Book 10

Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America

God has been leading the providence of restoration in order to save fallen humanity. According to the Principle, God's providence of restoration is the proyidence of re-creation. Therefore, work to restore the environment that had been taken over by Satan's world must precede the providence to establish the ideal human society.

Starting in the early years of the movement, True Father initiated a variety of economic activities in order to create an environment conducive for the providence, establishing businesses and factories, and acquiring companies with advanced technology. In this, True Father spearheaded efforts to equalize the distribution of scientific technology in order to reduce the gap between developed nations and developing nations. Father saw it as essential to prepare the basis for the global community that God envisions as His purpose for creation.

In the early days of the church, True Father presented his vision for the ocean. He invested himself personally to see that vision actualized, going out to the ocean and braving the high waves himself. As time went on, he developed several centers for the ocean providence in different parts of the world. These included Yeosu and Geomun Island in Korea, and Alaska, Gloucester, and Hawaii in the United States. He trained people in these places, participated with them in deep-sea fishing, and educated them with his vision for developing marine resources.

One of True Father's goals was to develop fishery resources in the oceans to address the problem of world hunger. He developed a superior process for turning fish and krill into high protein products for alleviating malnutrition in developing nations. At the same time, he actively promoted the ocean recreation industry. He organized fishing tournaments and involved himself in small-boat design and manufacturing. Among his innovations was an unsink-able boat that would safeguard human life on the ocean.

South and Central America is another region of providential importance for the realization of one global community. True Parents see the unity between North America, representing the realm of Protestantism, and Latin America, representing the realm of the Catholic Church, as essential for world peace, and they have been investing heavily for this purpose. They mobilized all their global organizations and resources to support the nations of South and Central America. In Uruguay in particular, they established a strong financial foundation, including a hotel and a bank.

They also established organizations to promote the unity of the Americas, notably the Confederation of the Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas (CAUSA) and the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA). These organizations brought leadership and manpower from North America to address the problems of the South. The education that these organizations provided to leaders of Latin America bore fruit in closer cooperation among the nations in the region.

True Parents launched significant activities in the Pantanal region of Brazil and Paraguay. They established the New Hope Farm in Jardim, Brazil, and launched a model ideal community project in Puerto Leda, Paraguay. Jardim became an international education center where thousands of blessed families from around the world attended training programs to get a taste of life in the heavenly kingdom. In the Pantanal, moreover, True Parents invested themselves for months on end to bring the providence of restoration to a conclusion. They made a number of significant proclamations there, including the Sao Paulo Declaration and seven Jardim Declarations.

Chapter 1

Economic Activities to Create the Environment for God's Ideal

Section 1. Establishing an Economic Foundation

True Father's vision for economic activities

True Parents recognize that God's providence of restoration requires a physical and economic foundation. For this purpose they have been promoting economic activities and establishing numerous business enterprises around the world. From the viewpoint of the Principle, this is the work of re-creation. Creating the environment to build God's kingdom requires us to reclaim the physical world for God. In other words, re-creation is a process that involves recovering materials from Satan's world and bringing them to God's side.

Since the world of God's ideal is to benefit all humanity equally, one aspect of True Parents' vision is to realize the equal distribution of resources and technology. It will not be as it is in the world today, where the effective use of resources and technology is concentrated in the hands of particular individuals, companies and nation^ who use it primarily to serve their own interests.

1 In order for God to conduct the work of re-creation, we need to first prepare a proper foundational environment. Originally, in that environment, human beings would be the subject partners and all things of creation their object partners. Yet as a result of the Fall, we do not have the original materials that are necessary resources to re-create that environment where human beings can be re-created. Satan's side took them all away. Hence we must recover them. We must re-create them. Since Satan deprived us of all the needed materials, we must recover them from Satan's world, even if it means going door to door like beggars. That is why the path of restoration on which we need to walk includes the path of a servant of servants, the path of a servant, the path of an adopted child, and the path of a stepchild. (220-359, 1991/10/20)

2 God has been working to establish the tradition in which human beings become true parents who establish God's sovereignty over the earth. He does this to save us. Your ancestors carried out this task and now it is your turn to go out and work. You need to work for three and a half years with the heart that you will offer everything you have, in order to find the raw materials to recreate yourselves, by visiting all the villages where the vestiges of bitter sorrow obstructing this tradition still remain. When you raise funds for this purpose, do not use a single penny for yourself. You must have the heart to add something of your own for heaven, even if only a penny, to what you have collected in donations. For three and a half years you have to go everywhere seeking donations—to hovels where beggars live, to the houses of government ministers, and even to the residence of the president. They may persecute you and kick you out at the door, but you must be ready to accept any kind of mistreatment. Whatever it takes, you need to gather materials that have been lost and offer them to God for the work of recreation. You are offering the condition of paying indemnity in exchange for these raw materials. (220-360, 1991/10/20)

3 A patriot is willing to die for the sake of his nation. He or she is ready to invest everything, even putting his or her life on the line. If you do not invest your life, you will not be connected to life. That is the truth. So do not work halfheartedly. This is the formula. What do you have to do in order to create a new environment? Our environment is composed of sunlight, water, air and earth. If you represent God, you need to love those things on His behalf. Also, you need to invest yourself in the position of a subject partner in order to create object partners with whom you can work to recover the elements you require for your environment. You cannot do it without investment. It is impossible to receive blessings while in a place of comfort. Whenever you encounter difficulties, forget about your situation and keep going. Then, you will gain boundless results. This is the formula for re-creation.

Invest yourself without limit and then forget whatever you invested. Do not remember how much you invested. Even if you do not have money or material things to invest, I am saying that you have to invest, by shedding tears of love, tears for life, tears for lineage, and tears of conscience. If you do so, God will be with you. Once you become an absolute minus, God, the absolute plus, will be with you absolutely. That is why when you do something, never think of using others for your own benefit. It is wrong to even think like that. Even if you see that the person you are doing business with is trying to take advantage of you, you have to think tfiat you are doing business with him or her so that he or she will prosper with you. You must not work for your own gain. Even if you were to gain profits in that way, they would eventually revert to Satan's world. (287-272, 1997/10/05)

4 If you wish to grow, you must invest yourself. This is the truth, and it is a principle for development in the entire world. So again, if you wish to expand and develop, you must invest. True development and expansion are possible only through pure investment. If you invest recklessly, you will end up with a reckless result. If you invest with a serious and pure heart, you will have a serious and pure result. A pure result is possible only by sacrificing yourself with genuine sincerity. Sacrifice is about investing yourself. So invest by sacrificing with genuine sincerity. (129-060, 1983/10/01)

5 The Principle is extremely comprehensive. There is nothing that cannot be resolved with the Principle. It is like an encyclopedia containing everything about the world. It is like a formula that is based on the fundamental bond with heaven. That is why the Principle can be applied to everything. It is also consistent with modern philosophy and psychology, and conforms with all the principles of the natural world.

If we wish to develop a business, there must be unity among three primary elements; operations, technical know-how, and management. This is in accord with the Principle, which states that everything resembles human beings with their three attributes of emotion, intellect and will. (026-193, 1969/10/25)

6 In the future, who will be in control of the global economy? Not the nations that have the most raw materials. Not the nations that produce the most goods. As you know, the oil-producing nations have a firm grip on the world. Underdeveloped nations, the consuming nations, and even the nations that sell to the market cannot control the global economy. In the near future, therefore, all these nations will be compelled to form a shared system.

Once raw materials are managed joindy throughout the world, their production and sale will also be managed jointly. In the end, the future world economy will depend on forming shared institutions that will organize the distribution of needed resources to the people of the world. (080-174, 1975/10/22)

7 Up to this point, the advanced nations that produce manufactured goods have dominated the world. Now however, the era in which production determines dominance has passed. Now any nation that wants to can produce manufactured goods. Advancements in science and technology are equalizing the means of production. Now the issue is about supplying raw materials. We have gone beyond the era when the producer nations controlled the world. Now raw materials have become the crucial component in the process of production. With every nation trying to produce as much as possible, the lynchpin of the system is the supply of raw materials. That is why today we see that oil has become a serious issue.

Looking at the three main divisions of the economy—production, raw materials and the market—which nations do you think will assume authority over the economy? It will not be the producer nations or the natiorfs with raw materials. In the future, the nations that control the markets will hold sway over the economy. (207-062, 1990/11/01)

8 Nations are fighting among themselves, and democracy and communism are struggling with each other. What nations will control the global economy? It will not be the producing nations, the consuming nations, or even the nations with all the raw materials. The time will come when the global economy will be controlled by an organization consisting of nations and religions, and inspired by a good philosophical system. It will run the global economy by managing, expanding and developing all the markets around the world. When such an organization emerges in the world in the future, who do you think will manage that organization? It will be institutions and people of vision, who can move history toward God's unchanging ideal. (090-279, 1977/01/04)

9 I am going to host the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) in order to create a global association of scientists. After that, I intend to create a global association of economists. I met one economist who dreams of an ideal world, a world of an ideal economic system. We talked about the overall problems of the world economy. In his view, the most difficult problems were the issues of human rights and different political and economic systems. His main concern was how to deal with these issues. Nations compete against one another, trying to take a leading position over others. That is why they end up in economic power struggles. The question then is how we can bring nations to transcend their own self-interest. This problem will only be resolved with a new vision based on the Principle. A vision for economic development According to True Parents, material things are an essential element of human life. They are God's gift to us, His children. For this reason, True Parents advocate equalization, saying that for human beings to become the true owners of the material world, they need to have equal use of the material things that God has given them. Thus, they warn against some nations dominating others by monopolizing scientific technology and economic power. Based on this view of economics, True Parents present the vision of a God-centered, global community rooted in the ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. (055-268, 1972/05/09)

10 My purpose of doing business and making money is to perform the role of bonding all the people of thg world, whether rich or poor. My financial foundation is to be shared with those in poverty for the liberation of all humankind. This is the equalization that I am trying to realize.

Developed countries try to place weaker nations under their control, but they should not do that. Rather, they have to walk with those nations hand in hand. In this way, all nations link together laterally. Yet because I work for this, I am stigmatized by people in the advanced countries, saying that I am trying to undermine their national economies. All I am doing is advocating for the equalization of the nations of the world. I am trying to place all nations on an equal footing.

Yet, to this day, some countries in Europe still continue to exploit Africa and implement policies to perpetually enslave the nations there. Likewise, the United States implements policies putting South America under its control. I am trying to do away with all of this. (225-291, 1992/01/26)

11 Everything the Unification Church is doing—praying and making offerings to God—is for the sake of saving the nation and the world. It is not for the sake of saving the Unification Church. Church members complain, "Father formed Tongil Industries to do business, but when it comes to those of us who work there, he only makes us suffer." But in fact, you are not working there to suffer. You are working to restore Korea.

I founded Tongil Industries with the purpose of utilizing the latest technology to save this nation. Having built the company to the point where we can offer its current technological foundation to the nation, we will move forward to make foundations in higher, more advanced fields of science and technology, in aviation and space engineering, so we can offer them to the nation as well. This is why I think that what we are doing is right. But we cannot succeed if we are thinking only about our individual situations. (311-217, 1999/09/10)

12 All of the assets that we own in the world, including those in New York, are a part of God's blessings. God created all material things, desiring to give them as gifts to His children. Due to the Fall, human beings were unable to become God's true sons and true daughters. However, once people are brought into God's lineage and preside over all material things as God's direct heirs, they will use them for bod's glory. Such a time is coming.

Just because they were claimed by Satan, I do not regard material things per se as evil. It is human beings who manage and use material things. What is important is who owns them and how they are used. When a person who owns material things uses them for the benefit of humankind, with a good, God-centered purpose, God will gladly grant the right of ownership to that person. (091-113, 1977/02/03)

13 We own many business entities. In the future, I plan to build educational institutions where we can educate the children of this world as well. The businesses will grow and our organizations will expand. I am planning to build ideal cities and villages in several places around the world. We will create communities in which people produce, work and help each other economically. The atmosphere in those communities will be different from that in the world at large. Our main goal is not money. With the money we generate from these businesses, Unificgtionists will carry out their responsibilities in service to God and humankind. (091-135, 1977/02/03)

14 What is it that all people, whether in the past, present or future, generally value in life? Economic issues have marked the course of history, and continue to do so to this day. In our daily life we cannot ignore the issue of money. Economic issues cannot be ignored in our family life, social life and national life. The economy has always been a major issue. But when we discuss economic issues, we must think on a global level. Although you need money right now in your families, you need to broaden your viewpoint and think about the economic issues affecting the nation and the world. (126-076, 1983/04/12)

Section 2. The Total Living Offering

God's right of ownership

Due to the human Fall, the world was taken from God's dominion and placed under Satan's dominion. That is, as a consequence of the Fall, the realms of heart, lineage and ownership that should have been centered on God changed to being centered on Satan. In the providence of restoration God has been working to reverse this dominion.

True Parents came to bring closure to all aspects of the providence. As the condition to complete the restoration of all material things under Satan's dominion, bringing them back to God's dominion, True Parents instituted the Total Living Offering. True Parents specified that to fulfill the Total Living Offering, each single member or each family had to make the condition of offering in their own names a designated portion of their assets to heaven. They emphasized the importance of this offering as the foundation to substantiate God's kingdom on earth. They also said that this condition is even more important than an individual's absolute faith, because it sets a condition for all eternity.

1 As a result of the Human Fall, everything that had been God's was separated from Him and became Satan's possession. This is a tragic fact. Everything in Satan's possession must be returned to God. In the Old Testament Age, it was the things of creation that were returned to God; in the New Testament Age it was the children; and in the Completed Testament Age it was the parents. More specifically, the Old Testament Age was the time for making sacrificial offerings of animals and other created beings; the New Testament Age was the time for offering the Son, Jesus; and the Completed Testament Age was the time when the True Parents offered themselves.

Everything that was separated from God must be brought into oneness with Him. When this happens, one's personal right of ownership will disappear. Looking at your family, the things your family owns belong to the Old Testament Age, your children belong to the New Testament Age, and you as the parents belong to the Completed Testament Age. All of them must be given up to heaven. That is why you need to make the Total Living Offering. You need to deny your current personal right of ownership and offer everything to God. By offering everything to God's side, all things in the cosmos will follow you, and thus, you will be able to reach the realm of perfection.

The Total Living Offering is a condition to separate God's possessions from Satan's possessions. It sets up a dividing line, a borderline between the two. In this way the ownership itself is transferred. So, through making the Total Living Offering, all the possessions within your personal right of ownership are returned to God's ownership. When everything is given back to God, then your possessions are His possessions, your children are His children and you and your spouse also belong to God. Your entire family is under God, and it can stand at the starting line in the position of perfected Adam's family, having nothing to do with the Fall. (315-198, 2000/02/01)

2 The Total Living Offering is about eliminating the realm of death and uniting with the realm of life. The ritual of this offering is about making a condition to determine the right of ownership. In the Israelite ritual of animal sacrifice, the object that was offered represented the person who offered it. Likewise, the Total Living Offering represents you, and therefore those who offer it regain life.

Everything in the Garden of Eden, where human beings lived before the Fall, was alive. It all belonged to God. However, after the Fall, all of it was thrown into the realm of death. It must be restored by going the reverse way.

In order to offer all of your possessions to heaven, you must not remain attached to anything, even to your own name. You have to give up all attachments to your country. You should offer everything to God, so that it belongs to Him.

Nonetheless, there is no one among you with whom God lives in a realm of perfect partnership. Therefore, He delivers all things of creation as conditional objects to True Parents. Those objects are alive. True Parents will therefore use them to engraft families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world into God's great family. Once that is done, all things of creation become God's possessions. Then the age of sacrificial offerings will be over. Offerings will no longer be needed. This is the significance of the Total Living Offering. (325-051, 2000/06/29)

3 Your material possessions are a microcosm of the entire universe. You need to offer them as a living offering to God through True Parents. When you offer them, you must not think about your children or your future. You must deny all such thoughts. However, the purpose of this living offering is to take us to a new level, beyond the realm where we have to deny ourselves.

We have been living in the age of indemnity. During the course of that history, offerings were cut in two and killed, just as the spiritual world and the physical world, and heaven and hell, have been divided. They Were divided along the line of life and death.

The Total Living Offering is needed in order to make these two worlds into one. That is why you need to make a living offering. When you make it, you have to offer something that is alive. Thereby, you can bring life to the Old Testament Age, to the New Testament Age, and to the Completed Testament Age. The Total Living Offering makes everything alive. (325-050, 2000/06/29)

4 The right of ownership only comes into being when you establish a bond of love. All rights of ownership within the fallen realm are rooted in Satan. You can only have dominion over creation after you become an owner of love centered on God and His true love. That is why you must make the Total Living Offering; it is to wipe away Satan's right of ownership.

This offering is greater than absolute faith. Absolute faith is limited; it has to be renewed in each generation. On the contrary, this offering sets the absolute standard for all eternity. This is a serious matter. You cannot govern the spiritual world and the physical world unless you become an owner of love. Even God cannot become the owner of the spiritual world and the physical world unless He establishes bonds of love within His lineage. (320-115, 2000/03/31)

5 Until now, because God was still pursuing the course of restoration, for anything to be separated from Satan's possession it had to be made into a sacrifkial offering and spill its blood. Now there should be no more spilling of blood. God must become the Owner of all living things. That is why we need a ceremony to make the Total Living Offering. In this ceremony, the offering refers to the assets that are being offered. Those assets are the conditional object that enables God to claim the right of ownership over all that you own.

Until now, whenever an offering was made it was divided into two; one part was claimed by God and the other by Satan. None of it belonged to the offerers. However, the entire Total Living Offering must be given to the Third Adam so that he can transfer it to God. Otherwise, you will lose everything. By making the offering in this way, God can claim all of it and reign over it.

For this, you have to do something so that God can fully reign over you; all of your families have to register in God's nation. However, because we still do not have an actual nation in that position, I gave the direction to register everything to the ownership of the church. Then, once we restore a nation, everything belonging to our church will be naturally transferred to God's nation. Until that happens, Adam and Eve have no rights of ownership.

In other words, on the national level, centering on God, each nation will have to offer all of its assets as a Total Living Offering. That is how all nations can connect to the ideal kingdom of heaven on earth, where God can freely move about standing above all nations. That is why I tell you that you should not have the concept of owning your possessions. (326-139, 2000/07/06)

6 Thus far in the fallen world, Satan's possessions and God's possessions have been mixed together. That is why they must be divided. This means that you need to negate yourself completely. Any worldly habits and traditions that pervade your life will turn into walls and block you. For this reason, you need to liquidate all that you have and offer it. By bringing your offerings to me, I, as the representative of history, will make the Total Living Offering to God.

That is, I am trying to unite the world that has been divided and offer it as a whole to God. To make this offering, I am bringing together individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, and heaven and earth. (328-222, 2000/08/04)

7 Making the Total Living Offering establishes the condition to determine ownership. Hence, until everything belongs to God, you must not claim anything as your own.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan stole God's possessions. Therefore, if you stole anything from the church in the past, you must return it to God's side as soon as possible. Once you return it, God will forgive you. He will store everything in His storehouse.

That is why throughout my entire life, I did not have anything I could call my own. My right of ownership is determined by the number of people whom I restore to become citizens in God's nation. If you claim personal ownership before God's nation is established, you are violating heaven's law. (331-241, 2000/09/03)

8 Elderly members of the Unification Church should not leave money behind to their children, but should donate it to God's nation before they die. That too is the Total Living Offering. You should place your assets in the name of the church and then go to live at the church. By doing so, you will be setting a condition that you lived on heaven s assets.

The era of individual ownership of property is passing, and we are entering the era of joint ownership of property. When you donate your assets to the church, you will not have to pay any inheritance tax. We are moving into an era when we will have nothing to do with inheritance tax.

Heaven commands that people who made money dishonestly, who sold out their nation and the people of the world, should not bequeath that money to their descendants. Instead it must become church property. Individuals should donate their property to the church. Churches should devote their assets for the sake of the nation. After that, each nation should devote their assets to Cheon II Guk, and finally these assets will arrive in the heavenly kingdom. (365-020, 2002/01/04)

9 The Old Testament Age was the age to offer all things. The New Testament Age was the age to offer the Son (children). The Completed Testament Age was the age when the parents offered themselves. Based on these offerings, you must offer to Gqd your family, your children, and all things of this world. That is the Total Living Offering. Globally, all families should come together and offer the things of creation, their children, and their own families to heaven.

God's true love, true life and true lineage is everything. Therefore, you should not think of anything else but the love of God and True Parents. This is the point from which the new world emerges. Therefore, everything should be brought together and offered as a whole. You must determine that everything you own belongs to God centering on True Parents. Eventually, all the sacred items offered to heaven will be bequeathed to families whom God loves, to become their possessions. It is at that point that we can claim our right of ownership. This is where the kingdom of heaven begins. (408-269, 2003/06/16)

10 God has prepared a feast for His children and is waiting for them to come. Happiness comes when you share everything you have with everyone. The Heavenly Parent has a heart that wants to give and give, and even after He has given all that He has, to give still more. That is why He made the spirit world in such a way that it is being replenished all the time. In the same way, if you enjoy giving and still want to give even more, you will receive infinite blessings from the eternal world. You will be drawn to a world where you can give infinitely and have more to spare.

When I work, although I have money in my wallet, I never think about what I would like to eat or that I should buy something nice for my children. Whenever I have money, I think about how to use it for God's Will. If you use money that is earmarked for God's Will for yourself, the money will cry. See what happens if you place that money in your pocket and use it for yourself. It is like cutting away your own flesh and chiseling away your bones. That is what you should fear. Plundering public money is a serious sin. It is the same when making the Total Living Offering. You must invest yourself completely and forget what you have invested. A person who sets up his or her own domain and boasts about it is the most foolish person in the world. (345-082, 2001/05/29)

11 What establishes you as an owner is that you receive God's love through His lineage and that you are able to love others on behalf of God. It is at this point that you are granted the right of inheritance. Otherwise, your inheritance will not be acknowledged.

Private property is not recognized in communist societies. Since they have already made all assets into national assets, all that is left for them to do is offer them and their nations to the Lord at the Second Advent. That is how the entire world can belong to God. Then God, through the Returning Lord, will redistribute all those assets back to the people. We have to do something similar. Only then will we enter the age in which we are entitled to personal possessions.

This principle must be taught to the big business groups. When the age of the Unification Church comes, I will meet the corporate leaders of the world and have them listen to my lectures for three or four hours. I should be able to impart sufficient understanding to them so that when I ask them whether their assets belong to them or to God, they will answer, "They belong to God." Then I will ask them whether they will return everything to God, and they will answer, "Yes." If some of them refuse to return everything, misfortune may strike them.

When they finally return everything to God, the world will fall into place overnight. But until then, God is loosening His grip on the rope so that people can be merry, eat well and enjoy their life. He is lowering the rope and letting it loose so that it sways in the wind here and there, but He is still holding on to the rope. Now people are eating well and enjoying themselves, but in the future when the time is ripe, God will yank on the rope and they will all come looking for the Owner. Then the world is bound to merge together in one place. (143-112, 1986/03/16)

12 To this day, we as True Parents have been making sacrifices in order to attend God. It is the tradition we have observed throughout our lives. Because our material possessions belong to the Old Testament Age and our children belong to the New Testament Age, we have had to sacrifice them. We also had to make sacrifices as a couple. You must do the same; it is the way you can attend God.

Before you attain unity with the ideal realm of love in heaven and on earth, you have to pass through the stages of formation, growth and completion. There is no other way to attain perfection. It is your portion of responsibility that you need to fulfill. Everyone needs to follow this principle that I have taught to you. That is the conclusion.

I am sharing everything with the people of the world. I own nothing in my name. I have no right of ownership. It is because God has no right of ownership. Therefore, everything that we have ever owned is in Satan's grasp, and it must be offered to God. After that, God will redistribute all the wealth that He has received. Only then will the kingdom of heaven on earth emerge. (213-143, 1991/01/16)

13 Now the time has come to establish ourselves as owners. If you wish to become the owner of what you have, you must first offer everything to God and then receive what He redistributes to you. If you insist that you have the right to own what you have now, you will not be able to stand in the position to receive blessings.

Originally, ownership was supposed to be established only after Adam and Eve, without falling, had received the Blessing. They were not supposed to own things first and receive the Blessing later. They were supposed to receive ownership of all things in creation after they had received the Blessing from God; it was to be a gift to support their family after they gave birth to their children. Therefore, even though you may have already received the Blessing, you need to indemnify the fact that you owned things before the Blessing by offering everything. Only then can you be granted ownership.

During this process of restoration, you must return what you own to heaven. This will be temporary, since in time you will receive it back when the redistribution takes place. You will offer your possessions to True Parents, and they are the ones who will return them to heaven. Since the first human ancestors, the false parents, turned everything upside down, True Parents must turn it right side up. Then, on the foundation of having blessed all the people of the world, they will redistribute everything and bequeath the right of ownership. From that point on, our right of ownership will be established. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. (475-182, 2004/11/10)

The wealth of God's nation

The ultimate goal of religion is to create one family under God, where everyone will live free from discrimination. True Parents established many companies and developed marine resources in order to save people from starvation. By promoting the equalization of wealth and technology, they have been striving to create an environment where all nations of the world can live in prosperity.

True Parents have been emphasizing that the way to achieve the equalization of wealth is for the rich to share their wealth with those who are in need, and for wealthy nations to help impoverished nations. In this way, we can create a world based on true love, which manifests the ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. Their teaching is that building such a world where God's Will is fulfilled is the way to achieve the ultimate social justice. Hence, throughout their lives they have poured out their hearts, souls and resources for the establishment of God's nation on earth, the kingdom of God on earth where all people live in happiness.

14 People should care for the less fortunate and live for their sakes. Whenever you see someone in more difficult circumstances than you, you should have compassion on that person and be grateful for your own situation. Do not simply be grateful, but actively help that person. Anyone who lives this way will be welcomed in their own nation and in other nations as well.

If we look at the people who are considered patriots and saints today, very few of them came from wealthy families. Their societies, nations and even their families were going through times of confusion, but they moved forward with a vision for a better future. Even though they lived in such circumstances of confusion, they were proud to have been born in their nation and proud of their parents. Yet although they loved their parents greatly, they cared more for the nation and the world and worked to save those who were less fortunate than they. With that heart they gathered supporters and paved the way for a better tomorrow. That is how they brought changes to the world.

A new history began from where those people extended the love they had for their nation, their parents and their teachers horizontally to help the less fortunate and correct injustice. From that point, this new history transcended then-nation and extended to the world. History has advanced because of such people. A rich man who is ungrateful for his riches and labors only to gather more money will perish in the end. A rich man who is grateful for what he has earned and grateful to his nation and people for giving him the opportunity to earn it, and who devotes his riches to help others, will gain even greater wealth. You can become rich, but if you forget how to be grateful and only pursue your own ambitions, you will end up digging your own grave. (033-286, 1970/08/21)

15 In the Bible it says, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." This passage states that rich people do not do what is required to enter the kingdom: love the world, love their nation, love their people and love their families. I am not saying that I am going to take money from rich people. Even if I were in debt and a nation offered me financial assistance, I would not accept it.

You should be willing to offer your personal property to heaven. You should be willing to offer it for your nation. Then, since a nation's assets grow on the foundation of its people's assets, the nation and its people will not perish. Its families will not perish. Nations grow in proportion to what their people invest in them; their investment is what brings total unity. Likewise, your nation needs to offer everything for the sake of heaven and earth; even the world needs to offer everything. (302-052, 1999/05/18)

16 In order to build a united world, we should not be content to eat good food and live a good life in beautiful places. We should want to bring equalization so that all humankind can live at an equal level. Rich people should willingly pay 70 percent of their income in taxes, and poor people should willingly pay 30 percent in taxes; this will make a balance. They should willingly pay them, not pay them while complaining about it.

Christianity developed by accepting tithes, ten percent of peoples income, but the next step is to offer 30 percent of ones income. In order to save the world, rich people should set aside funds in a bank account that can be used to build facilities in underdeveloped regions in Africa. This cannot be done all at once. Therefore, the rich people can draw lots every year to determine who will donate their funds. If you set up that kind of system, no one will complain. (378-108, 2002/05/06)

17 Now True Parents, the perfected Adam and Eve, are in the position of the first human ancestors on earth. Therefore, the time has come for you who have received True Parents' lineage to be registered in God's nation. You need to make the Total Living Offering. Then God will be able to say to you, "All of My love is yours."

Until now sacrificial offerings were divided in two, but no longer. I am talking about the Total Living Offering. You need to offer 30 percent of your income so that you not only support the church, but also go beyond the church to support the nation and the world. Of the 30 percent, 10 percent should be used for the development of the church, 10 percent for the nation and 10 percent for the world. This is needed in order to connect the realm of liberation to the global plane.

Hence, throughout your life you need to offer three tenths of all your income. You are not liberated from this duty until the day you enter heaven. When you offer three tenths of your income, the third one tenth is what engrafts you to God's realm. The growth stage rests on the formation stage, and the completion stage rests on the growth stage. Once you fulfill the completion stage, you can recover everything. (353-204, 2001/09/07)

18 The issues that remain to be resolved during this century are the cultural gap between the East and the West, and the gap between the haves and have-nots in the North and the South. How can they be resolved? It is through my teaching of "living for the sake of others." The philosophy of living for your own sake belongs to the fallen world; the philosophy of living for the sake of others belongs to the heavenly world. Wealthy North America should live for the sake of its younger sibling, Latin America. North America should willingly sell its assets to help its younger sibling prosper. Only after North America helps Latin America to prosper at least as much as it does, if not more, should it invest for its own people. That is how both North America and South America will become places where God's ideal will eternally reside.

Western people believe that their nations will forever remain the leading nations of the world, but that is not heaven's desire. Western civilization has stood in a leading position, but it opposes investing its highest level of technology for the development of countries in the poorer regions of the world. If Western civilization continues to take that position, its decline is inevitable. Even if you suffer loss, you still have to invest for the nation, invest for the world and invest for heaven. You should be grateful that you are still able to make that investment. If you invest to the very end, even though your life is in the lowest of places, people will emerge among your descendants who will inherit riches and rule over nations. (179-171, 1988/08/01)

19 If we are unable to build God's nation on earth and live there, we cannot enter the heavenly kingdom in the spirit world. This is a principle. That is why God is not content to have a home on the family level, but is seeking His home on the national level. God wants to have a nation through which He can create the heavenly kingdom.

Today, socialist nations require all property to be in common and do not recognize private property. Although humankind does not know it, this is a result of the advancement of restoration through indemnity that is being made in this era. The socialists justify what they do by saying that if rich people freely walked around with their bundles of wealth, it would be difficult to control them; that is why they require them to turn over all their assets to the nation as common property. In the Garden of Eden, the first human beings lived naked. Therefore, in the Last Days we must return to a position as if naked, having nothing to claim as our own. That is why it is wise for you to quickly offer all your treasures to God. (143-196, 1986/03/18)

20 Once the Abel UN is properly set up, you will entrust all your property and assets to one bank. You will deposit your assets at the designated bank, and the bank will set aside a certain percentage of the accrued interest to share with those in less fortunate circumstances. I am saying this because it is a way for rich people with a lot of money to willingly distribute and share their wealth with their needy brothers and sisters, so that they too can live a prosperous life.

People who have accumulated many assets in the wrong way are nothing but thieves. As a result, their ancestors in the spirit world are blocked on all sides. If these people do not share what they have, their ancestors will not get the benefit of equalization. When their descendants on earth break down the barriers to sharing their wealth, then the ancestors in the spirit world will be liberated and be free to go in any direction, enjoying complete freedom. We may enjoy freedom on earth, but spirits in the spirit world are not free. We need to work to build the world where every person in the spirit world enjoys complete freedom and is no longer in need of liberation. Then we all can go straight to the kingdom of heaven. (551-035, 2007/01/03)

21 When people marry, it is customary for the mother and father to give them a share of their wealth. If young lovers take money or property from their parents without going through the process of getting married, what they take is considered stolen property. They have to return it with all the interest that had accrued during all the years that they held it. However, when young people marry and their parents willingly give them their share of the inheritance, wealth is equalized. We, True Parents, must also receive God's approval before we can give you shares of our inheritance. If any of you takes something other than that, your entire clan in the spirit world will be accused. Even your nation will be accused. (482-031, 2005/01/07)

22 When the world becomes united in the future, there will be a huge migration of people. People will no longer consider the land of their birth to be their fatherland. The land that they migrate to will become their fatherland. Who knows where it may be? It may be in a desert. People who were well off might end up going to a place like the Gobi Desert, and work to transform it into a flourishing pjain. They will need to sell their land and assets in the country of their birth and bring it with them to their new home. That is how equalization will take place.

Ideally, human beings should not die in the same place as they were born. You should go through your life in four different nations, living in a different nation in your twenties, forties, sixties and eighties. You should live in four nations in each of the four directions— north, south, east and west. When that system is created, people will not keep any attachment to their own clans. Instead, people will attend heaven while living together in three-generation families. (542-242, 2006/10/19)

Section 3. Economic Activities in the Early Years

Portraits and stamps

After coming to the South, True Father stayed in a mud hut in Beomil-dong, Busan. Living the life of a refugee, Kim Won-pil drew portraits of United States Army personnel to make money, which was used to help members in need. In the first years of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, members raised money to finance their witnessing efforts by collecting and selling postmarked stamps, and by adding color to black and white photographs and selling them on the street.

1 When I was living at Beomil-dong, Busan, we made portraits for soldiers from the United States Army base. We sketched on framed sheets of cloth. You cannot use just any cloth for drawing portraits. There was a glue to be applied to the cloth before drawing. We had to boil the glue, apply it to the cloth, and wait for it to dry. This process hardened the cloth, closing the small holes in the doth before starting the drawing. We received $4 for each portrait. The soldiers from the US Army base usually were stationed there for one and a half to two years, after which time they returned home. They could not go back empty-handed. They needed gifts for their family. Soldiers would bring their wives' photographs and ask us to turn them into portraits. So we did. (127-170, 1983/05/07)

2 The issue was how to draw the portraits quickly. In the beginning we would receive a couple of photos at a time, but since we needed money we organized so that soldiers could bring 20 or even 30 photos a day. The soldiers usually were at this base for a week, so I had to finish painting during that time. On some days, I drew as many as 30 portraits. I attached strings to the frames in advance. Kim Won-pil would use a 4B pencil to draw the faces on the canvases in lines as fine as the embroidery on the frame. The fine lines made it easy to draw the face; all I had to do was follow the lines. That sped up the process. In this way I drew the lips, painted them red, then drew and painted the hair. That was how I learned to draw. Even if you do not know how to do something, you somehow learn by trying. In the beginning I stood behind him, observing. Soon I learned how to draw one stroke at a time. So once he drew the shape of the head, I would be able to draw the clothes and the entire picture. In this way we made a good deal of money, earning nearly $100 a day. (127-171, 1983/05/07)

3 As a refugee at Beomnaetgol, Busan, Kim Won-pil drew portraits of American soldiers. He drew up to 30 portraits a day. For him to do that I had to prepare everything. I stayed up through the night to do so. I worked very hard. That was how we made money to use for witnessing and pioneering the mission. There are many stories that might sound like something I dreamed up. I made money but never used a penny for myself. It is the same with God. He does not do anything for Himself. You have to use money for the sake of humankind, the world and future generations. (097-222, 1978/03/15)

4 We participated in stamp-collecting events throughout Korea. A small canceled stamp removed from an envelope is worth but a few pennies. However, one can actually see this act of removing one stamp as a noble and lofty endeavor. The award winners for collecting stamps are usually young people, including middle and high school students. It is a shame that only young people do this. I once said that every Unification member ought to write a letter to three other members each month. If they attached 40 stamps to the letter, each worth one Korean won, instead of using one 40-won stamp, they could support our business activities. This is how much we can make just by using canceled stamps, which are so insignificant that they are usually thrown away. In other words, although our actions may seem trivial, we are actually bringing huge profit to the nation. Taking interest in seemingly insignificant issues will later lead to important achievements in which Unifi-cationists can take pride. (150-105, 1960/02/02)

5 We have been collecting stamps to finance our witnessing efforts. Through the stamps we collected, we raised nearly one million won last year. There was a time when I said that we need to set a standard by collecting one million or even two million stamps. On the one hand, we are collecting stamps to earn money. On the other, through these stamp-collecting activities, we have been able to unite in spirit based on a common goal. We are learning to share the emotions of daily life with each other. (150-105, 1960/02/02)

Tongil Industries

True Parents built and managed the Yehwa Air Rifle Factory as one of the first steps in creating a global economic foundation. On May 20, 1959, after the establishment of HSA-UWC, we received a permit to build a factory for Yehwa Air Rifles, and established the factory at Incheon and used it as a foundation to build Tongil Industries. Because True Parents believed that the machine tool industry was important for the revival of Korean manufacturing, they established Tongil Industries, incorporating technologies from around the world. True Parents devoted themselves to Tongil Industries, not for the sake of the company but for the future of Korea and the world. Although it began small, Tongil Industries' outstanding technology played an important role in the development of Korea's key industries, especially the automotive and military sectors.

