7-day Workshop Notes, Nov. 2008, Korea

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Unofficial notes from attending american brother, Michael Lamson.

True Father has been working with Rev. Yoo to develop these new materials which can help us see the Principle from True Parents view point. Rev. Yoo gave all the lectures. The helicopter accident allowed True Parents to be resurrected and also allowed all humanity to be resurrected as well. On this foundation we can now fully understand the word and the will as never before. When we study the Principle now we can experience it heartistically. We can gain insights and feel the heart of Adam, Eve, Cain, Able, Jesus and our Heavenly Father as we study.

The workshop started on the 10th of November and finished on the 16th of November. A beautiful workbook has been published in Korean and the lectures were presented by PowerPoint which followed the workbook. Each lecture was presented with Fathers words and insights and many God stories which moved everyone and helped us to experience the Principle as a living word. The materials are at this time being translated into Japanese and English. For this workshop we were helped by translators.

The hours were very long as we started at 5am and continued till 9:30 pm. I am one of those people that sleepy spirits love when the DP starts but I did not fall asleep even once during the workshop, something is happening! There were long breaks for meals which allowed us time for fellowship and sometimes a quick adventure into Guri City where the workshop was held. In the lecture room we sat in comfortable chairs at tables so it was easy to take notes.  The food prepared was amazing and plentiful.

Over 400 participants from around the world attended the workshop. Ceremony closed with three 36 Blessed couples receiving certificates.

True Parents came for a visit and shared, sang and loved all of us.

I highly recommend that any members who has the funds and the time go to Korea and attend one of the workshops there.

Notes taken by Michael Lamson,
District 6 Director

These notes are unofficial and it should be understood that this is what I wrote down in my notebook while listening to a translator. I was moved greatly by this workshop and these notes with all their rambling and  incomplete sentences I believe have many treasures to offer.

Our Pride - Rev. Yoo

We have the Principle, Family Pledge, Blessed Families, True Parents of Heaven and Earth, National Messiahs, Tribal Messiahs, Shimjung - all these things we need to take ownership of and share with the world. We need to let go of the past and make the Word (the Principle) and the Will, the focus of our life. We need to understand our responsibility and be one with the word and the Will.

We were taught the Principle through Father's point of view. Rev. Yoo said that Father told him he had to give the education and that that was why Father spent so much time with him over all these years. To have good education we need good framework. This is why we worked hard on the content. The owner of the Principle is God. The Principle never changes but Father gives us many insights into the word through the way he lives and the stories he shares. The purpose of these lectures is to understand God and to know that all the problems in the world are our responsibility: we need to solve them. True Parent's thoughts and heart are different than ours. They think and live like God does; they resemble God. This is the foundation for this education. We need to own what we believe. We should not let go of the Principle. We can hold God's hands now and walk with him on the path to restore the world. Our lives have been difficult and we become tired but we need longing and tears. We need to find this. We should be living in a world of deep heart.

True Parents live in so much agony but because they live in God's love and shimjung they have the greatest joy. We need to be crazy to bring God joy.  Be crazy to find God's heart and to hold His hand.  We need to long for God and be crazy to be with Him.  Crazy is a good thing.Sing the holy songs when you are down or lost and you will find God again. True Father came in a dream and hugged me from behind and wiped my tears.
We need to follow and attend God through our True Parents.  In 2013 we will all come together as sons and daughters of God. I added Fathers words and Father approved all the content for the workshops.

These workshops will bring unity.  Each of you will receive your certificate.  Inside of this certificate is God's heart and the foundation of True Parent's life.

1st Lecture    11/10/08

Family Pledge- Everyone should be able to recite it the same way. Saying pledge in Korean is important; understanding Family Pledge is important.

Pledge #1:  Father gives us these words to live by, not just to recite. True Parents have lived this way. As owners of Cheon Il Guk, our family pledges to live according to True Love. We have used the Family Pledge after My Pledge. Father says we should live according to the Family Pledge. Family Pledge is key to understanding Father's words and life. Cheon Il Guk means mother and father, husband and wife and brother and sister unity. Our family is the owner of Cheon Il Guk.

Our Family--my family, everybody lives in relationship to someone else, also top to bottom and left to right. True Love is what binds all these relationships. Where all relationships are united, that is Cheon Il Guk. The laws that govern the family are the laws that govern the world. Everyone gathers where true love is because that is where you find investment--harmony and ideal of true love. Our original homeland is where we were born? Our original homeland is our sexual organs! The most important part of this DP education is  about ABSOLUTE SEX. Where we are born from is our original homeland--sexual organs. The original ideal of creation--"building the kingdom of heaven"--was never developed due to the fall. We can build the Kingdom of Heaven if we live Family Pledge as "THREE GENERATIONS" united in True Love.

Pledge #2: To attend God and True Parents in my family, who are eternal, unchanging and unique. Through attending, we can become True Parents also. The pine tree seed today has the same value as a pine seed 1000 years ago. Everyone in the family must become a son and daughter of the cosmos. Just having your children do well is not enough, the whole family must do well.

We must live by all the heavenly laws. We must know our parents' life and ideals and own them, unite with them. That's when my parents' life becomes our own. The family is the training ground to become filial sons and daughters. This is the foundation for becoming patriots of a nation. The family is the foundation.  A person can, on this foundation, become a saint for the world.

Pledge #3: 4 great realms of heart, 3 great kingships and the realm of the Royal Family. Living in the family, nation and world, how to do this? God became the parent through Adam and Eve: (children, parents, siblings and conjugal.) This is the process of growth, the 4 realms of heart. Children's heart, Parent's heart, husband's and wife's heart, is where true love grows; this is the Family. Three Great Kingships: Grandparents, Parents and Children. We must complete the 3 Great Kingships.

Pledge #4: Complete creation, build a world of peace. Everybody is one family under God, even with all the differences. This expanded, becomes the whole world, one big family: then it would be the same as one family, all following the same laws. Through this family everyone will find freedom, peace, unity and happiness. As owners we can do this!!

Pledge #5: Unify heaven and earth and develop. Heaven and earth are not separate, but they are one. God made us in His form. God made Adam; and from his rib, he made Eve. Eve was made first because the rib was made first.  God made Adam so he could be with Eve. When heaven and earth become one many things can happen. We have to work hard for this. Father built King Garden, and it had nothing to do with the Fall. We can live and build holy lives that are separate from the Fall. We need to live and know the family pledge. Oct. 14th is the start of new education because everything is different now.

Pledge #6: Move heavenly fortune and bring those around us to God. Our family now represents God's family. Same words, same ideals, same as God's and True Parent's family. Our responsibility is to fulfill this ideal--we proclaim to do this. True Parents keep teaching us the same thing over and over again--now is the time to live the words we have learned and to cleanse ourselves. We must be clean--new wine in new wine skins. Many members in our movement are tired and don't do anything. We can no longer follow blindly, but must make this our own.
The Principle is what kept us strong all these years. Through True Parents we could understand God's deepest heart.

Heavenly Fortune is God's heart. When God's heart goes east, but we go west, we are not able to feel God's heart. We need to know where God is and be there to gain strength. From morning to night, things change. As owners we must pay attention. The Principle alone is not enough.

True Parents and the Principle together is all we need. True Parents' words are the root. When we are where God is we can move heavenly fortune. Only the Blessing can cleanse original sin. We have to mature ourselves and abolish Satan's lineage, become people who can move heavenly fortune. God wants to give us everything. What belongs to the father belongs to the son. We cannot lose the origin which is the Blessing. We must bless our immediate family and become Tribal Messiahs. If we cannot do that there will be a line between us and True Parents.

If we really understood the value of the Blessing and what it means to belong to Satan's lineage we would work harder. God does not want to hear us say, "Please save me God."
God and True Parents are doing all they can. As owners, we need to help. The Blessed Families that go astray hurt True Parents so much, but True Parents still take responsibility for them and us.

When a farmer has a tree with lots of fruit the farmer is happy. We are True Parents fruit, and we make them happy.

Pledge #7: Our family pledges to live for the sake of others. We have the blessing but residue from the fallen world is still in our DNA. It will take all our effort, but in 6 or 7 generations we can uproot this stain from the fall. Wives deal with two parents, hers and  her husband's. We love our parents because this is where our lineage is from, our shimjung. True Parents raised us with true love. Our hearts lean towards True Parents because of this. We want to resemble our True Parents and live like they do. A True Parent is the embodiment of the word of God.

Parents put their children in front for the praise. We should follow in True Parent's footsteps to be free from Satan. People who are in the forefront are the ones others will follow. True Parents are the loneliest people because they needed to find the way by themselves. Father's heart aches so much for us because we must also go his course to become owners. We must have hearts that resemble True Parents' to become owners.

We still have not yet embodied the word!!! We must do this. We must be inspired and moved by the word, if we are going to move others.

If we are moved by heart it is natural to live for the sake of others. Shimjung culture. The culture in the world was built by people controlled by Satan. It is Satan's culture. Even good people were limited and could not move beyond barriers and borders. We need to create a culture that can't help but live for the sake of others. Everybody will become people who can live for the sake of others in the shimjung culture.

Pledge #8: Our family pledges to realize love between God and men and lead a life of absolute love and faith. We are in the age of Cheon Il Guk but many of us are not able to graduate from the Completed Testament Age. There are too many people who need to be blessed in the world. God gave us the Old, New and Completed Testaments as the path to the Three Great Blessings.  We need to graduate from the Completed Testament Age.   The element of "I" and "me" must vanish in absolute faith and obedience. We must go to absolute faith, obedience and love!!

We don't know God so well so we see Him and find Him through True Parents words and life. Father always thinks about God and lives as if God was in him, within him. We know God's Will, but we worry and stay busy and forget sometimes God and True Parents' heart. As owners we must take responsibility.  Knowing must lead to doing.   The peace message explains the Family Pledge.

Yes we can' "One Family Under God"

Lecture 2

The reason why we study the Principle:  Some people study to become a member.

1.  Solve the problems in the world. People have been trying to solve the world's problems; but only the Unification Principles can show the way. The Unification view of God.  Love, life, marriage are issues.  All religions view God differently, how we view God and life is amazing. We all have the same core beliefs. Many religions just say there is a God. Believe.

2. Understanding life. Problems of marriage and family are key points that cause struggle. Divorce, family problems are ever-growing problems.  Love is not understood, it is deformed. Families should be the hope of our future. Tens of thousands of people passed in front of the station in Japan where I witnessed. I asked people late at night why they were out there. They said their parents had a lot of money but they liked to be prostitutes to get the money. The kids did not see anything wrong with that. I told them they were the future of Japan. When these kids grow up and become leaders, what kind of leaders will they be? This is a national problem, not just a family problem.
Father spent 40 years in America and we need to become owners now!!! Religious people need to work harder to solve the world's problems. We have not been able to solve problems because we have not understood the Principle!! So we have to study the Principle so we can know how to use it to solve problems. Water problems, AIDs, love, marriage! Religious leaders need to care for these issues. Spirit world also will come back to the earth and they need to be restored as well.

If we do not solve the problems in spirit world, people on earth will be influenced in a negative way. Father was asked, "I have never been able to communicate with spirit world. How can I do that?" Father said it is better not to communicate if you cannot control. We need to understand the spirit world completely.

Many people want to go to heaven at the end of their life. They need True Parents to do that! This must be cleared up if we want to solve problems. So many leaders and scholars have tried to solve problems without the fundamental solutions. Nobody came up with the fundamental solutions. The Principle can solve through providing fundamental solutions; what is true and what is false. We need to understand the true value of good and evil.

Many people look at "good" as what benefits me, and "bad" as what takes away.
Our actions depend on our values and our way of life. We have a hard time to unite humanity because values around the world are different. These seminars provide a jump-start on understanding the values of God. It is difficult to give up the values you grow up with. Principle values.

3.  Study the Principle for a united peaceful world. Peace will start on the individual level and expand to the world. Be the peace!! Be peace!!! We must unite our heart and body then we can build a world of peace. From the unity and harmony of two people we can see the world change.

4.  Study the Principle to find my true self. From the king to the commoner, everyone is looking for their true selves. We need to give 100% to solve the total problem. Am I a child of God or a child of Satan? We must become our true selves before we go home to the spirit world. If we change, we will see everything differently.
Find our True Selves! We need God to solve the world's problems. Even though so many people believe in God, they don't include God when trying to solve these problems. Only people make problems, so we must also solve these problems.  Humans live in a state of conflict. We need to solve these problems.

If our heart desires goodness and we practice goodness, we will find a way. Our conflicts were not inborn; when the individual has peace, is peace the perfection? The value that original children were supposed to have was lost due to the fall. We say the word invests itself in each of us and we must become owners.  God's heart and his Will are consistent. Our purpose on earth is to leave behind something better.

