reporter from The Daily News attended a three-day workshop in order to spy on us. More things like this may happen. There is no way to prevent this because we are open to the public. Here in America is the first time in my entire life, and hopefully the last time, that I fight a battle while facing assassination threats.

The battles we fight during the Yankee Stadium Rally and Washington Monument Rally on American soil are in alignment with God's desire, Jesus' desire and the desire of all humanity. They are also the desire of all our ancestors, the people of todays world and our descendants. The critical point for all these desires is here. In order to reach a final decision, I must carry this out. When I say, "Let's go beyond this critical point of hope and overcome this critical point of desire," that critical point refers to the Yankee Stadium Rally. The Madison Square Garden Rally was the formation stage and the Yankee Stadium Rally corresponds to the growth stage, the second stage. It is therefore the most difficult. I believe we will pass through the third stage without any problem. (082-083, 1975/12/30)

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument Rally to commemorate America's bicentennial was held successfully on September 18, 1976. It drew more than 300,000 people. This rally gained much attention because it took place at a time when the American government, religious circles and media were carrying out a full-scale offensive against the Unification Church. On this day True Father delivered a message entitled "America and God's Will," and declared that God had summoned him to this country to proclaim a new revelation in order to lead the young people of America, the leaders of tomorrow, out of decadence and back to Him. The Washington Monument Rally attracted an enormous crowd in a short time.

12 The Washington Monument Rally is the moment when the 6,000 providential years will reach a crossing point; when indemnity will be paid for heaven and earth with the world on the line. An urgent time that makes you catch your breath is upon us. This is why we are going to Washington DC. The people of the world will not understand. I am risking my life to do this. This is not for my sake, but for the sake of bringing a victory for God. Even if the entire world opposes me, and even if God does not help me, I will go this way to restore completely, and put everything back in order, through indemnity, the things that humanity opposed. I will move beyond this time when it is hard to breathe. I will think, "I'm the only one left." In that sense I am a pitiable man, a lonely man, and God cannot help me.

You are being compelled to participate through my influence. But you know, that if you do not, your nation, ancestors, and sons and daughters will perish. In that sense you do not have a choice. That is why when Jesus was on his path to the cross he told the people not to weep for him but for their nation and children. You are not doing this for my sake but for the sake of your nation and descendants. Do not do it for me; you do not owe me anything.

I know that if I do not do this, not only will your nation, ancestors and descendants go to ruin, but so will the world. If I do not go on, the world and even God's hope will come to ruin. That is why I have to continue, even at the risk of my life. The Washington Monument Rally is the final obstacle to overcome as I realize the dream of completing the worldwide course of indemnity, which I must achieve before I turn 61. This is going over the hill of Golgotha during my lifetime. (088-081, 1976/07/18)

13 Everyone, including the US State Department and Justice Department, opposed me because of the Washington Monument Rally. The entire world rose in opposition and the movement to deport me developed. At that time, I sent missionaries to the world and they stood up to and confronted the worldwide persecution. We were unjustifiably attacked, but we were resurrected through the victory of the Washington Monument Rally. Indemnity was paid on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world; all accounts from the past were settled. From the day that the Unification Church was established, the entire world and Satan pushed back against us; this was the final war. (099-183, 1978/09/18)

14 We did not hold the Washington Monument Rally for my sake or for the Unification Church. The Unification Church has suffered a great deal of loss. The church is a sacrifice of human resources and economic resources; it is basically a sacrifice in all respects. Nevertheless, at the risk of my life, I remain determined.

I heard that at the time of the Yankee Stadium Rally, 12 organizations plotted my death. There will be many more at the time of the Washington Monument Rally. The opposition also knows that Reverend Moon will exert himself fully because this rally is the last obstacle to overcome. That is why they are also gathering all their strength; they have formed an alliance and are meeting to plan their opposition. They will start a riot or do whatever it takes, even inviting communist collaborators to sabotage this rally. They are trying in every way, up to the level of the State Department and upper echelons of government, to stop me from speaking. (088-123, 1976/08/08)

15 The Unification Church was globally persecuted in 1976. Even so we sent missionaries to 37 locations. During the most intense period of persecution, we held the Yankee Stadium Rally in New York. We also held a rally of 300,000 at the Washington Monument. After the Yankee Stadium Rally we received the permit to hold the Washington Monument Rally. The US government had no way to get out of giving us the permit. We were going to hold a historic rally in just 40 days. The US government was in a real bind. Even they could not deal with this situation, and we could not retreat. God created the democratic system to uphold the freedom of religion globally. It was created to protect God's Will in the era of the Second Advent of Christ. (183-070, 1988/10/29)

16 I rewrote my speech four times for the Washington Monument Rally. Even though I prayed fervently and offered much sincere devotion, I could not settle on a final version. The question is: Why does God work like this? The day was approaching closer and closer. Yet I could not decide on the content of my speech, and my heart was now in a state troubled beyond words. That is why with one week left, I had the feeling I would have to just drag myself there. It is not that God does not know me. He does, and so I firmly believed that heaven would guide me during my speech. I thought the more I believed this to be the case, the more my speech would be the kind to draw people in and melt their hearts. I think that is why at the time of the rally, people were caught up by the spiritual atmosphere, and shouted without even being aware of it. (088-273, 1976/09/20)

17 At the Washington Monument Rally on September 18,1976,1 had the same seriousness as someone with a death sentence walking to the gallows. In preparation, there were many mornings I mistook for nights, and many nights I mistook for mornings. Only God and I know this. This was the turning point in history for me to offer the highest sincere devotion to God, a day of sacrifice for the sake of all people. God was waiting for this moment and I took the responsibility to be the officia-tor. I knew that the world would perish if, in place of the world and its many religions, I did not reach God's heart and pull His love down to this earth. We give gratitude to God, not to me, that on that day so many people gathered and everything proceeded smoothly without any incidents. (092-278, 1977/04/18)

18 You probably do not know that after having established the indemnity conditions in America on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world, I was raised up to a new level. Although I say this, you do not truly understand what it means. This is the reason I am pushing you to set the worldwide indemnity condition. The Washington Monument Rally holds this significance; it was the most serious time in my life. My heart in front of heaven and all humanity was like that of a person who was going to his execution. I felt as if I were going to the scaffold. The atmosphere in the spirit world and on earth was that serious. (097-182, 1978/03/15)

19 The Yankee Stadium Rally in New York and the Washington Monument Rally that we held in 1976 were global events. For better or worse, the American people all came to know about me. I fulfilled my portion of responsibility. The spirits of people, whether they lived in the West or in Africa, cannot accuse me. People on earth also cannot accuse me. We can say that 1976 was the year of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. Newsweek magazine featured an article about me being one of the world's most influential people in 1976.

These people did not write this article because they liked me, but because this is the truth. I have completely fulfilled my responsibility in front of all the people in the spirit world and on earth. I have fulfilled all my responsibilities in front of the American citizens. Through the Washington Monument Rally I completed everything. Even those who oppose me cannot help but compliment me and say that Reverend Moon is an outstanding person. (091-063, 1977/01/23)

20 I proclaim that all the conflict that has been going on since I came to America has been settled through the Washington Monument Rally. When I arrived in Washington, DC, on December 18,1971,1 thought, "Jesus could not fight in Rome, but I will fight in America, the nation that represents the democratic world, and I will bring victory." My thoughts back then are still fresh in my mind today. The American media and the people opposed me and the Unification Church, but we overcame that opposition. I believe that holding a rally of this magnitude clearly showed that God is alive.

The Moscow Rally declaration True Parents held three large rallies—at Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium in New York, and at the Washington Monument in the nation's capital. These events represented victory on the three stages of formation, growth and completion. They also have the significance of reversing all failures of providential history because America represents the global nation.

On September 19, 1976, a day after the Washington Monument Rally, True Father publicly announced that the next rally would take place in Moscow for the purpose of liberating the communist world. True Father emphasized that the liberation of God and humankind can only begin after we go to the Kremlin. He said to all members, "Let us ring the bell of freedom with true love in every corner of the world." (088-214, 1976/09/20)

21 America today is a microcosm of the world. What happens in America will shape the destiny of the world and God's providence. God is working through a clear plan that He wants to unfold in this nation. At the Yankee Stadium Rally, I asked, "Don't you need a doctor if someone in your family falls ill? Don't you need a firefighter if your house catches fire? God sent me to America with the responsibilities of a doctor and firefighter." At the September 18, 1976, Washington Monument rally, I announced that "God sent me to this nation to convey a new revelation." He called me especially to guide young people back to God, young people who will be the future leaders of America. (091-138, 1977/02/03)

22 On June 7, 1975, the World Rally for Korean Freedom was held in Korea, with an audience of 1.2 million people that included representatives from 60 nations. That rally raised the banner of victory in this nation. Once we connect its success to the three-year course in America, America can advance as a new nation of hope spiritually and physically. This is the providential viewpoint. We are holding rallies on the national level, on three different occasions in America—at Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, and Washington Monument. Thereby in America we will substantially manifest the victorious results that have been achieved in Korea. Based upon this, we can open up a new path on the world level. (080-156, 1975/10/21)

23 A fierce battle took place before the Washington Monument Rally. After the success of the rally in Madison Square Garden, the citizens of America were surprised saying, "So this is who Reverend Moon is!" During the banquet the day before that rally, an associate director from CBS asked me, "Reverend Moon, are you confident?" and I replied, "Yes, I am confident." It feels like only yesterday when The Washington Post and The New York Times viewed me with skepticism, wondering how I could fill the auditorium. Media surveys predicted that it would not happen, but I nonetheless said that I was confident. Despite the polls, I was positive that the God I know had the power to bring about results.

After bringing an unexpected and unprecedented victory beyond their imagination, we became the main focus of the media. It was puzzling and very new to them. The media sprang at us, saying, "Reverend Moon is a troublemaker, and his organization is very powerful." From 1972, for three years, rumors spread throughout the world. During those three years, I had the responsibility to let all Americans and all the free world know who I was. (088-215, 1976/09/20)

24 When I first traveled around America meeting the members and mobilizing an international team, I spoke of holding the Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument Rallies, and no one believed me. If even Unification Church members could not accept it, expecting the general public to understand was out of the question. Media organizations and thoughtful people dismissed me saying, "This guy from Asia does not know America; he will soon go away." However, they were looking from a superficial perspective, which is nothing compared to my solid three-dimensional perspective. Only I had the certainty that the power of the whole seen vertically is always stronger than when it is seen horizontally. (088-215, 1976/09/20)

25 During this three-year period, from 1975 to 1977, the Unification Church is following a path of tribulations all around the world. That is why we are going to rally at Yankee Stadium, not only with people from America but also with people from around the world. If we can be victorious in the Yankee Stadium Rally in New York in 1976, the second year of this three-year global path of suffering, and move on to gain victory at the Washington Monument Rally, we will have overcome the critical point in this three-year period.

