book 11

Ecumenical Initiatives

Human beings live in deep ignorance of matters regarding spiritual reality because our connection of heart with God was severed due to the Fall of our first ancestors. To overcome this spiritual ignorance and complete the providence of salvation, God established religions. God has been awakening humankind through religions, whose founders expressed teachings suitable for the people of their time and culture. The emergence of True Parents on earth has opened the age of the parent religion. Accordingly, with the heart of parents, True Parents have dedicated their entire lives to establishing unity between religions and creating alliances among them to actualize God's Will.

True Father began developing ecumenical initiatives in the mid-1960s, working for unity and reconciliation between the Unification Church and the established Korean Christian denominations. In the 1970s, True Father directed the Unification Church to participate in the interfaith activities of the Association of Religions in Korea (ARK). He saw these ecumenical activities and interfaith activities as two components of the work to lead religious people in Korea toward unity and harmony.

On that foundation, after going beyond the national level, in the 1980s and subsequent decades, True Father developed international initiatives for peace among religions through organizations he established for this purpose, including the New Ecumenical Research Association (New ERA), the International Religious Foundation, the Assembly of the Worlds Religions, the Council for the Worlds Religions, the Youth Seminar on World Religions, the Religious Youth Service, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, and the Universal Peace Federation.

The final goal of True Parents' work in forming alliances among religions is to give rebirth to all people as God's children. They have been actualizing this by conducting international and interreligious marriage Blessing ceremonies, which transcend religious differences. One of the most significant of these was the 144,000 Couples Interreligious Marriage Blessing for Clergy conducted in Washington, DC in 2002. The couples who are joined in these interreligious Blessings naturally break down walls between religions. By this work, True Parents are binding the world together as one family under God, ultimately to realize world peace.

True Parents have been able to lead such interreligious peace initiatives because of their direct understanding of the spiritual reality and their deep experience of God's heart. Their absolute conviction that a world of peace will come in the future stems from this inner experience.

True Parents understand that both the spirit world and the earthly world have been blocked by innumerable barriers that have built up over the course of history. Accordingly, as they continually achieved success in the providential course of restoration through indemnity, they broke these barriers down layer by layer, both in the spiritual world and in the physical world. In this way they opened the path for the liberation of the spirit world and prepared the foundation for the kingdom of heaven on earth as well as in heaven. Finally they were able to proclaim the era of Cheon II Guk—the age of the unified realm of the physical world and the spiritual world. As this new age unfolds, God will be able to reign over the spiritual world and the physical world as He desires, and earthly people will be able to communicate freely with those in the spirit world.

Chapter 1

Ecumenical and Interfaith Initiatives

Section 1.The Meaning and Purpose of Religion

Teaching about God

When True Father started his public providential course upon Korea gaining independence in 1945, he envisioned that based on religion, he would lead the providence of salvation and lead the world to peace. Accordingly, he took great interest in the religious situation and the roles religion would play. As he worked unceasingly to realize harmony among religions, he would say that a true religion is one that brings people to strong awareness of God's existence and accurately teaches them about His nature and His being.

1 There are many religions throughout the world. What are these religions supposed to teach? The first priority for any religion is to teach people properly about God. A religion that teaches about God in a vague or ambiguous way leaves us uncertain. If God truly exists, and He does, then a true religion must teach what kind of being God is, what His love is like, and so on. Among the world's religions, Christianity has emerged as one that has this deep, internal quality.

Christianity teaches that God is our Father. When Jesus appeared on earth, he proclaimed that he was the only begotten Son of God and that in the world of human beings, he was the only one who had been born as God's Son. Being born as the son of one's father means having received from birth his bone marrow, his flesh and his blood. The connection between father and son is such that it cannot be severed by any rules or laws. It cannot be denied, even when one is standing in front of the most imposing authority. From this perspective, when Jesus was on earth and called God his Father, he made clear to all creation that he came with the central mission to reign over the world with God's authority for eternity. (018-108, 1967/05/28)

2 The advanced material civilization of the 20th century was created by people pursuing only visible, material goods. Yet, pursuing material values alone by studying only the visible, material world is not the original desire of human beings. Religion teaches that God exists in the invisible, incorporeal world that transcends the material world. The perspective of religion is that groups would emerge—and not only groups but peoples, nations, even all of humankind— that hope to stand in the presence of the incorporeal God and that desire to do only His Will. With such people God will create a new world, one that will transcend the material civilization of the 20th century and whose values will be based on the invisible world of God.

As human beings continued to investigate the material world, they came to recognize that its first cause was energy. When they investigate further, they will end up arriving at the invisible world behind that energy. This is the invisible world that God governs. The visible world and the invisible world exist in a correlative relationship. That is why if you pray hard and offer sincere devotion focused on the world that is invisible, you will come to experience the painful history that is hidden in the hearts of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In this way you will be able to discover all truths of heaven. (002-238, 1957/06/02)

3 It is an absolute fact that religion is not merely about human beings. Religion teaches about God. God is the source of all religious teachings. Because God is the origin and root of religion, we cannot talk about religion apart from God. That is why the four great saints who founded the worlds great religions honored God's Will and introduced His heart. Those who live in the realm of religion and do likewise can reach the level of these saints. Who made these religious founders saints? If people had elevated them to the position of saints, their teachings would have revolved around human beings. But in fact, we find that these teachings were God-centered. Thus, we can recognize that it is God who raised and designated these people as saints. In this way, we can say that God created the world s religions and the cultural spheres that emerged from them. (038-183, 1971/01/03)

4 These days some religions put forth fanciful ideals and humanistic fictions about love. But a true religion must penetrate to the essence of the human predicament. It must firmly plant an awareness of God, that no one who experiences it can ever deny. This is what a true religion does. Its value is more precious than anything in the world. It cannot be exchanged for anything, not for all the great men and saints of history put together.

A true religion begins with a person who has a clear awareness of the existence and nature of God. From that point, he can become the beginning of a new history, which will then expand from the individual to the nation, world and cosmos. In the Unification Church we talk about the heart of God. There is nothing higher than this. There are also issues of heart that arise in our daily lives, in what we call the love of parents, the love of husband and wife, and the love of siblings. But when it comes to the heart of God, we are talking about a different dimension. (033-231, 1970/08/16)

5 When looking at all the cultures of the world and their histories, we find that behind them and supporting them is religion. Human history and religion are connected and share a common destiny. In different eras, religions have sometimes gotten ahead of history and sometimes fallen behind it, yet religions have continued to exist regardless. This is because religion is the foundation upon which God can achieve the ideal world and His ideal of the kingdom of heaven. The key teaching of religion is God and His love. That is why religions teach human beings to love God. The original mind of human beings wants to seek and find God, who created them and the cosmos. That is why religion must teach principles by which human beings can love God and receive His love.

In Korean, the word for religion is j°ng-gy°. The first Chinese character jong (th) means "wooden floor." The second character gyo (U() means "teaching." Hence, what we call religion is the teaching that helps human beings become a platform, or even the pillar that supports from beneath.

If this is the case, what could be more important than teaching about Gods love? Is there any teaching greater than this? Human beings' most ardent desire is to possess the love of God. Religion teaches us how to reach that summit. That is why the more it emphasizes God and the more it teaches His love, leading us to stand in awe of the absolute Creator of the universe, the higher a religion it is. (023-126, 1969/05/18)

6 Does the absolute God exist? This is a crucial question. Finding the answer has been the quest of all humanity. Intellectuals and saints, past and present, have sought to answer this question. It has been the quest of people in all ages throughout history. Some people take an ideological of philosophical approach in seeking God. Others take a theological approach. They may begin with an encounter with God. From that starting point they develop their ideas about how people can live with God and find happiness with Him in this world.

Religion pursues a world where not only individuals live with God, but families, societies, nations and the world also live with Him. However, to globalize the concept of living with God requires a religious teaching that affirms that all people must dwell together with God, and which at the same time embraces all the differences in people's cultures; including their different geographical regions, historical backgrounds and customs.

Look at shamanism. The reason it became full of superstitions is because it does not present any teachings that can guide human beings to form a relationship with God. Had it directed us to God, shamanism would have developed into a great religion, guiding people's lives on the different levels from the individual to the family, people, nation and world. (240-261, 1992/12/13)

7 Religion does not exist only on the basis of truth. What people call "the Way" is not only truth. Ideologies and philosophies are limited to truth, but religion has another component. Religion also connotes heart. Therein lies the difference. There is no room for heart in mere ideology or philosophy. A parent and child love each other without even speaking about it. Something similar is imbedded in religion. It includes something that transcends logic and moves beyond external conditions. In this, religion is different from ideology, which is based on an organizational framework rather than on heart.

We are like marathon runners who are racing toward the finish line. To reach the goal we must be equipped with knowledge about the course we are running. This means we must have a clear grasp of our actual circumstances in this era. Provided we understand the situation in which we are running, we will be able to keep going to the finish line.

Accordingly, as we move forward toward heaven, sometimes at the risk of our lives, we need to understand Gods heart in history, in the present and in the future. If we can feel how hard God has been toiling to prepare the way and establish this path, then no matter what difficulties we may encounter, we will be able to continue and break through any barriers. (007-140, 1959/08/09)

8 If there is anything in the human world that goes beyond this physical world, connecting heaven and earth, it is religion. There are no human beliefs that are greater than religious beliefs. Religious beliefs make it possible for us to have a relationship with the invisible Creator. They enable us to say He is our Father and we are His sons and daughters. The starting-point of religion is that we exist in an inseparable parent-child relationship with God. This is the basis for our value as human beings.

It is also the reason a true religion does not remain merely on the national level as the faith of one people, but looks to the future of nations, the world and the cosmos. The Creator has been acting in order to become one with human beings and with the earth. The ideal of creation is the formation of a trinity comprised of God, humankind and the Earth.

Religion is the very means to restore this relationship with Him. That is why religions initially emphasized the master-servant relationship. Over time they established the correct order for relationships—what is in front and what follows behind, what comes first and what comes after. By doing so, they have clarified our relationship with heaven. (004-098, 1958/03/16)

9 There is only one set of True Parents for eternity. Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, were not to remain as two individuals, but were to be a woman and a man joined as one. Those ancestors of humankind were to have become the True Parents, but due to the Fall, instead they became false parents. Unless the position of the absolute Parents is recovered, God's ideal of creation can never be realized. By this logic, a religion is not a true religion unless its teachings lead us to build true families, true ideal nations, and a true ideal world centering on Gods beloved Bride and Bridegroom. As there had been no true parents, a true religion had to teach that we could not build true families until after True Parents had come. (257-131, 1994/03/14)

The repair shop

The mission of religion is to recover fallen human beings as children of God and to recover the original world of God's creation. Fallen people became like broken machines. True Father therefore said that religion must fulfill the mission of a repair shop that rebuilds broken down human beings.

10 Religion teaches us to follow moral principles that are in alignment with the fundamental principle by which God created heaven and earth. Religion teaches that one being, God, made all things of heaven and earth, and that the one God has been steadily moving the providence toward realizing the world that fulfills His one purpose.

Accordingly, religion teaches that we too must move in that direction and holds that this requires us to renounce a life based on physical comfort. This is what both Buddhism and Christianity teach. The higher the level of a religion, the more strenuously it commands us to deny our bondage to the material world. The Bible teaches this.

We fallen human beings cannot become one with God just as we are. We first need to be completely liberated. We need to become new people, and this requires us to pursue the one purpose of God above all else. That is why we need religion.

We must not lead a religious life blindly. God always carries out His providence through a formula. Hence, we must understand His formula. The Unification Church is where people can learn this. This formula course is defined by the Principle of ^Restoration. The Unification Principle clearly teaches how providential history has unfolded from the past to the present. This is a most important aspect of the Unification Church teachings. (016-118, 1966/01/02)

11 The role of religion is to re-create human beings. How does it do that? It guides us to resolve the seemingly endless conflict between mind and body and reach a state of peace where forevermore there is no struggle. Religion also guides us to become God's counterparts, who are qualified to represent the Sovereign of the cosmos. It teaches us how we can manifest the character of God in our relations with others, so that He will rejoice over us as people of eternal, unchanging value. Religion guides us to strive to fulfill this task not by our human efforts alone, but in cooperation with God. (086-034, 1976/03/04)

12 God is the original Lord of human beings. He is the absolute Being in unity. Our original mind belongs to God, and therefore like a magnet we are naturally pulled toward God, who is our subject partner. This is why we human beings revere what is high and holy, and why we yearn for the absolute Being. Religion has taken responsibility in this arena. By the same token, the mission of religion is to keep the mind in the position of subject partner, and keep it stronger than the body so that it can completely subjugate the body. (085-310, 1976/03/04)

13 If only we had God's true love dwelling in us, our mind and body would naturally be in total oneness. God established religions to save human beings based on this principle. The religious world is like a repair shop for mending human beings who are out of order. Religion produces new parts and fixes what is broken. Religious teachings pursue the goal of mind-body unity.

No matter how serious we are about religion, studying its teachings and practicing self-discipline, are all vain efforts unless we bring our mind and body into oneness. Unless we achieve mind-body unity, ten years of study and practice, even 1,000 years of study and practice, will be in vain. How can we unite our mind and body? None of the great religious founders could fully teach this. I say it is God's true love that enables us to attain mind-body unity. Therefore, the primary issue is understanding why we have been unable to fully abide in the true love of God. (199-343, 1990/02/21)

14 Human beings did not fulfill God's ideal of creation. While on the way to realizing the ideal world, they fell and became broken beings. Human beings ever since have spent their lives wandering in confusion, not knowing where to go, whom to follow, or what kind of world they should strive to attain. This condition describes present-day human society. Human beings have fallen to a position where their value is lower than that of God's servants and lower than the things of creation. We cannot recover our rightful position by acting randomly or blindly. We need to repair fallen history through the principle of re-creation. Religion was established as the repair shop to rebuild broken human beings. It is to restore us fallen human beings to our original condition. We need to go to the repair shop and be created anew. (101-139, 1978/10/29)

15 The fact is you are all broken people. When a radio is broken, you get static or no sound at all. Likewise, when a person is broken, he or she cannot go where his or her heart wants to go. If God exists, He will have the know-how to fix broken people. If He does not have such a plan, He may as well not exist. However, questions arise: Why did God end up having to establish a repair shop to fix broken people? Why must God send technicians, and are they able to make these repairs? The repair shop is religion. Immediately after the Fall, religions began to develop, beginning with shamanistic faiths. Starting from those small repair shops, the higher religions emerged and were established as world-level repair centers. (039-277, 1971/01/15)

16 The world's cultural spheres are realms that were established by religious thought and developed first as religious cultural spheres. Religion is the fountainhead of all civilizations. Civilizations emerge on the foundation of religion. That is why the cultural spheres of the four major world religions cover the entire world.

Religions have taken the role and responsibility of repair shops. However, no existing religion can repair the whole person. It is as if the repair shop of one religion only manufactures legs, another only manufactures arms, another necks and another heads, yet they still remain to be assembled.

Therefore, we need a factory that can assemble all these parts and make people whole. That factory is the Unification Church. Given the current circumstances, it is remarkable that we have emerged and put up a sign stating that we will unite all religions. This is why people who used to believe in Buddhism, Christianity and Confucianism, as well as non-believers, are joining the Unification Church. It is because the Unification Church is a religion of synthesis. It performs a comprehensive assembly of the whole person. It is a comprehensive repair center in name and in reality. (039-278, 1971/01/15)

Dominion over oneself

True Parents teach that the conflicts and disputes among human beings arise from the struggle between their mind and body, which became divided due to the Human Fall. Thus, True Father lived by the personal motto, "Before you seek to have dominion over the universe, you must first gain dominion over yourself' The body, which seeks its own comfort and pleasure, must be subordinate to the mind, which is connected to God and His ideal. Accordingly, religion teaches that mind-body unity, where the focus of the mind is the higher purpose, is the necessary foundation for a life of true love, which comes through service to others and self-sacrifice. The body's unity with the mind is the necessarf first step on the path to actualizing the final goal of one world under God.

17 "You must achieve mind-body unity." People have shouted this throughout history, regarding it as the gospel of gospels. If you cannot reach this state, even your love will be in vain. Without it, you have no basis to say anything about what it means to be a human being. Whatever your line of argument, if it is not based on that fundamental foundation within yourself, it has nothing to do with reality. For this reason, you have to be able to state that you have attained complete mind-body unity. But can any of you say that with confidence?

God teaches us that the way to bring our mind and body into unity is through true love. God abides in total oneness of mind and body because, abiding in love, His mind and body live for the sake of each other. God exists perpetually because His mind and body invest in something beyond themselves—the body for the sake of the mind, and the mind for the sake of the body. This is the logical basis of eternal life. It originates in the reality of beings investing in one another and then investing more. (210-239, 1990/12/23)

18 "Before you seek to have dominion over the universe, you must first gain dominion over yourself." This is what Christians and other people of faith need to understand. Everyone wants to be admired as great, but what does it mean to be great? The shortcut to having others regard you as great is first to straighten yourself out. Your mind and body are fighting every day, unable to make a truce. This is a condition that has continued and will continue from generation to generation—from your grandparents to your parents, from your parents to you, then from you to your sons and daughters, then to your grandchildren, and on and on.

Countless saints and sages have come and gone without being able to solve this problem. I, however, have solved it. I can enter the realm where my mind and body are in resonance, united in true love. Once I am there, even without engaging in the path of discipline I can understand everything. There were circumstances where I was driven out and persecuted, but I survived amid those whirlpools. How? It is because I understood the path I had to follow. When I enter that state of resonance, I stand directly under Gods perpendicular line. Hence, I understand what measures to take. Because I understand this, I can keep going on my destined path regardless of any outcry against me. This is why I have not come to ruin despite people saying I would. (248-277, 1993/10/03)

19 You are divided individuals. Your mind and body are divided. Your mind, standing in the position of Abel, has been sacrificing for your body. It has been working your whole life, investing and forgetting, investing again and forgetting. Now it is time for your body in the position of Cain to unite with your mind. When the two become one, in that state God will be with you.

On that victorious foundation, you next stand in a Cain-Abel relationship as husband and wife. Again, when the two of you become one, God will descend and dwell with you. Until you restore the Cain-Abel relationship and establish their oneness based on love, you cannot advance to the next level. We have to establish the victorious foundation of Cain-Abel unity from the individual level to the levels of family, tribe, people and nation. Only then can we bring about the liberation of God, as well as the liberation of Adam and Eve and their children. (207-318, 1990/11/11)

20 Religion does two things: First, it stimulates your mind and strengthens its power. If you have religious faith, your mind will be stimulated to such an extent that its purpose becomes your sole focus. When faith impacts your mind so strongly that you forget everything about your body, then for the first time you will realize that God truly exists. Then you must again apply that strong power to every part of your mind, so that you make an absolute determination, "My lord is God alone. My body will submit only to God, not to the Devil." When you feel the conflict between your mind and body, it is because the power of your mind and the power of your body are almost equal. But if you strengthen your faith to infuse your mind with three to five times more power than it has now, your mind can be victorious over your body.

The second thing religion does is to give you power to strike your body and keep your body under control. Striking the body and supplying strong power to the mind are the two works of religion. As well as making your mind stronger, you need to make your body obey your mind. Do this for three years. Since the power of your mind and the power of your body are about the same, you need to make your body suffer until it just surrenders. That is why religion tells you, "Do a fast. Be meek and humble." By saying things like "be meek and humble" and "sacrifice," religion brings the body to submit to the mind. For the same reason, religion teaches you to accept suffering. (085-310, 1976/03/04)

21 Mind and body must become one, as subject partner and object partner. This is what caused me to suffer the most while I was putting myself through spiritual discipline. The mind and body do not become one easily. The biggest challenges are sleeping and eating. If I felt hungry, my mind got confused. If I felt sleepy, my eyes would not listen to me. Next, as a man, I had to overcome my physical desire for women.

These are the three great enemies of all human beings. So unless you overcome them, you cannot go to God's kingdom. Because we are all confronted with those kinds of difficulties, my personal motto has been, "Before you seek to have dominion over the universe, you must first have dominion over yourself." Even if I ^vere able to unite and command the universe, if I cannot attain unity within myself, I would end up losing everything. (232-123, 1992/07/03)

22 What kind of religion does the world need? It is one that presents the way to peace. It cannot be a religion that stands by while we regard ourselves as important, or that endorses a concept of self-centered ownership, or teaches that we can act based on selfish desires. If that were the case, we would never be able to escape the circumstances where people are dominated by their own subjective concepts of what is right for them, their people, and their native land. We have to overcome this. Therefore religion teaches us to sacrifice ourselves. As long as the world continues its history of people pursuing their own benefit, it can never get away from war.

Heaven knows this, and tells us, "Sacrifice yourself! Deny yourself!" In addition, heaven tells us that when we stand in the position of a subject partner, we must not pursue our own benefit as a subject partner. Instead we must choose the path that will benefit our object partner. We must take the path of a religion that emphasizes the ways of sacrifice, service to others, and self-denial. (172-143, 1988/01/10)

Section 2. Salvation and the Liberation of God

Saving all of humankind

The purpose of religion is to restore people to their original, unfallen condition, through the providence of salvation. For this purpose, True Parents have been working both in the Unification Church and in the wider religious world. In our church they have been raising up family members with love and truth. In the wider religious world they have been spreading the truth through interfaith initiatives.

1 What do human beings want most? If we have a certain desire, that desire should not be for the sake of ourselves. Once we have been engrafted to God, we should start anew with desires that are connected to God's desire. We should find what God desires and go forth on the path to fulfill what He desires. As we pursue absolute value, we should pursue it not from our own viewpoint, but from the viewpoint that arises in our relationship with God, the absolute Being who governs us.

Unless fallen human beings take this position, they cannot break free of their bond to the Fall. If we do not break free from that bond, however much we want to establish all the conditions of happiness, we will never be able to attain eternal happiness. With God we must become people who step forward more strongly than does the evil one who created the fallen environment. Unless we do so, there is no way to solve the human predicament.

All human beings are in this miserable position. Yet, God, in His compassion, has been taking responsibility for that, by carrying out the providence of salvation in every age of history and teaching people the path to salvation. (032-094, 1970/06/28)

2 Ultimately, history has been pursuing the path of love. Because human beings began from Gods love, God has purposed that human beings arrive at the world of love and unity. However, it is the ones who guide humankind on that path who determine success or failure. I know that this is the right path of life. Because I understand this, I confidently report to you the personal experiences of the struggles that I have carried out for this quest at the risk of my life.

When we look into the history of religion, we find that Gods providence of salvation has been carried out in the midst of the many ups and downs of human history. Because the providence of salvation will continue up until the Last Days, there needs to be a mainstream of religious practice. Its final destination is to find the path of God's love and build the family of His love. Thereby, it is to establish the tribe of His love and then the nation of His love. (136-212, 1985/12/29)

3 This fallen world is occupied by evil. How can good people be raised up in this kind of world? If the Lord who created heaven and earth exists, this must be a daunting challenge for Him. In fact, nurturing good people is what God has been doing as He carries out the providence of salvation on earth. God set up religions as His means of nurturing good people. Human beings have needed religions ever since the day they fell.

Even though human beings fell, they still have a mind of goodness deep within them. It is because God endowed them with an original mind that can pursue religion and believe in God. God established the standard of goodness within human beings before evil arose, and this is the standard by which they can fulfill Gods purpose of creation.

This means that we all have an original nature through which Gods purpose of creation can be realized. Our original nature always strives for God's purpose of goodness. It is innate and works naturally within us. The workings of conscience direct us in such a way that we will inevitably advance toward goodness. (016-108, 1966/01/02)

4 The purpose of religion is salvation. It is to save us from the state of conflict. Salvation means to go beyond the world of conflict into the world of peace. Since the root of the word "salvation" means "save," we can understand that originally human beings were not meant to be in a state of conflict.

If you are admitted to the hospital, when you recover your health and are discharged you say, "I am healed." Healing someone means restoring that person from a damaged condition to their original condition. Accordingly, because humankind fell, we must recover our original unfallen state. What happens when we return to that position? The relationship between God and us can be formed anew. (273-213, 1995/10/29)

5 God established religions to transform the fallen people of the world, who are wild olive trees. The mission of religions and religidus people is to transform those wild olive trees into true olive trees that can attain perfection. Since human beings fell away from God and became sinners, religion strives to bring us back to God.

In fact, religion s role is to bring all humankind back to God. This is salvation. Thus far, religious people living a life of faith have thought, "It is enough if I believe in religion and gain my salvation." However, the correct path for people of faith reaches farther than this; it is to save all humanity, and help all people return to God. Thus, true religious people should think, "The reason I believe in religion is to return my nation to God and return the world to God. Before I save my own sons and daughters and descendants, first I will save my nation and the world."

By doing this, once our nation receives salvation, our family will also be saved. Likewise, once the world receives salvation, our own nation will also be saved. That is why a true religion seeks to save all humankind, and people of true faith return to God while striving to bring all humanity with them. (080-201, 1975/10/23)

6 Is it Gods desire and hope to lift up Christianity to Himself and sweep away all other religions like garbage? Those who think that way misunderstand Gods view of salvation. God wants to save the entire world, not only Christianity. Therefore, once God unites Christianity with Himself, He will strive to unite all other religions with Himself as well.

More than that, Gods providence of salvation is to save not only the earth but the entire cosmos. He wants to save all the people of the past, present and future. He wants to save all the people who once lived on earth and are now in the spirit world, even the people who went to hell. If God is the true owner and subject partner of true love and compassion, then after uniting all religions of the world, He would go on to bring the entire world into oneness and save every single soul without fail. (209-067, 1990/11/27)

7 Religion seeks God's kingdom, the God-centered nation. In the course of history, human beings also have been seeking God's kingdom, which must be built in this world. To accomplish this, we must place God at the center. We were born to build such a world; we are meant to live for it and die for it. If we do this, we will truly be the patriots of God's nation. Not only that, we will be filial children before the Heavenly Parent. We should live by this teaching, so that we can provide for humankind a shortcut that everyone can take to enter God's kingdom. We are pioneering the path that the world's people will universally yearn to follow. It is the path by which unity will begin. From individual to family salvation True Parents declared that the fundamental unit of human society is the family, not the individual. They taught that we must establish God-centered families, and then expand the scope of salvation from the family to the whole world. Therefore, religions, that up to now have been concerned with saving the individual, must take up the work of saving the family. This is how they can take the lead in restoring the world.

To emphasize the importance of family salvation, 40 years after the church was founded as the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC), in 1994, True Parents changed the name to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). (034-346, 1970/09/20)

8 Religions until today have served mainly the purpose of pursuing salvation for individuals. Religions have sought to go over that one hill, individual salvation, ever since the beginning of history. However, having gone over the hill of individual salvation, we have come to the next hill, the hill of family salvation.

The Unification Church is not a church that pursues the goal of saving the individual. Religion has focused on individual salvation for 6,000 years. However, religion's purpose should now be changed to the salvation of the family. This is the historical task that the Unification Church has undertaken and is addressing.

Until now, no religion has arisen that made family salvation its goal. Because the goal of the numerous religions that have arisen and developed in history until now was saving the individual, they could not rise to the level of establishing God's nation. They did not have the salvation of society and the nation as their goal.