6 To the same degree that we engage in church activities, we must think about the items young people like and use. One such product is the air rifle. We are the only ones in Korea who have conducted research into this technology. We did so for the sake of product quality and future results. If we do a good job in the development stage, I am confident we will eventually gain success. We will obtain patents to build new products. When you create a new product, it is not perfect from the beginning. I studied this industry and came to know the stages of product development. It is absolutely impossible to invent something and reach commercial success in the same year. It takes at least three years, if not more. I began with this awareness. We built a factory at Incheon, but at that time the factory had nothing. I had an assistant and one machine tool. It was a shop with nothing but a couple of machine drills, some saws and a plane. That is the origin of our air rifle factory. (158-191, 1967/12/27)

7 When we first were making the air rifle, we used brass pipes as one of its components, and that failed. We decided to buy stainless steel pipes instead. That's when we began to make rifles from stainless steel. To start, we made about 30 rifles and sold them. We were able to sell them, but it was costly to continue the operation. For seven years we had to invest in the factory. After seven years, in 1964 we began full-scale marketing of our rifles. Those years were a period for us to identify our mistakes in the manufacturing process and address these problems. If we had started to mass produce air rifles without first identifying these issues, we would have sustained tremendous losses. It took us about seven years to identify and remedy the problems in every aspect of the production process. Now we have begun mass production with the confidence that nothing will go wrong. It was through this ten-year history that we began to mass-produce air rifles. (158-192, 1967/12/27)

8 When we first began to manufacture air rifles, there was gossip among our HSA-UWC leaders and members. Nobody understood Father's heart. Even the people who were in charge of the project did not understand, so I commuted to the Incheon factory twice a day. People had to stay involved because I was visiting the factory every day. Now these operations have turned into a company that is considered in Korea to be the most, or maybe second most, successful in the production of patented products. This is how I developed this company. You are selling air rifles. This rifle is a remarkable tactical product. Korea is dealing with a communist threat, so this product is appropriate, given the backdrop of the times. (158-192, 1967/12/27)

9 Companies that have a sturdy foundation have technicians, funding and professional managers. We grew our business under difficult circumstances in competition with these companies. The reality was that we had no funding, technicians or professional management. Faced with this reality, it was nothing less than an amazing adventure to enter a field of Korean industry. What we wanted to do in those circumstances was to create a product that would be unique all around the world and patent it. We chose the air rifle. Spiritually I knew this was the right choice, but it truly was an unusual idea. Old-fashioned air rifles had not been produced for a long time. That product line had not advanced for years, and you would not expect to make much profit. However, I saw the air rifles potential, and that is why we made it. Those who have used it say that our air rifle is the best. That is why people buy it. We could do this because our people were organized. (026-085, 1969/10/18)

10 Two years from now, once we are on track to make air rifles and rifles for target shooting, we will expand our market to other nations. Actually I have already investigated the global market. I believe we can export at least one and a half million rifles a year, perhaps as many as two and a half to three million. We have to lay a foundation upon which we can move forward on our own without any external economic aid. Otherwise, we cannot completely restore this nation. That is why it is an absolute requirement to set an economic foundation. (157-228, 1967/04/02)

11 The most important issue in running a factory is having a plan and running things according to that plan. Next is the organization and then the process. You need to manage dozens of stages in the process of manufacturing even one product. You have to dfcsign your organization properly. Second, you have to install the proper equipment in the right facilities. You need to have the right equipment. And third you need technicians. These are the three key components. In the future we must equip ourselves with the right manufacturing processes so that we do not fall behind other producers in the global competition. You have to get these three points right when you are in a competitive market. You can shorten the production time for a certain product only when you have organizational unity, professional management and skilled technicians. There are a lot of factories that manufacture specialty items. In a competitive industry, each company tries to find methods to make the best products at the lowest cost. That is why you need proper facilities and technology, and you must excel at business management. The success or failure of the business depends on that. (158-078, 1967/12/26)

12 To do good deeds you have to shed blood and sweat, offer devotion, be humble and gentle to others, display brotherly affection to your siblings, and love the earth. If you respond with goodness to the people who oppose you, and do that 100 percent of the time, they will submit to you. Hence, you cannot be arrogant. The person who gives first is the subject partner. I have carried out this responsibility as Abel in all matters. This is my philosophy of life. When you stand before someone who is more public-minded than yourself, you must be humble. I have fought ideological battles in the spirit world and also on earth. In commerce, what I invested through my devotion must grow. We have to make effort until we attain a foundation for this factory. There are still some areas where we need to make more effort. That is why I do not pray for heaven to help us make money. (017-304, 1967/03/04)

13 The Korean church has been unable to adequately assist and aid foreign countries. I am asking you to push forward until we are able to provide sufficient assistance to foreign countries. I faced relentless opposition in making these factories, but all this time I was thinking ahead. We must draw the first and second lines of defense, and set up a strong self-sufficient foundation. We learned about God's heart by shedding tears, sweat and blood. Now we must build an economic foundation. We need a global economic foundation in order to restore the world. That is why I am working to develop industries. (019-065, 1967/12/24)

14 When we established Tongil Industries at Cheongpa-dong, we began in a house that had been built by the Japanese during the occupation. It was a shed that was about half a pyeong (1.65 square meters) in size, behind a house where they stored charcoal briquettes. We did not have a lathe, so we bought an old one that had been used by the Japanese. We paid 720,000 won, before the currency reform. At the time I said, "This machine will increase our output to 7,000 and even 70,000 units, enabling us to grow at the same pace with others in the military and automotive industry in the Republic of Korea. So, have faith!" Do you think people believed me at that time? Many people probably thought I was an unrealistic dreamer when I said those things. (179-188, 1988/08/12)

15 When the automotive industry first emerged in Korea, Tongil Industries made a great contribution. With access to the latest technology, we laid the foundation for the reindustrialization of Korea to move forward. At that time, I believed the only way to do this was for Tongil Industries to produce unique products. Becoming famous in Korea was not that difficult. What you needed was a patented product. You had to do the research and development to make something the nation needed. That does not mean you could jump into the machine industry without preparation. That is why we made air rifles. Many of my ideas were incorporated into the development of those air rifles. (287-159, 1997/10/30)

16 When there was a machinery exhibition in Japan, we displayed the production line system we developed at Tongil Industries. When it came to computer chips, the Japanese were proud of FANUC, which they consider to be the top manufacturer. The president of that company came to our exhibit and was shocked. He had thought that Tongil Industries was nothing, but he realized that it was bound to become a major competitor for his company. We also had four factories in Germany at that time. The lathes we used at these four factories were state of the art in their class. There are battleships and aircraft carriers that have screw axles 50 meters in length, and boats weighing thousands of tons. Not just any factory can manufacture these. We made these, and also many automotive parts. It was because of Tongil Industries that the automotive industry in Korea could become what it is today. The Korean automobile companies use Tongil Industries products. (190-242, 1989/06/19)

17 We have to gain experience in the machine tool industry and I am working hard to do just that. I visited factories in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and other nations. I also went to Japan and even the United States. Why are we in the machine tool industry, the most difficult industry? The answer is simple: it is so that we can quickly go multinational. When we accomplish this, we can become world-class champions in all fields. I am challenging you to do this in a short time, rather than to take a long time to do it. Tongil Industries has reached the stage where it can automate its entire production line. (122-201, 1982/11/11)

18 After I established Tongil Industries at Sutaek-ri, I often had to go back and forth over the hill at Manguri three times in a single day to get there from Seoul. Going there twice a day was commonplace, and I would always go at least once a day. Do you know why? I had to offer acts of devotion to embrace and guide the global industrial networks. I believed that I had to offer demotion with my blood and tears, which could touch heaven and the hearts of the people of the industrial world who had gone to the spirit world, so that they could inspire their counterparts on earth. Only by doing so would what they accomplished become part of heaven s possession. That is why I have offered so many acts of devotion. I also tried to go to Cheong-pyeong every day when I could. This was also to offer devotion. To become the top leader of the world, you have to become an owner in all respects. When things were difficult, I never said that I would not go. I did this for decades, all by myself. That is why heaven gives me blessings. Satan cannot accuse me about this. (133-161, 1984/07/10)

19 The workers in the factories at Tongil Industries might think, "Why does Father come to the factory every day when he should be busy with other things?" That is not the way to think. You might think there is not much of a difference between what you saw last night and what you«ee this morning. However, when I see some development today as compared to yesterday, I am inspired. Even if you are making the same machine, if you look for even one thing to improve, compared to the day before, and you actually find it, it is exciting. This is where we are going to hoist our flag, and then we can sing praises in God's presence and establish a condition. I have to come and check things until we reach a certain standard. If we move forward in this way, when something arises that could hinder our plans, it will disappear. Some incident will take place that opens a path for us. That path will open or close depending on whether or not you work together. None of you understand the path I am taking. It may seem as if I am taking a risk, but later everything will be achieved. (016-318, 1966/07/31)

20 The reason I offer these acts of devotion is not simply for the sake of this one factory in Sutaek-ri. I have been praying to connect the fate of the Republic of Korea and the fortune of the world to this place. Once the products manufactured in our factory become essential to this industry, and we enter into contracts with the nation and begin production, my responsibility is finished. My wish is to make our business the most important business in Korea. Once it finds its place, our business will grow rapidly. (033-161, 1970/08/11)

21 I am struggling fiercely for this nation. I live for the sake of this nation. I am investing my family and relatives, asking them to sacrifice. To this day, I have taken on debt and worked for the sake of the future of the Republic of Korea. I had to go through all manner of humiliation from 1980 to 1985 in order to introduce Germany's science and technology to this nation. In this way I brought cutting-edge resources from the world to Tongil Industries and paved the way for this nation to move into the future. I had to suffer many hardships in order to do this. A scholar who learned of this said, "The advancements that we see today in Korea's automobile industry were made possible because of Reverend Moon's great contribution through Tongil Industries." (169-092, 1987/10/25)

Section 4. The Establishment of Companies

llhwa Co., Ltd.

To build an economic foundation, True Parents established numerous companies at home and abroad. One such company was llhwa Co., Ltd. established in December 1971. llhwa has developed and distributed products made from ginseng for the health of people around the world. When the construction of the llhwa building was completed in August 1973 in Sutaek-ri, Gyeonggi Province, True Father wrote in calligraphy, "Doing one's best sincerely and with one's whole heart," for the new company. llhwa has developed and expanded, and now sells a variety of products, including the barley-based drink McCol and Chojung mineral water from its food division, Korean ginseng tea, Korean ginseng extract, and Ginseng-Up from its ginseng division, and Samjeongton (an energy tonic) and Woohwang Cheongshimhwan (a natural medicine for the relief of anxiety) from its pharmaceutical division.

1 We can take pride in having built a factory that manufactures ginseng products that are not otherwise found in domestic or foreign markets. Under the banner of llhwa we have launched a new field of ginseng products. I believe that the future is bright. Tongil Industries has been building up its foundation in Sutaek-ri for some years now. llhwa Co. Ltd. is more important than even Tongil Industries. I believe it will be an indispensable foundation for our efforts to resolve global economic problems. So the question is how we are going to market these products globally. All our overseas members should join forces and concentrate on sales. We are devoting ourselves to this company in the hope that it will provide economic resources to support the Unification Church in its course of development. (068-232, 1973/08/03)

2 Ginseng is a special product of Korea. Of all the things in the creation around us, ginseng is the most precious. Ginseng can be called the prince of the plant kingdom. It goes without saying that the place ginseng holds is parallel to that of Unification Thought. Ginseng is this nations special product and pride. Yet, are we doing justice to ginseng? I believe the answer is no. If heaven gave us ginseng, it surely was not solely for the benefit of the Korean people. God wants ginseng to benefit the people of the world. The world appreciates the fact that the Korean people live where ginseng grows naturally. Therefore, while Koreans need to recognize the value of ginseng, they also should not selfishly keep it only for the sake of Korea. Koreans should provide ginseng to the people of the world. We as human beings need to love and appreciate each other's value. (068-237, 1973/08/03)

3 No matter how nice a factory's appearance or how good its equipment, the main contributor to excellence in this environment is exceptional personnel. No one achieves anything alone. The entire llhwa group must work together to form a unified system in which each individual strives to attain new heights. If each person takes responsibility to move up himself and help those around him to do so, the right hand and left hand, the head and the body will all be elevated as a result. The nation will come to acknowledge llhwa, and llhwa will distinguish itself in Asia and around the world. The people from the llhwa group must take great pride in McCol. "Me" here (in Korean) means soul. The name signifies that it is a beverage that can move heavenly fortune. (178-267, 1988/06/08)

4 McCol is a health drink. I made McCol to promote the health of the people of this nation. In the future, I plan to sell McCol throughout the world. There is a foundation in the Republic of Korea that will put us right on target to supply McCol and other Ilhwa products to every nation. The special value of McCol now remains dormant. It has not yet risen from its slumber. We have been given the responsibility to elevate it to become a beverage that liberates all people. We must awaken the vast economic vitality that lies hidden in our lives. (221-022, 1991/10/20)

Seil Travel Co. and YongPyong Resort

In January 1985, True Parents established Seil Travel, a travel agency that handles both domestic and foreign travel. Our history is a providential one of finding God's people who have been lost. True Parents asked Seil Travel to fulfill a role facilitating the exchange between different cultural realms for the purpose of creating a single cultural realm centered on God.

In March 2003, plans were announced to purchase the YongPyong Resort, a four-season resort that includes three 18-hole golf courses and the largest ski facility in Korea. In particular, the plans included developing the ski slopes as part of Korea's bid, submitted to the International Olympic Committee in 2011, to host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. True Parents' vision and commitment were indeed instrumental in Pyeongchang county's selection as the venue for the 2018 Games.

At the same time, True Parents announced plans to develop other resort facilities in Yeosu and Suncheon in the southern reaches of the Korean Peninsula. In keeping with that vision, the management of YongPyong Resort has developed The Ocean Resort in Yeosu. These ski, golf and ocean resorts are the pillars of the Tongil Group's leisure industries. True Parents' vision also includes business endeavors in manufacturing and distribution, to which end they also established Kosai, a production and distribution network, Saeilo Machinery, Happy Mind, and other enterprises in various fields.

5 We are entering a propitious time to lay an economic foundation. The time is coming for the rise of the leisure industry. The leisure and tourism industries will only continue to grow. People looking to go to North Korea's Mt. Geumgang will travel via Busan or Jeju Island. If people go to visit Busan, Jeju Island and Baekdu Mountain, we will need layover accommodations. There should be large hotels or nationwide organizations to serve these customers. Therefore, Seil Travel should install branch offices in key areas, and lay the foundation to connect with other travel companies. (225-176, 1992/01/20)

6 In order for Seil Travel to become number one, its people should all move forward with a single focus. When they do, no other travel company will be able to surpass them. Seil Travel must become a leading travel agency in the Republic of Korea, and then expand to the world. When heavenly fortune encounters strong opposition, the power of the universe protects you in proportion to the strength of your unity. Nobody can undermine you when the power of the universe is protecting you. That is how you can go on forever. That is how you can go beyond the Republic of Korea, beyond Asia, and beyond the world to form one great unified body. Travel agencies are not generally associated with the most virtuous morality. That is why I say we should lead this immoral and corrupt world by repairing at least one part of it. When we incorporate the Seil philosophy into our tourism business, even the most beautiful woman in the world will not be able to lure customers away. The Seil brand will shine and this company will be a beacon in this dark world. (212-305, 1991/01/08)

7 We must do whatever it takes to guide the youth of North Korea, South Korea, Japan, the United States, China and Russia. I will educate them by having them mingle with people from different nations. When I say educate, I mean that I will take the young people from North Korea to network with the youth in other countries. They can be educated in Russia as well as in China, the United States, and France. It will be no problem to do this because we have an international foundation. Korea should be at the center in guiding the United States, Japan, China, Russia and the other powerful nations of the world. We are going to prepare a plan and execute it.

Seil Travel should deal with passports and visas. I did not create Seil Travel to make money. I made this company so that it can pave a path on which God will travel. First we must educate people through student exchanges based in Korea. Next we must carry out education with the cooperation of the United States, Russia, Japan and China. These nations should cooperate with each other in running these educational programs. (241-094, 1992/12/19)

8 We have acquired YongPyong Resort, which can be a venue for the Winter Olympics. Winter is the busy season at YongPyong, so the issue is how to use it in the warmer months. In summer there is golf and fishing. We should make it so that helicopters can land on every mountaintop at the Daegwal-lyeong mountain pass. I also suggest that we make an organic farm, so we can offer a cuisine featuring fresh seasonal produce, and that we build a hotel to accommodate those who visit the area. Since YongPyong provides wonderful scenery in winter and summer, we can make good use of it in both seasons.

I also plan to plant mountain ginseng and cultivate it there. This can then be sold to the people who tour the region in helicopters. You have no idea what a mystical view spreads out in front of you when you climb to the top of Mt. Balwang at a height of 1,458 meters. If a helicopter pad could be built there, we could use it as a base for all our activities. YongPyong can thus become the place that connects the ocean and the land. (415-120, 2003/08/06)

9 I am currently planning to create a facility for motorcycletor bicycle racing at YongPyong Resort. We can keep hundreds of motorcycles or bicycles at a spot situated a few kilometers up in the hills, transport riders up there by cable car, and let them ride down on motorcycles or bicycles. Or they can drive to the top in their cars carrying their own bicycles or motorcycles, and ride them around in the hills. If we can make this a popular sport among middle and high school students, it will be a good way to make use of the resort during the off-season.

We can also have fishing. Though we already host fishing competitions in Yeosu and Suncheon, depending on the season we can also host them in Cheongpyeong. We can do so by raising fish in the YongPyong Reservoir. We should also create a hunting ground. The environmental conditions in YongPyong give it a competitive edge when it comes to hunting, and many people go hunting. We can develop this land in many ways; in fact, in time the ski resort may give way to other facilities. (432-229, 2004/01/23)

10 Since I have long advocated the hobby industry worldwide, when people speak of me this naturally comes up. Under the banner of the hobby industry, we can create a communications network connecting not only North America, South America and Europe, but also the rest of the world. Taking the dynamic financial realities into account, we need to connect the demographic that guides more than 70 percent of the worlds financial sector. One activity elderly people can take part in is golf. Therefore, YongPyong should also be made into a place for golfers and international tourists. (490-119, 2005/03/11)

11 Working in the field of technology, Saeilo is competing to restore the world of business to God's side. Our goal is to lead the machine industry of the world. When I say, "Let's go to the world," you have to go beyond the United States and reach out globally. What should Saeilo do? Saeilo is currently a small company, but our members are strong. All of you can do whatever you choose as you go out to live for the sake of the world. We still do not have the right environment, but I am saying that we should create it. Only then can each of you arrive at your ultimate destination on the world stage. (122-196, 1982/11/11)

12 In order for us to have global economic power, we need to streamline our global sales organization. Departments responsible for sales should manage the product lines, which should be interchangeable between regions across the nation. The price of many items fluctuates depending on the season. When the profit margin of a product rises according to the season or other factors, we should quickly distribute and sell that item nationwide. This is a process that requires the ability to reach all parts of the nation. Thus we need to form a distribution system that can immediately sell any item that has a profit margin in a given season. We should select goods for which there is a seasonal demand and market them throughout the nation. Then, we need to globalize this process. (116-299, 1982/01/02)

13 The time will come when people no longer need to live in cities. A time will come when people will get along well and will live regarding the world as their garden. All people will need to do is order goods by phone. Using an automated system we will be able to take orders and close the deal through the phone. If you place an order for certain goods, you will be told how much they cost and how much the tax is. It will be like talking to a clerk at a department store, only better. Clerks can make mistakes, but computers do not. With this system we can deliver our products to any location. I call this "Reverend Moons system." When this is put in place, we will not need department stores or shops. (195-188, 1989/11/15)

Aviation-related enterprises

True Parents established Washington Times Aviation in order to pursue a high standard of aviation technology and space engineering technology. In November 2004, they established Times Aerospace Korea, and in June 2006 they held the ground-breaking ceremony for the Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex. Times Aerospace Korea entered into a technology-sharing agreement establishing cooperative relations with Sikorsky Aircraft.

14 I understand science and foresee how the industrial world will develop. That is why I have been laying the foundation to secure state-of-the-art technology. You cannot guide the world unless you elevate technology to the highest standard. I have risen to the highest heights in terms of thought, and in order to connect this with the heights of science and technology, I have built factories that produce machine parts and automobile parts. I am also quite interested in helicopters, so I created a company called Washington Times Aviation. (473-273, 2004/10/16)

15 The automobile is*something that makes us proud of modern civilization. We feel the same about the airplane. This is why I built Washington Times Aviation. The issue is how to develop aerospace engineering science and technology by connecting North America and South America. I am making preparations for that right now. I am thinking of buying top-rated airplanes and incorporating the best aircraft technology. France, the United States and Canada are the leaders in that field. The Canadian firm is very famous, and I hope we can work with them in the future. Then we can move America. (369-196, 2002/02/14)

16 Aviation technology is many times more complicated than other mechanical technologies. Sikorsky Aircraft, which has the highest level of technology, has the potential to dominate outer space. Another name for the company is United Technologies. We have made a joint investment with the United States in this cutting-edge technology. If the United States creates machinery in collaboration with, us using this aviation and space technology, the entire world will follow us. If an aircraft breaks down, it can be repaired and used again. If you know how to repair an airplane, you already know how to build a new one. (525-318, 2006/05/09)

17 The technology institutes in the United States lead the fields of space and aviation. We made a factory for Sikorsky Aircraft in Korea. This is on track to create a global enterprise from the companies housed in Korea and America. These companies are priceless because they are designed to serve the benefit of all humanity. That is why I included the speech I gave at the ground-breaking ceremony for Times Aerospace Korea at the Gimpo Aviation Industrial Complex in the Peace Messages. The question now is how you are going to learn the technology necessary to contribute to this initiative. A world of technology awaits, in which young people who set their minds on it can do anything in a span of ten years. That is why you have to invest yourself, sparing no effort. (533-087, 2006/07/20)

Section 5. The Equalization of Technology


During the 11th International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS), which was held in November 1981, True Parents proposed a movement to equalize technology globally. The developments of science and technology, they said, are the common assets of humanity, assets that God gave us as tools with which to govern all the things of creation. Everyone is entitled to use these tools and enjoy their benefits. True Parents warned that a minority of nations should not monopolize technology to dominate other countries. They emphasized that we should equalize access to technology so everyone in the world can live a good life.

1 The original purpose for which God inspires the development of inventions and technology is for the creation of tools we can use to fulfill His third blessing, for us to have dominion over creation. Everyone has the right to make use of technology and enjoy its benefits. We should of course discuss the economic and industrial development aspect of advances in science and technology, such as those in the helicopter industry. In addition, however, the situation of the world today compels us to talk about the attitude of those who advance science and develop technology. My view is that they need to emphasize love and moral values.

God originally created all the things of the world as our partners to support us and to bring us joy. For our part, we need to embody true love by uniting with God, our subject partner of true love who created the world. This is how we can become a true and loving subject partner and lord of creation. God created the universe to be our object partner. Human beings, as God's representatives, should love and preserve nature and the environment. When we make use of nature, it should be for the benefit of all people. (578-282, 2007/10/18)

2 Developed nations are influencing the economy of South America. They control this continent through political power and military might, and also take advantage of their economic influence. They control everything through the banks. With this power, they manipulate the development of South America s raw materials as they wish. We must outlaw these practices. This is the context in which I am advocating the equalization of technology. (165-158, 1987/05/20)

3 I am encouraging the equalization of scientific progress and technology throughout the world. During the ICUS, I discussed equalizing the distribution of technology, offering as an example how we connected the top technology in Germany to our Tongil Industries. This allowed Tongil to reach the highest level in the fields of electronics and machinery. We must reach this degree of equalization on a global scale. We should not keep the benefits to ourselves but spread them evenly to the world. The Unification Church is trying to disseminate God's worldview to all people, to bring global equalization of ideals, technology, economy and the media. Once we equalize these four spheres of life, the living standard of all the world s people naturally will reach the same level. (169-219, 1987/10/31)

4 I do not have a national affiliation. I do as I please irrespective of opposition from the United States, Korea or Japan. Since I have made up my mind to equalize the level of technological development across the globe, I will do it without fail. But think about how difficult it is to actually achieve that goal. It is impossible to persuade advanced nations to offer their technology for the purpose of global equalization. None of them want to share their technology with other nations. They would rather hoard and protect it to bolster their national self-interest. Having so painstakingly developed it, theyjdo not want to share it with other nations. (184-143, 1988/12/27)

5 Although the ability to create the highest technology is naturally bequeathed to the greatest intellectuals, the resulting technology is a gift that heaven bestows for the sake of all human beings. Nonetheless, people have manipulated their gifts in order to benefit only their own race. Starting in 1981, I called for a movement to equalize the distribution of scientific progress and technology around the world. This stance has brought persecution upon me many times. Once this equalization movement is on track, however, it will lead to the sharing of technology between the United States and the nations of South America. Europe also will open its doors to Africa, making European technology available to all African nations. European imperial powers dominated those African nations in order to gain access to their raw materials.

Because I took this position, developed nations fiercely opposed me, claiming that my proposal would block their progress and strangle them economically. Even so, it is imperative that the advanced nations open the door to equalization. The same applies to schooling. Institutions of learning need to give all peoples equal access to science and technology. They must give any competent person the opportunity to study. Education needs to transcend skin color, whether black, yellow or white. (237-062, 1992/11/11)

6 We must carry out a movement to achieve a leveling in the spheres of ideals, technology, economic resources and access to information. Up until now, a handful of people in the developed nations sat back and virtually did as they pleased, oblivious to the impact upon the lives of people in the developing countries. I will not allow this. I have a responsibility to protect all the people of this world, and I have to create the foundation upon which I can fulfill this responsibility. I have worked to expand this foundation regardless of the adversity I have faced. Despite bitter opposition, I have built a sizable foundation during my lifetime. (145-120, 1986/04/30)

Implementing the ideal

True Parents launched a movement to equalize scientific progress and technology in many different fields because they believe that technology must be shared throughout the world. Notably they laid the foundation for the equalization of technology by acquiring major machine-tool factories in Germany, a leading nation in new technology, -in order to promote the equalization of science and technology among developed and less developed nations. In so doing, they hoped to support the development of nations in Africa, South America and Asia. In Africa, for example, True Parents invested in the construction and equipping of sausage factories, and in schools for agriculture and animal husbandry. In China, True Parents promoted the Panda Automobile project, with the vision of building a large-scale automobile factory. These projects were initiated to contribute to the equalization of technology, and for world peace.

7 You cannot imagine what a threat my plan to equalize technology around the world is to developed nations. If a country like the United States pursued the equalization of technology, it would have to share its technology with South America. The US can outperform South America because of its political and economic power and military might. This is how the US keeps South America as an economic colony. Technology is another reason the US exceeds the political and economic performance of Latin countries.

The nations of South America wield their own military and economic power, but the level of their technology is inferior. The United States would lose a good deal if it were to freely share its technology. Nations might share various things with each other, but not their scientific secrets and technology. I am acquiring the highest technologies of the developed nations and proclaiming that these are meant to be shared. (180-258, 1988/08/22)

8 The top people of the world are helping us right now. Since there are such people wanting to help me, we will be able to receive all the raw materials we need. We must do so to help developing nations more than the developed ones. I am opening a path for developing nations to prosper. I will bring raw materials from a few nations in Asia, and for 20 years I will promote the equalization of technology as well as the equalization of production. For 20 years, we will oversee the complete transfer of technology to developing nations while supplying any material they lack. I am saying that we should unconditionally hand over the world's top technology to these nations. These nations will advance to the world level if they form an ideal partnership of love with me as the subject partner and with themselves as the object partners. This partnership will be mutually beneficial for all of us. (180-259, 1988/06/24)

9 I have acquired Germany's top scientific technology. During the 1980s I bought four factories in Germany. I am an advocate of the equalization of world technology. Why do I advocate this? Europe invaded and exploited Africa. Europeans derided Africans as primitives in order to justify securing Africa's raw materials for their own nations. When our Unificationist missionaries went to Africa, they discovered that in many instances Europeans had not taught Africans how to farm and had not built universities or secondary schools. God did not bless Europe just so that Europe alone could prosper. His blessing was intended for all people. This blessing must be distributed, even if it means that prosperous nations sacrifice. This is why I have been advocating the equalization of technology since 1981. (239-039, 1992/11/23)

10 If I go to Germany I become a German. I adapt very well. When I begin to talk about my history, I really feel that there is a living Got. For example, Germany shut its doors to me and did all it could do to exclude me from its industrial circle. However, there was a factory run by the German government on which the country placed great importance. But because it was privatized in 1984, I was able to acquire it. It was truly a miracle. Who masterminded this? I am saying it was the spirit world. That factory housed the epitome of German technology. It was one that brought into one place all the technological advancements of the 20th century. It was a factory that manufactured machines to make large-scale production lines. The ability to build production lines is essential for any nation. (192-130, 1989/07/03)

11 I went to Germany and investigated many areas of technology. I did a great deal of research beforehand so that when I went to a particular factory I immediately knew what to look for. When you buy a factory you have to appraise the good points and the bad. Since I could not go there every day, I had an investigation conducted. For at least five years starting in 1980, German industry transitioned from the use of manpower to automation. As a result of this transition, many companies went bankrupt, especially small ones. I had anticipated this would happen, and calculated that if I did not buy factories during this period, it would be difficult to do so later. I then purchased four important factories, each of which plays an essential role in the economy, including a machine shop, and an automobile production-line factory. I made these purchases as part of a movement to allow the level of technology in developing nations to become equal to that in developed nations. (192-130, 1989/07/03)

12 I am building sausage factories in seven African nations. Personnel from the world s most famous sausage factory, which is in Germany, are helping our missionaries build them. In the future, I will form a department of Tongil Industries that will mass-produce sausage machines. What Africans fear most is malnutrition. They survive on foods that lack protein. This is why I am focusing on sausages. To promote this work, I am teaching them how to raise pigs and cows by building stables and barns. Also, I taught them new farming methods to raise vegetables and to do just about everything else relating to food. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I built a college of agriculture. We are not operating this ourselves. We appointed people who can work there on our behalf and entrusted it to them in the spirit of mutual prosperity. I am developing this to save people and empower them to live for the sake of one another. (180-257, 1988/08/22)

13 I contracted to purchase 26,000 acres of land on which to build the Panda Automobile Industrial Complex in China. This covers an area nearly as large as Washington, DC. Parties to the contract are the central government and Guangdong Province. I knew we had to conclude this before the end of June 1989, because the circumstances in China were deteriorating. The land is located in an area called Huizhou, about 40 minutes from Hong Kong by sea. In 1997, China will receive Hong Kong back from Great Britain. China is planning to use Shenzhen and Huizhou, cities adjacent to Hong Kong, as bases of operations for this transition. (190-067, 1989/06/18)

14 I opened the door to China. The Tiananmen Square crackdown took place on June 4, 1989, and the groundbreaking ceremony for the Panda factory was held on June 27. What was the original date of the groundbreaking ceremony? Originally we were supposed to send money to a Chinese bank in Hong Kong by September 23, and we would have been able to hold the groundbreaking ceremony only after the Chinese government gave its official approval. That means we could have held this ceremony in October at the earliest. Then why did we hold the groundbreaking ceremony on June 27, right after the June 4 incident? The Korean embassy had notified us at that time that we needed to abandon China for security reasons, but we did not budge. Our advance team had fled to Thailand and we were observing the situation. The officials in Beijing and Guangdong were surprised when we decided to conduct the groundbreaking ceremony. Because we held the event with great fanfare, including a band and fireworks, newspapers gave us extensive coverage. (199-056, 1990/02/15)

15 I made a huge investment in the construction of the Panda Automobile Industrial Complex in China. It was not because I hoped to strike gold by entering China before others. My basic principle is to reinvest any profit made in China back into China itself. The profits made there will be reinvested in the country for building the International Peace Highway and promoting the advancement of other cutting-edge technologies to a level equal with the developed world. My motive in this investment is to promote the welfare of the 1.3 billion people of China. You cannot talk about world peace without including China, which has one-quarter of the world's population. (198-164, 1990/02/01)

16 The goal of the Panda project is first to promote peace in th^ East. This project is not about making money. What is important is that it is for peace. I invested in this project to consolidate peace efforts in the East, with the ultimate goal of bringing about peace in the world. (192-251, 1989/07/04)

Chapter 2

The Ocean Providence and Development of Marine Resources

Section 1. Korea

Yamok and Jeju Island

True Father has been interested in the marine industry since the earliest days of the church. During the second national evangelist workshop that began on July 20,1959 in Gyeonggi Province, at Yamok-ri, Maesong-myeon, Hwaseong-gun, near Incheon, he taught members how to catch fish and trained them in the lagoons and mud flats there. He built a boat, and at its launch at Incheon on June 26, 1963 he christened it Cheon Seung Ho or "heaven s victory." He and several members used to fish from that boat. This was the beginning of the ocean providence.

From its beginnings at Yamok, the ocean providence was expanded to Jeju Island, then to Yeosu and Geomundo (Port Hamilton). True Parents selected Jeju Island as an important base for this providence, and they made substantial investments there which included building a shipyard, a fish farm, and a tangerine orchard. Situated in a strategic location where the East Sea, the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet, Jeju Island is regarded as Korea's gateway to the ocean, and that is why they developed the marine industry from there. Toward the end of his life, True Father purchased the small islet of Jiguido, located ofF the south coast of Jeju Island near Seoguipo, with plans to develop a fishing business there.

