Universal Link in Denmark

Background by Erika Gubser, early missionary to Denmark.

(through a letter to the translator)


It was in a very spiritual way that we met Knud Weiking on.

"The New Life Singers" (a group of members from different countries) and I was on the way to old people's home. We stopped at Knuds house to ask the way!
Can you imagine this! He told us about his work with Universal Link, and sent me later the following texts.



This was confirmed on 10 March in an almost dramatic way by what later happened; just as I was ready to read a letter and a press release with Anthonys (A. Brooke) prediction that Sun Myung Moon's name shall be known throughout the world - at that very moment Sun Myung Moon visited us here, by with a high, clear voice, through Kathleens mouth say "I am Sun Moon".

I wrote directly to Anthony and told him about this amazing experience.
Anthony read my letter to Sun Myung Moon, which directly confirmed that it was indeed he who had visited us.


Meeting in Dianalund 5. October 1967.

Sun Myung Moon's work is very special. He has given us forces, so that he can not only receive telepathically, but he is also in a position to send telepathically.
Large parts of humanity, will in the next few weeks receive messages from Sun Myung Moon.
On this way Sun Myung Moon sends the message telepathically out in the room. I have a little explained how it works with telepathic messages, and you know that an Englishman cannot understand a single word of it as Sun Myung Moon sends out, if it did not go into a person's consciousness first and from there was sent out again. It is something which is now to take place, which is very rare with the spiritual manifestation, I can surely say. There are very few people given, to be allowed to send messages to humanity as a whole in a Galaxy, so that the message can be received anywhere and at any time by another person in the human language, and with the understanding that the human to receive these messages have.


That Sun Myung Moon's work takes off in this moment, must be understood in the way that thousands and thousands of of Koreans hear his message at this moment. In this way it goes from Korea to China. I have said that even in China they are aware of this. I have used this parable in a different way; I have said that we cannot take more account of you, I said this in Borup - than we can to a small group, and it is to be understood in the way that a l l people belongs to God, and that this message has gone out globally.

It is only during the last 50 years, that the Bible have gone out to all the earth's peoples in the way, that was predicted, this has now been done, it has been fulfilled, and my Return can then also take place hierarchically.

I can well understand that my walking on earth two thousand years ago fills people's minds and human thoughts, and I have also told some of what took place. With regard to my existence on Earth it was so that when I came to earth incarnated, I knew nothing about my mission, until I was 28 years old. Then was my task completely and clearly revealed. From childhood I clearly understood that I did not belong to this earth, I understood this absolutely clearly. But what my mission actually was, I was not clear over. People have heard about my life on earth, and have heard that I started my mission. When I started my mission I had not only experienced what people call visions, I had had direct contacts, and then I understood clearly who I was, and what mission I had taken accepted.

I cannot say it often enough and again repeat it: It is the individual humans mind that shall be turned towards God, towards God's law. You cannot force your fellow human being to anything, - it is wrong to influence your fellow human beings. It is what people have done, and thats why people are where they are today. I have explained it all.

So go peacefully with this message, and let them seek, who want to search, - but say: There has come a message, but find it yourself.