Book 12

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era

True Parents declared the era of the Family Federation for World Peace (FFWP) on May 1,1994, exactly 40 years after the founding of HSA-UWC, on the foundation of True Parents' Holy Wedding and the condition of having completely indemnified the 33 years of Jesus' life. They founded FFWP for the purpose of realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth based on families, since the age for individual salvation had passed. On July 30,1996, they proclaimed this to the whole world through the founding assembly of the Family Federation for World Peace, held in Washington, DC. On April 8, 1997, True Parents added "and Unification" to the name of the organization.

True Parents established and proclaimed the Family Pledge as the guideline for all families as we entered the FFWPU era. On October 13,1997, they established the tradition of hoondokhae, asking us to read True Parents' words regularly and assiduously, and to actualize them in our daily lives.

True Parents appeared and led the providence of salvation on the basis of restoration through indemnity. In 1989 they proclaimed the Era of the Garden of Love and Pal Jeong Shik (the Settlement of the Eight Stages) and stated that we had entered the era in which the payment of indemnity is no longer required. On the foundation of Pal Jeong Shik, which restored the authority of the elder son, True Parents opened the age of Heavenly Parentism. On July 1,1991, True Parents proclaimed Chil II Jeol (7-1 Day), the Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing, which completed the course of historical indemnity, and they declared an eternal blessing upon all humankind.

Prior to the new millennium, they proclaimed, on January 3,1993, the completion of the New Testament Age and the beginning of the Completed Testament Age. At the outset of the Completed Testament Age, they also revealed that it was the era for blessed families to lead God's providence, and that they are to do this by accelerating their tribal messiah activities in their hometowns. On April 10, 1992, True Parents proclaimed the "Advent of the Global Era of Women" as they hosted the founding rally of the Womens Federation for World Peace (WFWP).

True Mother then appeared on the world-level public stage for the first time, touring Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries to inaugurate WFWP globally. In so doing, she announced the long-awaited true freedom of women, in public appearances, with a heart to bless all humanity. During the 31st Parents' Day ceremony, held on March 27,1990, True Father had already declared the "liberation of all women" and had announced True Mother as the second founder of the Unification movement. On June 14, 1999, True Father presented True Mother with an award after she completed a speaking tour of 80 cities around the world for the Global Expansion of True Families. This was a public proclamation that True Mother was completely united with True Father, and that they were jointly leading the entire providence together, that she had contributed gready to the conclusion of the providence of restoration, and that she has been victorious.

Chapter 1

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

Section 1.The Background and Founding of FFWPU


True Parents proclaimed the Family Pledge on May 1,1994, at the celebration of the 40th anniversary of HSA-UWC. Later, on October 9, they announced the establishment of the Family Federation for World Peace, and on July 30, 1996 they held its inaugural assembly in Washington, DC. On April 10, 1997, True Parents directed that our organization's official name be changed from the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. This was to clarify that the original ideal world as envisioned at the Creation comes not through religion but, rather, through ideal families.

1 The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification was established to gather the mothers, the sons and the daughters, who had fallen short in Adams family, and lead them to the Blessing. From tffe family age of the Blessing we move now to the tribal age. The age of HSA-UWC was for the sake of finding Adam's family. Now we are in the course of uniting Adam's family and building the tribal-level foundation. After interconnecting the tribes we can build a national-level foundation and finally a world-level foundation. We are now in a time of great change, so the Unification Church is transforming into the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. (284-158, 1997/04/16)

2 The Unification Church has completed the foundation on the individual level, and after establishing the family, tribe and people we need to settle one nation, the nation of the united world. If the Unification Church can help guide the United Nations, everything will be done. It is important to achieve the unification of North and South Korea, and also to unite the Adam and Eve nations. That time will come.

I proclaimed "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" because the family of the original Adam has appeared as the worldwide representative family that no one can oppose, no matter where in the world it goes. Thus, we are able to begin the movement to unite the global family horizontally with True Parents' family in the subject partner position. By substantially forming the heavenly individual, family, tribe, people and nation on earth, we can realize the original kingdom of heaven.

Jesus tried to accomplish on the national level what was lost in Adam's family. In the present age that mission has expanded to the world level. Therefore, in the age of the Second Advent, True Parents come to guide this world, which is the extension of the false parents, through the door they have opened to the new world. Until now, we have been working to separate humankind from Satan by paying indemnity conditions. We can advance through this door by organizing families in the heavenly way. Once such families are organized, the formation of the tribe, people, nation and world can be done naturally. We are in such a time.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the HSA-UWC, I have founded the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification as the way to welcome this time. (264-240, 1994/11/03)

3 Do not feel sorry over the disappearance of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. Instead, praise the establishment of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Until now the focus has been on individual salvation, but now the salvation of the family, the relatives and the nation will be accomplished. This is inevitable. Now we have entered the Completed Testament Age, the age of home church. There was no family in the Old and New Testament Ages.

Therefore, the Family Federation is necessary. It is a religion of a higher dimension. After the foundation for the family is connected with the whole of humankind, it automatically expands to the tribal home church, the national home church and the global home church. The kingdom of heaven and the ideal family exist here. The ideal tribe, the ideal nation, the ideal world, the ideal cosmos, and God's ideal for the creation have been fulfilled on earth and in heaven. Everything is finished. Finally, even God has been liberated. (285-178, 1997/05/01)

4 Even though we may start small, we have to end in a heavenly way. There is nothing to lose. So far, I have established the Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, and the Women's Federation for World Peace. Now I am leading them to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Thus, even your sons and daughters will come and follow. Having the family as a model centering on love, we can finalize everything.

We must make the place of settlement for the ideal of creation, where both man and woman can reside. We carved the principled path out of a history of conflict by completing the foundation where even children can settle. I have built the road with numerous bridges that all human beings must cross. Families naturally will reach the destination. (231-313, 1992/06/21)

5 When I created the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, the term "Christianity," used in the former name, Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, was removed. Only by centering on the Old and New Testaments could the Completed Testament be established. The Completed Testament Age was to begin with the Returning Lord re-creating on earth the model that could not be achieved in Jesus' time. Taking responsibility for the Old and New Testament Ages, he had to set conditions that Satan could not accuse. Enduring Christian opposition, there was no other way than to carry them on his back. (284-268, 1997/04/18)

6 Before Adam and Eve fell, their bodies belonged to God. Their love also belonged to God. They were owned by God. In the future, they also would come to possess the realm of heart centering on heaven. Accordingly, before you marry you must restore the lineage, the realm of heart, and ownership. It is the general rule that you marry only after doing that.

If I had talked about this 40 years ago, there would have been rumors that I swallow young people whole, without a care. So I postponed making the Family Federation. Now I can speak forthrightly because the world is able to believe and understand me. The Family Federation is the vehicle through which I will pass everything down. This is why I have to create the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

All of you blessed families must become the essential personnel of the Family Federation. You must make sure your attitude is correct so that you do not become lost, according to the standard of the Family Pledge. I cannot do this for you, nor can God. It is the responsibility of each of you as husband and wife. After recovering the famify of Adam and Eve and being victorious in the work of restoration, you must join the realm of blood relations of the heavenly country. The Principled conclusion is that fallen human beings must restore this. (264-199, 1994/10/09)

7 Family is the root. The root must be the basis for the general rule of everything. If we look at the family horizontally, there are families on Satan's side and families of the archangel on heaven s side. There are archangel families that can go to hell, and archangel families that will be able to return to the heavenly side. They all must be grafted onto Adams family.

Therefore, the hope for the future of fallen human beings rests on their ability to join the Family Federation. The greatest hope for fallen human beings is to establish the foundation to receive the Blessing through which they can inherit the true lineage. The number of generations it will require to reach that point is determined by the foundation of their righteousness and moral principles. (264-204, 1994/10/09)

8 While we passed through the ages of history, human beings searched for the age of peace, but they did not understand unity. There cannot be lasting peace where there is no center. This means that for peace, there has to be unity. Therefore, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification emerged. The central family represents the world, heaven and earth. We can never have the center by only seeking peace horizontally. What we call the center must meet the horizontal at a 90-degree angle.

The overall conclusion of all this is the establishment of the FFWPU. Just insisting that there has to be peace will bring no resolution. There must be a subject partner. Therefore, we must go the path of love of the filial child, the patriot, the saint, and the divine son and daughter. Without accomplishing this, the parents cannot be liberated, the nation cannot be liberated, the world cannot be liberated, and heaven and earth cannot be liberated. Liberation will come only after horizontal peace is accomplished by way of the filial son, the patriot, the saint, and the divine son and daughter. (315-302, 2000/02/06)

9 There are barriers between warring countries and between the advanced and underdeveloped countries. Eastern and Western civilizations are different. The former has a culture rooted in morality, and the latter rooted in material. The North and South represent rich and poor. Due to these differences, valleys were carved out, and these have fragmented the world.

Valleys only exist where first there are mountains. How can we create equilibrium? Most times, mountains are like barriers. How can we create level ground? In the Unification Church we speak about the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. In order to unify the world, we must first bring peace. Peace means that we make things level, and we become one. Let us bring equality between North and South, East and West, advanced and underdeveloped, successful and unsuccessful, man and woman, young and old. It starts with placing things on an equal plane; yet that in itself is not enough.

Creating a world of peace is not enough. Certainly, there must be reciprocal partners, so both the world of peace and the world of unity are needed. The world is hoping for peace and unity. After making a united and peaceful world, we must go to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and there we must settle in the family. (335-141, 2000/10/03)

The true family movement and FFWPU

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification was founded to achieve the salvation of humanity and a peaceful world on the foundation of true families. Thus True Parents expanded the worldwide true family movement through the holy marriage Blessing, in order to realize the original ideal world of creation on earth and in heaven. Conflict and discord between religions are the most imposing obstacles to realizing a peaceful world. Therefore True Parents have continuously developed the movement for the harmony and unity of religions.

10 When you receive the Blessing, you must join the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and take responsibility as tribal messiahs. In that way HSA-UWC will disappear, and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification will emerge. We lost the family at the time of the Fall. The family went to Satan's side and to hell. At this time, centering on the True Family, we can connect to the realm of direct dominion. We are becoming complete with True Parents as the center.

Blessed families and True Parents' family have to become one. How can they unite? Through the tribal messiahs. By connecting to the nation and becoming one with God and True Parents, we transition from the realm of indirect dominion to the realm of direct dominion. This is the course we must take. This is how unity is achieved. You have the lineage of the fallen world until you receive the Blessing. When you receive the Blessing through the Unification Church you are transferred to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. The realm of direct dominion is different from that of indirect dominion. We must achieve a change of heart and life, and triumph over and liquidate the world of hell. (271-015, 1995/07/30)

11 True Parents expanded the Blessing with 36, 72, 124, 430, 777, 1,800, 8,000 and 6,500 couples and finally blessed 30,000 couples. On this foundation, the time came when the Blessing could expand horizontally to the whole world. With that in place after the Blessing of 30,000 couples, we blessed 360,000 couples, and now after going over 3.6 million couples, we are blessing another 360 million couples. This represents opening the 12 pearl gates, the 12 mountain passes, for the sake of finding the families that had been lost.

Now, after going over the 12 high mountain passes and leveling the global family, we have arrived at the age of the freedom of the Blessing, a realm without any shadow of the Fall. Now is the era of worldwide give and receive action. The era of the global family has begun. Horizontally each family possesses the same value. There are no national barriers. The Blessing places everyone on the same level. This custom, culture and tradition is universal. Previously, when True Parents gave the Blessing to families worldwide, there was opposition, but now Satan cannot oppose this.

It is not possible to settle the family using politics, economics, culture or education. Nor is it possible using military power. True Parents are the only ones who can solve the problem. Now even people who desperately want to oppose us, cannot. An environment has arisen wherein anyone, irrespective of position, can welcome us. We have come to be accepted.

Working through HSA-UWC was necessary until the time we removed Satan. Now, because Satan is gone, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification can gather together all the young people and families internationally, and orient their direction toward the original world. (287-080, 1997/08/31)

12 All the organizations that True Parents have established need to concentrate their efforts on giving the Blessing centering on the True Family. Our ultimate goal is to give the Blessing on the family level. Our organizations are aligning their standards and direction in order to expand the Family Federation movement across the country. Once we establish the tribal foundation here, we will automatically form tribes across the country. This will pave a path to the place where an entire people will be able to live. Even if the country perishes and its traditions collapse, there will be no problem if the families thrive. We are in that time. (283-313, 1997/04/13)

13 These days, people talk about a global village, but what we are heading for is the age of a global family rather than a global village. Today we need to build a world that can reciprocate with the Family Federation. Because the Family Federation has emerged based on Gods Will, an environment for giving and receiving can arise in the world. Since we have entered the era in which everyone is equal, once such an environment emerges, it will spread quickly throughout the world. I am not talking about some fantasy. This world of death has no place to go, but the Unification Church will be prospering since it is tightly connected to the center.

Then, what kind of attitude must we have on the family level if we are going to inherit a flourishing world? If we do not complete the realm of the world-level object partner in God's love, we cannot reciprocate with that world. Therefore, as we pursue this, we have to analyze everything, remove what does not fit, and go forward while developing the content of a family and nation. This is the purpose of family life. (275-037, 1995/10/30)

14 Your family ought to establish the standard and tradition of attending the king of heaven and earth. This has to start from the Family Federation. These are not casual words. The Parents of Heaven and Earth worked hard for the ideal of creation. Families who registered must inherit that and settle completely. There the fountain of love can be connected to the nation and the cosmos for thousands of generations.

Please live with that consciousness. You should understand that the Principle and the record of True Parents' life course are the root of heavenly law, and you should live your life aligned with these fundamentals. In your daily life, whether in your family life or at higher levels, you should never lose this. You should not be caught by your worldly circumstances.

Because I became the king of the family, you must attend the family king, and thereby liberate the king's authority to the level of the king of tribe, country, world, and heaven and earth. Only by reigning above all this, can the authority of the kingship of the Parents of Heaven and Earth be liberated. The realm of the liberation of the eras of the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world, heaven and earth, and God will arise. That is why we took down the Unification Church sign. Now it is the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. (337-242, 2000/10/27)

15 The era of religion has ended. That is why we dissolved HSA-UWC. Now it is the era of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. It is not religion, but God-centered families that we need to find. There is no person who can deny this. I put things in order one by one and traveled the path of indemnification. In truth, I have been pioneering a path of indemnification that was hundreds and thousands of times wider. I was thereby able to liberate God. FFWPU is attached to God by a chain of love, signifying an inseverable relationship. (351-046, 2001/08/21)

16 The God-centered family is the place in which all religions are fulfilled. Religions emerged in order to seek the family that was lost in the Garden of Eden. Accordingly, in the Unification Church, we have been performing the Blessing ceremony centering on true love, true life and true lineage, thereby connecting everything to God.

After this, we will transcend the realm of religion. Therefore, HSA-UWC will disappear and we will move forward based on the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. When families settle centering on true love, true life and true lineage, the responsibility of religion will be finished. (362-156, 2001/12/12)

17 We took down the HSA-UWC sign and put up the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification sign. To achieve peace, we first have to realize unity—hence, we now have the name Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. This is the settlement of Gods core teaching.

If you hope to unite, you must harmonize and reconcile. Peace can be realized only after everything is made level and harmoniouJ. We seek not just the harmony of the Christian denominations, but the harmony of the world s religions. Christianity is not united; Christians are fighting among themselves. Neither are the Buddhists or the Confucians united. The standard on which the different religions and nations can harmonize can be found in the family, which the Unification Church is hoping to firmly establish. It is called the family of world peace and unity. I am not trying to cause conflict among religions or denominations; rather, I am determined to bring unity, no matter how much I have to suffer for that. If denominations become one, the world will become one. (531-100, 2006/06/30)

18 The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification must develop into a tribal federation and an international federation. Once these are established, the nation and the world will be included on the same platform. Therefore, the tribal federation is very important. When it is in place, traditional religion will no longer be necessary. The family that lives in attendance to God does not need religion. To achieve this, the family of Gods ideal of creation must settle. (285-010, 1997/04/19)

19 After demolishing the rough and difficult obstacles in the valley, True Father has built a highway across the plain that enables us to attend God in comfort. Therefore, we see that religion is disappearing. As true families arise, the need for religion dissolves. When we have a true family, true parents, true couples and true children, we do not need traditional religion. I am saying that religion is not necessary for a family where God can visit and say, "I will live in this house together with you eternally," and give His seal of approval. No religion whatsoever will be necessary. (282-085, 1997/03/10)

20 I am mobilizing the spiritual world and the physical world centering on three generations of sons and daughters, and bridging the gap that divided the spiritual world from the physical world. Also, I am bringing you into the realm of benefit associated with the Blessing. It was Jesus' hope to unite the spiritual world and the physical world, and you need to know that I am substantiating that now.

The settlement of the family is the highest goal of religion. As we settle the family, we outgrow the concept of religion. Accordingly, on April 8, 1997, the Unification Church removed the HSA-UWC sign and on April 10 we started to use the name Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

I am talking about the family that can settle on earth in the united realm of heart centering on what I have taught. That family will be able to go directly to the kingdom of heaven. It can go into heaven, the liberated world, or the world before the Fall existed. It is possible only by following the principle of restoration through indemnity. You cannot do without it. You must bequeath to your relatives and descendants the relationships and tradition that you have inherited from True Parents. (378-229, 2002/05/13)

Section 2. The Establishment of Hoondokhae

True Parents'teachings

True Parents have bequeathed to us many teachings during the course of their lives. Their words constitute textbooks on the Principle, given for all of humankind. They reveal the essence of God's creation and the secrets of salvation for all people. True Parents established hoondokhae, "gathering for reading and learning," on October 13, 1997, asking everyone to read True Parents' words and make them part of their daily life.

1 During this period I have spoken about many things. I have said everything that had to be said about the circumstances of the individual, the family, the nation, the world and the heavenly kingdom. The question is, where have my words settled? The Word of God should be realized by creatively translating it into substantial action. Then the question is, where can we find their substantial realization? Did the person who spoke those words speak them for his own sake, or for that of the world? I spoke those words not for myself but for the world. Only when the words spoken for the world come to have substantial form worldwide can they, as words with that purpose, come to have a relationship with the listener. Unless this is achieved, the two cannot form a relationship. The spoken word achieves its purpose only when its source, the subject partner, and its substantial counterpart become one. What has been spoken therefore must be made substantial. (301-114, 1999/04/25)

2 My words did not come from me. I spoke them on behalf of God. The textbooks and teaching materials do not contain even one word from me. As I stood in the position of resonance with the spirit world, heaven spoke through me. So when I hear those words, I too become enlightened. When I speak, God and the spirit world, including the angelic world, cooperate with me. (2010/02/03)

3 The time following the liberation of Korea was the most complicated and eventful period of change in politics, culture and the economy. I lived through that period, fighting my way for 40 years and not once falling down. Every detail is recorded in The Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon (The Sermons). What we will face in the future and all the problems in past historical ages are nothing compared to the path walked by True Parents.

If you are told, "These books contain all the methods of success; they are like the encyclopedia of victory, so if you study these books you will become the prince of the field of social science," would you study them or not? I have said everything about all fields of endeavor, from science and technology to politics, religion, culture, the economy and so forth. Every word I spoke was brimming with vision. From this perspective, the political,^financial and intellectual worlds must have a connection with the future, the world, and the united ideal world. Power structures also must have a way to connect. No matter how brilliant you may be, if you do not do this, you will perish. Water grows stale if it is not moving. (207-070, 1990/11/01)

4 You need to know True Parents. Who are True Parents? No one knows who they are. Since you do not know True Parents, you should read The Sermons. These books contain amazing content. How can you make that content your own? I have taught everything already. You need to read The Sermons. You should think that they are more necessary than your own life, and more necessary than your family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. You cannot find such content anywhere else, even in the libraries of Harvard University. No matter how much you research elsewhere, you will never find a book that contains the content taught by the Unification Church. The words from fallen history do not have true value. They may all disappear. But, if The Sermons remain, read those books anytime you can, again and again. For this purpose you should study hard. They will lift you into a higher dimension. (309-169, 1999/05/01)

5 When you read my words, you will find that what I said 50 years ago is the same as what I am saying today. This is an amazing fact. I have lived a tumultuous life of extreme ups and downs, a life full of suffering from youth to old age, and yet I continue to realize the words I spoke back then.

My words do not drift away. They address eternal issues, and raise issues for the literary world and the art world. I am a person skilled in various fields. In the literary field I am capable of writing a novel in a day. I even did so when I was in prison. I am full of poetic sentiments. In addition, I know how to utilize revolutionary words. When you read The Sermons, you will find words that you cannot imagine leaping out at you and interconnecting as creative new ideas. They are revolutionary. They are not just theoretical. I have tied them together, sometimes traversing many hills and obstacles weaving them all together. I am a person who sees all of these relationships. (325-108, 2000/06/30)

6 What I said 50 years ago and what I am saying now are one and the same. I have spoken about the same things. God is eternal, and His Word will remain the same even after eons of time. Only when I speak the same words based on the same standard can I liberate God with the authority of inheritance as His Son. This is how I can release His sorrow that accumulated throughout the painful march of history.

They are not words spoken of my own accord. I never spoke of my own accord. I never even opened my mouth if God did not lead the way. That is why these words are so great. When you speak these words, your innermost feelings are revealed. When I go to the place where I spoke those words of old, the heart I felt then and the spiritual power with which the spirit world cooperated with me at that time concentrates itself and comes into me. And you should know, when all families in the world have the same heart that I had back then and send this to the spirit world, they can unleash a power that can lead to re-creation and can expand into a realm of heart, the core realm, that can cover the entire world.

People who dislike doing hoon-dokhae lack this spirituality. They may become sick, and even put themselves in danger of falling. You should find hoondokhae more delicious than rice or any other food. Your attitude toward hoondokhae should be such that you regret not having enough time to do it. You should wish to do hoondokhae 24 hours a day, for years on end. Every time you do hoondokhae you should wish to swallow the words all at once, as if they were a spoonful of rice. (323-244, 2000/06/03)

7 Wherever I speak, I speak words befitting that environment. What that means is that I do not prepare my sermons. I speak spontaneously by inspiration. The words are different each time. You will realize this if you read them. Though the words seem to cover the same ground, because the context is different they follow different paths. In a way, if you think that they are difficult, they will be difficult.

From now on in studying the Word, you will understand it fully only if you do it while offering devotions. As you continue reading, you may find a passage that you cannot work out, or a passage that you cannot understand because the subject matter leaps and halts incomprehensibly. To understand such passages you will need to pray. (144-289, 1986/04/26)

8 I am not a person who normally writes manuscripts for speeches. In fact, I can speak eloquently without a manuscript. God trained me to become such a person. Wherever I go, I create new things. God is the original essence from which I create, and I declare those words together with God. Sometimes when I say something wrong my tongue just freezes. I know it when I am wrong. My actions become unnatural. This is how I declare the Word. Therefore, no one can claim it from me. This being the case even for a Sunday sermon, I do not know the title even five minutes before I am scheduled to speak.

You have no idea how difficult that is. I feel as if I am going to my own execution; that is how serious it is. I step forward without having made any preparation, but when I open my mouth I speak words that contain everything in heaven and on earth. The Sermons are the original record of such miracles that I have wrought. (316-046, 2000/02/09)

9 I never speak words recklessly. When I am scheduled to speak, say, to give a Sunday sermon, I cannot come up with the title until five minutes before the scheduled time. I cannot refer to books or take citations from what historical figures have done and give it a title. What I speak has to be left complete and intact as the words oV heaven. That is why the words of hoondokhae are living words. On the day you align with those words, your revival will take place. These words stay alive, beyond time, be it night or early morning. They transcend the seasons, the ages, and the centuries. It is like an active volcano. Once a crater is made, a volcano breathes fire through that opening. (532-016, 2006/07/10)

10 When you hear my words, you should assimilate them. When you hear tragic words, you should weep in your heart. It is the same as buds beginning to sprout again when spring comes. My words have such power. They are different from other words. I have created a frequency within the realm of heart. When you enter it you will find something in it. It is different from ordinary words. These words resound in the heart. And when you hear these words resounding in your heart, you yourself are conquered by them.

When I read and study the words I myself have spoken, though decades have passed, I can still reach that stage in an instant. Just as you have wished to see morning sunlight in the dark night, I worked my way through 40 years in search of bright sunlight. Now it is noon and this has become a world without shadows. All of heaven and earth are flooded with light.

My words will not fail; they have the power to change the world into the heavenly kingdom. Where such an era unfolds, Satan disappears. The world of darkness disappears. As bright worlds of light, the heaven and earth of love connect at the place where the earthly world and the heavenly world can love, centering on the light of God. The fact that I have publicly declared these words, which have this amazing power of re-creation, is truly momentous. (322-012, 2000/05/11)

11 I founded the Unification Church at age 35. More than 600 volumes of The Sermons are now in print, but my words at the time when I established the Unification Church and the words I speak today, decades later, are one and the same. My words themselves have never gone up or come down or changed in any way. That is what is great about them. I became famous because I tackled the world head-on amid its ever-changing complications, speaking words directly from God that did not avoid challenges or difficulties. (503-035, 2005/08/01)

12 If you do not read The Sermons, you cannot come to meet me when we go to the spirit world. Everything I have done on earth, everything I have taken an interest in, surveyed, and examined is included in The Sermons. If you do not read them, it will be impossible for you to discover the course of restoration through indemnity that I have walked.

I have spoken profoundly about Jesus. After reading what I teach about Jesus, no pastor can open their mouth and say that I am a heretic. All the content in those books is like that. I spoke these words in the 1960s, and these people are still opposing me now. The act of opposing me is a terrible sin. It is equivalent to obstructing everything that forms the realm of victory achieved in the last 2,000 years of history. (190-231, 1989/06/19)

The practice of hoondokhae

Hoondokhae is an important tradition. This is because it provides the opportunity to read True Parents' words and thereby gain motivation to practice them in daily life. In particular, hoondokhae is the center of home church as proposed by True Parents, which gives it significant meaning in our life of faith. True Parents emphasized that, through hoondokhae, each one of us should establish the tradition of following their teachings absolutely and making them a part of our daily life.

13 When all families, both in the spiritual world and the physical world, have received the Blessing, all nations will become the one kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven through doing hoondokhae with True Parents' words. These are the words that God likes the most and desires to establish. That is to say, He desires to establish a nation and educate all people through True Parents' words.

Then who do you think likes hoondokhae the most? Since God and I both like hoondokhae, God is the champion of all hoondokhae champions, the Eldest Son King of all eldest son kings, the King of all family kings, and the King of all nation kings. That is why I, who am on this earth following His Will, come after Him, in second place, and have the elder son's authority, the parent's authority and the kingship of hoondokhae on His behalf. And all people can inherit the elder son's authority, the parent's authority and the family kingship on my behalf, and realize the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth, where everyone is on an equal, level footing and receives equal treatment. Therefore, everyone will like hoondokhae. (303-122, 1999/08/08)

14 In the Unification Church, God is the one who holds hoondokhae most enthusiastically. After Him comes Father, then Mother. Though I know all the words and I am the one who spoke them, I still participate enthusiastically because I want to harmonize with you. In other words, I hold hoondokhae in order to make you the perfect object partners in front of the perfect subject partner, and to enable you to do what True Parents have done. When you do hoondokhae, God is always there with you. This being the case, you have no idea what a blessing it is for you to participate in hoondokhae with your parents and your siblings. It means that you are living together with God. (295-269, 1998/09/08)

15 I am being judged based on the Word. I think to myself that God is the judge listening to the closing arguments of the prosecutor, and He is trying to determine whether there are discrepancies in the testimonies He has heard. This concerns the question of whether I have put the Word into practice. If I have done anything wrong in regard to this, I need to repent.

