The Spirit World in Zagreb had prepared people to receive the Second Coming. An Austrian sister in London, Annemarie Petz, informed us about a special contact from Zagreb. His name was Adrian. As a ten-year old (around 1977) he had received a revelation about the return of Christ, namely that a new Messiah was coming from Korea!

When he was twenty years old, he remembered his dream and asked the US Embassy if a religious group lead by a Korean existed in America. They gave him the address to Unification Church in London. He sent a letter there and we subsequently received his address. Adrian was a phenomen and he brought many guests to our centre.

But his family and girlfriend were all staunch Catholics and did not approve of what he was doing. His parents then invited his girlfriend to move into their flat to try to distract their sonīs attention with their help. In the end, they were successful. When Adrian had to choose between his girlfriend and the Movement, he left us. /page 181 Mission Butterfly, 1988