Everyones Guide to the Hereafter
by Ken Akehurst

Background: Ken Akehurst was the blind medium who passed to the Higher Life on 28 July 1978.
After passing, His messages from spirit world, transmitted through G.M. Roberts, was published in this book "Everyones Guide to the Hereafter".

Page 53:

Now the New Life. This is a good way of starting this chapter as any, for it sums up what you are in for, when the time comes for your passing. Jesus said you should always be ready for you never know when your call may come, and as always, He is right. I have been asked, many times, since I have been over here to tell people, still on the Earth Plane, what I now know about Jesus.

The first and most important thing is to confirm that He is and what He said, during His short time on Earth.
The Son of God, and therefore the Jews made their biggest mistake in having Him put to death.

If he had been allowed to live He would have gone on teaching and in the end, been accepted by all as the Son of God, and the world would have become a better place for it. But Man has free will and He was put to death and the plans made by God were thwarted. Oh yes, this is so, so do not throw up your hands in horror. God's plans are being thwarted, on the Earth Plane, all the time. That is why the quality of life there is so poor, compared with over here, where His word is obeyed.

You cannot have it both ways you know. The people on the Earth Plane, today, who think they are being cleaver when they say that Jesus was not the Son of God but just a very good medium, are doing themselves and the people they convince a very great disservice. It is bad enough that Jews deny Him, but when so called Christians also do it, this is real folly, as they will all come to know in time. For the Jews, in particular, when they arrive over here and find out what a wonderful Gift God had given them, and how they threw it away and rejected it, their grief is great.

There are some who teach that the Crucifixion had to be, that it was part of God's Plan. This is absolute nonsens. God would not have a plan such as that. No, the Jews at that time wanted Jesus put to death and the way the Romans carried this out, at that time, was by Crucifixion. As simple as that. If the Jews, had accepted Him, and many of them did but were afraid to come out in the open at that time, then God's Plan for the world would have flourished but man made his choice and it was the wrong one.
You are all suffering for this but especially the Jews. The sins of the fathers if you like.

end quote.

Note: See Divine Principle
Mission of Jesus
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New Messages
December 17th 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark
by Lars Bruun de Neergaard, 30.000 couples Blessing

A short spiritual greeting from Ken Akehurst and Martinus Thomsen

Hi Joergen,

This weekend (december 14-15th 2013, Gregorian Calender) I read the whole book by Ken Akehurst "Everyone´s Guide To The Hereafter", which you gave me as a present a few days before, and which I am so grateful that you recommended me to read. It took 8 hours to read it, first on Saturday in Simon Peters Church near our apartment and Sunday in the Vipperoed parish-house near Holbaek, where Kaori are working as an organplayer. I read it while supporing Kaori preparing and playing the churchorgan Sunday at 3 services : 2 Advent services and 1 Christmas koncert with "A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols" , which is a british church tradition around Christmas time.

The book almost "jumped" in to my hands saturday, and ones I started reading I couldn´t stop reading it untill it was finished. One day I hope for an opportunity to talk about it together. Also it is surely a book which is good to read again and again. It is truely amazing and full of hope and love, and should be read by everybody - when they are ready for it, and wants it - as a guide how to live well on the Earh Plane, so we can enter "The Hereafter" as smoothly and spiritually healthy as possible. It is truely sad that most part of the established churches do not recognize this content as coming from God, as it is such a valuable insight for priests to guide their congrations towards good spiritual health. It is also so much in line with Divine Principle (DP), and truely a perfect bridge to become interested in and take Divine Principle seriously. But like DP then the truth contained in this book is "spiritual food" not of the easy digestible "milk type", but surely of the less easily digestible "meat type". This is so - even though the content is chrystal clear - because ones you receive this high quality truth - which reveals real spiritual facts and principles - then my responsiblity becomes significantly bigger to live accordingly and share it with as many as possible. After reading this there is no way of turning back to a casual and irresponsible lifestyle. That is also why I think there is so much resistance to it, because many unconsiously are not yet ready to digest the content and take action in terms of changing lifestyle and habits. On the other hand the time must soon come - hopefully also trough the established churches - that these facts about "The Hereafter" can be known to the general public. We must surely pray and work for that, to end all this unneccesary human suffering.

In the evening right after finishing reading the book, I got some strong headache, and only the next day, yesterday, while having the lunchbreak at work; it disappeared after I decided to go to a quite place for 15 minutes to pray. The feeling came that someone was "pushing" from "the other side" to get a message through, and to my surprise I received this short spiritual greeting from Ken Akehurst and Martinus Thomsen:

First Ken Akhurst came and shared gently and kindly that since 2001,the "generating power" of work of healing, which are explained about in his book, and which he continues to be involved with ( but not as much as before) have muliplied 10 fold. So 'the forces of healing' have become 10 times stronger and the results 10 times quicker. But also the character and methods of healing have developed, so that the 'improving of the beauty of colours of peoples spirits' goes more smoothly and quickly.

