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The year 1916-1917 Jesus mother Mary, appeared in a revelation, for the three portugise children Jacinta,Francisco and Lucia, outside Fatima Portugal.

On the 13th of July they received a message that was to be given to the pope in the year 1960.

Lucia fulfilled the promise and delivered the message, but the pope decided after some time, the world was not ready for it to be published.

Through the medium Ray Stanford, the message has anyhow been disclosed.

Here follows a brief summary of the message:

The secret letter was passed along to the Church hierarchy; the world awaited its release with great anticipation.

When 1960 passed without word from the Vatican about the contents of the long-awaited Fatima message-years alter the Church had acknowledged the veracity of the Fatima events-many began to wonder what in the secret message would cause the official silence. Seven years later, in February, 1967, a Vatican spokesman revealed that Pope Paul VI had concluded that the time was not yet at hand to disclose its contents. Reasons why the secret message might not have been released-and what may be the message itself - are detailed later in this volume.

Of the three children there (who, symbolically, were representative of the children of the Earth, the children of men), two were told that their bodies would pass into death and that they would come into the heavenly regions.

And it came to pass so very shortly and without warning, in a sense, that two of them (Francisco and Jacinta Marto) died. Warned? Yes, by the appearance of the angel [of the Mother of Jesus]; but not warned as men know warnings, excepting that they are attuned within.

That whole event in human destiny of the two children of the three, dying and being taken to heaven (not the supreme heaven, but into heaven in accord with their just reward and opportunities to move forward in spiritual consciousness) is symbolic of that which-that indeed of which -the angel of the Mother of Jesus warns yet today.

She warns of the danger of a vast and devastating world war in which, at worst, two-thirds of the children of men shall die. She warned that it may come quickly-and--unexpectedly through those events that will build in the regions about Jerusalem and across the region called Palestine and in that called Israel today and in the lands thereabout.

There was a warning that one unexpected event, however, almost an accident in a sense, could trigger the terrible and devastating war which was the core of the prophecy and warning that was never released by the Roman Catholic Church; and that the death of the girl child and the boy child was symbolic of, among other things, the seemingly senseless and indiscriminate nature of the deaths which shall occur in that war. Men and women, children, many of them innocent of anything other than participation in the whole nature of mind and human weakness, may suffer and die.

It is neither mysterious nor a cause of concern or wonder that the angel of the Mother of Jesus and those who adore that angel in the spiritual, the causal, etheric, astral regions also, should be concerned and seek to warn of suffering that may come among men, for they know that it is possible to prevent such suffering where only a handful of the people are filled with love and sincere dedication. Remember that even the leaders of nations are but individuals, and they, too, are subject to the influences of prayer and, potentially, of guidance and divine revelation.

She (if we may call the angel such) indicated that even the land of Israel which was to renew and regenerate itself (again focusing upon those influences in 1947) should also return to that sense of divine guidance and inspiration, that sense of contact with things beyond and above man as was had of old in the days of the prophets. She cautioned that, without this turning to internal guidance and to a spirit of love, their hearts would be hardened through the influences of Will.

It was indicated that Israel would be the turning point in human affairs, for the Jews symbolize human Will. Furthermore, it is from such Will that a loving and forgiving influence wooed necessarily come to other peoples of the world, who symbolize other elements and who represent in their manifestations, indeed, other elements of human consciousness.

The angel of the Mother of Jesus warned, not only of war in Europe that has already occurred, but of the increase in materialism among the peoples of the yellow races and the advent of communism, or socialism in some forms among those people. She prophesied the rebirth and regeneration of the national consciousness.

She warned that unless those people and others of the world and of the Soviet Union turned to the spirit of peace within and to an aspiration for contact with it and with their divine sources, that the world would once more be divided into two heavily armed and angry sides, beginning with events and causative forces focused upon what today is called Israel; and that the final and devastating war, of which She warned, would occur with the joining together of the Soviet Union and the United States and others against the peoples of the yellow races and others, to be triggered by events related to the Arabians and what today are called the Israelis.

There are other things of which She warned that have not been told. Some of them may be given here. She warned of social upheavals; of the increase of those beyond the time of the Second World War; of the continuation of wars and rumors of wars, with discontent because of this and other conditions; the problems between the black and the white, and of other people as well.