1 When the Unification Church was just getting started, I began training young people to lead the marine industry that I was contemplating for the future. There was a place called Yamok where one could find deep water excellent for fishing. All sorts of rumors circulated about that place, such as that of a 1,000-year-old monster that lived in the water, and that no one who entered the water there survived. But in fact, the water was teeming with life. Wherever you went, there was every sort of fish imaginable, especially snakeheads, catfish and eels. Our early members who were trained at Yamok always talked about their methods for catching those fish. (167-135, 1987/07/11)

2 There was a particular lagoon at Yamok that was so choked with sea grass that the water snakes there did not go into the water. They just slithered back and forth across the top of the grass. No one really knew how deep it was. There were prickly water lilies growing there as well. Most people think that prickly water lilies grow only in shallow water, but simply because those lilies were growing there, it did not mean that the water was shallow. We made a huge net to catch fish in that water. It must have been 300 meters wide. We cast it every 100 meters, and we caught practically every fish that was there. We loaded our whole catch into a truck and went into town, intending to offer free fish to the townspeople. But the townspeople refused to eat the fish that came from that lagoon. I can never forget that experience as we dumped the whole truckload of crucian carp, common carp, snakeheads, catfish and eels back into the lagoon. (597-035, 2008/09/02)

3 I remember a long time ago when I took off my shirt and rolled around in the water and mud at Yamok. We had set out a huge net. When the tide came in fish were drawn into the net, and when the tide went out they were trapped in the shallows of the mud flat. We just walked out onto the mud flat and scooped up the fish—loads and loads of fish. Everyone's face was covered in black mud, making young and old look alike. We were all pitch black except for our eyes, which blinked wide open. We did not even notice that the sun was setting. We were completely distracted by the huge number of fish we were catching. I can never forget all that we did at that time. It left an unforgettable impression in my heart. That was our life together, when we spent our days thinking only of our nation and of God's Will. (122-167, 1982/11/02)

4 In 1963, we built a boat and called it Cheon Seung Ho. It Aeans "heavens victory." I named it that to signify my determination that God's Will be done. After building the Cheon Seung Ho, I talked about becoming a power in the oceans of the world. Many members did not like riding on the boat. They would say, "We cannot go out today. The waves are too high." But can a true fisherman back down like that? Until life is gone from his body, a fisherman must go out regardless. I became a true fisherman. I paid no attention to rain or snow; I fished in heavy downpours. I would fish until evening even when it rained. (294-177, 1998/06/14)

5 In 1963 I built a boat and called it Cheon Seung Ho. There is a reason behind this name: I wanted to make a condition for heaven's victory. Then, soon after I set foot in America, in 1973, I began building boats again. I have been using these boats ever since. In Alaska I would stay on my boat day and night. I would go out on my boat with single-minded devotion. (294-055, 1998/06/10)

6 In the 1960s I dirpbed all the well-known mountains in Korea. I climbed them while hunting birds and game, but my purpose was to scope out all the land. After that I went to the sea to fish. During the flood judgment, it was the land that faced the judgment. Fish in the waters were not judged. That is why I can use fish to pay all the indemnity for the land. Fish are in the original form and state in which God created them. Therefore, we have to love them.

Up until this year, 2000, I have spent more than 27 years going out on boats on the sea, loving the fish. Everywhere I lived, I sought out the water and places to fish. I made my first boat in Korea in 1963. That was 37 years ago. I am trying to connect all of that to our maritime businesses. If you read my sermons from back then, you will understand. I named my boat Cheon SeungHo to signify that I would make God victorious. Boats are needed to connect the sea to the land. In order to claim ownership over the ocean, I started with one boat, Cheon Seung Ho, expanded our presence into maritime businesses, and then into the shipbuilding industry. (325-079, 2000/06/30)

7 Whenever I had time to spare, I would always go to Jeju Island to offer devotions. Historically, Jeju Island was the place where Korea's loyal government officials were exiled when they fell out of favor. We cannot deny this fact in our history. Thus, I thought I must go to Jeju Island before I go on with my path.

The word jeju has different meanings in Korean, depending on which Chinese characters we use. It can mean "chief priest "jeju (fg±), who conducts an offering to spirits in the other world. It can also mean "the world that is crossed," jeju (jffjil), which signifies the restored world. The syllable ju (#|) in Jeju uses the Chinese character meaning "village," but I interpret it as another character for ju (±), which means "lord." Since an island symbolizes woman, Jeju means "the Lord who passes over into another world to find Eve." To make this connection, as God's representative, I often left the mainland, visited the island, and then returned to the mainland. That is why I have been pouring my devotion into Jeju Island throughout my life. (292-061, 1998/03/28)

8 To me, Jeju Island signifies a place where the chief priests who conduct religious rituals live. Jeju Island is a sacred island because these chief priests, jeju (t£±), have gathered to live there. The people of Jeju Island worship the ocean god, and they also worship the mountain god on Halla Mountain. When people who worship a god prepare for a ritual, they offer special acts of devotion. The chief priest of the ritual is in the position of the owner. When making an offering during the ritual, you must absolutely adhere to his instructions. You must not listen to anyone else.

Why do you think I have been so interested in Jeju Island? Jeju Island is the southernmost part of Korea. If the mainland represents man, then Jeju Island represents woman. That is why island people are always yearning for the mainland, and they are lonely. Where can such lonely people find comfort? They can find comfort on the path where their love for God's Will connects them to freedom. Therefore, they want to be connected to the mainland, where people are able to travel freely. (141-127, 1986/02/20)

9 Near Jeju Island there is a tiny islet called Jiguido. The Chinese characters for Jiguido (ffiHA) mean "the island for returning to the earth." When I saw Jiguido, I thought, "Ah! Restoration can start right here." So I bought that islet. It now belongs to us. If you go out from the shore only 100 meters, you will find that the ocean is very deep. I thought, "If I take all the living things from Cheonji heaven's ground, at the top of Baekdu Mountain, and plant them in the soil of Jiguido, they will act like news seeds to bring the universe back to life. The universe will be liberated." That is why I have the idea of making Jeju Island into the finest theme park and resort area in the world. (352-060, 2001/08/29)

10 Some people already know that Jiguido can become a premiere fishing spot. We can attract many people to Jiguido, take them on our boats and show them where they can catch different kinds of fish. We would tell them, "You can catch bass and snapper here." Then, fishermen would like to catch other kinds of fish as well. Expert fishermen have their own favorites. Jiguido has every kind of fish, and the guides on our boats will know where to catch them. Many visitors will use our boats, and after coming back they will stay in the hotel that we will build. We have to develop this area, or none of this can happen. The best way to develop Jiguido is to make it into a fishing destination. (126-287, 1983/04/28)

11 Jeju Island is the gateway to Korea. It is fast becoming a very important passageway into and out of Asia. Because it is located where the East Sea, the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet, from a strategic perspective, it is a most critical location as a military fortress. Also on the island, next to Moseulpo, there is a port. My understanding is that it has the potential to become a world-class military port because the water there is deep enough. Considering all these conditions, Jeju Island may one day even become like Hong Kong and function as a free international city. In order to build such a foundation, we need to begin with a business that can develop Jeju Island and Jiguido into fishing destinations. (126-312, 1983/04/30)

12 Jeju Island must become a tourist destination that surpasses any tourist hot spot in America or Europe. Halla Mountain is a great providential asset. Symbolizing womanhood, Halla Mountain is like a mother's body, and therefore it needs to have many children clinging to it, like sons and daughters gaining life from their mother's breast. We must not spare anything in making Jeju Island into a top class tourist destination. Once we do, we can create the best tourist attraction in Asia. Then Japan, China and Russia will begin to take notice. Jeju Island can become our base from which to accomplish that.

Jeju Island will become a tourist spot and a fishing destination. Fishing will not be limited only to the area immediately adjacent to the island. Tourists will be able to ride speedboats to go fishing for tilefish or any other fish. They will be able to fish in the waters near the Japanese coastline. Imagine what would happen if we had speedboats taking tourists to fish even near the Chinese coastline! You would not be able to stop the flood of people flocking to visit Jeju Island. Jeju Island is such an enchanting place that it can attract tourists from Japan, China, and even from Russia. (291-247, 1998/03/15)

Yeosu and Geomundo

True Parents selected Yeosu and Sun-cheon as the center for their maritime projects. This is because they saw the expanse of ocean between Busan and Mokpo as an ideal location in the world for a future resort area with activities on both sea and land. With the vision of transforming this area into a key tourist attraction in Asia, they made plans to raise funds in Korea, Japan, China and the United States in order to develop a maritime park on the Korea Strait, near Yeosu.

For this purpose, they built the Cheong Hae (Blue Sea) Garden Training Center in the Hwayang district at the edge of Yeosu and the Ocean Resort and Hotel in Soho-dong, Yeosu. These projects show promise for helping Korea develop into a nation with an advanced marine leisure industry. They will make Yeosu the center for events that promote cooperation throughout the Pacific Rim region, and thereby contribute to the reunification of the Korean peninsula and the realization of world peace.

True Parents built the first Cheon Jeong Gung Palace in Cheongpyeong, and they have plans to build a second Cheon Jeong Gung Palace in Switzerland as a center for the unity of all religions. To represent their vision for the maritime realm, they built the Ocean Cheon Jeong Gung Palace on Geomundo. True Parents dedicated Geomundo as a holy ground on November 15, 2006. They likened Geomundo to the Holy Place and even the Holy of Holies in the Temple in Jerusalem. They said that Geomundo was like a refuge, and that any visitor who prays and offers devotion there will find forgiveness. True Parents also carried out a fishing providence at Geomundo where they formulated plans for the joint development of Jeju Island, Chujado, Geomundo, Chodo and Yeosu.

13 The coastal area between Busan and Mokpo, Korea is the only place on earth where the ocean and the land are so perfectly harmonized. The scenery there is breathtaking. There is something special about the geography of the area near Yeosu and Suncheon. Originally the land there was a flat plain, but due to pressure from the surrounding mountains, over time the middle part of the land sank. This geography is the reason this area can become an internationally known fishing location.

This island-studded coastline is the best place for ocean fish to feed. If you want to catch big fish, you have to fish near a coast where many small fish are living. The coastal water is linked to the depths of the ocean, and the deep-water fish come to feed on the schools of small fish. Near Yeosu and Suncheon, you can find small fish living in the shallow waters and big fish living in the deep waters. They are world-class fishing locations because there are so many varieties of fish living there, and the size of the fish increases the farther out you go. (483-059, 2005/01/16)

14 Yeosu in Korean means "crystal clear water." Because the water surrounding Yeosu is clear and the fish grow well, Yeosu has become the center of marine fish farming in Korea. You can find many kinds of clams and fish. The ocean gets deep very quickly. All kinds of tiny crustaceans and insects live around the islands where there are big spaces among the boulders. There small fish gather to feast on them, and big fish gather to eat the little fish. That is why all the varieties of fish that live in the Pacific Ocean and near Jeju Island, whether in the shallows or in deep waters, are concentrated in this area. Therefore, this patch of ocean is naturally an ideal place for fishing. (434-197, 2004/01/30)

15 We must build a shipyard and an ocean resort in Yeosu. There are some 3,000 islands in Korea. In the Korea Strait there are many islands that have no owner. It is within a triangular zone between Korea, Japan and China. If we create a park here, many Japanese and Chinese will come to visit. Already the Japanese and Chinese have voted Jeju Island a great tourist destination, so we need to move quickly. We need to build golf courses, hotels, and all the infrastructure needed for fishing. We need to hurry because the government will soon designate this area as a tourist destination, and they will build an airport and a heliport. I am planning to inaugurate a world cup fishing tournament here in Yeosu. For this we will need to build facilities and train ourselves to use them. We have to hurry, because this can even become an event where fishermen from all six continents will compete. (403-291, 2003/01/24)

16 I recently held a groundbreaking ceremony to lay the cornerstone for what will become a center of the marine leisure industry in the Hwayang district near Yeosu. A large group of dignitaries attended. I am investing several billion won for this project, which will open a new horizon for the Korean marine leisure industry. I believe this will greatly contribute to the Republic of Korea and help the nation grow into a major player in this industry. This project that we are beginning here in Yeosu will bear fruit for the Pacific Rim providence and will expand into the Asian continent. It goes without saying that it will contribute in a major way to realizing the unification of the Korean Peninsula and the peace of the world, enhancing the happiness of all humankind.

I am continuing to invest my efforts for the well-being and peace of all human beings. These efforts have many dimensions. At the moment, I am developing the Abel United Nations, which will open a new chapter of reconciliation and peace for all the people of the world. This is to fulfill God's mandate to establish the ideal world of peace where all will live by the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. The Bering Strait Project is another of my efforts, as is the development of the Hwayang Free Economic Zone near Gwangyang Bay. I have no doubt but that these will play pivotal roles for establishing peace in the Pacific Rim. (586-203, 2008/02/12)

17 I moved my efforts to train people from Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean to facilities in the Yeosu-Suncheon area. All races of people are living around the Pacific Rim, so I want to bring them to Yeosu-Suncheon and educate them. Yeosu will become famous. What we need to do is create a town where Japanese, Americans and Koreans live together. That is why I am planning to build a shopping mall, one that combines the best features of malls in Japan, Korea and the United States. What would it take to build a huge mall surpassing any mall in the world? I am thinking that we will need to build a mall that is unique, different from any existing mall. (431-335, 2004/01/20)

18 Yeosu and Suncheon are great locations. Here in the area of Yeosu and Suncheon I am spearheading the era of the coastline. I have become the leader in developing these cities, but more than that, I am connecting them with God. I want these cities to surpass any nearby cities, either in South Korea or in the nations that border Korea. We will make them model cities with excellent condominium complexes, fit to host an ocean exposition in the future. (608-142, 2009/02/23)

19 I sanctified Geomundo as a holy place on November 15,2006, after I finished delivering a peace message. You also have to go to Geomundo and offer your conditions of devotion. From now on, everyone without exception has to visit Geomundo. It is the place where you can settle accounts with God for all you did in your life, asking forgiveness. There you can leave your final words before departing to the next world. (549-226, 2006/12/26)

20 I am going to build a palace on Geomundo. That is why I visit Geomundo whenever I come to Korea. Looking at the name Geomundo, I consider the Chinese characters for geo-mun (g£), as "the great Moon," but I do not literally interpret do as "island" (j|), but as "the way" (il). This place is the way in the ocean, the way of the great Moon.

The palace on Geomundo will become a place where all people of the world will come by boat to rest, pray and offer devotion. The palace that I am going to build on Geomundo will be like the Holy Place, or even the Holy of Holies. It will become a place of rest and prayer where all of you and your brothers and sisters around the world can come at any time. Those who visit and pray at Geomundo will leave having received forgiveness. It will be a place of refuge, a place to get away from the world. (580-257, 2007/11/13)

21 The bases of Yeosu tourism are the islands of Baekdo, Chodo and Geomundo. Since I interpret the name "Geomundo" to mean "the way of the great Moon," we need to establish ourselves there. There we can catch many fish that live in deep water, including bass and yellowtail. These islands are the collapsed remains of what were once tall mountains, providing an ideal environment for many fish to live in the waters between them. There are even cliffs from which you can fish. To secure yourself on the cliff you can tie a rope to a pine tree growing on a nearby ledge, snap the rope to your safety belt, and find a firm foothold. There is no place to sit comfortably and fish, but these safety measures will keep you from falling into the ocean if you doze off while fishing. When I fished this way, I broke the record for catching the most flathead mullet. (537-207, 2006/09/01)

22 Geomundo is where we should build our new base on the southern end of Korea. Originally I thought of building Cheon Seung Ho boats there and then fishing off the coast of Chujado Island. You can catch many Japanese Spanish mackerel there. In Korea, the only place where you can fish for Japanese Spanish mackerel all year round is off the coasts of the islands of Chujado and Geomundo. Yellowtail, bass and grey mullet also live in those waters. You can catch them not only in summer, but also in winter. Thus it occurred to me that we have to farm these fish, because they are hardy fish that can withstand the seasons. We need to find a way to propagate them all over the world.

We will need to build a coastal museum, a training center and an aquaculture college. The best place for these activities is Geomundo. Its port is excellent, and geographically it is so well-sheltered that you could fish even amid a typhoon. Geomundo is situated like Hawaii where, on the north and south sides of the Big Island near the coffee plantations, people can fish in all four seasons. At Geomundo, likewise, you can fish all throughout the year. There you can find every kind of fish you ever wanted to catch. We will build educational facilities where we can teach people all the skills required for catching fish and what makes for the best bait. We can even teach how to build boats. We can disseminate all the knowledge and skills in the marine field. For this, we can make a full course of education in which students train on all these islands—Jeju, Chujado, Geomundo, Chodo—and then at Yeosu. (544-113, 2006/11/08)

23 We must buy land on Geomundo. There we will build a palace for the south of the country, an ocean palace. When I went to South America, I dedicated a holy ground that I named the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground. Based on that foundation I had intended to build an underwater palace there in the middle of the water. Now I have moved this plan to Geomundo. On Geomundo, which is surrounded by crystal clear water and many islands, I want to start building God's nation. (546-181, 2006/11/27)

24 The Cheon Jeong Gung Palace is the model on earth of God's palace in heaven. The first Cheon Jeong Gung Palace is located at Cheongpyeong. The second Cheon Jeong Gung Palace must be a place that can unite all the religions, so I have talked about building it in Switzerland. Next, we will need a Cheon Jeong Gung Palace that represents the ocean. We need to build an ocean base for God, an ocean palace. Geomundo is a suitable place for this.

It was on Geomundo (Port Hamilton) that the British set up a naval base in order to defend Korea against Russia during the latter half of the 19th century. In this way the United Kingdom fulfilled its responsibility at the Eve nation to defend Korea. We will now build the Ocean Cheon Jeong Gung Palace on Geomundo, based on the foundation of the British ambassadors who came to Korea and fulfilled Eves responsibility within the world providence. This is the historical foundation upon which the Ocean Palace will be built. This palace will represent the marine world. (565-228, 2007/06/12)

Section 2. The United States


In the United States, True Parents carried out the ocean providence in Gloucester, Massachusetts; and in Alaska and Hawaii. On June 17, 2000, in Kodiak, Alaska, they announced the Proclamation of the Return of the Ocean to God, for the purpose of returning everything in the oceans to God. This is one of many proclamations they made in America to realize aspects of their vision for the ocean. They also presented many plans for implementing the proclamations.

Gloucester is known worldwide as a fishing port, and it became famous as a place from which to fish for bluefin tuna. There, early in the morning, True Father would go out to sea in his boat, the New Hope. Also, he personally designed an all-purpose fishing boat, the Good Go series, and produced them for his fishing fleet. While he fished, he offered many spiritual conditions. He developed a special tuna fishing method that he dubbed "The Reverend Moon System." He also hosted tuna fishing tournaments.

1 The bluefin tuna fishing in Gloucester is world famous. Wealthy people with their luxurious boats all try tuna fishing at least once. Since they all know that our fleet catches a lot of tuna, they follow our boats around. When we took our Good Go boats to New Jersey, all the wealthy boaters there went looking for them, too. Whatever port we fish from—for instance, in Florida or New Orleans— they will come out looking for our boats. This is how I came to be friends with many of them.

Three years ago, in 1977, bluefin tuna was ten cents a pound. Now that price has risen to $1.70. I did that. I raised the price. And I am going to raise it to $5.00. When this happens, one bluefin tuna can be worth $5,000 to $7,000, and the wealthy Americans with boats will come out in hordes to catch tuna. Through this, harbor towns such as Gloucester will become rich. The day will come when tens of thousands of boats will flock to these towns. They will need boats, so we are preparing to build a shipyard. (105-051, 1979/09/16)

2 For seven years I headed up our tuna fishing fleet in Gloucester on my boat the New Hope, and in all that time no one in town knew that it was I, Reverend Moon. I guess they imagined I would be wearing a crown and a silk gown, and that I would be flying around in an airplane, traveling to check on our activities around the world or going on speaking tours. They could not imagine in their wildest dreams that I would be sitting there in the New Hope with my skin burned bronze from the sun. So, they would ask people in the Good Go boats, "Why doesn't Reverend Moon ever come here?" For seven years they did not know that the person right next to them was Reverend Moon himself. Yet I was right there among them, wearing a fisherman s clothes and stinking of fish. I am an authentic fisherman. That is why they did not recognize that it was me, Reverend Moon. How astonishing is that? (109-153, 1980/11/01)

3 When you go fishing it is better to go out on a small boat than a big one. Many people among the general public are interested in fishing with poles. In fact, they are losing interest in catching fish with nets. Even wealthy people with large boats are not interested in catching fish using nets. This is why I built the Good Go boat. I designed the boat to enable people to d^tch fish in the rivers and also out at sea. Our Good Go boats are quite famous now. They have become well-known as being good for both fishing and outings on the ocean. (262-240, 1994/08/01)

4 When fishing for bluefin tuna, you may have to wait all day to catch just one fish. There are times when the fish do not bite at all. At such times you may have to wait three weeks to get a bite. There are hundreds of boats out there waiting for a tuna to bite, but only about ten tunas are caught each day. This means that only one out of 30 or even one out of 50 boats come home with a catch.

However, our Good Go boats are especially good for fishing, and I came up with a method for catching tuna that I call "The Reverend Moon System." I developed my system after researching everything, from what bait is best to all the known scientific methods of fishing. Even with hundreds of boats out on the ocean looking to catch tuna, our boats would come home with two-thirds of that da^'s catch. (167-138, 1987/07/11)

5 I am always the first to get out on the ocean each morning. I am also number one in catching fish. I developed a new way to catch tuna. There were men out there with decades of experience saying their way was best, but their way was not working that well. I spent three years researching in order to develop and perfect my new system. That is how "The Reverend Moon System" of catching tuna came into existence.

My system includes a new way of baiting the hook, and the whole thing is completely self-assembled. If you lose a commercially purchased tuna fishing leader, you will end up losing $150. If you have to cut a line because it is tangled up with something, the leader is gone and again you suffer financial loss. However, my system is so efficient that we can make good use of the leaders and hooks for a long time. (180-274, 1988/08/22)

6 I won first place in a tuna fishing tournament in Gloucester. I had created a new system of catching tuna called "The Reverend Moon System." A bluefin tuna can be huge, even bigger than a cow. You cannot catch it using just a thin one-and-a-half-millimeter fishing line. For such a large fish you need to use a rope. After I set a new tuna fishing record using the system that I envisioned and created, the local fishermen learned "The Reverend Moon System" and began using it themselves. (445-235, 2004/04/18)

7 The bluefin tuna that are caught in the waters off Gloucester and Boston can be gigantic. My biggest-ever tuna was 1,272 pounds! Its length was more than 18 feet, about six meters. A big tiger weighs around 700 pounds, and a bull weighs up to 1,000 pounds. So this tuna was bigger than a bull. Our church members caught tuna that weighed mostly around 200 pounds, so my record was six times that size. This record was quite phenomenal. After catching such a huge fish, I felt better than a World War II general might feel after winning a battle. You cannot know such a feeling unless you have experienced it. For me, a man who was born to fish, it was like becoming the prince of fishing. (167-138, 1987/07/11)

8 I organized a tuna fishing tournament in Gloucester, for which I put up $100,000 as prize money. After my boat won the tournament, I donated the prize money to a fund for African people in need. We need to expand this type of event all over the world. If we were to pursue this initiative for several decades, we could accumulate millions and even tens of millions of dollars and use it to save the world.

But these days, in the early hours of the morning as we prepare to leave for the ocean, some young people try to convince me to go easy. That is, they say, "It's not necessary to leave at 5:00 o'clock each morning. We can leave at 6:00 or 7:00 o'clock and still catch plenty of fish." Yet they do not understand that I leave early for the ocean in order to set a spiritual condition. This is why the fish come to me out there; they do not go to other people. (230-180, 1992/05/03)


True Parents also invested great effort for the ocean providence in Alaska. The Alaskan waters are a world-famous fishing ground rich with nutrients for the many teeming fisheries concentrated there. As part of their effort to address humanity's food shortage, True Parents established International Seafoods of Alaska (ISA) to develop the state's resources. There they also educated and trained members by taking them fishing on the ocean.

9 Whoever conquers the ocean can conquer the world. The ocean's surface area is almost two and a half times greater than that of the land. All kinds of treasures are under its waves, awaiting their true owners. The spirit of seizing and conquering the ocean is the "spirit of Alaska." (263-135, 1994/08/21)

10 What is the "the spirit of Alaska?" It is to wake up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning to eat and go out on the ocean, and not return until midnight or even 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. If you have not caught your quota, you do not go home. There are no excuses. During this training you cannot quit. You have to accomplish your responsibility. You are not here to watch; you are here to do. The purpose of this fishing training is to make you a person who can be a leader wherever you go in the world. Not just anyone can catch fish; you have to become a professional at it. If you want to be good at fishing, you need to learn through experience—many experiences. (263-011, 1994/08/16)

11 In Kodiak, Alaska, I always went out to the ocean at 5:00 in the morning and fished until midnight. I went out in rain and wind, no matter how bad the weather was, maintaining my work ethic. I told Korean, Japanese and American members to do the same. I intend to make this place into a training ground and bring all the young people of the world here so they cah inherit the Kodiak spirit. Here I will train them to be the elite troops of the Unification movement. We will select representatives from each nation to be trained in this manner. They will be trained in the same way that I have been living, going out on the ocean in rain or snow.

The best place to develop your fortitude is not in the mountains but out on the stormy ocean. A mountain never changes. Its every crag and valley will remain exactly the same for 1,000 years. No matter what happens, as long as you follow the mountain trail you will be okay. But the ocean is not at all like that. Yesterday the water may have been as calm as a quiet lake, so calm you could lay out a blanket and sleep on it. But today, the ocean may be drastically different, with waves that scare you just to look at them. The ocean is forever changing and unpredictable. You must be trained so that, no matter how furious the storm, you stay as calm as the calmest lake. To become real men and women, you absolutely need this training. (264-095, 1994/10/09)

12 Jesus told Peter to become a fisher of men. He used fish to symbolize human beings. Therefore, providentially speaking, if we can gain dominion over the ocean by catching fish, we can gain authority over the land as well.

Alaska supplies 85 percent of the fish consumed in the United States. Five percent comes from the Atlantic Ocean, and the other ten percent comes from elsewhere, in the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, if we conquer the ocean off Alaska, we should be able to have authority anywhere. (168-069, 1987/09/01)

13 Why do fish teem in the cold waters of Alaska? Fish in warm waters go looking for cold waters because of what we call "balancing yin and yang." They move because all creatures want to give birth to their young where subject partners and object partners are in harmony. For the same reason, some freshwater creatures must enter salt water to breed. The Chinese mitten crab is one of them. Yang and yin must come into harmony in order for each to become its ideal self and procreate. (207-083, 1990/11/01)

14 Most Americans do not know much about Alaska. Yet the era of the tundra is coming. The tundra refers to the region of Alaska, the North Pole, Canada and Russia. When this era comes, who will lead? That is the question.

Alaska is connected to everything via the ocean. Marine resources, fisheries and raw materials are abundant in Alaska. Eighty-five percent of the United States' marine resources are harvested in Alaska. Alaska has other resources located in the tundra. Also, Alaska has the potential to become a major transportation hub, from which you can fly to Moscow, London and New York.

In the future, it will not be a problem to grow crops on the plains of Alaska. Soon it will become feasible. Even now, people are engaging in greenhouse cultivation, even growing bananas. Just imagine what it will be like when all the worlds edible plants and crops are grown in Alaska. Alaska is four times the size of California. It is that big. Also, there are enormous amounts of natural resources there. The true owner of that land is neither the United States nor Russia. In the future, that issue will be decided by whoever is able to extract and harvest those natural resources. I am preparing for this. (236-022, 1992/11/02)

15 Alaska will become a world-famous tourist destination if it focuses on accommodating tourists. This year it was really hot in Korea. In the future, people with money will go to Alaska when it gets too hot. It takes only about six hours to fly from Korea to Alaska. You can plan a weekend excursion, leaving on a Friday evening, sleeping on the plane and arriving on Saturday morning. You can go fishing on Saturday and Sunday. Boarding the plane Sunday night, you can return to work in Korea on Monday morning.

There in Alaska, you will see snow-covered mountains all around you. Below the snow-covered mountains you will find green meadows blooming with wildflowers. Below them lies the blue ocean, looking like a beautiful lake, where you can fish. Just imagine the enchantment of that land. Tall mountains surround you, their scenery unfolding in all directions. The forests are thick with trees. In the meadows many flowers you have never seen before welcome you. The flowers grow near the water. There are also many animals living by the waterside. (264-098, 1994/10/09)

16 I visited the area around the North Pole that is covered with ice. I established myself at the heart of the United States fishing industry, which is based in Kodiak, Alaska. Through International Seafoods of Alaska I am connecting this area to the South Pole. It is for the purpose of securing food for humanity. There will be food shortages in the future that cannot be addressed without utilizing the world's oceans and bodies of water.

Even now desertification of the land is progressing at a rate of more than 15 million hectares annually. The gradual disappearance of trees is preventing water from penetrating the soil, and this is leading to gradual desertification. This is the reality we are facing today. There is a way to overcome this desertification, but it is not through force; it takes water. This is why we must secure either ocean water or fresh water.

America is transporting oil from Alaska through thousands of miles of pipelines. In the same way we can install pipelines to transport ocean water and fresh water across thousands of miles to the desert areas of the earth. We can use the seawater to create fish farms in the desert regions, planting sea grass to make an environment for all kinds of fish. The opportunities to develop this resource are unlimited. A one-tenth-hectare fish farm can produce as much food as a one-hectare farm on land. It uses only one tenth of the area. Water is part of the equation for solving the food problem and all the problems we face in our daily lives. This is why I began a seafood business. (325-080, 2000/06/30)


Hawaii is another area central to True Parents' ocean providence in America. After announcing the Era of the Pacific Rim Providence, True Parents visited Hawaii frequently and made many conditions of devotion there. True Parents explained that in the past America and Japan fought a war because Japan attacked Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. But now America and Japan must unite in Hawaii centering on True Parents. North America, South America, Asia and Africa can all be united on this foundation.

In Hawaii, True Parents proclaimed they had completed the indemnification and liberation of the ocean, of the land, and of the cosmos. There, at King Garden, they held the Rally Proclaiming the Dawn of the Era of the New Civilization of the Pacific Rim. Further, they acquired coffee farms in Kona and built a training center and school near Mauna Kea to advance their plans for raising future leaders \yho can lead and have mastery over the realm of the ocean.

17 On the Big Island of Hawaii, in the district called Kona, there is a snowcapped mountain 4,200 meters high. Hawaii is ideally suited for the leisure industry. The water is more than 3,000 meters deep, and you can fish for big fish like marlin all year round. The weather is warm, it is quiet, and there are many different kinds of fish. Because the water there is rich in nutrients, the fish of the Pacific Ocean have made it their home. (342-050, 2001/01/09)

18 I purchased land in Hawaii in order to build a village; I might call it heaven s village. Thus far I have built homes and brought boats there. It is a wonderful and rare fishing destination, where on the water it hardly ever rains and you can fish all year round. In its valleys, we can experience the climate of all four seasons. On the other side of the mountain it rains and thunders all year long, but on this side, it hardly rains throughout the entire year. I now understand that this place was waiting for me to come. (221-062, 1991/10/20)

19 Korea, Japan and the United States all have coastlines on the Pacific Ocean. Among these three nations, the United States is in the position of the archangel.

In Hawaii, 80 percent of the population is Asian and Native Hawaiian. We are responsible to unite these people. This is why after I declared the Era of the Pacific Rim Providence, I have stopped over in Hawaii whenever I have had the chance.

There is a mountain there, Mauna Kea, that is more than 4,200 meters high. It has a brother mountain, Mauna Loa, which is almost as high. Hawaii is like a lighthouse in the middle of the Pacific. Based on Hawaii, I am holding rallies to unite all humanity. I am holding them there because it is the place that can harmonize and unite the East and the West. North America and South America, and Asia and Africa are all connected by waters that meet in the Pacific Ocean.

The East and the West are like twins. We now live in the era when they must unite and give birth to liberation, and the place where this can happen is the Pacific Ocean. The United States, the archangel nation once fought Japan, the Eve nation, but now they must come together. These nations that once fought each other must now become brother and sister nations, giving birth to the liberation of the world. This can happen through the True Parents. Hawaii is an important island because it can become the first place where these twins unite, and when they do they will be able to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. (362-119, 2001/12/09)

20 The indemnification and liberation of the ocean, of the land, and of the cosmos were completed centered on Hawaii. At the time of World War II, Japan and America fought because of what happened in the Pacific Ocean. At that time Japan attacked Hawaii, but now Japan has to protect Hawaii and offer it to heaven. Japan and the United States, which were formerly enemies, must become one and offer up this oceanic land to heaven. This is the providence centered on Hawaii that will enable us to declare the completion of the ocean providence.

North America and South America, Asia and Africa—these are like two sets of twin big islands amid the ocean. The Pacific is like a mother pregnant with two sets of twins, each a son and a daughter who will be brother and sister to one another. She must give them birth. (385-243, 2002/07/14)

21 South America and North America must be united. Asia and Africa must be united. People built the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal, which severed the land connection between these pairs of continents. They were separated, and they must be reconnected. This is why South America and North America must be united, and Asia and Africa must be united. Two sets of twins that were divided into four separate entities must again be made as one in the womb of the Pacific Ocean. True Parents have to complete the mission of childbirth in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to unite South America and North America, and Asia and Africa.

We must achieve unity between Japan and America to form the realm of oceanic nations. Similarly, unity will form the realm of peninsular nations, and then the realm of continental nations. Once we are successful in establishing these realms, we will be in a position to work with the United Nations to lead and manage any part of the globe. If we can carry out the providence of restoration like this, based on geography, this will be its final conclusion. (410-186, 2003/07/04)

22 When I went to Hawaii for the first time, I was amazed that there is such a place in the world. Thirty percent of the people there are Japanese and only 29 percent are Caucasian. I thought to myself that we should be Able to completely unite them by having people from families in the 30 percent demographic marry people from families in the 29 percent demographic. After that I would have all of them move to the American mainland. I thought, if I could do that, how easy it would be to fulfill the providence of restoration.

I am preparing to build a base of operations in Hawaii that includes boats. I am making these preparations with the intent to live in Hawaii, because the time of the Pacific civilization is approaching. (216-275, 1991/04/07)

23 The ocean off Kona in Hawaii is one of the deepest places in that part of the Pacific Ocean. I am making this place a training ground. There is where I am going to train people. I will train them to catch the fish that live in those deep waters. Catching fish in shallow water is too easy to provide good training, so I will raise fish in shallow waters and release them into deeper waters. In the future, I will create fish farms and raise both small and laijge fish. (337-265, 2000/10/27)

24 There is an international space observatory on Mauna Kea, in Hawaii. Here on this island, which has two mountains over 4,000 meters high, I am doing something new. I will create a training center and a school here. Our challenge is to bring students from 16 maritime nations here, train them, and then connect them to positions where they can exercise governance over the realm of the ocean. Then I will invite them to the American mainland and educate them there. We need to help them move forward in step with America, and with Japan as well.

