When I was 15 (1971) I dreamed that I was in a prison camp in North

Vietnam with a slender oriental minister. Bombs began falling on the

prison breaking down the walls.

This minister looked at me and said, "You must go to America to prepare

the way. . . "

I flew like superman over the ocean. Just as I saw the coast of

California on the horizon, I woke up. In 1971, Vietnam was just like

Korea in the 50's: divided communist north & democratic south during a

civil war.


At the time I was an agnostic hippie in an "alternative" high school near

Berkely, involved in anti-war activities. Since then I have wondered if

I was witnessed to by someone in spirit who was with Sun Myung Moon in Hung Nam, and died there. (??)


Curtis Martin


On Wed, 18 Mar 1998 22:55:41 EST Sunstreet <Sunstreet@AOL.COM> writes:

>I saw His (Reverend Moon) face in a vision weeks before I met the

>church and before I had ever heard of the man. When I first joined I had no idea

>what he looked like, then about a week later I was shown a picture of him and

>recognized him as the man in my vision who was shown to me as the

>encapsulation of all mankind, Adam.


>It is very interesting how much that young Buddhist boy who is thought to be

>the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama looks like Sun Myung Moon! He was

>chosen because of the dreams people had about him.