Now is the moiiient in time when we should completely settle the accounts of 6,000 years. That is why we are now reading and studying about the spirit world. I am trying to go beyond such a situation through hoondokhae, so in this meeting we should go beyond this period by uniting in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. That is why I am reading this a second time. I have said everything that needs to be said about life on this earth. Every word I have said was spoken after I translated it into action. Because I practiced it first before I spoke it, those words always pass judgment. They are recorded in the spirit world. (314-034, 1999/12/30)

16 Nowadays, when I read words in hoondokhae, I often am deeply moved. I am moved even more than I am by others' words. Though I know everything I have ever spoken about, tears come to my eyes even though I try to hold them back. When I wipe my nose and try to suppress my tears, my eyes still tear up. When I close my eyes my mind cries, and when I distract my mind my whole body weeps. When I close my mouth, blood flows from my mind, and when I distract my mind, my limbs are touched by emotion. Though I spoke those words with tears and screams of anguish, I can say the same words now with a smile. I go back and forth between these two extremes. And the gap between the two is so wide that one cannot help but be impressed. (310-056, 1999/06/06)

17 I know what I have said. You have no idea how serious is the history I have lived through. I clench my fists and grimace as I suppress my bitter memories of injustice. Those words have not died. Even now, when God looks back upon the time I spoke those words, He cannot help but weep loudly. It is an environment in which all leaders in the spirit world also shed tears. Such being the case, who could possibly stand in front of those words and not be moved by them? (311-097, 1999/08/19)

18 Unification Church members should yearn for hoondokhae as much as I myself do. I yearn for hoondokhae. I spoke all the words; I know them all; and yet I still yearn for them. They are the essential element of life that lasts for thousands of years. That is why you should hold on to these words and stay up nights reading them. You should feel that they are delicious even after you have held on to them all your life and read them over and over. You should feel, after attending hoondokhae, that you cannot let go of those words and that you wish to carry them around all the time. (314-023, 1999/12/30)

19 True Fathers words, the words of hoondokhae, united the spiritual world and the physical world. From now on, both the spiritual world and the physical world need to hold discussions on the words of hoondokhae. You need to hold hoondokhae every day. The question is how heaven and earth can receive my teachings and complete them substantially through hoondokhae.

Therefore, in light of these teachings, when a father does wrong his son should advise him, and when a wife does wrong her husband should advise her. By definition nobody is higher or lower. You are all brothers and sisters in front of True Parents, and those of you in the realm of brother and sister can advise one another. In whatever place you find yourself, one of you should step forward and commence hoondokhae to unite all of you as one. This is what I said 50 years ago. Hoondokhae is an equalizing education that is held every day.

You need to live your whole life centering on the Word. After that, you need to have spiritual experiences and see the spirit world, and create an environment where you can meet with your ancestors and thus hold exchanges with the spirit world. You will not be able to communicate with them unless you know the Word. Only when you communicate through God's Word can the spirit world be directly connected to the physical world. If your own thoughts get mixed up in it, you cannot communicate. (314-046, 1999/12/30)

20 In your lifetime, what do you wish to leave behind as the heirloom of your heart? You need to leave behind an heirloom. You need to leave behind an heirloom in the spirit world. This is a serious matter. You are being evaluated. Therefore, you cannot live your life as you please.

I am weary and exhausted. What will happen when I go to the spirit world? You will have only my words. You have met me and your emotions have resonated and harmonized with mine, and thus you and I have come to stand in the position of object partner and subject partner—but the Word is not like that. You need to realize the Word substantially. The Word has no substance. When its owner dies, it is broken into pieces. That is why we are holding hoondokhae worldwide in this manner.

Why do I emphasize hoondokhae? It is to make you feel the true taste of the Word. You need to feel it more than you do when you meet me. When you meet me, it is only for an hour or two, but you can meet this Word eternally. When you feel its depth, the Unification Church will paint all of heaven and earth with its colors in an instant. (318-114, 2000/03/04)

21 You have no idea how seriously I do hoondokhae. There was a time that only a few people were in front of me when I spoke. I was so full of lamentation and I spoke like that even in front of only a few people. I spoke of great things, not to thousands of people, but to dozens. Imagine how grievous my heart must have been. When you hold hoondokhae, you come into contact with the world of that heart, so you shed tears unconsciously or you feel a lump in your throat without knowing why. That is the power of hoondokhae.

In terms of electricity, hoondokhae is a battery or generating plant. Not just anyone's words can have such an effect. I spoke those words as if on the verge of death. When the Word appears, it is one that never before was seen in the world. It is the Word of God. This means wherever you are, with that Word at the center, the spirit world can work the miracle of resurrection. You need to understand how serious this is. They are not words that float away. They are the final words that you should leave behind for your descendants. (301-087, 1999/04/16)

22 You absolutely need this hoondokhae that you are doing on this earth. You need to settle down in accord with it. The spirit world is already carrying out this work. The spirit world in its entirety could settle in less than a week, but you have no idea of the amount of work to be done on earth.

We are now living in an era where the family can settle through hoondokhae. That is why hoondokhae is important. It is a program for liberating your ancestors in the spirit world and also for liberating your descendants. The past, the present and the future are one. And in the future, when your parents become grandparents, you and your children together with your parents will form three generations. You need to build a bridge connecting these three generations on earth. (291-239, 1998/03/15)

23 Why do we hold hoondokhae? We hold hoondokhae because the time when I spoke those words was more serious than today. I spoke those words when on the verge of death. You cannot fathom how serious I was then, and how much devotion I offered to say those words. Today we cannot reach that level of heart. Therefore, we listen to these words so that we can recall what my heart was like at the time. Since I can recall the heart with which I spoke back then, I can tell even if one word or one punctuation mark is wrong. That is how serious it is.

Then have the words I have spoken come true or not? If I myself failed to translate those words into action, I need to take responsibility for that failure and do my best to finish that work before I die, even if it means I need to prolong the time it takes. That is why I am looking for a way to do so. I need to put it in order. I do not want to leave anything but the Word behind, and I need to leave behind the substantial realization of the Word. (324-027, 2000/06/04)

24 You cannot do hoondokhae without tears. Hoondokhae is absolutely necessary if you want the entire world of True Parents' heart to settle in your family. In the future, hoondokhae needs to be held on the family level, church level, society level, national level and world level. The spirit world cooperated with True Parents as they fought their way through, and you can also receive this spirit world cooperation and go beyond the environment where Satan can accuse you, just by setting this condition. Therefore, hoondokhae is absolutely necessary. (292-216, 1998/04/17)

25 Hoondokhae is fearsome. I spoke those words when I was in the gravest danger with my life at risk. I spoke those words with a heart that all but burst and spread into all corners of heaven and earth, and that is why those words are still imbued with the heart of heaven and still alive with the cooperation of the spirit world. They are eternal. They transcend time. Because this Word was alive yesterday and will continue to remain alive today, when I hear those words in hoondokhae, I realize afresh that those words did not come from me. It is necessary for you to be drawn into such a state. (296-331, 1998/11/18)

26 When the sun rises in the morning, though it may look different from day to day, it still is providing the same light for the same world. Because this power exists, the universe enjoys it and is eternally grateful for the benefit of receiving it. In the same way, through hoondokhae God is alive and is making relationships of deep affection that can continue in the eternal world, transcending time and space.

These relationships are formed at the place where one is hanging between life and death. Those who are willing to die will live. It is my job to die and it is Gods job to save me from death. A person who has never been in such a serious position will drift away. They will pass by. You need to have roots. (296-332, 1998/11/18)

27 You need to place great importance on hoondokhae. It should be more important for you than eating. And you should feel an interest and a liking for hoondokhae. If you were to ask yourself the question, "Where am I going now? How am I living my life?what grade would you give yourself? You need to grade everything. After all, you are the one who knows yourself best.

After that, you need to bring 160 families or 180 families to receive the Blessing, and when this one tribe comes to be registered, your own attitude becomes even more important.

Hoondokhae should be more delicious than eating food, and it should be more real than the life you live now. Even if you forget to eat, you should not forget to hold hoondokhae. You should hold it morning, noon and night. And after you have had your dinner, you should do hoondokhae if you have time. You should hold it at least four times a day. To sum it up, you should do hoondokhae when you wake up in the morning, after you have had your lunch, after you have had your dinner, and one more time right before you go to bed. Then your spiritual life force will grow.

And when you do not do hoondokhae, it will feel stuffy, almost as if the day were dark, rainy and foggy. You need to place more importance on hoondokhae than even your prayer time. It is the path to perfecting yourself. It is the time through which True Parents can perfect you. (295-274, 1998/09/08)

28 How should you do hoondokhae? In the age of creating the history of hoondokhae worldwide, the ones in the world who hold hoondokhae before others will be the pillars and the central leaders in their locality and, further, in their nation. Those who have been educated at the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace have the responsibility to go out to the world and educate others.

You should not worry about your livelihood. Even if you have sold your house and your land and are wandering around like a refugee, you will eventually come to settle in the position of the world's leading ancestors of hoondokhae. In this way it will be possible to globalize hoondokhae, and that means it will be possible to globalize the Blessing. Such an amazing future lies before us.

In every nook and cranny, you need to organize the small units, blocks and neighborhoods, and those in charge of them should shoulder the responsibility to educate the residents. You should educate everyone in your area so that they all reach the same spiritual level as a similar area in the spirit world, making your area level with the spirit world, with no difference between the two. (296-221, 1998/11/10)

29 Anyone who is able to hold hoondokhae should just go and do it. If there is a teaching whose wofds move your heart and straighten out your path, you should read it in hoondokhae. If you do not do so, you will fall back. You should not open your mouth recklessly. Now you have no choice but to do it.

We have begun a movement that can move blocks, neighborhoods and even towns. It is a global movement. Since nations in the world are adopting Korea as the fatherland of faith, the people of the central area, the people who live on the soil of the homeland, should be the first hoondokhae champions. For that reason we are carrying out this work on a national scale. (290-160, 1998/02/18)

Section 3. The Family Pledge Significance

On May 1, 1994, True Parents announced that the church's name, Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, would be changed to Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and proclaimed the Family Pledge, the guidelines for Cheon II Guk to be followed by all blessed families. At first, the Family Pledge had seven verses. On February 3, 1998, an eighth verse was added. True Parents said that now is not the era of the individual but the era of the family; thus, the Family Pledge differs from pledges made by individuals. The Family Pledge expresses in detail the mission and responsibilities of the family in the era of Cheon II Guk.

1 The fact that the Family Pledge has been created is something we should be grateful for. To whom do you offer this pledge? You offer it to God the Creator, our Heavenly Parent. By accomplishing the liberation of the True Parents on earth, who were in the position of lamentation and filled with bitter sorrow, you offer this pledge in front of the vertical God and the horizontal True Parents. Beyond that, you recite the Family Pledge to induce all families of all peoples across the world to follow your example. This pledge should be recited when your body and mind are united, when husband and wife are united, and when sons and daughters are united. If that unity is lacking, you need to repent and pray. (308-022, 1998/11/21)

2 To this day, the Unification Church has continually worked not to find the nation first, but the family. The family is the most basic unit of organization in all nations across the world. Without such a unit, there would be no formula. That is why we focus on the family; I never said that we should find the nation first.

Among Unification Principle teachings you do not find the concept of fighting. Though there are eight verses in the Family Pledge, not one of them contains the concept of fighting. "My Pledge," which came before this pledge, included the concept of fighting, but the Family Pledge of the present day does not contain this concept. (434-040, 2004/01/28)

3 The Family Pledge is different from pledges made by individuals. The pledge we make is not an individual pledge but a family pledge. The family is the formula and the origin. That is why we make this pledge representing our families. The father makes this pledge representing the entire family, the mother makes this pledge representing the entire family, and the sons and daughters make this pledge representing the entire family.

First of all, mind and body need to be united. Second, spouses need to be united. Third, children need to be united. God was lost in the Garden of Eden. Through Adam and Eve the individual was lost, the husband and wife were lost, and the children were lost. They need to be restored. Therefore you can recite the Family Pledge only when your mind and body are in unity, you and your spouse are one, and your children are united. (267-147, 1995/01/04)

4 To recite the Family Pledge, people need to have perfected their family, which means their mind and body first must be united. A person whose mind and body are not united cannot recite the Family Pledge. Due to the Fall, the mind and body were divided. We have experienced false parents, false love, false life and false lineage, and all of these need to be done away with. We need to restore true love, true life and true lineage. These three things perfect the mind and body. No one can deny these three things. Before anything else, you need to unite your mind and body with true love. God wishes all people to achieve this goal. This is the purpose of restoration and the purpose of the providence. (267-146, 1995/01/04)

5 From now on, you should say the Pledge with your family. You do not need anything else. Everything in heaven and on earth, such as happiness, freedom and peace, begins from the family. Therefore it is very important not to lose your family. When families are united, we can achieve the unity of the world and realize the kingdom of heaven. (260-152, 1994/05/02)

6 The light in your ^family through which you are guaranteed a place in eternal history comes through loving the Family Pledge and uniting centered on this pledge. The Family Pledge will not disappear. To restore the fallen world you absolutely need the Family Pledge.

Since the Fall occurred in the family and the lineage was changed, you need to return to the origin. This is a serious matter. When True Parents created the Family Pledge, they did so as the True Parents standing in the position of the substantial object partner of God. True Parents took full responsibility in making the Family Pledge. Therefore it cannot be set aside. (567-164, 2007/06/30)

The absolute covenant

True Parents extracted the core teachings from the words they have spoken throughout their lives and incorporated them into the Family Pledge. They bequeathed this pledge to all people as an absolute covenant and as guidelines for families. Through this we, as owners of Cheon II Guk, can resolve to build the kingdom of heaven on'earth and in heaven, which is the original world of creation, and in this way perfect the world based on the culture of heart, achieving the ideal of God and human beings united in love.

7 After the 40th anniversary of the founding of the HSA-UWC, I changed this name to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and created the Family Pledge. It corresponds to the absolute covenant and constitution for achieving our goals. The term Family Pledge has never appeared before in history. The Family Pledge is to pursue the kingdom of heaven and to build the kingdom of heaven.

When you look at it based on the content of restoration through indemnity, it shows us how we can be totally liberated. Therefore, anyone who recites the pledge and lives it belongs to the realm of perfected families, not the realm of families of the fallen world. Because a family realm centered on true love is formed, the mind and body that had been divided by false love can unite. (264-245, 1994/11/03)

8 When you study the Principle of Creation, you come across the terms "realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle" and "realm of God's direct dominion." When these are connected, we can enter the absolute age of the Principle of Creation. Disobedience of the Principle led God to cast Adam and Eve into hell.

This same Principle also applies to Unification Church members. Now is the age of law. The Family Pledge is the constitution of heaven and earth. If you are able to fulfill even one of the verses in the pledge, you can become a citizen of the kingdom of heaven. You do not know its value, so you recite it in the same way an ignorant person might recite from scripture without understanding a word of it.

When you make a pledge, you should live in accordance with it, but you have failed to do so. Only your outer shell is that of a human being. You have the appearance of a human being, yet there is nothing inside. You need to fill that empty space. We have entered the original, ideal realm of Gods direct dominion, and the words of the Family Pledge will help us establish its laws and put them in order. (388-076, 2002/07/30)

9 I created the Family Pledge only after having achieved it. I have fulfilled every part of it. You should commit your life to meticulously upholding this Family Pledge, which I have achieved, and treat it like the constitution. Then you most certainly will go to the kingdom of heaven, the place where I too will go. (490-242, 2005/03/14)

10 If you were to analyze and assess the content of the Family Pledge, you would find that it is made up of amazing affirmations, with stories behind them that you cannot even fathom. That content is the foundation of the family. When you plant it as a seed, it expands, and religion disappears.

The Family Pledge is a scale that you need to safeguard at the risk of your life. You need to weigh your life every day and see if there has been any change. You need to place your life on the scale and see if you have gone higher or lower. When you offer more and more devotions for the Will, your life will go higher. (564-207, 2007/06/02)

11 You need to know how amazing the Family Pledge is. You cannot remove one word. The eighth pledge emphasizes absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Based on these three absolute conditions we arrive at the perfection of absolute sex. It is only because we live in the age of True Parents that we can proclaim the perfection of absolute sex. The first human ancestors fell at the age of 16 and God's original absolute sex at the time of creation could not be realized.

Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong presents basic material for the constitution necessary to realize the family of the heavenly kingdom and the heavenly kingdom itself. There can be no constitutional law that is not a part of it. The Family Pledge is the essence of the last version of Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong. Perfected people both in the heavenly world and the physical world recite it. (599-317, 2008/10/24)

12 The Family Pledge that you are memorizing was created for your benefit. You represent your ancestors, you represent your present tribe, and you represent your descendants. Because you now stand in the position of ancestors, unless you establish the tradition for your tribe in the right way, you will not be able to stand proudly in front of your descendants. ^

The Family Pledge is the center. God's ideal of creation is the family. It is one family under God. This is the root of everything, from which everything proceeds. It is important that things do not get stuck.

You need to internalize the Family Pledge on the foundation of absolute sex. Since the whole moral attitude of your tribe depends on the Family Pledge, you need to internalize it together with your ancestors, with your tribe and with your descendants, starting from a baseline of absolute sex. (602-086, 2008/11/13)

Chapter 2

The Settlement of the Eight Stages and Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing

Section 1. The Settlement of the Eight Stages (PalJeongShik) and Heavenly Parentism


At North Garden in Kodiak, Alaska, on August 20,1989, the 4th anniversary of True Fathers release from Danbury Prison, True Father proclaimed the Providential Age of the Grace of Love. On that day, in a sermon entitled "The Completion of the Providence of Salvation and the Providential Age of Love," True Parents made it clear that until then we had been in the providential age of salvation by restoration through indemnity. From that point on, however, there would be no power opposing the Unification Church. We had entered the providential age of love.

On August 31, 1989, True Parents' Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages (Pal JeongShik) opened the age when indemnity no longer would be necessary. The Ceremony for the Settie-ment of the Eight Stages refers vertically to the stages of servant of servants, servant, adopted child, stepchild, child, spouse, parents and God, and horizontally to the stages of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. The Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages announced that True Parents had established the victorious foundations necessary to restore, through indemnity, these eight vertical and eight horizontal stages.

1 The day when I proclaimed the Providential Age of the Grace of Love was August 20, 1989. This means we are coming to the end of the period of the historical providence of salvation in which people shed their blood as indemnity. We have entered the age of love. True Parents appeared and we entered the age of love. Because of this, we have advocated that the providence of salvation be centered on love.

Then, on August 31, I proclaimed the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages. I must consummate vertical indemnity and horizontal indemnity. Accordingly, I proclaimed this in the northernmost region, Alaska. Next, on September 1,1 announced the Age of Heavenly Parentism, and on February 27, 1990,1 proclaimed the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The establishment of the Parents of Heaven and Earth is the same as the establishment of king-ship, which I announced at that same ceremony. Through the coming of the kingship of heaven and earth, we entered the age when True Parents have authority. (204-281, 1990/07/11)

2 The Providential Age of the Grace of Love means that we entered the age when God will have dominion. After declaring the abolition of the age of indemnity, on July 13, 2003, we fully entered the Providential Age of the Grace of Love. Removing whatever is fallen, we have entered the great transition to a new world centering on God, in which God governs according to the ideal of creation.

The providence of salvation will come to a complete end only when the UN is renewed. Religions and countries will disappear. The fighting between religions and between countries will disappear. It will be the age of family love. By bringing true life together with God's true love at the center, we will possess true lineage. Because that is fully realized in the father-son relationship, the human race will be one great family. All the people of the world will be brothers and sisters. Where do we find the origin of this? We find it in the family.

Many thousands of years ago, all people were supposed to be brothers and sisters, but that relationship was lost. As time passed, those close sibling relationships were lost. Hence, people of the East and West, and North and South, will have to be brought together. When this happens, we can live in the age of one great family of humankind. (414-220, 2003/08/02)

3 The providential age of heaven has transitioned into the age of True Parents and the age of love. Now there will be no more death associated with the history of religion. There will be no more tears. If you want to becoml a doctor, you must receive an education in medicine. In the same way, if you enthusiastically and continuously follow the path of the Principle, you will perfect your character, internally and externally.

Accordingly, we are entering the Providential Age of the Grace of Love. From the viewpoint of the Principle, we passed through the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle and entered the standard of Gods direct dominion, in which we can become one with God's love. Because children and parents are connecting in the age of restoring parental authority, I must announce tribal messiahship. I sacrificed everything, including myself, for the sake of the providence that God has been carrying out for 6,000 years, and I finally restored the family of fallen Adam.

Therefore, those men who married as they pleased can become restored Adams at the formation stage. Your tribe becomes the growth-stage Adam, and Father, centering on the nation, becomes the completion-stage Adam. This era automatically expands worldwide. We have entered the era to gain the right to inherit the position of parents. Parents and children are becoming one, and Satan's world cannot meddle in that. (193-100, 1989/08/31)

4 When I say that I have bestowed upon you a special authority from heaven, it means that I have raised you to the position of a messiah. This is higher than the position of your parents who gave you birth. After you become tribal mes-siahs, you establish your parents, who represent Jesus, in the position of Adam and Eve. By establishing the righteous parents of your family in oneness, with this restoration of Adam and Eve, you inherit the parental authority of the family, tribe, people, nation and worldwide messiahs.

In Divine Principle terminology, this is the transition from the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle into the realm of Gods direct dominion. In the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle, you have to complete your portion of responsibility by restoring the authority of the elder son. Then you can inherit the foundation of restoration from me, who has subjugated Satan on the world level. By hoisting the flag of victory as the elder son, you should take dominion over Satan directly, so that Satan will say to you, "Now you have become the children of heaven. I am the archangel, and I need to serve you." At this point you are able to act freely in the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle. You are doing that based on the restoration of the authority of the elder son.

The first-born child and second-born child are both the children of Adam and Eve. They are God's children. Therefore, because the providential age to which we have returned is one in which children centered on their parents connect their family and blood relations with God at the center, we call this age the Providential Age of the Grace of Love. (193-091, 1997/08/31)

5 Jesus came as the second parent in order to restore the descendants of fallen Adam and thereby to save the world, but that was not fully accomplished. Therefore, at his Second Advent, the Lord comes as the third parent.

Because Christianity could not fulfill its mission, True Parents came and they had to establish a foundation of victory by restoring the authority of the elder son through indemnity a second time, over a period of 40 years. They had to restore all the failures at the time of Jesus and at the time of Adam. Therefore, based on True Parents, Adam's family is restored, Jesus' family is restored and each nation is restored. When Korea is restored, it will be the central nation of the world.

In truth, borders between nations will disappear automatically when, centered on the Returning Lord—that is, the True Parents—worldwide parents, national parents, tribal parents and family parents are established. We can look for nations, but they will not exist.

The blessed families, who are family messiahs and tribal messiahs, have to save the nation while in the family position, which is similar to the situation when Jesus was resurrected. The mission of Jesus was to connect Israel, Rome and the world, but the world became divided internally and externally; that is, into Cain and Abel. You have to end that division by means of love. (193-087, 1989/08/31)

6 I myself started from the position of a servant of servants. I did all those things, such as collecting waste materials in a Japanese slum. For three years at least, I fasted on my birthday and wore tattered clothes even when giving sermons. This was restoration. Even when in the position of servant of servants I was persecuted worldwide.

I had to go from the position of servant of servants to the position of servant, and after that to the position of adopted son. An adopted child has a different lineage. And I had to complete the portion of responsibility that Adam had in order to establish the tradition. Because the responsibility of Adam, who failed in establishing that tradition, needed to be fulfilled, I had to complete Adam's portion of responsibility after enduring and overcoming even agonizing situations.

Furthermore, I had to create the foundation for Eve to become completely one with the children. In order to restore the cosmos, I established the authority of the elder son through Eve. Eve, who received the responsibility of restoring the elder son, must become one with the elder son and the second son. (193-093, 1989/08/31)

7 Because the Returning Lord fulfilled the entire vertical standard and reached the standard at which everything can be equalized, indemnity is no longer necessary. Accordingly, all that is necessary is to engraft the eight stages; that is, the restoration of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God's position.

Since God prepared the Christian cultural realm so thit His authority would encounter no opposition, the goal of that realm was to attend the coming Lord. However, even though everything had been restored through indemnity, both vertically and horizontally, all that accomplishment was completely lost. God fully prepared the standard based on vertical and horizontal indemnity on the worldwide scale. But because the Korean people and Christianity did not support Father, everything was lost.

Because of that, the Cain, Abel and Eve nations on heaven's side, and the Cain, Abel and Eve nations on Satan's side, along with Korea, became seven enemy nations. After Satan gathered these seven nations, he intended to eliminate Father. However, having gone beyond the national level, expanding the realm of the Blessing with the holding of the 777 Couples Blessing Ceremony, and after the three-year missionary mobilization of blessed wives, the foundation was made for me to go to the United States. Since then I have been working to expand the foundation by indemnity through the eight stages up to the world level. (199-157, 1990/02/16)

8 We have to pass through eight vertical stages: servant of servants, servant, adopted child, stepchild, child, spouse, parents and God. Then we have to go through eight horizontal stages: individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. The Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages brought together and settled all these stages. I proclaimed this on August 31, 1989, in Alaska.

Accordingly we are entering the age in which people no longer need to pay indemnity. It means that wherever a Unification Church member goes, or I go, and whatever we do, no one can persecute us. Now when we do any kind of work, no one can accuse us. The Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages is the ceremony for settling into that new environment.

After performing this ceremony as the foundation, I declared Heavenly Par-entism on September 1,1989. The age to restore the elder son was prior to the completion of the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages. By restoring the authority of the elder son to the side of heaven, we entered the realm of the worldwide summit in which Satan is no longer able to oppose us. (193-207, 1989/10/04)

9 There has never been a true woman who lived for the world that God intended to build. For this purpose, I conducted the Ceremony for the Settler ment of the Eight Stages. The providence for the restoration of God must pass through the eight stages to reach God. It has to pass through the stages of servant of servant, servant, adopted son, stepson, son, mother, father and God. This course is the basis for understanding that God has been looking for the true woman. The Lord who is the Bridegroom has to be born on earth and find the victorious woman. Representing Adam, Abel emerges and finds her.

The mission of the Bride after passing through thousands of years is to establish a unified worldwide foundation on earth. This is done for the sake of completing the ideal of Adam and accomplishing Gods Will for the Bridegroom. Without that foundation, Abel cannot appear on earth as the victorious Bridegroom. Even if he were victorious on the national level, the world-level Satan would cling to him in order to beat him down. Therefore until the time we are able to go over the worldwide realm of liberation we must establish the realm of the Bride while preparing for the Bridegroom. For God to make Adam was simple. However, re-creating Adam has had to proceed through thousands of years of history, from the Fall of Adam and Eve until now. (242-243, 1993/01/02)

10 The Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages! In Gods providence, the number eight could not settle. The number eight symbolizes the circle in heaven and the circle on earth. The month of August 1989, which is the first year after proclaiming the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World, has special importance.

There is important content behind the announcement of the cosmic settlement at the close of August this year. In this providential age, the restoration of the authority of the elder son along with the authority of parents is established, and through the restoration of the authority of the parents, the restoration of kingship is established.

The age of democracy is passing and the world of love is coming. Can democracy buy God and True Parents? Can you be voted into a relationship with God and True Parents? The way of love is the only way.

I have made these pronouncements, but that does not mean you do not have to pray. If you do not, the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages cannot reside on earth and in heaven. I proclaimed the settlement by offering prayers as the representative of all the members of the Unification Church, all people, all nations and all things in heaven. (193-110, 1997/08/31)

11 I conducted the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages in Kodiak, Alaska, a point on earth close to the North Star. I broke down all the barriers between the earthly hell and the heavenly kingdom, both the vertical and horizontal obstructions. I broke down and cleared away the walls in the human world that block individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and cosmos. As long as these barriers exist, Satan is able to reside temporarily on this earth.