The realm of the ocean has long been violated. Look at the Pacific theater of the Second World War, when people from strong nations were continually seizing control over parts of the ocean. We must indemnify that historical time. Therefore, we should raise capable leadership from the ocean areas. The descendants of island nations must guide the people of the continents. No matter how vast a continent is, it is but an island in the ocean. Asia and Africa, and South America and North America, are like two sets of twins. People educated and trained at this new school on Mauna Kea in the middle of the Pacific must lead the people of the land. (410-187, 2003/07/04)

25 I am thinking that we should serve God on the Asian continent and attend Him on the ocean. This is why I stress the importance of the ocean providence. We held a rally in Hawaii. It was called the Rally Proclaiming the Dawn of the Era of the New Civilization of the Pacific Rim. We held this rally at King Garden in Hawaii. (569-084, 2007/07/22)

26 In Kona, Hawaii, there is a zone for growing coffee. It is a special coffee found nowhere else in the world. It is a specialty item. Coffee drinkers of the world who love Kona coffee will be shocked when they learn that much of this coffee is now in the hands of the Unification Church. They will wonder, "Now that they own the farms that grow the Kona coffee we love, what are they going to do with the profit from selling it? Will they use it for business purposes or for something else?" I intend to create an education fund. I plan to establish a residential middle school and high school where students study and also learn how to farm. We will teach them everything about scientific agricultural methods. I also plan to teach them about fish farming. (587-276, 2008/03/16)

27 People can obtain water from tens of thousands of springs and countless streams and rivers. However, there is only one place on earth where all these currents ultimately converge. That place is Hawaii. In Kona, Hawaii, there is a mountain called Mauna Kea. Kona coffee is grown on the land at the base of this mountain. That area is adjacent to two mountains that stand more than 4,000 meters high.

The water from Heavens Lake on Mt. Baekdu in Korea eventually finds its way to Kona, Hawaii, and rains down on Mauna Kea. Also, water from ice at the North Pole flows in undersea currents to Hawaii, where it forms a stationary pool at the bottom of the ocean. That water remains in the state it was in tens of thousands of years ago. Drinking water from Hawaii's mineral springs is like drinking water as it was when God created it long ago. I am now making preparations to bottle that water and make it available to the world. (2009/11/17)

28 At the bottom of the ocean near Kona, Hawaii, we can find extremely clean, pure water that was once ice at the North Pole. It melted thousands of years ago and sits on the ocean floor like a still pool. We need to draw that water up from the bottom of the ocean around Kona and make it available to the world. It is living water from thousands of years ago, and you will not find water of better quality than this. And you cannot ask for better water for farming fish.

Further, by developing the mineral water that sits on the ocean floor, we can bring tremendous benefits to humanity. Cobalt, and precious metals like platinum, are deposited in the deepest parts of the Pacific. Because they are heavy, they flowed to this place and accumulated at one location. The Pacific Ocean was formed in this way. Now that God's providence has arrived at the era of the realm of liberation, we will be able to find treasures such as gold and silver that are hidden in the deepest places of the sea. (615-074, 2009/08/18)

29 Hawaii is like the royal seat of God's kingdom of the ocean. It is like the capital of all the continents. There you can fish all year round. You can feel free all 12 months of the year. Flowers bloom and butterflies flutter all the time. Since it is never cold, people farm vegetables all year round, and I see radish flowers blooming in the fields even in the winter months. The land provides vegetables and fruits to eat at all times. I imagine that someday these islands will be connected by bridges.

The Big Island of Hawaii will be the site of the king's residence. I am acquiring the land that will make this possible. On the Big Island I built boats and sent two to each of the eight islands of Hawaii. The expert fishermen there are waiting for me to arrive. I am making preparations so people who do not have money to stay at a hotel can sleep on their boats. I also established a foundation for the ocean palace. (603-184, 2008/11/18)

Seafood enterprises

True Parents trained members and built Ocean Churches in 30 locations in United States where there were Coast Guard stations. These were preparations to establish a seafood businesses and the ocean tourism industry for fishing enthusiasts in America. Alongside their efforts to expand Saeilo Machinery into a nationwide network, True Parents worked to build a global foundation for marketing fish. As part of this ocean providence, they built a shipyard and a factory for processing seafood, and they trained young people in sales. True Parents t^egan creating the business structure that would become International Oceanic Enterprises, one of the leading seafood businesses in the United States. It supplies customers with the freshest seafood, purchasing and processing fish from the five oceans, transporting them, and supplying them to consumers throughout America.

30 You are now working under the banner of a new church organization called Ocean Church. We have bases at (167-149, 1987/07/14)

30 locations where there are also US Coast Guard stations. When I dispatch you to these locations, if you are to bring renewal in those places through fishing, you will have to become an innovator in everything. A person who sits back and just follows what others are doing cannot spearhead something new. Only a person who has the audacity to block someone's path and say, "Listen to me!" can do it. I want you to start something new in society, and I have to train you as people who can do that. (167-149, 1987/07/14)

31 I created something that did not exist in the US by sending out people to pioneer Ocean Church. I created Ocean Churches in 30 of the most important seacoast locations in America. We can pursue seafood business, but we can also enter the charter-boat fishing business. This is the foundation for the global recreational fishing business I will create in the future. I trained people and built Ocean Church as an enterprise that gives tours to people who enjoy fishing as a hobby. (186-306, 1989/02/06)

32 I chose two types of businesses to build an economic foundation in America. One is Saeilo Machinery, which I am trying to build into a nationwide business network. The other is the seafood business, which I am expanding to serve the global market. My challenge is to make them both successful. While the machinery industry is already at the center of Western civilization, the seafood business has not yet had a champion who has made it popular in the West. Yet to be in line with the Principle, I placed these two businesses in a subject partner-object partner relationship. This is the reason I am investing to develop both Saeilo and the seafood business, even though they are losing money. We must keep investing to secure their foundations, even if it means that the church must make sacrifices. (135-099, 1985/09/30)

33 Our Good Go boats are well-known for tuna fishing on the East Coast of the United States, but they are also talked about in South America. I am putting you through this training to make you agents who can develop the seafood business. It cannot be done without your efforts. I myself went on the boats day and night and taught many young people like you. In the very beginning, when I told them to go on the boats they would not listen to me and ran away. Yet whenever I had time, I talked to them about it over the course of four or five years. Finally, by the time seven years had gone by, even women were ready to volunteer to become captains. I created such an atmosphere.

While doing this I built a shipyard and a seafood processing factory and trained people to sell our products. I trained them to sell products out of a truck. For the first year they learned to make nets, handle boats and catch fish, and then I had them sell the fish. When the amount of fish we caught became too much to sell locally, I opened a factory and we began processing our fish. We even started seafood restaurants. Through these efforts, I built the foundation of our seafood business. (110-202, 1980/11/17)

34 I went to Barrytown and caught carp by the thousands. When we drained water from the pond, we found six large turtles. We released those turtles into the Hudson River. We also released the first batch of carp we caught. Subsequently when I caught carp, I said to them, "You were born through love, and it is the way of nature to die for love. Do you prefer to live for the people you love or die for them? If you die, in a sense you are being sacrificed. Yet I believe you will become the flesh and energy of people who will develop America's seafood business in the future. It is through you that the people of the Unification Church will be able to show greater loyalty to God and greater love for people. You were born as fish, but I give you my love so you can become the flesh of the people who among all Americans I consider my children in heart. How can you reject this? Dear carp, don't you think you should become the flesh and blood of my beloved children and the people of America?" (093-190, 1977/05/29)

35 We formed a global business network that can quickly supply favorite fish from the five oceans of the world to Africans, South Americans, Asians— customers from all over the world. This is how we came to have a formidable influence in the US market. For example, when an African goes to a restaurant and orders fish, he asksjfor a particular fish that he used to eat in the land of his birth because that is the fish that suits his taste. The customer will leave if the restaurant does not have that fish. This is why I say we should start an advertising campaign with the slogan, "We supply restaurants with fish from all five oceans."

Americans usually work eight hours a day. Some restaurants close after 5:00 in the afternoon, but we keep our restaurants open late. Also, if a restaurant affiliated with us runs out of a certain product, we can supply it from one of our other restaurants. Hence, no one can compete with us. This is why I am recognized in the seafood business world. (146-253, 1986/07/01)

36 International Oceanic Enterprises (IOE) is becoming a company that any businessman dealing with seafood products in America will have to pay attention to as competition. We are not only catching fish now; we have entered the transportation business as well. We have already reached the level where we have direct routes from Boston and Hawaii to markets in Tokyo, and our fishing boats go to Europe and South America.

There are many nations in the world today, but the issue is the United States. The US is the largest market in the world when it comes to importing and exporting goods; therefore, we must develop business connections with America. Ships travel from other countries to America, unload their goods and return empty. We are building a foundation in organization and human resources whereby hundreds of our people will be waiting at the ports ready to load our goods onto their ships. When the nations of the world find out that our business is transporting seafood with a spirit of serving humanity, they will come to support us. (262-245, 1994/08/01)

Section 3. The Spirituality of Fishing

Fishing as an act of devotion

For 85 days beginning on April 24, 2004, True Father offered a special condition while fishing day and night at the reservoir near Yeosu. Fishing was one way he expressed his single-minded dedication to save fallen humankind. True Father did not fish for the sake of fishing, but to make conditions of devotion for God's providence. As he fished, True Father focused his mind and meditated, contemplating how to fulfill God's Will. He cultivated his mind-body unity, communicated with God and engaged in deep conversations with Him, all the while keeping in contact with the spirit world. In addition, he taught the members who were with him his fishing techniques, acquired from his vast experience and study.

1 I do not fish for the sake of catching fish. I do it as an act of devotion, so that daylight shines on my path. I have to deal with global matters all by myself. I have no one in the outside world with whom to discuss them. When I make conditions of devotion, I totally focus my mind and heart. The results are formidable. People who offer their utmost devotion and make the greatest efforts can reach the summit. (276-057, 1996/01/18)

2 The spirit world helps you only when you do things that other people in the world are unable to do. You have to be different. Heaven cannot work through you if you are the same as the people in Satan's world. God can work through you only when you are different from them.

Do you think I am making conditions for no reason? I am determined to set a higher standard than anyone else who goes to the ocean or crosses the land or climbs tall mountains. That is how I reach the level where God can cooperate with me. In order not to lose my resolve to meet that standard, I always carry a fishing pole with me. My ultimate goal is not the fishing itself. (285-317, 1997/07/13)

3 When I go out to fish in the ocean, I am actually fishing the world. It is for this purpose that I fish; it is a condition of devotion.

You too have to learn to love the ocean. The fastest way to focus your mind is by fishing. I can say this from my own experience. After I cast my fishing line, I gaze at the summit of a mountain and think, "How long did that mountaintop wait for the day when it could align with a person who offers devotion in the presence of heaven? Now is that time. I am focusing my spirit while moving this fishing rod in order to open a clear path for the salvation of all people. By aligning with me, you too can be liberated." I think about this while relating to all of creation.

While focusing my resolve, I say to the seagulls flying by, "You need to cooperate with my standard, which is to be aligned with God and His desire to complete the providential Will. I am to be totally focused and will never allow myself to be scattered. You need to become my object partners and act as the representatives of all things of creation as I offer these conditions of devotion." It does not matter whether it is raining or snowing. I fish even when gale winds are raging and lightning is striking around me. Amid my devotion I forget about that. Such is the life I am leading.

I still remember when I went out from Gloucester on the New Hope and offered conditions for the success of the Washington Monument Rally. I sat on the upper deck of the New Hope and fished for 21 days. I could not get even one fish to bite, yet I remained single-minded. I did not allow my own thoughts to intrude. It was a time when everything was up in the air. We were in a dire situation. Yet with God's help, we witnessed a miracle. (289-122, 1997/12/30)

4 Sitting by myself on the boat in the middle of the ocean, there are times when I talk to myself. My mind listens to what I am saying. Without realizing it, I murmur to myself. As I listen to what I am saying, I realize it is a prophecy. I find myself murmuring about things that will happen today and tomorrow. On the boat I utter words of prophecy, words of revelation. When I ant on the boat on the ocean, invariably my mind and body become friends.

When I am on the boat there is just me, the boat, and the horizon. There is only my mind and body. Where is the subject partner? If I find the 90-degree angle, I am immediately connected to God because that is what God wants as well. Once my mind and body are united, I am drawn to the place where I can connect directly with the spirit world. This happens when I am on the boat.

God only wants to visit us on earth when we are in the state of mind-body unity. That is where God begins to work. In the state of mind-body unity, we can begin to speak words of revelation. This can happen wherever we are, but I think I reach this state faster when I am totally focused on fishing than when I am at home praying. (262-293, 1994/08/01)

5 You can hear all sorts of sounds on land—the sound of the wind blowing, the sound of tree branches swaying, the sound of people, and tfte sound of mice running around. But the only thing you hear at sea is the sound of water. Even though it is a sound, there is a sameness about it so it does not bother you.

When you go out some distance, you no longer hear the sound of flies buzzing. You no longer hear human sounds. There is no better place to practice spiritual discipline. Spiritual discipline is the practice of meditation and self-discipline. Through spiritual discipline we can enter a state of harmony in the world of the mind. That is why I do not stay at home, but go out to sea where the wind blows on a small boat called the One Hope. It is not comfortable being on that boat. However, it helps me find the center of my inner mind. (262-293, 1994/08/01)

6 People tend to think about going out fishing on a boat when the weather is clear and they feel good. That is what ordinary people do. But in order to become a special person, you need to fish amid sudden downpours and lightning storms. Unless you fish in the driving rain and study how the torrent changes the water and affects the fish, you will not know how changes in the natural environment affect your fishing. (276-071, 1996/02/04)

7 I built the boat named Cheon Seung Ho, "heavens victory," in Korea in 1963. I went to America to carry on that tradition and built a boat called the One Hope. It is not "two hope," it is "one hope." With absolute hope, absolute love, and absolute oneness, I am journeying on the one and only way. It is a journey based on a realm where there is unity among the elements of the trinity—the Principle that I take pride in having discovered, God's purpose and Will, and the direction that I take.

I have been on boats for several decades. Invariably, I used to go out on the boat from 5:00 o'clock in the morning and stay on the water until sunset or later. After coming to Yeosu, sometimes I went out at noon, but then I saw that all of you went out at that time as well. It is okay to do that this time, but remember that in your life you need to inherit and carry on my tradition. It is a tradition of going out to sea at 5:00 in the morning and offering conditions of devotion even when there are no fish. (427-207, 2003/12/06)

8 When I was fishing in Alaska, the Coast Guard saw our boats going out in the early morning as if we were engaged in training exercises. They came to my boat and expressed their admiration and praise, saying, "How could you be so serious about fishing?"

At sea, I am the best fisherman. If I were asked to catch whales right now, I am sure I could catch a few whales in a single day. I have already caught practically every kind of fish, including giant bluefin tuna. I have been to the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. There is hardly any type of fish I have not caught. This is why I can clearly observe the affairs of the world. (211-062, 1990/12/28)

9 Many people think I am a man of mystery. It is true that I am good at talking about mysterious things. Yet more than that, I do things that are mysterious. When I go out to the ocean on a boat, I am the king of fishermen. Other fishermen may think, "He's the founder of the Unification Church. What does he know?" But when they see me take charge out there, people who have been fishing for 10 or 20 years marvel at me. If I go to a farm, I am also an excellent farmer. Scholars tend to think of themselves as having a certain aura, but when they meet me, they recognize that I am far beyond their level. What makes me such a person? It is true love. (205-140, 1990/08/12)

10 Fishermen regard fighting with a fish as the greatest fight of all. If a sharpshooter goes shooting with that mindset, his or her shots will be on target every time. Actually, we truly need this kind of mind-set. Fishing has many good aspects. It feels wonderful to spend time at night gazing at the changing phenomena of nature, the waves and clouds that are ever-changing. You need to spend that kind of time. Yet as much as the clouds and waves change, your mind also changes from joy one moment to disappointment the next. While fishing, when you catch a fish you exclaim, "Yes! I got it!" You especially appreciate the first fish you catch. That is because before you catch any you are so serious, thinking, "I am going to catch a fish with my own hands. Let's see what fish I will be catching." The value that you place on your object, the fish, varies depending on your subjective idea and viewpoint. Whether fishing pulls you down into a bottomless pit or lifts you up to the sky depends on you. Your feeling can change dramatically. (152-345, 1963/08/18)

11 You should not remain ignorant of the ocean. The halibut at the bottom of the sea acts as if it were a king. It feeds while it lies on the seabed. Living on the ocean floor with its eyes protruding like antennae, it looks like a moss-covered rock. While it keeps itself still, small fish follow its scent and gather around it. Then the halibut's body twitches and it swallows the fish. It feeds while lying on its belly.

When it bites the hook and we start reeling it up, at first it strives to remain unmoved as if it were saying, "Who in this world dares to touch me?" But before long it says, "Oh my, I'm in trouble!" It is as if it were struck by lightning. That is what it is like catching halibut. In Kodiak, people rarely catch halibut weighing more than 80 pounds, but I caught several that weighed 200 and even 300 pounds. (206-274, 1990/10/14)

12 I like salmon. Why do I like them? Salmon are brave fish. These fish travel through all of the five oceans. They are also tasty. Other fish you need to cook and add some seasoning to, but you can eat salmon as it is, even raw. There is no other fish that is that tasty.

I have another reason for appreciating salmon; it is the quality of their sacrificial love. Four to six years after they are born, they return to their birthplace. How do they know their way back? As if they had promised each other long before when they were young, the salmon of both sexes meet each other and consummate their love within a two-week period. It is as if Adam and Eve engaged in lovemaking after returning to the original Garden of Eden that they had left 6,000 years ago. And that is not all. Those salmon then die for their young. As soon as they have mated, they die. Indeed, even in nature, love is greater than life. This is the path that Unifkationists must follow in the providence of restoration. After all, Unifkationists are the tribe of true love. (248-064, 1993/06/20)

13 When I went out to the ocean during tuna fishing season, I could not avoid my competitors. There were as many as 500 boats gathered on the water. I wanted to fish alone, but I hardly had such a chance.

One day, when storm warnings went up, I went out to the ocean alone. Everyone advised me not to go, but still I went out. My destination was far off, more than two hours from port. Normally I would leave port at 1:00 a.m., which I had to do in order to arrive by 4:00 o'clock. Yet on this day I departed at midnight. I knew that if a storm blew in, it would take twice as long to get there. I have faced many other similar incidents in my life.

The experience of wild nature is priceless; you cannot purchase it for millions of dollars. Because of the weather, there was not a single boat on the ocean that day. As soon as I cast my fishing line, many fish rushed over to bite it. Usually, only a dozen or so fish bite on the countless fishing lines that are cast from the boats. But because mine was the only line that day, the hungry fish came rushing to my bait. The moment I cast my line, immediately a fish took the bait. I thought, "If a storm is going to come, bring it on! Am I a man who worries about storms?" I just fished and fished, drenched in sweat. (233-306, 1992/08/02)

14 People may think they can catch fish just by casting a line, but they are totally mistaken. For one thing, different fish live in different water temperatures. Fish of different sizes live in different places depending on the temperature. During the summertime the water is warmer near the surface, so you see small fish near the surface. Fish migrate depending on the temperature of the ocean water. They dislike moving vertically and always try to move laterally.

If you want to fish, you need to know about these things. If you want to catch salmon, you have to know where to fish for them. Therefore, you need to become a professional about fishing. If you want to become a professional, you need to study. If you cannot become a professional, you cannot be good at catching fish. I fish according to the water temperature. I know the places where the water is at certain temperatures and what kinds of fish live there. (263-138, 1994/08/21)

15 When people like us go out to fish, we already know where the fish are. Fish look for food in the morning and evening. During our lunchtime they swim about for fun because they have already eaten their breakfast. We go to places where the depth of the water is not uniform, where one place is deep while another place nearby is shallow. Fish take refuge in deep places to hide. When they are enjoying themselves in shallow water, they prefer a place with a flat bottom. I am talking about the morning hours. In the late afternoon, the fish again have to look for food. I know where to look for different kinds of fish, depending on the depth of the water. (221-084, 1991/10/23)

16 When you fish, you need to know how far your hook has sunk below the surface of the water. One foot above the seabed is a good area where fish go for the bait. That is where they feed and live, and they do not go much above two feet from the bottom. If you cast your line at this depth, you can catch fish all the time. If you feel a little tug on your line, you need to immediately pull it up. It is a technique that you need to learn. The tuna is a type of fish that lives freely in the ocean, as if it were the king of the world. It does not fall for a small bit of bait. You have to find a way to make it go for your bait. For this, you need to study. (221-082, 1991/10/23)

17 If you want to catch bigger fish, you have to drop your line near the bottom of the ocean. Small fish sometimes jump out of the water, but big fish do not jump. They think, "What's the point of jumping?" You need to cast your line so that the bait falls to about one handspan above the seabed. If you keep it there and let its scent spread, the fish will slowly approach the bait. A fish has to move its fins to swim. That is why you have to keep the hook one handspan above the seabed, so that the fish will have enough room to maneuver its fins. You need to calculate all these factors when you cast your line; then you can almost certainly catch a bigger fish.

The salmon I caught most recently weighed 15.3 pounds. It^was the largest salmon we had caught up to that point, and it was my last catch of the season. You have no idea how strong it was. We had to use a scooping net to lift it up, but we could not see the salmon clearly because the water was reflecting the sunset. About two-thirds of its body was in the net, but it had incredible strength, enough that if its head were free, it could have jumped out of the net. If we had not been careful enough, the fish could have cut our line. (205-322, 1990/10/01)

18 Sometimes a fish bites as soon as a line is dropped. If you immediately begin pulling the line, you will lose it. You have to let your hook sink down further, until you know it is in deep water. A real fisherman does not pay attention to the small fish that nibble on the bait. He or she waits for the biggest fish to come, even though it is more distant, thinking, "I know you are biting; never mind the small ones that gather here." You have to catch that big one that is in the distance. That is how to fish well. I fish like that. Once I fished day and night for more than 40 days. (152-033, 1963/03/03)

19 Hunting is not as ethical as fishing. A hunter has to wait out of sight to shoot the target animal. However, fishing is different. The fish comes to you and bites the bait. You can fish from the age of five until the day you die.

Even if you think you are a champion at fishing, if you go to a different region, you have to change the way you fish because there are different fish there. If you keep on applying your own style of fishing instead of fishing the way it is done in that region, the fish will not bite. That is why wherever you go, you have to learn how to fish all over again. At the same time, wherever you go you should be able to teach others how to fish. Anyone can be a teacher or a student. That is how fishing makes people equal.

Location makes a difference even if you are fishing for the same species of fish, because they will eat different things depending on the location. That is why fishermen in different regions use different bait. When you move to another region, you have to learn their ways. It is different in each part of the world. This diversity is part of the fun of fishing. (252-206, 1993/12/30)

The end of starvation

True Parents continue to be concerned about the people who suffer from hunger and face starvation in places like Africa. This became much of Father's motivation for training members in fishing. He said that our missionaries in developing nations should be experts at fishing and setting up fish farms, to teach the people the skills they need in order to develop fish as an abundant food supply. This heart of wanting to save people from starvation bore fruit with the development of fish powder products that food aid programs are now utilizing as a protein supplement.

True Parents want to create model communities where people will inherit the fruit of the ocean providence and treasure it for hundreds or thousands of years. These will be communities whose residents dedicate their hearts and souls to fishing, with the same level of devotion that True Father offered when he went fishing, and where they live happily and share everything equally, without discrimination against anyone.

20 There are many wild animals in the tropical regions. We need to know how to hunt. We also need to be able to fish. If people know how to fish, they will never starve. Teaching people how to hunt is teaching them how to survive. In the past, the high priest performed rituals that included the offering of animals as sacrifices. I hunt wild animals to help make our members into high priests. It is a sacred task. Once you learn how to fish and hunt, I will make teams that can go into the wilds. I will send people on hunting and fishing missions to help those living in more difficult circumstances. We have to spread this idea throughout the world: wherever you go in the world, fishing and hunting are means to prevent serious food shortages. (262-255, 1994/08/01)

21 Fishing is simple. Even in the remotest areas of Africa, women have sewing needles. You can make fishing hooks by heating and bending a needle with the flame of a candle. Long ago I made hooks in this way. You do not need to buy fishing line either. You can find nylon thread anywhere. Nylon thread works much better than silk thread. You can make weights by carving out bits of lead and hanging them in the water. You can make a float by cutting sorghum straw and attaching it to the line. Even without a fishing rod, all you need to do is to bait the hook and cast your line into the water. Fish are in abundant supply. Where there are bodies of water it is not a problem to find fish. The problem is that people do not know the best ways of fishing. I have felt that until now, there was not a leader to teach them. That is why I have been fishing. (263-045, 1994/08/16)

22 People in developing countries may not know the best ways of fishing. When they know how to fish more effectively, they will never go hungry. In many places there are lakes and other bodies of water where fish are in abundant supply. We have to teach people about our advances in catching and farming fish. I have already begun doing that. All you need to fish is a line. You can find a needle anywhere. You can make a fishing hook by heating the needle with the flame of a candle. Then you can go fishing. You can find bait anywhere. It should not be a problem for one person to feed ten children every day. You can line up the fish end to end so they are as long as a person. There is an abundance of natural resources, but without good leadership it is hard to develop fully. (262-103, 1994/07/23)

23 Around the world, 20 million people die of starvation each year. How can we save them from dying? I do not go fishing for fun. When I fish, I gaze at the ocean and think about those 20 million people who live across that great ocean. I have to open the \iay to save them even if it means offering my own flesh and blood. No one has ever considered this. Fishing is my strategy to take time to think about them. That is why I am trying to catch a lot of fish from the ocean and distribute them. Without the ocean, there is no way to save starving people.

Although I am almost 80 years old, I still make time to go fishing, even in rain or snow. All the church leaders try to run away, making excuses and doing whatever they can to prevent me from going fishing. They do that because they do not understand why I am doing it. Suppose I were to rest; how many people would die while I rested?

Someday the places where I fished with the church leaders will become holy grounds, simply because of the reason that we were fishing. If many people come forth in the future to inherit that spirit of fishing through my teachings, I believe they will inspire and motivate future generations, expanding the road to world salvation into an expressway. I am doing these things while thinking ahead a hundred or even a thousand years into the future. (278-319, 1996/06/23)

24 As missionaries you need to develop your business sense. By doing so you can save the lives of the more than 20 million people around the world who starve to death each year. Where there is land, you can teach people how to farm; where there is water, you can teach them how to farm fish, so that people do not die of hunger. If everyone, including the women and children, knew the best ways of fishing, why would anyone die of starvation? Why would people die, when there is water and through fish farming they can produce as many fish as they need? That is why I go out fishing.

You need to teach others how to fish well. You also need to teach them how to hunt. You do not know how many alligators and other wild animals might be lurking out there. I founded the Sightseeing and Hunting Federation for World Peace for the sake of the world. Why am I doing all this? It is because, as the True Parent, I want to take responsibility for those suffering from hunger. My heart is not to give up on anyone in the world. They are all our brothers and sisters.

Think about how it would be if those 20 million people, instead of starving to death, became Unification-ists each year. How many people do you think we can save if the Unification Church takes the lead in doing these things on a global scale? That is why I am telling you to learn how to farm and fish and build fish farms as quickly as possible. The purpose is to save the people dying of hunger. I am telling you to go and pass on these skills to them. (253-109, 1994/01/09)

Section 4. Addressing the World's Food Shortage

Vision for ocean enterprises

True Fathers interest in the ocean was not limited to the Korean Peninsula; it encompassed the entire world, notably Alaska and Hawaii. His great interest in the ocean, especially the seafood industry, stemmed from his belief that the ocean will be key to solving the world s food shortage in the future.

True Father even foresaw that human living space in the future will expand to undersea habitats. He talked about plans for the future that anticipated a maritime age: construction of a marine hotel, underwater houses and fisheries. He also mentioned the need to develop the North Pole and proposed constructing a cultural city in the Arctic. As a start toward this, True Father promoted a God-centered ocean tourism and leisure industry, especially for people who enjoy fishing.

1 In the future the land will be too crowded; so people, in the not-too-dis-tant future, will have to live on the ocean in boats. What should we do in light of this? We will secure a worldwide foundation in the maritime industry, and once we do, we will be able to lead all the cultures of the world by expanding our reach on the coastlines of the world. (116-327, 1982/01/02)

2 The ocean is a vast world. The world of water is virtually infinite. There is no place without water. It is filled with fish that have highly potent nutrients essential for human health. That means that the fish farming industry is certain to increase. Much of what I have been doing is because I believe the era of the ocean is coming. I have spoken extensively about this, and I am making many preparations for this coming era. The time has come to expand all this work throughout the world. (460-113, 2004/07/15)

3 The ocean is teeming with fish and other seafood. America wants to sell the fish that Alaska processes, but it has nowhere to sell it. The Japanese people want fish, but they do not have enough. So I am catching fish in America and selling it in Japan. Japan needs Americas fish and America needs Japanese technology, so I am proposing that they start a joint venture. That is why I am calling American-Japanese couples that I have blessed and am assigning them to fish-related businesses in America or Japan.

If one of these couples runs a joint venture, in America the American husband can be the company president and his wife the vice-president. When they go to Japan, the wife will be the company president and the American husband the vice-president. If they do this, their joint venture will go well. It is very practical. Since each will know the culture and situation of their countries, no one will be able to pick a fight with them. No one will be able to sneak behind their backs to take over the company. (146-250, 1986/07/01)

4 The ocean s fish and seafood are an unlimited resource. Food resources on land are limited. Fish were created to form a food chain in which smaller fish are eaten by larger fish. When a fish spawns, it produces as many as 500,000 eggs. When these eggs hatch in nature, only one percent survive and the rest are eaten. But what if we can artificially incubate 100 percent of these eggs and raise all their hatchlings? We can feed them with dried, pulverized seaweed that we sprinkle on the water. By preventing them from being eaten, we can secure an unlimited supply of these fish.

To create such a great supply of fish, we have to farm them. Until now people have only done conventional farming on land, but in the future people will operate fish farms instead. Even with a small farm of one-sixth of an acre, a household can generate a good income for itself. Fish are excellent for food, filled with protein and other nutrients. (294-175, 1998/06/14)

5 The time when people require resources only from the land is passing. We will require resources from the oceans as well. Who will manage these resources? Who will develop the technology to do that? These are key issues for the future. A new age is approaching when people who rule the ocean will lead the world. The ocean's seafood is the basic source for our unlimited nutrition. To realize this, the era of catching fish will pass, to be replaced by the era in which people farm fish. (126-202, 1983/04/19)

6 Two-thirds of the earth is covered by ocean. In the future, when the land can no longer supply people with enough food, we will have to depend on the ocean for food. We must explore ways to survive from the food resources of the ocean. Beginning in 1973 I began to purchase and build boats in anticipation of the fishing industry in the future. I investigated the fishing grounds off the east coast of the US near New York and Boston and developed my business plans. I even studied how the US regulations on the fishing industry will likely change in the future. (088-179, 1976/08/10)

7 Who will be the future masters of the ocean world? The question is how can you become those people. The ocean is unlimited. You need to become people who know how to venture into the ocean and tame it. We are now entering an age when, if you have the right equipment and enough oxygen tanks, you can live for one month at a time underwater. (189-294, 1989/06/17)

8 Everyone has a desire to live in a nice place. So, I am studying submarines. Where do you think is the most splendid place to live? Living in an apartment in a crowded tower block is one thing. It would be far better to live in a house deep in the sea. Yet how is it possible to live in such a place? For that, we would need a submarine house. Think about it: At the push of a button we will descend to a cool place where we will not need air conditioning. In the water world, outside our window, we will be greeted by a beautiful spectacle brimming with all kinds of colors, where all kinds of fish are dancing in delightful and exciting ways. In our submarine house we can go anywhere, with nothing blocking our way. We can go anywhere night and day.

How convenient it would be to live that way! I would love to live in such a place before going to the spirit world. Yet I am not pursuing this dream for my individual pleasure; rather I am doing this research for the whole. (217-212, 1991/06/01)

9 The time will come when it will be more profitable to construct buildings for fish farming than buildings for people. The developers who build them will become the richest people in the world. In the future, the populations of the cities will have to be dispersed. When people live in the cities, getting rid of human excrement and urine is always a serious problem. When you live in nature, everywhere you go your excrement becomes fertilizer; both urine and excrement can become fertilizer.

To deal with this problem in cities, populations of crowded cities must be redistributed in such a way that each city, wherever it is located, can handle its own human waste. When that happens, people will naturally seek out mountainous regions. But if they stay only in those places, they will soon get bored. Then they will go to live in the ocean.

The time is coming when we must go into the ocean and live underwater. For this, I am currently having scholars research the idea of submarine houses. Even when a typhoon is blowing, 30 meters below the ocean's surface the waters are calm. No matter how much the wind blows or the waves heave in the storm, there is no storm 30 meters under the surface. There will come a time when we can press a button, say for 30 meters below or 100 meters below, and our submarine house will automatically descend to that depth. There we will be able to live underwater while enjoying the view of the ocean, with mirrors to give you views in all directions.

Even under the ocean you can farm fish. You only need to take the necessary equipment for cultivating your favorite kinds aboard your submarine house. Because you know where the fish's habitat is, you only need to go there and live there for a month. Then you can ascend ten meters to another level where you know another kind of fish lives, and live there for a month. In this way you can live underwater while going about to different places and harvesting fish wherever you go. It is very possible that things like this will come to pass in the future. By thinking about them now, I am paving the way for the age to come when we will live underwater. (236-310, 1992/11/09)

10 One of my plans is to develop the North Pole. I plan to build a permanent city below ground, under the land covered with snow that has accumulated for tens of thousands of years. If we build a city with all the modern conveniences in that place, I am sure everyone on earth would come there at least once. I would also like to build a university, one-third of which would be underground.

We would not need a heating system if we built it this way. It would be cool in the summer but not cold in the winter. Further, were two dozen students to gather for class, they would naturally generate enough heat Without the need to burn fuel. Our body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. Generally, 10 degrees Celsius is warm enough for ordinary living. Since our body temperature is 37 degrees, once you have several people, the heat they give off would be enough to heat their underground room. With the students there, the entire place would warm quickly.

Such a time is coming. When it does, we will begin to experience a mode of life where everything in modern civilization, including its economy, will move in step with the natural world. The time has come for us to make a determination that we will innovate all of our systems to create the ideal world. (236-311, 1992/11/09)

11 I foresee many changes coming to the ocean-related industries. In the future, the industry will have to farm fish. Even though we are engaged in the seafood industry, I already recognized that it will be difficult for anyone to sustain their marine business in the years to come unless they combine it with tourism and develop some sort of ocean recreation industry.

Everything that we do requires money and raw materials. However, above all, we must cultivate human resources and develop our personal networks. For whatever work or business we do, we need people. Especially, in the marine field, our main challenge is to find people who regard work on the ocean as God's calling. We need people who will love the ocean throughout their entire lives—during their youth, middle age and senior years—and who, before they die, will teach their sons and daughters and even their grandchildren to also love the ocean. (262-238, 1994/08/01)

12 I predict that in the future, the leisure industry will develop greatly. People who live in the city suffer from stress and need stimulating activities in order to relieve that stress. What can they do? To me, there are three ways. One is hunting, another is horseback riding and the last is fishing.

Nonetheless, there are limitations to hunting and horseback riding. Horseback riding is expensive, so only a particular class of people can enjoy it. As for hunting, people can do it into their forties, but once they are over 50 it becomes difficult to enjoy. Also, in many nations only a certain class of people can hunt for sport. However, anyone can fish from an early age. People can enjoy fishing even when they get older and are in the evening time of their lives. That is why I am saying that the fishing business will grow to become a global business. (207-123, 1990/11/01)

13 The recreation industry has to cater to people who enjoy all sorts of leisure activities. You may think, "People with money would enjoy this, but how can people without money do it?" However, that is not the case. Even now, people go on vacations. Even people with little money can manage to take a vacation once or twice a year.

