Book 8

North-South Unification and World Peace

True Parents have offered their entire lives to end the kingdom of hell on earth and in heaven, which arose due to the Fall of our first ancestors, and to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. True Parents' course is truly the eternal model course, the pattern that humanity must inevitably follow. Because True Parents have tread this course, God and humankind will realize their dream of an ideal peaceful world on earth and in the spirit world.

True Father knew that in order to achieve world peace, he had to block the spread of communism, which advocates atheism. He set up a number of organizations to reunify the Korean Peninsula, including the International Federation for Victory Over Communism (IFVOC) and the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea.

When True Father met with President Gorbachev in Moscow, the heart of the communist world, he advised him to advocate returning to God. The following year, during his visit to Pyongyang more than 40 years after his departure from North Korea, True Father encouraged inter-Korean exchanges during his meeting with President Kim Il-sung. True Father presented his vision of North-South unification and world peace, based on true love and head-wing thought. Earlier, Father's declaration of the end of communism and the conclusion of its ideological conflict with democracy had been set forth at the Second International Congress of the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), held in Geneva, Switzerland, in August 1985.

True Parents knew that international campaigns to triumph over communism were necessary in order to achieve world peace. For this reason, they initiated numerous projects in the United States, Japan, and other countries. In particular, they established the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA) and the Confederation of the Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas (CAUSA) in order to preserve peace in North and South America. They also founded the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace, identifying the central responsibility of Mongolian-root ethnicities in the world peace movement. In addition, True Parents knew that the United Nations should be reformed for the sake of world peace. They systematically founded and developed the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP), the Federation for World Peace (FWP), the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP), and the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). They ultimately declared that the world has to be unified under the Peace UN, which would have as its center a deliberative body of religious leaders in the position of an upper house or senate.

True Parents proposed the construction of the International Peace Highway as a way to connect the world substantially. They also initiated various international and academic conferences and educated the public about the construction of the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Bering Strait Tunnel. True Parents saw that we can establish the substantial Cheon II Guk on earth, the "one world under God" that God so desires, and they exerted themselves for the sake of connecting the global village as one family and creating mutual understanding.

Chapter 1

Initiatives for North-South Unification and the Visit to North Korea

Section 1. Victory Over Communism

Awakening the Korean people

True Parents sent out more than 700 members to 413 areas throughout Korea for 40 days, starting on July 20,1960, to develop the education of the citizenry on an extensive scale. From the viewpoint of God's providence of restoration, the destiny of the people of Korea, the world s central nation, directly connects to the destiny of the world. Hence, the project to educate the Korean people was a prelude to awakening all humanity. Father activated young people for Victory Over Communism (VOC) activities as part of a national campaign to awaken the Korean people to their providential mission. The VOC movement was started in recognition of the fact that the current anti-communist policy had reached its limit. This movement fulfilled an important role as a citizens' ideological movement by logically critiquing the limitations and impractical-ity of communist theory, and presenting an alternative.

1 The Koreans are a pitiable people, who have journeyed long in their history but have nothing they feel able to boldly affirm in front of others. They possess little and have little in which to take pride. However, if they become a people who struggle and embrace the heart that God desires in the age of a new culture in the 21st century, and embrace the pain and suffering of humanity and, going further, if they become a people who struggle and embrace even the pain and suffering of God, they will lead the world and receive the love of heaven. (006-253, 1959/05/24)

2 People have said, "Koreans are the most pitiable people on earth today," but actually they are the ones in whom I have the greatest hope. The democratic world and the communist world are fighting in this land, but the Korean people are never pitiable. As long as the movement of heaven exists within the Korean people, they will live, history will center on them, and this world will come to them. These are not merely my own words. I am saying this because I see and understand that it will come to pass.

The liberation of God trailed behind history, always beginning in the dark alleys of sorrow. From there, the foundation of joy was built. This is why Korea will become an issue for the world, in particular for the Christian world, and the Unification Church will arise as a world-level issue. These are not empty words that come from my pride. Those who connect to the spirit world through prayer know this. Those who are spiritually open can testify to this. Unless they do testify, they are breaking heavenly law.

Therefore, those of you who have gathered here today must make a solemn resolution. You should not give up along the way. You need to have a firm resolution that you will endure any persecution, no matter how brutal. You must keep the tradition of loyalty and filial piety that heaven desires, even at the cost of your life. If the Unification Church is able to establish the tradition of loyal men and women, the tradition of faithful men and women, and the tradition of filial sons and daughters, it is accomplishing its mission. (009-122, 1960/04/24)

3 God has always been with the Korean people, even if the 30 million Koreans might not have known Him. Even when the patriots vanished like the morning dew, going to the execution ground holding onto the heart of righteousness and fulfilling their duty with loyalty, there God walked beside them, together in heart, and on their account He worked with their countrymen. Each of us living today is indebted to God. Especially the Korean people are indebted to God for preserving them up to this day. If God yearns to save pitiable people and has the heart of a parent who holds dear and weeps for His fallen children, surely He would take more pity on those who are suffering than on those who are not.

Korean people have nothing to boast of. They have always lacked material things. Everything was taken from them. If these people can hold on to something once again, I pray to God, "Please give the young men and women of Korea, who yearn to achieve something great but wander around as if they are lost, the burning heart of Jesus, who called You, ‘Father.'" If they can gain such a heart, I am sure that no people in the world will be able to conquer them. If there are many sons and daughters who touch the heart of the Father with the cry, "Father, I worked like this," God, who sees us with pity, will make anew this world and its doctrines and ideologies. Such young men and women and such people will become leaders in this world. (007-062, 1959/07/12)

4 God's hope is placed on your shoulders. You must establish the sovereignty of heaven among the Korean people and in the cosmos. God waits for you to awaken to His calling and achieve victory. That calling is for nothing less than the restoration of Gods lost people, territory and sovereignty. The Korean people fail to realize this, and remain asleep. They do not know what has happened to them, their territory or their sovereignty. We must awaken them to the necessity of reestablishing the lost people, territory and sovereignty in heaven and on earth and to recover these even at the risk of their lives. We have to understand that they need to repent and march forward bravely as the warriors of heaven in order to restore heaven's people, territory and sovereignty. After I realized that this is my responsibility, I dedicated my life solely to this, whether waking, sleeping or eating. Please be confident in the fact that you have the responsibility to awaken the Korean people, who are not yet awake. (011-152, 1961/05/13)

5 The advent of communism is the greatest crisis that has arisen in history. Why is this so? It is because God is certainly alive, but communists claim He is dead. In other words, even though God surely lives, they say He does not exist. The worst of all sins is that of denouncing the existence of someone or something. If you call someone dead while he or she is alive and well, then you become his or her worst enemy. If you tell people that your parents are dead while they are still alive, that is the greatest betrayal possible. Similarly, if you say that God is dead while He is clearly alive, then you become God's worst enemy. This worst enemy of God is communism. Therefore, we must obliterate everything that is related to communism. This is why we have to empower ourselves with the teaching of Victory Over Communism. (022-176, 1969/02/02)

6 That which I love the most must not be what only I love, but what my family loves, what the people love, and, furthermore, what the entire human race, heaven and earth, and all things of creation love. That is not my dear son, spouse or parents. That object of love is certainly God. That which we call God is the central subject partner of heart, with whom we adjoin as the root and origin of heart, which no one can move, change or remove.

In terms of loving God, ones ethnicity or cultural tradition creates no distance. All people, regardless of their race, tradition or environment, can love God the same. If we build and perfect a relationship with God, we cannot help but love Him. God has been gathering together this world to achieve oneness, battling ideologies and philosophies in order to achieve the singular point of hope. This has led to todays global confrontation between democracy and communism. This world should be neither democratic nor communist. These two should be integrated by a single, higher quality ideology. Humankind is unanimously saying we must move into an age wherein we can pursue integrated principles and rejoice in song. With this one hope in mind, humankind is on the way to oneness with God. (011-058, 1961/01/01)

7 Today's world is divided into the democratic and communist spheres. However, the democratic world has been driven into a corner by the communist world. This is because democracy does not have an ideology that can surpass communism. Therefore, we have to introduce a philosophy and a teaching that can surpass communism. This teaching is a philosophy which must be inclusive of the corporeal and incorporeal worlds. That is, we must find a way to critique communism in light of a cosmos-based philosophy. After preparing since 1962, our effort began in earnest in 1965. Communism can be defeated by our Victory Over Communism education teams which are bringing impressive results all over the country. (019-081, 1967/12/29)

8 We have to charge forward to defeat communism, which has been rapidly spreading around the world. Communists presently control one-third of the world and are dragging even the United States, the standard-bearer of democracy, into their system. However, the Unification Church is stepping forth and fighting to topple communism. The people of the world have had no interest in this aspect of our work. However, now they understand that they were wrong. The situation is now reversing. They have recognized the great value of Unification Church lecturers, so much so that they are providing our lecturers with transportation when they invite them to speak. They even refer to the members of the Unification Church who are trying to defeat communism as the Victory Over Communism education teams. It was an angel who gave Jacob the name Israel. Just as Jacob gained victory, we must now expand our realm of influence. We are the only ones who can bring the Communist Party to natural surrender. In this world, there is no teaching other than the Unification Principle that can make this happen. (019-218, 1968/01/07)

9 You have to go over walls and national barriers with the Unification teaching and stand proudly in front of the Korean people. If you have to, you should grab any young person in the street and educate him or her in the Unification philosophy. The current circumstances in Korea call for such activism. Otherwise, the country will be brought to ruin.

Also, you have to walk this path with the heart of a parent, in the shoes of a servant, and shed tears for humanity, sweat for earth, and blood for heaven. Only then will humanity, earth and heaven be grateful for your tears, sweat and blood. God comes only on the foundation of an offering. This is why the members of the Unification Church must go through the age of offering on the individual level, fulfill the offering on the level of the people, and then move forward on the path of the world offering. (015-343, 1965/12/07)

10 America and its democratic allies created an uproar in 1967 by saying that God is dead. This event will create knots of bitter sorrow in history. Can God come back to life if He is said to be dead? The time of God's "resurrection" will come within three years. Jesus resurrected after only three days. So the time for Gods resurrection is bound to come, now that He is "dead."

Who in this age will make this happen? The Christianity of today's democratic world is not sufficient. It lacks a philosophy that can surpass communism, which has already spread around the world. So the Unification Church, which has a philosophy that is able to surpass communism, has to take on this task. The Unification Church is a champion not only of standing up to communists, but of overcoming communism itself through our teaching. We have to defeat communism with a philosophical counterproposal.

Besides pointing out the flaws of communist theory, we must also introduce an alternative worldview. As we in the Unification Church lead the fight with our Victory Over Communism thought, we must proclaim the living God to the world. This world that has forsaken God is now heading for the ultimate crisis. At such a time, the mission of the Unification Church is to defeat materialistic communism and atheism with a new teaching and guide the democratic world back to God. (023-178, 1969/05/18)

11 A family of civilians in Gangwon Province was murdered by North Korean spies in October 1965. In the wake of this tragic incident, both the ruling and opposition parties resolved to strengthen the anti-communist movement. They set up Gangwon Province as a special region in which to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new policy, which will gradually expand to the whole nation. All men aged 19 to 55 must join anti-communist organizations, and the Unification Church will bolster this struggle against communism. Even with this state of affairs, the South Korean government has failed to discredit communism and present a counterproposal.

Herein lies the reason that our VOC movement took off in Gangwon Province. Just as the last person becomes the first when people standing in a row turn around at the same time, from the providential standpoint, Gangwon Province moved to the forefront, despite the fact that it is the most backward province in Korea. Moreover, many military bases are located there, and we can equip the Korean military with the Unification principles as much as we want. We will push upward even to North Korea with our philosophy. (016-066, 1965/12/26)

12 When you give an anti-communism lecture while representing God, on behalf of His people, you are not doing it for just those few people in front of you. In the providence of restoration, communism is Satan's force that must be defeated. As God strives to establish a victorious people, you have to accept that you will not be welcomed until the entire nation welcomes God. Then, when the nation welcomes God, you have to be humble and return joy to God. You need to ensure that all the virtuous people who were born on this earth as your ancestors are standing before you rather than behind you. You have to be persistent in going to places where you are not welcomed. This is part of the process. You still have many obstacles and hazards that await you, and more miles to run. You must overcome the obstacles along the path, no matter how great they are. (017-285, 1967/02/15)

13 Our regional leaders report that they have become quite popular among the local people. They say regional governors and ministers of home affairs want to award them certificates of recognition. This means that the officials realize that the country must not ignore our teaching. The intelligence bureau in the police department that used to keep an eye on me wherever I went is now seeking to embrace the Unification Church. It is like when sunny places fall into shade and dark places come to receive sun, or when bad luck gives way to good luck. Our situation is changing rapidly because the entire nation is facing a crisis that can be resolved only by strengthening its strategy to counter communism. People cherish their lives and property, and they understand that not only themselves, but their relatives and tribe members will suffer death if they make a wrong choice. (017-031, 1966/11/06)

14 This is a story of a district leader who visited a county as a VOC lecturer. All of the civil servants, from the community leaders of the town and the chief of police to the governor, came to his lecture. As they sat waiting for the anti-communism lecturer, they saw a young man enter the venue. At first they thought that he was the lecturer's assistant. So they asked him where he came from and when they might expect the lecturer. Needing to give them an answer, the young man hesitantly replied that he was the lecturer. Realizing that this young man was the one for whom they were waiting, they began to talk among themselves. They must have been baffled or even chagrined to discover that this young man, similar in age to their own sons, was the very person they were expecting. However, they had no choice but to welcome him to the stage, since he had come by official invitation. After two and a half hours of the young man s lecture, the audience was astounded. Our anti-communism lecturers are district leaders who are mostly in their twenties, yet they have done so well now that they are friends with governors and police chiefs.

No matter how great a teaching is, no one will recognize its value if there is no substantial result to back it up. However, when the result surpasses the standard of the teaching, the value of that teaching will rise higher than the result. In this ongoing struggle, we must make good use of our results. We might have begun with bare hands, but we have to patiently accumulate our results and unite the people around us. (019-218, 1968/01/07)

The VOC movement

On November 10, 1965, True Parents officially launched anti-communism education teams as a project for educating the citizenry. True Father then founded the International Federation for Victory Over Communism (IFVOC) on January 13,1968, merging the anti-communist groups organized throughout the provinces. The purpose of establishing the IFVOC was to empower the Korean people with the principles that could overcome communism domestically, and cope with the expanding international influence of communism.

15 Why did I create the International Federation for Victory Over Communism? I did not create it to be a symbolic affiliate organization. I created it to be an organization that could achieve a substantial result acclaimed throughout the world. Korea needs such an organization in order to achieve its ultimate goal. We have to pass through the gate of ideological war. It does not matter if our country boasts of its world-class philosophy, or that America champions democracy. We will be defeated if we fight the ideological war with obsolete weapons. I am very thorough in that regard. Who will play the leading role in the ideological warfare that will rage in the future on a global scale? This is a serious question. (138-014, 1986/01/13)

16 I support the church, continue with ecumenical work and engage in Victory Over Communism activities for the sake of Korea's unification. I am well aware that the unification of Korea is the beginning of the unification of the world. The liberation of North and South Korea is the beginning of the liberation of humankind. There is only one root, and that is Korea. This is why I have been sacrificing my entire life for the liberation of Korea.

I have now created a world-level foundation that enlightens people as to this reality. The division of Korea did not happen because Koreans wanted it. Since powerful nations were involved in the division of Korea, we must push those nations to cooperate in the reunification of our country. We have to exert as much influence on them as we can in the background; otherwise our liberation will be impossible. (171-189, 1988/01/01)

17 We must drive communism out of the Korean Peninsula. The history of Korea is the history of humankind in miniature. This is the reason Korea has become the battleground between the communist and democratic worlds, represented by North and South Korea. Panmunjom, located on the cease-fire line, is a unique place in the world for dialogue, because it represents the threshold on which God and Satan are confronting each other. This is why the new age, in which Korea can take the leading role in the world, has arrived.

The Unification Church is the only organization that has the energy and unity required to leap across the ceasefire line with the truth that can defeat communism. It is the only group that has the power to stop the corruption of Christianity and march toward a new world. With this new name of Unification, we will march forward. (023-179, 1969/05/18)

18 I do not like the term anti-communism. Victory Over Communism is not anti-communism. However, Victory Over Communism cannot succeed without anti-communism as a first step. We must go on the offensive against the Communist Party. I have hastened to create a nationwide movement for this purpose, but it has been put on temporary hold due to the world s opposition. Even though it is difficult, we must somehow overcome this stage. We have to move Korea, and furthermore Japan, China and the whole of Asia. In the future, I am going to organize an international anti-communist movement in Korea and America. I plan to partner with other anti-communist organizations, equip them with a new philosophy, and cultivate anti-communist leaders. (017-151, 1966/12/11)

19 While seeking a way that can bring joy to God, I have chosen to tread a path of persecution. I thought about the path I have walked. What I prayed for in the past has become a reality. The prayers I offered to God after entering North Korea have been realized. I was reminded of the time when I offered a prayer as I was going through some particular difficulties in South Korea. I knew that the reason God was putting me through such hardships was not that He wanted me to wither and die; rather He wanted me to overcome the difficulties and great temptations of this world so I might usher in the time that He has hoped to see. We have to think about unification day and night. While walking the first seven-year course, word began to circulate that the Unification Church is the only answer. Unless we cause communism to surrender, neither this nation nor Asia can survive. (016-238, 1966/06/19)

20 What kind of organization is the International Federation for Victory Over Communism? Just as the name says, it is a movement designed to achieve victory over communism—to assimilate it, not just defeat it and drive it out of the global village. A federation is an organic body, not just a single organization. It must be an organic body.

Communism stands on the foundation of nations and international organizations. That is why communists believe they can assimilate other ideologies. They think, "Today's democracy will surely perish. We will be the victors." Communism stands on the global foundation, a foundation that spans all nations. As the communists march toward victory on a world-level foundation, it is not just nations that connect to support this foundation; there are also international organizations that link the nations together.

Therefore, we need a foundation of organizations greater than theirs. Starting from the individual, we must move beyond the family, tribe and nation. Conquering that, and heading beyond that, we have to create one body moving toward one purpose. We are trying to create an unbreakable organization and defend against communism on a global foundation, a foundation that unites all nations. (140-212, 1986/02/12)

21 The International Federation for Victory Over Communism has to lead both the church and the nation. What we are doing goes beyond the dimension of religion and nation; we can lead all other organizations. I am instructing our management staff to give lectures. You have to fight in a new direction, on a national level through IFVOC activities. This is the stage we are at today. We will not be able to lead this nation through the Unification Church alone. Christianity and other religions will oppose us. However, they will welcome us, lifting both hands high with joy, if we ask them to join in the fight against the Communist Party. When we give VOC lectures we can transcend denominations. (110-136, 1980/11/10)

22 I have tried to initiate VOC activities since 1960. Since then, we delivered VOC lectures, even to imprisoned North Korean spies, through the Anti-Communism Department of the Ministry of Justice. Seeing from this viewpoint, I knew our time would surely come. For ten years since 1960, the Unification Church has been walking the way of suffering and persecution, but things will change now. As the Unification Church works for the sake of the nation, the nation will create the external environment wherein the church can develop.

We have been giving VOC lectures. Look at the people who have finished their VOC workshops. How is such a change possible? How could a person change so dramatically within a few days? Just the other day, a few local community leaders gathered to participate in a workshop. They argued among themselves at first, but they were transformed completely in only five days of training. In the end, even they were amazed at the transforma tion they had experienced. It was definitely something special, something beyond their understanding. We asked them about this many times, but they could not explain it. (032-309, 1970/07/26)

23 Everyone is aware that the activities of the IFVOC are reaping success. This is why Korea's domestic affairs and intelligence authorities are sending people to be trained through our program without telling us. In other words, they are sending professors who are in charge of setting the direction for this nation, and in charge of critiquing communism, to receive our education and submit reports about it. The intelligence agency is becoming keen about our teachings, based upon the recommendations of these agents and professors. They report, "We should expand this education to the whole nation. So far, we've been able to critique communism, but have never been able to present an alternative to counter it. For the first time, to our great delight, we've learned how to do so." The leaders of the intelligence community are wide-eyed with astonishment as they listen to these positive reports. (034-043, 1970/08/29)

24 We have been working against communism. The Korean government did not welcome us. Indeed they opposed us at first because we displaced organizations that were under the government's control. The heads of such organizations tried to put all sorts of pressure on us in their attempts to eliminate us. Various organizations formed a pact in order to persecute us. However, justice and truth always prevail.

In just one year, by 1971, more than 1,000 Christian leaders attended our educational programs. During the last five years, we have trained a total of 6.5 million people in our programs. It is now clear that the Unification Church is leading the resistance against communism in Korea. We have taken the central position in the field of anti-communist philosophy on college campuses. We are taking the lead in holding seminars for public servants and for educational organizations. In 1971, we taught Unification Thought to 400 prominent professors in Korea. No one else in this nation can protect Christianity internally and defend against communism externally. The battle against communism is also being waged in Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries. (053-079, 1972/02/09)

25 What did the Unification Church do after President Park Chung-hee was assassinated in October 1979? Since it was a great opportunity for Kim II-sung in North Korea to invade the South, we gathered 700,000 people for an IFVOC rally. We put our lives on the line and also spent an immense amount of money. It was not the government that did this. We have to digest whatever people say, create a foundation, and continue the struggle. We are doing all of this in accordance with God's Will. We have to defend South Korea against communism by forming an anti-communist alliance, curtailing youth immorality, and reviving a declining Christianity. If Christians do not receive us, we have to put them aside and do it on the Unification Church foundation. (110-238, 1980/11/18)

26 In 1983, when I met with Korean government officials, they were very surprised when they realized that I always stand on the side of eternal truth. The Korean people had suffered greatly over the shooting down of a Korean Airlines jet shot down in the skies above the Soviet Union and over the South Korean officials killed in the bombing in Rangoon, Myanmar. When they received me, I could see in their faces that they saw a ray of hope. People s spirits were greatly depressed, but they gained hope through me, thinking that perhaps they would be able to find a way to defeat communism. At the National Victory Over Communism Rally, I gave a clear message on how to defeat the communists, and the people of the nation welcomed it and responded with applause. I infused hope in the people who were indignant and yet overwhelmed by despair. (130-287, 1984/02/07)

27 I engage in the Victory Over Communism movement not to kill the communists, but to save and liberate them with truth and true love. Therefore, without any ulterior motive, I am trying sacrificially to help the communist world, which is on the brink of its demise. On October 12, 1989, the PWPA invited prominent Russian journalists to join a discussion in Korea. At its conclusion, I sent them to Pyongyang, North Korea, to pass a message to Kim Il-sung. They were hesitant initially, but in the end they delivered my message: First, I am not his enemy. Second, he should abandon his political ambition to communize South Korea. Third, he can live in happiness and prosperity as our brother only if he follows the trend of the world, abandons falsehood, returns to the truth, opens wide the doors of North Korea, and welcomes us with open arms. (198-164, 1990/02/01)

28 We have to let Kim Il-sung live, and call him to stand as a witness. We need a witness who will testify to the greatness of Reverend Moon. I am not an anti-communist leader, but a Victory Over Communism leader. I do not wish to kill communists; I only wish to save them. God wishes to save the world through good people. So, the person who tries to kill will perish, and the one who is giving them life from a position of goodness will prosper. The heavenly principle follows this grand path. (177-300, 1988/05/20)

Section 2. The Citizens' Federation


From May 4, 1987, Citizens' Rallies for the Unification of North and South Korea were held in ten cities throughout South Korea. On May 15, 1987, the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea was established at the Little Angels' Performing Arts Center. True Parents founded the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea so that the educational work of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism could bear fruit as a national movement to unify North and South Korea.

1 Directly after Korea gained its independence from Japan in 1945, I established a condition representing the unity of Christianity and the nations of the Christian cultural realm, as the world-level Abel and Cain realm, but they could not unite with me. As a result, Korea was divided into north and south and I had to leave my homeland. I have recently returned to Korea and am gathering together and restoring the people through paying indemnity. Accordingly, I created the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. This compares to the course to restore Canaan. We are in the position of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River and entering into Canaan. Ultimately we have to enter North Korea. There were seven tribes residing in the land of Canaan. There are enemies in the Communist bloc who are glaring at us today. We have to go in there and assimilate them. (164-273, 1987/05/17)

2 I am walking the path to recover a new fatherland. Filled with pain and suffering, I am moving toward the final destination. Once there, I will lay the cornerstone. While this nation was suffering in great turmoil between the April 13, 1987 enactment of the Measure to Protect the Current Constitution and the Declaration of Democratization ten weeks later, on June 29,1 waged the ultimate battle. Establishing the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, I emerged as the last one standing. As one man, I represented the individual, the head of the tribe, the people, the nation, and everyone in the world, including all the saints and sages that have gone to the spirit world. I liberated the heart of God that was filled with resentment due to the misuse of love.

I know I have to be a model for all to follow. I came this far, avoiding death, although people have chased me away all my life. I have my position not because I am a talented person, but because God wants to raise me high and take pride in me. Since God wants His enemies to voluntarily surrender, and wants to hear them shout His praises from the earth—even more than their praises for their sons and daughters or for their own nation—He did not help me but pushed me harshly to overcome the most difficult challenges. This is the love of God, who wants to award a prize that never before has been given in history. I have made it to this day without dying because I knew this. (174-045, 1988/02/23)

3 North Koreans are fully armed and ready to invade South Korea. All they need is Kim Il-sung's order. Right now, two forces are in conflict—the power of arms, which results from greed, and the power of love, which the Unification Church utilizes. Which side do you think universal energy will support? Do you think the energy of the universe will help us or Kim Il-sung? To which side will heavenly fortune flow? You must have a heart of true love that is willing to save the millions of families in North Korea, even if you have to sacrifice your own family. When you can have such a heart of true love, North Korea will collapse and its root will naturally rot. As life elements ascend, the world of death falls behind. In the end, North Korea persists only because the Unification Church is not yet prepared. 1 have established the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea for the sake of this preparation. (173-063, 1988/02/01)

4 The task of unifying Korea is as difficult as that of uniting the whole world. This is the focal point of human history, so we must be united for this mission. For unity to come about, we have to work with the two sides and gain the ability to integrate them. On that foundation, Korea will remain as one entity.

Given all of that, we have to unite this world that is filled with sin. To unite this sinful world, first we must enter it and become its leaven. How do we become leaven? It is not done through power, but through love. It has to be done through tears, sweat and blood. We have to fulfill our responsibility. Once we do that, the Unification teachings will be established in this land. Through our philosophy, we have to drive the Communist Party from the Korean Peninsula, from Asia, and from the earth itself. (021-237, 1968/11/24)

5 The democratic world and the communist world will unite once North and South Korea are unified. This is the same as the unification of the Jewish and Greek cultures. When they unite, east and west will unite as well. The worlds of religion and culture, Godism and humanism, and everything else, will unify.

Kim Il-sung is called the father in North Korea, whereas I am the father in South Korea, so the fathers are in conflict. One is the messiah on Satan's side, and the other is the Messiah on heaven's side. It is a fight between two messiahs, and I am ascending while Kim Il-sung is descending. This eventually will solve all the problems in the world. (243-263, 1993/01/17)

6 We are in a confrontation with the North today. Therefore, North Korea always infiltrates South Korea by sending spies. Where are they infiltrating? They are infiltrating on the local level. That is the starting point; then they will organize into groups in each neighborhood. The neighborhoods will be organized around one center at the top. They are moving in that direction. Once they have secured a certain number of people, they will form an underground organization, starting with a head, and then create a unified system. Communism's strategy is to develop a centralized, unified system.

Our greatest concern is over where these enemies will infiltrate. They will infiltrate the neighborhoods, the grassroots-level community. For this reason, we have to organize on the grassroots level. I am doing this through a three-part system: the Unification Church, the International Federation for Victory Over Communism, and the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. The Unification Church is the head and the Citizens' Federation is the foot. In the age of restoration, however, restoration begins at the bottom, not at the top. The people of the Republic of Korea have to revolve around one axis. In that sense, I tell the other two to unite with the Citizens' Federation. The grassroots-level community has to unite around the Citizens' Federation. (171-297, 1988/01/02)

Preparation for unification

The gap between North and South Korea widened as their economies diverged, and the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games exposed this to the world. As North Korea's ambition to unify the peninsula under communism intensified, True Parents said that a pan-national Victory Over Communism and unification campaign was urgent. They also stressed the importance of implementing a thorough VOC education campaign in preparation for the North's proposal for a general election including both Koreas. To accomplish this, the members had to make elaborate plans to organize down to the smallest administrative unit. Simultaneously they had to carry out full-scale education in Godism, teaching the fundamental worldview of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values, that is, head-wing thought.

7 The United States, the Soviet Union and Japan do not wish to see North and South Korea at war. At all costs, they hope to maintain peace. China is planning to reverse direction and link to the free world from 1988. An outbreak of war between the two Koreas would deal a crippling blow to China s plan to build a relationship with the free world. Given the current world situation, Kim Il-sung of North Korea will certainly demand that a general election of North and South Korea be held as soon as possible, perhaps within 40 days. The government of South Korea will have no excuse not to accept.

North Korea has formed a shadow government with organizations assigned to each locality in South Korea. They have duplicated every organization handling the administrative departments of South Korea, including cities and counties, down to the smallest local administrative units. They are waiting for an opportune time. They believe that they can achieve a victory in an all-out propaganda war. On the other hand, South Korea is completely unprepared to deal with North Korea. When we look at God's providence, Satan always continues to attack until the very end, never retreating until the last ounce of his energy is spent. Because South Korea on its own would be defenseless against a full-scale offensive from North Korea, I have spent 40 years since Korea's liberation working to prevent such an attack. (138-311, 1986/01/24)

8 On account of the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games, North Korea has been cornered and is in a truly difficult position. Therefore, they are dangerous. Knowing the personality of Kim Il-sung, he is thinking, "Why do I have to rely on China or the Soviet Union? Can't I just make a surprise attack on South Korea and knock them out with a single punch?" However, if they are not able to attack like that, they will surely ask for a general election between North and South Korea. If they make such a demand, the Soviet Union, the United States, and Japan will support it. The South will inevitably be forced to agree. Therefore, it is important to create an environment supportive of North-South unification.

Also, just as I have created the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, we have to create a world-level Federation for the Unification of North, South, East and West. The problem between East and West is a cultural gap. They have different cultural backgrounds. On the other hand, the problem between North and South is the gulf between rich and poor. As all the world's nations have these problems, we certainly have to create the Federation for the Unification of North, South, East and West. (173-067, 1988/01/03)

9 The systems of free democracy and communism are fundamentally different. In a free democratic country the people elect the leader, whereas in a communist nation a dictatorship rules, claiming the authority of the proletariat, the laborers and farmers. Communism tries to eliminate any and all dissidents. This assures that the person appointed by the Communist Party will surely be elected. They use this method in order to sustain their dictatorial regime forever.

The question is, how will we create a unified system? The answer is, we need a unifying worldview that can surpass and assimilate the systems of democracy and communism. We have to create a unified system based on that theoretical foundation. A unified Korea will serve as a model for such a unified global system. The Federation for the Unification of North, South, East and West is a global replication of the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea national model. Korea will become the model for the world. Following its example, the world can create a unified global system. (173-068, 1988/01/03)

10 To unify North and South Korea, we need to focus our activities on the administrative units of the village and district. First, we have to strengthen and educate on the hamlet and block level throughout the districts villages. Second, we have to educate wards and blocks throughout the city districts. Third, we have to utilize town halls and schools. We need to find suitable places to run educational programs on the local level. Fourth, we have to form a supporters' association. All problems can be resolved once we have a supporters' association. Its members can decide about donating money every month for the sake of liberating North Korea. The heads of wards, blocks and districts can meet together and build a preparatory fund. The supporters' association will gather contributions and donations. (207-358, 1990/11/11)

11 During the past 20 years, since the International Federation for Victory Over Communism was formed in 1968, the Unification Church has formally educated more than 900,000 people through four-day workshops. We are proud of this network of valuable human resources, that nobody in the world can rival. In addition to the audience of the IFVOC, the total number of people the Unification Church has educated exceeds two million. These people may not become full-time members of the Unification Church, but they constitute a large stronghold in every nook and cranny of the country that is linked to our church.

They are like the pulsating blood vessels connected to the heart, ready to spread their energy. Neither the government nor any of the political parties know about this. There are countless hidden people who will rush to meet me on short notice, or in one day, if I hold a big rally in a convention hall or a stadium. Thanks to our efforts in creating local organizations during those years, we came to possess a rich pool of human resources backing us. We then held a program where we took Korean leaders to the United States for workshops in order to expand and strengthen the nucleus of this stronghold of people, as a bridge that connects the global superstructure with the local substructure.

Korean politicians nowadays talk endlessly about having autonomous local governance in the regions of Korea, but there is no organization or political party that can surpass our foundation, which is being built not only in Korea, but also in America and Japan. We now must take action and build a substantial beachhead, where the tide rising in South Korea flows to North Korea. I am the only one who can do that. (203-139, 1990/06/24)

12 The Unification Principle and headwing thought are terrifying to the Devil's world, while they are amazing assets in the world of God. We have to teach head-wing thought, God's worldview, and Godism to all North Korean citizens. This is definitely the fastest solution to the problem of reunification. The Unification Principle is also essential in mediating the never-ending, deep-rooted war between Judaism and Islam in the Middle East. Forty core Muslim leaders of Syria, Egypt and Yemen have completed a 40-day workshop. Siblings cannot bring this kind of thing about; only parents can. When it is a parent that is telling them they are real brothers, they can unite. God is that Parent. If you teach about God, all will unite. (222-036, 1991/10/27)

13 I have spent a lifetime fighting communism. Several times, communists threatened my life and I barely managed to pull myself out of a perilous situation. However, I was neither against any particular communist leader nor against socialism. The communist ideology based on God-denying materialism is not true. Having totally experienced God and being convinced of His existence, I firmly believe that if our world and humankind do not seek for God and return to Him, ultimately all people will meet their doom.

In that sense, I cannot say that the free world or capitalistic world today is walking in the right direction. Rather, I think that within the capitalistic world is a tidal surge of atheism and materialism that is shaping and threatening the future of humankind as much as communism ever did. If God, the root of the universe, does not exist, there is no standard of absolute value in the world. In that case, no one can establish a standard of human morality and ethics, and such a society has no fundamental philosophy that makes human beings lords of all created things. Atheistic, all-powerful materialism brings divine punishment in the form of todays knotty problems, for example, the tragedies of ethnic conflict, religious war and bloodshed, drug addiction and violence, free sex and AIDS.

I took great pains in searching for the fundamental cure to these problems and found the solution in a revelation from God. I think that to attain world peace, the most urgent priority is that all human beings come to know God, who is the one great Governor of heaven and earth and their Parent, and become His children. I am standing in the center because I declared headwing thought, which is Godism. (259-127, 1994/03/29)

Section 3. Dialogue with Kim ll-sung

Father visits his birthplace

After receiving an official invitation from the North Korean government, True Parents arrived in North Korea on November 30, 1991. This was True Fathers first visit to North Korea after an absence of 40 years and 11 months. He met his surviving relatives at his hometown of Jeongju on December 5. Father said that his birthplace will be a holy ground to which people of the world will make pilgrimages. His visit to North Korea greatly interested both local and foreign mass media. At the farewell ceremony held at the guest house in Seojaegol, Pyongyang, on December 6, Father emphasized that true love is the driving force behind unification, as he explained that "love is thicker than blood."

