Introduction to Other Spiritual & Prophetical texts.

A comparison:

Newton and Einstein did not invent the law of gravity or the theory of relativity, they revealed and discovered these physical laws.

In the same way an absolutely sinless man (3:d Adam) can reveal and discover the spiritual laws which govern all human life and the struggle between good and evil.

When Jesus as this sinless 2:nd Adam walked on the earth, 2000 years ago, there was no one who saw him as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies about the expected Messiah coming to Israel, except the three wise men and handful of disciples who finally even deserted him at the time of crucifixion.

First long thereafter (70-110 AD), when Rome had concurred and destroyed Jerusalem, the 4 evangelists was inspired to interpret what Jesus did and said, in the light of Old Testament prophecies.

Now in our time, after 2000 years, we are again standing in, this time global, Messianic expectations.

Traditionally Christians are eagerly waiting for the return of Jesus on the skies.

We in the Unification Movement are convinced that the prophecies in the New Testaments about the return of the Lord, have already been fulfilled and are being fulfilled through the holy wedding and teaching of Sun Myung Moon and his holy wife Hak Ja Han, as the True Parents from Korea.

To proof that the revelation called "The Divine Principle", which Sun Myung Moon received between 1935-44, are not merely human thoughts, but a "universal divine truth", with its roots in the Creator, our Father God, we have put together these prophetical texts.

They stand completely separate from each other and are almost all without any connection to our movement.

All confirm some parts of the Divine Principle.

Universal spiritual truth is not limited to one single person, but as God says; "...I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh..." Acts 2:17

Many people has received this outpouring of spirit in our century, and felt the inspiration to describe something, consciously or unconsciously about our time being the Apocalyptic time.

Ingmar Bergmans film "The Seventh Seal" and the film Apocalypse Now about the Vietnam war, are two of many examples.

The Knight playing Chess with Death over human life
in Bergmans film The Seventh Seal. 1957

We can also see many proof of outpouring of spirit over the world in another way, both from God and satan.

Many of the "leaders" of the world have felt the inspiration to write a book about how an "ideal (?)" society can be built (although never understanding the spiritual laws), and that an ideal society can only be built when the original sin is totally removed, that only the Principle explains.

As we learn from the Principle, satan always tries first to establish his false ideology.

False prophetical texts

1.Marx "Manifest"

2.Hitlers "Mein Kampf"

They all describe how an earthly "Paradise" can be created, but without God as it's centre.

In contrast to the disciples of Jesus, who "only" had the word and deeds of the living Jesus as a reference, we in our time (1998), through these independent prophetical texts, have the great privilege to confirm the messianic claims, which the on earth living Christ makes through His revelation The Divine Principle.

A great credit goes to all those helpful hands, around the globe,
who made this information possible to gather in one place:

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