Once we gain victory through the Yankee Stadium Rally and Washington Monument Rally and continue on until 1981, the communist sphere will be brought within our gates. If we can do that, I believe we can reach Moscow within seven years. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. If we fail here, this providence will be prolonged 20 years. If we are unable to push back the communist forces, many Christians will be slaughtered. Blood will be spilled. A fearful era in history lies before us. I am not talking in vague terms. From our present position, history will develop based on a perspective of the Principle. (087-069, 1976/05/01)

26 All the families who have received the Blessing in the Unification Church should mobilize and work to move the hearts of their own people. Their efforts will enable them to move to the world level. There is no doubt about it. A united free world will be able to guide the Soviet Union and the rest of the communist world. With this goal in mind, I announced the Washington Monument Rally and the Moscow Rally. We are now preparing tirelessly for the Moscow Rally. You may not be aware that at this moment, a life and death struggle is going on for the sake of God's Will underground in the Soviet satellite nations. (109-052, 1980/10/26)

27 Immediately after the Washington Monument Rally I declared that the Moscow Rally was next. This movement focuses on liberating the world from communist ideology. To be victorious over communism, you must be superior to the communists. During the pioneer period of my life I never resorted to physical force. My weapon has always been silent endurance.

Today, I declare the end of the first 21-year course. This is a momentous day. Another 21-year course has begun, and during this time our movement will grow and be strengthened physically as well as spiritually. To deter the advance of communism, we need the power to liberate their people. I stand as a father, even to the communists, but it is your responsibility to win them over.

This is the movement that will liberate the world, based on the true love of God. We will fight with love. You can do this with a God-centered character and with knowledge, experience and good organization. The communists are determined to destroy the free world and take over, but we will save both the democratic world and the communist world. (107-126, 1980/04/15)

Victory of Heaven and Victory of Earth

On October 4, 1976, True Parents held a celebration at the Belvedere International Training Center in New York to commemorate the victory of the Washington Monument Rally, and declared that day the Day of Victory of Heaven (Cheon Seungll). They declared that the Washington Monument Rally established a historic, victorious spiritual and physical foundation on the global scale. On February 21, 1977, at the World Mission Center in New York, True Parents presided over the marriage Blessing ceremony of 74 Couples from 11 nations. Then, on True Parents' birthday, February 23, they proclaimed a new era and proclaimed the Day of Victory of the Earth (Ji Seung II).

28 I came to America in order to proclaim a new era and a new truth. My God-given duty is to proclaim these things regardless of whether people accept me or not. God appeared before me and told me to go to America and convey the truth. I fulfilled my duty to make these proclamations through my speaking tours in America. I visited all 50 states during the Day of Hope tours.

These were not just another evangelical mission; they carried great spiritual significance in God's providence. I do not know how much of the spirit world you see or understand, but in the Unification movement the spirit world is very much alive. The Unification movement is not simply a horizontal movement; it is a vertical movement connected to God. All the things done in the Unification Church are reflected in the spirit world while all the things in the spirit world are reflected through us. The interaction of these two worlds is one of the features of our movement. From a horizontal point of view our activities may seem to have no significance; in some respects they may seem to be a waste of time, money and energy. However, often what we do on earth is helping the spirit world. We are engaged in activities to make conditions so the Holy Spirit can pour down her spirit to earth.

Christianity and other religious organizations in America have a secular way of thinking. They are tainted by secular culture. They are on the path of decline. The Unification Church, however, is different. In the Unification movement we are pioneers exploding with spiritual energy like an active volcano. In the many speeches I gave after the Washington Monument Rally, I'm sure you heard me say that now is the time for the entire spirit world to cooperate with us. The spirit world is ready to help the Unification movement.

I proclaimed the Day of Victory of Heaven on October 4, 1976, after the Washington Monument Rally. With this as a turning point, a new age has dawned and the walls between religions in the spirit world have virtually collapsed. The spirit world is helping the earthly world. These phenomena are occurring as we speak, in many different forms. (091-106, 1977/02/03)

29 Until now the spirit world has been divided up by walls. People who followed Buddha have been in the Buddhist realm; those who believed in Confucius have entered the Confucian realm; those who believed in Jesus have been in the Christian realm; and those who believed in Islam would enter the Islamic realm. Individuals in the spirit world have lived in distinctly separate realms and have never harmonized. They were enclosed by walls as they prepared and waited for the day when the Messiah would come and bring liberation.

However, this day could not come until God's bitter sorrow caused by the Fall, Jesus' bitter sorrow and my bitter sorrow were completely dissolved in both the spiritual world and the physical world. Through the victory of the Washington Monument Rally, all this bitter sorrow was alleviated. Now the spirit world can be united into one organized entity, and this will manifest on earth. (089-101, 1976/10/04)

30 October 4,1976 is an unforgettable day of liberation for me. It combines October 4, the day when I came out of Seodaemun Prison in Korea, with the victorious Washington Monument Rally in the year 1976. The significance of this day is that it commemorates liberation; I am truly grateful to celebrate two liberations on this day.

First, I am grateful to God, and next, I am grateful to you. Today is a day on which we celebrate the victory of the Washington Monument Rally. Being a day with great meaning and heavenly significance, it is a memorial day we must observe throughout the history of the Unification Church. I established it as the Day of Victory of Heaven, celebrating the momentous victory of heaven. (089-090, 1976/10/04)

31 At the Yankee Stadium Rally in New York I declared that I came as a doctor to treat an ailing America, and as a firefighter to put out the fire in America. At the Washington Monument Rally, I proclaimed boldly that "I came in order to save the young people of a decadent America and guide them into becoming the hope of tomorrow." This was published in The New York Times and The Washington Post. People cannot say, "I did not know about Reverend Moon." I have fulfilled all my responsibilities.

1976 was a historical year of transition because of these unprecedented rallies. Then all the spirits from the spirit world came to welcome me. Those spirits, who had previously been divided, came together and created a welcoming environment. On October 4,1976,1 was able to establish the Day of Victory of Heaven. There have been many boundaries in the spirit world due to the divisions among religious groups. Now Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism and Islam are united. I declared that day as the Day of Victory of Heaven, a day of victory for God. (091-064, 1977/01/23)

32 1976 was extremely important in the history of God's providence. God protected and supported the Unification Church and won a great victory through the Washington Monument Rally. I come from the rolling hill country in Korea. Like David who stood before Goliath, I fought a spiritual battle in America, the central nation of the free world and the envy of the entire world. Even you did not believe it would happen. But this is a fact: we were able to win this battle because heaven intervened, history intervened, humanity intervened and the future intervened. The Day of Victory of Heaven is the day on which we can proclaim this victory. (105-141, 1979/10/04)

33 The Day of Victory of Heaven is the universal turning point when Satan's lineage can be changed to God's lineage. It is the day when I established the worldwide standard so that those doomed to death and hell could be rescued and have eternal life. Those who were lost in the misery of death can now feel joy in the realm of liberation with God's love at the center.

What standard and way of life did the Day of Victory of Heaven establish? Heaven's side is now leading the way. We are entering the time when Satan's forces on the level of the family, tribe, nation and world will not be able to oppose True Parents, but will fall backward into hell. (169-041, 1987/10/04)

34 We were liberated from the world of Satan's blood ties and from Satan's realm of life and love. The nation, ethnic group and tradition were on Satan's side, but now we who have inherited a new cultural tradition will expand God's love, starting with ourselves and moving to the families, nations and ethnic peoples. The world's five races are joining together and moving into an era of liberation of the nations and ethnic peoples. Liberation will be accomplished without fighting. The Day of Victory of Heaven is the day we say proudly, "We will march to the world of liberation!" We are the members of the Unification Church, and it is our tradition to affirm, "We will live as brave soldiers who create the one cultural sphere of Adam and the one cultural sphere of the True Parents and True God. Amen!" (169-043, 1987/10/04)

35 Beginning in 1977, we will see opposition against the Unification Church in America decrease. Over the last three years, we endured investigation from the Internal Revenue Service, inflammatory reports from the Associated Press and antagonism from Congress. Rising above the persecution, we made the necessary conditions to bring victory at the Washington Monument Rally and were not destroyed. Without this success, I would have died by now, promising my return. In its course, Christianity paid a high price through countless sacrifices. In line with that, communist power has led the Unification Church to suffer and pay a price. With the success of the Washington Monument Rally, that day is over.

On February 23,1977, my birthday, I will proclaim the Day of Victory of the Earth and the beginning of a new era. Until now, there has been a barrier between the spiritual world and the physical world. The spiritual world could not connect to the physical world. Spirit persons found it difficult to stay with and to consistently help the physical world. It was necessary for them to go back and forth between the two worlds. Those walls have been broken down through the success of the Washington Monument Rally. A path has been paved whereby countless good spirits can easily visit individuals and families among their descendants.

Now we can make conditions and successfully restore the individual, family and tribe. What will the good spirits do when they come down? We are entering an era where Christianity, communism, the family—everything—will be cut in two by a spiritual boundary between God and Satan. Until 1976 the evil side, Cain's side, was superior, and always won the fight at the barrier between the spiritual world and the physical world. Because the spiritual path is now open, and the spiritual world can cooperate without any restrictions, the more we fight against evil, the more Abel's side will be victorious. (090-317, 1977/01/15)

Section 6. The Watergate Statement

Addresses on Capitol Hill

True Father was invited to speak by members of the US Congress on two occasions. As interest in True Parents rose in the early 1970s, members of the Senate and House of Representatives invited Father to speak. On October 8, 1974, at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, True Father delivered an address entitled "America in God's Providence" to 185 members of Congress, including senators and congressmen, who listened attentively. All of this was arranged on the basis of an invitation letter to True Father dated September 13 and signed jointly by 12 members of the House of Representatives and the Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. An official invitational memo was sent to all senators and congressmen. True Father spoke a second time on December 18, 1975, in response to an invitation from members of Congress, to an audience of 200 at the Caucus Room in the US Capitol, on "God's Plan for America."