What is the fundamental aspect of the material world? The laws of the family, the laws of nature, are clear and we must live by them to make God happy and solve problems. God is also working through science to solve many of the problems. All people need to hear the Principle! Religion and science must unite. Region and science must love and work together.

We must focus on the Principles of Creation, "God's Ideals." Religion? We need to know about God's Ideal and also His responsibility. In the original world we will not need religion; religions of today have not been able to unite humanity. Now is a time when we need unity most. If a religious leader has problems in their family or work, they will have a difficult time leading.

If we leave the world the way it is, it will destroy itself. True Parents understand God's love for us so they do not give up. We might be able to go through difficulties but if it happens often, we will become part of the problem. We all have two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth, so we all look all right. Father raises the banner of salvation for mankind. What has Christianity been doing? We must teach about God's providence.

Christianity should have been teaching about the relationship between God and man. In our movement things are now changing a lot. We do not need to do anything but follow God's heart! We need a worldwide brotherhood. We need to go out into the world but not become a part of the world. Through the word the world will change.

We need to be grafted onto a new olive tree. True family is the new olive tree. United with the True Parents as the true olive tree. Our responsibility is to unite with the vision, unite with True Parents and build happy healthy Blessed Central Families…. Religion is more than just a building. We need to have a church that is more than a church. Through the Blessing people can be engrafted onto the true olive tree. Blessing and education is what we should focus on.

People can find answers through the Peace messages as well. Families should be empowered. We need to work together to have the correct life style. We lost our ability to act correctly, because we did not understand the Principle. We need the rights tools to succeed in life. We need to look at ourselves and each other from Gods view point. We need to find that passion and excitement we had when we just joined the church.

We have to grow ourselves to be people that can live up to his expectations and know his heart. People think of God as energy but we can give people a clearer answer. God is absolute love. Adam and Eve went through growth and perfection. We need to follow parents and become mature--not fallen people. We fell below the original point and have to work ourselves back up.

This is the time for a new word and a new world! It is time for us to hear the word that brings understanding of all truths--no more symbols. All conflicts can be solved at this time. Race, religion, cultural and other problems will disappear. We need to know "True Parents" and be reborn again. The providence through indemnity needs to be understood.

The Principle tells us we have a portion of responsibility! This education seminar is our way to proclaim our responsibility. Understand? We know the word and we know what to do, yet we are not doing it. We need to understand God, True Parents, and the Principle. We must deal with the core of democracy and change the world. We must find our true self!!

Lecture 3

We are all gathered together to study the DP again today. According to the study of Father's words, it is the Word that can bring us together. The Principle is in two parts: Principle of Creation and Principle of Restoration. We should have lived according to the Principle of Creation, but because of the Fall, we had to live the Principle of Restoration.

The conclusion of the first part is Christology. It seems like the Christians understand Jesus and God, but they really don't. We need understand the Principle of Creation so we can know what to go back to. The conclusion of the 2nd part of the Principle is the Second Coming, the Second Advent. Originally, we did not need the words messiah or 2nd Coming. The Messiah (True Parents) comes to save families. True Parents have been able to take away many of the connections Satan had to us.

The Blessing is still important to us, to the world. The number of victory is the number 7. Number 4 for family, and 3 for heaven.  Number 7 is important, 3 day ceremony, 7 day fast. We need three spiritual children to have the family structure that Satan cannot attack. The Principle is something we can live by, not just a doctrine. We need to find the Principle and the value of the Principle ourselves. The process of cleansing our original sin is not so easy. The Blessing cleans the sin but there are still so many leftover elements, satanic elements inside of us. We must live our lives to overcome these elements so we can stand as God's children. If we don't do this then our children will inherit these elements and have to take the responsibility to restore them.

What we have eternally and internally, our hearts, is what God sees, not our jobs or education. We must become true husbands and wives, true Adam and Eve. This is why we need the True Parents of heaven and earth.

Our responsibility is to become True Parents!! The goal of the Bible is to welcome the Messiah. The goal of the Principle is to believe and attend the Messiah. True Father was born on Jan. 6 1920. Father would go anywhere where people would gather and talk about the Principle. We also need to do that. We need to go out into the world and teach people. It was very difficult for Father to find the Principle--like finding one particular grain of sand on the sea floor. We do not realize the value of the Principle or of True Parents.

We have to live our lives as crazy people to teach the Principle. For us to meet the True Parents is difficult, but we can do it often. We need to understand the value of this, the value of True Parents. We need to become people of true love. Why did we come to the Unification Church? Let's not forget the why!

We need to know how to live our lives, how to restore things. Individual, family, nation and world level is the path we go through to liberate God. We need to have victory on all these levels. We can unite with True Parents on that foundation. We need a nation for God and this is something only we can do. This is our offering. Father has now asked us to go into politics. We never thought we would do this, but this is the time we live in. The Principle came out in the 20th century as an atom bomb of true love. We must change more than our lifestyle; we must change our hearts.

The Principle is more than just words, it contains God's heart. These words contain God's heart and Will. There are deep meanings in these words. Lets look deeper into the words.  God gave True Parents the mission and God revealed the word (Principle) to True Father. Father however had to find the Principle.
From 1935 to 1945 Father had to put the Principle together and then he had to proclaim it to the whole world. Now Father is almost 90 years old and he is still proclaiming the Principle to the world. We must take over.

We need to make the foundation for the spirit world to work. Because we are born in the same age as True Parents we can laugh and cry with True Parents. In 1952 Father wrote the first DP. Both DP books were used to educate many people. Victory of Communism  and Unification Thought were used to educate people. We must understand how to live the Principle. Father wrote the poem called "Crown of Glory" in 1935.

Lecture 4

The Principle of Creation provides the blueprint for creation. This blueprint is absolute, unchanging and unique. A person who lives his life well is a person who uses this blueprint correctly. People need to know how to live according to the Principle of Creation. What is the value of someone who lives well, who lives right? Fallen people have become broken and we have to fix them by helping them become whole. We can do this!! The Principle is not a doctrine but a way of life. It is God's blueprint. We need to know God.

The essence of the universe is energy, yin and yang, and the five elements, but it is also more than that. The origin of the universe is God, it is more than just energy. The basic unit of all matter is energy, but this energy has a purpose.  What drives this energy?

What kind of characteristics does God have?  How can we understand what we cannot see? Love, goodness, judgment, absoluteness… the Bible says God made us in His image. We can start there. Know God through knowing ourselves and creation.

Nature is God. Is this enough to understand God? We need more in terms of explanation. The Principle explains God's core essence. God is a God of duel characteristics. God is a God of heart but no one has said that God is a God of dual characteristics. To know God we need to look at the things he has made. We can know the artist by what he makes.

All things are made following certain laws. Everything has yang and yin, positive and negative. God is the origin of yin and yang.
Internal nature (form) is like the blueprint, and external nature (form) is like the blueprint printed out.  Even a seed knows how to grow even though it has no brain. Something guides everything in the universe, in creation.

 Everything has internal nature and external form. God is the origin!! This is the first cause of all creation, that is, God is a unique unchanging being. Hananim-God is a god of personality.  Hananim means "God is One." God is the harmonized unity of the duel characteristics. The first cause has both spirit and matter working together in harmony. God is all things, all things come from God, God is the origin.

Through true love comes God's personality. God's heart also has purpose and law so we must live a life of harmony. This is amazing - God's dual characteristics. We need to resemble God and His characteristics. This is the realm of liberation, the realm where we become owners. Through the proclamation in Hawaii we can have this education!!

It's all about absolute sex. God is the owner of absolute sex and we need to resemble God. He has both sexes inside him. We need to become owners! This is my teaching!  We must feel this way and become owners of the word. We must resemble God, my thoughts are His, His are mine.

We are one. In 1965 many theologians gathered and we presented the Principle to them. Inside of us we have heart and body, male and female. Understanding yin and yang helps us understand everything. Internal and external are realities which we need to understand.
Yes we can.

The seed of life comes from my father and my mother raised me.

We must complete ourselves! Only we can call out to God, no one can do it for us.  We were created in His image so let's resemble Him. He is our parent and we are His child. He is calling out to us.  We are from the Father but we do not know Him. Let us all call out to God.! He will answer. He will listen to our call.  God is a God of Love. How do we know this? We don't always know God.

Water, vapor and ice are all made of the same elements but they are different. We are all the same because we are all made from the same elements. If we can grasp this then we can share it with others and change hearts.

We need to fight to really know God's heart.  Find someone who lost their only son for no good reason.

Study the Principle and own the Principle!! This is what will liberate each of us and our families. The word needs to explode inside of us. We could talk about the dual characteristics all day or for days--it is the foundation for solving the world's problems.
Values mean everything.  We need material things but not at the expense of all else.
Our responsibility is to resemble God. The word is holy, God is holy, we are holy. We must become the owners of absolute sex!! We must restore absolute sex and absolute sex will become the center of all our education. We need to live according to the Principle with all its laws and order. Absolute sex is the bottom line. God is a God of heart. True Parents teach us that God is a God of heart who experiences pain and joy, not just intellect. Beauty, truth and intellect. "Beauty is subject." To suit the woman, God made man. God is the root of love, life and lineage. How free is our conscience in terms of absolute sex?

God is my father.  He is the one I want to attend.  I want to be like my father.  I will be the owner of Absolute Sex.

God is the united harmony of dual characteristics. Only through unity can we find lasting peace. God has one heart, one body, one ideal. Centering on the heart we can have harmony, unity and peace. Centering on absolute sex, shimjung can become a reality. Absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience allows us to become true owners.

In love we want to come under the one we love in all absolute ways. We want to live in the ownership of love; where there is love we will find our true home. God is the owner of love but he also wants to be loved as much as he wants to love. God believes in us 100%. God absolutely loves us and wants to come under the dominion of that love.

Love makes us want to have absolute love, absolute faith, and absolute obedience, becoming owners through these absolutes. If we can resemble our True Parents then we can remember God and become absolute owners. True love comes from shimjung. We need to have a passion to help and love others. This is God's love. We can liberate all humanity through love. Human beings are free to love. Man and woman, sperm and love are all that is needed. Life and love! Unification Thought states these things and helps us understand how to resemble God. Internal on top and external on bottom (the functions of God's divine nature).

Universality and individuality are unique to each creation. God's character is in everything. In heart there is true love personality. When our being can resemble God's personality we will discover our own personality. The root of God's love is the core of God's personality; shimjung is an irrepressible instinct, and the motivation for God to make the creation.

Shimjung and Logos. Law is automatic. Trees grow, seeds sprout… the laws of the universe are absolute and nature always follows laws. We want to love and we want to resemble God's heart and characteristics. ODU and the 4 position foundation allows give and take action centered on the law of the universe, like the energy that comes from God's heart and personality, as love and shimjung power. ODU action creates the 4 position foundation.

ODU and Universal Prime Energy are inside God's heart and nature. God gives the message but he needs us to hear it. As parents we raise our children. People reject us but we need to continue to love the person who rejects us the most. "Knowing the meaning of the word gives it value."

Loving your enemy more than you love your own children will absolutely subjugate Satan. Shoes of a servant are the shoes we should wear. The word is God's substance. Universal Prime Energy. God made all things in the universe and through shimjung we are to become owners and resemble God. We need to practice loving all our life.

God's internal nature--lets go inside…
Internal nature--elements of the form (intellect, emotion, and will--come from God.) External form--functional elements (idea, concept becomes reality--come from God.)

God already had an idea. He made his idea become a reality--what kind of person? What kind of dog or what kind of tree? How will we become people of value? Value comes from God. When people don't know their value they get lost. There is no way for people to unite if they do not have the same values. Cain and Abel were brothers but they were two owners and they would fight. The Abel UN is centered on God and the Cain UN should unite with the Abel UN as brothers. Father spent 30 years developing the foundation for the Abel UN. True Parents are making preparations to save this world. If we left the world the way it was, it would be destroyed.

God will draw a line in 2013 and He will close the doors. We must fulfill the position of sons and daughters before 2013. We need to make the choice to stand with God and True Parents. God is a God of numbers, of mathematics. God does not need money or power because He is the owner of true love. True Parents have accomplished this level--internal nature and external form. God is a love God. He is longing for his true object, his children

God feels sadness and frustration and we inherit these things from our True Parents. If the mother is a mutt then the children cannot be pure bred. Our individuality came from God and His nature (internal and external). We are the substantial external form coming from God. We all come from God so we need to know where we come from. Then we can solve the world's problems. Spirit and material are the same element when there is harmony. Both are one! God's ideology is head wing! Not left wing or right wing!

Everything exists in relationship to something else. All things must unite and we need to know both sides and embrace both sides. The Blessing is the fastest way to unite the whole world. October 14th was the day Father was released from Hungnam prison.