Thus, the Unification Church has taken on the challenge of saving the family. No individual can go over this hill of family salvation alone. Inevitably two people must go over it together. While a husband and wife are going over this hill together, they should have a relationship of left and right, not front and back. This is because the Fall occurred when Eve followed the Archangel and Adam followed Eve. Therefore, a husband and wife should stand side by side with the same rank. In that way they will be able to save each other within their mutual relationship. (031-010, 1970/04/08)

9 Until now in the age of the church, the focus has been on saving the individual. Now, however, the providential age has begun wherein the focus is on saving the family, led by families that have received the Blessing. When families are united with God, we will move into the providential age for saving the clan and the nation. Then, when the leaders of the clan receive the Blessing, the entire clan will be saved. In the next age we enter, if the head of a nation receives the Blessing the entire nation receives salvation. The level of salvation will take a leap. The age of the church is passing.

The fall of two individuals, Adam and Eve, turned the family, the clan, the nation and the world upside down. We must restore all of it. The mind and body must become one in God, the family must become one in God, the nation must become olie and the world must become one. All must be united as one in God's love.

In Adam's family, everything was pulled apart when it became connected to Satan's lineage, a deviated lineage. Yet now with the emergence of True Parents, we have arrived at the age of unity when the world will move toward equality. On the foundation of True Parents, families can come to be under the leadership of husbands and wives who have each established mind-body unity, and on the foundation of those families the whole world can be restored.

True Parents have brought the true lineage whereby the individual's body and mind can be reconnected with God. On that basis, a man and a woman who have perfect unity within themselves can form a perfect union in their marriage and family life. The world that expands horizontally from these perfect families is the kingdom of heaven where God reigns. (285-167, 1997/05/01)

10 With individual salvation as their goal, existing religions have been teaching individuals what they need to do to be saved from evil. However, the religion the world needs in the future is not a religion that focuses on the individual, but one that saves the family. For this, it will need to prepare a foundation. The new movement to save the family that must appear will have to endure and overcome all manner of trials in order to stand in the position that is secured within the will of heaven and publicly recognized by humankind. Both God and human beings must be united in recognizing it. Once this happens, the movement will grow and expand worldwide.

The movement for the salvation of the family will not be limited to a particular nation, Korea for instance; rather the ideal it promotes for the family will transcend any particular nation or people. The religion that arises to engage in this kind of movement will definitely become the religion that the world needs from this time on. (032-199, 1970/07/15)

11 It is not our purpose to work for individual salvation. We are here to set up the foundation for family salvation. Godly families are the cornerstone for building a godly society and a godly nation. That is why true families have to appear.

Beings whose nature is true unite with others that are true, even if they are told not to. On the other hand, no matter how much we try to unite what does not have the nature to unite, oil and water for example, they will not unite but remain separate. In fact, the more we try, the more they resist. If we become families with the essential quality that can attract other families to harmonize and unite with us, we can become their role models, and we should be able to form a tribe sharing the same essential quality.

The family that I am talking about is different from families that live according to the habitual ways they inherited from their forebears. It is different from families that conform to present-day society and its norms, and who plan their lives and take measures according to their circumstances in the world. I am talking about becoming model families that do not conform to todays society and environment, but transcend them. (035-130, 1970/10/11)

12 Until now, people had faith in order to receive salvation as individuals. Our faith must be fundamentally different from that. Its substance must be different. In other religions, people on the path of faith say, "More than what happens to the world—my nation, my tribe, even my family—what is paramount is my own salvation. If need be, I would even cut off from my family rather than risk my own salvation." On the other hand, in the Unification Church our path should demonstrate that I exist as an individual in order to save my family, which exists to save our tribe, and our tribe exists for the salvation of our people. Our nation, likewise, does not exist for its own sake but for the salvation of the world. This should be the stance of members of the Unification Church. It is fundamentally different from that of believers in other religions.

The family is the foundation for building God's nation. Since that is our goal, we do not focus on individual salvation but rather on family salvation. In the past when people made a relationship with God, they mainly focused on their vertical position in front of God. But in this era, our relationship with God must encompass more than just our vertical position before Him. That exclusively vertical focus is limited to the individual level.

Thus far, a life of faith was limited to the individual. Now, however, after establishing that vertical aspect in your relationship with God, you must become a subject partner who substantiates the fruit of your vertical relationship of oneness in your relationships with others on the horizontal plane. You need to build that foundation of unity both vertically and horizontally. This differs from the life of faith that other believers have been leading. Today we in the Unification Church need to strive to stand in a position that is entirely different from the position that believers in conventional religions have sought until now. (045-061, 1971/06/13)

13 There are multitudes of people in this world, and we can divide them into men and women. Our fundamental purpose is to seek for the secret that will enable man and woman to become one. When we find it, the original family that was lost in the beginning will emerge as the fruit of history. Thus far that original family has not emerged, despite humankind's long search for it. But once that origin appears and spreads its seeds, it will become a new tree. This is the meaning of the Blessing in the Unification Church.

A wise person thinks about how to leap from the individual stage to the family stage, and then how to leap from the family stage to the tribal stage. People who do that can save the family, and when such families are formed, they can save the tribe. In die same way, the tribe must surmount obstacles to save the people, the people must surmount obstacles to save the nation, and the nation must surmount obstacles to save the world. In this way, the restoration of the world will be simple. We must go over seven stages, that of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. When we go beyond these seven stages and ascend to the eighth stage, we reach Gods level. (031-191, 1970/05/31)

14 Jesus said, "God is my Father, and I am His only begotten Son." The only Son of God is the one whom God the Father loves entirely. In this way, Jesus clearly revealed the relationship between God and himself, which is applicable to all human beings. As God's only Son and the first to receive God's complete love, Jesus revealed the essence of the relationship between heaven and earth. Hence, there is no one who understands God's love for human beings as Jesus does.

Further, Jesus called himself the Bridegroom and referred to us as his brides. To be his brides means we are all his counterparts in love. In fact, there is no relationship more intimate than that of bride and groom. Also, Jesus called us his brothers and sisters. Here he was speaking of the family that is formed by the will of God and the will of human beings together. Only Christianity has discussed this issue. We human beings long to be a part of that family. Thus the path to forming it is the path of hope.

When a man and a woman create a family together, their family should become not only a haven for the human heart, but also a haven for heavens heart. Jesus sought for such a family, one that would be centered on God as well as on human beings, a family where husband and wife, and God would be united. Only when God and human beings become one flesh can the ideal world be realized. (039-261, 1971/01/15)

The parent-type religion

The purpose of religion is not only to liberate humankind from suffering and evil. By recovering the original world that God created, its ultimate goal is to liberate God. God suffers in bitter grief and pain from having lost His children. That is why True Parents offered all that they did throughout their lives to liberate God. This life-long effort was consummated on January 13, 2001, when they conducted the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. With that, God was finally liberated.

During the course of history, numerous religions appeared in the world. According to the development of history in the course of the providence of restoration, religions in each age had different callings from God. True Father taught that history, led by religion, passed through the age of the servant, the age of the adopted son, and the age of the son. With the passing of these ages, now the religion of the parent has appeared. True Father emphasized that the Unification Church must fulfill the role of the religion of parents, which completes the purpose of religion by uniting all religions and bringing all people into unity centering on parents, the original ideal of creation.

15 We should not believe in religion just to receive salvation as an individual. We should not believe in Islam or Christianity just to seek for our own salvation. We should believe in order to liberate God. Muhammad wants us to love humankind and God more than ourselves. Jesus wants us to love God and humankind more than we love ourselves. Also, as True Father, I am teaching you to love humankind and God more than your own self. You must love humankind more than yourselves, and God more than humankind. This is an iron-clad rule. From this perspective, religious people should set their sights on what they can do to liberate humankind and to liberate God. (210-140, 1990/12/17)

16 The course of restoration does not end with the restoration of the individual. With individuals as the seeds, we should restore the family. Then, with restored families as the seeds, we must restore the tribe. Once we have restored a tribe, that tribe will be the base for efforts to restore the people, the nation, the world, and going further, restore the cosmos. Once we have completed all these, the liberation of God will take place.

At this point we have not yet been able to liberate God. History has not yet reached the point where God can see the completion of His original plan, the realization of the ideal of creation on the cosmic level. Although God did His part at the creation, we human beings failed to fulfill what God had intended for us to fulfill. That is why God has not been free. Hence, when human beings are liberated from this kind of failure, God also will be liberated for the first time.

Thus, while the mission of religion has been to liberate human beings, its goal should not end there. This is because we still have to liberate God. When God's Will for humankind is fulfilled, it will be the time of His own fulfillment as well. That will be the beginning of happiness for all humankind on earth and all throughout the cosmos, with God at the center. This fundamental principle is also applicable to the nation, the tribe, the family and the individual. (227-305, 1992/02/16)

17 No one up to now has understood the purpose of salvation. No one could define it. Yet, amid the confusion within the world the Unification Church clearly presents the definition of salvation. That is, the providence of salvation is the providence of restoration. The term "restoration" is an amazing discovery. It says that we are to return to the world before Adam and Eve committed sin, the world where they would have been able to receive God's love completely.

For this reason, God's purpose in offering salvation, the Messiah's purpose in opening the path to salvation, and our purpose in receiving salvation, are one and the same. Our purpose in believing in religion is nothing other than to find the world free of sin, the original world where the first human beings lived with God. The Messiah's purpose is for us, all people of the world, to become one as brothers and sisters and together return to the world of God's love. Further, God's purpose is to realize His ideal in which all of us return to Him. So the purpose of God, the Messiah and humankind are one. These three can and should be in unity.

This is what we are trying to achieve. We are striving to liberate God, liberate the Messiah, liberate humankind, and create the world of love where everyone will find happiness together. The Unification Church has progressed thus far based on this perspective. That is why we in the Unification Church are striving to unite religions. All religions on earth must come into accord with each other, and with the Will of God. (080-203, 1975/10/23)

18 My life has been a thorny path. The adversities and struggles that I faced on my path truly cannot be described in words. There were many'times when I was at the brink of death and thought, "This is the end." The fact that I am still alive is itself a miracle.

There was a moment in my life when I came to the profound realization that the living God is my Father. Ever since then, I have lived every second of every minute not paying attention to anything or anyone but to God alone, with single-minded, absolute determination to accomplish the Will of my Heavenly Father.

God actually loves us human beings with that same kind of single-minded devotion. Reflecting on this, how small is the number of people on this earth who truly know His love. God is actually burning with passion to make all humanity happy and to build the kingdom of heaven here on earth. God's original nature is true love, and the original relationship between God and human beings is the relationship of a parent and child. However, people throughout history have not only been ignorant of this; they have driven nails into His heart with their continually un-filial behavior.

I discovered that Heavenly Father is truly the Parent of all humankind. He is like a parent whose child is lost and whose broken heart is filled with bitter pain and sorrow. Ever since I came to know the deep, aching bitterness inside of God, I made it my purpose in life to relieve His sorrow. Liberating God from that sorrow, loneliness and anguish has been the purpose of my life to this day. (198-162, 1990/02/01)

19 Religion should connect us to the world of the heart—the world of God's heart. In this process, religion must teach us in detail that God is the most miserable being in the entire cosmos. God is not happy in His greatness. On the contrary, God feels miserable, full of pain, bitterness and sorrow. He is indignant about the countless situations when He was painfully mistreated. A religion must appear that teaches about God's heart in detail.

People who do not understand that God is sorrowful tend to think that God just brings judgment upon human beings. They do not know that He needs liberation as much as we human beings do. Therefore, God is calling for the emergence of a religion that can teach the people of this era about God's heart throughout history. When a religion emerges that is able to teach the heart of God and connect people with His heart, it will fulfill the mission of religion in the present time and for all time to come. And by enabling people to comfort God and even to represent His heart, it is certain that this religion will remain in the Last Days. (151-128, 1962/10/28)

20 Religion exists at different levels and for different purposes, those of the servant, of the adopted child, of the direct child and, ultimately, of the parents.

The reason people have needed religion and a savior is due to the Fall. If the first human beings had not fallen, neither a savior nor religion would have been necessary. People would have become one with God without any difficulty. They would have dwelt in the eternal love of God while they lived on this earth. All the children and descendants of that original mother and father would have constituted the heavenly kingdom. They would have lived in the kingdom of heaven on earth and then gone to the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

Then, by what standard can we determine which is the best religion? We can do it based on the standard of the principled qualifications required for human beings to stand as God's object partners. These qualifications are what the first human beings would have possessed had they not fallen but had remained in relationship with God, the Lord of Creation, in the state of original goodness. We can identify four requisites: they would have related to God as His son or daughter, they would have become one body with God, they would have exercised His ability as co-creators, and they would have experienced the joy of inheriting His work of creation. Religions can be ranked based on the extent to which they accord with these requisites. These are the criteria according to which a religion's standing can be decided. (053-296, 1972/03/04)

21 Although there are numerous religions in the world, the final religion is the religion of the parents. It is the religion which can give us rebirth and bring us into complete oneness by the principles of God's original nature. The Unification Church strives to carry out the mission of the parent religion. It is working to fully complete this mission. For this, it must first complete the unfulfilled missions of the servant religion, the adopted child religion and the child religion.

The Unification Church has emerged in God's Will as the all-embracing religion, the parent religion. It is only through this religion that we human beings can achieve our hope. It brings the possibility of unity. Because all human beings inherited an evil lineage from the fallen parents, the good parents who can completely restore everything through indemnity must appear. After restoring everything, they will be able to return us to God's lineage, so that we can display God's original nature. Until this original standard is completely accomplished, people of innate perfection, whose mind and body are naturally not in conflict, will not emerge. (056-304, 1972/05/18)

22 Where must religions go? They must seek to make a bond with True Parents. The ultimate purpose of religion is to pass through the door of God's love and restore our original bond with God and our position as God's children by finding the original True Parents. Among religions, Christianity is most closely pursuing this goal. That is why Christianity became a worldwide religion. Nevertheless, because it has not accepted the True Parents, in reality Christianity could not become the global religion to lead the world into a global culture in the Last Days. Worse, in its midst an ideology emerged declaring that God does not exist.

We Unification Church members strive to fulfill our responsibility by becoming original men and women centered on God's love, and by linking people, who have been lost, to True Parents. Unless we do this, no matter how much people claim that they have unified the world, it will not really be unified in the true sense.

Our religion needs to bring people to the original man from before the Fall, who is centered on the love of God. We need to center on that man who is connected to Gods inner heart and support his marriage with a woman with whom God can share joy. This is what we must do to complete the work to inaugurate the True Parents on this earth. Unless we become such a religion, we will not be able to unite all the religions in the world. Nor will we be able to unite all of humankind. (022-010, 1969/01/01)

23 The Old Testament Age was the age for making material offerings. The New Testament Age was the age for offering beloved sons and daughters. In other words, the Old Testament Age prepared the way for sons and daughters to live based on material offerings, while the New Testament Age sacrificed those sons and daughters to prepare the way for the Lord at the Second Advent. The reason True Parents have been following a path of sacrifice in their historical course is to serve and attend God in the world.

For the first time, I have revealed that these are the paths that religions must go in the course of the providence of salvation. That is, on the path that religions have trod, there are religions at the level of the servant, the adopted child, the stepchild and the legitimate child. On these foundations, the religion of the parents has arrived and is advancing toward the peaceful kingdom of heaven. (206-098, 1990/10/03)

Section 3. The Movement to Transcend Religion

God is one Being

Christianity follows the absolute God, but is divided into numerous denominations. The ecumenical movement says that all denominations should hold hands under the one God and focus on their shared interests. Indeed, True Parents emphasized that transcending denomination and attending God together is the essential duty and mission of all religious people. To bring this about, True Parents developed an ecumenical movement.

1 God, who created heaven and earth, is not two beings. If there is God who is two beings, then we would expect there also to be two purposes of creation. We cannot say that creation, which was made by the one God, has two different purposes. God, who is a unique being, established one purpose of creation, and created everything to complete that one purpose. He carried out the Creation while striving for that one purpose. As the one God made all of heaven and earth centering on one purpose, though maelstroms and turbulence may occur along the way, His work will advance toward the fulfillment of that purpose. (016-108, 1996/01/02)

2 The God in whom humankind believes is my God and at the same time the God of everyone. He is our God, the God of the entire world, and the God of heaven and earth. In addition, God is the universal Parent. There are many denominations in the world advocating for God. However, we no longer need the God whose only advocates are those found within the realm of denominations. The only people who can truly call God "Father" are those who transcend denomination and understand that God is the center of heaven and earth representing everything. Such people can attend God on earth. (001-344, 1956/12/30)

3 God leads the providence for world salvation by establishing religions on earth; hence religions should be universal. We should seek for the one religion which presents the teaching to realize one world. That one world cannot but be in a relationship with God. That religious teaching should enable us to realize oneness in heaven and on earth with God as the subject partner.

That teaching should not conflict with other religions and ideologies, but must have the capacity to encompass them as the subject partner. It must have the ability to embrace people not only from one single cultural background, but also people of other cultures, even those who believe opposite teachings. It should embrace not only those people who are in agreement; its content should win the hearts even of its enemies, and advocate concern for them. God wants this kind of living religion.

Jesus Christ came with such a teaching. Nonetheless, today's Christianity has become divided into many sects. If Christianity had been more concerned with loving and saving the entire world and the cosmos, it would not be as divided as it is today. (093-200, 1977/06/01)

4 When you pray, you must say, "Because God loves the Whole world, as God's child, I too will love the whole world." How distressing it must be for God when people pray just for their own country. To accommodate such a situation, hundreds of gods would have to exist. However, God is God of the whole world. Because God is the one who wants to embrace the world within the realm of His one love, if you say that you do not love the Republic of Korea, I will not harbor any bitterness. God will choose the world even if He must abandon the Republic of Korea. Accordingly, the person who loves the world and struggles for its sake even if his or her country perishes will be able to inherit the world and resurrect his or her country. (022-138, 1969/02/02)

5 When God saves the world, He does not save the good people and throw away all the evil people. He induces good people to save wicked people. If God spares only Christians and kills all the others, that God would be a savage and brutal God. God is the original substance of truth and is a reasonable God. Nonetheless, Christians usually think God belongs only to them. But God is not just the God of a certain group of people, He is the God of all of us. Why we should transcend religions True Parents intended to establish the Republic of Korea as the Abel-type nation, which would attend God, by bringing oneness between the Abel-realm Unification Church and the Cain-realm Christian denominations. With this purpose, the ecumenical movement was developed in the mid-1960s. Securing its place as a model of harmony and consensus among denominations, the movement was like a breath of fresh air in the Korean religious world. (085-183, 1976/03/03)

6 Abel must establish the foundation of substance by winning Cain's heart and bringing Cain to natural surrender. Abel must make the condition to restore children at the same time as restoring parents. Abel should not do this alone, but rather should first become one with Cain. From this viewpoint, Christianity, which is the Cain-type religious group, must become one with the Unification Church, which is the Abel-type religious group. We are developing an ecumenical movement in order to set up the condition of Cain and Abel becoming one. (021-013, 1968/08/13)

7 Our need to advance the ecumenical movement is becoming increasingly urgent. The Unification Church has reached the standard of Abel, but our position is that of Jacob when he had to flee from Esau, and Joseph when he was sold by his brothers. Gradually we are rising from this position of being cast out. When Jacob returned to his hometown, everything was restored to the state it was in before he left. When Joseph's brothers came to Egypt seeking aid, Joseph took care of them using his own belongings and whatever was under his jurisdiction. Because of Josephs love, he was able to liberate his brothers from all those difficult circumstances.

After giving an offering like this, Joseph intended to receive the inheritance of heaven from his father, just as Jacob intended to receive the blessing from his father. That was the purpose. Once older brothers rejoice over their younger brother receiving such an inheritance, worldly material is no longer a problem. If the younger brothers win over their older brothers, all the material of Satan's world can come to them. It is included. This is how everything is restored through indemnity. (157-279, 1967/04/10)

8 The time has come when we can meet Cain, our older brother. Because we can now meet Christianity, we must advance the ecumenical movement. Just as Jacob worked to save his older brother by making material sacrifices, we must render material service in this country to save the Republic of Korea. If we do not emphasize principled conditions and paying indemnity, we will be driven out. This is why we are conducting the ecumenical movement. We are treating Christianity as our older brother. When Jacob, who had taken refuge in Haran, returned to his hometown, he offered Esau all the property and servants he had acquired through his 21 years of arduous work. Thus Esau came to possess material things and God's blessing. Even if I go into debt, 1 will do the same as Jacob. (157-175, 1967/04/02)

9 Now, even religious groups must connect globally; philosophers too must connect to the world's philosophical standard, and politicians must connect with global governance. We should establish and solidify this standard nationally. If we do not do that, heaven will attack us instead of defending us. In order to do that, the Unification Church must gather together many religions, including Christianity. To accomplish this, we engaged with the ecumenical movement in 1966. By coming to know our movement, others should come to acknowledge that our position has much in common with theirs, and that the Unification Church doctrine encompasses and embraces all the doctrines of religions in Korea. (019-080, 1967/12/29)

10 While bearing my historic and cosmic responsibility, I have agonized over how we can become one with the people of this nation, and with Christianity. We must become one. In the providence of restoration, when God sent people to shoulder the mission of the age, the problem was always how to establish a starting point for dominion through oneness with the nation and its established religions. We should find one direction that established religions can welcome. We must become one. (031-079, 1970/04/19)

11 This ecumenical movement is for the sake of saving all churches. We must restore the Cain of ancient times, who killed his younger brother Abel. If Abel strikes Cain, Abel will perish. We must embrace with love. This is the movement of the Unification Church. Thus, I am carrying this out even while incurring debt.

Our task is to gather religions together. It involves a le^el of emotional suffering that you do not understand. If money is required, I must prepare the foundation even if I go into debt. Even before loving my children, I must pour myself out until my enemies surrender. Putting my beloved children behind, I must love my enemies first. I must be in the position where I have loved my enemies more than I have loved my children. When I do that, the gates of liberation will open. The Unification Church has been trying to do this to this day. (031-082, 1970/04/19)

12 Originally, the Messiah is to complete the foundation of substance with the church and with the realm of the people. Accordingly, if Judaism and the people of Israel had been able to receive Jesus, the providence would have reached the perfection level of the growth stage. It follows that the Unification Church must give new impetus both to the nation and to Christianity. By doing so, we will achieve the standard of Jesus and Judaism becoming one, and of Jesus and the people of Israel becoming one. Historically, Judaism and the people of Israel took the position of striking Jesus, but that should not happen now. We must complete the position of Jesus gaining influence over Judaism and the nation of Israel. Our ecumenical engagement and the association of religions activities serve this mission. (063-198, 1972/10/14)

13 We must persuade Christians while saying, "Don't we all believe in God as our Father? There is a small difference between us, like that between cultivated grapevines and wild grapevines. Other than that, aren't we the same?" If we do that, our ecumenical movement and the association of religions movement will develop. After becoming one with Christians, we must bring non-believers come to believe in God. Once we take the leadership role, we must witness to non-believers. For that purpose, when Christians hold revivals, Unifkationists must witness with them. Indeed, we must do activities that build friendship with them. (033-203, 1970/08/12)

14 The people who are involved in the ecumenical movement originally were my enemies. We could only afford to eat boiled barley, but how great it is that we were able to feel compassion for them. How great the people are who are concerned to comfort and pray for their enemies. If religious people do not do this, who will?

Accordingly when God is able to say about me, "For the first time in history, I have found a person I am able to love," I will respond, "Those are overwhelming words. Please let me withdraw into the background; please love this Unification Church group first." This is my perspective, "Even if I do not receive your love, it is all right." This is also God's philosophy and Jesus Christ's philosophy. (108-262, 1980/10/16)

15 We are standing at the dividing point of good and evil. We must always think about this. I am returning. Therefore, what is the fastest path? Loving one's enemies can change them 180 degrees. Jesus deeply understood this kind of heart. Since I explored everything in the spirit world, and investigated and brought to light everything about human life from top to bottom, I understand the truth, the deep inner connections of the true world. Accordingly, I am incurring more expenses for the sake of Christianity, for the sake of ecumenical work, than for the sake of the Unification Church. Even while our members are hungry and suffering, I am doing this. Why would I do this? By loving the established churches and the enemies of the nation, our common base is growing wider. (109-306, 1980/11/02)

16 From the perspective of Christianity, Judaism is in the position of the older brother; from the perspective of the Unification Church, Christianity is in the position of the older brother. If Christianity and Judaism could have become one, today's world would not be so miserable.

Centering on the will of Jesus, after paying the price by means of much historical sacrifice, the concept of the Second Coming is entering into public thinking. The Unification Church is seen as a new religion in this age and has become a concern for Christianity and the world, but no one should ever think that it started based on the thought of one individual. Without a doubt, God was working in the background. Every time I have experienced difficulties wherein I could not achieve my goal, I passed through the critical moments by adapting and following solutions provided directly from heaven. In this way, the Unification Church has endured. Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church are going that path in order to accomplish the Will of God. (110-212, 1980/11/18)

Movement toward oneness

A series of three seminars, where representatives of the Unification Church, the Presbyterian Church and the Methodist Church appeared as speakers, was held in Seoul beginning August 15,1966. Taking this opportunity, True Parents founded a Christian ecumenical office on November 11, 1966, and inaugurated the Supra-Denominational Christian Association in 1974. On March 28, 1981, they founded the International Christian Professors Association (ICPA) and on August 14,1981, the International Christian Student Association (ICSA).

17 On September 9,1968, at the Christian Academy House, the Unification Church held a dialogue with some 40 Christian leaders at a meeting entitled "Current Research on New Religions." Participants included the highest leaders of the Christian world, people who had opposed me for many years. To them I appeared worthless, but as the meeting proceeded, they saw that I was not what they had expected. I have come to hold a heart of real compassion for them. The fact that they consented to meet me and were able to hear the truth of the Unification Church is evidence that they had coqjie to a stage where they could reconsider. We had aroused extraordinary interest throughout Korea. They said, "The Unification Church frightens us. We can never match its theories." Amid persecution, the Unification Church pioneered the path of restoration. Even if the whole country stands up to oppose us, I will express love as broad as the sea to embrace and welcome everyone. (022-196, 1969/02/02)

18 If the Unification Church is to become Abel, it must restore the Cain churches. We must pour out everything in our capacity for the sake of Cain, not for the sake of Abel. This is why the Unification Church has held seminars on the Unification Principle for Christian ministers since 1971. In order to perfect Abel, we must restore the Cain realm. Failure to do so means we cannot return to our victorious position as Abel. Thus, the Unification Church cannot exist just for itself. This is its historical destiny.