1 I have been visiting the US Congress in preparation for my upcoming speech. For six months, we have focused our attention for the sake of this goal. I am going to speak to Congress on October 8,1974. Now people in American society are saying that Reverend Moon is a mysterious person. We have to come to a point where if a congressman or senator who never heard any of my speeches goes somewhere and talk of Reverend Moon comes up, they end up embarrassed because they do not have anything to say. Interest in my work is increasing as a result of the Madison Square Garden rally. If a senator is not able to come, their office will send an assistant. I heard a report that they are sending people because they need to know what I am saying. That is why I am certain that when I say, "Senators, please support Reverend Moon!" they will surely approve the Washington Monument rally. (073-277, 1974/09/29)

2 What will happen on the day the White House, the Congress and the citizens of America are all empowered with Unification Thought? This will become the driving force to revive Christianity, revive broken families, revive the youth, lift up morality and restore all things. Christianity was at the center when this nation was built, but now it is declining. As an individual, if you become a person empowered with Unification Thought, you will represent the world. If your family does so, your family will represent the world. If American citizens do so, they will be citizens like none other in history, because they will represent many nations. And if America does so, the world will have no choice but to become one within America's sphere of influence.

You congressmen and senators should not even think in your dreams that this is Reverend Moon's thought. It is not Reverend Moon's thought. You must know that it is God's Will, the revealed truth that should be declared to humankind and applied by the Congress. Surely on the day you adopt this thought as the nation's principles before the citizens of your nation, America will become "One Nation under God," not just in name but in reality, a nation in the subject partner position to the world. America will inevitably become the kingdom of heaven on earth. In this nation, there will be true ideals, true love, true happiness and ultimate truth. (073-328, 1974/10/08)

3 For the sake of the future of America and of Korea, it is important to build a foundation that the American government and its citizens can understand and respect. For this reason, I commenced activities not just in the UN but in Congress, which invited me to give a speech. However, I knew that a media foundation was also needed in order to exert a real influence on public opinion. As a result of making that foundation, now I have become famous in America.

When I first met American leaders and asked them, "Would you believe me if I told you I will become a sensation in two years' time?" they laughed. They are prominent figures now in the Senate, after working hard for 20 years to get there, so they laughed and thought, "How can this rookie named Reverend Moon, from another country, do anything in America in the space of two years?" However, now I have become someone whom they believe, and they are no longer skeptical. I had not done much before that time, and I knew I would never develop by just expecting to receive their sympathy. I had to help them. That is why I did many things to help them, using the means I had available. (079-042, 1975/06/16)

Forgive, love, unite

In June 1972 it was discovered that a clandestine team commissioned to support President Richard Nixon's re-election had attempted to wiretap the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, DC. Due to this scandal, President Nixon was in a difficult predicament, and he resigned in August 1974.

True Parents saw that Americas spirit, faith and values were being tested by this grave crisis. On November 30, 1973, they published "The Watergate Statement" in The New York Times, The Washington Post and all throughout America, calling on Americans to "Forgive, Love and Unite." True Parents were concerned that this scandal would trigger an economic and spiritual crisis in America, weakening its global leadership. They warned that international communism would use it as an opportunity to expand its influence. True Father held an important meeting on February 1, 1974, with President Nixon in the Oval Office at the White House.

4 In 1972 and 1973 the US president was brought to his knees. I conveyed the Watergate Statement to President Nixon, telling him there would be a way for him to survive if he listened to what I had to say. I also sent similar letters to every US senator and congressman. Watergate was not just a coincidence, but a chance for me to connect to the White House. It is a historical fact that we have been able to maintain ties with the White House for two consecutive years. When people study the Watergate incident, without fail they will see that my name is historically recorded there supporting America and the presidency. Although people may want to deny this, it cannot be denied. (069-308, 1974/01/01)

5 When America was in turmoil over the Watergate scandal, I cried out for the people to return to God. In order to return to God we need forgiveness, and I told the American people that in order to receive forgiveness they have to forgive. In the Watergate Statement I was declaring that we should forgive. If we cannot forgive the sins of others, we cannot be forgiven. Using one person, President Nixon, as their representative, I was telling the people that individually, as churches, and as a nation, "You are also sinners. You should first repent and forgive President Nixon." I was the one in America who introduced the idea of pardoning President Nixon.

The democratic world is collapsing because Christianity is collapsing. Christianity is collapsing because while the problems in each nation and the whole world multiply, leaders and peoples are not conferring with God but doing things on their own. It is the same as at the time of the Human Fall in the Garden of Eden. (071-247, 1974/05/01)

6 When I first came to America, I was but one individual who had received the command of heaven, and I had only three years to convey my ideas to all 240 million citizens. Irrespective of whether they listened or not, I had to make an impression and let them know. How would I do this? I had no foundation, no cooperation, and there was even opposition. How could 1 overcome this situation? I had to go straight forward and reach their hearts. That is why early on I met with prominent senators. I also met with congressional representatives and then I met many prominent and distinguished people. I then considered how to reach the White House, and that's when the Watergate incident exploded. Because of this incident, it became possible for me to meet President Nixon. Americans were in a state of opposition, hopelessness and disappointment. At that point I thought that I should show them a way forward based on Christian love. (075-203, 1975/01/02)

7 For a long time, I researched various religions and religious people. I met with many congressmen and other prominent figures. I also met the prominent people of the nation. I met them, but they had no desire in their hearts to save the world. During the Watergate incident, I saw that America can slip and fall to the bottom of the pit with just a minor mistake, and that the religious leaders, including world-renowned people like Billy Graham, should stand at the front line and lead a citizens' movement to protect America. However, these people were not thinking this way at all.

That is why this person called Moon, who was born in Asia, took responsibility. However, this is not something that is done easily. I had to risk my life and consult with God to find out what He wanted. The person standing here in front of you is not a politician. I am someone who acts according to God's Word. Someone should protect the nation and the world, and show humankind the way to go. I knew this and that is why I resolved to tread this risky path. The Unification Church made this final resolution. (072-025, 1974/05/07)

8 In 1972, I proclaimed the Word in seven cities throughout America. Based on that foundation, 1 evangelized 21 cities in 1973. During this time, centered on the Watergate incident, which had come out months before, I concluded the 21-city tour on January 28, nearing the end of the second seven years of the 21-year course. After that, I came here to Washington and met President Nixon.

I did not ask to meet him, but President Nixon himself set a date and offered to meet me. We did not meet by coincidence. If a head of state wants to meet the president, they customarily have to make an appointment one and a half years in advance, so this encounter with him was an historic event. He had cleared his schedule and did not meet with anyone during the two weeks leading up to January 30, when he was to give his State of the Union address to Congress. On February 1, after his address, I was the first person he met. He had turned down all meetings with state representatives and ambassadors in order to meet with me.

When I met him, I said, "Let us pray." President Nixon bowed his head in prayer. It was an historic precedent that we could pray as we began such a meeting. We had an exceptional meeting. He thanked me, saying that Reverend Moon showed more concern about him than anyone else in the nation. I could feel that he was overwhelmed and happy. I cannot deny that it was a historic moment, comparable to that of a Roman emperor meeting Jesus. (070-281, 1974/02/14)

9 As a result of the Watergate incident, America's future had become uncertain. I opened a way for Christianity and helped stabilize this country. We also established a way for the democratic world and America to go forward. This is possible because I met with President Nixon according to God's Will. That is why I prayed when I met him. It was not coincidence. People may not know, but it was already determined that we would overcome a major obstacle at that point in the providential era. (070-236, 1974/02/10)

10 My support for President Nixon was not for him as an individual, but for his position as president. American citizens should know this in the future. The leader of the nation should have authority when he establishes new policies and decides the fate of the nation. That is why I supported him.

If President Nixon had remained in office, the Vietnam war would not have ended as it did and Cambodia would not have been left in the state it was. I predicted that President Nixon's departure would lead to the current outcome. It is a national shame to have left behind billions of dollars' worth of weapons for the communist world. It should be considered a major defeat for this leading country in the democratic world. (080-040, 1975/10/04)

11 I supported President Nixon so that America could end the Vietnam War quickly and with victory. I thought that with this victory, Asia's defense zone would be expanded. I concluded that the Nixon Doctrine had to be revised. If the Nixon Doctrine had stood, the security threat surrounding Korea would immediately have subsided. God desires to see America and her president unite and join in solidarity with Asia.

However, the American people separated from their president. Seeing this, I insisted that they should forgive, love and unite. Then Christianity would have become one with President Nixon and with all American citizens. If that had occurred as a result of what I advocated, people eventually would have united with me. I came here as a benefactor to save and unite America. That is why President Nixon needed my counsel. The Watergate incident could have been resolved very quickly. (106-121, 1979/12/16)

Chapter 3

The Special Tour of Japan and Sending Out Missionaries

Section 1. Japan's responsibility Background

When Korea gained independence on August 15, 1945, True Father intended to do a full-scale unveiling of God's Will, based on the foundation of Christianity. If everything had unfolded as planned, True Father was going to advance to the world through the victorious nations of World War II: the United States, Great Britain and France. True Father believed that the unity of these three nations as Abel, Eve and Cain would have led seamlessly to the restoration of the world. However, due to the disbelief of religious leaders, his plans did not materialize and God had to begin a new providence by raising Japan to the position of the Eve nation in place of Great Britain. God blessed Japan as the Eve nation, which would feed and raise the world, beginning with Asia, just as a mother nurses her children.

1 Immediately after World War II, the Allied nations and Axis powers could have united to create the realm of the bride, in other words a Christian cultural realm. If they had attended True Father, who came as the Bridegroom, a 40-year history of sorrow would not have come about. It was a providential time in which it was possible to connect all families to the foundation of global victory within seven years, based on True Parents' model and standard. Yet it ended in failure because representatives of the realm of western Christianity, who represented the bride, were unable to attend and unite with me as the Returning Lord. Not only did they fail to unite with me, they opposed me and completely turned toward Satan's world.

I was driven out and left standing in the wilderness. I had to rebuild a foundation from the individual to the family, tribe, people and national levels. I have faced global persecution to this day. Through it all I continually paid indemnity in the face of worldwide opposition. For 40 years I forged through this global realm of persecution facing opposition on every level, including the family, people, nation, world and heaven and earth. (240-104, 1992/12/10)

2 When you consider Great Britain, the United States and France at the end of World War II, you can see that Great Britain, the Eve nation, as an island nation, has affection for the continent. The United States is like Abel, born from Great Britain in the same way the Protestant realm was born from the Catholic realm. Among the Allied forces, France was in the position of Cain. Opposing those three was Satan's side, consisting of Japan, Germany and Italy. The Allied forces stood face to face against the Axis powers. The world was divided and seeds were planted.

When the time of full harvest came, all accounts had to be settled. Satan had to be brought into complete submission. However, Great Britain, the United States and France opposed me. Had they not, Japan and Germany would not have come to stand on God's side.