Shimjung never changes, as it is absolute. Everybody wants to live in love and out of conflict. Father said that if you are hit three times you must still endure.

If there is something we have not overcome we need to go back to that place and overcome. We need to think about True Parents and the tears they shed. We need to shed tears of joy, tears of repentance, and tears for God.

Father knows God's situation so well. What a pot holds determines its value not what the pot is made of. My character determines my value not what I look like or where I went to school. We know the Principle and we know True Parents so we can resemble them.

We need to have one ideology before we can make unity. The laws that True Parents made and the words they left in North Korea are becoming a reality in North Korea. God's words are our motivation and why we do what we do?  Head wing ideology--

Lecture 5

What is the origin of the universe? The origin is God. He is the united body of yin and yang; he is shimjung, true love and personality, the owner of absolute sex. God wants us to love so he needs an object that resembles himself (a man and woman). Men and women are defined by their sexual organs.

Father went to a women and asked her if she was a woman. How do you know? By your sexual organs. Who is the owner of your sexual organ? Father said that God also has sexual organs but he needs a substantial body. God wants to be with a man and woman when they are united in love, the love of a husband and wife. God is the invisible subject and he needs a family that is substantial. God wants love and he can find that love in a family only.

God is eternal and absolute but he needs us to experience love fully. Our body and hearts become one through our sexual unity. God becomes one with men and women when they make love.

Love is a concept so we need a substantial body to love through. Conjugal love is the most amazing love. It is God's true love. True Parents allowed God for the first time to experience love fully. God's heart is liberated through absolute sex. God has been crazy wanting to love throughout all history.

Absolute sex is the main fundamental core of this workshop and shows the path of our responsibility. Through absolute sex we come to resemble God.

We cannot see God without five senses but that does not mean that He is not there. If our eyes could see everything we would not be able to live. God gave us as much as we needed to live well.

The more valuable something is the more difficulty it is to see. Even though we cannot see God, he is our Father, the owner of love and the owner of absolute sex. When we meet True Parents they wanted to inherit all to us. We cannot feel God because he is one with us. Our heart beats loudly but we do not hear it, right? God designed it to be this way he made the blueprint.

God is one with us so it's hard to feel him, like it's hard to hear our heart beat and for us to smell our own poop.

Satan wants to destroy this world of love so he makes us unclear about marriage and children. The creation theory is correct. The thought comes before creation. New development needs creative thought to be invested first. Everything is made for the sake of love.

Talk about God's overflowing theory. Without creative thought there is no development. The Principle is the key to solving all the world's problems. Love and joy are our purpose. God wanted to love so he created the relationship between himself and man. Does God exist? This has been a question humanity has always asked. Subject and object are not separate, they are one. Our heart is the first heart and our body is our second heart. We need to look at people as God looks at them. Our divinity comes from God. Adam is God's son and body, Eve is Adam's partner. God gives life to Adam's seed and gives it life. The marriage of Adam and Eve is the marriage of God. No one has understood God's form. When Adam and Eve become one then God is manifested in their bodies and he can be seen.

God came in the form of Jesus and now he came again in True Parents. To see True Parents is to see God. The first love that Adam and Eve shared was supposed to be God's first love. God had prepared the whole universe for the love of his children. Because of the Fall, God could not share his first love. He was miserable and only True Parents could understand this. God's first love was found in True Parents.

Father needed to raise Mother up to the position of True Mother. This was a difficult path for True Mother. On that foundation of suffering True Parents could liberate God's heart. Adam and Eve should have grown to resemble God fully. When God raised True Parents he wanted them to discover and take responsibility so that Satan could have no claim. Father told Hyo Jin that he wanted to raise him as the elder son, that all mankind had been waiting for, but that Father was too old. Father explained that restoration required him to raise the sons of his enemies first. True Parents could not raise their own children. This was our job!!

We have to fight off the satanic world but when we have children we want to protect them from harm. Our ancestors want to help as well. Because we could not raise the True Children, Satan attacked and this can never be forgiven or forgotten. We were all engrafting to the true olive trees to true family. We need to be a fence protecting True Family. The fence is 36, 777, 1800, 6000, and 30,000 couples. Bad things happened on our watch. We were supposed to protect and educate the True Children.

Parent child relationships- God is the being of true love, life and lineage. God's love goes the shortest distance; parents rule children are born from their parents love and born to live eternally. God is the owner of love; he loved before we did, before our parents did. My children could look at God as their great grandfather but we all call him Father, no matter how many generation have passed. True love goes the shortest distance.

Father says couples should sleep together naked, with small children this might be difficult but when we are older we should be naked. Our skin should touch and we should hold each others sexual organs while we sleep. This is what Father is teaching us. When our spouse is dying we should be touching their sexual organs. This is really important when we are 60 or 70 years old. These are the words of True Parents so don't throw them away.  Parents get old and become like babies and the children become like parents to their parents. God is a God of sadness and God of hope. We are owners and we can liberate God's heart. Father's words can help us be born anew. I was born from my parents and all I have comes from my parents. Parents want to do everything for us.

In the olden times the son would do everything for the parents. For three years the son would attend the grave of the parents and not cut his hair or nails. What we have is from our parents and we need to understand that we are more than our individual selves. We were formed for eternal life. When we die, we are born and our spirit takes off our body like taking off clothes.  Children need parents and parents need children!!

The relationship between man and God--people as children of God must resemble our parent God. Husband and wife become one and it is like God's yin and yang coming together. Heart should be our core characteristic. Shimjung is the point of our life, our motivation. Sacrifice and service allows us to resemble God. All of this comes back to us and builds our character.

Absolute sex

Our families must be absolute, unique and unchanging. Absolute sex! Love absolutely and God will be there. God's responsibility is to make people resemble Him; our responsibility is to resemble God. Together we must fulfill our responsibility. God has invested all he has so that we can resemble him. We must work hard to resemble him. We can become one with God through love. When we become one in love with God then God and man have both fulfilled their responsibility. God and True Parents have fulfilled the standard. Eve fell first so Father went to Japan to restore Eve. Japan is the Eve nation.

Father struggled so much with women in Japan. Sometimes Father would wake up and find a girl sleeping beside him. He had to help the girl understand so she could go home. Satan even at that time was trying to destroy absolute sex. Father trained himself to not respond to temptation. Father did not respond and the girls would give up, some would repent. We can inherit Father's realm of victory if we make the condition to never change--to be absolute. We can stand before Father with no guilt if we make the effort to do so.

Love is a good thing. Because of the misuse of love we all hurt. Parent's situation becomes children's situation. We need to be careful. Shimjung should always be our motivation. Father is waiting. We need to respond and listen because of shimjung. Our responsibility has its root in shimjung, becoming like shimjung. We were joined by heart and this is our world. This is the way it is. We are close to each other. We are connected through shimjung. This is our original connection. Shimjung is the most important. Shimjung is more valuable than money or education. People want love, they want shimjung. We all need to change and center our lives on shimjung. We need true shimjung education. Knowledge skills and health are all we need along with shimjung.
Knowledge cannot be valued more than heart.

Three Blessings: fruitful, multiply, dominion

We need education on shimjung, laws, knowledge and skills. A  teacher needs to have the heart of a parent. We are the ones that can raise the shimjung of our children. Everyone has a role in the family to fulfill. If someone makes a mistake we need to help them. Wealthy or empty or full of shimjung--what would you choose. This is how traditions spread to the world.

The word can touch can touch the hearts of people.

We need to have dominion over all things but we are not ready, we do not have the right conditions yet.

We are developing Media and Internet for God to use.

Matthew 7-21: live according to God's Will and you will go to heaven. Become like God! Become God's temple. Become God's family. On becoming His complete people, united heart, mind and body with God, is the way to become a complete person. This will be the world where the three Blessings will be fulfilled. If a child loves to play soccer but parents want the child to make money and become a doctor, Will the child be happy as a doctor? Money is not the most valuable item--love and shimjung are the most valued!! [God is an awesome God. Give people what they need].

We need to teach the world about spirit world and love people as True Parents. We need to know who our true self is. God and True Parents gave us so many words! God made the world through his word and he will restore the world with his words. We must restore our tribes and nations. Ideal unification is talked about so much but we need to understand unification and all things can happen.  God's divine nature.  People who have this have united dual characteristics. We desire truth, beauty, and goodness. When shimjung is the heart of our desire, all things are clear, all things function according to God's Will. Laws and functions will last forever if they are centered on shimjung. When God and man become one centered on shimjung, then heaven becomes possible.  We are the subject of all things!! We will be happy and all things will be happy. Many people do not know where they stand with God. Where do we stand, how do we live, are we becoming owners?

Lecture 6

We need to study the DP so that we can solve problems in the world. DP is the key, the master key for solving problems. Man is made in God's image so he has all Gods' attributes. Mankind needs to realize their value and mature. We must care for all the people who live with us. Form and content in the family cannot be confused. Internal content or nature is shimjung education. External form is being a doctor etc.
A nation has its leaders and its people. Everyone needs the Principle so we can all live in peace and harmony. The principal guiding schools is to love God, love the nation and love mankind. The same laws govern industry. Our family shares a house, but each family member has a purpose, individual purpose and whole purpose.

One leader can bring a lot of development. When leaders change, things change. Loving the people and loving the nation are key to building shimjung. God's shimjung is centered on law and order. We need to understand DP and we can solve all the world's problems-God's heart, His shimjung are the key.

We need to set up a system to educate the spirit world. God is our Heavenly Father. God is in our True Parents. What will we teach? What content will we use to educate the spiritual world? God has a heartistic character centered on true love. We can understand God's heart. We must understand the unification of the heart. God's internal character can be understood in our world and this value system can unite the world. Hyungsang and Sungsang can be the complete way to solve problems centered on true love. We can complete the ideal of God.

People who are politically motivated will have difficulties unless they move as a family unit. Selfish value systems are now falling apart. A revolution has started--cultural, political and other revolutions, but nothing will change through revolutions. We need a revolution of heart, of shimjung.

We need to teach the value of God and the value of the Divine Principle. A revolution of heart through education centering on God! True Father stressed good education through true love. The root of the heart (shimjung) is centered on God and on true character, centered on absolute sex.

The ideal family is hidden in today's world so people cannot see its value.  Marriage is centered on a man and a woman, not man and man or woman and woman. We must promote God's ideal and protect the law of love. In the Principle we will find the answer. If Father uses the message about absolute sexual morality, many people will give us headaches. Soon Father will be able to strongly support moral norms.

Why, is there such a gap between the world and God's ideal? We need a revolution of heart lead by sons and daughters of God. Our ideal must be expanded and by 2013 we must fulfill our responsibility. We do have some confidence. The DP will give us all the tools we need. We must liberate hell and we do not want new people to go there. When you see death or taste death, your life will change 180 degrees. After death there is a better life, but lets not hurry.

God has Hyungsang and Sungsang and can unite all things both old and new. A national plan will be symbolized by Korea. Like a map True Parents made, everything follows God's Will and his vision. There is a blueprint designed by God. God needs a person who can love others, always giving and forgetting that they have given.

Our Reality

The cosmos and all things resemble God. We need clear values. Humanity is the owner of all things. Yes we can!

Heart Revolution
Centering on true love everything is possible. God is the Logos we need to know God's internal nature and his external form. Humanity did not know this, so God still has to do a lot of the work, but we need to help Him with the work. God's nature includes all things. ODU is the internal nature of God, ODU action in the world of absolutes. With God we can. Our humanity must grow to resemble God and the laws of shimjung. Universal prime energy is the original power. It is internal. If we know God we will see that the Principle is shared. Yes we can meet God and we can make a difference.

We can unify all truths centered on the Principle. There is beauty within love and love within beauty. The man returns beauty to the woman and woman returns beauty to man. This relationship when not correct creates problems. When they have a good relationship, they have good give and take, things can happen. For our spirits to be healthy we need to live right. If you want to receive, then give first. This is the law.

All people desire good. Who is the subject of our conscience? God is subject. In the garden God called out to Adam and Eve and asked Adam and Eve, "Did you eat the fruit?" He already knew that they ate the fruit. Satan makes us hide when we do something wrong. Adam blamed Eve instead of taking responsibily and coming with Eve to God.

Our original heart is the internal nature and the conscience is the external form. If God is the subject of our original minds, then we need to follow his guidance. If we are not in the right relationship with God we will feel pain and separation. We should all become God's true sons and daughters. I am the way, the truth and the life. When we become one with God, we become one with shimjung. This is our lifestyle. Our body is our body and is God's temple. We react to God's shimjung. We are the people who respond to God. We need to get Satan out of our bodies so God can dwell in us fully. We must become absolute in everything.