When I see Satan residing in the spirit world and the earthly world, I say, "You have opposed me worldwide. I have loved humankind more than you have. I have taught Gods heavenly way to all people when you taught them to be defeated and led them to ruin." Satan bows his head in front of the leadership of love. It is the love of the mother trying to restore her unfilial son from the life of a bandit to a righteous life. Only love can make the sinful devil surrender. That is why I emphasize love. (193-299, 1989/10/08)

12 Before Adam and Eve fell, everything was their possession and the possession of God. Accordingly, offering the nation and the world before receiving the Blessing is the general rule, but one is unable to do that in the course of restoration. Todays Blessing is the Blessing for people within the Unification Church. In the future we will return to the original standard by creating one nation, and bless that nation and world. Heavenly Parentism starts from there. Heavenly Parentism will prevail when the world is level under God and holds a global marriage ceremony. That is the content of True Parentism.

Because of the Korean War, the world entered the era of two poles. However these two poles became one centering on the Seoul Olympics. The Moscow Olympics and Los Angeles Olympics were in the era of two poles, but they became one at the time of the Seoul Olympics. At that time the Little Angels participated in a celebratory performance and I said, "l will donate 2,000 cars to Moscow. Please take them, but take them through North Korea." I suggested this so that the material and spiritual could unite. At the Seoul Olympics, the young Unification Church missionaries became one with Cain-type young people in Satan's world. Accordingly, Unification Church members cheered for those countries that did not have an embassy in Korea, by holding those nations' flags. They united and cheered them on.

At the end of August, 1989, I declared the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages based on those conditions. I built that idealistic foundation for young people and, based on that foundation I established a day with great significance. (287-125, 1997/09/19)

13 August 31,2008 is the 10th anniversary of Pal JeongShik, the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages. It is a precious day when, for the restoration of lineage, we mark True Parents' having gone through all eras of the eight stages, horizontally from the individual to the family tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and all the way up to God, as well as vertically beginning from the servant of servants. Hence, as True Parents have come, by uniting with them, people can begin to settle in the world. This is the importance of the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages.

Because I proclaimed this in Kodiak, Kodiak is the starting point and standard from which we move forward. Kodiak is an island in the sea between Russia and America. Therefore, settlement of the eight stages began in the ocean, proceeded through a peninsula, arrived on a continent and, for the first time reached the world level. Eight stages, the age of the servant of servants to the servant, adopted child, stepchild, child, mother, father and God were thoroughly indemnified and connected vertically and horizontally As a result, Heavenly Parentism could be declared on September 1,1989. (596-242, 2008/08/31)

14 The truth of God and True Parents is called Heavenly Parentism. Finally today is the new day of origin when heaven and earth become one based on true love, and this realm expands from the family to the world. This day has that kind of meaning.

The Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages was proclaimed on the foundation of True Parents passing through all the experiences of bitter pain and grief, vertically and horizontally. Until now, heaven could come neither vertically nor horizontally. But after we connect vertically and horizontally with the new family, with True Parents as the center, we can advance to the world that God desires. Heavenly Parentism would not emerge without this Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages.

The blessed families are the center of this worldwide expansion. Standing on the territory of a world family centering on the blessed couples, from the 30,000 Couples to the 360,000 Couples to the 3.6 Million Couples, the way the family of True Parents is going is beyond the vertical and horizontal stages, and God is able to dwell on earth. Therefore I proclaimed the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The 30,000 Couples, 360,000 Couples and 3.6 Million Couples fulfilled the formation, growth and completion stages, ushering in the age when Unificationist families of the world can be welcomed and their activities proceed without obstruction. Therefore, wherever God goes, He is able to rest. (287-108, 1997/09/19)

15 As a result of completing the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages, the authority of Parents has been recovered, their pain and sorrow dissolved. The philosophy of Heavenly Parentism is spreading. In the position of True Parents, I have liberated Adam's family and I have liberated Jesus from the sorrow of being unable to fulfill the work of a tribal messiah. The time has come when you, as tribal messiahs, can remove whatever wrongs your parents and relatives have done. For the first time, each of your hometowns can be transformed into the hometowns of heaven's nation. Having the form of a nation, the hometown territory will be the place where we can connect with True Parents and receive their governance, and your fathers' and mothers' birthplaces will be designated as hometowns within God's nation.

Accordingly, in this age your hometowns can be acknowledged as hometowns of God's nation. They have been liberated from hell. Now the people who were living in hell are all going through returning resurrection, so three generations must be centered on the tribal messiah, and this forms a condition in front of heaven. A grandfather, a father and an older brother center on the tribal messiah. This is the root of the spiritual work of restoration. You are liberating God, liberating True Parents and liberating yourself. (193-213, 1989/08/31)

Authority of the elder son, parents and king

On the foundation of having proclaimed the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages, True Parents proclaimed Heavenly Parentism at North Garden in Kodiak, Alaska, on September 1, 1989. Now fallen human beings could welcome True Parents, and True Parents could love Cain and Abel completely As a result, the era of the principles of Heavenly Parentism had opened up. True Parents said that as the authority of the elder son, the authority of parents and the authority of kingship had been restored we had reached the world-level growth stage at which Satan could not oppose us. They said the time had come when, if we pushed boldly and strongly, even the communist world would move.

16 How can we establish Heavenly Parentism? It is established centered on the family. Originally, generations of people should have propagated from unfallen Adam's family to become an unfallen tribal-level family, unfallen people-level family, unfallen national-level and world-level family. Prom that one set of human ancestors, the human race has expanded. This was to have been the basis of Adam's kingship. However, because this expansion began from the fallen human ancestors and proliferated into the spirit world, the first ancestor did not become king. Instead, the king will be the restored Adam. Only when the restored Adam's kingship is established will the descendants that have multiplied over tens of thousands of years form one unified world. (194-114, 1989/10/08)

17 We had to rise through eight vertical stages. The Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages achieved that. Next I announced Heavenly Parentism. Heavenly Parentism is the principle of the family applied everywhere. Godism is the principle of the family centered on God. Nevertheless, we received worldwide persecution while expanding to a true people, a true nation and a true world centered on True Parents. Satan's world opposed it, but heaven and earth, God and True Parents, men and women and children were all elevated nonetheless. (287-146, 1997/09/14)

18 How do we liberate all that is under Satan's dominion? The world's parents are like fallen Adam and Eve. But by establishing them in the unfallen perfected position, Father and Mother are restoring the value of unfallen, perfected Adam and Eve. Accordingly, they became the Adam and Eve over whom God can have direct dominion. Because of this, the kingdom of heaven, even the hometown where sons and daughters were born and are living, is coming about.

Accordingly, I have dispatched tribal messiahs and now I am educating families. What have True Parents been doing here on earth for 40 years? True Parents sent out tens of thousands of couples and blessed families into Satan's world, centered not on the individual domain of messiahship but rather on the worldwide domain. After giving them the Blessing centering on God, we sent them out on missions of family messiahship.

The era of individual witnessing is passing. It is the age of family witnessing. You must find each person based on the fact that each persons mind-body relationship has been lost. You find your counterpart based on the relationship between subject partner and object partner. As a man, you need to have a partner. A woman has to unite as an absolute object partner with her husband, who is the subject partner and, after becoming one with him, receive true love from him. If you are going to possess the true qualifications of perfection, the man and woman must become one in true love.

When east and west unite and form a horizontal relationship through marriage, God comes down on the perpendicular and dwells here. God descends, and the realm of the oneness of the four great realms of heart is achieved— the heart of parents, of husband and wife, of siblings and of children. From this perspective, history is the battle to find brothers and to find the authority of the elder son. What remains then is the age of Parentism. (245-154, 1993/02/28)

19 Because I restored the authority of the elder son and proclaimed the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages, from now we are in the era of Heavenly Parentism. We have entered the age of parentism; we have reached a major milestone. Therefore there is no persecution.

Now that the realm of completion has been achieved through these indemnity conditions, the Adam realm should expand horizontally. It encompasses the formation-stage Adam, the growth-stage Adam and the completion-stage Adam. From the historical viewpoint, the formation-stage Adam is fallen Adam, the growth-stage Adam is Jesus, and the completion-stage Adam is the Returning Lord. The Old Testament Age was the age of sacrificial rites based on material things. The New Testament Age was the age when the Son was sacrificed. After that the Returning Lord, in the position of True Parents, came to this earth and became the offering for the sake of restoring the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

The Old Testament Age was the age of sacrificing material things for the sake of attending the Son. The New Testament Age was the age of sacrificing the Son for the sake of attending the Parents. Upon the liberation of Korea, when the True Parents came, if everyone had become one on that foundation and the country had united, God would have come down and dwelt there. However, it did not work like that, so True Parents suffered while restoring this foundation through indemnity a second time, and again made preparations to attend God on earth. (199-097, 1990/02/15)

20 We cannot guide the world by holding onto democracy. What is the difference between democracy and communism? Communism is satanic, and American democracy is archangelic. Neither side has parents. Because brothers shed blood at the sAart of history, even in democracy there is bloodshed. At the time of harvest, the world divides in two because that seed was sown at the beginning. There is nothing to harvest from either the communist world or the democratic world.

The authentic democratic world has not been realized, so American youth are lamenting. The American government and American leaders are just staring at this; they cannot handle it. No one is able to liberate America, which is going to ruin. Who can solve this affliction? It is not possible for anyone other than God. That is why we do not cling to democracy. There must be Parentism, Heavenly Parentism. (205-176, 1990/09/01)

21 Because of Heavenly Parentism, the era of restored kingship will come by uniting the democratic and communist worlds through head-wing thought. God cannot work without the vertical foundation. When your conscience becomes upright and like a mirror in front of the original standard, the vertical God will be there. This i$ the base for God to work with you. Unless you have that, you will have no path by which to expand horizontally, and God will be unable to enter the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle. Then there will be no foundation for your perfection on earth. (193-217, 1989/10/04)

22 On August 31, 1989, in Alaska, 1 declared the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages. I have consummated the eight stages of vertical and horizontal indemnity. On the first day of September, I announced Heavenly Par-entism. It is parentism, and at the same time the teaching of grace through love. Love is the purpose of parentism, and Satan cannot oppose love.

At this time there is no place of settlement. Settlement has to be done through the restoration of Canaan. Canaan's seven tribes need to bow their heads in surrender. This is why we have been holding banquets since 1989 on the occasion of returning to our childhood homes in glory. Sent out from the gates of our hometown in tears, we have returned holding the flag of victory and have held banquets with our relatives, beginning with our father and mother. After fully preparing such a foundation and proclaiming tribal messiahship, we are restoring all our relatives to heaven s nation. (199-158, 1990/02/16)

23 If your heart is not one with True Parents, you will not be able to restore the authority of the elder son. Even if you were to say that you have restored the authority of the elder son, in the absence of oneness with the heart of True Parents you will be unable to advance to the position of tribal messiah.

When the sphere of your heart is united with True Parents, you are in the unfallen position and God comes in vertically. True love, which unites in the realm of heart of God and True Parents, travels the shortest and most direct route. Therefore, love that connects to the top is vertical. The shortest and most direct route is the vertical line, which connects to the horizontal line at a 90-degree angle. Where is the uniting point of heart where we can unite heaven and earth? That place is nowhere other than where there is a 90-degree angle with the central line.

When we achieve this based on the love of upper and lower, front and back, and elder and younger brothers, we have 1,2, 3,4,5,6, and 7. Seven points. Because the number 7 represents the integrated core of love, and because it expresses the completion of love, we call it the number of completion. (215-128, 1991/02/06)

24 Father has restored the realm of brothers. Although the restoration of the realm of brothers had been completed based on Christianity at the time of World War II, because we lost that foundation, I had to restore 4,000 years of history. Now I have restored the authority of the elder son. I have the power and system necessary for that throughout the world. Having restored the realm of brothers with the United States in the central position, now I must restore even the Soviet Union. (205-183, 1990/09/01)

25 Through Heavenly Parentism, the position of parents has been restored. This means that I will establish your physical parents in the position of Adam and Eve. I placed you in the position of Jesus, while I am standing in the position of the Lord at the Second Advent. Then looking horizontally, your parents can stand in the position of restored First Adam and Eve, and accordingly your hometown can belong to the hometown of the heavenly nation. If the hometown where you were born becomes like that, we can establish the heavenly nation. Therefore, the three generations of grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, and sons and daughters all must become one. (205-192, 1990/09/01)

26 After you restore your siblings and parents, you have to seek your family's kingship. Only then will you connect to the great, eternal, cosmic kingship. Your doing so connects the foundation of your small victory to a great victory, and you will become a grateful and happy person. That is why you need to be a tribal messiah.

After I connect to you, when you become one with your family you too will be able to enter Father's position. When you do that, your mission of tribal messiah will end and you will possess tribal kingship. It is not me but you who will possess it. Then the land of your hometown will become the kingdom of heaven.

Heavenly Parentism is needed to digest Satan, who remains active in both the communist and democratic worlds. You have to digest all the diverse cultural backgrounds in the world by means of Godism, Heavenly Parentism and true love. After that we should establish kingship. The people that can digest them will become the owners of the kingship. These teachings are like trustworthy walking sticks that we can lean on to clean up all the problems of the past so that we can establish the kingship. When we have done this, the history of restoration wfcll be spotless and complete. (205-193, 1990/09/01)

27 I restored the authority of the elder son. I restored the authority of Parents. Next what I need to do is restore the authority of kingship. Because I have restored the authority of Parents, I have sent out tribal messiahs, just as God sent Jesus and then the Lord at his Second Advent. Finally we will be able to clean up everything.

Here I have settled the three vertical standards: the eras of Adam, Jesus and the Returning Lord. Because I was completely victorious in preparing these standards, we have to step forth and expand in the era of the Returning Lord. Accordingly, a model has appeared for you to establish your family. The Third Adam came to save the First Adam and the Second Adam. As he sends you out in the position of the Second Adam, your mother and father will rise to the position of the First Adam.

Once that is done, religions will no longer be necessary and the entire world will enter the realm of the chosen people. The whole world will be connected through one set of True Parents. Therefore, the land of the hometown where you were born will become the nation of heaven, the kingdom of heaven, and your father and mother in your hometown will become true ancestors. (201-130, 1990/03/27)

28 If your family stands on heaven s side, the worldwide territory centering on True Parents connects to it. Your original hometown should be where I was born, but every tribe s hometown cannot be Jeongju. It has to be the actual place where you were born. The hometown where the God-centered parents were born is the Garden of Eden. As your good descendants are born centering on that original, unfallen Garden, they will step forth, spread out and face the world. Through all of you connecting with my clan, you will go forward united as a part of my lineage.

You must love what is vertical more than you love your relatives. Then Satan cannot take possession. Now all the conditions have been established to make the restoration of kingship possible. (201-131, 1990/03/27)

29 The Unification Church is not just another church. It is to create a true person, a true husband and wife, a true family, a true tribe, a true people, a true nation, a true world and a true new heaven and earth. Just because you say you have achieved salvation as an individual does not mean that heaven and earth will be liberated. On the contrary, we seek the salvation of heaven and earth, and this will bring about the liberation of the world, nations, peoples and families, down to the individual. Salvation is achieved in reverse order; it is fundamentally different from the concept of salvation in the world of conventional faith.

You cannot go to heaven holding only an individual foundation. In the kingdom of heaven, the world and cosmos are included. The concept of the kingdom of heaven until now has not been totally correct. Where can you create the original ideal kingdom of heaven? The kingdom of heaven is realized when you pass through the levels of your individual self, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. You must realize this here on earth, after you find the central being. Unless you do so, you will not be liberated. (205-167, 1990/09/01)

30 Everyone says, "I want the best of everything!" But that best must be able to truly represent everything. In order to represent everything, you have to stand in the position of God's object partner. God is the subject partner in the capacity of plus, and we are in the position of His object partners in the capacity of minus. The standard that all people want is the form of the original creation, which is like that.

God gave this great gift to human beings, but it is not individually oriented. Even if you have received the Blessing, and you and your spouse attend church regularly, that is not enough by itself. You have to become the representative of your tribe and the representative of your people. Accordingly you are called a tribal messiah.

Next, we say that it is necessary for you to restore the authority of the elder son, restore the authority of parents, restore the authority of Heavenly Parent, and restore kingship. That is not an individual viewpoint. The entire providence is global and historical. We have to go from parentism up to Heavenly Parentism. From here we need to achieve even the kingship of the kingdom of heaven. That is your responsibility. As Gods representative, I had to establish the providential conditions that Satan cannot accuse. Sooner or later you will have to take this path. (205-169, 1990/09/01)

Section 2. Chil HJeol (7-1 Day) and Returning to Hometown


On July 1,1991, True Parents conducted the Ceremony to Proclaim Gods Eternal Blessing and designated the day as Chil II Jeol (7-1 Day). True Father said that this day was a historic turning point. He stated that now he had restored the authority of Adam as the elder son that was lost due to the Fall, and therefore we were entering the original world where the archangel was to have raised Adam to the point of maturity. He also said that on this day the physical world and the spirit world were completely transformed to take the right path, which meant that we were entering a new world and that the era of God's victory and True Parents' glory had arrived. He further explained that he proclaimed God's eternal blessing based on His eternal love not only for the democratic and communist worlds but also for the religious world.

1 July 1, 1991, is not an ordinary first of July, and 1991 is not an ordinary year. From the providential point of view, 1991 is a turning point in history. Now the situation of the world and the trend of history must change. The democratic world, the communist world and the religious world all have (ost their direction. All the foundations that humanity has built, boasting of their excellence, have crumbled. That is natural. When autumn comes, we can find out whether the fruit is true or false. Only true fruit is harvested.

Looking from the viewpoint of the providence of restoration, or salvation, there are not many fruits to be harvested. The result, the fruit, sought by religion is only one, not many. From this point of view, what do you think God wants? What fruit do you think He wants to harvest? The fruit that God is looking for is heaven's lineage. It is none other than His lineage. In order to establish heaven's lineage, you must establish the tradition that can connect you to God's love. (218-013, 1991/07/01)

2 Today is July 1,1991. This is the year when we climb over the last hill of the providential turning point. Having passed through the first half of 1991—when from January through June we went through many complicated and eventful circumstances—we now are entering the latter half of the year. Meeting the second half of the year is like beginning to descend from the peak of providential history down into a watershed. We are making our way into the world of peace and freedom.

All the suffering from the conflicts caused by the division between the communist world and the free world, which brought bitter pain in history, now have been dissolved centered on True Parents. With True Parents' victorious harvest, the age has come when the communist world and the free world, and also North and South Korea, are able to become one. By establishing this day and holding this proclamation ceremony, we are reaching the time when we can clear up everything by harvesting all the conditions that people on heaven's side have established, counting them among the works of providential history. Then we can celebrate the day of victory, liberation and glory. This is something we need to understand.

Thus, we have made preparations to secure the family and the tribe, so that you will be able to attend God within the realm of your tribe. If you do not do the mission of tribal messiah, you will not be able to connect with your tribal family and with heavens nation. Understanding the whole meaning of this providential history, I already declared tribal messiahship, and as of July 1, 1991, all members throughout the world are proclaiming that they will become tribal messiahs. Therefore, since Gods household is pursuing the bond of true love centered on True Parents and has separated from the defiled lineage, today I am able to proclaim True Parents' clan, which includes all blessed families and their descendants. (218-007, 1991/07/01)

3 We understand that on July 1, 1991, we need to eliminate the course of indemnity that has filled history with bitter sorrow. We are doing this by bringing the right wing and the left wing, and North and South Korea, and the realms of religion and politics, to attend God in heaven and also True Parents, the original Parents, on earth. This will be the foundation to inherit the authority of the elder son, the authority of the parents and the kingship. For this, we understand that we need a declaration to recover the realm of liberation of the original world.

We understand that true love flowing from original nature is the center of all levels, from the individual to the family, tribe, people and nation. Thus it is based on our family life here on earth that we follow the way of true love and strive to build the original kingdom of heaven. We have absolutely one direction, one purpose and one goal, which is to reach that ultimate destination. Therefore, the Unification Church now proclaims tribal messiahship, and for this we will carry out grassroots activities to break through in every neighborhood and community (tong-ban gyeokpa). This is the solemn mission that heaven has given us. (218-011, 1991/07/01)

4 Jesus could not hold a ceremony to proclaim the Messiah. He could not proclaim his messiahship centering on Judaism and the people of Israel until he had made the proclamation to his family and the members of his clan, along with those among his people who had received him. This is what he needed to do. He needed to gather together his relatives to make the proclamation. I walked that path and beyond. That is why some people in the democratic world now say that I am a hero on the world level. You should also be able to establish this same tradition in your clan, so that you can receive honor in your own household.

Father's branches are the original branches. Since they are now growing well in all directions, east, west, north and south, if you engraft a cutting from one of those branches to yourself, you will become like an original branch. If that is so, then how significant do you think today's ceremony, the Ceremony to Proclaim the Day of God's Eternal Blessing, is? All religions, all nations, and even God have waited for this proclamation ceremony. Now that the ceremony has been held and the proclamation has been made, based on this standard, we can begin to resolve all problems. (218-038, 1991/07/01)

5 On July 1, 1991, True Parents declared complete liberation. I declared my full authority based on true love. I declared God's eternal blessings of love for the democratic world, for the communist world, and for the religious world as well.

God blessed Adam and Eve, but they were completely shattered, unable to fulfill their responsibility and attain the ideal of love. I recovered God's love based on the three great blessings, and now I have proclaimed God's eternal blessing. This means that the people of the world are now free from the realm of indemnity. (223-224, 1991/11/10)

6 People in future generations will want to know what True Parents' hands and feet look like. People know how we look in general, but they do not know what our hands and feet look like. So today, on Chil II Jeol (7-1 Day), we are taking close-up photographs of them. You can consider that the Day of God's Eternal Blessing is the day when we offered our hands, our feet, everything to God. If only our hands and feet are photographed, all kinds of swindlers will present fake photographs. Therefore, you need to take pictures of our hands and feet that also show us in our official attire. Take pictures of each of my feet separately, one foot at a time, and take another picture with both feet together. Take pictures of True Mother's hands and feet as well, showing them with her formal attire.

There are many photographs of our faces and figures, but not of our hands and feet. So it is absolutely necessary to keep the records of our hands and feet. There will come a time after we are gone when people will be curious and want to know about them. That is why I came up with this idea to leave accurate records of our hands and feet.

Chil II Jeol in 1993 is also significant because it comes amid a speaking tour where True Mother and I are proclaiming "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." Now that we are surmounting another hill, it is meaningful to offer everything to God. Hands symbolize heaven and feet symbolize earth. The entire body is a microcosm of all things, of the world of creation. Thus we are marking the third anniversary of Chil II Jeol with the meaning of offering everything up to God. (248-072, 1993/07/01)

Tribal messiahship

On September 1,1991, True Parents directed the blessed families of the Unification Church to return to their hometowns. True Father said that just as True Parents shed bloody tears to restore the world, so also blessed families must return to their hometowns and invest everything with sincere devotion to save their own relatives. Prior to this, on Chil II Jeol, he had stated that all blessed families are tribal messiahs who should focus on activities to restore their tribes.

7 When I proclaimed Chil II Jeol, I instructed members to register as tribal messiahs. Tribal messiahs go beyond family messiahs. A tribe includes two family names—the wife and mother's name and the husband and father's name. The tribal messiah is the messiah for two names.

I define the word "Messiah" to mean True Parents; hence, an individual cannot be a messiah. The family messiah is a candidate to be a tribal messiah, and since the tribe combines two family names, the family messiah is elevated to the status of tribal messiah when two families are joined. After that, the tribe is not enough. Next you have to organize a people. A people consists of 12 tribes. If these tribes unite, they will be able to form a nation. (410-119, 2003/07/02)

8 I already made all the indemnity conditions for North Korea. So, no matter what, when I send you to your hometowns, since you are on God's side, there should not be problem in light of the providence of restoration. I have already proclaimed that unity will occur everywhere under the sun. Therefore, if you want to bequeath this fortune that is coming everywhere under the sun to your descendants and offer its merit to your ancestors, the faster you move, the better.

For example, there are many Kims in the Unification Church. So if your last name is Kim, you had better quickly return to your hometown and stake your claim as the messiah for the Kim tribe. Quickly go! You have to think, "If there is reason for someone to be killed, I will be killed first, before anybody else. If there is reason for someone to be whipped, I will be whipped before anybody else. If someone has to be cursed, I will be cursed and persecuted before anyone else. If someone has to starve, I will starve before anyone else." With that kind of determination, gather everyone in your village, and stake your claim as the tribal messiah and center of your tribe. (219-153, 1991/08/29)

9 In order to indemnify the fact that the tribe of Jesus could not become one, I granted the realm of tribal messi-ahship to you and asked you to return to your hometowns. I appeared in the Republic of Korea and dispatched you, my sons and daughters, as tribal messiahs to tens of thousands of villages. The time is different now, so that messiahs do not get killed as they did in Jesus' time because the time of persecution against me has entirely passed.

Because Adam and Eve could not fulfill their mission as the True Parents, sin spread throughout history. It caused people to be ensnared in misery and sent to hell, and led to their deaths. It is the responsibility of True Parents to liberate them. Our heart as the True Parents is to offer them the benefit of liberation for free. However, even though True Parents want to give you that benefit, you cannot receive it for free. There is a hill to climb, and you cannot go over it for free. That is because Satan is still alive. If you have any condition that Satan can accuse, you cannot go beyond this era of indemnity. Therefore, you must climb up from the rock bottom to the top where you no longer receive Satan's accusation. What I mean to say is that you must accomplish this in your neighborhood, centered on your tribe. (179-086, 1988/07/22)

10 Before you return to your hometown, you must inherit the condition of unfallen Adam. Once you have it, return to your hometown. Adam and Eve lost everything and declined because they centered on fallen love. However, in this era you are blessed families, connected to True Parents who are centered on God's Will. Therefore, your position is different from that of Adam and Eve who started a fallen family.

Adam and Eve fell from the completion level of the growth stage. However, today, in the era of restoration, blessed families centered on True Parents are beyond the completion level of the growth stage and can go even beyond the completion level of the completion stage. Because you ad| standing in such a position, families in Satan's realm have no condition to accuse you. You all are beyond their level. To maintain this position, you need to return to your hometown with your family, knowing that this is the best way to attend True Parents. I am saying that you should return to your hometowns, following the direction of True Parents, and act in their name, just as the Israelites followed Moses to return to their homeland.

Again, the level at which you return to your hometown is not the same as that of fallen Adam, who was at the completion level of the growth stage. You return having completed that level and moving on the way to the top of the completion stage. Such is your conditional status when you return to your hometowns. You have not yet made the substantial foundation. So you are going there to substantiate it.

To this end, we still have a path remaining before us—to unify divided North and South Korea. Thus, when you work in your hometown in South Korea, you should invest all your devotion and shed tears, sweat and blood three times more than in the past when you received persecution from the outside world. When you do that, Satan's world will automatically retreat. (178-086, 1988/06/01)

11 What do you have to do after returning to your hometown? Unification Church members have to relieve the painful heart of Jesus and digest his bitter sorrow over everything that happened in all the ages of history. You need to liberate Jesus and True Father. I could not love and embrace my family. For 33 years I strove to love all people from the various nations, without being able to love my parents, my relatives, my wife, or my own children. I had no time in my life for that.

You received the Blessing while following me. Hence, you need to understand that you now stand at the position to inherit the tribal realm that I stood in long ago, during my youth. I did tribal messiah work during the time of my youth. I am always one step ahead of you. I am now standing on the national level, even as you stand on the tribal level. While I am in the position of working to restore Korea on the national level, you are standing in the position to restore your tribe. (185-090, 1989/01/03)

12 On September 1,1991,1 instructed all Unification Church blessed families to return to their hometowns. I love all the families who received the Blessing. I know that they are people who deserve my sympathy, but I was not about to help them. Rather than helping them live in a comfortable situation, I sent them out with their bags packed, like refugees. I said to them, "Return to your hometowns." I did it because without returning to their hometowns, they cannot liberate their mothers, older siblings and younger siblings. I asked them to return to their hometowns for the sake of those members of their families.