I chose the United States again because the Completed Testament Age requires the formation and growth stages. America was needed to provide that foundation upon which the Returning Lord could stand, because the restoration of the United States signifies the restoration of Judaism and Christianity, the Old Testament and New Testament. All of this had to be set in order again. That is why I chose America again. After World War II, America, Japan and Germany gained global authority. This could happen because I chose them to become the Abel nation, Eve nation and Cain nation respectively. (246-194, 1993/04/16)

3 In order to unite the world there must be a Cain-type nation and an Abel-type nation, and an Adam-type nation and an Eve-type nation within the democratic realm. On a global level Korea is the Adam nation. If the Christian cultural sphere centered on America had accepted me, Great Britain would have been the Eve nation. I was going to unite Great Britain with the global Christian cultural sphere, but Christianity opposed me, so I was unable to do this. I had to return to Asia and this led to the emergence of Japan, an enemy nation of the Korean Peninsula. After entering the era of restoration, Japan is fulfilling her responsibility as the mother. She could gather economic authority in the Last Days because she stands in the position of the Eve nation. As Eve, Japan must recover everything that was lost. (136-278, 1985/12/29)

4 In the past, Korea and Japan were enemies. In order to indemnify this, I had to bring the most beloved and most hated persons, and the most beloved and hated nations, to relate to one another in God's presence. Otherwise, I cannot restore heaven and earth. Japan stands in the position of an object partner to Korea, and Germany stands in the position of an object partner to the United States.

Thus, Korea is the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation. America is the archangel nation on God's side, and Germany is the archangel nation on Satan's side. When Korea is unified, these four nations can be restored. When these four nations are united, the world can be restored. In this way we can restore the spiritual world and the physical world. These four nations have to become sacrificial offerings in order to restore the universe and the world, and Korea must become a sacrificial offering in order to restore these four nations. (017-315, 1967/04/10)

5 Jesus created a foundation for spiritual victory, but True Parents' victory encompassed both the spiritual world and the physical world as they advanced in the providence for worldwide unity. For the three years beginning with 1972, if we can build solidarity and win over Japan, Japan will become a nation that the world recognizes. As the Eve nation, Japan will develop. The Principle foresees that things develop after a three-year period. In order to prepare for this, I will organize a task force. We have to quickly nurture talented people. (055-173, 1972/05/07)

The Mother nation

In 1999, a year before the arrival of a new century, for the sake of the world, 12,000 Japanese women in groups of 80 were sent out as missionaries to 150 nations. A total of more than 20,000 Japanese women went out to the world as missionaries starting from 1994. When True Parents toured the mission countries during this time, they took time to encourage these missionaries. On this foundation, True Parents announced on January 1,1998 that Japan was elevated from the position of Eve nation to that of mother nation.

6 From now, America will become the nation with the authority of the elder son, Japan will become the mother nation, and Korea will become the father nation. These three nations, Korea, Japan and America, are one nation. From today, April 17, 1998, we have to think of them as one nation. When these three nations unite they will have no problem influencing the entire world. When these three nations unite, everybody else will follow. Then a united world of peace will manifest on earth. That is the kingdom of God on earth. (292-243, 1998/04/17)

7 America, the elder son nation, has to obey True Parents' commands with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience Just as much as the Eve nation chosen by True Parents does, in order to unite with the two parent nations, Japan and Korea. Japan, the mother nation, and America, the son nation, have to unite and follow True Parents. Everybody competes with each other. Korea and Japan are competitors, Japan and America are competitors, and America and Germany are competitors. People must live for the sake of others with love and break all the barriers so that these competing nations can unite. Then people will follow them. That is the principle for settling accounts in the providence. (397-190, 2002/11/21)

8 There must be an Eve nation which is the mother nation, an Adam nation which is the father nation, and a nation with the authority of the elder son. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have wielded the authority of the elder son. After that they would have had the authority of the parents, followed by royal authority. The authority of the elder son and the royal authority of the parents would have expanded from the individual level to the national level to the universal level.

In Adam s family, Cain had the authority of the elder son. Adam and Eve had the authority of the parents, and in the future would have attained royal authority. Then they would have become the progenitors of humankind. Adam and Eve were supposed to be progenitors centered on God. They lost everything and so all of this must be indemnified.

The authority of the elder son on the global level is vested in the United States, the authority of Eve on the global level is vested in Japan, and the authority of Adam on the global level is vested in Korea. These nations must live together. What America owns does not belong to America. It does not belong to the son. What belongs to Eve, the mother, does not belong to her. Things must first be owned by the father before the son or mother can own anything. (315-168, 2000/01/30)

9 The concepts of the father nation, mother nation and elder son nation do not exist in the secular world. True Parents designated Korea, Japan and America as the father nation, mother nation and elder son nation respectively. Therefore, Eve must yearn for [Adam] as her father, her mother, and her older brother. Eve needs her older brother, and likewise needs her mother and father. Then Japan must raise and nurture the elder son nation. As the mother nation she must create an environment to unite with the father nation. Everything that was destroyed after Eve fell must be rebuilt and returned to its original state. (466-221, 2004/08/29)

10 Koreans must not remain only in Korea. They must go to Japan or the United States and live there by exchanging places with the people there. People of the world must be registered in Korea, Japan and the United States. Once they are registered, they will forget their national viewpoint. When Africans are registered, they are no longer Africans. The historical environment, the gap between the rich and poor, and all conventional things will be changed. People must inherit the traditions of the father nation, mother nation and elder son nation which are the three nations of Korea, Japan and the United States. Everything will circulate through the father, mother and elder son. (318-171, 2000/03/06)

11 Japan, the Eve nation, is the global embodiment of Tamar and Mary. By global embodiment I mean that as a nation, Japan stands in the position of Mary and Tamar. Tamar represents the position to liberate the people. Mary represents the position to liberate the nation. The mother stands in the position to liberate the cosmos. Because you Japanese people have this responsibility, you must deny all the things that belong to Satan, including the world that stands in the position of the elder son on Satan's side. Japan must embrace the religious circles on God's side.

In order to follow God you must completely sever from Satan's realm, turn around 180 degrees and go in the opposite direction. Otherwise you cannot fulfill your responsibility as the people of the Eve nation, the mother nation. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. This is the conclusion of the dispensation of salvation. You have to go beyond the realm of Tamar's mission on the level of the people and, beyond the realm of Marys mission on the level of the nation, in order to fulfill your mission as the mother nation. Otherwise, Japan cannot take the position of the mother nation. (313-014, 1999/11/09)

12 Japan is the mother nation. She must become the mother nation that always follows the will of the father nation. Once America stands in the realm of the elder son, America must become a nation that follows the will of the father and mother nations. As the mother nation, Japan must go the path of a sacrificial offering in order to bring happiness to the father and Heavenly Parent. Japan, as a sacrificial offering, has to establish a tradition of dedication, sacrificing and offering everything. Japan must become a central nation that lives in attendance to the father nation. The mother nation must live for the sake of the father nation, and the elder son nation must live for the sake of the mother nation. All the other nations in the world must act in concert with one another for the sake of the safety of the father nation. (608-129, 2009/02/22)

Section 2. Ministry in Japan

Tour by True Parents'family

True Parents visited Japan during their first world tour in 1965, their second world tour in 1969, and their third world tour in 1972, as well as on numerous other occasions, giving encouragement to the members. During a special visit from June 12 to August 10, 1967, they were accompanied by members of the True Family as well as church leaders. During that visit they bequeathed traditions of several types to Japan. First they bequeathed True Parents' teaching, in particular the Divine Principle; second they bequeathed faith; third they bequeathed the grace of the Blessing; and fourth they bequeathed Japan's mission as the Eve nation. They held a two-week retreat for key leaders from June 17 and toured Japan's provinces from July 8 to 21.

1 When I met you my heart was filled with indescribable longing. My heart is always connected to you and I regret we have not been able to communicate because of the language barrier. I believe that this language barrier someday may become a problem for the Unification Church of Japan. But for now I would like to discover our similarities during this time of connecting in heart, and have us draw closer to each other. Because there is so much I want to say, I cannot fully describe the emotions that well up and reverberate in my heart. (True Mother, 1967/06/12)

2 When I arrived in Japan on June 12, 1967, I felt that I needed to unite the Japanese members' hearts with the homeland of their faith. Because we have been focusing on the work of missionaries in foreign countries, we have been unable to move forward steadily in one direction. I have been concerned that if I do nothing about this, it will negatively affect our members over the course of time. So I brought with me top leaders from headquarters and sent them to the various regions of Japan to form bonds of heart with the Japanese members. I held workshops for two weeks upon arriving, and then toured the country for 13 days.

After that, I visited most of Japan s major factories. I did this because, although it is crucial for me to lead our faith movement by addressing religious issues, I also have to focus on and develop a plan to help Korea achieve its national development goals. I visited more than ten factories to examine the current state of Japans industries. While visiting these factories, I felt deeply that from this point on Korea must unite with Japan on a national scale. (018-284, 1967/08/10)

3 When I visited Japan in 1967 I contemplated blessing the members. But the Japanese members were not even thinking about receiving the Blessing. They were thinking of getting blessed two or three years later. This comforted me immensely. If they do not live a true life for the sake of Japan, fully engaged in genuine activities, and instead live for themselves, they will not be able to stand before God. This is true. From this fact alone you can see that you urgently need to change your position right now. You must clearly understand the magnitude of God's expectation and hope for you. (018-309, 1967/08/10)

4 Japan has suppressed the Unification Church to this day, and so it caused a huge sensation when I went to Japan in 1967. Many Japanese reporters requested interviews. Since they saw me accept invitations from government officials and national leaders, the reporters thought I would also accept their invitations. But they do not know me. I did not meet them. I turned them away at the door. So they got upset and grumbled about the Unification Church. We eventually became a focal point of the Japanese media in 1967. The Unification Church became the frontpage story. (022-095, 1969/01/26)

5 The elder brother is a representative of the father and the elder sister is a representative of the mother. The question is, how strongly do you feel this way? It is very easy for siblings to criticize one another based on their own points of view. How can we overcome these limitations? This was one of the questions on my mind when departing for Japan. How can I help you feel that your church leader is truly a second-self of True Parents?

Do not look at church leaders from your own viewpoint, but from God's position. Based on how a church leader grew up, his academic level and other qualifications, he may not necessarily be superior to you. In some respects there are times when a church leader needs to learn from you. At such times it is easy for an ordinary person to criticize the church leader from stem to stern. I am concerned that such a culture might develop. What is important is how many members in the church in Japan have the heart of a parent. I am hoping that the number of such members increases. (1967/08/09)

6 The Communist Party is a problem. I rigorously trained the people of Korea because of my belief that Koreans have to be the first to rally their spirits and stand up against communism. On the basis of Korea establishing a standard of victory over communism, Japan has to start dealing with the same issues. In many respects Japan is in a strategic location.

