From: Bengt dePaulis
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Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 12:11:17 GMT

  Thank you RKHendricks for your comments.

I will add them to our webpages about Pope John the 23rd.
(if you don't mind)
Please read the Popes providential messages from the 60's:

I never thought of him in connection with president John F Kennedy.
But it all makes sence. Since he was a very popular key person, not only in
the US, but all over the world.
And he was the key providential person to reform the Vatican church through the Vatican II Councile.

And 1960 was the very year of the fulfillment of Marriage of the Lamb!

Still here in Sweden people know exactly what they were doing on the days
the Kennedy-shot fell.
I know I was in school.
My mother was totally shocked, telling me when I came home!
And this was your president, not ours.

Now the question I want to raise: was John John ever witnessed to?

How could he otherwice loose his protection?

It is importent to be specific, with this very serious claims,
and statements.

Compare with the Elvis Presley story:

ITN /Bengt

   From: RKHendricks
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Subject: [UE] John John
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 07:58:05 -0400

I'm going to throw this out and see where it flies.

Why was JFK, Jr. nicknamed, John John?

I heard this:  Providentially President John Kennedy (a
Catholic) was in the  position of the external John the Baptist,
which put Pope John the 23rd in the position of internal John
the Baptist.  They were somehow supposed to unite with TP.
This did not happen.  So, like the original John the Baptist
at the time of Christ, JFK lost spiritual protection and was
killed.  However, the providence goes in cycles.  Therefore,
new responsibility fell upon JFK, Jr.  From a certain providential
view, he was placed in the position of both JFK and Pope John
the 23rd. Therefore, he received the name John John, representing
both of these providential figures.  Again, providentially, in order
to remain protected, he too was supposed to meet TP.  That apparently
did not happen, and protection was lost.  Consequently, his early
demise at age 38.

Any other views on this?

ITPN, rkh
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