Due to the failure of the first Cain and Abel, the cancer of the, Fall spread. We cannot go back unless we resolve that. So the Unification Church, as the Abel group, must push on until the Cain group gives in willingly. When Cain and Abel unite and go forward in the same direction, together they will absorb Korea, which will become the Abel-type country. On the foundation of Christianity and the Unification Church becoming one and advancing in the same direction, we will be able to absorb the Republic of Korea and make it the Abel-type nation. On the foundation of Christianity and the Unification Church becoming one, the nation and people will take the center, and together we will be able to take responsibility for the mission of Abel. (046-122, 1971/08/13)

19 The Unification Church has been fiercely opposed so far, but now at the end of 1971, the situation is such that individuals in positions representing that of a chief priest come to study the Principle and afterward write confidential reports. Many people say they will join our association. Christianity has changed. Pastors who used to burst out in anger if a Unification Church believer so much as appeared on their church doorstep now welcome our members. There are many who welcome us. These days they say that they want our religious workers to hold public presentations on the Divine Principle, not just for pastors but even for lay ministers. (051-255, 1971/11/28)

20 About 100 pastors have heard the Principle of the Unification Church. They were moved and said things like, "For a long time I did not understand the kind of person Reverend Moon is." They said that in the past they did not know anything about us, and tried to get rid of this Mr. Moon. The world has changed. Now, even pastors in their pulpits cannot warn people against visiting the Unification Church. Eminent pastors themselves visit the Unification Church. If they are learning the Principle, they certainly cannot tell their members not to visit the Unification Church. (041-296, 1971/02/17)

21 Recently a famous Korean theologian lectured about us at a church in Seoul. After he finished, the audience came to realize that the Unification Church is not going to go away, and a group of attendees even became possessed with fear of us. But Christian leaders are becoming highly interested in our ecumenical movement. Because we have arrived in this position, we must expeditiously develop activities at Christian universities, even a university student movement. From the ideological perspective, we must bring about awareness of the Unification Church throughout the country. Now the song of unification must go forth around the world. (027-135, 1969/12/03)

22 The day is dawning when we can be welcomed throughout the country. Therefore, we will work to stir up a fresh breeze. The fastest way is by holding seminars. If we hold these in Seoul, the breeze will spread to the whole country. If we cannot hold them in Seoul, then we must hold them in each district. Even if we have them in only one province, we must concentrate on that place and carry out a movement to bring harmony between Unificationists and Christians. That is the only way the nation and the world can survive. The direction of the providence can be determined from a single point. When Korea becomes that one point, we can raise a banner that announces to the world that we have completed the mission in our homeland. (122-161, 1982/11/02)

23 If Christian students hear the Principle just once, they become elite troops for heaven. In contrast, ordinary people need to spend six months to a year and a half to learn the Principle. Now the issue is, who can move Christians in the university towns? So far, working to impact professors through PWPA and students through CARP has not worked so well. But when we center on the Christians on university campuses, bringing the Christian professors and Christian students into oneness, we will be able to move the non-Christian professors. (115-230, 1981/11/19)

24 When I told major Christian leaders that I would sponsor a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, an uproar broke out in Christian circles. I am working for the sake of reviving Christianity. When church elders or pastors listen to my words, even for only eight hours, they come to our side. They do not offer any counter-arguments, but say it is all good. In a sense, for them the sun is already setting and night is falling, while rays of light are shining upon the Unification Church. People of faith will find no alternative that equals us. In this sense, we are seeing the destinies of Christianity and the Unification Church reaching a crossing point. This shift in Christianity is an important opportunity in history. We have had nothing but a spiritual foundation, but we are entering the age in which we can inherit a foundation in this physical world. (115-150, 1981/11/08)

Section 4. Religious Coalition and World Peace

God-centered religious coalition

True Parents made clear that the central being in whom each religion believes is actually one divinity, God. In accordance with this, True Parents founded a movement for religious dialogue and alliance based on God. To accomplish its purpose of achieving world peace, they said we must stop focusing on doctrines by which denominations separate, and correctly understand God, who has been working behind all religions.

1 Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism are todays great worldwide religions. The characteristics of peoples in different geographical regions are determined by their unique cultures, so these religious traditions had to emerge to form paths that are able to connect these cultures as one world. After developing within their own cultural realms, these faiths must advance to create one, world of peace. Accordingly, centering on the providence of the absolute God, as the Last Days draw near, believers will venture out and connect by means of a movement for religious coalition. (149-083, 1986/11/17)

2 Today, idealists are emerging who are pursuing a unified, peaceful world. Nevertheless, religious believers still have not cast off their divisive denominational doctrines. When observed from the perspective of Gods Will, their position is backward and senseless. God, after all, does not need a variety of religions. After religions unite based on His Will, God is expecting them to go forward in harmony to liberate the world, abolish evil on earth, and create a world of goodness. He does not want denominations to argue with each other over doctrine. When seen from this perspective, more inclusive cultures incorporate narrower ones—this does not happen by force, but takes place naturally. Because we want to better ourselves and the world, this is inevitable. (093-200, 1977/06/01)

3 As God is absolute, there cannot be two worlds that God wants to see exist. There can be only one. Therefore, all historical directions that have proceeded according to His plan from the creation until now should have aligned as one, but that has not been the case. Why is this? It is because of the Fall, which has caused us to move in scattered directions with contradictory purposes. When one asks what can unify humanity in a cooperative direction toward a single goal, one finds that it is the providence of God, who is trying to save us from our tragic confusion and suffering.

God is called by different names in different religious traditions. But the central being in whom everyone believes is the same one God. The direction and purpose that religions always teach is one. Religions set that one direction and purpose as the standard. Eventually, therefore, all religions will welcome a great age of reformation after putting their own houses in order. (140-010, 1986/02/01)

4 There are many religions in the world. Humanity is divided, so it is natural for religions to differ by ethnic group. Because different peoples' history, environment, cultural background, customs and practices are all so divergent, there must be many denominations. They exist in order to draw people together and focus them on a single purpose.

We can compare this to a river. Religions are like tributaries of a river. As the river flows downstream, the number of tributaries decreases and all eventually combine into one river. Likewise, the world's numerous religions are combining into one mainstream that, in the end, comes to remain in the place where all attend God in their heart and occupy the love of God. (023-127, 1969/05/18)

5 The purpose of religion is nothing other than the completion of God's Will. Religion must contribute to accomplishing that. Many faiths talk about goodness and talk about love, but they must not confine goodness and love to their ethnic, national or religious particularity. After transcending these, each faith must connect to the place where we are considering the goodness and love of all humankind.

There have been many people who have pursued the interior world of religion itself, but there have not been many who have thought that they must free themselves from their cultural doctrines, take responsibility to unite the faiths into one and save the world. Religions must go beyond the limitations of their national character, but despite this being God's Will and desire, they have remained stuck in their culture and nationality. Having been unable to free themselves from the constraints of their own doctrines, religions reduce their final goal to achieving their believers' individual salvation. Because of this, God cannot but gather together the world externally and the religions internally, and lead the development of history in the direction of one world. (093-199, 1977/06/01)

6 When we look at Mt. Everest, we see a dominant mountain that is part of a range of smaller, connected peaks. In the same way, all religions of the world are like mountain peaks standing in their position in a mountain range, having contributed to the ages of history and looking up to a central point. If there is no main peak in the mountain range, particular peaks might try to assert themselves—but none can become the central point.

A new faith needs to lead the providential age, binding all religious realms together as one. It will not be one that espouses a vague and conceptual God, such as we have often seen throughout history. It will be a faith with the religious background to lead and govern daily life by means of setting people's internal motivation in order. It will exercise a leadership role among the teachers of all world religions. The new faith will achieve the liberation of religion. Even the term "religion" will disappear. We must raise our standard to imagine how religion can bear its ideal fruit. The kingdom o^ heaven on earth will be realized when the world moves in one direction toward God. (205-277, 1990/10/01)

7 God has established the global standard of conscience, and this can be the foundation for all people in the world to gather at a single destination. To do this, someone must build a movement to set up a world forum to discuss religious ideas, a movement for religious synthesis. But Protestants are saying everyone should unite with Protestantism as the center, while Roman Catholics are saying that everyone should become one with Catholicism as the center. We observe that they completely overlook the principle that we all must become one with God as the center. (164-026, 1987/05/03)

8 God is inspiring a movement to gather the whole world together in unity. The biggest nightmare for Satan is a united world. If we realize one world, all people will be pulled away from Satan's grasp. To prevent this, Satan advocates atheism, which denies God's existence. Next, he plans religious wars, with the destruction of religion as his goal. Currently, he is polluting the world with the communist ideological system. Communism covertly encourages religious division and promotes religious wars. In addition, because the world is dominated by white people, who are at the core of the mainstream Christian cultural realm, Satan exacerbates the racial divide between blacks and whites. Now the danger is global in scale.

God understands the historical age and the forces driving humankind in this era, so He is raising a movement to unite all religions. He cannot help but strive for Christian unity and racial reconciliation, as a way to defend against communism and racial and religious hatemongers. God has no choice but to carry out a movement for unity that will bring this world into oneness. A movement beyond denomination, one that transcends all Christian sects and all other faiths and defends against global communism, must emerge in these Last Days. Otherwise, there will be no way for heaven to prevail. (161-238, 1987/02/22)

Korea and America

On April 15, 1970, the Unification Church joined the Association of Religions in Korea, linking hands with Korea's established religious denominations. True Parents formed the International Religious Foundation (IRF) to create a united internal foundation with the interdenominational movement. By connecting this internal foundation to the united external foundation through the Victory Over Communism movement, True Parents began to prepare a united national and global foundation.

True Parents realized that if Christian denominations in America, the Second Israel, do not become one, the unification of religions worldwide will be impossible. Therefore, they devoted enormous effort to bring together American Christian clergymen, and established the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) in May, 2000. This is an ecumenical organization that creates a realm through which American Christianity can take the lead to realize world peace.

9 The Unification Church joined the Association of Religions in Korea on April 15, 1970. The seven leading religions of the world are members. At first, three Christian denominations opposed us strongly and pulled out from the council, motivated by their dogmatism. But eventually they all returned. We formed relationships with these seven great religions, and the Unification Church ended up joining the council as the eighth great faith tradition. We must participate in whatever social activities the council carries out. (031-082, 1970/04/19)

10 We are conducting activities through the Association of Religions in Korea and the International Federation for Victory Over Communism because the most urgent issue in the religious world is the need for all world religious groups to unite, and the most urgent issue in the nation is the need for anti-communist work. The Unification Church does anti-communist work not only for the sake of Korea, but for the world. All people should acknowledge that the Unification Church is working both in religion and society in this way. We will encounter many difficulties, including material loss and human suffering, but we are prepared for that. Our efforts are not just for the Unification Church, but for the nation and the world. (032-306, 1970/07/26)

11 We are setting three objectives for the Association of Religions in Korea in the 1970s, making national salvation the central theme. What is the essence of national salvation? It is empowering ourselves with Victory Over Communism thought. We must stand up to the Communist Party, fight against them and win. If we do this, the internal foundation, which we prepared based on the Association of Religions in Korea, will complete an external foundation with members from every religious group. Ultimately, if the internal standard of the church, centered on the Association of Religions, and the external national standard, centered on the International Federation for Victory Over Communism, become one with each other, the internal and external will be in perfect alignment.

Next, as we train more people, our numbers will increase. Over time, we will develop globally in cooperation with the Association of Religions in Korea. Our growth will be far greater than the revival of Christianity currently taking place. At this time I am engaged in the external activities of the International Federation for Victory Over Communism, while internally I am teaching national salvation from the perspective of the Association of Religions in Korea. We must achieve the reunification of North and South Korea, which is our national hope and the peo-ples long-cherished desire. Religious leaders must stand up for the reunification of Korea. (033-198, 1970/08/12)

12 The 1960s were a time to pay indemnity individually, lput the 1970s are the time we will pay indemnity as families. It means that this is the time when we must establish a family-level Abel. After that, once we establish the tribal-level Abel realm centering on the family-level Abel, we must love Christianity, which exists in the family-level Cain realm.

Most people do not know, but because of this I am spending a lot of money for the sake of Christianity. Even if I cannot feed my wife and children, and even if I cause the Unification Church members to suffer and cannot feed them, I must love Christianity. Restoration will not take place unless there are conditions of giving up that which I love the most. I am doing this work because restoration will not happen unless I am ready to give even my life.

We gathered together many religions and are leading the activities of the Association of Religions in Korea. If we are going to gather numerous religious groups into one, we must stand in the position where we love each of them ■ more than anyone else loves them. We must love them from a position of giving our most precious things as offerings. If we love to that degree, we will become one based on God's Will. People will be drawn to us and will join in our work. (034-280, 1970/09/13)

13 Since we must advance for the sake of the Will, we are not able to halt or retreat. A temporary pause is possible for the sake of pushing ahead later, but we cannot halt permanently. The Unification Church has to advance. Christians are saying that we are impeding their work. But this is not to say we must back down before them. Because of the Unification Church, all Christians are being stimulated to advance. In this sense, I am confident that I am making a contribution to Christianity and to God's Will.

Of course, some people are saying that because the Association of Religions in Korea allowed the Unification Church to join, social problems have developed. However, because I and the Unification Church provide a stimulus to Christianity, it is able to advance more as a new religion than as a traditional faith. In this sense, although there was a cost to us economically, I think we are doing good work. (036-131, 1970/11/22)

14 The Unification Church is engaged in activities to bring the highest religious leaders into unity through the Association of Religions in Korea and the periodical, Weekly Religion. In creating a climate for this unity to develop, we must make an ideological foundation on which all the religious groups, from an ecumenical position, take responsibility to protect Korea from the threat of the communist powers, which are the enemy of religion. Therefore, there is nothing more urgent than establishing an anti-communist stance from an ecumenical position that transcends denomination. Of course, our individual missions are important, but we are taking responsibility for the whole. Thus, we have to solve the most difficult problems associated with this ecumenical work. Therefore, we are pulling even the Association of Religions in Korea along with us, and have created the Weekly Religion periodical. (046-127, 1971/08/13)

15 Weekly Religion was not established as a weekly magazine only about the Unification Church. It was created as a periodical about religion in general. I have many plans for it. Religious groups today are being self-righteous, saying there is no way to heaven except through their own denomination. If they keep doing that, nothing can be accomplished.

When we look from our current position, standing face to face with communist North Korea across the Demilitarized Zone, we need interreligious unity more than ever. We see in the North the communism that both God and all people deplore. Religious people need to cooperate in harmony with each other and deal with this larger enemy, the giant enemy that remains. North Korean communism is an enemy much bigger than any other faced by our nation. Therefore, religious people must work in a focused, concerted manner, and someone must create the climate in which this can happen. (045-275, 1971/07/04)

16 In Seoul, there are many places used for missionary work by groups belonging to the Association of Religions in Korea. I am thinking of creating a system to make practical use of those places. I made a proposal along these lines at the 22nd anniversary meeting of the founding of the Association of Religions in Korea. Because I asked for the organizations support, the chairman of the Association generously promoted it. They are going to develop exchange activities where Christians will assemble at Buddhist sites to do Buddhist missionary work. Also, Buddhist teachers will do Christian missionary work at Christian sites. After all religions coalesce, they must defend against communism and provide leadership and direction for atheists. (198-049, 1990/01/20)

17 Down through history until recent times, there was no sense within any nation that its people are world citizens. However, after the Second World War, worldwide blocs of nations formed as the East and West squared off against each other in the Cold War. We entered the contemporary era through an intense worldwide contest. In past eras, it was sufficient to live with only a national or even local consciousness, but now is the age when one must go beyond the nation and live as a citizen of the world.

Nonetheless, tribalism has become a problem today, not only for political leaders, but also for religious leaders. The same problem plagued religions that were blessed to expand to the world level due to the pioneering work of the four great saints. The time has come when we must not advance while holding a regional, cultural consciousness or a narrow, denominational consciousness. Because I realized that we must bring about reconciliation between the religions, I have been conducting activities with the Association of Religions in Korea as an interfaith movement for many years. Now we must expand the Association globally. (212-148, 1991/01/06)

18 Even as Jesus died on the cross, he said we must love our enemies. Rome was the great enemy of Israel in his day, but Jesus said you must love the Romans anyway. He knew that no one can enter the kingdom of heaven without loving their enemies. By doing so, he escaped Satan's trap.

America has declared itself to be my enemy. However, instead of seeking vengeance, I love America. When God allows Himself to be struck, He is then in a position to take back what is His. The Unification Church lives according to this principle, absorbing persecution and then developing and progressing. I came to America to save the country from perishing. Therefore, Satan has no condition to slander me. I created the American Freedom Coalition (AFC), the Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy (ICC), and the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) in the United States. I created them because I love America. (243-281, 1993/01/28)

19 We are carrying out a campaign in America that encourages Christian ministers to take down the cross in their churches. If we do that in the name of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, a path will open through which Jesus will be able to enter Israel as its Savior. We will be able to proceed as the ACLC. I am asking the Christian denominations to take down the cross. If we do that and hoist the banner of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, America will revive. (399-336, 2002/12/26)

20 To work toward creating the American Clergy Leadership Conference, 120 high-ranking leaders from 44 religious groups in America went to Cheongpyeong Training Center. We are creating one united body of Christ. If we make one body, we will be able to revive America. If we let the churches stay divided, we are not loving the nation. Fighting does not lead to oneness. We must become one, and so we are establishing this church association. By doing this, we will form a Cain-type body in relation to the Unification Church. We have initiated a strategy to create this association of 144,000. (322-190, 2000/05/11)

21 How will we redeem the 50 states of America? To do this, after the 120 religious leaders go to Korea, I must come and declare that I will create the American Clergy Leadership Conference of 144,000. If this is not done, denominational fighting will lead to the complete loss of the family, our sons and daughters, and all of society. Our sons and daughters will perish because religions are fighting. If America perishes, we will see that it did so because the Christian denominations were warring with each other. The conflict among Christian denominations and among religions has hindered the providence of God and repeated the Fall in front of Satan. We must end this disunity. (323-108, 2000/05/31)

22 If we establish an association consisting of 12 Christian denominations centering on the pastors who visited Korea with the American Clergy Leadership Conference, and then create an ecumenical assembly of 144,000 around those pastors, the politicians will be able to stand up for God-centered values and save America. If America prepares such a foundation, it will take a position of leadership transcending denomination and religion. If it accomplishes that, America will be able to save the world. (323-324, 2000/06/03)

Chapter 2

The Interreligious Peace Movement and the Blessing Ceremony

Section 1. IRF and the Assembly

The establishment of IRF

True Parents established the International Religious Foundation (IRF) on April 25,1983. Two years later, from November 15 to 21, 1985, IRF sponsored the inaugural meeting of the Assembly of the World's Religions at the Americana Great Gorge Resort in McAfee, New Jersey. The purpose of the assembly was to create an integrated movement of the worlds faiths. True Parents said that in a world characterized by sudden change, in order to lead humanity in the right direction, religions must work together to substantiate God's Will on earth.

1 The age of individual nation-states has passed. If nations do not enter into alliances with other countries, they cannot survive. It is the same for religions. Science, technology and new ways of thinking are rapidly transforming society. So if you hold to the doctrine of any one religious system, you absolutely will not be able to keep pace with the rate of sudden social change. You will constantly be left behind.

As society's vision develops and expands, therefore, the different religious groups should form themselves into a protective hedge to the north, south, east and west in order to survive and to keep from losing their position. The religious world should form a united front. No matter how much the leaders of a particular faith tradition insist that they are the best or that they represent a conservative tradition that does not need to cooperate with other faiths, the world is flowing toward unity. Religions are continuously being re-examined and rejected and, if they cannot work with others, they will falter and fall out of favor with young people and intellectuals.

Humanity is interwoven and interdependent. We are at a stage at which we cannot survive unless we have the option to assess global issues and change direction based on a unified perspective. Opposing communism or removing deeply embedded corruption is the kind of work that cannot be done without forming alliances. This is why I created the International Religious Foundation. (174-064, 1988/02/17)

2 I began the International Religious Foundation in order to bring the religious world together, even though some have called this effort foolish. They have dismissed me in their minds, saying, "For thousands of years Christianity has never been able to coalesce, so how does Reverend Moon think he can unite all the religions of the world?" The media outlets have paid me no attention, but my results in this are amazing, and on a global scale.

Now you must begin a religious coalition movement on university campuses, focusing your energy on professors and university students, as well as on high school and middle school students. This is the era of the younger generation, and unless we focus on the young and generate energy with a religious coalition movement, all religions will begin to lose their ability to contribute to the good of humanity. Therefore, the large, all-encompassing purpose around which religions can unite must be more distinct and compelling than that offered by individual denominations. If we can do that successfully, religions will be drawn to that purpose. (205-276, 1990/10/01)

3 I have emphasized that harmony among religions is the one indispensable condition for the realization of world peace. To this day it has been impossible for any one religion to speak for the totality of God's Will, with the result that the different faiths inevitably have varying views. But we are brothers and sisters in one great family under one Heavenly Parent, and conflict and hatred among religions are wrong.

I already have met God in the spirit world, as well as the founders of the great religions. I have spoken with them many times on my path of spiritual investigation. To this day, I experience the presence of God and have deep inspirational communication with Him in my daily life. If God does not exist, how could such a person as me, who was born in a remote village, among a weak, oppressed and exploited people, create a worldwide spiritual foundation in the face of misunderstanding and unspeakable persecution? How could I come to convene meetings of the world s top religious leaders and be standing here offering this address to you? The purpose and the means of the Unification movement were decided upon and brought to fruition based on guiding principles given by God. Our activities and the clear content of our teachings originated from God.

The International Religious Foundation is planning to hold the Assembly of the Worlds Religions in 1993, for the sake of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Parliament of the Worlds Religions held in Chicago in 1893. A series of events will prepare for this global, interreligious exposition by making clear the universal Principle immanent in all living beings and thoroughly uplifting the variety of its revelations. The purpose of the Assembly of the World s Religions is to advance the world of peace that all human beings desire. (133-275, 1984/08/13)

4 The Grand Mufti of Syria has been working for 40 years to bring Judaism, Christianity and Islam into oneness. In the course of this, he was opposed and became discouraged. He suffered imprisonment several times and was unable to accomplish his vision. When he heard through the Council for the World s Religions that I am engaged in the same work, he asked to meet me. He was surprised by the scope of God's vision for the world s religions, saying things like "Surely such a work can be done if this person takes the lead." At a gathering of 25,000, he announced, "Since Father Moon is already putting into practice the plan for the unification of religions that I have been developing for 40 years, I ask all people who follow me to mobilize fully and support Father Moon!" This is how the world is changing. (205-216, 1990/09/02)

5 To unify Judaism, Christianity and Islam is not easy. What do we have to do in order to bring them into oneness? We must endure, all the while maintaining a parental heart and having a mind of love greater than that of Jesus, Muhammad, Moses and Abraham. How to be able to persevere is the important issue. A leader must emerge who is able to say, "I love Muhammad and Islam. I also love Jesus and Christianity. And in addition, I love Moses and the people of Israel." If such a person does not appear, the world s religions will not be able to become one.

We held the second Assembly of the Worlds Religions beginning August 16, 1990. Why do you think I created this organization, which stirred up controversy in the religious world? Since we cannot find unity even within one Christian denomination, my insistence that I will create a unity of the world s religions from a perspective transcending particular religions made it seem as though I had lost my mind.

Even though I am fully engaged in the work of harmonizing religions, most Unificationists around the world still need to learn more about the importance of this. For religions to come together, there must be common key points within the differing views of the various faiths. There must be such key starting points, philosophical teachings that all religions share. I have to arm the members of the Unification Church with such understanding, giving them the conviction that they will be able to overcome the difficulties they face in the world. While determining how to do this, I had to go all the way to Gods throne, the source of ideas. (210-120, 1990/12/17)


True Parents invited 280 theologians and respected religious scholars to New York in January 1981 for the sake of creating a global interreligious movement, which they called the New Ecumenical Research Association (New ERA). In December of that year, they held a conference in Hawaii entitled "God: The Contemporary Discussion" (the "God Conference"), attended by 160 theologians, religious scholars and philosophers. On the foundation of discussing God from various religious perspectives, this conference fulfilled True Parents' desire for religious solidarity for the first time.

In 1982, True Parents invited young people representing 12 religions to attend a training session, with the objective of energizing religious coalition building. At this first Youth Seminar on the World's Religions, in which these young people made a pilgrimage to the holy sites of their various faiths, True Parents taught them the value of harmony and understanding among religions. In addition, in 1985 True Parents guided the development of the Religious Youth Service (RYS), a new service movement in which young people from all religions worked hand in hand doing public service activities in areas of need.

6 Now in the United States, New ERA is working as a interreligious movement. We are working quickly to gather as many distinguished theologians as we can, hoping to activate as many as 1,000. How different this is from the annual meetings of American theologians where, in 1975 and 1976, Unification Church scholars were not allowed in! The people of the Korean theological world who are opposing us today cannot understand how, in a few short years, Unification theology has risen to hold such a respected position, and how we have been able to sell so many volumes of Unificationist books.

Why are we doing this kind of work? If you ask God, "What is Your hope regarding this world?" He would reply, "My hope is that you can gather together all the religious leaders and theologians who are fighting one another, and bring them into oneness so that they will be able to accomplish my Will." Because I understand the reality of this desire of God, I do this work without ceasing, even while I am persecuted and hounded and as accusations of heresy are hurled at me. God needs someone to open the path to religious harmony. (121-305, 1982/10/30)

7 I founded the God Conference in 1981. As indicated by its title, this is a gathering where people are invited to speak about God. It is where practitioners of Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism gather to discuss God. We created the God Conference out of the understanding that humanity will be able to fulfill the providence of God only if we can transcend the boundaries of our respective religions.

Let's bore a hole through which the religious world can pass so that we all can work together in harmony. Taking a stance beyond particular faith traditions, we must remove barriers. We need to connect to an interreligious, interdenominational standard for the sake of saving the world and completing the providence of God. It is unimportant to me how much I am abused, or told I am foolish, along the way. I have understood that someone must pioneer this course in the fulfillment of God's Will. I have done this, and I was prepared for the enormous sacrifices that were required. Through this, I have been gaining renown, even in the religious world. (121-307, 1982/10/30)

8 The Unification Church is the religion that exists for the sake of saving the world. We have appeared with a tradition of thinking that we must save the world even if we have to sacrifice Christianity and America. The only thing we teach in the Unification Church is the tradition of God. It is your destiny to inherit the tradition of God and the tradition of Parents. Walking the path of this tradition is the way to heaven.

No matter how much Christianity says to believe in Jesus, that alone will not get us there. The same goes for adherence to any other particular religion. This is why I am making a huge investment in order to hold the Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy, as well as the conferences of the International Religious Foundation. I am expending great effort to unite Christianity and all religions. If I do not do this work on earth, eventually the leaders of all religious groups, all the denominations and the entire spirit world will accuse me. To accomplish this work, I am bringing together a great many scholars representing the world's peoples. (130-240, 1984/01/29)

9 At the end of 1981, we held our first international gathering of theologians, entitled "God: The Contemporary Discussion" (the "God Conference"). We are transcending all the barriers of the many religions and denominations across the world. We brought together Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Confucians across the barriers of faith. We invited the great scholars of the world. That was the first time in history for a conference of this scope to be held.

The objective of the God Conferences was to discuss about God. Based on the theme of these interfaith conferences, I made the statement that "The Hindu denominations are divided and are fighting among themselves. Similar situations exist with other religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism. If there is a conference for bringing them together, I personally will provide financial support." Naturally they would be ashamed if they were to quarrel with each other at a conference such as this. It would be a disgrace, such that they would be unable to look each other in the eye.