From a providential viewpoint, Korea and Japan are in the positions of the Adam nation and the Eve nation respectively. Eve was the first to fall. She was the first to go over to Satan's side. Currently Japan stands in a similar position. Therefore Japan must not base its actions on self-interest. Eve ought to have consulted with Adam instead of thinking only about herself and then taking action.

Many young people in Japan do not know anything about communism, so they maintain a friendly attitude toward the Communist Party and leftists in general. Considering that reality, we have an important responsibility. We must confront the Communist Party head-on with our logical thought. We have to show them that democracy is superior to communism. Japan is safe because America protected it until now, but in the future it may find itself defenseless. If that happens, it can be attacked. With Red China and the Soviet Union within striking distance, Japan must take rapid measures based on a substantial plan. (1967/06/27)

7 If you go to downtown Tokyo you will see red-lettered billboards on bold display advertising the Japanese Communist Party. They confidently disseminate their propaganda in broad daylight in front of Tokyo Station and Shibuya Station. At the Japanese National Diet, members of the Communist Party are joining forces with the Social Democratic Party to oppose the Liberal Democratic Party. They are operating in concert and opposing every bill proposed by the Liberal Democratic Party. Their purpose is to incite the communists, laborers and farmers and use them as tools to build their underground foundation. The communists are desperately focusing on these things. (018-286, 1967/08/10)

8 What do you think happened when I toured Japan? Students in the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles dropped out of school to engage in pioneer missionary work in order to save Japan. Their activism became the hottest story in every daily newspaper. Some of their parents sent anonymous letters to the newspapers opposing these articles, while others sent anonymous letters supporting them.

One newspaper printed only those stories that were against the Unification Church. So we spoke out that it was a leftist newspaper conspiring against the Unification Church because of our Victory Over Communism stance, which is ideologically hostile to that newspaper's position. Then another newspaper publicized how the articles against the Unification Church were not factual. In this way there were some news agencies that opposed us and others that supported us.

The newspapers that supported us featured stories based on anonymous letters by the parents who support us. These letters stated, "All young men and women should be sent to the Unification Church. All newspaper articles opposed to the Unification Church are false. Our children who went to the church improved in many ways." That is why my name appeared all the time in those newspapers. (018-298, 1967/08/10)

Visits in 1973

True Parents visited Japan from July 8 to 22, 1973. On July 11, True Father spoke to members from the area north of Shizuoka at Sayama Park in Tokyo. On July 12, he presided over a meeting of members from the area west of Nagoya at the Takarazuka Training Center in Hyogo Prefecture. True Parents made a second trip to Japan from August 7 to 10 of the same year. They visited Japan a third time that year from November 17 to 24, where they spoke and presided over a number of events and gatherings including the Second International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences.

9 In two years, Japan has to decide its destiny. We are at a significant time; we have to choose from a number of paths. Retreat is not an option. Be prepared to die even as you move forward. We are in a state of emergency wherein we need to change tactics and direction. You have to harden your resolve once more. Unless you charge forward, Japan will be in danger. The state of affairs in Japan is unfolding exactly as I predicted. The same is true of the conditions in Asia. If we allow more time to elapse it will be too late. Every hour counts. We are facing a tragic fate. Failure to invest even one hours effort could lead to the loss of 1,000 years. Every hour, every second counts. We are facing a crisis. Everything depends on you. (1973/07/08)

10 Japan yearns to connect to the Asian continent. But this can be done only through Korea. The Korean Peninsula is both the base and the ladder to connect to the mainland. North Korea is situated in the northern part of this peninsula, and the Soviet Union and Red China are hovering nearby. The minute Japan is lost, all of Asia will be lost. J

Japan has the mission of the Eve nation. It has no future unless it can provide economic aid and emotional support to the people of Asia even if it means Japan has to sacrifice its own comfort. This is an obvious conclusion.

If the Japanese people can accept Unification Thought, they can become a global people. If that happens the nation of Japan will come to lead the world. When a bride does well at the bridegroom's house, she becomes the center and focus of opinion for the people of that household. Japan needs to be loyal to True Parents and heaven in the manner of a bride. That is the only way. If Japan fulfills her mission, she will not perish. (1973/07/08)

11 If I were God, I would inspire the young Japanese people gathered here to give their lives because if someone were to offer their life for the sake of Japan, Japan would be truly blessed as a result. God blesses people who, like Jesus, sacrifice themselves, even dying for the sake of humankind. I hope that each of you takes the lead for the sake of the Japanese people, and becomes serious about standing in a public position with a strong sense of patriotism and loyalty. I hope you become more serious than anyone else in history. How great that would be! No matter what, we have only one life to live. If there is someone who can live in this way and is ready to die out of a heart of love that exceeds that of others, God will be compelled to bless Japan forever through that one person. God's kingdom will live because of you. (1973/07/12)

12 Can Japan become a new pioneer and represent the East in relation to the realm of western civilization that includes America, France and Italy? Japan is called an "economic animal." This is a derogatory phrase. Nations are called by many names. By what name will Japan eventually be called? Japan is living for the sake of Japan. Which is more honorable for a Japanese person: to live for the sake of Japan or to live for the sake of the world?

If the Japanese wish to live for the sake of the world, they need to pay indemnity for their past and create a new tradition. They have to rectify the mistakes of their ancestors. Each of you needs to restore, through paying indemnity, the sins committed by your ancestors in history. You must also restore through paying indemnity the sins committed by Japan in the present era. When you do so, your age will arrive. A person who is unable to indemnify the past cannot make his or her ideal a reality. It is important for Japan to gain results through an altruistic path in which the people shed blood, sweat and tears on the basis of a genuine standard. Japan needs to invest herself completely. (1973/11/18)

Visits in 1974

On February 1, 1974, True Father had a significant meeting with United States President Richard Nixon at the White House. After that, True Parents traveled to London, England, and then visited Japan from February 5 to 8. They visited Japan for a second time that year from April 22 to 25. Their third visit to Japan took place from May 6 to 13.

On May 7, they presided over the Day of Hope banquet at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. True Father delivered a speech entitled "Living for the Sake of Others," to more than 1,800 prominent figures from various circles, including 40 Diet members, officials from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Later in the year, after completing a 40-city speaking tour in the United States, True Parents made their 4th visit of the year to Japan from December 25 to 29.

13 Problems in the world emerge because there is no central standard by which nations can know what to expect from one another. If we can secure that ideal for which all people worldwide yearn, we can find a new direction. The Unification Church is trying to take responsibility for the most difficult problems in Japan. It will be too late if we do not establish a central standard now, a standard that gives people hope that does not waver during times of instability. I am the one who found the way to resolve the problems that even the Soviet Union and America could not resolve.

How many more people will you gather from now? We need to witness to individuals, but we must also set a goal for witnessing to organizations. With what sense of urgency are we moving Christianity right now? We have to move organizations. Japan will not wait for us as it moves into the future. Here is what is important: how high we raise the standard of tradition centering on Japan, and who nurtures that standard throughout the world. I am thinking of setting up young people from Japan as those who establish this central standard of tradition for the world. (1974/02/06)

14 Until now, the standard of faith in the church in Japan has been structured incorrectly. Is it adequate for Cain to submit to Abel? Of course that is good. It helps Cain follow the path of absolute obedience. But that by itself is not enough. In order to bring Cain to voluntary submission, you have to invest more than three times what you have been doing until now. This is the standard of the Principle. Satan owns the formation and growth stages, but the completion stage is God's standard and encompasses the foundation of restoration. The Principle of Restoration prescribes that in order to recover one, you have to invest more than three. (1974/02/06)

15 The regional leader or church leader appointed by True Parents must not say, "I am Abel and all of you are Cain, so obey me immediately!" When True Parents appoint church leaders, it is not because you are Abel. It is telling you to become Abel. When we change personnel we do so not because he or she already is Abel, but because we expect that person to become Abel.

It is for reasons like this that the church in Japan has not been developing. Many people left because their hearts were hurt. Unless you resolve this real problem with a clear, principled perspective, the problem will be irreparable. We are busy going our way, but you cannot go to God unless you settle all accounts through paying indemnity before you die. You must first be victorious in the foundation of faith, and on this foundation, you have to be victorious in the foundation of substance. The foundation of substance requires Satan to surrender naturally. God has been seeking an embodiment of Adam through three eras corresponding to the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. To embody Adam in the real world, you need to have three disciples who will not leave you even when they are persecuted. (1974/12/26)

16 Why is the Unification Church in Japan not growing? It is because your attitude of faith is not properly established. The conceptual awareness of the district leaders does not connect with heaven. District leaders must not simply give orders. When they sleep, they must be like parents who first put their children to sleep. If they receive something nice, they have to give it to the members. If they receive nice clothes, they ought not keep the clothes for themselves. This is a heavenly law.

You have to reflect on whether you have sincerely offered yourself for the benefit of the members, whether you have shed tears for them, and whether or not you have stood in a realm of heart where you grasped their hands with the resolve to be responsible for their salvation. Always think about how to guide members in a principled way. If you apply the Cain-Abel principle incorrectly you will end up with a problematic result. The Principle is about applying an orderly method according to rules that lead to growth. Without establishing this standard and bringing your members to do so, you will not get a principled result. (1974/02/06)

17 All of you must become tribal mes-siahs. It is important to become a messiah who saves your tribe. Together with your parents and siblings you have to apply greater sincerity of heart to restore your family and clan than you had when you were pioneer witnessing. Young people are not in an important position to expand our membership significantly. People in the prime of their life with a foundation in society can lead their relatives. When such men and women who are church members can resonate with the social norms of their male and female relatives respectively, they have the necessary foundation upon which they can easily gather even 100 members of their clan. We cannot expect young people to have that foundation.

In order to fulfill the mission of the Unification Church it is important to have numbers that can protect it. If our numbers are small we cannot influence the nation and we will not be able to defend ourselves. In order for our influence in Japan to extend into the future we need to witness to people who have social influence in the prime of their lives. Therefore you have to invest as much effort to restore your tribe as you do to study the Principle. (1974/05/08)

18 I know you left your homeland and, as Korean students living in Japan, you fought hard through many difficulties in this foreign environment. I understand your heart better than anyone else because I too studied in Japan during my high school years. The people gathered here probably do not know the sorrow of people from a nation that lost its sovereignty. Your parents were born before Korea's independence and stood in the painful position of not being able to express their own thoughts. You probably have no idea how hard it is to be so deprived and underprivileged, forbidden from holding your own vision and point of view. But I understand that heart all too well. I have the experience of carrying out underground campaigns opposing Japanese imperialism during its rule.