She warned of distress materially and financially; of a karma that should turn peoples to spiritual values the more; and of the social strife and upheaval that will be increased in times of financial and material difficulties and suffering among those who have become accustomed to a life of sloth, laziness, and comfort.

She warned that the whole world must turn to the ways of the inward search of Spirit and divine guidance. She cautioned the Roman Catholic Church (for those whom she contacted were associated therewith) that they must be prepared for upheaval greater than (in fact, at the time of this reading) has yet been seen within their own Church. She warned that the leaders themselves have not become sufficiently quickened by Spirit, and thus, that the dog within the sheepbarn neither allows the sheep to eat nor himself eats. But this was given out of love-the wrath of God is Love's severity-that they might turn and become a quickened organ of Spirit unto the faithful and to those who would seek the face of the Lord through that particular channel or manifestation.

She warned, however, of increasing strife and controversy over the position and authority of the Church, of its members and of its priests. She warned, indeed, that there shall come a time nearer the turn of the century, the assassination of a pope; and that, thereafter, there shall come the time that the papal seat in Rome shall be empty , and this shall symbolize the time when men once more must come to know that the throne within themselves is empty until they bow before it and know the invisible Lord of Life and Master of Spirit, mind, and body who dwells eternal in the temple not made with hands.

The angel of the Mother of Jesus called them-called all-unto that throne which is empty to the eyes of men, but is filled to the eye that is single. And She promised that as it is single, not only your own mind and body, but the world shall be filled with light as was promised by Jesus.

As we find in the unpublished letter given to the Church, it was indicated that unless there is turning to the Spirit, the war causing the death of two-thirds of the children of men shall occur. And then, weary of war, strife, and the gritting teeth of hatred and despise, men will turn to a re-evaluation of the Spirit and its rightful position in mind, body, and material affairs; and that, as the one of the children who lived on would live to a ripe old age, so the remaining third the Earth's population would live to a ripe old age beyond-having overcome the suffering-to an age that would - be light and understanding and peace among men.

Now, the ['secret'] letter, which was opened in 1960, was read before the College of Cardinals. It contained those things mentioned and somewhat more.

Those involved could not find the faith within themselves to release the message. They feared, because of its drastic nature, that it would cause some to turn from the Church and that, indeed, it might not be fulfilled-rationalizing upon the hope that, as She indicated, there is yet some hope that the war could be averted. They found, quite naturally, a great sense of fear at the thought of releasing the message that one pope would die of assassination and that there would come then the time that the seat of the papacy would be empty.

We ask that those who hear this should find no cause for despise or hatred of the Church because this was not released. Have not all sinned and fallen short of the mark, as was said long ago? Then is it your position to judge, or is it not the aggregate of human consciousness and karma which has prevented those there in the College of Cardinals and, at that time, as the pope, from releasing those things? All are responsible, not alone those in authority there. It was written that "these things must come to pass, but woe be unto him by whom it cometh." Even the Master Jesus could do no mighty thing in the place where he was brought up as a boy, because they lacked faith.

Please remember that in all organizations and in all churches, you deal not with God, who alone lives in temples not made with hands, and who alone sits upon the throne within your forehead. These are only humans with which you deal, that seek-as you yourselves-to do the best of which they know, and thus they fall short of the hopes placed in them by those from on High.

It is natural, therefore, that in increasing times of crisis between the Arabian nations and Israel, the angel of the Mother of Jesus would appear to those of other religions and of other denominational associations in the specific geographical areas related to the struggle of which She earlier warned even in that hidden Fatima message. She did not turn to them out of despise or lack of love for those, who seek as best that they know how, in the mother church in Rome, but out of the realization of their weakness.

She has sought to turn to others and to offer them the opportunity to respond and act upon Her message; and to appear, not to a few, but unto many-as She has done in Zeitoun, near Cairo, at that very church which exists above that location where She, with the babe Jeshua (Jesus), and Joseph, dwelled for a time to escape the wrath of that ruler in the Earth who sought them out. She appeared there to those Christians and non-Christians alike, and with the obvious sign of the olive branch as a warning of a need for peace.

Again, She appeared within Lebanon; and elsewhere shall She appear in those particular regions or centers where important activities of the early church were established, and in others, as well, bordering the troubled land. Then, if the greatest hope is fulfilled, the influence of Her light-if not it literally-will appear also in Israel. If men do not then turn and cry out for help, for love and understanding, then indeed shall the shadows of war, of which the angel of the Mother of Jesus warns, grow darker, until mankind stands at the foot of a towering monolith of death and destruction.

