Sir Anthony Brooke (former King of Sarawak, in colonial Borneo Malaysia) meets Sun Myung Moon and members in Korea March 2, 1964

The White Rajahs were a dynastic monarchy of the English Brooke family, who founded and ruled the Kingdom of Sarawak, located on the island of Borneo, from 1841 to 1946. The first ruler was Englishman James Brooke. As a reward for helping the Sultanate of Brunei fight piracy and insurgency among the indigenous peoples, he was granted the landmass of Sarawak in 1841 and received independent kingdom status. /Wikipedia

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Anthony Brooke

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p.9 The challenging contact with the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, especially in the course of two visits to Korea, helped greatly to stimulate and strengthen his (Anthony Brookes) sense of personal spiritual responsibility.

p.14 The activities of any religious or spiritual movement centered upon a founder who is viewed as being related specifically to the Second Coming concept will, therefore, inevitably provoke controversy. There may be other such movements in the days ahead, but the storm is already gathering around a movement with which I have been closely in touch in recent years and towards which it seems appropriate publicly to clarify my own attitude. But first I would like to say something further about the concept of "christification".

p.15 This concept, to which I admit to being attracted, implies to my understanding that we have entered an epoch in which, using Christian terminology, the seed of Christ, the God-seed if you will, is in process of flowering within humanity on a scale which now makes it possible by reason of the spreading conscious self-identification of an ever increasing number of individuals as true sons and daughters - expressions - of God, for humanity and the life of the planet to undergo what may be describable as a divine transformation or, using Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's graphic term, the divinisation of the earth. Humanity in fact is now to take responsibility consciously and joyously for bringing this transformation about. We are being called upon to accept the "mission" of acting both individually and corporately as Christ - the Son of God - and so to assume, at last responsibly, our inherited God-given dominion over the earth. This is not to deny that Christ may also reappear specifically in a single form but we may well have to revise many rigid and limited concepts about what the Second Coming means and possibly to accept it as a cosmic operation with many facets which is already taking place.

It is this possibility that lends special interest to the revelation, mission and movement of Sun Myung Moon of Korea. An electronic engineer in his earlier years, he is founder of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity and of the International Cultural Foundation with its aims to confront scientists and scholars in various fields with the need to relate their activities to a universal standard of value for all mankind. The activities of this movement now reach into many countries, comprising businesses to support financially the work of the various foundations which have been brought into existence. The movement consists of highly dedicated and committed individuals and, notwithstanding its name, it attracts members from many different religions and draws to it those who have not previously been associated with any spiritual or religious movement at all.

One of its foremost challenges is the way its members come to view the person of its founder, who does not claim to avoid being controversial. At a meeting held in the eastern part of the United States on the occasion of his first visit to the U.S.A., a questioner bluntly asked him: "Are you Christ?" In reply Sun Myung Moon raised his hand and pointed to various members of the audience in turn, saying: "and so are you... and you... and you also, if you can accept it." On another occasion a translation of what he said in the Korean language was given as follows: "This is God's world and it has no boundaries. It is one. Your life is one of universal significance and I call upon you to share my mission. Be urgently concerned for the world and know, feel and act in accordance with the Divine Will. The purpose of the coming Lord is that some day all shall be like him - like Christ."

It is not my intention to enter into a discussion about the cosmological teachings of this movement, translated from the Korean revelation into a number of different English versions, except to say that it inherits certain clearly drawn battle lines about what is "good" and what is "evil" according to Christian dogma, together with much that is new and revolutionary in its interpretation of biblical passages. Bearing in mind the geographical position of its founder situated in southern Korea it is not perhaps altogether surprising that the movement takes an ideological stance in relation to communism.

p.49 (Universal Link I)

Other great ones, such as Meher Baba who, like Sri Aurobindo, was regarded by his followers as the last avatar, may be viewed, I suggest, as Cosmic Masters preparing those brought within their sphere of spiritual influence or the day of Revelation, the Day of Manifestation, which will mark the Christing of the whole earth and the true beginning of the Golden Age - the Rule of Love and Truth. These and other spiritual lights are appearing in their astral and etheric counterparts in visions and dreams to those who are attuned to them.

Prominent among these is the one who at birth was given the cosmic name Sun Myung Moon. Sun Myung Moon took earthly form in Korea in 1920 and after Jesus had appeared to him when he was 16 years old he accepted his own unique mission in relation to the "Second Coming" and he founded what he called the Unification Church of World Christianity. After spending a month in Korea as his guest, I can myself testify to the remarkable revelations which come to those who are attuned to him. It seems to me that because Sun Myung Moon is incarnate upon the earth at this time and has a particular link with the Christ Ray, he make an indispensable bridge for many people who are being given exceptional and life changing experiences by taking his powerful name into their meditations.

