For anyone interested in pursuing the matter...there is a stream of

thought/teaching coming from Russia called Theosophy. It was transmitted

spiritually through Helene Blavatsky (Russia) and later through Annie

Besant (UK). Rudolph Steiner's Anthroposophical Society (Waldorf

Schools) is an offshoot, if you will.


In my years of study of new religions, before joining in 1989, I found

this one to be the most Principled, describing the fall as sexual, and

the mission of the messiah in some detail. Those of you who are familiar

with this teaching know what I mean. I will direct you to the following

text for the purpose of personal enlightenment and/or witnessing:


In Besant's, Reappearance of the Christ, one of a volume of

(non-trance) transmissions there is mention of relevant details of

Sun Myung Moon's life, and the movement that the returning Messiah will start.

(Some followers at the time came to believe that Krishnamurti was, in

fact, the one. He was prepped for the mission from childhood by

Theosophists, became a great religious leader, and finally revealed that

he was not the One. Steiner's defection was connected to this segue).

Details include: the date Sun Myung Moon inherited Jesus' mission, and its

significance; the date Sun Myung Moon left for North Korea and its significance

(failure of Christianity); among others. Check it out...especially the

gentleman interested in other texts!


I'm sure that those of you who find this sort of thing interesting will

be much inspired...

Love, CB