In these times, the message of the angel of the Mother of Jesus would be that all men fall upon their knees, neither in worship of dogma nor of creed, neither in worship of church nor of institution; but in weariness of war, weariness of hatred and strife, seeking to find a mind set aright in peace, from the influences of the well-spring of life.

We would close this discussion of the nature of the appearances of the angel of the Mother of Jesus and the significance of those appearances with this warning to those who are the very first who would hear this as given through this channel, to those who consciously have come to accept the knowledge of re-embodiment, the need for meditation, and so forth: It is of little value what you consciously know and believe unless it is applied. Let not your minds become jaded to the experience of spontaneous contact with inner guidance, inspiration, and devotion.

Your intellects are inclined to become swelled up so as to separate you from God in all His manifestations. Because you have discovered the nature of re-embodiment, because you intellectually know of the need to go within, and because you know that the Master Jesus and the Master who appeared as the

Mother of Jesus, and others, are of and have reached the supreme spiritual regions, you are inclined to say things that are less filled with love for those who do not realize these things than you otherwise might say. And you are inclined to think them even more strongly than you say them.

It is true that contact with the supreme Lord alone and the reaching of His supreme and spiritual, heavenly abode beyond the heavens that pass away, is the only thing that eventually will take you off the wheel of death and rebirth and suffering and desire. But remember: that is impossible without love.

August 12, 1971

The message of Fatima then, as the message in Zeitoun, in Beirut, and as will be seen elsewhere so shortly, is not really a message of fear, or of war, but a warning of the need for love. It is, thus, a message of God, a message of Love.

of men. As the angel of the Mother of Jesus appeared to them out of Love, so also does that same angel now appeal to the sensitivities and seeks to draw up the hopes by physical appearance of Her light unto greater masses of people as the shadows of war grow closer. Behind the darkest night, however, is the promise of potential dawn if man will but remember and seek the source of light which is promised.

This has been spoken of as the beginning of the Aquarian Age. It is the shadow of the beginning of the Aquarian Age. All beginnings incorporate birth and the pains and labors attendant thereunto. Do not believe that in your struggles and searches for truth, and in the turning of many persons today in the direction of such a search, that you have even begun to endure the work, the labor, even the struggles and pains of birth, the issuing forth of a new manifestation at the physical plane of collective awareness within the world. You see, those things which are to come are far greater in their effect upon the physical, mental, and spiritual man than those which have transpired in recent years.

Aquarius is said to be the bearer of the vessel of water. lndeed, it is so. But in another sense, that Aquarian Age is related to that within man which is as the bearer of water. We refer to the water or fluid in which the developing child is suspended in its growth. For the age which you approach is that in which such as has been carried and developed in the last cycle of nearly, two thousand years of man's experience in the Earth will issue forth.

In a sense, therefore, man struggles now to return to the security of the womb of creation. By illusion he seeks this through diverse escapes, including the drug experience and the bodily rhythms of certain music's popular in the world today. He does not realize, however, that the real water is the spiritualized mind which alone can be purified by spiritual honesty and, as was written long ago, may be received by whoever has clean hands and a pure heart.

So important are the things which occurred prior to, during, and after the recorded life of the Master Jesus that these have become an archetypal manifestation in the world today, and yesterday, and will be tomorrow-whether you like it or not. Whether it suits your intellectual predisposition's or not, it is so and will remain so. For man's becoming God-or God's becoming man, more accurately-is no petty, commonplace event in the history of man's evolution.

You are not yet ready to understand the full significance of what might be given in relationship to that topic.

To the man, the prophets prophesied the coming of that one [Jesus]. Yet, they did not recognize Him when He appeared, for they expected and sought one who would be strong with the sword, someone that would smite the enemy and would liberate, as men judge liberation.

Therefore, this, too, is symbolic in the archetypical pattern of man's misjudging spiritual values for material values, and vice versa. Look where the Light is, not where the Earth is, saving to know that His Light may also be found within the Earth.

Also, the prophets prophesied the reappearance of that one. His 'angel' [radiant form] is to appear among men, for the angel often precedes the appearance physically of such a being. The angel, thus, from the standpoint of three-dimensional consciousness, is that left behind, at the higher planes, a trail of glory. But from the highest region, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Jesus, an incarnation of the Word, permeate all regions and thus inhabit those regions as well.