While holding the God Conference, we created a worldwide youth organization with activities to provide multireligious leadership to young people during their summer vacation. When those young people come to the Middle East, we will gather the best-known scholars of Islam to give lectures, and when they come to Asia, we will bring distinguished Buddhist and Confucian scholars. When they come to America, we will inspire them by bringing the most respected Jewish and Christian scholars to speak to them.'If this kind of movement takes root, the conflicts between religious groups and among denominations gradually will diminish. When the top tier of world scholars have attended the Assembly of the World's Religions, the era of denominational and religious infighting will pass. (117-046, 1982/01/31)

10 By now, since I have been holding conferences of scholars, such as ICUS, there are few who have not come to know of me. I built a foundation that employs and supports the talents of excellent scholars. Now I have gathered scholars from the religious field and held the God Conference, asking them to share whatever they had to say about God. To rediscover God together, we begin with the most basic question, "Does God exist?" Then we comment on historical events and processes from the perspective of providential history, and provide theoretical support for the proposition that God is alive and is involved in the world's present situation. We must also enlighten those theologians who think God does not exist. This, together with connecting leading scholars from all the worlds religions with one another, is part of the work of the God Conference.

After that we began to bring together young leaders and intellectuals, who will inherit the world in the future. We are providing an excellent educational opportunity for 160 young leaders each summer. We select 20 students from each of the major world religions, students who are recommended by their professors. They participate in pilgrimages not just to their own holy land but to each religion s holy land. (126-171, 1983/04/19)

111 founded New ERA and the God Conference as two ecumenical projects coming out of the Unification Theological Seminary in the United States. The results confirm that these efforts to foster harmony and unification among Christian denominations and among other religions can succeed through patience, sacrifice and the natural process of true love. I started the Assembly of the World's Religions and the Council for the World's Religions to realize a world of peace and to advance God's Will on earth by means of earnest dialogue to build harmony among the followers of each religion. It turns out that these organizations are achieving miracles within the often stagnant religious world. I founded the Youth Seminar on the World's Religions and the Religious Youth Service to help establish an ideal world of peace in the name of God, and to prevent racial strife and religious conflict among young people. Through these organizations and conferences, I am presenting an alternative path of cooperation and harmony to the religious world. (167-099, 1987/06/30)

12 A movement for religious coalition must arise in university communities, bringing the leading young scholars together as one. When they have achieved unity with one another, crossing over the lines of their differing faith traditions, they must step forward and lead the creation of a religious coalition. Through the activities of the Youth Seminar on the World's Religions and the Assembly of the World's Religions, we stimulated the imagination of religious leaders.

The title for the second Assembly was "Transmitting Religious Tradition to Society and the Next Generation." The current era is not one in which the next generation and society as a whole are able to easily accept religion. Who will take responsibility to educate people and overcome this problem? It is not the leaders of the religious status quo but the laity and the children of those in authority in each religion. Therefore, for eight years beginning in 1982, we deployed, in strategic places, intelligent young people whose hearts were moved through the youth seminars. Through them, we now have relationships with leaders in each of the major world religions. The direction has been set. (205-271, 1990/10/01)

13 I initiated conferences for New ERA in 1977 in order to prevent a race war. We began educating university students in 1982, starting with the Youth Seminar on the World's Religions. The seminar began with a week of education on world religions, followed by pilgrimages to holy sites around the world, including my birthplace of Jeongju in North Korea. The young adults in their 20s and 30s are intelligent people who one day will be the leaders of their faiths. Over the past ten years, these people have come to know who I am and why I am doing this. Those among them who aspire to be religious leaders must have the same heart as I do. (214-174, 1991/02/02)

14 What has the Youth Seminar on the World's Religions, that multi-religious coalition with 12 religions at its core, been doing for the last eight years? These seminars have been helping the university students who have been involved to realize that it is the responsibility of religious groups to save the world. Many of these young intellectuals from diverse faith traditions have expressed that their religious leaders' views and their doctrines differ from ours, but they hope to embrace the concept of transcending their own religious group and to save the world as I am trying to do.

I built this foundation, and it developed into the Assembly of the World's Religions. If the religions bind themselves together in harmony, eventually they will be able to eliminate the current trends toward polarization and distrust in the world and move toward a world of peace. The absolute God has one Will, not two. As ideal families centered on God, let us leave behind on earth the model of a unified family, the pattern for the heavenly kingdom. (210-127, 1990/12/17)

World Scripture

Eminent theologians and religious leaders worldwide participated as members of the editorial committee and advisory committee for the publication of World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts, selecting 160 themes common to the scriptures of the various religions. These themes w^re compiled into one unified scriptural text. It was published first as an English edition on August 15, 1991, and, after being presented to True Parents, was published in Korean on May 1,1994. Later, it was also published in Japanese. The second volume, World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon, which included more excerpts from True Fathers sermons, was published on January 28,2009.

15 On August 16,1990, the second Assembly of the World s Religions will be held. The purpose is to support interreligious unity in every nation. With such harmony, they can live as brother and sister faiths, establishing the model of a unified nation. If the Council for the Worlds Religions were to issue visas, those visas would enable people to go anywhere. So, what are we doing now? We are making a scripture for the oneness of all religions. To do this, we need a historical perspective. It is crucial to organize the contents on the basis of a unified doctrine, a proper theoretical and philosophical system that can uncover the root problem that humankind faces. (202-045, 1990/05/01)

16 Religion has no nation. There is no such global country. Where can you find the nation of the Owner of all religions? Through the Assembly of the World's Religions, we proposed an interreligious perspective that would digest the evil ideology of humanism, which destroys morality, and also of communism, which excludes religious truth. We must turn around and go up. A scripture that shows the oneness of all religions is needed in order to fulfill such a grand ideal. Because we have so many different sacred scriptures, we fight one another. Let us therefore compile one world scripture by identifying the moral principles of heavenly law within each scriptural work and extracting the core tenets of the great faiths. Let us make these core principles the foundation of that single scriptural work. (191-086, 1989/06/24)

17 We must create a scripture of oneness for the sake of averting conflict among religions. We must create a composite scripture. During the past six years, from 1985, we brought together distinguished theologians from all religions who identified the core teachings and texts of their faiths. After completing the preparations for this composite scriptural text, academic specialists started the work as expert advisers four years ago. Under their supervision, we will publish a scripture that fosters oneness. It is not good that there are so many scriptures. Muslims should not know only about Islam. The Islamic sphere must understand the Christian cultural sphere as well, and vice versa. The population of the realms of religions comprises two-thirds of all humankind. You must understand that the time has come when God will be able to have dominion over the earth. We must quickly create such a world. (206-277, 1990/10/14)

18 1 advocated publishing World Scripture. This project was announced at the conclusion of the first Assembly of the Worlds Religions in 1985, and it will be published in 1991. As a leader of Islam, you should know about other religions and not just Islam. You must also understand Christianity, Confucianism, Buddhism, Judaism and the Unification Church. If this is the case, why am I suggesting that you learn the doctrine of the Unification Church first? I proposed this and asked you to learn this first because, when seen from the perspective of sustaining a coherent worldview, the Unification Church is at the forefront.

I never think about converting you and making you into Unification Church believers. If there is anyone among your group who says they want to become a Unification Church member, I would be the first person to send them back. Do you think it is an easy thing to publish a scripture for the oneness of the world's faiths? After creating a global committee of scholars from each religion, I said, "We are compiling one global scripture that will include your religious tenets, so we ask you to choose all the content that you would like us to present." We compiled the texts into World Scripture, with core content that anyone would perceive to be fair-minded and appropriate. (210-125, 1990/12/17)

19 On August 16, 1990, at the second Assembly of the World's Religions, which convened in San Francisco, I presented the newly published World Scripture. A God-centered purpose comes from the Absolute Being, and the purposes of this Absolute Being cannot be contradictory. God's Will cannot be at cross-purposes with itself; there is but one Will. From this perspective, the providential view is that we should pursue an ideal spirituality based on God as the Absolute Being.

If we believe that, then education is by all means necessary. Scriptures are like textbooks, and textbooks cannot be at cross-purposes with each other. So we have been preparing this global textbook for the past six years. For the first five years, I asked globally celebrated scholars of all religions to choose the best content from their own scriptures, content they thought should not be omitted from World Scripture. When published, it can be bequeathed to the world. Everyone will experience the depth of the teachings and their similarity to each other. (212-322, 1991/01/11)

20 Scriptures are for the sake of all people. I officially recognized World Scripture as a project that reflected the careful supervision of religious leaders, eminent scholars and professors. Under their supervision, it underwent many corrections in the process of developing into a scripture of oneness. They made it by gathering representative scriptures from a total of 12 religions, including Buddhism, Confucianism, and other faiths. Scriptures that have existed up until now have been indefinite on the beginning and end of humanity. Therefore, we organized this compilation based on the Unification Church worldview, which offers a logical explanation starting from the creation of the world and moving through all stages of history. This being the case, we could not possibly exclude the Unification Church teaching from the compilation. World-famous theologians were in charge of compiling this text, and they offered it to me on August 15,1991. (224-242, 1991/11/24)

Section 2. IRFWPand IIFWP

Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace

On August 27, 1991, True Parents established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP) in Seoul at an event with 2,000 religious leaders from 34 countries. True Parents gave IRFWP the mission to unite religions and lead humanity on the path to peace. Immediately after that, they gathered former and current presidents and prime ministers from 51 nations and founded the Federation for World Peace. True Parents stated that the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, which represented the religious realm, and the Federation for World Peace, which represented the political realm, must become one like mind and body and take the lead in realizing world peace.

1 In His providence to save the world, God founded different religions among peoples from different cultural backgrounds. Some are servant-type religions and others are child-type religions. People have not understood this. These religions must become one with a parent-type religion. Therefore, the servant-type religion is required to teach us how to serve in the household. When the age of the parent-type religion comes, the child-type religion must teach us how to become one body with the parents in the household. Therefore, we must come to attend God as our Parent. Serving eminent religious leaders is preparation for attending God as our Parent.

When you look at the doctrines of different religions, you see they have similar core principles. It is an error to think that the oldest religion is the best. The parent-type religion appears with the purpose of gathering together the people of the world. Why do the faithful of each religion serve their founders? It is to gain training to serve the Parents. This teaching we are setting forth can lead to a revolution of higher dimension within the religious sphere.

With this, we have openly proclaimed that my wife and I are the ones who received the call of heaven as the representatives of the religion of the True Parents. Religious leaders signed a statement launching the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Until today, no one thought that religions could be combined into one framework. This is a historic occasion. (205-272, 1990/10/01)

2 Until now politics and science have opposed religion, but now for the first time the unification of human thought is possible centering on True Parents. The realms of religion, politics and science are coming together. We can see from an external viewpoint that communism and democracy, representing Cain and Abel, are fighting for control over the world of politics. We founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace centering on the religious realm, and the Federation for World Peace centering on the political realm, to bring us into the age when Cain and Abel will end their conflict. (215-065, 1991/02/06)

3 From the viewpoint of God's Will, most of the things I have to accomplish are done. The rest is to be done by the Federation for World Peace for the external world and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace for the internal world. The IRFWP represents the standard by which the mind can bring about mind-body oneness. In God's providence, history progressed based on sacrifices made in wars involving religion and politics.

These two should strive to achieve oneness. The fulfillment of that purpose is close at hand. Who can bring together the religious and political worlds? There must be a nation and people in a position to do that. This should be done either by a country or by a coalition of religious organizations. This task remains before us. (208-043, 1990/11/15)

4 Parents are necessary for the world's religions. Judaism has conflicts with Islam, Buddhism fights its rival religious groups, and Christian denominations fight with each other. We observe that people of those faiths will stop fighting when they attend events together and cultivate relationships. However, if the True Parents do not initiate meetings like this, such relationship building is completely impossible. Therefore, renowned scholars and government leaders have realized that without True Parents nothing can be accomplished. Focusing on this reality, we brought these leaders together, and on August 27, 1991, we created the worldwide institution called the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. (248-174, 1993/08/03)

5 Religions have developed from servant religions, adopted-child religions, stepchild religions and child religions to a mother religion and the parent religion. The mother religion is Christianity, and the parent religion is the Unification Church. It began as the religion of the father and then became the religion of the True Parents.

To teach the theory behind this, we gathered the leaders of religious groups to create the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. We must teach this theoretical viewpoint to everyone, because countries and their leaders do not know how to advance. Politics and religion are in conflict, reflecting the mind-body division wrought by the human Fall, with politics representing the body and religion the mind. Unless we can unite them, there will be no way to achieve world peace. (236-220, 1992/11/08)

6 To end the division of the mind and body brought about by the Human Fall, True Parents emerged from the sphere of religion, representing the heart, and have now extended themselves into the sphere of politics. On August 27, 1991, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace noted that politics traditionally has sacrificed religion, just as the body defies the mind. It is said that until now the world of the body has always dominated the world of the mind, but now the world of the mind must shape the world of the body. The era is dawning when the world of the mind can influence the world of the body. Once we take control of our body with our mind as the center, the path to peace will unfold before our eyes. This must happen in the realm of our daily lives. Throughout history's course, religion, science and politics could not be harmonized. We must be able to bring them into oneness. (219-227, 1991/09/08)

7 There should not be incongruent roads to world peace. Politics and religion must come to move in the same direction. It is a fundamental principle that the mind, guided by the religious realm, should control the body. Therefore, religion must lead. The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace was founded on August 27, 1991, and included 12 major religions. Next, religious representatives from more than 40 countries are to be included. We must set sail to a world of peace under the navigation of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. (219-075, 1991/08/25)

8 In order to solve the bitter sorrow in history that resulted from the division of mind and body, we must connect the communist world to the democratic world and make them as one. Religion represents the world of the mind and politics represents the world of the body. By clarifying the great moral principles of heavenly law and ending the fight between mind and body, centering on the mind, we will establish the absolute oneness of human nature and values and, centering on perfected Adam, who possesses those values, we will establish the perfection of Eve and a unified value perspective. This creates a peaceful order at the family level.

Centering on the worldwide perspective, which is connected to the national perspective, and the national perspective, which is connected to the people perspective, and the people perspective, which is connected to the tribal perspective, and the tribal perspective, which is centered upon the subject-partner perspective of that peaceful family, we are going to bind together the cosmos by means of actual relationships of love. When such a world and cosmos are a reality, we naturally will live by the public laws, regulations and social systems of love and true freedom. (208-152, 1990/11/17)

Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace

True Parents founded the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) on February 6,1999, for the purpose of connecting our international foundation, centered on the UN, with our interreligious foundation. The interreligious and international visions were merged into one through the establishment of organizations to elevate the work of the UN, with the founding of the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) on October 3,2003, and of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) on September 12,2005.

9 True Parents have not had even one day of rest. We are working to restore even the United Nations. We received a global commendation called the World Peace Award from a global association of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). As a result of its research into our 40 years of work, that association came to respect True Parents and its personnel volunteered to attend the IIFWP conference at the UN on August 17 of this year. The term "interreligious" in its name means "beyond religious," calling us to establish a standard that transcends religion. The term "international" likewise means "transnational," as it calls the UN to operate beyond nationality. Accordingly, True Parents have the desire to gather and edify the worlds most eminent religious figures and political leaders. By doing so, we certainly will help them excel in their callings. (331-231, 2000/09/03)

10 The term "interreligious" does not fit with religions as they have existed up to now. We must present a new global pathway for religions. The term "international," or "transnational," is a term that does not fit with the political climate of the UN as it has been up to now. These words mean "transcending nationality and religion." In the same vein, I have been preparing an institution that will take us beyond the present media and financial structures in order to impact the direction of the world.

With this in mind, we have created an institution to link to the UN, which we have named the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. Now we must gather the NGOs in various fields and elevate the work of the UN. UN member nations have welcomed our assemblies and our arts and science conferences; they know the UN needs these insights. $ (324-165, 2000/06/23)

11 It is clear that the UN needs a deliberative body made up of religious leaders as an upper house, and a deliberative body of political leaders as a lower house. Their role would be to cooperate, not to confront each other as though they were a ruling party and an opposition party. Currently there is a clear separation between religion and politics. If we create an upper house and a lower house in the UN, the religious realm naturally will participate in guiding the political realm.

In the future we will surpass the current dysfunctional system of elections. Through good education we can go beyond the conflicts rooted in religious factions and political corruption. Our ideal transcends religions and nations. Religions and nations are not in the position of enemies but must love each other and achieve harmony. (329-217, 2000/08/09)

12 Presently the UN cannot shed the environment of nationalism, and this means that the UN also cannot transcend religious boundaries. It needs the thought of True Parents, reflecting Godism and head-wing thought. In the future, a UN that cannot go beyond nationalism and religious boundaries will fail miserably. For the UN to transcend these limitations, it needs our help. This is why I established the Abel-type Federation of Island Nations for World Peace, Federation of Peninsular Nations for World Peace and Federation of Continental Nations for World Peace. Centering on these, I am creating the Abel UN. (326-257, 2000/07/14)

13 The American motto "One Nation under God" must be elevated by the Abel UN to "One World under God." If this happens, everything can be included naturally. "One Nation Under God" still allows for the potential for nationalism and the domination of weaker nations by stronger ones. The post-Second World War international system tried to influence the world with a system based on the viewpoint of the war's victors. However, because the system was defined by those countries, it could not develop to transcend nationality with a transnational worldview. Accordingly, we founded the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace.

We must transcend even the current UN. This is the idea behind the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO). The UN should function as an extended family. It should become one by means of family morality and ethics, which God formed as the ideal of creation. Our teaching will connect all of this together. (341-094, 2000/12/31)

14 With the start of the new millennium, we are rapidly heading toward one world. We are leaving behind the era of "One Nation under God" and going toward "One Cosmos under God." The world of one great family and one global village, which I explained already, is emerging. However, there are two serious obstacles to realizing this ideal: racial discrimination and religious discord.

In particular, conflicts among religions represent the most serious impediment to a peaceful world. God did not create denominations and sects. Religion itself is a byproduct of the Fall. The movement to break down all varieties of national boundaries and head to a world of peace, which I already clarified at the UN, is rapidly developing. The IIFWP is taking the lead, and on that foundation the WANGO is rapidly expanding its influence from the UN headquarters across five continents and six oceans. (347-169, 2001/07/04)

15 There are thousands of NGOs in the world. Any given country might have more than 3,000. So the IIFWP can organize general meetings and mobilize the NGOs. WANGO is a global network that transcends the UN. The Women s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) was the first of four organizations through which we are providing education in the 2000s. No nations will oppose the direction of WANGO, the IIFWP, the WFWP and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. These organizations are in more than 160 countries. We have broken through normal limitations, and no one can deny that. (343-035, 2001/01/15)

Section 3. Interfaith Marriage and the Middle East

The forty-day workshop for Muslims At the Second Assembly of the Worlds Religions that opened in San Francisco on August 16, 1990, True Parents proposed the establishment of the Interreligious Leadership Seminars as an education project that would internally bind together the worlds faiths. Connected to that, the following year a 40-day workshop was held for 40 Muslim leaders from Syria at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City from December 2, 1991 until January 10, 1992. True Parents implored the attending leaders to strive to resolve the long-standing impediments among Judaism, Christianity and Islam and take the lead in realizing peace in the Middle East.

The Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI) brought thousands of Christian ministers and faith leaders from the United States to the Middle East. They began as efforts for interfaith reconciliation between Christians and Jews, and developed into efforts to reconcile Jews and Palestinians, including peace marches in Jerusalem proclaiming peace among the Abrahamic faiths.

On December 22, 2003, in accordance with True Parents' guidance, thousands of people, including religious leaders from around the world, gathered and held historic events for peace in Israel and Palestine. This laid the foundation for True Parents to later conduct the Ceremony for Total Unity, which created a victorious realm in which the First, Second, Third and Fourth Israels can be united.

1 Before creating the Unification Church in 1954,1 taught that communism could not last more than 73 years. Communist expansionism is no longer an issue. Now we have to shift our focus to the issue of religious conflicts. For 50 years I have talked about who is going to stop the fighting between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. My preparations for resolving this conflict began five decades ago. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." Since the beginning of history, there has been only one person who tried to reconcile religions and who devoted himself to this work despite persecution from individuals, families, religions and nations. That person is me. But I was not alone. Together with God, (225-019, 1992/01/01)

1 have been laying the foundation to unite the religious world. This is not just a theory or classroom exercise. It is happening in the real world, in history. (225-019, 1992/01/01)

2 In an announcement at the second Assembly of the World's Religions in San Francisco, the participants agreed to cooperate in uniting their educational efforts. This was to be for the purpose of developing internal unity, and I stepped up to take the lead. All present, by raising their hands, pledged to participate. As we have pledged, so must we carry it out.

The first phase was education of Muslims from Syria. They are now receiving training in New York City at a 40-day workshop that began December 2. In the 1,500-year history of Islam, this is unprecedented. Middle East leaders representing Muslim countries are connecting for educational purposes with the Unification Church, which the world has opposed. The participants call me "Father Moon." I did not suggest this; they came up with it on their own.

These Muslim leaders are better than the members of the Unification Church. I told those who are attending the workshop, "Now that you have received this education, you know that doctrine is not an issue. The Will is the issue, so if you have found illumination in the Unification teachings and want to become my student, you are welcome." (210-206, 1990/12/23)

3 I am a person who knows history very well. Islam and Christianity have been enemies since the Crusades. Now, however, it is time to resolve this. Why did Syrian Muslim leaders receive education in the Unification Principle? If they had not received it, the world as we know it would have come to an end. Now Iraq has invaded Kuwait, and if Muslims centering on Iraq join together to fight Christians, it will lead to a world war, a religious war. My life mission has been dedicated to preventing this. Goaded by the Iraq issue, if Muslims say, "Christianity is our enemy. Let us avenge what we have suffered from the 12th-century Crusades until today," the Muslim world will unite and fight. The Syrian Muslim leaders are receiving Principle education at this time just when explosive world circumstances are intersecting dangerously. This education will inspire great work encouraging peace to take root. (210-129, 1990/12/17)

4 The center of Christianity is not Israel but the United States. Thus for 33 years I have been carrying out activities focusing on America. We are now entering the 34th year. We should prepare for a moment of massive transformation, the same as the moment when the 33-year-old Jesus should have come to rule the world as a royal personage from his 34th to 40th years.

We understand the significance of this time in the providence, so we are working based on the Peace UN. Islam, Christianity and Judaism descended from one man, Abraham, and tragedy emerged from the death of one man, Jesus. The original plan was that Jesus become the king of Israel, but he could not achieve this because he was killed. As a result the worlds of spirit and flesh separated. Gods Will to build a global, peaceful royal power in the flesh on earth still awaits fulfillment when Jesus returns. Clearly nothing can be accomplished on earth if the Lord returns on the clouds.

We have to know all about this, and we need to pay indemnity and resolve all the failures surrounding the time of Jesus. We resolve bitter pain by restoration through indemnity. To advance this task, 3,000 people from the Unification Church came to Israel from the north, south, east and west. Their outreach work brought many people to the peace march for Gaza and Israel on December 22,2003. It was a remarkable event to attend. It was difficult to secure 3,000 plane tickets for our members at the end of the year. It was miraculous. It is hard to move even three people at that time of year, but 3,000 came. (431-039, 2004/01/11)

5 The establishment of the foundation of the Third Israel, where God and Adam's nation become one and settle horizontally and vertically, has failed. Therefore, we must unite North and South Korea in order to establish the combined positions of the First Israel, the Second Israel, America, and the Third Israel, Korea. If we succeed, the arena of conflict will naturally transform into a foundation for peace.

Since I know that this will be the result, I called for a peace conference in Gaza and gathered people from Judaism, Christianity and Islam. What relationship do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have with me? From the perspective of Gods Will I am an ancestor who is joined with them in one bloodline, and I have a responsibility for them. I am doing this reconciliation work to indemnify failures related to Adam, Eve and Jesus, and to establish the condition for people to enter the sovereignty of the kingdom of heaven.

After the Second World War, if we cast the United States, Great Britain and France as one family, Great Britain was Eve, the US was Abel, and France was the restored archangel, all of whom defeated the side of Satan, represented by Japan, Germany and Italy. Based on this, they should have established the kingdom of peace centering on Korea. They failed in this, but we have restored their failure by paying indemnity and have redeemed God's lack of success in fighting with Satan in ^hat historical age, setting up a new era of victorious dominion.

Jesus should have become the King of Peace in Gaza, yet could not accomplish that. Since that time, no one could build the foundation of the First, Second and Third Israels. By building and connecting these foundations for the first time, the Lord at the Second Advent comes to stand in the position of True Parents. (429-016, 2003/12/23)

The interfaith marriage Blessing

True Parents said that if the walls between religions disappear, a world of peace will arrive. They emphasized that the interreligious marriage Blessing ceremony is the most effective way to break down those walls with a single blow and enable the safe arrival of peace. Accordingly, they oversaw a number of inter religious Blessing Ceremonies including the 144,000 Couples Interreligious Marriage Blessing for Clergy, held on April 27,2002, in Washington, DC.

6 At the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP) conference held in New Delhi on February 1,1993,1 announced that we must create a movement to combine all religions through intermarriage. As the chief representative of religion, I am saying that religion must take the lead in establishing family morals worldwide. We need to put this into practice through joint efforts by all religions. I proposed that IRFWP representatives organize joint wedding ceremonies within and between their religious groups. I offered to bless all the couples myself, regardless of the number. By declaring that globally, I fulfilled my responsibility as the person who created the IRFWP. (246-025, 1993/03/23)

7 The new age, which is called the age of Cheon II Guk, has opened. It is the age in which all people in the spiritual world and the physical world, left and right, Muslim and Christian, live together as one family. This is the meaning of Cheon II Guk. The world of peace can arise when walls between religions disappear. Our children can build a world of peace through interreligious and international marriages. The children of Jews and Muslims have to marry each other; the children of communists and the free world have to marry each other, and ultimately all people must become one family.

Think about the moment Cain killed Abel. As a result of that event, to this day the heart of God has been stained by tears and rent with anguish. Originally, the elder son should have loved his younger brother, but instead he murdered him. At that time, God's heart was unbelievably miserable.

Since then, He has longed for the end of religion. Judaism should have become the final religion for humanity. However, because Jesus was killed on the cross, Christianity emerged and has continued until the present. The ages of Adam and Jesus, who were the First and Second Adams, have passed. Now it is the age of completion, the time of the Returning Lord, the Third Adam. The mission of the Returning Lord is to perfect three generations in true love, true life and true lineage. Accordingly, through the Blessing, he engrafts people with cuttings from the true olive tree for the sake of making the lineage of all people chaste and pure. (2003/03/02)

8 We must accomplish the world of one family under God. The simplest way to do this is intermarriage between Jews and Muslims, and between people of the communist and free worlds. For example, if the children of North Korea's leader marry those of South Korea's president, not only will their enmity be removed but a peaceful world with the Korean Peninsula as the center will be realized. If the UN invites True Parents, who are the champions of interreligious, interracial and international marriages, to bless all humanity, it would not even take a week. The resolution of all human problems is not far away, but lies close at hand.