In the future, through my leading role in the recreation industry, I will create a global organization that will bring together people from all walks of life, including those in the financial field, based on their shared love of recreational activities. I believe this will be a shortcut to guiding all people toward a world of peace. That is why for several decades I have been researching, planning and pioneering all sorts of ocean-related businesses. (252-210, 1993/12/30)

14 I think that from now, in addition to the business of providing recreation on the ocean, we need to engage in businesses that promote recreational farming on land. In the future, people will have more time to enjoy themselves. Once that time comes, the question will arise as to how they will use that time. When this happens, I suggest encouraging them to prepare about one-sixth of an acre as a garden and take up gardening as a hobby. Then they can harvest and enjoy their own vegetables.

In addition, what about raising baby animals like deer and releasing them? What about farming fish and releasing them as well? People will farm all sorts of grains and harvest organic, natural crops without using synthetic chemicals. How wonderful! People will experience creating all the things that God created. Then, gazing at all these things that they worked to create, they will think about God and appreciate Him for His creation. In this way, they will enjoy their life with all kinds of hobbies in the world of nature. By caring for the natural world in every way possible, people will enjoy living in harmony with nature before they go to the spirit world. Once they experience this, they will naturally move away from todays urban-centered society. (252-210, 1993/12/30)

15 What kind of world will unfold in the future? We will drive pilings into the seafloor in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and create hotels there. We will make use of the versatility of helicopters. At the press of a button they will fly us anywhere we want to go. Since flying for three or more hours gets boring, people will fly for an hour or two and then stop to relax at a floating hotel in the middle of the Pacific. How fantastic that will be! To make this possible, we will build hotels in the Pacific. When guests have finished relaxing at the hotel, they will travel again for about two to three hours, then stop for lunch at a floating restaurant. Then they will rent a boat and take their family deep-sea fishing. (203-058, 1990/06/14)

16 Soon the era of automobiles will pass and the era of light aircraft will begin. People from the big cities will fly to scenic spots that are only to be found in the heart of the mountains. Secluded pools will be built there, and fishing spots will be developed, where they can swim and fish. In the future it will be easy for people to rent an airplane as often as they like. We have entered an era when plane rental businesses can do well. That is why I am creating an aircraft company.

Large cruise ships will have a deck like an aircraft carrier that can handle dozens of small submarines and small helicopters. The ship will move slowly enough that passengers will use the helicopters on board to travel to nearby islands for fishing and then return to the ship. Others will use small boats to travel out to fishing spots near the islands and then return. I am saying that such a time is coming. Or, knowing the ship's itinerary, people can take a helicopter to one of the destinations a week early and then rejoin the cruise on the ship.

On the ship there will be facilities for wealthy business people to do all the business they want to do, with conference rooms, computers and the Internet. The era is coming when people will enjoy traveling while working at the same time. (276-032, 1996/01/02)

Plans and projects

True Father believed that the best way to address the issue of the global food shortage is fish farming in the ocean, as it facilitates the mass production of seafood. Accordingly, he promoted large-scale fish farming enterprises. On land as well, he pursued building fish farms in places where fish can be farmed in large quantities. These efforts were made to address the problem of food shortages around the world.

True Father developed a high-pro-tein fish powder and, in Kodiak, Alaska, he established a factory to produce it. He then launched a project to catch krill in the waters off Antarctica, process it into powder, and then supply the powder to people suffering from malnutrition in developing countries. For this project he acquired ships to catch krill and factory ships to process the krill into food, and set up a marketing system to supply the product to people in need. He utilized the Unification global network as a foundation to implement this vision.

17 One-third of the earth consists of land, and two-thirds is covered by the ocean. Most things living in the ocean are edible. Even seaweed is edible. Yet most plants that grow on land are not edible. Also, in the ocean, we can find pretty much everything that we find on land. There are sea cows, seahorses, sea lions, sea tigers, sea snakes and such. Besides, what a diversity of fish are living there!

Nevertheless, Americans prefer eating meat from the land to eating fish, because fish is not part of their culture, and many do not like the way it smells. Recently though, many Americans have begun to pay attention to natural foods, and those that do believe that fish will enhance their longevity.

Not too long ago, I went to a cattle market in Miami and asked how much it costs for one calf. I was told it ranges anywhere from $25 to $70. In New York, it would cost $400. Yet, one large tuna costs $4,000. Thus, one tuna is worth more than 150 calves. So which of the two, the ocean or the land, can make you richer? If you catch a big tuna, you can live off it for a whole year. (108-215, 1980/10/05)

18 The only way to resolve the world s future food shortage will be by utilizing the ocean. So people need to rely more on fish than on products of the land. We need to be prepared to make this transition.

We need money to create a global foundation for this, but no one is thinking about it or investing for it. So, I have to come up with ways to generate funds, such as by holding sport fishing tournaments and fishing trips that attract upper-class people from around the world. But even to begin, I needed a significant amount of funding. Also, to build this foundation, I first needed to know everything necessary for it. I had to acquire the knowledge to be able to teach people where to find fish in the ocean, what kind of fish they are, what bait they like, and so on. I needed to know these things in order to coach them, so that they would enjoy their time fishing.

When people vacation on land, after three days they might become bored with just relaxing. But on a boat out on the ocean there are unlimited ways to enjoy oneself. Once people connect to the mysteries hidden in the ocean world, filled with countless varieties of fish, they will want to continue their expedition even after their holiday is over. The ocean is fascinating. Try stopping the boat and casting your fishing line to the very bottom of the ocean. If you catch a big fish, you will be so excited it will take your breath away. (217-172, 1991/05/26)

19 Since the beginning of history, humankind has faced three great enemies: famine, disease, and ignorance. The people of the world need to pool their resources to fight and overcome these enemies. These problems are showing up in serious ways in places like Africa, Central America and South America. This is exactly the reason we need to create a business that in the future will develop the marine resources in the vast oceans.

I have created business enterprises that cover a variety of ocean-related activities. They include building large fishing vessels, making fishing equipment, and fish farming. In the future, the ocean will supply food to all the people in the world. That is why exploring and developing the ocean is the best way to end hunger and starvation. (193-327, 1989/10/)

20 In the future, humanity will face a serious food shortage. I began the ocean businesses in order to create a foundation in each nation to address this problem. So, while traveling around the world, I have been teaching people to prepare them to handle it. To address the problem of food shortages, we must develop the ocean.

I am a champion when it comes to catching fish in the ocean. Among the well-known people in the world, there are many who enjoy fish and fishing. I should become their teacher. Yet, how can I teach them, if after taking them out to the ocean only a couple of times I have exhausted my knowledge about fishing? My resources must be unlimited, including a deep understanding about how and where to catch certain fish. (190-021, 1989/06/18)

21 We are the True P^ents, who came to the earth to save all humanity. All people are our children. How can we not be concerned about those who are starving to death? The reason I am engaged in ocean enterprises is that through them we can save those people. I am also currently thinking about how to supply people with food by producing it in the great tundra plains in Alaska, the plains of Siberia, and the ice-capped regions of the North Pole. We can specialize in greenhouse farming.

I instructed some people in Alaska to work on developing this business, giving them all the necessary support. We have a base in Alaska big enough to accommodate tens of millions of people. We can build temperature-controlled greenhouses and cultivate fruit. Then, not only will these regions supply fish and agricultural products to address the food issue, they will also become places where many people can settle. (218-084, 1991/07/02)

22 In the future, when people erect one small building and farm fish in it, they will be able to generate more than ten times as much income as they would by raising cattle and selling their milk and meat. Although it is not being done, we now have the technology to draw water from the ocean and transport it anywhere. The time will come when we can supply water to places hundreds and even thousands of miles away. Once we install pipelines, it will not cost that much money. We will be able to pump ocean water to a fish-farm installation in the mountains, a multi-story building, and farm all kinds of fish in it. One person sitting in a control room will be able to monitor the whole operation. At the press of a button, food will automatically be released into tanks, and by pressing another button the large fish will automatically be brought down to the bottom floor. (206-350, 1990/10/14)

23 We have to make fish farms. To seed them, we will incubate fish eggs and raise the hatchlings for several months. Then we will place the fish in vinyl bags, punch holes in each one, and ship them by airplane to the fish farms. Once at the fish farm we can drop each bag of live fish into a tank of water. This is how in the future we can start up fish farms everywhere in the world.

In Alaska there are more than three million lakes larger than 16 acres in area. If we farm fish in these lakes, each one can sustain 200 or even 300 households. If we could farm fish in all three million lakes, it would be enough for 600 million people. Likewise, if we could create fish farms in the many lakes in Africa, we could feed 650 million people. In this way we would be able to solve humanity's food shortage. (271-039, 1995/08/15)

24 We cannot solve the food shortage problem by just using the land. We must develop the ocean, too. When God created the world, He created all types of fish fit for the water and temperature of each region and for each of the four seasons. We have to farm fish in consideration of all these factors.

This will not be possible as long as people act only out of self-interest. They can do all of this only if they act for God's Will and the public good. (392-314, 2002/09/25)

25 I went to Alaska and studied the king salmon. The king salmon is one of the five species of the salmon family. I personally consider the king salmon to be the number one of all fish. This salmon dies soon after it lays its eggs. I think God created it this way for its posterity, but now the time has come when we can use artificial means to enable the mother salmon to live, without having to sacrifice itself as food for its spawn.

If the salmon goes out to the ocean, makes it back to its birthplace, lays its eggs, and can be preserved alive, it will be the simplest and best way to produce food for human beings. If you went to a fish farm that cultivated such salmon, you would not have any problem finding something to eat for lunch. You would experience a lunch more delicious than anything you had ever tasted. Tuna sashimi is nothing compared to this. That is how delicious king salmon is.

These days the pollution problem is becoming severe. If everyone has to use fire to cook food in order to eat it, eventually the pollution from all that burning will create a serious problem. So, we need to guide people to eat as much raw fish as possible. This will become a pressing issue in the future.

The destruction of the ozone layer at the South Pole is also becoming a serious problem. Seeing all these problems arising, we come to the conclusion that fish are the best way to solve humanity's food shortage problem. Fish come from eggs, and eggs are in virtually unlimited supply. (233-050, 1992/07/20)

26 During my decades in the seafood business, I have been concerned with addressing the problem of humanity's food shortage. As a result of this concern, I developed fish powder which is a high-protein food, full of nutrients that cannot be found in any animal meat. I made it in the form of a powder that is easy to store and transport. Ninety-eight percent of the end product is protein. The developed nations are supposed to find solutions to the food shortage problem. What they have not been able to do, I am doing. (296-228, 1998/11/10)

27 Canada, Russia, America, Japan and Germany are all interested in the oceanic enterprises that we are now undertaking. When fish are caught, a substantial part of the catch is not consumed. It is discarded, even though it is edible and nutritious. We began collecting this part of the catch and processing it into a nutritional supplement that we hoped we could send for use in developing nations. Word got around, and now people from those nations have taken a great interest in what the Unifi-cationists are doing. (295-111, 1998/08/18)

28 Famine is one of the most serious problems we face in the world today. Hence, it is urgent for us to secure food. The solution cannot even be found in the United States, only in $outh America. Here in South America, all you need is a hectare of land somewhere and you can plant crops. If you clear a hectare of land and plant crops on it, no one says anything. If you travel along the borders between countries, you will find a lot of empty, idle land. If you cultivate that land, you will not starve. But after that comes an environmental issue. That is why I encourage fish farming. We just cannot get enough quality protein from the food on land. For this reason, I am strongly promoting fish farming, and eating fish rather than meat. (281-092, 1997/01/02)

29 People in the third world understand that I am going through hardships in order to save them. They know that for this purpose I made a farm in Jardim, and also that I am preparing to build a fish powder factory there. People living in difficult circumstances in the third world are on my side. What if the fish powder that we supply them saves the lives of the many refugees around the world and manages to solve the food shortage problem? When that happens, I am sure tfiat a large portion of humanity will work together with us.

Then True Parents' legacy will remain forever, even if the earth sinks under the sea and the heavens collapse. By so doing, I want the descendants of today's Unification Church members to be able to praise and glorify God with confidence. They will see the people of the world making pilgrimages to Jardim and appreciating it as the foundation of the great achievements we have made and particularly of our efforts to save humanity by fish farming. (277-143, 1996/04/07)

30 The time has arrived when we can go to the oceans near the South Pole, catch krill, and utilize it to solve the world's food shortage. This will make a real impact on humanity. That is why two-thirds of the people of the world are keeping an eye on our oceanic enterprises. With the teachings of the Unification Church and the ocean providence, our church members are making comprehensive preparations to solve the world's food shortage. With this, the entire world can find hope. We are past the daybreak; now the time has come when the sun of hope is rising and no one can stop it. (339-110, 2000/12/07)

31 There is an unlimited number of krill in the oceans near the South Pole. There is more than enough krill to feed all humanity, but much of it just dies without being utilized for this purpose. Our challenge is to find a way to catch the krill, quickly grind it into powder, and set up a distribution and marketing system in 185 nations to make it sell it at cost. I am making a plan to do just that.

There is no better product for the national messiahs, who are the Abel leaders of their nations, to help their nations. Krill has all the necessary ingredients for feeding and saving their people. That is why I am directing them to create a system to distribute this product. Our purpose is not to make a profit; all we need is to cover our costs. So, the pending issue is how we can create an efficient marketing system in each nation to fulfill this objective. (288-179, 1997/11/27)

32 We have to grind the krill we catch into powder. Ordinarily it is difficult to do this, and hence krill is only sold as an expensive health product. However, we will mass produce krill powder and deliver it at a minimal cost. The only reason we are doing this is to serve humanity. If all four of our ships catch krill and are operating at optimum capacity, we can make a great impact on the problem of world hunger. We can produce enough fish powder to help half the world's starving people.

People in the third world and in developing nations already know I am doing these things for them. I have already invested a huge amount of money into research and development. We have now concluded all our experiments. To manufacture fish powder, we assembled a main factory in Uruguay and additional auxiliary facilities.

Our missions in 185 nations will cooperate with each national government, and with the help of the state s power the way will open to distribute and sell the krill powder. Because our purpose is to help the people of the world who are suffering from malnutrition, governments will support us. Once we can import the fish powder through our movements networks, we will create a market to sell it in cooperation with the government of each nation. (291-121, 1998/03/05)

33 I feel hope when I talk about fish powder. In order to create fish powder, I purchased four 7,000-ton ships and plan to deploy them to catch krill at the South Pole. This is my solution to the global food shortage. We have to do this quickly. The world is now watching what I am doing. In one year, they will all be able to catch up with us. Then we will have healthy competition. The well-endowed aid organizations will come with their global networks. That is why we must move quickly. Among the national messiahs in 185 nations, I will assemble teams of four and appoint one person as the team leader. I must begin seriously to educate and train them for this task. (289-126, 1997/12/30)

34 We need to study how to use krill in making fish bait. Selling bait is a serious business, a global business. The fish powder we are making with krill contains many nutrients. It is extremely good for human beings. It is also excellent for making fish bait. We are researching this step by step, experimenting with more than 20 different processes for its manufacture.

We can also make fish bait using fish that are about to die, at which point they start to smell. They generate an odor that attracts certain kinds of fish. The thousands of different types of fish in the world each have their own favorite bait. We can grind it into powder and make as much fish bait as we want. We can make dozens of different types.

Pacu, a fish native to South America, eat different things depending on the region where they live. In the Salobra River the pacu would i^ot bite my crabs, but they would bite the fruit of the rubber tree. However, when I fished near the Americano Hotel in the Pantanal, the pacu would not bite the fruit of the rubber tree. Fish eat different foods depending on the region. So we should make dozens of different types of bait using high protein krill. (313-173, 1999/11/29)

35 We have entered an era when people will be able to make as much bait for salt-water fish as they want by mixing various vitamins and ingredients from different types of fish. Some people prefer to dine on fish that ate a certain kind of food. So we have to make bait from a mix of fish powder according to their preference.

International Oceanic Enterprises (IOE) has broken the record in making fish powder. The krill at the South Pole are small. I already developed a process that enables us to extract the nutrients and transform it into food. Until now, krill was not made into food because governments did not support it. Hence, 500 million tons of Jcrill were perishing each year at the South Pole. Right now our facilities catch about 100 million tons, but still 400 million tons of krill are wasted each year. If we could only harvest all of it, we could feed as many people as we want. There is no greater resource on earth than this. It contains lots of nutrients that are extremely good for health. Krill is the reason many penguins, sea lions and seals live near the South Pole. Human beings can survive for a week eating it, even just having a small portion for one meal per day. (554-283, 2007/02/07)

36 The foundation I have created through my ocean business is such that you can go anywhere—to the South Pole or to the North Pole. We are currently catching krill in the oceans near the South Pole. Developed nations tried to make it into food, but failed. However, with the support of our own research and continuing efforts, we succeeded. Hence, the krill operation that IOE has at the South Pole is at the cutting edge of the marine industry. We have reached the top of the world.

We began with two 7,000-ton ships; now we have five. When we increase this in the future to 20 ships, we can go beyond competing with other nations and start supplying enough protein to solve the malnutrition problem of all people. (337-024, 2000/10/17)

37 It seems like only yesterday that we did not have even a single boat. We worked so hard to acquire that first boat. Our fishing enterprise that began in Gloucester near Boston has now expanded beyond Alaska and South America to arrive at the South Pole. Under God's protection we pioneered the ocean, and despite opposition we have now reached the point where the world cannot ignore us. For this I am grateful to God.

We are not in the fishing business to make money. We did it to develop the ocean industry. We built five ships and caught krill that otherwise would have died for nothing, and now we stand on the cutting edge of solving the world's food shortage problem. Thereby, we have now gained the attention of companies and nations that also have been developing the world's marine industries. The fact that I built such a foundation beginning from Gloucester in the vicinity of Boston can only have been with God's support, as He followed me around wherever I went. (344-034, 2001/03/01)

Section 5. Developing Leadership

Ocean-based training

True Parents identified the ocean as the next base for human habitation that people will have to develop in the future. Accordingly, True Father offered his devotion for this purpose. He held special workshops for the purpose of raising ocean leaders and organized fishing tournaments with the hope that these leaders would contribute to the creation of a world of peace. His purpose in offering people the opportunity of ocean training was to help them cultivate their faith, boost their courage, connect with nature through deep meditation, and acquire the skills needed to develop ocean-related enterprises.

True Parents especially invested in women from Japan, the providential nation in the mother position. These Japanese women were trained to become ocean leaders in preparation for the era of the Pacific civilization. In November 2004 True Father began leading 40-day workshops in the Yeosu and Suncheon areas at Cheonghae (Blue Sea) Garden in order to train ocean leaders. There have been 68 workshops to date. Japanese women living in Korea and Japan, and those who have been active as missionaries, participated in these workshops.

1 There are truly many things to study in the ocean. We can find more things of mystery hidden in that world than in the world we can see. We live in a time when it is possible to search out almost everything on the land. People can investigate the plants, trees and animals everywhere, even those on the summit of Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the Himalayas. However, this is not the case with the ocean.

There are places in the ocean deeper than Mt. Everest is high. The ocean depths may well hide the most precious things of this world long after everything else has decayed into oblivion. Mt. Everest and the entire Himalayas could fit under the sea, in which there are some places more than 11,000 meters deep. The ocean is the womb of life, similar to the amniotic fluid in which a human being lives as it floats in its mother's womb. Life emerged from the ocean. God created the ocean as a storehouse of secrets. The fact that we can now delve into that world is an amazing thing. (511-112, 2005/10/11)

2 You need to train yourselves to adapt to the ocean. This is training for the future. After you are trained, you must train and teach others. It does not make sense that people in developing regions go hungry because of food shortages. Wherever there is wa4r, there are fish and other animals. Wherever there is water, humans can grow vegetables and farm crops for food. Don't all the animals sustain their lives based on the food chain, which includes all the animals and fish? As lords of creation, human beings should be able to survive, even creating habitats where there are water, plants, land animals and fish. Yet some people lack education about the best methods for utilizing their resources to sustain livelihoods under challenging conditions. This is why some even face starvation.

You Unificationists must fulfill your responsibility to lead them and care for these people. You should go to the developing nations and become instructors and teachers at kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities. You should improve standards by teaching them the most modern agricultural methods. This is how you can save people who would otherwise starve to death. They first need to know how to fish effectively; this is why I sent four boats each to 160 nations. You are thinking, "What's the use of doing that?" because your hearts and minds are not enlightened. But I am telling you we must do it. (444-191, 2004/04/04)

3 When I fish, I enter the deepest state of meditation in my life of faith. When I go out on the river in the early morning and fish under the stars, it is hard to see whether the fish are biting because it is still so dark. But by sensitively holding the fishing line or the fishing rod, I can tell when a fish takes the bait. I learned how to distinguish whether a fish actually takes the bait or simply nibbles it. This is why I am able to catch fish even in the dark. I can rely on my sense of touch to feel when a fish is nibbling on the bait. This is why I can fish freely at night, without any light around me.

When I fish even in a heavy downpour, some people think I am a bit crazy, but they do not know what a great feeling I experience fishing like that. Sitting there covering myself with a small raincoat to stay dry, my mind is focused only on fishing, and I cannot stop thinking about it. Even when I eat, my mind is on fishing. You need this kind of mind-set in your life of faith. (391-129, 2002/08/20)

4 During the summer in Alaska there is no night. Here the sun sets and it becomes dark, but in Alaska even after 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. or much later you can still see everything. That is why I could fish as much as I wanted. In Alaskan summers you do not have to sleep. Since I continue living this kind of life, some people may think I go out to the ocean because I like it. Sometimes I feel, "What is there to like about the ocean?" Yet still I go, and everyone should be like me.

I may not go out to sea now as much as I used to, but before I die I must pass this spirit on to others. If I die without passing it on, everything will come to a halt. If I pass it on to someone, will he or she continue it? I am doing this for the Will. I am busy because I know I do not have a lot of time left to do this. I have to bring people here and train them. I have to educate them. Should I have just the men participate and let the women take a pass? All the women should do this as well. (294-177, 1998/06/14)

5 During the world leadership workshop I led in Kodiak in 1992, participants woke up at 5:00 a.m. and did not go to sleep before midnight. I took them out during the day and trained them until nighttime. My training was to take them out to the ocean. The ocean represents the fallen world, and fish symbolize human beings. I trained them in rain and snow.

When I asked the staff to find out the weather forecast for the day, they wrote down the wind speed but not whether it would rain. When I asked them why they did not note the rain, they replied that there was no point, because over the years no matter how many times they wrote that rain was in the forecast, it never once affected what we did. I made a tradition of fishing regardless of the rain. My thinking was, "If it's going to rain, bring it on!"

Rain is not a problem when in a boat on the water, but heavy winds can be. Yet, to me even the wind is the same. Whenever a storm is forecast, the big boats do not go out, but our small boats still do. I say, "Let's go out!" After doing this for about a week, people get addicted to catching fish. Once they taste the feeling of it, they cannot bear not doing it. This is how appealing it is. (236-030, 1992/11/02)

6 I took people on boats out to the vast Pacific Ocean and trained them by having them do longline fishing. Sometimes we went so far out that it took from morning until noontime going at full speed to arrive at our fishing spot. This is how I trained them and prepared them for leadership. We caught sharks, swordfish, Japanese Spanish mackerel, tuna and many other kinds. We caught everything there was to catch.

What did we use for bait? I studied particular types of bait. With the right bait you can catch fish anywhere in the ocean. The waters off Cape Town, South Africa, have the strongest waves in the world. I am also sending people and boats there in order to train them. I am thinking of recording all these experiences and knowledge we have gained. These records will be an asset to bequeath to future generations down through history, a textbook of the tradition for our ocean enterprises. (423-320, 2003/11/02)

7 The era of the Pacific civilization has arrived. This realm must bind together Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and even Japan.

During World War II many Japanese soldiers died on islands in the South Pacific. Among those who survived, there were many who took wives and had children there. Should the nation of Japan simply abandon those people? Or should it reach out to them and save them? Since Japan is not doing it, someone from the Unification Church should go there and help them.

Should I send JapaAese Unification-ists or Unificationists from other nations? It should be Japanese Unificationists. Understanding this, I mobilized Japanese members and directed them to educate and help those people as a mother would. I selected bright women from Japan and trained them at sea. How great it will be to see these Japanese women become brave warriors of the sea who work to save their nations sons and daughters!

It is God's love to have Japanese people save their own descendants. God desires that we love our enemies. I mobilized Japanese women to teach them to do just that. I mobilized them and told them to find a way to live independently, to make their own living by becoming schoolteachers and experts at catching fish from boats. (337-144, 2000/10/25)

8 I am mobilizing young Japanese women to Hawaii to begin a movement to create an alliance among the 62 island nations of the world. I am building boats and training them to use them. These Japanese women should go through this boat training and be fully ready to go to the island nations and minister to the president and parliament members there. Representing Mother, these women have the responsibility to educate the president and high-ranking people in their mission nations. This is why I am mobilizing many Japanese women to be sent. (362-120, 2001/12/09)

9 Koreans are adventurous by nature. This is why they are at the cutting edge of the world, pioneering ocean enterprises in places like Cape Town at the southern tip of Africa. I am their representative.

I brought you Japanese women to Yeosu and Suncheon for a serious training program because I want you to love the nations of the oceanic realm. Why have I called Japanese women to take part in this training? It is because it is the fastest way to liberate the Eve nation. You should never forget this. This is why I have taken steps to call Japanese woman members who had gone to America or to world missions to come to Yeosu for this training.

This is not just for Japanese women who came to Korea for their Blessing. All sisters who have been active in the Unification Church in Japan must come to the seas of Yeosu and Suncheon and learn how to love the waters, fields and mountains of Korea. You need to love this land more than the Koreans do.

By offering such devotion, you can connect the future realm of liberation of the Japanese people to Korea. By linking this realm to Korea, you will transform the world of night into the world of day. I also had this mission; this is why I had to love Japan throughout my entire life. Just as the sun shines on the earth, the nation of Japan must shine its light not only on the world of day but also on the world of night. (493-289, 2005/04/26)

10 The life of a sailor's wife is full of hardships. Any Japanese woman who completes her mission as a sailors wife will become an ancestor of the world of mothers. She is giving life to civilization, which developed from the ocean. With this spirit and heart, immediately after I returned to Korea from America, I mobilized Japanese woman members here to train you. When I go to America I will also mobilize the Japanese women there to come and join this workshop. This is global-level training. I will bring all the Japanese women who went abroad as foreign missionaries as well.

Nevertheless, if Japanese members who came to Korea to be married only stay at home and do not come to these workshops, how can they lift their face before other Japanese members who work so hard for the world? It will be so embarrassing for them. I do not want that to happen to you, which is why I am encouraging all Japanese woman in Korea to come to this workshop, especially those who were blessed with Korean men. Actually, you need to have the heart of loving the ocean and the natural environment of Yeosu and Suncheon to the extent that you shed tears of joy and gratitude for the experiences you get in this training. (493-338, 2005/04/27)

11 I am very busy because I have to quickly save the nations of the oceanic realm. I gave a direction to the Japanese women that they should hold 40-day, 72-day and 120-day workshops at the same time. We have to finish this quickly.

Two-thirds of a human body consists of water. Therefore, we have to love the water as our own body. The person who loves water becomes the owner. Water is so important; it moves in the air and is the source of life. I am telling the people who passed the test at the end of the 40-day workshop in Yeosu to attend a 72-day workshop. Then they should continue on and attend the 120-day workshop. By the time they complete the 120-day workshop, they will have an overall knowledge about boats. Whatever they do and wherever they go, since they will have knowledge and good common sense about how to live on the ocean, they will have what it takes to make a living on the sea. This is why they have to learn all this. They must not remain ignorant. (531-159, 2006/07/03)

12 The Korean husbands' Japanese wives who are in training should become the mothers of the ocean world. If I give the direction, they should be ready to pack up and move out on the same day. Who trained them in this way? Since they are married to Koreans, they should now think they are Korean women. This means they should love Korea as their own nation. Thus, from now on they should go out to their neighborhoods and serve them with the spirit of a general, even mobilizing Korean men to help. Thereby, they should be able to create the peace kingdom police force and the peace kingdom corps. (522-207, 2006/03/29)

Fishing tournaments

From October 17-20, 2001, True Parents hosted the first Sports Fishing World Champion Cup tournament in Nagasaki, Japan, with participants representing 27 nations. This tournament was held for the purpose of promoting friendship among fishermen and fish-erwomen of the world tnd contributing to the realization of world peace.

On October 19, in the middle of the tournament, True Parents inaugurated the Sports Fishing Federation for World Peace. This tournament has been held annually ever since in different parts of the world, including Yeosu, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; the Gold Coast, Australia; and Marbella, Spain.

13 In the future I will host a fishing tournament in the style of the Olympic Games. There are 400 million people in the world who fish. You can fish from the time you are five years old until you grow old and die. You are never too old to fish. Many people fish as a hobby or for pleasure. There is nothing more enjoyable. This is why I am going to create an Olympic-style fishing tournament.

We have a global newspaper and the UPI news agency. It is now time to promote this fishing tournament through our network. The time has arrived when we can do this. We can make our fishing tournament a global event via satellite links to local venues in the same way as we do with our marriage Blessing events. If our leaders can set up and coordinate fishing venues for people living in villages at the far ends of the world, they too can participate in the fishing tournament. In this way people from all over the world can compete, just as in the Olympics. (350-291, 2001/08/18)

14 We are holding this fishing tournament to commemorate the 40th anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding, with 120 participants representing the three nations of Korea, Japan and the United States.

Since you participants represent your own nations, this might create barriers of national pride during the tournament. However, you must unite. In fact, you need to build such a spirit of unity here that you will unite even more tightly after the competition is over. Before you came, you Japanese, Koreans and Americans were historically enemies to one another. Here, during this fishing tournament, you must break down such barriers.

This tournament should be held not only in America but in any of the 185 nations in the world where we have a foundation. We should hold this tournament four times in the same location each year, covering the four seasons, because the fishing will be different in each season. (331-128, 2000/08/31)

15 I am sponsoring the Fishing World Cup, which begins today, October 21, 2003, here in Yeosu, for the sake of the Peace UN and the peace kingdom. I am organizing it for the purpose of creating the peace kingdom and Peace UN, both of which heaven and earth desire, and to create a liberated world.

Many years ago, there was a violent uprising in the Yeosu-Suncheon area. Now, a new kind of explosion that can save this nation must be triggered from this area. It is for this purpose that I initiated this fishing tournament here. Therefore, I would like the local citizens to cooperate with me in this spirit.

God desires the Peace UN and the peace kingdom. This is why I am doing so many things, including holding this fishing tournament. I am telling you that something powerful, like dynamite, is happening here; it will touch every participant and even induce the people of the world to support this event. God desires to see this happen, and it will be a great blessing for the Republic of Korea. This is why I came here. I am establishing a new tradition for the sake of the Peace UN and the peace kingdom, a tradition that does not exist in this world. The 2003 Yeosu Fishing World Cup has such significance. It can trigger a great heavenly explosion that will have more impact than the Yeosu-Suncheon incident. (422-075, 2003/10/21)

16 Africa has so much water, so many fish and so many animals. Everywhere you go there are rivers. If you can catch even one big fish, it can sustain you for an entire week.

Also, people can make a living as hunting guides, taking people on safaris. This is why I created the Sightseeing and Hunting Federation for World Peace and the Sightseeing and Fishing Federation for World Peace.

All you need is water and land. You can farm on the land. Yet white people did not effectively teach the local people in Africa what they knew about agriculture. They generally exploited them and did not teach them anything, and such people were driven away in the end. But it is different with our missionaries. Everyone welcomes them, because our missionaries live for the sake of the people. They can do that because I trained them how to farm. This is why I created a farm and fishing facility in Texas. (254-305, 1994/02/16)

Section 6. Shipbuilding

The One Hope and Cheon Jeong Ho

True Parents became interested in boat manufacturing while contemplating the development of the oceans. True Parents launched their first boat, Cheon Seung Ho (Heaven's Victory) on June 26, 1963, and went on to build an un-sinkable vessel, the Good Go boat. This boat is a highly-regarded fishing boat, officially recognized for its exceptional performance. True Parents developed a new boat-building technique using plaster molds, which reduced construction time. In Mokpo, Korea, they established Master Marine and had it use this boat-building technique. On February 17, 2011, True Parents presided over the launching ceremony for a new boat, the Cheon Jeong Ho, in Yeosu. This boat was the first to be built using fiberglass and the plaster-mold technology. True Parents have great expectations that this new shipbuilding technique will contribute substantially to the de-' velopment of the marine industry in Korea.

1 The Good Go boat, the One Hope, symbolizes our highest hope for the ocean. Other boats are 30 to 50 feet in length and are big and luxurious. People feel very proud of them. Our Good Go boats are small but fast. They swoosh by quickly; pdfcrple do not pay them much attention because they are small. They just comment, "Those boats are dangerous. Those people are going to get themselves killed." But that's not going to happen. People do not realize that our boats are unsinkable. (270-064, 1995/05/04)

2 People around the world have discovered that they cannot develop the fishing industry without me. I have created a new type of net and boat. Our One Hope fleet is quite famous. Our Good Go boats are reputed to be adept at riding the waves. No other small fishing boat in the world surpasses ours. I spent nine years designing and building this boat. It does not sink. Land dwellers fear the ocean more than a roaring lion because they feel as if the waves are coming to get them. They focus on the bottom of the boat as important, thinking you will wind up drowning if your boat has a hole in the floor. The boat I designed overcomes that liability because it is unsinkable. Common sense teaches us that we should swim away from a boat when it is about to sink, but this boat stays afloat, so if you hold on to it, you will survive. (206-346, 1990/10/14)

3 I have an international reputation second to none in matters to do with the ocean. When we constructed the Good Go boats for the US Navy, seven military personnel came and conducted a week-long inquiry. They discovered that these boats had a global reputation. They needed to obtain our approval to build such boats. This demonstrates that we have reached a position of supremacy that is recognized even by the United States. Our shipbuilding company in Korea is winning contracts in Europe to build boats 320-plus meters long. We have reached the top of the world. (609-292, 2009/04/09)

4 The South Korean government once prohibited the manufacture of speedboats and other vessels that use fiberglass because of its relationship with certain nations, especially North Korea. Now is the time to lift this ban for the sake of North-South unification. Therefore, now we can build speedboats. We are entering an age in which we can produce and market high-speed boats such as the Good-Go. This is the first time this type of boat has been built in Korea. The international market for these boats is quite promising. If we make these boats in Korea, our reach will extend through North Korea to China, Russia and even Japan. We can build this boat at low cost, so I think we can enter the Japanese market. I believe we can be the sole producer of boats of this size in Asia. (262-264, 1994/08/01)

5 It is even possible to cross the ocean in our incredible Good Go boats. Countless young people will venture out on these boats once they realize they do not sink. When we think about the vast ocean, the most dreadful thing that comes to mind is being on a small boat. People absolutely fear going out on small boats. However, our boats do not sink. That is why fishermen use them for catching tuna out of Gloucester, near Boston. I am a champion in that world. (538-325, 2006/09/18)

6 The Good Go boat is a unique boat. When the winds blow and the waves are high, this boat can penetrate and move through the waves. You can even cross the Pacific Ocean with this boat. You should be careful not to underestimate this boat just because it is small. This boat does not sink. No matter how fast it is going, if you make a turn, it will immediately turn. No matter how many times they do it, the people of the world do not understand how that works, but I do. If you build a boat with fiberglass, it should last for over 100 years. If you regularly bring it to the shop, clean it up, replace the worn-out parts and repaint it, it will last a long time. (544-097, 2006/11/08)

7 I have been riding on boats for decades. I have sat on boats day after day and observed how they sail. While looking at how the front of the boat rises and falls in the waves, I can estimate its standard level of buoyancy. You should not utilize the buoyancy to go too fast, nor keep the boat too low in the water. If the buoyancy is set too low, you will be submerged, but if it is set too high, you will capsize. If you fail to adjust this properly, you will have a problem when you try to negotiate a turn. A large ship must turn slowly, not quickly. When you make a turn you should first know what the tides and waves are and what happens to them when the wind blows. If you misjudge them, then even when you try to turn slowly, a small force can cause the boat to abruptly spin around. It's not enough to know how to turn it to one direction; you must be able to turn in all four directions.