At this point he was suddenly interrupted by the famous danish spiritualist Martinus Thomsen(1890-1981), who had such a strong urgency to put a small message through to earth Plane, that he overstepped simple politeness,and asked to get his message through first. But Ken allowed him kindly to come forward. They are both not so closely acquainted , but they met the first time in '2007' ( of which Ken will explain below) . He was also `teamleader´in a special mission a few years after, where Martinus was an important member. But the "time" then did not allow them to become so much personal ly acquainted. Martinus in his earthly life wrote an extensive 'Cosmological Work' with the overall title "The Third Testament" giving new important insights into the Spiritual Realiy. He is much loved by God, I could feel, but his own image of himself is one of making himself as small and insignificant as possible, because he still harbour som distress in his mind because of what some incorrectness in his teachings have caused negatively to the spiritual life of some of his followers. But this is out of a deeply humble mind he feels this and these so called "negative results" can maybe soon be corrected in due time, and are maybe not so grave after all.

In order to "make well again Martinus impoliteness" I choose here to continue with Ken´s sharing and afterwords then Martinus sharing:
Himself, Ken, - after having worked "on the other side" sincerely for more years since his book, having improved his knowledge and skills, and responsibilities - was to his great surprise called to a new mission in 2008, and therefore not any longer dwelling in the same area as the place described in his book. But he still loves to visit the place when "the time" allows it. To go straight to the point, then in 2007, the gate was finally opened to a new spiritual sphere, which he only had heard of, but not yet permitted to go to, and was invited to join an extraordinary educational seminar (where Martinus Thomasen also was invited) led by a Dr. San Hun Lee, about a new brilliant truth, that was outshining and giving new clarity to the light of the biblical truths, named "Divine Principle". This new truth gave important new answers, especially about 'returning resurrection' which was cruxial to improve and make our work of healing even more efficient. From this moment a whole new chapter started in my life of attendance to Christ, and in the same year 2007 my wife Marjorie and myself could finally rejoin through a Blessing Ceremony conducted in parallel to a ceremony on Earth Plane. This was a totally revolutionary event, that opened up the gate for couples and families to rejoin and live together in 'The Hereafter', which before was unknown of - creating a whole new spiritual realm. Our praise to Christ our Lord Jesus are greater than ever for all His work in The Last Days right now on Earth Plane through His Second Coming - fulfilling and finalizing everything written in the Book of Revelation . We are also busier , more exited and more joyful than ever. Since 2008 my new mission have been to be a "procejtleader" in the Educational Department led by Dr. San Hun Lee, whose kindness and humility always remains greater than his depth of understanding of truth.

Now comes Martinus Thomsen´s sharing:

Already in 1997 ( earthly time) I was approached and invited to listen to this truth called " Divine Principle". But in the later years of my eartly life - after having written all texts of "The Third Testament" and a significant number of people studied these truthts, I ended up developing af very strong ego and pride, about my insights and accomplishments, which followed me to "The Hereafter". This ego had become almost iron hard, but for 10 years a kind lady, who was very knowledgeble in this New Truth kept visiting me regularly and finally in 2007 she had melted by mind so much that I finally, but reluctantly accepted to join an educational seminar, on this so called "New Truth" ( the same seminar which Ken Akehurst participated in, but we did not talk to each other at that time, only greeted each other). It gave me a chance to ask many critical questions and present the views of my own Cosmology.

This first seminar did not change my viewpoints, but was surprised by God´s radiant light visiting us often. This caused a doubt in mind, if my truths was really the full truth and a feeling of curiositet made be join a similar seminar several times afterwards. Finally my ego could melt and my ears begin to really listen to the words and understand the great significance of it. From this moment a great transformation of the deepest of my soul took place, and I turned around 180 degrees. Eventhough the truths I had discoved in many ways match very well with the "Divine Principle" my soul desperately needed to make a whole new start, for which reason I in my inward soul totally have 'denied' my own teachings, making myself completely empty and a complete zero towards this pure new truth from Heaven.

Maybe in the future I get the opportunity ( and feel ready for) to present an integrated understanding between my discoveries and the Divine Principle. But I am not yet ready for this. My inner soul is now overflowing with magnificent joy and let me therefore repeat this 'casual' frase 21 times: "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!". "I am a total Father Moon convert!".
In 2012 I was blessed in connection with the Foundation Day Blessing. She is a fine lady from Nepal, who in the 1980´s was a both a prominent spiritual leader and involved with politics, trying to create peace between waring parties. This Blessing is opening up a whole new dimension in my life - and are soon ready to write "A fourth Testament" about this "New Kosmos of heavely pure marriage life". The ultimate joy of my life are being completed day by day and forever more!