If you move forward to win over your mother and father, older siblings and younger siblings, you will create the foundation for your family home to be a palace of peace. On that foundation, you can expand your base to establish your victorious kingship as a tribal messiah. I am sending you back to your hometowns so that you can make this kind of preparation. (231-101, 1992/05/31)

13 From now on, the era of returning to your own hometown has come, the era to seek for God's nation. I announced that you should return to your hometowns, but for me it means to return to God's nation. The fortune to turn North and South Korea around is coming. That is why it is time to get busy.

How do you think you can receive this fortune? The fortune that is coming is world-level fortune. So you have to give it out. It is not enough to just receive the fortune yourself as individuals and families; you also have to give it out to the people of your own tribe. This is the meaning of returning to your hometown. You blessed family members need to share with your relatives the world-level blessings that are coming to Korea in accordance with the providential Will.

As tribal messiahs restore their tribes horizontally, they pass through the number three—formation, growth and completion—symbolizing the age of Adam, the age of Jesus and the age of the Returning Lord. Therefore, you tribal messiahs need to return to your hometowns and restore your mothers and fathers. Your mothers and fathers did not know God, and they committed a historical sin by opposing the Unification Church. But from now on they must follow the same path together with you. (226-150, 1992/02/04)

14 The era has arrived when we can turn hell around 180 degrees. The best way to take aim at Satan is to attend God by returning to the hometowns of heaven's nation together with your children. That is why I instructed you to return to your hometowns. If I am to give this instruction to the members of the Unification Church, then we True Parents also had to return to our country; this meant we had to go to North Korea. Therefore, 90 days after September 1,1991,1 went to North Korea. God is the God of the Principle. It became true; we returned to the place where we were born. (227-284, 1992/02/14)

15 What I feel most regret over is that I was not able to teach the Principle to my parents and brothers and sisters and bring them to the point of shedding tears. This is my bitter sorrow. You, on the other hand, are so blessed, to be able to witness to your mothers and fathers, older brothers and sisters, and younger brothers and sisters. How else can your family, and you as well, avoid the destiny of going to hell and ending up in eternal misery?

You are responsible to pull all your family out of hell so that they, and you, can live. If you think like that, you will use whatever means necessary, whether tying them to you with a rope and dragging them with you ot^ wrapping your arms and legs around them and clinging to them. Although you have been shedding tears to restore your nation and the world, to win over your family members you need to shed even more tears for them. You have to miss your people, your tribe, your relatives and your parents more than you miss me. And you must have the heart to pray for them. (022-162, 1969/02/02)

16 We, True Parents, gave you the best gift—the authority of tribal messiahs. Wherever you and your family go in the world, there will be no serious persecution. This is thanks to the victorious foundation of the Blessing. Standing on the foundation of 4,000 years of providential history and inheriting Jesus' foundation after he came to earth as the Messiah, we as True Parents laid the worldwide foundation to dissolve all the conditions of opposition in the environment in Israel and Rome in Jesus' day, so that your parents and relatives could welcome you in a free and open environment. Therefore, you will not face persecution in the places you go as a family. The title of tribal messiah is bestowed upon you as a gift of special privilege. It is your path to reach the world stage. (196-250, 1990/01/01)

17 All of you must work night and day to restore your tribes in your hometowns. I am telling you that just as I shed bloody tears for the sake of restoring the world, you need to offer sincere devotion to restore your tribes in your hometowns. All blessed families throughout the world must accomplish their responsibility to restore their own tribes.

Now families who have received the Blessing are spread worldwide. God sent only one person as the Messiah: His son Jesus. However, True Parents have mobilized you, their sons and daughters who received the Blessing, with the authority of tribal messiahs; not only you, but also already married blessed couples and their children.

Therefore, the Devil already knows he has failed in this world, and that he will have to pack his bags and find someplace else to go. In the meantime he is standing in the rear, looking for a way to receive salvation. Therefore we have to liberate hell and redeem even the Devil. You people who know God's providence of restoration must do this. (228-241, 1992/04/03)

18 I inherited the mission of the Second Coming from Jesus, and I have been working on his behalf. Thus, you also should inherit the mission of the Second Coming, taking the position of the people of Israel at Jesus' time. If you do, then although Jesus himself was not able to achieve his entire purpose in his lifetime, you can represent all the victories that I have won in my battles and inherit my cosmic-level position. For this, you must indemnify Jesus' path of the cross. You also must indemnify my path of the cross.

The path that Jacob went was the path that Israel's families had to go, and the course of Moses was the course the people of Israel had to go. The course of Jesus is the course Christians must go. And the path that I went is the path that Unification Church members must go. The situations are the same.

What is the realm of your authority? As tribal messiahs, if you fulfill the responsibility that should have been accomplished in Jesus' lifetime, I will bequeath everything to you. Compared to the opposition that I faced, you will hardly face anything. When you fulfill it, we will be able to complete everything very quickly, whether on the national or the world levels. (189-152, 1989/04/01)

19 A blessed family should not be drawn to secular society. Did Adam live in a worldly society? Had Adam and Eve not fallen and raised a family, there would have been only God in front of them to attend. You are in the same situation. You must totally rid yourself of any life habits that are based on the wicked and evil world.

You need to have self-confidence that as my sons and daughters you are able to inherit purely the authority of the elder son of the original age. By gaining spiritual children you can restore your authority as parents. First you have to pass through the realm of the elder son, and second by gaining spiritual children and creating your tribal messiah family, you restore the authority of parents. When as a tribal messiah you restore the authority of parents, you will be able to establish your original homeland. You have received such a blessing from heaven.

The tribal messiah is the axis that connects to kingship and to the nation. I already set up the standards for the nation and the world. They stand on a perpendicular line. You need to stand on that line and connect to the four directions—east, west, south and north. The individual represents the formation stage, the family the growth stage, and the tribe the completion stage. You must achieve these stages and then connect them to the nation. Just as the individual is the foundation of the family, the family is the foundation of the tribe, and when the tribes connect in all directions, a nation is formed. (211-349, 1991/01/01)

20 True Parents eventually will go to the spirit world; then what will happen to humankind? Who will inherit the mission of True Parents, and what does that mission entail? If you are truly my children, you will inherit my position. Heavenly fortune will protect that position for eternity. No matter how much the people of the world deny that you are the children of True Parents, they will not be able to sever this relationship.

Do you have that kind of mind-set? You have to inherit the mission of True Parents 100 percent. Being tribal messiahs means that you stand in the position of True Parents' children. This is the position of perfected children of True Parents. Tribal messiahship is the gift that True Parents bequeath to you.

True Parents are more important than anything: this is the conviction you must keep in your heart always. They are the original human beings. You must live with True Parents, focusing on them in mind a^id body. They have the original position of Adam and Eve. The very first thing that should come to your mind must be "He is my father; she is my mother."

Whenever you call out, "God!" your mind and body must both be saying, "You are my Father." You have to reclaim this concept. True Parents have to fill up your mind and body completely. Everything starts from there. That is the most fundamental concept; your thinking must reach at least that level. (244-317, 1993/03/01)

Tribal messiah activities

True Parents stressed that, in order to acquire the position of tribal messiah, we first must have the people in our tribe fill out church membership forms. Then we should get them to honor True Parents in their family by placing True Parents' picture on the wall and displaying the Family Federation flag.

True Father also said that when tribal messiahs return to their hometowns, they should establish a system to work together and share the burden equally. He advised that jwe do activities as four families together, supporting one another as brothers and sisters.

21 Blessed families who undertake the role of tribal messiahs understand that they need to become true parents, true teachers and true owners. Through God's love, parents, teachers and owners are one. The starting point for this is the godly family. The teacher and the owner both extend love with the heart of a parent; they are not separate from one another. Everyone wants such an environment of love. When you go to a company, you look for that kind of employer; when you go to school, you look for that kind of teacher. This is the system that applies in the kingdom of heaven on earth.

In this way, tribal messiahs will establish the God-centered tradition on earth for the first time in history. In time, this tradition will become standard practice. Once we develop these habits and they become ingrained in our character, they will not change. The person who lives in the realm of the heart on earth, who centers on the way of heaven habitually, and makes this foundation in his or her life, will, when he or she goes to the spirit world, enter straightaway the world of liberation and freedom. The passage will be as safe as riding a train. Where should people cultivate these habits and this character? It is in the family.

Right now we, True Parents, are working to overthrow the habitual ways of the fallen world. Having fought against them and triumphed over them in Korea, through our efforts we have set up a way to connect these victories to the families of the Republic of Korea. Because the parents of the first human family committed the Fall, to attend True Parents you need to place their picture in your home and have other families do the same.

The picture is symbolic. It is an image of Gods embodiments. Hence, after you hang True Parents' picture on the wall, the past, present and future will unite before it. Your ancestors in the spirit world will come to your home and bow respectfully before the picture at 3:00 a.m. Then they will take care of your relatives living on earth and will live together with all of you on earth. We are living in an era when once our families make proper conditions of heart, centered on True Parents, the spirit world will care for our families. (213-049, 1991/01/13)

22 Until now, humankind has been living in the age of indemnity, the age when Abel was sacrificed for Cain. The spirit world, which represents the angelic realm, exploited the earthly world, which represents the realm of Adam. But now True Parents have come to earth and restored the authority of the elder son, thereby establishing the proper order between the earthly world and the heavenly world.

The archangel in the spirit world surrendered before Adam and his realm on earth. We have reached the stage in which the archangel and his realm have to accommodate themselves to the authority of the younger brother Adam. The angelic world was supposed to first teach the God-centered tradition to Adam and Eve to help them attend God. Likewise, at 3:00 a.m., your ancestors from the spirit world will line up around the picture of True Parents and respectfully bow toward it. When this happens, the evil spirits in that area will automatically withdraw. (215-106, 1991/02/06)

23 In the same way that I had to cover the 4,300 years of Korean history within a 40-year period in my life, a long journey to deal with your own family's history awaits you. So you too will have to run and run, day and night, even skipping meals, with no time to enjoy yourself or take it easy. Even if your legs are too tired to take one more step, even if you are about to collapse from exhaustion, even if you are vomiting blood, no matter what, you must climb over the hill. If you die, you'd better die while working for your hometown.

Start with your own family, your parents and relatives. You are seeking to establish the family that Adam was originally to build, a family with the authority of the first son of God. Your purpose is to recover the family of God's first son who was lost, the family that was to have been the subject partner of all creation. You are sons and daughters of True Parents, the victorious Adam and Eve. You are not the fallen descendants of the fallen Adam and Eve.

Thus, you should go to your hometowns or home villages with the mindset of royal princes and princesses who take responsibility for everything in their realm. You have no idea how serious this matter is. When you look at the hometown that you have come to restore, can you sleep knowing that standing right in front of you is the enemy who caused all nations and the entire world to be lost? You have the inheritance from True Parents, so you must stake your claim, display the flag and hang the photo of True Parents, who possess the kingship, in your home and be registered in God's family.

When you go to yo^ir family home, you need to do three things: First, register your relatives. Next, have them display and honor True Parents' picture. Finally, have them put up the flag. If you do this, Satan will leave. Then, your family's ancestors will come to their home at 3:00 in the morning, and gathering around the picture of True Parents, they will hold a ceremony to return to God. They will be mobilized as soldiers like archangels to restore all of your relatives. They will clear your path and protect you. (221-014, 1991/10/20)

24 When you return to your hometown, you need to establish a system based on the Principle. If you are going to lead your relatives, you just cannot do it randomly or loosely. Eventually you will need to establish a system to equalize the burden; this may involve setting up a system for communal living.

The system of heaven's nation consists of three levels connected as one, for instance neighborhood, village and town. They share the same destiny. In the future, if there is a problem with any one of them, all three will suffer damage. From this perspective, management of all three levels must be tightly connected.

Therefore, you must train people from all three levels based on the Principle so that they will see themselves as connected. You must set up and maintain close communication with your fellows on each level. That way, whenever there is difficulty, the neighborhood leader, village leader and town leader will be in contact with each other. Also, you need to do activities at the village level that connect with the levels below and above. After the stages of neighborhood, village and town or, in urban areas, block, ward and precinct, the next three stages are city, county, and state or province. (219-209, 1991/08/29)

25 When you return to your hometown as a tribal messiah, if you work alone it will be difficult for you to establish a foundation. It will be hard if you do not have a house for you and your children to live in. Your life could be like that of a refugee during wartime. Accordingly, if one of the families in your four-position foundation has a house there, they need to share the house with the other families. You will have to share a communal life and eat porridge if that is all that you can afford. That is how you can start your life as a tribal messiah.

It is difficult to do tribal messiah work alone, so the four families must work together like brothers and sisters. Together you must decide which part of your hometown area to tackle first: east, west, south or north. Once you decide where to focus, work together and make the education of the people there your single goal. If your manpower is not sufficient to make a foundation, assemble 12 people to work together. By tackling the neighborhoods of your hometown and making foundations one by one, advancing step by step, you should be able to sweep through that area. (219-210, 1991/08/29)

26 Once the Returning Lord recognizes your family as being like Adam s family had Adam and Eve not fallen, you become a family messiah. Then, after he sends you out to your hometown as a tribal messiah, God can accompany you in your hometown. While your hometown is the place where you were born, now your ancestors are True Parents.

As a tribal messiah you have three important missions: First, you must restore your ancestors; second, you must restore your hometown; third, since the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell and God was expelled from their family, you must live with God in your family. These are the three missions of a tribal messiah. (250-177, 1993/10/14)

Chapter 3

The Completed Testament Age and Its Providential Development

Section 1. Proclamation of the Completed Testament Age


On January 3, 1993, at the world headquarters church in Cheongpa-dong, Seoul, True Parents proclaimed the completion of the New Testament Age and the beginning of the Completed Testament Age during the sermon, "A Review of Providential History and the Completed Testament Age." Later that month, on January 10 at the Belvedere training center in the United States, True Father declared that the Completed Testament Age had begun. He made this proclamation based on the foundation of successfully completing 40 years of indemnity from 1952 until 1992, made necessary due to failures during the seven-year period immediately after World War II. He then said that he would proclaim "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" in a speaking tour of 160 countries beginning on April 10,1993.

1 In the Old Testament Age, while looking forward with hope, Relievers practiced the law. In the New Testament Age they sought and practiced faith. In the coming Completed Testament Age believers will seek and practice love. In the Old Testament Age, the providential age for finding hope, the practice of circumcision was the condition to be called a member of the chosen people. In the New Testament Age believers emerged and established faith in front of God through baptism by water and by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Next, in the Completed Testament Age believers will enter into and form a relationship of love with God through receiving the seal of God's love. (005-109, 1959/01/04)

2 The Old Testament Age was the age of the servant, and the New Testament Age the age of the adopted son. The Unification Church promotes the Completed Testament Age. In the Completed Testament Age, one can advance from the position of adopted son to that of son and gain the ability to relate naturally with the parents. In the Completed Testament Age, believers become children of the direct lineage, no longer adopted children.

Adopted children have a different lineage; they do not have a direct blood relationship with the parents. An adopted child embraces just one standard, namely that of the adoptive parents. On that basis, adopted sons form a limited father-son relationship with the father. Accordingly, because there is no son in the direct lineage, the adoptive father provides a standard for the one whom he will adopt, and if the one who applies to be an adopted son does not become one with that standard, he will not be chosen.

However, for a child of the direct lineage, that issue of standards is not relevant. From the moment such a child is born, if the father goes this way, the son will go the same way, and if the father goes another way, the son will also go that way. Even if they separate, at some point in time they will come together. If they feel it is not the right path, they will search for the right way where they can be together. That's the way it is.

That is what is different about an adopted son. An adopted son meets the parents based on a one-time encounter. But a child of the direct lineage meets the parents in the eternity inherent in the father-son relationship. The adopted son has a different lineage. Lineage passes down and is connected from the origin of history until the end of history. Even after tens of thousands of generations flow by, the descendants carry the lineage of the previous tens of thousands of generations. (024-322, 1969/09/14)

3 When we examine the providence of restoration, we see that the Completed Testament Age must fulfill the New Testament Age, and the New Testament Age must fulfill the Old Testament Age. If the Will is not fulfilled in the Old Testament Age, it passes over to the New Testament Age, and if the Will is not fulfilled in the New Testament Age, it passes over to the Completed Testament Age. With this understanding, in the Completed Testament Age we must have the capacity to carry out all the unfulfilled historical missions. (046-113, 1971/08/13)

4 The Old Testament Age is the age of all things, the New Testament Age is the age of the Son, and the Completed Testament Age is the age of the Parents. Parents, sons and daughters, and all things are included in the family. When seen from this standpoint, all things are the formation stage, children are the growth stage, and parents are the completion stage. Parents, sons and daughters, and all things exist centering on the family.

God made all things in heaven and on earth for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. To recover all this, God has carried out the providence for 6,000 years, establishing the servant and the adopted son. The Old Testament Age was built on the age of the servant of servants. The servant of servants went to God through the creation. The New Testament Age is the age of the adopted son. God established Jesus as the Son and carried out spiritual works in his age. The Completed Testament Age is the time when the Parents go through hardships. Because of these things, in the Old Testament Age, when the people made sacrificial offerings, they used the things of creation. In the New Testament Age, the sacrificial offering was the Son, and in the Completed Testament Age, True Parents offer themselves as the sacrifice. In the Completed Testament Age, True Parents must pay the indemnity. (046-262, 1971/08/17)

5 The Old Testament Age is the time when the worldwide condition for the sake of restoring all things is completely established. The New Testament Age is the time of preparing the global foundation to restore the people of the world. The Completed Testament Age is the time of bringing the world together through the sovereignty of oneness. These multiple missions exist.

To create this sovereignty, first there must be one who creates an autonomous territory. This person must also lead an autonomous people. Next, on the foundation of becoming one with that people, he must represent God. This is the creation of sovereignty. In other words, the territory—that is, all things—and the people become completely one centering on the one Parent who represents God. This is what we call the earthly sovereignty that represents the nation of heaven.

What is the sovereignty that God is searching for? It is not sovereignty as we see it in the world today. The Old Testament Age was for the restoration of all things; the New Testament Age was for the restoration of the children, and the Completed Testament Age is for the restoration of the parents. If we examine the nation and world, we see that the Old Testament Age was for restoring land and all things, namely the age to restore territory. The New Testament Age was for restoring citizens. The Completed Testament Age is for creating sovereignty. (055-247, 1972/05/09)

6 True Mother proclaimed "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." What is the nature of the Completed Testament Age? It means that God is beginning a revival. He is beginning life based on love. The great work of God's creation is still moving forward. The completion of the ideal of love, namely the four-position foundation and the human portion of responsibility, marks the completion of the ideal of creation. With this, all people renew a revival based on the love of God and people, a revival that could not be achieved in the historical ages until now.

The beginning of the family of God is the start of the revival, centering on God. Accordingly, people and God become one centering on love and the family. But it is not our family alone. We must go forward side by side with the family of God's nation as it begins. This is the world of the absolute authority of God. By proclaiming True Parents' ideas and by proclaiming the Completed Testament Age, we are' rising above Satan's world. (248-012, 1993/05/30)

7 God chose my husband, Reverend Moon, and gave the new words of truth to Korean Christians. But the leaders of the Korean Christian world did not perceive that my husband was selected to convey new words of truth. They saw only a humble young man and treated him with silent contempt. The New Testament Age is an extension of the Old Testament Age and, just as the people at that time could not believe that Jesus manifested God, the Korean Christian leaders were not able to believe that the Lord at the Second Advent was born on earth with a physical body.

If at that time Korean Christians and my husband had become one, the kingdom of heaven would have been accomplished on earth and in heaven. During the 7 years from 1945 until 1952, the whole world would have united, following the providence of God. However, Christian leaders blindly opposed my husband.

To raise Christianity and develop it to receive the Returning Lord, God nurtured nations such as the United States where Christianity had absolute authority. Even if they say they did not realize it, the Korean Christian pastors at that time were in a position representing worldwide Christianity. However, after World War II, America and world Christianity were not able to become one with my husband. From that time, America and Christianity entered upon the path of decline and began los- ing moral authority.

After World War II, America and Christianity stood on the victorious foundation on which Cain and Abel had become one, and the time was ripe when they could receive the Lord at His Second Advent. However, they failed to welcome the Returning Lord, and in the same way the rest of the world also opposed my husband. Therefore, he was driven out into the wilderness and, after being pushed down to the very bottom, had to climb up again. (True Mother, 1993/10/04)

8 If we liken America, which was established with Christian civilization as its root, to the New Testament Age, we can liken Korea to the Old Testament Age. Accordingly, for the first 20 years my husband passed through a course in Korea and indemnified the Old Testament Age through the Unification Church, which was in the position of Judaism, and through Korea, which was in the position of the nation of Israel. On this foundation, in 1960 we accomplished the Holy Wedding of True Parents on the national level.

After that, in 1971 I went together with my husband to America. For 20 years, we walked the course of indemnity for the sake of completing the New Testament Age in America in order to enter the Completed Testament Age. Based on that result and centering on God, we were able to establish True Parents' family, which became the origin of true love, true life and true lineage. (True Mother, 1993/10/04)

9 Todays women, who are in the position of True Mother at the turning point of the providential history of restoration, must form the foundation to welcome True Father. After Christianity could not welcome the Bridegroom, the providence of God was prolonged 40 years until 1992. During that period, my husband worked while praying and bringing Korea, Britain, America, France, Japan, Germany and Italy into oneness for the sake of finding and establishing the worldwide New Testament Age.

Then, together with my husband in April 1992,1 proclaimed the arrival of the age of women worldwide and founded the Women's Federation for World Peace. Upon that foundation, I spent the rest of 1992 visiting seven nations, including Russia, China and the countries of Oceania. I did so with the heart of a true mother. I energized the women of those nations and founded branches of the Women's Federation for World Peace.

Based on these accomplishments, the nations that were divided into Cain and Abel following World War II welcomed me. We restored the foundation of the lost Bride, and those nations were able to welcome True Father. On that victorious worldwide foundation, our position as True Parents was proclaimed to the world for the first time. (True Mother, 1993/10/04)

10 The New Testament Age ends when the Returning Lord is welcomed. When the Returning Lord came in the New Testament Age, he could have settled the family, tribe, people and nation in seven years, thereby inaugurating the Completed Testament Age. When he does accomplish that, we will enter the Completed Testament Age. This is the time when the Returning Lord, after realizing a worldwide foundation, establishes the form of Adam's family, which was lost from the world. But since he was driven out into the wilderness and left with nothing, how could the Completed Testament Age come?

In this situation, America represents the realm of the bride for which the people of Israel had prepared in the Old Testament and New Testament Ages. On the day that America loses sight of this, it will be abandoning the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. If that takes place, the foundation for the Completed Testament Age will crumble. If we do not maintain the realm of the bride as a condition based on the Old and New Testament Ages, the foundation of indemnity for the Completed Testament Age will disappear. Accordingly, we are establishing America again in the position of Abel. (243-127, 1993/01/03)

11 The Completed Testament Age is centered on spirit and flesh. The New Testament Age is centered on spirit. Therefore, one cannot go into the Completed Testament Age by means of the New Testament Age. The Returning Lord opens this age.

If Christianity, after paying all indemnity globally, had united with the Lord at his Second Advent, Christianity and all of its believers would have moved into the Completed Testament Age. But when they could not become one with the Returning Lord, the foundation collapsed and the need for indemnification arose. If the Returning Lord had not made preparations to rebuild this collapsed foundation, he would not have been able to keep his position and go forward.

If the Returning Lord is going to appear as the Messiah, what must he do first? He must inherit completely the actual spiritual facts of the New Testament Age. Just as Jesus received the baptism of John the Baptist, at the Second Advent the Lord must inherit spiritually from Jesus. This is how worldwide spiritual Christianity can complete the New Testament Age and reach the present worldwide stage.

The Returning Lord has to receive the spiritual inheritance, but he cannot receive it without any effort on his part. He has to triumph over everything. He has to defeat Satan. He has to prepare the foundation on which the numerous spirit persons in the spirit world are able to surrender naturally to him. He will receive the inheritance only when he stands on the foundation of that highest victory.

Second, what he inherits spiritually, he must complete substantially on earth. The providence that was to have been completed in the Old Testament Age was prolonged and became the New Testament Age. The Returning Lord must restore all this through indemnity spiritually, for the sake of opening the Completed Testament Age. Until now, spiritual and physical perfection could not be realized together. If the Lord does not achieve this, we cannot enter the Completed Testament Age. In other words, if the Lord at his Second Advent does not realize all that Jesus needed to accomplish and indemnify his disappointments spiritually and physically, he will not be able to open the Completed Testament Age. (054-287, 1972/03/26)

12 True Parents are the Messiah. They come to clean up history, which started from a standard of false love, false life, false lineage and false conscience. Centering on the original perfected Adam, the ideal man who is united with God, True Parents must emerge, find the mother who was lost, and connect the children to her.

Immediately after World War II, the Christian cultural realm achieved global unity and should have united with me. In this realm, Great Britain represented Eve, the mother nation, America represented the Abel nation, and France the Cain nation. If this realm had become one with me, the communist realm would not have emerged. I had to spend 40 years restoring this through indemnity.

Because I completely lost the realm of the bride, I had to gather together the Abel nation, America, centering on Mother. My wife had to become the True Mother who represents the world. In order to do that, I had to recover Great Britain, America and France, each of which was lost. I had to recover the foundation of the Allied powers that was lost, the foundation of the united worldwide realm of the bride. Accordingly, I fought with the world and subdued it.

Then, on this worldwide, victorious foundation, I established True Mother and announced True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. False parents led us to the age of broken and unrealized promises, not to the age of the fulfilled promise. Now we are approaching the Completed Testament Age centering on God and True Parents, where the promise is fulfilled. That is the significance of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. On the promise of the ideal of creation, I proclaimed this on the world level. (262-107, 1994/07/23)

13 On the foundation of the settlement of True Parents, I have proclaimed the arrival of the liberation of women, as well as of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. The Christian cultural realm could not stand as the bride, so Mother gathered together women from around the world and in 1992 declared and expanded a great movement. It is the movement for womens liberation. Because Mother proclaimed liberation and announced True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, the world of Satan is ending.

The Unification Church is the only place where we can save the family and save the nation. By means of forming anew the tradition of the family of True Parents as well as the true tribe, true people, true nation, true world and the true heaven and earth, the true heavenly nation is being realized. Things are developing according to this formula. (247-110, 1993/04/25)

14 The Unification Church declaring "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" means we are at a turning point. Because we are going to create the ideal family and the ideal tribe, the Family Federation had to emerge. In the marriage Blessing of the Unification Church, the archangel at the completion level of the growth stage, namely the archangel on heaven's side, marries. After receiving the Blessing, if you go beyond the completion stage, you can enter the realm of the direct dominion as part of the family ofy\dam.

Accordingly, starting in 1960, I passed from the completion level of the growth stage into the completion stage, and during that course I entered a time of worldwide persecution. I had to get beyond that period of persecution to achieve settlement. The settlement that should have happened in 1952 was delayed; the age of women, centering on True Mother and including the liberation of women, was announced in 1992, and True Parents were able to stand anew in the same position in front of heaven. If we had not liberated women, we would not have been able to complete the liberated realm of Adam. All people are brothers and sisters until the lost standard of husband and wife in Adam's family centered on the love of Adam and Eve is achieved. We must go over and form anew the ideal family after fulfilling our position as the children of God. (264-231, 1994/11/03)

15 I teach only after first going out and putting everything into practice. Now, because I have accomplished everything for the sake of gathering again the lost realm of the bride and the world that was united in the aftermath of World War II, I asked Mother to join me in the work of establishing the Women's Federation for World Peace. We went out and worked on that together for a year in 1992.