In the center of the bottom of the boat is the keel, which determines how the boat engages with the water. I know how it is structured. That is why I know what to do with the keel, both to decrease the speed of the boat and to turn it around. We built a boat called the Good Go and this boat is fast. All shipbuilders now build their boats in the way we do, but I was the first one to make these unsinkable boats. (551-212, 2007/01/07)

8 If you are going fishing, there is no better boat than the Good Go. People who tried fishing in this boat know that it is fast and nimble. It is easy to follow the fish with this boat. You do not know how fast fish can swim. Even if they are fast, this boat never fails to keep up with them. That is why anybody who fishes in this boat falls in love with it. I am planning to take care of your eventual livelihood by having you sell these boats, but no one seems interested. To this day I have not heard a single person in Korea declare that he will build this boat. (340-060, 2000/12/23)

9 If we placed on display everything I have done so far, it would make an extraordinary exhibit. I am making big ships in Mokpo. We are building all kinds of ships, including transport ships and trawlers. We are making ferry boats and cruise ships that are being used by the Korean government. We also build oil tankers. If we have the blueprint, we can construct the ship. The boats we make in Korea are of good quality, and their performance is good because we build them with our best effort. In Korea, cruise ships and tankers weighing tens of thousands of tons are being built, but the utility value of these boats will diminish in the future. These boats can transport a lot of cargo, but there are not that many ports where they can dock. This will hinder the distribution system considerably. At that point, small boats will take over the industry. I prepared everything, knowing that such a time is coming. There is hope from now because our company in Korea is prepared for all this. (262-262, 1994/08/01)

10 A boat made using the plaster-mold technology will not sink. It will always float, even in the most turbulent conditions. When a ten-meter-high wave approaches, even if the boat mounts the wave and then capsizes, it will not sink. Unless you buy and use these boats, there will be no way for you to survive a tsunami. (2011/03/31)

11 The boat we build does not sink. It is light in weight. Even if this boat hits a rock, it will not break or sink. So, the cost will not be an issue for buyers. People often hesitate or refuse to buy a boat out of fear of drowning with their children and loved ones. Of course, everyone prefers a nice, safe boat on which to enjoy a day out. If there were such a boat, they would buy it even if it cost them everything they had. With this boat, one is safe on the ocean. Even if a tsunami appears, with waves like mountains reaching up more than ten meters, the crew is safe because this boat can ride out those waves. Our boats are faster than automobiles. This boat can travel more than 80 miles per hour. When its speed exceeds 80, reaching even a 100 miles per hour, it will fly over the water like an airplane. The boat is actually flying at 85 miles per hour. If you maneuver the boat to go upward at that speed, it will glide on the water. It will glide into the sky. Even if it is hit by lightning, it will not be damaged. (2011/04/01)

12 We should place a worldwide ban on making boat molds using wood or other inappropriate materials. Boat molds must be made using plaster. The source material of plaster is crushed rocks, and there is an unlimited supply of this raw material. No matter how you calculate the material cost, you make a profit. If you ride on a boat I have made from a plaster mold, how proud you will be 100 years from now. There is extraordinary value in this method.

It takes a long time to build a boat using one mold. If you use the plaster mold, you can build one boat in 12 days. After making molds, the unlimited supply of material will be enough to build tens of thousands of boats in 120 nations. The supply of raw material is truly unlimited because calcium compounds, like sand, can be found anywhere in the earth. We can make boats weighing tens of thousands of tons. On such boats, we can create a environment like on land that provides a habitat for many people. If animals and plants can also thrive there, we will have no problem engineering our own Noah's Ark. (2011/01/14)

13 Life jackets are manufactured in such a way that the air inside cannot leak out. When you enter the water with one of them on, you will float. Boats made from a plaster mold float because air compressed several hundreds of times is injected in between the steel plates. No matter how heavy it is, it will float. It is as simple as that. In the beginning, people said that the plaster mold would not work, but we put everything on the line and built the Cheon Jeong Ho. (2011/02/26)

Top Ocean

True Parents built a ship called Top Ocean and began an enterprise to catch krill across the entire Antarctic region. The purpose was to manufacture fish powder, thereby addressing the problem of the global food shortage. Top Ocean also caught other kinds of fish, and this paved the way for an Antarctic fishery.

14 I built a ship and named it Top Ocean in order to develop the South Pole. This ship will soon set sail. In addition to this ship, I built two more similar, latest model ships. Right now, the United States cannot run fishing operations in the Antarctic because the crews have to stay there for eight months to a year. Young people will not take on such a schedule because of possible family issues. That is why the US government is fully supporting our efforts to send our big ships to the South Pole. Besides fishing, our people are exploring for the government and providing it with information about the South Pole. (326-279, 2000/07/15)

15 The ship called Top Ocean is sailing the Antarctic to catch krill. Krill is high in protein and can nourish all the things of creation. It can serve as feed for all types of animals and their offspring. Ultimately, it should be food for human beings. We must supply this nourishment to all things of creation. As we continue this harvest through the ocean, we will end the global food shortage. (324-114, 2000/06/17)

16 The ships that are operating in the Antarctic right now are 7,000-ton class ships. We have acquired a number of these ships from Russia and have put half of them into operation. They are operating in the coldest places on earth, where the winds are the strongest and the seas are full of icebergs. Fish there live under the ice. The fish survive in the water beneath the ice. Everything generally is visible out at sea, but here the ice casts shadows that conceal the fish. Therefore, fish gather in schools under large icebergs and krill follow them there. It is quite an adventure because you have to scrape along and catch them in this environment. These ships have very large fish holds. I have been buying boats with standard features and have enlarged the fish holds to five times their usual size. Other people catch, at most, about 80 tons a day, but we catch four times that amount, up to 320 tons of fish per day. (334-070, 2000/09/28)

17 On the open seas, you can catch large fish, such as sailfish. You can understand the situation at the poles once you go on a South Pole expedition on our Top Ocean. You will discover what fish are caught at the North Pole and South Pole. The depth of the Antarctic Ocean is what makes it dangerous. Moreover, you are battling icebergs. The fish do not remain still. If there is an iceberg, fish go to hide beneath it, so they follow them. On the open seas, they are easy prey for larger fish, so they stay under the icebergs. Krill also stay at the bottom of the iceberg, which is their safe habitat together with the smaller fish. You have to cast your net below the iceberg. That is why it is dangerous. This ship sails amid icebergs in its quest to catch fish and krill. (368-327, 2002/02/01)

Section 7. Las Vegas and Hoover Dam

A city of peace

True Parents believe that transforming Las Vegas from a city of gambling and self-indulgence into a city of goodness in both image and substance would contribute to the restoration of the world. They toured the region from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, and set conditions in order to restore and offer the area to heaven. Although the city of Las Vegas is a famous symbol of sin, True Parents invested in this city. They did so in order to transform it into a stronghold for a healthy, God-centered hobby industry, an important location from which to restore the United States and the world.

1 You do not need to wear a watch in Las Vegas because the city is always lit up and active, 24 hours a day. If you go to Las Vegas, you are certain to lose 80 percent of your money. It is in the proximity of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Los Angeles. Las Vegas has become a kingdom of promiscuity, so how can we create the kingdom of heaven if we leave this place as it is? The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and Los Angeles shape the mainstream of American culture. Satan has a hold on this place, which constitutes the underlying culture of America. We must recover this entire area. (588-071, 2008/04/12)

2 We cannot achieve a world of peace unless we prevail over the pleasure industries that cover the area from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. I have decided to embrace this city with the purpose of turning it around 180 degrees, in order to take a completely different direction. A global campaign is possible because God is behind it. If all of you share this conviction, you can develop all our activities here. Hobby industries relate to pleasure industries. Unless we embrace all of this we cannot create the kingdom of heaven. The issue is how humankind will liberate this world. Only the Unification Church holds the answer. We must be involved in these things. (589-055, 2008/04/28)

3 The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas are three sites that exemplify the United States' power as the leading nation of the world. In all God's creation, there is no place like the Grand Canyon. Hoover Dam, developed through human labor, was made to allow all races to come and live here. Las Vegas is a city created in the middle of the desert, adjacent to the Hoover Dam. It is like a warehouse where the proud talent of the world gathers. Los Angeles has schools for actors; it is a stronghold known for creating new culture. In the Last Days anyone who does not know about these places will not understand about the new culture and era for pioneering. From now the culture of the heavenly nation will connect to this region. (587-285, 2008/03/17)

4 Las Vegas is currently the center of popular culture, but if Hoover Dam had never been built, this area would have no water or food; it would have remained a desert. Because Hoover Dam was built, seven states are supplied with drinking water. Hoover Dam was built to last for 100 years. It was created to provide potable water and electricity. The Rocky Mountains, where we find the headwaters of the Colorado River, is a dangerous place with water flowing through deep ravines. The surrounding states have become fertile land. These cultural centers in the southwest were created based on the generous electrical output generated by Hoover Dam. People came up with the idea to bring everything together in Las Vegas. They thought, "Let's create a venue for culture, encompassing all aspects of the human environment in one location." Religion should now position itself here and exert its influence. We must revive this city. (589-068, 2008/05/02)

5 You cannot know whether the US culture is on the road to ruin or prosperity without fully understanding Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. People who will prosper can be found behind those headed toward ruin, and those headed toward ruin can be found behind those who are going to prosper. The two types are in a Cain-Abel relationship. We need to eradicate whatever is Cain-like. We should create billboards advocating absolute sexual fidelity, and should bar lascivious people who focus on wine, women and gambling. I tell you that we should promote healthy hobby industry organizations. The money flowing into this place does not come from the United States alone. Money from around the world secretly flows here from the bottom and moves up to the top. This place is influenced by evil forces that can ruin the world; we cannot leave things as they are. (589-123, 2008/05/04)

6 Las Vegas is a stronghold for forces that are ruining America. If we can grab Las Vegas by the neck and transform it into a heavenly institution, the kingdom of peace will blossom from here. A base from which the flower of providence blooms will emerge out of the source of corruption. I have studied Las Vegas and Los Angeles for 20 years. I know completely what is bad in these places. When I get involved, I will put things in order. Once I uncovered the reality, I had to deal with it. (592-305, 2008/06/11)

The purpose of profit

An enormous amount of money flows through Las Vegas. True Parents plan to transform Las Vegas into a sound and wholesome place centered on God, and use the immense amount of economic profit generated there for the education of talented people in poor countries, and for projects focused on relieving hunger. They also invested in raising leaders who can implement these plans. True Parents purchased a building in Las Vegas as a providential base and named it Cheon Hwa Gung.

7 I know all too well how evil Los Angeles and Las Vegas are. Las Vegas is the landing pad of the kingdom of lust, and it must be defeated. To defeat it, you have to go to the casino and dominate it like a king. If you are ignorant, you will be deceived when you go into this promiscuous world. The mafia always has you on camera; they have set up an environment to prevent anyone from taking advantage of them. We have to dominate this environment and use half its profits to educate the children of the Cain-type world and the other half to convert it into a stronghold for peace that can save the 20 million people in the world who starve to death each year. This will establish a foundation to support God's Will in this land. (589-056, 2008/04/28)

8 I will have you participate in a fundraising campaign at the United Nations. You will raise funds from wealthy people. You should calculate how many rich people there are in Korea and the average value of their assets. Then you can encourage them to contribute accordingly. We will use half of that money to educate the children of the Cain-type world who are living in difficult circumstances. We will use the other half to save the 20 million people who live as refugees and are dying of starvation.

For this purpose, heaven seeks to elevate the moral and ethical standards of the gambling places and casinos of the world, including Las Vegas. We will give the owners only the interest, and use half of the profits to educate the poor of the Cain-type world. We should provide educational opportunities to highly-gifted people beyond the barriers of race and nation, so that they can perfect their innate talents in the coming age. I am interested in Las Vegas on behalf of the 20 million people worldwide who suffer from malnutrition. (590-115, 2008/05/19)

9 I cannot take responsibility for the world all by myself, but if I can gather people and train them to become leaders, together we will be able to take responsibility. Wherever I go, as long as I stand in a subject position, I can select like-minded people from the world, and embrace and guide them. I can create many methods for doing this. You still have not attained this ability, so I plan to convene a special education program for you again. Once I train people in the west, focusing on the four main cities, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, I will have them gain leadership experience in the tourism and leisure industries. I will train them while taking them to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. Once this is done, they will become influential people, second to none in the world. This is what you will become if I train you. There is nothing you will not be able to do. (609-328, 2009/04/09)

10 I bought a house in Las Vegas and named it Cheon Hwa Gung, the heavenly palace of harmony. The Chinese character hwa (ft) means "harmony." It consists of two characters, hwa (>f) meaning "rice" and gu (□) meaning "mouth." As these characters imply, we should provide meals for those who come to this palace and cannot afford to eat three meals a day. Those who want to pay money can do so; those who do not wish to pay need not do so, but they may eat before they go. (611-103, 2009/05/06)

11 The issue is how to connect the leisure industry in Las Vegas with Asia. In my travels, I stop here to think about how to connect this place with the development of Asia. I contemplate how to renew this place so it can become an attraction for the Asian tourism industry. No one thought of this. People of the world think that everything here is part of an ephemeral culture that is going to disappear, but they should not think like that. (615-238, 2009/08/24)

Chapter 3

Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community

Section 1.The Pantanaland the New Hope Farm

The Original Holy Ground

When True Parents first visited the Pantanal, they remarked that it was the place where all living things exist in their original state as was created by God. The Pantanal is in Brazil, which is also home to the Amazon River. The Pantanal is where True Parents dedicated the Original, Root and Victory Holy Ground. There they strived to establish the standard of loving nature as God originally created it. By the conditions they made there, they sought to make it a new beginning point from which to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven during the era of the realm of the perfect Fourth Adam.

Establishing New Hope Farm in Jardim and undertaking various projects there, True Parents worked toward realizing a new community. The purpose of True Parents' work in the Pantanal and Jardim was to establish a new center in the Americas for uniting North America, a Protestant realm, and South America, a Roman Catholic realm, to realize world peace.

1 The Pantanal exists in the state of nature as God originally created it. The fish, animals and plants exist in their most pristine state. I imagine it is similar to the earth as it was when Adam and Eve lived. That is why I have resolved to make the Pantanal the place where I will liberate the world from the suffering caused by the Fall of the first ancestors. There I will bring a new beginning for God and for the realization of the providential Will and the ideal of creation that has been His hope. Also, I am determined that the Pantanal will become the starting point and base for the new kingdom of heaven in heaven and on earth, which will welcome the era of the perfected Fourth Adam.

Adam and Eve probably would not have lived in a cold region. God made all of creation for the sake of Adam and Eve. I believe that He blessed them with this kind of environment so that tens of thousands of generations of their descendants would care for and nurture it for the sake of their loving family. That is why I view this place as the holy ground where God is making a new beginning. It is the original holy ground. It is the first one. It is where the Completed Testament Age can begin. It is now the starting point for families that can open the gate and enter the kingdom of heaven, in heaven and on earth. (310-277, 1999/07/27)

2 In the Pantanal we must build a zoo, an insect zoo, a botanical garden and an aquarium. It is the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground, because nature can be seen there in its original condition, in the sense that none of God's creations there were wiped out by the Flood. It is well protected and preserved, so that we can love creation in its original state. It was made entirely for the sake of love.

The conclusion is that the fish, trees, shrubs, green fields, and animals all were created for our sake. God created them all for our sake. They were created for each of us, centering on love. Therefore, when we live for the sake of this world of creation, the world of peace can be realized on earth. (414-059, 2003/07/27)

3 Heavenly Father, the True Parents and the Unification Family stand at the forefront of the path that we must go. The era has arrived when we can bring Satan to submission and we can command him as the archangel. In order to take this first step, I have set up the Pantanal as the base of the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground. May You enable us, the people of the world, to cherish this place, to offer our sincere devotion, and to gather all of heaven s blessings in this place, so that we may stand before You as one people, one nation and one world. We pledge that we will become true parents who will pass on these blessings to others.

Thank You for letting us have a new start as the Unification Family, representing the whole nation. May we stand in the position of Your^partners by loving and protecting this place and by treating this place as Your body and as our own bodies. O God, who is transcendent over all and immanent in all, with all authority and all power, please have dominion over us. We choose this place and offer it as the base of Your blessings, where we can enter the kingdom of heaven directly. We ask You to sanctify this place.

Through the devotion of our bloodstained hearts, may the grace of Your Blessing take deep root in this place, and cover the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven for tens of thousands of years. May You guide us to fulfill the way of filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters forever and ever through the new lineage by centering on Your love.

I sincerely pray that all the families who have received the Blessing can unite, inherit the tradition of the True Ancestors, and pass it on to their descendants for all generations to come. May they resolve to fulfill the way of filial sons and daughters. At this hour, we offer to You this place that we selected as the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground. (310-280, 1999/07/27)

4 In the future, Salobra, the Pantanal and Jardim, where I made the proclamations that united the spiritual world and the physical world, will become scenic destinations for tourists from around the world. They are places where the water and the land meet. This is where we are determining all matters related to water and land, as a basis for continuing on our path. (293-272, 1998/06/02)

5 What I discovered this time is that the enormous region of South America, especially Brazil, is not simply a rough mountainous land. It gradually rises from flat land to reach a plateau about 1,000 meters high. You have no idea how many rivers there are, because when it rains all the water flows down many slopes in all directions. If the land were mountainous only a few major rivers would be formed, but because the lands are flat there are numerous river courses. The rivers flow and join together and divide again. The temperature also differs depending on the altitude.

Just as different species of fish live in different areas of the sea depending on the temperature, the fish in all the rivers likewise search for areas which have the appropriate temperature; there they go to mate and lay their eggs. Even in regions several hundreds of kilometers away from each other, whether in the east, west or north, if the temperature is the same, you will find the same species of fish living there. Thus, there is a wide variety of fish. (267-269, 1995/01/20)

6 Fishing is the best activity for focusing your mind to offer sincere devotion, and you can keep at it 24 hours a day. That's why I have spent 25 years on boats. There was a time when I went out to sea as soon as I woke up in the morning. But now that I have established the realm of liberation of the True God, I do not go fishing as much as I did then.

I went to Kodiak and proclaimed Sa Sa Jeol, 4-4 Day. Ever since then, I no longer fish as before. Now I only love the fish; I do not worry about catching them. It is the responsibility of True Parents and Unification Church members to love fish first, and then love all the rest of creation, and to prevent species from becoming extinct.

Here in the Pantanal and the Amazon Basin we find created beings all in their original state. All the things that God had created exist here untouched. If we leave them unprotected, they will all become extinct. People who do not understand this come fishing here with nets although they are told not to; they do all sorts of things that must be restricted. Someone must love and protect this place. In order to prevent the extinction of creatures in this region, I am offering fish from the ocean as a sacrifice in their place. Just as we needed to make sacrificial offerings in order to liberate God, we need to offer sacrifices to protect all things of creation. (298-019, 1998/12/31)

7 During God's history of bitter sorrow, He brought the Flood Judgment. The Flood of Noahs time touched everything but the world of fish. Did the fish die during the Flood? When the flood waters reached the tops of the mountains, fish that had been living in the mountain brooks were suddenly able to eat everything in the world as their food and take in its nutrition. In fact, the Flood Judgment was a time of total freedom for fish.

Human beings initially come from water—their mother's womb. Because God created us with that kind of beginning, I came here to the Pantanal, the wetlands of South America. South America contains created beings in their original state as God created them, left almost untouched. In other parts of the world many species have become extinct, but most of the species in the Pantanal and the Amazon Basin still exist. (296-020, 1998/10/10)

8 The law of nature demonstrates that the good digests the bad. Hence, only those who live with the authority of something eternal can be eternal victors in life. That authority comes from true love. This means that we must appreciate the low valleys as well as the high peaks. Do I like only high peaks and dislike low valleys? No, I don't. That is why I have come to the Pantanal.

This place of lowland waters exhibits everything that is hidden in the world's watery depths. It is interesting to watch them. I can see all kinds of things here that I could not see in the northern hemisphere. It is such a delight. In all the years I went to the ocean to catch fish, I never saw a fish that could sing. But here, all the fish can sing. After catching fish here and closely observing the fish, I was able to hear their songs, that are so different and so diverse. You have no idea how magical it is to listen to the fish sing. They sound even more beautiful than an orchestra of human beings. (296-115, 1998/11/03)

9 Perdido, which is located in the vicinity of Jardim, has the most ideal land for farming, planting orchards, and planting forests. It is the best land in Brazil and the best land that I know of in all of South America. Brazil and Paraguay in South America are mainly fiatlands, but this place has mountains as well. Its natural features are exactly like Korea's. It has mountains and crystal-clear waters, rivers that empty into clear lakes. It is quite difficult to see a clear river in South America, but here there are clear rivers and waterfalls, which you can even swim in. The land that we have purchased has 22 waterfalls, some of which are famous. One of these is called Iguazu, which it is unequalled as a tourist site. That place also has many fish, including dorado and a wide variety of other fish. When you fish there, they tend to take your bait well. Even when you are not fishing, if you put something to eat in the water they come rushing to eat it. Young children who visit there go wild; they want to live there. People in that area wonder, "Why is Reverend Moon so interested in Jardim?" However, after coming and experiencing the heart and spirit there, they exclaim, "Wow, this is like heaven!" (279-200, 1996/08/04)

10 One thing that amazed me when I went to South America was the thousands of birds that gather together and sing in concert, "tweet, tweet, tweet." It was an incredible performance, just magnificent. I thought to myself, "So this is what a bird orchestra is!"

I believe that the best concert in the world would be one in which an insect orchestra, a bird orchestra, an animal orchestra, and a human orchestra performed together. I am sure God would be intoxicated with joy to hear the sound of all of them singing in harmony.

All the fish in South America can sing. The fish in the northern hemisphere cannot sing. In South America it is always springtime, always like summer. The flowers are always blooming, and there is always abundant food to eat. So they have nothing else to do but to sing. That is why even the fish sing all day long. But creatures in the North have to go into hibernation for four months. No wonder they cannot sing!

The zones with greenery and water make ideal places for people to live; they are ideal areas for all things of creation to live as well. We will make heaven in such a zone of greenery. If people experience joy and happiness in an environment where human beings, animals and all nature dance together to the combined sounds of a human orchestra, an animal orchestra and nature s orchestra, this will take them to the best part of the kingdom of heaven. (285-243, 1997/06/05)

New Hope Farm in Jardim

True Parents first visited Jardim on December 8,1994. At that time, they went fishing in the Pantanal, and decided to build New Hope Farm and establish Jardim as the base from which God's nation would be realized.

The reason True Parents built New Hope Farm in Jardim is because the ecology there was untouched and protected. They saw it as the best place to establish an ideal community that would resemble the Garden of Eden that God had created in the beginning. So True Father gathered people from all over the world in Jardim and trained them to live in a community as brothers and sisters in harmony with nature. Long ago, there were prophecies that Jardim would be "the place where the Lord will come."

11 The reason we are working to unite the world here in Jardim is because we urgently need to build a substantial foundation to bring the teaching that all the nations of the world are equal into actual reality. I am doing this in Jardim because we need an environment that transcends nations. Jardim is like the original garden. By garden, I mean the Garden of Eden.

Interestingly, in the past, Catholic priests had prophesied that the Lord would come to Jardim. Hence many people said that the place where I built New Hope Farm was a blessed place. At an altitude of 900 meters, it is a good region for agriculture; it is suitable for growing both grains that do well in tropical regions and vegetables from the cooler regions. Rice farming or any kind of farming can easily be done here. (276-203, 1996/02/19)

12 Only when you love the land and all things of creation can you truly love human beings, who are the lords of the animals and all creation. Only when you love human beings can you truly love God. If this is so, where would you go to love the land, the creation and human beings? You need to go to New Hope Farm in Brazil. That place represents heaven and earth. It represents all the animals of the worlds 160 nations. You have no idea how many birds, insects, fish and trees, whose names I do not even know, exist in that region. I thought, "Ah! When they make love, it must be so beautiful."

In the morning, I wake up to the sounds of birds. There are birds arrayed in the five cardinal colors. In the United States, people say that in autumn the insects sound like an orchestra, but in South America, the orchestra is made up of birds and fish. Every species of fish can sing. Knowing this, we truly need to love this land. (269-171, 1995/04/17)

13 Just as all creatures were placed in Noahs ark, all things of the creation will be included in the region of Brazil and Paraguay that centers on New Hope Farm. There will be a museum, a zoo, a botanical garden, a fish farm near the lake, and hunting grounds in the mountains. Next, I will make a passage to the ocean. In this way, I am going to make it possible for everything in the world to exist here in this place. In the future, scholars, naturalists, botanists, agriculturalists and scientists from all over the world will gather here. I plan to set up the best industrial plants, bringing technology from all over the world. Therefore, this place will become the ideal nation of God. All ideals since the time of creation ^vill be realized here. It will become the textbook, the Garden of Eden for all humankind. (269-046, 1995/04/06)

14 I am going to make New Hope Farm into the only farm of its kind in the world. I am going to make it into a ranch that everyone will visit. Ranch owners around the world will say, "Let's go to New Hope Farm to learn." I am also thinking of building a museum that will exhibit rocks, plants and animals. To support these things in the new nation that we are building, we will need to bring families, create villages and build cities. This will become God's nation, unprecedented in history, and it will be called the kingdom of heaven on earth. (270-032, 1995/05/03)

15 I love the ocean. I love the water. Water is the source of all life. Water can embrace and digest everything. In Jardim there is the Miranda River and the Plata River; they represent the dual characteristics of yin and yang. The Plata River is clear, while the Miranda River is muddy. V\£hen the dear water of the Plata meets the muddy water of the Miranda, it immediately swirls around like a whirlpool. Although the color of the water changes due to the mud, the river has the power to clear itself over time.

That is the teaching of God and True Parents. Water has the power to make living things grow all the way to the top. It also has the strength to reach thousands of meters beneath the surface of the earth. Having this ability to relate with anything and everything is a characteristic of God's ownership. Since the Unification Church has inherited this teaching, its members must be able to carry out their mission to represent God wherever they go, similar to the nature of water. We must become the power that can embrace and digest everything. We must be able to stand proudly before all created beings, encourage them and renew them. (276-140, 1996/02/18)

16 In Jardim there are two rivers, the Miranda and the Plata. One is muddy and the other is clear. The golden mud of the Miranda represents the color gold, while the clear water of the Plata— the best water in the area—represents the color silver. Gold is the color of the land of the earth, while silver or platinum is like the brightness of the realms of light in the spirit world.

So in Jardim, where these two rivers merge, I plan to establish the Water Palace and the Fishing Palace. Two-thirds of the human body consists of water. All creation uses water. Water makes it possible for all living things to exist. This is the formula. All living things on earth can sustain their life by water. This is a land that can represent all the required conditions. So if True Parents, together with the people of the world, come to embrace these two rivers, it will symbolize embracing all things of creation in heaven and on earth. (268-285, 1995/04/03)

Section 2. Sao Paulo and Jardim Declarations

The Sao Paulo Declaration

True Parents celebrated the 36th True Parents' Day on March 31,1995, bringing to a conclusion the 40-year course that began with the establishment of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. They proclaimed the Sao Paulo Declaration as the beginning of a new 40-year course. On this foundation there followed eight declarations on subsequent occasions. These are known as the Jardim Declarations.

True Parents proclaim the Sao Paulo Declaration, based on sacrifice and true love invested in the way of restoration, through paying indemnity for the past 40 years. True Parents have brought victory step by step, from the individual level to the cosmic level, and from the servant-of-servants level to the level of God. On the 36°' True Parents Day, True Father presented the Sao Paulo Declaration, which proclaims the beginning of the Second 40-Year Course as a period in which all Unification Church members worldwide must inherit True Parents'foundation of victory and fulfill their own portions of responsibility.

On the way of God's Will, there can be no "self'In this regard, we need to achieve the state in which ego is non-existent. There must be no arrogance or individualism. True Parents' way of life has been one of loving the earth, loving all things of creation, loving all humankind and loving God single-mindedly, all for the realization of God's Will. It has been a path of pouring out true love. We need to inherit True Parents' lifestyle and make it our tradition, and by doing so accomplish the mission of tribal messiahs.

The Second 40-Year Course officially begins March 31, 1995, on the 36"' True Parents Day. This is the period of our portion of responsibility, which has to be fulfilled on the level of blessed families, specifically focusing on second generation blessed families. Blessed families have inherited True Parents' victorious vertical and horizontal foundation. Because of this, their mission extends not all the way to the restoration of heaven and earth, but only to the restoration of nations. The blessed families who have fulfilled their missions of tribal messi-ahship need to unite to restore nations. In this way, instead of needing the entire 40-year period, they can complete the restoration within four to seven years, depending on their level of faith and how much they fulfill their portions of responsibility.

At this point in time, True Parents are initiating the establishment of a model ideal town and nation in South America. This has great providential significance. The providence in South America is bringing and extending into the Cain realm the victory and blessing of the Abel realm, which was established by heaven. This providence is to join together the foundation of North America, a Protestant realm, in the position of Abel, with the foundation in South America, a Catholic realm. Next, the victory of this united Abel realm must be connected to the Jewish realm and they must become one. Then, the victory bfthis united and expanded realm of Abel must be connected to the sphere of Islam and thus further expanded into a higher unity. Finally, the victory and blessing of this greatly expanded Abel sphere must be connected to the spheres of the other religions.

This is the future direction of the providence. With North America as the center, the worldwide Unification Church needs to make special effort to support South America. We inherited True Parents' realm of victory and we need to expand it, investing our utmost effort so that the Cain realm can receive God's blessing.

1 On the foundation of the Sao Paulo Declaration I will make a great move to the front line of South America. I have already announced that I am leaving North America, and will move to South America. I have downsized the organizations and agencies in North America, shifting the economic and human resources that were invested there to South America. It is time to build an ideal nation. We need to build an ideal house, an ideal city, and an ideal nation. (268-131, 1995/03/31)

The 1st Jardim Declaration: Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience

True Parents designated the New Hope Farm Declaration, proclaimed on April 3, 1995 as the 1st Jardim Declaration. It reflects the measures they took to establish a model of the ideal society and nation. It states that emulating True Parents, we must stand on the foundation of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Today the world is confronted with the serious human crises of sexual immorality, family breakdown and the surge of individualism. In addition, environmental pollution threatens life's very existence on this one and only earth. In our human relationships we need, now more than ever, a movement practicing love and mutual cooperation. With regards to nature, it is urgent that we begin a movement to love all creation and to protect and conserve our environment. Religious people in particular must lead this movement.

From the early days, True Parents taught that unless one loves nature, which was created for human beings, one cannot claim to love people; and unless one loves people, who are created to be the true children of God, one cannot say that one loves God. It is natural that whoever loves God will love people, who were created to be God's children. Hence, one cannot claim to love people and God unless one loves nature, which was created for people.

In an ideal society or nation, people will transcend national and racial boundaries, establish mutual cooperation and harmony and live together happily. They will be fully conscious of being God's sons and daughters and of existing as one great extended family that can live as brothers and sisters centered on True Parents. This is the place where all the blessed families who have restored their lineage, realm of ownership and heart, living with True Parents' culture and language, will accomplish a world of freedom, peace and unity.

All people will share God's culture of heart and co-exist enjoying interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values. This world will have no corruption, injustice, war or crime. People will eliminate the causes of environmental pollution and will protect and love all things of creation as true owners. In this model ideal world, all of life's activities and labors will be expressed through the practice of joyful service for the sake of others based on a heart of love, which will equalize our standard of living.

On the foundation of blessed families, we will employ the advances of technology for the sake of education. The education of heart and of morality will have priority over academic education, physical education, and technical education. Education primarily will serve to raise up people of goodness who follow heaven's way. The realization of such an ideal can happen only on the basis of True Parents' thought, the teachings of true love for the sake of others.

Through the Fall, Adam lost his faith, so the destiny of all people is to pass through a way of restoration that includes absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God established religion for this purpose, and this is why the absolute faith ofprovidential figures such as Noah is so precious.

True Parents came to embody absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Through this, they brought victory in the severe battles they faced, not only on earth but also in spirit world. True Parents are now bequeathing their victorious foundation to us. We must imitate the tradition of True Parents in our life practice, thereby resembling the way True Parents love the world, all things of creation, humankind and God, so we can establish the model ideal nation.

At the New Hope Farm we are trained to practice precisely these things. Here we invest and invest again, loving the earth, the water and nature. Many people of the world will come together as brothers and sisters and practice this, here in the school for realizing God's nation. By showing all people what we accomplish, we will educate them in how to establish a community of love transcending skin color, and cultural and national boundaries. We also can demonstrate the standard of love and care for the creation and, at the same time, awaken everyone to the fact that through this worldview we can establish international management of the global environment. On this farm we can show humankind a model of how to rid the world of war, hunger and crime, and how to live in happiness and peace.

The 160 mission countries of the world will support this project with materials, manpower and prayer. Youth from around the world will receive training and gain practical experience here. They will return to their home countries and become frontline leaders, building ideal nations. Each continent will have to support this project. As the first step, 40 nations will send trip people each by May 1, 1995, and later they will send more. These people will participate in this historic movement.

2 I made the Declaration of the Second 40-Year Course at the Jardim farm. The first 40-year course was to resolve the bitter sorrow of history. We have to put everything that happened during that time into the proper perspective and pass into a new era.

Who are the people who are standing with me at the front line and are prepared to set the tradition, to create a new movement in South America, with the Jardim farm at the center? They are not of Spanish, Anglo-Saxon or Germanic descent; they are Asian. Asians are coming to do this work. The Unification Church movement has never existed just for Asia, or just for Western society. It is revolutionizing not only the individual; it is an organization working to revolutionize the family, tribe, people, nation and world. We must establish and create a new world different from the fallen world. I am not trying to create another version of something that already has been created; this must be a new creation. And yet there are no new materials to make this new creation. We have to modify what already exists. (277-067, 1996/03/31)

3 The Jardim Declaration proclaimed the second 40-year course. We must practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, which is the restoration of Eden. It means we have returned to Eden. By going back to Eden, we need to stand in a reciprocal and balanced relationship with God's own absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. To accomplish this, we must become beings of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience for the sake of our object partner, the creation.

