In the swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) 5th of March 1999, there is an article about the american documentary photographer

William Egglestone.

In one big picture there is the desk of Elvis Presley.

Probably as it was when he died.


On the wall, a picture of Elvis.

On the table a book about John F Kennedy.

And beside a pile of 6 books.




See clearly for yourself at your local Library.

The book is by William Egglestone about Graceland.


What this really means is up to your own imagination!

Fact is the book is there, and documented!


Comments on the net:

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Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 6:41 PM

Subject: Re: Elvis Presley a disciple of TP?



Here's what I've received so far:

I heard a long time ago that some member(s) witnessed to Elvis in the

early-mid 70's and gave him a Divine Principle book. Later he is said to

have remarked that this was "his favorite book".

I've always kind of liked the guy. Maybe he's doing some good somewhere


(Hyun Jin Nim likes his songs!)

Gunnard Johnston


It was Mr. Ishii, the current Pres. of the UC Japan. His mission was to get

Elvis to tour with the Little Angels, or visa-versa. The whole idea was nixed

before it ever got to Elvis by Col. Parker. He claimed that Elvis was afraid

to fly, especially on trips as far away as the the Orient. The Little Angels

ended up touring with Liberace (one of *my* favorites).

Now, about the DP book. In 1976, on Elvis' birthday we presented him with a

signed DP book along with a large homemade birthday card from the UC of TN.

We were not able to get to him directly, but rather to one of his body-guards.

Gary Abrahams, your TN(Elvis) connection


Hi Gary,

I was a new member in Las Vegas in 1974 when we invited a man named "King

Solomon" for dinner. He was into metaphysics and was also a "guru" for Elvis

Presley. I know that Mr. Nishi (a Japanese member bigwig) had been working

with King Solomon to try to get Elvis to perform in Japan for Father's talk.

I believe it never happened because King Solomon died before anything could materialize.

I obviously don't have all the details, but I know that Taco Hose was the translator. That's all.

God bless!

Annie Gagn.


Yes Elvis did have the book at his bedside. I too have seen the picture , in

fact it was mentioned that he had the DP in a Washington Times article once.

It's a pity he never read it more. The latest bio on him (part 2..postarmy)

reveals he had a lot of problems with women , more than I thought

But he did have a religious streak. Bless his soul.

John Haydon


Hello everyone,

I was told a long time ago by an early American member that Taco Hose

used to visit Elvis in his dressing room in Las Vegas and they would read

Divine Principle together. I also saw an interview once with one of his


confidantes that Elvis believed very strongly that he had some kind of special

mission on earth and he was frustrated that he could not figure it out.



Debbie Anderson

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Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 6:02 PM

Subject: Re: Elvis Presley a disciple of TP?

I will let you know of any results from the photo.

I expect to have the Feb. Unification News up by this Sunday. (I just got it.)

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Subject: Re: Elvis Presley a disciple of TP?

Hello Gary.

It would be interesting to find out who gave (sold?) the book,

and what happened thereafter.

You could allways think about why he died?

Why he went into drugs ...

before or after he got the book?

Many interesting questions as well as (maybe?) another proof

of the greater Blessing from God the greater judgement at failure.

Please spread this info around Gary.

I don't have access to UNIF-EVANGELISM (to many mails for me...)

but I asked Damian to pass on the info.

What about an article in UNIFNews.

With the testimony of the person who gave the book.

Regards ITN /your brother Bengt, Sweden