ODU Action: divided from God.  God's internal nature and give and take action - God - man + woman - children.  God's structure is like that.  ODU Action is the Principle of God.  The fallen world is the opposite way, so we live in conflict.  Love and beauty centered on give and take centered on God's unique theory.  In the family there are grandparents, parents and children centered on love.  With love conflict will disappear.
Knowing and sharing Love and Shimjung is the key.


The Three Object Purpose in the creation theory is important to understand.  One Subject, three objects.  The four become one through give and take action.  The center is always the center of God's Heart.  Without God the three objects have no meaning.

Only God can be the motive of ODU Action.  If our motive replaces God's, then ODU will not work, give and take will not work.  Where is your center?  What is the motive of your life?  Motive is very important.  Motive must be clear.

The first step is education, then we become children of God.  We need a revolution of love and heart to change ourselves and the world.  Heart is more important as it can overcome and solve problems. - Shimjung!!!


We need a partner.  Partners, man & woman have children and center on God.  God exists in the sexual organs.  He dwells in the sexual organs.  The children are God's love.  Three generations must be united centered on God's Will.  This 4 position is the foundation of power and the origin of the numbers 3, 4 and 12. Centered on God the 3 is the 3 object purpose.  This #3 belongs to heaven and when the union is made it makes #4 and can God live there.

Centered on 4 positions God's creation purpose can be completed. The foundation of God and power becomes a reality.  3 x 4 = 12 and is the completion of #12.  #4 is the number of existence.  12 disciples for Jesus. 12 children for True Parents, twelve is a key number.  Restoration and God's providence work through numbers.  We need 12 people around us!!!  Through the family structure we can manage our tribes and nations.

There are already many good foundations established. From where did these foundations come from?  From God, they are in God. God and mankind can unite centered on God, centered on love. All we do is centered on God and shimjung.  We are His temples.  Men and women are temples of God.  When men and women come together through the Blessing, then their union becomes God's temple as well.  Have we become people that God can hand over the ability to create?  People don't know that their center is God.


We must fulfill our responsibility, as sons and daughters of God.  This will allow us to become 2nd creators.  This is how we complete God's Will through the 4 position foundation.  Through this we are one with God and the center of the cosmos in shimjung.  Four Great Realms of Love.  Shimjung is the core.  True love, life and lineage = Absolute sex.  We return to God through True love.

We need to restore bodies that God can live inside. Keeping the lineage intact is very important. God wants to be where there is true love.  He can be everywhere so He can dwell in many temples at the same time.  God is the center of everything.

When we have God's shimjung and want to love we will have the power of love, the Universal Prime Energy. When God's Purpose becomes the family's purpose, God can make a temple and be happy.

Give & Take Action and ODU needs Universal Prime Energy. All these are from one essence. God wants to multiply. Many people think children are a hassle or a burden and their lineage stops, when they die. All creation has dual characteristics.  You need a partner to have give and take with. Man needs a woman and children need parents - partners allow give and take to happen.
God is eternal and we are eternal. Our spirits will live forever even when our body dies. We can live forever on the earth through our children.

The Principle of the Cosmos
All beings must follow the Principles of the dual characteristics.

We must make the world of conflict disappear. The core of the Unification Movement is to change the blood lineage through the Blessing. Our church is a place where we can teach. Our homes can become a church. Teaching is easy in the home. This is the best way to help people experience the word. The word and the Family Pledge are the core of our families. Reading and sharing the word in our homes and living for the sake of our partner and for the sake of others. Father loves and we will find all victory through love.


Love only comes from relationships. We must live for the sake of others then we will experience the power of Universal Prime Energy. The person who wants to live higher will fall lower if motivation is not correct. If the partner becomes lower then all will become lower.  We must become sons and daughters of God. No option…!!!

We must first love before receiving love. Love always gets bigger. Shimjung is the root of God and True Love.  Love is forever and we need a forever partner.

Principle of Creation

Our purpose, the purpose of creation, is to bring joy to God.  We must fulfill the three great blessings. When we have fulfilled the 3 blessings, God is with us and we become the temple of God.  To become a person of heaven we need shimjung education.  Shimjung must be the motivation for all we do.  God dwells in the man and the woman and on that unity God has a child.  These children are children of goodness who build a world of goodness.

We cannot live the way we want but we need to live according to heavenly laws. God wants us to be the owners of all things.  The same heart God has towards us we must have with all things.  

Heavenly Equality

Some people have too much yet others have nothing.  In the ideal world we will see everyone care and share all things.

What should North & South Korea be called when they are united?

God's purpose of creation is for us to fulfill the 3 Blessings and for us to be happy.  God wants us to be happy.

We lost our bodies, our love, our lineage, our life, our temple, when humanity fell.  We must cleanse the lineage and restore all that was lost.  True Parents have raised us to give the Blessing to all mankind.  This is our responsibility.  We will not stop until we have total victory.  We will not stop until it is completed.  We must always think about God's heart and His situation.

ABSOLUTE SEX lies at the core of all these Blessings.  God could not fulfill His responsibility because the first ancestors failed.  Centering on finding our first nation we can expand to the world.

Father is looking towards the day when we have a nation.  Father is longing to see the structure of Cheon Il Guk becoming a reality in the world.  Our responsibility is to take responsibility for building Cheon Il Guk.  We can do this.  Father wanted people to take 40 days for the workshop but it was not possible.

Centering on true love we all become one. Through love he whole family can unite.  Husband and wife with united mind and body motivated by shimjung can be victorious in all things.  Centering on this content of education we can be God's temples.

The laws of the family are the same laws the world is founded on. It is only through the Principle that mankind can understand where to go and what our realities are.  The number of heaven is 3.  A family becomes 7.  We need to educate people about shimjung, purity, and to keep an absolute standard of sex.

Sons in the family and saints in the world who know the Heavenly laws; we need to have the same heart as True Parents and invest ourselves in the same things. We lost our original homeland. Our parents' sexual organs came from God. That is our homeland.

All purposes need to be united on and with God.  Individual purpose and whole purpose are both important but must be united.

We must live our lives understanding these two purposes.  All things are connected to God and when we fell away from God, all things were affected.  God and True Parents have been investing in saving all people and all things.  We must stand with God and True Parents to do this.


We have 4 years left before 2013, so we need to become partners and owners at this time and start anew.  We may have scars, but if we do, we cannot hold onto the scars and we must make a new start.  Individuals live for the family, which lives for the nation, which lives for the world, which lives for the cosmos.


We need to stand as servants of servants to win God's Heart and loyalty.  We should have the heart to stand in the same position as our parents.  We need to have the highest level of heart between husband and wife.  The life of True Parents has been to start as servants and move forward to True Parents.  True Parents are guiding us to build a homeland and nation.  This is our responsibility.  True Parents want to give us the inheritance through this educational seminar.

In the future all Blessings will be done on the internet and education on 3 day ceremony and other things will be done on TV.  Mail order Blessings.

We must work hard.  This is the time of harvest and we need many people to help collect the harvest.  We can own God through the sexual organs.

God's Love is expanded through His objects.  The first night a couple shares together is also the first night for God.  True Parents have given us all the tools and directions on what to do, but we need to own them.  How much are we living for the sake of our children as True Parents lived for us?

We get married for love, life and lineage.  When we multiply, we grow.  True Parents have worked so that God can settle, now we need to work so True Parents can rest and settle.  Adam and Eve were to become True Parents of heaven and earth, God's temple.

In North Korea people are never late even by one second.  The North Korean people may be the first to unite with God.  Everyone in North Korea has the same values and the same ideals so it would be easier for them to shift into a new culture.

We need to reach out to people in the world.  Now can we do this?  Over the next 4 years we really need to fight.  True Parents have been educating people all over the world through speaking tours and conferences.

We can become True Parents at this time.  This is the time when all things can be completed.  There are still people who have not received the Blessing so we are still in the Completed Testament Age and need church but church should not be our goal.  The Providence of the Church is finished and now God wants to live with families.  Blessed Central Families that He can have direct dominion over.  We need to educate people so they know their portion of responsibility.  For the first time God can wear a body and be a couple.  God is Happy!!!  HSA-UWC is the age of indemnity. After came FFWPU and then Family Party or Cheon Il Guk.  We need to finish Blessing all people of the world and create Hoon Dok Family church to find God's Fatherland.


4 Great Realms of Heart and 3 Great Kingships

Heart of husband and wife, of brothers and sisters and of parents.  In the Garden of Eden, nature was Adam and Eve's school, there were no schools or textbooks.

God made all things and the angels were the ones to educate Adam and Eve. The Archangel knew how God created and he was able to teach Adam and Eve about creation.  Adam and Eve were naked and they were like brother and sister.  As they grew older they noticed how animals would make love and have babies.  Nature was a good teacher.  They noticed that they were different, male and female.  As they grew they asked questions to the Archangel about these differences between male and female.  The Archangel failed to educate properly and explained from his own view point.

Mankind was supposed to resemble God and keep absolute sex before forming families.  By watching the creation Adam and Eve could understand the heart of parents.


Before we get married we need to have spiritual children.  We need spiritual children.  Our children will become the Kings and Queens of the future.  When we get old we become babies again and our children sometimes become our parents.  We take care of our old parents because they took care of us when we were growing up.

We learn the love of parents, children and wife and husband as we grow.  We learn and experience the 4 great realms of love and build the 3 Great Kingships.  We will inherit so much from True Parents and enter into the Royal Family.  True Ideal Family is not in the Principle but is from True Parents words.  Husband and wife complete one another when they are united with God's shimjung.  What can we do?

If we do not love our spouse what do we do? We must invest completely in raising up our spouse so that God can dwell in the temple - our family, our couple, created for Him. The object wife completes her husband as well.  God and husband are one.  Wife unites with husband.


Parents help children become good future parents.  We complete ourselves through attendance.  This age is the age of attendance.  Through attendance we become people that resemble God.

We must attend God, True Parents and our spouses with all our heart.  Sometimes we call each other honey or mom or dad.  Don't fight using words of endearment.  We must attend each other and resemble God.  

Complete the Children's Ideal

The elder child becomes one with the parents and this opens the way for the younger siblings to unite with the parents.  When younger children unite with elder brother this completes both the elder and younger brothers.  This is the path to true brothers and sisters!!  We can't change our parents or our spouses (Blessing partners) so we need to keep the right heart of shimjung.

God's Will

If you ignore or look down on your partner you will lose them. We need to make a new start in all our relationships that are not working.  The purpose of our life is to complete the 3 Great Blessings and to bring God joy.  The bases of all this is ABSOLUTE SEX!!!

The basic unit of Heaven is the family.  You become True Parents because of your True Children.  Children and parents have equal value because they complete each other.  We can't say, "God, can I go to heaven?" because there is a process that all must follow to get to heaven.  Originally we were to receive the Blessing after we reach perfection.  We must always witness to our spouse and help each other become the True Child of God and the True Parent of mankind.

The way of shimjung is the only way we can realize God's ideal.  This is the way we become temples for God.

What decides the original value and standard?  Subject has desire and object fulfills the desire; this is value.  Everything has its purpose and value.

Our heart and body in unity make me.  If a person uses a knife to hurt someone then the knife loses its value.  If a house is used to share love, the house has value.  If the house is a gathering place for bad people it loses its value.  A family with many shimjung sons and daughters is a family with amazing value.

Heavenly sons and daughters is what mankind needs to produce in order to change the world.  This is what determines the value of a family.  When man desires something from an object, that determines that value of that object.

We need to make love because we are happy, not forced.  God wants this happiness as well.  We need to know many different ways to make love: rabbit love, chicken love and like that.  Lovemaking should be exciting.  True Parents can teach us these things.  We need to enrich our love life, having sex is good and fun.  Making love is deeper but can also be fun.

When couples become one they form the 4 position foundation.  From this point we can start to understand absolute values.

People always change.  It is hard to find absolutes when people change so much.  Jesus brought a new standard.  True Parents brought absolute standards that we can reach for and be aligned with the Providence.  When True Parents go to the spiritual world they will have left their words with us.  The helicopter accident was Satan's last battle to destroy True Parents.  True Parents overcame this and won the battle.  All humankind was resurrected from the helicopter accident and now we can build a realm that is free from Satan's dominion.

Now is a time for new starts and new beginnings.  We must go the way of life as we start again.

In the Ideal World we would have all these things centered on God.  All knowledge comes from God and resounds through true love. Man's mind has three functions: intellect, emotion and will and our body is where these resound.  To realize the original value we need to carry out through our actions the original truth, beauty and love.

The subject and object is focused on love.  The subject gives out love and the object returns beauty.  We need to have hearts that are loyal to God.  Through filial piety we become owners of our parents.  We decide goodness or evil. When the subject and object unite then they become God's object partner and fulfill the 4 position foundation.  Our actions decide this.  We should not be centered on ourselves, we should be centered on God's shimjung.

