Spiritual Messages from the Prophet Mohammed



These messages were received by two Nigerian members,

a brother and a sister (names withheld), around the time

of the great wave of revelations given through the Niger-

ian family last year (see Today's World, Nov. '86).

At different times Mohammed addresses his words

(or refers) to the person he is speaking through, to the

Nigerian church members, to the Muslims in Nigeria,

or to Muslims throughout the world.

These passages are minimally edited excerpts.




August 10, 1986


My name is Mohammed. Allah is my witness that I left a clear prophecy about the return of Isa bn Maryam [the Christ]. I tried to meet the leaders of Mecca, but they always doubted, feeling that they were being deceived by Satan. It even became a matter of mockery among them.


I know they don't have strong faith about what I left concerning the return of the son of Maryam. They have been carried away by satan through theologians. Isa is coming with something new. I did not say there is no revelation after me. Why did I say that Isa will eat pork? Why did I say that you will be released out of prayer? Why did I say that he will unify the religions centered on God through submission? I did not say there is no revelation after me! Tell them that they are lying! Allah's will must be done on earth.

I leave you with peace, but please convey my message to the Muslim world. I am ready to speak to any of them who needs me now.



August 20


I'm sorry to wake you up at this time, but you are my object, so please bear with me.

I want to say that I made your mission easier to carry because I appeared to some of the people I asked you to meet and informed them of your mission to them, so please carry it out. I want you to meet a certain Saudi representative here and tell him that they are all failing me. Yet I love them so much. I still have hope in them because they are dealing with the central nation, and once that nation is restored, I said they must follow America or they will lose glory in the sight of the Muslim world to come. Now you are a Muslim by name but a Moonie in the spirit world.

You failed me by hiding some of my revelation to you. You are supposed to tell them all my instructions. They are not for you alone but for everybody! Why should you be so selfish? You want to communicate with me, but you don't want others to do that. Then who can believe you? I am always eager to meet those interested in me. Find my instructions and tell them again that they must have Moon as their center of worship, that they must pray in Moon's name.

I still want you to fast again because you did not pay for failing me. Tell them that Moon is the only one to give them in marriage. I left a message in the Quran about this holy marriage.

Go out and do God's Will like Heung Jin Nim and my disciple. Remember you told him that you want to be a sacrifice for this nation. Therefore, you must go and meet these people and offer yourself as a sacrifice to them. If they martyr you, then this nation will be completely saved, and if they do not, then you are saved and the nation will also be saved.

Stop thinking of getting blessed first. What about Heung Jin Nim and Jesus? Were they married when they were alive? History will prove you right, and your bride will one day accept your mission. So go out, and do.



August 25


I know that many leaders will not believe you, but will you also disbelieve me like them? I trust you and I have faith in you and your ability to carry this mission for me. You were not supposed to carry this mission for me, but because they failed me I picked you, and they must follow you or fail completely.

Please, I want you to proclaim to the Islamic world that I came as a forerunner to prepare my people to accept Isa bn Maryam on his second coming, that I fulfilled my mission by bringing them into light. Out of God's mercy He chose me to serve as a forerunner to the person who can conquer and carry Isa's mission. I am grateful to Aboubakar and Omar who spread the Islamic faith to all the Arab world.

Tell them that the Quran is not actually complete. Tell them that I failed God woefully by marrying many wives that are not legally mine. Tell them that I am not coming back. Tell them that we the prophets are of the same mother, that our religion is one, and that there is no difference between my followers and the Jews and the Christians. I taught them the pure doctrine of unity with those religions sent before Islam. Tell them to stop shedding God's servants' blood for nothing but tribal purposes. Ask them whether they know the grief they are causing God. Tell them it is now time for the real Messiah on earth, so they must follow him. Tell them to follow Moon for their as well as our benefit.


Stop asking questions, but follow Brother Moon; then you can find happiness and the solution to your problems. I have so much trust in you; therefore, you must lead a life of Principle throughout your life. If anybody tries to separate you from leading a life of Principle, migrate to another section and establish a life of Principle there. God's earth is like a carpet, so go out and deliver yourself to them, either for martyrdom or victory.


You will see me if conditions permit, but I must tell you that I am closer to you than your regular vein. You must always remember me hen praying before Brother Moon so that we can attain the same level as him.



September 29


The people I mentioned to you on the tenth of August should all unite together. They have collective responsibility to restore this country to God through Brother Moon. Go tell them that the Prophet Mohammed has given them a warning. They must restore this country for God. This country is a chosen nation. They must do it now. They must not let Satan destroy this country. They must not fail their mission. If they do, they must pay with their own blood.


