MAY "20-21, 1962"

Rev. Lusardi (if I recall the spelling correctly) was a spiritual medium
living in the SF Bay area.

He was young enough at the time to still be living today.

He was the one who received the message from the Apostle Paul.

The message(s) were circulated and read in the US movement (Dr. Kim's branch) in the late 60s and early 70s.

I remember feeling at the time that they had the ring of truth to them.

/Dan Fefferman

Part I

Brethren, allow me the privilege of communicating with you about things to come.
Oh how I wich this could be reproduced in other languages, besides the one I am using now.

Praise be unto Our Father, the God of creation and the majestic spirit of Jesus Christ: and His Agent, The Lord of the New Creation and the Completed Age of Restoration.

Our Father's heart bleeds for you, my children, when He sees how perverted the Gospel of His dear Son Jesus has been presented to this dying generation of blind and weak-minded individuals. How great is Our Father's long suffering ard patience with the minds and hearts of His creation.

How satan has used his ungodly influence -through his perverted agents to delude the minds of men.

This is the dawning of a New Age and how happy it makes the Fathars heart to see it come to earth.

Part II

Spirit world is going through great changes thet will cause great changes spiritually and great divisions amongst the souls at man. Conditions hava been established where men have to decide for themselves whether it is going to be the Blessed Lord they serve or the satanic evil spirits, as they have done in the past.

Woe be unto this perverse generation if it is for satan they stand. For this is the Day of God's vengeance ageinst the wiles of satan.

God, Our Father,is avenging Himself and drawing to Himself pure men and women to be His adopted Daughters and Sons.

Truly, this new Generation of Restoration hae been going on for over two years since the Marriage Feast of the Lamb took place in 1960.

God knows. in His all loving heart, that His goodnees shall overcome all evil and this world, once again, shall be His, as it should be and the Prince of the Powers of Darkness, satan himself, shall be no more.

Part III

How man's ignorance has perverted my Epistles into a nothingness beyond comprehension. I shall have to do a great work in establishing again the foundation I should have laid on earth. I confess to you, Children of the Cosmic Day, that my work on earth was a poor one, and great is the restitution I must make in order to restore my dignity in the Kingdom of God.

Children shall find their Father in due season and His Word shall prevail this in the Dispensation of Restoration.
The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit using the Lord of God's New Creation, the Mighty Angel of the East, the Judge of all the world, as their vehicle of expression, ara bringing to the earth plane the Spiritual Heaven and Earth. (That The Father in Heaven intended in His original plan of creation).

Those of you who say: "Yes I believe, yes I believe" try yourselves, test yourselves, know what it is you are saying.

Do you really realize that the Day in which You live in, is the Day of Creation of a New Heaven and a New Earth? Have you realized, as all the old and new testament spirite in the spirit world have realized, that TODAY is the day of Salvation? Today the worde of my prophesy of two thousand years ago has come to pass. The voice of the Archangel and the sound of the Trumpet is being heard and the Lord Jesus, Himself , has come to finish all that He has left undone, not in the fleshly body of two thousand years ago, but through the agency of another Son of God and Fellow Servant, Lord and Master of This Age, The Lord of the New Creation. Behold! again other words of my prophesy of two thousand years ago have come to pass. Behold, you are all new creatures in Christ Jesus.

Part IV

This is The Day that Jesus spoke of when He said: 'That Day neither you, nor I, nor the angels know, but The Father only." This is the day the true wor- shipper worehips The Father in spirit and in truth, for The Father desires theh to worship Him.

Today, Brethren, the temple is The Lord and He in His office as the Lamb of the Univeresal Altar is the Light of The Temple.

The Lord of this New Creation has paid a painful price for the opportunity to serve mankind in this capacity! He has spiritually bled internally and cried bitter tears for you and the spirit world. The spirit world owes Him a debt of grattitude; I am certain it will never be able to pay, though they try through eonz of eternity.

Children, hear my voice; great is the Day of Deliverance. Our Father is loving continuously for the Good of mankind.

Part V

Now for an explanation of God's Divine Providence in America, the Nation of many nations. The Father has chosen, through use of His Divine Intelligence a Bright and Shining Star to guide the American Family of richteous children to the feet of their Lord and Master. Believe me, my children, only the righteous ones will follow the Bright and Shining Star of the East and this Star was born unto you in a Far Eastern country of the Orient. He used for His Star a person, depiced by this age, because of this individuells sex. Many will look in disgust and say: "How can any individual of such nature receive anything from Jehovah God. Why do you say this, you may ask me. I will tell you why. Whenever women receive great revelations from God, they are despised more than men, because it allways has been thought that women where inferior to men.