From the temporal viewpoint, therefore, these are as trails of glory, these apparitions that are seen (as explained in the earlier reading). 'Left behind', they are manifesting in cooperation with the angelic realms and beings from other regions as well. Yet, the 'angel' forms of Mary and Jesus are animated by the Universal Essence. Do not let your illusory interpretations in mind stand in the way.

Therefore, they foreshadow, in a sense, the reappearance, physically in the Earth, of some of those who have not been seen in nigh two thousand years. In these times, many will reappear in the Earth. Some of the great ones of old have and are to appear through the channels of birth; but others, who have reached the highest level of perfection, will, as recorded, appear as one not born of woman.

At the present time, the physical solar system heads in space at a great rate toward a mass of cosmic energy and particles which, in the not-distant future, will collide with the sun and planets and energize the ionosphere of planets and the atmosphere, and will energize the photosphere of the sun-unless it is averted.

Hear now the meaning and the actuality of that which may come, of that which the children of Garabandal feared and which caused them to fall in terror and in screams. Hear now that which is of such significance that the prophets more than two thousand years in the past spoke together of it.

Without the early event mentioned and described in Creation-the cosmic-solar event of the birth of Venus-man would not be where he is today, for the physical form would not be so evolved. Now, another cosmic-solar event is about to occur. If man approaches this properly, the evolution brought about by it will be smooth, and many deaths and sufferings will be averted; for the activity of the angelic realms and those who serve them from outside the Earth, would cause the change of conditions that this may be averted, but not unless the consciousness of those beings animate in the solar system and in the Earth, changes, for the Earth must change in its consciousness.

You each must repent of materialistic ways, and according to your own concept of God and religion, must devote yourself fully and diligently to it, praising the Lord daily. You must go into your own closet of consciousness and meet the Lord and receive His Holy Spirit, at whatever level you know it. Diligently live the finest and highest example that you know, according to your guidance and direction. These things must be done if this is to be averted.

If what is to be averted? The activity of cosmic 'dust' and cosmic rays encountering the sun and planetary body of the Earth would cause a chemical reaction in the ionosphere. The reaction of the sun itself would cause a great enhancement and increase of solar winds, of atomic hydrogen moving through space, and of other isotopic substances carried by magnetic fields to the Earth and other planets, encountering and affecting even the atmosphere.

This was prophesied in Fatima, in the sphere of the Earth being suspended-by Love-away from 'falling into' the star or sun. Thus, it was prophesied, symbolically, that only by turning to the Love and devotion which she emblematizes in the archetypical significance of Her presence, would discernment, through the willingness of Love, prevent the Earth’s falling into the drastic catastrophe and, in a sense, chastisement that may come about through this cosmic-solar event.

Then will begin the three days of darkness, fulfilling the [Biblical prophecy that, "The sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give forth her light." That was symbolized in the cutting down of the light of what appeared to be the sun at Fatima; and the three days were symbolically prophesied by the three times of spinning upon its axis.

The spinning symbolizes the drunkenness and chaos by which men shall respond to the darkness of the sun and to the energies that it emits. The strange colors there at Fatima symbolize the strange energies and rays which the sun shall effect upon the Earth, the colors and fires which shall come even in the skies and from the clouds.

Then, there shall be the final burst of energy in that event; and then it shall begin to let off. Those who survive shall have fallen upon their knees in repentance.

Many shall have died of failure of heart or by the conditions availed by the cosmic-solar event.

Those who would survive such will be aided by those who would come from outside the Earth, and those of the White Brotherhood, and those of the angelic realms. It will be important in those periods that they would aid, for there will be the disposal of the bodies of from one-third to two thirds of the Earth's population.

What is more, those that survive shall have been changed, even though they remain within their houses, where they must pray and meditate all during this event if they are to find the emotional strength not to go mad or to die of a signal through the autonomic system that wooed literally kill the body physically. They are, then, to meditate and pray and do as indicated that they may survive if this comes about; but they will forever be changed as bodies.

Even the genetic pattern in many of these will be changed. A new race of man shall have begun. The evolution of man shall have been enhanced. The offspring shall change in their appearance. Strange shall be their eyes, and a new tendency for a different coloration of eye, varying from the normal eye coloration's as known [at the present time]. There shall be a reshaping, to some extent, of the basic proportions of the body and of the cranium.