A person who cannot love his nation cannot love God. A person who lost his nation might inherit God's nation, but in the end he will come to lose that as well. This is what I have believed since I was a student. All of you are the ones who have inherited the lineage of the Korean people, but you are living on Japanese soil. You have been ostracized and have endured continual suffering, which makes your situation a little different from that of the Koreans living in Korea.

You must become people who are trusted in Japan. When Koreans gather among themselves, more often than not their conversations are pessimistic and critical rather than constructive. Before complaining you have to be the first to work hard and win the respect of those around you. You have to train yourselves so that God can trust you even beyond the brink of death. (1974/05/12)

Visits after 1975

From January 20 to 22, 1975 True Parents visited Japan to recommend partners for Japanese members participating in the 1800 Couples Blessing Ceremony. On February 10, they returned to Japan to speak at the Day of Hope banquet at Tokyo's Budokan. Two days later they held a meeting for world missionaries and decided to dispatch missionaries to 95 nations. True Parents visited Japan from September 20 to 25, 1978 to recommend partners for 1,610 candidates for the Blessing and preside over their engagement ceremony in Saitama.

In 1983 the US government initiated proceedings to have True Father indicted on charges of tax evasion. Some members of the government intended to bury him in controversy and remove him from public view. On this serious occasion, True Mother visited Japan from March 13 to 25 to offer encouragement to Japanese members.

Fourteen years later, on March 26, 1992 True Parents visited Japan after receiving an invitation to speak at a "Diet Members Panel on Peace in Northeast Asia." On the morning of March 31, they met with Yasuhiro Nakasone, former prime minister of Japan, at the Hotel New Otani, Tokyo. That afternoon they met with Shin Kanemaru, former deputy prime minister and a leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. They returned to Korea on April 1.

19 Home church, a base that represents True Parents' global victory, is a combined and condensed image of the world with the levels of tribe, people and nation. It combines all standards on the levels of tribe, people and nation. It is a foundation that consolidates the sovereignty of the world, the people of the world, and each ethnic group. Once you gain victory in home church, you can connect not only to Cain-type families, but also to your own people, nation and world. Even after you return to your hometown, it remains as a victorious, Abel-type realm that leads to the world.

One of your goals for the next three years is to fulfill home church. True Parents are visiting Japan to create a system for this. True Parents' mission is to teach this clearly, and your mission is to understand it clearly. On a foundation of 360 families, you have to expand and restore a tribe and a people. (1978/09/22)

20 You have to consider whether you have been a person who could maintain your dignity in front of God. True Parents are pioneering the path of restoration on a global level. You have to objectively evaluate the standard by which you have been relating to True Parents. Clarify your position today in order to see victory tomorrow.

Think on the national level. Japan stands in the position of the Eve nation that corresponds with the Adam nation. That being the case, your concept has to be that True Parents must never be accused and must never suffer. When you think of how fallen Eve committed historic mistakes, you need to achieve certainty within yourself that you will not damage True Parents' hearts during your entire life. This is the current position of Japan, the Eve nation.

It means you should not complain. You have to stand at the forefront of witnessing with a mind-set of complete self-denial. If you have these principles, you will be able to complete your mission in the future even if you cannot complete it today. True Parents guarantee this. Which is better: completing this mission after a prolongation or during True Parents' lifetimes? To fulfill it during True Parents' lifetimes, you have to strengthen yourself through desperate struggle.

People in spirit world, even though they believed in religion throughout the course of history, cannot be reborn today no matter how much they long for it. The moment in which we live has a value far beyond any other. When we think about it, we have to be grateful for the fact that we met True Parents in person on earth and that we are fulfilling God's Will while receiving True Parents' guidance. (1983/04/03)

21 You have upheld True Parents' will in different areas and you have suffered both internally and externally to this day. I have heard much about this through the reports of leaders who visit Japan frequently. I thought extensively about how to support you even if in small ways, while comforting and encouraging you.

Human history was to have begun in glory, but due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, it began as a history of restoration filled with bitter sorrow. Emerging from this history, each person's life is about going through a course of persecution, hardships and endless ordeals. There have been many hidden, indescribable circumstances that have contributed to todays global expansion of the Unification Church foundation. In a nutshell, it was a blood-stained history of suffering in which one could not hide from an endless stream of tears. I am sure you have all had such experiences. Satan does not give us a break. He does not budge an inch. I'm sure you are familiar with the details of the trial in America. Heaven will be victorious without fail. (True Mother, 1983/03/13)

22 The reason we have visited Japan is to unite Korea and Japan, the Adam nation and Eve nation, and to unite America and Germany. All other nations are part of the "clan" of kingdoms within God's kingdom on earth. Until now, we did not have the authority of the elder son and the right of kingship. With the authority of the elder son in the direct lineage, we have to establish a standard of tradition that is more than enough to guide all people through history. God's ideal was to plant the seeds of true love and allow them to take root, thereby laying a foundation that would not change even after 10,000 years.

I have to re-educate the people of Japan with this ideal. Japanese people must not remain in Japan but have to unite with True Parents and take great leaps into the world. Beginning now, on the foundation of having been blessed economically, if Japan can arm herself spiritually, the tragic history resulting from the division of the mind and body will come to an end, the mind and body will unite, and Japan will become a country that has established its completed, substantial form. (228-170, 1992/03/27)

Section 3. Missionaries to the World

Expanding the scope

On the foundation of pioneering Japan in 1958 and America in 1959, overseas missionary work began in earnest in 1965 after True Parents' first world tour. The first world tour created momentum for sending missionaries to many nations, including Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Jordan and Brazil. Missionaries were sent out continually after this period, and this led up to a world mission conference at the headquarters building in Japan during True Parents' February 1975 Japan tour. There they decided to send missionaries to 95 nations. Missionaries eventually were sent to 127 nations beginning May 5 of that same year. The Unification Church went on to set a record in the history of world missions by planting churches in 195 nations.

1 We must save the world. We must send missionaries to 120 nations by 1974 without fail. For this purpose I selected 120 holy grounds in 40 nations. We must send out these missionaries during the second seven-year course. Who will be sent to foreign countries? If I send blessed families, there will be less persecution, so I am thinking of sending blessed families instead of single church members. Nevertheless if I cannot find the right blessed family to send, I will send someone whose parents or grandparents are from that nation or who has some other connection to that nation. If a member has blood ties to a nation, I will send him or her there. Once we begin the third seven-year course, we must have these 120 nations set up as the foundation for world evangelism. We are preparing for the third seven-year course during the second seven-year course. (052-081, 1971/12/22)

2 In 1975 I will send out 360 missionaries to 120 nations. Up to now I have been sending one person at a time, but now I will send three at a time. One will be Japanese, the second will be European, and the third will be American. I will create an international task force with 1,000 Europeans on one team, 1,000 Asians on another, and 1,000 North and South Americans on the third. This international task force consisting of 3,000 people will work in each nation for a month. They will zealously witness and win 1,000 people. One team consists of 1,000 people, so I am saying each of the 1,000 will witness to one person per month. I believe it will not be a problem for each person to get one person to join us within three months at the most. Even if members are not good at witnessing, they each have to be able to find one person in three months. In this way the membership of the Unification Church will rapidly increase in number.

I am preparing so that in the future the Germans, French and any other brilliant people in this international task force can be assigned to international missionary projects. They will engage in missionary activities for three years. After three years, they will have laid a complete foundation. (073-137, 1974/08/16)

3 Our missionary teams are not composed of people from the same nation. This is the first missionary campaign that is stirring things up by sending out a German, a Japanese and an American— people from three nations—at once. If any mission nation causes a problem for them, it will become an international issue. If a nation oppresses the Japanese member, the Japanese government will come to his or her defense against that nation. If it persecutes the German member, Germany will come to his or her defense against that nation. Thus, the entire world will get involved. The entire human race will accuse the offending nation. I am sending these missionaries out in order to save humankind, to give the world hope and to campaign for goodness. The people who oppose us will have troubles. The people who live for and support goodness will not. (091-062, 1977/01/23)

4 Just as Christianity expanded globally on the foundation of Jesus commissioning 120 disciples, the Unification Church must send three missionaries to each of 120 nations in order to expand globally. Everyone must depart for their mission country between the end of April and the middle of May.

This year, 1975, we must pioneer missions in 120 nations. This will expand the four-position foundation established by Jesus and his three disciples to the world level. Then the national-level foundation will have a horizontal, global-level foundation for the reciprocal relationship that allows spirits to return to and cooperate with the earthly world. Hence, we absolutely need the national standard. Only when we offer complete and total indemnification will all spirits be able to act freely on earth. (078-016, 1975/05/01)

5 God's Will can be accomplished only when worldwide Christianity becomes a strong, united organization that can mobilize all nations. If we stand before God in the position of Abel we will receive protection and God's Will can be realized centering on Christianity. If that does not happen, God will leave. If God were to strike something, He would first strike Christianity. We are in such an era.

The world's issues must be resolved based on the Cain-Abel dynamic. This is God's perspective. God cannot fail. So God's hope is for one group to take this responsibility. That group is the Unification Church. This reality is right before our eyes. Who will take responsibility to defend this truth even if it means throwing themselves, mind and body, into fighting this reality? We are accomplishing this by sending missionaries to 120 nations. We now are in a position to develop a strong system based in America. We have to regain the worldwide territory of Abel. (076-331, 1975/03/15)

6 The Unification Church has been working on the national level, but now we are expanding internationally, so everyone at headquarters including all blessed families must assume responsibility. The 36,72 and 124 Couples must represent the world by standing at the forefront and bearing the cross during the third seven-year course. The 36, 72 and 124 Couples symbolize the 12, 70 and 120 disciples who stood with Jesus on the national foundation. Because the 70 disciples represented the nation and the 120 disciples the world, the blessed members up to the 124 Couples have to take the lead in suffering and be responsible for the whole world. In view of that, it was originally the 124,72 and 36 Couples who should have been sent out as foreign missionaries. (077-220, 1975/04/12)

7 Why do I send out Japanese, American and German missionaries? The nations that the Unification Church had to find, centering on Korea, were Japan, America and Germany. Connecting these four great nations will eliminate the communist sphere. Because Japan, America and Germany need to shoulder this global and historical responsibility, they are called to accomplish the mission of restoration that the 36,72 and 124 Couples were not given a chance to. They will do so by going out to the world in their place and paying indemnity.