Mary Magdaline, that sweet daughter of God, received the knowledge of the risen Jesus, but when she reported this to the Apostles Pieter, James and John, they thought that it was only female emotions and great love that made her and the othar two see Jesus and the vision at the tomb. but it was proven otherwize later.

Today women are in different position and God is using them as lamps to lighten the pathway that all may see His Divine Plan clearly.

I am revealing to you that God's Mighty Star of the East is a women sent to you in this large city of San Francisco by the Lord of this New Creation, to be

His voice to you. She is a pillar of fire by night and a cloud of smoke by day. She shall be a Mother of this generation of Americans. It is Our Father's Will that you have divine love, recpect and obedience to her. She is in your midst, she is to you what the Star of The East was to three wise men at the birth of Jesus.

Part VII

The Light which this Star brought is to be used to light your lamps with.

You have a responsibility to your Father and to your Nation. How my heart Bleeds for You and your Nation if you do not proclaim the Living Gospel of the Living Truth. Do not expect the Star of The East, your own dear Spiritual Mother, who has carried this message, from troubled water to more troubled waters, to do all the necessary work; yours is the burden, she has no responsibility to this nation.

The only responsibility she has is to see you receive the New Birth of Regeneration and assist you in your trials and tribulations, as any mother would do. She has witnessed to you of the Father's Will, now I say to you from spirit side of life to you in America, do likewise to your nation.


I do not wish to praise or single out any person, but I call to your attention the fact that there was only one Star of the East seen at the birth of Jesus. There is only one Star of the East shining in the dark and dreary continent of North America.

I dedicate my heart, soul, mind and spiritual body to the desire of this New Age of Restoration which God has established through His Divine Principles.

I, The Apostle Paul, am still a prisoner by love to the Lord Jesus Christ and a prisoner by love and mission to the Mighty Messiah of the New Age, King of God's New Creation, the Lord of the Second Advent; long may He reign in peace.


My children, it is your privilege and solemn duty to subjugate satan in your own life and remember only that which is done for our Father will stand in this Day of Judgement. If you are not attentive to your bright Star and Spiritual Mother, who came to you from God's chosen Oriental country, you are not attentive and obedient to your Lord and Master. His words ara her words, her worde are His words. Harken to them for this is the Day of Judgment. You must buy gold that has been tried by fire. You must use all of your talents for the Father's Kingdom. A love for Jesus means a love for your New Leader, The King of this New Creation, the Lord of The Second Advent. The spirit is even now falling upon all flesh. Jesus has no other Glory outside of that which he receives through the New Lord of Creation, His Divine Successor.

Part IX

You have heard me say in my Epistles all have sinnad, all fall short of the Glory of God. What does this mean? It means that through the original sin none is righteous, NOT ONE PERSON. It means that all have a common guilt, a common sin.

This sin must be gotten rid of, for it is a stench in the nostrils of God, our Divine Father.

The Jews fell away because they thought that the Old Testament was sufficient for them. Their rejection of Jesus is proff enough they were blinded to the fact that He was the fulfillment of the scriptures.

I bear witness to the fact that the Old Testament and the New Testament combined are not sufficient to live by in the New Cosmic Age we have ascended into.

To be saved, every man, woman and child must commence their mission before they leave this earth plane. And before they can do this they must find the reason for the original sin and what original sin is. Perfection and resurrection can only be achieved through work and that work must be done in the body, the spirit of Truth demands it.

Part X

In conclusion, let me say, Brethren, the world will judge and persecute you in the Day Of Judgement if you do not bear wittness to the truth. If you do bear witness I promise you divine aid from the spirit of the highest realm of spirit world. All religions have corrupted themselves. Now they, the ones who were originally chosen for the work have been denied entry as a unit and only those that trust in our Father's New Messiah will gain entry.

Light your feeble Lamps of Truth! The Spirit of God will keep them burning.

The Oil of God's Presence will be the oil in the Lamp of truth. Be a fiery torch for God in these last treacherous and cunnin days.

With love I pray for you and with you. Love the ones whom the Lord has set in authority over you, and keep the faith that has been delivered unto you. I will communicate with you again in many ways. Be aware of the times. Trust in the Father's mighty will.

I write this in the name of The Lord