After instructing Mother over the course of a year on precisely what I had indemnified during my life, I established Mother in the same position as I have and restored through indemnity the inheritance of the Christian cultural realm. By means of our standing in this place of liberation, God was liberated, True Parents were liberated, the people were liberated, and the entire New Testament Age was fulfilled. Now we are able to embark upon the Completed Testament Age. (243-146, 1993/01/03)

16 At the time of the Second Coming, the Lord comes as one man, but after taking root on earth, I have horizontally dispatched numerous tribal messiahs. The Devil no longer has the power to seize or remove any of this. Because these dispatches were from the position of perfection, transcending the top of the growth stage and the top of the completion stage, everything under heaven is bound to unite.

Where must you go to take root? You must take root after returning to your family. Because of the importance of this, I gave the instruction that home church activity begin centered on what we call breaking through on the grassroots level. After the liberation of women, we are working to set this in good order. By taking the last step, namely applying this formula in each family, we are recovering Eve and Cain and Abel, who were lost, and replanting them as seeds. By doing this, we become the patriarchs of good branch-tribes in our original hometowns, and in this way we become ancestors. That world will have no relationship with Satan. The kingdom of heaven manifests from there. (243-146, 1993/01/03)

Tribal messiah responsibilities

Together with the proclamation of the Completed Testament Age, and in order to conclude the history of salvation globally, True Parents directed that Unification Church members devote themselves with renewed energy to tribal messiah activity. They made clear that tribal messiahs are the people who take on the mission to restore the family and, going further, to restore the tribe, people and nation. They emphasized that tribal messiahs must take the lead in making True Parents known to the world.

17 Now it is time for everyone around the world to return to their hometowns. Having assigned tribal messiahs, Mother and Father are now firmly established on earth. The Lord who came in the New Testament Age was one person. This person must come again and become the True Parent vertically and be established on this earth; then by receiving his Bride, give birth to sons and daughters. Now True Parents have deployed many tens of thousands of couples as tribal messiahs on the horizontal plane. This is the beginning of the Completed Testament Age. From 1993, because we are destined to bring about the unification of North and South Korea for the sake of the world, we are entering the Completed Testament Age.

Since the beginning of human history, Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel have been unable to secure their positions, but now, based upon the inauguration of WFWP on April 10, 1992, which expanded worldwide, and with the Blessing of already married couples from throughout the world, I have brought unity between the right wing, the left wing and the realm of Barabbas. At that time, I brought leaders of eight Muslim nations together and gave them the Blessing.

The path to the Blessing has been one of great indemnity until now. However, after giving the Blessing unconditionally to people without requiring them to fulfill any conditions to qualify for it, including to mothers and fathers from Satan's world who opposed me, I could realize the liberation of all people. I established those people in the position of parents, of perfected Adam and Eve. (243-137, 1993/01/03)

18 Throughout history until today, people of faith were required to abandon the world, abandon their nation, abandon their ancestors, abandon their hometowns, and even abandon their parents and wife and children for the sake of the Will. Now, however, since the age of restoration through indemnity has all passed, we must embrace the world, embrace our nation, embrace our people, and find and join our tribe.

Looking at Jesus' course in the context of the three stages of formation, growth and completion, he is at the growth stage. True Parents come at the completion stage. But they have become the ancestors, turning history upside down.

Restoration through indemnity takes place in reverse order.^It passes from the Old Testament Age through the New Testament Age to find fulfillment in the Completed Testament Age, whose center, True Parents, takes the position of the ancestors. The New Testament Age, which is the second stage, is Jesus' age. Next, the third stage corresponds to the Completed Testament Age. In the same way, tribal messiahs have to rectify families.

The Revelation of John says that we have the role of king together with Christ. Now we are carrying out the role of king. The fact that we are carrying out the role of king together with Christ, who is coming as the king of kings, means we are rising to the position of parents. In the Unification Church we call such a central person with the tribal responsibility a "tribal messiah." Now is the time when the door of the Completed Testament Age is opening. (243-140, 1993/01/03)

19 I fought and prepared the foundation so you can succeed without having to fight. After being hounded from my hometown and shunned by the world, I did the work of recovering everything. Because you are able to receive the world, the nation and the people as an inheritance from me, who has been victorious, you need only connect to the tribe. The tribe to which you can connect will receive the fortune of the people, the nation and the world. There is no greater blessing you can give your tribe. Because of that, tribal messiahs stand in the position of ancestors who possess the authority of kings. This is something everyone must achieve. There are no exceptions.

When the people of Israel entered the blessed land of Canaan, if one of them knew that another person had been left behind, he or she had to take responsibility for that person. Now since the blessed land of Canaan has appeared, we must recover the national ideal envisioned at the founding of our nation. The Unification Church must do the same. We must recover the nation. We must unify North and South Korea. (243-164, 1993/01/03)

20 If you are going to become a tribal messiah, you first must succeed as a family messiah. If you do not do tribal messiah activity, after your ancestors who are in the spirit world come down you will lose your position. Your ancestors in the spirit world are in the position of the archangel. Given that we have to save everything from the position of perfected Adam, when we are obstructing the achievement of this, our ancestors, in the spirit world, wifi move us out of the way. As it was in the Old Testament Age, we offer all things as indemnity, and as it was in the New Testament Age, we offer the Son as indemnity. In the Completed Testament Age, the Parents pay indemnity. If you do not act as their substantial selves, you will be struck. A terrifying attack will come at you from the spirit world.

Before this happens, you must work quickly and put your names in the family register. In the age of Jesus, after leading family messiahs and tribal messiahs, Jesus was going to register the nation. Because he could not do that, in the age of the Second Coming we have to register on the world level and create a nation. If you do not become a family messiah and a tribal messiah, you will not be entered into the family register. To become a tribal messiah, you must complete the mission of the family messiah. A family messiah is called a messiah too, because such a person has no relationship with Satan. (251-266, 1993/10/31)

21 Until now, religions commanded people to renounce the world and abstain from marriage. However, the Unification Church tells you to return to your hometown. Because I proclaimed the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World and announced True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, we must go out and recover the family and return to the homeland. We must recover the nation. If we hold on to the family of fallen Adam, we cannot unite the world.

Representing the worldwide nations of Great Britain, the United States and France, which represent the standard of Adam's family, Cain and Abel have to become one with the bride nation, and after attending me, the Returning Lord, who becomes the Bridegroom, they must become one with God. By doing that horizontally, the perfect authority of the Lord is extended to the perfect authority of the tribal messiah.

As for the authority of the tribal messiah, the second ancestor, Jesus, was going to accomplish what the first ancestor, Adam, was unable to do because of the Fall. Because this was frustrated again, the third ancestor comes and must indemnify and fulfill Jesus' course. Family messiahs are those who perfect their family and thereby represent Adam's family. After doing this, they will be acknowledged as having equal value on level ground. (248-316, 1993/10/03)

22 Today the Unification Church has ended the 40-year wilderness course and arrived in Canaan. Now we must proclaim True Parents and restore our nation. It means to return to our home country and settle there in order to redeem the realm of Satan. We must return to our nation. Therefore, the issue is, how do we establish the national ideal envisioned at the founding of our country? This is like the time when the people of Israel settled Canaan. Therefore, the world—not the nation but the world—is being divided into the side of Satan and the side of heaven. Our territory is the entire world, beyond national boundaries. (249-246, 1993/10/10)

23 We have come to the time when tribal messiahs, who are branches of the Messiah, will complete the history of world salvation and open the Completed Testament Age. You must perfect your family and go further to redeem your tribe, people and nation. We call the people who take on this responsibility "tribal messiahs." We have already dispatched many couples worldwide as tribal messiah missionaries. It will not be long before ideal families are established around the world.

In the Completed Testament Age, the role of the mother is very important. She is central to reversing what happened at the time of the Fall. Once the mother and children become one, they can reclaim the husband, receive the Blessing of True Parents, and return to a place in front of God. (True Mother, 1993/10/04)

24 In your family there is nothing you can be more proud of than True Parents. The fact that you have become children of God and children of True Parents means you will be called victors among victors throughout all the ages, and the leaders among those leaders that have subjugated Satan in the providence of salvation. In the same way that True Mother and I proclaimed True Parents globally, you must proudly proclaim the tradition of True Parents.

After going to your home village, you must proudly declare in front of the people that you have become children of True Parents. You must proudly declare it in front of your family, tribe, and nation, and proudly declare it in front of the world. If you do not proudly speak of True Parents in your village, your path will be blocked. You must understand that the people who proudly proclaim True Parents, who go around testifying to them beginning in the family and reaching the tribe, people, nation and world will become liberated victors. (275-297, 1996/01/01)

Section 2. Ceremonies of Proclamation

On January 3, 1993, True Parents proclaimed the opening of the Completed Testament Age. Following this, they developed the providence in the Completed Testament Age by making the following proclamations:

Proclamation of Pal II Jeol (8-1 Day), the Day of Returning to the Original Homeland (August 1, 1993, Belvedere Training Center, Tarrytown, New York); Proclamation of the Settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace and the Dissolution of Indemnity (November 1, 1996, Montevideo, Uruguay); Proclamation of Chil Pal Jeol (7-8 Day), Declaration Day of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (August 9, 1997, Central Training Center, Sutaek-dong, Guri); Proclamation of the Fulfillment of the Completed Testament Age for Beginning God's Kingdom in Heaven and on Earth (April 11,1999, East Garden, Irvington, New York); Proclamation Congratulating the Parents of Heaven and Earth on their Cosmic-Level Victory (June 14, 1999, Olympic Gymnastics Gymnasium); Proclamation of Gu Gu Jeol (9-9 Day), the Day the Parents of Heaven and Earth Open the Realm of the Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth (September 9, 1999, Central Training Center); Proclamation of Sam Shib Jeol (3-10 Day), the Day the Parents of Heaven and Earth Conduct the Ceremony for the Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth (September 10, 1999, Central Training Center); Proclamation of the Era in Which We Report Prayers in Our Own Names (September 14,1999, East Garden, Irvington, New York); Proclamation of Ssang Shib Jeol (10-10 Day) (October 10, 1999, Punta del Este, Uruguay); Proclamation of the Day of Liberation by Giving the Blessing to All of Heaven and Earth (October 23,1999, East Garden, Irvington, New York); and Proclamation of the Completion of True Parents' Providential Responsibility (December 26, 1999, Belvedere Training Center, Tarrytown, New York).

In this way, True Parents brought the providence for the Completed Testament Age to its conclusion. By this series of proclamations, they prepared to begin the providence for the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity (Cheon II Guk), which was ushered in at the beginning of the new millennium and would develop thenceforth.

Pal II Jeol (8-1 Day), the Day of Returning to the Original Homeland

1 The family is the most fundamental unit. There must be three generations in the family: the grandfather and grandmother, the father and mother, who are in the positions of kings and queens, and then the third generation, the princes and princesses who will become kings and queens. We establish the family upon the ideal of True Parents, our immovable bedrock founded for eternity. Why so? When the sun rises, all things of creation face the sun. Likewise, all things of creation in America would like to return to True Parents and want to become one with them. I am not just speaking empty words; this is true.

Now that we have laid victorious foundations in each of the 50 states, this morning God and True Parents in total oneness are bringing back to East Garden all these foundations with the entire root that God blessed—the individual foundation, the family foundation, the tribal, national, world and cosmic foundations. The ceremony that we are performing on this first day of August is to unite everything. After all, August is the 8th month, and the number 8 signifies a new beginning. I want this day to be commemorated, and I proclaim it to be the beginning of the era of the Unification Church. (248-105, 1993/08/01)

2 Before the Israelites entered the promised land of Canaan, the first generation, which had failed to fulfill its responsibility, was swept into oblivion in the wilderness. What have I been doing during the past 40 years from 1952 to 1992?

The Unification Church and the world have dwelt within the realm of imperfection, so to bring them to the position of perfection, all remnants of failure must be swept away, just as God swept away the first-generation Israelites in the wilderness. Without any foundation, I went to the front line and took responsibility, and I restored the foundation of the Christian cultural sphere that was lost. In the Garden of Eden, the archangel Lucifer pulled Eve into hell, and then Lucifer and Eve together pulled AdanJ into hell, but through indemnity I reversed this on the world level.

As John the Baptist was unable to unite with Jesus, the Christian cultural sphere was unable to unite with me. I was thus hounded into the wilderness. Nevertheless, I indemnified the 4,000 years of Judeo-Christian history, and further, all of history since the time of the Creation. I was able to indemnify what was left unaccomplished by Jacob's family, by Moses and his people, by Jesus' 120 disciples, and by the 160 nations to which I had sent missionaries and which should have accepted me. I took responsibility for all of this. This meant I had to create a foundation to recover Christianity and the free world that heaven had lost.

That is why I proclaimed August 1 the day of returning to the original homeland. The time has arrived when we can return to the homeland. In order to do so, I had to recover the realm of the bride, the Christian cultural sphere that was lost. (248-240, 1993/10/03)

Settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace and the Dissolution of Indemnity

3 I indemnified everything during the 40-year period that began in 1952. Then in 1992, on the foundation of proclaiming the liberation of women, I established Mother in a position equal to mine, so that we stood side by side. From that time on, I gradually handed my authority over to Mother. That is the path I have been following. I hurried, because I had to conclude it by 1997. If I had left the process unfinished, problems would have arisen. In this way I prepared the foundation for the Family Federation for World Peace. I even needed to hold a ceremony proclaiming the dissolution of indemnity. (280-269, 1997/01/02)

4 Our foundation had been such that Mother had no basis upon which to connect the standard of the family messiah and the tribal messiah to the standard of a world Messiah. To solve this issue, I set up 33 people to represent Jesus' 33 years of life—the life he lost due to John the Baptist. With these 33 representatives that I brought from North America to South America, I am weaving together their nations as subject and object partners. In this way, I am building a bridge for Mother to use. With those 33 people living in these vast plains, I built a bridge for Mother, connecting South America to North America, then to Japan and finally to Korea. By investing my total devotion to attend Mother in South America, it turned out that everything was accomplished. South America was challenging for us. However, since we succeeded there and prepared a foundation, it is no longer a problem to hold events anywhere in North America where we have already established a foundation.

The 16 nations that participated in the Korean War are in the position of Abel. Adding 16 more nations in the Cain position makes the number 32. Including Mother, the number is 33. Hence on the foundation of those 33 missionaries, we could establish the realms of the family messiah, tribal messiah and national messiah. On this basis, we can proclaim that we have reached the standard whereby Mother and I have the authority as the world-level Messiahs to freely travel around the globe and create the one world family on this earth.

That is why on July 30, 1996, we were able to hold the inauguration of the Family Federation for World Peace in Washington, DC. On the first day of November, three months after the first day of August, I proclaimed that with the creation of the Family Federation for World Peace comes the dissolution of indemnity. Through the Family Federation we are entering an era when we will receive good fortune. I tell you, the time has arrived when the families of the world will come to us and want to receive the Blessing. (281-039, 1997/01/02)

5 Up to this point we have been working hard to restore the Garden of Eden. To this end, we have been expanding the authority of the elder son, the authority of the parents and the authority of king-ship throughout the world, which were all lost by the family in the Garden of Eden. Thereby, we achieved balance and equality on the horizontal plane and reorganized the family to be centered on God. We established a straight line from the level of the individual to the family level, the tribal level, and the levels of the people, the nation, the world and finally the cosmos.

These all must unite, just as our mind and body need to unite. Then God will be able to come and go freely anywhere from the level of the individual, to the level of the family, the people and the nation. However, because there were still conditions whereby Satan could oppose God's providence, we True Parents established the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification for the settlement of numerous families, and proclaimed the conclusion of indemnity for them. (282-320, 1997/04/07)

6 By serving True Parents better than you serve your own parents, you can receive their Blessing and inherit their victory. As their son or daughter, neither Satan nor God can deny your right to inherit their victory. This is the dissolution of indemnity. When the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is settled, and when you become sons and daughters who attend True Parents as your own parents, and your families become absolute families in which you and your spouse can unite with God in love as filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters, you will be able to inherit the entire victory of True Parents and the absolute authority of God. (280-077, 1996/11/01)

Chil Pal Jeol (7-8 Day), the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth

7 Heavenly Father, You lost all the cultures of the East and the West. You lost the land of the fatherland which, based on the unification of North and South Korea, should have been the central nation of all nations of the world. We, Your people, face a situation where we had to be divided into two, although we should have all received the Blessing to become heaven's extended family.

Unification Church members understand the fact, derived from history, that we had to once again go through a course of 40 years to rectify the division and conflicts between the ideologies of communism and democracy. That 40-year period represented 4,000 years of providential history. Yet no one knew Your sorrow and pain, Heavenly Father, about this period during which Satan exercised his sovereign power by collaborating with the people of his world to cause Christianity and Christian nations, and religions and people of religion and faith, to attack Your Will and the True Parents who had come.

Heavenly Father, You have been pioneering this path alone, alone, utterly alone. Still, under Your guidance I have fought to prepare a haven of Sabbath rest for You. Struggling during that 40-year history I brought victory to You on every level, by making havens where You can rest in individuals, havens where You can rest with husbands and wives, havens where You can rest in the tribe, the nation, the world and the cosmos. I have been fighting to make the creation into the ideal environment where You can dwell and freely act as You will. Now I have surmounted every rugged hill. Therefore, today, centering on True Parents, we can welcome the amazing age when we can proclaim the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath. (286-080, 1997/08/09)

8 Heavenly Father, on this day, Your Son being 77 years old, we are at a focal point that connects 8 instances of the number 7: my age of 77, 1997, the 7th month, the 7th day of the month, at 7 minutes and 7 seconds past 7 o'clock. Thus we can go over the number 7 and connect to the number 8, the number of a new start—the start of the year of the Sabbath.

Because of this, all Unification families are now able to attend God by virtue of being members of the family of True Parents, who have inherited the tradition of love and the authority of heaven, and who now enable God to rest on the national level, the world level and the cosmic level. We must connect to God and True Parents' foundation of Sabbath rest on which they can come and go freely everywhere from the family all the way to the cosmos. We can accomplish this by working to welcome the time when we cross these boundaries and establish the royal sovereignty of the one kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, where we achieve oneness with God. (286-082, 1997/08/09)

9 Heavenly Father, now the time has come when the stains of the sorrowful tears that flowed from the family of True Parents will disappear. Thus seeking for Your liberation, I proclaim in the name of True Parents the dawning of the age in which there will be no hindrance in the comings and goings of True Parents and their church family with all Your beloved children, Your beloved nations, beloved world and beloved cosmos. Centering on True Parents, all humankind will reach the highest summit where everyone can freely travel and enjoy the privileges that You bestowed upon them according to the ideal of creation. I proclaim that in this way You will be liberated everywhere and all the grievances in Your heart will be eradicated. Thus, 1 sincerely beseech that You will accept these offerings that we make to You.

May You receive in Your heart this hour when we are making this proclamation of the Realm of Cosmic Liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. May You proclaim this from heaven. May You raise high the flag of victory in the united realm of the earthly world and the heavenly world. (286-083, 1997/08/09)

10 God lost the home of His peaceful rest. To seek for the ideal family in the fallen world is to seek the home of God's peaceful rest. What is the focal point to establish this home? It is a true family, which can be formed by true parents and true children, centered on true love.

That is why I am saying the family is the center of everything. Centered on the family, we should establish the clan. You Unification Church members must become clan messiahs and tribal messi-ahs. In the family, you should become family messiahs. When you become family messiahs and tribal messiahs and then form a nation, you will become national messiahs and eventually world messiahs. From there the kingdom of heaven on earth is established.

Sabbath means that God is able to rest on any level—from the individual to any level, anywhere in the physical world, even in heaven. When the family is the place of His rest, everyone in it— husband, wife, sons and daughters—all attend God and rejoice together. (286-114, 1997/08/09)

11 Heaven had us proclaim the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath based on the foundation of the world-level Blessings of the 30,000, 360,000 and 3.6 million couples. Therefore, we could give the Blessing to 36 million and then 360 million couples. The 360 Million Couples Blessing was an important milestone. Now that we have climbed over this mountain, all people of the world can become one family.

Adam's family lost the Blessing; they were unable to fulfill it. Thus, people were unable to accomplish it in the nation and in the world. However, we brought victory at every level—from the family, to the nation and the world centered on True Parents—and for the first time all humankind is able to enter the realm of liberation.

What is important here is that we are welcoming the age of the global family, and we are entering the age when families throughout the world can represent heaven and earth. Because True Parents have been victorious individually and triumphed over Satan's world in the realms of the family, tribe, people, nation and world, heaven stands in the domain of freedom. Hence, the day when the Blessing can be freely given, in villages and nations, is dawning^efore our eyes. (287-109, 1997/09/01)

Fulfillment of the Completed Testament Age for Beginning God's Kingdom in Heaven and on Earth

12 In front of True Parents, America did not stand as the elder son. In fact, America was like a prodigal son, one of the nations that opposed us the most. But we restored the authority of the elder son to America by recovering for Great Britain and America the positions they had held, based on their victory in the Second World War. Because of this, the True Parents and the elder son became one.

On this foundation True Mother and I embarked on the Speaking Tour for the Global Expansion of True Families. We dispatched the saints and others from the spirit world, designating their missions and posts on earth. We did this under our authority as the True Parents. By mobilizing all these spirits —at a time when Korea was becoming distant from the Will, Japan was becoming distant from the Will and America was still far away from the stage when it could fulfill the Will—we conducted the International Blessing Ceremony of 360 Million Couples on February 7, 1999. In this way, we took responsibility for all these nations.

True Parents directly took responsibility for all the failures of the spirit world and the chosen nations on earth. We solidified and made secure the positions of Korea, Japan and America. This was done through the International Blessing we conducted on February 7, 1999. Then, in order to expand the foundation of our settlement on the world level, I carried out an eight-city speaking tour in Korea. After that, Mother took responsibility to continue the speaking tour in Japan and America. She delivered speeches in 16 cities in Japan, 24 cities in America, and now she has embarked on a tour of 80 cities in various parts of the world. (300-300, 1999/04/11)

13 True Parents were the first people to shoulder and accomplish the responsibility for all the failures in the parent-child relationship between God and human beings. For the first time in history, we also took responsibility for what Christianity and even God could not do, which was to prepare the foundation for God to be present on earth. Through the victories of Korea, Japan and the United States, and based on the authority of the elder son, we, as the True Parents, took responsibility for what the Christian cultural sphere could not fulfill in 1945, as well as for all its failures during our 40-year wilderness course on the way to Canaan, up to the present day.

After taking full responsibility and assuming full authority, we were determined to resolve all unsettled matters in history and bring settlement for God on earth. For this, we decided to launch True Mother's Speaking Tour for the Global Expansion of True Families in 34 nations. The tour includes 33 nations in the Cain cultural sphere representing Jesus' 33 years of life. Including Korea makes it 34 nations. The purpose of the tour is to bring God's settlement on earth, to establish Him throughout the world. With this tour we can clear up all the setbacks that occurred during the 34 years when Jesus should have recovered the nation and gone on to the world. It is time to lay our foundation throughout the world. (300-301, 1999/04/11)

Congratulating the Parents of Heaven and Earth on Their Cosmic-Level Victory

14 You should have mind-body unity within yourselves. The body is horizontal and the mind is vertical. Together, they constitute an origin-division-union paradigm. However, since the body and mind are separated from God and therefore divided from each other, the Unification Church is striving to unite them. This should be our first and foremost goal in life. Achieving mind-body unity is the formation-stage origin-division-union paradigm. Achieving unity between husband and wife is the growth - stage origin - division - union paradigm, and then the unity of parents and children is the completion-stage origin-division-union paradigm.

Unless you accomplish these, you will not be able to go to heaven. Even if your family has received the Blessing, unless you attain this standard, when you go to the other world you will not be able to go to the kingdom of heaven. Instead you will go to paradise, and there you will have to go through a further course of training. You must meet these requirements even if it takes thousands of years. In that case, a family paradise would have to come into existence.

True Parents took responsibility to prevent this eventuality by clearing all the major obstacles both vertically and horizontally. Therefore, you will be able to surmount these hills as long as you center on True Parents with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. For this to happen, on June 14, 1999, I made the Proclamation Congratulating the Parents of Heaven and Earth on their Cosmic-Level Victory. In doing so, I concluded everything. (303-135, 1999/08/08)

15 By the Proclamation Congratulating the Parents of Heaven and Earth on their Cosmic-Level Victory, I established a foundation for the existence of the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, on July 27, 1999, after traveling to South America, I created a holy ground. First, it is the Original Holy Ground; second, it is the Root Holy Ground; and third, it is the Holy Ground of Victory.

With the loss of the original holy ground in the Garden of Eden, God, True Parents and the blessed families all lost what then should have been the original holy ground, the root holy ground, and the victory holy ground. We recovered it by achieving the cosmic-level family. This is the holy ground that can bring order to history, from its beginning to its end. Therefore, in Jardim we built the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace. The kingdom of heaven begins from there. You are to go to the kingdom of heaven by receiving education there and by visiting this holy ground. (303-138, 1999/08/08)

16 Heavenly Father, it^s now 1:15 p.m. on June 14, 1999. On May 14, in the Pantanal, Brazil, in the name of True Parents we have already conducted the Ceremony to Proclaim the Liberation of the Cosmos, and on May 30 we proclaimed the Celebration of True Parents' East-West (Global) Victory at Belvedere. On that foundation, we are now welcoming this extraordinary and historic point in time when, based on the victorious realm of True Parents who represent heaven and earth, we can proclaim this victory celebration.

We understand that ever since the ancestors of humankind committed sin in front of You, Heavenly Father, in Your heart You have been burying all manner of sorrows, which no one could dissolve throughout history. We understand how despairing and entangled Your heart must be, having watched Satan mock, curse and revile You. Your plan was to inaugurate the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, centered on the family of the original, unfallen, perfected Adam and Eve that would have formed the realm of a loving tribe bonded to Your lineage, and then would have expanded Your lineage to a loving people and a loving nation. But it ended up completely disintegrating.

However, in these Last Days, when the morals and ethics that would have characterized the perfect family of the original, unfallen Adam and Eve had vanished and the foundation of the family had completely disappeared, True Parents appeared for the first time. We came to a world that is so unlike the ideal that God wanted to complete in the Garden of Eden, with the mission to connect it to the lineage that You have envisioned through True Parents. Despite enduring all kinds of suffering from my adolescence through the prime of my life, my wife and I have spread globally the Blessing that engrafts the lineage of Your love to young people whom we have educated with the foundation of morals and ethics of God's family. Now we have come to the stage at which we are going beyond the Blessing of400 Million Couples, which connects the five races as brothers and sisters stemming from Your one lineage and binds their hearts with sibling love. (302-234, 1999/06/14)

Gu GuJeol (9-9 Day), the Day the Parents of Heaven and Earth Open the Realm of Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth

17 At 9 minutes and 9 seconds after 9 o'clock, on the 9th day of the 9th month of 1999, on my 79th birthday, I surmounted the realm of the number 9, which is Satan's number of completion.

The Principle of Restoration explains that due to their relationships caused by the Fall, the realms of both heaven and earth have been in bondage to Satan. Satan blocked all levels, beginning in the womb, to infancy, youth, engagement, marriage, husband and wife, parents, grandparents, and kings— nine levels in all. Humankind could not achieve the united, ideal realm, the realm where men and women connect through God's lineage. Being blocked on every level, good and evil emerged and fought—in the realms of the womb, infancy, youth, engagement, marriage, husband and wife, parents, grandparents, all the way to the realm of kings. As a result, many people in the Abel realm on God's side lost their lives.