1 We flew to my hometown in North Korea in two helicopters. The 70-mile trip took only 40 minutes. We landed at a schoolyard and drove to my old house. The road was paved so nicely that cars could travel on it. I was told that it took them ten days to pave the road for my visit. The level of preparation they made for me was on a par with the level they would have made for Kim Il-sung. They took meticulous care and put much effort into covering my parents' graves with good sod and placing gravestones with words carved in red. When we went to the house where I had once lived, I discovered they had also repainted it entirely, probably upon orders from Kim Il-sung. The interior had an earthen floor, as do most traditional Korean houses, buttressed with rocks stacked strongly around it, finished up with cement. The yard was covered with sand. They had done a wonderful job. They were like Esau trying to serve his younger brother Jacob as a king. (226-119, 1992/02/02)

2 I asked Kim Il-sung to open up my hometown so that Jeongju can welcome people from around the world to visit and participate in workshops. This is the heart with which I visited Kim Il-sung. No amount of opposition could suppress this. When heaven casts its net of righteousness, it catches everything that is not in accordance with the heavenly principle. That is why they placed gravestones on my parents' graves and covered them with good sod. It was none other than Kim Il-sung himself who ordered that this be done. He told his people to pave the two-lane road leading to my hometown, and they even paved an asphalt road to my parents' graves. His hospitality was greater than that of Esau when he was welcoming Jacob. Why is the Esau of Korea greater than the Esau of Israel? It is because the Israelites were the first chosen people, the formation stage. Christianity was the Second Israel, at the growth stage; however, America never even dreamed of developing my hometown as a holy ground. Because Kim Il-sung did this, North Korea possesses the authority as the people of the Third Israel. (225-314, 1992/01/26)

3 During my meeting with Kim Il-sung, he asked me, "Reverend Moon, you went to your birthplace, right?" When I answered, "Yes" and thanked him for it, he told me, "That place will one day be a famous site. I'll take care of everything." When he said that, the people next to him responded, "Yes, we understand, Mr. President!" The words of Kim II-sung carry a lot of weight, as weighty as the words of God. I added a rider to his promise, though. I told him to turn it into the hometown that I used to live in when I was a boy. I gave them directions as to what to put where and how to make it in such and such a way. If they do this, it will become a pilgrimage site for Unification Church members across the world, who will vividly see and feel the things of the past that I have talked about. (226-120, 1992/02/02)

4 When I visited North Korea, my family and even distant relatives came to greet me. I did not say a word. They wanted to greet me and hold me, and did not want to let me go, but I kept silent because I knew how the communist world works. Why would I not say how thrilled I was to see my older and younger sisters again? It is because everything I said would have to be reported to the superior authorities. If the words of my younger sister and the words of my older sister were different, they would both be in trouble. But how could they give the exact same report? My nephews and everyone who was present had to give a report. Should any of their reports be different from the others, they would find themselves in serious trouble. They would be accused of lying and, as a result, I would be banned from North Korea and they would lose their lives.

In North Korea, the entire family must report. Husbands, wives, everyone from kindergartners to grandparents report to different offices. Having said that, if people in the same family write identical reports, that poses a problem, too. They can be accused of collaborating on the reports, and be bound hand and foot. Theirs is a world where you cannot speak freely even though you have a mouth, and where a slip of the tongue can spell trouble. (237-305, 1992/11/17)

5 I lost my hometown; I lost all there was in North Korea. Even though I know that my father and mother met a tragic end, I have to love Kim Il-sung, thanking him for protecting my parents. I am not oblivious as to how their lives ended. How miserable it was! Standing in front of my mother s grave, do you not think I would weep bitterly? Though bearing inexpressible grief, I was in pain, using all my energy to keep myself from bursting into tears, because I did not want my enemies to see me wailing. I still remember I had to bite my tongue and fight back tears, because I did not want people to report that Reverend Moon came to North Korea just to visit the graves of his mother and father. Until all the problems are resolved naturally, I will devote myself to the reunification of Korea. (394-055, 2002/10/06)

6 My older and younger sisters com pletely broke down in tears when I went to my parents' graves in North Korea. "Father! Mother! The son that you've been waiting for so long has finally returned. He is here," they cried. Anyone who was there listening to their cries, amid such tragedy, could not help but weep too. However, I did not go there as a son with the family name of Moon, but rather as the leader who can bring about the unification of Korea. Look at the countless graves! There are many who have died unimaginably tragic deaths. So I could not shed tears just for my own suffering parents.

As I saw my sisters burst out crying, I prayed, "Honored father and mother, I am sorry. I cannot cry, because I came here as a public person. When I come here after unifying Korea, I will fulfill my duty as a filial son and take responsibility for your graves. I will attend you after I build the unified kingdom where I can attend God and convey His blessing to all people." (304-073, 1999/09/10)

7 My mother loved me dearly. Everyone in my family knew that my mother loved me more than she loved anyone else. My older sister knew that I, her younger brother, was the most beloved, and my younger sister knew that I, her older brother, was the most beloved. Such a mother met her end while yearning to see her beloved son one last time. I believe that the North Korean government did wicked and terrible things to her. And I went to save North Korea, the country which did such things. (311-072, 1999/08/19)

8 My mother was truly pitiable. Out of the 13 children she bore, five passed away, and she raised eight of us. Among her children, she loved me the most. She would do anything for me, but I was never able to buy her a pair of socks or even a handkerchief. She did not perform any noteworthy deeds in her lifetime, but at the end of the providence of restoration, I will make known how much merit she deserves because of the way she lived for me. That is why, even though it is truly heart-breaking, I continue this work until that day comes. I can still remember how she cried at the top of her lungs, shedding a waterfall of tears, her nose running, because she felt terrible about something I had done. As I stood in front of my honored parents' graves in North Korea, I felt I was truly an un-dutiful son. From a secular viewpoint, I would be considered unfilial. (312-144, 1999/10/14)

9 All of you want to go to my hometown. I was very disappointed when I visited there in 1991. There were trees in the mountains 50 years ago, and I used to be able to hear the howling of wolves. But there is not even one tree left. I was stricken to look at the barren scenery. I thought to myself, "Maybe it would have been better if I had not come at all." Looking at my town that has gone through such a change, my impressions of the past suddenly left me. In general, people can erase memories of the past when they have more beautiful environments in the present. But the fact is, because my images of the past were more beautiful than the present, the more I tried to erase them, the more vividly those images came back. So when I go back to my hometown, I have a plan to gather the young Unification Church soldiers and elite troops from around the world and rebuild my hometown to its original state, the way I remember it. (227-134, 1992/02/11)

A historic dialogue

On December 6,1991 at the presidents official residence in Majeon, Heungnam City, in South Hamgyeong Province, True Parents and President Kim Il-sung held an official talk regarding issues pending between North and South Korea. The two of them signed agreements on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, North-South summit talks, meetings of separated families, and the Mt. Geumgang development project, among others. The agreements reached between True Father and President Kim Il-sung loosened the deadlocked inter-Korean relations. At the meeting, they also discussed the possibility of organizing an international marriage Blessing ceremony of 30,000 couples in North Korea. True Father embraced President Kim with love, not as an enemy, but as a brother, before returning to the South.

10 I was very well aware of the ongoing trial regarding the Kikumura incident, which resulted from a 1987 conspiracy between Kim Il-sung and Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union to send 25 Red Army operatives to the South to assassinate me. As I was about to meet this enemy, how could I overlook that and replace it with a heart of meeting ones long-lost brother for the first time in thousands of years? I was struggling with that within myself. If I could come up with a solution, I knew I would be able to bring any villain to naturally surrender.

I needed to possess the heart of loving my enemy more than I love my own sons and daughters, my wife, my disciples, and my members. That is why miracles in the history of re-creation took place after our meeting. The world changed after I met with Gorbachev, and the inter-Korean summit was finally realized after I met with Kim Il-sung. All kinds of issues were resolved at once. These facts prove that heaven is working. A new world is being created. (224-266, 1991/12/15)

11 So long as I am alive, Korea cannot perish. To forge North-South reunification, both parties must collaborate. Their relationship is one of Cain and Abel. One stands on God's side and the other on Satan's side. Now, the realm of Cain has disappeared; the communist regimes of China and the Soviet Union are gone. The remaining such regime is that of North Korea's Kim Il-sung. Abel is the younger brother and Cain is the older brother. Abel has to save Cain, and Kim Il-sung is a type of Cain. South Korea was trying to assassinate Kim Il-sung, but that was ill-conceived. By hosting Kim Il-sung around the world in a posh car and a good aircraft, I can let him realize his past blunders on his own. I stand in the position of loving my enemy and loving my country. I will proclaim that Korea is a nation in which the king of kings will appear and that the Koreans are a good-hearted people among all good-hearted people. (242-192, 1993/01/01)

12 I went to visit Kim Il-sung. Now, just imagine how many times he must have cursed me. I am guilty of the same, having cursed Kim Il-sung, saying, "Give it all up. The Juche ideology is nothing!" When the Mafia instructs their minions on how to commit crimes, they do not pretend to be imparting everlasting truth. But Kim Il-sung taught the Juche ideology with the claim that it is eternal truth. The subject-partner (juche) thought that Reverend Moon of the Unification Church espouses is fundamentally different from the Juche (subject) ideology of Kim Il-sung.

Nonetheless, when I went to North Korea to meet him, I had to have a heart of love for him greater than that of his own mother. Nothing would have worked if I had gone there with a concept that he is an enemy. No equilibrium would have been created. That is why I had to take the position of a younger brother and treat Kim Il-sung as an older brother whom I had not seen for 40 years. Only then was it possible for our conversation to be cheerful, without any feeling of enmity, allowing me to give him some advice.

If an older brother errs and the younger brother simply says, "Don't worry, it's okay," that little brother is failing his responsibility to help his older brother become righteous. That is why I told everyone in the Mansudae As sembly Hall, "The Juche ideal will not work. World peace cannot be realized without Godism."

He is the red king in his kingdom, carrying guns and swords, but he has fallen off the very last cliff. I, on the other hand, started at the bottom of that cliff and climbed up to the top. Kim Il-sung asserts his Juche thought in his limited territory in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, but Godism has gone worldwide and is publicly acknowledged everywhere. (226-092, 1992/02/02)

13 I expounded head-wing thought to the chairman of North Korea's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. Head-wing thought, I asserted, is Godism. I told him that we need to think about the fundamental question of the universe, namely, what is the purpose of human life? The true purpose of philosophy is to find God through the human intellect. Without God, both religion and philosophy end up in utter confusion. Whether going through religion or philosophy, human beings ultimately need to find God. In other words, the ultimate purpose of life is to live centering on God. When we look at history, human beings have been searching for God, the Origin, but they have failed to find Him.

In Unification Thought, we do not just talk about unification, we actually bring unification. It does not start on a worldwide scale. The essence of unification transpires between God and each individual. God seeks an ideal of unity identical to that which human beings seek. Then, upon what do we focus in order to realize this ideal? We focus on the purpose for which God created us.

The theory of evolution is problematic here. God's theory of creation is far beyond the theory of evolution. The fundamental human reality is that man and woman exist. This is an indisputable fact. In the animal kingdom, there is male and female. Plants propagate by means of stamen and pistil. In the mineral world and the molecular world, there are positive and negative ions. In the atomic world, we find protons and electrons. We can understand that all these things come into existence with the premise that they are to be united. (199/11/130)

14 I asked the Communist Party leaders who gathered at the Mansudae Assembly Hall, "Is the Juche ideology of any use? People rarely live beyond the age of 80. Did Juche prove to be the most just system after 40 years of history? You cannot solve anything in this tiny land using Juche ideology and brute force." I proclaimed to them, imposingly, that Godism is correct, thus putting my life on the line. Even if I were in North Korea alone, I would not be suppressed by fear, nor hesitate. What would become of God's authority and His honor if I were to be timid or fearful?

That is why I had to be dignified and bold. It seemed that the winner or loser would be decided by a final showdown, and that the bolder person would win. Kim Il-sung was, as expected, truly a man among men. His secretarial staff warned him three times, "Reverend Moon is a dangerous man. You should not meet him." Each time, Kim Il-sung replied, "That is why I have to meet him." (227-040, 1992/02/10)

15 We must think that South Korea is Abel and North Korea is Cain, and that the South must live for the sake of the North, investing and forgetting just as God does. Now that South Korea is twice as populous as North Korea, two South Korean families can support one North Korean family. The Korean people must unite as brethren. Only then can a unified nation emerge. A plan for unification can emerge only on such a principle. If I had been in charge, there would have been no problems. If the North had done what I said, the inter-Korean summit talks would have happened already.

Kim Il-sung gave me his promise, saying, "Let's make a pact of brotherhood. I can be your older brother and you can be my younger brother. Reverend Moon is the younger brother, and Kim Il-sung is the older brother. Will you agree?" I replied in the affirmative. The distance from the guest house meeting room to the building's exit was about 100 meters. When we were about to leave the meeting room, I said to him, "Elder brother, give me your hand." No one has ever been allowed to hold his hand. I told him not to complain whatever I do to his hand, even if I squeeze or rub it. (245-149, 1993/02/28)

16 Please watch the video of my meet ing with Kim Il-sung. Try to look at my face and his, and see who looks more manly, who seems to be the subject partner. I was never dragged around or forcibly escorted by Kim Il-sung. His hands were a bit shaky, and he could not move his limbs freely. Since he was over 80, seven years older than me, he was like my older brother, but still I was the one to take the lead. As this was happening before their eyes, I could only imagine how terrified his bodyguards were. They would be executed should any harm befall Kim Il-sung. Punishment would be immediate, right on the spot. So how could the people around Kim Il-sung not be beside themselves? But still I took the lead; it was not he who led me. (253-290, 1994/01/30)

17 Kim Il-sung knew me very well. Eight months before I left for North Korea, he had already collected all the information available about me. Though a man of cunning, he was honest and straightforward, too. He told me frankly the information he had obtained about me, so I said directly to him, "I thought you were clever. Why are you being so honest?" In the very end, we addressed each other as brothers.

Until that time, whenever Kim Il-sung had an official photograph taken, he would fold his hands behind his back and stand in front of a picture of Mt. Baekdu. He claimed that this depicted him as being number one. According to his subordinates, mine was the first photo of him holding someone by the hand. I was the first person in the history of North Korea whose hand President Kim held in a photo. People who saw it asked, "How could they become one like that?" This became a topic of conversation in the Communist Party and in all of North Korea. (239-042, 1992/11/23)

18 During the 80 years of his life, Kim Il-sung had never met anyone as bold as me. When we met, he told me that he had never had a shred of enmity toward me. He told me that meeting me was like meeting a long-lost brother or his closest childhood friend. Communism denies God, so he could not figure out why he felt this way, and further confessed that he did not know why his mind worked in that way in relation to me. There was no way for him, even at that moment, to explain why he missed me and wanted to meet me. (227-077, 1992/02/10)

19 When I was in North Korea in 1991,1 brought Kim Il-sung, who is in the position of the lord at the second advent for Satan's world, to a conditional submission. Now I can go anywhere I want. Kim Il-sung told me, "If you say you will come, I will build you a house in your hometown that's even bigger than mine," but that was not completely sincere. When I asked him, "Are you really serious?" he answered, "Yes, of course." But I am not a man to be used by Kim Il-sung, and I know how history will unfold. (231-084, 1992/05/31)

20 Kim Il-sung is the lord at the second coming in Satan's world. That is why he has taken the parental position. North Koreans call him, "father," and indeed he is in the position of a parent. I put him in the position of a brother to me. That is why I naturally subjugated him. I was able to restore the right of parents because I restored the right of the elder son by bringing him to natural surrender. Subjugating Kim Il-sung upon the foundation of having restored the right of the elder son means that the right of parents can be restored.

Now that the right of parents is restored, next is the restoration of king-ship, which will happen once North and South Korea are unified. We are moving toward that stage. Then, centering on that kingship, a royal family will emerge on earth. Adam and Eve did not establish their kingship and the right of the royal family, so we have to march toward that goal. (235-239, 1992/09/20)

21 When I visited North Korea, I told Kim Il-sung, "You became my elder brother and I became your younger brother, but now I want you to listen to the words of your younger brother." I challenged him, "Your elder brother ideas cannot take care of this world, but the thought of your younger brother can take care of the world." My foundations in the Soviet Union and China were more influential than those of North Korea and America. Kim Il-sung said that he would love me even if South Korea hated me. (246-268, 1993/04/18)

22 When I met Kim Il-sung in North Korea, I discovered a surprising fact. The son of Kim Il-sung's cousin, Kim Dal-hyun, told me that before I came he had shown my picture to North Korean spiritualists and fortune-tellers, and they told him, "This person will never betray North Korea. He will help North Korea." He told me that Kim Il-sung welcomed me warmly because of the words of these famous spiritualists. Kim Il-sung knew about this through positive reports from his subordinates, and he was affirming, "Our top officials should respect Reverend Moon." (267-161, 1995/01/05)

23 Kim Il-sung's subordinates thought, "Reverend Moon is truly a special person." Because of this, they could not deny the existence of God. I met Kim Il-sung in Heungnam, the place where I had been forced to work in a labor camp. It is true, just as Kim Dal-hyun had told me, they could not deny the existence of God. Kim Dal-hyun originally did not want Kim Il-sung to meet me at Heungnam, but the meeting took place there just as I wanted, and this was why he could not deny the existence of God. He advised that the meeting not take place there, but we did meet right in the middle of Heungnam. It was all a process of restoration through indemnity. All the hardships I had endured in North Korea, all those aspects of heavens providence, were being restored through indemnity. (225-189, 1992/01/20)

24 When I was in North Korea, Kim Il-sung asked me, "From your perspective of the Cain and Abel relationship, if the Abel-type nation, South Korea, fails to fulfill her responsibility and the Cain-type nation, North Korea, fulfills hers, should the North not receive the blessings due to the South?" How was I supposed to answer that question? It was truly surprising. "If you say you are coming, I will do anything for you," he added, "I know that I have to do so if I want to live." So what was I to do? I personally wrote a promissory pledge for him in my notebook and received his signature. (232-048, 1992/07/01)

25 A man named Mr. Han from China went to North Korea together with us. The South Korean embassy in China asked him a lot of questions upon his return, and it was reported that the embassy was greatly surprised at Mr. Hans answers. They asked, "We heard that Reverend Moon accomplished great things in North Korea, some historical firsts. Is it true that he spoke so openly and boldly?" He replied that I had educated the Communist Party leaders there. He also informed them that the North Korean people have always harbored a strong negative bias toward Reverend Moon, but that no one in the North opposes him now. To reverse all the negative opinions, North Korea compiled educational materials about me and conducted four days of education for their people. (227-135, 1992/02/11)

26 I had earlier opened the gates of China and the Soviet Union. The only gate left to be opened was that of North Korea. I asked him, "Big brother Il-sung, if I bring 30,000 couples to the North under the banner of the Interna tional Marriage Blessing Ceremony, can I be confident you will open up the DMZ for them to cross?" He said, "Yes, of course. It will be amazing." This is a behind-the-scenes story that shapes history. Kim Il-sung told me to bring 30,000 couples to North Korea. Then I said, "But you do not have any hotels." He told me, "Songdo Beach is famous for its beauty worldwide. Hundreds of thousands can stay in the pine grove there. Bring one tent for every ten people, and everything will be solved." He was right. Wonsan harbor would be opened up and we would transport everything by ship, including the food needed for the participating couples. This is not a lie.

When we tried to negotiate this with the South Korean government, however, they said, "It would be disastrous. It would reflect poorly on the dignity of our nation." South Korea was putting its national pride above the unification of the Korean Peninsula. Due to their opposition, both Koreas lost face. Eventually, about 100 couples went to North Korea. (239-044, 1992/11/23)

27 Kim Il-sung was incredulous that a 30,000 Couple International Marriage Blessing Ceremony was really going to take place. He could not believe that 30,000 couples would get married in one ceremony. I told him, "30,000 couples is nothing." I had seen it in his eyes that he wanted to see a picture of the 30,000 couple marriage ceremony, so I instructed someone to show Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il a picture of the Blessing.

We must eliminate the Demilitarized Zone as quickly as possible. I had to convince him to lift the DMZ gate, but what weapon could accomplish this? I knew that Kim Il-sung was not just a man of broad ideas, but his manner was also very bold, so I thought of the Blessing ceremony. Kim Il-sung and I had signed a pact of brotherhood. So calling him "Big brother Il-sung," I got him to confirm this three times. Walking from the dining room to the farewell exit, I held onto his hand, and asked him, "Brother, you aren't going to ignore your younger brother, right?" to which he replied, "‘Of course not, I'll keep that promise. Tell me what you'd like me to do." (239-042, 1992/11/23)

Section 4. Initiatives for Unification Mt. Geumgang

The dialogue with President Kim Il-sung resulted in an agreement about the development of Mt. Geumgang (Diamond Mountain). The Geumgang Mountains boast the most beautiful scenery on the Korean Peninsula, with vistas comparable to the most lovely places on earth. True Parents foresaw that developing this picturesque mountain area would not only benefit the North Korean economy through international tourism but would also contribute greatly toward achieving North-South reunification and world peace.

1 I have a plan to invite renowned peo ple from around the world to an exquisite resort to discuss current global issues. Mt. Geumgang should be designed as this venue and developed as a world-class resort. It encompasses a vast area. The North Korean government has designated an area of land about half the size of Jeju Island—which is large—at Mt. Geumgang and surrounded it with barbed wire. Even North Koreans are barred from entering without a permit. But I will see to it that people will be able to travel freely to Mt. Geumgang even without a visa.

That place is truly heaven on earth. We can build a locally managed folk village there. Celebrities can build wonderful mansions there for their retirement. People will be drawn to this place more than to their own nations' tourist attractions. Different ethnic groups will strive to build their own cultural environments there, with each responsible for its own area. No conflict will arise and no one will worry about security, because every nation and people will harmonize according to its own highest standard.

We will hold banquets and seminars for leaders from different fields, with lots of free time to sing, dance and enjoy life. If eminent people give lectures and hold seminars at Mt. Geumgang, the demand for space will be high. As more and more cultural events and activities take place, people will be drawn closer to one another, and an ideal environment will be created. I am planning to turn the site into such an attractive place. I am going to create a model to showcase the kingdom of heaven on earth. (250-308, 1993/10/15)

2 Many businessmen and economists from around the world have visited Mt. Geumgang. More than likely, however, they salivated over the thought of generating profits from this site, without giving any thought to its beauty or its potential as an ideal tourist attraction. They are ready to load up all the gold nuggets and take off. Not surprisingly, the North Korean government does not trust them. No matter how hard North Korea looks around, the only person they can trust is me. When they examine my motivation and compare it with the behavior, attitude and motivation of the others, who came and went, what do they think? The North Korean government believes that dealing with the other type of people will be the downfall of the Mt. Geumgang development project.

Mt. Geumgang has been preserved under God's protection. It is an amazing place. Nonetheless, I have no self-interest here; it is a national-level project. If this project moves forward, Russia and China will unite with other Asian countries to build an airport, a hub for major cities throughout the world. By opening this airport, tourists will flock to Asia from the Middle East and everywhere, and new air routes will open up across Asia, Europe and the Americas. (225-175, 1992/01/20)

3 Mt. Geumgang can be developed into the top tourist attraction in the world. It will generate high revenues, but I am not doing this for money. We need to make it a place that can move Asia and influence China and Russia. If I am given such a privileged opportunity, anyone who goes to Mt. Geumgang will first receive a weeklong Unification Principle workshop. There are so many hidden nooks up and down the mountains and valleys that it is hard to visit more than seven of them in a week. To meet the demand, we will offer excellent guides and amenities to those who make a two- or three-week reservation, and at the same time we will educate them in the Principle. (227-188, 1992/02/11)

4 What would happen if I told President Kim Il-sung right now, "Let Unification Church members conduct pilgrimages to Mt. Geumgang?" Imagine the possibilities for pilgrimage tourism! I grew up and went to school in Jeongju, and I endured prison in Heungnam. Also, I spent some time at a place called Gyeongchang-ri in Pyongyang. If we bring sites like these back to life and develop them as tourist destinations, the government should at least allow Unification Church members to make pilgrimages to visit them. If they allow this, then one member could easily bring 10 or 100 people with him. On such a pilgrimage, they could also visit places in South Korea such as Daegu or Busan where I suffered and endured hardships. We operate the second- or third-largest tour company in South Korea, so we could use our own company's buses. When North Korean visitors come to South Korea and refuse to return to the North, it poses a problem, but North Koreans taking part in the tours we organize would not cause such problems. In addition, we could connect the tourist sites of Mt. Geumgang to those at Mt. Myohyang and Mt. Baekdu. Unification Church members from around the world would love Jeongju more than their own homes.

An enterprise like this would pay for itself. North Korea possesses this treasure. But people have been grappling with plans like this since the liberation of Korea 46 years ago. If North and South Korea had united at that time and cooperated in developing tourism, they would already have reaped hundreds of billions of dollars. They could have lived as fortunate, blessed citizens in the most prosperous land on earth instead of falling into ruin because of the war. When we view things from this perspective, all of North Korea is on the move and should utilize me. I hope this will come to be the case. (1991/12/04)

Pyeonghwa Motors and the Botonggang Hotel

True Parents entered into a joint venture with President Kim Il-sung to build an automobile factory in North Korea. Pyeonghwa Motors General Corporation was launched in Nampo on January 1, 1998, as a joint venture between the Tongil Group (Seoul), which owned 70 percent of the shares, and the North Korean Ryonbong General Corporation, a government-owned company specializing in machinery production, which owned 30 percent of the shares. The Pyeonghwa Motors factory occupies 270 acres (1.09 million square meters). It is a key industry of North Korea, representing North-South cooperation. It was managed by South Koreans, and this had significant implications. In its early stages, it manufactured and assembled parts for Italy's Fiat. Also, the Unification movement began operating the Botonggang Hotel in downtown Pyongyang after acquiring it in November 1993.

5 I am doing what I have to do for North Korea from the position of an older brother and father. I will not profit a penny. The inauguration of the Pyeonghwa Motors factory will take place April 6, 2002, and I do not have the slightest intention to reap any profit from this. I think only about investing more. It is not my personal investment; it will be Americans who invest, and people from neighboring nations such as Russia and China will not be excluded. They will invest along with the United States. In this way Russia and China can benefit as well. There is only destruction when Cain and Abel do not unite. This fundamental principle is a formula that is applicable everywhere, and I am resolving the current situation using it. (372-327, 2002/03/25)

6 Currendy North Korea cannot exclude me. By using the technology of Tongil Heavy Industries, they are manufacturing automobiles to which the message of peace is attached since they bear our brand name Pyeonghwa (Peace). Now North Korea is making its own cars, the Hwiparam (Whistle) and Bbeokgugi (Cuckoo), and people in the city of Pyongyang are driving the cars our factory produces. I heard that we received an order for 3,000 vehicles, and that this is beyond our current capacity. I am preparing for North Korea to gain the technical skills to repair the best cars and machinery from China. Since I have created an automobile factory in order to revive North Korea's industries, I will also ensure that they have our technology to enable them to repair cars and ships. I am doing this by myself; no one else has been able to do it. (574-248, 2007/09/04)

7 There were risks involved in founding an automobile factory, whether in North Korea or in Vietnam. America opposed my idea of building an automobile factory in Vietnam. But still we entered Vietnam, laid the foundation and later entered into a partnership with an Italian company. After our factory had made some progress, the Vietnamese government accused it of hindering its national interests. In fact, the government had made a separate contract with the Italian company beforehand, and this forced us to close down our factory. We had built this factory in Vietnam from scratch under great hardship. We then moved it to North Korea in order to create what is todays Pyeonghwa Motors. Our Vietnamese factory was always losing money, but now we look forward to making a profit. After joining hands with North Korea, the future is beginning to look bright for our business, especially if we can open the door to China. Having pioneered a company of this standard, I can connect us to China through North Korea. We can bring in technology and let it flow back. This is why we formed a sister relationship with a large automobile factory in Andong Province, China, using the technology of Pyeonghwa Motors. By helping them improve their technology, we can manufacture products economically. In China we can manufacture products at a low cost. We will offer inexpensive Chinese-made goods on the market, together with products from Pyeonghwa Motors. (443-203, 2004/03/23)

8 It is amazing that we have received permission to build an automobile factory in North Korea. How will the global automobile market change in the future? America will no longer hold the leading role in the global automobile industry. America is across the Pacific Ocean. Europe also will not be in the lead. It is difficult to manage an automobile factory in Europe because the equalization of technology creates fierce competition. If a European automobile company is to survive, it must market in other countries. Serving their domestic market alone slows their production, and they cannot afford that. So with this in mind, where in the world should we be searching for market share? There is China, there is Russia and there is the Islamic world. Companies that succeed in these markets will lead the global automobile industry. If we bear this in mind, we can supply car parts all over the world.

Labor costs are low in North Korea. It also shares a border with China, so we can bring in Chinese workers. All we really need is technology that meets the international standard. If we can jump into the automobile industry with this condition fulfilled, no one in the world will be able to outperform us in the market. This is why experts around the world are focusing their attention on the factory we are creating in North Korea. (311-218, 1999/09/10)

9 I built the automobile factory in North Korea with Kim Il-sung's personal permission. In fact, Kim Il-sung requested that I design both Mt. Geumgang tourism and the automobile factory. Therefore, I need to hand these over once they get going. There are many things with regard to these enterprises that Kim Il-sung and I decided jointly. The fact that Kim Il-sung did not announce all the details of this business development is something to be thankful for. I have a foundation in each nation through our world peace activism. It is well known that I can inspire support to help the world through an automobile factory. (311-220, 1999/09/10)

10 Near the Botong River in Pyongyang is the Botonggang Hotel, managed by our Japanese members. There one can watch television broadcasts from America, Japan and South Korea around the clock. There is no other place in North Korea where this is possible. This reflects the extent of North Korea's considerable trust in me. The Botonggang Hotel is usually fully booked with foreign guests.

North Korea may not trust anyone who goes in and out of the hotel, whether it be a group or an individual, but they trust the 15 Japanese people who manage the hotel. Twelve of them have given birth to children there and are able to travel freely to and from Japan. Even though their in-country travel is restricted, none of them has complained. North Korea trusts only these people, because it believes they will keep their promises and not break the law.

Who taught these Japanese people to behave this way? When the North Koreans compare the Japanese members, who live without a word of complaint, with citizens of their communist society, they see a huge gap. This is why Unification Church members are welcomed in North Korea. North Korea will not allow any South Korean government official to enter, but it will welcome any Unification Church member. (281-105, 1997/01/02)

11 After I visited North Korea, I laid not only the economic foundation for the North but also its foundation for communication with the free world. Installing a satellite antenna at the Botonggang Hotel enabled guests to watch broadcasts from the free world. I assisted the North in making preparations for broadcasting its own programs. And beyond that, I proposed a market system they could use and helped them understand it. (262-175, 1994/07/23)

DMZ peace park

At the annual conference of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace held in the conference room of the UN Economic and Social Council at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City on August 18,2000, True Parents urged the UN to promote the construction of a peace park in the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula. They have stressed that the DMZ symbolizes the agonizing historical pain of the Korean people, and that building a peace park there could resolve conflict and tension and eventually help bring about unification on the Korean Peninsula.

12 Now I am doing everything I can to guide the UN. Especially I am trying to transform Panmunjom, the North and South Korea meeting house situated on the cease-fire line, into a base of peace.

The wealth of every nation in the world pours into Las Vegas. France, America and Germany all invest their national wealth to create special environments there. They build large casinos in order to boast of their cultural heritage. But they are locked in a competition that will lead its players to their ruin.

Therefore, we are going to take the opposite direction and build a foundation of culture that religions can be proud of. In that base of peace at Panmunjom, we will plant everything that we can be proud of within the realm of religious culture, whether the religious culture of England, America, France or Germany. At that location we must build a museum and palace that surpasses even the Louvre in Paris. (412-154, 2003/07/17)

13 The cease-fire line must be abolished. We must give the UN ownership of the DMZ, the buffer zone around the cease-fire line, and eventually abolish the line altogether. We must normalize North-South Korea relations by allowing the UN to step in between. When this happens, both Koreas can engage in direct exchanges and treat each other as one nation. The UN is the only organization that can make this possible. This is why we are purchasing land around the buffer zone, the border area, the mountainous area and the rivers, and passing the ownership to the UN. This gives hope to all Korean people. This has to be done quickly.

The UN's purpose is to create a world of peace. To eliminate war, we must abolish national boundaries. Borders are usually drawn along mountain ranges and rivers. We need to allow the UN to take ownership so that no countries can interfere. The problem is how to cross a national boundary freely. For this to happen, the very concept behind that boundary must be abolished. To do this, we must conduct marriage Blessings that go beyond boundaries. Cross-cultural marriages will bring about world peace instantly. The UN must guarantee this path. We have to open the border and allow people free entry. (327-188, 2000/07/30)

14 The UN and America must cooperate with each other to construct a palace for True Parents in Panmunjom at the center of a peace zone. Land mines were buried under the buffer zone at the cease-fire line. From now on, we must work together with North Korea to dispose of the mines quickly. The UN needs to help with this. The UN aided Korea in gaining independence, but it still has not resolved the problem of the cease-fire line. (563-245, 2007/05/21)

Section 5. True Mother's University Speaking Tour

Opening the way for CARP

To transfer to Korea True Parents' worldwide victorious realm, as well as connect it to the worldwide peace movement and North-South unification, True Mother went on a speaking tour to 40 Korean university campuses from October 4-31,1993. This tour alleviated the contentious relationships between CARP and political activist groups on campuses, provided an opportunity for mutual understanding and dialogue, and led to a series of seminars and exchanges of professors and students from both Koreas.

1 The question of who will lead the young people in the future is a global one. The first generation of Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years and died there. The world has now reached an era similar to the time when the second generation of Israelites entered Canaan and found what they had hoped for. The surviving second generation had to construct a nation and a world with a philosophy of nationbuilding and world peace, and accomplish what the first generation of the Israelite tribes could not. The Unification Church must restore this through indemnity. All these issues depend on women. They depend on mothers, who play an important role. (259-287, 1994/04/17)

2 From now on, mothers have to properly educate their children. The Israelite mothers who entered the land of Canaan, as well as their sons and daughters, were influenced by the people who were already there. Unable to preserve their own religious traditions, they failed to establish the kingdom in Israel. In order to restore this through indemnity, mothers have to imbue the traditional ideas of our church into the second generation so that they will establish heaven on earth instead of being influenced by Satan's world. This will reverse the failures of the past. After mothers and their children become one, how do they establish the kingdom in Israel? That is their mission. The Israelite mothers failed to think about this. They, together with their sons and daughters, followed in the footsteps of the seven tribes of Canaan. That was their grave mistake.

