Rev. Kwak reads the recent revelations in Korean, and Rev.

Peter Kim translates. This will be published and create a

sensation in the entire world. No religious leader ever came up

with such amazing material. The true reality of spirit world and

physical world will be known. Those who understand will have

no choice but to join the Unification Church.


[Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak reads the manuscript of Dr. Lee's

report in Korean; Peter Kim translates it. What follows surely

very partial, but interesting.]


1. Karl Marx.


He was the head of all the evil people on earth. He was difficult

to locate. I found him in an area of small, humble sheds, full of

thousands of wounded, defeated soldiers. They were walking

toward somewhere, and I followed them, and they led to Marx,

standing on a hill exhorting everyone to continue the struggle.


I asked him for an interview, and Marx asked me what kind of

ideology I have. I said, "Victory Over Communism," and Marx

said, "I'm busy." But I persisted, saying that I should be treated

well as a guest. "Okay," he said, and then he lectured me, and

then I gave my lecture. I stressed the mistake of denying God as

the key point leading to doom and failure.


I invited Marx to go where I reside. Then he on the way began

to see all the beauty of nature and love making, and his heart

started melting. He decided he wanted to live there, but I said,

"You can't; it belongs to God." Marx said, "I want to meet

God," but I told him he couldn't.


I continued to lecture VOC and Divine Principle, and Marx

listened but still resisted. On the second day I gave lectures

back in Marx's area. Young people gathered and asked Marx's

permission to listen. Gradually Marx felt embarrassed to have

all his followers see that he was wrong. Marx started crying.

70% to 80% of Marx's followers accepted Divine Principle, but

Marx has not yet totally accepted it.


2. V. I. Lenin.


He was the head of the Bolshevik revolution, but in spirit world

he is one of the lowest people. When I tried to visit him, he

was easy to find, but the security around him was very tight. I

identified myself clearly as God's emissary to meet Lenin and

discuss his teaching. The security thought this was strange and

gave me a hard time, but finally I got through.


Lenin is stocky, handsome and short. I said I wanted to learn

Lenin's teaching. Lenin we evasive, and asked who I was. "I'm

a medical doctor," I said. He asked, "Why do you want to know

ideology?" Anyway, Lenin agreed to come the next day to my



But the next day and for several days he did not come and I

could not find him. He had left the area. After several days I

found him emerging from a small house with his followers. I

followed them, and they stopped for a meeting by a stream. I

hid in the stream and heard their talk. They were Lenin's top

followers, discussing that their regime was under attack, and

how were they going to defend themselves. They are paranoid.


The medium asked Dr. Lee how he travels in spirit world, by

foot? Dr. Lee: I travel by thought. I can have a car anytime and

use it to travel by thought.


3. Joseph Stalin.


He acted like God in the physical world, and people revered

him as such. In spirit world he is similarly revered, and he goes

out and gives speeches. His area consists of small mud huts,

filled with those who worship him. It is easy to find, but is

guarded by cautious, frightened people. I investigated the

avenues of access for several days. One day I saw several

people going into one house, led by Stalin. I disguised myself

as a beggar. I went in, and it was a house of those who

opposed Stalin, who had called Stalin for a truce meeting.

They wanted Stalin to call off the revolution and let them go

home. He said no. One woman was weeping over that.


I disguised myself and went to Stalin's house. The young guard

would let me in only if I would honor Stalin as king. Several

guards attacked me, and they beat me up and asked my

identity. I said I am an emissary from God, and I am here to

teach Stalin. Stalin appeared and said, "As God is busy, so am

I." Finally I said that I want to learn from him. Stalin said

"Okay, come back tomorrow."


On the way out, the security warned me not to come back. The

next day, we met in another place. Stalin asked me for a place

to hide so that he could teach his thought. I took him to my

place, and like Marx he started to enjoy it so much and he

wanted to stay there. I told him that the only way to stay is to

study what I teach. Stalin was impressed with the teachings

and asked where it came from. I said, "From my teacher, the

messiah." Stalin said that he was the messiah too. So he

doesn't yet recognize he was wrong.


The life of hiding, of shame or embarrassment, is the worst life

in spirit world.