In the Bible one day does not mean one day.  Through a period while God was dividing light and darkness it could have been billions of years.  Dividing the water and land, plants, sun and stars, fish and animals and then man - these were stages not days.

We can see that there is a growing period.  We have a portion of responsibility and that is to grow in the right process.

Completion - Growth - Formation

All creation goes through these stages of growth.  There is an indirect dominion period during the growing stages.  This period is the time when we need to fulfill our portion of responsibility.  We complete ourselves by completing our responsibility.  Believe and practice the word.


It is difficult for us to understand the invisible spiritual world, the incorporeal world.  All creation is built with dual structure.  The world that we see, the world of nature, is the corporeal world.  God made the heavens and the earth.  One world we can see and one we cannot see.  The corporeal world is the object and the incorporeal world (spirit world) is subject.  Our natural world has limitations and is temporary; the incorporeal world is eternal.  The cosmos (chun ju) is an expansion of the human heart and body.  The world we cannot see is also a reality.

Without mankind neither of these worlds have any value.  We are the owners of both these worlds.  Mankind is the substantial being that everything in both worlds can be found in.  We have many satellites in space now and they send their signals so that we can catch the images.  Sometimes people receive messages from the spiritual world.  Our body is like the tree and our fruit is like the spirit that doesn't die.  It is better to struggle in our physical body than in our spiritual body for eternity.  We must not be lazy and we must take care of our fruit (spirit).  If we live a life of lies we will know the truth when we go to the spirit world.  This is a serious issue.  We need to listen to the word and know shimjung.

We have the word so that people can be the body of the word, the fruit of the word.  We have been living as the lazy harvester but we need to wake up and become owners.  If we think it is too difficult now, wait till we see everything in the spiritual world.

The Principle has so much value, yet many people don't know it is here.  The spiritual world has a direct connection with us.  The two worlds cannot be separated.  When we take off our body our spirit goes into spirit world.  When we die, in Korean we say "we go back".  In Korea when someone dies or things are difficult we say, "I go", "I go".  We need to educate our children so that they will make choices which will help them grow and prepare for the spirit world.
There are many examples of people on the earth communicating with people in the spirit world - with dead people.  From now on we all need to go the way of God, like Saul/Paul.

Jesus was supposed to be the lord of glory but he died in a miserable way.  Saul explained to people that they must go the way of the cross as Jesus did.  Christianity today was founded on Saul/Paul's teaching more than on those of Jesus.

In Luke, there is also the story about the beggar and the rich man.  Many stories tell about spirit world experiences.

Everything goes through 3 stages.  First stage for humans is in the womb.  The baby needs the womb until it grows and is ready to come out. After the womb the person goes through the stages of growth and the spirit grows along with the physical body.  Our spiritual self grows through our physical bodies.  We are not just living to enjoy our life on earth but we are living to prepare ourselves for the life after this world.

The spirit world is a wonderful place.  On March 14th Hyo Jin Nim passed into spirit world.  Father told Hyo Jin that it was not time to go to the spirit world but he told Father that he wanted to restore the elder son position in the spirit world and that he was happy not to be in his body. So Father gave him permission to go.  Hyo Jin wrote over 10,000 songs before he died. Most musicians write 100 in their lifetime.  We need True Parents permission to go to spirit world.

Lecture 7 Wed. 11/12/08

Before when people died we held a funeral.  Now we have Sung Hwa Ceremony.  A funeral is where the dead bury the dead and send them to the lord of the dead.  The Sung Hwa ceremony is so important.  True Parents want to connect all mankind back to God's lineage.  In the end everyone will come back to God.  God wants to be in heaven with His children.

We need to witness a lot so that when we die many people will welcome us.  The most important thing to do in our lives is to give Blessing to others.  Because True Parents have educated us about the spiritual world we are not afraid of death.  We need to attend our parents until they die so that they will be joyful when they die.

Our spirit body is subject to our physical body.  We need air, sun and food for our physical body to grow.  We also need God's life elements grow.  We need living spirit elements to grow (vitality elements).  Our spirit body can grow when we practice doing good deeds and reading God's words.

When we die we will go to a level that our sprit body grew to.
Form Spirit, life spirit and divine spirit.
A Form Spirit is like going out at night, wearing white clothes but not giving off any light.  Life Spirit is like the moon reflecting light but not bright.  Divine Spirit is like the sun, very bright. The reason why we could not live according to the word is not important - we must live by the word. We all want to be Divine spirits.

In Heaven the basic unit is the family.  You must have the love of a family to enter Heaven. Jesus could not do this so he could only go to Paradise, not Heaven.  Our goal is Heaven, not Paradise.  We need to know and to practice the word to enter Heaven.  
In our life on earth we must complete true love and the 4 realms of Heart.

If we hurt someone we must love them and respect them.  We must repent to them so that our children do not see all the bad things we did to others when they come to spirit world.  We can only repent on earth.  Life on earth determines life in spirit world.

We must live a life that allows us to get closer and closer to God.  How we are going to live our lives?  Our spirit body is the masterpiece of our life.  In the spiritual world we will see everything.

The importance of spirit bodies.

Our spirit bodies live forever and they resemble our physical bodies.  Our spiritual body attends God our physical body also attends God.  This is the path to Heaven, living for the sake of others.  I decide to go to heaven or not, by the way, by how, I live.  Our physical heart returns to the soil but our spiritual heart goes with our spiritual body to the spiritual world.  Our conscience follows what we believe to be the truth.  Our original mind and conscience should be headed in the same direction towards God!!!!

Paul talked about serving two masters: his mind was one and his body was the other.  We lost God's shimjung and His lineage.  We need to know how to restore what was lost and overturn the law of sin, which rules me.  We need the law of heaven!

Unless we take off Satan's ways we cannot have God's words in us.  Self-denial is the way we take off Satan's ways.  Understanding that we are here for the sake of God and others is the key to live a Principled life. Binding ourselves to the Principle will allow us to inherit God's shimjung and His love, life and lineage.

Absolute Sex (chulse sung) is the key to heaven.

Public Life and Public Money

We need to live a public life of attending God and others and we need to always care for public money.

How many people like you?  Did you love your enemies?  The Principle is food for the spirit.  True love is our action and that is also food for the spirit body.   Don't have any complaints: judgment of the word, judgment of heart.  Did you love people like God does?  Did you love all things like God does?


All people want to live right and be with God but it is difficult in Satan's domain.  The Principle has the secret to reveal the truth about Satan.  It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man.  Jesus came as God's son and taught us to love our enemies.  We must forgive 70 x 70.  God was not able to forgive Adam and Eve but kicked them out of the garden.  In the garden were two trees. What kind of fruit? If we know what kind of tree it is we will know what kind of fruit it has.  If the Tree of Life is the symbol of Adam, we will know that the Tree of Good and Evil is symbolic for Eve. All men want to attain the Tree of Life. Adam was to become the Tree of Life but he could not.  Jesus came as the Tree of Life but he was killed.  The Second Advent comes as the tree of life and he did it.  Tree of Life, True Olive Tree, grapevine and branches, many things were symbolized by trees.  Our roots may be in the fallen world but our branches and fruits can be grafted onto the True Olive Tree.  Our roots are still in the fallen world but our children (our fruit) will not have their roots in the fallen world.

The Snake Was No Snake

Our children were born from the True Tree. Eve could bear good or evil fruit.  The fruit is Eve's love.  She can give birth to good or evil children according to how she used her love.  Eve should have chosen Adam but she chose Lucifer and did not follow absolute sex.  The Archangel Lucifer tempted Eve not as a snake but as Adam and Eve's care provider. [bad guy] Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer were the three archangels in the Garden of Eden.  Lucifer represented intellect, Michael represented will and Gabriel represented love. If the three archangels were united, the fall would not have happened. After the fall Adam and Eve hid their lower parts.  Lucifer committed the crime of adultery with Eve.  Jesus called the people a brood of vipers.  The snake is Satan (the Archangel Lucifer) and he is now the Lord of this World.  Millions and millions of people have died because of this act.

Satan, as the ruler of the world, did not reach out to save anyone!!!


Adam and Eve fell before it was time. Society has developed but sexual crimes and the sexual culture is growing unchecked.  Kings and famous people have lost everything due to sexual immorality.  The ethics and moral values of youth are falling apart.  In the garden, the Archangels were the only mature beings, like uncles and Adam and Eve were God's children.  Lucifer seduced God's daughter.  Our world is a world where fathers defile their daughters and other bad things happen.  Being good is almost impossible in the world we live in.  Many priests have abused altar boys and so on.  Such a sad world we live in.  Only the Principle can pave the way to change this.

The standard of absolute sex is so important.  God made the Archangels to help His children and the creation as servants.  What was the motivation and the process of the fall?  God worked with the angels to create.  The angels saw how much God loved his children. The angels felt a lack of love when the saw how much God loved His children.  This feeling of lack of love lead to the spiritual fall with Eve. After this Adam and Eve fell with each other.

In order for us to go to God's side we need to study the word and work harder.  Satan will be waiting to find a way to enter your heart, so be careful.  Man fell in the growth period because the power of love is stronger than the power of the Principle.  If we have Faith and the power of the Principle we will be ok.

We have our portion of responsibility during the growth period - Keep Absolute Sex!
Results of the Fall: the fallen world and one filled with fallen people.  God's Principled World was not realized and Satan became the owner, the parent of mankind.
We must change our lineage through the Blessing and attend God.

Through the Blessing we can change our lineage but we still have fallen nature and bad elements from the Fall.  We need to restore our environment so everything can be liberated from Satan, and God can have dominion.

Building God's Fatherland and Cheon Il Guk should be what we focus on.  Satan is also working through evil spirits who work with our spiritual body and then our physical body.  Satan will only use smart bad spirits so we need to be always ready.

What is sin?  Looking is a sin, not just touching. Bad thoughts are also a sin.  Satan tries to stop us while God tries to help us.  Original Sin, lineage sin, collective sin and personal sin are four kinds of sins. The only way to overcome these sins is to keep the standard of absolute sex. Don't look, don't touch, don't think.  If you leave your position then it is easy for Satan to attack you.  Don't leave, don't feel lack of love, if you do, then pray harder and work harder.  Lucifer was resentful and started to hate Adam.  We inherited this fallen nature from Satan.  The Archangel would have received love from God through Adam.

We should sacrifice and serve. Love, mediate, love and serve, that is the way to grow.  Mankind has no freedom when away from the Principle. There is no freedom without responsibility.  Results of happiness come when we act responsibly.  We did not fall because of freedom but we lost our freedom due to the Fall.

Adam and Eve went over the line with false love and they must come back through True Love.

We can make God happy.  Desire was given to us by God. Our desires should be to bring joy to God.

Why could God not interfere with the Fall?
All things must go through a growth period to reach perfection.  Our bodies and characters grow. God governs us indirectly during this time so we can fulfill our responsibility.  We need to make the conditions to become lords of creation.  God gives His word, we need to keep it. Then we grow.

If God intervened during this growth period the result would not be the same.  God created all things in this world and He governs everything.  God cannot intervene because it would be God's recognition of Satan as a creator.  If God intervenes in this period then He would ignore our responsibility.  We need to fulfill our responsibility so we can be qualified to rule all things - lords of creation. God's shimjung of joy became shimjung of pain.  Satan violated the 4 great realms of heart.

Don't Get in the Way.

God has to love His enemy, even Satan who defiled His daughter.  God does not have the concept of enemy, but He does have the concept of pain.  God invested his shimjung when He created Lucifer.  A true creator always focuses on love and shimjung.  God is the parent of shimjung.  God must bring Satan to natural submission.  God can be here on the earth now because True Parents created a temple for God in their bodies and in their family.  We must understand God's heart and comfort Him.

We need to pray to understand God's Heart and how we can liberate His heart.  True Parents understand this and they will not budge.

ESCHATOLOGY --- The Last Days?

We need to understand the purpose of creation, the process of human fall and restoration.  Are the events in the Bible going to be literal or symbolic?  If the events are literal then things will end.  If not, then the world and all the bad will discontinue.


If we know the purpose of creation and study history, salvation history, history of restoration, we will know that the world will not end.  God will see his vision become a reality.

Lecture 8 11/12/08


Messiahs came to save humanity and restore shimjung.  When everything is united, shimjung will be at the center.  Adam was in the middle position and good and evil fought to win Adam.
All families must attend a 3 day workshop in 2008.