We must go the opposite way. Mothers, sons, and daughters must unite in establishing the heavenly kingdom. Mothers have to educate their children so that they can have an influence on their university communities. Hence, after women of the world become second selves of True Mother, they must turn their children around 180 degrees, even if they have to hold onto them and not let them go. To achieve that, you have to do the same as True Mother, who went on a speaking tour of 256 venues over the two years following 1992. You have to save your relatives and your nation. This is not some vague notion but a real problem. What is real is that I fought for 40 years searching for a heavenly nation. I gave speeches in the United States in order to pass the baton to Mother, who went on to influence the university communities. Mothers have to rescue the second generation, their offspring. (259-327, 1994/04/24)

3 Centering on Mother, CARP is in the position of Abel, and the political activists on university campuses are in the position of Cain. Mother must manage the dispute between Cain and Abel. The right-wing and left-wing activists of South Korea have to unite and stand in the Abel position, and then unite with North Korean students, who are in Cains position. Then all will end well. It does not matter how much people in positions of authority oppose this. On the day when the young people unite with Mother, the fortune of unification will visit this land. We have no choice but to do this, as herein lies the fortune of heaven. Now is the time to light an unquenchable fire in their young, glowing hearts. (267-239, 1995/01/08)

4 Mother delivered speeches to the US Congress and the United Nations General Assembly and received resounding ovations. The United Nations is the congress of the free world. She also achieved great victories in the Eve nation, Japan. On Korean university campuses, political activist groups had kicked out CARP, but Mother turned the situation around all over the country. This was the restoration of the elder son's birthright. Although previously Christians had united with campus activists to defeat the Unification Church, the situation has now been reversed. The right has become the left, and the left has become the right. By siding with the Unification Church, former communist powers are coming to the heavenly side. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. (274-291, 1995/11/03)

5 Mother shouldered a great responsibility when she had to stand on the front line for three years, from 1992 until 1995. The number 3 is a number of separation from Satan. That was the separation period, starting in America and progressing to the United Nations, to Japan, and to the world. She went on a speaking tour of 40 universities throughout Korea, connecting them to 40 nations in the world. They represented Cain and Abel centering on Parents. Finally on the world level, Mother stood in a position equal with me. I had passed on all my victories to Mother. At the end of World War II the world did not welcome me but chased me out, but now in the second course for the dispensation of restoration, the True Family was welcomed worldwide. This restored it through indemnity. (275-278, 1996/01/01)

6 From now on, you have to focus on witnessing to your family and relatives, middle and high school students, and college students. Now is the age of the second generation. The people of Israel turned a deaf ear to Moses. Before the landing in Canaan, Moses and all of the first generation people perished. However, I have landed together with the second generation. This land belongs to the second generation, so I feel responsible for them. Mother and the sons and daughters of True Parents' family are conducting a speaking tour not only of 100 universities in the United States but also of 3,300 universities throughout the world. Starting in Japan, I must bring together all the world's students. It is my responsibility to win the hearts of young people from age 16, when Adam and Eve fell, to 21 and, adding another three years, to 24. The time for this has come. (260-088, 1994/04/11)

7 The Unification Church stands in the position of Abel to other churches. Thus, Christianity cannot invade the victorious Unification Church, which has reclaimed the elder son's birthright. Their position is similar to that of Esau, who could not strike Jacob because he had wrestled with the angel at the ford of the Jabbok River and subjugated him.

Mother delivered a speech at the US Congress and also reached out to embrace university communities in Korea. CARP had been forcefully expelled from some universities by student activists, but Mother turned this around and CARP was reinstated. She spoke at 40 universities at a time when the North-South relationship was sour; it was a case of Abel seeking Cain. With the end of opposition to CARP, things began to change on the campuses. Mother knew it was a very difficult task, but she urged CARP members on.

On the basis of Cain uniting with Abel, South Korean students saw an opportunity to hold exchange programs with North Korean students. Beginning with the International Student Leaders' Seminar in Moscow, CARP sponsored Korean university student leaders' training seminars in Washington and a North-South Korean university students' seminar in Beijing. Empowered by the name of True Parents, CARP took the lead in guiding North Korean students, who were in the Cain position, as well as South Korean student activists. (270-206, 1995/06/01)

8 Mother conducted a speaking tour of 40 Korean university campuses to inspire college students. We must educate the political activists on university campuses. I intend to take them to Russia for 21-day workshops. We have many Unification Church members there. We will take them to Moscow for just three weeks of education and show them around, and then they will all go back home. If we gather students from North Korea, South Korea, Russia and China, we will be able to form a federation that can confront communist ideology in Asia.

Communism is doomed to collapse, anyway. It has already collapsed in Russia, and that is happening in China as well. We are going to teach them Unification Thought, which is a counterproposal to communism. We need to pave the way for North Korean students. This will be the quickest way. From the providential viewpoint, students from the Korean Peninsula represent Cain and Abel, and when they unite, their parents will unite as well. (248-229, 1993/10/01)

9 Mother's speeches at 40 Korean universities were meant to separate the student social activists from the Christians and persuade the activists to unite with us. From the perspective of providential history, this is required in the indemnity course. With Mother at the center, CARP students and student political activists must lay the foundation again on college campuses.

If student social activists in South Korea are regarded as being in Abel's position, those in North Korea are in Cain's position. South Korean student political activists appear red externally, but are white internally. In contrast, North Korean students are totally red, inside and out. We are taking South Korean student political activists and North Korean students to Moscow and training them. Pro-North Korean and pro-South Korean students in Japan will also participate in the workshops. Students from the United States, China, and the former Soviet Union will band together with the South Korean students, and as a group they will assimilate the students from North Korea. We have done our best to inform the North about these workshops. In Moscow, we are organizing the Youth Federation for World Peace. An international youth movement that transcends ideologies is unfolding.

You should not rely on CARP alone to do it. As we do not have a foundation in society, you have to gather and unite college alumni. Alumni and current students have a Cain-Abel relationship. Things can only progress rapidly if you bind together several groups and set up an organization to undertake large scale worldwide activity. This is why Mother, the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Students' Federation need to be in unity. (252-283, 1994/01/01)

Movement on campuses

True Parents continued to spread the teachings of the Unification movement among college students and young people who did not have any experiences of war. The Student Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea and the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea were established on May 15, 1986, and October 11, 1986, respectively. They kicked off a vigorous movement for unification with True Parents at the center. True Parents conveyed to university professors and students the exact ideological map for North-South unification.

10 Now is the time of the second generation, the time to gather the young people together. Who will bring them together and educate them about our new worldview? Surely there is no organization in Korea to educate them that we can see. This is a realistic fact of history. This is why we have to mobilize the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. This is something that has never before been done. Its purpose is to unite Cain and Abel in vertical relationships. The teacher-student relationship and the parent-child relationship are vertical Cain-Abel relationships. The time has come for us to push forward with an effective system. (162-148, 1987/04/09)

11 The unification of North and South Korea is impossible without me. After professors and students unite, we must connect them to society's leaders, and solidify the young people of the second generation. There should be rallies in large convention centers in each area to unite young people. They have to form organizations and become one. This is why I set up the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. I want professors and students around the nation to unite. Never before in human history has such an organization existed, but now one has emerged based on my work. (162-314, 1987/04/17)

12 Professors gathered at the Hannam-dong house on January 24, 1986, and made a new resolution before embarking on this activity of service to society. They left their mark on history by lecturing to the public in 166 locations on Feb ruary 17 and 18. Five months later, scholars from around the world joined with you to ignite the fire of the historic new truth in 203 regions in Korea. This mobilization of prominent scholars to the front line was an amazing feat that will remain as a remarkable record in the history of humankind. The name of the organization that made this possible is the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. I have very high hopes for it. (148-255, 1986/10/11)

13 In February 1986,1 held a national-level seminar with professors who are members of the Professors World Peace Academy. It was an event proclaiming that the foremost intellectuals have united with me. Through these professors, I will educate all the professors in other parts of Korea. When I am teaching them, they should not oppose but rather welcome my teachings. By doing so, everyone from the highly educated professors to the uneducated country folk will stand in unity.

When the country, on the Cain side, stands with the Unification Church, on the Abel side, focusing on the IFVOC, the government will have no choice but to follow the Unification Church. When this is accomplished, the whole world will start helping us unify Korea. You have to unite as a complete national organization, centering on the Unification Church and the IFVOC, and accomplish the unification of Korea. As we have created the environment in which everything can be united on God's side in South Korea, we have to assimilate the Cain realm on Satan's side. Now, starting from South Korea, I have set up a protective fence that can encompass America, Japan and even China. (143-135, 1986/03/17)

14 By establishing the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, I have bound professors and students together. Students in Korea were staging demonstrations, demanding democratization and stirring up a commotion. To resolve this crisis, we delivered lectures on the current situation. We faced fierce opposition from student political activists crying out for democratization, and even Christians joined hands with them to oppose us. Therefore, the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea must step forward to educate college students and the general public. The ultimate goal is to reach out to people in every district.

What will determine the outcome of this battle? The young second generation must be mobilized in order to bring the first-generation people together. This is the same as the Israelites who entered Canaan after 40 years and built a nation centered on the second generation. That is why the second generation has to take the lead in nation-building. The place for this is on university campuses. The second generation consists of university students and middle and high school students. We have to bring together young adults.

The second generation must unite with their professors. This is the vertical Cain-Abel relationship. Siblings are in a horizontal Cain-Abel relationship. That is why the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea has to become one both vertically and horizontally. They will not be able to exert any influence unless they are united. (165-114, 1987/05/20)

15 Since the beginning of 1994, student political activists have been staging demonstrations, influenced by religious circles. We have to counter these political activist groups through CARP, thereby restoring the authority of the elder son. Student political activist groups have recently been helping CARP to register with universities.

I was the one who organized the International Student Leaders Seminar tor World Peace in Moscow in February, and in Beijing in June. I was also the one who moved Kim Il-sung to let North Korean students participate so that they could meet South Korean students. Such a meeting could never have taken place without my help. I am the only one making progress toward the unification of Korea. All this time, attempts by the North Korean students and representatives of the Korean Federation of Student Councils had failed. I was the one who made it possible. I am leading the work of unification. Now that I have created a foundation transcending the nation on which students can rally to unify Korea, they will have no choice but to support it. CARP branches are being re-registered on 200 more campuses. Our activities are booming even louder than those of the Communist Party. Youth Federation for World Peace With participants from 163 nations, the inaugural assembly of the Youth Federation for World Peace was held in Washington, DC, on July 26, 1994. The Youth Federation for World Peace, which registered as a social organization in Korea on February 22, 1995, transcends left-wing and right-wing viewpoints and aims to build harmony and cultivate altruism. It made a great contribution in promoting exchanges among young people through activities such as a series of peace seminars in Beijing, where North Korean students participated. The Federation has branches around the world that carry out activities, including campaigns for youth purity and education on preventing AIDS. (265-159, 1994/11/20)

16 It was in February of 1994 that the International Student Leaders Seminar for World Peace was held in Moscow. At that time everyone told me, "It's too cold. We cannot do it until spring." I responded, "What does it matter if it is winter when the nation is about to perish? The fall of a nation does not stop just because it's winter. It does not matter how cold Moscow is. We must hurry. We must hold the Beijing rally before the 6th month of the lunar calendar. Otherwise, I foresee great trouble." The establishment of The Youth Federation for World Peace was also scheduled for June of that year, but it was delayed for about one month, until July 26, 1994. We gave lectures at 3,000 American universities. We brought them into the CARP network. Korea should also work to include its 200 universities in the CARP network. The goal is the unification of Korea. It will not happen through just the students of North and South Korea. It cannot be accomplished unless we also mobilize the students of America, the Soviet Union, China and Japan. (262-176, 1994/07/23)

17 Alexander Haig, the former US Secretary of State, gave a speech at the inaugural assembly of the Youth Federation for World Peace. I invited him to my room to have a conversation. I told him, "I am trying to create a Youth Federation for World Peace by educating students at top American universities and intelligent young scholars from the Soviet Union. Please cooperate with me." He answered like a true soldier, saying that he would be willing to do so. So now I am making plans for this. I am trying to create parallel youth groups in these nations that represent the free and communist worlds, which have been engaged in an ideological war. They can spread these teachings to universities around the world during their vacations. If this reaches the world level, and if newspapers in various nations publish their letters of reflection, more college students will flock to this cause. We then will be able to create a world federation of young people and of university students in the top universities around the world. (226-241, 1992/02/05)

18 All university students, high school and middle school students, aged 17 and older will join the Youth Federation for World Peace. That is why we are carrying out this work on university campuses. The Women s Federation members must visit the universities, middle schools and high schools that their sons and daughters attend, and they must educate the students. They must take care of the second generation. Accordingly, after the Womens Federation reaches the forefront, they must engage in philosophical education activities in middle and high schools and universities, and reach the entire Christian cultural realm. (255-069, 1994/03/05)

19 There are many prominent figures between the ages of 45 and 50, who have graduated from college and are active in society. When we can win them over, everything will be solved. University students are still tied to their families horizontally. We now have to bind together students of all ages, making them one vertically. Then members of society and university graduates have to unite on the national level in order connect to the world. In other words, students in elementary, middle and high schools and universities are still tied to their mothers' bosoms and live within the boundary of their families. University graduates are in the bosom of their country. The process is vertical.

Students in elementary, middle and high schools and universities are the foundation of the nation. The Youth Federation for World Peace will have to bring them together on a worldwide foundation. In this way, we have to lead the nations of the world. To achieve this, we must witness to second-generation young people. Therefore, members of the Unification Church around the world should focus their witnessing on university campuses. After that, they have to expand their activities to the alumni associations. I believe this is the shortest way for us to save the world. (262-311, 1994/08/01)

20 Members of the Youth Federation for World Peace have to inherit from True Parents the traditions linking the families, nations, world and cosmos vertically, and lay the foundation for building heaven on earth. They should be exemplary in all environments, thereby preserving the positive development of history. Connecting to the three stages of life, they must establish linear, vertical traditions in their lives. The three periods of a person s life are referred to as youth, middle age and old age. You have to gain the trust of the older generation and be a model for the younger generation. Young people should not abandon their old homes or schools, but as the fruits of a new family and a new system of education, they must take responsibility for their families and society as teachers. They must fulfill the ideal of heaven in their families and dedicate their lives to substantiating a moral world. By becoming role models whose minds and bodies are united, they must always pursue the public good. (262-320, 1994/08/01)

21 The Youth Federation for World Peace is becoming an important organization. Young people are recent graduates, so they are still close to their schools. When they move out into society, they should be exemplary graduates worthy of praise, and form organizations that their younger college friends can take pride in. The alumni and CARP members must attain oneness, and reach out to fellow students and alumni. If there is an alum living in their village, they should educate him or her to raise the cultural level and living standard of the village. Thorough education that can confront left-wing ideology must also be implemented. As we are facing a showdown with North Korea, we will be waging ideological warfare. Ideological struggle is inevitable even after unification. We must prepare. We have to speed up our education in order to combat communism. (261-253, 1994/06/19)

22 There is no way to renew and develop the nation except through the re-education of its youth and the establishment of family ethics. That is why I am planning to open a UN university. I am planning to create a university alliance and invite the presidents of the prominent religious-affiliated universities to visit Kodiak at this time, where I will help them organize a con sistent educational system. They should nurture world leaders by conferring degrees in strategic disciplines. The Youth Federation for World Peace aims to produce leaders who represent God and are capable of transcending racial, ethnic and national boundaries to reform the world. (262-114, 1994/07/23)

23 I founded the Youth Federation for World Peace to stand at the forefront for the cause of the salvation of humankind. I will do my utmost with all my passion to teach young people to love God, their family and their country, and to live with the highest moral standards. More specifically, I will create an international education highway by linking the Professors World Peace Academy by satellite. This will provide the best educational opportunities for all young people in the world. I urge all of you here today, from 164 nations, to join a program that trains young people to restore their spirituality and morality. On behalf of the Youth Federation for World Peace, let us all devote ourselves to the establishment of a world of love and peace. With your fervent support, I have faith that we can achieve joy and fulfillment in the third millennium, together forever with the blessings of God. (262-235, 1994/07/26)

Chapter 2

The Global Victory Over Communism Movement and the Proclamation of the End of Communism

Section 1. Japan

The importance of Japan

In order to block the spread of communism, True Parents promoted the growth of Victory Over Communism (VOC) activities worldwide. In particular, VOC activities in Japan brought great results. Korea and Japan have a special responsibility for the providence of restoration. As the Adam and Eve nations, they have a duty and mission that are an inextricable part of their identity, beyond just their geopolitical relationship. From early on, True Parents protected Japan from the threat of communism and helped it fulfill this duty and mission. Japanese students and youth engaged sacrificially in widespread VOC activities, achieving great victories in this area.

1 How can Korea and Japan become one based on the Will? This is an important question. The Korean government has high expectations for the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Japan. What kind of effect will the 4th World Anti-Communist League (WACL) Convention, scheduled for September 1970, have on Japan? If we consider Korea's present situation, the period up to 1972 is very significant. Therefore in the year 1970, we who know the Will must strengthen our foundation in preparation for that. In that sense, the 4th WACL Convention has an important mission. First, centering on me, we must establish internal unity. Then our Korean family and our Japanese family must establish external unity, becoming one.

A common destiny lies ahead of us. In order to solve this problem, the internal power, which is turning to the right, must be stronger than the external power, which is turning to the left. We must offer 1,000 times, 10,000 times, more sincere effort. Because our strength alone is inadequate to win over the many who oppose us, we must receive God's help. (031-113, 1970/05/01)

2 The time has passed when I can limit my area of concern to Korea alone. Now we must make world-level preparations. I am making an effort to carry the cross of hardship and persecution that the world has given me. These days there is a great deal of concern over world affairs and the advance of the Communist Party. To solve these worldwide problems, we must go forward, take responsibility and fight by spiritual means. The one who is responsible for God's Will must go in a public direction based on the absolute standard. God has pointed us in a specific direction, and we must not vary from it in the slightest. Personal, individual feelings must not interfere. (016-301, 1966/07/31)

3 From Korea's point of view, if Japan becomes a pro-communist country, Korea will not be able to survive. Caught in between powerful nations such as Russia, China and Japan, Korea would not be able to sustain itself. Because of this, we are trying to establish Japan as the Eve nation. The Adam nation of Korea is supporting the patriotic activities of IFVOC in Japan. I have to stand in the position of having saved Japan. If Japan becomes an anti-communist nation, Korea will be able to survive. So this is to save Korea. The mission of the Eve nation is this great. (034-074, 1970/08/29)

4 Members of the Unification Church must critique thoroughly the materialistic view of history put forth by communism. Accordingly, if there is a general North-South election in Korea, you must contribute to society by using Unification teachings to bring about the defeat of North Korea. If that happens, the foundation for restoring the world will be established. That is why we are so busy. It is the responsibility and mission of Unification Church members to identify and solve national problems.

Currently, communism is at the center of grave problems in Japan and Asia. The ideology of communism came from Russia, but they have laborers and farmers in Japan who are spreading their activities. They are moving very systematically. For the politicians who want to govern Japan in the future, the problem will be how to fight the communists. Now Japan needs time to empower itself in terms of thought. It is imperative that it begins the process of philosophical renewal at this time. (016-068, 1965/12/26)

5 We must fulfill our responsibility and seize the initiative from the Communist Party, and thus cause the leaders of Japan to yearn to be like us. As we have done in Korea, we hurriedly must publish a book that critiques and overcomes the ideology of communism. We have to disseminate it in schools and present lectures about it. This will inculcate Japan with strong anti-communist sentiment. We cannot just engage in anti-communist propaganda; we have to produce serious, critical, scholarly literature. We need to grow in number, and we need the general public to welcome us. The communists will stop at nothing to realize their ideals. They are willing to use violence. That is why they are not welcomed by the public. But we are different. Our strategy from its inception has been different. Communists lose 90 percent of their followers due to disillusionment. But for us, once we believe, our faith becomes stronger and stronger. This is the difference between us and communism. (1967/06/08)

6 We launched the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Japan in April of 1968.1 gathered the Japanese leaders and told them, "We must begin anti-communist, Victory Over Communism activities here in this free land of Japan." Not one of them welcomed this idea. They opposed my plan, saying, "Father, you surely do not understand how strong the foothold of communism is in Japan, and how brutally and intensely they fight." So explaining all the historical background I could, I tried to persuade them, saying, "Are you really unwilling to do this work, even though this is your destiny?" I empowered everyone with VOC ideology. I empowered them with understanding so that they would be able to give VOC lectures, and sent them into the streets. I said they must go out to the front line in the place where communists swarm.

In like manner, I sent you to Chosun University in Japan, which is funded by North Korea. I did not send men; rather I empowered brave Japanese women with understanding, telling you the following, "For three and a half years, risking your lives, you must give VOC lectures in front of Chosun University! The road you are going definitely leads to the crossroads of death! Determine yourselves!" There are many testimonies there. Chosun University intended to put pressure on you through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, you fought persistently, risking your lives. You pushed the fight with the communists forward to Tokyo Station and up and down well-known streets throughout the country. (109-232, 1980/11/01)

7 The IFVOC in Japan is battling the Communist Party. Our members lecture in front of Chosun University, as if to say, "Go ahead and try to kill me," knowing that many students are members of the pro-Pyongyang Federation of Korean Residents in Japan. These students try to interfere, sometimes grabbing us and dragging us away. Perhaps the onlookers just laugh when they see this, but it is actually a big problem. Other times, they come at us all at once, many against one, force us to the ground and hold us down. But when this takes place continually for about a week, people who feel bad for our sisters inevitably come forward. In this way, as a few people who feel this way begin to come out, internal discord arises in the pro-North group. Some begin to say that when they think about it, there is nothing logically wrong with what we are saying, there is nothing wrong with our actions, and there is nothing morally incorrect about what we are doing. Thus they begin to feel that their own deeds contradict their words. When this happens, their conscience is restored. They begin to realize that they have sacrificed their conscience to the Communist Party. We have numerous such indirect strategies that will bring them to the point of collapse. This is the kind of work we are engaged in at this time. (028-138, 1970/01/04)

8 We are engaged in VOC activities in Japan. But within the last 50 years, communism has gained significant influence over almost half of the countries around the world. Communism is influencing even American society. To watch us, a little group of people, holding up a banner with the title, "Victory Over Communism," and going up against a global power like communism, most people would say that we are naive and know little about the world. But they are wrong. I am told we held a national VOC rally in Hibiya Park in Tokyo on October 7, 1969, and more than 5,000 people welcomed and applauded us.

Until now, the communists firmly believed that Japan would turn Red according to their plans. That is why they have been working day and night to make this so. Our little Unification group, in revolt against them, has become a problem for the Communist Party and for the Japanese government. We have forced the entire nation to examine itself from a new perspective and reevaluate the direction it is going. Our activities, limited though they were, have had a ripple effect in Japan and have gone on to reverberate throughout all of Asia. (025-308, 1969/10/12)

9 The World Anti-Communist League Convention held in Japan on September 15, 1970 was a huge event that made history. It grabbed public attention. It had national impact. Because of this, the Communist Party began to fear the activities of the Unification Church. They could not help but worry about what and who was behind all of those activities. When they begin to worry that their line of defense is under siege, they will prepare a second line of defense and a third line of defense. (035-027, 1970/09/27)

10 While I am an anti-communist, I am also a proponent of Victory Over Communism. I created the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Korea and went on to educate more than seven million people in the VOC ideology. This is what I did. I ordered all of it to happen. Right now, the IFVOC in Japan is the only hope for the people who are proponents of freedom and democracy there. Japanese leaders at all levels are asking for our help, declaring with one voice that the IFVOC is the hope of Japan.

I did this. I told the IFVOC, "Hold a televised public debate with the communists." I told them to hold a debate before the general public on radio, television, and mass media. I wanted the public to discern which ideology is correct, ours or that of the Communist Party. Obviously, the Communist Party turned us down. In fact, they went so far as to forbid, on a national level, anyone in the Party from debating with anyone from the IFVOC. They were de facto admitting a defeat. (1976/10/10)

Expansion in Japan

The activities of left-wing student political activists and the students of the pro-Pyongyang Federation of Korean Residents in fapan endangered Japan by promoting communism. Therefore the corresponding activities of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism have significant providential meaning. Through street campaigns and the distribution of printed material, IFVOC members warned the public not to be seduced by deceitful communist propaganda. We demanded time and time again that the Communist Party of Japan publicly debate us on the subject of Marxism.

11 We participated in the front line of a revolution. Being on the front line of a revolution requires more than going on a long march. It may require you to put your life on the line, and it may last for generations. The enemy we will face on the front line in the future will be fiercer than the one we are fighting now. We have to redouble our resolve to counter that fierce drumbeat, but if we allow our resolve to decrease, then our defeat will not come as a surprise. So the first siege is within our own selves. This is the situation in which we find ourselves fighting.

All of our VOC activities in Japan were reported by Akahata, the Japanese Communist Party newspaper, and thereby effectively broadcast to all of the communist nations around the world. This newspaper is also sent to the Soviet Union, and even to China. So the activities of the Unification Church actually are better known in the communist world than in the democratic world. We have made a critique and counterproposal to the Communist Party from a new angle. After being caught by our criticism, the time will come when they will have to explain themselves. (025-310, 1969/10/12)

12 I discovered that the Soviet empire has installed a headquarters in every country in all six continents for the purpose of propagating communist ideology. They had involved news outlets and well-known politicians going back as far as the Second World War. I personally created an investigative team and spent millions of dollars to expose this fact. Because the Asian headquarters of the communists is in Japan, they held a meeting there and the Japanese Communist Party newspaper, Akahata, played a leading role. Because my ideology foresees defeating communism without even laying a hand on them, they held this meeting in 27 countries in order to defend themselves against it. But they could not find a way around it. I am not a paper tiger. Our thought is based on right reasoning, so no ideological structure can stand against it.

Since they were trying to find a solution where there is none, it must have been nightmarish for them. So they resorted to confusing people with distractions. First they portrayed us as a problem before the Japanese Diet. Then they began to hold anti-Unification Church meetings in places like Tokyo University and the University of California at Berkeley. However, even in these public meetings, my strategy caused them to surrender. (606-228, 2009/01/13)

13 The Japanese Communist Party, utilizing their newspaper Akahata, wrote a series of articles that tried to dig up dirt on the Unification Church and the IFVOC. They used various other methods as well to attack us. However, they cannot crush our work with such attacks. If we are attacked, our work grows bigger than the opposition we receive, and the public pays attention not to the attacks, but to our activities. The public is arriving at the conclusion that Akahata wrote those articles because they were afraid of the IFVOC. Eminent figures within Japanese society believe that within only 10 or 20 years, the Unification Church and the IFVOC will wield enormous influence in Japan, taking responsibility and leading in all areas. (062-273, 1972/09/26)

14 The Japanese Communist Party says that the International Federation for Victory Over Communism and the Unification Church are like a cancer destroying their efforts to make Japan a communist state. They stated that our VOC activities in Japan were an issue for the Communist Party worldwide. In December 1974, they held a meeting of top intellectuals and scholars from 12 communist nations to discuss how to defeat the anti-communist ideology of the IFVOC. I heard a report in which they said the teaching of the Unification Church has such a deep religious base that they would not be able touch it, so they retreated from the task. They could only conclude that our teaching is a dangerous and fearsome thing that they cannot defeat. So the Japanese Communist Party declared, "Do not meet with Unification Church members. Do not meet with, debate with, or fight with VOC activists. To meet them is to our disadvantage. What we need to do is to gain victory through creating confusion and violence." (086-148, 1976/03/21)

15 In Japan, through the Victory Over Communism movement, we will mobilize all of our members to begin massive activities during the day. Moreover, during the evenings, we will host revival meetings nationwide. A national team will move in a circuit and hold revival meetings to improve members' knowledge of the Principle, thus enhancing their faith. I also directed that members be stationed in key locations around the country to give lectures.

Through the Asian People's Anti-Communist League, we can connect to Chinese people and Koreans living in Japan. By having foreign students who live in Japan attend our gatherings, we can establish a foundation for the IFVOC. In particular, because foreign students return to their home countries after graduation, my plan is to educate them in Japan and connect the rest of Asia to our base through them. If we hold such rallies one, two and three times, I think that we will be able to build that base. We must do this work, which the Korean and Japanese governments cannot do. (042-153, 1971/03/01)

16 I gave instructions for the IFVOC to educate the police and middle and high school teachers in Japan. We are planning to start with middle and high school teachers. This is the way we are doing it in Korea as well. We educated more than 3,000 middle and high school principals there. Chongryon (pro-North Korea) has about 200 schools in Japan, while Mindan (pro-South Korea) has less than 10. Therefore, going forward, we must build a foundation upon which Japan s middle schools and high schools can actively support the IFVOC. We also have to provide ideological education for the Korean Residents Association in Japan. Once that foundation is built, we need to create relationships with embassies and build a foundation for Asia. The Chongryon group in Japan is searching for ideological leaders among their Korea University students. We must achieve results faster than they do. We do not have time to build a school as they have done, so we are using this emergency strategy. (062-328, 1972/09/26)

17 When I visited Japan in 1965,1 had the occasion to meet with a very high level person. I told him strongly, "If you continue with your lukewarm attitude, in the end you will not be able to withstand the communists." The Communist Party was already preparing for a revolution to take place in 1970, focus ing on universities. Though they control certain labor unions and put them at the center of their organization, they are focusing their efforts on university students. Now they are making plans and testing the waters on campuses in preparation for the 1970s. As a result, the Japanese government is facing an urgent situation.

Amid these circumstances, the Unification Church has appeared, shouting for victory over communism at the vanguard of the anti-communist cause. It has only been a year since we announced our VOC movement. Our young men and women have worked hard since then. As a result, officials at the district offices of the Liberal Democratic Party acknowledge that they must rely on CARP to lead the anticommunism charge. (022-223, 1969/05/02)

18 The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), associated with the Unification Church, is registered at 56 universities in Japan. Students in masters and doctoral programs have begun to study the Unification Principle. Meanwhile, communist students and the Unification Church's CARP students are at war. During this struggle, there was an event where all of the communist students switched sides and joined the Unification Church. What happened was that one of the underground teams that had been carefully planted by the communists to strengthen their activities came over to the Unification Church. This was a problem for them, so their agents came to the church and gathered intelligence about our members. They also launched demonstrations against us and tried to cause an uproar. Thus, our CARP meetings became a problem at Tokyo University, Kyoto University, To-hoku University and other campuses. Every time CARP held a meeting, a huge uproar broke out. (016-069, 1965/12/26)

19 I brought 120 Tokyo University graduate students to San Francisco to be educated. The Japanese government cannot protect Japan against communism. Because the Unification Church understands this, it must take responsibility. That is why I initiated this work. They actually thought that it was too late to begin this work, but I said to try anyway. When something is not working, you have to put your life on the line to try to make it work. The communists opposed us fiercely, and all sorts of things happened along the way. That is why the president of Tokyo University and our church president entered into negotiations. They saw each other daily to negotiate, and became friends. For the most part, the students had signed up for the education based upon sincere interest. So these Tokyo University graduate students had no intention of withdrawing from the program. The graduate students ranged in age from 25 to 40 years old. They were intellectuals in their own right, capable of deciding for themselves. In the end, they all went ahead and participated. (067-311, 1973/07/22)

20 I went to Japan and told the Piet members who supported me, "Gather Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese politicians, and have a VOC seminar." They did exactly that, with great success. We are doing work that even nations cannot do. We have a track record for this. Therefore, the Japanese government says they cannot do without the IFVOC, the Korean government says the same, as does the Taiwanese government. So they are competing for our involvement. Japan is holding on to us as mediators with Korea and Taiwan. Korea is holding on to us as mediators with Taiwan and Japan, and Taiwan is holding on to us as mediators with Japan and Korea. (069-286, 1974/01/01)

21 Now the question is how to connect the free world, centering on Korea, Japan and America. We cannot limit ourselves to mere talk. The issue is how to connect them. In order to tie these countries together, we began a sisterhood movement between the Korean and Japanese members of the IFVOC.

Recently I instructed the wives of our Japanese church leaders. Of course, male leaders are all aware of this work, but the women need to support them. I told them, "We have to begin a movement to build an alliance between the wives of the seven and a half million IFVOC members in Japan, and the wives of the seven million IFVOC members in Korea. No matter what, we in Korea must create solidarity with these Japanese wives. We have to quickly build cooperation among families." We must create an organization in Japan and Korea that can follow the direction of God's providence no matter how much opposition there is in Japan. If we do not do this, we cannot bring America into the fold. (135-248, 1985/12/12)

22 Japan will continue to play a pivotal role in setting Asian policy. Right now, we are at the beginning of an economic war. But no matter what, you cannot influence Asia if you disregard Japan. Right now, America is maintaining friendly relations with China. However, there is a big difference in their cultures, and it is impossible for China to connect to American culture. Thus, no matter what America does, she must use Japan as a liaison.

Before this happens, Korea must quickly develop the basis to connect itself to the world. This is the only way for Korea to survive. If I connect the seven million VOC families living in Korea to the families of American ministers, then we can connect naturally to the growing realm of Christian influence. This happens more on the levels of society and family than that of the nation. When our VOC members are able to expand the family foundation to the point where they can move nations, Korea, Japan and America will be able to fulfill their mission in the new global providential history. (135-248, 1985/12/12)

Chongryon and Mindan

Geopolitically, Korea's fate is tied to China, North Korea and Japan. That is why True Parents said that if Japan becomes communist, then Korea will be in danger. That is also why True Parents strengthened the effort to educate the pro-Pyongyang Federation of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) with Victory Over Communism thought. This is also why True Parents placed Koreans residing in Japan in the forefront of the movement to unify North and South Korea.

In order to do this, on May 1, 1972 Father established an IFVOC headquarters for Koreans resident in Japan. He stressed that the unity of Korean residents living in Japan will precede the unification of Korea itself, and he invited the Chongryon members to visit South Korea in September 1975 as part of the Chuseok Family Grave Visitation group. They had not visited their homeland since the liberation of Korea, and they had a truly moving reunion with friends and family. We held several of these events, and this opened the eyes of the Chongryon members to the fact that North Korea's propaganda had deceived them about South Korea.

23 I planned to set up the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in 1965, centered on the pro-Seoul Korean Residents Association in Japan (Mindan). However, seven years were lost before the IFVOC headquarters for Korean residents living in Japan was organized. Prior to that there was no way forward for Mindan. The public was aware that they would make no progress without our VOC thought. There was no South Korean group strong enough to go up against the three communist groups, namely Chongryon, the Communist Party of Japan, and the Communist Party of China.

The South Korean ambassador to Japan, the ministry of foreign affairs, and the Japanese intelligence services were no match in any respect for the communists. Whether they liked it or not, Mindan had to utilize the Unification Church foundation. The Unification Church founded the IFVOC, which not only had a philosophy that could repudiate the ideology of Chongryon, but had a foundation of people who could stand up to the Communist Party, which worked in unison with Chongryon. (068-177, 1973/07/29)

24 The International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Japan does not represent Japanese nationalism. This organization is comprised of people who respect Korea even more so than those who live on the Korean Peninsula. These people completely understand my heart and strategy.

This is the fourth year of our efforts to revoke the accreditation of Chosun University in Japan, which belongs to Chongryon. This effort began in 1968. So the Chongryon group is in an uproar. At first they did not take us seriously. They thought they could blow us off with a quick breath. They were mistaken. We continue to broaden our base, and in a short time we will catch up to Chongryon. Let s see where we are in three years' time. I have prepared to deal with this, including outreach to the pro-Seoul Korean Residents Association in Japan (Mindan). Now the govern ment is criticizing the Unification Church for reaching out to Mindan. We are suffering all sorts of indignities while engaging in this work. (056-108, 1972/05/14)

25 From the latter half of 1970, North Korea has been exploring various ways to unify North and South Korea, focusing on the July 4 South-North Korea Joint Communique. Since the ceasefire divided the country, North Koreans have been living with their own ideological system, but this ideology will not work in South Korea. North Korea is figuring out a way to unify North and South by working through Japan. They are working with Chongryon to try to absorb Mindan and the Korean National Council, which belongs to Mindan, into their organization. If this happens they will be part of Chongryon in name and in reality, and the Communists will proclaim to the world that they were the ones to unite these groups. If Chongryon does indeed absorb Mindan, then, because it is surrounded by communist states, the Japanese government will have to rethink how to deal with communism. If and when that happens, it will directly affect Korea.