We have to give in order to resemble God. Since you have received, you absolutely need to give. This movement will expand and multiply only through absolute sacrifice and unconditional giving. Love exists through continuous reciprocation. That is why the declaration of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience came forth in Jardim, where contact with the unfallen creation is made possible in the sphere of equality. In this way, an entire world built with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience can be managed.

The Unification Church's marriage Blessings have crossed 12 mountain passes. With the 360 Million Couples Blessing the 12 passes were surmounted and it is time for the Blessing to settle on earth. Blessing 360 million couples eradicates Satan's bloodline. We have entered the age when we can realize the ideal true family desired by God, the glorified true family that can live with God.

What are we doing in Jardim? The blessed families have arisen on the vertical standard, but they have not been able to define themselves on the horizontal plane. Therefore, we must now establish the family that can live with God on the horizontal plane. For this, we must establish a new center for education geared toward creating ideal families for world peace. It is to educate those families who have received the Blessing. They need training in order to participate as God's absolute and glorified families. This is the Jardim family training. (294-319, 1998/08/09)

4 The concept of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience came from God. God Himself created everything with absolute faith. He completely invested Himself for the sake of substantiating this ideal. He invested again and again and forgot what He had given. God is the subject being that stands upon the concept of complete obedience. When you talk about absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, you think it refers to the Jardim Declaration, and you also think it means to absolutely believe in True Parents. However, this is not what it means. It means that you yourself must become the subject partner. You yourselves must substantiate absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Only then can you become God's object partner. That is the formula. Since God substantiates this, human beings who stand as His object partners must naturally do the same. (269-184, 1995/04/23)

5 The 1st Jardim Declaration affirms absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God created everything on this three-fold foundation. Unification Church members must never doubt the direction I go. They must not criticize it either. The path I take is one of absolute love. No matter how you start, in the end, there is only one answer. There will only be one answer for eternity. I am saying that God's answer will always be the same, even after days, nights, seasons and lives have passed on. (294-331, 1998/08/17)

The 2nd Jardim Declaration: Let us Resemble the Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, Eternal God

On August 7, 1998, True Parents proclaimed in the 2nd Jardim Declaration that we have to become children, spouses and parents who resemble God, who is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. On that foundation, we need to realize true families who serve as the eternal base of heaven on earth.

According to the 2nd Jardim Declaration, God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Since we are God's children, we must resemble His character and become absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal children. Next, we live as an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal couple. We must also become absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal parents, thereby establishing an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal family. God is the absolute True Father, the unique, unchanging and eternal True Father. This Father is looking for absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal sons and daughters. These sons and daughters are to become absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal couples. When these couples settle, theirs will become absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal families. Such families can live together with God and become the eternal foundation for the kingdom of heaven on earth.

6 The 2nd Jardim Declaration states that we need to become parents, siblings, couples and families who are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. This standard goes beyond the family to include the completion of the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal tribe, nation, world and kingdom of heaven on earth. This is the ideal of creation that God originally intended. Therefore we must connect to the absolute tribe, nation, world and absolute kingdom of heaven on earth, all the way to the absolute owner, God.

God is the True Parent, True Teacher and True King. The things that are most precious to human beings are their parents, teachers and kings. God occupies all three of these positions with a nature that is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. You need to stand as God's children. Then God will come directly down from above, and you will come to have the same value as God. (294-330, 1998/08/09)

The 3rd Jardim Declaration: First, Second and Third Creators

On August 21, 1998, during the first 40-day workshop at the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace in Jardim, True Parents spoke about the importance of educating our second generation church members. True Parents also proclaimed the 3rd Jardim Declaration, the main point of which is that we join the first and second creators, and become third creators.

According to the 3rd Jardim Declaration, as first Creator, God created Adam and Eve, and as second creators, Adam and Eve created us. Therefore, we are third creators. God was sorrowful that He lost His son and daughter, but He also felt bitter pain for not being able to have grandchildren. Three generations need to share the heart of the first Creator and live together in one house.

7 The 3rd Jardim Declaration states that God is the first Creator, Adam is the second creator, and Adam s descendants are the third creators. A third creator is a person who can complete God's ideal. He or she is the person who can liberate God and the parents. Therefore a third creator, who is Adam's child, is an owner, a person who is to create the third substantial kingdom. This great value is assigned to human beings. (295-243, 1998/08/28)

8 The 3rd Jardim Declaration pertains to the first, second and third creators. The first Creator cannot fall. God can never fall. God is the incorporeal Creator and Adam is the corporeal creator, who could not realize the four-position foundation, which is the ideal of love. Adam and Eve could not realize it, nor could Adam and Eves sons and daughters realize it. As a result, they could not bear good fruit. Theirs was rotten fruit. (298-021, 1998/12/31)

9 The 3rd Jardim Declaration pertains to the first, second and third creators. It starts with creation beginning through the incorporeal God Himself. The incorporeal God is the first Creator and Adam is the second creator. Adam's son and daughter receive love from both the incorporeal Parent and substantial parents. After the second creators perfect themselves, bringing the spiritual world and the physical world together and reaching the realm of completion in the spiritual world and the physical world, Adam and Eve establish the foundation for the third creator. The first Creator can never fall. Can God fall? If the second creators become one with the love of the first Creator, they will never fall and their sons and daughters will never fall. The age when this can take place has arrived, but the destined father-son relationship between God and human beings has not been realized yet. The husband and wife relationship also has not been realized either. The relationship with children is a task bound by destiny that must be achieved. (296-267, 1998/11/10)

The 4th Jardim Declaration: Liberate God by Fulfilling Our Destined Parent-Child Relationship

On August 28, 1998, True Parents proclaimed the 4th Jardim Declaration at the Pledge Ceremony for the second Chil Pal Jeol, held at the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace, in the presence of national mes-siahs and participants in the 40-day workshop.

According to the 4th Jardim Declaration, human beings are in a parent-child relationship with God. The relationship between parent and child is bound by destiny. Only the children can resolve the bitter sorrow and problems of the parents. Such is the duty of the children. Once families have registered, they must not fall back into disbelief or betrayal. We who are in a parent-child relationship with God must resonate and unite with Him.

10 God has been hoping to see the Parents of Heaven and Earth settle in the realm of the cosmos. This is a mission that is appointed by destiny. If it were a mission bound by fate alone, then the parents could take on the mission in place of the children, and a wife could fill in for her husband. However, matters related to the parent-child relationship are bound by destiny. Can anyone change positions in a parent-child relationship? Not even God can do that. One s position in this relationship never changes.

As children, liberating God is our destiny and yet, we have not been able to realize that. God has never had a parent-child relationship. God is really pitiable. We must clearly come to know the misery of God, who from the very beginning has had hope for the realization of an ideal family.

Adam and Eve were a couple destined to be together. There was no one around but them. God was powerless to resolve the relationship of this couple that was destined to be together. They were supposed to becdme the substantial husband and wife. God is the King, but He could not liberate this couple that was destined to be together. This is the state of God. The ideal marriage could not take place.

We must comfort God whose bitter sorrow has not been liberated. God is the subject partner of the original cosmos, yet He bears this bitter sorrow. What would have happened if I had never been born? For all eternity, there would have been no one to resolve God's bitter sorrow. (295-236, 1998/08/28)

11 Our parent-child relationship with God is part of our destiny. Up until now God has not been able to experience the parent-child relationship. It cannot be felt until the realization of the ideal Blessing. Our parent-child relationships and our sibling relationships are part of our destiny. Can you change your siblings? Even if you die, they cannot be changed. Dying does not relieve you from the need to accomplish your destined goals. This is the destiny of the siblings, spouses, family and nation. Destiny cannot change.

The destiny of the world and the kingdom of heaven on earth must be realized in order for liberation to take place. It starts in one's own family, in which you are a child of destiny. As the children of God, you must attain His four great attributes; becoming absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. God is the absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging Father. As His children and beloved object partners, you need to inherit 100 percent of God's tradition and more. That is why you have God and parents. (295-247, 1998/08/28)

12 The 4th Jardim Declaration is the proclamation to liberate God from His bitter sorrow by fulfilling our destined parent-child relationship with Him. By carrying it forward we can sever Satan's blood lineage and welcome the age of liberation. The parent-child relationship is the relationship between God as the Father and we as His children. We were supposed to be the true children, but we became servants and adopted children. In these positions, we cannot be said to be part of God's lineage. We must completely resolve this matter through our relationships that are bound by destiny.

No one can sever the parent-child relationship, not even God. If God could have severed this relationship, the history of restoration would not have been necessary, and everything could have been re-created. It cannot be severed because it is a relationship bound by destiny. If you ignore destiny and try to break apart the parent-child relationship, or the conjugal relationship, you will become nothing more than Satan's toy and end up as a victim.

Following the destiny of parent and child comes the destiny of husband and wife. There was no one in existence who could replace Adam for Eve or Eve for Adam. No man or woman existed apart from them. Theirs is a relationship bound by destiny. It cannot be taken apart and fixed again. A child is bound by destiny. The parents, spouses, children and siblings, bound by destiny, are all connected. Ideal families who adhere to this tradition will remain through hundreds of thousands of years, expanding God's family, tribe, people, nation, world and the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. (298-021, 1998/12/31)

13 Our task, bound by destiny, is to realize liberated couples and siblings. Can you change your siblings? You are connected by lineage. It is destiny. All families desire to reach perfection. It is their destiny to attain liberation and fulfill that desire. This is the mission of blessed families. It is not something that I fabricated. It reveals a secret about our destiny.

This teaching content asserts our substantial value as equal with that of God. If you abide by it completely, you will be able to share in God's joys and sorrows. You will realize a land of freedom, where you have the authority of liberation and inheritance. When this destined Will is accomplished, you will be able to complete the four-position foundation as in Adam's family. This is certain. Only True Parents can make this proclamation. Not even God can do it. Satan cannot interfere with it. Let us return to the foundation on which we received the Blessing and actualize the heavenly kingdom. Then we can open the gates of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. (296-268, 1998/11/10)

14 The 4th Jardim Declaration is the proclamation to liberate God from His bitter sorrow by fulfilling our destined parent-child relationship with Him. God cannot fulfill this proclamation alone. If He could have done it, He would have restored the Fall of Adam and Eve in an instant. The providence of history does not work like that. God does not want to see or touch the love lineage of the enemy, so how can He intervene? The lineage was changed, so it must be severed in order that the realm of liberation can come about. Through that, we can substantiate the proclamation that God can be liberated.

The absolute relationships of parents, husband and wife, siblings, children, and family have been blocked throughout history. I have to eliminate the barriers that block us from realizing our destiny, which is to form these relationships. This destiny has been blocked since the beginning of history. When a perfected Adam finally accomplishes this, he can stand in a parent-child relationship with God and form an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal connection. (296-310, 1998/11/18)

The 5th Jardim Declaration: Sa SaJeol (4-4 Day)

On September 8, 1998, True Parents proclaimed the family Sa Sa Jeol in Kodiak, Alaska. On September 20, 1998, True Parents, while speaking at Belvedere on the topic "The Total Conclusion of the Providence," designated the family Sa Sa Jeol as the 5th Jardim Declaration.

According to the 5th Jardim Declaration, the loss of Adam's family was also the loss of the f&st four-position foundation. As a result, God lost His grandchildren, Adam and Eve's sons and daughters. To remedy this, True Parents have come to earth in place of Adam and Eve. In front of heaven, True Parents formed the first four-position foundation, and then helped their children also form four-position foundations, the latter representing the children of Adam's family.

Therefore, True Parents established the first and second four-position foundations on earth for which heaven had been longing. This makes possible the unification of North and South Korea as well as that of the whole world, and establishes the condition to unite heaven and earth. They proclaimed the Sa So Jeol to commemorate the founding of the first and second four-position foundations, both of which God had lost.

15 Heavenly Father, through the 360 Million Couples Blessing, we have completed abstinence education to sever Satan's lineage for the young people in Korea as well as in Japan and America. We are building a foundation to spread this throughout the world. Please guide us so that this education can steadily advance Your Will, so that Your victorious authority can bear fruit, and so that we can welcome the age that liberates Your full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence.

The four-position foundation of Adam and Eve, and the four-position foundation of Adams sons and daughters have the number four at the center. I thank you for blessing us with the grace of welcoming the complete liberation age. Because True Parents established the four-position foundation, all families can stand in the same position as Adam, and eliminate Satan, cutting off all ties with the fallen lineage. They can do so even though the historical tradition could not be established globally.

Based on the year 1998, the number 9, which was Satan's number, and the number 19, which was also Satan's number, are being restored. By connecting them to the number 8, on this day, September 8, I declare a foundation for two number 4s, and establish the start of a new era of liberation. We thank you for the grace that allows us to enter the age of heaven, where families that have worked toward Your liberation can register. From today, I want to make a declaration before heaven, earth and humankind, in Your name and in the name of the True Parents, that Satan no longer can set conditions of accusation over numbers.

I sincerely pray that You can bless this day so that we can enter the age of liberation, in which You can rule with full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence. At this moment, I sincerely hope that you accept this victorious proclamation of joyous liberation, where humanity can enter the realm of liberation declared in Your name and in the name of the True Parents. I pray this as God and True Parents once again declare Sa Sa Jeol, the day of liberation in heaven and on earth. I proclaim the Sa Sa Jeol in the name of True Parents! Amen, Amen, Amen! (295-258, 1998/09/08)

16 With the proclamation of the Sa Sa Jeol, we approach the age where God may exercise full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence. This means that everything heaven has planned now can come to pass on earth, and the time where direct results will appear has arrived. Satan's world is also systematizing itself. Things may be complicated, but we can become one with a commonly held standard, achieve one body, and take the same direction. Alter that, the all-powerful God can do as He pleases. There is no full authority in Satan's world. If we had entered the era of omnipotence based on a completed national standard, we would have entered the era of full authority. We will pass into the free world and will influence nations and the world. (295-253, 1998/09/08)

17 After the Sa Sa Jeol Proclamation, the world will change. Satan's control of the world is on the national level, and he cannot interfere on the world level. Until now, neither God nor I could pray for the destruction of Satan's world. I told you to love your enemies, so how can I hope for their demise? If you do not do the same, you will definitely need to pay indemnity. You need to love your enemies. But now we have gone beyond the national level. God, along with all the families around the world, has gone beyond the nation and world. Satan has fallen behind, and this unlocks the gates of the age of God's rule over the entire kingdom of heaven, starting from Adam's family in the Garden of Eden. Thus the age of God's full authority, the time when God can rule according to His Will, has come. (295-266, 1998/09/08)

18 We have started on the 360 Million Couples Blessing and achieved more than half the goal. As a result, we have entered the era when God can rule according to His Will. It is the era of His unrivaled authority over families, beyond the formation and growth stages. It is a great transition into the nation of God and a peaceful world. We have overcome two-thirds, having gone beyond the realm of growth and connected to the realm of completion. So God can now do whatever He wants.

The physical world and the spiritual world had been separated, and the individual, family, tribe and nation had been separated, but they have become one. Families all over the world are transformed because the family of the perfected Adam and the families of his children have finally been realized. The world will turn upside down.

The completed family based on the heavenly standard contains God, Adam, and Adam's sons and daughters. We see a completed family of three generations. This is the completed four-position foundation. It means completing the three object-partner purpose. This gives God direct dominion over us.

Sa Sa Jeol is the proclamation ceremony connecting human beings to heaven through the True Parents. It is connecting the physical world and the spiritual world. By uniting what was separated from the ideal nation of God's creation, we can enter the palace of the heavenly kingdom. Everything that the false parents destroyed, the True Parents will mend and return to heaven. That is what Sa Sa Jeol proclaims.

Then, in the future, you will not need to pay indemnity. All the indemnity in history has led to an age where mistakes will generate immediate repercussions. It took thousands of years to indemnify the Fall of Adam and Eve, but now each mistake will lead to punishment according to heavenly law. This may include prison or various other punishments. Mistakes will be punished immediately. (295-267, 1998/09/08)

19 You must all be able to organize 160 families. This is necessary. Why organize 160 families? It is to match the number 16, which is 4 times 4. That is why I proclaimed the Sa Sa Jeol (4-4 Day). During the Korean War, 16 nations contributed to the United Nations forces. Through the Seoul Olympics, North and South Korea became the 160th and 161st nations to join the United Nations. The number 160 not only signifies separation from Satan, it means Satan's end. Now there is only hope ahead of us— hope for a new beginning. This is an opportunity for Korea to take its proper role in the worldwide providence. (298-200, 1999/01/02)

The 6th Jardim Declaration: Liberation Ceremony for Spirits

On October 5,1998, True Parents celebrated Chuseok and proclaimed the Liberation Ceremony for the People in the Spirit World at a meeting with national messiahs in Sao Paolo, Brazil. True Parents named this the 6th Jardim Declaration.

According to the 6th Jardim Declaration, True Parents have liberated the entire spirit world. The spirit beings who have been liberated before God are in the position to receive the Blessing, but they cannot receive it until they return to earth and help build the kingdom of heaven here.

20 Due to the Fall of Adam, human beings are born in the condition of having inherited Satan's body at birth. To enter into the heavenly kingdom, you have to separate from Satan and become God's descendant. Whether or not you enter into the heavenly kingdom is not decided in spirit world. This decision is made on earth, and for this reason the perfected True Parents need to come to earth and liberate the world. To do this, True Parents must step beyond the nation and even the world and conduct the global Blessing. People must go beyond this boundary to enter the realm of liberation. Only then can the ancestors in spirit world receive the Blessing.

The archangel, in causing the Fall on earth, prevented Adam and Eve from receiving the Blessing. In order to restore this through paying indemnity, the time has come for all spirits to receive the Blessing. Now, the time has come when spirits who have received the Blessing can come down to earth in the position of the blessed Archangel, and cooperate with their descendants on earth who have received the Blessing and are in the position of Adam. (297-274, 1998/12/22)

21 Hell was formed due to bad marriages, as were paradise and the middle spirit world. All of this came to exist because of the Fall. If we had received God's blessing, we would have connected to the lineage of God's perfected love and automatically gone to heaven on the foundation of the family. This was wiped out by the Fall.

For this reason, all of history stained with Satan's blood must be completely cut off, taken away, and disposed of. We must go to the position where Adam and Eve approached the marriage Blessing and engraft onto that position. When Adam entered the kingdom of heaven, the archangel would have gone with him. Likewise, when families who have received the Blessing go to heaven, their ancestors who stand in the position of an archangel will follow them there.

If we do not prepare our ancestors properly, we will not be able to open the doors to hell, which remains in the spiritual and physical worlds—hell in heaven and hell on earth. If these doors are not opened, we will not be able to connect to the ideal of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven that God hopes to establish. Because this resulted from the love, life and lineage of the false parents, neither God nor Satan could clear it up. Only perfected Adam, who comes as the Returning Lord in the position of the True Parents, can uncover and resolve the problems of heaven, Satan and history. (297-274, 1998/12/22)

The 7th Jardim Declaration: Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and Complete Liberation from Satan's Lineage

On January 8, 1999, True Parents held the Proclamation Ceremony for the Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and Complete Liberation from Satan's Lineage at Punta del Este in Uruguay. True Parents said that this proclamation is the Cosmic Sa Sa Jeol as well as the 7th Jardim Declaration.

According to the 7th Jardim Declaration, if the kingdom of heaven is to be built on earth, not a single spirit can be left who is filled with bitter sorrow. Spirits who are single, who reached adulthood but were unable to get married, or who died young, must also receive the marriage Blessing. Those spirits will all receive education so that they can grow. Even though they died unmarried, after they have matured and received education, they will be given the grace of being blessed as pure young men and women. I also opened the gate so that the murderers in hell can receive the Blessing along with the saints.

22 Heavenly Father, on the morning of January 8, 1999, from a little past 7:30 up until 8:00, in the position of two number 4s, with the proclamation of Sa Sa Jeol, we established the foundation for the liberation of families, nations and the whole world, maldhg it possible for them to enter the kingdom of heaven. We also held the Declaration Ceremony of Liberation for Completing the Eradication of Satan's Lineage, and the Declaration Ceremony of the Cosmic True Blessing throughout heaven and earth. These declarations, acknowledged by all of heaven and earth, completely obliterated the barrier blocking the liberation of hell and obstructing the good spirits.

We, the True Parents, are striving to realize the original standard by quickly removing the course of indemnity on earth and seeking for the brightness of the kingdom of heaven. Based on the condition of having lived with and attended God during our lifetime on earth, we sincerely pray to enter the era of complete liberation, when all humankind as families can receive the Blessing and go to heaven. At this time, before this meal, Father, I sincerely ask that You joyfully receive this and work together with us to achieve and proclaim these works. Amen, Amen, Amen! (298-217, 1999/01/08)

23 We must liberate fill the ancestors in the spirit world. We must liberate even Satan. The 160 families you have blessed belong to your Cain-type tribe. A dedication ceremony is needed to connect them to your own tribe. If the ceremony to bring them together is completed, 120 generations of your ancestors can receive the marriage Blessing. Through this Blessing, and together with 120 generations of kings and presidents, the citizens, the son, and the king will belong to the mainstream realm of the royal family expanding on the horizontal level. They all must be liberated in order to receive the marriage Blessing. These 120 represent those whom Jesus wanted to bless in the realm of Israel. They are the ones who must be liberated in the spirit world. The Christian realm must be liberated. Since this is the True Parents' era, just by blessing 120 families, we naturally transition into the realm of the united world. If 120 generations are blessed, you will enter heaven. God and True Parents make this possible. (298-221, 1999/01/08)

24 God cannot say, "Give the marriage Blessing to murderers." God does not command me to do this. But I as the True Parent opened the gates boldly and asked those spirits to come quickly to heaven. I also made it possible for people in the spirit world who had opposed the Unification Church to be married to people living on the earth by participating in heaven and earth Blessings, and going through the Three Day Ceremony on the earth. Initiating heaven and earth Blessings with the Three-Day Ceremony has liberated those who died when they were very young and those who died after the age of 16 without being able to marry. Now all of them can receive the Blessing.

By opening the doors to hell and blessing all those people who went to the spirit world, God's authority over lineage is being acknowledged. Therefore, Satan has no choice but to retreat completely. This is a revolution. I have created the environment wherein everyone who died due to the Fall can now go to heaven. By creating an environment where all ancestors who entered the spirit world can receive the marriage Blessing, I paved the expressway to heaven. That foundation is restored completely through paying indemnity.

God did not design the spirit world to be a place for fallen people to live. Only completed blessed families are meant to live in the spirit world. Adam was supposed to live in this heavenly environment after his perfection, where God has full authority and is able to act upon the smallest things and the largest things according to His Will.

When you receive the Blessing, the cosmic expansion of the True Blessing and the eradication of the Satanic lineage will be realized. We are breaking through. All families on earth will go to heaven and, just as the Israelites who left Egypt were liberated, there also will be a new start on earth. Just as Moses departed Egypt at the age of 80, from now on True Parents will step into the world as the king and queen of the family. (300-306, 1999/04/11)

The 8th Jardim Declaration: The Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos

On February 13, 2000, as part of the commemorative events for True Parents' 80th Birthday at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center, True Parents proclaimed the era of the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos (God) and established the Family Party for Universal Peace and Unity. The Proclamation of the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos is related to the 8" Jardim Declaration.

According to the 8th Jardim Declaration, True Parents accomplished the completion of the individual, family, nation and world, and the liberation of God, True Parents, Satan and hell. True Parents, who united all things in the cosmos, are at the center of the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos. When we establish the nation through the Family Party for Universal Peace and Unity, people will need to register their families in the family registry.

25 God became a prisoner behind bars and His sons and daughters must liberate Him. Therefore, you must pray for a safe resting place for God. For this reason I created the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos. This is a federation of the spiritual world and the physical world. (316-301, 2000/02/15)

26 The entire cosmos is linked as one body to God, the True Parent of the Cosmos. True Parents are the union of the cosmos and the nation. All creation, including fish, animals, plants and the mineral world, cannot be liberated and reach perfection without the True Parents. The same is true of the spirit world. We need to understand the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos from this point of view. Now we have established the condition for heaven and earth to become one with God. This oneness must next be substantiated on earth. Nations still lack heaven's unity. They must be brought together as one through the national messiahs. ciin and Abel must become one. (316-294, 2000/02/15)

27 Until now, I have been implementing the completion of the individual, nation and world and the liberation of God and True Parents. I even liberated Satan and hell. In the original Garden of Eden, there was only Adam's family. But in this global age, myriads of people can enter heaven. Now the value of all families is being equalized. I have fought for, realized, and established the value of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and heaven and earth. Therefore, when families standing in a position of pure innocence are embraced and united through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, they connect to the foundation of God's love, life, lineage and conscience and have no relationship with Satan.

We have entered an age when God can act freely in our families and throughout the world. In that place, there is no Japan or America. We no longer need the concept of separate countries. In order to do this work, I made the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos. This means that True Parents have everything. If you stand before True Parents, you are included in everything. Everything is included, both individual completion and family completion. (316-252, 2000/02/15)

28 The Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos was created to bring God's full authority over everything to address the problems of heaven and earth. Everything around us is torn apart. Cain and Abel are torn apart, parents are torn apart, countries are torn apart, and the world is torn apart. Externally everything is like this. The individual is divided because the body and mind are torn apart; as a result, the family, nation, world and heaven and earth are divided. It is like this externally. So how can we unite all these things? The realm of oneness must be accomplished at the root. That is why it is called the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos. True Parents are the center as everything in the cosmos is brought together. (317-009, 2000/02/15)

Section 3. Ideal Family Education

Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace

On July 1, 1998, True Parents established the Center for the Education of Couples for World Peace in Jardim and organized a 40-day workshop program for blessed families worldwide. True Parents emphasized that all blessed couples should receive this education with their children.

1 The Center for the Education of Couples for World Peace is being built. In order to have a world of peace, Couples must be connected. The ideal does not change, and hence the "ideal" world is unchanging. Furthermore, there is only one ideal world, not two. When you speak of an ideal person, you are speaking of a person who is a model for others. The word ideal contains the concepts absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. (294-292, 1998/08/09)

2 In Jardim, we are building a training center. Please plan to come to Jardim and participate in the one-week workshop. Here we have educational facilities and housing accommodations for up to 5,000 people. But the halls in which they can sit comfortably to listen to the lectures can also be used for people to sleep. This means that in all, 10,000 people can be accommodated. I built the training center in such a way that it can host activities for any age group; it can serve as an elementary school, middle school or college. Therefore, this training center will eventually will become a city. When people see this they will say that Reverend Moons planning is exceptional. All the preparations to host educational workshops have been made. Now we need to select core personnel. For this we will engage our international network. In that way we can mobilize countries. If we can manage our networks, we can establish an environment that can move nations. (287-227, 1997/10/04)

3 We have a training center in Jardim. Here we will educate blessed families through 40-day workshops. You should think of this as witnessing. When your children are 17 and 18 years old they need family education. Every blessed family in South America should participate in this 40-day workshop. Through this, these families can be educated to achieve the ideal model and gain the ability to arrive at settlement. You could say that we have to drive a stake into the ground or cast a new net. Otherwise what we have will all flow away. (287-250, 1997/10/04)

4 I established the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace in Jardim, Brazil. I established it at the exact opposite side of the world from Korea. We must pass through that area. Japanese and Korean members must all receive education here. Parents and children who make up the four-position foundation must receive this education. Without doing so they will have no path of restoration. Family education is taking place here. Therefore, members who come alone and complete the 40-day workshop will not receive recognition for having completed it. How can I acknowledge you if you did not attend with your wife or husband? If your wife cannot come, bring your sons and daughters. The original idea is that parents and children attend these workshops together so that they can unite. Together, everyone will thoroughly learn the fundamentals. (295-151, 1998/08/19)

5 After the period for family education is finished I will give directions for the education of the tribe. This means that the age of family education will pass. If a family has not received this education in Jardim, do everything you can to help them receive it. There is no path of restoration except through Jardim. You have to go around to the other side of the world.

I was at the very top but then the world kicked me out, preventing me from completely realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. I am resolving this by irking with the realm of the Christian culture that stands on the right-hand side. What was lost must be engrafted at the family level beginning with the individual, family and tribe out in the wilderness. I will come down to this earth and stand above the families on Satan's side by representing families as I attend True Parents and God. If we want to dwell in that environment we must come here to turn ourselves around. This is the education we need to carry out at the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace in Jardim. (298-062, 1999/01/01)

6 The marriage Blessing was received everywhere, but when entering heaven the line will start at one place. That place is the Jardim training center in South America. I call it the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace. It is the ideal family that will enter heaven. That is why we carry out family education. Therefore, you must not come alone. A husband cannot attend by himself, and a wife cannot attend by herself. Originally, all education of the sons and daughters is designed to take place in the four-position foundation.

In order for a nation to enter the age of world restoration the whole clan will have to be educated, not just the sons and daughters. Everyone will have to go through this process and receive the marriage Blessing again. First you should receive the church-level Blessing, and after that you should receive the national-level Blessing. You can enter the kingdom of heaven after you receive the national-level Blessing. However, before you can receive this national-level Blessing in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, you need the family education that is being conducted in }ardim right now. (299-207, 1999/02/16)

7 The work that I am doing did not arise from my own will. I am moving forward, choosing and aligning the subject and object partners so as to expand the vertical content on the horizontal plane in a way that fits the conditions in the environment. Right now in this era, you are observing this reality, but you have no idea how complicated the things were that took place in order for this Will to be realized.

Now all of you have entered the age centered on the Will and the completion of the Will, where anyone can stand and reign in the position of liberation. You can see from your current vantage point what the world is coming to. Since we are aware of this, the problem of settlement is now at hand. The question is where the eternal place of individual settlement will be. It is within the family.

That is why the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace was built in Jardim and why we are now conducting family education here. To get here we go from one end of the world to the other end of the world. This is restoration. Blessed families must travel around the world and participate in the education workshops in Jardim. (298-010, 1998/12/31)

The blessed families' 40-day workshops

The Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace, in Jardim, has organized 40-day workshops in which blessed families from all around the world participate as family units. This education is for the sake of realizing ideal families that can enter heaven. True Parents have said the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will be realized only when all blessed families become absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, resembling God.

8 The education that is being offered here in Jardim completes the rite of passage that guarantees family entry into heaven. A center for family education and training was built in Jardim, and ideal families can make a new beginning here, so that they will be able to enter heaven directly. People enter heaven as families, and this is why the people from each position of your four-position foundation must come here together to receive education. The whole family needs to come, not just the parents. If you do not receive this education you will not be able to follow me, whether it is to register or to do something else. You will stumble and fall on the way. Even though you have received the marriage Blessing, you need to receive this education here in Jardim. This is the place where your family receives its ticket to enter heaven. (297-071, 1998/11/15)

9 There are blessed families in each nation who have lived there for a long time. I intend to gather these families in Jardim to participate in the special workshop. It is a 40-day workshop, and I have asked that they come with their sons and daughters. We are conducting this workshop for the elder blessed families from each nation. In the future, these members should be assigned throughout the world. This will make our new world known. Everyone will move to a region where they can make a new settlement. That is why the elder blessed families are participating in the 40-day worldwide workshop. Until now, they only knew their own nation. Japanese people knew only Japan, but in order to fulfill their responsibility as the mother of the world, they need to know the world. Therefore, they must come to South America and receive education, thereby connecting South America to North America. (294-195, 1998/06/14)

10 The time after the entrance into the Completed Testament Age is the first moment in history that the family as a whole can be educated. That is why you should make a new determination during your 40 days of education. You first must reflect critically upon the way you have lived since receiving the Blessing. Based upon that, make a new determination from your current position to be families fit to live in the Completed Testament Age in front of God's Will. By doing so all the blessed families around the world will be connected.

This connection of all blessed families should become the foundation to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth. Now is the time to realize the nation God desires. Once that nation is established, the kingdom of heaven in heaven will naturally be connected to the kingdom of heaven on earth. In the end our responsibility is to find that nation. (296-016, 1998/10/10)

11 God's attributes are that He is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. These elements form God's character. Since those four elements are in the subject partner position we must identify an object partner that fits perfectly in that subject partners realm. That is why the family has to consist of parents and children who are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Through realizing families like this, we can complete the foundation to establish the eternal kingdom of heaven here on earth. This is the issue. When this is finally realized, then everything God owns will also be yours. The parents, children, couple and family embody everything that has been created. The purpose of Jardim is to make you aware of this. The idea of programs at the Center for the Education of Ijieal Families for World Peace is that you clearly understand and engrave this realization deep inside your hearts before you return home. Even if you go to the ends of the earth, you must never change the determination you have made here. (305-261, 1998/08/21)

Section 4. Uniting North America and South America

The trajectory toward unity

True Parents have emphasized that for North America and South America to become one, North America in the Abel position must help South America in the Cain position. To facilitate this True Parents created a variety of organizations and met with top leaders from many nations to explain why unity is necessary. If North America and South America can become one with True Parents at the center, Europe, the realm of Christian culture where Catholicism and Protestantism fought, can also become one with True Parents at the center. Then Judaism and Christianity, as well as Christianity and Islam, can become one with True Parents at the center. To accomplish this True Parents said that South America's Catholicism and North America's Protestantism can become one through the cross-cultural marriage Blessing.

1 If North America stands in the Abel position representing Protestantism, all of South America, the Latin cultural realm representing Catholicism, stands in the Cain position, the elder son's position. Catholicism must work with the help of its younger brother Protestantism. Once they are united they must be incorporated through the foundation that True Parents built in the United States. I did not come here to follow the cultural realm of Catholicism. On the contrary, the cultural realm of Catholicism, including Brazil, must move forward through the Unification Church with True Parents at the center. (268-197, 1995/04/01)

2 When North America and South America become one, they will be like one country. Europe is also like one country. The European countries are doing this through a system of economic union. In the future, problems will develop between Germany and France. Because these two countries are enemy nations, they will have problems. What can be done about this? If we look behind the scenes of Europe's history and culture, we can discover an era when there was peace between Catholicism and Protestantism. This was the era of the Christian cultural realm, and we should try to return to that same relationship.

If North America and South America can unite, it will not be difficult for all the nations of Europe to unite. After Europe becomes one, it will be possible for Judaism and Christianity as well as for Christianity and Islam to become one. Therefore, the key is how North America and South America will become one. The prevailing culture derives from Christianity, and the leader in transforming modern society is North America. South America has opposed North America until now. If these two continents were to become one, they would form a great power base. If this were to happen, Europe, North America and South America, and then Asia would naturally join the Christian cultural realm. That is why I must unite the cultural realm of Christianity in North America and South America and then connect it to Asia. I need to unite Asia with North America and South America. Without doing this there is no future. (268-311, 1995/04/03)

3 North American people need to go to South America to receive training, and South American people need to go to North America to receive training. Although they speak different languages, they will eventually become one. By witnessing to people from North America and South America, cross-cultural marriages will be carried out between Protestants and Catholics. This will unite them and they will become as one nation. Once they participate in cross-cultural marriages they will come to listen to me. The Christian cultural realm is one of brothers. Koreans and Japanese are enemies, but still I was able to marry them in cross-cultural marriages. Therefore, promoting cross-cultural marriages between Catholics and Protestants will not be a problem, and through them oneness will be achieved. (271-287, 1995/08/28)

4 If North America and South America become one, Europe will be united automatically and the mistakes of Rome, the nation of Israel, and Jacobs family will be restored. The history of division traces back to conflict in Israel with ten tribes fighting two tribes, and then back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and even to where the mind and body became separated. We need to mend all of these separations. From these divisions the entire worldwide family fell under Satan's realm. All realms and levels—Adam's family, Judaism, Rome, Europe, and the world—were divided into Cain and Abel. ^

When we reverse this, everything will become one. Reversal is how unity takes place. Total indemnification must be accomplished. The indemnification of the entire providence will be a great victory for the whole. This can become an eight-level victory and a model for complete victory. If North America and South America become one, the fighting between the Roman Catholics and Protestants in Europe will come to an end and unity will be realized based on the realm of Christian culture. (269-200, 1995/04/23)

5 I have created a religious body that completes all of Christianity. This means the United States will end up having no choice but to follow the Unification Church. Cain and Abel will become one. Because Cain and Abel have become one here, the US will become a plus. South America is a Catholic realm, so it is in the elder brother's position and therefore is a minus. If this oneness is achieved, the world will be united.