4. Adolf Hitler.


He killed over six million Jews so I thought he would be among

evil spirits. But he was not to be found there. One day Lee

heard tens of thousands of people in chains, shouting and

screaming, marching. The scene looked like a battlefield, filled

with blood and smoke. Finally he found one man tied naked to

a tree. The people were shouting and spitting at him, stoning

him. On his chest was a sign which read, "King of the Nazis."

The people wanted to pull out his eyeballs and hair, and burn



I couldn't get close to Hitler. I felt sad and tried to think what I

could do for him. I prayed and God told me, "I understand your

heart about Hitler, but you must be patient until all the han of

those people is relieved. Hitler has to pay indemnity. You

cannot do anything. If you do, they will attack you."


I visited the scene many times, and it continued on and on. I

spoke to a pretty young woman, who told me that she was

killed just like you see Hitler be treated there. A man with many

chains said the same thing, and said, "I wish I could bury Hitler

in tons of chains." Words cannot express Hitler's suffering.


5. Benito Mussolini.


In the physical world, Mussolini focused on collecting

armaments to fight other nations. He considered that killing

people is not a crime, but is like killing an animal. If Stalin's life

in spirit world is one of hiding, Mussolini's is a life of a gypsy.

He keeps moving so that no one can trace him. I followed him,

unbeknownst. Mussolini talks to no one. He just stops for food

and moves on.


I finally grabbed him and said I wanted to speak to him.

Mussolini said, "I have no place to go to talk." I asked him to

come to my house. Mussolini said he wanted to stay in no

particular place. I said, "I also am a wanderer."


So Mussolini allowed me to wander with him several days.

Mussolini's curiosity piqued after a few days. I shared my life as

a medical doctor. Mussolini shared his life. "I am a criminal,"

he said, "so I cannot stay in one place or they will punish me.

Why did you come to find me?" I said, "I want to give you a

lecture." He said, "But I cannot stay in one place to hear it." I

said, "If you committed a crime, you have to pay for it."


I realized Mussolini has some goodness in his heart. Mussolini

opened up to listen at my house. Mussolini enjoyed the

beautiful nature. When he saw my wonderful bedroom, he

said, "Do you have only one wife?" because he had many



Then I gave all the main teachings, and Mussolini asked,

"Where did you learn it?" I said, "From my True Parents."

Mussolini said, "Your teaching is logical but too idealistic." So

Mussolini is still a beggar and wanderer, but someday he will



The medium's husband asked Dr. Lee: "I hear that you spoke

with Marx, Lenin, etc. -- what language are you using?" Dr. Lee:

"You do not use language; it's a matter of your will power.

Communication occurs through your will reaching that person."


6. Tojo (The leader of Japanese army in WW 2).


I tried to locate him. All Japanese people at that time had their

own god at their home, but Tojo put himself as his own

household god. I could not locate him until I passed by a deep

mountain where no one lives. I went in deeper and deeper

until I found a small village of huts. In one hut there were

several men, one was in deep pain laying on the floor. I put on

my hand and prayed as the emissary of God. The man sprang

up and wondered who this man was who removed that pain

which he had many years.


It was Tojo, who said no one would receive him in spirit world,

so he came there to shout out his pain where no one would



I said, "My True Parents in physical world told me to teach

you." I explained about True Parents as the real parents of

mankind. Tojo said, "Can they become my parents too?" I gave

three days of lectures. Tojo was weeping and repenting and

confessing. "What shall I do?" he said. I said, "Wait until the

Messiah comes to spirit world. Meanwhile keep repenting.

Then you can work with me to restore the spirit world."


7. Mrs. Kim, Hwa Lan


In the early days of the Unification Church, the early 1950s,

many Christian leaders in Korea strongly opposed Father. Most

notorious was Mrs. Kim, Hwa Lan, president of Ehwa Women's

University. She made the final decision to expel our women

leaders, Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu, Young Whi Kim's wife, Dr. Won Bok

Choi, Dr. Young Oon Kim, etc. She was an elite Korean society

leader. So I was curious about her status in spirit world.


I found a Christian group that had a picture of a beautiful

cloud. They were praying under it for the Lord of the Second

Advent to come. Another group had a person giving a lecture to

these elites. The lecturer said, "We as women keep a prayer

vigil with a candle until we receive the Lord of the Second

Advent, because we are in the position of his bride.."


At the end, I applauded loudly to get their attention. I was the

only man there, and they asked me who I was. I said, "I am an

emissary from God." They doubted it, because he looked too

intelligent, but I said, "The Lord of the Second Advent has

come and he is our True Parents and is working in physical

world to save mankind."