God chose Nigeria to unite together and lead all other African countries. Tell them that they are the bridge of unity between Christian and Muslim worlds, that they should not feel ashamed to unite with Christians. Through their effort, the entire Christian world will unite with the Muslim world. If they fail, it is not me that they fail, but God; and they will pay for it by their own blood.





It is surprising that you still cling to your dead natures. How can we make you understand us? You prefer evil life to the one chosen for you. How can God work with you? You all long to see God working with you, but faithlessness covers your heart! You disbelieved Heung Jin Nim - you threw away his commandment. You promised to change and work actively three times harder! Can't you do what you promised him? Not only did you fail Heung Jin Nim, but you went to the extent of disbelieving the revelation. [A sister] disbelieved that God's feminine nature spoke through her! Many of your brothers doubted us and finally you doubted my revelation to you. I asked you to fast. You refused to fast. Instead of once you must pay with two more!!


I am lenient with you, but you are making me take total control over you! God will never work with the faithless, neither can good go with evil. You must get rid of your faithlessness! Nothing comes from nothing. Do you think you can create God's world here without paying indemnities?


Muslims paying homage at the Kaaba, the holy shrine in Mecca.


Many of you don't know that satan is a reality, as God is. You don't even believe God is a reality! Therefore you cannot perceive him because He is not in you, neither you in Him. To make you a leader over satan, you must do what satan cannot do. Brother Moon did not build this temple overnight, but we are all proud of him because he was able to do what we could not do. He stood in our position and felt the pain of our failure and carried our mission. Praise him who conquered for us and for the world.


November 4


You have an important mission to carry. I know how you feel, but which do you prefer -God or your personal desire and view?


Please your Lord. Even Moon longs to see that day when they are happy, the day you do not fail him. Moon is fully aware of your presence among his community, but you must bring more brothers. You must try with all your might to bring them to Moon.


I am happy with you. You are like a light in my eyes, because you believed and you are working for me. Brother Moon Will be happy to see you whenever you meet him. Step by step we will help you to overcome and we promise you spiritual protection.


O Hijaz!*( area of Saudi Arabia surrounding the city of Mecca.) What are you waiting for? Do you seek to hear a trumpet blowing? Or do you want to meet the Lord unprepared? Hasten to his call; let yourselves not be among the losers of this blessing. O America! What are you waiting for? Were it not for the Lord's presence, you would have been destroyed!


A passage from the Quran.


O New Jerusalem! What are you waiting for? You don't know your time of visitation, like your elder. It would have been better for you not to exist than to f ail your Lord. Harken, O mankind, to his call if you believe.



November 15


Many have gone into the world in my name to destroy me, and many destroyed me in their effort to correct me and reform Islam. The thirsty in knowledge are the wisest of all; therefore, go you into the world and seek knowledge. But the knowledge of your Lord is the best.


Today I have come to seal off my message and my witness to them till the time is ripe for them to receive more. But you must struggle to fulfill and convey these messages to them. He who accepts, it is for his own benefit. I am happy with the thirsty in spirit-they make me happy. I was supposed to air my message from Medina but because they failed me, I have to look at another chosen nation of God.


You Muslim brothers must bow down to Brother Moon in prayer. Use whatever Islamic move to win their hearts for him. What does your prayer mean to God when you are impure and deny God His right over you? You are the greatest mosque that God built for Himself to dwell in, but you denied Him His right over you. How selfish and ungrateful is man to his Creator! Brother Moon has come to recreate mankind for God, but alas, you do not know who he is! How blind you are! I thought you would be the first to recognize him and elevate my spirit. Alas!


You f ailed me, O Muslim community! How dare you challenge me? How dare you disbelieve me? Do you know me more than I know myself, or do you know my message more than I know it myself? In the Quran I used many words - Rabba or Rabbi - instead of Isa, hoping that you would understand them to mean Isa, but you turned everything upside down and literally explained them to mean God. Now I regret ever using such words in order to win your heart. I want you to examine the words Rabba and Rabbi in the Quran. Do they signify God at all?


I again want you to know that I will come to you at any time if the need arises. I must go now and unite with my brothers who are actively working to unite all religious leaders and followers together for an easy and smooth resurrection process


Use the wisdom given to you and unite Muslims and Christians. This is your task, and you must do this even at the cost of your life.



Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was born in

A.D. 570 in Mecca, Arabia, at a time when the

Arabs were idol worshipers. He began to lead

a contemplative life in the desert and received

a series of revelations about the existence of

one God (Allah) and the brotherhood of men.

This became the Quran, the holy scripture of

Islam. Thereafter Mohammed devoted himself

to the reform of religion and society.

Although doctrinal disagreements split Islam

into several divisions, Mohammed's followers

succeeded in uniting the Arab world. Today

Islam is spread widely throughout Africa and

Asia. Muslims consider Mohammed to be the

last prophet of Allah.




From Todays World March 1987