about the year 2003

If there is some extension, it may take up to 2003... / S.M. Moon

Ref: December 8, 1995

We are blessing those who are not married and who are married, even in spirit world. So, 400 million couples have been in the position of younger brother and those in spirit world have been elder brothers, and there has been a circular movement. They have gone through a workshop in spirit world. The physical world and spirit world can be united thereby. Now everyone born since the fall should be restored through indemnity. This means that now the age of indemnity is over and people on earth are in the elder brothers' position and the spirit world people are in younger brothers' position and they should have unity through the blessing.

This is what we have to finish by the end of 2003. It should not extend beyond that.

Ref: January 3, 2000

Christianity exists to restore Jesus' body. This dispensation came to Asia and that region has experienced an economic boom. This means that the region is in the process of restoring Jesus' lost body.

the Kingdom of God on Earth truly is substantially beginning from now. Centering on the year 2000 and the following three years, we will prepare to open the era of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The seven-year course from 1997-2003 is equivalent to 1945-1952, during which I could have restored the world by giving the blessing to all the Christian couples and other religions' couples too. It was postponed then, but now it is actually taking place.

Ref: December 18, 1999

Seven generations times 180 families is 1,260 families required to form a tribe. This process began in 1997 and will take seven years, until 2003. Even in spirit world this is taking place.

Once we reach that goal, there will be no racial bias or national boundary. Everything will be equal and that is the real Kingdom of God on Earth.

Ref: December 26, 1999

Jesus Christ lived 30 years private life and three years public life. His goal was to restore the nation so that God's ideal kingdom could be established. But he failed. By the same token, I have spent 30 years in America, working with the second Israel, Christianity. So the period from 2000 to 2003, this four years, is when I will do my absolute best to activate all resources to restore this country to establish God's kingdom in America and in the physical world. The time has come.

Ref: April 6, 2000

The key point is the restoration of the Fatherland. Without that, nothing is secure. Restoration of the fatherland means liberation of heaven and earth. It happens centering on the true life, love and lineage of the messiah.

Leading to 2003. Jesus should have unified the world. To fulfill this, I am taking a risk.

Ref: June 1, 2000

After 2003 ends, then 7 years to 2010 will end this providence. We have to see the light at the end of the tunnel. By 2010, the world will be under God's sovereignty. This is our responsibility. So, have hope.

Within one year I have to make a foundation at the UN. By the end of 2000, the IIFWP HDH (Hoon Dok Hae) education of 360 leaders will have taken place in the 192 countries of the UN. We have to provide the superior answer to exploitative labor unions, the separation of politics from religious values, and homosexuality.

Ref: November 29-December 6, 2000