President Kim said heretics always say that. Lee gave a lecture

on parallels, the cross, the second advent, and other Christian

doctrines. Then he challenged them to call him a quack. They

challenged him, saying, "Whom do you want to meet? Why do

you come here?" I asked President Kim if she remembered the

name of Reverend Moon. She said no. "Do you remember the

Unification Church?" She said, "Yes, they were heretics." I

said, "The founder is Reverend Moon." President Kim asked if

she had committed a big crime, and if she is a criminal. I said

that God and history will determined that. Then they paid

attention. I said, "I will come tomorrow; will you listen to my

lecture?" She said maybe not. Then one women in audience

shouted that they would listen, and all the crowd agreed.


So I lectured for three days, and they all ended up crying,

singing a hymn and repenting. At the end, Kim asked what she

can do to comfort the expelled students and Unification Church

members whom she opposed. Dr. Lee said, "Remain as

president of university and welcome Reverend Moon as Lord of

the Second Advent and True Parents." Kim said, "I will do it

with a repentant heart."


The medium's husband asked, "Kim did so many bad things in

physical world to us. How could she enjoy her life in spirit

world?" Dr. Lee answered, "Her lifelong goal was to meet Jesus.

She is in spirit world living in a false dream, not having met

Jesus or the Lord of the Second Advent, is that a good life?"



8. Mary Pak.


Another evil woman, the wife of the Vice-President of Korea,

was also Vice-President of Ehwa under Kim. Her name is Mary

(or Maria) Pak. This was under Syngman Rhee's presidency.

She abused her power to persecute us, which led Father to

Sodaemun prison. She mobilized five government ministers to

destroy Father and the Unification Church. But when the trial

was over, Father was acquitted as completely innocent. The

country may not be fully aware, but the court record exists.

Korean Christianity did that much evil against Father,

representing Christianity in general, and especially the

American missionaries who were working with Mary Pak. The

American missionaries also worked with President Kim, and

they influenced American Christianity too against Father.


Ehwa Women's University was supported by a Christian

foundation in America. They were used by the American

foundation and also influenced it against Father. This is the

deep root of Father's history in America and America's decline.

God cannot smile upon America.


The direction to search out Mary Pak was God's direction, not

Father's. She was a most evil woman and her whole family was

involved. Before I went to see her, God said man wants to live

according to his own desire, but this desire should be the same

as God's, or their destiny will be miserable and their life will be

false. God sent a young woman to accompany me. We

searched for Mary Pak together. The young woman told me to

follow her.


We went to a scary castle with a big gate; it looked like a

prison camp. As we entered, I encountered people who were

not human in form--eyes missing, limbs missing, their head

split open, so many kinds of wounds. These were all deformed,

crippled spirit men, screaming, gathered together. The young

woman pointed to Mary Pak. Her hands were stuck to her

mouth, covering her mouth. It is difficult for her to eat because

of this. More food is spilled than gets in. I asked her if that is

Mary Pak and she said with difficulty yes.


Nearby a man was standing with a bleeding chest. He was

Mary Pak's husband, Lee Gimbu. Their son was nearby. In the

physical world he killed both of them as traitors to the nation.

He was standing as a statue with a knife raised against them.

He couldn't move. I cried and prayed for forgiveness for them. It

had no reaction or effect.


I went home and God said, "Stop crying. The reason I showed

you that was so that you will be serious about your children in

the physical world following the right life. So tell this to them

and to all the Unification Church members."


9. Pak Tae Son.


He was a contemporary of Father's when the Unification

Church started. He was a Christian sect leader, well-respected

though controversial because he had such strong spiritual

power. When he prayed, people would throw him their

watches and rings. In spirit world he lives in arrogance of his

spiritual power. Simple-minded Christians who cannot even

pray surround him. His life has no significance. Lee could find

no other prominent Korean Christian ministers. The title

minister does not pass over to the spirit world.


10. Syngman Rhee.


He was the first president of South Korea. I tried to locate a

presidential mansion, but there was none. So I prayed and was

led by a beautiful singing voice. Suddenly the singing stopped,

and I was surrounded by mountains. I saw people going in and

out of the woods. I saw one man sitting alone, thinking deeply.

It was not Rhee, and did not know who Rhee is, but said to ask

at another house. I went to the house, but no one was around.