Adam was not able to complete his responsibility. People that complete their responsibility can go to the Tree of Life. History is the history of restoring the Tree of Life. TREE OF LIFE. We Must Find a Way

In the fallen world we need things like the word and the messiah. We need a restoration course. Christians talk a lot about the last days. What will happen? We understand through the Principle that we need to complete our responsibility. Noah - last days ' Jesus - last days ' 2013 - last days' Father Moon. We will see a spiritual tsunami in the next few years; it has already started.


The earth is eternal and forever. A new heaven and earth will be a heaven and earth ruled by shimjung. To destroy the earth means to destroy Satan's sovereignty. 2013 ' keep your eyes on the prize.

In the last days the world judges us. Are we ready? A tongue of fire = God's word.

Fire judgment is truth judgment. Sun, moon, and stars symbolize Mother, Father, sons & daughters.

In the beginning of the church many teens gathered. If they would have understood Korea would be different now. Because people receive the Blessing the world will change.

We are living in the last days. You will know that this is the last days by the leaves of the fig tree. Through the fall we lost freedom, value and God's shimjung. We lost the first blessing.

We see people restoring human rights and freedoms. Mankind has a cosmic value. So we need to make a world for God. People are working for human rights and humanitarian organizations but true peace wil only come when humanity realizes Gods love.

We need to set our life compass in the right direction.

The archangel messed up Eve and Eve messed up Adam and all humanity is suffering because of this. Let's get pissed about it.

Our attitude in the last days. Satan the archangel was supposed to be a servant. We can see that God is going up and Satan is going down. It is a time of confusion but it is also a time where ownership is transferred to us. How cool is that!

All Blessed Central Families must go through these workshops and inherit God's shimjung.  Don't get lost in the confusion. We need to attain divinity and not hold on to our old concepts. Connect to God's divinity and find the new truth: Absolute Sex. We need to go back to where we live and be active. We need to help the old members be revived and be reborn. We must awaken our hearts and work hard. God has been waiting for us and he has guided us. He is waiting to see if our hearts are changing.

Lecture 9 11/13/08

The Purpose of the Second Advent.

If you can understand this you can understand what we have to share with the world. Messiah means the "The Anointed One". We can see that Jesus came as Messiah, son of man but he was killed and resurrected within 3 days. Jesus' disciples were the ones that delivered the message of the messiah - through the cross there is salvation. Jesus came and became the lord of suffering not the lord of glory.

Jesus came to restore the position of Adam, the four position foundation. People need to resemble God's character and nature if we want to see peace. Everyone needs to fulfill the four position foundation. Adam and Eve fell and humanity went the opposite way. Jesus was the substantial body of God.

We received True Parents words but our lives, the way we live, is not in accordance to the word. We must liberate ourselves from Satan's lineage - we can do that through the Blessing. We must liberate all things from Satan. The Blessing is the key.

We must liberate everyone from Satan, our whole family and the whole world. Jesus came as the messiah but he died at the age of 33. Jesus was treated as the enemy of the people. Through the cross Jesus was able to offer partial salvation. People still live in sin and children still inherit sin.

Until now Christianity is still saying that salvation only comes through the cross. The cross is God's greatest pain. What was restored through the cross? We can see that there is still more to be restored. Jesus should have had children and set up the four position foundation. The cross was not the Will of God. Did God plan for Jesus to die on the cross? He wanted Jesus to restore the fallen children of Adam. The people were supposed to unite and follow Jesus. God prepared the people, the families, and the priests, to receive the messiah Jesus.

Jesus was not sent to die! When Jesus came to witness he was not welcome anywhere. The Will of the Father is to believe in him whom he has sent.

Because people could not hear or believe in the words of Jesus, he started doing miracles. Even when Jesus made miracles the people said it was the work of the devil. In the end Jesus could not send one person to heaven and he could not go there himself.

People who are living in the time of True Parents are doing the same thing. The people are us. What are we doing? Are we supporting or are we in the way? We need to make a new start. The leaders of the world killed Jesus because they did not know who he was. True Parents made so many conditions for their children, but because we did not believe in them, then Satan could attack them through us.  The disciples did not believe in Jesus and Jesus died alone.

There is limited salvation through the cross. We should have so much confidence from the Principle. Jesus' second advent is still to restore the children of Adam. Our bodies and spirit still belong to Satan. God wants to be with man, Jesus wants to be with man. We need to cut off from Satan in all ways, from his lineage, his environment. Our bodies could not connect to God because Jesus was killed. Because of the resurrection people can be spiritually saved even when their bodies are owned by Satan.

The second advent comes to bring complete salvation, both physically and spiritually. True Parents have invested their whole lives to do this, to bring this, to bring complete salvation. True Parents have accomplished all that God has asked but there is still so much to complete.

There are two prophesies-lord of suffering and lord of glory.  Man decides which prophesies will come true by his belief and actions.

If Adam and Eve had fulfilled, they would be God's temple and we would see the kingdom on earth.  We all have our responsibilities to fulfill.  How are we doing?  What will we do?  Will we believe and follow so that True Parents can fulfill?  We must look inside our hearts and ask "do I resemble God"  "am I doing my best?"

Because of the fall, our lineage changed and we must restore this.  The Principle reveals how to restore what was lost at the fall.  True Parents teach us how to use the sexual organs properly, but are we taking ownership over the word?  Now True Parents can clearly teach about "Absolute Sex."

In the Bible it looks like Jesus came to die.  The bronze snake of Moses seemed to predestine that Jesus would die.  He wanted to save the people and help them have faith.  Christians believe that Jesus completed his mission through dying on the cross.  Jesus asked Simon "who am I?" and he said that Jesus was the Christ, the son of God.  King of peace - someone accused Jesus of wanting to become the King of the Jews.  Peter told Jesus that I love you more than my life-Jesus told him that you will deny me three times today before the cock crows.  Peter did deny Jesus.  When asked if he was the son of God, Jesus said that he was God's only son.  Peter denied, but Jesus did not.  Jesus died.

All the disciples of Jesus ran away at the time of the cross.  No one testified to Jesus on the day he died.  We are attending True Parents but will we testify to the world or just go along for the ride?

Peter was a fisherman, the elder son and he had a family.  He gave up everything for Jesus, to follow Jesus.  When Peter asked Jesus not to go the way of the cross, Jesus said, "get thee behind me."  In the end, Satan took his body but not his spirit.  Peter saw Jesus talking with Moses and Elijah and he wanted to build three tents for them.  Jesus said he had to die.  We cannot be humanistic.  Jesus rebuked Satan: "get thee behind me" and Peter only thought about all he gave up to follow Jesus and lost sight of why he chose to follow.  He did not see Satan in him.  

John the Baptist
John the Baptist recognized Jesus as the son of God and testified to Jesus.  John came to complete the mission of Elijah.  He did not follow Jesus.  John did not understand his relationship to Elijah, so he denied that he was Elijah.  John's failure made Jesus look like a liar and this was the point where the crucifixion started to become the path Jesus would take.

We are here to unite with True Parents and to resemble God.  We must set aside our old habits of faith.  We have to pray to have the right attitude of faith before God.  We cannot just be spiritual, but have the word, the truth and the works of the Principle.  Study the Principle to know our past.


When Jesus comes again, will the bodies of the dead come back to life?  It is important to understand the true meaning of resurrection. We need to know what life and death are.  All the body functions stop in a dead person.  This means that all the people who have died cannot come back in original body.
Jesus said:  "let the dead bury the dead."  Death does not always mean physical death.  Even though the relatives were alive, Jesus called them dead.  God's love is the source of life so if you do not have that love, you are a living dead person. You have the name of being alive, but you are dead.  The price of sin is death.  The decomposed body will never come back to life!

We need to have a heartistic relationship with God so that we can see, hear and feel this heart in the word.  The resurrection means those living on the earth and those who have died and live in the spirit world will be resurrected.

We need to know what it means to be alive, to live a life full of joy in God's shimjung.
We need to teach about God and True Parents and help people know how to come back to life.  People need to become one with the Word and fulfill their responsibility--this is the application of the Principle.  All religions have tried to bring humanity back to God, but only the Principle can help people return to God.  

True Parents have been guiding us and teaching us so that we can help God resurrect humanity.  We need to be a better me each day.  Resurrection is a process.  We become better and better as we grow closer to God.  God and the word become our motivation.  All our thoughts and actions will become the same as God's.  We will become temples for God.  The word makes us different, it changes our hearts. True Parents gave us the word 100%, but people only understand a small percent.  How much are we owning the Principle (the word?)

Death that was caused by the fall-we died, our ancestors died spiritually.  We need to have more zeal than the Christians and go out to share the word-the Principle.  Death from the fall was leaving God and joining Satan.  When we die a physical death it is permanent, the body will go back to the earth forever.  To live for eternity means that our spiritual body continues when our physical body dies.  The providence of resurrection is the providence of recreation.

We need to complete the providence of resurrection.  If Adam & Eve had learned the word and practiced it, we would not need resurrection or restoration.

The benefit of this age is different than 100 years ago. We need to go through the 3 stages.  We need to resurrect the people living on earth first.  When we go to the emergency room things go fast, not through the normal process.  We fell in an instant, but to restore what was lost has taken 1000's of years.  Old Testament stage, New Testament stage and Completed Testament stage-this is how our spirit has been growing.  The merit of the age allows us to go through the Completed Testament stage and complete ourselves as true sons and daughters of God.  We need the merit of the age and we must make the word a part of us.

This is the age of attendance.  We can be closer to God and attend God.

In the last days many people receive that they are called to become lords and restore all things.  If we receive that we are the lord, go and talk to someone.  We need to teach the Principle.  The first resurrection is 144,000.  This means that the Messiah will come and cleanse us of our original sin and discover our true selves.

People will receive revelations and dreams from spirits in the spiritual world.  This is how spirits will grow.  Spirits want to grow so they work with people living on the earth.  This however is a very difficult way for spirits to grow.

Before the Holy Blessing ceremony True Parents attended Jesus, after the Holy Blessing Jesus attended True Parents.

Father blessed all the saints, even Jesus, and he wants the spouses of these saints to go out and give testimonies about their experiences.  Christians should attend Jesus' wife as they do Jesus.  Life on earth is so important.

Often there are things happening behind the scenes that we cannot see so we should have faith and hope.  Many people live in the midway position.  The more we pray and work hard, our heart will grow and the good spirits can help us so they can also grow.

Good spirits need to work with people on the earth.

Returning resurrection for evil people in spirit world:  Evil spirits give punishment to people on earth.  When the person on earth uses this punishment as a condition to come to God, then that evil spirit is also resurrected.  This is how evil spirits are resurrected.  When the evil spirit influences the physical person and the physical person repents, then the evil spirit ends up doing what God needs done and gains merit.

Some people that worked hard to complete a mission but died before completion come back and help others with the same mission to complete their mission.

We are now in the time of harvest.  Many good spirits in the spirit world want to help with the harvest so they want to work with us.  

"One Family under God" Everybody desires this so that is what spirit world will focus on.  Father said in Hawaii that the resurrection of spirits in the spirit world has started today.

Now Father stands as the Lord of Glory.

Through Absolute Sex we can fulfill our responsibility.

True Parents said we need to study the Principle without all the old concepts.  We need to re-examine the Principle so that God and True Parents can become the motivation of all we do in our lives.  If we can do this over the next 4 years (2013) we can substantially build Cheon Il Guk. If we can't do this, spirit world will make us.  Our families need to know this.  This is the way for us to liberate our ancestors.

True Parents want to come to the workshop and they are the owners of the workshop.


Who will be saved and who will not is not predestined.  "I will have mercy on who I will have mercy on." [Bible quote]  Even before Jacob and Esau were born, it says that God hated Esau.  The Bible is full of conflicting statements about predestination.  God did not predestine who will be saved.  God is absolute and His Will is also absolute.  His Will can be predestined.  His Will is to fulfill the purpose of creation.  God's Will needs our responsibility to be fulfilled.  God's Will depends on our response; His Will being accomplished is predestined.

God's salvation starts from one person, one kind of person.  That person must be born to the chosen people, be from a good lineage, connect to God at an early age and live at the right time for God to use them.  We need to have many good accomplishments and good elements in our lives so that we can be of use to God.

We are born in the right place and at the right time for God to use.  We are born of the chosen people if we are Korean.  If not, then we are called and chosen by the merit of the age.  God's predestination of humanity is not absolute because everything depends on the fulfillment of the human responsibility.  God foreknew and called people but people need to fulfill their responsibility.

Has the potter no right to determine the use of the clay?  We should not complain about how God uses us, as He is the potter.  He is our owner.


The Trinity and the relationship of Jesus with fallen people are the main questions people have.  God is complete: and a full person with God's shimjung is also complete.  A completed person becomes God's temple.  God is so unique and infinite and it is reflected in the creation.  No two beings are alike.  The unfolding of true men and women has the value of the cosmos.  Who is Jesus, and who is a person of perfected value?