Starting from now, missionaries from those three countries have to step forward on behalf of your families and sacrifice themselves so that your families can find your place again. Although your ethnic and national background might be different from theirs, you must understand that those missionary members are your representatives on the missionary front line. Your families must become completely one with them in solidarity. Unite with these missionaries until the completion of the third seven-year course.

We must change the world's fortune. This is the significance of the third seven-year course from the providential perspective. So, if possible we must create a system that allows you blessed families, beginning with the 36 Couples, to represent, oversee and guide these missionaries. Let us create a system in Korea by which you can serve as itinerant workers in the world's six regions, and then gradually expand that system. As the work in the mission countries develops, we must deploy representatives of the 36, 72 and 124 Couples so that everyone can unite as one, internally and externally, during the seven-year course. Doing so will change the fortune of world restoration. Doing this with your families as the base is part of the third seven-year course. We are at an urgent and breathtaking historical turning point. (077-221, 1975/04/12)

8 In order to establish a global foundation, I sent missionaries from Japan, Germany and America to 120 nations. I wish we could have sent Koreans as well, but at that time it was difficult to obtain passports. They did not let people out of the country easily. In addition, the attitude about the Unification Church would have compelled the authorities to reject us. That is why I had no choice but to send people from Japan, Germany and America. The members of these countries, which were enemies during World War II, were sent to live in countries all over the world. They did not live in luxurious accommodations. They slept in small cubby-holes. I told them, "If you are going to guide the lives of this nation's people, you have to suffer more than they are suffering. And no matter what difficulties you face, you must unite with one another." I instructed them to work together as a team with one person in charge of the church, one in charge of finances, and the third in charge of media. (110-187, 1980/11/17)

9 I need to create a strong movement, a proactive organization that can lead the world. This is the international task force that will be launched in 1975. I will have this task force take the lead and proliferate across the world. During Jesus' time the 120 disciples symbolized the world. Therefore, we must now establish missions in 120 nations. Starting in 1975, we must create missions corresponding to this number. We have been going out overseas one by one, but this time I will send out teams of three. Each team will have a Japanese, an American and a German. With me as the center, we will be a team of four. In this way we are transcending race. We are becoming people of a new nation. We have entered a global era. The team will represent the world because we are in a providential realm that allows us to establish Adam, Eve and the archangel on the national level.

That is why I am sending out teams of three missionaries. They will depart from America, the archangel nation, go to Japan and finally engage in activities in Korea. When we connect seven nations including China, the archangel nation of Asia, Great Britain, the Eve nation of Europe, and Germany, the archangel nation of Europe, I believe a path will open allowing us to travel freely to any nation of the world. (073-255, 1974/09/22)

10 Because of World War II, the young people of Japan consider America an enemy nation, as do the young people of Germany. That is why most of the young people I invited to America were from Japan and Germany. The place where Japanese and Germans go to America, their enemy nation, and love her more than they love their own nation, will give birth to a new nation that transcends all races. Someone must set such a goal and work to achieve it for the sake of the world.

When we think of how young people from Japan are transcending their own nationality to accomplish this in America, there is no question that they will become the pride of Japan. Historically, Japan and America have a complicated relationship. When the things these young people are doing right now are recorded in history, they will become an inspiration that will bind Japan and America together in the future. In pursuit of this goal, young people of Japan are taking the lead in this work to create a world where people live for the sake of others. This is something of which you and all Japanese people can be proud.

In America I will unite Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese. If we begin to exert influence on the East with America in our embrace, a path for Japan s salvation just might open up. When we consider the current state of affairs in Taiwan and the Republic of Korea, I believe that this path is the only way to revive Asia, which is being progressively influenced by the communist sphere. (072-027, 1974/05/07)

11 America is the archangel nation. America embraces everything because it is the restored archangel and has to bring back everything that was lost and tie it together. America is in the position of Abel in relationship to Europe. We can conclude that the easiest path to God requires us to unite the four nations of Korea, Japan, America and Germany, focusing on America.

I could not create this unity in Korea. I had to go to America, the center of the free world, and build a global base. This is in accordance with the Principle. I mobilized Japanese members to join me here in America. After that, I mobilized Germans, linking them to the Americans that followed me, who represented Korea. I used this strategy to connect these four nations and it is the Japanese, not the Germans or Americans, who must facilitate these connections. The Japanese must do it all. That is Eves task.

Japan stands in the mother position. Japan must restore the two son nations. Of the two, America stands on God's side and Germany stands on Satan's side. That is why the Japanese members in America are embracing the Americans and Germans. I stand in Adam's position. Japan stands in Eve's position. That automatically makes us a pair who then can become one. When this happens, I, in Adam's position, can embrace all three. When we can embrace naturally the two nations that stand in the position of sons, we can go to the original hometown. This is based on the principled point of view.

When I sent missionaries to 127 nations, I sent Americans, Germans and Japanese. I said to them, "You need to become one, centering on the Japanese member." They must do this naturally, not because they were ordered to. The Japanese missionaries have to unite with America and then create unity with Germany. (119-245, 1982/09/13)

12 The entire world is waiting for the autumn harvest season. People who have opposed the Unification Church up until now have no choice but to desist. The general feeling of opposition against the Unification Church is completely disappearing. The world is calling for people to reap the harvest. God is greatly anticipating the mobilization of these people. Humankind is waiting for them and God wants to send them.

That is why I am asking you to connect your resolve to mine and to be determined to go out on my behalf. You must resolve to inherit my tradition and worldview and become my new second self. Then, even if I were to disappear, it would not be a problem. That is why I proclaim that heaven and earth will connect with the spirit world when the leaders of the Unification Church worldwide, including the representatives who are living in their mission countries, make the same resolution that you have made.

The fact that this opportunity was given to us is historic. It is a global opportunity. Although it is not visible to the world, it is a historic event of global proportions. From this day forward, each of you is my second self. Even if you face persecution or find yourself in difficulties, do not be self-centered, but instead take my perspective. As my second self, think, "What would True Father do in this position?" This must be your way of life. (131-320, 1984/05/19)

13 Countless children of the Unification movement spread across the world must merge their hearts in the love of the Heavenly Parent. Deeply bonded to each other in God's love, their hearts must be rooted in the nation and the cosmos, not in the narrow emotional context of personal relationships. When they do, the foundation of heart upon which they can communicate with God will be solid enough for them to say, "Even all the people of the world cannot change my determination. This bond of heart cannot be severed in the middle of our journey along this path." In other words, there will be no obstacles if this providential connection of heart originating from Korea flows out to the world through the regional and national headquarters.

The hope of the missionaries is that such a connection of heart will come, and once it has come, that it will weave its way through their mission countries. If that kind of unshakeable bridge of heart is in place, then a new wave of heavenly fortune that will transform the world and history can go across that bridge. If we are talking about Korea, then the center is Korea. From the perspective of providence, the center must be a single point. The supporting pillar or foundation for that center must not tilt. If it does tilt, it will cause everything to break down. (051-071, 1971/11/01)

Ordeals of the missionaries

As more and more missionaries were sent across the world, persecution arose. In particular, missionaries sent to communist nations had to work underground because of the risk to their lives. On January 22, 1976, our Villa Aublet church in Paris, France, was bombed and members sustained injuries, some serious. French Unifica-tionists strongly protested by holding a march from the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero. With the support of a European team they continued to make public speeches and hold outdoor meetings until March of that year. During this time, on January 29, a crowd of more than 300 protested against our church and attacked and damaged a witnessing center. A few years later, on December 18, 1980, Masaki Sasamoto, a Japanese missionary to Tanzania, died a martyr. One after another, missionaries in each nation faced persecution.

14 Up to now, 1976, we have sent missionaries to 127 countries, including countries in Africa. Four of these countries expelled our missionaries for opposing the Communist Party. Those four countries lean far to the left. The frontline missionaries in the other 123 countries are suffering so much, but when they encounter difficulties they offer tearful prayers and receive guidance. Do the rest of you receive guidance through prayer? If you have not experienced that then you are not a Unificationist. You have to be receiving guidance all the time. No matter how much I try to explain this to people who do not believe in the Unification Church, they do not understand. (085-078, 1976/03/02)

15 Persecution was most severe in 1975 and 1976.1 sent out the missionaries in 1975. I did so to shorten the time needed to complete the providence. What we originally needed to accomplish by 1981 had to be accomplished by 1976. At that time the entire world opposed the Unification Church. After I sent missionaries to 127 nations, there were instances where missionaries were thrown in prison at the same time that I was getting persecuted. (136-071, 1985/12/20)

16 The more I ask you to persevere through suffering, the more God will help you. The spirit world will help you. God lets me know when our missionaries are imprisoned. This is true. It is real. I am very much aware of it. Whenever I faced such difficulties, God appeared and helped me. I am proud of those times. Those were the golden years of my life. This is the time of my life that is kept most secret. It is a time I do not talk about. I am the one who knows this very well. (189-243, 1989/04/09)

17 The missionaries who were sent throughout the world in 1975 were persecuted. They faced this persecution head-on so that they could overcome it all at once. People were talking about us saying, "I thought that the Unification Church was active only in America, but I found it in our nation as well."

People from Japan, America and Germany are enemies to each other. But people from these three nations must become one. They must fulfill their mission from their providential positions in this new age. That is why they are persecuted. They are paying the price in place of the world. The rumors from America spread to each nation, but we are in an age when something good that is said about us in America is likewise repeated in other countries. In 19771 will begin a campaign to turn everything around. On the day we turn everything around it will be easy to witness. If I were witnessing I could bring 84 people within a week. All I would need is a one-week workshop. I am doing certain things right now whenever possible in order to usher in a time when witnessing will be much easier for you. (089-252, 1976/12/01)

18 Until 1976 the whole world opposed the Unification Church. Eventually all the world will oppose us. From Judaism and Christianity to Islam and Hinduism, all religions and citizens of every country, including the Communist Party, must join forces and assume the attack position. Otherwise we will not have the qualification to say that we were victorious over everything. That was the meaning of our church's great struggle in America in 1976.

After I sent missionaries to 127 countries in 1975, the world turned upside down. The missionaries of the Unification Church bore the cross of opposition from the United States embassy in each country. They were driven out and encountered all sorts of ordeals. This will be the very thing that eliminates Satan's world. Even if I do not oppose Satan's world, that world will attack and oppose me.

