Sigmund Freud


Telepatin kan enkelt förklaras med dom 5 andliga sinnen som vi ALLA är utrustade med. På grund av syndafallet har den andliga förmågan att "mentalt" kommunicera med andliga världen och med varandra här på jorden = TELEPATI, gått nästan helt förlorad. Fortfarande har naturfolken kvar denna kunskap och färdighet, ex. Abourginerna i Australien!


Freud om telepati

Quote: Freud is so impressed by Cecil Murray's report on telepathic experiments at the Society for Psychical Research that he is "prepared to give up his resistances to the existence of thought transference".

"As you remember I already expressed a favorable bias toward telepathy during our trip to the Harz. But there was no need to do so publicly; my conviction was not very strong, and the diplomatic aspect of preventing psychoanalysis from drawing too close to occultism very easily retained the upper hand. Now, the revision of Traumdeutung for the collected edition gave me the impetus to reconsider the problem of telepathy. In the meantime, however, my personal experience through tests, which I undertood with Ferenczi and my daughter, have attained such convincing power over me that diplomatic considerations had to be relinquished.

Again I was presented with an instance where, on a very much reduced scale, I had to repeat the great experiment of my life; namely, to admit to a conviction without considering the resonance of the world around me. So it was then inevitable. If anyone should bring up with you my Fall from grace , just answer calmly that my acceptance of telepathy is my own affair, like my Judaism and my passion for smoking, etc., and that the subject of telepathy is not related to psychoanalysis." [SF-Jones 7.3.1926]

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