A completed person has so much value, the same value as Jesus who had become a completed person.

Perfected Adam, Jesus and the Tree of Life.  Jesus is not God.  Jesus had God's character and God's value.  You can know God by seeing Jesus.  Jesus resembles God.  Jesus stated "Father why has thou forsaken me" God was the Father, and Jesus was the son.  God was not killed on the cross. He (Jesus) was God's temple.

God made the world through the word.  God owns the word and Jesus was the body of the word.  Jesus came as the 2nd Adam.  When we unite with Jesus we are recreated!  All nature has been lamenting for the true owner.  Now that True Parents have fulfilled, nature can stand with its true value.  Jesus.

Jesus has the value of perfected man, lord of all creation.  Fallen men have original sin and do not have the value of perfected man.  

Rebirth means to go to back into the womb and be born again.  Jesus could not find a woman in his life even though he was a perfected man.  Jesus was the 2nd Adam.  The Holy Spirit became the 2nd Eve.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit stood as True Parents in the spiritual world.  The Holy Spirit had the female qualities of God.

In the spirit world the Holy Spirit fulfills the position of True Mother.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit have spiritual children (adopted children).  True Parents have real children who are directly in God's blood lineage.

All mankind died with True Parents in the helicopter accident and all mankind was also resurrected with True Parents.  We are now living in the direct dominion of God.  This is an amazing time.

Adam and Eve were within God and made into external form.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are within God and they were made into external form as Father and Mother Moon.  

We are the Cain type children to True Parents.  


This workshop is material directly from True Parents.  What did Jesus come to do?  We fell.  God used the Principle of Creation to re-create us.  The Principle of Restoration is the path to recreation to find the Principle of Creation.  God always works through the Principle.  The Principle is the blueprint of all mankind and the universe.  Human history is one of restoration.  We need to know what we are supposed to do, to fulfill.  We need to know what a completed perfect person is and then we will know where we are going.

The most important characteristic we need to have is shimjung.  At the fall humanity fell below all things.  The body of Adam and Eve resemble both God and Satan.  Because of this we are not able to be one with God or a place where God can dwell.  Satan can enter anytime.
We need to get rid of our original sin but we cannot do that by ourselves.  We need to know what God's internal nature is so we can resemble God's shimjung.  God is the owner of Absolute Sex so we need to leave the realm of no Principle and come home to God and be the owner of Absolute Sex.  We need to go a road of restoration of indemnity.  We need to remove our fallen nature through the Principle.  No one has gone this way before.  Only us.  God and True Parents know the way so we need to follow them.  

We can become restored through True Parents as we follow them on the road to shimjung.  We received the Blessing but we still need to pay indemnity to clear up all the bad elements that remain.  Inside fallen people there are still elements of Satan that we do not want.  Our goodness is not complete so we need to always make effort to follow shimjung.  We need to always make effort to do good!!

People fell at the top of the growth stage so we need to grow to that level and meet the messiah at the top of the growth stage.  We need True Parents.  We need to attend them not just believe in them.  For complete salvation we need two messiahs, two people, True Father and True Mother.

Adam and Eve did not want to fall; they were invaded by Satan.  Their children need to restore what was lost.  The sons of Adam throughout history have been trying to restore what was lost.  Fallen people have two masters.

We need to ask ourselves how much are we on God's side?  We make offerings to become our true selves.  God has His Will and we have 5% of that responsibility to fulfill God's Will.  If people fulfill their responsibility, then God's Will is accomplished and the history of humanity will end with goodness.

We need to know where we are not fulfilling our responsibility, our 5%.  We are in the midway position.  God wants to relate with us.  We decide which side we are on-God's side or Satan's side.  This is very serious.  We need to make the conditions to restore ourselves back to God.  Because of indemnity we can return to our original position after we make mistakes.


Same value, lesser value or greater value:  these are the different kinds of indemnity.  We need to know where we messed up so we can know what to indemnify.  We need to attend church service and money offerings need to be made.  Offering my heart and my body to God.  How much heart are we offering through our time or dollar bill?  When we are not able to attend church we need to consult with the pastor.  Our offerings are not for the church but for ourselves.  How much are our thoughts and our lives in line with God and True Parents?  When True Parents see we are growing, they are so happy.  Father always wants to help people that are growing.

Father almost always knows the heart and the standard of the people he meets.  We must make conditions to grow closer to God and True Parents.  Jesus never blamed God or turned away from God.  Adam left God, he turned away.  If we live for God's sake and we share our life with God with others then that is an amazing condition.  Father made many conditions.

Originally Adam & Eve did not need indemnity.  There are two conditions, vertical and horizontal. God's heart and ideal should be our goal.  Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance need to be laid through indemnity conditions.  To meet the messiah we need the right conditions.  We must get rid of the fallen nature within us.

The archangel became the god of Adam and Eve.  The only people that have restored and completed themselves are True Parents.  All families must go through this education.
This will be the condition to separate from Satan.  

Everything is all turned around because of the fall.   God wanted to give everything to Adam and Adam was to give everything to Lucifer.  Lucifer did not want to relate to God or Adam this way, so we are in a mess and we inherited all the fallen nature from Lucifer.

Fallen Nature

If we don't work right we will be like a hamster running in a wheel never getting anywhere.  Please make the needed conditions to live right and to change your hearts.  True Parents love us when often they should hit us.  We could do everything right but if the leader does not recognize it or us, we say "I'm outta here."  We can't be like that.

To be close to True Parents is a blessing but it is also fearful.

We need to decide ownership: who will own us.  I decide whom I belong to.  Foundation of Faith determines ownership.

If I choose to let Satan own me, I can't receive the Messiah.

Foundation of Substance decides who governs, who has sovereignty.  Through these conditions we will help Satan surrender in a natural way.

Satan gave us fallen natures.  The Foundation of Faith is a symbolic offering.  The Foundation of Substance is a substantial offering.  Foundation of Faith (Central Figure is the Father) is following with Faith. 12, 21, and 40 are the numbers of the Growth period.  Foundation of Substance has a central figure, the second son.  Satan has less attachment to the 2nd son, but the 2nd son does not have the capacity without Father's blessing.   

The Father makes the Foundation of Faith and passes it on to the 2nd son for the Foundation of Substance.

The Foundation for the Messiah needs the Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of  Substance.  
When Adam and Eve fell, next came Cain and Abel.  To unite, the brothers needed their parents.  What kind of foundation will we have in our family?  The Father is the center and the husband the substantial object or the reverse-both are OK on the family level.

Fallen Nature and Our Life:  love, lineage, destiny
The children attend the parents.  The goal of human history is to become complete people-this is Cheon Il Guk.  We need to know God's shimjung and His course so we know what to do.  This is why God sent the Messiah.  We need to follow and attend the Messiah so that we don't make mistakes and we can fulfill our portion of responsibility.  Through studying history we can see the victories and failures and do things right.  We need to understand the Principle of Restoration, which is the path to re-creation.  For us to be complete, we need to remove the fallen nature.

Original Sin can be eradicated through the Blessing.
We have four years left.  The Providence of Restoration started with Adam's family.  The Foundation of Faith central figure is the father.  The son inherits the foundation from the father.  He makes the Foundation of Substance.

Adams's family

        Foundation of Faith:  Adam
        Foundation of Substance:  Abel
Adam told God, "The woman you put here made me fall."  If Adam had taken responsibility for the fall and not blamed Eve, it would have been easier to restore what was lost.  Eve could not keep "Absolute Sex."  She fell two times.  With Lucifer and then with Adam.

Cain and Abel made their offerings.  God accepted Abel's offering because he was the second son.

God could not use Adam so he divided Adam into two with Cain and Abel.  Abel was to lay the Foundation of Faith.  He set the Foundation of Faith, but Cain killed Abel and the Foundation of Substance was not laid.  Adam's family turned against God and all the mess started there.

We listen to the word but we don't attend and follow. Our hearts are becoming distant from God. We believe but we don't turn the belief into action. Even though True Parents said to offer 3/10th, almost no one does that. True Parents set a condition after the helicopter accident for this failure, (our failure not to give 3/10th) so that Satan could not invade us.
Never kill anyone no matter what! Cain cannot touch Abel, even if Abel is bad. We need to ask God to help. Without a clear Cain and Abel system where both fulfill their responsibility there would be chaos. If we ask, standing in the position and we are united with God and True Parents, we should always be revived and happy.  Abel lives in God's shimjung but Cain cannot feel God's shimjung. Abel should feel for Cain and pray for Cain. This is a leader's life.

Restoration Providence centered on Noah

The bottom line is: does the central figure make a victory? If they fail, the Providence continues through another central figure. Noah's time was the last days. To welcome the messiah we need a foundation: Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance. Numbers 120, 40, 21, 40 ' ark and flood. Ham inherited the Foundation of Faith from Noah, his father, and needed to lay the Foundation of Substance. Noah was able to believe the unbelievable for 120 years, so he is the Father of Faith. It is hard for us to attend a short workshop? Could we follow God if he asked us to do more? For a wife to support for such a long time is also amazing.

True Parents have also been misunderstood for many years and even we criticize and complain about True Parents. Some of our children follow, but some don't.  All Noah's eight family members entered the ark.

It is not good to communicate with the spirit world.  You can read and listen to others testimonies to learn about the spirit world.

God has the answer to everything so we need to understand God. True Parents know the content of what all the central figures were doing. Sometimes the central figures did not know why they did what God asked them. Why did the raven circle the ark, why send out 3 doves when the ark had windows, why did Cain kill Abel? True Parents know these things.  AMAZING!!!!

We need to have our whole life out in the open so that Satan has nothing to find. If we are like this, the raven will find nothing. We are a part of Father's family and we were supposed to help raise True Children to God's shimjung. We did not understand and True Parent's children suffered. True Parents always show us their happy hearts even when their hearts have so much pain.

The first dove symbolized Adam, the second symbolized Jesus, and the third symbolized the second coming. Shin Jin Nim, Father's grandson, has a vertical sense and changes Father's mind, he consoles True Parents' mind, he makes harmony. Father thinks about his own young life, the good things, when he sees Shin Jin Nim. God's Will can be complete by 2013 through three generations.

Noah fulfilled and Ham inherited the Foundation of Faith from his father. Ham's condition was to unite in heart with Noah. Ham was tested and he was ashamed of his father's nakedness. Noah, after drinking, lay down to sleep naked. Ham with two of his brothers felt ashamed and covered Noah's naked body. Ham did not unite with Noah's heart and he lost his right to be the central figure for the Foundation of Substance.

Noah's family started to divide and also languages started to divide (tower of Babel). God's responsibility is to send the messiah; our responsibility is to lay the Foundation to receive the Messiah.  God wanted to unpack his bags in Noah's family, but He could not.  The Will is absolute, but the fulfillment depends on mankind fulfilling its responsibility.  The Will continues no matter what.  God moved from Noah's family to Abraham's.  God moved from Noah's family to Abraham's.  

We should always follow the Will and not act with our own thoughts when they don't align with the Will. If we don't understand we should have faith that in time the understanding will come.

Family Restoration

After the Holy Blessing of True Parents they pledged to take responsibility for it. If we are not able to fulfill we must take responsibility for the failure. We can inherit the heart of True Parents and our family can have the heart to attend True Parents and the True Family. Husband and wife must be united; the support of the wife is key to the family victory. The son should serve and attend his mother, to learn how to serve and attend his wife. The wife will naturally support.

We must move forward. Don't be upset if you don't understand things. Understanding will come. God needs us to be warm and flexible.

Restoration through Abraham's Family
God called Abraham to be the central figure. He was the son restored by God, the first son. Abraham was called to make the Foundation of Faith. His condition was to divide the animals. Isaac, the second son, inherited the Foundation of Faith. Abraham failed to complete the animal offering.

Adam, Noah, Abraham; three generations.

Abraham and Sarah both practiced absolute sex while with Pharaoh. Because of this the children could inherit the position of the chosen people. Abraham had wealth but no children. God promised that he would have more descendants than the stars. The dove, lamb and heifer symbolized the restored universe.

Our heart should never allow Satan to invade.
The meaning of the three sacrifices was to represent the 3 stages of growth and restore horizontally the three generations of Adam, Noah and Abraham all on one table.
The offerings were to separate good and evil in humanity. Separating good and evil. We need to divide ourselves into good and evil and unite with the word. God wants us to be able to keep the word and not go astray. We can go together with True Parents on the road to self-completion. We must fulfill the word in ourselves.

God does not use central figures that have failed before but he used Abraham again to lay the Foundation of Faith. God needed to be victorious on the third time. Abraham was the third try to lay the Foundation for the Messiah. God was struck twice: Adam and Cain. So he could take something from Satan. God took Abraham.