If we become blessed families, we can bless our nephews and nieces and all our relatives' sons and daughters. This being the case, the Blessing will spread like wildfire in a dry field. Now we must strongly push to bless our relatives' sons and daughters. If you ask why we are doing this, it is truly for their sakes. Later, when they come to understand the true meaning of the Blessing, they will thank us.

If I suggested to you here that we hold cross-cultural weddings between leaders of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, would you agree to that? If you are uncertain, please send someone in your place. After a 40-day workshop, that person will agree 100 percent. This is what God, our ancestors and the religious founders desire. (2003/03/02)

9 Traditions within each mainstream religion tell us that the holiest way is to live a celibate life. But an individual cannot enter heaven alone. We can enter only after accomplishing the realm of three generations based on lineage. That's why I bless marriages. After receiving the Blessing, to enter the kingdom of heaven one has only to complete the foundation of three generations through the true love, true life and true lineage of the true God. Only the Unification Church conducts Blessings for all to see in the earthly world that are binding in heaven and on earth.

From the earthly point of view, what does the Arab realm have to do with me? What is the relationship between a Korean and an Arab? We can relate to each other because we have a common devotion to God. Because the hope of God is embodied in that, we should believe the unbelievable, do the impossible, and even receive persecution with enthusiasm.

Who among the attendees of the IIFWP Middle East Peace Seminar believed in me after our first meeting? I am the person whom all have opposed. How much have religious leaders— Muslim, Jewish and Christian—hated the Unification Church? How much have priests and nuns hated it? The world of peace should go beyond borders. The world of peace will come to pass only when the son^and daughters of enemies can marry each other. The Unification Church is the only group in the religious world that can conduct cross-cultural marriages. Only the Unification Church. If I wed Muslims and Jews in cross-cultural marriages, wars in the Middle East will disappear. (406-025, 2003/03/02)

10 Heavenly Father, I truly give thanks that I am able to give the benefit of the Blessing, permitted by heaven, to 144,000 chosen leaders from 189 countries, with oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in thought.

Our dear Heavenly Father, through the Unification movement we will regain the true love, true life and true lineage lost in Eden, the garden of the ideal of creation. Your ideal of creation, with Your foundation of lineage at the center, is the completion of a family in line with Your principle of creation. You formed Adam and Eve, and You longed to embrace them, filled with ideal, cosmic love and yearning for them to become an ideal couple. Beyond that, You have longed for them to become ideal parents and to give birth to children centering on God, so that the first, second and third generations would be completed through their having grandchildren in the family of God. This would have settled the family foundation, where You desired to find oneness through love, life and lineage.

From the day when error befell the original human ancestors in the growing period, the trap of the Fall on this earth left us with pain and misery. Due to this, for our ancestors and also for us, the world of liberating joy was lost, and we were plunged into sorrow. While passing through 6,000 years, You established the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament Ages, which are the course of restoration to indemnify human sin.

I am well aware of how much effort it took to seek and find the standard of the liberated, restored, victorious, unified dominion of Eden. With all the religious leaders standing here, by the grace of the united Blessing of heaven and earth, completing the oneness of blood relatives who have oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in thought, we must find and restore the original realm of heart from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and even God that had been lost in front of You. (376-225, 2002/04/27)

11 Heavenly Father, for the sake of the mind-body unity of the individual, unity between husband and wife, unity between parents and children, unity among siblings, and unity of the tribe, nation and world, we shatter the walls and barriers erected by Satan and shake off enemy-like behavior. Upon the family-level foundation of loving children, as the unfallen brethren of Adam and Eve, we have completed the form of a true clan centered on God, who has become our True Parent.

We also have carried out Blessing ceremonies transcending tribe, nation, world and cosmos. By doing so, we have established the realm of unification on earth and the realm of unification in heaven. We have removed the dividing line between the spiritual world and the physical world and abolished the borderline between Satan's world and heaven's world. By this means, centering on true lineage and the ideal family, all humanity has welcomed the age of the Blessing, in which we are able to accomplish familial love that goes beyond the nation and beyond the standard of religion, as the children of Cain and Abel for whom God has hoped. I pray that this Blessing ceremony, held with a spirit that is international, interethnic and intertribal, with oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in thought, will be an acceptable offering before our Heavenly Father. (392-098, 2002/09/14)

Chapter 3

Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World

Section 1. The Spirit World and True Parents

The existence of the spirit world

True Parents have continuously invested sincere devotion for the sake of clarifying the reality and structure of the spirit world and for liberating those in the spirit world. During 43 days of battling in the spirit world, True Father resolved many issues to do with the truth and his mission. Once he received the Gods Divine Seal, he led the providence both in heaven and on earth toward the unification and salvation of the earthly world and spirit world.

1 Religion starts from God. This principle applies to the Unification Church as well. The Unification Church was not built up by evangelism. I did not attract this many people through evangelism. It happened because people of high spiritual sensitivity came. They came because the spirit world guided them.

People who were guided in this way cannot deny God's existence. People who have not had such experiences do not acknowledge that God exists. Many people experience the reality of God while living a life of faith for a long time. Such people cannot even dream of denying Gods existence. The ones with the keenest antennae know that place of oneness. They know the center. After those kinds of people spontaneously gathered at the center, they started the Unification Church. The Unification Church started from a direct relationship with God. (250-012, 1993/10/11)

2 You absolutely cannot deny the existence of the eternal world, in other words, the spirit world. If you ask why, it is because you can experience it easily by making a little effort. If you make only a little effort, experiencing it is not difficult. The people who have been in the Unification Church for a long time have all experienced it. Without such experiences, who would believe in the Unification Church amid the opposition and persecution it receives? Nonetheless, if you do not believe after having had such experiences, you will receive tormenting attacks from the spirit world. That is why you keep believing. Because of that, you cannot deny that the spirit world exists. (024-329, 1969/09/14)

3 I have a background that you cannot imagine. In my background is the essence of the world's history. I have experienced the world of the spirit, and however much someone explains that neither God nor the spirit world exists, I have limitless evidentiary material that they are not able to explain otherwise. This material did not emerge from connections in the context of daily life, where you have been carrying out your routine existence until now. It emerged from days on my knees with my face to the ground in prayerful devotion. As I felt our Father s tormented heart, I cried in utter desperation, begging to know how I could save our beloved Father, God, from His unbearable suffering. During those times, I shed more tears than anyone in history. (026-015, 1969/10/14)

4 I do not talk about certain aspects of the spirit world even though I know them well. I seem like a person who does not know. I am composed when I consider the problems in my path. Because 1 am able to choose my direction and ruthlessly stick to it, I can overcome all the spiritual insanity of this chaotic age. The storms of life do not deter me from following the right path. I have passed through the age of chaos on the personal level, family level and national level, and I am now advancing to the worldwide level. Let us be the standard-bearers on this course to rescue the entire chaotic world. (071-050, 1974/04/28)

5 Those whose personal nature coincides with the spiritual aspect of the divine are curious about spiritual things. I was born this way. I find it very interesting to talk about God. I enjoy hearing about God 24 hours a day, forgetting to eat.

One should not speak about such things in a one-sided way, but reinforce it by truth. You have to give both spirit and truth. Each person knows his or her own personal character and nature. So, each of us must make the effort to develop both aspects as a complementary pair. You must research the truth of the divine and experience the spirit of the divine. You must devote yourself to prayer and study. The spiritual person must strengthen his or her foundation in order to confirm through truth what he or she already feels spiritually, and an intellectual person must strengthen his or her experiential foundation by spiritually supplementing the intellectual side. If you do that, you will have a basis to develop an eternal foundation at the core of who you are. Because it is difficult to do this alone, make friends with those who have characteristics complementary to yours and cooperate with one another, or learn from a teacher. This is the correct path. (076-141, 1975/02/02)

6 After going to the spirit world, you must act in such a way that even God acknowledges you. If you study the Divine Principle, you will come to understand everything. You must discover everything about the spirit world, including the system by which it operates. I have done that and have taught it to you. No one until now has been able to deal with this gigantic world. After thoroughly unpacking history's bundle of tattered clothes, you must be able to organize that vast world to the degree that the king can select from your wardrobe, get dressed and take delight in His visit. Accordingly, you must act so that God will be able to say, "Since the beginning of history, you are the first person who is better than I." After doing that, you will receive God's seal of approval proclaiming that the only victorious person is you. (203-299, 1990/06/27)

7 You must find the spiritual state where you can hear the voice of your mind. That is different from a conversation with God through prayer. If you enter that place, you will talk about the content of a meeting that will take place in a couple of days or more. You do not sleep at night; instead you attend the meeting deep inside your mind. Mother understands that. You end up talking to yourself even when riding on a train. It is like that when you go into that spiritual state. Just as if you are listening to a radio broadcast, a voice emerges from the root of your mind that resonates with the great universe. Other sounds are not audible. You have to maintain that frequency, that wavelength. (558-126, 2007/03/06)

8 There was a time when I fought with many in the spirit world over 43 days. Even Jesus and his 12 apostles would not recognize me. The people in the spirit world thought that I was attempting to destroy the spirit world. The fight to clarify what was true and what was false lasted 43 days. At that time, God did not judge. God took the position that the truth would emerge through the fight. Neither those in the spirit world nor I gave in. Since it looked as if the fight would continue for thousands of years, God took the position where He had to pass judgment. God adjudicated based on heavenly law. I was victorious in that fight. Accordingly, numerous people there eventually listened to what I was saying. I am now able to influence the spirit world. Because I fulfilled the condition to unite the spirit world, I am now working for unification on earth. (019-154, 1968/01/01)

Dominion over the spirit world

As True Parents have stated in their public talks, they are the champions in terms of knowledge about the spirit world. Truly they are the supreme experts on this subject. Through interchange with the spirit world, they delved into every nook and cranny of the bitter sorrow of God and humankind since the Fall of the human ancestors. Based on that, True Parents have led the way to the liberation of God and have taught how human beings must live on earth in preparation for eternal fife.

9 You may not understand the spirit world very well, but I am an expert. The record remains that says, "Reverend Moon is the founder who, after opening the gates of the spirit world, shed light on the theoretical foundation and systematic teachings that explain that world." I am called the True Parent, and make no mistake, the words "True Parents" are fearful ones. If there are True Parents, they must take care of a true family. If there is a clan attached to that family, it must be a true clan. When this is expanded to a people, True Parents must take care of that true people, and when expanded to the nation and the world, they must take care of the nation and even the world. When expanded to the spiritual world and the physical world, that is, heaven and earth, True Parents must be able to take care of them as well. (203-325, 1990/06/28)

10 The world needs True Parents. This applies not only to the earthly world but also to the spirit world. A palace of love in the spirit world will have to be built, but there is no person who can do that. Neither God nor spirit persons can make the palace in the spirit world. True Parents must make it. The palace of love in the spirit world will start from True Parents. After we go to the spirit world, we will proclaim, "We are creating a palace here." Based on that proclamation, all those in the spirit world will gather there. Because that responsibility remains, I am absolutely necessary even in the spirit world. (205-257, 1990/09/09)

11 After you go to the spirit world, if you call, "Father!" you can meet me immediately, anywhere. Do not worry about it. If you are in tune with the heart of love, you have the right to participate together, to live together, and to hold the same position in love. If you call me, you can meet me immediately. I will give such a person a tour of the entire spirit world. (229-165, 1992/04/11)

12 Father knows of the enormous theater of activity in the land after death, where you can travel hundreds of millions of miles instantly without an airplane. The power of love boasts the highest speed. If you call someone you are longing for with a heart of love, that person will appear immediately. The vast distances are no problem. If you go to the spirit world, wherever you go is filled with flowers and with laughter and dancing. The flowers also make music as they greet you, presenting various shapes that express the standard of your love's perfection.

At that point, you may realize the greatness of the love Father taught and wonder why you did not recognize it earlier. You will understand that you have realized this too late. You need to be trained so that you can pass that world s examination, get in tune with its frequency and achieve harmony there. (227-100, 1992/02/10)

13 What I am proud of is that I understand God. I understand more than those in the spirit world do. Because I understand the heart of God, God loves me the most. Because of this, God wants to follow me around everywhere I go. Because God wants to follow me, all people in the spirit world want to follow me. If I go to the spirit world, I will sit at its summit. Even if I do not want to sit there and instead go to a low place, I will be pulled back to the summit. For you to be here today listening to words like these is a historic event. (146-334, 1986/08/10)

14 I am a person who understands the moment. Because of that, I have ventured to do what no one else in the world could do. How do I know about the moment? I have an antenna that you do not have. Because of that, those who communicate with the spirit world and experience all three dimensions cannot ignore me. This is because I am an expert. Even if you say just one word, I already know the entire situation that ten words would be needed to describe. You do not understand such things. The ones who do not know must follow and receive guidance from the one who knows. That is the only way you can survive. (071-328, 1974/05/05)

15 Science starts with a hypothesis. If, after experimentation, the results confirm the hypothesis, the hypothesis is said to be scientifically validated. The conclusions of the Unification Church are more trustworthy than that. They are not based on a hypothesis. We have contents based on substantial reality, and results, because the Unification Church is a religion that takes action. I start by understanding with certainty the path that I have to take, and then I go. I even understand what is about to happen in the world. I am able to deal with any kind of philosophical or theoretical matter. I am well-versed regarding even the mystical world. I am called an expert about the spirit world. This is why the Unification Church, in accordance with its name, can unite churches and religions. (079-347, 1975/09/28)

16 There are numerous spirits connected to each person on earth. Those spirit persons will come down to this world to help in the future. Those spirit persons are being fully mobilized for my sake. Write the three characters of my name and give them to a person who communicates with the jjiighest level of the spirit world and tell him, "Try praying about this person." While praying, that person will exclaim, "Wow!" and bow. That is how it is. Being an expert, I understand this very well.

Without bringing unity to the spirit world, earth cannot be unified. I, the person who is standing here in front of you, have the ability to unify the spirit world. It is not only that I have the ability, I am already working on it. That is why spirits are cooperating with me.

Once a Buddhist came to me and bowed to me, saying that the Buddha had appeared to him and instructed him to pray for me for 24 hours. This is an indication that the spirit world is cooperating with me. (082-308, 1976/02/01)

17 You have to create children and all things of creation on behalf of God. And one step further, you must create the position of a parent. That path of destiny is the path of restoration, the path of re-creation. If a product you just bought breaks, you can take, it back to the shop for repair or replacement. The same principle applies here. Did you think that God would say, "Ah! I will have a feast in the air and achieve my Will," as Christians believe? That is a fantasy. That absolutely will not happen. I met both Jesus and God. I am someone who knows every nook and cranny of the spirit world. (092-179, 1977/04/03)

18 There are people who say, "When I die, I will know whether or not the spirit world and the kingdom of heaven exist." When you die, you definitely will know that the spirit world exists. You may not know what the spirit world is at this time, because you have not experienced it. But I received special grace from heaven and became an expert with respect to the spirit world. Whenever a spiritualist came to me, that person surrendered. Having become an expert on the spirit world, I established the Unification Church, and now I am threading my way through the world.

The spirit world certainly exists. Having received that special grace and while delving into that world, I was interested in the organization of the kingdom of heaven. When I penetrated into and searched that world thoroughly, I found that it has a simple organization. The kingdom of heaven is the place where only people who have lived for the sake of others can enter and dwell. (077-325, 1975/04/30)

19 1 have taken the lead in destroying all the secret weapons of Satan. Satan and the evil spirits have devastated this world, but I have investigated all of that thoroughly. I am the champion of mending every place that Satan has been. Not only that, the entire spirit world has been in chaos until now, but I have gone through it all and woven it together. Also, I met with those who call themselves leaders in the spirit world and triumphed over them in battles centered on the Principle. (100-025, 1978/10/04)

20 Those who have met me on earth, lived with me, and loved and respected me more than anyone else has are the ones who will be near me when they go to the spirit world. Accordingly, if a family that once had been faithful opposes me, I must gather them together even though they have fallen away. Because the heart of true love is eternal, I must call and liberate even those people. I seek out and liberate even murderers. Did the archangel not at first love Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Because my mind is to recover that, I liberate both murderers and saints, and Cain and Abel, in one place.

This is because there is a standard from which they departed. That standard exists based on the ideal of the family, which would establish positions of equal value, like a husband and a wife. Therefore I have to love Satan and Cain. Only with true love can everything be liberated, and without true love, the providence of salvation cannot be accomplished. (314-307, 2000/01/14)

Unity of heaven and earth

True Parents opened the age in which the physical world and the spiritual world are one united entity. By this act of unification, we have come to the age of the direct dominion of God and True Parents. Accordingly, True Parents have said that we can enlist the cooperation of the spiritual world and the physical world if we invest much sincere devotion. descendants by teaching them clearly about the spirit world. This is the time when the spiritual world and the physical world will become one, and your responsibility is to mobilize and guide your ancestors, creating an environment where your ancestors are guiding people spiritually to you, so that you can bring them into oneness with True Parents.

21 If the spirit world is not united, we will not be able to unify earth. Until now, the spirit world has been assisting in the background as I followed this path. Because of that, all religions testify to me. Immediately after World War II, if the Christian cultural sphere throughout the world had united with me, from that time on, the spiritual and the physical could have attained oneness. That did not take place, so I again have done the work of building a unified foundation through a 40-year course. That work is now complete. By unifying the standard on earth with that in heaven, the interchange between the spiritual world and the physical world, which had been blocked until now, is finally commencing. (260-106, 1994/04/28)

22 You have to mobilize the spirit world. If you are going to mobilize the spirit world, you have to stand in front and invest more sincere devotion than any of your ancestors did. You have to be more than a devoted son or daughter and loyal subject. By representing three generations, you have to become one with your ancestors and your parents. Thereupon, you need to educate your (275-190, 1995/12/08)

23 The most memorable thing I experienced while living a prison life was the deprivation. The more I embraced that life in which we were given so little, the more I could see the spiritual realm of resonance in my mind become increasingly acute. I did heavy labor that normal people could not endure, and although my body labored, my mind did not labor. Such an ordeal opens one up to spiritual experiences, which free the physical body from fatigue.

Certainly you need to experience this. If you do not have this experience, after you go to the spirit world, you will not become a resonating being. You must work so that you have such experiences. If you do that, you will meet me more frequently, while you are in a state between sleeping and waking. The harder you labor, the more your spiritual interior will widen. While you take a nap, you will be aware of what I am doing. Even if you five at home, you will enter a realm of life where you are attending True Parents. If you exert effort, the spirit world will automatically open. This is not an illusion; it is real. Provided you do that and stay active, the spirit world will freely cooperate, and \ a i the work you are doing will expand horizontally. (102-049, 1978/11/19)

24 Religions until now have developed through forming relationships in the physical world after the founder went to the spiritual world. However, the Unification Church has connected the world to God's Will while True Parents are alive. On this point, we are different. When Jesus and other religious founders entered the spirit world, spirit persons came to earth to cooperate with the followers, but we are different. True Parents are alive and are spreading the Will both through people who have already gone to the spirit world and through you. The Unification Church is able to attain its goal by having substantial people on earth who move the spirit world.

That is because of our father-son relationship with God. To establish a father-son relationship, we have to share our living environment and respond to each other. If we do not, we cannot relate as father and son, because the father-son relationship means living together in the realm of daily life, where we all have the same feeling and same environment.

You must pray to have such an intimate relationship in the realm of your daily life. Our church members who attend True Parents personally say that it is as if they are living in the kingdom of heaven. In reality, all of you should advance to this position. Currently, many Unification Church family members follow this way. To do so, they pray hard and offer sincere devotion. (021-238, 1968/11/24)

25 Work without complaint and with a grateful mind. When you pray like this after returning home from work, surely True Parents will appear in your dreams to teach you. Your spiritual eyes will open. If you do that, what kinds of phenomena will occur? Because you will be eager to see True Parents, you will even forget to eat. Also, because you want to see them, the sound of their voices calling you from within your mind will be audible. It will manifest to the degree that you cannot eat or sleep. Your sincerity opens your spiritual eyes.

When you pass through that state of mind, True Parents will live together with you. Such phenomena are occurring. At that time, you do not need to envy anyone, not even millionaires and billionaires. This is real. This is why I am teaching 365 days a year. I do this work because I understand these things. I understand everything, even inferring what kind of person I will meet tomorrow, and preparing for that. That kind of world exists.

Therefore, the world becomes like that, not only by your hoping for it but more importantly by your investing your sincerity. You have to invest your sincerity for that world as True Parents have done. You should invest your sincere devotion earnestly. Everything you invest will bear fruit in your life. (090-266, 1977/01/03)

26 Love is eternal. Because love is eternal, the teaching that those who possess Gods love have eternal life is a logical and natural conclusion. Since God is eternal, those who form an eternal first love will live eternally with God. If Adam and Eve live eternally, their sons and daughters will attach to the root of eternal love and also will live eternally. This is logical, and the Unification Church invests this power in you.

The closer you get to the root, the more you earnestly think of True Parents and the more you will be taught by the spirit world. Even if we live separately from one another, at opposite ends of the world, if you long for us to the extent that you cannot sleep and forget to eat, we will communicate with you through the spirit world. You will see everything we are doing. (283-273, 1997/04/13)

27 You must truly long for True Parents. If you do, you will be able to meet us in dreams and through revelations. Such phenomena have never before taken place in the world. True Parents are directing the environment beyond time and space. How is that happening? We are doing so with the help of God. Among all antennae, God's antenna is the highest. A high antenna can beam a signal to anywhere in the world.

God informs you through the spirit world. God teaches missionaries thoroughly. Without exception, God teaches amid persecution. If someone comes to persecute you, God will teach you how to answer. A person who has had such experiences, even while dying, cannot conceive that God does not exist. A person who has experienced that within the substantial realm can live together with God to his or her very core. (257-306, 1994/03/16)

Section 2. The Salvation and Liberation of the Spirit World

The gates to the kingdom of heaven True Parents came to earth to sever the false lineage of fallen humankind. They brought victory in all stages of the providence of restoration. They removed the boundaries that blocked the connections between earth and the spirit world, and they prepared a highway that reaches from the earthly world to the heavenly world. Because of that, True Parents said that if we love them and come to love humankind even more than we love True Parents, we will be able to travel the direct path that reaches from earth to heaven. True Parents arrived safely in the original central position where they can realize God's ideal of creation. They have opened wide the gate of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

1 God has not been able to work directly in the spirit world. Instead, God motivated angels, saints and good ancestors to perform His work. If He could have worked directly, the Fall would never have happened. True Parents are the ones who are building the bridge that allows God to be able to work directly. True Parents came to earth and are solving completely the reality of false parents. God comes down to earth on the foundation of this purification from the individual level to the cosmic level, and He is conducting His activity centering on that completed foundation. (323-232, 2000/06/03)

2 At the Second Advent, the one who is coming is the perfected Adam. Provided Eve becomes absolutely one centering on the perfected Adam, she will become a perfected Eve. Mother has come and she is doing the spiritual work of indemnity to fulfill that task herself. True Parents completed the creation of Adam and Eve on the world level, so, with all men standing in the man's position and all women standing in the woman's position, we are entering the age of the ideal family in which they are equal, centering on love.

Everything that blocked heaven and earth and east and west has been removed, and we have returned to the innate, original standard. Now there is only one path you must take. You have only one way to enter the kingdom of heaven; it is Iw following True Parents. Satan surrendered, and all obstacles of Satan's world have disappeared. After you become one and move the nation, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will be achieved by your unity with True Parents in front of God. (310-286, 1999/07/27)

3 Adam and Eve are the only son and only daughter representing countless generations in front of God. Even in our society, at the death of an only son who had come after six previous generations of only sons, the Korean government sends a gift to console the bereaved family. However, until now has anyone consoled God, who lost His only son and daughter in all eternity? Only I am comforting God, who bears the sorrow of the Fall, while He says, "Please follow me. Please follow the path I am taking."

After pioneering that path, you must break down the gates of hell and open the gates to heaven. You must make it so that God can come and go at His discretion. You must completely break down the walls of hell, that place of bitter sorrow. You must liberate God. I completely destroyed the blockage of hell that has barred the way between the heavenly world and the earthly world. Now you have to build an expressway. Establish the standards for this, not only on earth but also in the spirit world. There must be standards set for the family, tribe, people, nation and entire cosmos. That will come about by men and women creating families. (302-227, 1999/06/14)

4 Because the grace of the Blessing has reached from top to bottom, all the way down to earth, we are connecting to the age of the spirit world Blessing. Provided we make that heaven-to-earth connection, restoration will be possible. Until now, after a loving husband and wife finished life on earth, they became separated when they went to the spirit world. Each entered the spirit world according to his or her individual standard.

After going to the spirit world, when they pressed a video button, everything about how they lived on earth was revealed. Everything was recorded. An angel would take them to the place that corresponded to their spiritual standard. If ten members in a family had different spiritual standards, they had to separate. They could not meet each other.

Now they have been liberated from that. The ones in the spirit world who once loved each other on earth can now receive the Blessing. We have given the Blessing to spirit persons. The gate has been opened and, because of that, the liberation of hell is possible. Thus we have established the standard whereby we can say we have completed the foothold of the kingdom of heaven by creating a oneway path to the kingdom of heaven, the innate, original, unfallen world.

So we are digging up all the individuals and families that were divided on earth and weaving them together globally. After the realm of unification in the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven was accomplished by means of fitting all of them together at one time, the age has arrived when God can be liberated. (283-146, 1997/04/08)

5 I loved my enemies all my life. I did so at the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world, and finally at the level of the cosmos. Why did I enter Danbury Prison? There was a barrier blocking both the spiritual world and the physical world. I had to pave the road not only to the highest realm of the spirit world but also to hell, to unravel what fallen parents entangled. Therefore, when I was in Danbury, I established conditions by having special prayers with Mother.

Since then, the walls surrounding hell have been destroyed and the path has emerged by which anyone who makes the effort can go up to the kingdom of heaven. If you have good spirits among your relatives in the spirit world, you can educate them, pull them up and send them off. The part spirits play in salvation has been set in motion. The Saviors role existed only on earth, but by preparing this direct path, the way is now open for good spirits in spirit world to educate evil spirits who are in hell. These good ancestors play a part in the Savior s role, and the path is open where evil spirits can be resurrected fully. (136-187, 1985/12/22)

6 In one generation, I pioneered a highway to the spirit world from the individual level to the world level. In Danbury on February 1, 1985, I proclaimed the Day of Opening the Gates to Heaven. We must open the gate that connects a highway from the world on earth to the heavenly world. That highway must be built starting at the very bottom, from the most difficult place.

The new origin of all history arises from prison. It is like that even in this world. Revolutionaries open new paths while in prison. Similarly, we must build the highway from the very bottom of prison. If there is hell, a path will arise on which a man and a woman can go, even from hell. It is the same on earth. True Parents are opening paths that were blocked and partitioned off by the false parents. The blockages perpetuated by connections of lineage, based on the love of the false parents, are opened by inheriting the lineage of the new Blessing, based on the love of the True Parents. (166-243, 1987/06/07)

7 While in Danbury Prison, 1 opened wide the doors of heaven and hell, and opened wide even the doors of hell on earth. When I left Danbury Prison, all countries—north, south, east and west—could connect, centered on the Unification Church family and me. Intending to create that foundation, I had to send my beloved Heung-jin, True Parents' son, to the spirit world to save the spirit world. In the position of a sacrificial offering centering on heaven and earth, there was no one but Heung-jin who could go to the spirit world from the realm of True Parents' love.