How can we, then, best prepare ourselves for this climax of events which is so soon to occur? As I said at the beginning, the Universal Link Revelation is going forth by word and by the activity of the Holy Spirit to all who are open to receive it. It is, like the basic teaching of Jesus Christ, available not only to those who have come to call themselves Christians but to all men, women and children everywhere.

It does not seem to me to be adequate to dismiss this Revelation with the advice of Gamaliel as given in Chapter 5 of the Acts of the Apostles. It is surely not enough simply to say: "Let these people alone. If this movement is merely human it will collapse of its own accord, whereas if it is of God it cannot be overthrown." These events have been continuing and extending their scope for several years and I earnestly hope that more attention will be given to this matter in the time that remains, if only to ensure that as many people as possible are as prepared as possible to be as responsive as possible to what Truth has called "My Great Universal Revelation."

Let us be more concerned rather to halt than to exercise the activity of our intellect in regard to these things. Realization thinking-spontaneous knowledge-these are the keynotes to the New Age and to our transformed condition. Perhaps the best we can do individually is meditate and pray about the tremendous things we have considered together here, and earnestly seek an answer to the question: "ARE THESE THINGS TRUE?" We are assured that to all who persevere in sincere seeking an answer will be given. Those of us who are aspiring to live and follow the teaching and example of Jesus Christ should, it seems to me, above all else take care to guard any concept or view about these things which might tend to place a limit on the Love, Power and Saving Grace of His Creation.


p. 85

The Universal Link Revelation II



Between the years 1961 and 1967 an archetypical Christ-like being, apperently in solid form, made frequent appearances to Richard Grave in England (and subsequently, as reported, to persons elsewhere) and announced in a seriesof dictated statements that a universal cosmic operaton was in progress ushering in the New Age.

p.101-102 We must not therefore be surprised or unduly disturbed by the various Messianic claims being made in our day. This has been prophesied and in this connection we do not necessarily need to speak of anti-Christs. "By their fruits shall ye know them",,and what matters is our own evolution in Christ consciousness and the recognition we find ourselves according to others who are claiming to do Christ's work. Peter's sudden outburst, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God!" is not without its deep significance. We may recall that Jesus turned to Peter and told him he was a fortunate man because it was not his own nature but the Father himself who had revealed this truth to him.

And so it is in our time that we need to pay particular attention to what is being revealed to us beyond the confines of our mortal minds. There is an Indian saying that "the mind is the slayer of the Real" and we repeatedly have confirmation of the way in which our critical and analytical minds limit and impede our growth in spiritual understanding.

While bearing in mind all we have said above, we think our readers would be particularly interested to know of some of the remarkable visions and revelations which sensitives are being given in connection with Sun Myung Moon who lives in Korea but who is reportedly appearing and teaching in spirit form in many different parts of the world. The circumstantial evidence of this from our own investigations is overwhelming and information about his role in the Cosmic Plan is being given independently to sensitives who have no direct connection with his physical form nor with his movement - the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity - which is spreading to many countries at this time.

Earlier in this chapter we made reference to the Ashtar Command as being a hierarchical system under the Cosmic Christ, and we can only report that a number of sensitives have significantly linked the name of Sun Myung Moon with this system. While we were at Findhorn in the summer months of 1968, a visiting sensitive who had no previous knowledge of the mission of Sun Myung Moon was awakened early on 3Oth July, with words which puzzled her so much that it was only with reluctance that she was able to bring herself to share fully with us the clear message which had been given her. It was as follows:

"Sun Myung Moon is direct link with Ashtar Command. Through him the forces are dispersed where necessary. These forces are not of one planet alone. They are gathered from many and are the chosen ones for this work for their knowledge and for their great love for the universal God."

Knud Weiking, the Danish sensitive associated with the work of the Universal Link at Borup in Denmark, has had it revealed to him that at a crucial moment in the changes coming to the earth-when the veil is rent with the realms of spirit-Sun Myung Moon will be used to unify the consciousness of the many whose minds will at this moment be opened to telepathic impulses.

From our own personal meetings with Sun Myung Moon, and from the inner understanding given us about his universal mission, our abiding impression is of one who acutely reflects the intensity of the burning flame of the Father's heart and wants all to share his mission - the mission of the Christ - for the redemption of the whole of mankind and the restoration of the physical world. We have spoken of the universality of the Christ in his appeal to all people at this moment of unprecedented challenge and opportunity and it is in his own conscious acceptance of this mission that Sun Myung Moon has meaning for the world. It is the need for urgent, immediate and sustained action in the service of the universal Christ which remains our predominant and enduring thought and inspiration as the result of our meetings in Korea with Sun Myung Moon.