Since Jesus' time, what has happened to the nation of Israel .and the divided world? Rome opposed Jesus, but through Jesus' death, Christianity developed into the worldwide realm of the bride. In the middle of all this, Islam appeared. That is why Israel is in conflict. In the Middle East, Israel and Islam are in religious conflict. In the Far East, North Korea and the Unification Church are in the Cain and Abel positions. If they become one, the whole world will become one.

The United States must stand in the Abel position as a true elder brother nation representing the world, and South America, in the restored Cain position, must become one with North America. Only then will the entire world be united. The unity of North America and South America represents the unity of Cain and Abel in Europe at the world level, and also at the level of the nation and the people. This is a model for the unity of mind and body. Everything can be united by going in reverse. That is why I have paved the way and built a foundation by bringing North America to help South America. (267-043, 1994/12/27)

6 North America must stand in the position of Abel and save South America, which is in the position of Cain. For this to take place, everything must be invested. If the people of the United States adopt my mentality and invest their lives and resources for the sake of South America, saving South America will not be a problem.

This situation is similar to an area of high atmospheric pressure seeking out an area of low atmospheric pressure. The United States, which is an area of high pressure, can save South America. The people of the United States may be tempted to say, "We do not need South America, it is too poor." Nonetheless, we need to invest everything for the sake of South America.

The members of the Unification Church are called to do this. A path to connect to the True Family can be made only by becoming one with South America, which inherited the authority of the elder son. There is no path to enter the true kingdom of heaven on earth if you are not connected to the True Family. (269-153, 1995/04/17)

7 Protestantism must stand in the position of Abel and bring unity with Catholic South America. This is the point. All of South America was lost. There is no central point for Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. There is no central point for the individual, family, nation and world. But now, I have come to show you the central point for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. By representing those nations and all nations globally, and achieving the model that the United Nations is looking for, we will come to be honored by the entire world as the model Abel nation, and thus achieve unity. This is the Cain and Abel dynamic.

The United States opposed us, but South America does not oppose us. The Unification Church will automatically arrive in the Abel position. Since we are in the age when the Unification Church can restore the authority of the elder son, the authority of parents, and the authority of kingship, no group can oppose us as we push forward in this direction. (269-285, 1995/05/01)

8 Both America and Korea are moving toward the fortune of unity. Therefore, if Christianity becomes one with the Unification Church, America will become the Abel nation. That is why we need to unite the South American and North American nations. Their becoming one will influence the Protestants and Catholics of Germany to advance the realm of one Christian culture. In this way, the path for oneness will open in many European countries.

If this develops in the Muslim nations, it will be possible to unite Islam and Judaism through the dynamic of Cain and Abel. The public course always connects to larger levels. According to the pattern taught in the Divine Principle, I restored Adam's family and moved forward through Noah's family. I paved the way as I received persecution worldwide. After we achieve unity between North America and South America and they in turn follow True Parents, the world will become one.

Looking at it from the Principle perspective, I was victorious because I restored Adam's family on the basis of lineage. I was victorious in restoring the history from Noah's time through Abraham's and Moses', and from Jesus' time through the time of the Returning Lord. Now, if North America and South America can become one through my efforts, then North Korea and South Korea on the Korean Peninsula can unify and Israel and the Muslim world can unite. The unity of Europe will not be a problem either. This will happen all at once. (266-134, 1994/12/22)

9 True Parents have come to South America at a point of transition. I know very well the miserable history of warfare within the realm of Christian culture. I have come to South America, forgetting all those sad stories, and the people here know almost nothing about that history. Since the Unification Church foundation wa$ prepared with True Parents at the center, everything will be accomplished if the Brazilian people simply trust and follow me absolutely. This is the favor I ask of them. Absolute faith and absolute unity are necessary in order to reverse the absolute distrust and absolute disunity of heart in Adam's family. (268-177, 1995/03/31)

The Seventeen-Nation Tour

True Parents founded the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA) and the Confederation of Associations for the Unity of the Societies of the Americas (CAUSA). Through these they carried out Divine Principle workshops to educate leaders from nations in Central America and South America.

True Parents selected Uruguay, which is on the opposite side of the globe from Korea, as the base for the unity of North America and South America. There True Parents established a bank, a newspaper, an educational institution, a hotel and a department store.

True Parents have worked to unite South America by bringing together the four nations of Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina and, at the same time, they tried to unite North America and South America as one hemisphere by stimulating North America to serve South America. To further this cause, True Parents spoke in 17 nations from May to July, 1995, on the theme, "True Family and I." cannot be realized by North America alone. It needs a partner. But whom will it choose as a partner? Europe always has been divided, but this is not the case in South America. South America, like North America, has a Christian cultural background. Therefore, I am thinking about how to unite these two continents, and I have invested everything into that.

10 South America was dealing with coups d'etat and struggles with communists; even so, I went there and faced guns and swords to establish AULA and CAUSA. I continually invested money to conduct philosophical education. I am the one who knocked down communist power in the United States. (279-131, 1996/08/01)

11 The United States kicked me out, saying they did not like me. But South America welcomes me. That is why even though North America had to rise up from the very bottom like a slave, South America will start at the top. I have begun an educational program that is to be offered to 500 highly gifted people in each South American nation. The nations' presidents as well as college presidents and newspapers welcome this initiative. They are not in a position to lead and manage such talented people. A time will come when the talented people I educate here in South America will come to lead North America.

The Catholic nations have a more stable family system than the Protestant nations of North America. The ideal (271-320, 1995/09/03)

12 I am uniting the countries of Central America and South America into one. Now that I am doing this, North America is helping me. Seeing this, Brazil wants my help, as do Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. If the South American people strive to place God at the center of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, even more than I do, God will be able to come freely to this land. If South America can become a place where the people attend God, there is a chance that it will be the first region to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth. (269-287, 1995/05/01)

13 From a providential view, if Brazil is in the position of Cain, Paraguay is in the position of Abel. Paraguay is in the position of Abel because it is a multiracial nation that even includes Asians. From God's perspective, Paraguay stands as Abel because it is a nation that transcends race and loves all people. If we conduct family education in Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, they will naturally integrate with one another. These four nations can come together in economic unity and leave the United States playing catch-up.

Then I will mediate disputes between North America and South America and unite Protestants and Catholics through the marriage Blessing. This will lead to a new transition period where North America and South America can be united. I will bless Catholic believers, Protestant believers, and North American and South American people. Through carrying out the Blessing in an environment of such unity, a new culture will arise. Through this condition, North America and South America, as well as Catholicism and Protestantism, can achieve oneness. (307-061, 1998/11/06)

14 I am making plans to build the South American headquarters. If you draw an axis from Korea through the center of the Earth, you will end up in Uruguay. That is why this country is the second Korea. If I dug a hole through the Earth from Korea and poured water into it, the water would pour out in Uruguay. That is why I created a bank, a newspaper and educational organizations in Uruguay. I have invested immensely in South America, but especially in Uruguay. The government tried to turn back these efforts and expel us. We experienced all kinds of difficulties. Even so, our hotel in Uruguay is the most successful in all of South America. We held educational workshops for leaders from the nations of Central America and South America in our hotel. Without our having a hotel, this would not have been possible. (566-091, 2007/06/15)

15 When I look up at the sky in South America, I feel as if I am looking at the sky in my hometown. The sky seems very low. The sunlight, air, water and vegetation are good. Brazil and Argentina could become the ideal kingdom of heaven on Earth. All kinds of animals live in this region. I took note of these lands almost 50 years ago on my world tours.

At the time, circumstances did not allow me to stay long. But now I am going to stay, no matter how much they try to kick me out. Tffcy need the foundation that we have paved. All the achievements and legacies I have put in place throughout history make up the educational materials people need to help raise their children. They set the ideals for culture, politics and family. People will not be able to deny what is right in front of them. When they see further achievements and recognize the legacies I will be creating here, they will have no choice but to welcome us. (403-172, 2003/01/21)

16 I am saying let us establish the kingdom of heaven in South America. Living in this kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is better than just living with your family members, your relatives, or people of your race. It is something family members can establish together. There is no one who would not find this attractive. The people of South America are hoping that Reverend Moon will help their countries. Therefore, let us transform this environment into the one that I envision. Let us establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. There is an abundance of land that can feed and accommodate all the people of the world. This land must be liberated. I want to solve the food shortage problem and other difficult problems faced by humanity. (288-079, 1997/10/31)

17 Paraguay is one of the poorer countries in South America. It is a pitiable country. Since this country has fallen into a morass of deep crises, I must go all the way to the very bottom and pull it out. Paraguay is also a most dangerous place. I have already established Uruguay in the Abel position, so I will establish Paraguay as a partner for Abel. Here, True Mother must become the center. It is Mother who must unite Cain and Abel. Just as the Holy Spirit has to come and give birth to Cain and Abel and raise them, Mother has to make Cain and Abel into one. Uruguay and Paraguay need to achieve oneness. (270-126, 1995/05/14)

18 We have to liberate Jesus from his painful life. Jesus lost the position from which he could assimilate Rome. He could not unite the leading nation centering on a foundation of the family, tribe and people. Let us melt Jesus' bitter sorrow by restoring this through paying indemnity.

By connecting 17 nations centering on 33 key people in South America, and mobilizing core members of their legislatures, Mother tried to liberate Jesus' bitter sorrow over not being able to move his nation. The founding principle of the new Israel, restoring what was lost, must center on John the Baptist's family and tribe. Those 33 people represent his family, and they are central. They coordinated an effort for uniting the 17 nations by mobilizing members of the legislatures in each nation when Mother, after receiving this mission, did her tour of South America. It is being connected to the world territory after passing through the United States, Korea and Japan. (280-219, 1997/01/01)

19 Since we have passed the national level of Satan's world, I established the family foothold and expanded it to the world. Therefore, the age of True Parents has passed and we are entering the age of world-level kingship. This means that we are passing from the age of Cain-type kingship into the age of Abel-type king-ship. We are moving from the age of Satan's kingship to the age of heaven's kingship. Therefore, I am meeting leaders of the world during the 17-nation speaking tour. (275-283, 1996/01/01)

Section 5 The Providence for an Ideal Community

Preservation and development of the environment

The Pantanal, the world s largest wetlands and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located near Jardim, is a region of God's creation of which 80 percent remains preserved in its original state, untouched by human hands. True Parents offered many deep prayers for the Pantanal to serve as the primordial and original foundation upon which ideal villages can be established. Father also planned to flash-freeze fish caught in South America and market them throughout the world, and to build large-scale fish farms in South America. In addition, because South Americas climate is warmer than North Americas, Father felt the area presented a good opportunity to develop fishing tourism.

1 The path of restoration transforms death into life. The only way one can follow this path of life is by self-sacrifice. It is a difficult path full of tragedy, but we have no choice. We are trying to be object partners to God, who is a being who invests and continually forgets that He has invested. Heaven invests and forgets. The path of faith is essentially one of throwing away your current self and continually seeking your future, resurrected self.

That is why the path of the one who leads the effort to realize God's providential Will is the most critical path and the path of greatest trepidation. A leader must invest him or herself. I have heard that my success in the United States is leading many senators and eminent people worldwide to try to meet me. Nevertheless, I am staying in secluded mountain valleys and on farms with only water and grass, places that interest no one.

We are drawn to this primitive environment which is like our original home, where God first created us. We return to nature. This is restoration. We need to love the water and the grass. How profoundly God labored to make every single element of the creation! In a river, there are diverse species of fish, and after God made each one of those species, He was not sad. He liked them all. If Unification Church members catch and eat fish for a month, in return you must take a bag of grain or some other kind of food and feed it to the fish in the river. This is the cycle of life. (276-024, 1996/01/02)

2 I bought about 5,000 acres of farmland in South America, which is currently being farmed. We can be self-sufficient if we live there and manage this farm. Surprisingly, every imaginable tropical fruit tree grows there. Before the purchase, we visited the farm when the owner was not there, and saw all the tropical fruit trees in the garden. They were planted in a garden with a yard where there were chickens walking around. The smell of pineapples was fragrant, but they had just been left there. When I asked why the pineapples were just left like that, they explained that they had not just been left there, but would be picked and eaten when they were ripe.

Also, there was a banana tree that produced bunches of tiny bananas. The people there do not care much for large bananas. When I asked for delicious bananas, they would bring me the tiny ones. If you stand beneath a banana tree when the bananas are ripe, the banana smell is so fragrant! Just by gathering this fruit that grows naturally, you will never starve. It is a real mystery that people can die of hunger in such an environment. This kind of thing happens because there is no leadership. (267-031, 1994/12/27)

3 Normally, you ne^d to wait more than 50 years to fell trees, for example, pine trees. So I was surprised to discover that in South America they can harvest trees only five years after they are planted. They are very thick, so they can be felled even at that young age. They are about 15 meters high. When I saw this, I was surprised. The trees are of fairly good quality. Ebony is said to be one of the more expensive trees that grow in the tropics of South America. People say that a post made from the trunk of that tree will last for 100 to 150 years. This is really good news. Imagine being able to cut down these trees on a cycle of five to ten years. That would produce a large income. We can build a sawmill and produce lumber as soon as the trees are harvested. The lumber can be used to build houses, and we can prefabricate houses following an ideal model. We can establish other business enterprises using materials from the area, and manufacture bricks to be used in producing modern homes. (267-030, 1994/12/27)

4 The lumber used in Brazil is brought in from Paraguay. The price for the trees from the virgin forest is incredible. The land there is at least three times the size of Jeju Island and is packed with trees. That lumber is ideal for construction. There are enough resources to design and produce prefabricated structures and sell them to people who build farms and ranches. (267-036, 1994/12/27)

5 God first created the environment. Therefore, when we as the Unification Church go out to witness, we also must first create the environment. I have come to South America for that reason, to create the environment. We are planning an ideal model farmland, forest and fishery. In order to accommodate people who work there, we will build houses on this one-million-square-foot piece of land.

This should serve as an example to all Unification Church members. You must work wherever you go, whether in Africa or anywhere else. Where there is water, you have to build a fish farm. Where there is land, you have to plant trees. The world is facing problems concerning oxygen. If the trees in the Amazon Basin are cut down, Europe will face a serious oxygen shortage. Therefore, Europe is trying to restrict the cutting down of trees. Brazil wants to develop the Amazon Basin and is asking Europe for compensation. This is the situation. Therefore, the time has come to plant trees on every bare piece of land. We need to cultivate forests. (281-067, 1997/01/02)

6 South America is the place where you can enjoy the benefits of nature. When you come to know all the regions in South America, you see that it is best to establish villages with a culture that embraces nature in order to gradually solve the problems of water management and development, rather than building a city with a culture disconnected from nature. Then there will be no problem with pollution. The person who controls and cares most for the management of water in these regions will eventually lead the world. (294-174, 1998/06/14)

7 Why are we building a ranch and farm in Uruguay? Brazil and Uruguay have an abundance of resources that can sustain a self-sufficient ranch and farm. We can distribute calves, lambs and the young from other animals to 160 nations, where people can raise them and also become self-sufficient. If you give them money, it will soon be gone, but if you give them calves, they will multiply continuously. Doing this will overcome one obstacle to global prosperity. In the process, you too can own ranches and farms. Furthermore, the world will become one big territory for operating fisheries or for recreational fishing tourism.

When we first went to the Pantanal, about 2,500 acres of land cost $70,000. A farm with 700 cows was $700,000. Here in Paraguay, everyone raises chickens too. I plan to lead everything so as to create an ideal hometown or nation. I can build a kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and college in the middle of the farm. It will be a place where all five races can truly live together. This is why people from the 160 nations should come here, receive training, and return to their nations to develop the land in their hometown. Recreation is a part of this, so they will be able to fish and hunt while they are here. There are practical preparations underway to take advantage of these opportunities. (266-140, 1994/12/22)

8 I am planning to operate a fish farm. I am supplying live fish to Japanese restaurants that cook fish picked from the fish tank. I developed this practice, and research carried out at my direction led to enhanced filtration systems that permit live fish to live in tanks for a long time. Right now, we are in the process of researching how fish caught in Alaska, such as king salmon and silver salmon, can be transported and sold live on the Japanese market. Live fish go for three to five times the price of frozen fish. Why do we need a fish farm? It is because people want live nsh. Distribution of live fish caught in the wild is possible, but distributing live fish from local fish farms dramatically reduces the distribution costs.

Therefore, in the future our tanks should be allocated to families and villages. One manager can supervise all the production, calculate annual fish consumption worldwide, and request the appropriate payment through a bank bi-annually. If we do this, even people who do not like fish will buy and eat it because it will be so convenient. This kind of organization is very promising in terms of creating a low-cost distribution system. If one person can manage a fish farm, he or she can run a business, even in the middle of a sightseeing park. One additional benefit is that we can market sashimi as much as we want. (207-120, 1990/11/01)

9 If you catch fish in the Paraguay River, you usually end up throwing away much of your catch. Our people should introduce fishing tourism, buy the fish that the tourists catch, flash-freeze them by the nverside, and ship the fish to Japan, Europe and China. Since the fish will have been flash-frozen, when they are thawed out, they will be as fresh as they were by the riverside. Using a 10,000-ton boat, we can transport fish that have been caught in the Pacific and Atlantic, as well as those that have been cultivated in the 160 fish farms on six continents, as far away as the opposite side of the world. When there are fish here, there are no fish in the north, and when there are fish up north there are none down here. By setting up a distribution system that can balance supply and demand, we can establish an economic base. (270-063, 1995/05/04)

10 Because there are no mountains in most of South America, you can channel the water wherever you want. When you dig for water, you need to locate your well where the groundwater lies; otherwise water will not appear no matter how deep you dig. You can earn a living just by selling water. By evaporating ocean water you can make as much water as you need.

Today because of the advances in engines and other technology, we can bore tunnels and construct aquaculture buildings in places that are 4, 40, or even 400 kilometers away from a water source. I could construct a building for a fish farm taller than the World Trade Center. There are more than 1,000 kinds of fish in the Pantanal, but they can be cultivated inside a building by using a computer with the proper software. Imagine! Anyone who might pass by and want lunch will be able buy and eat whatever fish they desire. In other words, we can make a place where we can make sashimi with any fish you want. (302-100, 1999/06/01)

11 I have a special interest in South America. I am trying to observe how fish migrate there during the beginning of winter. If we want to generate tourism, we should think seriously about how to take advantage of the four different seasons. Winter is always a problem, but if we coordinate well with the four seasons, I think we can build a full-scale tourist business. Furthermore, since this area is on the opposite end of the Earth from Kodiak, Alaska, when one side is going into hibernation, the opposite side is entering into summer vacation. The two alternate.

The issue for us is how to overcome the challenges of the four seasons through stimulating exchange between the northern and southern hemispheres. Fishing takes place in the summer and stops in the winter. How are we going to promote fishing through all four seasons? I want to bring people from Kodiak to visit Korea. In Korea, for example, summer is a hot season, so they will like to go to Kodiak during the summer. Consider, however, that it is not summer in South America; it is winter. So we can go there and compare the two. Let's make a foundation to allow the Korean people to feel that they have moved into another season. If we can create such a program for tourism, we can utilize it anywhere during all four seasons. (270-300, 1995/07/)

Supporting Local Communities

True Parents created roads in the Pan-tanal and donated 29 ambulances. They realized that people living there could not get to the hospital because of the poor road conditions. Therefore, while donating the ambulances, they also constructed roads. Furthermore, they founded a school in Jardim and educated talented potential leaders. By broadcasting the best educational material from the United States using videos, they have striven to raise the standard of South America s education.

The place after Jardim over which True Parents offered the deepest prayers while they were in South America was Chaco, an area of 250,000 square kilometers in the Grand Chaco region, which spans Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. In August 1999 True Parents directed Japanese national messiahs to pioneer the farms in Puerto Leda, located within the Chaco region. True Parents oversaw the purchase of 80,000 hectares of land in Leda and began to develop it. Focusing on Leda, they planned to create a model farm, model fisheries and spin-off businesses, thereby promoting a culture harmonious with nature. Leda was an extremely difficult place to live, but True Parents dedicated resources to transform it into a beautiful village where people and nature can profitably coexist. We re-created Leda and made it into an ideal village where anyone would be happy to live.

12 People living in the Pantanal region cannot travel freely because there are not enough roads. Therefore, I must build roads and, in this way create an environment where the people can move forward and go out into the world. I heard many stories about mothers who cried frantically because they could not take their sick babies to a hospital. So, I provided one ambulance to each area in the Pantanal region. This means that those ambulances were donated by someone who has no relationship with the area. The value of what I gave them would amount to $500,000 today. The governor, chief of police, mayor and hospital administrators of each area gathered when I presented the money for the ambulances, and I obtained their pledge that they would use it properly. Now if someone makes a phone call to the police station, the officers immediately drive the person to the hospital. I am hoping to continue this movement by inspiring more contributions. It started with 50 vehicles but, in the future, I want to increase this number to 500, or even thousands, so that eventually doctors will be able to make house calls. (276-196, 1996/02/19)

13 We can educate people in South America just as we did in the United States. If people in South America have televisions and VCRs, American programs can be broadcast and people can follow along with a textbook to receive the same education as people in the US. We are providing a system beginning with the opportunity to study on their own and then gather once a week, or once every two weeks, to receive guidance and participate in a question-and-answer session based on what they have studied. If they need a car in order to travel to those gatherings, they can use the ambulance. The ambulances I donated can serve dual purposes.

An educational system will be established to connect students to a college. It could include kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools or high schools, depending on the population of that province. Farming methods, tree planting methods, fish farming methods and how to deal with the wilderness will be taught by the time students finish the fourth grade of elementary school. Therefore, when students graduate from high school, they will be professionals in their field. College graduates will become teachers and leaders in these regions. We need to establish this system.

We can train high school students to watch over the farms and ranches. They need to be taught to develop and manage these farms and ranches. Education in various fields of expertise will be taught at the ranch at a fast pace for students from the age of 16 up to the end of high school and on to college—20 years in total, including the completion of a PhD course. Students in our system will not need to worry about having enough food at home. Everyone will become self-sufficient. (276-197, 1996/02/19)

14 I built a school in Jardim. Since not everyone could be accommodated in the kindergartens and middle schools, we are calling people of exemplary talent to be educated at the headquarters. We will have a kindergarten in each city, and then build an elementary school, a middle school and a high school. We will send those who perform well in high school to study at our college, where they will gain general education in fisheries, forest management, agricultural methods and the manufacturing industry. We will expand what has been built in Jardim. Also, I am planning to build a college and a university following that same system.

I am making dynamic plans to build schools throughout South America. My vision is to build elementary, middle and high schools in 33 cities in 33 South American countries. Approximately 230 square meters of land is needed to build two classrooms, which can accommodate 500 people. We will build these classrooms using sliding partitions that can transform the two classrooms into six or seven classrooms. Then, even if hundreds of tourists go there, they can all be accommodated in that one building. It can be used as a place to accommodate tourists as well as to educate and train local residents. (281-300, 1997/03/09)

15 There was a day when I shed tears as I traveled across South America. As I crossed the boundary of Argentina and Uruguay and crossed over the top of the Andes Mountains, while the sun slowly set, I cried as I spoke to a Brazilian missionary. I prayed, "God, in the future I will come here and develop this place. Father, please do not forget."

Where must the Japanese go? I wanted to send them to Paraguay, which I consider an extension of Korea, but the Japanese members were not prepared to go to South America. They all opposed the idea. I had no choice but to send the national messiahs to Paraguay instead. They went to Puerto Leda, and were assigned to work on an area of land of some 80,000 hectares. Miraculously, they were able to purchase this land and develop it.

Let us make this impoverished city into a new city, one whose culture is in harmony with nature. It takes six hours to get from Leda to the Victoria Plaza Hotel, and I will connect them. I told the Japanese national messiahs to build a plaza, a hospital, schools and a multipurpose center instead of a sports center at the village, where 19 clans of the native peoples, Indios, are living. I also told them to buy land.

As part of those preparations, we established numerous operational bases two hours away from each other. In addition, 182 information booths will be set up, one every 50 kilometers along the Paraguay and Amazon Rivers. The Japanese should set up the booths and guide the tours. Therefore, when people come looking for this place, I, as the owner, will have erected the pillar of the new family education. Since we have gone through these things, you need to realize that this is not just someone else's responsibility; it is our responsibility. As you tour that region, you should always shed tears as you think about the extensive groundwork that True Parents initiated to overcome the obstacles. (407-176, 2003/05/15)

16 The Eve nation has the central mission for the restoration of heaven and earth. Who must shed sweat and suffer on the Pantanal? Japan is surrounded by the ocean. It is surrounded by salt water. Originally, when we speak of water, we are refering to the ocean. The water in the ocean evaporates and circulates through the atmosphere, resulting in salt water becoming fresh water to replenish mountain' streams. In the same way, the job of the Japanese is to work here with sincere devotion, creating a cloud that shares new water with the world. You are not suffering so that you can live well. Rather, it is to make a foundation for future happiness. Without sacrifice, you cannot make a foundation for happiness. You should go through even more hardships than I have, and stand in the position of a mother to nourish all the people of the world. (1999/09/21)

17 You have been sent to the Pantanal for 40 days. This 40 days conditionally represents 40 years and 400 years. For 400 years, the Christians gathered in the catacombs while under persecution and carried out the victorious settlement of paradise. The Japanese people need to work for at least 400 years to support the well-being of the world; 40 years is not enough. You should do this happily because you are saving the world. With the idea of an earthly paradise in mind, we are preparing the Pantanal as a tourist kingdom. The people of the world have to pass through this place. Everything that God created remains here in pristine condition. We must make a beautiful earth. In order to accomplish that, I gave this responsibility to the Japanese people, and you must not complain. As the mother nation, Japan needs to fulfill this mission completely. (1999/09/21)

18 I told the Japanese national messi-ahs to quickly pioneer the farms in Puerto Leda, Paraguay. The Eve nation has the responsibility to at least set up a farm as a model where the world s people can be educated. (321-254, 2000/04/24)

19 In places like Peru, a limitless number of sardines can be caught. We told the people who catch sardines that we will make sardine powder. All the conditions are favoring us. Heaven is allowing for all this to take place. But there is almost no one who can embrace this breakthrough and celebrate it. In order to return to the ocean, we need to take interest in the fisheries business. To prepare for this, we plan to settle in the Pantanal with Leda at the center and carry out this work through the Japanese people. Realizing that conservation is the most important task in the Amazon region, we must take measures to prevent pollution as we develop business enterprises that can solve the problem of food shortages. (326-281, 2000/07/15)

20 In Brazil there are many biracial people who are half-African and halfSpanish, and in Paraguay there are also many half-Asian and half-Spanish people. That is why on May 16, 1995, I started the 17 nations' speaking tour of Central America and South America from Paraguay. The Guarani tribe must gain the support of the Indios. That is why I let the people in this area use our boats, and I even pay for the fuel, so that they at least can gather at the church one Sunday a month. That is also why I made the house on the Leda farm very big. I want to hold gatherings there.

This is why the Korean members must be called to come here and work in unity. And the Japanese members will do likewise as a separate group. The Koreans will pioneer separately, and next, the Japanese will pioneer, and after that, the Americans will pioneer. This is the plan. Next, the leaders of the six continents will pioneer and finally, by connecting this momentum to their respective regions, we will arrange it as a global effort. (326-232, 2000/07/13)

21 I want to build a refrigeration company here in the Pantanal, so that the fish caught here by the local people can be sold throughout the world. To do this, we need refrigerated containers. Since there are companies that rent refrigerated storage containers, it might be good, at least at the beginning, to rent and use these containers. We are trying to make 180 bases, and the Japanese people are organizing that at the Leda farm. We can rent the refrigerated containers, freeze and store the fish in them, and then sell them. The challenge will be preserving the freshness of the fish. If we can create a method for this in the Pantanal, there will be no problem pioneering it on the world market. (387-186, 2002/07/22)

22 The raw materials available from the land areas will not sustain us for even 50 more years. Therefore, a problem will arise. In 100 years, food resources from the land will be depleted. That is why we have to pioneer the sphere of the ocean. For this purpose I directed Japanese members to focus our Paraguay River basin efforts on the Leda farm, to create a model farm or a model fishery, an ideal city culture in harmony with nature. (409-093, 2003/06/20)

23 The Japanese national messiahs have entered South America and, working on the Leda farm, are pioneering the Paraguay region. I told them to stay there for three years, and three years have not yet passed. I directed them to develop the entire region of Paraguay. I am doing as I have prayed before heaven. That is why I want to use Japanese marine capability to develop Paraguay and Uruguay to a higher level than anywhere else in the world. (418-207, 2003/09/24)

Providence for the Southern Cone

The four Southern Cone nations, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, have abolished customs taxes and formed a common market. Through them, True Parents have been working to establish a model nation; they desire to expand this effort to all of South America.

24 Presently in South America, goods are being exchanged without the collection of customs taxes between Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil in order to develop the Southern Cone into a common market. This is a step toward them becoming one country. I am trying to unify these four countries so that economically they are like one country. When I spoke with the presidents of Paraguay and Uruguay, they explained that it was difficult and frustrating for them to be sandwiched between the big countries of Argentina and Brazil. (271-032, 1995/08/15)

25 We have to establish a model nation to serve as a standard. I am trying to create this model nation by working with Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. Paraguay and Uruguay stand as plus and minus to each other, as do Argentina and Brazil, respectively. So, I need to create a plan to bring together these two pluses and two minuses on the left and right. All customs taxes have been abolished between these four countries, so economically they function as one nation. In Uruguay we built a bank, a convention center, a department store and a hotel. We are planning to establish branches of this bank in these four countries. Then commerce will be possible throughout the 33 nations of Central and South America. After that, North America and South America, should also unite as plus and minus. (268-057, 1995/02/07)

26 If the four nations of the Southern Cone—Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay—join together into one nation, that one nation would represent four-fifths of South America. In this way most of South America would be united. The time is coming when customs taxes will be completely removed and all goods will be able to pass freely from one nation to another. This means that in the near future, all nations will become one nation. In line with the global trend, South America needs to become one nation. The similarity of its various cultures is yet another dynamic which is leading the individual South American countries to become one nation. In Brazil and Argentina there are large areas of undeveloped land. The government is considered the owner of this land, but these governments have not been able to manage them. People build ranches, but that is not enough. In the future we have to plant trees to produce more oxygen. We have to create a completely green zone. (269-158, 1995/04/17)

27 By bringing the four nations of the Southern Cone together we can raise talented people to foster networks for unification in South America. After making a federation between Sun Moon University, the University of Bridgeport and Jerry Falwell s Liberty University, we will build four universities of the highest standard in the Southern Cone by importing financial resources and academic wisdom from the United States. We will even mobilize Europe. Starting from these universities and focusing on the underdeveloped nations, people from 160 nations will gather here, unit all the cultures.

I want to set a worldwide standard of peace and establish a school to educate talented people who will lead the world. I also want to make a world exhibition village in that region where we will showcase the culture that connects all 160 nations on an equal plane. This university will then become a destination for tourists from all over the world. Also, if facilities are built to accommodate those who want to study abroad, students from all over the world will be able to come and go. The ideal world will be represented in the context of these several interconnected projects. I am holding talks in order to accomplish these things. (269-163, 1995/04/17)

28 I plan to make a central bank in South America. I will create it after conferring with the presidents of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. We have a bank in Uruguay, and the Bank of Paraguay is offering us shares. Argentina also is ready to do this. In this way, we will establish branches of the bank in these four nations, connecting the best bankers in South America to establish a central bank. We will make a bank that is bigger than the banks of any one nation and establish it as a credit union in order to promote the distribution of capital. That is why we are getting into this business. (282-201, 1997/03/12)

29 The Unification Church must tie together the universities, the mass media, the theological world and the financial world. I will create a foundation for the financial world through a bank in South America. We need organizations to manage the worlds stock markets. England, Japan and Taiwan determine the price of gold and silver. In the future, the four nations of the Southern Cone, which includes Brazil, will have to do this. I have settled here in order to lay the foundation to operate a cutting-edge Wall Street-like stock exchange on a global scale. For this purpose I have been educating bankers since 1980. (300-290, 1999/03/24)

30 In Paraguay, I have given directions to create a model for the ideal world on a 74-acre area of land. If it succeeds, the Paraguayan congress and media will publicize it all over the country. All of South America will hear about it, and Paraguay will become a plus, and unite with Uruguay, the minus. If these two countries say, "Do it," Brazil and Argentina will also join them, and by eliminating import taxes and opening a joint distribution system, these nations can all move as one. The Paraguayan and Uruguayan governments have declared and publicized that Reverend Moon's plan to pioneer an ideal world is a worthy step toward the establishment of world peace. They have completely turned and are facing in the same direction. (266-138, 1994/12/22)

31 If Korea is the north, Uruguay, the opposite point on earth is the south. The world laughed at our work to help support Uruguay financially. American leaders also wonder why we don't support the United States instead of Uruguay. But the Uruguayan president has faith in me. I established a bank and hotel-convention center there. Next, I built a department store, and we are working to organize a financial system to connect the bank, the hotel, a travel agency and a department store. In the area of ideology, I have established a foundation that can communicate and cooperate with the Catholic community. (269-211, 1995/04/23)

32 In the United States, our work started from the very bottom, but South America is developing from the top down, so this is a faster process. In Uruguay, since 1980, I have established a bank, a hotel and a newspaper. If you look at the globe, you will see that Uruguay forms an axis with Korea. They are on opposite ends of the earth such that, if you draw a line between them, it forms an axis of the Earth. My plan for South America is to make a duty-free zone covering its entire 33 nations. By eliminating tariffs and freeing up economic circulation, we will establish Uruguay as one of the leading developing nations. The Pope called for a consolidation movement and affirmed that Catholics should repent for the long history of fighting with Protestants that continues even up until the present era. Therefore, the internal and external directions of the providence are coming into perfect alignment. (271-031, 1995/08/15)

33 I am involved with Paraguay and have suggested that the Paraguayan government's ruling party and opposition party are in a Cain-Abel relationship and should become one. If the two parties become one and attend True Parents, it will become a nation that can receive the Blessing of the heavenly kingdom. It will become the blessed nation, a nation that can represent North America and South America as a central nation of the heavenly kingdom. I am involved in Uruguay, and now I also am reaching out to Argentina. Korea and Paraguay are also in a Cain-Abel relationship. This means that in the end they must become one. Paraguay is the axis of the Southern Cone. That is why together with Paraguay I am leading a federation movement involving Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. These four countries represent east, west, north, and south. If Uruguay and Paraguay become one, on this same axis, Argentina and Brazil also will become one. (268-206, 1995/04/01)

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