In order to prevent this, I sent people to Japan to breathe new life into Mindan. If Chongryon manages to absorb Mindan, high level government officials in Japan will be forced to cooperate with North Korea, and Japan will gravitate toward the North. If this happens, communist states and the threats these states bring will dominate Asia. The Communist Party of Japan will liquidate everyone, including the members of the Unification Church. Because it threatens Korea, I am undergoing indescribable hardship to block this, struggling in the background alone. Now we must renew Mindan and educate them through our organization. They can be an affiliate of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism and build its network nationwide. (062-326, 1972/09/26)

26 Mindan is falling apart under pressure from the pro-Pyongyang Chongryon. Not only that, but the Korean National Council already has been torn apart. In 1965,1 told their leaders that this surely would happen, and that to prevent this they needed to unite with the International Federation for Victory Over Communism to set up a line of defense. They rolled their eyes at me. Yet in precisely seven years, Mindan has fallen apart. The embassy gave up on them, and Mindan even gave up on itself. Only now do they ask help from the IFVOC. I said, "Great! The Unification Church will take up the fight!" But I told them that those who do not carry this fight forward effectively could end up buried among the graves of traitors. I said, "Let us choose our battles carefully. All the leaders of Mindan must welcome us, and the embassy must authorize this work." This is the risk we are taking as we rally Mindan and straighten out their attitude. (064-249, 1972/11/12)

27 In Japan, I went to the Korean em bassy and Mindan, showed them the results of our anti-communist lectures in South Korea, and strongly suggested that the Koreans living in Japan attend anti-communism lectures as well. The embassy took a self-important position, stating that they represented the entire country of Korea, and Mindan barely responded at all, saying that they represented the Koreans living in Japan and that they were so powerful that even their second-level leaders could brush off ministers of the Korean cabinet. Nonetheless, heaven sent one of our Korean regional directors to deal with this. First, he spoke to some 450 women representing the 47 Japanese regions. He only spoke for 20 minutes but received as many as 12 standing ovations. The organizer of that event, as well as the leader of Mindan, who was there, said they were both shocked and deeply moved.

This event allowed us to begin our work in earnest. We were able to go to Mindan every day and plan for a series of anti-communism lectures. We said that while it is important to hear from former North Korean spies, or people who repatriated to North Korea but came back and exposed what is really happening there, these speakers wield but a temporary effect. And even if they talk about Kim Il-sung doing such and such, and the situation in North Korea being a certain way, because the situation is so different from life in Japan it is difficult to believe or understand it. I told them we would not succeed with an old-school anti-communist approach. I explained to them explicitly that we needed to give candid lectures that would fundamentally expose and uproot communism itself, by explaining what communism is ideologically, why it is bad, and why, as a result, historically, it is destined to fail. (018-287, 1967/08/10)

28 From 1974 to 1975,1 tried with all my strength to fulfill my responsibility to the Republic of Korea. I knew that in the end, the vanquished would drink a bitter cup of sorrow. I put forth all of my heart and effort. The Korean people do not know the bloody battles I fought while their country's diplomatic relations with Japan were under attack. I knew that if we did not stop communism in Japan, there would be no way for Korea to survive. Therefore, I gathered 600 young people and educated them about the problem posed by the pro-North Korean residents group (Chongryon). That was how we began the movement to return to the homeland to visit the ancestors' graves. (083-091, 1976/02/05)

29 If Chongryon and Mindan do not unite, Japan will not be able to stand as the Eve nation. They must welcome me enthusiastically and become one with me. Then Korea, the Adam nation, and Japan, the Eve nation, will be one. In addition, by these two groups uniting, South and North Korea will unify naturally and the false parents from North Korea will conditionally go under the True Parents from South Korea. When Eve naturally embraces this and carries it as a tradition to the Korean Penin sula, the realm of unity between Korea and Japan will arise. This is the providential viewpoint. (228-234, 1992/04/03)

30 In order for Japan, the Eve nation, to fulfill its mission, she must externally and internally assimilate Cain and Abel. Japan has to embrace Chongryon and Mindan, which are Cain and Abel, within 40 years. Chongryon only gives Japan headaches. These two groups must unite. This is a serious problem. Having me unite Chongryon and Mindan may put the Japanese government in an awkward position. Therefore, Japan must be the one to unite them, not me. We set the standard spiritually, and only God knows how we have walked this path of restoration. The secret of the physical standard is known only to me. God set the standard spiritually, and I set the standard physically, so it is only the two of us who know. To begin, Japan must unite Chongryon and Mindan. If this does not happen, then Japan cannot settle in Asia. (237-211, 1992/11/17)

31 Chongryon and Mindan, both of which belong to the Eve nation of Japan, are in the position of Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, or Zerah and Perez. Two factions are fighting within Eve's womb. This is necessary for the country to become the Eve nation. However, Japan is encouraging the fight. If this continues, Japan will relinquish her mission as the Eve nation to someone else. That is why the Unification Church members are working to unite these two.

How do we unite them? We must be come one based on the Yu Gwan-sun tradition. I began this work before 1990. In order to unite them, the Unification Church in Japan and the women of Japan must be bound together. This is why I linked the wives of externally influential persons, the wives of Diet members and the wives of professors, to the Women's Federation for World Peace in Asia. All of the important people who have a relationship with True Parents were included. They are high-level women. These women and the Unification Church represent Cain and Abel. Mother needs this foundation of Cain-Abel cooperation in order to stand. Even Mother cannot do without Cain and Abel. For this, Chongryon and Mindan, which are symbolically within Eve's womb, must unite. If Japan is able to unite these two organizations, since the president of each of these organizations resides in Japan, the energy needed for the unification of South and North Korea will spring forth. (229-314, 1992/04/13)

32 The situation in which the twins Zerah and Perez fought within Tamar's womb must repeat itself in Japan. Today's twins are the Chongryon group, which aligns itself with North Korea and Mindan, which aligns itself with South Korea. Japan must deal with this, yet cannot do so alone. Japan must unite with me. Japan must unite these two organizations that represent one nation, just as Zerah and Perez did when they were in Tamar's womb.

Japan is in part responsible for the division of the Korean Peninsula into North and South. Therefore, Japan should be able to get to the origin of the situation and exert its influence. So I will unite the left and right wings and return to the position of the Bridegroom. When I return to Korea, I must even turn Kim Il-sung around. The left and right wings are two sons. After the restoration of the authority of the elder son, for the purpose of restoring the authority of parents, I must even change Kim Il-sung's direction. If the realm of unification arrives on the Korean Peninsula, then western civilization and Asian civilization, and the left and the right, will be united. (228-233, 1992/04/03)

Section 2. CAUSA and AULA

Founding CAUSA and AULA

With former heads of state at the center, CAUSA (Confederation of Associations for Unification of the Societies of the Americas) was founded in October 1980. Its mission was to achieve cooperation and unity between North and South America and thereby contribute to world peace.

When the Carter administration's human rights policies promoted the seizure of power by leftists in South America, and as the expansion of communism gained momentum, True Parents sponsored Unification Thought workshops for South American leaders. These workshops reverberated profoundly throughout the continent. CAUSA was founded through these initial efforts and stood at the forefront of halting the communization of South America. In 1983, True Parents also launched AULA (the Association for the Unity of Latin America).

1 In the Unification Church we attend True Parents, but that has not gone beyond the nation and the world. This is why we are expanding the attendance of True Parents from the nation to the world, and even into the spirit world. This is the movement of the Unification Church today. The time is drawing near. The national-level Unification Church and the environment for True Parents to stand at the national level will soon be realized.

What would a country at this national level be like? It would begin as the most miserable of all nations. It would begin as a country in turmoil because of the struggle between communism and democracy. It would be a nation such as El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala, which are in Latin America. This is why we are expanding CAUSA activities to the national level in Latin America. We have organized CAUSA in 26 Latin American nations and are expanding its activities to North America. (124-309, 1983/03/01)

2 In order to revive all areas of Latin America, I plan to inspire and educate the presidents and national assemblies, centering on CAUSA. I have no nation and have been driven from one place to another. Nevertheless, I am able to move this region and, if I stand at the center, I can unite South America. I understand that if I stand at the center, the leaders of South America can unite.

When I was suspected of tax evasion in the United States, all of these nations investigated me through their respective embassies. They did not accept the US probe; rather, they scrutinized me through their own intelligence agencies. Through their investigations, they reached the conclusion that I was innocent and that this was a case of persecution. They concluded that the United States was wrong and the Carter administration was persecuting an anti-communist, someone indispensable to God's providence. They also clearly recognized that I have been fighting on the front line and that I am their friend among friends. I am the friend with whom Latin Americans can walk together. (112-083, 1981/04/01)

3 Centering on CAUSA, I have completed the training of high-ranking officials in Latin America, including 500 people in each nation, cabinet members, senior officials and other prominent people. They have entered our sphere of influence. This is why I invested significantly in building a large hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Uruguay is like the Switzerland of South America. The coastline of this nation is famous for its beauty. That is why wealthy people spend enormous sums competing to buy properties there. Recognizing the possibility of losing precious assets, Uruguay established strict zoning regulations and ownership laws. These restrictions stipulate that property can only be leased, and for a maximum of 25 years. After 25 years, the land must be returned. However, I convinced the government to extend our lease to 100 years, and we met the zoning requirements for the hotel to be built. This nation understands that if they bring in my leadership and Unification Thought, Latin America will flourish and the nation will revive. (114-204, 1981/10/20)

4 Up to the present, because the United States has been aligned with the principle of the separation of church and state, we have worked primarily through education. From now on, however, we must expand the dimension of our work. In so doing, we must form a CAUSA movement with more than ten million members. My plan is for this movement to include 45 or 50 million people on the basis of their Christian heritage. If we succeed in implementing this plan, then without suffering, we will make oneness with Christianity and the entire religious realm. When this unity comes about, then, centering on the Vatican, a path will open to revive world Christianity on the foundation of Latin American culture. (147-055, 1986/08/30)

5 The CAUSA movements set up in North and South America carry out activities similar to the Victory Over Communism activities. The United States has a federal government with a bicameral legislature, and almost every state also has a bicameral legislature. This is why the federal government cannot act against the states. Each state has its own laws that govern the various policies implemented there. This makes it essential to bring major players in politics to interact with one another. Because I have robustly energized this in the United States, I now possess an extremely dynamic foundation. (183-125, 1988/10/31)

6 We are collecting ten million signatures supporting VOC in the United States, and we need your prayers. In the United States, the work of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism is undertaken by CAUSA. The movement to enlist ten million CAUSA supporters began on September 1, 1986. Americans regard signing up with an organization as tantamount to connecting ones entire life and assets to that organization. Asians, however, see signing up for something quite differently. For Americans, registering for an organization has traditionally meant assuming full responsibility for it and thereby strongly endorsing it.

This is why, when we began this CAUSA movement, nearly all American members thought ten million members would be impossible. Yet, the Unification Church and I have carried out work that basically seemed impossible, and we have accomplished impossible things. The work I have carried out throughout my life has never been constrained by anyone's limited views. God's Will is being realized through a providence that exceeds all human perspectives. This is how I have consistently accomplished things that are beyond peoples imagination. (147-170, 1986/09/21)

7 Regular American citizens, the CIA and the FBI, all looked at us and wondered, "You are signing people up for CAUSA, but you are only getting names. What can you possibly do with all these signatures?" However, no matter what happens, we must do more than just collect signatures. Once you have collected them, please do not wash your hands of this CAUSA movement and do nothing. On November 24, 1986,1 arrived in the US, and that very evening we finished collecting ten million signatures. We met our deadline. Our current challenge is how to assimilate those ten million people. Whatever happens, we must do so. In order to assimilate them, I have created an association inviting 350,000 Christian ministers from across the nation, welcoming these ministers to Korea. (150-059, 1986/12/21)

8 Christianity in the United States is a new distillation of the Christian cultural sphere of Europe that has developed over the past 200 years. Likewise, we must take the essence of the unified world that is the global Christian cultural sphere and, with our new concept of heaven on earth, build the kingdom of heaven. This will not take long. It will happen suddenly. If it is done centering on North and South America, it will happen overnight. We cannot discard the cultural spheres of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism.

God's ideal is to realize the kingdom of heaven, but the first and second attempts initiated through Roman Catholicism and Protestantism failed. Hence, as God's representatives on this earth, we must succeed. In the Middle Ages, God's providence that was focused on the Catholic Church could not be realized. Instead, two spheres emerged. Therefore, in the era of True Parents, Protestantism and Roman Catholicism must unite as one and we must establish a model nation that can fulfill the role of God's nation. (267-167, 1995/01/05)

9 In August 1992, after finishing everything, I proclaimed the True Parents. Through this proclamation, True Parents were made known. The era of their advent had arrived. We have entered the age when we can recover everything lost by the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, fulfill the responsibilities not met by the United States and Christianity, and settle. This is why Father and Mother now stand horizontally. In the time of Jesus, the Father and Mother stood only vertically. Vertically, there is only one point at the center; horizontally, however, we have all 360 degrees. This is why Parents can go to any nation and be welcomed everywhere.

Furthermore, I combined Central and South America into the Association for the Unity of Latin America. I am uniting the Catholic realm of Latin America. I am also seeking to unite the Protestantism of North America with the Catholicism of Latin America. I possess this fundamental truth, and it is such a strong instrument. (235-251, 1992/09/20)

Seeking support in the US

The CAUSA seminars for American leaders, such as retired generals and admirals, ministers and members of Congress, focused on revealing the dangers of communism and called upon Americans to rise up and oppose it. This led to a signature campaign that registered ten million CAUSA supporters. At the time, leftist views and ideas were gaining popularity among intellectuals and media personalities in the United States. This trend coincided with global communist expansion backed by the Soviet Union. The entire free world was in danger. True Parents viewed these developments seriously, and completely invested themselves in leading the Victory Over Communism movement, which diminished the power of communism and halted communist expansion.

10 To defeat communism, we must first win the ideological battle. To win this struggle, we need to go through critical steps in this great nation of the United States. This is why, by June 1986, I will educate 3,000 out of the 7,000 state legislators in the United States. In addition, members of the US House of Representatives and Senate are receiving CAUSA education. They are learning Unification teachings and becoming acquainted with Godism. Furthermore, retired US Army, Navy and Air Force generals and admirals are receiving CAUSA training.

To expand this education, in March 1986, generals and admirals from the 50 states will form a veterans association and become advisers to it. They are becoming the flag bearers on the front line of the fierce battle to defeat global communism as quickly as possible. The fact that they are standing on the front line of the ideological battle and raising high the flag of victory instead of falling in defeat is truly remarkable. (138-031, 1986/01/13)

11 lam carrying out activities through an association of veterans in the United States. I gathered them, including many retired generals and admirals, and trained them. I am forming an advisory board to lead this veterans' association. In each of the 50 states, I gathered retired officers from the army, navy and air force and asked them to strengthen national defense activities in their hometowns. Although they are old, they are not rejecting this challenge. They say, "Even if I am old, if I decide to spend the rest of my life in this way for the sake of the nation, who can stop me? I must serve my country." I told them, "We should love our country."

When I was in Danbury Prison in 1985,1 launched an international coalition dedicated to homeland defense. At that time, I had completed the education of these high-ranking military officers. In order to defeat communism, we need to teach Victory Over Communism. Next we will come to the stage when we will impact both the executive and legislative branches. (142-199, 1986/03/09)

12 In order to save Latin America, I asked retired US generals and admirals to meet their counterparts there. Their background in military intelligence and guerrilla warfare is essential for stopping the communists. Renowned people in todays free world are within my sphere of influence. This is why, in order to carry out this plan on the worldwide level, I founded an international coalition dedicated to homeland defense on June 7, 1985. This was while I was in Danbury Prison. I did so because, from a historical perspective, I understood I had received heaven's appointment to realize God's Will for the destiny of the chosen people. (139-138, 1986/01/28)

13 Retired US Army, Navy and Air Force generals and admirals attend CAUSA seminars. Our seminars are instructing and inspiring many well-known people, beginning with these highest-ranking officers. Right now, we are carrying out the movement to connect with the highest-level veterans' leaders in the US. Furthermore, I founded AULA. Until now, military juntas allied with the United States guided Latin America, but none of them are really acting for the sake of their countries.

I will send retired US generals and admirals to 31 Latin American nations to work for the sake of that continent. 1 will send them even if it means I must pay them a salary. They will build teamwork among the 31 nations and advise on how to defuse communist guerrilla warfare. They will instruct the leaders of their intelligence agencies so that they can develop military forces appropriate to the challenges facing Latin America. Unless we do this, there is no way for the region to survive.

The organizational structure for AULA has been drafted. As a consequence of uniting Latin America, the day will come when economic issues will be resolved naturally. So we are going to put this organization into action. Unless we stop communism in North America and Latin America, there is no way to protect the world from becoming communist; it would be inevitable. Furthermore, we must form a structure for Europe and Asia. The time when the Communist Party exists is the best opportunity to form a viable global system. I have been carrying out such work, which no one even dreamed of doing before. (135-256, 1985/12/12)

Section 3. The Moscow Conference

Proclaiming the end of communism

During his incarceration at the correctional facility in Danbury, Connecticut, True Father gave the directive to declare the end of communism. On that basis, beginning on August 13,1985, the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) hosted its second five-day international conference in Geneva, Switzerland, under the theme, "The Fall of the Soviet Empire." Prior to the conference, True Father met with Dr. Morton Kaplan, president of PWPA International and professor of political science at the University of Chicago, and directed him to hold the meeting proclaiming the collapse of the Soviet Union. As a political scientist, Dr. Kaplan responded to Father by suggesting a modified theme, "the Soviet Union may be collapsing." Father, however, said that the confer ence must proclaim the "end of communism."

On November 9, 1989, in accord with Father's prediction, more than 50 guard posts along the wall surrounding West Berlin in East Germany were opened. After standing for 28 years, the Berlin Wall, a symbol of the Cold War, began to come down. Furthermore, the breakup of the immense Soviet Union, which had been in existence since 1922, was announced in December 1991. The end of the communist bloc became a reality.

1 Whenever I predicted something would happen, it did. The world advances according to principles. If I say something will happen, it happens without fail. I predicted that communism would not survive its 73rd year. I proclaimed this 40 years ago, and after that 73-year period passed, communism clearly declined. Was this because of my prediction? The principles governing the course of heaven and earth made it happen. This decline occurred exactly at the proper time. What I say is based on the principles by which the world moves. (245-031, 1993/02/28)

2 I proclaimed the end of the Soviet empire. While I was incarcerated in Danbury, this proclamation was made publically at an international conference of the Professors World Peace Academy, in Geneva. The president of PWPA International was Dr. Morton Kaplan, a famous professor from the University of Chicago. I called him to Danbury and asked him to proclaim the end of the Soviet empire at the PWPA conference. Dr. Kaplan stated that he was a respected scholar who had written 17 books, and this proclamation would invalidate all of his books. Hence, he could not do it. However, I said, "No! Wait and see what happens to the Communist Party in the next five years." Dr. Kaplan then suggested modifying the wording to say, "The Soviet Empire may be coming to an end." He suggested using the word "may." My response was, "Do not use that word! Wait and see what happens to the Communist Party in the next five years. Go ahead and proclaim what I say!"

For the communist world to crumble, we have to proclaim its end. I said it would crumble in less than five years. The world s scholars said they could not understand me; however, after the proclamation, they saw that the world was being transformed. They were unprepared for what has followed. Nowadays, they say, "He is a great teacher; he deserves our respect. He is an astonishing and historic person who has laid a foundation upon which we can act based on hitherto hidden knowledge." (193-275, 1989/10/08)

3 I stood at the forefront of bringing about the downfall of communism. People all over the world are aware that the downfall of the communist bloc was the result of my contributions. It was neither the work of the United States nor the work of Japan. In an ideological battle, it is important to vanquish the opponents ideology. That is why it was necessary to have underground movements in China and the Soviet Union. The Unification Church began underground movements in China and the Soviet Union several decades ago. The Soviet Union's KGB and Chinas intelligence agency were unaware of these activities. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, they asked, "Was Reverend Moon involved in underground activities in Russia?" I undertook and carried out those underground activities without anyone's knowledge and, eventually, results came. I prepared in accordance with the world's state of affairs. (255-107, 1994/03/10)

4 I wish to liberate even the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. This liberation is achieved not through fighting, but through the logic of love. This is Godism, my philosophy. Since we have this philosophy, there is nothing for us to envy in the entire universe. Loneliness cannot conquer us, and the waves of death are shattered by Godism. The entire communist bloc is mobilizing around a movement to eliminate me, but I know the path I need to take. Which path can lead this world out of its confusion and into life? When humanity follows the man and woman of oneness, who represent this world and who have God's love intoxicating their consciences and moving in their bodies, everything will be solved. They will expand to give birth to God's nation. (163-117, 1987/04/19)

5 I was incarcerated in Danbury in 1984, at a time when the United States was the target of a 12-year long effort aimed at communizing the country. I turned this around. The year 1984 was the crucial year in the communists' plan to stomp on the United States. Satan imagined that by incarcerating me, he could act as he pleased. However, things did not go according to Satan's plan. While I fought the legal battle, I founded The Washington Times and proclaimed the inexorable decline of the Soviet Union. Russia hosts media representatives From April 9 to 13, 1990, True Parents hosted an assembly in Moscow, as they had proclaimed they would, on the heels of the Washington Monument Rally. Forty-one current and former heads of state and more than 600 guests, including media officials, politicians and scholars from 60 nations, gathered at the International Trade Center in Moscow to attend the combined 11th World Media Conference, 3rd Conference of the Summit Council for World Peace and 9lh Conference of the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA). (203-120, 1990/06/23)

6 What the citizens of the Soviet Union need most is God. Since atheism has destroyed their value as individual persons, now they must understand God. This is the unfolding of God's plan. Since I know that the heart of God yearns for these citizens to be informed, I have treated them with a heart greater than my heart for my father, mother, brothers and sisters.

This situation is akin to that of a prodigal son who ran away and then returned home after 73 years. I fulfilled the role of the parent who welcomed the prodigal son, clothed him, placed a ring on his finger and fed him. (202-049, 1990/05/01)

7 I proclaimed that we would hold a rally in Moscow, and therefore I have been preparing to visit there. This is why, before visiting the Soviet Union, I launched the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, the World Media Association, Minority Alliance International and the Summit Council for World Peace. When visiting Moscow, I will lead a delegation of 50 former heads of state and prime ministers. It means that if I extend my hand, the General Secretary of the Communist Party will not be able to refuse my handshake. Entering the country accompanied by several thousand of our European frontline church members, we will be able to hold a rally in Moscow. I am preparing for this event. (114-149, 1981/10/18)

8 Following Gorbachevs announcement of glasnost and perestroika, the conferences held in April 1990 by the World Media Association and the Summit Council for World Peace were the first events that outsiders held in Moscow. Representatives from the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the KGB, Novosti Press Agency and others attended the event.

A senior aide to Gorbachev told me that he was aware that I had worked tremendously hard over the past 40 years despite great persecution. He said that he could return to the Soviet Union, translate the Divine Principle into simple language and distribute 30 million copies to young people through the Communist Party. If he did that, he said he could gather more young people than the Unification Church had witnessed to in the past 40 years. (201-180, 1990/04/01)

9 I did not go to the Soviet Union to praise it or to glorify the policies of glasnost and perestroika. I declared, "The Soviet Union will perish unless it knows about God." God and the entire spirit world were closely observing what was going on. What would become of me if I praised the Soviet Union? I had to say, "Listen to me! Serve Heaven!" That was the only way the spirit world could say, "Okay!" (201-231, 1990/04/22)

10 According to the Novosti Press Agency, the conference in Moscow was ten times more successful than they initially predicted. We set a record unprecedented in Soviet history. Furthermore, members of the Soviet KGB, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Novosti Press Agency, as well as the heads of various agencies expressed their amazement over this event. They wondered, how did they accomplish this? They thought the Communist Party was the best, but this was a wake-up call for them. From this perspective, they recognized that I am a person who deserves great respect. Officials of the Novosti Press Agency invited me as a VIP, gave me gifts and expressed how grateful they were. Thus, I held the Soviet Union in my hands. We could see the fruit born of the indemnity conditions we had established. (201-245, 1990/04/28)

11 I met the members of the Communist Party and melted their hearts. The whole world recognizes this. The democratic world also needs to be saved by my hands. Gorbachev of the Soviet Union must be saved as well. In order to succeed in this daring venture, we have to save these people, who are in the position of prodigal children, with the heart of a parent. It is the same with Kim Il-sung. In 1987, Gorbachev and Kim II-sung planned to assassinate me. They were my enemy among enemies. Even while that attempt on my life was still under investigation, I visited Moscow and North Korea in broad daylight. In the United States, the FBI and CIA were shocked and beseeched me not to go. However, as a religious leader, I have a responsibility. I had to go and turn the key that would lead to the salvation of their people. (248-311, 1993/10/03)

12 Following the victorious conference held in Moscow from April 9 to 13, 1990, we hosted rallies to welcome True Parents all over the nation of Korea. The Moscow meeting may have been a victory, but what is its relevance to the Korean people? The victory of the Moscow assembly is neither my victory as an individual nor a victory for the Unification Church. This assembly brought victory to Korea, victory to Asia, and victory to the world. However great a global victory it may be, it did not begin at the global level and then trickle down. It began at the individual level and rose up to the global level. Although the history that has unfolded since then may be considered tremendously great, this history began on the individual level.

What kind of person am I, the person who initiated the Moscow events? God leads the providence, and His Will is to unite the free world, the democratic world, into one. God's Will is for North and South Korea to become one. God's Will is for religions, which are filled with schisms, to become one.

The meeting with Gorbachev On April 11, 1990, during the conference in Moscow, True Parents held a historic meeting with President Mikhail Gorbachev at the Kremlin. They discussed diplomatic relations between Russia and Korea, the reunification of the Korean Peninsula, the expansion of religious freedom in the Soviet Union, and many other issues. During the meeting, True Parents warned that because the only possible outcome of atheistic materialism is total ruin, materialism has to be abolished and efforts must be made to revive spiritual values based on religion.

After that meeting, at True Parents' suggestion, students and leaders who had been locked behind the Iron Curtain could leave the Soviet Union, which became the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), to begin their overseas education in the United States and other nations. On four occasions between July 1 and August 19, 1990, 380 Soviet university students visited the Unification Theological Seminary and attended the International Leadership Conference. Then, in January and February 1991, 700 students attended seminars in three locations in Hungary. In July and August 1991, CARP hosted 24 seminars in four locations in the Baltics, attended by 2,000 university students. From January 26 to February 9, 1992, 27 seminars were held in 18 locations in the Crimean region of Ukraine for 3,160 students. From March 20 to April 1,1992,40 workshops on the Unification Principle were held for high school teachers ancl students from the CIS. These workshops were held in 23 locations, and 7,229 students attended, breaking previous attendance records. In the summer of that year, 18,042 students attended 129 workshops over an eight-week period in 26 locations spread over five regions of the CIS. (204-060, 1990/07/01)

13 For the Soviet Union to survive, it has to follow what I say. The KGB is a fearsome organization. We have been engaging in activities focusing on the media, but during the Moscow conference, the KGB coordinated what was happening behind the scenes and the Novosti Press Agency confirmed the credentials of the participants. This is what I found out. This is why it generated a powerful influence. The fact that we co-hosted the World Media Conference together with these people was incomprehensible to Soviet citizens. This was one of three great mysteries.

What were these great mysteries? First was the fact that I was staying at the Oktobraskaya Hotel. This was the hotel where people like Fidel Castro of Cuba and Kim Il-sung of North Korea stay. My staying at that hotel was a mystery. The second mystery was the fact that I met with Gorbachev. How could the very people who talked about killing me do this? In other words, how was it possible for Gorbachev to meet me? The third mystery was the fact that the Novosti Press Agency co-hosted the World Media Conference with us. Such events were unprecedented in the 73-year history of the Soviet Communist Party. (201-240, 1990/04/28)

14 During my weeklong visit to the Soviet Union, the Soviet inner circle completely connected with me. Key agents and other important individuals connected with me, with Gorbachev in the central position. Neither the US Embassy in Russia nor all the embassies of the free world combined could do what I did. I accomplished everything up to that level. Then I met Gorbachev, and as we shook hands, I said, "Unless you do as I say, the Soviet Union cannot be saved." To that he replied, "Indeed!" I reached that level. They cannot ignore what I say.

Why was Gorbachev happy to meet me, and why did the Soviet officials come to like me? It is because I am the person who came to save the Soviet Union. I am the person who is going into debt to accomplish this. Among the people who have visited the Krem lin, there probably has been no one, politician or diplomat, who was trying to save that nation. There has been no one who went into debt to save Gorbachev. I am going into debt to do this. This is why all the conscientious people are returning. It is an enemy nation. How much did they oppose us? Even now, there are many who oppose us. Nonetheless, I went to that nation with love, with the ideal of heaven. (201-229, 1990/04/22)

15 When I visited the Soviet Union, I took with me seven heads of state, including some affiliated with communism. Among them were the former presidents of Cuba and Yemen, and also the president of Costa Rica, who introduced me. I could bring them based on head-wing thought; because of that Gorbachev could not ignore me. These included nations that gave him headaches. Since all these things were sorted out and they had gathered with me at the center, I created an environment useful to everyone. We pushed forward to get some work done. This is what happens with people who work well together. Neither money nor personal ability can guarantee a job well done. To work well, one has to adjust to the environment and use it to move forward. (201-250, 1990/04/28)

16 When I went to Moscow, I made a clear declaration: the only way for the Soviet Union to survive is to follow a religious path. I have lived my entire life as a religious leader. I made a clear declaration in Moscow, the center of the communist world. This shocked the communist leaders, as it did Gorbachev when he heard me say it.

In the closing banquet, I spoke in even stronger terms, "The Soviet Union must absolutely know about God. The Soviet Union can revive when it finds this new path. It must return; otherwise it will become obsolete!" I said that unless they accept God, they will fall further and further behind. I proclaimed, "All the people living in the Soviet Union hate communism. Therefore, you must all go back to a point before you started 70 years ago. You must return to the beginning, when Russia was vigorous!" We opposed the core of communism. (216-085, 1991/03/09)

17 I visited Moscow, and through the conference there we fundamentally turned communism upside down. When I met Gorbachev, I told him to get rid of the statues of Marx and Lenin. I said that if you do not get rid of them, even if you become a global leader worthy of being remembered in history, you will not be able to accomplish deeds that will heal the wounds perpetrated under the name of communism. Because breaking down the statues could set a condition that would lead to good outcomes, he got rid of the statues. I am the person who brought down all the statues of Marx, Lenin and Stalin in Moscow. (473-175, 2004/10/15)

18 After completing my weeklong stay in the Soviet Union, I shed tears when I left. I said, "Moscow, goodbye. I will be back. I will return before you know it; I will send my representatives." Then, as I left, I heard a voice; it was the voice of the countless spirits from the Soviet Union who are in the spirit world. They said, "Please come back."

I am not an ordinary person. This is why there is hope in the Unification Church. Based on my experience, I realize that the foundation and activities of the Unification Church can dramatically expand in the Soviet Union. All of you need to take an interest in the Soviet Union and its satellites. Even before the 1970s, I was sending secret envoys there. I educated and sent young people from developed nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom and those of western Europe. These young people disappeared suddenly, and now they have reappeared as missionaries in the Soviet Union and its satellites. People did not know what happened to them, but this is what had happened. I am the Teacher who has endured through this type of history. The era has come when you too have to follow this path of responsibility. (201-336, 1990/04/29)

19 I did not meet President Gorbachev of the Soviet Union on a moment s notice. I met him by making it impossible for him not to meet me. I even met his wife and all the important people under him. I began planning for this 12 years ago. They know that I am the person who awakened the Soviet Union s satellite nations. They all know that what has happened to Soviet communism is because of me.

When Gorbachev came to the United States in 1988 and tried to speak before Congress, who chased him away? Through The Washington Times, I worked behind the scenes to chase him away. This is what happened two years ago; yet, he knew that he could do nothing except kindly invite me all the way to his inner room.

Now, even if I say no more about this, the Soviet Union can only follow me. That is why I plan to invite 200 of their key government officials for a seminar in the United States. I made a promise and have devised a plan to educate their eminent professors and people with doctoral degrees in economics. (201-220, 1990/04/19)

20 Fifteen minutes before taking off from Moscow, I met the Minister of Culture sent by Gorbachev. He asked me, "You have a record of leading the fight to bring about the collapse of communism. As a religious person, you must be happy to see its collapse. What is the path for communists to find life?" In response, I emphatically told him that they need to worship God. To assist in this endeavor, over a period of several months I brought 3,500 to 4,000 Soviet leaders to the United States, where they received guidance using my teachings.

In this world, propitious times do not linger. The CIA was very concerned when I brought communists to the United States to be trained and then go back; but eventually, they trusted me. Because I dealt with the Soviet leaders wisely and took the lead in guiding them, I had a foundation and they had no basis to oppose me. Even a deputy chairman of the KGB came, heard our presentations and went back. Some members of the opposition party also came.

While Gorbachev was in power, there was a coup d'etat attempt that lasted three days. However, 3,000 university students laid down in front of the tanks and stopped the coup. After that, the Soviet Minister of Culture sent me a letter of gratitude. These were my experiences of history as it was in the making. Yet you have no idea how much difficulties and hardships I endured so that these events could take place. (393-012, 2002/09/26)

21 On December 13, 1990, 58 Communist Party leaders from the Soviet Union and its satellites came to the United States. The Soviet Union and its satellites were enemies. However, after hearing our presentations, they all united and before going home started a club to develop Unification political philosophy. My philosophy alone could unite the European satellite nations with the Soviet Union and other communist nations. By forming this club, the satellite nations formed a united front line and resolved to proclaim, on a global level, national policies and other administrative policies based on my teachings. (213-103, 1991/01/16)

Chapter 3

The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN

Section 1.The UN Renewal Movement

The Interreligious and International Peace Council

True Parents proposed establishing a religious council led by spiritual leaders at the UN for the realization of world peace. On August 18,2000, at an assembly of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) at the UN headquarters in New York City, True Parents presented a speech titled "Renewing the United Nations to Build Lasting Peace." In this speech, True Parents emphasized that in the future, the UN will have both spiritual and political representatives from around the world. The UN will be managed as a bicameral system.

On October 3,2003, the convention to establish the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) took place in New York City at the Manhattan Center, with 1,500 religious and international leaders. On that day, True Parents gave a speech titled "The New Elimination of Boundaries and World Peace" and bestowed the motto, "To complete the kingdom of heaven on earth is to complete the creation of heaven and earth." True Parents requested that the participants do their best for the Interreligious and International Peace Council, which is a new type of UN and represents a new hope.

1 I am planning to create a UN of religions. My suggestion to them is that religions should stand at the forefront to realize world peace. There is only one God. He is absolute. Therefore, no matter how many religions there may be, they need to be connected to one center. Though the four great world religions each have their own founder, there must be a center among those four religious founders. When heaven designates a person to represent this absolute oneness, and that representative emerges, the teachings of that representative must be heard. Then, after the religious world becomes one, the religions must carry out the work to bring about world peace. If they do not make such contributions, they will receive historical denunciation. (248-212, 1993/10/01)

2 In the future, this world must unite in front of the Will of God. The UN General Assembly is the stage where such unity can take place. The UN General Assembly at this moment is a world-level organization representing politics. From the viewpoint of the Principle, it represents the body. That body is fighting with religion, which represents the mind. The body side has joined with Satan's realm of influence to wage a never-ending battle against religion, which is the world of the mind. This is just like the mind and body fighting within an individual.

