Jesus over Korea

On a bombing raid to North Korea during the Korean War, one of the American B-29 bomber pilots saw a dazzling white light in the sky.

Even though the pilot could see no details in the brightness, he took a photograph.

Jesus Christ has appeared at significant times throughout the 2000 years of Christianity.

Ref: Testimony from Hyun Sil Kang, early disciple from the 50's

"He began teaching her about the "Last Days of the World" and the "Second Advent of the Messiah." He explained that the Messiah would not come on the clouds as she had been taught; but he would come as a physical man to their own Korea."
As he spoke, Mrs. Kang thought to herself, "Well, that would certainly be nice, but the things he says are impossible."
"He told her that in 1950 Jesus had appeared in the skies of North Korea, and during the Korean War an airline pilot saw Jesus very clearly in the sky. The South Korean newspapers even printed articles about it."

Prologue: Comment from Jesus 27 May 2003

Christians looked up at the sky for Jesus to come on the cloud. At that time, I wanted to show them the Messiah is coming by showing myself, that by their seeing me, they would know that the Messiah is coming. But that was a mistake to think that. They didn't receive the visions and revelations the way I wanted them to. They thought the Messiah would come spiritually or through my ownself as I have shown through the revelations, through visions. If I hadn't show myself, instead if I had shown True Parents, they may not have betrayed True Parents. I feel so regretful.