Denominations based on Jesus have been divided according to ethnicity. Heung-jin destroyed those walls and drew one line along which people can gather. Just as water collects in one place and flows along a line through a hole to another place, so also the spirit world is visiting earth through the path of love created by Jesus and Heung-jin. Originally, good ancestors in the spirit world were to follow the line of original, innate love, and now the bridge has appeared by which they can come and go by means of that love. (169-204, 1987/10/31)

8 In the natural world, you are guided on the path to the kingdom of heaven not only by True Parents but also by angels. True Parents' guidance is not just through the Divine Principle. Since True Parents prepared the path, they made it so that you can follow this path based on your love for True Parents. While following that path, if you come to love humankind more than you love True Parents, from the position of loving True Parents, all will go well for you on that path. You will encounter no obstacles, and it will not be a narrow road. You will take the main street of heart that leads to the highway, and you will be allowed to go to the kingdom of heaven directly from earth. (140-058, 1986/02/01)

9 What gift will you bring for God when you enter the spirit world? That is an issue I am facing too. You worked not only for the country that God wanted but also for the world. You lived for the sake of the next generation, who will be able to build the ideal society and the ideal world. You loved the way God loves. Because you did that, even when you go to the spirit world, it will be natural. It will just be an extension of your physical life; you will live in the same way as before. You are doing the work that God is doing, and since God is doing that work, results emerge. Just like you, to go to a place close to God, I too must do that work. Then God will even say, "My country is your country." (205-212, 1990/09/02)

10 True Parents are cleaning up everything that the false parents created. Before True Parents enter the spirit world, they must make the condition that will allow everything to become better. They must set the conditions to liberate from their sins all the criminals who are in the prisons of the earthly world and the spirit world. They must open the gates of hell in the earthly world and open the way for the spirits there to be able to go to the heavenly world.

When you go to the spirit world, you will be educated in accordance with your conscience and the degree of your faith. True Parents must set up a system in the spirit world to teach about the Divine Principle and the ideal world. The ones who know both of these are educated and restored quickly within days, based on the level of the group to which they belong. As a result, the world will be unified. The kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven are beginning. Even Satan must be liberated. (293-273, 1998/06/02)

11 True Parents must destroy the walls of hatred and resentment among people throughout history. They are not doing this work while sitting on thrones as the sovereigns of a nation. Since humankind is living in hell on earth, and people are suffering in hell in the spirit world, True Parents must open all the gates of hell on earth and in the spirit world, connect individuals to the nation and world, and construct a road so people can pass from earth to the heavenly world. They must create a connecting highway, one road, which is the mainstream.

Your mind and body should become one, and from that standard of unity, when you pass through the stages of the family, tribe, people and nation, and go beyond that to the world and into the heavenly realm, there should be no walls. We must destroy all barriers.

The opening of the gates of hell in the spirit world, and the gates to the kingdom of heaven, is the final problem. After going to the bitter end of earthly hell, you open the gates there. If after standing at the gates of hell in the spirit world you do not open those gates, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Only people who triumph over hell are able to enter the kingdom of heaven.

By what means are they victorious? Not by means of prayer. They must gain victory by possessing the love of God. If they do not, they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. To help you, after passing through earth ^entering on the love of God and opening even the gates of hell in the heavenly world, I have paved a road from earth to heaven. (140-043, 1986/02/01)

12 There is no path other than the teachings of True Parents that can solve your fundamental problems, which have come to you through historical connections. You will never solve them without education. Please go to the spirit world to see if I am telling a lie. I am teaching what your conscience already knows. I have accomplished and gained victory in everything through the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.

Because I confronted Satan and caused his surrender, Satan no longer can appear in the world where True Parents are. A smoothing out, a connecting process is taking place from the level of the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, straight to the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world. When we connect after equalizing all of those, we will be in the kingdom of heaven on earth. People and their relatives who live in the kingdom of heaven on earth will naturally transition to the kingdom of heaven in heaven, just as they are. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is one's original home. (256-025, 1994/03/12)

13 The Principle is the truth that can unite the spiritual world and the physical world. Heaven is innately in the plus position, whereas earth is originally in the position of minus. Total development is possible from the position where these two become one. Nobody has understood the concept of world history from a providential viewpoint. After True Parents came to earth, they worked to thoroughly clean up the world of fallen Adam, perfect it and connect it to the kingdom of heaven.

God's connection with Adam is the original and innate foundation. This connection determines the chosen people of Israel. The people of Israel must expand and spread to all humankind. The family emerges from there. As soon as the family of Adam is settled, the fallen families will collapse.

There is nothing other than the Blessing that is able to cause this change. When families that have received the Blessing are established on earth, their ancestors and parents will come to participate in the Blessing. When ideal families settle on earth and expand to the whole world, that will be the kingdom of heaven on earth. When that kingdom of heaven on earth is completed, the kingdom of heaven in heaven is automatically accomplished. (292-214, 1998/04/17)

14 Only True Parents can clear up the spirit world and the earthly world and complete the ideal, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. The era of God's all-transcendence, omnipresence, omnipotence and all-immanence has come. We can establish a general organization for the world as well as for each country. Satan's world, which was all-powerful, is completely ineffective in front of God's authority, and we are passing into to the era of Gods absolute authority and power. True Parents are the ones who are doing that. It starts from True Parents. (293-326, 1998/06/07)

15 You must live attending the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The spiritual world and the physical world are not two separate worlds. They are one world where you live after harmonizing your mind and body. When you create the kingdom ofheaven on earth in this way, the kingdom of heaven in heaven is achieved automatically. When you enter, your family and nation can enter. By means of many nations being liberated, you will be able to live attending God, the owner of the nation. (393-088, 2002/09/29)

16 The sphere of True Parents' activity is not limited to earth. Because I am concerned about the vast spirit world, even to the ends of that world, if there is a shadow of Satan anywhere, I must eradicate it. It is not enough to pay indemnity in the same way as before. Now True Parents need to actually settle accounts. I must restore the failure of Adam and Eve, the failures at Jesus' time, the cosmic failures, and all that was defiled by Satan. After causing Satan to surrender, I will give the command that can liquidate these debts. At that point, the perfected kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will become possible. That is the logic of true love. (397-208, 2002/11/24)

17 The Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God fulfilled the hopes of the religious world. It fulfilled all the goals of the providence of salvation. The ideal of creation shall be achieved, re-creating all things, giving birth to men and women, producing blessed families and realizing an ideology of a realm free from the Fall, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. It is not just some individuals or families but all human beings who become liberated, blessed central families. The empty kingdom ofheaven can be filled all at once. In other words, all of the historical failures can be restored according to the horizontal standard. This restoration will patch up the empty places. The ideal kingdom of heaven is being built on earth as well as in heaven. God can stride throughout the spirit world and earth at His discretion. (346-239, 2001/07/01)

Liberating and blessing people in the spirit world

On the foundation of the cosmic victorious realm of Heung-jin nim and Daemonim in the spirit world, True Parents brought about the removal of evil spirits through the spiritual work at Cheongpyeong that began on January 19, 1995. They bestowed the grace of the liberation of people in the spirit world from February 12,1999, and the grace of ancestor Blessing from December 12, 1999. By means of the grace of the Blessing that liquidates the lineage of the Fall for spirit persons, all humankind has come to live in the age of cosmic liberation.

18 Large numbers of spirits enter the body of each person. The spiritual work at Cheongpyeong removes these spirits, and beams of light treated by True Parents guide those spirits, enabling them to ascend upward from hell in the spirit world. Anyone is able to follow those beams of light. Good spirits are all able to do that. I am opening the path whereby they will be able to ascend. I am completely removing those walls and conditions, opening doors of liberation. Because of that, spirits are able to go to the kingdom ofheaven in a short time.

Now, because many people are contacting evil spirits and are suffering harm, we must completely sever this connection and sweep away all the evil spirits. Through the Fall of Adam's family, it became an evil family. We must do the spiritual work of recreating our ancestors. We must make families that are in the position of good archangels. We are entering the age of liberating and giving the Blessing to those in the spirit world. We are giving many blessings of enormous value. (298-212, 1999/01/08)

19 The Cheongpyeong Training Center is the base that will set you free from evil spirits. This training center exists even in the spirit world. Through it, you must solve the sins you committed on earth that are not yet indemnified. If you become one with True Parents and indemnify your sins, you will not go to the training center when you go to spirit world but will directly enter the kingdom of heaven. You must become parents who give birth to children who are able to enter the kingdom of heaven, thus creating people who are able to go directly to the kingdom of heaven.

Now I have completely settled the accounts for the age of restoration through indemnity. From now, since your sons and daughters must go straight to the kingdom of heaven, if your children cannot go there, you also will have to wait outside on the threshold. You will wait until the debt caused by sin is completely cancelled. That's the problem. Instead of hell, a prison for blessed families will be made in the spirit world. Paradise will arise where blessed families who cannot pass over the threshold to enter the kingdom of heaven will wait. You will have to wait until the time when you are liberated in the spirit world from the sins your children have committed. Despite being blessed, a sinful person cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. The debt caused by your sins first must be completely cancelled. Everything I am saying about the spirit world is accurate. We must live our lives the right way; excuses are not allowed. (424-104, 2003/11/04)

20 When you go to the Cheongpyeong Training Center, you must participate in ancestor liberation ceremonies and Blessing ceremonies. Provided your ancestors are liberated and blessed quickly, as blessed ancestors in the angelic world they will do the work of protecting the blessed families on earth. Accordingly, there will be no hardships on earth and you will escape from the realm where Satan can invade. If you do not do that, you cannot escape, and you will remain as you are in Satan's world. (320-118, 2000/03/31)

21 You blessed families are tribal mes-siahs. You need to liberate your relatives in the spirit world and the physical world. You have that responsibility. For the sake of your ancestors, establish the same kind of indemnity conditions you set when you married. If you do not do so, you will not be able to mobilize the angels or summon your ancestors. We are pulling people out of hell. Angels have been sent to pull them out. (310-097, 1999/06/06)

22 You must think that you yourself will go to the spirit world and report as my beloved Heung-jin has done. The spirit world and earth are liberated when you and Heung-jin become one as siblings on earth. Your life on earth is valuable. You know the reality of the spirit world where he was sent, and you know you must clean up your accounts on earth. That means to offer indemnity. The spirit world is mine and earth is also mine. True Parents and Heung-jin became one, and you and Heung-jin are becoming one as siblings. Straighten up the spirit world through your oneness with True Parents. Once God, Heung-jin and the spirit world become one, blessed families can settle down on earth for the first time. From this united group will grow the one great family of the kingdom of heaven on earth. (424-100, 2003/11/04)

23 You must hasten to liberate and bless your ancestors. Only then will your ancestors and my beloved Heung-jin be able to come again to earth and cooperate with you. Because the lineal standard exists up to age 16, based on Adam before the Fall, at the same time that you bless your ancestors, the angelic world is restored and the fallen world is completely liberated. Because the archangel made a mistake in the position of the older brother, we have to reverse that which caused the destruction of the family and pass through the place of indemnity. We must receive the cooperation of the spirit world. We must reverse the positions of the older brother and the younger brother; the older brother becomes the younger brother. (424-102, 2003/11/04)

24 All people descended from Adam, but because of the Fall, they went to the spirit world with the lineage of the archangel. We should not abandon the spirit persons who came about in the Cain form. We must bless everyone. After blessing them, we have to establish the horizontal line.

We should gather and bless people who died before they could get married. Also, spirits who died as infants should grow up and be blessed. Youths 16 and older who enter the spirit world without having been married shall also be blessed. In the spirit world, we, True Parents, have blessed 1.6 billion couples from among those who died young or died single. The number of those who have received the Blessing is increasing. For example, we have done Blessings of 1 billion couples, 10 billion couples and 12 billion couples. We are giving the Blessing on the foundation of the unmarried men and women on earth.

Just as evil spirits become attached to and enter people on earth, good spirits also enter people ^tnd coach them. We can expel evil spirits who have entered men and women, so that good spirits who received the Blessing can supervise earth and protect us. Because of that, as soon as they hear about the Blessing, young people will come to receive it. You must create an environment that inspires and attracts them to do that. (301-211, 1999/05/01)

25 The spiritual works at Cheong-pyeong are reuniting the archangel and Adam and Eve who were separated in the Garden of Eden. We are carrying out a movement to purify Satan's fallen lineage. Because the people who have gone through the spiritual process at Cheongpyeong are purified, we are giving the spiritual Blessing. Since the conclusion of the Blessing of 3.6 million couples, my beloved Heung-jin and Daemonim have been giving the Blessing at the Cheongpyeong Training Center. They gave the Blessing from the position of spiritual parents. Since this work was left unfinished by Jesus, working from the substantial archangel realm, I am cleansing everything to do with Adam and Eve, who had fallen away from the spiritual standard, and am substantially restoring the spiritual standard. We are indemnifying the body of Adam having become the body of Satan, enveloped in the substantial archangelic realm, at age 16.

Engrafted through love, we are the body of True Parents. Historically, impure love unfolded, but we are establishing an affirmative standard of love. Heung-jin is doing that work. Jesus could not connect to the love of True Parents, but True Parents' children in the spirit world are in an internal position to connect that which was divided because Jesus could not marry. Daemonim is also doing that work, through mother-son cooperation. Her position is that of Mary who gave birth to Jesus. Because the responsibility of Mary is now fulfilled, we can give new life to Jesus. (290-178, 1998/02/22)

26 Because I proclaimed the Realm of Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, we can make a home on this earth and live. Because there is an individual's home, a family's home, a tribe's home, a people's home, a nation's home, the world's home, and the home of heaven and earth, we can live here. If we pursue this activity, and if we resolve to bring the entire earthly world to a global level of liberation, God will descend. After that the angelic realm will descend, and we will appear leading our good ancestors. Our good ancestors are the older siblings in the angelic position. Angels do not have a body or a family. The fallen Satan does not have a family. However, your ancestors differ from the archangel. They inherit the body of Adam, and we have come into the age where they can have a family. Accordingly, we are giving the Blessing to our ancestors in heaven together with the Blessing on earth. (305-011, 1998/03/29)

Section 3. Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds

Providentially important proclamations and ceremonies

True Parents victoriously established numerous substantial indemnity conditions during the course of their lives, by which they liberated those in the spirit world and unified the spirit world. A series of proclamation ceremonies they conducted through many stages concluded the providence of restoration. Most importantly, they accomplished God's liberation.

These proclamation ceremonies, which unfolded step by step and were preceded by True Parents' investment of heart and effort, focused on concluding the providence of restoration and liberating God: Ceremony of Total Liberation (May 1, 1975, Cheongpyeong Training Center), Unification Ceremony (January 31, 1976, Cheongpa-dong), Ceremony to Proclaim the Unity and Liberation of the Moon Tribe and the World Tribe (November 2, 1978, Cheongpyeong Training Center), Spirit World and Physical World Unification Ceremony (February 22,1982, East Garden), Proclamation of the Day of Opening the Gate to Heaven (February 1, 1985, Danbury Prison), Proclamation of the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World (October 3, 1988, II Hwa Yongin Factory), Proclamation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (February 27, 1990, Hannam-dong house), Proclamation of the Liberated Realm of the Spirit World (November 17, 1990, Hannam-dong house), Proclamation of Chil II Jeol (7-1 Day), the Day of Gods Eternal Blessing (July 1, 1991, Hannam-dong house), Proclamation of the Unification of the Cosmos (October 26, 1992, Kodiak, Alaska), Proclamation of Complete Liberation for the Cosmic Expansion of the Marriage Blessing and the Rooting Out of Satan's Lineage (January 8, 1999, Punta del Este, Uruguay), Proclamation of the Liberation of the Cosmos (May 14, 1999, Pantanal, Brazil), The Total Liberation Chuseok (September 12, 2000, East Garden), Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World (October 14, 2000, Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center), Proclamation of the Abolition of Paradise and Hell and Registration in the Kingdom of Heaven (December 3,2000, Punta del Este, Uruguay), Proclamation of the Total Unity of the Spirit World and the Physical World (March 1, 2002, Kona, Hawaii), Ceremony for Dissolving Gods 6,000-Year History of Bitter Sorrow (April 4, 2002, East Garden and Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center), Proclamation of the Realm of Unity and Secure Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (June 11, 2002, Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center), Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth (October 18, 2002, Hannam-dong house), Ceremony for Total Unity (December 21, 2003, Hannam-dong house), Proclamation of the Foundation Day of the Unified Nation for the Liberation of the Cosmos (October 3,2004, Central Training Center, Guri), and The Chuseok for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth (September 18,2005, East Garden)..

After the Proclamation of the Day of God's Eternal Blessing on July 1, 1991 (Chil II Jeol), the course leading up to accomplishing oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in harmony with God was truly a pilgrimage through blood, sweat and tears.

The proclamations in this section should be viewed in the context of other significant cosmic-level events in the providence. Thus, two days after True Parents conducted the first Blessing ceremony for spirit persons at the International Marriage Blessing of 40 Million Couples on November 29, 1997, they proclaimed the Opening of the Gate to the Marriage Blessing in the Spirit World (December 1).

On May 15, 1998, they proclaimed the Liberation of Hell and the Opening of the Gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. On June 2, 1998, they said we must perfect a system to teach the Divine Principle to the spirit world. On June 13, 1998, they proclaimed the Unified Spiritual and Physical World Blessing Ceremony and held the first phase of the International Marriage Blessing of 360 Million Couples, including among them the greatest saints and most dreadful evildoers.

By means of these pronouncements and instructions, they began liberation ceremonies for ancestors on February 12,1999, proclaimed the Day of Satan's Natural Surrender on March 21, and held the Ceremony to Proclaim the Liberation of the Cosmos on May 14.

By proclaiming Gu Gu Jeol (9-9 Day) on September 9, 1999, which signified the cosmic liberation and unification of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, True Parents demolished the walls between the earthly and heavenly worlds that had been blocked as a result of Satan's influence. The next morning, September 10, at 10:10, True Parents dedicated the numbers from 1 to 10 to Heaven through the Sam Shib Jeol (3-10 Day). They declared that this completely cleared up and restored through indemnity the ages of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. On October 23,1999, True Parents proclaimed the Day of the Blessing and Liberation of All Heaven and Earth, and on October 24, the arrival of the Age of the Authority of the Fourth Adam. From the position of the perfected Adam who achieved one body with God, on November 7, they dedicated the Cheong-pyeong Training Center main hall as the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace. On December 12, 1999, ancestor liberation ceremonies began.

On June 29,2000, True Parents proclaimed the Cosmic Restoration Ceremony. On that foundation, on January 13,2001, they conducted the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. On September 12, 2005, they inaugurated the Universal Peace Federation on the foundation of having proclaimed the Liberation and Complete Freedom of the Angelic World on April 10,2004 and the Era After the Coming of Heaven at Ssang Hab Shib Seung II on May 5, 2004. On June 13,2006, they conducted the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth.

On this foundation, on April 3,2007, True Parents embarked on a world speaking tour and proclaimed the Dawn of the New Civilization of Universal Peace. Then, on July 8, 2010, they proclaimed that they had accomplished complete oneness with God and realized the perfection of God as God's substantial object partners—this was at the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, Who as God's Embodiment, Proclaim the Word.

On the 3rd day of the 7th month by the heavenly calendar (August 2) in 2011, they announced the Accomplishment of the Ultimate Goal of Restoration, and on the 17 " and 18th day of the 11th month (December 11 and 12), the Day to Commemorate the Highest Victory of Cheon II Guk, they officially announced to the world the completion and conclusion of God's providence of restoration.

1 If Jesus had gone to the Roman Senate and proclaimed, "I am the Messiah!" he would not have been persecuted. The Romans could not have opposed him. Had they done so, it would have become a worldwide issue, going beyond any opposition Rome could mount. If they had opposed him, they would have suffered punishment. Therefore, I had to make proclamations. If I did not make them while I climbed up, I could have plummeted down. This is why throughout my life I have always made proclamations. I seal my accomplishments. I must seal them so the water will not seep out.

Because I proclaimed the Ceremony to Congratulate the Parents of Heaven and Earth on their Cosmic-Level Victory, no one could object when I proclaimed, "God is liberated!" I had earned the right to say that. I fulfilled the liberation of True Parents and the liberation of all people, opening the age of God's total authority. Hence, Satan has no authority to deny my proclamation. He cannot accuse me in front of God. My authority has nothing to do with the dominion of Satan, which is below the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle. This is why I could proclaim that we were entering the age when God is all-transcendent and all-immanent, having all authority and all power. It was necessary that I proclaim it. (310-142, 1999/06/15)

2 As True Parents, we must proclaim the age when God will have dominion by love. If we do not do that, we will not be able to recover what Satan has taken away. We must anchor these moments firmly so that God may reassert His dominion of love over the realm based on accomplishments through the Principle, which Satan has controlled. If we do not anchor them into the ground, we cannot bring about restoration.

It is True Parents who are returning what the false parent Satan destroyed to the standard of the dominion of heaven's love. If we do not establish such days, we cannot stand where God can indemnify the false parents destruction. Because Adam and Eve fell through false love, centering on the love of True Parents I must proclaim that we have transitioned from the realm Satan dominates to the realm God dominates. (132-097, 1984/05/20)

3 I must put up signs declaring God's victories in the course of providential history. I must proclaim them. In order for people to be able to differentiate between two countries, the location of the border has to be clear, and then the existence of that border has to be announced. In the same way, True Parents must come to the place where God and Satan are fighting and drive a boundary maker into the ground. Satan cannot remove that marker; nor can God. Based on this, we are leading a movement to expand our territory, with heavenly fortune mobilizing the spirit world and the religious realm on earth to prepare the environment. These efforts will bring about the transformation of the structures of history. (319-076, 2000/03/17)

4 We, as True Parents, have made many proclamations. Once a proclamation is made, Satan cannot ihvade it. By making these proclamations, I have come to the center. I proclaimed that I have bound together heaven and earth. Even God could not do that. If God could have done it, He would have done it long ago. Because Adam could not fulfill his responsibility, True Father, who came as the perfected Adam, is fulfilling it. Once the name True Parents is affixed, no one will be able to remove it. (330-011, 2000/08/12)

5 Satan cannot block what I, True Father, have proclaimed. He must acknowledge it as an authorized fact. Once I clearly proclaim something, a boundary is created that blocks Satan, and his world cannot infiltrate that boundary. God guarantees it. Hence, I have made many proclamations and because of them Satan is finished. (383-280, 2002/06/29)

Ceremony of Total Liberation

6 The time has come when we can connect the nations and the world. When, based on this world-level foundation, we can connect that foundations spiritual aspect to the spirit world, the spirit world will finally be connected as well.

In the spirit world, Koreans and Japanese are not connected. People there belong to their own nation, and even if you want them to take the one global path and tell them to go somewhere, they are not able to take that path. Unless this is solved on earth, it will not be cleared away in the spirit world. Therefore, in the spirit world Japanese and Koreans remain enemies. Japanese and Chinese are also enemies. Bearing this in mind, how many spirits there are enemies to one another?

That is why on May 1, 1975,1 conducted the Ceremony of Total Liberation. It was a ceremony to liberate and forgive everyone. It even opened a way to liberate Satan. By virtue of the Ceremony of Total Liberation, no one should have enemy relationships any longer and everyone has to forgive one another. Therefore, there should be no more enemies. The time for unity has come.

What happens when earth and the spirit world become one? The Fall led to a state in which the spirit world and earth are separated. This is because God and Adam and Eve were separated in heart. That is why it is logical to say that once Adam and Eve's family, clan, tribe, nation and world become one on earth and in the spirit world, the global realm of unity will be established. (083-110, 1976/02/05)

7 Since God can now descend to earth as He desires, all those in the spirit world can come straight to earth. Therefore, there is no opposition. Until now, on account of their different religions and denominations, they have all been blocking one another from coming into their realms. The gates will open and people will be able to move horizontally and vertically, but that can only happen when those in high positions settle the matter and announce it. That had not been done. However, now, after the Ceremony of Total Liberation, both God and True Parents will be able to come at the same time. Then, good kings and leaders of faith in the spirit world will be able to come.

Satan has been on the evil side, but that will change. Since all spirits know that anyone who opposes us will remain in hell for eternity, they will no longer oppose us, but strive to go to heaven. All of them are required to leave their guns behind and liberate even Satan. Accordingly, his evil sovereignty will collapse, even without his knowing it.

For this reason, during this third seven-year course, I swept across the United States, spurring the spiritual fortune of world Christianity. I have now returned to Korea. I have gone beyond the national, spiritual level, reaching the global level, and have brought that fortune with me. Now I can connect it to the physical national level. Then, based on the foundation of that worldwide spiritual victory, I can connect it to the worldwide physical foundation and prepare a starting point in world history to completely indemnify everything spiritually and physically. In this way, we can enter a new level. (078-224, 1975/05/25)

Unification Ceremony

8 I held the Unification Ceremony on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month of 1976. In the course of restoration, we need to perfect the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. We need to align them all in a straight line. I did that work based on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation on earth, but the spirit world has not been connected to them. It has not been connected even to the foundation of the Unification Church family. Although a road was paved, it was not connected to the spirit world. Therefore, I had to connect it, first to the spirit world and then to earth. Only by doing that, was I able to conduct the Unification Ceremony. (083-109, 1976/02/05)

9 In January 1976,1 came to Korea to indemnify all of history. Accordingly, the Unification Ceremony was held on the 1st day of the lsl lunar month. Until now, we human beings have not been able to have the beginning point of unity that would enable any nation to start from a victorious foundation, either in the spiritual world or in the physical world. I came to Korea to hold that ceremony.

There are people in the world who call themselves people of God, or children of God. However, they have never been able to welcome True Parents' Birthday. This is because they do not have the qualification to welcome such a day. The spirits in the spirit world also, left this world without having been able to welcome that day. Since this is the case, they cannot call themselves the people of the heavenly kingdom. Even the angels in the angelic world have not had the opportunity to take part in the realm of perfected Adam, because they have not been able to welcome True Parents' Birthday. That is why I held the ceremony that gave all people in both the spiritual world and physical world a privileged opportunity to commemorate True Parents' Birthday, with True Parents at the center. True Parents' Birthday created that opportunity. (084-152, 1976/02/22)

Ceremony to Proclaim The Unity and Liberation of the Moon Tribe and the World Tribe

10 Up until now I have torn down numerous walls in the spirit world. Based on Gods love I also have torn down walls dividing peoples and races on earth. On the 1st day of the 1st lunar month of 1976, I opened the gates between all religions and religious denominations in the spirit world. Now it is time to open the gates between nations.

The gates between religions have been opened, but one gate remained unopened. That is the gate to the tribe. I had not opened the gates between tribes. So, I was compelled to hold the Ceremony to Liberate the Moon Tribe and All Tribes of the World in order to unify and liberate them from their bitter sorrow. Thereby, I opened the gates among the numerous tribes as well as the realms of faith. With the opening of the gates between tribes, the opening of the gates between nations will come automatically. That time is coming.