After a while, a man came out from the back, in ragged clothes.

It was Syngman Rhee.


I said to him, "I am an emissary of God." Rhee said, "Did you

meet God?" I answered, "Yes." He said, "Why would such a

noble person some here? I was the president but I am not

welcomed as a president, so I do not want to be in public. Even

God and Jesus abandoned me. As a president, I couldn't fulfill

my responsibility."


That was all, but I intend to invite and teach him later. People

in the lower level than us in physical world are those who

opposed God's providence. We can call that hell in spirit world.


11. A special letter from Jesus to True Parents.


Thank you, True Parents, for your love, concern and prayer for

my family. Particularly thank you for the beautiful apartment for

my wife in the physical world. I cannot pay enough for that

blessing. Therefore my family will live a life to meet your

expectations and will continue to serve and follow Heung Jin

Nim for the providence of God. In spirit world the Christian

community is so vast that we cannot reach them easily, but it is

so close. You provided our own fence (?) and with this power

we will continue to try to open the gate for them.


I apologize that my name is so much worshipped in the

physical world. It shouldn't be that way, and I am sorry for that.

Your han will be relieved. Soon Christians on earth will have

dreams of my reality in the spirit world.


True Parents, I love my wife.


12. A letter from Choongmo Nim. (Choong means patriotism

and loyalty; Mo is mother.)


Father, I am your mom. I'm sorry that you have gone through so

much difficulty and suffering in your life, because of the lack of

foundation I made in physical world. Here I live with Daemo

Nim and I am learning a lot and realizing many things. If you

need, I will do whatever you ask. I want to be worthy of my



Someone found my photo recently after your 1991 trip to North

Korea. Father, the photo with the towel on my head looks

uncomfortable. I asked the medium to take the handkerchief

off my head. Is that okay? Please have a long life.


13. Letter from the medium, Mrs. Kim, Young Soon.


When I received Father's direction to get Dr. Lee's information

on all these people, I was shocked and prayed. Then I heard

God's voice that the one who prays hard will be with winner. I

thought to pray for 21 or 40 days. Then Father said I had to

gather all this information within 3 days and come to America.

I started to pray to God. Then Dr. Lee appeared and said, let's

start working. During the prayer, in my car, God said that to

receive such instructions from True Parents is such a blessing,

so be happy.


Dr. Lee continued, "You know Father's character. He wants

everything right away. So let's get to work." Kim said, "But I

have no knowledge about people such as Tojo." Dr. Lee said,

"You don't know, but I know and I will tell you." And so he did,

and she wrote as he told her.


Sometimes I get so exhausted and throw the pen away. So I'm

sorry because these messages are not really complete.


Dr. Lee says, "Thank you Father for believing in me as your

son." Mrs. Kim says the same.


14. Dr. Lee to all Unification Church members.


Law in spirit world is absolute, and there is no change. It is

eternal. The key is the quality of our life in the physical world.

So to reach the standard in physical world, have a mind of

preparing for spirit world every moment. Evaluate every action

in terms of where will it put me in the spirit world? If we

deviate in the physical world, we will be trapped and unable to

escape. Heavenly law is like a trap.


True Father's Words


With this testimony, you must have a general idea of how spirit

world functions. True Parents will restore both worlds and

restructure spirit world. The Old Testament and New

Testaments both deal with spirit world in the form of prophecy,

but there is no clear explanation. The Completed Testament is

the last stage and therefore at the end it will connect physical

world and spirit world. So people will know about spirit world

clearly. Of all Dr. Lee's testimony, there are two main points:

spirit world functions according to principle, and True Parents

are the ones to restore everything.


Regarding Jesus, not even God could marry him, because it had

to take place in the physical world. So only True Parents could

do it. Marriage is like an engrafting. He became a brother to

Heung Jin Nim and they are like one family. Because of this

oneness, Christianity has hope to be restored through America,

the elder son nation.


The 360 million couples blessing is sign of last days. So the

spirit world blessing starts. Elimination of satanic world, the

time of Satan's accusation is over. It is True Parents' time and

authority, akin to the authority given Adam to name

everything. Once Father judges or gives an order, the entire

spirit world will help and support Father. He can order spirit

world to do certain things. As when Adam and Eve were falling

and God would not intervene, again God will not intervene in

what True Parents are doing.