The fight between the mind and body has expanded to the world level, with the religious world and the political world fighting each other. From the providential perspective, the true and original relationship between the mind and body must be restored. The UN is the world-level organization representing politics, and it needs a UN of religions integrated with it. The mind and body that are currently separated must become one. (261-194, 1994/06/19)

3 In accordance with God's providence of restoration we must heal the world that has emerged on the basis of conflict between mind and body. Because the world that follows the conscience is expanding for this task, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace must be established in order to enable this world to reach its destination. In the future, religions that fight each other will perish.

The 182 nations that belong to the United Nations, representing the body, do not think about world peace, but are concerned only with their own national self-interest. It seems clear that these nations should not be focusing only on their own interests; they should not use others for their own gain. Such action is not in accordance with God's Will. The struggle between mind and body, directly expressed in the fight between the political world and the religious world, must end on the world level, and one institution representing them both needs to end the fight between atheism and theism. The UN has to put an end to this fight. That is why we need the UN of religions. (264-243, 1994/11/03)

4 An organization such as the UN of religions, representing the mind, is needed because the human mind and body are divided. The existing UN, as a political organization, represents the body. The foundations of the political UN exist in Satan's realm, which consists of countless nations. To counterpose this, a mind- or spirit-centered UN must emerge. A divided mind and body need to be brought back together.

This is the purpose behind the creation of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Since the current UN represents only the body and lacks the presence of the UN of religions representing the mind, after forming the UN of religions, we must lead a move ment to establish unity between mind and body. (260-287, 1994/05/19)

5 The current UN stands as the body, but lacks the mind. That is why we must create something that will represent the aspect of the mind. Mind and body must be connected as one. That is why we must establish religious ambassadors who live according to conscience and offer a corrective course to the political world. The question is: How can we make this correction? The answer is to create the Abel UN. This effort is meant to create a world of love with God at the center, a world that is one with the sovereignty of love. This is what the religious realm wants. Because it is the innate path that everyone's mind is following, through it, the world's people can harmonize. (297-082, 1998/11/15)

6 The political world by itself cannot establish world peace. Religious people must take part. They should serve as the role model. The UN should become the lower house, and there must be an upper house. The religious realm must govern the upper house in the future. This arrangement is similar to the relationship between the majority and minority parties. The religious realm is responsible for the position of the majority party. Who will unite these two that have been separated? This world that was divided by false parents should be brought together through True Parents. Now the UN is floating on the clouds and is unable to hold its place. The UN is not a nation. Here, the reli gious realm has to work with the political element. By means of forming the Parents' UN, the Women's UN, the UN of religions, Youth UN and Students' UN, we are creating the form of a nation and are preparing the structure that will take us to the world of peace. (308-236, 1999/01/09)

7 We have to create the Abel UN, made up of leaders who value religion. The current UN represents the body. There is no UN representing the mind. Mind and body have been in conflict due to the Fall. Human history is essentially the story of the mind-body battle. How do we bring this battle to an end? Mind and body have not been able to come to a cease-fire or enter into a truce agreement. The Women's Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, and the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles are on the side of the mind. These groups are the center of the new Abel UN. (285-283, 1997/06/15)

8 Our objective is to affiliate with the UN. With the Unification Church organizational foundation this should be no problem. To form a nation, land is necessary. Each nation has embassies; these are Cain-type embassies. But we need embassies for the world of the mind, not embassies for the world of politics. If we develop a city that meets conditions equivalent to the Vatican, we will have the status of a nation. For there to be a nation, there has to be a territory, people and sovereignty. We then will join the UN, but when we join, we will not be joining just by ourselves. The religious world needs to unite and join the UN with us. That is why we must establish the UN of religions. Once we create this religious federation together with the Womens, Youth and Students' Federations for World Peace, they all should affiliate with the UN. (289-229, 1998/01/02)

9 The Apostolic See of Catholicism registered with the UN through Vatican City, a nation-state which is a kind of UN of religions. Once religious people make an alliance of nations together with the world UN of religions, they will make one nation, a nation of the religious cultural realm. An embassy, registered with the UN, established by religious people working together, can be fully equipped with good ideas, and can propose new directions. This arrangement will serve as a religious protection with foundational axioms that will function to prevent conflicts and wars in the world.

Within this realm, we will be able to fulfill the ideal of the family, in which husband, wife, parents and children unite as one. A heaven of oneness with True Parents at the center will be established, and one nation will be formed upon this UN of religions foundation. I am making preparations for this. (305-093, 1998/03/29)

10 The religious realm will stand clearly at the forefront once the UN creates an upper and a lower house. Nations of the religious realm can send their ambassadors to the UN. Commu nism naturally will retreat. Only then will the free world, which has been fractured by humanism, be brought together. This can quickly come to pass based on the decision of the General Assembly. This very important task has yet to be accomplished. (411-085, 2003/07/08)

11 The time has come when people and entire nations, both east and west, can all receive the Blessing at the same time. Heaven and earth can be liberated in one day. Once this is decided, this position of being completely free can be announced within a day, two days or a week. All human beings can receive the Blessing within a week. It is not the age of individual salvation. It is not an age limited to family salvation. The Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) is the symbol of the Abel UN, which is on heaven's side. (457-113, 2004/07/02)

12 I proclaimed God's fatherland and the age of the peace kingdom. The age of the peace kingdom has started already. It took several years for everything initiated by True Parents in the spirit world to appear publicly. I have been organizing things for four years, since 2001. When the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) was established, we said it was the UN in the Abel realm.

When I spoke of the Abel realm centered on heaven's side, I was speaking of the eras both of the individual and of the family. The Abel realm overcame the world Satan controlled. The formation of the Abel realm nation was established internally, opening the road to paradise and the kingdom of heaven. It had to pass through the eight levels starting from hell. As the Abel realm UN, the IIPC must win over the Cain realm UN. There is no owner of the Cain realm UN. Until now, I did the work of trying to establish an owner, but there was opposition. Therefore, I founded the Peace UN so as to move beyond that. The Peace UN is built upon the unity of the Cain UN and the Abel UN. (430-197, 2004/01/03)

13 It is now the era of the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC), or the Peace UN. The era of the Cain UN is passing. I affirm clearly that this is the era of the Peace UN. Ambassadors for peace were established for the era of the Peace UN. Previously, the world did not have the Peace UN or ambassadors for peace. The world also does not have a concept of a high priest for peace or a people for peace. (430-210, 2003/12/25)

14 Without a constitution, we cannot create the legal framework for the departments of a government. Since this is the era of the Peace UN, I have asked those involved to formulate laws governing the legislative, judicial, administrative and education branches. The relationship between church and state that has existed until now needs to change. That is why we did not create a religious assembly, like an upper house of the UN, but prepared the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC). We created the Abel UN to stand in the place of the Cain UN. The Abel UN must surpass the Cain UN. The UN has no counterpart in the religious realm, so we can bring this to pass. No one will be able to accuse or judge us for establishing the Abel UN and then calling it the Peace UN. (439-241, 2004/02/23)

The direction of UN renewal

True Parents recognized that world peace is impossible to realize through the present UN, where nations operate to pursue self-interest. The UN must reform and restructure to contain an upper house of religious leaders dedicated to interreligious cooperation. True Parents worked to create an Abel UN to complement the present Cain-side UN. On September 23,2007, at the Manhattan Center in New York City, True Parents founded the Abel UN with former heads of state before 1,200 participants.

True Parents proposed the Women's UN, the Youth UN, the Students' UN and the UN of religions to become the Abel UN and stand as a counterpart to the Cain UN. When we embrace humanity with the heart of a true parent by creating the True Parents' UN, we can realize one family residing in a global village. On July 16, 2012, True Parents founded the Abel Women s UN at the Cheongshim Peace World Center.

15 Now I will create the Abel UN. I have created the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace, the Federation of Peninsular Nations for World Peace, and the Federation of Continental Nations for World Peace. The leaders of the member nations of these organizations will speak out, saying, "Let us not put our trust in the UN, but create our own Abel UN!" Which UN do you think the world will follow? The purpose of the Abel UN is to educate young people and families. We must save this world. This education will lead to peace. We are not talking about engaging in politics. We are engaging in education. (299-274, 1999/02/18)

16 We must proclaim the Abel UN. We are stepping forward and raising the flag of the Abel UN no matter what awaits us, even if we face great persecution. After the appearance of the owner of a land that had no owner, that owner has to go over the summit accompanied even by his or her enemies. Accordingly, the owner has to educate and train them so that they can go to heaven. They really have no choice but to listen to the owners guidance. Knowing that they must enter and receive training, the owner opens a big door and makes them feel welcome. (533-072, 2006/07/20)

17 I am the only person who can gather this world together, but I did not gain this ability in just a couple of years. God planned for thousands of years to send the Messiah. Extensive preparations were made, both internally and externally, until conditions were ready for the time of the Second Advent. This is why the world cannot deny me. I even move the spirit world.

Once preparations are completed, the UN will be renewed. I am making preparations for this through the UN and the advanced European nations, and mobilizing all of Asia. Once this is finished, the Abel UN will emerge. The Abel UN will be a group that will reach beyond the universe and attend God. A new world will emerge, just as it did when the world united and renewed itself after the Second World War. If preparations are complete and we gather the world together and move in one direction, heaven and earth will surely unite. (418-226, 2003/09/24)

18 Going forward, we definitely need an Abel UN. The United States cannot stay idle. Japan, Korea, China and Russia cannot remain static. A decisive foundation for the Abel UN must be laid. The most effective place for building this foundation is not Washington, DC. It is Geneva, Switzerland.

Switzerland is a small nation. They have a good political system. Each representative serves for one year and passes the position on to a successor. That's why I thought, "It is amazing to find a place like this! Unification Church members should learn from this. This is a suitable training ground." I was looking for a place that could serve as a model for those who will receive the cross-cultural marriage Blessing. Geneva is the place. People who might otherwise be enemies exchange greetings as they pass by each other. I thought, "When the cross-cultural marriage Blessing is accomplished, the world will truly be one family!" (514-057, 2006/01/04)

19 The task of the Abel UN is not to fight and defeat the Cain UN. Its job is to invest sincere devotion, so that the Cain UN cannot help but follow it. Presently each nation is divided into two, Cain's side and Abel's side. Cain's side needs to follow Abel's side, which is the heavenly household. In following Abel's side, Cain's side must rise to embody the qualities of absolute faith, love and obedience, the qualities applied at the time of the Creation. In terms of loyalty to God, Cain's world must surpass the Unification Church. The Cain UN must surely achieve this. Cain has to realize how much wrong he has done, and, shedding blood for Abel, must live for his sake in the ages of the Abel individual, the Abel family, the Abel tribe, the Abel people, the Abel nation, and finally the Abel world.

Materialists and communists have emerged and persecuted Abel, saying, "God is dead. There is no God." Communists, however, could not drive away their opponents completely. They failed because True Parents protected the Abel side. Because True Parents came and pulled everything together, you need to create the new beginning through True Parents' lineage, whereby the nation and world will flourish. You families must do this. (576-040, 2007/09/26)

20 As we cooperate with the UN, becoming one in mind and body with the representatives who are sent to the UN from each nation, we must receive letters of resolution and pledges from them, saying that they will join the Abel UN. True Parents are making prepara tions for the sake of creating a region of peace on the Korean Peninsula centering on the Abel UN and all the institutions of peace. We must create the Abel UN in Korea quickly in order to neutralize the turbulent situation in North Korea. If we do that, the boundary line between North and South will become an area protected by all nations. (412-323, 2003/07/21)

21 The Abel UN must be established. The Abel UN is slated to be situated within the peace zone of Panmunjom. I made the preparations to establish the Abel UN in Korea, the Third Israel. Therefore, the Seoul Peace Declaration of August 15, 2003, presented for the sake of drawing a final conclusion to the World Peace Summit, is called the Third Israel Proclamation. Since this is the age for the settlement of the First Israel, Second Israel and Third Israel, the United States and other nations in the region should render assistance. (415-177, 2003/08/14)

22 The Abel UN and the Cain UN need to be united as one. Accordingly, centering on the Peace UN, provided we can enter a world that has the form of one nation, which is an extension of a great unified family, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will be realized. From our position within the circumstances of the world, once we restore the age of the settlement of love, which has no trace of the Fall in the age of Adam, the age of the liberated realm of heaven and earth will be realized. (426-297, 2003/11/28)

23 The reason we established the Abel UN is to embrace the Cain UN. The UN currently opposes us, but it does so out of ignorance. Nevertheless, we must protect the path of the UN. The current UN is in the position of the older brother who should give everything to the Abel UN. When this happens, so that the Abel UN rises to the position of the elder brother, it will offer everything to the Parents. When this happens, the entire world will be turned around in an instant. After passing over that summit, we must create the Peace UN. The Peace UN signifies unity. Within the UN there is the concept of a nation. However, within the Abel UN, the concept of a nation or of a federation of nations will disappear. In other words, the Abel UN will lead naturally to a unified world of peace. In reality, the world needs only one "nation."

In the present world, there is the institution of kingship and also of presidents. Humanity entered the age of brothers after the kingship in Satan's world was brought down. Now we are going over from the age of kingship centered on the family to the age of kingship centered on the nation, the world, and finally the cosmos. The institution the Unification Church seeks is the kingship of peace, which will emerge in the realm of the Abel UN. (420-187, 2003/10/11)

24 The Peace UN is created through the unity of the Cain UN and the Abel UN. The Cain UN has become impotent. The conditions do not exist that would enable it to establish the standard of world peace aligned with the Will of God. Now, for the first time, the unity of the Cain UN and the Abel UN has appeared as the Peace UN. It is a timely, providential development. By Cain and Abel becoming one under the loving True Parents, the UN stands not to perish, but to revive and become the UN that saves the world. The Peace UN has emerged for this reason. (429-074, 2003/12/24)

25 What we call the UN is not a distant nation; it is your nation. Stand on the foundation of that nation. You are the owners of the UN. Adam and Eve are the owners of the UN, as is God. We must ascend to that position. True Parents seek to create the Peace UN, but every one of you must receive it as yours.

After going through much suffering, we have prepared the environment that will cause Satan's world to surrender naturally. Therefore, we must create a representative world organization that will establish order in that environment prepared for us, that will be able to bring the world into an equilibrium of freedom and serve as a basis of happiness. That organization is the Peace UN. It is the central foundation for kingship in the heavenly kingdom. Please do not think that it is True Parents who must establish it. This is your task. (424-307, 2003/11/09)

26 For the sake of the Peace UN, the first point is that families must pull together. Without the family, we cannot go beyond the foundation of the Cain UN of Satan's world. That is why there must be a federation of families that forms a nation. The family is the basic unit. It is an amazing fact that, centering on the blessed families throughout the world, we have established the Peace UN on the standard of having transcended the nation. (427-260, 2003/12/08)

27 The Abel UN must become the Parents' UN. Once Cain and Abel become one, harmony, unification and peace will come about. People who cannot relate harmoniously cannot unite. With this in mind, it is time for the Abel UN to develop into the True Parents' UN. True Parents are the king and queen of the Parents' UN. (594-085, 2008/06/24)

28 We will advance from the age of the Cain UN into the age of the Abel UN, and from there to the age of True Parents' UN. This is not an age in which two UNs fight each other. It is the age of the True Parents' UN, which exists for the sake of a new and peaceful unity centered on True Parents. (600-244, 2008/11/01)

29 Now the entire world needs to advance from living within the limitations of individuals and families, and move on to living in the new world of the True Parents' UN. When this time arrives, heavenly law will emerge. We will enter the age of a heavenly constitution. We will not live outside the heavenly jurisdiction according to self-centered desires. We will live in accordance with heavenly law. Follow in the footsteps of True Parents. Enter the same world after overcoming the same obstacles. The door of the heavenly world will open. You will not be faced with one door that leads to heaven and one that leads to hell; there will be only one door. (611-044, 2009/05/05)

30 Now is not the time for the Cain UN and Abel UN. Instead, we must enter the age of the True Parents' UN. Provided the Parents' UN understands the Cain UN and the Abel UN, it will be able to fulfill its role. This education has already begun. It is the education to proclaim the realm of liberation and complete freedom through our portion of responsibility. We must teach about the proclamation of the realm of liberation and our portion of responsibility.

When God fulfills God's role, and True Parents fulfill True Parents' role, then on the foundation of God and True Parents becoming one, the true family will be able to fulfill its role. Consequently, it will be possible to generate a true tribe, a true people, a true nation and a true world. The peaceful unification and restoration of the fatherland of True Parents' true love is called the realization of the heavenly nation of the Parents' UN. Everything is included in these words. God's fatherland does not yet exist. The peaceful unification and restoration of the fatherland, which True Parents are seeking, is the kingdom of heaven, the True Parents' UN. Everything must be fully activated for the sake of that nation. (601-055, 2008/11/03)

31 What we need to do is to have the Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Womens Federation for World Peace, and the Youth Federation for World Peace all become affiliated with the UN. I believe that there will be no further problems on the road that leads to the unified world once these organizations are affiliated with the UN.

The Women's Federation for World Peace is a powerful organization. It is the only organization like it. Therefore, it must become completely one centering on Mother. Because Mother is the center, all problems can be resolved once the Women's Federation enters the UN. A unified UN will emerge naturally once the first ladies of the world become members of the Women's Federation. The UN has no root, no nation. Mother is leading the world of leaders, the world of politics, the world of universities, and the world of youth. When first ladies join the Women's Federation, they will go out as UN ambassadors as a matter of course. (267-184, 1995/01/05)

32 There will be no more fighting in the world once the Women's UN comes to fruition. This is because the original nature of women is that they do not like to fight. Moreover, I am a leader who can prevent people from fighting by providing people with a logical explanation for why they should not fight. With this accomplished, people create harmony. In the future, when the Women's UN appears, the wives of presidents and prime ministers will represent the Women's UN in their respective nations. (251-095, 1993/10/17)

Section 2. Global Unification Leadership

National messiahs

At a True God's Day commemorative ceremony held on January 1, 1996, at the World Mission Center in the United States, True Parents presented awards to church leaders who had served for more than 33 years and missionaries who had served for more than 21 years. Following that, True Parents personally taught them at a 40-day workshop in Cheongpyeong, and then appointed them as national messiahs. National messiahs are tasked as True Parents' second selves with the mission to restore the nations of the world. True Parents told them that national messiahs teach, through their blood, sweat and tears, the blessed news of the True Parents: the change of lineage, the Word and the restoration of heart.

1 How do we restore everything that was lost in the Garden of Eden? We have to return to our hometown. For this purpose, I have sent out tribal messiahs and national messiahs. Originally, God could send only one Messiah, who was Jesus. But working from God's position, I have sent out national messiahs to 184 nations.

These national messiahs are at a higher level than the tribal messiahs at the time of Jesus. What is the difference? Jesus was unable to marry. He did not have a family. Thus I have sent blessed families in my place. Their assignment as national messiahs corre sponds to their being in the realm of direct dominion. If the family is not restored, the kingdom of heaven cannot begin. This is why I bless couples around the world and send out national messiahs. They each have their own family. They are to take root in the realm of direct dominion, which Satan cannot invade. (282-030, 1997/02/16)

2 National messiahs must completely resolve Jesus' grief. Jesus had to completely resolve the bitter sorrow that resulted from the corruption of Adam's family. Jesus was to have established his family messiahship, united his nation and then assimilated Rome, but these things were not realized. Because I stand in the leadership position, whether in the United States which represents Rome in the present world, or in South America, the time for them to oppose me has passed. Since I am in the position of leading the world, from the position of the world Messiah, I could send out national messiahs. It does not necessarily mean that because there are a few nations where national messiahs cannot fulfill their responsibility that God's Will cannot be realized.

What is intended to happen through the Third Israel is to bring all nations into balance within its realm. Therefore, all people of the 184 nations of the world are ascending to a position where they can receive God's blessing equally. National messiahs have been sent out with the mission of building bridges to achieve that result. National messiahs have to take on the responsibility for resolving the difficulties of their assigned nations. They cannot burden anyone else with it. They need to save their nation, even if it means selling their home or neglecting their clan.

I have invested my entire fortune, my everything, to unite North and South America. The national messiahs require this same mind-set, in order to make great contributions that will last throughout history. God will cooperate with them only when they follow the same plan to achieve the same end. A national messiah is like a governor in his or her nation. The age has come when each one can govern a nation with full authority. (282-333, 1997/04/07)

3 Blessed families from the four nations of Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany will go to 184 nations. Families from these four principal nations will be assigned to each nation. Four families for each of 184 nations totals 736 families. If the US falls short in this, then England and France will have to make up for it. Italy is coupled with Germany in the same way. The families will relate with their nation's embassy.

These people from the seven nations will carry out the true family movement. The true family movement is the pure love movement and also the true love movement. Adam and Eve lost purity, true parents and true love in their family. That needs to be indemnified.

All of these families have to unite under one responsible person, one parent, and influence their assigned nation and the world. These representatives are not sent out as tribal messiahs or family messiahs but as national messiahs. These will be national messiah family groups. So now that we have sent national messiahs to 184 nations, and once these nations are restored, the liberation of the authority of the global messiah will unfold naturally. This is the beginning of the movement that will restore kingship and realize the kingdom of heaven on earth. (278-326, 1996/06/23)

4 I have come up to the stage of liberating the world. I have ascended to this stage from the stage of liberating the position of the Messiah on the individual level, family level, tribal level, people level, national level, world level and cosmic level, and finally liberating God. As I will place you in the position of national messiahs, you have to practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, just as I have done with God. So when you leave, sell your house, sell your land, and transplant all of that into your assigned nation. You have to invest everything, as I have done. Since what you have to invest is not that much, you should go as tribal messiahs, the messiah of 180 families. When you go to your nation, you should have them relocate there with you in one big move.

You need to go to that nation as the messiah in the position of the subject partner and save it. To do this, a messiah must bring Cain and Abel to surrender. You need to unite the current president with the former presidents, and also unite the cabinet ministers. You must work so that after you make plus and minus completely one, you are able to achieve a national turning point and engraft the nation all at once. When you do that, national liberation will be accomplished.

I have already created the environment. I have achieved the perfection of Adam, the perfection of Jesus, and the perfection of the Lord at the Second Advent. Within me are both Jesus and Adam. What this means is that I have completed what Adam and Jesus left undone. Thus, a ladder extending from hell to the heavenly kingdom has been built. Satan said he would break that ladder, but now he has surrendered completely. I fought against Satan and he surrendered. The highway has been paved. There is only one of its kind. This ladder I built in 40 years is something you cannot build in even 4,000 years. I am lending you this ladder of victory. (279-168, 1996/08/04)

5 National messiah is a term never heard of before in history, but being a national messiah is more valuable than being the president of a nation for 10,000 years. National messiahs become the ancestors of their nations. They become the founding ancestors of the heavenly kingdom. (281-170, 1997/01/02)

6 As a national messiah, you are the father of your nation. You must educate the people. You bear the responsibility to educate the president and cabinet members. And you must have the idea that after educating the nation s people, you are going forth to mentor them to become senators, cabinet members and even the president. You are mistaken if you think that without making such preparations, you will just meet your nation's president and do something with him or her. (286-188, 1997/08/10)

7 As national messiahs, you have to be a role model so that you can move the people of your assigned nation naturally. You cannot eat and sleep as everyone else does. Since you are a parent, you cannot do that. You have to be a role model. The problem is that everything depends on one leader. The one who tells others what to do yet fails to set an example before them is a thief. If you tell others to live for the sake of others, you also should live for the sake of others. Otherwise you are a fake. Indeed, you need to live for the sake of others until the moment you die. And if you die without having finished your work, you should repent with tears of agony. However, even in the world after death, you need to live for the sake of others. To keep in step with that vast, expanded world, you need to be able to influence every part of that world, with its many subdivisions. In short, you need to live centering on a love that encompasses all those subdivisions. (297-190, 1998/11/20)

8 National messiahs are in the position where they will have to invest on behalf of God. And when investing as an individual, they should not give priority to their family or anything else over the nation for which they are responsible. If national messiahs plan to make money in their assigned nation and return home, they will be punished. You cannot return home. You need to create the proper environment in your nation. To do so, you need to invest love and life even when you give directions. Then the people of Satan's lineage will surely bow their heads before you.

We need to eradicate Satan's lineage in this way. We cannot do it by force. We have to bring about voluntary surrender. Such is the work of re-creation. This is the same as God's great work of creation, which He accomplished as the absolute subject partner investing His entire being without any expectation of recompense. The same applies to you. National messiahs are the true parents who invest for their nation. That is why national messiahs have to invest everything in their nation. They have nothing of their own. You should not leave behind a house or land and think, "I will come back later and live there." You should not have anywhere to return to. (287-268, 1997/10/05)

9 As national messiahs, you represent True Father and True Mother in your nation. Therefore, you and your spouse should form relationships with the couples who represent that nation, such as the president and first lady. That relationship connects the past, present and future.

If there are many good ancestors of that nation, every one of them will make contact with their descendants on earth. Ancestors connect to the physical world through their descendants, but their descendants may not be in high positions. Because this world has been under Satan's dominion for so long, bad people have stood at the forefront of power. Good people, unfortunately, have been in relatively low positions.

Therefore, when spirits in the incorporeal world visit the descendants of good ancestors and try to cooperate with them, the fact is that the people they cooperate with might not be in high positions. This is why you should not confine your attention to the people of the highest social classes. You represent your nation s head, be it the president or king, and should treat all the people in your nation impartially. If you fail to do this, you will block heavenly fortune from coming to your nation. (286-195, 1997/08/11)

10 The national messiahs' nations have religious leaders, and the national messiahs have to be more devout than those religious leaders. There are patriots in that nation, and national messiahs should not be outdone by them. It is the national messiahs' duty to surpass their offering. That is the task given to national messiahs. In light of God's Will, responsibility is given to people in high positions.

We do the opposite of the way of the world: the higher your position, the more important and various the fields you have to invest in without any expectation of recompense. This is why my life is exhausting, far more than if I were to live for my own sake. Though exhausting it may be, I do not consider it wearisome. You must understand the importance of the position you are in as national messiahs. Your families have been established as the representatives of Father, of True Parents, and you should work accordingly. For God to come to your nation and work freely centering on your family and the Unification Church, you need to stand in the position of an owner who can bring about re-creation. You have to recreate through the power of God. (286-198, 1997/08/11)

11 National messiahship is a conditional responsibility on the basis of a covenant you have established in front of God and Father. You cannot expect to continue the old habits you developed while living freely in Korea. You must become new. You need to set conditions according to the standard of the age of equalization. You will find yourself in great trouble if you continue to live as you please and forget the conditions you need to set. Your entire clan will perish. If several tribes are destroyed, your nation will not be able to follow the path it is meant to go. Your nation itself could be destroyed.

I have no doubts because I know that this is the way. In my life, I have never doubted. I always fulfill the things I believe in and promise, even if it means having to go to some trouble to do so. You too must set a condition in front of heaven so that you can eliminate any condition for Satan's accusations. Only when you stand in the position of liberation and freedom can God protect you. You receive blessings by performing ancestral rites well. Therefore, as national messiahs, you need to fulfill your con ditional responsibility. Since you have gone to your nation taking responsibility in my place, you need to follow my direction and distribute blessings to each country. (286-210, 1997/08/11)

12 In their assigned nation, national messiahs must wake up earlier and go to bed later than their church family. They are in the parents' position. If your church brothers and sisters do not have clothes to wear, the national messiahs should give them their own clothes. It will not do at all for them to fail to give such personal care and yet wish to exercise authority on the national level. (286-224, 1997/08/11)

13 National messiahs must become people who are able to manage their body with their mind as the center. They need to become the most successful business people. They need to become the most prominent in the religious field—people who can discuss the spirit world and all faith traditions better than anyone else. If they can achieve this, the president and leading figures of their nation will surely seek them out. (287-179, 1997/10/03)

14 National messiahs must follow the life course I have walked. They have to abandon their own nation and go out into the world. I did not say I would support them financially. They have to make money as best they can and become self-sufficient. National messiahs must assign tribal messiahs and family messiahs who center on the clans within their nation, and move these clans on a grand scale. Each tribal messiah connects to 180 families. Thus, when they give the Blessing, they give life to the nation, their tribes and their succeeding generations. They must develop this in their Cain nation representing the world before they return to their own nation. God can establish a nation centering on those tribes. This is something that must be done. (289-318, 1998/02/02)

15 National messiahs must secure the authority of the tribal messiahs. They must repair on this earth the families of Satan's world, centering on the completion of family messiahs. They have to eradicate Satan's lineage. In this way, the spiritual world and physical world can be turned inside out. Accordingly, in the new original world, True Parents must follow God. National messiahs will follow such True Parents. Tribal messiahs must follow such national messiahs, and family messiahs must follow tribal messiahs. This is how the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven works. God's ideal of creation, which has been left unfulfilled even to this date, can be accomplished when everyone finds their place in this way.

After finding again the original heart with which God created Adam and Eve and the substantial realm of love, we must harvest the fruit of love through the substance of love. Once we establish the condition of returning to the original position that serves as a blueprint for a nation based on the ideal family model, we will be able to advance to the age when God is present everywhere, immanent everywhere, with all authority and power. When that age comes, we will be free. Such is the great mission that has been given to national messiahs. National messiahs are the Abel kings. They must take responsibility for everything in their assigned nations. (297-180, 1998/11/20)

16 I have sent out national messiahs to convey the marriage Blessing to the people of each nation, to take them to the kingdom of heaven, and to make it possible for them to go to the liberated kingdom in the spirit world. We have to bless everyone in every nation, from the president to the last citizen. National messiahs are true parents who have been sent to each country. True parents bestow upon people the right to enter the kingdom of heaven. (294-106, 1998/06/14)

17 What age will come when the age of the national messiah passes? When the national messiahs fulfill their responsibilities, the age of the kingdom of heaven on earth will dawn. Those who are responsible for welcoming this age that is fast approaching should not act on their own accord. They need to be at the center, and mentor the politics, the economics and the culture in their assigned nation from the first to the last. This is the enormous responsibility they need to fulfill. A messiah has that kind of responsibility.

The terms "family messiah," "tribal messiah" and "national messiah" will not fade away. The beginning of everything is True Parents, so there cannot be any family or siblings without True Parents at their center. The children who are born of the lineage of True Parents cannot deny True Parents. This is because True Parents are the beginning, the process and the result of everything. National messiahs have to follow my direction. It will not do for them to act on their own accord as they see fit, or follow their old habits. Now the time has come for them to move forward, following the formula course. They have to move in accordance with the formula. (283-009, 1997/04/08)

Anointed representatives (boonbongwangs)

On April 13, 2008, True Parents selected some national messiahs to serve as anointed representatives (boonbongwangs). True Parents asked them to go out to all corners of the world and complete a new heaven and a new earth, that is, Cheon II Guk. Boonbongwang is a Korean word that refers to a position held by the prefects of Rome at the time of Jesus, who governed regions such as Judea. True Parents said that if Jesus had not died on the cross, he would have sent out these anointed representatives to all parts of the world through Rome, and thus realized Cheon II Guk, the peace kingdom of liberation and freedom, at that time. True Parents emphasized, therefore, that the mission of the anointed representatives is to teach the highest leaders in every nation and bring them to work for God's Will.

18 At the Universal Peace Federations Rallies for the Restoration of the Home land, I asked the True Children to join True Mother and I. Because of the unity True Mother and the True Children had with me, we were able to hold the rallies. It takes more than Father to purify the lineage. The lineage is purified only when the ovum and sperm are united. This is why Father must create the path for Mother.

The purpose of the speaking tour of 120 nations was to find people in those nations who can become anointed representatives. This is what Jesus should have arranged in 120 nations on the national level. Anointed representatives govern representing heaven. Representing their nation, they have the authority to purify the lineage, and, centering on Cain and Abel, to separate people from Satan's lineage. That is why our sons and daughters had to be one with Mother. (533-280, 2006/07/29)

19 Anointed representatives should unite those who have served over time as a nation's leaders. If there are six former leaders in a particular nation, the anointed representative should choose the two most exemplary among them and then pick one of those two by lot. Fluman will should not interfere in this. Even in a family, a father cannot do things arbitrarily. The father and mother should draw lots. Only when the person in charge receives heaven's approval can he act as the owner in his household. The Will is not fulfilled at random. An orderly world is formed in accordance with strict formulas and principles, and that is why this great universe has been able to operate as it has until now without its components colliding. These laws apply to the ends of the earth, and people who do not obey them will become corrupted and lost. (592-322, 2008/06/13)

20 National messiahs are similar to the prefects who served during the Roman Empire. They are governors and Abel-type kings. Therefore, when you are a national messiah of a nation, like a prefect, you stand in a position where you can appoint ambassadors and lead that nation directly while positioned on the side of heaven. (390-107, 2002/08/05)

21 Now we have to anoint representatives for 194 nations. An anointed representative is a person who should be able to solve the problem of who will be the nation's next president. This is why the kingship of parents must be established on the foundation of the Cain-type kingship and Abel-type kingship. From God's standpoint, the anointed representatives are more worthy, even, than the president of the United States. (602-117, 2008/11/13)

22 The financial resources of Cheon II Guk, the peace kingdom, have to be used to build embassies in each nation. Then the Unification family must send out the anointed representatives. The anointed representatives are like the prefects assigned to far-off places in the Roman Empire. The time has come for you who have restored the position of the elder brother and have become the number one son to be dispatched as the anointed representative. You are the people who have come forward with the mission to lead the peoples of this world as their ancestors. Those who do not understand the Principle cannot participate in this. God's peace kingdom is the true fatherland for blessed families. (500-136, 2005/07/10)

23 National messiahs are like my anointed representatives. They are comparable to the prefects appointed by Rome, the governor-generals who ruled the provinces of the Roman Empire. My anointed representatives are Abel-type kings who are to save their people. National messiahs should take the position of my anointed representatives, my governor generals, and become one with the head their nation.

But you national messiahs failed to do this. Therefore, even now you should make a condition to go back to your mission country and educate the president of that nation about the Will so that he can follow it. When you go to your mission country, you should establish oneness with the national leader and work with the blessed families and church members there to turn that nation around. You are responsible to spread the news that I am the Lord at the Second Advent, the Savior and the True Parent, so that no one, not even slum-dwellers, can claim that they have not heard it. (516-128, 2006/02/04)

24 There are anointed representatives and ambassadors for peace in 194 nations. Those who have been assigned as national messiahs have to fulfill their responsibility as anointed representatives. After directly supervising the ambassadors for peace, the anointed representatives are responsible to teach them so that they can live as families of heavens nation. There are not many days left, and the anointed representatives have the responsibility to finish this work as quickly as possible. (2009/10/31)

25 National messiahs, as anointed representatives, should educate the people of their assigned nation. They need to become leaders who can educate their nation s present rulers and call upon its past rulers and instruct them. 1 have created the textbooks and trained educators who are more than capable of this. Therefore, I am the Peace King. The Peace King is the king of kings. I have become the King of Peace and live in attendance of God. This is why I am the king of kings and, at the same time, the king of all nations. I am the king of all kings. This is why God is with me. I opened the door and liberated God, who had been trapped helplessly for tens of thousands of years. (597-293, 2008/09/14)

Section 3. The Mongolian Peoples' Federation

The movement to discover our roots On June 23, 1989, the Korean Rootfinding Association, which researches family ancestry, made True Father its chairman. True Parents believe that if, through their clan association, people inherit true love, true life and true lineage by means of the marriage Blessing in accordance with True Parents' teachings, this will facilitate the restoration of humanity. Therefore, they supported this organization. True Father said that the movement to discover family roots will continue until all people become true children who have inherited God's lineage.