With the opening of those gates, spiritual seers from the olden days and the spirits of people who had departed while believing in religion can cooperate with the Abel realm, from the position of the archangel, for the course of the providence of restoration on earth.

Those works were formerly possible in certain religions only; but by tearing down the walls in the physical world and widening the scope to include other religions as well, the paths are open on which all spirits, believers and non-believers alike, can come to earth and lead their descendants toward goodness. (105-264, 1979/10/26)

11 We are expanding the work of indemnity on behalf of the world from the level of the individual to those of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. This happens in three stages: The first is formation, based on the couple. The second is growth, based on the family. The third is completion, based on the tribe. From the perspective of home church, we see the tribe as the formation stage, the people as the growth stage and the nation as the completion stage. This means that by doing home church, members will have to restore all nations.

Next, from the perspective of the nation, there are three stages—the nation, the physical world and the spiritual world. We need to restore these worlds in three stages. The Principle teaches that the number ten is reached by passing through the three stages of formation, growth and completion, with three numbers—one, two and three—in each stage. True Parents carry out the work of restoration through indemnity with such an understanding in their minds.

Such have been the missions by which True Parents are leading the providence of restoration. After making indemnity conditions for these missions, they returned to Korea. That is why we are doing the work in Korea, as it is the base for meeting all the required conditions. Hence, on November 2, 1978, we held the Ceremony to Proclaim the Liberation of the Moon Tribe and All Tribes of the World. With this ceremony we connected everyone. With all of the barriers gone, all spirits can travel freely. With the barriers gone, they can go anywhere they desire and enter into reciprocal relationships.

Therefore, mobilizing spirits to earth is up to you. People on earth are like Adam, and spirits in the spirit world are like archangels. Now you need to give orders to the good spirits among your ancestors because, as you know, they have the responsibility of angels. You are the ancestor of those ancestors, and this is their restoration. It starts with you, because you are their ancestor. The restoration of your ancestors occurs through you. You are their beginning point. Since you are their ancestor, you must take responsibility for them. You are responsible for the past, present and future. You are personally responsible for the three ages. (102-030, 1978/11/19)

Spiritual World and Physical World Unification Ceremony

12 I conducted the Spiritual World and Physical World Unification Ceremony, starting with the internal realm of Christianity. This took place on February 22, 1982. It concluded a period of 33 years since my imprisonment in North Korea on February 22, 1948, after which I entered South Korea in December 1950. So we start from there. These 33 years are equivalent to the 33 years of Jesus' life.

After indemnifying this, we had to establish in the world the spiritual foundation and the physical foundation. For this, we had to set the standard for indemnity both in the flesh and spirit. We must go beyond the national level and do it on the worldwide level. The day we did this was February 22,1982. The 34th year signifies the time when Jesus, had he not died, would have begun anew. We are entering the realm of his resurrection. Because I totally indemnified this, the persecution will soon be gone. (117-260, 1982/03/28)

13 Everything has to be completed within seven years from 1982. By then we need to overcome even the communist world. In the democratic world, Christianity will revise, and a movement to reconstruct morals and ethics will take place. You may not be aware of it, but I have been making all the necessary preparations.

When is a good time for members of the Unification Church to become one in heart? All Unification Church members need to be of one heart and one mind-set as we face the court battles in the United States. After that, we will enter the age in which we can counter from the leading position when others oppose us. (117-262, 1982/03/28)

Proclamation of the Day of Opening the Gate to Heaven

14 The United States sent me to prison in Danbury. Inside the prison, on February 1, 1985,1 established the Day of Opening the Gate to Heaven. If I had not gone to the United States, I would not have made the way to open the gates to heaven and hell. Also, I could not have done it had I not gone to prison. Satan put me in prison and thought he had accomplished his hope, but I did not die. Instead, I opened the gates to heaven and hell and made it possible for them to connect.

However, this does not mean that people in hell can go to heaven as they please. It means that now a way exists for the good ancestors in heaven to come down to hell on earth, educate their descendants and pull them to heaven. Walls surrounded hell, and good ancestors in heaven could not go there, but now a path has opened. I broke down the walls that blocked the way—the wall blocking the mind from the body in individuals, and the wall blocking the way between man and woman. I tore down all those walls, which had their roots in Satan's love. I brought them down with Gods original love. That is why the gate of the family, the gate of the clan and the gate of the tribe are now open. (140-036, 1986/02/01)

Proclamation of the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World

15 When you connect your brothers and sisters in your hometown with your church brothers and sisters in each country, the world will be interconnected automatically. Korea and Japan need to take the lead in this. Adam and Eve must become one. For this unity, Japan and Korea have to become one first. Then the United States and Korea, and Germany and the Soviet Union, have to become one. These four nations established foundations on both the Cain and Abel sides, as the fruit of True Parents' work on the world level. That is why the victorious foundation for the kingdom of heaven can finally be established.

The first step is the unity of Korea and Japan; and the second is the unity of the United States and Korea, and Germany and the Soviet Union. Then, the world of unity will begin to emerge through the unity of American Christianity and the Korean Unification Church. This is the third step. The fourth is that Christianity and the Christian cultural realm, being in the position of Abel, must win over the communist world with its Dialectical Materialism and join with the world that recognizes the human spirit. The fifth is the unity of the spirit world and the earthly world, by connecting them together. The sixth step is to fulfill the responsibility of indemnity for the providence, which we have fulfilled as True Parents.

As these responsibilities are fulfilled, the family will be able to enter the realm of perfection. With that, Satan's world can no longer exist. On these foundations for the liberated world, perfected families can be finally formed. Not only that, the realm of perfected tribes, peoples, nations and the world will be formed. Satan will find no value in his existence, which means that the world will be totally liberated. That is why the seventh step is the start of the kingdom of heaven on earth, and the eighth is the start of the realization of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven on the levels of the family, the nation and the world. Finally, the ideal world in which two become one in love will unfold both in heaven and on earth. Therefore, on this day, October 3, 1988, I declare the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World, based on all the contents of the Unification Covenant. (181-311, 1988/10/03)

Proclamation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth

16 True Parents' family is like the original trunk. You have to unite with this original trunk, which comes from the original root. Henceforth, you should not engraft to that which is different, but engraft to the same kind. By engrafting to the same kind, you will be of the same clan.

In the past, Cain and Abel were different kinds. Cain was cut off from the seed of heaven, while Abel, being on heaven's side, was connected to that seed by being engrafted. So their clans were different. But now, all people can be relatives, members of the same clan. Children can be engrafted from their parents. Engrafting is easy. As long as they do not oppose it, both parents and children can unite right away. Wild olive tree seeds and true olive tree seeds are different, and thus engrafting was difficult. But now it is easy to graft among true olive trees. They can naturally connect to one another.

That is why on February 27,1990,1 declared that the True Parents are the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We need to do this throughout the nation and then have a ceremony to declare the royal authority. That is how we can be settled. Once we are settled in that position, an amazing time will arrive.

Blessed families' ancestors in the spirit world, which is like the angelic world, will come quickly and cooperate with them. They are supposed to come and protect them. In the heavenly kingdom, in the original world of God's ideal of creation, the archangels were supposed to always cooperate with Adam. Likewise, once I declare the royal authority of the heavenly kingdom, we will enter an age in which good spirits will always cooperate with the royal clan and Satan will disappear. (200-342, 1990/02/27)

Proclamation of the Liberated Realm of the Spirit World

17 What did I pray for on November 17,1990, on the 31st celebration of Children's Day, marking a full 30 years after it was established? I prayed, "Now everything has been liberated." I proclaimed the liberation of the spirit world. When True Parents proclaim something, it matters. Until now, we lived in the age when the spirit world in the position of Cain could take advantage of the physical world, Abel. Therefore, people who communicated with spirits or were otherwise in contact with the spiritual world exploited the realm of Abel, the physical world. However, because we, True Parents, set up a victorious foundation according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, and restored the authority of the elder son, Abel is now in the position of the older brother. The archangel was created first, but he was in the position to submit to Adam and protect him. Due to the Fall of human beings, however, the Devil claimed the authority of the elder son and has gotten his way with the world of immature human beings on earth. That is why those in the spirit world connect with earth in order to take advantage of their earthly descendants. This amounts to Cain killing Abel and making him a victim.

That age has now passed. Now that Adam has restored the authority of the elder son, the age has come when the spirit world needs to submit to Adam's authority. For that to happen, based on the foundation of having established the truth and my substantial victory in the struggle to bring the spirit world into submission, we had to make a sacrificial offering before God. That offering was the Proclamation of the Liberated Realm of the Spirit World, which I made during the pledge service I conducted this morning. That was the content that I prayed for.

The time has come when the current between the spirit world and the earthly world that flowed in the wrong direction needs to be corrected. As heaven has restored the authority of the elder son, the younger sons now and younger sons yet to be born are in the realm of the authority of the elder son who has been restored to the younger son. In the age of the authority of the younger son, heaven's law allows no room for the Devil's activities to be forgiven. Until now all spirits took advantage of Abel's realm on earth. The first son killed the younger son and offered him as a sacrifice in reverse. Now, however, with the authority of the elder son restored, the Abel realm of the elder son on earth will lead even the spirit world. The spirits there will be able to receive heaven's blessings when they work to help us; while if they oppose us, the more they do, the more they will fall into a bottomless pit. It is time for heaven's fortune to quickly change the situation. (208-153, 1990/11/17)

Proclamation of Ch////Jeo/(7-1 Day), the Day of God's Eternal Blessing

18 Now that Adam has restored the act of the archangel, who usurped the authority of the elder son, we will enter the original world where the angelic world nurtures Adam to maturity. The spirit world will no longer be able to exploit the human world. How much it has taken advantage of and exploited humankind! It has been causing all humankind to behave just like Adam and Eve when they fell.

I am going to unify the spirit world and human world, so that the spirit world will no longer have authority to do that. Everything will become level; True Parents and God will be the only ones who can ascend to the place of that authority. Therefore, the spirit world's power to exploit earthly people will disappear. Let the spirit world muster all its strength; it will only collapse.

This is why I needed to make the Proclamation of the Day of God's Eternal Blessing. Being the center, we the Parents needed to do this. Since the false parent has governed the world, True Parents had to make a proclamation binding the spiritual world and the physical world in this way. This is what we did on July 1, 1991, when we proclaimed the Day of God's Eternal Blessing. (218-033, 1991/07/01)

19 The spiritual world and the physical world have been going about as they pleased. However, from now on they will go in the same direction. The time has come for them to return to the right path. The fact that God has forgiven Satan means that we have entered the age of Gods sovereignty. That is why I proclaimed that the world of Gods victory and True Parents' glory will now arrive.

True Parents held the ceremony to proclaim the Day of God's Eternal Blessing. It was a proclamation that the age of God's victory and True Parents' glory will arrive. Since God has triumphed, it will be known as the age of True Parents' glory. Because I have proclaimed it in front of heaven and earth, it becomes law and the spirit world will be governed by it. (218-056, 1991/07/01)

Proclamation of the Unification of the Cosmos

20 When Jesus was 33 years old, heaven and earth should have united with him, and the nation of Israel should have united with him. That would have made for a new start, but it did not happen. The new world that did not happen then finally came to pass on the 33rd Children's Day in 1992. This marked True Parents' liberation. More than that, everything that had happened on earth in the age of indemnity centering on True Father was brought to victory, and based on that foundation I am presenting True Mother to the world.

This is what is happening at the assemblies of the Women's Federation for World Peace that are taking place in Korea, Japan and the United States. Now Mother is in Los Angeles and I am in the north. Yet because we are partners to each other, we can link that assembly to Asia, with me at the center.

Therefore, today is also the day when we can celebrate the symbolic connecting of subject partners and object partners, and of the East and the West. The final things we prayed for today were to declare the unity of all beings in the spiritual world and the physical world and to proclaim the unity of True Parents on earth. (235-339, 1992/10/26)

21 Now even you children are going over the world-level path of the providence, representing Jesus. I am making this substantial proclamation based on your families that received the Blessing. That is why today, October 26, 1992, is an important day that heaven and earth can commemorate. This is the day when the Parent in heaven and Parents on earth become one, based on the 33 years of Jesus' life on earth.

I am proclaiming that based on the foundation we, True Parents, have laid in the nation and in the world, you are to live according to the standard of children who represent Jesus and advance toward becoming representatives of heaven and earth. By this proclamation of the unification of heaven and earth, people who have lived as they desired, in families and a world in confusion, can unite and move toward perfecting a new, ideal world. No one knows when spring arrives exactly. Nevertheless it begins in one place and then quickly spreads to the whole world. The same can take place in history. (235-339, 1992/10/26)

Cosmic-level Sa SaJeol (4-4 Day) and Proclamation of Complete Liberation for the Cosmic Expansion of the Marriage Blessing and the Rooting Out of Satan's Lineage

22 The motto of 1999 is "The cosmic expansion of the marriage Blessing and the rooting out of Satan's lineage." The first part of the motto means that whomever I blessed anywhere in heaven or on earth can be the foundation for perfection and can expand and connect anywhere. The second part is the "rooting out of Satan's lineage." Yet if the body and mind do not unite, this uprooting is not possible.

In striving for mind-body unity, people could only cut off parts of the tree. They cut off branches and cut off leaves. It was possible to cut off one-third of the tree. But this time we are not only going to cut down the tree, we will pull it out by the roots.

Uprooting must be done in the family. Through mind-body unity, husband-wife unity, and unity among children, we will form absolute families. This was the import of the second of the four Jardim Declarations. There were also a third and fourth Jardim Declarations. Then came the declaration of Sa Sa Jeol (4-4 Day).

Adam's family did not reach perfection and establish the four-position foundation. Hence, their sons and daughters could not settle. That is why now that 4-4 Day has passed, we have to enter the kingdom of heaven by going through family training in Jardim. To keep moving forward throughout this year, we must resolve to do it. We have to achieve this victory, so that we can cheer for God and cheer for our family. Afterward, we can do anything, for it will be the age of living with God, whose transcendence, immanence, authority and power are complete. (298-057, 1999/01/01)

23 Ahead on the road we, True Parents, are taking is the world in which hell has been liberated, from which Satan has disappeared, where there is no trace of Satan. We have opened the gate to the kingdom of heaven. But opening that gate does not mean that anyone can enter as they are. Even in the spirit world people must receive education in the Principle. This has begun happening in the spirit world. That is why I will need to go to the spirit world. There I must start a revolution, destroying and expelling what is wrong in one fell swoop.

The first phase of the 360 Million Couples International Holy Marriage Blessing, held on June 13,1998, was the means to bless humankind, including on the one hand the major religious founders, and on the other hand Hitler and Stalin, the worst murderers in history. There I was able to proclaim the Cosmic Expansion of the Marriage Blessing and the Rooting Out of Satan's Lineage. This would have been impossible in the secular world.

In Adam's family, when Cain and Abel fought and Cain killed Abel, how heartbroken God and Adam and Eve must have felt! Now through the Blessing, not only religious founders but also notorious murderers are included in God's family at the highest level of the world.

Things cannot be put in order by meting out punishment. That would be to expel and destroy Satan. However, the original form of the ideal of creation cannot be established if Satan is crushed by force. We have to embrace and liberate him, have him come under all human beings and put him in a position to protect humankind. (315-271, 2000/02/05)

The Liberation of the Cosmos

24 March 21, 1999 was the date when Satan, originally named Lucifer, surrendered in front of God, True Parents and humankind. Why? He responded to Gods hint, "You are about to come to ruin and find yourself in a tomb where you will lament for thousands of years, so it would be better for you to repent before that time comes." He did not give a command, but He gave him a look. Satan understood what it meant and surrendered.

Before then, the numerous spirits I blessed, including the ringleaders of World War II such as Hitler and his followers, as well as Stalin and other leading communists, were like an impenetrable fortress against Satan. Hence, he could not invade members who received the Blessing. Indeed, what you should be most proud of under the sun is that you are blessed members. If you are proud of it and testify to it, Satan can never invade you, not for eternity. That is why tens of millions of blessed families in the spirit world, going beyond their religions, are fighting against Satan's forces. This war is going on throughout the cosmos. (346-080, 2001/06/21)

25 Thus far we have blessed 400 million couples. We held the 400 Million Couples Blessing based on the number 4; as a result, it became easy for all families in Satan's world to join the family of perfected Adam and enter the realm of the Blessing. Those who are pure and not yet blessed are like God's uncorrupted children, like Adam and Eve before the Fall. 1

As we enter the era when we can bless them through True Parents, what will happen to the couples who are still in the fallen realm? After the era of this Blessing, the era of the Fourth Adam's realm will come. Finally God, the vertical True Parent, and we, the horizontal True Parents, will permit you to transmit your uncorrupted original lineage to your own sons and daughters. This is the original standard. By establishing it on earth, you can connect the original standard of unfallen Adam to the world.

By establishing this standard throughout the spiritual world and physical world, the kingdom of heaven is being established on earth and in heaven. Both worlds have been empty ever since the time of Adam, but now they will be filled all at once. Then, anything like hell will disappear. Before I go to the spirit world, I have to arrange it so that no trace of the Fall remains on earth.

At that point, all things of creation, which had been in lamentation, will for the first time be able to praise True Parents. Unlike the false parent, Satan, who made the world as it is, they should be able to praise the victory of True Parents. Satan, all beings in heaven and on earth, and even God should be able to praise True Parents. Why? It is because the false parent found fault even with God.

In order to uproot that false parent and liberate everything completely— even God, even the religious realm, even the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament realms, which have existed in the world under Satan's sovereignty, and all saints and sages in the spirit world and their descendants on earth—should be able to praise True Parents. You are the descendants who represent the descendants of the three ages, Adam's descendants, Jesus' descendants, and the descendants of the Lord at the Second Advent. (302-021, 1999/05/14)

26 As the Returning Lord, I am the one who stands as the perfected Adam and the perfected Jesus, and who also completed the family. Hence, I have the authority to liberate Adam's fallen children and Jesus' spiritual children. Having done that, since I declared that everything has been liberated, the remaining issue is how to transform the spirit world into a world of blessed families. Thus, based on you blessed families, tribal messiahs, I blessed your ancestors in the spirit world up to the fourth generation, and now I have expanded the Blessing to the seventh generation. I am opening the path to liberate seven generations and give them the Blessing.

The era of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age is not limited to restoring only 120 generations. By giving the Blessing to up to 180 generations, all human beings will be liberated. All ancestors will be liberated. We have not done this yet because the world does not know God's providential Will. But by spreading knowledge of it quickly through radio, television and the Internet, we will be able to shorten time and overcome distance, bringing oneness to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. (302-022, 1999/05/14)

The Total Liberation Chuseok

27 What is the Total Liberation Chuseok? Originally, the ideal of creation was that we human beings would honor our ancestors, inherit our ancestral fortune and spread it horizontally. Due to the Fall, however, this was overturned. Instead graves of the dead came to exist, having the appearance of lids lying on flat land.

The Bible states that in the Last Days all the graves will be opened and the bodies will rise. They need to be liberated. This is the ceremony to do that. The spirit world consists of three realms, high, middle and low. Hell also has three realms, high, middle and low. The two worlds are divided from each other, with walls that further divide each of them. All of these walls exist due to the Fall, and we need to tear them down. So, I liberated all ancestors on the first Chuseok (the Korean holiday to honor one's ancestors) after I turned 80 years old. (332-119, 2000/09/12)

28 The Returning Lord is the last person whom heaven sends to Satan's world. He is the culmination of all Abel figures, with the authority of the elder son, the parent and the king. As he accomplishes everything according to God's Will, he has to remove things like graves from the spiritual world and the physical world. He has to do this in eight stages both vertically and horizontally, based on the Pal Jeong Shik (Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages), and open wide the gates in every way. Therefore, today, on Chuseok in the year 2000, at the age of 80,1 am connecting all the blessed families to this ceremony, within the same one boundary representing all.

Everything has been blocked because of false marriage. However, the realm of the Blessing unifying heaven and earth is complete now, based on the realm of benefit within True Parents' Blessing. It has passed through the ages of the individual, family, tribe and people, and the ages of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. This realm of liberation should be open to everyone. Then, the heart of the realm of the Fourth Adam can start from True Parents, centering on blessed families. Accordingly, now it is no longer the age of prayer, but the age of reporting. (332-119, 2000/09/12)

Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World

29 After conducting the Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World today, all those in the spirit world who became the spouses of people on earth through the Blessing can now come to earth. We are entering an age when people on earth will be able to communicate with their spouses in the spirit world through prayer. I am allowing them to live with each other. To do that, they need to share the same vision and viewpoint. In this way, based on these blessed families, the spiritual world and the physical world are coming under one system, which is possible because True Parents connected their accomplishments on earth to the spirit world.

Ancestors in the Ipirit world are in the position of the archangel. Since the Fall, they have been in the fallen archangel's realm; hence, they were not able to receive the Blessing. However, those who received the Blessing on earth are now the descendants of the perfected Adam. They are bonded with True Parents' lineage. Hence, their ancestors who went to the spirit world earlier than they did can become blessed families in the position of archangels.

What can happen henceforth as a result of holding this ceremony for unification? We are entering the age when ancestors can come to earth and cooperate with blessed families. Just as the archangel was to nurture the members of Adam's family and attend them to help them all enter heaven, ancestors in the spirit world who receive the Blessing will now come to earth to protect blessed families. That is why Satan's descendants in the earthly realm will not be able to indiscriminately attack individuals, families, tribes, and nations in the world of blessed families. (336-276, 2000/10/14)

30 Now, the spiritual world and physical world, which have been ripped into many pieces, can be brought together as one. Now that I have reached the 50th year since leaving Heungnam Prison, I can do this. That is why I declared the Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World. With me were those True Children and the blessed members who are in the spirit world, including the five world-level saints who received the Blessing—Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad and Socrates. We enter the age of the great revolution of the new liberated kingdom of heaven on earth. The five great saints, my children and blessed families gathered together and held the Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World. Unity requires the formation of a family. (395-009, 2002/10/14)

Proclamation of the Abolition of Paradise and Hell and Registration in the Kingdom of Heaven

31 Heavenly Father, we all need to understand how precious it is for each blessed family to bond with others according to Your Will. We understand that individuals should not live for themselves but should form families that live for the sake of the whole, for heaven and earth. We also understand that by connecting to You through the Blessing we connect all generations to come to Your lineage. Within the bonds of the Blessing, we became part of Your love, in unity with the root, the origin; we became part of the same tree of love. Likewise, all people should become Your branches, based on the root and the trunk, and then produce blossoms, flowers of love and bear the fruits of love. We want to fill the world with these fruits and realize the ideal of a family through which to build the kingdom of heaven. For liberation, in Your name and the name of True Parents, we want to bring settlement, with the motto, "High-noon settlement" without any shadow. Therefore, I now call for the abolition of paradise and hell, which were the bases of Your sorrow. May You accept it with joy.

I have declared that True Parents, their family and clan, the founders of the world religions, and all other saints, are liberated from the limitations of their religions and denominations. Furthermore, Lucifer, who was the ringleader of Satan's world, has already surrendered. As a result, all blessed families in the religious realm are going about claiming all the bases that once served his forces against us.

We who follow the one main current centering on God's direction welcome the time of the Blessing as opening the grace of liberation that connects from the throne of God's heart to the royal palace on earth. Thus, we can pioneer the direct path for liberating paradise and hell on earth and in heaven and link them to the kingdom of heaven. With all this in place, Father, please bless us. (339-017, 2000/12/03)

32 In carrying out the Blessing of the wicked, I am an unparalleled strategist. Based on fundamental principles, I did what even God could not do, and no one else even conceived of doing. Let's see whether I am the one who will be defeated, or others will be defeated. Let's see whether what I am trying to do will be fulfilled, or not. Because I did it with that mind-set, I could do it.

On December 3, 2000,1 abolished paradise and hell. How did I abolish them? I opened the gates leading out of hell and paradise and into heaven, yet still there were groups in hell and paradise that impeded the path. So I gave all of them the Blessing. Giving them the Blessing abolished the religious realm, and with the abolition of religion, the realm of hell below was elevated to paradise. Yet I also abolished paradise, and it was removed. Therefore, when I say that everything connects to the kingdom of heaven, it makes sense. When I take the lead, God can travel to hell, heaven, or anywhere He pleases, without reservation. Formerly, God was able to come and go only on the vertical plane; now, following after me, He can go anywhere in the world He desires.

Now that I have opened this new path on which God has unlimited access, love can spread equally on every level. I mean, the time has come when anyone who receives my teachings, whether in heaven or hell, can be equally immersed in the love of the kingdom of heaven. Again, what I am saying is that the time has come when the water of love, which formerly was reserved for those in one place, is now showering on everyone equally everywhere. Now that the realm of liberation and freedom has arrived, we must liberate even God; He needs to claim His original position. (341-021, 2000/12/29)

33 By the end of 2000, all those in the entire religious realm of the spirit world had received the Blessing. Because of this foundation, I was able to liberate hell; I was also able to liberate paradise, the level below heaven. How do you think I liberated hell and paradise? On what basis could I do that? I could do that because I liberated the religious realm, and then I could open the gate of hell.

In front of True Parents, no gate can block access to hell. In front of them, there cannot be paradisf, because True Parents will go to the kingdom of heaven.

Even on earth, the opposition against True Parents can last for only a limited time. Satan can oppose them when they are within the realm that Satan dominates, but once they overcome that level, Satan can no longer exercise his power over them. That level is the United Nations. The UN is the summit of the world's nations. That is why I am advocating a vision for the UN that transcends religions and nations. It is based on True Parentism and Godism.

Should True Parents be under the governance of Satan's world? Should True Parents be under the governance of a nation? Should True Parents be under the governance of the UN? That is why the Principle transcends religion, nations and the UN. That is why they are beyond them, why they are reaching the top.

My teachings, including True Parentism and Godism, are based on the principle of true love, which is to live absolutely for others. Once humankind realizes this principle, everything will be completed. True Parentism means the principle of living absolutely for the sake of others. Within its bosom, the world will melt. Everything will be digested. (341-016, 2000/12/29)

Proclamation of the Total Unity of the Spiritual World and the Physical World

34 If we, True Parents, represent earth, our beloved Heung-jin represents the spirit world. As the spiritual world and the physical world pass over the endpoint of the old age and enter the new age, they may need a walking stick or some other tools. You need to prepare these. Until now, the spirit world worked on its own and earth worked on its own, separate from each other. However, the time has come when they can cooperate with each other as one, sharing a common goal, because we have entered the age of liberation, based on the victory of the self-reliant nation of Cheon II Guk.

Therefore, the time has come when we all must unite and cooperate with one another in pursuit of the same goal. The spiritual world and the physical world have been separated, and their ranks were reversed. Yet now their ranks will be corrected. Adam will go up and the archangel will go down. Therefore, the time has come for blessed families in the spirit world to help establish Cheon II Guk in Adam s world on earth. As for those in the angelic world, being fallen, they have not been able to have a blood relationship through the Blessing. Hence, they must with blessed families on earth, by helping them. In this way, they can become one body. (371-248, 2002/03/01)

35 What does our beloved Heung-jin do at the Cheongpyeong Training Center? As the commander of the spirit world, he represents all the major religious founders. He conducted seminars by which he prepared a foundation to become their mediator. We must do work in order to directly connect his foundation to earth. This work will be the 144,000 Couples Blessing, which will be conducted in the United States.

