Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel,
född 27 augusti 1770 i Stuttgart i Baden-Württemberg,
död 14 november 1831 i Berlin,
var en tysk filosof.

Quote: "We are fighting against Satan. We must constantly be equipping ourselves in this fight by checking our original motivation. You need time to pray and practice correcting the original motivation. One thing is very clear, whether from the viewpoint of the Principle or traditional religious reasoning: we are all fallen people. Therefore, the Hegelian dialectic is wrong. Hegel, seeing the conflict between the conscience and the ego centered or physical mind, concluded that such a "struggle" existed from the very beginning. He assumed that from the beginning, there was struggle in God's created world. He never understood the concept of the fall.

This became the fundamental problem: The Hegelian dialectic never presupposed an original humanity existing before the fall. But the reality is that the conflict between the conscience and physical mind came about because of the fall, and therefore, the fall was the origin of struggle. In the beginning, there was no contradictory nature within humankind. After the fall, however, it has become essential for us to lead a religious life in order to maintain the course of the original mind and attain the original standard of God. You must remember the concept of the fall."

/Three Spiritual Children as a Foundation for a Family
Sun Myung Moon
May 13, 1983