1 We have an organization called the Korean Root-finding Association. Science has its roots, philosophy has its roots, and religion has its roots. I therefore suggest that we create a root-finding association for all of these fields. What does the research of family roots mean? The root of such things as peace, love, unity, ideals and service is the absolute God. They all go back to the absolute God. Humanism will decline. It does not know the fundamental root. We are trying to carry forward such a movement. (493-079, 2005/04/21)

2 Organizations that research family roots can encompass all aspects of human life. All fields that influence this world, such as history, science and religion, can be explored by these associations. There is only one root for everyone, be they politicians, economists or scientists. That is why this movement to discover roots needs to be globalized. The Korean Root-finding Association should first try to expand its scope to the greater Mongolian family, consisting of all people having the Mongolian birthmark. I'm saying that we should find our blood relations first. But this tribe cannot be the root; the ancestors of this tribe are the root. Other than God, the ancestors of the tribe with the Mongolian birthmark are True Parents on earth. So each and every member of that tribe has no choice but to gather on the side of True Parents. (493-081, 2005/04/21)

3 One entity cannot have two roots. It can have only one central root. Religion has to present the truth and the theoretical worldview that can explain this. Religions should help us come to the conclusion that this root—which is in particular the root of the movements for unity and peace—is the personal God. At the same time, this root, which is one and unique, encompasses everything, including Confucianism and Buddhism. This is why their adherents are destined to accept the Unification Principle. (493-082, 2005/04/21)

4 You blessed families are part of one great family. Whether you come from the North or the South, you are all one brethren. In Korea, people of all 286 surnames—such as Kim, Pak and Moon—are part of one great family. By assembling this greater Mongolian people with the Mongolian birthmark, we will form the realm that can bless a united world. More than 70 percent of the world's population, that is, more than two-thirds, have the Mongolian birthmark, so when they receive the Blessing and unite as one people, they will create a natural realm of peace. And when they come to belong to the one Father who has the authority as their Lord, with no obstacles separating Him from them, they will prepare the territory for the king of world peace. Since their origin and their root is God, no one will want to remain ignorant of Him. (493-304, 2005/04/26)

5 Most people in Asian nations are part of the Mongolian lineage and have the Mongolian birthmark. Half the people in the Middle East, as well as the people in Europe, also belong to this lineage. You become a member of the greater Mongolian people by marriage, just as people could become Israelites by marrying someone of Israelite stock.

In the same vein, we are now beginning Root-finding Association activities based on True Parents' lineage, the realm of the chosen people. We have to prepare for people to connect to the Root-finding Association to find their ancestors. They must go beyond the age of liberation and complete inner freedom and advance into the age of one eternal kingdom, the age of eternal peace and tranquility. People must now connect their lineages to God's lineage. The people of the Mongolian lineage are dispersed across the world, and we need to quickly bless them . (467-105, 2004/09/02)

Founding the Mongolian Peoples' Federation

On September 23, 2004, True Parents founded the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace (MPFWP) in Seoul. This organization is a global federation for peace that brings together people with Mongolian ancestry, who make up 70 percent of the worlds population. In their founding declaration, True Parents stated, "Human history has now ushered in the era of great transition, when the barriers of religion, ideology and so forth will be abolished. We are founding the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace in order to take the lead in realizing a world of peace through reconciliation and cooperation, interdependence, mutual prosperity, and recovery of the original standard, based on the values of true love and true family."

They went on to encourage people with Mongolian ancestry to come together in solidarity, fulfill the mission of pioneers, and bring all people of the world to be saved and blessed in marriage. Having something in common brings people together and unites them. Therefore, True Parents intend to connect humanity as brothers and sisters through this attribute of Mongolian ancestry that so many people share. In particular, True Parents said that these people are central figures who need to inherit and preserve God's lineage of goodness in its pure form. They called on the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace to fulfill its mission as the firstborn son.

6 We have to revolutionize the fallen world. This is why at the UN I declared the abolition of national borders. Because the UN has not pursued this, I created the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace. More than 70 percent of the world's population shares Mon golian ancestry. This is a fact of history. So if these people hear my teachings and decide to receive the marriage Blessing, they will form interconnected relationships throughout the world. If the greater Mongolian family follows my words, unites as one, and carries out enthronement and coronation ceremonies for God's kingship, barriers between nations will disappear. (473-196, 2004/10/15)

7 People belonging to the greater Mongolian family can be found around the world. They transcend national boundaries. They can be found at the southern tip of South America. They even inhabit nations that compete with one another to conquer the South Pole. There is no way to prevent the Mongolian people from communicating with one another.

The word "family" refers to a group of people who live in one town or under one roof, so a national border cannot divide them. This is why the members of the Unification Church, representing the internal aspect, the heart, and the Mongolian people, representing the external aspect, the body, must unite based on the faith and values of the Unification Church. Thus, we can set the stage for the entire world to be bound together completely as one great family. (469-257, 2004/09/21)

8 There appears to be no way to create one nation and one world on earth. This is why I founded the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace. It is like the United Nations. By taking this route, barriers between nations will disappear. No one will oppose or criticize this approach. The nation of peace will emerge when we build the bridge that connects to the liberated world of peace, and thus we will begin the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. (467-183, 2004/09/04)

9 More than 70 percent of all people belong to the greater Mongolian family. When the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace acquires a position higher than the UN, no one will want to miss its general assembly. Once the federation reaches that stage, we will have gone beyond the level of the UN General Assembly, so we will not have to worry about creating an Abel UN. National barriers will disappear, and we will be able to travel anywhere.

The Mongolian birthmark indicates that we are the same people. People who live in the same locale are not necessarily coming from the same people. When people who come from different lineages gather together and support each other, they can become compatriots, but it does not mean they are the same people. But members of the same people are connected to the same ancestors from head to toe. Your face differs from that of others, but it closely resembles your ancestors' faces. You are connected to your ancestors and can receive their support.

In terms of lineage, a family is the fruit of thousands and tens of thousands of years of history. The bloodlines of tens of thousands of ancestors follow the laws of genetics, so their characteristics are bound to reappear in subsequent generations. This means a white couple can even give birth to a black child. Since you are the fruit of this process, you cannot say you belong only to yourself. You represent your ancestors, and you link the present to your descendants to come, for you are connected with them by a common lineage. If you were to pull in your bloodline, you would be pulling everyone connected to it toward you. (470-136, 2004/09/25)

10 I founded the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace in order to hasten the worldwide conversion oflin-eage. Before we can convert lineage, we need to convert ownership, and before we can convert ownership, we first need to convert the realm of the heart. At present, the world is doing this backward, but conversion of ownership and lineage are meaningless without prior conversion of the heart. The conversion of lineage, ownership and the realm of the heart are the most difficult things to accomplish.

Even if you live in an advanced and wealthy nation like America or Japan, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven if your mind and body are in conflict. I have a logical teaching about how and why the mind and body came to be in conflict. The human Fall began from Satan's love, and that has to be reversed through indemnity—going through situations where you have ownership over nothing, where you do not regard your body as belonging to you, nor your conscience as belonging to you. You will not be satisfied unless you revolutionize your mind and body and connect them to God by a grafting process. Wild olive trees have to receive a graft from the true olive tree. (467-232, 2004/09/07)

11 In the liberated realm of the Fourth Israel, we need to unite the lineage and root. By so doing, we form the nation of the Fourth Israel, that is, a nation and a world expanded from a family, based on the united and liberated sovereignty of the king of kings of goodness. In other words, all nations should be brought together as one through the family ideal and connected to the world. When this nation in the form of a family is thus established both in heaven and on earth, all friends and relatives who have received the Blessing under God as their Parent can stand in the position of children and become members of our original homeland, our original nation of eternal peace and prosperity. (467-106, 2004/09/02)

12 After going through pain and suffering, the Lord at the Second Advent has finally restored the authority of the chosen people of Israel, eliminated Jesus' sorrow over being crucified, and appeared in this world as his substantial resurrected body. He has shouldered the responsibility to block the way of everything evil in this world and to reach the absolute standard of true love, true life and true lineage, not only to manage the origin of all love, life and lineage, but also to digest and absorb it. (470-165, 2004/09/26)

True Parents, who have come to

this world bearing the news of the Blessing for the change of lineage, have been opposed by Satan's world and by all people, both in the spirit world and in hell on earth. However, through the Blessing they have connected the realm that is separated from evil on the individual level to the realm that is separated from evil on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. On this foundation, True Parents have been enthroned as the king and queen of blessed families on the levels of the individual, tribe, people and nation, and they have taken the position of the king and queen transcending religions and nations, centered on the realm of religion.

Centering on the upper and lower houses of the Congress of the United States, representing the realm of the Second Israel, the True Parents—who recovered the name of the Owner of true love, true life and true lineage and who are in one heart and one body with the founders of the religions and their representatives on earth—won over countless Cain-type kingships in Satan's world and established the kingship of eternal and unchanging peace with God at the center. Then, centered on oneness within the world of faith, they established authority through their victory and inaugurated the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace, the nation that represents the Cain realm.

This is the age when we can unite the entire realm of brothers that was once lost, and dedicate its kingship to God. In this period, True Parents can now demolish the barriers in the Cain world on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and even hell, and create a realm of Blessing and liberation based on lineage, after creating a common value system with a just standard. By so doing, the betrayal of the blood relatives of Adam's family can be set right. Thus, we have ushered in an age in which we can inherit the liberated authority of victory of the earthly and heavenly worlds, based on the kingship that God, the King of Peace, has established, and based on the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace, representing the Cain world.

13 God is the King of Peace, and the nation where God lives is the hometown of peace and the fatherland of peace. You need to know about this God. The most important thing is how we are to understand this absolute God. Since human beings live on this one planet Earth, they are brothers and sisters, one bloodline, and one great family. God's providential view has been hidden from us. This hidden knowledge must be revealed. With this in mind, I have convened this conference for the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace. This conference must be the meeting of God's children, the gathering of God's family. This is our goal. (478-283, 2004/12/02)

14 Even though people bearing the Mongolian birthmark married each other, they also spread east, west, north and south and married local inhabitants. As a result, many ancestries became mixed in. Their bloodline diversified as they expanded across five oceans and six continents. Their descendants may be of the same family but they have a variety of ancestors. To resolve this, we need to turn the realm of the greater Mongolian family into a realm of the Mongolian blood-related peoples based on the standard of the Blessing that goes beyond the national level. This blood-related tribe does not come from different lineages but from only one. (505-237, 2005/08/28)

15 I founded an association through which religious people can unite, and I have also brought together the Mongolian people, so that they are now taking the same path. These two groups are Abel and Cain. Though they formerly fought each other, they have now planted the victorious banner of peace on this land. We have to resolve the bitter sorrow of Adam and Eve and attend True Parents. Then we must enter the presence of God and tell Him, "Heavenly Father, we have returned," and weep endless tears from the heart. We separated from God with tears, but after we have achieved restoration through indemnity with tears, we will enter the heavenly palace of the original ideal. And when God assumes His rightful place and all His people take an oath that they will become the owners of everything under heaven, that will be the beginning of God's eternal kingdom. (511-204, 2005/10/12)

16 Uniting the greater Mongolian people through the Blessing is a movement to abolish national barriers. Mongolian people are present in all the nations in Asia, including not only Korea, Japan and China but also Russia. This is an amazing fact. Thirty percent of early European immigrants to America were also descended from the Mongolian peoples. Achieving world peace will not be a problem if we can bring them together through the Unification Principle. (467-166, 2004/09/04)

17 In Adam's family, Cain killed Abel. Religions were established to escape from this path, and now the time has come for God to assimilate the Cain world through religion. Now that the kingship of goodness has begun, we have to find the trans-religious and trans-national realm. If the first son in Adam's family had not killed Abel but had established the authority of the elder son, as his parents' representative, the family could have been firmly established. That did not happen and the situation was turned upside down.

Therefore, ultimately the Mongolian people need to unite as one greater family and take the position of the elder brother. Then they can establish the true authority of the elder brother, and their younger brothers can take their rightful position. Only then can we achieve the liberation of the angelic world, Satan's world and even hell. The fundamental rule of liberation demands that we serve the Cain world, respecting its older-brother position. Only then can this world become a world of peace. Now, by engrafting the lost origin of God's lineage, we can settle in a position of complete liberation. (468-161, 2004/09/13)

Section 4. The Universal Peace Federation

Summit Council and Federation

The first conference of the Summit Council for World Peace (SCWP) took place May 31-June 4,1987, with 20 former heads of state, at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul. The Summit Council for World Peace, which convened conferences of former and current heads of state and other policy leaders in the global arena, became the center of the Federation for World Peace (FWP).

True Parents founded the Federation for World Peace at a gathering at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center in Seoul on August 28, 1991, on the basis of their 1990 discussion with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. At the inaugural assembly, True Father said in his keynote address that each country must reject the pursuit of its own individual national interests as the basis for policy, and suggested the creation of a world summit that would build relationships of trust and mutual understanding among nations. In accordance with this suggestion, the participants deliberated on how nations might transcend their own narrow interests in order to further the cause of world peace.

1 True Parents, who come as the Lord at the Second Advent, must achieve the unified realm of the Third Israel with the cooperation of the United States and present-day Israel. No one understands this, and for that reason the Unification Church, which alone is aware of what must take place, must assume responsibility for it. World figures who have made a personal connection with True Parents must now connect with one another. The Summit Council for World Peace has been established for this purpose. (241-079, 1992/12/19)

2 I see the most serious world problems to be first, communism, second, the crumbling of religions, and third, immorality among the young. Currently, world leaders are grappling with the problem of communism. We can divide world leaders into two groups, one group representing the secular, external world, and the other, religious leaders, representing the internal world. The question of how to revive a spiritually impoverished religious world is the one faced by religious leaders in the world today. And then there are the moral problems of our youth.

I will gather scholars from around the world and create summit meetings with presidents and prime ministers from many nations. There, I will present a high-level view of the path of the future world.

I have launched organizations and movements aimed at resolving these three problems. I have gone beyond the point of weighing whether or not this effort is possible. I am actualizing it. Academic communities of the world recognize that I am the only person who can defeat communism. Even world leaders understand that there is no one else to save this world from communism. And I have redirected the external world by gathering leading intellectuals and having them examine the centrality of absolute values. (117-045, 1982/01/31)

3 When we convene the Summit Council for World Peace we must gather the best scholars. This is to lay a foundation to move the leaders of the nations. When a summit is convened, at least three people from each nation, including a former president or prime minister, should be present. This will give those gathered the authority to tell anyone, "You must listen to what we are saying." Problems will thus be solved easily. With this in place, when we bring the most authoritative scholars and former and current presidents of all nations to like me, the world will turn around. (119-018, 1982/07/03)

4 In 1995, participants at the Summit Council for World Peace included former presidents and prime ministers. They stand in the position of Cain in front of True Parents, who bring the promise of the new realm of kingship. In every country, the president and former president have a Cain-Abel relationship. There are often at least three former presidents residing in a given country. I even know of one country with seven. Former presidents can influence the current president of their nation. I made a foundation by interweaving them in the background, and as a result, they will move the presidents to welcome me at a status above the level of state guest. I will deal with nations that accomplish this. I will visit those countries that promise to bring at least one-third of their citizens to stand together and participate in the Blessing. (272-054, 1995/08/30)

5 Globally, I am uniting religions centering on the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, and I am conducting a movement to bring harmony in politics centering on the Federation for World Peace. Such a movement must be created either by someone who understands God's providence or by a nation that stands on the side of heaven. To this day, such a nation has not existed. Therefore, the one who understands God's providence must be the one to accomplish it. I am the one who stands in this position. As I achieved this, we must move directly forward, starting on the individual level and advancing all the way to the world level. I am the one who has triumphed over communism. (247-196, 1993/05/09)

6 In order to come from the Old Testament Age and complete the New Testament Age worldwide, we must resolve all the conflicts that arose due to the death of Jesus on the cross. True Parents founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace in order to unite into one the right and the left, as well as the separated mind and body. True Parents helped resolve the problem between right and left, and we are binding people together in the Islamic world through the marriage Blessing. The position of the Returning Lord is based on a revival of the consciousness of Jesus.

Therefore, True Parents must gather together the world of religion and the world of ideology. The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace unites the entire world of the mind, while the Federation for World Peace unites the world of the body. Harvesting the fruit on the worldwide level, they will end the separation of mind and body. (243-295, 1993/01/28)

7 In Europe, a cultural realm of oneness is being formed with Christianity at the center. However, the conflict between Protestantism and Catholicism remains a problem. Who will bring Protestantism and Catholicism together? We are the only people who can bring these two groups together. North and South America will become one once Europe unites. Currently, the two American continents are fighting one another: the North American, Protestant realm of independence versus the South American, Catholic realm of Latin culture. But if Europe becomes one, North and South America also will naturally unite. If this happens in Europe, and in North and South America, then the Asian realm surely will follow.

The Unification Church, which represents Asia, can pull everything into one alliance. Therefore, as soon as possible, Japan, China and Russia must bind together. This is the purpose of the Federation for World Peace conference, which convenes in Seoul in March 1994. Oneness must come about by es tablishing a values-centered viewpoint within the cultural realm. (252-192, 1993/12/30)

8 Four powerful nations, America, Japan, China and Russia, surround the Korean Peninsula. My intention is to organize leading figures from these four countries and to hold a world peace conference. We will gather representatives from at least 120 countries to advocate this world peace conference, in order to place the United Nations in the Abel position. With that, along with the signatures of the representatives of these four nations, not one country in the world will decline from participating. Gathered here will be America, Russia, China, Japan and others, the most powerful economies in the world. If they are unable to accept the direction determined during this peace conference, they will encounter problems in trade, diplomacy and other areas. This is why I have founded the Federation for World Peace. A gathering of just a few powers from the same region cannot create a world of peace. The worlds leading politicians have concluded that I am the only person with the foundation to lead the world in this direction in the future. (227-149, 1992/02/11)

9 There have been many kinds of peace conferences throughout the world. However, when you analyze things carefully, you realize that participants cannot find the path to true world peace because they are blinded by individualism. They put their own interests or the interests of their own country first. In addition to the Federation for World Peace, I founded the Women's Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the Youth Federation for World Peace, because I have a dream of creating a central global organization that represents humankind, which can lead the world of the 21st century toward a new altruism based on living for the sake of others.

Looking ahead to the coming century, let us strive to establish a world characterized by the practice of living for the sake of others. Let us create a world order based on the practice of true love. I established each of these organizations as a platform for the practice of love on the world level. Even though it has been less than three years since the founding of the Federation for World Peace, many world leaders have come on board, and I am very pleased about that. All of you, please understand clearly the origin of my motivation to start this world peace movement, and let us strive to build a truly peaceful world together.

The Universal Peace Federation On August 18,2000, True Father spoke at the UN headquarters in New York City during an assembly of the International and Interreligious Federation for World Peace (IIFWP). There he proposed that, for the realization of world peace, the UN should be reorganized into an upper house and a lower house. He also proposed the establishment of peace zones at the world's the most sen sitive borders, including the Demilitarized Zone on the Korean peninsula.

On September 12,2005, he inaugurated the Universal Peace Foundation (UPF), a new world peace organization that is intended to work with the current UN. At the keynote speech, True Father stated, "UPF will fulfill the mission of the Abel UN in front of the current UN in the position of Cain." He also emphasized, "This new organization will perform the role of stopping strife and conflicts throughout the world by promoting religious and spiritual awakening, thereby going beyond the UN's inherent limitations."

Immediately after the inauguration of UPF, True Parents embarked on a world speaking tour to 120 nations, which they completed on December 23, 2005. During that tour, many world leaders, including the current heads of state of Burundi, Tanzania, Albania, Palau, and the Solomon Islands, served in the role of ambassadors for peace. True Parents had meetings with top leaders of many nations, who agreed to actively pursue the world peace movement. Those leaders included the presidents of the Philippines, Uruguay, the prime minister of Albania, and the crown prince of Cambodia. (259-129, 1994/03/29)

10 I plan to establish an Abel UN. It will be similar to the United Nations. I plan to establish an international peace federation with the word "universal" in the name. Its name will be the Universal Peace Federation. This organization will lead us into the one world of Cheon II Guk, where both heaven and earth are united around peace. That is why the word "universal" will be in it. I will make an official proclamation that the Abel UN will be formed centering on this concept. (504-287, 2005/08/19)

11 God seeks peace and unity, whereas Satan seeks conflict and division. The world is at a crossroads, where one path leads to prosperity and the other to destruction. As God and Satan can no longer remain on the same course, evil will disappear and only goodness will remain. This is the path of the Universal Peace Federation. Once Satan completely disappears from the earth, the world will be embraced in the bosom of peace and prosperity. We must establish the Universal Peace Federation, and through its activities we will accomplish the goal of restoring God's fatherland. This has to be our life's goal. (506-290, 2005/09/05)

12 The word "universal," meaning "of the cosmos" (cheonju), signifies the house of this universe. All within this house are one great family. The Universal Peace Federation is the organization that will bring peace to this large family. The peace among the members of this large family will naturally lead to the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Its center is God.

Since the center of the huge cosmos is God, it is not True Parents who take responsibility for it, but it is God who takes responsibility. It is not True Parents who are the central beings; we should entrust the cosmos to God's hands. If we entrust this task to the spirit world, as long we are aligned to the way God in heaven is leading us, God's Will can be fulfilled naturally.

Wherever you are, you should pay attention to the Universal Peace Federation. In order to take even one step closer to the heavenly world, you should entrust everything to God. If you entrust everything to God, since God will be the center, there is nothing that cannot be realized. Since there is no indemnity and no opposition from Satan, God can do whatever He needs to do. Such a time has come. Since God can perform the role of the Owner, acting as He wills, you should live with the idea that He is carrying you on His back. Then when you advance, you can surmount any kind of persecution. That is the important significance of the establishment of UPF. (507-283, 2005/09/13)

13 The Universal Peace Federation is the Abel UN. I already proclaimed its authority as the Abel sovereignty. As the Universal Peace Federation is the Abel UN, having the Abel sovereignty, it will support its UN older brother from the position of Abel, cooperating with its brother instead of killing him. They will establish the tradition of working together in harmony to solve world problems.

Once True Parents can be involved, North and South Korea, Russia and China, and Russia and America will not be able to fight each other. Problems will be solved without needing to fight. Once True Parents are allowed to be involved, the communists will recognize them as their parents, and the democratic world will also recognize them as their parents. Then neither side will be able to oppose True Parents. Then and there, they will have absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to the True Parents, and heaven and earth will be totally united. Then the age of the federation of peace uniting heaven and earth (UPF) will advance to the age of the Abel UN, and when all Cain and Abel relationships are resolved, we will enter the age of the sovereignty of the King of Cosmic Peace. (517-307, 2006/02/15)

14 While upholding the banner of the Universal Peace Federation, I am willing to accept the risk of being cursed and beaten. I am the kind of person who wants to have a good end before I pass on to the next world. As I began with pain and suffering, I am willing to end with pain and suffering. I should not have any selfish desires. It is my wish that such things will never happen again, not only in my childrens and grandchildren s generations but also for many generations to come. That is why I will hold on to this mission for ten years, even for 1,000 years if I have to. (527-306, 2006/05/31)

15 Right after we held the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation in the United States, I began a 120-nation speaking tour. I planted in those 120 nations the victories that we achieved during our entire life of indemnity. You people of the Unification Church face opposition, but I insist that you march forward without even a hint of fear. Members of the Unification Church in 120 nations have always wondered, "When will Father come to our nation?" This time I went to each and every one of those 120 nations. It was the task of planting our victories. That is why no one could oppose me. Not one among the 120 nations opposed my visit. There was no opposition in any nation, from island nations to peninsula nations to even continental nations. Then I passed on my victory to Mother. As I passed it on to her, I asked her to unite Cain and Abel. So Mother toured and spoke in 180 nations. Even though it was Mother who stepped forward for this task, she did not go alone. We were together, centering on God. (575-216, 2007/09/23)

16 True Parents set out on a worldwide speaking tour through 120 nations on September 12, 2005. Its purpose was to establish the lineage that Jesus was not able to establish—to change humankind s fallen lineage to God's. While I was traveling with Mother, I opened the path for her. Eve, by her Fall, defiled the human lineage, and I had to rectify that. However, to rectify Cain s murder of Abel all people have to unite with Mother. As her sons and daughters, they have to take the path that True Parents have set out for them.

Jesus in his lifetime, together with his wife who was to become True Mother, should have toured 120 nations and infused the ideal of true family, but he was not able to. Thus, while Mother traveled to 180 nations for this second UPF world tour, she had to bring together Cain and Abel who were divided. She had to bind together individuals, families, tribes and peoples who were all divided from one another. For this, I first had to sever Satan's lineage from humankind, and then Mother, who inherited my foundation, had to resolve the Cain-Abel children's problem worldwide. (532-070, 2006/07/13)

Ambassadors for peace

The first ambassadors for peace were appointed as flag bearers for the movement for world peace during the Assemblies for the Settlement of God's Fatherland that took place in 12 major cities of Korea from July 3 to 12, 2001. These ambassadors for peace, among whom are leaders of nations, come from many backgrounds, and they have been carrying out the mission to extend heaven's lineage to every corner of the world.

17 Ever since the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, God has been saying to me, "Reverend Moon, you are My beloved Son of all sons, loyal patriot of all patriots, and saint of all saints. You have established My kingship, and I should go and sit on my throne; but where is My throne?" God was lamenting that He did not have His throne.

It was heartbreaking to me as God's Son, that God could not stand in the position where He was entitled to stand. Thus understanding God's situ ation, as I prayed at the first anniversary of God's enthronement ceremony I expressed my apology, saying, "Heavenly Father, I am so sorry. I am ashamed." By now I should have united the entire planet Earth and also united the spirit world, and I should be able to attend God at His throne. In such circumstances, my son who was sent to the spirit world before me is united with True Parents on earth. I see him trying to save the spiritual world and the physical world. I see him ordering an all-out mobilization to educate the spirits of people. Despite all this effort, I was still unable to save God's face.

Then God tried to comfort me, "My Son, you offered Me the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship with the authority of liberation in the heavenly world, yet you are still walking in sorrowful circumstances in the nighttime. You still do not have a nation that lights your path." This is God's bitter sorrow. I want you to know: the ones who can dissolve it are you, the ambassadors for peace of heaven's nation. You ambassadors for peace are the secret envoys of heaven's nation. (366-054, 2002/01/13)

18 Ambassadors for peace are the secret envoys of heaven. They are the secret envoys in the position of ambassadors with full authority, special ambassadors on the front line.

Ambassadors for peace represent the king. As secret envoys, their decisions are considered to represent the decisions of their nation. That is why they are secret envoys. You cannot tell the secrets of a nation to anyone. Ambassadors for peace are in a position higher than the ambassadors of their nations, even those with special portfolios. That is why they have the authority to go in and out of the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace. (541-086, 2006/09/28)

19 Ambassadors for peace have their portion of responsibility to achieve their public mission. They have to go as the teachers who understand the significance of the independence of God's fatherland and the liberation of His hometown to all nations. They have to dean up all that is fallen. Their role is not to make small fixes, but to fundamentally restructure their nations according to Gods expectation. In particular, they need to teach their nations' leaders to follow heaven's constitution. In other words, they have a responsibility to teach them about this as the ambassadors on behalf of the king of all kings and His anointed representatives.

Ambassadors for peace are people who represent the responsibility of the angelic world. Therefore, they cannot go forth while claiming ownership. They have to offer everything back to heaven and uphold the public standard without claiming ownership over anything. (606-237, 2009/01/14)

20 Ambassadors for peace are in the position to guide people to the path that leads directly to God. Walking this path requires more loyalty than they have invested in themselves. Now is the era of the ambassadors for peace. Most especially, ambassadors for peace need to align themselves with the principles of absolute sex. From the ground of the Garden of Eden they must dig out the root of our ancestors' Fall that was based on the failure to uphold those principles. (580-094, 2007/11/09)

21 Ambassadors for peace on earth represent the angelic world. They can be in the position of elder brother or parent to the fallen Lucifer. The earthly world has been liberated through True Parents and the principles of absolute sex, but the spirit world is still divided. We have to reunite God's new world and the angelic world within the spirit world. Ambassadors for peace are those who have appeared in the midst of these two. They must bring this divided reality back into unity. When this world is unified around the tradition that follows the form of one family— the family that is established based on the principles of absolute sex—then Satan will be vanquished. Peace ambassadors now have to work on uniting the angelic realm with the rest of the spirit world. (584-174, 2008/01/05)

22 Ambassadors for peace have to act as the older brothers and the parents of the Archangel Lucifer. That is why they have to put the fundamentals in order in the political world. In order to do that, we formed the Gyojeongdang (fit lEH). This organization is to teach what is right and build a proper home. People should join it and receive education, and various kinds of restructuring should take place. For this, UN troops should emerge again. Then, there will be no more national military forces, but only the UN forces. The UN forces will take the leading role. (613-118, 2009/06/05)

23 In the Solomon Islands, I am making preparations to establish a headquarters for the ambassadors for peace of Oceania, in the free world. Japan is another island nation, but it belongs not to Oceania but to Asia. Taiwan as well is an island nation that belongs to Asia. The Philippines too, is in Asia, although it is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia is the largest nation in the Pacific Ocean, but it is also an Asian country. I have been heading a movement to unite all these nations. Now that rallies for this purpose have concluded, I have begun building an all-inclusive island nations' headquarters for the ambassadors for peace. I am establishing the Oceania peace ambassadors' headquarters in the Solomon Islands. We have to bring these countries to think like one nation. (551-169, 2007/01/06)

24 We need kindergarten age ambassadors for peace, elementary school age ambassadors for peace, middle school, high school, university student and graduate school ambassadors for peace. Just as the True Parents, representing God, established ambassadors for peace in many nations and gave them the Blessing, you as ambassadors for peace should do the same on our behalf. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you need to build the foundation for people to welcome God and True Parents. When you do so, and have given them the Blessing, the place where you are will become the kingdom of heaven, the world of liberation and complete freedom. (542-330, 2006/10/23)

25 I have even made kindergartners into ambassadors for peace. From now on, I will work with the second generation. It is their era. Once sons and daughters of ambassadors for peace become ambassadors for peace, their numbers will double. They are in the positions of the archangel and the children of the archangel. As you are in the position of UN ambassadors in Adam's family, you need to educate the people, lead them and fly with them. For this reason, once we make ambassadors for peace from kindergartners up to graduate school students and even the presidents of nations, a new world will unfold. (543-052, 2006/10/25)

Korean War Memorial Federation, and the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police

On December 13,2004, in Washington DC, True Father held a commemoration for UN troops that had participated in the Korean War and who had given their lives in order to protect the cause of world peace and freedom. To recognize the value of their sacrifices, he inaugurated the United Nations Peace Forces of the Korean War Memorial Federation in Washington DC. Later, on June 12, 2006, he held a ceremony to launch the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police under the auspices of UPF. True Father said that members of the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police are to fulfill the responsibility of lookouts. Their role is like that of white blood cells in the human body, to maintain the body's health and remove germs invading from the outside. The peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police will guard the peaceful community that is organized based on True Parents' teachings. They will protect it, and also educate others to do so. Notably, they will have the mission to purify the world of evil culture from the infiltration of Satan's world, and to develop the culture of goodness.

26 I am establishing the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police as a volunteer army and police force to protect the righteousness of God's nation. Veterans from the 16 nations who served with the UN troops that participated in the Korean War are eligible. Among those soldiers from 16 nations, those who survived are like Cain. The descendants of soldiers who died during the war are in the position of Abel, and they should bond with those in the Cain position. (503-162, 2005/08/03)

27 I need to form the peace kingdom corps and the peace kingdom police. During the Korean War, 16 nations participated. The Korean War was one through which God fought against Satan. That is to say, it was a war for a divine purpose. The UN and the United States fought for the unification of the Korean Peninsula but returned without being able to fulfill that. This must be rectified. That is why I will hold an event for the United Nations Peace Forces of the Korean War Memorial Federation on July 26, 2005. (495-110, 2005/05/07)

28 I will establish the entity called the United Nations Peace Forces of the Korean War Memorial Federation for those soldiers who died in the war on the Korean Peninsula that had a divine purpose, and I will bind together all those who still remain from the war. Then, it will become a world-level organization. I can bring the foreign ministers and legislators from those 16 nations to become ambassadors for peace. Once this is done, I can form the peace kingdom corps and the peace kingdom police. They can educate other soldiers in their nation's military and the members of their nation's police. If they do so, they will naturally bring their nation's military personnel and police to be part of the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police. Since these entities transcend national boundaries, they will never fight among themselves. Israel and the Arab countries are in conflict at present, but based on this idea we need to help them reconcile. (493-050, 2005/04/18)

29 I proclaimed the establishment of peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police in Ukraine. I made the proclamation on October 20,2005 during my global speaking tour. The Soviet Union stored most of its nuclear warheads in Ukraine. Those warheads could destroy the whole world. If some one pushes a button and detonates some of those warheads, the heat wave could set off other warheads in a chain reaction. Just two or three of those warheads are enough to bring humanity to extinction. We are living in such a dangerous time. This is why, just as the Bible suggests, we have to quickly melt swords into plowshares. (567-305, 2007/07/07)

30 The peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police are similar to the white blood cells and the red blood cells that protect our bodies. Just as these cells cooperate with each other to protect our life, the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police absolutely have to maintain their structure until humanity passes beyond the boundary line and reaches the last stop, heaven. God is the absolute Owner of heaven, and the heaven that He rules will be absolute, unchanging, unique, and eternal. (529-231, 2006/06/12)

31 Your mind and body should not fight with each other. This is the problem. You must unite mind and body, no matter what. The body has been sowing seeds of love while violating the mind. This has given birth to such things as sexual liberation, free sex and homosexuality. In todays world, people are addicted to alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Men and women alike fight with one another, each seeking conquest of the other. This has to come to an end. The peace kingdom corps has to be able to do this. UN forces came to Korea in order to liberate it, but they failed. We have to recreate them through the peace kingdom corps. (508-121, 2005/09/18)

32 Your nation needs its own peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police. This universe, the physical world and the spiritual world, needs them as well. A police force and military corps that focus on peace are also needed in the angelic world. There needs to be two layers of defense. When we can perfect it on earth, it will be perfected in the heavenly world. These are not something that exist for the comfort of the individual. These police and military forces are needed so that everyone can enjoy the happiness that comes after the liberation. God was unable to create this safety measure in the Garden of Eden. He could not create the apparatus to provide Adam and Eve with security. (527-323, 2006/06/01)

33 The newly created Universal Peace Federation is the Abel UN. It is the same as the United Nations of the heavenly kingdom. We need to create a foundation so that it can have genuine effect. That is why the might of a police force and the might of a military corps are important. These forces need to be stationed wherever there is a conflict. They can educate the people there, and bring an end to the conflict. That will not be a problem. Peace kingdom corps troops will not carry weapons. Their main armament will be education. In like manner, the peace kingdom police will serve as a simple means of defense. As these forces will be our strength in the background, we should not be careless. We have already organized them. (509-188, 2005/10/02)

Section 5. The 180-Nation Tour

Rallies for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown

The Universal Peace Federation launched the rallies for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown with a Seoul area rally on March 25, 2006 at Sun Moon University. Similar gatherings were held in Korea's main regions over the ensuing ten days until April 3, and a total of one million citizens attended. At each event, True Parents proclaimed "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World" and presided over a marriage Blessing ceremony. From April 28 until May 10, True Mother held Universal Peace Federation events for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown in 13 major cities in the United States and Canada. Thereafter, she held events in 180 nations with the participation of the True Children.