That Blessing will not be a work of the physical world alone. It will be a collaboration between the physical world and the spiritual world. The spirit world is not another world, nor is it a place whose people have a different lineage than ours. It is our home and our nation. Restoring it is the work of our family and our nation; it is the very work that I have been doing to this day. It is also something that you should participate in, in the process of fulfilling God's eternal Will. It is the task that we, who are in the independent nation s realm of victory, must accomplish in this age of liberation. Since the spiritual world and the physical world should be on the same path, you should take the initiative and influence the spirit world, rather than be governed by it.

The commander of the spirit world, which has changed from the time when Jesus was in charge, is Heung-jin. True Parents are in the position of God, and Heung-jin is in the position of Jesus. Heung-jin, in that position, went to the spirit world and now works to uphold True Parents' desire. That is why I am saying that the relationship between the two must be correct.

I came to earth to advance to the victory that will establish heaven's supremacy. God cannot be supreme as long as the spiritual world and physical world are divided; His supremacy must be based on the realm of oneness in the parent-child relationship.

That is why I must declare this. However, this proclamation cannot be made by the person in charge here or the one in charge of the Cheongpyeong Training Center. God cannot directly take responsibility for everything. God had to make a request of True Parents, and True Parents had to make the declaration, which I did. That is how it became possible to open the gate for God to travel to hell and save people there. (371-249, 2002/03/01)

Ceremony for Dissolving God's 6,000-Year History of Bitter Sorrow

36 When individuals and families have no barriers on the horizontal plane, they will be able to grow and be elevated to encompass the entire world. This is the work of our cross-cultural marriages. Satan has blocked everything. That is why in creating a new lineage, we are conducting cross-cultural marriage Blessings. For the purpose of creating one lineage that is even and level, we, as True Parents, established realms of liberation on eight stages, from the realm for liberating individuals to realms for liberating families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and the cosmos, and now even the realm where God is liberated. Once we establish this, heaven and earth can enter the era when they will unite in harmony based upon the original standard. Since Satan does not exist there, it will be an age when all can unite automatically.

The great Ceremony for Dissolving God's 6,000-Year History of Bitter Sorrow that took place on April 4, 2002, connects us to that age. Now that this ceremony to liberate^all of history has taken place, Satan must retreat and leave the human world. Also, all those who received the Blessing in heaven must come to earth and stand on the front line to recover the original homeland and nation.

We consider ourselves to be the family of Adam and Eve, in which Abel should be in the position of the elder brother. Therefore when you stand at the forefront and move forward, you must absolutely obey your commander's directions, even though he is younger than you. Everyone must unite, and this is how it is done. Once you attain oneness in heart, in body, in thought and in mind with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, heaven can move freely and heavenly fortune can flow freely.

All you have to do is run toward the final destination. We, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who are clearly connected to the mainstream thought, victoriously offered our conditions and foundations so that you can reach that destination. We already built the highway that connects to anywhere and everywhere. Wherever you go, you will find no obstacles; so as long as you drive well, you can go at high speed. You will have no difficulty doing that. (374-055, 2002/04/05)

Proclamation of the Realm of Unity and Secure Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth

37 I proclaimed the Unity and Secure Setdement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, so that not only the Parents of Heaven and Earth but all people who received the Blessing can arrive at secure settlement. Then a bridge can be built through which nations and the world can become one in that place of settlement. A great work of construction needs to take place. For this, numerous spirits including the saints in the spirit world will come and build a bridge between the heavenly world and the earthly world. They will come, each based on his own nation, in order to save the world and build one nation throughout the world. The time has come to make that one-world nation, just as the mind and body are united as one. (381-105, 2002/06/11)

38 The time has come for you to settle centered on the Parents of Heaven and Earth. For this, you all need to inherit the dutiful ways of a filial child in the family, of a patriot in the nation, of a saint in the world, and of a divine child in heaven and on earth. This is in Family Pledge number two. Do not just recite the Family Pledge. You have to carve its words into your bones and flesh, as if they were your last words.

Hereafter, in all aspects, you need to live with the Parents of Heaven and Earth. You must live with them as your subject partners in every way. You have to realize anew your value as blessed families with whom God can live. He wants to live with blessed families that have inherited true love, true life and true lineage centered on the vertical and horizontal Parents of Heaven and Earth.

However, blessed families do not yet have God's nation. Therefore, you blessed families need to establish the foundation for that nation by bearing the fruit of Adam's family. That is, in your given position, you must give the Blessing. If you are a Kim you should bring all members of the Kim clan; if you are a Pak, the Pak clan. You must bless all of your relatives.

A people consists of 12 or more tribes. Mixed within the Korean people is the blood of the peoples of many nations. Strictly speaking, the Korean people is not a homogeneous people. Koreans are from many different intermingled lineages, due to their tragic history of numerous wars and battles. Lineages of at least 12 peoples must be mixed in order to form a nation. A nation is formed by connections on five levels—individuals, families, tribes and peoples form a nation. (382-137, 2002/06/21)

39 Through the Blessing, God has blood ties to spirits in the spirit world and True Parents have blood ties to people on earth. They are the foundation to give the Blessing to unite the spirit world and to do likewise on earth. That unity is why True Parents can settle securely as the Parents of Heaven and Earth. This means that the kingdom of heaven on earth and kingdom of heaven in heaven can start, and we can now enter a new age. Based on this, I proclaimed the Unity and Secure Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

If you are a Kim, do not think that your work to bless the Kim clan is only as a representative of the Kim clan. You are a representative of the entire good spirit world, with all its saints and sages, who are uniting to do this work on behalf of heaven and earth. They have all become one, centered on the five world-level saints, including Socrates. Next, I am going to announce the unity of the ancestors of the communist world, the unity of the ancestors of Korea, Japan and America, and even of kings and their traditions.

Therefore, blessed central families should always think about the spirit world from the standpoint of this world-level tradition. Now the heavenly nation, not the fallen world, is the subject partner. The original world has arisen; it has emerged with dignity as the subject partner.

Holy Burning Ceremony for the (382-140, 2002/06/21)

Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth

40 I must become the owner of love, the owner of true love. I have to be the representative of God. Since I understood this long ago, to me, dying has never been a problem. No matter what happened, I had to reach that level. That is why people throughout the spiritual world and the physical world have resolved that they will attend me as the Messiah, the Savior and True Parents. I opened that path. Even for God, someone had to open it.

Going through the eight stages and reaching God, I become the owner of the cosmos. I will offer everything to Him, saying, "It is on me that all beings in the creation depend; I now offer them to You." Then God will return them to me. He will say, "I bequeath to you the original world of creation. You worked hard for it."

In this way, we will get them back. Unless this happens, we cannot claim ownership. It is the same with the family and with the nation. We must win over Satan's world. We have to go beyond Satan's world. Only after we do that can we attend God, the owner of love, life, and lineage, and become the owners of the family, nation, world and cosmos.

This is the reason I am having you conduct the Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth. You do it while you are alive on earth. You should be resurrected during your lifetime. (395-120, 2002/10/18)

41 We are living in the age of the liberation of the Fourth Adam, when the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven are being connected. You should keep in mind how amazing and how precious this is. The Rally for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth in which this was proclaimed is connected to the Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth. It is one of the last conditions you need to fulfill. From now on, you should go forward thinking that whatever you resolve in your mind and heart will shape your life course and history. (395-246, 2002/10/21)

42 Looking at the providence of restoration from the perspective of building the heavenly nation, October 2002 is the time to settle all accounts. That is done through the Rally for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth. Unity is possible because the spiritual world and the physical world have become one, and heaven and earth are united and in harmony. The five great saints in the spirit world are centered on True Parents. They, the hundreds of millions of people in the spirit world who follow them, and the blessed people on earth, will rally together and resolve to become one, with God at the center.

If you still carry old baggage from the past, you have to burn it. Everything was lost in the Garden of Eden—the Mother, the Father, the sons, the daughters and all things of creation. Therefore, you need to gather everything and clear it. On that basis you should be able to say, "I have nothing of my own; everything belongs to heaven."

Three generations of True Parents' family and three generations of your families must become one. We must have a nation that belongs to God. In order to reach the standard to unite all humankind, we must achieve this goal, no matter what. Now, Cain will cooperate, the archangel Lucifer will cooperate, and the spirit world will cooperate. We can unite all nations based on Gods nation.

Now True Parents have entered the era in which they can redeem the nations of Satan's world, Cain's world. The time has come to unite everything that has been divided and separated one from another. What settled this matter was the Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth. (395-254, 2002/10/30)

43 I made all the conditions necessary to establish the realm of God's liberation. That is why on August 5, 2002,1 proclaimed the Unity and Secure Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth in the Realm of Daily Life. I further conducted the Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth at a rally at Sun Moon University. It celebrated achieving harmonious unity between the spiritual world and the physical world. We went over that hill by burning all that belongs to the fallen world.

I declared Cheon II Guk, the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity. It is the nation in which the physical world and the spiritual world are on an equal plane. Thus, the gates of hell, paradise and heaven are open in all directions, so that there is a ready-made path for you to enter Cheon II Guk once you receive the Blessing. You cannot enter it as individuals. Further, after receiving the Blessing you must restore the nations that Satan has governed, offer them, and enter with the people of those nations. (399-095, 2002/12/19)

Ceremony for Total Unity

44 What is the Ceremony for Total Unity? The Fourth Israel is not yet in oneness with the First, Second and Third Israels. The First Israel was not able to establish God's nation. Then, based on the foundation of Christianity, the United States became the Second Israel. The United States led the liberation of Korea, the Third Israel. However, although the United States is the Second Israel, its people do not understand the spirit world; hence, it was not able to unite the spiritual world and the physical world. Therefore, someone who knows the spiritual world and the physical world and who understands the mistake of Adam and Eve must come and unite them in the name of True Parents.

It is True Parents who can save the world. They know how the world fell ill. Also, although you do not understand it, they know the nature of the disease afflicting religion, namely that it does not know the world of the heart.

Jesus came to the nation of Israel and died on the cross. Because he left by means of the cross, he had to come again by way of a cross. Now that the Returning Lord has departed from the place of death, he must establish the standard of equality in the cosmos by erecting a pillar that will serve as a proper cornerstone in the midst of the quagmire of this fallen world. For this purpose, we are now welcoming the decisive moment when we declare peace. Here, in the middle of this battlefield, on December 21,2003, by declaring the Ceremony for Total Unity, we are plant-. ing the Fourth Israel. It is what God has so wanted to plant. By doing so, it becomes possible for the Jesus who had died to stand in front of the nation of the Fourth Israel as the resurrected Jesus, to represent Gods royal authority and protect it. (428-264, 2003/12/21)

45 Heaven and earth have been united since 2004, and God h^ entered the era when He can do as He desires. Hence, our families, having received God's blessing, now are given the privilege to enter the kingdom of heaven. But first, we must establish Cheon II Guk.

In light of that, what should we do as representatives of Cheon II Guk? What must we accomplish in order to enter the kingdom of heaven? All the people and angels in the spirit world, including the people who lived in the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age, must become one with the blessed families on earth. All the blessed families in heaven and the blessed families on earth must become one.

You blessed family members on earth today are in the position of the third generation, that of God's grandchildren. Or, if True Parents are considered the first generation, you are like the second generation, and your children are in the third generation. Because I gave the Blessing to these three generations, the spiritual world and the physical world could become one. (428-245, 2003/12/21)

Proclamation of the Foundation Day of the Unified Nation, for the Liberation of the Cosmos

46 As of today, October 3,2004, it is no longer the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World; it is the Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth. It is beyond this physical world. It is about the cosmos-heaven and earth. How were the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind ushered in? They were ushered in because True Parents indemnified and restored the lost standard that was to have been established if Adam and Eve, after reaching maturity, had received the Blessing by the invisible God as His embodiments.

God is the harmonized being of dual characteristics; in terms of position toward human beings, He is the subject partner. Adam and Eve emerged as His substance. It is written that God created Eve from a rib taken from Adam. After they were thus divided, they were supposed to grow to maturity. Then the Parent of the Cosmos, in the position of the mind in the unified realm of the spirit world, was to give the Blessing to Adam and Eve, His embodiments in the position of His body. Thus, they would have become True Parents. Yet this did not happen.

However much Adam was in the position of the subject partner, there had to be the perfection of his object partner, Eve. However, not only was his object partner not perfected; even Adam himself failed to reach perfection as her subject partner. Hence, they could not settle on earth.

Consequently, although families who received the Blessing on earth are to enter the kingdom of heaven, the gate through which they can enter the kingdom of heaven has been completely blocked. Accordingly, this must be untangled. That is why God has now proclaimed the Blessing for all; it is to liberate the entire spirit world including paradise and hell. (471-208, 2004/10/03)

The Chuseok for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth

47 Our beloved Heung-jin, heavens representative and the heavenly commander-in-chief of heaven and earth, reported to True Parents in a message he sent from the spirit world to the place where we are commemorating and celebrating this day, September 18, 2005.1 am sharing his report with you. As representatives, please receive this Chuseok for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth. I am proclaiming what he sent for your sake, and for the sake of the spirit world and the physical world. Understand that this declaration is a special grace by which you can become one with Heung-jin. Then, all blessed families, all of the earthly and heavenly worlds, and the rest of humankind can also partake in the same grace.

At this time, based on the foundation of Gods victory, the Parents of Heaven and Earth have won the supreme victory for all generations to come. They have established the foundation on which the all-transcendent, all-immanent God can exercise His power and authority over all creation. On this day of celebration, you symbolize a group of people who offer themselves as a living sacrifice with utmost sincerity, with one heart, one body and one mind-set, at a public event at which are present family members from inside and outside the church, and others who symbolize many nations and the world. Please remember eternally that you have participated in this ceremony to liberate heaven and earth and fulfill your responsibility for this purpose. (508-114, 2005/09/18)

48 You stand on the foundation of the unity of heaven and earth, the unity of the world, and the unity of God's nation. In other words, you are on a foundation without a trace of Satan. Therefore, for the first time, abolishing all barriers and national borders and entering the realm of liberation and complete freedom is possible. This will happen when you fulfill your portion of responsibility and inherit Gods creative nature and the authority of ownership.

The Chuseok for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth, on September 18, 2005, is the occasion on which we can celebrate a brand new morning, on a brand new day when we stand in the original position, prior to the Fall. This is the day when God creates anew the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, and then the waters and all things of creation. He creates them in the realm of liberation and complete freedom, in which no barriers exist anywhere, neither in the spirit world nor in the physical world, based on His having united the entire cosmos.

If you claim ownership over any material possessions, if you do not regard everything you own as belonging to the church, it means that barriers and borders still exist for you.

Humankind is still beset by barriers and national borders. Nonetheless, if you want to live with unrestrained freedom and go anywhere without barriers and national borders, you ijjiust do nothing that would defile your lineage. Before you can assert yourselves, you must be of the same blood as the Parents of Heaven and Earth. When your position is within the same realm of lineage as that of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, you should recover the name royal son or royal daughter of heaven and earth. Those who do so are from the original royal family, the royal family of Adam s children.

As you become one in heart in the realm of that royal family, you should also be able to proclaim the cosmic kingdom of peace and welcome the age of the liberation and complete freedom for the cosmos—the earthly world and the heavenly world, where there are no national borders or barriers. This cosmic kingdom of peace is Cheon II Guk. After you eliminate all the barriers and national borders of the First Adam, the Second Adam and the Third Adam, you can inherit Cheon II Guk and then cross over into the age of the Fourth Adam s realm of heart. (508-120, 2005/09/18)

Section 4. Great Revolution in the Spirit World

Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World

In 2009, True Parents proclaimed the era of the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World (ll®|s#!$#). After thus opening the era of unity between the spiritual world and the physical world, we can eternally and freely communicate between the spiritual world and the physical world while attending the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. True Parents have said that the age is approaching in which the spirit world and the earthly world will come under the dominion of God and True Parents and interact directly.

1 What is the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World? It unites the earthly world with the spirit world; it binds the two worlds together. Now, by completely attaching the two worlds that were severed from God, in a way that cannot be severed, we unite them into one. I chose to call this the "Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World" in attendance of God.

We have this expression because the time has come when a lineage and a nation of peace cannot be divided. The Korean people, who have advocated Godism, never plundered even one other nation. Other than Korea, no country has attended God and maintained a tradition of peace from the beginning of its history. This is why the owners of peace, the True Parents, emerged there. In addition, they are the owners of lineage, because no one but True Parents has the ability to unite lineages centered on God. If they become the owners, through which lineage and peace become one, they will accomplish the glorious restoration of the homeland. The earth itself becomes the land of the hometown, where the hometown and homeland of God and the children who belong to the homeland of God can be proud. (2009/12/22)

2 If there had been an owner of peace until now, God would have been that Owner. Other than Korea, no country has known and served only that God. Since the beginning of history, the Korean people have never invaded another country. They have never fought against nor violated another country. They have advocated peace. God is the Owner of true peace. Because the Korean people have been serving that God, the final landing place of civilization is our Fathers house, where God rules, and that is where we have to gather. Because we need to gather at God's feet, we use the expression, "the earth connected to the spirit world." Accordingly, this world is connected to the spirit world. It is an association, not a federation. (2010/01/05)

3 Because we need to know God, I have taught about the connection between earth and the spirit world. The Chinese character for "connect," yeon (M ), is formed by putting together sa ($$) the character for "thread" with ee (g) the character for "ear." It is not the ordinary character yeon 01), meaning "join," but the character meaning "connect" that can truly bind. Stitching the spirit world and the physical world together as with thread and uniting them is what is meant by the name of this organization.

The Unification Church came into being by connecting the earthly world with the spirit world in front of God. The Unification Church is the entity that can prepare for that and can achieve that circumstance.

After that, there is "shin ae in," "love between God and human beings." Until now the spirit world and physical world have been fighting, but since I have established a system to unite them, now the Spirit of God is emerging. The position of God is emerging, and the owner of true love is emerging. That is why I say, "love between God and human beings." Human beings who can manage the true love of God are emerging. After "love between God and human beings" comes true love. (2009/12/01)

4 The spirit world is endless, an invisible, infinite world of space. God wants to accompany us and live in such a world. God does not have a body. If I give the command, all the people, just as they are, who have died over a span of thousands of years, will be able to enter the realm of the Blessing as sons or daughters. Because of that, they all are returning to earth. Accordingly, I have created the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World. (2009/10/10)

5 God has to return to being the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal Owner. Since the Korean people emerged to prepare that place externally, the Unification Church brought the religious realm together and then created the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World.

Next, the families who have received the Blessing, after uniting the spirit world and the physical world as root and trunk, are engrafting religions, based on Korean tradition. Because the king of kings of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven becomes one with the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World, a foundation on which God will be completely free from any limitations in the spiritual world and the physical world will develop. The textbooks and teaching materials have been completed; based on that firm structure, you must go beyond your limitations.

Since the world of peace is the territory of Gods hometown and homeland, once it alone remains, it will remain for all generations as the supreme place of victory. That territory is the hometown and homeland of all nations. God's hometown and homeland is where heaven and earth have become one, and God, human beings and the archangels have become one. Everything will be completed when we offer and dedicate the way of the family in that place, and invest our loyalty and filial piety there. (2010/01/19)

6 The Korean people have been attending God until now for the sake of attending the King of Peace. True Parents indemnified all providential history since the Fall. Because the lineage of Cain and Abel became changed, True Parents had to rectify that. From the summit of heaven to the ends of the earth, True Parents must perfect, complete and accomplish their responsibility together with God, who perfects, completes and accomplishes His responsibility.

Since God is the King of Peace, what must True Parents do to become the King and Queen of Peace? On behalf of Abel's sacrifice and victory over the Cain world, while Cain attends the foremost Abel, True Parents have to connect these brothers with God and with themselves. Now there is no Cain. True Parents have completely washed away the history associated with Cain, who spilled the blood of his younger brother and who must attend his younger brother, who now is in the position of the older brother before the Fall. As the representative of the True Parents and the True God, Cain, the elder brother, has to attend the younger brother.

Accordingly, we must establish the Association to Connect the Earth to the Spirit World in front of the victorious True Parents and God's victorious supremacy, centered on the peace that does not exist outside of a person of inner unity. After bringing victory by placing God at the center and uniting with Cain, Abel attends God and True Parents, who had been expelled completely from earth. Suddenly, the age has changed. Now the older brother can attend from the position of the younger brother. (2010/02/07)

A spiritual revolution centered on True Parents

While True Parents perfected, completed and accomplished the providence on earth, they also linked the providence continuously to the spirit world. True Parents finished work that had to be done first on earth. The perfection of the earthly and heavenly worlds was possible only with True Parents in the central position. They said that after they go to the spirit world, they have to lead a great revolution for the sake of setting the spirit world in order.

7 As you know, life is short. Before you go, you have to clarify the type of work you will have to do for the sake of this earthly world and understand that you are preparing a newly pioneered land where people can dwell in the heavenly nation. You should prepare to create a great revolution before going to the spirit world. You must do this with enthusiasm greater than I have had while working for God's Will. You have to generate a revolution to substantiate the world in its original form, in a world that has continued on for thousands of years. Neither God nor the angels could carry out that revolution.

Saints and sages have come and gone. They experienced the restrictions of prison life, so how could they transform that environment into the kingdom of heaven in heaven, a world that is like a lighthouse in the blessed land of peace? There, revolutionary expectations, greater and more complex than those of the world, are waiting. (563-047, 2007/05/08)

8 People who met me 50 years ago have not been able to bring as much change as I have over that 50 years. If children in our second and third generations seize hold of my teachings and come to understand the reality of the spirit world, they will be ecstatic. Now, even if I shake the dust from my hands and depart this world, the foundation is such that you cannot ask for me to come again. When Korea and the United States turn around, my work is finished. Thus, after going to the spirit world, I must begin another revolution there.

I have the responsibility to establish the ideal tradition from the position of the first ancestor, the unfallen Adam, a position equivalent to the central Messiah for all nations. Adam could not establish that. He could not attend God and as a filial son, patriot, saint and divine son create a family that would have acted as a bridge. I have to go forward to complete the revolution related to the earthly world. When I leave imperfection behind and go to that yonder nation, that imperfection cannot follow and enter with me. Also, because the assignment to create a new revolution remains, I have to hasten on the path I need to take. (574-181, 2007/09/03)

9 Including my beloved Heung-jin, I have sent four of my children to the spirit world. Now, will they look forward to my going to the spirit world? Will they themselves look forward to coming to earth? Will I look forward to their coming to earth? If I teach that I will attend God after ascending, will they say that it is good? Do you think they will look forward to something?

Since they have the role of the children, they cannot fulfill the role of their parents. They are observing the earth, hoping for accomplishments and assisting. Because they could not attend our Heavenly Parent in the heavenly world due to the problems on earth, if I do not establish the path that the children who unite with me can follow, God's liberation and that of the Lord at ^he Second Advent will not be accomplished in the heavenly world.

Therefore, for your sake, I must go to the spirit world quickly. When I go to the spirit world, because I understand these issues, I will start a revolution. Satan cannot demand any kind of condition on the part of the families who enter the spirit world after completing restoration through indemnity. Therefore, they can bring about a total revolution under my command. I can take people who are in hell to the kingdom of heaven. (503-124, 2005/08/03)

10 In the spirit world, everyone is hoping I will come quickly and make things right. They are waiting. You believe that it would be great if I could live a long time on earth, but in the spirit world they do not think like that. Now my work on earth is finished. I understand the spirit world well. Like it or not, earth is an instrument through which we pass. When I go to the spirit world, I will lead a total mobilization.

Now that I have put earth in good order, I am putting heaven in good order. Because I have put earth in order, even if I die now, it will not be a problem. In heaven they have completed 100 percent of the preparations, so they can welcome me. They are waiting. The perfection of earth and the perfection of heaven are possible based on me. The things I speak of sound like a dream, but they are real. (247-265, 1993/05/09)

11 What will I do after I go to the spirit world? Having reached the position in which I accomplished what was unaccomplished before the Fall, when I go to the spirit world I must again lead a revolution and bring about a unified world in heaven and on earth, which means a new heaven and a new earth. For that to occur, you should certainly unite while you are on earth, and then you need to unite with True Parents. Only then will the father-son relationship, which was divided by centering on two, become completely one. Father and son were divided even in the heavenly world, but through this unity, Satan will disappear completely. After reaching the ideal position, the unified, original, innate form of creation, they will patch things up. A scar will remain, but after they come together, they can make a new start. (573-035, 2007/08/20)

12 I do not know when I will go. As for me, I am marking out 80 percent of the path I will take, which indicates how to live. Even though I have not taught 20 percent, because I still must pioneer some things in order to straighten out the path of the providence, there is nothing to worry about.

When I go to the spirit world, I will uncover all the complicated matters, find long-forgotten people and reeducate them. If I fail in this, they will regard me as an enemy in the spirit world. They will broadcast propaganda saying that I am a false parent, not the True Parent. Yet if they have been forgotten, I will make it so that one day they will be remembered for their greater value. I will not forget my moral obligations. I can forget what others owe me, but I will repay hundreds, even thousands of times, my moral obligations. (408-243, 2003/06/09)

13 A person who does not know about the spirit world is in a pitiful state, utterly pitiful. Knowing that, I cannot scold individuals of this type. How will they go ahead and navigate along their path, through layers upon layers of obstructions? When I go to the spirit world, I will create a great revolution there. I will cut a way through the obstructions, and if a path is blocked, I will set out on that path or even bore a tunnel. People in the spirit world are hoping I will come. When I eventually arrive there, thousands of years of history will be washed away.

Those who did not know my teachings will be forgiven, but those who knew my teachings but pretended not to know them will have to take responsibility for what they have done. To the degree of the depth and breadth of their knowledge of Heavens lofty and precious perspective, those who pretended not to know my teachings will have a harder time making up for their mistakes. (591-326, 2008/06/02)

14 You do not know anything about the spirit world, the place you will go to after your life on earth. When I go to that world, I will create a revolution. You cannot keep up with me here on earth, but what I have done here is small compared to what I will do in the spirit world. A revolution awaits, in which I will have to run, passing over numerous stages, hundreds of stages. For this, I will send to earth people who had gone to the spirit world but who have to pass again through the earthly world. (594-088, 2008/06/24)

15 When I eventually go to the spirit world, I will not leave that world as it is. A great revolution will spread. When the revolution spreads, what will the people in the spirit world do? You must stand in the vanguard and stir up that kind of wind. You do not understand how great the problems are.

In the spirit world, they are choosing enthusiastic Unification Church believers. Those who are standing in the vanguard are competing for the leading positions. There has to be competition. When we look providentially, we see that we are in an enviror^nent in which we can go beyond the national standard; we have entered an age in which we can manage more than 70 percent as we wish. Therefore, we are giving the Blessing to our relatives. (386-291, 2002/07/18)

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