Nevertheless, unless we, as Abel, bring Cain to surrender voluntarily, and thus recover the authority of the elder son of God's kingdom, we will not be able to establish God's good lineage out of Satan's defiled lineage. This has been the work of salvation, filled with bitter pain and sorrow. It is the fundamental and mainstream path for the salvation of humankind. I discovered it because I came to the world as the True Parent. (303-253, 1999/09/09)

18 The number 9 is the highest number that the false parent, Satan, can claim. That is why God should be able to subjugate the number 9. Thus in the Old Testament, God conducted providential work to claim the number 9 by setting up the condition of tithing, which is claiming one out of ten.

Not only did we have to defeat the number 9, which is the highest of Satan's numbers on the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world levels, but now that True Parents have surmounted it, through our love on earth we must connect people directly to the path to the kingdom of heaven. This will happen when True Parents clear up all the issues between the earthly world and the heavenly world, and tear down the vertical and horizontal walls that have blocked people from leaving hell on earth and hell in the spirit world. (303-254, 1999/09/09)

19 Heavenly Father, a full two years have passed since Chil Pal Jeol (7-8 Day), when we proclaimed the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Before entering the year 2000, we have to completely liquidate all the claims made by Satan's world. To make the transition from 1999 and welcome the 2000s, we must connect to the number 10 on the 10th day of the 9th month of 1999. This signifies realizing the world without the Fall, the original ideal of creation. It spans the earthly world and the heavenly world in all dimensions, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. We must do this to achieve the realm of liberation in heaven and on earth, the spherical world of unity that You have long sought for according to Your original Will.

On June 14,1999, we conducted the Proclamation Congratulating the Parents of Heaven and Earth on their Cosmic-Level Victory. On that foundation, today we are able to proclaim the Day the Parents of Heaven and Earth Open the Realm of the Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth. (303-255, 1999/09/09)

20 Heavenly Father, beginning on September 9, 1999, people need to absolutely obey and surrender in front of this proclamation, which is Your proclamation. Even those who have opposed You to this point need to turn 180 degrees to the direction of goodness by demonstrating absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. By doing so, they need to rectify through indemnity the failure of the archangel, who did not follow You—the Great Subject Partner—in the Garden of Eden and to restore the heavenly bond between You and Your creation with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Now we True Parents, as Your partners, stand before You as the Parents of Heaven and Earth, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. You have absolute faith in all humanity and all things of creation. By Your absolute love, they will come into absolute obedience to You in accordance with Your authority of absolute liberation. Thereby, not only the archangel Lucifer but also hell will be liberated. This we proclaim on this 9-9 Day, in the name of True Parents. (303-257, 1999/09/09)

Sam ShibJeol (3-10 Day), the Day the Parents of Heaven and Earth Conduct the Ceremony for the Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth

21 Heavenly Father, at 10 minutes after 10, on the 10lh day of the 9th month of 1999,1 proclaim the Day the Parents of Heaven and Earth Conduct the Ceremony for the Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth. Yesterday we proclaimed 9-9 Day. We were able to do so because the world had gone beyond the stage in which families on earth were making relationships with me, True Father, as my younger siblings or my children, in light of the fact that Mother and I had reached the stage at which we had been inaugurated as the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who represent to humankind the original relationship of husband and wife, the original parents and the original king and queen.

This was achieved on the foundation of 7-8 Day when I proclaimed the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and after the Proclamation Congratulating the Parents of Heaven and Earth on their Cosmic-Level Victory. Therefore, we can now proclaim the Parents of Heaven and Earth and at the same time praise Your victory.

We established Gu Gu Jeol (9-9 Day) on this foundation of proclaiming the age of great change of heaven and earth. Chil Pal Jeol (7-8 Day) marked the boundary line of goodness centered on God. With this boundary line, by straightening up everything in Satan's world that was in opposition to God, I established Gu Gu Jeol (9-9 Day), so that all can return to God. And then, based on that foundation, after choosing the 10th minute of the 10th hour on the 10lh day of the 9lh month of 1999, we were able to welcome Sam Shib Jeol (3-10 Day), the Day the Parents of Heaven and Earth Conduct the Ceremony for the Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth. (304-057, 1999/09/10)

22 Heavenly Father, based on Gu Gu Jeol (9-9 Day), today on Sam Shib Jeol (3-10 Day) we are conducting the Ceremony for the Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth in the name of True Parents. Now the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who stand at the summit in all areas, can embrace the entire cosmos centering on You, and offer the grace of the Blessing.

After 9-9 Day, those who went an opposite path were brought back to You, and this prepared them to stand in the realm of 3-10 Day. Thus, all can take the same direction and stand in the realm of Your dominion. In this way we brought all that was established by 7-8 Day and 9-9 Day, which encompassed the numbers 7, 8, and 9, under Your dominion. When we established those days we built a buffer zone, a realm of unity, between the boundary line of heaven and the boundary line of Satan. However, now, by claiming dominion over all numbers—1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9—which had been in Satan's realm, we can dedicate the standard that all numbers—1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10—are united on the side of God. (304-057, 1999/09/10)

23 Heavenly Father, we proclaimed 7-8 Day and 9-9 Day, uniting every level from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. On this foundation, we now establish 3-10 Day, which enables us to go over every hill. We thereby have reached a pinnacle whereby we are able to come and go freely through all numbers from 1 to 10, no matter how many digits, whether 100, 1,000, or a billion or more. In this way, we have established our dominion as the owners of all things in the universe with the authority of all generations, numbering many thousands.

On this day, 3-10 Day, we True Parents received and acted upon every direction that You, Heavenly Father, asked of us. In proclaiming this day, we resolve that it will be a day of proclamation for all eternity. We pray that everyone in the cosmos will voluntarily follow and begin establishing the tradition accordingly. I proclaim all this before heaven and earth, both in the name of True Parents and in the name of the vertical God. (304-059, 1999/09/10)

24 On this 10th minute of the 10th hour of the 10th day of the 9th month of 1999, I proclaim 3-10 Day. At this moment, September 10 at 10:10 a.m., in addition to the 9th day of September, we have three 10s. In the providence of restoration, everything is all right based on the number 3, which signifies completion. Having completed the number 3, the Old Testament Age is okay, the New Testament Age is okay, and the Completed Testament Age is okay.

In terms of restoration, the number 10 represents the number of return and the number of completion as well. Being above the number 9, the number 10 surmounts Satan's apex, which comes from the number 3 multiplied by 3 stages. So the fact that we can claim the number 10, heaven's number, is truly historic. This signifies the completion of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament ages.

We are going through a transition into the age where we will be governed under the dominion of love according to the ideal of the original creation. It brings with it the heavenly fortune to realize the unification of North and South Korea, the unification of the East and the West, and the unification of the North and the South, where the gap between the wealthy and the poor will be closed. (304-060, 1999/09/10)

25 Through the ceremony that I conducted today, September 10, 1999, Adam's family has reached the standard of perfection that God wanted to see. Therefore, now we can enter the age to connect this family to God's kingdom on the levels of the tribe, people, nation and world. Satan no longer has any basis to exercise his power. Humankind, that was taking a path opposite to God, has now turned around. As a result, we have come to the point where people from both sides can put their heads together. Since the numbers 9 and 10 are now united, the buffer zone and boundary line that had been set up based on 7-8 Day will now disappear. Thus, all can enter the dominion of God. (304-063, 1999/09/10)

26 What is the meaning of 3-10 Day? Jehovah God sent the Messiah in the position of Abel, and from that position he is to complete the entire providence on God's behalf on the individual, tribal, people and national levels. The Messiah represents Abel and the authority of the elder son of the central nation. Until the era of the Second Advent, everything had been part of the preparation for his departure on the path toward fulfilling the work of True Parents on the world stage. This was to bestow the Blessing of True Parents on the world stage. I have now completed that mission, the Cosmic Expansion of the Marriage Blessing and the Rooting Out of Satan's Lineage.

On this foundation, I conducted the Ceremony to Proclaim the Liberation of the Cosmos on May 14, 1999, in the Pantanal and removed the borderlines of Satan's world. Because Satan's borderlines were removed and the borderline of the heavenly kingdom was set up, equalization is possible. Now everyone has the same landing pad. Now God's children, whether in the physical world or the spiritual world, will face no obstacles or interference in fulfilling their portion of responsibility for their parent-child, husband-wife, and brother-sister relationships. Having thus expanded the form of the family of the original lineage worldwide, I have marked this day, September 10, 1999, as a day of victory. (304-103, 1999/09/10)

The Era in Which We Report Prayers in Our Own Names

27 Up to the present you have prayed, "Please do this; please let that be done" God then listened to your prayers and fulfilled everything for you. However, after receiving all that from God, you need to do what I have done: face Satan's world of the flesh, invest all your mind and body, fight and win. You understand all this. If so, why do you need to pray like that? The age of pleading through prayer is over. Prom now on you should pray in alignment with your responsibility, saying, "I understand what I need to do, and I will do it."

You should no longer pray "in the name of True Parents." Instead, pray, "I pray this in the name of__________(your name) who received the Blessing in the name of True Parents." Actually, you should say, "I pray this in the name of ________(your name), a true child by the merit of True Parents." Also, you should not just pray, but say, "I report this..." The age of praying for this and that and asking God to do this and that is passing. God already gives everything to us.

Henceforth, you need to understand the victorious foundation True Parents have established, and you should be determined to do as we have done, that is, to fulfill the responsibility of a son or daughter to achieve actual results. As a true child, you will have to carry out your responsibility as an individual, and also carry out your responsibilities for your family, your tribe, your people and your nation. Your family must become a family of filial children and patriots. (304-129, 1999/09/14)

28 All of you can inherit true love, but to do so you have to pray differently. As members of the Unification Church, you must not only pray for your sons and daughters to do well. You must pray for the sake of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. There is the kingdom of heaven on earth on different levels: the individual level, the family level and the national level. When you pray for these kingdoms, the boundary lines separating peoples and nations will disappear. This is what God wants.

Also, rather than praying first, you should first go out, work hard, and report afterward. If you have nothing to report, you should kneel down and repent. You have to repent for your failures or your negativity. You need to honestly report about it, and say, "This is what I did," or "I did this much." And then make a promise to God about what you will do to make it up. After I came to America, I was more focused on action than on praying. I focused on carrying out my vows to God. (304-130, 1999/09/14)

29 This is the age when you pray in your own name, when you leave behind the time of praying in True Parents' name. This means you are taking responsibility for the content of your prayer. You must become the embodiment of your prayer. Do not pray carelessly. In whose name do you think Jesus prayed? He would have prayed in the name of the Son, in the name of the only-begotten Son. However, we must establish the family. Therefore, we cannot omit the word, "family," which includes your husband and all the other members of your family. (304-135, 1999/09/14)

Ssang Shib Jeol (10-10 Day)

30 Today is October 10, the 10th day of the 10th month of 1999. It is the day when the number 10 in heaven and the number 10 on earth become one. Therefore, when you pray, you should now pray in your own name. I declared this on September 14. What this means is that we are now beyond the realm of indemnity. Hence, you should now give the Blessing to your own sons and daughters. You need to do so. Praying in your own name means that you are now able to give thefelessing to your own children. Your faith may not be deep enough; you may not meet the requisite conditions. However, because you are now able to give the Blessing to your sons and daughters, you are entering the realm of the Fourth Adam. (304-155, 1999/10/10)

31 Ssang Shib Jeol (10-10 Day) is the day when heaven and earth can completely unite. Thus far, you who came from fallen families were brought to liberation by completely centering on True Parents, the embodiments of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. In achieving this, you are to go beyond the realms of the First Adam, the Second Adam and the Third Adam and enter the realm of the Fourth Adam.

To enter the realm of the Fourth Adam, you should be able to indemnify all of your sins from a position of self-reliance and report to God independently. That is why from now on you can and should pray in your own name. Moreover, the family that prays in their own name can and should give the Blessing to their own sons and daughters. (304-155, 1999/10/10)

32 I already proclaimed in 1998 that the realm of the Fourth Adam must come. Today, on Ssang Shib Jeol (10-10 Day), we have gone beyond this. The realm of the Fourth Adam has arrived. That is why October has become a glorious month. October 4 was the day I was liberated from Seodaemun Prison, and October 14 was the day I was liberated from Fleungnam Prison. With these two 4s, I proclaimed the cosmic Sa Sa Jeol (4-4 Day). I proclaimed the family-level 4-4 Day in Kodiak and the cosmic level 4-4 Day in Uruguay. This means that once we connect to God's ideal of the four-position foundation, we can surmount Satan's obstacles. Having made all the conditions with which to subjugate Satan, we are now entering the age when indemnity is no longer necessary. This is the age of the realm of the Fourth Adam. It is no longer the age of restoration through indemnity; it is rather the age of restoration in a natural way. (304-160, 1999/10/10)

Day of Liberation by Giving the Blessing to All of Heaven and Earth

33 Since proclaiming 10-10 Day on October 10, we have passed through 10 days plus 3 more days to arrive at today, October 23,1999.1 proclaim it the Day of Liberation by Giving the Blessing to All of Heaven and Earth. Today, adding another 10 to the numbers 10 and 10 from 10-10 Day, we have 30. Adding 3 makes 33. Because today is the day this is achieved, from the providential perspective, the time has come to bring to a conclusion all that True Parents have proclaimed up to now.

We have gone through the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age, through the First Adam, the Second Adam and the Third Adam. During the past 40 years we recovered what was divided spiritually and physically and indemnified the entire substantial realm. However, that is not enough. Now that we have gone over this hill, my proclamation today is that we must establish on this earth the realm of Adam's eternal victory. It is a realm having nothing to do with the Fall, a realm of unfallen, original created beings. This is the age of the realm of the Fourth Adam, which I announced earlier.

In the age of the realm of the Fourth Adam, I am placing all the Unification Church members who received the Blessing throughout the world in the position that Adam and Eve would have been in had they received the Blessing without having fallen. These members are in the position of having received that Blessing on the foundation of having inherited the victorious realms of the First Adam, the Second Adam and the Third Adam. The condition for this is their heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, which brings them into oneness with True Parents. On that basis, they have to liquidate everything through the Total Living Offering.

God lamented the Fall of Adam and Eve, and that lamentation spread from the Lord of Creation throughout all the realms of substantial beings. But now that we, the True Parents, have fulfilled all the indemnity conditions passed down through the history of religion, we have secured the position of owners who should liberate all things of creation, liberate all fallen children, liberate the family of Adam and Eve, and finally liberate God. Once these things have been done, everything will be finished.

We had to pick one day for this purpose and clean up everything from the past. That day is today. In order to do this, we had all Unification Church families make the Total Living Offering as their indemnity condition. Today on Ssang Shib Jeol, the 10-10 Day, with their offerings as the condition we bequeathed to them the blessing of entering the realm of the Fourth Adam. (304-169, 1999/10/23)

34 All things of creation were in lamentation until the coming of True Parents. Unable to center on True Parents, they could not enter the world of Gods love and live under His dominion. We need to liberate them from the state of lamentation. It is the same with your children; your children are not yet in the realm of grace where they can be liberated, and therefore they must enter the realm of liberation.

Next, your own family has not yet gone beyond the realm of making indemnity conditions. You can bring your family beyond that realm by making the condition of giving the Blessing to others, giving True Parents' victory to others.

Next, your family has not yet completed the work of liberating your tribe, your people and your nation. Although Satan had been exercising his full power on the national level, we crushed his power. We made all the necessary indemnity conditions so that you can connect the nations to heaven, exercising God's full authority. In Kodiak, I announced a great change, that we are entering the age when God can be present everywhere, immanent everywhere, with all authority and all power. This was the proclamation of overcoming everything.

Thus today, October 23, 1999,1 am proclaiming the unity of the four great realms of heart, the liberation of the realms of creation, the liberation of children, the liberation of husband and wife, the liberation of parents, and the liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Once you absolutely believe the standard of this victory, you can enter the realm of God's absolute ownership, where God can freely act in your life. Based on your absolute faith, the absolute liberation of all things, the absolute liberation of children, the absolute liberation of couples, and the absolute liberation of families, clans and nations, will take place. Then it will not be long before Satan's world comes to an end. (304-172, 1999/10/23)

35 Heavenly Father, on this day, October 23,1999,1 proclaim the liberation of all things of creation, the liberation of all children, the liberation of all husbands and wives, the liberation of True Parents in the earthly world, and the liberation of all beings in the heavenly world. It is the transition to a new age.

On the foundation of proclaiming 7-8 Day, 9-9 Day and 3-10 Day, all Your blessed children now can ask for Gods blessings on behalf of True Parents. They can even reach the level to suggest all manner of paths to pioneer for heaven, and by doing so, any of them can receive heavens entire inheritance. By this ceremony that transfers the victorious realm of True Parents to the heavenly world and the earthly world, we have ushered in a new age. In this new age under heaven, Satan's entire realm can be completely eliminated. This means all the realms of creation—of children, husband and wife, and parents—can declare the beginning of glory.

From this moment on, through this ceremony, in the name of True Parents and in the name of Jehovah, the True Parent of the Cosmos, we proclaim that all things of creation are liberated, all children are liberated, all husbands and wives are liberated, True Parents are liberated, and the Creator in heaven, the Parent of the Cosmos, is liberated. Along with their liberation, may heaven and earth be united as the world where You are sovereign, under the dominion of Your ideal love, so that it may advance in the one direction, on Your path alone, toward the world where the sovereignty of Your love is totally victorious. (304-174, 1999/10/23)

Completion of True Parents' Providential Responsibility

36 Once we can say "Completion of Providential Responsibility," it means that everything is finished. Who has been fulfilling the responsibility? It is God. Until today, God did the work that we did not want to do, which we call the providence of salvation. Originally, God did not envision a providence of salvation; He had intended to complete His Will as the ideal of creation alone. However, because our original ancestors allowed Satan to invade, a different world was created, which overwhelmed the sphere of God's original work in history. Instead of following His original plan, God had to take responsibility to save humankind by carrying out the work of the providence. (313-262, 1999/12/26)

37 History thus far has unfolded not from the perspective of the original Will, but as the providence of salvation. If God had become the Owner as He had originally envisioned, the false owner, Satan, would not have come to exist. God created all things of the creation for His son and daughter. Therefore, they should have completely understood the meaning of all God's work for the Will as revealed through their Father-child relationship with Him. However, due to that other owner, who had appeared and taken over the world, God could not disclose these matters, and humankind began a history of ignorance. That is why human beings have not understood anything fundamental but, having plunged into the realm of the Fall, have remained ignorant of all fundamental matters, ineluding God, His original Will and the perspective of His providence. (313-262, 1999/12/26)

38 When we say, "Completion of True Parents' Providential Responsibility," what do we mean by the completion of responsibility? It means completely elucidating God's view of the providence, disclosing all the mysteries, clarifying all misunderstandings, and connecting us to the standard of His heart when He created the first human beings. True Parents completed their responsibility for these things, centered on God.

No one had understood how human history began and why it played out the way it did. However, I have discovered God's ideal of creation, what happened to His relationship with His son and daughter, Adam and Eve, and how to build connections between Him and all people on earth. I discovered the Principle by which we can build and complete the kingdom of heaven in the earthly world and the heavenly world on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. (313-263, 1999/12/26)

39 If all the ideals that God had for the Will had been realized, all would have become like one body. That is, when God moved as the Father, His son Adam would have moved, and all created things, which symbolize that son, would have moved in unity with him. If this had occurred, the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and even the eternal world would have moved as one, as His perfect embodiments. Had they become one with God, every single entity would have been complete and perfect, manifesting complete and perfect value. They would have created the one substantial and ideal realm.

Had God and human beings become one, all created things would have made an environment in which to nurture human beings, sustain them, and provide everything th^y needed for a comfortable life. All created things in the physical world would have existed for human beings. (313-265, 1999/12/26)

40 What is the responsibility that True Parents need to fulfill from the viewpoint of the providence? It is to teach you that "marriage" as it occurs in nature throughout the universe can be connected with human marriage, and that human marriage can be connected with marriage in heaven, in the spirit world. True Parents have also been teaching you your responsibility, which is to fulfill your duty to bring your marriage under God's blessing. The core teaching for this is love—love that is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging, which can come only from the One. Anyone who connects to such love naturally becomes a being who is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. Only through love can we become such people. (313-273, 1999/12/26)

Chapter 4

The Women's Federation for World Peace and True Mother's World Tours

Section 1. The Founding of WFWP and the Proclamation of the Women's Era

The Women's Federation for Peace in Asia

The inaugural assembly of the Women s Federation for Peace in Asia was held on September 17,1991, at the NK Hall of the Tokyo Bay Hotel, with 7,000 Japanese women in attendance. At that event True Mother gave her first public speech; its title was "The True Love Movement Bringing Salvation to Asia and the World."

Subsequently, the inaugural assembly of the Korean chapter of the Women s Federation for Peace in Asia was held on October 31, 1991, at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center in Seoul, with 2,000 woman leaders in attendance. At that gathering, Korean and Japanese woman leaders were united in expressing their determination to work together to spearhead joint efforts to create world peace in Asia and throughout the world. True Father told the attendees that the women of Korea represent Adam and the women of Japan represent Eve. He called on them to invest their hearts and souls into restoring the world, centering on True Mother.

1 We held the inaugural assembly of the Women s Federation for Peace in Asia in Japan on September 17, 1991, and the inaugural assembly of the Korean chapter of the Women s Federation for Peace in Asia on October 31 of the same year. Within seven months, we held the inaugural assembly for the Womens Federation for World Peace, and over the next seven months we will set up chapters throughout the world.

On November 20, 1991, we held a national-level assembly. No one, including the members in Japan, believed it was possible to hold that assembly so soon after inaugurating the Korean chapter. It had taken Japan five years to prepare for their first event. They asked how it could be possible to gather 10,000 people for a national assembly in just 20 days. But we did it, gathering 15,000 people for the nationwide rally of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia at the Seoul Olympic Fencing Arena. Four months later, about 160,000 people attended the inaugural assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace.

By Mother taking leadership in this way, she came to stand right by my side. To go to the heavenly kingdom, both of us have to go together, and the children will have to follow after us. We have to teach them about this. To accomplish this, we must liberate women. Historically, during the course of restoration through indemnity, women have harbored a great deal of deep sorrow in their hearts. (229-312, 1992/04/13)

2 The time has come for Korean and Japanese women to join together and return to their original position. This was done through the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia, when Japanese women and Korean women united. By successfully completing her three speeches before the public, True Mother established the condition of Cain-Abel unity on the national level.

On April 10, 1992, in Seoul, more than 5,000 women came from Japan and joined the women of Korea for the first assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace. That is how Korea became the elder Eve. By uniting, centered on the restored elder Eve, and with Japan in the position of Cain, Cain and Abel became one on the national level. Because the women of those two countries united with True Mother, who has the authority to unite all women, they could stand in the position to represent her. Thus, the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia laid the foundation for the establishment of the Women's Federation for World Peace. Until now, Eve has been following me, but with the declarations at these assemblies, Mother now stands at my side. In that way, we have established the authority of the Parents. (229-343, 1992/04/13)

3 In September 1991, we were in Alaska. We needed to prepare to unite the women of Japan and| Korea, because Japan is in the position of the Eve nation. But at the time I could not see a way forward. Still, there was no one but I who could make it happen.

I needed Mother to go to Japan and hold an assembly of 7,000 people. When I first asked her to do this, she probably felt as if lightning had struck her. It is not easy to address an assembly of that size, especially in the presence of the prime minister's wife. But she accepted and carried out her task decisively. Returning to Korea, we connected this first assembly in Japan to the Korean launch of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia.

After doing this, we established the Women's Federation for World Peace. Although Korea was the nation that took the lead in founding this organization, it could not be limited to Korea or even to Asia. Through the Women's Federation for World Peace we are aiming to bring peace throughout the world. (232-196, 1992/07/06)

4 I told Mother that she needed to study Japanese, because-she would have to make speeches in Japanese, representing me, once we reached the world level. In Japan, if you want to move and melt hearts, you cannot do it by speaking only Korean. I knew that Mother was neither born in Japan nor had studied Japanese for more than a short time. Nevertheless, I told her that if she could speak in fluent Japanese, the Japanese people would be bowled over. That was why I told her to study Japanese. Mother accepted unconditionally. She just said yes, without complaining, and followed me completely. In this respect Mother is truly remarkable. (258-330, 1994/03/20)

5 The first time Mother stood before the public was at the assembly of the Women s Federation for Peace in Asia, at the NK Hall of the Tokyo Bay Hotel in front of an audience of 7,000. It was her first time speaking in public, but she carried herself with such dignity. How could she do that? Mother had attended many international assemblies with me, so she had already experienced being the center of attention among prominent guests. Also, when I gave speeches she listened and analyzed them. She learned that people are more attentive to your speeches if you vary the tone of your voice, going up and down. She saw that a smooth and sincere delivery would impress and move an audience. (257-288, 1994/03/16)

6 The first time True Mother spoke from the stage was at the inaugural assembly of the Womens Federation for Peace in Asia. An audience of 7,000 had been gathered, including many famous and eminent Japanese women. When Mother first stood on the stage, she looked around to gain an understanding of the audience before her. Then, through her speech, she moved everyone's heart.

The next time Mother spoke publicly in Japan, it was in front of an audience of 50,000 at the Tokyo Dome. Although she does not speak Japanese well, she was determined to deliver her speech in Japanese. With only 15 days to prepare for the speech she barely slept, because she was so determined to establish herself as True Mother in front of that Japanese audience. To give a speech in front of 50,000 people would make even a man's legs shake, so for a woman to speak in front of such a large audience was not easy at all. Mother approached it with great seriousness, and she made the Tokyo Dome event a great success. (328-211, 2000/08/03)

7 After Mother's successful events in Japan, she went on to tour 40 countries. On that tour, Mother wanted to achieve a victory in the United States, the elder son nation, while speaking in English. Now she tries to speak in every nation s language. If she has to speak in Spanish, or in any other language that she does not know, she will manage to do so. As long as she has 40 days to prepare, she can deliver the entire speech in that language. She has that confidence, and she is willing to put in the effort. This is how she is, no matter what the objective; therefore, no one can equal her. (328-212, 2000/08/03)

8 Japanese women and Korean women must join together and unite with True Mother. That is restoration. As a man, I restored the first and second sons. However, it is for Mother to restore the first and second daughters, centering on women. I carried out the historical battle to have Abel restore the realm of the elder son. I restored the positions of the sons and returned them to God. I finished my part of the work. Centering on the United States and the Soviet Union, the authority of the elder son has been restored. The time has come, therefore, for Mother to do her part in restoration. Thus, I am having Mother connect women from two providential nations, Korea and Japan. For this, I am bequeathing my victorious foundation to her in my mission as the Messiah so that she can create her own foundation of victory as Eve. (224-092, 1991/11/23)

9 The age of women is coming. So, I gave the direction to activate the women in the church. Japan was chosen as the Eve nation in relation to Korea, the Adam nation, so we had to begin in Japan. Mother has to bind together all of the women of Japan, both in the internal realm of the church and in the external realm of society. Therefore, I called Japanese women to the training center on Jeju Island and instructed them on matters that had remained unclear. I then assigned 100 women to each prefecture in Japan.

Japan is an island nation, so in order to bring the Japanese to Korea I had to begin the work on a Korean island before bringing them to the mainland. I chose Jeju Island. Mother had to function as a bridge between the Japanese women and the Korean women of the Unification Church, so that the Korean women would accept the Japanese women. If they had not, it would have been a big problem. The Korean women had to prepare themselves to accept the Japanese women. The sooner they were prepared to accept them, the quicker the Japanese and Korean women would unite. (222-218, 1991/11/03)

10 Initiating this movement to unite women from Korea and Japan was a record-breaking historical event. It was like heaven throwing fire into the world. That is why people's experiences of those events will resonate forever, like some melodies that capture our hearts. Just by looking at photographs of the event, one can see that it was an occasion filled with grace. The intensity of those assemblies reached such a peak.