1 Now Mother has completed more world tours than I have. Based on the official words that represent the substantial body of Father, and representing all women in the world, True Mother, indemnifying the failure of fallen Eve, must, on that foundation, conclude the fulfillment of her responsibility. I discovered the truth and defeated Satan from the husbands position, laying the foundation for success on the world level. Mother had to tour 120 nations and 180 cities, as if going through the pain of giving birth. Doing that work, during which she shed blood and sweat, she was in labor to give birth. After that comes the work by which Fathers substantial victory is inherited and Eve's responsibility is completed.

In the Garden of Eden, Eve could not love and attend her husband. Therefore, carrying the name of the Mother that all the world is able to recognize, Mother had to travel around the world and return to her family, and must take her position. This is the time we are entering. For the first time ever, a family has been established based on a God-centered husband and wife. All women must now become the second selves of Mother and give birth to humanity. Mother cannot do this alone. (582-173, 2007/12/08)

2 On March 25, 2006, we held the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. What happens now? The nation has received the Blessing and all people must register their names. As the first-ever generation, True Parents, in place of Adam, will be the beginning of the ancestral tree that will expand worldwide. Branches will grow. All humankind and all things of creation will be like one mature tree. (523-265, 2006/04/07)

3 All members of the Unification Church worldwide are returning to their hometown after receiving the Blessing. The world is now in the Age of the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. What you consider at present to be your fatherland is in fact not your real fatherland. That fatherland is Korea. That is where you find the blessed soil of your original hometown. Therefore, a great migration must take place. After that, you must register in your original hometown. Through this registration, you will become the ancestors of the heavenly nation. If you cannot register, you will feel deep regret. If you wait to register, problems will arise. It is not enough just to be here together today; if you do not register you will create a separation that could last hundreds or thousands of generations. (526-195, 2006/05/17)

4 What is the meaning of the Universal Peace Federation gatherings for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown? UPF is the Abel UN, but have you ascended to the same level as the Abel UN? If you rise to that position, you must not keep anything and claim that it belongs to you. You have to embody the restored substance of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Only when you attain the level of embodying these qualities, which God applied during the time of creation, can God's love dwell within you. The question is whether you have achieved such a level. (526-077, 2006/05/12)

5 Mother is giving a speech in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 29,2006. We have to mobilize the entire spirit world, centering on the peninsula and the sea, to give birth to the cultures of the land and ocean. Then the completion of the Blessing will be accomplished. All those descended from the Mongolian peoples, who comprise the Cain realm, must be connected as blood relatives. After giving them the Blessing, we must bind the greater Mongolian people, who have spread out in all four directions, into one lineage.

The Blessing, when given on the national level, will end opposition on the national and world level. Humanity is not static. Until now, True Parents have been working, but now the blessed families must step forward. The religious sphere and the national sphere must unite to form a grand Abel realm possessing greater power than that of Satan's world, and assimilate the realm of the greater Mongolian people. They must unite not through force, but through God's true love. This will be the start of a new unity between the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. (527-220, 2006/05/29)

6 On June 2, 2006, Mother met the president of India. I heard that he said, "Reverend Moon's family ideal is wonderful." Ordinary people cannot think of gathering together families in order to form a single lineage. In doing this, I moved history forward. Leaders in the highest position understand these types of things immediately. They understand the reason I do this. True Parents, who have received so much lifelong persecution, have transcended the boundaries of nation and religion, and given the marriage Blessing publicly. The problems of the family and youth, which are becoming more severe throughout the world, can only be solved by True Parents' special authority. (528-164, 2006/06/04)

7 There was a great commotion among the members of Unification Church in America regarding Mothers lecture that was held in Jerusalem on June 29, 2006. They said, "How can we hold an event in a war zone?" but this was not their decision to make. Was it sufficient that they just voiced their concerns about safety without thinking about going there themselves to shield Mother? When the leader in charge of the event called me to ask, "How should I deal with this?" I asked him, "What are you worrying about? Is whether you live or die your main concern? When you find yourself on the path of death, you have to complete that course! You have to take responsibility for the problems that you encounter." When someone stands in a central position at any time in history, that person has to maintain that central position, fulfilling his responsibility. (531-094, 2006/06/30)

8 Only a few more African nations remain, and then Mother s world tour will be finished. We resurrected people in many parts of the world this time by holding life-giving Blessing events. None of that will disappear. Now every day the Blessing will gradually expand. It will grow every year until it covers the entire world. Mothers beautiful presence, her beautiful voice, and the quality of heaven s grace have the power to re-create. Therefore, when Mother sees prominent people attending her world tour, she joyfully steps forward with a heart that says, "Please become thoroughly immersed in the grace of heaven and become the ancestors and nations who will receive the respect of your descendants." (533-155, 2006/07/23)

9 People are more valuable than money, knowledge or power. Accordingly, without Mother, I am miserable. Mother has now completed the events in Africa, and is halfway to Uruguay. Reaching Uruguay takes 16 hours. Without Mother, it seems as if I have no ground to stand on. However much one may mention the good things in the world, I cannot appreciate them. A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man as a companion to share that joy. The principles of heaven and earth require that there be companions who harmonize and go through life's vicissitudes together. (533-217, 2006/07/27)

10 Now that the Universal Peace Federation events for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown have concluded, we must achieve global unification. Our sole final mission is to connect the nation and the world. This is now the time when, as blood relatives of True Parents, after taking responsibility for the spiritual and physical worlds, the blessed families on earth and in the spirit world together can attend God in the realm of grace. Until now we followed True Parents so that we could recover the original family and attend God. After reclaiming the family, we have reached the time when heaven and earth can attend True Parents and, through attendance, receive salvation. It is not the age of believing; it is the age of practice. The age of restoration has ended. Everything has been accom plished, and our job now is to attend. (524-041, 2006/04/08)

Three generations of the True Family on the speaking tour

From August 31 until October 14,2006, the world speaking tour commemorating the founding of the Universal Peace Federation covered 12 cities in each of 40 nations, a total of480 cities. The tour involved three generations: True Mother, who represented True Parents, some of their children, some spouses of the True Children, and some of True Parents' grandchildren as well as other members of True Parents' extended family.

On September 5, at the former world headquarters church in Cheongpa-dong, True Father held a special gathering to pray for that tour. Then on October 18, at Cheon Jeong Palace, True Father presided over the celebration of the homecoming from the victorious tour.

11 I was acknowledged as the King of Peace in 2004 at coronation ceremonies held separately in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in the United States, and in the Korean National Assembly. Following that, I founded the Universal Peace Federation in New York City on September 12, 2005. On the basis of those victories, on June 13, 2006, we held the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth. These were each steps toward the establishment of the substantial kingdom of heaven on earth, Cheon II Guk.

Immediately after the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation, I em barked on a world speaking tour of 120 nations. My wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, inherited my victory through that first world tour and, representing True Parents, went on to complete successfully a tour declaring God's message in 180 nations. Through this tour, which took her around the world over the past six months, she completed the historical providence of mother-child cooperation. From the position of True Parents, accompanied directly by True Children, through True Mother declaring the Word and the children officiating with her at the Blessing events, they restored the realm of the lineage and the realm of Cain and Abel unity, both of which had been lost by Eve, the mother of the first human family.

August 20 of this year was the 21st anniversary of my release from Danbury Prison in the United States, where I underwent the last of the six unjust incarcerations I have endured during my life. My release on that day signified victory over imprisonment on the worldwide level and my attainment of the realm of liberation and complete freedom. To commemorate that significant day, and to welcome and congratulate my wife upon her return from her recently completed world speaking tour, I hosted a world-level peace rally in Korea. More than 30,000 core leaders, representing 1.2 million ambassadors for peace, and leaders from 120 nations, gathered and strengthened their resolve to realize world peace.

On the foundation of the success of that providential event, Mother is now traveling to every corner of the world to proclaim this message in the capacity of the King of Peace in Heaven and on Earth, with three generations of True Parents' family. This message, which God sent to humanity in the Era After the Coming of Heaven, clarifies the mysteries of heaven. (538-089, 2006/09/12)

12 I welcome the first anniversary of the September 12,2005 inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation with a heart more serious than ever. My world tour that began immediately following that founding was a night and day forced march without a single hour of peace. After establishing the Universal Peace Federation, I set out on that sacrificial road because of my single-minded desire to convey a special message from heaven to each person on earth. I feel exactly the same about this world tour going on right now, the third in a series.

As I approach my 88th year, I do not know when or where I might collapse along the way, but I am risking my life and have embarked on this path. It may be that this will be my last world tour. I am clarifying the mysteries of heaven. These may be the last words that I bequeath to humanity as the True Parent, who appeared with God's Divine Seal. I sincerely ask that you open your hearts and engrave these words of heaven upon them. I hope you become wise leaders who will uphold these words as the standard of your life and pass them on to your tribe and your descendants. (538-090, 2006/09/12)

13 We went to 120 nations and pro claimed proudly the glorious restoration of God's fatherland, and I also sent my beloved wife and children to 180 nations. It was the same as sending them to the battlefield. This was against common sense. We trained our children from the position of grandfather and grandmother, then passed over the summits of the second and third generations.

During this time, on the foundation of having given the marriage Blessing to four of our grandchildren, we sent our children and grandchildren to 40 nations. Three generations, representing the three ages of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament, raised the banner to open the gate that the family of the first grandfather failed to open. (537-151, 2006/08/31)

14 We toured the world until the very end, centering on God, True Father, True Mother, and Cain and Abel. True Parents toured 180 nations to indemnify all historical conflicts between mind and body, man and woman, husband and wife, parents and children, and between tribes. Those 180 nations cannot become nations like Israel all at once. For the first time, three generations, including my grandchildren, toured 40 nations. If the First Israel had united 40 nations, Jesus would not have died. Even if only 12 nations had become one with Israel, he would not have died. Because they could not do this, Jesus was trapped and even the people of Israel were trapped. The First Israel made a mistake, but all of that is being forgiven. Accordingly, three generations were mobilized and toured 40 nations. If we mobilize more than two generations, the world cannot oppose us. So three generations made the tour and everyone without exception, from everyday workers and farmers to presidents, welcomed them. (575-218, 2007/09/23)

15 When we draw an axis through the globe from Korea, we find that Uruguay lies directly opposite. That is why True Parents, starting many decades ago, made all the necessary preparations in Uruguay, such as building a hotel. When Mother went to Uruguay as a part of her world speaking tour, the Uruguayan government opened the national congress building to her, and they moved in concert with Mother through the First Lady. God worked behind the scenes there, and the event was a great success. It was not a random event. (549-015, 2006/12/19)

16 Because the time has come when we can live attending God, we must gather everything together before the 13lh day of the 1st month in 2013, and offer it to heaven. This is the reason the three generations of the True Family have been mobilized and must quickly travel around the world. Because several teams will operate under one title and tour at one time, it will not take long. If there are three teams it will take 120 days, and if there are four teams it will take 90 days. Also, three generations of blessed families must travel the world just as the True Parents have done. Three generations must enter the heavenly nation as if they are one person. (533-292, 2006/07/29)

Section 6. True Mother's Guidance during the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown Tour

Beginning in the United States, with a rally in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on April 28, 2006, True Mother went on a 180-nation world speaking tour, ending August 19. In addition to presiding over Universal Peace Federation gatherings for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown, she offered much guidance and encouragement to church members. Having inherited the victory of True Father's 120-nation speaking tour, and accompanied by True Children, she conducted Blessing events and proclaimed True Parents' teachings. By doing this, True Mother restored the realm of the united Cain and Abel and the realm of lineage Eve had lost. She spread to the world the grace of changing lineage, together with a new proclamation of the Word.

America and Asia

1 You are living in an age of tremendous blessing. Unlike the time of Jesus 2,000 years ago, we now have clear conviction about the future. Accordingly, today we understand how we need to proceed. The words of True Parents are your textbooks; they will guide you. Please understand why even Father, who is the substantial embodiment of these words, does hoondokhae every day. The vision True Parents present to you today is not a dream; it is reality. It is our responsibility to realize that vision. Because you are constantly encountering True Parents' words, you cannot use ignorance as an excuse. I hope in the future you will be able to stand in a position worthy of your descendants' praise. This Miami region of the United States is especially important, because it connects North and South America. I hope you will become central people who will bring these two continents into unity and substantially accomplish True Parents' will. (True Mother, 2006/05/04)

2 On June 16, 1996, Father convened the first meeting of the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace for the sake of realizing world peace by bringing island nations together. After connecting island nations, what must we do? Until now, island nations, which are spread throughout the Pacific Ocean, have been subordinate to continents. These island nations should combine their power and put forth their voices in this age of the ocean. They should take the lead to realize world peace. We are drawing near the time when island nations will become truly important. Unlike movement on the continents, movement in the oceans is free; you can go anywhere. Fish move around freely. Looking at the ocean, we see a region that symbolizes people coming and going freely without obstruction.

True Father especially loves the sea. I am sure he saw pictures of this rally while fishing in Yeosu, Korea. You carried out the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown here in Manila on May 28, 2006. This 180-nation Universal Peace Federation tour is a period of special grace when we can inherit God's true lineage through True Parents and True Children. God desires a world where all people transcend national borders, races and religions, and are able to live peacefully. As Filipino church members, you must lead other countries in renewing your determination for the sake of accomplishing the Will of God. You must put this into practice. (True Mother, 2006/05/29)

3 The work Father has been planning will be accomplished. From a geographic perspective, India occupies an important location for the realization of peace in Asia. As I was touring various nations of the world, I was struck by the fact that there is not one country that has not been influenced by China's power. In the future, India will rise as a strong nation, together with China. However, a problem now is that the major powers are expanding their influence while thinking only of their own nation's interest, without any relation to God's Will.

From this viewpoint, we can see that India has a major role to play in realizing world peace. This nation should stand in the forefront of God's Will. The time has come when you need to manifest actual results. It is important that you do not simply live a ritualistic life of faith, just floating along while listening to sermons. If you carry out your activities enthusiastically, every nation of the world will help you. You need to especially take care of those people who came to this evening's meeting. I hope you embrace them with warm hearts. Please make strong connections of heart so that they will want to see you, and you will be able to visit them often. (True Mother, 2006/06/03)

4 You young people are a great source of hope for Cambodia. Of course, it is important for you to study hard at your universities, but more than that you need to understand the importance of purity. You have to start a purity campaign for your peers, and lead them to the marriage Blessing. You need to live a model life and practice a life of living for the sake of others in your school. Father teaches church members every day, but he always conducts hoon-dokhae too. That is because the Word is important.

How tragic it is when people in this world go to the spirit world without knowing True Parents! The history of witnessing in Cambodia is short, but if you take the lead with each member saving 10 people or 100 people, you can quickly extend your roots and sprout branches. If you do this, it won't be long before this country is restored.

Thailand and Cambodia use similar alphabets. There are church members who came here today from Thailand; you are one family, brothers and sisters under God. Now if these two countries join hands and cooperate, you will certainly harvest substantial results with which God can be happy. (True Mother, 2006/06/05)

5 Some of you Mongolian women are engaged in remarkable activities, and there are many women here who sur pass men in various fields. Accordingly, women need to take the lead and work so that there is no one in this country who does not know True Parents. The time has come when you as women can determine victory or defeat. Especially if Mongolian women make strenuous efforts, this nation will be restored to God within a short time. It is said that "the husband is heaven and the wife is earth," so the men too should make strenuous efforts. If men and women cooperate in restoring this nation, that will shorten the time frame even more. I hope all of you will work hard. (True Mother, 2006/06/17)

6 To accomplish any goal you set in this world, you need to work 10 times or 100 times harder than others. You should set the personal goal of making these teachings known to everyone around you. Invest your efforts to achieve that. You have to do your best, especially to have all your blood relatives receive the Blessing. Think that the extent of your efforts will determine how quickly this nation will develop.

There is no blessing greater for Kyrgyzstan than that of rising up by implementing these teachings. Kyrgyzstan has been living without a name until now, because it was suppressed by the Soviet empire. If this country is to avoid such a fate in the future, you need to inform all citizens about True Parents. We cannot say that our event on June 18,2006, was adequate, but we did succeed in sowing a seed. There is nothing more hopeful than that. We do not have much time. You need to accomplish excellent results in front of True Parents as soon as possible. (True Mother, 2006/06/18)

7 Never forget the fact that each of you who lives in Kazakhstan is a revolutionary, and you are receiving enormous blessing such that you can stand in the same position as the Lord of Creation. True Father has said that this fallen world is like a field of wild olive trees. Blessed families have been engrafted with cuttings from the true olive tree. Accordingly, do not allow all those wild olive trees in the world to remain the way they are. You have to make cuts in the wild olive trees and engraft branches from the true olive tree onto them. Invest your sincere devotion for the sake of fulfilling your mission and responsibility as blessed families. Work openly so that others will be able to participate in the ranks of the Blessing.

We cannot even begin to imagine how much effort God had to invest before He could welcome Cheon II Guk. True Father endured prison six times without committing any crime. Even while going through all of that, for your sake, True Parents led the providence right until the end. From that perspective, blessed families have incurred a great debt in front of God and True Parents. Our original minds do not want us to return only 90 percent of what we receive, keeping ten percent for ourselves. It is just the opposite. Our original minds want us to return more than 100 percent, even 120 percent. Until now, True Parents have paid all the indemnity and laid this foundation for success, but now is the time for blessed families to step forward. You should work in such a way that every last person knows the Will. You have to inform people of the world about True Parents. True Parents have appeared in the current era. You need to help people understand the importance of this time, the age in which we live together with the True Parents. (True Mother, 20//06/06/20)

The Middle East, Europe and Africa

8 The situation in the Middle East is very complex. In previous world tours, we often were stopped from going to dangerous areas. Nonetheless, because True Parents are in the position of having to save the whole world, we cannot stay away even from dangerous places.

We see that the reason conflict and antagonism continue in this region is that the people have not received God's Will. With God as the center, you have to reach beyond relationships of mutual understanding, and join hands with those who misunderstand you. In God's eyes, there can be no divisions between white and black, and there can be no walls between religions, peoples, or cultures. I emphasized these points at our rally in Jordan on June 30,2006.

People in the Middle East have to face the current reality, instead of clinging to the past. The Middle East will welcome eternal peace only when its people live their lives attending True Parents and accurately understand God's Will for this time. We are one family, brothers and sisters under God, and you should not forget that God is our eternal True Parent. God established this nation of Jordan. All the brothers and sisters of Jordan need to understand the Will of God, who established Jordan, and work for the sake of realizing that Will. (True Mother, 2006/07/01)

9 You have to be proud of True Parents and testify to them. You have to become people who resemble True Parents and work for the sake of realizing their will. True Parents' teachings are the guidebooks and textbooks to help you live such lives. The important task for you as blessed families is to fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs. One day, you too will go to the spirit world. If you fail to fulfill your responsibility on earth, your tribe members who are alive today will accuse you of not letting them know about True Parents. The only way to avoid being accused in this manner is to inform everyone in your tribe, without exception, about True Parents.

In particular, you members of the Malta church need to establish a foundation to receive assistance from the spirit world. You need to establish a reciprocal standard so that good spirits can come down and work in this country. From now on, you have to implement changes in your daily lives. This means that now is the time you have to invest your effort with utmost sincerity. We are happy people. This is because we are living with and attending True Parents, something that no one else in this world is doing. Never forget that God is with us. (True Mother, 2006/07/02)

10 On July 2,2006, we victoriously concluded the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown here in Warsaw, Poland. I think with just the people who attended that gathering, there is enough manpower to bring Poland to God. In order to do that, you need to accelerate your efforts and work quickly with the help of those people to restore Poland. It is up to you to shorten the time period. You have to receive God's Will for the sake of Poland, so that it becomes a nation that receives God's blessing. Everyone who attended this program was inspired. I hope that you will share even greater happiness with them in the future and raise them well. (True Mother, 20/06/0703)

11 Romania's history is as honorable as that of Rome. Until now, you have lived as wild olive trees, but in the future, God will hold greater interest in your country after you become perfected, true olive trees.

It is okay to engage in intense competition if we compete with a good motivation. People from many different nations are gathered here today. What is important is which nation will be the first to fulfill God's Will. Many members and ambassadors for peace worked very hard for the success of the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown that was held here in Romania on July 3,2006. This is the beginning. Those who are active and full of life will prosper, but those who are idle will decline. When we consider all European nations, this nation's development can be improved in various respects. Romania will rise to the position of a developed nation in God's sight if it stands at the forefront, focusing on His Will. (True Mother, 20/06/0704)

12 True Parents' teachings are the medicine that will make Slovakia a healthy nation. There is no medicine better than these teachings. I understand that many of society's problems, starting with family problems and youth problems, are arising in this nation. We successfully concluded the rally on July 4,2006, but our work does not end there. It is just beginning. When you are empowered with these teachings and put them into practice, Slovakia will prosper and wax strong. (True Mother, 2006/07/05)

13 We are conducting the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. You do not know how joyful all humanity is that we are holding Blessing ceremonies in every country. Because of Russia's church-state relations, some countries in Eastern Europe could not receive the grace of the Blessing. Whether we see this from God's viewpoint or from the human viewpoint, it is contrary to God's Will. Nonetheless, we must give everyone life by means of the Blessing.

That we can attend True Parents in the age of Cheon II Guk and participate in this type of event is like a miracle. The fact that Slovakia participated in this historic event is truly a miracle. When I think about the countries that could not participate, I realize that you are very fortunate people. You need to reflect on how you can return that degree of joy to God.

Happiness that you enjoy alone is not true happiness. The more you share your happiness, the more bountifully it will return to you. Put true love into practice while feeling the happiness that comes from giving more than you receive. (True Mother, 2006/07/05)

14 God created us so that we would practice true love in this world. Are you living that kind of life? Are you living like that for the sake of your family, tribe and nation? From now on, you have to be determined to live like that, studying our teachings enthusiastically and practicing true love. I am grateful that people from many other nations participated in this rally in Bosnia. We have sown the seed in this nation. However, you, as Bosnians, have the responsibility to nurture this seed well, in a healthy manner. Therefore, you need to work to build close relationships with your neighboring countries and bring about greater development. (True Mother, 2006/07/07)

15 We say that a fruit is ripe when it bursts with flavor. Economic growth is important for Albania to become a rich and powerful nation, but for this it needs to become a strong nation spiritually. If Albania is empowered with the Word, within a few years it will become a prosperous and vital nation. When True Parents first started this movement in the 1950s in Korea, there were less than 100 members. Since Albania has 300 members, within ten years you will be able to make this nation strong and prosperous. The future of Albania is in your hands. (True Mother, 2006/07/07)

16 I have visited many nations before coming to Kenya, and I have observed that True Parents' teachings produce miracles. Up to now, life in Africa may have been difficult, but if you are born anew through these teachings, you will become strong and prosperous and will make major contributions to the world. It is important for you not to lose this opportunity. Therefore, you now have no reason to envy any other nation. In the Bible, it is recorded that Jesus said, "The last will be first, and the first will be last." This describes the age in which we live. Do not let God's blessing slip out from between your fingers. (True Mother, 2006/07/19)

17 I understand that Tanzania is facing many challenges today. I have heard that there are many orphans here who lost their parents because of family problems or AIDS. Other countries in Africa also face this kind of sad situation. For this reason, Africa urgently needs a movement for purity and a movement for true family values. You must go forth and purify Africa anew through movements for purity and true family values.

The situation of Korea in the 1950s after the war was more difficult than your current situation. At that time, Father mobilized a small number of people to lay the foundation on which Korea could grow and prosper. In those difficult pioneering days, Father launched a campaign for education throughout the country, focusing on middle and high school students. He taught reading and writing in the countryside and concentrated his efforts in rural communities. Because he made that foundation, Korea now takes its place among the ranks of advanced nations.

Your current condition is not as difficult as Korea was at that time. There are other nations nearby that are in a situation similar to yours. Also, you have many nations that can assist you. If you maintain the consciousness of being an owner and move forward enthusiastically, if you are determined to revive this country, thinking that a 24-hour day is too short, there will be hope for this nation. (True Mother, 2006/07/21)

18 You need to stand at the forefront of restoring Ethiopia and turn it into a strong nation. To do that, you have to launch a citizens' educational campaign. The ambassadors for peace gathered here should do the same. You have to begin this movement with your family and with the people around you. You need to practice a life of true love so that all citizens can live in happiness and peace.

Father started alone from a place where he had nothing. He started without anyone's help. Yet he built this worldwide foundation. We can only call it a miracle. Of course, it was possible because God was with us. I hope you do not forget that God is also with you. (True Mother, 2006/07/21)

South America and Oceania


19 While touring Africa, I mentioned the fact that True Father mobilized our members and launched a citizens' educational campaign in circumstances where Korea lay in ruins as a result of the Korean War. At that time, because there were not many adult members in the church, even a lot of middle and high school students were mobilized. They enthusiastically developed a campaign to teach literacy and awaken the national spirit. True Father created this as a means to help spread the Korean governments New Village Movement to the entire nation, thus playing a major role in making Korea the prosperous country it is today. With the addition of the "New Mind Movement," which was based on the teachings of the Principle, Korea was able to enter todays ranks of advanced nations even more quickly. In the background of Korea becoming a central nation, both spiritually and economically, True Fathers contribution was highly significant.

Africa is in a better situation than Korea of the 1950s and 1960s. Africa has incredibly fertile land. Anything planted there can flourish. Why, then, do its people sometimes face famine or the outbreak of disease? Development in some areas has been limited because the nation's leader does not have the consciousness of true ownership. He does not think, ""This people is truly my family, and this country belongs to all of us.""

The teachings given to you today are the textbook and teaching materials for your lives. If we practice these teachings, there is nothing we cannot do. They teach us everything about how we should live. We must reflect and repent: why aren't we able to live in prosperity, able to witness, and able to develop? Visiting Uruguay and looking around the streets of Montevideo, I do not feel the city is prospering as much as it might. Those of you in Uruguay need to reflect deeply.

You have received an enormous blessing. You are called true olive trees, while the people of the world who still have not been restored are like wild olive trees. If you cannot multiply, you will eventually diminish. You have to solve everything by yourselves. Discard any expectation that others will do your job for you. Please work with devotion, thinking, "This is my job and I will put my life on the line."" (True Mother, 20/06/0728)

20 At one time, the people of Argentina lived in affluence. In order for Argentina to rise again, you have to change your mind-set. In order to do that, you need to equip all citizens with the teachings of the Principle. Blessed family members and ambassadors for peace have to unite and stand at the forefront of building a new nation. If you make such a resolution at the gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown on July 30, 2006, you will reap the benefits of my visiting here. Whether your nation takes first place or falters depends on your results. I hope you engrave in your minds that the restoration of Argentina rests on your shoulders. (True Mother, 2006/07/29)

21 In the task of establishing Bolivia as a nation that can stand in front of God, your responsibility is greater than that of anyone else. You have an opportunity. You should bring many people to fulfill God's Will, such as those who participated in the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown and the Blessing event. While touring Africa this time, I felt that we can establish it as a place where people can live affluently, based on the effort they make. They have fertile land. Some may live in poverty, but they do not need to. Likewise, True Parents' teachings can help the Bolivian people mature and also revive Bolivia as a nation that receives the Blessing. (True Mother, 20/06/0801)

22 The more you make people aware of True Parents and the more widely you spread the teachings you heard at the gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown held on August 1,2006, the more hope you will have. The era of heavenly fortune has come. Because of that, you have an important responsibility.

There are many second-generation children of blessed families in Colombia. You have to create an environment in which they can freely practice true love in their lives. Many nations are suffering severely from family and drug problems, among others. Colombia too suffers misery from the problems of drugs, violence and AIDS, especially in their effect upon youth. The movement promoting true love and true family values can solve these problems.

Accordingly, you have to reform this nations image and demonstrate this through your deeds. You have to take action so that there is no one in any corner of this country who does not know about True Parents. You need to plant the traditions of true family, true love and true lineage. Once you have developed the various aspects of our movement, such as the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles, you have to work so that Colombia will be remembered by God. (True Mother, 2006/08/02)

23 When I visited Africa, I told the people there, "Compared to the Middle East, where people in Israel enjoy prosperity in a land that is practically a desert, Africa is a land that is blessed by God. Why isn't Africa living up to its full potential? We need to convey True Parents' teachings in order to help." There is no path to revive Africa other than by conveying these teachings. I told them, "If, after receiving this new philosophy and being born again, you go out and spread the true love of True Parents to your family and neighborhood, and reach further into your nation, God's Will can be accomplished quickly. If you do that, your nation will take the lead no less than advanced nations."

The movement to become new people who have been born again internally, based on True Parents' teachings, has a sense of urgency. Those of you who have traveled to Korea know that Korea has risen to the level of a developed nation. Especially in the field of the Internet, it is ahead of every other country in the world. Depending on your resolve, your nation of Jamaica can also experience a major transformation in a very short time. True Parents are just one couple, but we created the groundwork that can change the world. You too can change Jamaica and move the world. There are many blessed family members in this nation. You can condense the time to restore Jamaica; it depends on the type of resolution you make. (True Mother, 2006/08/04)

24 The Bahamas, an island nation in the Caribbean, is where Columbus landed when he began his discovery of the new continent in 1492. After being a colony of Spain for a long time, it became a territory of Great Britain, and finally gained independence in July 1973. Our holding of the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown in the archipelago of the Bahamas, which is made up of about 700 islands, can only be regarded as God's great blessing. We have come a long distance on this tour. I arrived in Nassau on August 4,2006, and tasted the joy of meeting people whom God had prepared over a long period of time. On this tour, I have been conveying our teachings and conducting the Blessing. The only path for the Bahamas, if it is to stand again in front of God, is to pas sionately receive True Parents and these teachings. Please carry out your activities enthusiastically, so that the Bahamas can receive God's blessing. (True Mother, 2006/08/05)

25 I visited Caracas, Venezuela, ten years ago. Now, on August 7, 2006, I have returned. In the meantime, it seems that things have not changed much. I therefore think I need to work more vigorously to introduce our teachings to everyone in this country.

Perhaps some of you have visited Switzerland. That nation once faced difficult circumstances, when it was oppressed by powerful neighbors and independence was difficult to gain. Nonetheless, it has become a safe haven for diplomatic, political and ideological refugees. Lenin lived there, and leaders of the Reformation conducted activities there. Because there were good ancestors who foresaw the future of that country and preserved its natural environment, they could build a prosperous and vital nation. I think that if Venezuela has people with leadership ability, it can also stand before the world as a country with an environment no less beautiful than that of Switzerland.

I cannot understand why Venezuela, which is among the top nations in the world in terms of natural resources, suffers in poverty. There is only one way out. Everyone, from those in positions of power to the common people, needs to receive True Parents and begin a movement of spiritual renewal. If you make the determination to work, even if just by yourself, and if you feel that 24 hours in a day is too few, and if you work for the sake of the eternal development of this country and a future of peace, there will be hope. (True Mother, 2006/08/08)

26 If you intend to restore Peru, you need to pour out all your energy to witness to college students. We have to raise them as the future leaders of the Unification Church and of this country. The quickest way is to educate them, and through them purify your country's mistaken social customs. When they graduate from university they are of marriageable age, and then if they receive the Blessing, they can create true families. Then, when they enter society, they can purify the whole nation. In order for the next generation to take their position, you first need to witness to university students. You have to properly organize the education of the next generation, and, under the leadership of your national messiah, you must witness to university students. (True Mother, 2006/08/09)

27 The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) must be activated if Chile is to develop. You, as university students, are in an age group from which you can grow up to be the future leaders of this nation or the church. The responsibility of college students is very important. In order to fulfill this responsibility, strive to become role models in everything, both in studies and activities. You must make your manner and appearance such that your fellow students will want to become your friends and want to work with you for the Will. Your CARP activities are important for the future of our church. The entire church must cooperate in harmony and embrace the CARP members, just as I must embrace Cain and Abel. The church is in the mother's position, and it must actively help CARP. We must educate college students well. (True Mother, 2006/08/10)

28 From the providential perspective regarding Oceania, New Zealand has to fulfill the mission of the mother nation. New Zealand has the responsibility to unite with Australia and support and educate the island nations. That is the mission of the mother nation. New Zealand has been asleep, but now she has to wake up and fly. We have the teachings of True Parents and our global foundation is secure. You need to pass on to others what you have heard and seen. Now you have to give back to the world what you have received free of charge from True Parents over all these years. You have to make a new resolution and as members of our second generation, you need to fulfill your responsibilities. (True Mother, 2006/08/14)

29 Before coming to Australia, I passed through the Middle East region, including Israel. There, ambassadors for peace took the lead and successfully completed the Universal Peace Federation gatherings for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. We harvested good results there, but soon after I left, a war broke out. When I think about that, images of those ambassadors for peace come to my mind and my heart aches.

The only solution to all the problems in the world, including the barriers that exist between religions, races and cultures, is to receive True Parents. Blessed families have the responsibility to enlighten people about this. You need to feel responsible for what is happening in the Middle East. You have the responsibility to thoroughly inform the people in your region and your nation about True Parents. In this age, we readily talk about peace, hope and happiness centering on True Parents, but think about the people who perish without knowing anything about them. You have to bear a sense of responsibility and take the lead in establishing people in front of God's Will. (True Mother, 20/06/0815)

30 The Korean government's New Village Movement began at the same time that we were conducting educational activities in the rural areas. You should be interested in the fact that this was how the Korean church, under Father's leadership, developed in its pioneering days. This nation, the Solomon Islands, is in a position parallel to that of Korea during those pioneering days. You need to work so that the flame of revival can burn, following the example of those days when we held worship services in spirit and in truth, centering on True Father.

People who live in a materialistic civilization tend to pollute and destroy nature. You need to protect and nurture the beautiful natural environment that heaven has given your nation. You need to step forward more actively for the movement to protect nature. That is why you need to go forth and launch a spiritual movement nationwide. (True Mother, 2006/08/18)

31 In order for Palau to compete with large nations and stand in the same rank, you need to convey the teachings of the Principle. There are many things that you do not know about the heart God had while creating the world. Also, you do not know about True Parents' course to lay the foundation for the restoration of fallen humanity. If only you could understand them, you would inevitably love the teachings, and True Parents, who are the center of these teachings. You have to love your nation of Palau with this heart of love, which goes beyond that of even the Christians who are opposing you. It is my sincere desire that you take the lead, so that by practicing true love, guided by these teachings, Palau will become a nation that God loves deeply. (True Mother, 2006/08/19)

Chapter 4

The Era of the Pacific Rim Civilization and the Korean Peninsula

Section 1. Advent of a New Era Background

True Parents proclaimed that the era of the Pacific Rim civilization will arrive, focusing on the Korean Peninsula. They foresaw that a world of peace can take root by means of Eastern and Western civilizations bearing fruit on the Korean Peninsula. Accordingly, they said that countries located on the Pacific Rim have to fulfill their pioneering missions in order to conclude and complete the providence of restoration.

1 If we look at history, we see that Egypt, one of the first human civilizations, was a river civilization that grew from the fertile surroundings of the Nile. How did it develop? The Egyptians would wonder, "What is over there, across the river?" They always desired to investigate what was on the other side of the river. This was the psychological impetus that allowed the Egyptian civilization to flourish.

After the age of river civilization had passed, the Mediterranean civilization was established. Human society developed because of the earnest, heartfelt desire to explore the other shore. That deep desire to investigate the other shore gave rise to the evolution of civilization. (005-043, 1958/12/14)

2 Civilization progressed from the river-stage civilization through the Mediterranean civilization, then the Atlantic civilization, to the current Pacific civilization, and onward to the budding of the era in which civilization expands into space. The era of the Atlantic civilization was characterized by Caucasians securing their foothold centering on islands, while the Mediterranean civilization had been based on governance from the city of Rome.