We make sacrifices but most of them are convenient or not difficult. Could we divide animals, build and ark, of offer our sons? Isaac saw his father struggling to make the offering. Abraham cried and cried and prayed to ask God if this was what God needed. Isaac always followed and united with his father with a happy heart. Isaac saw his father suffering. He asked his father where the sacrifice was because he only saw the wood for the fire. Abraham did not tell Isaac, but Isaac realized on his own, that he was the sacrifice. But he did not say anything either, than ask about the offering. Abraham said that God would prepare the offering. This must have made Isaac happy as he knew he was the offering.

Abraham bowed to Isaac and put him on the offering table. Isaac followed and united to be the offering. Isaac's belief and faith in his father and Abraham's faith and belief in God created unity of heart and Satan could not enter. Because of this unity God stopped the sacrifice.

Our way of life is to fulfill the word, the Will. God and Satan are both always watching us. To separate from Satan we need to make conditions and sacrifices. We need to lay our own foundations to receive the messiah. If something bad happens in our life we need to be mature and keep on course towards the Will and the word. The self is freed by becoming one with the Will and the word. We find the most joy by making offerings that are victories.

By offering Isaac, Abraham was able to pass his foundation to Isaac. Isaac passed his foundation to Jacob. This was the condition to restore the family.

Esau gave Jacob the right of elder son for a bowl of soup. Jacob needed to inherit the blessing from his parents. The mother (Isaacs's wife) helped Jacob get the blessing from the father while Esau was hunting. Jacob did get the blessing from Isaac. When Esau came with the food to get the blessing, Isaac said that he already gave the blessing to Jacob.  Jacob left home so that Esau would not kill him. Jacob worked hard and went through many trials and tests. True Parents have also been tested and have suffered to find the nation. They have suffered to find the nation. They have given us the word and an understanding of the Will. True Parents do almost everything and give us only a small portion of responsibility. We must be determined to fulfill our responsibility. We have the word and the Will but will we allow this to motivate us? We need to inherit everything from True Parents and become True Parents. The wife of the pastors is also the mother of the church. If this is my path my road of faith, I will walk it no matter how hard. How happy are we? Leader and wife must lead together, no couple difficulties.

Restoration centered on Moses and Jesus

We must subjugate Satan by changing the blood lineage. We need to rid ourselves of fallen nature and we must create an environment free from Satan's influence.
Everywhere Father went he overcame everything. There are so many Koreans living all over the world, but Father really loves the Korean people who lived in Japan. Those Koreans were brought by force to Japan during the occupation. Restoring the North and South Koreans living in Japan has been something Father has invested a lot in. There are so many divisions in South Korea that need to be solved. Even if North and South Korea unite, unity will not be possible unless these divisions are solved.
Japan was Korea's biggest enemy, so Father went to Japan to love the enemy. America stopped the war in Korea. Americans didn't even know where Korea was, but they sent their youth to fight for Korea. That is why America is the eldest son nation.

Even though it is difficult for Japan as the Eve nation to restore what was lost through meeting quotas, we should all be happy to restore the Mother's position. We pledge "Absolute Sex." We all need to have prayer altars in our house, a place where God can always be together with us. God needs a place where the environment is right for God to dwell. Each family has to be the place to welcome God at an altar. God's love is always there but sometimes we can't feel it. We can experience God's love through the word and at the altar.

We love being together with True Parents at HDH to share the word. Father has the heart to do it all by himself if needed. People who read the word and become one with the word will take that with them to spiritual world. Spirit world wants to read the word with us.

In Hawaii there is a place with only black rocks. All the good places in Hawaii were taken, so we will start at the place with the black rocks.

The restoration of Canaan. Moses was the central figure; he had a deep heart to liberate his people. To mature we need to embody the word. Moses was the central figure for the Foundation of Substance. Moses was also the central figure for the Foundation of Faith standing in the position of pharaoh. Restoration and building the needed foundations to receive the messiah continued through many signs and miracles. Keeping the faith was difficult for both Moses and the Israelites.

Our words are so important, so let's be careful with our words.

The Providence moved to Joshua. The 2nd generation united with Joshua and they entered Jericho. The first generation crossed the Red Sea out of fear, the 2nd generation crossed in faith. Joshua and Caleb inherited Moses' mission in spirit and flesh. The day will come, our day.

We need to use the family church to reach out to people and share about God's heart. We need to show the way with the word and with shimjung. True Parents know how to do this, how to make peace with the enemy. If we love people then shimjung will take over. If we listen, a time will come when we can teach the Principle. We can mobilize the strength of the spirit world to help us. We have the Blessing so let's embrace those who have not been blessed and bless them. We should do this from heart not duty. We should live for God while looking and thinking towards eternity. The central leaders of the world are really struggling because the youth are no longer patriotic.

This is the time for Blessed Families to give people the word and the path to peace. We need to testify, pray for people and give the Blessing. Believe and practice. As our mission becomes bigger, the trials become bigger. Find joy and hope in this, not worry. Always prepare for the blessings so we can go through the trials. The Foundation to receive the Messiah. If there is no foundation then fallen people will kill the messiah. John the Baptist was the central figure for the Foundation of Faith; he could not understand his mission, so Jesus needed to fulfill the mission of John the Baptist. John did testify to Jesus but he did not follow Jesus. No one was able to stay with Jesus; in the end he died alone. Jesus lost his body and Christianity needed to set up the resurrected Jesus as the messiah. Father wanted to move the holy grounds in Israel to Korea. Jewish people are waiting for the messiah. The Israelites couldn't fulfill, so Father will move the holy grounds to Korea. The Peace palace will become the worlds holy ground for all religions. We need to restore True Parents homeland quickly. The places in North Korea where Father discovered the word and God are all gone. No one can see Father's foot prints in North Korea. In the future all the places in North Korea will be restored so people can see a part of Father's life. Father may live to be 100 or more, but he might not have any energy. We need to work hard now for True Parents so that we do not regret it in the future. We must attend God and True Parents at this time. While True Parents are alive we can attend God through them. We need to restore North and South Korea, we must restore Father's hometown.

True Parents are leading us but they know what we gave up and that we thought things would be restored in 3 years. Now we have been though many seven year courses. True Parents could not tell us this or we would have run away, don't you think so? We would stare and shiver in the cold when we were pioneers. At this time however, when we invest, things change quickly. Now we can live in shimjung. True Parents know what we went through but they had to guide us on the path to heaven. Jesus guided with miracles, True Parents don't use miracles, and they just work hard and live a public life. True Parents now say that they have taught us too much, but each day they want to leave the word with more people. The accomplishment of the Will is absolute but man's response to the Will cannot be predestined. Jesus never turned his back on God even when he felt abandoned. The bigger the mission is, the bigger the trials. We will be tested so let's be always ready. Keep God and True Parents in our hearts as we go through everything. We need to think what would make True Parents happy. Let's make good offerings, even small ones. True Parents may have everything, but they are moved by our shimjung offerings. When we give a donation or a gift, we should not think about how it is used. God always works through the Principle, his Principle.

North and South Korea are still in two separate states. Wars seem to be our way of dealing with confusion. The Providence of Restoration will help us to lead America. People need to study the law and the Principle. We will stay the course and we will inherit the foundation of the cross. Before we meet the messiah's family we must be working on finding and living the word, the shimjung.  America needs to embrace both left and right and set up a monarchy not a democracy. America can embrace England and Japan. Father is directly involved in the development of history. We have families that have worked hard and worked smart in the Providence of Restoration. America needs to come back to God. If America does not follow the word, it will fall apart. The churches must unite and restore America. Restore the homeland/fatherland. Father has been enduring, waiting to restore the Fatherland.

Preparation for the messiah's coming

2000 years ago Jesus came, but no one was prepared and Jesus was killed.
1517-1918, 400 years period to prepare.
1517-1648, religions took root, Luther reformation
1648-1789, political and economic systems
1789-1918, revolutions ideology
Blessed families have a mission and we can't forget this. Only True Parents have restored their original nature so many of us live life and view life from the Cain view or the Abel view. Look at True Parent's life and word and follow the path of restoration, the path of fulfilling our responsibility. In reality our thinking is still on Satan's side and we have a lot of work to do. We need to know True Parents, our responsibility, and where we stand. Restoration through indemnity is still the path we need to take. HDH tradition in our family is a start to follow God's heart and shimjung. We need to know what view of life I have; Cain view or Abel view. We need to make our views and our life closer to God. You can know a Cain or Abel type person by how they live, what they say, and their attitudes. Movies we watch and books we read will influence our judgment. We need to have good judgment so we need to evaluate how we view life.

We can become one centering on a life of shimjung. We all have the same choice, but we lost the essence. We need to pray to have a heart that can love all people, even our enemies. True Parents have been mistreated and misunderstood. But they don't dwell on that, they focus on love: loving everyone. Love will change the hearts of all humanity. We need to break down our individual thinking so that we can become one. God is asking us to prepare. We need to open up and share about the Will, the word and the vision when we leave the workshop - we need to testify to the world. We are broken in our spirit and we need to fix it. Shimjung and the word are the doctor and the medicine. Our family members share the center and the center of the family is God. The Principle holds the victory. Satan tried to hide and twist the Principle.

America is the central nation at this time. We must fulfill God's Will. If we listened to those living with Cain's view, we would never do anything. Everyone will follow shimjung and True Parent's tradition, how quickly they follow depends on Blessed Central Families.

True parents will tell us the needed content and what direction we should go. We need to have the heart of a parent and the body of a servant. We give everything for the sake of the whole.  True parents are standing as parents for all those living and all those in spiritual world. We need to reform everything so that the messiah can guide the world. No one should block the path of the providence. We need to make sure we are not a block keeping our world from shimjung. Only I can know where I stand with God. If it sounds the same then it loses its value to the one listening. First time someone hears the Principle it is new. We need to keep this feeling of hearing the Principle the first time. Now when Father talks, fewer members feel that they have grace and fortune. Is this the right way to feel? We need to find life in the Word. True Parents always share the word but add deeper meanings each time. If our spirit world has matured, we would not look at Father's short talk as grace or good fortune. The word gives life. We need life, right? The leaders are the ones that are guiding people. We need to resonate with the Will and the word and help others do this.
How God has prepared the world to receive the messiah through the world wars. The wars were like dividing Adam. Satan does not want to lose his connection through Adam to humanity but God wants his children back.

The three great wars were to restore the three great Blessings. People need to go beyond their own countries and religions to find true peace. Everyone should hold onto God's Will, the word and shimjung, not races, religions, and cultures.

Purpose of the UN? Good will win and overcome the Cain-type world. America cannot unite with the Cain type UN. The fight now is between these two worlds. The final battle will be won by the word, not by guns.

True Parents are serious that the world will never shed blood again as in the past. He says that the UN is not working as it is. The Word must go from Korea to America then onto the world. The FFWPU is not just for my family, but for the world. Everyone wants the same shimjung. Our work is to unify the world and make peace, we all have the same goal and purpose.  Our world is filled with many ideas but when people are filled with the word, the world will change. Now is a time when we will have many difficulties so that we can be owners. God wants us to inherit his character and nature. True Parents have given us the Principle so that we can do this; we can understand the Will and the word.

First and Second World Wars were to separate good and evil. Third World War is to unite the world. God wanted to make Eve so he made Adam first so that he would fit Eve. North and south must unite with God and move towards unity. Everything depends on humanity's responsibility to fulfill the Will. The second advent: when, where, how. Many of us have met the True Parents but how many of us understand their value? If we follow True Parents, we will live for eternity filled with happiness.

We can tell from history that God made so much effort to save humanity. We should have a family of absolute sex. We should start the absolute sex movement. Korea is a very simple small place so the people can unite. How can the world with all its different cultures unite? How can the world unite in a shimjung culture? In shimjung we are all the same, we have the same parent "God." Korea was the place God decided to send the messiah to. Their nation needed to lay the foundation and set the needed conditions - Korea was able to do this.

North Korea calls their leader father, we call our leader father, who is the real father? We need to be bold and not afraid to share the will and the word. What is wrong, we have to fix. Love is thicker than blood. We should live for the sake of others and have the Abel view of life. For the world to be connected, shimjung is the path. True Parents have all the keys to everything. Satan's culture spread around the world and now we need to start a new culture, the heavenly culture of shimjung. Once we do this Christianity will unite with us. We need to unite the Fatherland. People that follow the word will live: if we are in the Word, that's a good place to be. The Principle teaches us to become true sons and daughters of God and to live with shimjung. Father's poem is amazing!! There will be many people coming and we need to be able to teach them what True Parents have taught us. We need to become God's champions that know the most about God, Jesus, the Will, the Word, shimjung and the true family ideals.