In that position, we cannot be afraid of any person or nation. We must stand strong, absolutely loving God. Like David who stood up to Goliath, our missionaries must go forth saying, "You storm clouds of opposition coming from all directions across the world! I am coming in God's name. Come! Attack me! Hit me! Do as you wish!" The Unification Church is one organization in history that has welcomed such a fight. (136-234, 1985/12/29)

19 If you look at America's churches, you can no longer see young people. Therefore, I think we have to help young people become like us and then send them into the churches. Next, there needs to be someone who will take responsibility to defend us from communism. You have to understand that our brothers and sisters are working underground, putting their lives on the line and fighting behind the Iron Curtain in communist countries. One person sent me his dying words, which read, "Teacher, the end is coming. I will see you in spirit world." This is the battle we are fighting. Who will defend the world against communism? We are the ones. (087-025, 1976/04/23)

20 In December of 1980, one of our missionaries became a sacrifice in Africa. When I heard that report, I said, "You have walked your course. You will become the ancestor of the Unification Church in that country" I believe that if you die for the sake of the world in a position similar to mine, you will become the worlds ancestor. I also am walking that path. Even if we are inclined not to pay attention to this solitary missionary, the truth is that he lived a public life of service greater than that of anyone else. (111-019, 1981/01/11)

21 One of our missionaries was executed. Our missionaries went through many hardships because they have not had a solid foundation to stand on. In some countries, communist forces executed people who were following True Parents, because in their eyes these people posed a serious problem. When they were about to execute a Czech woman missionary, they asked, "What is your last wish?" Our missionary's last words were "I lack nothing. If I can die after offering a full bow toward the place where True Parents are, I have no regrets."

One of our missionaries was shot and killed by the police in Africa. He was Japanese. He yearned to see love prevail and was intent on seeing God's kingdom of love. He therefore went beyond national borders even walking the path of death in a lonely place. Yet, he did not fear death. His heart was, "Even though I may die alone in Africa, far away from my parents, relatives and homeland, I have no sorrow. I am a victor. Why would I be afraid of death when I have revealed the way of heaven, which is the way of love?" How historic this man is! He could do that because he had discovered the path of love through True Parents.

The education provided on the path of love is genuine. A promise made in a position of love will not be forgotten even after tens of thousands of years. Recognizing that we have a spirit body and a physical body, the process whereby you connect through a heart of love brings the cells of your spirit body and physical body to resonate with one another. Consequently, promises made between loved ones rooted in love will never be forgotten. (139-055, 1986/01/26)

22 When you are struggling in your mission country think about how I was persecuted, my prison life, and my ongoing legal battle, and you will gain strength. Know that no matter how difficult, you must overcome and take responsibility for your mission. Future generations will be influenced by your life in the same way you are influenced by mine. It is exactly the same. This will go down in history. Everyday events do not go down in history. Miserable and shocking events are what leave a mark on history. In Africa or South America the open societies are not an issue because they are places of freedom. But our members who work and persevere in closed societies, where they face imprisonment and even death, will have an enormous impact on history. (119-010, 1982/07/03)

23 You missionaries stationed in open societies may not realize that other missionaries are stationed in closed societies. Among those missionaries, some participated in the 2075 Couples International Blessing Ceremony. All they can do to commemorate it is to celebrate it as their wedding anniversary. And the people who were witnessed to by these missionaries—can you imagine how much they want to meet me? However, they are unable to see me. I want them to be here in these public meetings, but they cannot come. They have to meet me on the street, clandestinely, to receive instructions. This is the truth. You have to remember that there is a record of your suffering, but the record of the missionary work done in the shadows of these closed societies is also great. You have gone to open societies, and no matter how difficult that may have been, it was easier than the situations of missionaries stationed in closed societies. Missionaries there could not relax their hearts for even one moment. When they speak the truth, everything can break down because of one word. (119-010, 1982/07/03)

24 People who went to spirit world after living in the communist world may accuse us saying, "The Unification Church had a global mission, so you should have come to the communist world and proselytized. Why didn't you?" You must be aware that even now we have members imprisoned in nations under communist rule. In 1976 we sent missionaries to the entire world from Belvedere. In effect, we were inviting the world to persecute us. When I was faced with problems, the missionaries around the world were persecuted. No spirit people in any nation can accuse us, saying, "Reverend Moon! If there was a true path, you should have let the people in our nation know about that path. Why didn't you let us know?" They cannot accuse me because our missionaries were out there. If what I say is true, there is no doubt that the Unification Church is bound to experience many days filled with God's blessings. (091-160, 1977/02/06)

Opposition from the left

It finally was discovered that communist forces were involved in the bombing of the Unification Church building in France. Members of the American Congress and people of distinction both in and out of the United States government noted this incident. The fire department and the police were mobilized upon receiving information that the Belvedere Training Center was going to be bombed. People held demonstrations against True Parents in New York City. An international cadre of leftists was behind most of this opposition.

25 On January 22, 1976, a bomb exploded at the Villa Aublet Unification Church in Paris, France. From the perspective of the Will, this incident may seem like a huge setback, but I do not think so. On the contrary, I think it is a good omen. We observe that the Communist Party and Christianity on the world level are attacking the Unification Church. We are a small minority group, so it is the same as a strong person attacking a weak person. You may have already seen the article in The New York Times describing how the Communist Party and conservative Catholics and Protestants are demonstrating in opposition to the Unification Church. But overall the public seems to sympathize with us.

When a strong person strikes a weak person, peoples hearts tend to sympathize with the weak person. They do so even if that person did something wrong. But the Unification Church has done nothing wrong. In fact when the protesters called for the expulsion of the Unification Church, the French police told them, "Our nation is one of religious freedom and citizens are not being harmed by their actions, so there is no issue here." This incident demonstrates that once people come to understand that such protest is just a way to oppress a weaker group, the public will rally completely to our side. (082-173, 1976/01/24)

26 Two members, a man and a woman, were injured by the bombing in France, and they are now a hero and heroine. The fact that they were not from France, but from the Netherlands and Norway, makes it even more noteworthy historically. The foreigners' sacrifice is a foundation upon which the international task force can stand. Since this incident happened while we were working for the sake of France and Europe, the French people must bow their heads before the Netherlands and Norway.

There are many American, French and German members who are on the international task force, but it is because of one person that this team has become highly esteemed. From this standpoint, it is an extraordinary incident. Through the bombing in France, the members of the international task force showed they were willing to offer their lives; they established a tradition of fighting for heaven. When we see that a bright, new, historical standard has been established, we recognize these individuals as heroes. (082-179, 1976/01/24)

27 When Satan's side attacked us in the past, they did so with words. They had verbally assaulted us, but had never before exercised force or damaged the Unification Church. The bombing in France, however, did set a condition for God's side to pay indemnity and advance beyond that point. The bombing of the Unification Church in France allowed us to pay a historic indemnity condition. Satan struck a realm that should not have been struck. This was a condition for us to take the offensive. The opposition and persecution we face is not in vain. It signifies that God is preparing the external conditions that will enable the Unification Church to be victorious in the end. (083-017, 1976/02/05)

28 At the time of the Yankee Stadium rally in June 1976 a great battle will begin. I know that the opposition forces will use many different tactics to attack us. They will try everything possible. On the day of the rally we will welcome a historic turning point. We have about four months left before that day arrives. This will be a phase of disruption. The opposition forces are making frantic, last-ditch efforts because they know they will be driven out and rendered irrelevant. The terror attack against the Unification Church in Paris is an example of this.

There is a chance that this phenomenon also will occur in America. There was a bomb threat at Belvedere, and the local police and fire department responded. Because a bombing actually took place in France, we have no choice but to take such threats seriously. The New York Times officially reported that Christian conservatives and the Communist Party conspired together to atack us, so if we claim that the Communist Party is working behind the scenes as well as attacking us in broad daylight, American citizens cannot deny it. Now we are moving to the next stage under favorable conditions. (082-230, 1976/01/31)

29 In 1975 in New York, many people gathered and protested against me, causing a huge commotion. Articles about us were published on page 4 of The Daily News for five days. That such a big newspaper initiated this coverage shows that I have become a target of the media. It was a huge event for the media. We must now launch an offensive operation. When the heavenly order comes, no matter what America or the rest of the world says about it, they will be pulled toward heaven. (082-265, 1976/01/31)

30 Why do young people join the Unification Church? Young white people are joining at an increasing rate. Older adults on Satan's side might hate Reverend Moon of the Unification Church, but their sons and daughters are joining our church. That is a kind of justice. We are being vindicated. Satan essentially took God's sons and daughters and killed them, but heaven s side does not respond by taking and killing the enemy Satan's children. On the contrary, heaven's side saves these young people. That is the difference.

That is why we can see now that an organization of opposing parents has emerged. Where else can we find the outrageous phenomenon of parents kidnapping their own sons and daughters? Such atrocious acts are occurring in America, the leading nation of the 20th century. Such events have not been seen anywhere else in history. (098-019, 1978/04/02)

31 Whenever The New York Times and The Washington Post come out against the Unification Church, it is instigated by parents' organizations. Because young people are following Reverend Moon, groups of opposing parents spread rumors about how the Unification Church is brainwashing people. There are also groups that kidnap young adults who have joined our church in order to deprogram them. In an attempt to counter these groups of parents opposed to us, we pulled together an association of supportive parents.

Of course when the group of opposing parents gather 350 people, the mass media is sure to add an extra zero and report that they gathered 3,500 people. If there are 35 people, they report it as 350 people. At one meeting we had almost 700 supportive parents, but the media deleted a zero and said that we had gathered 70 people. This clearly shows that communism has already permeated the American media. The mass media is strongly influenced by communism. This is how they are fighting us. The mass media are committed to overthrowing Reverend Moon. The year 1976 was a time of hard-fought battles. (110-177, 1980/11/17)

32 The Unification Church teaches the way of filial piety, loyalty and sainthood. If you wish to become God's son or daughter, it is not enough to be recognized as a patriot for your nation; you need to be recognized as someone who acts for the sake of the world. You can be a filial child, but you must be one who lives for the sake of the world. The parents who look at things on the level of the society or nation have a different point of view. That is why the Unification Church faces opposition. The orchestrated emergence of organizations of opposing parents was manipulated by communists. The worldwide opposition to us that gets parents involved is not the Japanese parents' doing. The Japanese Communist Party is opposing us, faithfully following the dictates of the world-level Communist Party. (084-209, 1976/02/29)

33 A trial is being held in America. That is why trials are taking place in Germany, Great Britain and France as well. The Communist Party is manipulating this. As their united front spreads out, the democratic world is cooperating with communist efforts to rid itself of me. I think something remarkable has happened. We must not lose this legal battle. If we win, the shedding of blood in the mission history of the Unification Church will draw to a close. If Jesus could have left a testimony or record of having spoken before the Roman Senate and won the battle there, Christianity would not have become a religion of martyrs. I know this for a fact. I engage in this struggle in order to prevent blood from being spilled on the path trod by our future generations. (126-266, 1983/04/24)

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