Does the love your mother gave you ever disappear from your heart? Does the love your parents gave you ever disappear from your heart? When lovers look at a picture of themselves, they are reminded of the love that never disappears from their hearts. Likewise, anyone whose heart was deeply moved by that speech, which was so connected to heaven's love, is reminded, even by looking at the photographs, of the grace that was present on that day.

It is their connection to God's love that makes the teachings of the saints and sages so precious. Mother's speech is so precious because she speaks with a heart of love that connects us to God. Therefore, her speech transcends history. At any time you can connect to that moment and the value that resides there. It has the power to revive people. (237-051, 1992/11/10)

11 As Japan is the Eve nation, Korea stands in the position of Adam. As Korea stands in Abels position, Japan stands in Cains position. Therefore, you Koreans must convey Abels tradition and spirit to Japan.

Eve fell when she was 16 years old. Therefore, Korea needed a virgin girl to become a patriot imbued with the tradition and spirit to offer everything for the love of her nation. That girl was Yu Gwan-sun. Japanese women have to inherit her spirit; otherwise, there is no way for them to connect to Korea. So I discreetly sent some people to begin a movement to lift up Yu Gwan-sun in Japan. 1 told them, "Engraft Japanese women to the spirit of the martyr Yu Gwan-sun." I am the only one who can do this kind of work. No one else can. If Japanese women engraft to this spirit, Japan and Korea will become one. Therefore, I sent Mother to Japan in September 1991 to establish the Women s Federation for Peace in Asia. (229-150, 1992/04/11)

Inauguration of the Women's Federation and the liberation of women

On April 10,1992, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, True Parents held the inaugural assembly of the Women s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) along with the Seoul Assembly of the Womens Federation for Peace in Asia. The event was attended by 160,000 people, including representatives of 72 nations, and presided over by True Mother, as president of WFWP. There, True Parents proclaimed, "The age of women is coming throughout the world."

True Father announced, "Your chairwoman, Hak Ja Han, has walked beside me on my path of suffering and hardships, so please accept her as the representative of all women. The women of this age will be the builders of an ideal world full of peace, love and freedom. The rule of men has resulted in wars, violence, oppression, exploitation and crime, but you women will put an end to that." True Mother toured the world repeating this proclamation of the age of women, meeting with and encouraging leaders, and launching a worldwide women's movement.

12 I brought all my enemies on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, nation and world to surrender, and in the process I restored 4,000 years of history. Now I have returned to Korea. The time has come to press for the unification of North and South Korea and Gods liberation.

After enduring 40 years of indemnity, the unification of heaven and earth, which should have been achieved shortly after World War II, is finally within reach. Christianity is the bride religion, in the position of Eve, but it did not fulfill the mission of the bride. Hence, True Mother must fulfill that mission and restore Korea. Christianity in the position of the bride religion should have done this, but it could not. Mother must indemnify this. And the Women s Federation for World Peace in Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe must indemnify the failure of Christianity to resolve this issue for Korea's sake.

At the end of World War II, there was an opportunity to unify the seven providential nations in that conflict: Korea, Japan, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy, even nations that had been enemies. However that opportunity was lost and the providence at that time ended in failure. This would have to be restored. Indemnity needs to be paid. That is, Korea, Great Britain, the United States and France failed to receive me and attend me as the Bridegroom following the liberation of Korea. The Bridegroom was lost, and later was found again.

Although they did not know it, for 40 years I prayed for those seven nations. To take responsibility for their failure, I had to send Mother out in front of the public for seven months and establish the Unification Church in place of the one unified world that should have arisen following the end of World War II. I placed Mother in the position to represent all the leaders of the world, and in that mission she was victorious. Now we can march forward victoriously into the era when we can unite the world. This will take place in the era of women. Since that era has come, I established the Womens Federation for World Peace in 1992. (239-242, 1992/11/25)

13 Now that Korea has restored the authority of the elder son, Korean women are in the position of the elder daughter, while Japanese women are in the position of the younger daughter. The two have to unite. Indeed, with True Mother standing at the world level in the position of their mother, Japanese and Korean women came together to launch the Womens Federation for World Peace, holding the inaugural assembly at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

The cooperation of the Japanese and Korean blessed families that united to establish this organization laid the foundation for Mother to stand as the female representative of Adam s nation and the global nation. This was made possible because she could establish a subject-object partnership between these realms of Cain and Abel. This created an environment in which plus and minus united in the process of re-creation. (230-346, 1992/05/10)

14 Just as Mother is standing on the front line, all of you women must stand there as well. That is why Mother and I established a women's organization, the Women's Federation for World Peace. Like mothers, you have to educate all people as your children.

The House of Unification for World Peace is like a home in which this education can take place. We must establish this in every village of Korea. What should you do, as mothers, after you educate the people of your village as your sons and daughters? In a family, a mother brings the children whom she has raised to unite with the man who is the head of the family. But in your case, you especially should bring the men, who are in the position of archangels, so that they can be restored to the position of Adam. You have to educate the secular people who are in the position of archangels in Satan's world. (243-153, 1993/01/03)

15 Now that the Women s Federation for World Peace has been established, all women can come to Gods side. Humanity is the vertical and horizontal expansion of the original family unit. No matter how many people make up the human race, the family is its core. To restore this family, I am dispatching tribal messiahs.

There are three positions on the horizontal level: family messiahs representing the formation stage; tribal messiahs, the growth stage; and national messiahs, the completion stage. All of these positions must connect together. As they expand horizontally, they must inherit everything through the vertical stages. This is how we built a world-level foundation. True Mother had to connect this foundation to seven nations. Eves foundation was thereby re-established horizontally centered on Korea. On that foundation, True Parents were declared to the world. (248-127, 1993/08/01)

16 Based on True Parents' standard, we must now establish a world-level domain of kingship for God's kingdom. Once we have a world-level foundation of a new group of people in nations throughout the world, North Korea's Kim Il-sung can be brought to surrender. That is how the position of True Parents and the position of the false parents can finally be reversed for the people of South and North Korea. However, this cannot be done by men alone. We need to make this happen quickly in the mother's era.

This has been the goal of the providence I have led since 1991. Thus, on April 10, 1992, with the establishment of the Women's Federation for World Peace, Adam's nation and Eve's nation completely united centered on Mother. On that basis Kim Il-sung is bound to retreat. Never before had a victorious Eve existed in the fallen world. Now that the victorious Eve has come, the fallen world, Satan's world, must disappear. (230-286, 1992/05/08)

17 On April 10, 1992, we held the inaugural assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace. Spring has come for the first time to the history of the Unification Church. The spring of 1992 is the spring of the Unification Church. Until then, Mother's role was just to follow me. She was indemnifying the fact that Adam just followed Eve into the Fall. However, the time has arrived for Eve to return to her rightful position, to return to her hometown, to prepare herself to be active, and to stand with honor.

Until now I have fought alone, but now you are on the threshold of your hometown. Accordingly, each of you has to receive your partner and line up one after another in procession. That is why I declared women's liberation worldwide, centered on Mother. (229-202, 1992/04/12)

18 The unified world was supposed to have been completed during the seven years from 1945 to 1952, but that opportunity was lost. Therefore, we now need to complete it during the seven years from 1994 to 2000. Our task during these seven years is to unite the world.

Following World War II, the Christian cultural sphere, which is the bride's cultural sphere, failed to unite with the Bridegroom. Therefore, for these seven years, from 1994 to 2000, the women of the world must unite and attend the perfected Adam who can make an impact on the family, the society and even the world. Now is the time when we can restore the opportunity that was lost after World War II to achieve the goal of building a unified world that fulfills the ideal of the kingdom of heaven.

This can be done by elevating Adam, who is already victorious on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world, and by paying off all the debts that the bride nations incurred when they did not receive the Lord, on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. That is why I declared that this is the era for the liberation of women. (254-286, 1994/02/16)

19 Mother's year was 1992. In that year she became the liberator of all the women of the world. The inaugural assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace was held in Seoul, Korea, on April 10, 1992, with woman representatives of 72 nations in attendance. At the assembly Mother declared, "Let us now liberate all the women of the world." The way this can be done is by following Mother. This means that women must change the color of their hearts to be the same as Mother's. Mother is the central root, the central stem and the central bud. She is the one who can unite all the women of the world.

Within just a yea^ she has already made this organization, the Women's Federation for World Peace, into one of the most powerful women's organizations in the world. The rapid establishment of this women's organization shows that God's final providence is to connect to all women. (248-126, 1993/08/01)

20 The women of the world made all kinds of rough waves, which I had to traverse in order to resolve the issues that have existed throughout history. I could not fall into their traps; I had to overcome them and liberate them. I had to lead them as an older brother leads his younger sisters; I had to guide them as a husband guides his wife; and I had to educate them as a father educates his daughters. Especially, I had to lead Mother in this way. Consequently, when she could stand on equal footing with me, on April 10, 1992,1 declared the liberation of women.

The fact that I declared the liberation of all women worldwide means that the persecution that the Unification Church has been enduring for 40 years is at an end. The church has overcome every level of persecution from the world— from the level of the individual to that of the family, tribe, people, nation, and world. We have recovered the domain of John the Baptist as the Womens Federation for World Peace, which represents the Christian cultural sphere centered on the Unification Church. We did that, not on the national level, but on the world level. (245-137, 1993/02/28)

21 Although it took 40 years due to the prolongation of the providence, in 1992 True Parents finally established the realm of liberation, which should have been accomplished in the seven years following the end of World War II. Therefore, it is only now that the world is able to attend True Parents.

Until now, because of opposition, Mother had to stand behind me. But now the opposition has subsided and people are free to meet with Mother and me in a free and open environment. This could have happened at the end of World War II, when an environment of freedom had emerged in the United States, representing the free world, and where the bride religion was being prepared to receive the Bridegroom.

Now that we have gone over this hill, Mother is able to stand in a position equal to mine. That is why Mother is able to lead the movement to liberate women around the world. Mother can declare the liberation of women because the walls of the world have crumbled. Satan can no longer actively oppose us, and therefore the time has come when Mother and I can meet with God directly and stand side by side before Him. That is why Mother can proclaim the liberation of women throughout the world. (243-218, 1993/01/10)

22 In 1992, on the victorious foundation of having embraced both the right wing and the left wing, I finally declared the arrival of True Mother on the world stage. The True Mother had been lost and was unknown to the Israelites during the Old Testament Age, and she was again lost to the New Testament Age, but finally on April 10,1992,1 declared to the world that True Mother had come. This took place at the inauguration of the Womens Federation for World Peace, where we also proclaimed the liberation of women. Mother was introduced to the world, and women of the seven nations involved in World War II, represented by the women of 72 nations, united with her.

When I claimed that we would gather 160,000 women, everyone thought I was dreaming. Yet we made strong winds blow and women from all backgrounds came. People came to these events without realizing why they were there. The night before the event they could not sleep. In this way we reached that numerical goal. That is how the Women s Federation for World Peace was born. We announced the liberation of women all over the world. In one year, we overcame 6,000 years of pain and sorrow. We proclaimed the arrival of unity and equality for women, which they had been awaiting for 6,000 years. (245-140, 1993/02/28)

23 Before I declared the era of the liberation of women, Mother simply followed me. Because Mother was united with me in everything I did, my victories were also Mother's victories. However, we had not yet overcome the final obstacle in Satan's world. Hence, we were still in a precarious position. To completely overcome Satan's world, we had to establish the realm for the liberation of women.

To do so, True Mother had to stand in a position equal to mine. True Mother had been in the position to just follow me wherever I went. She still needed to establish herself in the position of having perfected herself on the world level. In addition to having nothing to do with the Fall, by seeking to fulfill God's Will, she had to reach the position where she and I could stand on the same plane. She accomplished this, and therefore we could finally proclaim the liberation of women throughout the world. (232-235, 1992/07/09)

24 Once I had Mother appear before the public, Eve could be restored and the archangel had to follow behind her. Now an amazing fortune will come to Mother. The archangel has no relationship with True Parents in blood and flesh. He must be given rebirth. However, Mother cannot do that by herself. That is why we are encouraging women from across the world to act as Mother's second selves. This is how the age of women is arriving in this era. (231-310, 1992/06/21)

25 How can Mother defeat all men, who are in the position of the archangel? If women everywhere unite, they can bring the archangel to surrender voluntarily. So women must bond tightly together and stir up their power like a hurricane throughout the nation, so that men are not able to budge. This will unify the Korean Peninsula. To support this on the external level, I have been weaving all the nations of the world together through the Women's Federation for World Peace. When the people of the world listen to Mother's speech and receive the Blessing, they will become one. This is the time when women will take the lead. Now, the people of the world will be restored by listening to Mother's words, the words of the heavenly Eve. (236-019, 1992/11/02)

26 Because Mother appeared before the public and proclaimed the age of women, all the warts that have been attached to individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and the cosmos throughout history—even warts connected to hell—can finally be cut off. We have to indemnify them all. False parents came and infected every level, creating hell all the way up to the world level. However, as True Parents, we are clearing up everything. In addition, by engrafting every family to ourselves, we are elevating every family to the position of unfallen Adam and Eve's family. This is how we are transferring all our victorious conditions to everyone. (233-189, 1992/08/01)

27 God's original plan was for me to start fulfilling the Will beginning in 1952, but that plan was frustrated. Everything was set back 40 years. Only in 1992 was I able to liquidate that debt. Since, in order to do this, I had to establish a foundation in Asia, the Women s Federation for Peace in Asia had to inherit the realm of Eve. Korea is in the position of Japan's elder sister. If Korea wants to recover the authority of the elder sister, then Korea must inherit it from Japan, the Eve nation. This is what establishing the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia accomplished.

Then, when Mother created unity among the nations of the world through the Women's Federation for World Peace, this created a realm in which the world cannot oppose Korea, and this realm became Mother's inheritance. Now, America cannot oppose True Parents, the Soviet Union cannot oppose us, and Kim Il-sung cannot oppose us.

I already took all the necessary measures to block all opposition, so that Mother had a foundation to come this far. I already indemnified what Christianity was not able to accomplish for 2,000 years as a result of Jesus' death on the cross. I also connected the right wing, the left wing and the Islamic world. All of this preparation for Mother's public speech at the WFWP Assembly on April 10,1992 was to create an environment conducive to uniting the Christian cultural sphere. The Christian cultural sphere is equivalent to the bride's cultural sphere.

We also needed a foundation upon which the four cultural spheres—Christianity, the right wing, the left wing, and the Islamic world—could come together so that Mother could stand at the forefront. This was the Blessing ceremony that we conducted on April 10, 1992, for married couples from around the world. The participants included people from eight Islamic nations as well as Japan, the United States, Korea and Europe. We even had participants from the communist bloc, including China. It was through this Blessing ceremony for married couples that we connected the four cultural spheres and overcame those barriers.

Symbolically, we reached the standard to recover the situation following World War II. This meant we were in a situation to inherit the realm of the Christian nations that represent the bride—Great Britain, the United States and France, as well as the Eve nation and the now united Cain and Abel nations. Thus, we were once again able to welcome the realm of the bride. Based on that, True Mother took her place, and women, whom Mother now led, were able to shout out and demand the liberation of all women. Because Mother brought liberation to the Christian cultural sphere, the realm of the bride, and united it all thoroughly through the Women's Federation for World Peace, the world bonded with Mother like her second self. That is why the winds of a typhoon are buffeting the women of Korea. From there, the winds to liberate women will blow through Japan, America, Europe, Oceania and Russia. (243-320, 1993/01/28)

28 On April 10,1992,1 proclaimed the era of the liberation of women. That day, when Mother was reading her speech, it rained heavily. As her husband, in addition to giving a supporting speech, I was asked to write a commemorative message in Chinese calligraphy. I wrote, "The Advent of the Age of Women throughout the World."

That was the day when Mother first appeared on the world stage. Ever since that day, whenever we had to carry out providential responsibilities, she has taken on enormously difficult missions such as the recent 120-nation speaking tour. After finishing that tour, she returned to Korea but did not rest; instead she went on to speak to students at colleges and universities, proclaiming the womens era. (484-048, 2005/01/20)

Section 2. True Mother's World Speaking Tours

Korea and Japan

True Mother was the keynote speaker at rallies of the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) in 21 cities in South Korea in 1992, beginning in Incheon on May 11 and ending in Jinju on June 2. The title of her keynote address was "Women Who Will Take the Leading Role in the Ideal World." To establish a national foundation in Korea, following that tour, from June 10 to June 30, she held an additional 40 rallies throughout Korea. Following this, from September 24 to October 6, True Mother spoke at WFWP rallies in ten major cities in Japan.

1 Throughout my entire life of more than 70 years, I have built a foundation for the Will. Yet, over the last seven months, I bequeathed all of it to True Mother. In just seven months I passed to her my entire 70-year foundation for the sake of liberating women. I began this process on April 10,1992 and will end it in December when the rallies for the Women's Federation for World Peace that have been taking place throughout May, June, July, August, September, October and November conclude. My desire is to liberate all w^men; they must be liberated. (239-201, 1992/11/25)

2 We are now in the middle of the 21-city speaking tour in Korea for the Women's Federation for World Peace that began on May 11, one month after the WFWP Inaugural Assembly. When I said that all the arenas in the 21 cities must be filled to capacity, no one believed that it was possible. Some members said, "In our rural area, everyone is busy with rice farming at this time of year. How could Father give us a direction to hold the event in this season, unless he intends to embarrass us?"

But in one city, just 10 blessed families brought 17,000 women for their city's event. Do you think that it was their own achievement? It happened because of the work of the spirit world. Now is the spring season, when people have to plow their fields and sow their seeds. We also have to use our springtime wisely. We have finished sowing the seeds in the fields of rich soil right outside our front gate. Now we must also sow seeds at the tops of the mountains and in the remote valleys. This is what all of you can do. You can sow seeds wherever there is even a small piece of land. (231-128, 1992/06/02)

3 We have held rallies for the Women s Federation for World Peace in 21 locations so far, and Mother will host rallies at 40 more venues among the 250 cities, counties and districts of South Korea. Mother will continue to hold rallies every day for a 40-day period. Once she successfully completes those 40 rallies, you must take her work forward and hold rallies at the remaining locations, investing every ounce of energy. You need to work like this in order to save the nation. Nations are not restored without making effort. To restore a nation, you have to pay the price. (231-128, 1992/06/02)

4 Mother is an object of beauty in the eyes of men, who represent the archangel. Just as the archangel followed Eve around in the Garden of Eden, men are in a state where they cannot resist Mother. That is why Mother toured 60 locations, including the 21 cities, and no men opposed her work. If men welcome Mother, it means they are entering the realm of the archangel on Gods side, where they cannot oppose her. Furthermore, Mother has a very good reputation. So when men stand on the stage, they just sing her praises. Mother's appointment as president of the WFWP means that she has emerged as the woman who represents all the women of the world. Hence, a movement is taking place where all women in the spirit world and on earth are competing to attend her as the queen. (231-335, 1992/07/01)

5 When God directed me to work for women's liberation, I organized rallies for the Women's Federation for World Peace and accompanied Mother, attending her.

When I was in America, I returned home to East Garden at 11:00 p.m. after one particular WFWP event. After speaking to the members who were gathered there, when I looked at the clock it was already 12:20 a.m. I was very tired, but I went straight to the next venue so that I could arrive there by 3:30 a.m. Do you think my life is the path of the Lord or the path of a servant? Why did I leave to go there at such an early hour in the morning darkness? I could have slept that night and left in the morning at a comfortable hour. In fact, my car almost had an accident on the way and could have rolled over.

What did I gain by pushing myself like this? I was setting an example to teach all men of the world how to serve and attend their wives. I knew that the time had come for women to stand in an equal position with men and to play a major role in the fulfillment of God's Will, so I wanted to establish a tradition for women to settle into their rightful position. That is why I am doing all these things. (232-055, 1992/07/01)

6 On September 24,1992, 50,000 people gathered at the Tokyo Dome for the first rally of the Women's Federation for World Peace in Japan. This event was not in Korea; it was in Japan. When the members heard that True Mother would speak in Japanese in the heart of Japan, they could not believe it. But as Mother began to speak, they realized that her pronunciation was very clear, and after she spoke only a few lines they broke into applause. They knew that Mother did not know Japanese. They read the printed speech to follow along with her words, wondering the whole time if she would ever falter.

Everyone followed the whole talk with careful attention. When Mother finished her speech they exclaimed, "Mother did so well!" and gave her a standing ovation. That was the first rally. After that, True Mother swept through the ten cities. It was moving. (238-345, 1992/11/22)

7 Why do you think Mother spoke in Japanese and in English at the Women's Federation for World Peace events? It was because True Parents want to communicate with their sons and daughters in heart. That is why Mother used Japanese and made the necessary preparations. Likewise, in English-speaking regions, she spoke in English, because she was there to meet the representatives of her sons and daughters. Hearing Mother speak their language, they would no longer feel orphaned, but, rather, like orphans who had found their mother.

Ever since the Fall, human beings have been like orphans, kidnapped by Satan and assimilated into his culture. However, here they could meet their mother again and be saved. The fact that True Mother spoke in Japanese to her children is amazing.

From God's viewpoint, the Japanese people should sing Mother's praises. Mother wanted so badly to communicate totally with her children, who do not even know that they were orphaned, that she was willing to learn their language.

This would be impossible if Mother were not the original mother of humankind. Would a false mother make such efforts when she does not even speak the language? If you recognize people as your lost children, you must teach them, even if it requires you to learn their language. That is the love found within the realm of a parent's heart. (239-116, 1992/11/24)

8 At the time of the Women's Federation for World Peace rally at the Tokyo Dome, a dignitary who was one of the founding members of the organization in Asia came out to introduce Mother. What is unique about Japan? What happens in Japan is often broadcast abroad. Other countries do not want to fall behind Japan. These countries do not wish to be outside the mainstream. That is why the Women's Federation rally in Japan received a lot of attention from countries around the world.

These other countries are especially interested when one of the foremost, advanced countries engages in a movement for women's liberation. People involved in politics know that an organization like the WFWP could be attractive to them when it comes to expanding their foundation for an upcoming election campaign. So they all call us. Further, we became known in all the continents of the world because the Associated Press broadcast news of Mother's event all over the world. (237-079, 1992/11/11)

The United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania

From October 20-27,1992, True Mother spoke at Women's Federation for World Peace events in eight US cities. The following month, from November 11-18, she spoke in eight European cities, in Germany, Britain, France and Italy. Mother spoke in Moscow on November 22 and in Manila on December 8. On December 23, she spoke in Beijing. At all these events, Mother gave a speech entitled, "Womens Role in World Peace."

9 After World War II, Great Britain, America and France, as the bride nations representing the Christian cultural sphere, should have welcomed and attended me as the Returning Lord and established a worldwide realm of unity. However, they missed this chance. So, we had to indemnify this failure and try once again to engraft the Christian cultural sphere, representing the realm of the bride, to True Parents. That is why Mother led rallies in 113 cities of the world during 1992. The purpose of these rallies was this engrafting process. Through that condition, the indemnity was paid so that the Christian cultural sphere could stand together with True Parents, centered on True Mother.. Therefore, we need to stand with her in her attendance of God.

Once we go beyond the nation and the world, we will have to turn around and return to our hometown. We need to recover the situation of the first human beings had they not fallen, when God would have been able to travel back and forth freely. For this, we must return to our hometown. (244-310, 1993/03/01)

10 The leaders of our church in the United States heard and fully inherited Mother's teachings that she had previously presented at Women s Federation for World Peace events in Japan. When True Mother was speaking in Japan, the US church leaders from all 50 states, including state leaders and American Freedom Coalition leaders, listened to her speeches every day. The local church members in all 50 states must listen to her speeches too. In addition, the missionaries throughout the world must gather and listen to Mother s speeches in the United States.

In this way, just as the Eve nation must inherit the tradition of Adam's nation, the archangel nation must inherit the tradition of the Eve nation, and all the nations of the world must inherit the tradition of the archangel nation. There can be no objections to this. In this way, Mothers speaking tour indeed became a worldwide workshop. (236-036, 1992/11/02)

11 A 1992 Women's Federation for World Peace event in Washington, DC generated a lot of publicity around Mother. Everywhere Mother went, many organizations honored her and presented her with plaques. At the WFWP event in Los Angeles, True Mother was awarded a plaque engraved, "Mother of the World." Although the attendees did not know the Principle, the president of an organization symbolizing women throughout America presented the plaque and praised True Mother. (238-347, 1992/11/22)

12 Beginning in November 1992, we will launch Mother's WFWP world speaking tour, starting with four European nations. I will not be going with her this time. I am placing Mother in the forefront, so that people will be given a chance to attend her completely and thereby open the gate for women worldwide. I even directed Mother to make preparations to speak at an event in Russia. Following this, she will continue with lightning speed even to China and North Korea.

When women fight, they can reconcile after shedding tears, but men are liable to continue fighting to the point of bloodshed. That is why women must be in the forefront. The world of peace begins with love; for this reason, we must have women in the lead. (236-256, 1992/11/08)

13 Women's Federation for World Peace events were held in eight cities in America, and I am planning to hold these events in eight European cities as well. In western society, America is the subject partner and Europe is the object partner. Your suggestion to hold events in only four or five cities in Europe shows that you do not understand this relationship. Although Europe is a continent comprised of numerous nations, we should consider it as one nation. When I speak of Europe, I do not mean only Britain, France and Italy. So, just as we held events in eight cities in America, we must hold events in eight cities in Europe as well, in order to match America.

This year, we must make our way even to the Soviet Union. All enemy countries must unite and then fulfill their duties as filial children, patriots, saints and divine children. On this basis, we should lay the foundation for the liberation of the fatherland. When the history of strife among enemy nations is recast into a new tradition centered on God, God will be able to reign over them. (236-121, 1992/11/04)

14 Mother created a sensation worldwide when she held rallies for the Women s Federation for World Peace. In Rome, Mother received giant plaques from four different organizations. Now women throughout the world should completely unite with Mother. The whole world must be like one string of pearls. Accordingly, we must accomplish what Jesus, the Bridegroom, and Judaism, the bride religion, could not do, which is to unite and then bring unity on the world stage. (238-018, 1992/11/19)

15 Once Korea, Japan and America restore the authority of the elder son centered on Mother, all that Germany needs to do is to follow America. The same goes for the rest of Europe. Why is Mother holding WFWP events in Europe? The reason is because right after World War II, when America and France were in the Abel and Cain position and Britain was the Eve nation, these three nations did not attend True Father. Therefore, God did not have a victorious foundation on which He could start His new providence on the world level.

Why then must we have events in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, four providential European nations? During World War II, Japan, Germany and Italy were the Axis Powers. If I give the blessing to Japan and Germany, it would not be right to exclude Italy. If Italy were excluded, we would not be able to connect all the providential nations. So, to make things equal, I have to work in that nation as well.

Following the same principle, this is also why True Mother is required to tour Europe as well as America. Providentially speaking, I am responsible to settle all accounts on the world level. Centering on Mother, I am holding events in these countries to restore the Cain-Abel relationship. (235-340, 1992/10/26)

16 The era in which we do outreach work to individuals has passed. We have to reach entire families. We have to turn them around to fulfill the Principle through the Blessing. In order to turn the family around, we must first turn women around. Since the first family became Satan's beginning with Eve and then expanded to the world, according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, to turn this situation around Mother must take the lead in the world. She has to transform women around the world so that they will be able to turn their families around.

