The Secrets of Nostradamus Revealed Article in Moskovskiy Komsomolets, March 10, 1998

By Alexei Goreslavskiy Translated by W. Stoertz

About the research of Dmitri and Nadezhda Zima into Nostradamus' "Centuries"   Dmitri and Nadezhda Zima were able to find a simple and understandable key to the prophecies and decipher the encoded chain of predictions by Nostradamus.


..... The war will begin from a certain adulterer, who tries to conceal his sins by means of a military operation.   "Blood is shed to put aside the sins of a young man."   Because of that he comes to the Mid-Rivers (modern day Iraq).   "The hatchet of the adulterous sin." "His dignity is blinded by lust."

"He comes, vile, dangerous, dishonest, and will tyrannize the Mid-Rivers [Iraq], exchanging everything for a woman-adulterer." "Because of his women he betrays people to Black Death." "There was never such an ordinary, mean creature."  

Now in America the affair of Clinton is called "Zippergate", and this is what Nostradamus says about that:   "Womens' dishonor is coming from the ruling prince: A dubious nickname coming from the pants will be his last one, "Soon the ruler, a native deceiver, brings a great evil upon his nation."


A few years pass before the war becomes global. From the beginning, some other countries suffer which are not involved in the conflict, greatly increasing the world-wide tension. The relationship between Russia and America also worsens.   "The long dormant hatred awakens."


Even in America itself there is a wave of protests. Furthermore, like during Vietnam, in order to neutralize the dissatisfaction of its citizens, the USA has to prolong the war hysteria, and this means they need to find a new enemy. Easiest of all is to find such an enemy among other Arabic countries or in Russia.


"Dreadful war is prepared in the West. Next year a plague is coming." "After the victory of one unruly field, new games will begin with long poles." "Running with flames, lances strike down from heaven; "The next conflict is between two crows."


We cannot exclude the possibility that "two crows" means the symbols for two heads of state -- the two-headed Russian eagle and the American eagle. The meaning of "long poles" and "lances striking down from heaven" can be like nothing else but modern-day rockets, and possibly with nuclear warheads. Otherwise it is impossible to interpret Nostradamus' description of:


"Lances strike across the sea" and "What a deadly spear!"   Something is similar to the fact that the United Nations workers are unsuccessfully trying to check the Iraqi factories for the production of chemical and biological weapons. Nostradamus speaks directly about this danger:


"From a subjugated place they produce gas and plague; "The times are changing. It is evening. Death from the Big Third."


Here it is speaking about the release of an infection from the subdued cities of Iraq. But there are even clearer quatrains:


"Infectious pots are set out on the plain. Wine, honey and butter, and all things made on a stove. Without any harsh words evildoers will be immersed. Seven clouds of smoke come from cannon salvos."


Here Nostradamus is talking about artificially prepared diseases and even of their dispersal by means of cannons. It is most interesting that the second verse even indicates that the military poison gas will be prepared in the same pots which are supposed to be used for preparing food products. As a confirmation of this, the news has already emerged that Saddam Hussein is in fact using vats for the fermentation of beer for producing chemical and bacteriological weapons. Nostradamus describes these weapons as:


"Flakes of snow bigger than the white ones."   Also he talks about:   "Death from a stomach illness."


Judging from the text of Nostradamus, the first wave of the epidemic or poisonous gas will be contained, but after a certain period of time the plague breaks out with renewed strength, and the consequences will manifest not only in Asia and Africa but also in Europe and even in America. Dmitri and Nadezhda Zima figure that Nostradamus could see even further. The worst unpleasant eventualities, although unlikely, in the words of the prophet, is that:


"The earth will become almost uninhabitable and peace will reign upon it for a long time."   But at the same time he writes:   "The worst will be prevented, and it is unlikely that there will be new outbreaks."   Moreover, the French predictor sees the advent of a new era and even describes it:   "Almost like a new Golden Age."


Nostradamus places the peak of the Third World War in 2002. The salvation of the world, according to the words of Nostradamus, will come about because of the appearance of a new religion. This will be:


"The sect of philosophers, despising death, honor, and riches."   In other words, it is speaking about a religion not just of love, but of reason too. This will be such a teaching which combines modern science and a certain understanding of God. And very likely this movement will flourish most greatly in Russia. In connection with this, the new era will begin right here. However, before this, we still have to go through many difficulties. For example, in the immediate future a sharp change in the political scene threatens Russia. There is a note in Nostradamus about the dissatisfaction of the army and its role in a possible coup. The reason given is very ordinary:


"They couldn't find money for the soldiers."


Of course, such an overthrow is avoidable; it is sufficient merely for the government to change its policy. In all likelihood, already by the middle of 1999, the leadership in Russia will be completely unrecognizable. New people will come, who will bring victory   "Not by power of steel or war", but "By gentle words in the Council."


But in Russia, as is well known, nothing good lasts long, and already by 2002 a certain leader of that movement will most likely be assassinated, and this may cause an enormous heightening of the conflict, and   "Appalling extermination of people and animals."


Because of that, Nostradamus says, after a few years, after which it will be necessary to learn to live in a new way, many people will manage to deny such human emotions as the desire for revenge.  

Of course, it is difficult to believe that a secret locked for 500 years has finally been disclosed. The theory of Dmitri and Nadezhda Zima has already been tested tens and hundreds of times by various researchers. But even the great prophet himself determined in his texts who would be the first person to correctly read his quatrains. Nostradamus predicted, in coded form naturally, that the secret key, concealed by him in his "Message to Henri", would be opened in October 1997. In fact, this was done by Dmitri Zima in October last year. But the strangest thing is that Nostradamus predicted and the author deciphered:


"This person is born in the year 1966."


There is too much concordance in these details, not to believe the theory of Dmitri and Nadezhda Zima. Soon their book "Deciphering Nostradamus" will come out in print, in which all the details of his theory are explained. It is hoped that this theory will be the last and final one, in spite of its not-so-wonderful implications for our planet.


Article by Alexei Goreslavskiy, "Secrets of Nostradamus Revealed", Moskovskiy Komsomolets, March 10, 1998, translated by W. Stoertz

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