Jeane Dixon

Jeane Dixon a modern-day prophet from Washington, USA.

Even at the age of nine Jeane Dixon, from Washington in the United States, was seeing into the future. Later, as an ordinary housewife married to a real estate agent, she became renowned for her startling accuracy.

In 1952 she predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy 11 years ahead, at a time when Kennedy was still a senator for Massachusetts. She was in St Matthew's Cathedral in Washington one morning when she had a vision of the White House and a young, blue-eyed man standing at the door and, at the same time, heard a warning that a Democrat who would be inaugurated as President in 1960 would be assassinated while in office. Her prediction was reported but later forgotten.

In 1960 John F. Kennedy became the youngest man ever elected President, on the smallest majority of the popular vote. Early in 1963 Jeane Dixon began to have new, disturbing premonitions about the President's safety and she made several atempts to warn him of the danger she saw ahead. On the morning of Friday, 22 November, she told friends: 'This is the day it will happen.' That afternoon, Kennedy was riding in an open car through Dallas, Texas, when he was gunned down.

Five years later Jeane Dixon was addressing a meeting in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles when a questioner asked if Robert Kennedy would ever become President. 'No,' she answered. 'He will never become President of the United States because of a tragedy right here in this hotel.'

A week later Robert Kennedy won the California primary and he had just finished addressing a victory rally from the stage of the Ambassador Hotel's ballroom when he was shot by a 24-year old Jordanian born immigrant. He died the following day.

Sadly, her warnings of tragedy ahead are not always heeded. In January 1942 she told the film actress Carole Lombard that it would be dangerous for her to travel by plane within the next six weeks. Carole, who was intensely patriotic, was going on a government-sponsored tour to sell war bonds at a vicrory rally in Indianapolis in three days' time and was not inclined to change her plans because of a clairvoyant's warning. The most she would agree to, when Jeane Dixon pressed, was fo flip a coin: if it was heads she would cancel the trip, if it was tails, she would go ahead. The coin came down tails.

Carole reached Indianapolis safely and, as she was due to rerurn by train, it looked as though the warnings were meaningless. Then at the last minute she took an overnight plane. At a stopover in Albuquerque Carole and her companion were askcd if they would give up their seats to army officers who needed to join their unit. But Carole, who had left after a blazing row with her husband Clark Gable, was anxious to get home to make up with him. She never reached him near Las Vegas the plane ran into violent storm and crashed in the mountains. The 90m (300ft) heat of flame from the crashed aircraft was visible for miles.

From "A Gift Of Prophecy:
The phenomenal Jeane Dixon"
by Ruth Montgomery

In 1965 Jeane Dixon prophecied in an article in Reders Digest about the return of Christ!

Translation from Swedish edition of Readers Digest No. 9, Sept. 1965.

The worldfire that Jeane foreseas for the 80's will force humanity into a spiritual renewal.

A child who was born in the Middle East on the 5th of Febr 1962, will revolutionize the world, and in due time unite all conflicting faiths and denominations into one all encompassing faith.

This child, which has been the subject of some of Jeane Dixons strongest and clearest visions, comes from a simple farmers tribe. She sais, Humanity will know the enormeus strength of this man about the year of 1980, and his power will "grow enormeously" until 1999, at witch time there will be "peace on earth for all men of good will".

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