For that purpose, through the WFWP, Mother swept through Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe. In the future, she will make a trip through the surrounding nations and major cities of all six continents. It will soon be said that Mother, as the woman who initiated world peace and is its strongest advocate, is the world's foremost woman. Sons and daughters naturally connect to their mother. So when Mother achieves that level, Satan's world will turn around 180 degrees and follow her. (238-076, 1992/11/19)

17 Mother took many outfits with her for the events in Europe, but when she returned she did not have any of them. She gave them away to the members. I think she even gave away her wedding ring, because she did not have it when she came back. When I asked her about it, she said she was not sure what had happened to it. You have to forget about the things you have given away. The person who gives her life and love and forgets having given it, is the one who can be closest to God. (238-153, 1992/11/22)

18 No one can easily understand the man who gave the direction that Mother must go to Moscow to hold an event there with only one week's notice. No one can easily understand Mother who, when she received that direction, willingly went to that distant place, knowing that she had to go. Think back three years to the time we held our first events in Moscow. What kind of place is it? Yet just one week in advance I gave directions to hold a WFWP event there. That is the actual history of Gods providence. Yet this was the way we had to hold the event in Russia. (239-319, 1992/12/09)

19 Who has worked harder than I have for Russia? I brought the sons and daughters of high-ranking Russians to America and educated them; they are now on the side of True Parents. That is why, when Mother was concluding the WFWP event in Milan, Italy, I called her and asked her to hold an event in Moscow.

I gave this direction just a week before the event. What was worse, we could not find a venue until just 16 hours before the event, the day before. All the preparations had to be made in 16 hours. We had to decorate the stage at the rented venue, print the brochures, and hold the assembly. Nevertheless, 7,000 people came to the hall, which had a capacity of only 4,000 seats; so 3,000 people had to stay outside. It turned out to be a successful event despite the adverse circumstances. (243-139, 1993/01/03)

20 Mother will be leaving for China to hold a meeting of the Women s Federation for World Peace. I am saying that we will hold the event in China, a communist nation. Can we say the word "God" in that nation? Neither the Communist Party nor the military authorities will permit it. The Communist Party officials spent a week going over Mothers speech. Yet, we included all the key points about God that Mother has been delivering wherever she speaks. This is not a dream; Mother is really speaking in that communist nation. (241-141, 1992/12/20)

21 Mother will go to China to hold an event for the WFWP there. This is no easy feat. It is something not even the Korean government can do. We have overcome all kinds of adversities to make it happen, but w^ are surely going to hold this event. It will take place in the Great Hall of the People, where the Communist Party holds its national conventions. We are trying to arrange for the participation of the most prominent women in China and Chinese women who speak English to participate. We have already held an event in Russia and will hold this one in China soon; so, next we must hold one in North Korea. It is women who must accomplish this. (241-027, 1992/12/19)

22 The WFWP event in China faced many challenges from the start. The content of the event is religious, and that made it a problem for the military authorities and the Communist Party. We were told that China did not want to allow it, yet we pursued it anyway. They raised the issue that the word "God" was mentioned not just once, but throughout the speech. Nevertheless, we still managed to hold the event, with Mother giving the speech in the Great Hall of the People. That in itself may be a revolution. In the future, all young people will read the speech, and word of it will spread all over China. In this sense, it was a revolutionary event. (241-157, 1992/12/23)

23 One of Deng Xiaoping's sons is disabled. He is the head of the Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation. One day before the Women's Federation for World Peace event took place in Beijing on December 23, 1992, his representatives invited our representatives to a welcoming reception. They rejoiced in meeting Mother, and in that amicable atmosphere they exchanged comments about the process of holding events in that country.

That evening, the National Women's Union of China sent Mother an invitation for dinner. Presumably half a billion people—China's population being around 1.3 billion, and around half being women—belong to this organization. It has existed for about 40 years, and is apparently very influential. It is clearly an impressive organization.

In communist organizations, the vice-president is usually the one who does the main body of the work. It was the vice-president who welcomed Mother to the dinner. According to the report I received, that event went very well. Initially there was some awkwardness in the atmosphere, since the Chinese women were not familiar with events of a religious nature. However, by the end they became comfortable with us and we sang songs together. I am sure they attended the event today with great interest and expectation. (241-158, 1992/12/23)

24 We held events for the Women's Federation for World Peace in seven nations, including the United States and Germany. We also held an event in Russia. Now we must do the same in Oceania. Even if I do not go, Mother alone should be able to do well and connect all the nations of Oceania.

As a result of Mother's achievement, the responsibility in front of the Bridegroom that Christianity failed to fulfill 47 years ago was finally accomplished, through the victorious completion of the Bride and the Bridegroom's responsibilities. Thereby, the entire free world can be revived. (239-307, 1992/12/09)

25 The Women's Federation for World Peace event in the Philippines was a national-level event. Among the 500 people who attended were core government officials and key members of the government. About 70 current and former cabinet ministers and their wives attended. It seems that almost the entire government of the nation attended. They already knew about what we have been doing. Their embassies throughout the world thoroughly studied our previous events, which started with the one in Japan. This is the era that we are now entering. (239-297, 1992/12/09)

26 For the event in the Philippines, I took a flight from New York to Los Angeles and then to Manila. I fell asleep briefly during the flight and had a dream that I was nursing a baby. The baby was very pretty, with clear eyes. In the dream I thought, "Why am I having a baby at my age?" But the baby wanted to be fed, so I fed it. Then I arrived at the Manila Airport.

I had forgotten about the dream until I learned that day was a Catholic holiday, the day of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was the day that Jesus' mother Mary received from the archangel Gabriel a revelation that she would conceive through the Holy Spirit. Our event was thus being held on the very day that the Catholic Church was commemorating the annunciation to the Virgin Mary. One of the distinguished guests attending the assembly saw a poster of me in a yellow hanbok (a traditional Korean dress) and said, "This woman is fulfilling Mary's mission." I later heard that she was deeply moved by the event. (True Mother, 1992/12/10)

Section 3. True Mother's Victory

Mother completes her responsibility In the United States on March 27,1990, the 31st Parents' Day, True Father proclaimed the "Realm of Women's Total Liberation." He announced that True Mother is the "second founder of the church." True Father officially declared that True Mother had achieved victory in the completion of the providence of restoration, and that she stood on an equal footing with him in leading the providence under God. This means she had become the complete embodiment of the True Mother.

1 I have announced the era of the realm of the Fourth Adam, and Mother has completed her responsibility by uniting Cain and Abel. Thus, all of my foundation must be engrafted onto the blessed members. This is the era of mother-son cooperation. When the era of mother-son cooperation is grafted into the era of father-son cooperation, blessed families can enter the era of father-son cooperation, following True Parents' family. Sons will be liberated through mother-son and father-son cooperation.

Men in general have not cooperated with heaven and hav| even opposed heaven. Now men can achieve success on the national, world and cosmic levels through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, which prior to now was not possible. We must enter into the era of father-son cooperation on the victorious foundation of mother-son cooperation through Mother. As of today we have come this far. (337-014, 2000/10/16)

2 True Mother has worked so hard. She is excellently trained, so she will do well in any situation. She has suffered a great deal and has undergone many hardships in her life but has overcome everything. All of her hardships served to train her. A good example is True Mother's completion of the Japan tour. I think we obtained excellent results. I know this, because I have delivered many public talks myself.

True Mother has many good natural abilities. She is quiet but bold. You would not expect that she could embrace and unite an audience without hesitation. I am sure that all of you know that the title "second founder of the church," which makes her status equal to mine, is not just words, and that you feel, "Father gave her this title on the basis of knowing her well." At this time, when we might have needed more than a year to establish this foundation in God's providence, she made it quickly. You have the responsibility to do even more than Mother. (219-268, 1991/10/11)

3 Even when I am alone, I represent True Parents. And the same goes for Mother. When she is alone, she represents True Parents. You should not say things like, "Now, since Father is over 70, why hasn't he designated an heir?" Mother and Father are still alive, and our children are here as well. There is no need to worry. True Mother and our sons and daughters have to continue living for the sake of others with the absolute love of God, even more than the church members. You should keep this in mind. But just in case something goes wrong with our descendants or something goes against the Principle, we will create a system to correct the matter through family meetings.

Now there is nothing to worry about. Fundamentally, I am the first founder of the church and Mother is the second founder of the church. Up to this point women have followed men, but from now on they are on a horizontally even footing. (201-127, 1990/03/27)

4 I declared the 7-1 Day, 7-8 Day, 7-9 Day and 7-10 Day and, on July 13,2003, the end of the age of indemnity. As a result, everything in the providence of restoration has been completed. This means that God has now moved up to the parental position spiritually and physically. Through our restoration of the era of indemnity, True Mother emerged. The ideal of creation was completed both spiritually in heaven and physically on earth, so it became possible to perform True Parents' Holy Wedding and institute registration. Then the Blessing and registration of births also became possible on earth.

When the ideal of creation was not yet complete, the spiritual Second Advent could not take place, but now True Mother has emerged. The physical True Parents stand in the parental position in the spirit world beginning when True Parents enter into heaven. God then becomes the Parent of mind, and True Parents become the Parents of body. Also, after True Parents enter into heaven as the incarnation of God, all their sons and daughters can enter in their wake. (414-271, 2003/08/04)

5 God's Will is to create a nation that transcends religions, transcends politics, transcends nations, transcends NGOs and embraces the whole world. God sends the Messiah to fulfill this Will; this was God's promise to the people of Israel. The Messiah has to come as the perfected Adam and find the lost Eve.

So the Messiah has to establish at the national level the original standard of Eve, which was lost with the failure of Adam's family. I established this standard and expanded it from the family level to the society level, and to the national level. God's Will to restore His sovereignty of love, the ideal of Eden, had been lost, and the world fell into a shadowy, sorrowful swamp. I advanced alone in the dark of night, from the position of servant of servants to that of servant, adopted child, stepchild, and child. I found Mother and achieved the position of parents.

The mission of Mother, Eve's mission, is to restore the communist world and the democratic world as Cain and Abel, embrace them, and offer them to True Father. Fulfilling the mission of Eve, Mother fought Satan's power, which was destroying the free environment of the democratic world, and she overcame at the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. By overcoming the impediments of the world, Mother went through the pain of giving birth again. In doing so, Mother became the substantial, complete, victorious Mother of heaven and earth. In light of this, we could open the gates of Cheon II Guk and inherit the kingship of the heavenly nation. (404-290, 2003/02/06)

The plaque of recognition

On May 30, 1999, True Parents completed the "Rally for the Globalization of the True Family" in 80 cities around the world and held the "Ceremony for the Global Proclamation and Celebration of True Parents' Victory in the East and West" at the holy ground at Belvedere in Tarrytown, New York. Then, after finishing the pledge service on the 37th Day of All True Things on June 14 at the Han-nam-dong house, they held the Ceremony for Proclaiming and Celebrating True Parents' Cosmic Victory at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena. This was done to proclaim that True Parents had completed their mission through True Mother's victory in the 80-city speaking tour.

On that day, True Father gave True Mother a plaque proclaiming and celebrating True Parents' cosmic victory. The plaque declared that True Mother, who came with the mission of the True Mother of humankind, had fulfilled the mission of true child, true wife and True Parent after True Parents' Holy Wedding in 1960 and, through her speaking tour, had bequeathed to all people the textbook of True Parents' life course.

6 You are God's original child, with God's special mission. You are the fruit of the history of the providence of restoration who came to earth with the mission of the True Mother of humankind. Looking only upon heaven, you won a victory over the suffering course of the providence of restoration and established the eternal tradition with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. After True Parents' holy wedding in 1960, you completed the mission of true child before heaven, the mission of true wife before your husband, and the mission of true parent before your children.

God's providence of restoration and True Parents' holy work of restoration culminated in victory in 1999, and in that year you bequeathed to all people the textbook of True Parents' life course in 80 cities around the world through the "Rally for the Globalization of the True Family." I, as the Adam of original creation and as True Father of humanity, give you this plaque to celebrate your achievement through such pain, to thank heaven and to praise your record in front of all descendants in heaven and on earth. (310-211, 1999/06/16)

7 I held a public ceremony to recognize True Mother's achievement. She is worthy of recognition by both the Unification Church and the Creator. You have to say, "There is our Mother! She is the same as Father!" I have been the right side of God, but now I have set up Mother as the left side of God. Therefore, we can enter the era of liberation through 7-1 Day, 7-8 Day, 7-9 Day and 7-10 Day. I was able to declare the completion of the age of indemnity, centered on the numbers 7 and 10.

God thus far has appeared symbolically. However, now God appears in His embodiment—True Father, and True Mother has appeared as his partner. Therefore, the substantial kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven can be established.

You also must become perfected women and men who achieve oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in thought, and inherit the true love, true life and true lineage of heaven's nation. As substantial parents, you must give birth to sons and daughters and complete our family. If you do not complete our family, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Instead, when you arrive in the spirit world, it will take you a long time to make up for that which you did not accomplish on earth, maybe even through harsh affliction and suffering. Without going through such a course substantially, you cannot enter heaven. (414-279, 2003/08/04)

8 Through the "Rally for the Advancement of the Globalization of the True Family" in 80 cities around the world, True Mother won a supreme victory over the highest level of Satan's world. She entered into this position based upon the recognition by God, Satan and all people that she had fulfilled her responsibility as the True Mother. Starting with Christianity, she has gone beyond the realm of religion and has achieved victory. She can therefore occupy and act from the precious position of Eve whose mistake in front of Adam has been restored. I will proclaim this to heaven and earth. Therefore, I will publicly recognize Mother's achievement at the "Ceremony for Proclaiming and Celebrating True Parents' Cosmic Victory." From now on, Mother stands in a position equal to my own. The age of the equality of man and woman has come. It is the age of the equality of man and woman based on love. Now is the time when we have to unite women and teach men about this. (302-232, 1999/06/14)

9 Because it was a crucial time for Mother to fulfill her responsibility, Mother went around the world holding the "Rally for the Advancement of the Globalization of the True Family." In China it seemed it would be impossible to hold the rally, but heaven worked to make it happen. Mother made various conditions by which heaven could not but help us. Mother established the condition through the 80-city speaking tour to make even Satan surrender to God, True Parents and humankind. Therefore we are holding a ceremony honoring this victory; it is the "Ceremony for Proclaiming and Celebrating True Parents' Cosmic Victory." (302-137, 1999/06/12)

10 What is the meaning of my giving Mother a plaque of recognition on June 14, 1999? Throughout history the Eves of three ages sacrificed the Adams from those ages. But at this time Mother set the conditions to qualify as the Mother of three ages. She rose to the position where she could receive heaven's blessing on an equal footing with Father. Without the completion of the four-position foundation and three object partner purpose, it is impossible to enter heaven. To be the Lord at His Second Advent implies the completion of the Completed Testament Age, and the completion of the Completed Testament Age implies standing in the position of completely realizing Gods ideal of creation. So a command from the Returning Lord is like one from the perfected Adam, or from Jesus, standing on the foundation of his nation.

Up to now the internal realm of religion has been unable to win over the external world controlled by Satan. But the Returning Lord has achieved a historic, cosmic victory over this world. And you inherited that victory. You cannot be qualified to enter heaven unless you stand in the position of the Lord's partners, representing the people, the nation and the world. (302-286, 1999/06/26)

Section 4. Workshops and Sisterhood Ceremonies for 160,000 Japanese Women


True Father gave a Special Workshop for Japanese Woman Leaders in Kodiak, Alaska, starting August 9, 1993. Between then and November 20,1994, he led more than 70 of these workshops at locations such as East Garden in New York, the International Training Center on Jeju Island, and the Central Training Center in Guri, Korea. A total of 160,000 Japanese woman leaders participated. During that period, True Father gave guidance on the role of women in the restoration of Japan, and on the mission and responsibility of Japan as the mother nation. Accommodations were not always comfortable for the women. For the 25th workshop, 4,800 women stayed at a facility designed to accommodate less than 1,000.

1 True Parents do not work for the Unification Church; they work for the world, for the cosmos and for God. This means that the realm of the partner will always appear. No matter how hard the opponent has tried to erase me, God's protection has enabled me to expand such that one day I will stand on the peak of the cosmos. Because God exists, this will surely happen.

I will go straight up, not in a zigzag. Through fulfilling a 40-year course, I stand on the substantial foundation to restore 4,000 years of history. That milestone is conveyed in the declaration "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." These are not just words; they must be extended to a worldwide foundation. Just because I have proclaimed True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, can I say, "I am the True Parent, so everybody must obey me absolutely"? No. At the right time, I must teach things that are more heavenly and mysterious.

For the first time I am teaching Japanese women, and I am teaching remarkable things that I have never taught before, not even to my relatives or to Korean women. At the Special Workshop for Japanese Woman Leaders, I am connecting the mother nation with the world by teaching Japanese women the best things from the national, continental and world levels. (255-147, 1994/03/10)

2 With 50,000 people having already participated, the special workshops are continuing. This is special training. You are not ordinary women; you are special Japanese women. People who are here for the first time might think the title of the workshop strange, saying, "I came here for the first time. What is special training?" It is normal to think it strange if it is your first time, but it is also the first time that I have taught like this.

It has been 40 years since 1954, when the church started in Korea. During this period I have done what many have done, trained lecturers and published books to educate the public, but there has been no workshop in history that gathered a total of 50,000 Japanese women. This has never happened in the history of Japan or the world. (256-010, 1994/03/12)

3 In the United Kingdom, Catholicism and Protestantism are fighting. We have to digest this situation by having Japan, the Eve nation, stand in a similar situation. Japan has two heterogeneous Korean associations in the position of children: Chongryon, made up of those with ties to North Korea, and Mindan, those with ties to South Korea. They are like conflicting twins, and the Eve nation, Japan, its people and its government think badly of them. In order to fulfill its responsibility as the Eve nation, Japan has to give rebirth to these twins and unite them. The time has come for this, so before finishing the Jeju Island workshop I asked the Japanese women at the workshop to take action to unite Chongryon and Mindan. (255-159, 1994/03/10)

4 Now is the time to set up international ties based on blessed families. You have to be united with Japanese families because Japan is the nation representing the women of the world. Japan and Korea have to unite. Women of the Republic of Korea are the elder daughters. Japanese women are the younger daughters and need to inherit the tradition of the elder daughter.

Yu Gwan-sun is the only one who left her name as a fervent patriot during the period of the independence movement. Yu Gwan-sun is the representative Korean woman, so Japanese women have to follow her tradition in order to meet Mother. In order for Japan to meet Mother, Mindan and Chongryon must come into unity. Perez and Zerah fought each other in the womb of Tamar, who stood in the position of mother. Japanese women, who represent the mother, have to unite them. They then have to achieve the unification of North and South Korea.

When Korean women and Japanese women, elder sisters and younger sisters, are united in the course of restoration centering on True Mother, they create a one-way street. Being united like this, Japanese sisters need to lead Japan, Asia and the world. It is an honor to participate in such an inspiring age and follow the heavenly call. (231-090, 1992/05/31)

5 We need to have 20,000 churches in Japan. Our church has educated so many people, but had no foundation for faith education. So all the prepared people heaven sent just passed by. Those were the people capable of affecting the life or death of Japan. They all could have figured importantly in reviving the church, but we lost them, so I needed to be personally involved in the work.

This victory cannot be achieved by putting men in front. Instead, women have to be in front to lead. Men have become just bystanders. Therefore, I planned this Special Workshop for 160,000 Japanese Women. There were many benefits. This workshop was not planned in an ordinary manner. I had to take extraordinary measures to produce this special workshop for 160,000 women. (260-201, 1994/05/19)

6 I tried to have 700 Japanese women at a time participate in the workshop in Alaska, but the airline schedules could not accommodate this. Therefore, I am trying to use Jeju Island to educate tens of thousands, to bringfe,000 people at a time, but the airline schedules cannot accommodate our needs. If we do not prepare individuals, organizations and nations, they will all just pass by. History is heartless. Only what fits into history remains. If you want to be a part of history, you surely have to prepare beforehand. (249-059, 1993/10/08)

7 One-third or even half of the Japanese sisters of the Unification Church who came to Jeju Island for the workshop had never met me before. I shed hidden tears, thinking, "I am a sinner. They live in a neighboring nation, but they have never met me before, because I have not visited them." They have followed my direction and worked hard, even on rainy and snowy days, for more than 20 years under circumstances in which they were derided and persecuted. I have to be responsible for them as their Teacher because I know all this. Therefore, I try not to live comfortably. (251-093, 1993/10/17)

8 The largest number of people who gathered on Jeju Island at one time for the workshop was 4,800. The size of the training hall was half the size of this central training center in Guri. The size of the training hall on Jeju Island was 9,250 square feet, and the Guri training center is 21,350 square feet. They attended the workshop in such a small place. It was worse than a torture chamber. As I started this workshop with them, I was thinking, "Nothing is impossible when you keep busy." I had everyone squeeze together and then sit on the floor. Was there any other method? They had to stay seated.

Those conditions became such a topic of conversation. Yet, those who participated actually said that they would like to attend such a workshop again. This has never happened before in history. When it was time to go to sleep, the stairs or wherever you fell asleep became a bed. It hardly mattered that they did not have a bed. Even a bathroom could suffice if you could fit a sleeping bag there and sleep in it. They wanted to be there so badly that to them it was better than a hotel room. Through the grapevine people were hearing that everybody must experience Jeju Island. As a result, the number of participants increased like an avalanche. That is why I said to build a training center so that we could hold workshops there. (260-203, 1994/05/19)

Sisterhood ceremonies

At the Special Workshops for Japanese Woman Leaders, held from October 6, 1993, to November 20,1994, on Jeju Island and in the city of Guri in Korea, True Father emphasized exchanges between Korea and Japan and their respective providential responsibilities. In particular, he said that Korea and Japan need to unite in order to restore Asia and the world, and taught them to love each other as siblings through the Sisterhood Ceremonies. Father said that these ceremonies were held so that "These many heavenly sisters, binding the vast world together through their countless personal connections, can be a substantial, living example of the way to create peace."

9 From the providential viewpoint, Japan and Korea are one nation. People generally might not like to hear this, but look at Europe. The European Economic Community turned into the European Union. Everything is becoming one.

The foundation for unity is women, not men. From this perspective I am holding these special workshops. This period of education is a time of great change. When participants have heart-moving experiences, they will become interested in True Parents. This is Sutaek-dong, in the city of Guri in Korea. When they have this heartfelt experience in the Sutaek-dong Training Center, they will form a deep and unforgettable relationship with this place. In addition, this is an important opportunity to hold Sisterhood Ceremonies. There could be no better chance.

Not everyone participating in the Sisterhood Ceremony is a Unification Church member. They come from various towns in Korea. Some of them came here through the Women's Federation for World Peace. The movement to unite the world has to start from the East, and the Sisterhood Ceremony is the only way to do it. Korea and Japan have to keep in step with each other while they move Asia forward; otherwise, these nations cannot survive. This is the time we are in. (255-280, 1994/03/11)

10 National-level diplomacy focuses on the nation's benefit, but a non-governmental diplomat thinks about the benefit of other nations as well. If both sides can interact on the level of principle rather than of economy, both sides will benefit. If we look at it this way, the Sisterhood Ceremonies that the Unification Church is holding now are a major crisis from the point of view of Satan's world. (255-211, 1994/03/11)

11 The way for the world to open is for Japan and Korea to connect through the Sisterhood Ceremony. Everyone wants this to happen. When this connection is actualized, powerful things will happen. It will stimulate interchanges of culture, philosophy and resources through the comings and goings of many people. That is why we need to hold Sisterhood Ceremonies throughout the world. If members of these connected women's families marry each other, they will become relatives. (255-212, 1994/03/11)

12 Japanese women are the restored younger sister, while Korean women are the restored elder sister. Therefore, you Korean sisters have to teach them. At the very least you can take your younger sister who came to Korea out for lunch. You need to conduct Sisterhood Ceremonies. In the future you may have difficulty finding a family into which to marry your son or daughter. The sooner you do the Sisterhood Ceremony, the better the chances are that your sons and daughters can participate in a Blessing that joins the Adam nation and Eve nation, which is propitious. (253-302, 1994/01/30)

13 Korea and Japan are separated and have lived through a sorrowful history for several thousand years. God, the universe, all things and history have desired a moment of meeting that would bring an end to that sorrowful history. The Sisterhood Ceremony enables you to accomplish this, and nothing is more praiseworthy. Please participate with that in mind.

Non-religious women might think, "A sisterhood ceremony should be done individually. Why do you do it with several thousand women in a stadium? What's in it for us? We should not have come here." However, when they actually perform the ceremony, they get totally excited and hug each other happily. That is a very hopeful moment. You have to hold these ceremonies throughout the world, even if it means we have to take a few hours away from the workshop to do it. (256-153, 1994/03/12)

14 You have to organize nationally to receive Japanese women. After receiving them, you have to unite with them. Who should stand in front, Koreans or Japanese? Koreans are the elder sister. Koreans and Japanese were enemies in the past, but now it is not like that. Koreans have to think of the Japanese as their younger sisters living in the same house. You have to act properly, as an elder sister. For this you have to make a national organization immediately. (220-119, 1991/10/16)

15 When we make sisterhood relationships between Korean and Japanese women, one is Leah and the other Rachel. Which is Leah and which is Rachel? The one born first is the older sister, and since Japan was the first to establish the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia, it took the position of Leah, the older sister. Korea was in the position of Rachel, the younger sister.

Therefore, Korean women need to restore the authority of the elder daughter. Leah and Rachel fought in Jacob's family, but now you must not fight. Leah has to put Rachel in front and unite with her, saying, "I understand your position well. I entrust everything to you. No matter what, I will attend you." The unity of heaven and earth starts with women, from the viewpoint of mother-son cooperation. This is a formula of the Principle. (224-193, 1991/11/24)

16 After Korean women have restored the position of the elder sister, Japanese women take the position of the younger sister. Therefore, centering on True Mother, who has the worldwide heavenly fortune in the age of restoration in the realm of Eve, Korea has to save Japan, her younger sister. In other words, Mother has to restore Japan, which stands in the position of the second daughter, and then restore Korea in the position of the elder daughter. Mother can restore Japan as the younger daughter and thereby represent the position of the Eve nation. Then, through bringing Japan to unite with Korea in the position of the elder daughter, Mother can lead both the elder daughter and younger daughter to the bosom of God.

The time for this has come. Japanese members and Korean members can become like natural brothers and sisters, but they have to love each other above all. A divided people have met after 6,000 years, so Mother has to love the Japanese more than the Koreans. (232-032, 1992/07/01)

17 Now, I want to create the Womens Federation quickly so that North Koreans can participate in it too. We will have meetings in Japan that include women from North Korea living in Japan. Five hundred women from South Korea and 500 from North Korea can join together in Japan and establish an integrated movement of women. They each can take care of one family from North Korea because of North Korea's economic problems. Japanese families can give North Korean families daily necessities, such as hand-me-down clothes.

Thinking of how America aided Korea in the past, how about helping North Korea through Sisterhood Ceremonies? A foundation of one million women in Japan can connect with one million women in North Korea. If one million women connect in that way, with each woman representing four family members, the total number of people saved will be four million. If we repeat this cycle four or five times, we will save all 20 million people. Such connections need to be made from japan. (219-271, 1991/10/11)

18 If 20 million women in South Korea would listen to me, 20 million people in North Korea could survive. So just open up the 38th parallel. After holding the Sisterhood Ceremony in North Korea, we can arrange for two people in South Korea to help one in the North. It would be no problem at all. Give your rice to hungry people and your extra clothing to whomever needs it. This is better than letting them starve or freeze to death. In North Korea people are living in great difficulty. (236-217, 1992/11/08)

19 True Parents are planning to build condominiums, where people from four nations—Korea, Japan, Germany and the United States—live together. These families can build a tradition. If four such families live like that for three years, their children will speak each others languages, even though their parents may not. Also, when the children are at elementary school or middle school, they can study on their own by watching videos.

Many nations can hold the Sisterhood Ceremonies, ana blessed families who connect with one another can tour the world anytime. The problems are the disconnected cultural backgrounds and languages. Bringing cultures and languages together is absolutely necessary for building a peaceful world. (252-199, 1993/12/30)

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