This is the new root race of man, preparing for the reappearance of repentant souls, purged by those things which they have seen. Thereby, entities may come and incarnate again (when bodies are made ready), and worship the Lord in body, thus in Spirit, thus in truth. Thus, they will grow to understand the true meaning of the archetypical significance of the Immaculate Conception and of the Word becoming flesh, through the lmmaculate Conception, and dwelling among men.

Then, shall there begin that period of peace and resurrection of consciousness toward Godliness among men. Then shall His light again be seen within the skies of all men. Then, toward the turn of the century, shall He appear, as one not born, yet in flesh, to walk and dwell among men. Time is very short. It is of no benefit to say at this time that the events described and symbolically warned of in Fatima, literally warned of at Garabandal, and warned of in the vision of Padre Pio, will be averted; and yet there is always hope. While we cannot say that it will be averted, we can say that there is always hope-if men turn to the source of hope, which is God.

This is why it is so necessary in this time that men cease the striving for material satisfactions and lovingly do their duty in the world without grumbling. Love God most, whereby the burden of work and human affairs is lightened, as Jesus gave that it would be when He said, "Take on My yoke, for the burden becomes easy thereby."

Some of you will say, "But what of the forces of Satan?"

Do you not know that Satan is mind? Mind is of the nature

of delusion and duality, excepting that it takes on the perfect pattern of the lmmaculate Conception: to respond perfectly to Spirit by and through devotion, allowing the Holy Spirit to lift it to a level of purity where it is not falsely identified with body. Then, it is up to you to have the will to respond. There is no hope otherwise.

Mind is Satan. Mind is duality. The devil has been referred to by the number two (or deux, or such) in various languages. That is because it is of duality, the devil, Satan is mind itself, for it is that which gives you false identity with body.

Jesus, as recorded accurately in the Gospel of Thomas, said: "I tell you, this heaven and the one above it shall pass away." Ask yourselves, "How [under what condition or where] did He speak this?" He spoke it to those of His disciples who meditated by the means that He gave them, who went out of their physical bodies with Him and visited the heavens with Him; and He said that the heaven which they visited would pass away and the one above it would pass away.

"You must seek beyond these temporal heavens," He is saying. Yet, it is out of the highest of those mental 'regions' that comes the hope; but from beyond it, emanates the Word that is the motive force of that hope.

Please, therefore, devote yourself. Pray that your mind and intellect will come to understand the meaning of devotion to the lmmaculate Heart of that appearing as the angel of the Mother of Jesus, of Mary. That is, archetypicaliy, the hope of the world, for unless mind is quickened by Spirit, even body shall perish.

The last victory that shall be overcome is death; and that shall be overcome if such as mentioned is fulfilled. If you understand the mystery of that which has been given here, you will understand the mystery of the 'second death' spoken of in the Book of the Revelation.

There is the choice of Love or the choice of hatred, materiality, and selfishness. The one brings suffering, temporary happiness which falls into suffering, delusion, and agony. Pray, therefore, that you may know the face of God, the Word, and devote yourself to the ideal emblematized in the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of Jesus, as explained here. Remember, that only in such turning is there salvation.

Pray, therefore, so that the "night when no man can sleep" need not come. Do not pray for that, but pray for spirituality [that transports you] away from your own materialism and hatred. Know that, as a result of that praying and meditation and devotion, personal transformation can come to you, but that still the physical 'chastisement' could come to the world. The hour is not too late, but we cannot promise that it will be averted at all, for it is nigh.

This is the end of an age and the beginning of a new one.

Turn, therefore, unto devotion and love, and surely goodness and mercy shall follow you unto the latter days of the age. Otherwise, there is suffering and death and men's hearts failing them for fear of those things that shall be seen. This is not the wrath of God, saving that it is Love's severity. Pray that you may understand the meaning and message, for its essence is Love.

Day by day praise the Lord in action and in thought, but know that the strength may not be found to do so unless you go within your own closet. By devotion, still your mind on the 'eye that is single', as Jesus pointed out - the third eye center between the two eyes and back near the junction of the optic nerves.

Devote yourself as best you know how, withdrawing your attention from the body to the 'eye that is single'. Call upon the Supreme Lord of Life, saying, "I perish, Lord. Let me see Thy Light. Let me know Thy Love. Let me be Thy Will and do it."

We are through for the time.

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