India, Egypt and Mesopotamia were the bases of ancient civilizations. Ancient civilizations were all river-based civilizations, centering on the Indus River, the Nile River, the Yellow River and so forth. Now is the era of the Pacific civilization, after which we will enter upon the civilization of space. (207-046, 1990/10/28)

3 Originally, Christianity was a religion of the East, but because after the passing of Jesus it developed with the West as the center, people began to think of Christianity as Western. It is now returning to the East. It migrated from Rome, to England and to the Americas, and now it has circled all the way to the Far East.

As for restoration through indemnity, it is the Principle that you re-create the historical environment and indemnify it. You might think, "If we pay the indemnity amid the history of restoration, then the Lord will return to the people of Israel, right?" But this is not possible. What is needed is an Asian country that can connect to the United States and Western civilization. It must be a homogeneous country with a long history of its own.

Christianity must go through an island nation in reverse fashion in order to return full circle. As a nation of islands, Great Britain is comparable to Japan; likewise, the peninsula of Italy is comparable to Korea. Thus, Korea is the focal point where the civilizations of East and West connect, like the meeting of body and spirit. Peninsulas have the advantage of connecting with both land and sea. They naturally are the centers of cultural exchange. Greece and Italy are peninsulas. Spain and Portugal constitute the Iberian Peninsula. The movement of culture passes through peninsulas. (091-253, 1977/02/23)

4 Since Jesus' body was lost, the foun dation of his original stage disappeared, and the foundation for Asia was lost. Because of this, instead of moving to Asia, God's work moved in the opposite direction and was pulled to Rome. It went from Asia to the West, and then continued going around until it came back to Asia. As a path of indemnity, blood was shed and sacrifices were made along the way. In that manner, with Rome at the center, Jesus' influence passed through Britain, then across the United States, and finally manifested in the Pacific civilization. The reason for this is that Jesus' body was lost in Asia on the world level. This is where the body and spirit were broken apart. Therefore, civilization became materialistic, and went around backward to the West until it connected finally to Asia. (249-132, 1993/10/08)

5 On a regular basis, the Kuroshio Current, or Black Tide, moves water 4,000 miles through the Pacific Ocean. This is the Pacific's main, massive current. Heavenly fortune is fashioned in the same way. Just like the Kuroshio Current moving the waters of the Pacific Ocean, there is an ideological main current leading human beings to the ideal world.

It is clear that the current centered on the United States in the democratic world cannot become the Kuroshio Current. Nor can the current centered on the Soviet Union in the communist world become the Black Tide. Why not? It is because these currents are based on ideologies created by human beings. Then what can become this Kuroshio Current? Is it a new religion that transcends all the world s ideologies? Would it be a movement that binds together all the ideologies, like the Kuroshio Current does with the oceans? Should the answer not be a new philosophical movement, a new philosophical system, a new expression of truth centered on God? Would this new expression of truth not create a new historic beginning point? It must usher all humanity into an ocean of happiness, the ideal world. There is no law that waves passing through the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa cannot make it to the Pacific Ocean. All waters mix. The oceans are one. (228-043, 1992/03/03)

6 Many civilizations began on peninsulas, where the land, shaped like a phallus, extends into the water. Based on the principle of harmony, peninsulas are ideal to serve as the origin of life. Because peninsulas are placed in the center, they complete a process of mathematical progression, and cultures have developed centering on them. The Balkan Peninsula and the Iberian Peninsula each had such ideal conditions.

The Mediterranean Sea is like a woman s body in relation to the Italian Peninsula; together they are like a man and woman becoming one through love. Italian civilization led history at one time because it was geographically located where these yin and yang elements were balanced.

Korea is the only country on the Pacific Ocean that has this geographical characteristic of Italy. Japan is protecting Korea geographically. Korea, which is equivalent to the Italian Peninsula, is the only place in Asia where we can build a civilization of global harmony, where the wave of love is able to move the oceans and continents and everything under heaven. The parallel is striking. (179-122, 1988/08/01)

7 The Mediterranean Sea is like a womans womb. Located in the deepest place within this woman s womb is the nation of Israel, where the Lord was born. Problems arose there, where the original life emerged. Then, a peninsular civilization, Italy, subdued a worldwide territory. After passing through the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the center of civilization must be achieved with a peninsular civilization at the center.

Originally, unification should have been realized with Italy at the center. Why couldn't Italy achieve lasting unification? After erecting the Holy See as the center of Christian civilization, Rome did not understand that the Holy Roman Empires power to rule the world was not for its own glory. If Italy had embraced the world with love, even at the sacrifice of itself, it would have been able to rule the whole world during the Middle Ages. The whole world could have been united at that time. When they could not accomplish this, that mission moved to the United Kingdom. So the center of the providence shifted from a peninsular nation to an island nation.

Centering on the Iberian Peninsula, the movement to take possession of the ocean regions arose at the beginning of the 16th century. The Spanish competed with England to develop ocean routes. England's Anglican Church took the baton of Christian thought and opposed the Vatican. All these historical facts fit logically.

Puritanism was like a son of England, but England expelled this son. This banished Protestantism represented Abel. Puritanism, in the position of the second son, came to a new continent, which was capable of inheriting the Protestant cultural sphere, and established the United States, an independent nation based on Protestantism. (191-107, 1989/06/24)

The Pacific civilization

From the Mediterranean civilizations centered on Greece and Italy, civilization advanced, traversing the North Atlantic from Great Britain to the United States. Now, it is coming to fruition in a civilization of the Pacific realm, the countries of which are home to more than half the worlds population. The Korean Peninsula, in the context of the Pacific Rim civilization, stands in the same position as the Italian Peninsula in Jesus' time. Thus, continental and oceanic civilizations, Eastern and Western civilizations, and spiritual and material civilizations should converge there to achieve a grand unity and harmony.

There are more than 60 countries on the shores of the Pacific. Just as the sea conceives and nurtures life, these countries need to fulfill the mother's role and contribute to world peace. For this reason, True Parents paid close attention to the founding of the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace, which they carried out on June 16, 1996 in Tokyo.

8 The current world situation points to the fact that the human race is approaching the Pacific era. Just as the cultural spheres surrounding rivers shifted to the Mediterranean cultural sphere, the Atlantic cultural sphere is shifting to the Pacific cultural sphere. The Soviet Union and the United States should lead the transition from the Atlantic cultural sphere to the Pacific cultural sphere. In order to lead, they need to embrace the peoples of Asia. Asia's population exceeds three-fifths of the world's population. If an ideology cannot assimilate Asian culture, it will not be able to lead the world. (173-219, 1988/02/18)

9 Eastern and Western civilizations are wrestling for dominance over the Pacific cultural sphere, and Eastern civilization is winning out. The civilization of the East contains religions of love based on the truth of love. This is why God sent True Parents there. They initiated a movement rooted in God's true love. This movement will create a new heavenly world that embraces all people and that will allow heaven to embrace all people. (163-059, 1987/04/01)

10 Western people advanced material civilization. The West expanded its territory through knowledge, while people in the East placed less emphasis on material development. Unification entails the harmony of spiritual and physical orientations. A materially developed civilization is coming to Asia. Western and Asian civilizations will combine in the Pacific realm and usher humankind into an era of true civilization, a new world. Such is the era of the Pacific civilization. (212-139, 1991/01/02)

11 Asian civilization is a masculine civilization and Western civilization is a feminine one. Asia is the birthplace of religions. Therefore, Western civilization is coming to Asia. Why is Western civilization the object-partner civilization and Asian civilization the subject-partner civilization? It is because the mainstream religions originated in Asia. Adam, whom God created first, is the subject partner, and Eve, who was created later as Adam's helper, is the object partner. Therefore, Asian civilization is focused on the realm of Adam and is the primary, representative civilization. The Messiah, Jesus, came to Asia. Therefore, through Christian civilization, we must unite the territory of Asia, which represents Jesus' new body, for the sake of recovering Jesus' lost body, and connect it with the realm of spiritual victory. For this reason, the era of the Pacific civilization will come. (229-299, 1992/04/13)

12 Based on God's providence, civilization has progressed gradually on a path around the world, crossing over from the American continent to create the era of the Pacific civilization. In other words, it began with the Mediterranean civilization, continued through Britain to the Atlantic civilization, then moved through America to the Pacific civilization, and arrived at Japan, which is in the same position as Britain once was.

It is not because the Japanese are smarter that they have been able to modernize their country and engage in development over the last 120 years. Japan has developed as much as it has because God's providence needs to blossom in Asia. Because God needed to develop an island nation in the same position as Britain, Japan inherited Western advances and played a central role.

This is why Japanese culture is like British culture. In both countries, for example, people drive on the left side of the road. Japan has taken on many aspects of British civilization. Japan has established a basis for absorbing all the modern aspects of civilization that started in Europe and eventually came to the United States. It was God's Will that Japan act as the agent to connect Asia to the civilization represented primarily by the United States. God caused civilization to develop in order to realize the ideal world. Therefore, European civilization and Asian civilization must join hands. (078-311, 1975/06/10)

13 What path will God tread when humankind confronts its miserable destiny, falling into hell in the midst of confusion, despair and distress? It will be a path of unification. That unification can be achieved through the formation of a cultural sphere on God's side. When we look from this perspective, we understand that a united European realm and a united North and South American realm will arise within Christian civilization. We must harmonize Europe and the Americas now after assimilating Christian civilization by means of the truth. The Christian cultural sphere of the West is the only thing that can unite all of these, and it is crossing over to East Asia.

So if God has been trying to harmonize everything in this world based on the Christian thought system, where in East Asia would this likely occur? The Japanese worship many gods. China and Russia were taken by communism. The only country where this could happen is Korea, a land that has embraced Christianity. In other words, as we are at the doorstep of the era of the Pacific civilization, the only Asian nation possessing a Christian cultural background and ready to accept the Christian thought system is Korea. It cannot be Japan, China or Russia. Only Korea qualifies. (222-036, 1991/10/27)

14 Taken together, the continents of Asia and Africa are like one person. Likewise, North and South America together are like one person. The Asian continent is in the subject partner position. From here, the continents broke apart. North America and South America broke away from Asia. They must be united. The link between Japan and the United States is through the Pacific Ocean that lies between them, with Hawaii in the center.

I asked True Mother to win over the United States. On the day Japan and the United States become one, centering on the Pacific Ocean through True Mother, America, which has slipped over into the West, will once again become one with Asia.

Jesus lost his body in Asia, and the oneness of True Mother and True Father will bring Western civilization into oneness with Asia through the era of the Pacific civilization. The body that was lost will be reconstituted. Once the age of mother-son cooperation passes, the era of the Pacific Rim will come, based on the model of the era of father-son cooperation. (356-013, 2001/10/07)

15 As we welcome an age in which Eastern and Western civilizations can exchange elements, we must create a cultural sphere in Asia that can embrace Western civilization and ensure healthy exchange between Western and Eastern civilizations. Between Eastern and Western civilizations, one of them is male and the other female. We can also say that one is a spiritual culture and the other a material culture. The people from both cultures must harmonize the rhythms of their daily lives internally and externally, because a global, new, united cultural realm is coming.

Western civilization, representing material progress, and Asian civilization, representing spirituality, must come together. I will be the one to provide the foundation for them to unite. In fact, the Unification Church in all of its activities and businesses has always striven to realize this overarching purpose of creating a world civilization. (035-145, 1970/10/11)

16 Korea is the only place where the Asian religious cultural spheres have integrated. If Jesus had not died on the cross, the Indian and Chinese cultures would have been united, with Israel as the center.

Today, however, Buddhism, representing Indian civilization, has connected to Korea. Also Confucianism, representing Chinese culture, landed there. Christianity, representing Western civilization, went to Rome, where it flourished under Roman imperial power and then grew into a worldwide religion, and reached Korea. Thus, Korea was able to receive God's blessings even beyond what the Israelites had received. Buddhism from India, Confucianism from China, and Christianity all took root in Korea. The cultural unity that should have been established during Jesus' time in fact has come about in Korea.

A united Western society centered on the Vatican ultimately fell short. The Vatican was unable to create unity within the Western world and between the West and Asia. Therefore, the Unification Church, an institution with a mission parallel to that of the Vatican, must create a united cultural sphere that connects the West and Asia. A new worldwide cultural sphere must appear on the Korean Peninsula. (168-068, 1987/09/01)

17 Because of the Fall of Adam and Eve, humanity has gone through several hundred million years of indemnity, historic effort and long-suffering. Humankind has paid flesh and blood indemnity. Today, I am revealing a detailed theoretical interpretation of history. I have sewn what was torn, patched what was threadbare, and recreated the original form prior to the Fall. With God as the center, we must restore Adam, Eve and the archangel.

This will all come to fruition in Korea. Through Korea and Japan, we need to restore through indemnity what went wrong in Italy and Britain, a peninsular nation and an island nation, respectively. The Vatican ruled the world from Italy, a peninsular civilization. To indemnify this, we start over focused on the United States. Since Jesus died in Asia, we need to find his body in Asia and together with the liberation of the nations we must trumpet throughout Asia the good tidings of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

When we try to do this, it is the realm of religion that poses a problem. The majority of religions are from Asia. The cultural spheres of Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity are all there. Most religions have their origin in Asia. This is why the Returning Lord must hasten the unification of religions for the sake of uniting Asia. (207-270, 1990/11/11)

18 The leader of the Pacific civilization is neither the United States nor Japan. If we realize the Pacific civilization by winning the United Nations, then the physical world and spiritual world, which were divided due to Jesus' untimely death, finally will become one, with God at the center. This is why Japan and the United States must become one centering on Korea, which has taken the place of Rome. That is, the island nation and the continental nation must become one, with the peninsular nation at the center. The island nation and the continental nation will be found and matched in the East. Then Korea, Japan and America can become a trinity returning to the Pacific or Asian region, where Jesus' body was lost.

In this way, the unification of the spiritual world and the physical world, which were divided and are at war with each other, will form a standard for the unification of the world. Therefore, the ocean sphere will be restored, the land will be restored, the ideal of creation will be restored, and the Fourth Adam will appear.

In order to build a foundation for this, North and South America must become one centering on Hawaii, and also Asia and Africa must become one. These pairs represent two sets of twins. On the foundation of having formed twins, everything that has been divided into East and West and into heaven and earth will come together, focused on the ocean. As Adam and Eve were born from the womb, which is like the ocean, they must emerge from a new ocean, with Hawaii as the center. (414-183, 2003/07/31)

19 Since we already proclaimed the era of the Pacific Rim civilization, what we must do now is to proclaim the era of the kingship of the peaceful cosmic rim civilization. That is, we need to proclaim the era of the kingdom of the peaceful cosmic rim civilization, as well as Cheon II Guk. An orbital path that connects to the vast universe will appear. Therefore, we proclaim the era of the empire of the peaceful Cheon II Guk rim civilization. Many countries have been admitted to the United Nations, but they are now to become one nation. It is the era when our country will be called the peaceful Cheon II Guk rim civilization. We must claim our country.

From now on, we are living in the era of the kingdom of the peaceful cosmic rim civilization. Cheon II Guk means that two people become one. East and West will become one; North and South will become one. This is the era where our country, the peaceful Cheon II Guk civilization, will reign. Through this, God will be liberated, heaven and earth will be liberated, the entire cosmos will be liberated, and the era of the kingdom of peace will become a reality.

In True Parents' names, we now proclaim the era of the kingdom of the cosmic peaceful civilization and the era of my country, the peaceful Cheon II Guk civilization. We need to embrace heaven and earth and the oceans of the world in our hearts and then dedicate all of them to heaven. We resolve to exist as one, offering our country, our world and our heaven and earth. (558-268, 2007/03/19)

20 The proclamation I made in Hawaii was that of the era of the kingdom of the peaceful cosmic rim civilization, and the title of that speech was "The Historical Perspective on the Pacific Rim Era as Seen from God's Will." The subtitle was "The Direction for the United Nations and the Free World Centering on the United States." Because the Pacific Ocean and the continents are not united, I held a rally for the era of the Pacific Rim civilization.

This does not mean I have forsaken the land. On the contrary, now that I have established a providential foundation on the Pacific Ocean, we need to take that seed and plant it in the land. This was accomplished at the large rally we held on April 3, 2007. The assembly was called "The Proclamation for the Opening of the New Civilization of Cosmic Peace." Cultures are first formed near oceans. They then develop through a peninsula to arrive on the mainland. This is the process they go through. As a peninsular nation, we must embrace the Pacific Ocean. We must also embrace the mainland. This is our position. (558-300, 2007/03/26)

21 Since we currently dwell in the era of the Pacific cultural sphere, we must help the countries that are located on the Pacific Ocean. In order to gather these countries together, I held the World Cup Fishing Tournament on Jeju Island. The purpose of this event was to connect these countries. I wanted to create an organization that the United Nations could administer. I very much hoped the United Nations would create a branch that focuses on the leisure industry and similar con cerns. There are many obstacles to this kind of effort.

If we want to work with the executive members of the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations as they exist today, we must educate them. In order for South Korea to embrace the North, we must educate the North Koreans. We need to let them know about God and the spirit world. We must help them understand with certainty about changing the blood lineage. When they understand this, all problems will be solved. For this purpose, 52 countries, including the developing nations in the Pacific cultural sphere, have joined the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace. After integrating these countries into a state-like federation, we must connect them to the UN. (337-123, 2000/10/24)

22 Island nations situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean face the world s most complicated situation. Any powerful nation can land on one of their shores, dock its warship, turn the country into a battleground and completely occupy it. Therefore, these small nations should unite in order to combine their strength. This would require that they adopt common cultural traditions, a common lifestyle, and a common spoken and written language. (517-012, 2006/02/09)

23 We have arranged to have each island nation send ten delegates to Japan for a two-week workshop starting July 1, 1996. With the support of its president or prime minister, each country will initiate an educational campaign through its national broadcasting system. Forty countries will participate. These are important countries. The delegates will utilize their national broadcasting systems to educate everyone, including the president and cabinet. This is not a dream. They envy our technological resources and capabilities. To save these people, we are investing the economic strength of developed island nations such as Japan and Britain. (278-324, 1996/06/23)

24 I am preparing to empower the Pacific island nations. My specific plan is to provide university-level education in Hawaii with the cooperation of the Japanese and US governments. Based on many solid national relationships, I am making the foundation whereby all peoples can make rapid progress toward freedom and liberation, from the national to the worldwide level. That foothold of True Parents' aspiration is being created. (427-137, 2003/12/04)

25 The ocean is an unlimited repository. It is like a rich man. What environment is richer than the ocean? Even the treasury of the United States pales in comparison. Inexhaustible resources are buried in the ocean. God created the ocean as a gift to humankind. Is there anything that cannot be found in the depths of the Pacific Ocean?

We have selected the Pacific to be a base for settlement and are urging the island nations to build schools. If we assemble representatives from 60 island nations, they can form a confederation. With the support of Japan or the United States, we can build a system to implement a world federation of island nations. Many of these nations that were colonized in the past are fettered by the concept of slavery, but if we apply the concept of siblings and create something resembling the British Commonwealth, this will be more than enough to connect the five oceans and six continents as a unified world on which the sun never sets. (356-146, 2001/10/12)

26 I have taken the path of indemnity. I am treading it because of God. Because I do so, no matter where I go, be it South America or anywhere else, God is compelled to take responsibility. Recently, I have been working to unite island nations centered on Hawaii. This is not a path I chose for my own benefit. It is for the purpose of indemnity. I walk this path while ready to lose my life. I never need to discuss with anyone which path I will take. I am a man who creates his own path. (383-089, 2002/06/26)

Section 2. The International Peace Highway


True Parents advocated the construction of the International Peace Highway at the 10th International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) held in Seoul in 1981. The International Peace Highway should be constructed as a neutral zone with one kilometer of space on each side of four lanes going in each direction. This will be a zone without borders through which travelers can freely pass. As it is intended to be a highway of peace, the proposal included immigration offices at interchanges to allow visa-free entry and exit, the prohibition of vehicles carrying weapons and limitations on the movement of troops.

As part of True Father's presentation on the International Peace Highway, he also proposed a Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel. He predicted that when the construction of the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel is completed, automobiles and high-speed trains could run from Tokyo to London, and that this would expedite world peace. To realize this plan, he founded the International Highway Construction Corporation (IHCC) in Japan in April 1982, which in July 1983 began conducting research on the land and sea areas of Tsushima Island in the Tsushima Strait, Iki Island in Nagasaki Prefecture and the city of Karatsu on the island of Kyushu, Japan. In October 1986, the IHCC began excavation of a pilot tunnel in Chinzei, Saga Prefecture.

1 As this bloody and painful century draws to a close and we usher in the 21st century, we have reached a time when in order to create a truly new culture, every country must stop emphasizing its own national interests, which results in extreme struggle and enmity. Nations must establish a new value system of a worldwide dimension. In addition, when we reflect upon whether it is possible for true peace to be maintained in one's own country alone without a shared interest in the happiness and peace of neighboring countries, we realize that it is impossible to conceive of world peace without love for humanity that transcends nationalism.

From this perspective, I think now is the time to formulate a new social and economic theory. The world needs a new international economic structure that prevents the vast economic waste and losses of the past, and to implement a new plan for land improvement on a worldwide scale, so that all people can fulfill their right to pursue peace and happiness. With the advent of an ideal world of everlasting peace, all people can realize a happy and prosperous life. Under the all-encompassing vision that "human beings are siblings of one family," and as a way to substantiate this ideal, I would like to submit this proposal for the construction of the International Peace Highway that connects East and West. (115-177, 1981/11/10)

2 The first step is to go through Japan, South Korea and mainland China. The road will then pass through South and Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Russia, connecting all the countries of the world in a straight line. A pneumatic tube system in the center of the international highway will transport cargo, and immigration offices at interchanges and airports in large cities will facilitate simple, quick visa-free entry and exit procedures. A one-kilometer neutral buffer zone, an international area on both sides of the highway, should be set up to make space for recreational facilities for the passengers of the cars and tourist buses using the highway.

I am proposing this plan in order to create heaven on earth, by binding all people of the world together through a high speed thoroughfare. This draff is part of a concrete plan to hasten the process of realizing the ideal world. Through this, scientists will contribute to the realization of happiness and peace for humankind. The significance and purpose of this project is to build a new world of higher culture, by tying the entire world into a "one-day world," meaning we can travel anywhere in the world and come back home on the same day. (115-178, 1981/11/10)

3 Looking at the situation in Asia from a global perspective, China is an issue. How can I involve China? In Asia, Korea's survival is an important matter. That is why I proclaimed the construction of an International Peace Highway at the 10th ICUS back in 1981. I also prepared the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel excavation project. It will take only one more year to complete the design. From then we can start building a highway linking North Korea and China. If Japan takes the lead, we can open this new way to connect Asia. (135-249, 1985/12/12)

4 I proposed the construction of the International Peace Highway in 1981. It is a well-known fact in the academic world, because I declared it to planners, educators, and administrative officials of many countries decades ago. I was the first to propose building a global highway, starting with the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel.

I can say that I exerted an influence on the Channel Tunnel in the Strait of Dover, too. I also bought land near the exit of that tunnel. The piece of land I purchased has become part of the site where the Dover Strait undersea tunnel was dug. Digging in Japan has been suspended now, but I had been supporting continuous excavation work for ten years. That is why neither the Japanese nor the South Korean governments can ignore it.

God's Will is to achieve one world and one cultural sphere. If a world under God's sovereignty is to be established, the construction of an international highway is inevitable. That day will surely come. National barriers must be abolished for the sake of world peace. If every country cooperates, peace will lead to equilibrium. We can move the world by upholding the vertical ideal. (431-037, 2004/01/11)

5 The Japanese are good at digging tunnels. They connected the four islands of Japan and dug the Channel Tunnel under the Dover Strait. Now Koreans have become the fastest excavators. I did not know that Koreans were so good at tunnel construction. No country in the world works as hard as Korea. Korean people are engaged in construction projects such as bridge building, tunneling, and erecting buildings in the Middle East. Korea does not lag behind Japan in terms of technology either. (479-327, 2004/12/15)

6 When the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel is completed, goods imported from the East or the West can be shipped to Japan overland via Korea. The highway will stretch to northern Russia, southern China, into the heart of China and pass through the Middle East before reaching London. All big shipments go through Korea. Expanding the market for trade and linking Japan to the United States and Europe will strengthen the global economy, focusing on the six nations that fought in World War II, namely the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Japan, Germany and Italy. The Korean Peninsula will be the commercial center through which people and cargo from the worlds developed nations come and go. In addition, if we build convenience areas along the traffic routes, Korea will become a global transport hub. (447-199, 2004/05/02)

7 We have to build railroad bridges connecting the United States to Russia by way of Canada and Anchorage, Alaska, so that goods can be transported by train rather than by water across the Pacific Ocean. We will be able to go anywhere by train if the continents are linked by rail bridges. If you think about this, an undersea tunnel between Korea and Japan would not be a problem. Digging a tunnel of that length is quite simple in the modern age, so an undersea tunnel can be bored in the near future. With high-tech equipment this is not a difficult task. (493-293, 2005/04/26)

8 It was my idea to build the Interna tional Peace Highway from Beijing through Myanmar, traversing Shinuiju, North Korea and Dandong, China. I directed that the proposal be sent to the presidents of nations throughout the world. By one means or another, I need to pull China in. That was what I announced at the time. Almost three million Koreans live in Manchuria. The Korean residents of Japan, the United States and Germany whom I have assembled have agreed to undertake the task. They are capable of making use of the most modern technology. Utilizing the state-of-the-art technology of Germany, I intend to support China. (138-019, 1986/01/13)

9 South Korea's geopolitical location is exceptional. No country can establish a line of defense for Asia that excludes the Korean Peninsula. The island nations are already within the defensive circle. It will be a big issue if there is not a connection between Japan and the mainland. Maritime transportation is complicated. Because the closest connecting point for Japan with the mainland is the Korean Peninsula, a connecting bridge or tunnel is needed in order to rectify all the problems related to the export of goods from China, Russia and Asia to Japan. The Korean Peninsula links the Pacific Ocean and the continent. It has sufficient means to distribute Asian goods to nearby countries. Because it is less convenient for China or Russia to transport raw materials by sea, they will want to ship them to Japan overland through the Korean Peninsula. Since Japan lives on imports and exports, it is convenient to move commodities to the continent through the Korean Peninsula. All that is necessary to connect to the continent is a tunnel between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, and it will also connect everything to Russia. The Bering Strait undersea tunnel During their speaking tour to four cities in the United States from June 25-28, 2005, True Parents proposed the construction of an undersea tunnel across the 85-kilometers of the Bering Strait that divide North America from Russia in order to support the creation of a peaceful world— one family in a global village that transcends national, racial, ideological and religious barriers. To actualize this plan, they actively supported the establishment of the Tunnel Foundation for World Peace on January 18, 2008.

The Bering Strait is a boundary that divided the democratic camp from the communist camp when there were sharp conflicts between the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. In that respect, connecting these regions has enormous symbolic significance. True Parents explained that "all humankind has to make the entire world into a "one-day world" and demolish the walls dividing races, religions, cultures and nations, thereby establishing world peace as God has desired." In particular, they emphasized the fact that since human selfishness created these divisions, it is cooperation that will lead to the elimination of these walls. (389-135, 2002/08/03)

10 In the United States, I presented the idea of eliminating the border in the Bering Strait. This did not go unnoticed. It is something the United States wishes could be done. We can build an eight-lane International Peace Highway as a safe zone for world peace. I am saying, let us enter the "one-day world." The era when we can fly around the world in only seven hours is coming. I am teaching and preparing for such a culture. All of you need to invest everything to realize that world. (500-126, 2005/07/10)

11 The International Date Line runs through the Bering Strait, situated on the border shared by Alaska in the United States and the Soviet Union. That border divides the world into two distinct camps, but I am resolute about removing that border and uniting the world. In the United States, I announced my plan to build a bridge or undersea tunnel across the Bering Strait. This is not an issue affecting only Russia and the United States; it is a matter of concern for the entire world, a concern for heaven and earth. (502-197, 2005/07/29)

12 Unfortunately, so far there has never been a nation of God, or a land that belongs to Him. Countries should no longer exist as they are today. In order to bring the countries of this world together, barriers must be eliminated. To abolish them, I will build the Bering Strait Peace King Bridge or Tunnel. I must remove the worlds boundary lines. In the future, peace-lovers will abandon their homes and pursue a lifestyle built around peace tours. We can create a buffer zone extending 120 miles around the International Peace Highway and people can live right there. When borders are eliminated, the kingdom of God appears. (502-219, 2005/07/29)

13 We have to build a bridge across the Bering Strait, or drill a tunnel under it, to link North America and Russia, and designate it as a distribution route to transport materials only for good purposes. We should not transport military material and armaments. The sons and daughters of God should devote themselves to building this, to secure the borderline of God's fatherland, driving Satan out. Every one of you will have to do this for the sake of liberating the fatherland. If an older brother cannot fulfill it, his younger brother will accomplish it in his place. If the younger brother fails to realize it, his older brother will step in. If the father cannot achieve it, the son will take over, or the father for the son. If husbands cannot finish it, their wives will step in to complete it, and vice versa. (506-212, 2005/09/03)

14 You have to make the world into a one-day world. In order to do that, you have to build the Peace King highway system all over the world. So far, there have not been any Peace King bridges or tunnels. These bridges and tunnels will be the final step in establishing the nation and hometown of God. (506-214, 2005/09/03)

15 Currently our highway systems do not belong to the heavenly world, but to Satan's world. Therefore, originating from the Bering Strait, you have to build an elevated eight-lane highway with a buffer zone 120 miles wide, encircling planet Earth and making it the nation of God. When you do that, the highway will freely connect all the countries of the world. Transportation of military supplies, munitions and weapons would be banned, because the highway is constructed for the sake of the throne of peace. (506-035, 2005/08/30)

16 On January 3, 2007, 12 tribes were organized in order to build the international highway at the Bering Strait. They have to construct it across the border of land and sea, water and soil, in order to allow God to come to earth. It will be a unification highway for peace, not a unification highway for war. We will make it with 16 lanes, eight lanes in each direction, so that people can drive even with their eyes closed. How joyful this highway will be if it has 16 lanes! Religious people will be asked to devote themselves to construct the highway. We will gather religious people and invite them to build it together. To run this project using money generated by extortion, embezzlement or criminality is against my philosophy. (550-277, 2007/01/04)

17 Why do we need to solve the problem of the Bering Strait? Why did the East and the West divide? Why are Russia and the United States divided? They would have been connected were it not for the Bering Strait. If the world understood Unification Thought, barriers between nations would not exist. Therein lies the problem. Water can flow everywhere. Air knows no boundary. Sunlight shines through every gap. These three life elements, water, air and sunlight, go everywhere. All of them find their way into deep places, but water even moves to the treetops, carried upward from the root through the xylem.

We must live comfortably like these elements, so we need to create a one-day world. How convenient our living would be if we could easily travel back and forth between London and Europe or anywhere else, if we could go wherever we wish! Because of borders, just the act of applying for a visa requires us to go through complex formalities. Satan made it that way, not God. When we move through the vast universe in harmony with the ideal law, even if there are national borders, we will pass over them. The macrocosm is moving in harmony as one cosmos. Therefore, borders can become a problem. (547-014, 2006/11/30)

18 We have to erect towers, lay the foundation and build a bridge across the Pacific Ocean. Building that bridge will enable us to cross the Pacific at will. We should be able to cross the Bering Strait whenever we wish. Hence the land, sea and air everywhere should be free of borders. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are suffering from religious conflicts. As they diverged from a single root, this one root must gather them together again and sort them out before God into their unfallen original positions. Accordingly, beyond religion and politics, they must live by giving and receiving affection as siblings in one family. (523-244, 2006/04/05)

19 True Parents have to liberate three areas of tribulation: the Middle East, North and South Korea, and the Bering Strait. The Bering Strait Tunnel must be built. In the Old Testament, Adam's family could not be established; it fell into ruin. In Jesus' time, he failed to establish a country. In True Parents' era, a unified world in heaven and earth must be built via the Bering Strait. To achieve that, True Parents stepped forward, took responsibility, and carried the flag for peace in these three areas. How amazing were the strides of True Parents! When South Korea comes forward to take on the work of True Parents, it will be blessed. (522-128, 2006/03/27)

20 We must realize the original ideal of God in the nation of God and the family of God, on the foundation of the ideal realm of God. By the same token, we have to construct the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Bering Strait Tunnel. The purpose is to enter the one-day world. World history left behind reminders of complicated wars and chaotic surroundings created by national borders. How confused todays environment has become! So whether you like it or not, creating a unified world is the final task for the human race. We have to take up this mission and feel a strong sense of responsibility for it. We should assume overall responsibility for this providential duty that heaven has assigned us. (600-223, 2008/10/31)

21 With the Unification Church at the center, the 13 world religions have to form a coalition that pioneers the construction projects for the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Bering Strait Tunnel. The religious circles should announce to the world that they are taking charge of pioneering these projects. We have completed the Coronation for the Authority of the Liberation of God, the King of Kings. God has come forward. I am creating a foundation centered on Busan, on the southern coast of Korea. I have paved a foundation in Hawaii that can connect the island nations, and completed the foundation to link the world's islands, peninsulas and continents. Upon these foundations, we declared the Abel-type UN. Next we need to declare the Parents' UN.

After the coronation of God, the one and only King of kings, we have nothing to be afraid of because God can come forward in this era. There is nothing to be hesitant about. We have laid the foundation. Now the lid can be opened and the secrets of heaven and earth can be revealed. The secular world will pay attention to us and take interest in what we are doing. We have to resolve conflicts among nations along with all economic and political problems. (608-096, 2009/02/21)

22 I declared early on that I would embark on developing the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Bering Strait Tunnel. The Washington Times printed an article about this. In the future, reli gious people will have to take the lead in this task. Based on the background of the Unification Church, The Washington Times announced that it did not mind financing heavily the construction of the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Bering Strait Bridge or Tunnel. Politicians and other people of influence are debating this issue. It may take years for them to reach an agreement. Therefore, religious people must unite to take responsibility for this undertaking. (610-185, 2009/04/23)

23 The World Peace King Bridge or Tunnel across the Bering Strait will one day be the greatest work and the largest, most monumental project ever undertaken for the promotion of unity and harmony. We must do this for the sake of all people. To accomplish this, wealthy people are needed to establish the huge financial base required for hiring engineers, technicians and everyone necessary to build the infrastructure. Japanese and Americans should collaborate on the construction project. The Unification Church, ambassadors for peace, and NGOs should also participate. (503-216, 2005/08/05)

24 The Bering Strait Bridge or Tunnel, a public thoroughfare for world peace, should connect to the air, sea and land. All traffic by land, sea and air will be managed by a public authority, which will manage and coordinate all means of transportation. No loading, unloading or transport of military material will be permitted. The Peace King Bridge or Tunnel is for peaceful purposes only. War has put nations around the world N into serious debt and depleted natural resources. We must do everything in our power to build a peaceful world. (503-202, 2005/08/05)

25 I have set up a company to ensure that the Bering Strait project makes progress. Furthermore, construction of the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel is well underway. No one can stop us. When it is complete, the world s people will enter the one-day world. It will be as if there is no time difference around the world. People will gather throughout the world as if they are in a single village to educate, play sports and even hold the Olympic Games. (593-139, 2008/06/14)

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