Zen Buddhism comparison with Divine Principle:

Zen Buddhism is based on the same Buddhism found in India, with a focus on meditation. It was developed over the centuries in Japan.

The Buddhist movement was begun in 560BC by Siddhartha Gautama, in India. In 475AD Bodhidharma brought this knowledge to China, and from there it moved quickly to Japan.

There are four central truths in the Zen Buddhist philosophy. These are:

1 Suffering is a normal part of life - In Divine Principle "DP" Suffering is based on ABNORMAL and SAD concequence of the suffering spiritual/physical realm,
created by the Archangel Lucifer in the Fall of Man.

2 Suffering is caused by us, when we wish what we had were different - The fallen desire is a reflection of Lucifers desire of dominion over people and material.

3 Ending our desire for change brings an end to suffering - Blessing by True Parents opens up a spiritual realm, free of satanic accusations. Full of Joy & Happiness!

4 Following the noble path helps us accept what we have and are. - By Paying Indemnity + receiving the Blessing by True Parents,
our spirit becomes pure sinless subject over Our 2 Bodies, and lets us naturally follow the Correct Heavenly Right = Same Goal as Zen Buddhisms 8 Noble Paths:

8 Noble Paths

In Zen Meditation = "Zazen" is the way to achieve Enlightenment.
Meditation can be viewed as one of 2 sides of the coin,
Prayer = reporting to God,
and Meditation = Listening to Gods voice!