The Three Letters of Fatima

Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 15:09:33 +0200

The third message of Fatima is part of the six revelations to the three
Portuguese children in 1917.  Sr. Lucia dos Santos wrote it down in 1943 and
sent to Pope Pius XII (1942-1958).  This letter to the Pope contained also a
handwritten note of Lucia, that the content of this message will only be
understood 1960 and that it should then be made known to the public,
"because the Madonna wishes so".  Pius XII seems to have read the note but
not the revealed message.  Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) read it and also all
subsequent Popes.  It has been published under John XXIII in 1962 in the
Vatican daily Newspaper "Osservatore Romano", though not telling
the readers that they were reading a message from Fatima
.  It seems that Vatican diplomates have the message made known to the politicians committed to solve the "Cuba crisis" in 1962, and to John F. Kennedy and Nikita S. Chrushtchov before they signed their treaty about nuclear weapons. Pope John XXIII refused to publish it, and so did all other Popes.  In 1988 a medium received the content of the third message from the spirit world and published it.  It is printed in the book "Revelations and Messages of Mary, the Mother of God", edited by Dr. Gottfried Hierzenberger (former r. c. priest) and Otto Nedomansky (German title:  Erscheinungen und Botschaften der Gottesmutter Maria, Pattloch Editions, Augsburg 1993), pp. 264-265, where is said that the words are the same than the ones of the 1962 article in the "Osservatore Romano", with a few insignificant modifications. I found the text very interesting.  It is written in apocalyptic language, and apocalyptic language is symbolic language.  People who don't know that it's symbolic and take it literal, can certainly become afraid.  It predicts tremendous catastrophes and terrible chastisement over all the world and alle people.  Excerpts translated from German:     "Fire and smoke will fall from heaven and bring darkness everywhere.     The waters of the sea will become so hot, that it will vaporize and rise     to the sky.  Everything still upright shall be torn down, and many     millions will die from one hour to the next.  . . .  Manking in its ignorance     has given victory to spiritual death, and the knights of Satan exalted it.     Satan will then be the only ruler of the world.     But all those surviving in their physical bodies will call to God, and God     will bless them and guide them into another condition, a condition like it     was in the time on earth when the people and the world were not yet corrupt.     . . ." For me, this clearly predicts the Blessing and the forgiveness of original sin through our True Parents' ministry. I was told that in the late 1980's at Medjugorje (Bosnia) an even more clear revelation was given about True Parents to Vicka, the oldest visionary. The spirit world is active . . . Martin. Datum: Freitag, 03. September 1999 19:47 Betreff: Re: [UE] The Three Letters of Fatima Hi, Paul, On Sept.2, 1999 You wrote: "Also- this looks to me like preparation for the pope to repent publicly about a much bigger sin, failure to receive and attend the Lord of the Second Advent, something that Spirit World knows happened, and undoubtably Pope John Paul has some awareness of. At least a few sources have stated that he knows the contents of the Third letter of Fatima, but has not revealed it to the World, although asked to by Mary". I have heard various statements about the contents of the 3rd letter given to the children of Fatima who were visited by Mary.  Paul, do you have an accurate knowledge of the message or is it only rumor? What are the sources you mentioned? Has True Father ever commented on the appearance at Fatima or the letters? I would welcome any information that can be provided by anyone on this list. Thank you, Paul and everyone! ITL, Karen Stephen and Karen Taylor Sydney, Australia